Jean Paul Gaultier Menswear Spring 2013 Collection

Posted on June 29, 2012

We have never wished we could work a turban so hard in our lives.

Jean Paul Gaultier always was obsessed with nautical themes, so it’s no surprise to see them again in this collection, albeit with some serious twists. This to us, is fashion design in its pure form. It’s intricate, it’s witty, it’s impeccably tailored and it tells a story. It makes you think; literally. We’ve always been huge fans of his work and we think that with age and experience he’s really letting go of any restraints or conventions when it comes to his designs and collections. LOVE every single look, from the shorts with the detachable skirts to the Indian-inspired tuxedos, to the “cage” blazer and vest. LOVE IT ALL for being so unconventional and yet so beautiful that we can’t stop looking at it all. Don’t ask ,”Who would wear this?” Who cares who would wear it? The point is, it’s beautiful. Do you go into an art gallery and ask “Who would hang this over their sofa?” No, you don’t.

At least we hope you don’t.


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  • JosephLamour

    Holy lord I want everything. EVERYTHING.

    Edit: not the skirts. or the zubaz pants.

    •  They totally are zubaz pants! OMG I didn’t see it at first! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    • I will take all the kilts and skirts off your hands!

      • JosephLamour

        You may have them. I still keep the pleated coat (if thats a coat and not a cropped jacket and skirt. In related news, Stoneys, would it be weird to buy this: and tailor it to look just like the thingie in the 5th row?

      • and i bet you look cute in them too!  you may blush now.

        •  As a matter of fact, I look damned good in them.  (grinning hugely)

    • golspie

      Where would you wear stuff like this? No, seriously.

      •  Dubai!

        • this look would be more in style in india, especially in punjab which is the homeland for most sikhs.  i don’t think they get on well with the arabs.  on the other hand, they could find it highly offensive, who knows?  i do remember that the Indians in general were happy when westerners adopted their style of dress.  they took it as a compliment.

      • Wherever you want.

      • They could wear it in my living room. Just wandering around and looking gorgeous.

      • JosephLamour

        Like, I wouldn’t wear it all together, then I would look like Lady Gaga’s husband (Sir Gaga?) – like, for instance, I would wear the red white and black striped jacket with black skinny jeans, some patent black brogues or dark grey boots, and a white long sleeved button down buttoned to the top.

        The cage blazer would be a great twist if you were wearing a standard suit and tie otherwise. It’s really all about mixing and matching. If you wore all the clothes in your closet at once, you’d look crazy too. LOL

  • A. W.

    Forget the clothes, give me the men! They are all so very delicious in these shots.

    • I love a man that can rock a beard and not look like the unabomber. 

      • littlemac8

        Or BORAT!!!

    • Hear, hear! *swoon*

    • you’d love my cab driver.  but he’s not that well dressed.

    • Truly_Outrageous

      YESSSSS!!!  I especially think the man in the caged vest looks fucking HOT. That whole look makes him look fucking hot.

  • I want a turban too, but I don’t know how well it will go in the airport. 

    • Millions of Sikh men manage OK.

      • TieDye64


      • Melvis Velour

        and a lot of younger sikh men are totally stylin’ looks like this with turbans…I’m guessing that’s where Gaultier got his inspiration…

    • which is kind of amusing since the sikhs have nothing to do with the muslims.  the cultural ignorance of the IRS or homeland security or whatever the fuck they call themselves these days (i’d like to call them a few names……)

      • adnama79

        Let’s pretend that the turban search issue has to do with the potential to conceal and nothing to do with cultural ignorance or cultural profiling.  And let’s be glad the Sikhs made a TSA app for tracking and awareness.

  • formerlyAnon

    The full shorts would look better as kilts, IMO – though be harder to wear for most men. I LOVE the red pleated coat.

    I have to say, the models bring a LOT to these photos – geeky skinny blondes are going to have more trouble pulling off even the more sedate looks.

    (edited for typos)

    • JosephLamour

      Yay! a collection for skinny geeks of color (note my icon) ! Score one for the little guy.

      • MilaXX

         I’m partial to skinny geeks. Young Spike Lee flavor.

        • formerlyAnon

          I’ll take skinny boys in soft loose clothes in most any flavor. Or, um, I *would* if most of them weren’t young enough to make me feel like I should be wearing a monitoring device so that my probation officer could keep track of me . . .

      • score one for the skinny geeks.  my husband built bombs in the high school science lab.  but i digress….

  • SophiaPehawkins

    JPG doesn’t exactly make things wearable, but it’s always “aesthetically appealing.”

  • Imasewsure

    Come on Andrew Garfield… let’s see some of this on the Spiderman RC Gauntlet… part awesome… part hilarious … but not dull!

    • formerlyAnon

      I would REALLY like to see him wearing a prettier ensemble than Ms. Emma.

    • Jill Roberts

       I am so sold on that idea.  He might even look good in a turban.  Enquiring minds…

    • he would look hilarious in one of these get-ups.  which would be heck of fun.  i can’t wait.

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    This is amazing. Everything looks impeccable, and some of these shapes are truly innovative. Love, love, love, la la lovvvvvve.  We better get some editorials that do this stuff justice.

    • adnama79

       Woody Harrelson, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Brad Pitt, Micheal Fassbender, Neil Patrick Harris, Robert Downey Jr.


      • splix71

        Cumberbatch. Tom Hiddleston.

        • adnama79

          I had to google those two, but absolutely I agree with you!

  • tereliz

    Can I get the red pleated coat in size small, please? I don’t even care what the front looks like. I’ll be making a hell of an exit everywhere I go. 🙂

  • Lina_bee

    Okay, the romper makes me cringe, but everything else makes me stare and stare. Also, fabulous choice of models — these guys can seriously work a lens.

    • adnama79

      I like the way, though, until you scroll down and see that it ends at the knees, it looks like a mechanic’s jumpsuit.  So super masculine becomes feminine by moving the hemline.  Crazy – I never, ever would have thought of that on my own, until I saw this item.

      • Lina_bee

        I love the critique of gendered garments, I just can’t stand ANY adult wearing clothes I associate with preschoolers. Of course, I’m dreaming of a day where “men’s” and “women’s” collections all merge into one, and you can get any garment sized and scaled for any frame.

        • adnama79

          Well said, Lina_bee.

  • HM3

    It’s Sikh Chic.  🙂

  • What does one call the garment on the lower half of the first model?  Is it a shilt (shorts-kilt)? A pair of kirts (kilt-shorts)?  An Indo-Hibernian Hybrid?

    This is all stunning in a sophisticated, cross-cultural, mesmerizing way.

    • I like “kirt”. Works really well.

      • Snailstsichr

        There’s something similar (that has fascinated me for years) in the Bayeux Tapestry –
        – which I guess is proof that there is nothing new under the sun.

      • Snailstsichr

         There is something sinilar (that has fascinated me for years) in the Bayeux Tapestry –
        – which I guess is proof that there is nothing new under the sun.

      • I wondered what your take on this collection would be.

        My nephew and I are committed kilt wearers.  Mine are floor length, but his have a sporran, which is a source of great mystery for the little-ies in our family!

        I think one is born either liking kilts (and bagpipes) or not.  Jean Paul and his fellow designer, Zang Toi, clearly have a proper appreciation for how to dress a man who’s not afraid to bare his knees in all kinds of weather.

        • How totally COOL! Full length kilts? Awesome. I’ve been toying with creating a full length one in black silk and wool serge, for formal occasions when I don’t want to do the clan tartan thing.

  • G

    Men in turbans.  No thank you.

  • Ohmygawd, the kilts the Kilts, the KILTS!!!!!!! I’m in heaven. Now all I need is the money.

  • YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName

    and the bears say: damn!

    • Right? That first model? Holy suffering shit!

      • YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName

        i saw him first, he’s mine.

        • Now now, no need to be possessive. I’m all about sharing the luv.

  • Sara__B

    I’ve looked at the photos twice, and still haven’t noticed the clothes. Going back for a third try…

  • Wow.  Just . . . wow.  Freaking love those turbans!

  • Sara__B

    This is our pretty for the day, right?

    • MilaXX

       it fits the bill for me.

  • Dear god in heaven, I need to inhabit that world.

    • alyce1213

      It’s been happening at Bollywood award shows, etc.

  • judybrowni

    where oh where do you find models that handsome with full-on beards?

    where oh where would you find men to don the insane pieces: i’d like to be warned.

  • sleepycat

    Want the striped moto jacket, otherwise the rest isn’t my taste, other than that gold awful yellow print

  • For the most part, I think the collection is ridiculous.  (Although I do appreciate the tailoring.)  I will probably be the only one who says this. 

    • alyce1213

      No you’re not.  I’ll say it too: Ridiculous.

  • Nothing so handsome as a man in a kilt.

  • TheOriginalLulu

    I’m not into any of this (especially not the turbans), but I will say this: I’d love to see that first model with that beard shaved off, because he looks absolutely gorgeous.

  • j_anson

    Not sure why, because it does seem really gimmicky, but the turbans are working.

  • SpcilK

    All of the models look amazing in turbans!

  • Mrs

    I just saw the Gaultier retrospective in SF last week and it was astonishing.  Really amazing and not to be missed.  Anyone in the area should make a point of seeing it.  It’s at the De Young until August 19.  If you google it you’ll find a little trailer on the museum website.  They’ve done this thing with the mannikins — they’ve given them faces and the mannikins *talk*, it’s crazy.

    • Wasn’t that insanely cool?! I saw it last week as well. I hope the BKs on the west coast can go see it. So worthwhile! I loved the Madonna focused room, of course :p 

  • granddelusion

    His. Sterical.

  • MilaXX

    I have to admit it, I love this collection. At least half of it I don’t want to see walking down the street (that yellow flowered jumpsuit for one), but there are plenty of pieces that would work for the average guy. Word of warning; unless you are from the part of the world that wears them on the regular, mere  mortals CANNOT work the male turban.

    • formerlyAnon

      Agree with every word.

  • I am printing out EVERY picture and putting them in my locker. 

  • everest19

    The shoes are tragic but I’m loving the stripes. Also, today I learned that having a beard is pretty much a requirement to rock a turban. I don’t think I could ever. Shame.

    • If they sell clip-on hair extensions why not some good stick on beards. 

  • Corsetmaker

    He’s designed a collection for Hardeep Singh Kohli!*
    Ok, a cooler, younger, slimmer version but still 😀

    *Scottish Sikh colourful turban and kilt wearing broadcaster.

  • LinXGUA

    I really like this. It’s beautiful.

  • the red trench and peacoat make me really wish I could wear red without looking terrible, also that I had a larger bank account. Some really beautiful and somewhat wearable pieces if you are somewhat bold 

  • PrunellaV

    The turbans looked too weird at first, but now I like them. I like the normalizing statement they make in a multicultural society.

  • crash1212

    LOVE! I’m a girl and I would totally rock that first look…swooning for that sweater!

  • SouthernGirlRena

    Those models!  They are all stunning.  See designers – you don’t have to keep using pale underfed 14 year olds.  If you design clothes for men – put men in them!  

  • I’ll never look at Sikhs on the Metro the same way again!

  • bionicgyal1

    Islamic chic? ;p

    • CoconTom S

      Tom called it Dothraki Hipster.  I don’t think he’s up for any of it.

      • Dothraki Hipster omg I can’t.

    • i can’t see these as islamic turbans.  they are definitely styled after the sikhs, who i believe evolved from the hindus, and it’s a religious tradition totally unrelated to islam.  not that i’m offended, i’m just sayin’…

  • understateddiva

    I feel like it might be a bit culturally insensitive to use a religious head
    covering as a fashion statement?  Granted, the Sikh religion doesn’t *own* the
    turban, but wouldn’t we be a little freaked out if he styled every female model
    wearing a hijab?

    • Sobaika

      Agreed, it can be problematic. And while these definitely seem to be a take on Sikh garb in particular, there are some cultures that wear turbans purely for fashion/practical purposes. 

      I really like this collection; JPG hasn’t fetishized a people or a culture. He’s used South Asian elements with his work before, so it’s a genuine source of inspiration for him and not a one off. There are other styles and techniques here and, in short, he’s pulled it off with a great deal of finesse. Somehow Sikhs In Kilts doesn’t seem forced.

  • It’s Sinbad the sailor! lol

  • guest2visits

    It’s a no for me in every way. Except for the Bond like tux and pose in frame 9.  There’s also a standard black pea coat that
    you can never go wrong with.

  • quiltrx

    I like.  Very Gaultier, very fun.

    And is anyone else having a “Kip unwinding his sexy hair in ‘The English Patient'” flashback?  Mmmm.

    • Oh, yes I am……..  Now I have to get up and walk past my husband and act as if I didn’t just have “improper thoughts” about another man.

    •  Oh my yes, I was wondering if anyone would mention that scene. *fans self*

  • quiltrx

    OMG I just noticed the Hammertime pants near the bottom.  Is that a tuxedo JUMPSUIT?

  • Samantha Irene

    I don’t think I’ve ever been so inspired by a mens collection. Such is the power JPG. Amazing.

  • sexy and beautiful

  • I expect to several of these looks in upcoming Wes Anderson movies.

  • Captain Nemo!

  • Vanja a.k.a Emma a.k.a. M

    The only things I really don’t like are the romper and the harem/MC Hammer pants. The colour red that is used is gorgeous.  The trousers are great.

  • Ksagun13

    My first thought at the yellow turban in the fourth row was “Oh, too matchy-matchy!”  I look forward to the day when TLo accuse a male celeb of having matchy-matchy accessories.  

  • ChaquitaPhilly

    Heh, Heh, Heh…etc.

  • Alisa Rivera

    Everyone was drooling over the men in the Versace show, but I find these men much hotter. 

  • Alisa Rivera

    Go for it and post pics.

  • I just returned from San Francisco where I saw Gaultier’s exhibit at the DeYoung. Uncommonly, unspeakably beautiful in person, and well within his wheelhouse. Even though the average man or woman would never don most of these outfits, as separates they could totally work in the right way. Definitely was convinced of his genius after seeing it! 

    • i keep hearing how fabulous that show is and i’ve yet to see it.  i believe it is up until august?

      • go, go, go! It’s really great. Totally worth your time and dollars 😎 

  • KathKo

    The point’s not “who would wear this” but “where is he going in that outfit ?”
    Well, I don’t know, but I expect it to be the most amazing party, full of spices and colours, and elephants, and marinières, and elephants wearing marinières.
    I so want to go to this party !

    • could be a punjabi wedding.  and i want to go, too.  will you pay my airfare?  i am witty company on a plane (self-assessment only).

  • adnama79

    Holy shit, this is awesome.  He mixed cultures and decades together and it WORKS.  Slight reference to gender bending but very masculine – or rather, makes you think about masculine v. feminine vis a vis culture.  And it’s interesting. 

    And it’s ATTRACTIVE. 

    And it’s fascinating, beautiful menswear.

  • I absolutely love that these models look like men, not boys playing dress-up as men.  And yes.  That Coat.  THAT COAT.  Very lovely and the romper is hilarious.  Who would hang this over there couch?  I would.

  • glennethph

    So pretty.  Those skorts are surprisingly awesome.

  • IAmJ

    These are breathtaking. And the stylist is amazing too. Love the turbans.

  • boweryboy

    I can’t .

  • TieDye64

    Holy wow! God I love this collection. I’m with you guys and in not caring who would really wear this. Chic, fun….LOVE.

  • I want the ruby stuff. Pretty boys wear ruby. Prada says so too. 

  • Corsetmaker

    Looks like a kilt and jacket or the same kilted shorts (korts?) as the other photo from the back.

  • laylagalise

    Waris Ahluwalia- he’d wear it and look incredible.

  • CatherineRhodes

    I love the black and white striped suit.

  • kaylakayla

    sikh, sheik, chic

  • RzYoung

    What a chic collection! So sexy

  • JenFromJersey

    the tuxes are amazing.
    I am getting post-millennial Captain Nemo fierceness here,

  • Lola67

    Gorgeous men and clothes. Find the shoes horribly distracting, but wow, would love it if I saw this every day.

  • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

    I like that red pleated jacket thing.  But I want it for myself.  Not for a man.  Call me provincial.  Interesting though.  All of these clothes are interesting and arty.  Like TLo says – who cares who will wear them?  They remind me of clothes that might be worn in the Desert Countries of the Game of Thrones book series.  

  • PRFan

    All of these looks remind me of the movie, The Fall, which you should go watch if you haven’t seen.  It’s not the looks per se, just the mood and attitude.  Gorgeous.

  • can we be stoners instead of stoneys?  just askin’ here from norcal.

  • jpg is really hanging his ass out there for some back lash for being politically un correct.  the beard, turban and coif have great religious significance to sikhs.  not that i mind.  i was never p.c. myself.  i have a darling sikh guy who drives me when i need a cab.  and when i was 19 we had a wonderful sikh cab driver in bombay (now mumbai).  we were on a student ship going around the world in one semester, and we met “kulbir” when he greeted us upon leaving the ship with the words “taxi, money, anything…”.  and it was true.  i guess he had us pegged as stoners from the word go.  the last night he took us out to his favorite restaurant-  the walls were made of cardboard, and the curry was fabulous.  then he took us to see the dancing girls and home to meet his family, where he told us all about being a sikh.  i’ll never forget you, kulbir singh…  

  • i’m not going for the clown shoes, though.

  • okay, the guy in the seventh frame looks way too much like my dad in his longjohns.  except for the turban.  the thought of my dad rocking a red turban is causing me hystercal giggles.

  • Truly_Outrageous

    To answer the question “who would wear this”


    At least a good 90% of this collection I would wear.  All the way down to the pleated coat and caged blazer.  Now all I need is to lose about 50 pounds and have a suitcase filled with hundred dollar bills miraculously fall into my lap. I already got the beard to match these looks.