Cathy Cambridge Goes For It

Posted on June 18, 2012

It’s so refreshing when someone just accepts their role and runs with it, rather than try and fight it or be modest about it.


Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge attend the Trooping the Colours Ceremony held at Buckingham Palace in London. Catherine wore a custom-made Erdem dress paired with a Jane Corbett hat and Links of London earrings.


Effervescence Bubble Stiletto Earrings by Links of London



Because Mrs. Cathy CLEARLY got up that morning, looked around her room grumpily, threw back the covers, and said, “Fuck this. I’ma go FULL-ON PRINCESS today!”

Well done, Duchess. Own it, and run with it.

In other royal opinionating, Harry’s looking more and more like Grandpa Phil with each passing day. The men in this family get ten years of good-to-really-good looks and then the devil comes for payment, it seems.


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    • Kiltdntiltd

      Perfection, as per usual.  The Missus, looks the very image of a modern royal.  And that Erdem dress could not possibly be more ladylike. Brava, Cathy!!

      • ballerinawithagun

        I agree.

        • Linda Taylor

          with a little help from the uniform to hold him

    • UglyCasanova

      “In other royal opinionating, Harry’s looking more and more like Grandpa Phil with each passing day. The men in this family get ten years of good-to-really-good looks and then the devil comes for payment, it seems.”

      Hahaha, you guys are cruel!  And love the hat.

      • foodycatAlicia

         It’s the principle my stepfather calls “Early ripe, early rotten”.

        • Little_Olive

          Love it. So true. 

        • introspective

          how much do i love this phrase? especially as a late bloomer in life! i see me quoting this to my son as he gets older, because at 2 he’s so much like me that i see him having a delayed bloom himself…

        • TieDye64

          Ahaaaaahaaa. So true!

    • Lina_bee

      That’s a helluva lot of medals on one uniform. Wonder how long til her stylist team writes a bestseller on how you too can dress like a princess?

      • BuffaloBarbara

         I don’t know, but I will buy a copy, or at least borrow one from the library, because it is hugely refreshing look. :D

    • AwesomeMargie

      Oh snaps!  That last line is GOLD, pure GOLD!  Send to to Cash for Gold ASAP!

    • Eric Scheirer Stott

      For a man of 91 Prince Phillip actually looks pretty decent- with a little help from the uniform to hold him up.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        I was just thinking between the gold braid and the medals Phillip’s uniform alone can keep him standing…

      • luciaphile

         Yeah, I have to agree. Heck, look at him 20 years ago and he still looked better than his sons do now.

      • Beardslee

        He really is a very very handsome man and always has been.  Sorry to see him looking so frail.

    • VeryClaire

      I object. Why are you guys giving her a pass on this matchy matchy crap? Just because her MIL has embraced it to the extreme does not mean that a modern 20-something needs to. Yes, she can be demure and regal but do those hats have to be the same color as the dress the same color as the coat the same color as the shoes? No, no they don’t. It’s time to break that particular family tradition, Kate.

      • Niiskuneiti

        I agree! I don’t really get the glorification of Kate… All princesses are matchy to a certain extend, but she’s taking it to a whole other level – I actually think most of the other European princesses look better and less boring than her. She’s young and pretty and could get away with experimenting (in royal terms – it would probably still be very low-key and classy). Also, I always end up thinking that she looks worn, for lack of a better word. Methinks the uber-skinny look and the heavy eye make-up does nothing for her.

        • Corsetmaker

          Most other European royals have a lot more freedom than the UK family though. Different set-ups, different histories in different countries which often means they live more regular lives. I think that might change in future and ours will become more like that, with lower profiles and less formality because I think the whole constitution and political setting in the UK will change. But that’s still a way in the future.

          • Niiskuneiti

            I guess that is a good point, and that for sure influences the way she dresses… I still wish she would be a bit more adventurous in her choices though, there must be some middle ground between straitlaced-(soon-to-be)-queen-mode and too-flashy-for-a-princess mode…

            • Corsetmaker

              I really don’t think she’d be an adventurous dresser whatever her walk of life was though. 

            • Niiskuneiti

               Haha, you’re probably right! It just seems like such a waste to me, being young and rich and opting for demure monochrome outfits, flesh colored shoes and the occasional wacky hat…

            • VeryClaire

               But there’s a lot of room between “flashy” and “letting the 80 yo queen pick your outfits”! I don’t think adding a touch of color to conservative clothes is really flashy.

            • Corsetmaker

              No, but as discussed above, the monochromatic outfits on state occasions help with visibility in crowds and from a distance. As someone else pointed out in another comment, Beatrice and Eugenie, who are wearing a combination of colours, are harder to spot on the busy balcony than the Queen, Camilla and Kate who all wore blocks of colour.
              The Queen has first call on colour but why would she need or want to pick out Kate’s outfits! I don’t always like Kate’s choices but they’re down to protocol combined with her own basic conservative style, not the Queen. The household staff know the ropes on what works practically and what’s appropriate, it then just needs a designer who can work well within that. These are as much work clothes as the dress uniforms the men are wearing.

            • Maggie_Mae

              In a way, the Windsor Family Business has a dress code.  Especially for Official Occasions like Trooping the Colours.  Yet Kate managed to find a witty hat & look good.  

              She’s not going to be Queen for many years & we’ll have a chance to watch her fashion evolution. Not all of her public appearances will be quite so traditional….

            • Corsetmaker

              Exactly, it’s a business dress code. I think people forget that. 

            • WordyDoodles

               I know I did.

            • Farthingale

              In addition to palace advisers I’m sure CC has her own advisers, and when Diana busted out fashion wise it was downright distracting. Her outfits became the focus of these kinds of occasions. It is very safe, but I think CC and her advisers are very wise. Don’t upstage the queen, don’t call too much attention to yourself, fit in, and work with the unit. I agree that CC will have her day when she comes to full power, and my guess is she will evolve more to our liking. But as a new royal, I think her shrewd wardrobe tactics are on point for what she is trying to accomplish.

        • Aurumgirl

          Just saw a photograph of the way the Queen dressed when she was 28, during a tour to Australia (it’s in this month’s Vanity Fair, and I can’t link it here) and she wore clothes that looked shapely and kind of sexy, but also really elegant.  Kate’s outfit today would look good on Elizabeth today.  It’s another way to old look for this girl.

          • Farthingale

            But wasn’t she Queen at 28? I really do think CC’s sensibility is informed by the Queens. Betty had no Queen to please save herself. I don’t think CC is trying to win the Queen’s favor by dressing in a way Betty would like and approve of, but to take her place in the royal family, not showcase herself the way Diana did. (no censure of Diana intended).

      • Clueless_Jock

        Kate makes frumpy clothes look chic, the same way Prada makes ugly patterns look chic. It’s all in the fit and bearing, I think.

        • CozyCat

          Yes, the dress is a bit matronly as per the family uniform.  But she preserves her individuality with a just slightly wacko hat.   The British “younger aristocracy” is doing a great job of building a style category based on highly conservative clothes and over-the-top (so to speak) headwear. 

      • Little_Olive

        Agree, except that the worst part of the outfit are the comforter-type embroidery. Soo dated and not even pretty. 

      • Corsetmaker

        The colour-blocking is just to make them easier to see. When the whole family is out on that balcony, as in these shots for instance, they have to be seen from a distance away. It’s a bit of a clutter of people anyway, if every person was a mixture of colours then it would be really hard to differentiate who is who from ground level. Same applies to a walkabout or any occasion when they’re among a crowd. In the case of The Firm, fashion comes second to practicality.

        • Rrroza

          That is VERY interesting. Thanks for explaining, Corsetmaker!

    • lordandtaylor

      I want William’s outfit for Halloween. The color would look great on me. Love the big, goofy medals. And the oh-so-cute sash.
      She looks fine. Can’t wait to see all the girls trying to wear a knock-off of the hat.

    • Sobaika

      Is it a rule for royal ladies to be monochromatic at all times?

      • VeryClaire

        Only in their own minds.

      • sleepycat

        From what I have read (just a little though) is it is easier to pick out the person in one solid color then in multi-colors. 

        • Barbara Guttman

          That’s how I’ve come to understand it. Royals donning garb for public events aren’t just wearing clothing, they’re wearing Royal Stage Wear.  We get to see close up pictures but I’m sure out in the crowd it’s very helpful to turn to Betty and say, “Oh, the Princess?  The gray, the Queen is blue and the royal Corgis are too short to see.”

          • Lilithcat

            Dressmaker to Elizabeth II, Norman Hartnell, in his book Silver and Gold, discussed the various constraints that exist when designing for royalty: the use of pale colors to stand out in a sea of people wearing darker colors, a design that allows for the wearing of Orders, the need to “set an example” (as with wartime restrictions). As he puts it in describing the choice of colors for Queen Mary’s visits to bombed sites, “Black does not appear in the rainbow of hope.”

            • Maggie_Mae

              I had a Scottish co-worker whose family does not have traditional regard for the English Royal Family.  But her elderly mother still respected the Queen Mother because the family did not flee during the Blitz.  

              During the Thames Jubilee Celebration, I could not help but see the little old lady as the very young woman who had seen her city burn.  Despite the rain, London was looking rather lovely….

            • Corsetmaker

              I think as the Queen Mother was really Scottish, spent most of her early life here and had her favourite homes here, she had a bit more affection which worked along with how much she did for morale during wartime. But one of the problems with the Royal family that doesn’t endear them to Scots is the use of Queen Elizabeth II as her title. She isn’t the second Queen Elizabeth of the UK, she’s the first and really should be titled that.
              On top of that Scots just have a different view of monarchy than the English. That Burn’s ‘A Man’s a Man for A’ That’ with it’s lines about an honest man being equal to a prince was sung in front of the Queen at the opening of the Scottish Parliament says it all really :D

        • AudreysMom

           I actually think the solid color thing helps that amazing hat stand out and help Cathy draw attention for being pretty ballsy on this occasion. No competition from the dress.

    • sleepycat

      Stunning really, but it is sort of a modern middle-aged version of grandma bettey. Yes I know she will be queen one day and will have to dress very conservative, so why start now. :P

      • VeryClaire

        I agree, it very much looks like the Queen is picking out Kate’s outfits.

        • Corsetmaker

          I very much doubt the Queen takes time out to select Kate’s frocks! She’s just quite a conservative dresser anyway, if she’d never met William and was working in some gallery or auctionhouse her less formal outfits wouldn’t be much different to what she wears now.

      • Maggie_Mae

        This was a Very Official Occasion.  Let her dress more casually (or creatively) on personal time–or less important occasions….

        • VeryClaire

          I don’t think a little trim of a contrasting color is exactly creative OR casual. 

      • Anastasia_B

        In my opinion it’s exactly because she will be queen one day, and pictures are instantaneously internet-available and commented on. And last forever.

    • Carla Axtman

      I wonder if there’s some sort of “Deal with it. Imma be a princess, bitches” clause in the Will-Cate pre-nup. Something that lays down an open checkbook and a warehouse sized closet, at least.

    • Coleen

      The Queen is wearing the same outfit she wore for Will & Kate’s wedding! I may have been the only one really excited to see it worn again.

    • GTrain

      “…and then the devil comes for payment” LOL!!

    • KateMaryC

      That’s a cute way to pretend that Prince Harry is actually a Windsor!

      • Sobaika

        Rude. Wasn’t Diana adamant that he was Charles’ son?

        • amywinns

          There’s also *ample* proof that the ginger trainer was absolutely nowhere near Diana’s uterus for a large space of time around Harry’s conception. But haters and gossips are gonna believe what they want no matter how many facts they are presented with.

          • amye

            EXACTLY, ladies!  But since QEII really never looked like either of her parents (maybe a little like King George when younger), are we gonna say SHE’S not a Windsor?!

            Harry looks like his Uncle Charles with a bit of Prince Phillip thrown in.

            • Paola Thomas

              QEII is the absolute spitting image of her grandmother Queen Mary…

          • Spicytomato1

            Not to mention that Harry’s face is the spitting image of his Dad’s (and Grandpa’s).

      • sweetlilvoice

        Harry looks a lot like her brother. 

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          Indeed he does..and thankfully he didn’t inherit his father’s jug ears.

        • Carlodog

           And he looks more like his father the older he gets.  I too listened to that gossip back in the day, but Harry is definitely a Windsor.

      • alyce1213

        Boo. Hiss.  Of course he is a Windsor-Spencer He’s a ginger and looks just like a Spencer, specifically his uncle. It astounds me that years after Diana’s death, some people still have to bring up that false gossip. False I tell you!

        • Corsetmaker

          Totally. I think most people who come up with that one have never taken a look at the Spencers. He’s the spit of Diana’s sister’s son and always has been. 

          • Amy Fee Garner

            Google “George McCorquodale” and you’ll see plenty of resemblance– that’s Lady Sarah’s son and first cousin to Harry and Wills.  There’s a cute picture of both together as young boys looking like twins.

            • Corsetmaker

              Yup, that’s who I was meaning. They’re very alike. 

    • nannypoo

      I want to be her.

    • Jennifer Coleman

      Haha, just checking in to say I love you, Tlo. Always bringing a guffaw into my life.

    • LuisaNL

      Meh. Love the hat and earrings but I don’t really like the dress. Very stiff and aging, especially with that neckline.

    • Bitsy Carver

      “Harry’s looking more and more like Grandpa Phil with each passing day.” I guess that means he is a Windsor after all, not the torrid love child of mummy’s riding instructor. Real life is so boring.

    • Charmella

      Cute…cute…cute! She has totally embraced the Duchess role!
      Can you imagine what is going to happen when Wills becomes King, and she eventually gets to wear Granny Betty’s jewels? OY!

    • SignLadyB

      I disagree with the comment about Harry. He is the image of Diana in coloring and facial structure. Grampa Phil doesn’t look too bad considering he’s  just out of the hospital and celebrating his 90th. And Chuck really can’t go wrong with that red uniform.

    • Barbara Guttman

      I like this much better if it didn’t have that upholstery pattern embroidery on it.  More and more I wish I was a princess just so I could wear those amazing hats.  They’re not even hats, they’s Hats, and they’re ridiculous and amazing.

    • Lynne Jacobson Arons

      It’s a good thing he does look like Grampa Phil, as most money was NOT on Harry being actually of the Royal line…..

      • Corsetmaker

        Which was a lot of silly gossip. He’s always looked like the Spencers. One look at his cousins and you see where his colouring comes from which was the main grist for the gossipmongers.

    • Sartorial_She

      Meh. Not a fan. Dress looks like a fancy tablecloth and the fascinator is perched at such an angle that she seems to have difficulty seeing out from underneath it. The earrings bore.

    • Nancy Aronson

      Hi there. I know absolutely nothing about fashion and have, we’ll say quirky, taste. Have stumbled onto TLo via Mad Men addiction. Greetings.

      • Sobaika

        That’s how a lot of us got here! A lot of great writeups to be found on this blog. And it’s taught me a lot about fashion!

        • nancy aronson

           Nice to meet you, Sobaika (llovely name, by the bye). Thx for your warm welcome.

    • Beth G

      I love that she doesn’t clash with everything that’s going on in Bill’s uni.

    • Anne

      Aww, I think Harry is still good looking. :)

      • MilaXX

         If you squint. When he was younger and looked more like his mother, he was REALLY cute looking.

        • introspective

          Just like Wills. He looked like his mom early on too, then Charlie came out in his face (and hairline) with a vengeance. Damn that Lucifer!!! Taking away all of our royal eye candy just when we got used to it.

          • amye

            If you need royal eye candy, check out Crown Prince Haakon of Norway, or the recently engaged Guillame of Luxemborg, or Andrea Casharigi – still next in line for the Principality of Monaco.

    • unbornfawn

      I think that is why she looks so good all the time. She doesn’t fight her role or her body.

    • M_E_S

      I’m just glad to see Phillip there.  It was so sad when he had to miss some of the big events while in the hospital.  Harry should be so lucky to look that good at 91.

    • holdmewhileimnaked

      she always looks both fabulous & fabulously appropriate; however, just in this one case the stupidly named stupid earrings just wont stop doing stupid things. either hither or thither but never resting nicely in inbetweenland, i still cant get why theyre named stiletto. are there heels attached, even more: are there knives? boy, i’m tired. & i cant be alone in thinking this about them–theyre only around two hundred poorly placed bucks & they havent yet sold out.

    • MilaXX

      This dress isn’t my favorite,but I can’t say she looks bad here. She truly has discovered the knack of wearing princess – wear and still looking good.
      House of WIndsor got hit with the ugly stick hard.

    • Judy_S

      Nice post. The dress is nice but maybe more queenly than princessy. The hat bothers me. It’s cute but she seems to be squinting around it. Something a bit more off the face might have looked prettier.

    • alyce1213

      I think Phil had a great deal more than 10 years of looking good.  He cut quite a handsome figure as the consort for most of the reign. Still looks pretty decent for 91 and just out of the hospital.
      Charles, not so much. 

      I hope the youngers age as well as he did.

      • Corsetmaker

        Agreed. A very good looking man who aged very well. He’s only recently started to show his years.

      • amye

        Actually, I think Charles looks 1000% better now than he did since he’s hit puberty.  He’s very distinguished looking, IMO

        • jabes

          He looks great with white hair.  I think he looks more and more like his father, which isn’t too shabby for the way he started!

    • Kyle Crawford

      Prince Philip is freaking 91 – and still looks fine – google him as a young man if you want to see what should be the Webster’s definition of drop dead beautiful man.

    • kimmeister

      Love love love the fascinator.

    • Laura F.

      That dress is dowdy as hell.  You guys give Julianne Hough a lot of shit for dressing far older than her age, but this is a perfect example of same.  She can still be conservy Royal Princess without wearing something that her grandma-in-law could also wear. 

      • Tom and Lorenzo

        That’s a ridiculous comparison. Julianne Hough is a B-level starlet and Cathy is a member of the royal family appearing at an official function.

        • Laura F.

          No, it isn’t.  You’re missing my point if you think I’m directly comparing Julianne Hough with Kate Middleton.  Both women are held up to the sartorial standards (real or imagined) of their respective professional milieus.  Kate’s fashion confines are a lot narrower than Hough’s, certainly, but she doesn’t need to wear something middle-aged just because her job requires her to be Appropriate At All Times. 

          • Tom and Lorenzo

             “but she doesn’t need to wear something middle-aged just because her job requires her to be Appropriate At All Times.”

            Okay, but we never said she did.

    • Qitkat

      While ’tis a pretty dress, the color, or should I say lack of, does absolutely nothing to complement her. I lika the earrings and fascinator hat though. What if the hat were two shades of grey, and the embroidery on the dress was slightly darker, or the fabric was deeper? Truth, it’s just boring to moi.

    • SapphoPoet

      Not crazy about this dress or the color; I think with that neckline, she should have pulled back her hair. Sometimes I wish she had more of an edge to her, but I guess she has to be conservative about clothing and jewelry. I thought the earrings were kind of boring. 

      And is it just me or do those hats (I do like this one) look a little strange with long, loose hair? Something about it never looks quite right to me. 

      • rawrgrowlrawr

         Not just you. The hat would look better with her hair up in some way.

    • LesYeuxHiboux

      I am hoping so hard that she brings hats back…or I could just move to England, which it seems they never left. She looks exquisite, and he looks like a Prince Charming doll gone slightly to seed. Happy birthday, P-dubs, twinsies!

    • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

      LOVE the dress, but that first picture of her is probably the worst I’ve ever seen her look!  Not flattering at all, IMHO.  The hat is sitting too low, covering her eyes too much.  OTOH, Harry is adorable, as usual. 

    • yulaffin

      Why do the women’s hats always seem to be perched so far forward on their heads?  If it was me, I’d be holding my head and neck so stiffly to avoid having the hat topple off.

    • voter1

      “In other royal opinionating, Harry’s looking more and more like Grandpa Phil with each passing day. The men in this family get ten years of good-to-really-good looks and then the devil comes for payment, it seems.”

      Ha, ha – that’s why they need to breed with better looking women – to breed out the ugly.  Hopefully Harry will have a few more than his allotted 10!

      • jabes

        Oooh, you’ve never seen photos of Mountbatten as a young man — no ugly there to breed out at all.  Just looked at a photo of him from 20 years ago and he still had it.  He’s half Greek, as well, which can do nothing but good things for one’s genes, in my opinion!

      • Maggie_Mae

        Phillip was (& probably still is) notorious for being a plain speaker.  He considered Diana “good breeding stock.”  Alas, that was when virginity was still a requirement.  The only suitable candidate they could find was too innocent to accept that her husband really preferred another woman & would take up with her again once the heir & spare appeared….

    • sashaychante

      LOVE her hat.  Wish I had somewhere to wear such a hat.  I think Prince Will has STILL got it in looks department.  Of course, he favors Diana a bit more than Harry. 

    • nancy aronson

      Am curious about what others see as cute or lacking in Harry. Has this lack of cuteness happened already, or just about to? IMHO, Kate has mad hat skills. Apparently she has legendary social intelligence — the grace to do what she can to refrain from obnoxiously grabbing focus (adopts deferential posture, place in relation to the rest of the royal group) although she’s generally the most attractive, stylish, put together. There’s something about her, beneath the extreme put-together quality, that seems quintessentially suburban, cozy, accessible. She’s got me suckered.

      • SapphoPoet

        Somehow she manages to be confident without arrogance, deferent without being cowed, approachable without being overly familiar. I don’t know if this is all innate or learned, but regardless, it’s an incredible group of skills. Really, William could not have picked a better wife if he’d had her made to order.  

        • Maggie_Mae

          I think she picked him.  But she’s got real affection for the guy–along with realistic expectations of what The Family Business requires….

    • Euphory

      Grandpa Phil was really good-looking back in the days… 

    • Susan Crawford

      GREAT dress! A neutral with a little kick to it, and of course the HAT just rocks. She’s pretty darn good at this, isn’t she? Prince Philip has had some health issues, and I’m concerned – he definitely looks every day of his age, after decades of never seeming to change at all. As for Hot Ginger Harry, he looks great: mischievous and a bit naughty, just the way a younger prince should.

      • Corsetmaker

        That’s two hospitalisations recently, and both at big occasions, also she’s had Kate or William with her a lot recently and he’s joined them later. He’s either developed a good strategy to get out of things, or his health is really failing. And as he’s always been there beside the Queen, I think it’s the latter.  I met them when I was a little girl and it was him that made a fuss of me, she barely heeded me so I’ve always liked him :)

    • Corsetmaker

      Aw, now, Phillip was a damn fine looking man for a lot more than 10 years. He’s only recently shown his age.

      I would’ve preferred her hair up with that dress neckline. But I suspect the hair down is partly another recognition from a distance tool. People on the Mall have to be able to pick out who is who on that balcony from a fair distance. Hence the one colour dressing. Being able to pick out features like her long hair will help too.

      I miss the days when the Queen rode out too, she always looked great in her uniform. But it’s good that Anne still does.

    • gillian holroyd

      How beautiful she looks in that last photo where she is leaning over to talk to Prince Philip.

    •!/Space_Kitty Space Kitty

      With Himself in full Prince Charming drag, there’s nothing else for it.  Screams for a dainty pair of white gloves, though! (Or maybe that’s just me.)  

    • Elana Bryan

      LOL!  The Royal Family is a great example of why cousins shouldn’t marry….The Duchess looks fabulous as usual.  LUV HUH!

    • amye

      Harry looks like Charles Spencer, IMO, though with Grandpa Phillip’s nose.

      OTOH Wills is looking more & more like Charles, but with Diana’s smile.

      I see more & more of Grandma Mary in QEII, herself.

      • Athena Bast

         Yes. Exactly! Harry was always more Spencer than Windsor.

    • Ass Kicking Adviser

      It’s very pretty as usual. However, it looks so, uh, not fun? I understand this is an official occasion but it’s rather leaning more towards ‘queen’ than ‘princess.’

    • Rebecca Jay

      I never heard that rumor about Harry!

      I don’t think the dress is so bad, but I do hate Kate’s makeup.  In every picture, every time.  It looks cheap, greasy, and like it was applied by a practicing jr. high school girl. Eyes, cheeks, lips, all of it.

      • Spicytomato1

        It’s the eyeliner that kills me. Someone, somewhere speculated that it was tattooed on and I’m starting to believe it.

        • SapphoPoet

          Oh, I hope not. 

    • bionicgyal1

      I. LOVE. THAT. HAT>

    • LinXGUA

      Her: that hat looks unconfortable. I’m sorry, it’s chic and all but I don’t like it. And the dress’ fabric is from the royal sofa. So … nice earrings!
      Him: he doesn’t like this suit. He prefers the blue one.
      Brother-in-law: oh yeah, he exists. “Hmmm … black and serious or red and ridiculous?”
      Pappy: What does those medals mean? “I ate my vegetables”, “I smiled for the photos today”, “I re-learned to use the potty today”. 
      Oh royalty … how mysterious you are. (please don’t throw roks at me.)

      • Athena Bast

         Not to be nitpicky but Will and Harry are in two different branches of military service so they should have different ceremonial uniforms.

    • Funkykatt

      That girl has most excellent hair.

    • pookiesmom

      Ooooh, I don’t like this at ALL. I don’t like the fit, the color, the shape, anything. She looks like she’s wearing upholstery. 

      I did a spit-take at the Grandpa Phil comment, though. I cringed when I saw his picture. Though I guess he is in his 90’s, so I shouldn’t be too judgey.

      • Corsetmaker

        He’s 91 and just out of hospital.

    • Sara__B

      For those of you who haven’t seen a photo of the entire royal family on the balcony during this Trooping the Colour ceremony, you really must! Dead center, glowing in pastel yellow, is the Queen. Artfully arranged on either side, Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh, and William in their brilliant red uniforms. By their husbands’ sides, Camilla and Cathy, wearing nearly identical colors. This scene is clearly composed so that all of us can spot the major players from a distance, yet Cathy stands out with a quiet elegance and confidence that can’t be missed. The younger princesses, Eugenie and Beatrice (both in their early 20s), farther down the balcony, are both dressed creatively and colorfully but are nearly invisible, and look about as polished and royal as I do at church on Sunday. Cathy knows what she’s doing and she’s doing it well — and with obvious enjoyment. I like her style!

      • Sara Munoz

        Thank you! It is lovely to see them all in context.

    • Dr. Derf van der Derf

      I hate all the hats she wears. Ruins the outfit.

    • golspie

      Harry’s resemblance to the Duke of Edinburgh does at least show he’s not James Hewitt’s son.

      • Athena Bast

         I think it’s because he’s always had more Spencer blood in him than Windsor. When he was younger he looked more like Diana’s brother. What with the Ginge and all.

    • elzatelzabelz

      She’s great, per usual. Let’s hope Harry gets another 10 years of good looks!

    • butter nut

      flawlessness – every. single. time.

    • quiltrx

      Great dress, great hat…she wasn’t playin’ around!

    • PaulaBerman

      I want those earrings! And it really is eerie how similar Wills and Phils look in these pictures. I hope William takes better care of his teeth, though.

    • Sara Munoz

      IDK. I think Harry is still pretty cute.

    • ccm800

      Man is that true about the royal men and their looks. 

    • greenwich_matron

      I really think she needs to stop wearing hats that are the exact same color as her dress. She is not doing the hat industry any favors by promoting the garanimals for princesses look. Also, I think she should have a darker shade on the inside brim so transitions from her hair and doesn’t look like a dollop of whipped cream on chocolate sauce.

      I love her and I love her style. I also love hats and I think her hats wear her a bit.

    • Dan Alexander

      Harry looks like Albert Nobbs!

    • Puckndc

      I’ve thought he looked like Prince Phillip for a long time…puts the squash on the rumors that he was not Charles’

    • guest2visits

      On the one hand; this is a very simple, chic, sophisticated dress that she’s wearing very elegantly. She looks lovely in it, but
      it is another uniform.  In spite of some other opinions; I love this embroidered fabric, and the shade. I just believe that she could
      have pulled off a more stylish cut; the collar portion (which she does wear well) seems a bit matronly. I love the hat (it goes with
      the uniform), but I long to see her in one that is much more feminine, bouncy (as opposed to rigid), and dreamy.
      If she is dressing to please the elders of her group; they need to seriously relinquish micro managing this type of minutia;
      it says alot more about them, then the fine young lady who is a loving part of their family; matchy uniforms or not.

    • mmc

      I love this outfit on her.  It has a little retro vibe to it.

    • Clydette Wantland

      She’s so beautiful she stands out like a sore thumb among those less than beautiful people.