Christina Hendricks for The Hollywood Reporter

Posted on June 07, 2012

Miss Christina gets the Hollywood Reporter cover, with “EMMYS 2012” right next to her face. Looks like her publicist deserves a bonus.


Christina Hendricks covers the latest issue of The Hollywood Reporter photographed by Joe Pugliese.

But that’s how you do it. She’s riding a wave right now, managing to become quite talked-about at the moment, even though she’s five years into the role. What better way to leverage that than a big, showy interview with accompanying gorgeous pictures. Nicely played, Team Hendricks.

Now, could someone from the team kidnap the stylist for this shoot and force him to dress her for her next red carpet appearance? Please?


On playing Joan: “I thought [she] was such a bitch [at first], and I struggled sometimes trying to make her as real as possible because I thought, who would be so mean? People always ask me if I’m worried about being pigeonholed as Joan, but there isn’t another character like her. The show takes place in the 1960s and has such a specific mood and quality to it.”


John Slattery on Christina: “People want to think because of how stunning she is that she’s just this torpedo, but she’s way more complicated than that. My first scene was walking in with Don Draper at the end of a scene in which she’s telling Peggy to, ‘Go home, take a paper bag, tear out two eye holes and put it over your head.’ I didn’t know what I was getting myself into until I saw her. It was that scene that kind of woke me up to the potential for this whole thing.”


Matthew Weiner on Joan: “She was not at all what I expected to cast. I thought Joan would be more like an Eve Arden type, that she would just be Peggy’s friend. Christina brought all of this power, sexuality and confidence, and I recognized this dynamic between her and Peggy. I thought, this is going to be interesting to see how this office works, especially since I had been so influenced by the books Sex and the Single Girl and The Feminine Mystique.”



[Photo Credit: Joe Pugliese for]

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  • Anathema_Device

    Gorgeous, indeed. The make up is fantastic.

    Why is her hand up by her head in every single shot? Can any BK portrait photographers explain that? Like, does it give movement to the still shot? Make her look less stiff? I am seriously curious because it is clearly intentional.

    • Pamela J. Clark

      Because she looks AMAZING in this shoot.  YOU GO,

    • dress_up_doll

      I think I get the hand-in-the-head shot generally speaking, but here is looks so intentional and obvious. I couldn’t get past the cover without thinking, “why is her hand stuck in her hair like that?”
      Either way, she’s still a beautiful and stunning woman.

      • Maurine W. Sigmund

        ecause she looks AMAZING in this shoot.  YOU GO,

        • Brian G. Cox

          Yosaffbridge is exactly what comes to mind whenever I see her.

    • uprightcitizen

       As someone who has art-directed a lot of people for magazines (although not celebrities), I can tell you that they shoot literally hundreds of shots in each setting/outfit. Then, the magazine staff (editor, art director, etc.) go over them all with the photographer, selecting which ones to include. So the fact that she has her hand near her face isn’t deliberate in the shooting (they shoot TONS of poses) … it’s in the selecting. My guess would be that they picked two or three shots as the “best” and then realized that they all had that element. Once that happens, you either scrap some of what you think are her best shots so that you don’t have a bunch with her hand by her face, or you embrace it, and select them all that way. They’re probably her best because with her large bosom, having her arm bent, with it and her hand included in the portrait area of her face, gives some balance and scale to her, keeping her from looking like a head floating on top of a very large chest. She may also relax when she plays with her face/hair.

      • moppet

        Way to lay down some knowledge! Thanks for the insight.

      • portlandmermaid

         Thank you for using the word bosom. It’s a lovely word that puts boobs to shame.

      • NurseEllen

        “I can tell you that they shoot literally hundreds of shots in each
        setting/outfit. Then, the magazine staff (editor, art director, etc.) go
        over them all with the photographer, selecting which ones to include.”   This really made me chuckle, uprightcitizen, because every time my husband and I see an awful publicity photo (usually of a local politician, or car dealership owner, or orthodontist) we look at each other and say, “And remember: that was the BEST photo of the shoot!”

  • altalinda


  • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

    That last shot is just beautiful.  And yes, hire the stylist, quick!

  • thecitysleeps

    She is the most beautiful woman in the world.  And so talented to boot.  Love her.

  • Cathy S

    She’s so gorgeous. That last picture of her laughing is fantastic.

  • M_E_S

    Can whoever styled her for that shoot be hired as her permanent stylist?  Because she looks AMAZING in this shoot.  YOU GO, YOSAFFBRIDGE.

    • moppet

       Had to give a like to a fellow Browncoat.

      • M_E_S

         When the show started I had SUCH a hard time not thinking of her as Saffron.  Now I re-watch Firefly and I’m all “AHHH IT’S JOAN!” 

        • Maggie_Mae

          And when I watch Mad Men, I remember why I hated Conner so much….

          • M_E_S

             Ahhhhhhhhh Connor.  You are the reason I stopped watching “Angel”…

          • CozyCat

            Yes, Vincent Kartheiser really excells at playing annoying.  Given the high percentage of annoying people, he has great job security.

          • M_E_S
          • Sara L.

             Please tell me you watched the fifth season. Best of the bunch.

          • M_E_S

             Well, I’ve seen “Smile Time”…but no, not the rest of it.  I swear I will someday soon, mostly because, Spike.

          • Sara L.

            Spike is a good reason, for sure!

          • Sara L.

             See, I always loved Connor. So annoying, so teenagey, so perfect. He really did do a great job.

          • Sarah Dickerson

            OH MY GOODNESS THAT’S THE SAME GUY!  Sorry, I just can’t believe it took me so long to recognize him!  Hot damn he’s good at playing annoying brats.

          • SapphoPoet

            I didn’t recognize him, either. Of course, I didn’t realize that Christina was Saffron!

    • Alice Hepburn

      YES! It took me like a season to start referring to her as Joan instead of YoSafBridge. (I still sometimes call Pete Connor, cause you know they both annoy me!)

      • emcat8

        I watched the show she did in between MM and YoSafBridge, I can’t remember the name of it but it starred Taye Diggs, so it helped me get over the attachment to the Firefly character. She was also on Life (the series with Damian Lewis) in the early part of MM, which helped a lot too. But it did take me a while to call her Joan instead of YoSafBridge.

  • Jennifer Peters-Ahnberg

    Simply beautiful!

  • Amy J Albin

    I love the one where she is laughing!

    • MilaXX

       I love that she actually knows how to show  different facial expressions. Starlets take note.

  • MilaXX

    She looks stunning in every single picture. I really hope she does hire these folks for awards season.

  • Kiltdntiltd

    I have never seen her look more relaxed, and perfectly put together.  Hire this whole styling team right now, CHristina!!!

  • SublimatedRage

    I know she probably does not want to wear those 60s costumes for the rest of her life, but you are so right, TLo — she needs to wear things that are cut slightly lower in the front to give those girls room to breathe and always define her waist.  She has such a stunning figure — she really needs to learn to dress it.

    • Glammie

      I agree, but it’s hard.  A fairly small proportion of women are hourglass shaped and most clothes aren’t made for that figure as a result–by the time a dress fits the bust and hips, it’s sagging at the waist. I’m an hourglass (though not nearly so spectacular) and no matter what my weight, finding clothes that actually fit is tough.  When I was really thin I made do with a huge collection of belts.

      Anyway, as for Christina–a stylist and a tailor should be her BFFs.

      • SapphoPoet

        Me, too. Busty, curvy hips, smaller waist. I have a friend who has the same issues and we used to scour all the thrift stores and Goodwill stores and consignment shops for fifties dresses because they fit us properly. 

  • Kathy Marlow

    They should also steal the makeup artist as well.  Such a pretty face, wrecked when she’s on the red carpet by a bad makeup job. Let’s not even get started on the clothes…

  • Lina_bee

    THAT is fabulous. She has had such trouble wearing black on the red carpet, but here, with that perfectly balanced makeup, she looks amazing. This is totally the look to recreate whenever possible.

  • dsco3031

    I don’t know… the clothes are perfect and I love the hair, but I think the cover is selling her short. Kind of dead-eyed… and she has such beautiful coloring; I just don’t think the washed out background is doing her justice.

  • RebeccaKW

    I would love to see a full shot of the flowered dress she’s wearing in the car.  She’s so gorgeous.

    • Nancy Abrams

      I love that they put her in a vintage Jaguar!

    • Nancy Abrams

      I love that they put her in a vintage Jaguar!

  • Ozski

    So breathtakingly gorgeous, this lady. Her face is so delicious (I love her mouth) and I’m rooting for an Emmy nom AND win! SOMEONE needs to break the MM streak of no winning actors and I’m hoping it’s Ms. Hendricks. She broke my heart so many times this season.

    • Amy Ellinger

      delicious and luscious definitely come to mind when I see her.  Ditto on the Emmy, and every other award available! 

  • TieDye64

    Gorgeous is the word.

  • annie_wonder

    My favourite photoshoot of her by a long shot. It shows off her wonderful figure, highlights her beyond beautiful face AND makes the most of her prized assets without turning them into giant babyheads. See – it can be done!

  • ChaCha_70

    Makeup, hair, clothes are all beautifully styled and simply enhance her natural beauty. Christina – please listen to the bitter kittens and hire that stylist!

  • msdamselfly

    Matthew Weiner’s comment really brought home to me how sexist this show is.  Everything is seen through men’s eyes, including the women.  If Joan had been an Eve Arden character, the women in the office would have had more intellectual power. As much as I love Joan, she’ not at empowering character for women.

    • Jaime

       Welcome to the 50s and 60s?

    • Janie R

      I think it is more realistic the way it has been played as opposed to the Eve Arden take on it. The thing about it starting off the way it did is that there is a growth to it that is more like it was (at least from the way I experienced it) I don’t remember any Eve Arden types, but I sure do remember Joan types and Peggy types. Joan’s light bulb is going off.

      • CozyCat

        I think he’s referring to the “best friend” in the original Mildred Pierce–the wise cracking, competent asexual woman.  I can see how that would of been a way to go with Joan’s character.

        But the Joan we have witnessed is much more complex, and has set up a much more complex dialogue the choices women have to make in their professional and personal lives.  Summarizing Bobbie Barret–we’re not men.  But the woman of that era had so few role models so they had to work it out as they went along.  Watching Peggy, Joan, and Betty do that with varying degrees of success has been fascinating and very insightful about the decisions we still make.

    • Basket

       In this economy, I am sure she is happy to be getting paid.

    • Tom and Lorenzo

      If you think Joan is nothing more than a sex symbol you either haven’t watched the show that much or you’ve somehow missed the complexity of her character. You won’t find three more feminist characters than Joan, Betty, and Peggy. Not because they’re empowering, but because they embody exactly the kinds of women second-wave feminism arose in order to fight for.

      • Maggie_Mae

        Joan’s va-va-voomity is obvious, but I never thought she’d been anything but excellent at her job. And we’ve seen her evolve in her expectations of what men can do for her versus what she can do for herself….

        Now she’ll be quite valuable in trying to determine the exact status of SCDP’s finances after poor Lane….

      • Little_Olive

        I agree. And I think it’s the definition of feminist” or “non-sexist” as purely allowing women to work and be good at it is too narrow: On the one hand, it’s about getting the acknowledgement you deserve for a job well done. On the other hand, it’s about people allowing you to be a worker, a wife, a mother or a single gal, within your own means and personality, and not because you are supposed to -which includes allowing you to fail at things.  

        • Qitkat

          I’ve never thought of myself as a feminist, but from your explanation, I suppose I am. What a surprise. Thanks for giving me a new way to look at this concept.

          • Little_Olive

            I don’t either, really. I guess you become one when you realize what equal treatment is really about. And I for one am all for a man taking me out to dinner, picking up the check and opening doors for me 😉 

        • formerlyAnon

           “Feminist” has become one of those terms that has very entrenched meanings & associations for people – & sometimes those are at odds with each other.  I very strongly consider myself a feminist, though I know my bedrock definition doesn’t track with everyone’s. Mostly, I think it’s about allowing everyone, male & female to find the work that best suits them, regardless of traditional gender roles, about being more honest about our individual strengths & weaknesses, regardless of traditional gender roles, AND about valuing productive work fairly for the society we live in today.

          It makes me insane that men & women who work for money are expected (still, today, despite all the work-life balance claptrap companies throw about) to have magical elves about to take care of their other responsibilities, that people who perform (traditionally female) caretaking work for money are usually very poorly compensated, and that people who perform such caretaking work out of love or duty are generally treated by our legal system and/or retirement schemes as if that work had little [or no] monetary value.

          Sorry, I’ll stop now. This is far afield from Madmen.

          • Qitkat

             I don’t just like, I love your comment.

          • baxterbaby

            Here, here!

        • Ailsa Martin

          Thank you. It’s so great when people are able to articulate feminism in a way that helps people see beyond basic “equality for women” and understand how it’s really about being able to make choices (for men and women) that aren’t compelled by social expectations. Mad Men is one of the only shows that treats its women just as well as it treats men that way.

          Back to the post, she is SPECTACULAR. 

    • MissAnnieRN

      It’s amazing how 2 people can watch the same show and feel completely opposite about it.  It’s a very feminist show in my opinion.  It absolutely tells the story through Betty, Joan, and Peggy’s eyes.  I think a modern viewer must know the history of feminism and what kinds of options were available to women in 1966 to truly grasp how feminist this show is.  

    • msdamselfly

      I do think Joan’s character is realistic because the 60’s was a sexist era.  But the photoshoot is from 2012 and they have her channeling Marilyn Monroe. What message does this give to women? That your biggest assets are you breasts.

    • msdamselfly

      I do think Joan’s character is realistic because the 60’s was a sexist era.  But the photoshoot is from 2012 and they have her channeling Marilyn Monroe. What message does this give to women? That your biggest assets are you breasts.

  • TheOriginalLulu

    She has never looked more amazing. Love it and I particularly like her hair like that. So flattering.
    I got a kick out of “Arc of Joan” splashed right across her famous boobies.

  • jilly_d

    LUV. HUH.

  • Lexie

    This is why her red carpet mishaps make me so sad, she is STUNNING. For the love of TLo, put that stylist on your payroll!!

  • Jessica Goldstein

    This is the best her hair has ever looked. And whoever styled her knew what they were doing, because the clothes and hair are pretty fabulous, too. 

    • CPT_Doom

      That’s exactly what I was thinking – she’s gorgeous, but the most amazing part of the shoot is how amazing her hair looks. I think her key to looking modern but still fantastic is to keep the 60s styles and let her hair/makeup be the modernizing factor.

    • amywinns

      Interesting, because I think her hair looks like a mid-range wig. The part and hairline especially. The color is good but the way it lays just seems so very fake to me. Hrm.

  • Judy_J

    She’s gorgeous in all these photos.  You’re right…she needs to keep whoever styled her for this shoot around for a long, long time.

  • Basket

    That video really reveals how a professional works and knows her trade.  I would be going from one silly pose to another, proving without a doubt that I am nothing more than an amateur. Also the embarrassment of making such provocative poses and gestures would be written all over my face.  Instead, she is not rushed by the camera.  She does not pose but acts thereby letting the camera/photographer pick up the best possible pictures.  It really are the gifted ones who can forget reality, or at least forget it long enough that it looks forgotten. 

  • Elena


  • Barbora

    Really beautiful – makeup, clothes. Christina is gorgeous woman.

  • Lilithcat

    I want that car.

  • Lucía Valencia

    Oh my lord, I’m totally lesbo for her.

  • suryasnair

    I worship at the altar of her fabulosity. 

  • Little_Olive

    Lovely, if I’d rather the cover referenced Christina rather that “Joan” so conspicuously. 

  • Lisa Dugan

    She looks beautiful. Demure yet sexy.  She pulls that off well.

  • DesertRodent

    Interesting that Wiener didn’t plan Joan but that she evolved from what Hendricks brought to the character. She is one of the most fascinating characters in the entire cast because she is a rare combination of an over-the-top sexy woman and at the same time, smarter (at least about her milieu) than almost anyone else in the room. Which is not always a good combination, and sometimes those two things works against each other. Hence the fascination for us. Wiener & co. add a few flaws/wrenches to her character, such as making terrible choices of men for her personal life, who can’t or won’t treat her with the care that she deserves. And that albatross of a mother.

    Also, the headline writer who came up with “The Arc of Joan” oughta get a bonus too.

  • allisankelly

    Girl looks amazing. Her makeup is really good. I like the shot in the car the best.

  • Rebecca

    That deep green-bronze-y color was born to live on La Hendricks. Gorgeous.

  • Qitkat

    Maybe it’s just me, but she looks a little bit like Marilu Henner in the third picture down.
    Regardless, these are gorgeous shots.

  • Qitkat

    I’m not seeing a video.
    There’s extra space at the end of the post.
    I’ve tried Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome, and it doesn’t appear on any of them. I’m on a Mac.

  • MajorBedhead

    Oh, my. Well. That just ratcheted up my girl-crush by about 1,000. She is lovely. 

  • nannypoo

    Very beautiful, very sexy.

  • formerlyAnon

    I ADORE the way her eyes speak, here.  I don’t spend enough time looking at her (hard to believe, no?) to know if the make-up, lighting and any later, um, “image editing” helped create the effect, or whether this shoot just allowed her expressions to peek out from behind the smiling bombshell-actress-posing face.  Either way, I like.

  • granddelusion

    Looks like a wig.

  • schadenfreudelicious

    truly a classic beauty, please start dressing like this in real life Christina…

  • jmorino08


  • sarah epstein

    OMG Matt Weiner influenced by The Feminine Mystique can this guy get any better!

  • AudreysMom

    She does look stunning. One question: Is she wearing a wig?

    • Dorothy & Michael n/a

      I wondered the same thing.  It just doesn’t look natural to me at all.

  • Vera

    She is so pretty in these photo shoots,yet so messy on the RC…Chrissy, please hire some of these people!

  • guest2visits

    Visually, Joan’s beauty is so tightly girdled, and under control, in her world. She’s a well run ship, so to speak.
    This pictorial is really wonderful for showing a more easy and natural type of Christina. It’s really beautiful on her.
    Love the black dress with white flowers.

  • andreawey

    wow, navy is her color and no baby heads…Yay!

  • Lauren Lynch Fox

    Love, love, love her!!

  • nancylee61

    Did she guest on the show “Medium”? I was watching old shows on Netflix, and I thought the hooker turned wife was Hendricks. If so, she had a lot less boobage back then! And looked a lot better without it. I always think she looks like an old Italian lady from my family and the neighborhood with the way her breasts look in the clothes she wears. They make her waist disappear.

  • Susan Crawford

    She looks FABULOUS! The black top (or is it a dress?) on the cover shot is a perfect style for her. Hair and make-up are perfect, and overall, this is one of her very BEST photo features. It is lovely to hear how much her MM colleagues love and respect her, too.

  • Ms_Flyover

    Yep – she looks stunning (quite possibly because she is stunning.)  More to the point, the quotes get to the fact that she’s a very good actress.  these two qualities are not mutually exclusive in Hollywood, but the combination is exceptional.

    Yeah – sorta think she’s fabulous.

  • Anna

    This is one of the best editorial’s I’ve seen in a long time. She looks beautiful and she isn’t just repeating the Joan look, even while her role as Joan is such a big feature of the piece. I’m impressed and a little more in love with her.

  • AutumnInNY

    Stunning!! Christina is a beautiful breath of fresh air in an industry obsessed with mostly gaunt, rail-thin actresses.  She looks like a “real” woman and there will always be great roles for her because of it.