Zooey Deschanel in Carven

Posted on May 15, 2012

Zooey, sweetie, we don’t know which queen did your makeup for this event, but you should take him out back and have him whipped.

Zooey Deschanel attends 2012 Fox Upfronts Programming Presentation Post-Show Party in Carven.

Carven Spring 2012 Collection/Model: Alice Cornish (MARILYN)

Because when the first question that pops into people’s minds upon viewing your face is “Did she have work done?” then someone done fucked up in the warpaint department. Girl, that is not your FACE.

Semi-cute outift, though. Typically Zooeyian in every way. Not really nuts about how the top is constructed. And did you really need tights in L.A. in New York (which has been warm lately) in mid-May?


[Photo Credit: Janet Mayer/PRPhotos, Darla Khazei/PacificCoastNews.com, elle.com]

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  • Beth G

    Why.  Why is her bra showing?  It’s a cute cut-out completely ruined by the bra.

    • ballerinawithagun

      Yes, if you are going to show your lace, make it look like you meant for it to show.

    • MK03

      Because it’s totes quirky and adorkable!! OMG!! QUIRKY!!

    • Louise Bryan

      Don’t think it’s a bra, maybe a camisole.

      • Beth G

         Even if it’s a camisole, why is it showing?  It ruins the look of the cut-out.

  • Sobaika

    She’s been taking posing lessons from Paula Patton and Lea Michele.

  • Anathema_Device

    No on the makeup and the outfit. Too “booby cater waiter” for me.

    • alyce1213

      You nailed it.

    • tired_mommy


  • Cheryl Kohs

    Why is it considered ok for your bra to be peeking out?  I must be too old, never understood thi. 

    • amf0001

      and it’s not a cute bra with pretty lace,  it’s just an ugly beige bra… not good at all!

      • FWG_SC

        Actually, that looks more like a lacy cami to me, not a bra at all.

        • Jessica O’Connell

           Thank you! Everyone’s talking about her bra showing, but it doesn’t look like a bra to me at all!

      • Actually I think it probably is a cute lace balconette bra – but it has no business being visible!

  • BazoDee

    Apart from the borrowed face look – she actually looks cute outfit wise. It fits and while still twee it doesn’t appear overly sweet. But the bra at the front -WTH?? Ruined! 

  • HomeOfficeGirl

    Oh my gosh, I pretty much hate everything about this.  She doesn’t look to crazy about it either.  ;-(

    • lamamu

       Yes, the look on her face says, “OMG…could it be?…could it be my bra showing?…on a red carpet?”

  • quien es esa niña? whoooooo’s that giiiiiiirl?

  • Kayceed

    Interesting idea, poorly executed. That shirt fabric looks cheap. Also, I don’t like to see bras – not the cups, not the straps, not the outline, not the trimming. I just don’t.

  • amf0001

    I agree, the black tights don’t work… it looks much cuter on the model with the flat shoes,   the tights and heels take it to waitress territory

    • makeityourself

      Alas, Zooey does not possess the legs of the model. Hence the black tights and the higher black pump. I think it was a wise choice, but the exposed bra was not.

  • Susan Crawford

    Lipstick by Hi-Liter; blouse by Mrs. Foster’s Pre-School Post-Valentine’s Class; Head-tilting simper by Zooey.

  • jw_ny

    Is she tap dancing at the event?  😉
    Makeup is pretty clownish…go home and start over.

    • wisenhar

      I was thinking she was a pair of character shoes away from being a chorus girl from the waist down… Same basic idea.  🙂

  • Aren’t the upfronts in NYC?

  • Emily Guillory

    Ok, after clicking from this picture to all the other pics of Zooey on here…I have to say that *only* thing I see different is that she has no liner on her lower lid and her bangs are finally parted to one side and you can actually see her forehead.

    I think the bangs have ALOT to do with the look, imo.

    • sweetestsith

       I think the foundation & contouring (or at least blush) are much heavier than usual, and the lip might be brighter? I do love the parted bangs, I think they’re much prettier on her than the blunt bangs.

  • Deedles

    With that makeup, someone obviously confused her with Katy Perry.

  • dschubba

    Crappy makeup aside, at least she looks like a grown up.

  • Well, I almost liked it, but the lipstick and the bra and the shoes together tipped it over the line into porn-movie librarian, so maybe not.

  • granddelusion

    Yikes. That’s even ugly on the model. She looks like a kid playing at grown up. I don’t know what’s worse.

  • snarkykitten

    manic pixie dream girl needs to piss off

  • BrooklynBomber

    Who is Carven and what are they doing making clothes? 

  • Whimsique

     She looks so unmitigatingly bad that my eyes are bleeding. Bra showing (on one side, anyway), a wrinkled mess, ill-fitting, a skirt that looks like an Amish ice-skating party… yeah, honey. If I were you, I’d have that sad clown face from shot 4, too.

    • ballerinawithagun

      I like that–Amish ice skating party…

  • MilaXX

    I swear Zooey is like Dida. She can never have everything right. If the clothes look good, the hair and/or makeup are almost certain to be busted. Today she has a halfway decent outfit, the bangs are as heavy looking as they usually are and the makeup is totally jacked up.

    • MK03

      Except Dida is much more engaging as a performer and doesn’t do that forced “gee shucks, ain’t I cute?!?!” schtick. 

  • Carla_Charlton

    At least her bangs aren’t in her eyes.

  • Lilithcat

    we don’t know which queen did your makeup for this event, but you should take him out back and have him whipped.

    Along with whoever a) recommended that ugly top, and b) thought it was a good idea to have her beige lace bra show.

  • raininmai

    What a difference too much eyeliner on the lid can make to her look!  But I like the outfit and the tights (evenings are cool here in SoCal) and what’s so wrong with a lacy undergarment showing? I think she looks great.

    • Nelliebelle1197

       She is in NYC!

  • Bra looks ridic.  Agree that it looks like she is trying to get a hostess job at the Tilted Kilt.  Why is her left eye looking so crooked in these photos? Is it the photo angle?  Her eyes are scaring me.

  • DinaSews

    First we have a winter season with stars shivering on the carpet from a lack of proper outer garments, and now we have a spring season with tights and suede shoes.  WTH is going on here?  Stylists thinking they are being clever and thinking outside the box?

  • luciaphile

    At least she isn’t giving blow-up sex doll face…

  • BayTampaBay

     Who is Zooey Deschanel and what is her claim to fame? 

  • kimmeister

    Her face is almost unrecognizable without the “Aw, I’m so adorably quirkly” facial expression!

  • frannyprof

    Hiddy. And why does she always look like she’s about to tip over?

  • SpcilK

    I do not like this dress on her and I hate the modeling 101 poses even more. I think it would have looked better if it was a fitted, crisp, white, button front top. Her eyes look amamzing, but the harlet lipstick has gotta go.

  • Spicytomato1

    Aside from the peekaboo bra issue, this isn’t that bad. I’ve seen her look worse/crazier. And it’s definitely a better overall look than the model’s (those shoes!).

  • Imasewsure

    I don’t know how old she is but she’s too old for this outfit… and makeup is hiddy – no judgment, no mirrors

  • From the waist up, nothing here is working.

  • sherrietee

    She needs a lower cut bra if she’s going to wear that top.

  • Why does she not have pupils!?!?!?! She’s an alien, RUN!

    • alyce1213

      Bright lights, closed pupils.  But still, weird.

  • A_Rimbaud

    I don’t know why she always has to wear tights.

    • Paigealicious


  • Jonathan Franklin

    I thought it was Shannen Doherty, which is never good.

  • GTrain

    She meant for us to see all that bra, right?

  • BrooklynBomber

    Tilda-ish model, though, right?

  • Judy_J

    What the hell happened to her face?  And the fit on that blouse is off, but it looks like it wouldn’t fit anyone correctly.  The length of that skirt makes it look like she should be on the skating rink rather than on a red carpet. 

  • golden_valley

    That makeup job reminds of Joan Crawford.

  • Wow… she is not looking very good here. 😐

  • Aurumgirl

    Ah, I like the navy and white but that’s the extent of it.  This girl always dresses as if she’s 12 and I’m willing to bet she’s climbing up on that “just about 40” staircase, which to me has always been a sign of mental illness, not quirkiness.  God help her if she continues to dress like a child and wear those kiddie rompers that fashion is trying to make happen again.  

    • formerlyAnon

       Early 30s. But still, aging out of the look.

  • Love how she kept her signature style but made it a little bit more modern and sexy, and not so nun-like. And- yay!- pantyhose instead of tights- big improvement for her. But those lips are tragic. 

    • alyce1213

      But her hosiery is opaque black.  That says tights to me, so same as usual.

  • Wellworn

    Since she is dressed like a little girl (as usual), it looks like she was caught playing with mommy’s make up.  Needs a time out.

  • Pants_are_a_must

    This is too much lipstick for her, and what’s with the corpse foundation? I do appreciate the attempt to curve her eye make up to only 2 sets of false eyelashes, instead of 5.

    This dress is stupid and it doesn’t fit her right.

  • Lina_bee

    Zooey, you are NEVER going to be cast as Power Girl. Stop wearing her costume knock-offs. Also, the nude bra is distracting. It’s like a fungus or lichen edging toward her trachea. Worrisome.

  • marilyn

     Her bra.  Bad. 

  • unbornfawn

    She does not look like herself here. I do like the change-up with the hair.

  • Louise Bryan

    I like the tights and shoes much better than those clodhoppers on the model.  Her makeup, though, is weird.  She doesn’t look like herself.

  • All she needs is roller skates and a tray with a burger and fries.

    •  And one of those little bell-hop caps! Here we come, on the run, with a burger on a bun!

  • TheOtherChristina

    I despise everything about this look. Blech. Hork. Et cetera.

  • poggi

    This is not good.  It’s a weird combo of naughty school girl and nun.  However it is still better than her commercial where she asks her phone if it’s raining while standing in front of a window.

  • kittyminion

    Looks better on her than on that model–yikes! Although I covet the shoes on the model.

  • are you sure this is zooey?  looks nothing like her.  she’s giving car-hop realness, with a large hole in her blouse for easy access when she leans into your car window.  the wooly tights are for the night shift, which she prefers for the big tips.  all she needs is roller skates.  i’m feeling boogie nights here.

    • Saucysusan

      Yikes! Posted my comment before I read yours! (-:

  • rainwood1

    She looks like she should be playing Snow White.

  • It actually has been a little cold here, for here.  If this was at night, it’s still dropping into the 50’s at night on the Westside.  Fox is on the Westside.

  • Somehow the model’s makeup is even worse. So Zooey wins by default.

  • guest2visits

    Having seen how bad this looked on the model, why would anyone have pulled this outfit?
    She looks like a messy sales clerk.  Although I do like when she occasionally lightens up on the bangs, like here.

  • Snailstsichr

    I thought it was Katy Perry in the thumbnail. This is all so terrible, but I’d like a Chicago dog and a Cherry Lime-aid, please.

    • guest2visits

      Now that you’re saying it … I’m seeing it.    I think I might like to see her borrow some of Katy’s styles.

  • j_anson

    Oh good. A tit window! Like Power Girl! http://www.cracked.com/blog/the-5-most-ridiculously-sexist-superhero-costumes/

  •  I’m having one of those throw makeup on my face kind of days so I’m going to cut her some real girl slack (even though real girls don’t have makeup queens on staff). 

    I agree about the tights though- no good. I imagine they are “stank tights” because if you wore tights in my part of the country right now, your legs would run with sweat. STANK TIGHTS.

  • Saucysusan

    All we need to do (besides the bra showing which is well..just yuk!) is put a pair of skates on her & transport her back to the drive ins where she can serve some burgers & fries. Black bottom/white blouse equals waitress IMO.

  • She does need tights. Cute girl, but she has legs like an Edwardian piano.

  • Supercute outfit but ruined by the tights. The difference on the model is quite striking.

  • formerlyAnon

    No. She’s crossed some kind of Rubicon with me. I’ve never hated her twee quirkiness as much as some, but this is just under-achieving at a look which (at your age missy!) the only excuse for which is that it’s supposed to be “your” look.

    Well, if this overly cute & girlish look is “your” look, then do it better, will ya?  The make up is bad, the hair is doing nothing, just hanging out looking ingenue-ish, and if you’d ditch the tights and sub in some ankle socks you’ve got a thirty-something’s inept attempt to costume herself as an anime character, including out-of-character peek-a-boo camisole and cheaply made mall-store not-quite-right shirt.

  • She looks like Lily Tomlin.  I love Lily Tomlin, but that is still some fucked-up makeup.

  • RS

    I will go against tide and say I think the outfit is adorable and I want that skirt very badly. The bra lace showing is just weird, though.

    I think the only/biggest? make up difference is the lack of falsies on the bottom lashes, right? I saw her in a make-up free magazine spread a few weeks ago, and she does look like an entirely different person without her usual eyemake up on. Without all the attention being dragged to her eyes, her other features look different.

  • afabulous50

    She never looks good to me – enough with the quirky-face already!!

  • charlotte

    I didn’t recognize her in the thumbnail picture. Given that she is all over the place at the moment, that is not a good thing.

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    who dressed this woman up as me? it doesnt work for her. i’ve never even been sure it works for me.
    as an aside, she needs tights in mid-may. it’s cos she doesnt have the best legs in the world which, in her profession, i’m sure is something of which she has been made both painfully & semi-constantly aware. unless it’s not pc to do that right now, which might be nice but i’m positive she’s still feeling it underneath.

  • I’ve always been jealous of her hair, but not here. It’s gratifying to know that there’s a bang style that she can’t pull off. And the current design blogger makeup isn’t for her.

  • mozzer0906

    what a sad day for red carpets everywhere.  Starlets showing up looking like busted ass here there and everywhere.  And the nude bra?  Honey please.  

  • Sophie Collier

    WTF with the bra???  That had to be on purpose because it’s not like that keyhole is super huge.  She could have found a bra that sits low.  Tacky, tacky, tacky.

  • MzzPants

    Where is her cigarette box?

  • sweetlilvoice

    She’s pulling a quirky/sad face in the fourth photo. She hears what you’ve said. I find it hard to look at her and not think of that SNL skit…Being Quirky!

  • sweetlilvoice

    She’s pulling a quirky/sad face in the fourth photo. She hears what you’ve said. I find it hard to look at her and not think of that SNL skit…Being Quirky!

  • Until she gets rid of her awful lace-front hair, I can’t evaluate anything Zooey wears because all I want to do is snatch that wig off her head and tell her to start over.  That hair is so very awful and I don’t understand why she landed on that as her “signature” hair when she works a bob so much better.

  • Until she gets rid of her awful lace-front hair, I can’t evaluate anything Zooey wears because all I want to do is snatch that wig off her head and tell her to start over.  That hair is so very awful and I don’t understand why she landed on that as her “signature” hair when she works a bob so much better.

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    This is a yikes all over. Ice-skating waitress.

  • Take it easy on us pale girls, the first few days sans tights can be nerve-racking and filled with self-doubt.

  • demidaemon

    There’s a moment in these pictures when she realizes something went wrong with her make-up/outfit, and that is hilarious!

  • birkatbaby

    It may have been warmer a little bit in NYC lately, but today I’m wearing black tights in May.  Never thought that would happen, but I don’t think we can judge people based on the weather these days.  There’s no knowing how to dress with these forecasts. 

  • lrhoff

    She looks like a cocktail waitress. 

  • I cannot express just how much I loathe this outfit.  I am SO OVER short circle skirts with tights (infantalizing and frankly dangerous if you’re anywhere with wind), the top is just…NO, the hair/makeup look amateur. She can look better. This is not good.

    • Lisa

      I’m with you.  This whole look is so wrong that I don’t even know where to begin.  From the hair, the makeup, the whole outfit – just a resounding NO!

  • kikisayshi

    I really want to like that skirt but the shape or proportion or something is weird. It’s too full and short at the same time.

  • enid soto

    I like the makeup because it actually makes her look like a different person. I’m tired of her hipster, pseudo-edgy default look (is it just me?). Here she looks more grown up (from the neck up). 

  • bellafigura1

    She looks like my Aunt Ange, who outlines her lips a full 1/8th of an inch past their natural line, and then colors it in to give it a fuller effect, she says.

  • PeaceBang

    1982 called. It wants its lipstick back.

  • lifetime_student

    A car hop who was necking with the fry cook in the walk-in cooler two minutes ago.

  • Out for the opaque tights

  • Wow in number 4 her face really looks like young loretta lynn can see why she tapped her to play her on Broadway- can’t wait for those fashion pics 🙂 plus the voice def can see it or rather hear it.  the skirt is cute on her/cuter on Zooey than the model,  but i object to the black/white thing too. it looks too costumey as PR would say. 

  • judybrowni

    I just assumed that was Zooey’s second cousin.

  • Corsetmaker

    Flared mini skirts and black tights were my staple look – when I was about 18/19 in the late 80s. But there comes an age when they have to go. She’s squeaking it by but only just. 

    I don’t think that’s a bra showing, it goes too far in too high up the neckline. It might be a top/camisole unless it’s a very full cupped and wide strapped bra.I’m fine with her make-up, but then it’s close to how I generally wear mine. But then I only ever see her on blog posts so I’ve no real pre-conceived idea of how she *should* look.

  • hearkentoit

    She looks like one of the models from Mondo’s first PR final runway show. Makeup-wise, not clothes-wise.

  • Vlasta Bubinka

    If you could get 9 other women to dress, make up, and coif exactly like her, you could have the precision skating team for Lilly Tomlin on Ice.

  • bluefish

    Hate hate hate that cheap looking top.  The make-up doesn’t bug me that much although I think the mouth is too much.  And that shirt totally screams for black tights —

  • She needs to go to RuPaul’s Drag U!!!

  • Maddie_Faddenoid

    I like the lipstick. I’m sorry but I do.

  • Renaissance_Man_ATL

    Is there such a thing as “Hipster Twee”?  She epitomizes it for me.  To use a (becoming) trite phrase, I can’t with this one!

  • Diego!

    I almost didn’t recognize her. Gee, that gay is turning straight or failed to do his work properly :p

  • I think she looks gorgeous!!