In or Out: Salma Hayek in Gucci Première

Posted on June 26, 2012

It’s something of a cliche for stylists to default to the sleek ponytail. We’re certainly guilty of that. If you did a search of this site on some variant of the phrase “a sleek ponytail would have suited this better,” you’d get … well, we don’t know how many hits you’d get, but it would be a LOT, we’re pretty sure.

Salma Hayek attends premiere of “Savages” in Los Angeles in a Gucci Première gown paired with Neil Lane jewelry.

So thank you, Salma, for reminding us that the sleek ponytail is not the answer every time. It doesn’t look horrible or anything, but it does nothing at all for this look. As for the dress, the color’s really pretty on her but she is once again wearing something that gives the impression it’s heavy and armored. That neckline combined with the racer back is making her boobs suffer. It’s a beautiful dress, but nothing about this look really excites us. The jewelry’s nice, we suppose. Then again, her husband’s a billionaire. It damn well better be nice.

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The Bitter Kittens could NOT get behind Zoe Saldana’s “peplum and tap pants” combo, voting it OUT.

[Photo Credit: Andrew Evans, David Gabber/PR Photos]

    • Sobaika

      Fab. She could have used some brighter makeup maybe, but overall looks better than Blake Lively IMHO.

      •ía-Gavello/1253586868 Lucía Gavello

        I agree, that colour is gorgeous on her, the beading is spectacular and her face looks softer than usual even with the ponytail.

        • Michelle M. Stgeorge

          while predictable, still showcases her

    • Introspective

      beading is beautiful and the color’s great on her skin. the boobs are looking smushed and singular. but the fit otherwise is way better than a lot of what she’s worn lately which often ventures into sausage casing territory. & the sleek ponytail for salma, while predictable, still showcases her beauty.

      so gorgeous is still the verdict for me.

      • Nancy Abrams

        Completely agree. The vertical stripes created by the beading make her appear taller and thinner and the color is beautiful on her. But, most of all, she looks comfortable for a change, not stuffed in and busting out.

        • Judih1

          In for those exact reasons – she looks far better than she normally does, It is not a great look (espcially for the wife of a billionaire) but is a vast improvement over her standard fare. Would’ve been better if she had it hemmed too

      • kimmeister

        Haha, by “singular” you mean uni-boob, not “unique.”  I love it.

      • TheOriginalLulu

        Agreed. Gorgeous.

    • Susi R

      In of course.

    • Marbella


    • MarissaLG

      IN! She looks phenomenal! I think if her hair was down/wavy it would have overwhelmed her.

    • Lizzyisi

      IN! Beautiful color on her. The beading add the illusion of drape and add interest to a really simple shape. That shape suits her, and although a lower neckline would be nice, I like how the sleeve flatters her shoulders.

      (But I think she looks ridiculous in that dress with all those gems outside, standing by dirty asphalt with crowds of tourists in shorts behind her!)

    • kingderella

      the colour is nice, the design is not boring, there are no obvious problems with any of this.
      but it just doesnt sing.
      IN, i guess.

    • Gus Casals

      I think she looks purrrty. If she had gone the big hair route, you’d be bitching too. IN. 

      • LuqeMann

        So true. I just can’t see this look worn with other different hairstyle. :/

    • Joyce VG

      It’s boring for a billionaire’s wife.  So IN?

    • Sarah Winningham


    • In_Stitches

      The fit in the boobs is not the best; the poor girls are crying for some breathing room, but the color and the embroidery are to die for.  The details and the cut of the dress (and probably a couple inches of platform glued to the bottom of her shoes) leave her looking long and lean, something very hard to do for a short, curvy woman with a bust to make Joan Holloway green with envy.  IN.

      • Magatha

         I agree with everything you said except that, poor fit aside, I think her girls are perfectly happy and possibly enjoying some covered-up “us” time. But the color, the embroidery, the hair – lovely.

    • vintagion

      It kind of gives her what I deem “sports bra uni-boob” but overall its IN. Nothing offensively bad. Definitely not a WERQ, though.

    • Henry

      IN.  I would have preferred to see the pony tail whipped into a chignon at the nape of her neck, but still can’t fault her.

    • another_laura

      In.  With this busy dress and that jewelry, hair should not also be elaborate, IMHO.  She looks lovely!

    • A. W.

      The dress has the cut and silhouette of what I imagine Lululemon’s line of red carpet gowns would look like. She looks like she’s wearing a floor-length bedazzled yoga top, with the gym hair ponytail to match. OUT.

    • tired_mommy

      In–she normally veers into sausage-casing territory with boobs exploding over the top of her way-too-tight dresses. This fits (except the length which is way too long) and is interesting and pretty.

    • Anna Daugherty

      I love the color. I think she looks great. 

    • IraKi


    • Violina23

      Very much In — the hair could be more exciting, but other than that, I wouldn’t change a thing!

      • Anplica Fiore

        Agreed – this is completely an In for me as well.  I love this color & even the beadiness of this look on her!

    • jw_ny


      Pony is fine with me, it’s subdued…does not compete with the pattern and sparkles of the gown, and the jewelery…or her lovely face. 😉  Color and pattern of the gown are good.  I dislike the neckline on her and the smushed boobs.  She also looks a bit stumpy in this dress…which is odd with all the vertical lines, which should be elongating her.  Not sure if it’s the camera angle or not tho, as so often is.

    • mellbell

      Definitely in. With a neckline that high, wearing her hair down might have made her seem too covered up.

    • Hermione_Granger

      That dress would look unquestionably amazing on me. Hand it over, Salma.

    • MinAgain

      In.  Because she’s Salma, and she looks beautiful.  No one rocks the sleek ponytail better. 

    • Love and NO Hate! LA

      love the dress but that ponytail sucks and its being lazy when you do that especially to an event like a movie premiere. I love hair down and wavy!

    • Deborah Lipp

      Sorry, Salma. The dress is lovely, and the structure of it is lovely, but it doesn’t fit up top and is giving her uniboob. The length stumpifies her and I dunno about her face. Either that color is not right for her or her makeup is not right or both.

      I never get it with her lately. She’s one of the most beautiful women in the world. She’s got a dynamic presence and a slammin’ body. Why does she always look tired and stumpy?

      • TropiCarla

        She is my husband’s long-time celebrity crush but her status took a hit with the promos for that new movie – she looked pretty rough around the mouth. This photo is way more flattering. IN for me.

      • l3icest3r

        Her dress is too small. Between that and the sad, greasy ponytail … out.

      • Alisa Rivera

        Heavy and boring is right. OUT.

    • AlexisPayne

      IN! Nothing egregious and she looks stunning.

    • mjude

      IN. but the dress looks so heavy

    • Aniela Marie Perry

      Gorgeous, IN.

    • Jason M. Galloway

      I miss the “red lipstick and show off the girls” days of Salma….

    • Trisha26

      She looks bored and tired. I think the dress would be prettier on someone with a lighter complexion. On her it just looks drab.

    • kittenwithaquip

      It looks hot, heavy and itchy, but it’s hard for me to call it an out. It seems a shame that such an expensive dress on such a beautiful woman should get a “meh” reaction, but that’s all I can muster. Hmm, maybe that’s enough to make it an out: the it’s-a-damn-shame out. Plus, is it me, or has she affected a Park Avenue-worthy sneer since marrying the billionaire? Would this Salma whip out a breast and feed a starving child? I think not.

      Okay, OUT. An it’s-a-damn-shame out.

    • Dave

      IN – I can’t find anything to quibble with here.

    • Anna Tree

      That dress is for a woman at least six inches taller. OUT

    • PaulaBerman

      I like it, though it does not enhance her best assets, if you know what I mean. It looks like she’s wearing a sports bra, and that is unfortunate. IN.

    • SummerSquash

      In. Nothing too offensive here.

    • Sara__B

      OUT. Of course she’s gorgeous, but the racer leotard top is giving her a squashed uni-breast, and her hair looks like she literally put in no effort at all. She’s done much worse, but she can do much better.

    • ChiliP

      In- I think she looks stunning.

      A couple of questions:
      1. Is this really a racer back? It looks like a sleeveless dress to me. Or it’s a very slight racer back (I see where the cut is narrow around her shoulders, but the back doesn’t seem to have a narrow cut).
      2. What hair style would look better? I think the pony tail is fab.

    • AudreysMom

      Have to disagree here. She’s a total IN. And the hair works perfectly. The beading and the color and simplicity of the cut of the dress clearly give it a southwest/ South of the Border feel, and her sleeked back hair is a nice addition to Salma’s obvious cultural contributions. 

    • bluefish

      There’s a time for a low slung chignon and this would’ve been it.  She looks so beautiful in the face photo — For a moment, I thought she’d had a breast reduction.  Don’t love the dress on her but what the hell.

      • formerlyAnon

         The chignon WOULD have been much better.

    • Larkin21

      I think she looks great. The make-up might be too subdued but otherwise, IN!

    • Clydette Wantland

      Eh, it’s OK.

    • Aly Light

      IN. Also, I love her.

    • _____ 3e Roi de Noël

      17. “a sleek ponytail” appears on 17 times, though that also includes comments. Bam.

      And I vote IN.

    • mommyca

      Sad to say that it looks too bland for me….

    • Sara Munoz

      She looks good, but this is not the best look for her. Salma, you are more interesting than this. Gorgeous color though.

    • AuntieAnonny


    • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

      I guess if your first thought is “meh” then it’s an out.  The dress is far better than the last few dresses she’s squeezed into.  But overall underwhelming. 

    • lordandtaylor

      AHHH…Ummm…Partially IN.
      Her boobs look are smashed together in one massive blob. Still, many so called stars (talking to you J-LO) should take note of understated and elegant.

    • Nicole Chubb

      I actually love this on her. It’s so much less fussy than stuff she usually wears.

    • Jessi03

      I so want to like the dress, but her boobs look like they’re in pain.

    • jason

      Love her, but this thing looks like it’s crushing her boobs, and that should be
      a crime.

    • Bozhi

      In.  I love the whole look.

    • librarygrrl64

      IN. I agree about the hair, but I think the silhouette of that gown is perfect on her. Petite + busty is one of the hardest figures to fit.

    • BazoDee

      OUT – It just seems to make her into a block. 

    • Julie Chase

      In. She still looks amazing.

    • Terence Ng


    • PeggyOC

      In, because it is a pretty dress and a great color.  But the top does look a lot like a sports bra on her.

    • Dhammadina

      Nice beading but so bulky. Squashes instead of curves. Nope.

    • Sarah

      Sometimes you just want to squish the girls down with a sports bra and try to forget they’re there. And sometimes this coincides with wearing an evening gown.


    • TieDye64

      IN. Yes, this looks a tad heavy and her boobs do look a bit tortured, but overall she’s looking damn good. The color is gorgeous on her. Also, if I had a face like that I’d sport a sleek pony every single day.

    • Hetha Innis

      I like it, but I think she’s too short to pull this off the way it’s meant to look. That’s a dress for a tall woman.

    • Saucysusan

      Weirdly unflattering to her boobs..they look too pendulous. Hate the tight hair. That would be an out.She has gorgeous clothes at her disposal, she is a beautiful woman, I just can’t understand why she gets it wrong so often.

    • Shawn EH

      In! That color is unbelievable on her.

    • afabulous50

      Out – hate the color on her.

    • Christopher Lally

      One of the few who do not need a lot of nonsense to go out the door. Fellas…Um…you carry around that big ole rack o tits and see how much you smile for the camera? She looks fabulouso.

    • MilaXX

      OUT! For a shimmery dress this all reads flat. I like the color on her and the earrings are right, but the hair is wrong and the dress doesn’t really sing on her.

    • formerlyAnon

      IN. She’s not emoting that “I’m the hottest thing since someone first boiled water and you’d best take notice” vibe that she can, which is what I think is slightly off, here. She’s not “on.”  More elegant hair might have given that lift, to the look or to her. But she does look awesome, and best of all, not strangling in the foo-forall of a dress for which her shape is not suited.

    • Nomers

      Love it. Great color on the red carpet. But I might be biased, green is my favorite color. 

    • kimmeister

      In.  I actually quite like the natural makeup.  My only quibble is with the uniboob.  Don’t mind the sleek ponytail here.

    • Lina_bee

      It’s all about the UNDERPINNINGS, omg. The uniboob makes it look like she’s wearing a sportsbra under this — and you only wear minimizers when you’re trying to cram your bust into a too-small top. If she were wearing a Jayne Mansfield bra AND the bodice of this dress were adequately cut to accommodate her rack, then this would be a knockout.  Srsly, nothing beats the right bra.

      • Jane Donuts

        Yeah, you’d have to redo the cut in order for it to be flattering. With boobs like that, high necklines don’t work no matter what the undergarments are doing. 

    • giiiirrrr

      Is it my monitor?  Cause I don’t think the color works on her at all.  Agreed with the OP that there’s a tragic uniboob thing going on.  There’s much pretty going on but the whole is far less than the sum on its parts.  A reluctant OUT.

    • Judy_J

      In, but I think she should have gone with more dramatic make up to offset the sleek ponytail.

    • j_anson

      In. Not a home run, but a solid double or triple. It’s pretty.

    • Imasewsure

      A.W. got it exactly right… it really does look like something from “Lululemon’s line of red carpet gowns”… pretty but slightly too Olympic for my taste… 

    • myblackfriendsays

      OUT. I don’t think this neckline is flattering for her.

    • greyhoundgirl

      Hard to choose.  I do like the color, the way it looks long and sleek (which is why I don’t mind the pony tail) and the embellishment, though I agree that it’s heavy.  And I love her lighter make-up, which highlights the beauty of her features.  it’s that uniboob thing–she’s too “locked and loaded”.   But I give her an In anyway.

    • Zeeshan Ali


    • VioletFem

      IN. The dress is pretty and the color flatters her skin tone very well. 

    • unbornfawn

      I’m grading Salma on her own curve. She usually looks great. And this isn’t really that bad overall, but for her, she is not up to her usual standards. The ponytail doesn’t work here and I have to agree that the uniboob is pretty much ruining the look for me.

      • AnaRoW

         She used to look really great all the time. Since she married whathisname, she’s looked consistently mediocre. This is the best she’s looked in a long time.

    • Cathy S

      She’s In. The dress looks a little heavy but she’s so gorgeous in that color.

    • butterflysunita

      IN.  I don’t think the dress does her justice, but she still looks beautiful.  

    • guest2visits

      The simple neckline and sleek silhouette of the dress makes the ponytail work for this. Let’s not forget Salma’s amazing good looks
      and beautiful jewels help the simple hair.  She’s beautiful; but I agree the dress feels heavy as it sweeps the ground. Maybe it moves
      much lighter than it looks.

    • Lisa Dugan

      Slight in.  She looks lovely but it’s nothing special.  She looks squished and it’s too heavy.  It’s not that the fit is wrong, it’s just too much like a second skin.  A turquoise beaded second skin.  

    • Judy_S

      I give her an IN. I think she looks great.

    • oohsparkley!

      In.  In fact I’d call it a WERQ!  The sleek ponytail is made of awesome.

    • piecesofconfetti


    • GillianHolroyd

      So IN. I’m surprised at you fellas. Colorful and sleek.

    • demidaemon

      I don’t know. This all reads a little on the dull side for me, which is weird considering the beauty of the dress. Perhaps it’s the fit, perhaps it’s the hair and make-up. That said, I have to give her an OUT just beacuase I can’t get behind the look for some reason.

    • Jangle57

      I can’t find anything much to fault here; maybe it’s not her most flattering look but it doesn’t make me want to laugh or turn away like it’s a bad accident – IN

    • Anne

      This is lovely, but she looks like she’s wearing a sports bra.

    • Beth Mellone

      In, because it is a beautiful dress and it looks pretty great on her even if not as good as it could have. Honestly, what bothers me most are the matchy earrings!

    • DaveUWSNYC

      It’s not a wow but it looks put-together. IN

    • lesmaha

      meh. She’s gorgeous no matter what, but how does a dress that expensive end up looking so casual? Out.

    • PinkLemon

       she needs to seriously stop with the boobage. doesn’t she know bigger breasted gals need to not cover them up so?? if the neckline were about 3 inches lower it would make a world of difference. also, YOU’RE A BILLIONAIRE’S WIFE. put on some eyes!!

    • Pamela

      Earrings.  Want.  Now.

    • Kerry McCombs

      I’m really torn. I think overall she looks pretty good but then I do get distracted by the single boob that looks like she’s wearing a sports bra under a gown. And you’re right, the hair seems a little too easy breezy for this beaded gown. Ok, that’s two quibbles. Two quibbles = OUT.

    • ThaliaMenninger

      Totally IN for me. She doesn’t look squashed or too boobular or uncomfortable, the dress is a pretty color, and it is a major step in the right direction for me.

    • Barbora

      IN! Love earrings

    • Melissa Brogan

      IN. The bust fit could be better and her makeup and hair could stand to be a little more dramatic, but overall she looks pretty great.

    • Merneith

      Out, but I’d probably revise that estimate if it were a different hem length. It would break up the long line of the beading.

    • marilyn

      Out.  The color is good for her, but the style is way too heavy for her.  She looks stocky, when she should look petite.  This dress does not help.  I think she keeps picking the wrong style for herself.  She is short and petite, not a 6′ tall size 2 runway model.  

    • jmorino08

      That is one big boob pancake!!

    • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

      Love that dress.  It’s sparkly.

    • melanie0866

      I love it all, except that art deco design on the bottom is making her hips look large.  And her hips are not in fact large.

    • alyce1213

      OUT, heavy and boob-squishy.

    • UglyCasanova

      may-IN! I kill myself sometimes.

    • aeg66

      If you intend to wear that glam of a dress & jewels don’t do your own hair & make up like your heading out to do some shopping.

    • Julaine Morley

      I believe it’s her “underarmor” that’s giving her the mono-breast effect; sports bras have that effect. And speaking of athletics, it seems like her makeup could use a little pumping up. Striking, nevertheless.

    • LambeeBaby

      Out. Too heavy and better suited for an awards dinner and not a movie premier.  I don’t even like the color, its too muted.

    • Warrior89

      She’s a beautiful woman but she looks stumpy wearing something that is so high-cut on the neck.  

    • leave_Blake_alone

      I think the hair was done back in order to show off the earrings. They’re gorgeous, but maybe not right with the off-green dress. Still, each individual piece here is pretty and the overall look is nice, so this gets an IN.

    • Amye

      I think she’s a definite, IN.  I see nothing wrong with the pony tail, since there’s so much beadwork.  Keep the hairstyle simple in this instance.

    • MajorBedhead

      I think I’m the only person who dislikes that colour. It reminds me of the colour on the walls in the Catholic school my parents misguidedly sent me to, thinking I’d get a better education.

      I don’t really like any of it. Out. 

    • ChelseaNH

      OUT.  She looks heavy.  In both the body-shape sense and the weighed-down sense.  Not terrible, but not really showcasing her.

    • quiltrx

      Body in, hair out.  So I guess I’m neutral on this one.

    • momogus

      In. I Iike the simplicity of this look, though the bodice isn’t quite flattering for her. And I usually love a sleek ponytail, but for some reason it looks too casual for the rest of the outfit. Still, she’s gorgeous.

    • ballerinawithagun

      Out. This is not a great dress for her, sometimes full length dresses actually make you look shorter, especially one cut in an athletic way and so heavy looking.

      She looked so fabulous on Jay Leno last week. Fabulous dress and shoes that were perfect for her gorgeous figure. I did a little search the next day but never found out who designed the dress.

    • HobbitGirl

      IN! Are you kidding? I would kill to have my ass look that good in a dress that tight. Don’t even care if she has spanx going on under there, this is totally fabulously IN.

    • Eovaai

      OUT. Half-assed for sure.

    • Ass Kicking Adviser

      I agree with the masses: brighter make-up but I am ok with the rest. She looks fab without trying too hard.
      Oh what do I know? My head is still filled with McQueen pantsuits. Everyting else looks like something to wear to the grocery store. sigh…I’m ruined.

    • Andrea Helkowski

      Top looks like a fancy Olympic swmmer’s bathing suit…not flattering to the ladies.

    • Candigirl1968

      As someone with that shape, I can attest that this cut makes your breathing quite shallow.   I can’t believe that with all of the brands PPR owns nobody can seem to consistently find flattering, well fitting outfits for Salma.

    • Susan Velazquez

      In. That color is great on her.

    • Lauren Lynch Fox

      In. I wonder if it was prettier in person.

    • Adrian

      Did anyone else already say this? 19 hits, guys, (including this one) just so you know. 😉

    • Jessica O’Connell

      I actually don’t mind this one at all, I think she looks great. IN.

    • Pennymac

      IN! Sleek and Sexy! But the babyheads are once again, slightly squished.

    • Maya

      i’m going with in. love the color on her.

    • SophieCollier

      It’s an IN but a sort of “Eh, it’s all right” in.

    • dickylarue

      It’s very Mother of the Bride. 

    • marlie

      I LOVE this! She looks gorgeous and sexy, and without seeming to need to go up a size. 

    • granddelusion

      Bold, bossy, brassy.

    • Susan Crawford

      Gorgeous dress, if a little heavy and boob-squashing. The color is smashing on her, and I wish there had been a closer picture of those earrings, which look incredible!

      Getting mighty tired of the pony tail, and agree with TLo that it is getting to seem a bit cliche and an “easy out” for stylists.

      But I’m giving Salma an IN for this look.

    • RzYoung

      IN I just LOVE this dress on her. It makes her look tall which I’m sure she isn’t. The colour is delicious, the earrings are divine and I  think the ponytail works well – wouldn’t any other style have been too fussy with such a busy dress? 

    • korilian

      In. It’s one of her better looks for sure.

    • Call me Bee

      She looks great (and I can’t wait to see this film…)  IN

    • ChaquitaPhilly

      She looks great.IN!

    • Jennifer Peters-Ahnberg

      No. Better makeup, better hair might have distracted from the unflattering top half of the dress. OUT.

    • dsco3031

      WAY boob-squashing. How do you mess those things up?

    • Fatima Siddique

      I think the dress looks good on her. Can’t a busty gal try to go for a sleek profile every now and then? Must she always let the girls fly free? I don’t like the matchy earrings and the ponytail. Hair pulled all the way up would have looked nicer and been more in line with the “sleek” silhouette of the dress. 

    • L.

      IN! IN! IN!   Fancier hair would have combined with the wide, cut-in-at-the shoulders straps to make her look too heavy (visually).  

    • lill5

      I wonder if they sometimes just go with the ponytail because they have hair that becomes completely uncontrollable in heat and humidity. I give her an In. It’s sparkly. I like it.

    • PeaceBang

      In. Not her best look, but nothing terribly wrong about it. She looks pretty but not happy. 

    • trisker

      Beautiful.  Def. IN

    • altalinda


    • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

      She’s a beautiful woman and that is a beautiful dress.  IN.

    • leftcoastpickle

      In. Fabu.

    • MzzPants


    • Paige Boerman

      Beautiful color, and a helluva lot better than Salma usually manages, so… IN.

    • Anna

      Beautiful color, eye catching dress. IN.

    • CatherineRhodes


    • ccm800