“True Blood” Season 5 Premiere Red Carpet

Posted on May 31, 2012

Well, we got the First Couple out of the way, so let’s see how the rest of the cast and assorted guests did. [SPOILER: Not that great.]


Adina Porter

 Pretty color, but the bodice looks dangerously un-fitted and the skirt’s too shiny.


Alexander Skarsgard

His shirt collar’s driving us nuts and the jacket seems a bit tight, but he did okay.


Camilla Luddington

 Enh. S’alright.


Carolyn Hennesy

Yowsa. You want to show off the goods, be our guest, but the Ethel Merman hair has GOT to go, honey. This is so not a chic or flattering look.


Carrie Preston

She usually makes a terrible showing on the red carpet, so we’re pleasantly surprised by how much we like this on her. That’s some wiggy-looking hair, though.


Deborah Ann Woll in Armani

Hey, what if they re-did Sex and the City – except all four gals are GHOSTS?

It’s a cute dress, but it’s just too much white for you to handle, Casper.


Joe Manganiello

While this is all working very well for us for a variety of reasons, we would be remiss if we didn’t point out that the lack of color is not helping. There is such a thing as too much gray, Joe.

Also, the vest, plus the scarf, plus whatever that thing is around your neck is taking you dangerously close to Johnny Depp territory and he wound up turning into an elderly gay windchime.


Krysten Ritter in Alexander McQueen



Lauren Bowles



Michelle Forbes in David Meister

 Not bad, but it needs jewelry and she needs a makeup consult.


Rutina Wesley

We like it better with the belt, but once again, we think she should’ve had fun with it and worn one white shoe. Also, those platform pumps look terrible with this dress.


Ryan Kwanten

Some of the boykittens will disagree, but we’re starting to form an opinion about those white-soled shoes that keep showing up. They look too casual with a suit. And when you pair them with white laces, they look like bowling shoes for nuns. Pair them with jeans and we’re fine with them.

Nice suit, though.


Sam Trammell

 They look like they’re at Parent-Teacher night.


Tara Buck in R-Mine Bespoke

We’ll give her credit for being on-point, but that is one disconcerting dress.  We’re thinking it’s supposed to be taken in a cheeky, “prom queen gone bad” sort of way, but it really just looks like she was in a car accident.


Tina Majorino

 Honey, we don’t mean to be rude, but your space dress is kinda freaking us out.


[Photo Credit: David Gabber, Andrew Evans, Richard Shotwell/PR Photos, elle.com]

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    • Krysten for the win.  The rest of you go home and try again. 

      • mjude

        totally agree about krysten.

        • as Carrie vibe from that dress of Tara’s...SpecialWork4.notlong.com

      • DCSheehan

        Agree. Possibly the worst dressed event I’ve ever seen. Apart from Krysten.

      • Is she joining the cast? Because that would make me very happy.

    • Joe… Seriously.. Show up in a pair of boxers and we’d all be FINE with that vs. the mess you’re wearing.  *sigh*

      Love me some Carrie Preston! She was AWESOME on the Good Wife.

      •  The Good Wife is so damn good! Loved Carrie on it, too.

      • mountainFashionista

        Carrie’s always my favorite character in everything she’s in — I just love her!

    • sherrietee

      I’m definitely getting a Sissy Spacek as Carrie vibe from that dress of Tara’s.  

      • j_anson


      • DaringMiss

        Right there with you!

      • My EXACT thought!

    • Tara Buck’s “Carrie” dress, makes me queasy. And most of them missed the boat entirely.

      • Elizabeth Norris

        Excuse the hyperbole, but I find Tara Buck’s dress deeply unsettling. Yeah, it’s clearly supposed to be funny, but when I saw it, I got that cold-all-over feeling that you get when you’re incredibly freaked out by something.


        •  No problemo.  This area is a Hyperbole Safe Zone. You may wax overly emphatic to your hearts content.  Yeah, I get that its supposed to be black comically funny.  But its a fail in that regard.

      • SuzieQueue

         I totally agree, and at the same time I thought “Man, I’d love to see that in blue, or green, or some non-bloody color.”

      • catherinepattengale

        I love it!  She is rocking that dress and it’s perfect for the occasion!  Probably why, she is the one all over fashion blogs today.  Kudos to Tara for making a statement!  The spirit of fashion.

    • Paigealicious

      Hey! As a fellow Casper-white girl, I think Deborah looks good. She’s so beautiful anyway…and yay ASkars!!
      ETA: That McQueen dress is amazeballs!!

    • Joe Manganiello was wearing something? I didn’t notice

    • sweetlilvoice

      Who is Krysten Ritter playing? Love her!

    • Oh, Joe.  You can do so much better…and with so much less!

    • Krafty_L

      Does this mean that Tina Majorino and Krysten Rytter are joining the cast? And Michelle Forbes is coming back? If so, I just got excited about True Blood for the first time in a long time.

      Agree that Krysten and Carrie Preston are the only ones who look good here.

    • So, I was sitting on the crapper reading Twitter*, when I see TLo tweet about True Blood pics. I quickly finished just to see Alex and Joe in all their glory. Sure, their clothes kinda look like shit here, but it’s Joe and Alex.

      *true story

    • Is Camilla Luddington on True Blood now? How’d she go from being Kate Middleton to this? (Don’t judge me, yes, I did watch that Lifetime movie.)

      • Honestly, for me, going from a Lifetime movie to “True Blood” is a serious upgrade.

    • SusiePamudji

      “Bowling shoes for nuns” LOL! This was a rather disappointing red carpet. I do like Deborah Ann Woll’s dress though. Carrie Preston looks great in that suite.

    • MissMariRose

      Krysten’s dress is indeed fierce, but she looks like she’s scared of it. You gotta WERQ that kinda dress like it owes you and your mama  money.

    • Carrie Preston’s hair looks ‘wiggy’ because it is a wig. She wears it for the show. Or maybe you guys already knew that and just meant that the wig looks EXTRA wiggy. If that’s the case, don’t mind me.

      • Elizabeth Norris

        Is it really a wig? It seems like that’s what her hair looks like most of the time (with the red shade varying from slightly more subtle to incredibly brassy). It never occurred to me that it was a wig.

    • jilly_d

      “elderly gay windchime” LOLZ

      • YAELS

         this one really got me too! TLo on top of their game this morning

    • getouttadodge

      That was WAY too much ugly this early in the morning.
      Krysten FTW.
      Hennesy looks like she escaped from a soap opera. Yikes.

    • That is the best I remember seeing Carrie Preston look in a long time. Very chic! Also, the pants on Sam Trammel are awful. Ugh.

      “Elderly gay windchime” made me extremely thankful I’m out of coffee this morning, and that’s a major miracle.

    • Call me Bee

      Yes–Krysten Ritter FTW, but I love Deborah Ann Woll’s look as well.  Summery and cute. 

    • mom2ajs5

      Elderly gay wind chime! You guys crack me up. 
      Aren’t they remaking Carrie? I guess bloody prom dress girl is hoping to get the lead!

    • PeggyOC

      Sorry, Joe M, you’ve just run over the line from “I’m sexy and I know it” to raving doucheholery.  You might be a very nice man, but that whole look says otherwise.

      • ampg

        In theory I agree with you, but in practice I momentarily blacked out and started licking the computer monitor when I got to that pic.

    • PeggyOC

      Elderly Gay Windchime?  Total snarfing coffee on my keyboard moment of the day.

    • Why are so many of them posing off of the red carpet?

      And they all look horrible.

    • muzan-e

      See Deborah Ann Woll there?  That is exactly why I never wear white – or, for that matter, super-saturated lip colors.  There’s a  pale that is devastatingly dramatic when teamed with stark whites and a pop of fierce colour; think Evan Rachel Wood.  But at a degree or two lighter, white doesn’t highlight anymore; it exaggerates, and porcelain starts looking pallid, the undertones shifting all ashy or blueish. 

      Personally, I love a stark white shirt against a black tailored coat. But I can no more wear that than I can pastels (which thrust me all the way into cadaverous). Make it a soft eggshell or give it the slightest touch of gold, though, and it’s a winner. 

      But the dress is so beautiful. So. Beautiful.  Heck, I’d have worn it too. 

    • In_Stitches

      Am I the only one that thinks Krysten looks like the masseuse that gives out the happy endings?  Carrie Preston took the win for me followed by Adina Porter. 

    • Jennifer Coleman

      Krysten rocked it, but I give Adina Porter honorable mention because she looks miles better than the way she looks in the show. All she needed was some double-stick tape and a good yank on the halter & she’d be alright.

      Sorry, but that fug black & white dress should be banned from the red carpet, one white shoe or not.

      Debra Ann Woll gave me retinal shock with her brightness.

      Joe Manganiello made me giggle with his penis curtains.

      • kimmeister

        A scarf with fringed ends hanging out the bottom of a vest cannot look like anything but said curtains.

    • If Deborah Ann Woll had worn some delicate and ethereal looking shoes instead of those clunky black ones, I think her look would have completely worked–if you’re going to dress like an apparition (and there’s nothing wrong with that in this pale redhead’s book), then really go for it.

    • Scarlet39

      As far as Joe Manganiello is concerned, he can wear whatever he damn well pleases!  I won’t complain!

    • AudreysMom

      Personally I prefer my Rutina dressed in something that reminds us that she can kick everyone’s ass in the room. Luv huh. Just hate what she’s wearing here.

    • jw_ny

      Alexander Skarsgard’s jacket may be a skosh too tight, but his pants are perfectly snug.  😉
      Joe Manganiello…major douche. 
      Ryan Kwanten…love his shoes, but agree, not with the suit.  cute.

      Krysten Ritter really is killin it! 

    • BrooklynBomber

      Geez, there are only maybe 3 who have clothes that were well-chosen AND that fit.  A few more of them get one or the other, but not both.

      The Parent-Teacher Night (ha!) couple remind me of those children’s books that have horizontal sections, and each section has a different outfit, so you can flip the sections and mix and match. 

      • Anathema_Device

         Our kids had a dinosaur one like that. We can call this couple a T. dactylsaurus.

    • dsco3031

      Maybe it’s different wherever these premieres are taking place, but here in New Jersey it has been suffocatingly hot with a level of  humidity that makes the steam after a hot shower feel like a refreshingly cool breeze. That being said, I don’t understand why Joe Manganiello, genetically blessed as he is, is wearing LAYERS! With a SCARF!

      • MilaXX

         I just said the same thing.

      • BrooklynBomber

        Plus, God help us, it looks like he’s wearing that wasitcoat over a T-shirt!

    • unbornfawn

      Never seen a single group of people so in need of fashion therapy. I think we need to start enforcing some rules. Like tits must be placed securely in the upright position at all times. No white make-up with an all white outfit. Stars must attend fittings and look in the mirror before being allowed out the door. All starlets must take a “how to properly accessorize” class before being loaned expensive dresses. Men’s collars must be worn outside the jacket. Shave. We could make a little list. “The bitter kittens guide to getting a WERQ.”

    • julnyes

       Carrie Preston’s white suit is adorbs, and though Adina Porter’s dress is a little too open in the front and shiny she still looks good (though I may be comparing her to the hot mess of her character)Krysten Ritter looks fantastic (is she going to be on the show?) and Ryan Kwanten should get some points for most improved red carpet appearance (let’s not forget some of the horrors he has worn on the red carpet)Dear Beefy Joe – you are wearing too many clothes.

    • Nice that Joe Manganiello took time from his “Fiddler on the Roof” rehearsals to walk the red carpet.  Deborah Ann Woll looks LOVERLY! 

      • Beardslee

        Great comment!  His scarf thing so reminds me of the prayer shawls (or is it something else with fringes??) that orthodox men wear under their shirts.

    • Lina_bee

      Ritter wins the show! Re Skarsgard, I think y’all said the exact same thing about him the last time he wore that suit. He really ought to start taking notes.

    • MilaXX

      Most of these are just “meh”. I have to ask though, we were just talking about the ladycelebs wearing heavy metal dresses in the summer. Doesn’t Joe Manganiello have on far too many heavy layers for the summer in LA?
      The white shoes are too causal for a suit.Sam Trammell and co are too underdressed.
      Tina Majarino’s dress is doing bad things to her shoulders & boobs AND it looks too big.

    • I NEED Krysten’s dress. Pretty please!!!

    • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

      “Caspar” “Elderly Gay Windchime” and “Prom Queen Gone Bad.”  Now ALL of my coffee is spit upon the screen in three successive spews.  OMG.  

    • MK03

      I can see Tara’s dirtypillows. They’re all gonna laugh at her!!

      • catherinepattengale

        Tara looks amazing!  

    • ChiKat67

      Oh Tina.  Hair, makeup and shoes are great…too bad about the Barney-colored dress.  

    • So where is Queen Pam?  She was there, gorgeous hair and an ivory strapless tea-length gown, serving up attitude.

    • kimmeister

      Tsk tsk to Adina for the matchy eyeshadow.
      Whoa, Michelle Forbes looks more like Odette Annable there.
      Tara’s shoes are seriously cheap looking.  Like they are meant to be paired with daisy dukes.

    • 3boysful

      Did Camilla Luddington get into a catfight on her way to the RC?  Because clearly someone grabbed her dress at the neckline and went rrrrrrrrrip! down the bodice.

    • ringthing

      Oh, my goodness, you guys are so hilarious. I don’t thank you often enough. 

    • Amy_R

      I gotta know…would Tlo do white shoe on same side, or opposite side?

      • AthenaJ

        I’m thinking opposite side.

    • What a sad RC. Krysten is the only one representing.

    • out for a walk

      Does anyone else think Sam Trammel looks just like Brad Pitt here, in a way that is a compliment to absolutely noone?

      • Elizabeth Norris

        Aw, poor Sam Trammell. I’m weirdly protective of him because I think he’s one of the best actors on the show (insert quality-of-acting joke here), but his character continues to get the shaft season after season. He’s constantly sent out on these completely random storylines that have little or no connection to the rest of the show. Last season, it seems like he barely had any interaction with the other main characters.

        But yeah, this is not a good look for him.

    • Anathema_Device

      Not much to get excited about in this bunch. I really hate dresses that are obviously tapped to the wearer’s boobs, as in Luddington’s case.

      Oh wait, I just scrolled back up: I really like Ritter’s look. I dig that kind of extreme asymmetrical neckline.

    • aimee_parrott

      Elderly gay windchime!  Bowling shoes for nuns!

      *dies laughing*

    • Susan Crawford

      Joe Manganiello – Just on the cusp of douchiness with that vest/scarf thing. It proves my point that in his case, nudity at all times, in all places, for all occasions is entirely appropriate.

    • girliecue

      There is no way “elderly gay windchime” will ever NOT cause me to bust a lung laughing. T Lo, I love you so much it hurts!

      Michelle Forbes is coming back??? I am starting to get excited for TB, and it’s been awhile since I felt that way. Is the cast contractually obligated NOT to look great on the RC? Just wondering….

    • sashaychante

      So many of these dresses just don’t work on these actresses.  Which leads to the question, for whom are these clothes made?  If actresses that spend uber-amounts of time keeping in shape can’t wear these clothes…who can?  Anyway, love Krysten Ritter’s look…of course, she used to be a model.

    • AthenaJ

      Wait – Joe’s wearing clothes?

    • ThaliaMenninger

      With Tara Buck starring in “Carrie: After Prom.”

      • catherinepattengale

        This IS a vampire show premiere.  She looks incredible!  Everyone at my office agrees!

        • ThaliaMenninger

           “Carrie” was not a vampire book or movie or TV show. Or musical. Nobody else is dressed like that for this premiere. Why do you think that might be? Because nobody else wanted to look like a used tampon, as somebody up-thread from me put it? You can attend the premiere of a vampire television program and still be stylish, without looking like you dragged your dress through The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. (Also not a vampire show, by the way.)

    • BeeBeauNYC

      Can I please make out with Ryan Kwanten? I snorted my drink when I read, “bowling shoes for nuns”.

    • bloggertobenamedlater

      What is about Alexander’s arms? In every picture of him that I have seen, his arms are always sticking out like he’s muscle bound, but he’s not that ripped. This does not, of course, diminish his intrinsic Nordic beauty, but merely means his suits need to be altered accordingly. 

    • So much bad!!!!

      BUT Krysten changed things up and looks spectacular. Thank goodness, her usual look has an expiration date.

    • HobbitGirl

      Nope, I will take that cup of Joe any day.

    • clairellis

      Not gonna lie I’ve been looking forward to this post since last night. Alex looks amazing I don’t care if anything is too tight in him. Joe has too many layers, but still hot!! Where’s Pam? (Can’t remember her name in real life, bauer von straten or something?) Thanks for always being awesome and posting great stuff TLo!

    • Nolalala

      is Tina going to be on the show? i’ve always liked her quirkiness. also…why does Alexander always look like a wax-figure version of himself?

    • janetjb

      Krysten should try to find an occasion to wear that dress again, it’s perfect for her.

      Joe? Is it cold? No, well then take off 3 or 4 pieces of clothing.

    • Carolyn-either frontal boob or side boob, not both.  Your cups runneth over on all sides.

    • JasmineAM

      Excuse the vulgar-ness, but Miss Tara’s dress looks like a used tampon. Can’t unsee.

    • holdmewhileimnaked

      the only way to wear that dress is to have the attitude, yeah, i’m covered in blood. i like being covered in blood. in fact, i’d rather be covered in blood than anything else in the world, platinum, diamonds, rose gold, cocaine, anything. but not in a hostile way, not really in the way of wanna make something of it? more in a kind of okay, we’ve talked about the blood. next! what a nice velvet jacket you’ve got! something like that. you know, owning it & pretending it’s not a big depressingdistracting deal at the same time. anyway, the abovenoted is definitely the wrong wearer even if, as it seems, she had it specially commissioned.

      it’s eating her alive.

    • holdmewhileimnaked

      the only way to wear that dress is to have the attitude, yeah, i’m covered in blood. i like being covered in blood. in fact, i’d rather be covered in blood than anything else in the world, platinum, diamonds, rose gold, cocaine, anything. but not in a hostile way, not really in the way of wanna make something of it? more in a kind of okay, we’ve talked about the blood. next! what a nice velvet jacket you’ve got! something like that. you know, owning it & pretending it’s not a big depressingdistracting deal at the same time. anyway, the abovenoted is definitely the wrong wearer even if, as it seems, she had it specially commissioned.

      it’s eating her alive.

    • LittleKarnak

      “It’s a cute dress, but it’s just too much white for you to handle, Casper.” LOL!

    • Why is Adina Porter standing off the red carpet? And almost everyone, too. Looks like they were being attacked by photogs.

    • TieDye64

      Tara Buck’s dress is just…disturbing. *shudders* Joe, aka gay elderly windchime, is just wearing too many clothes, dammit. He’s looking rather silly here, but at least the slacks fit well. Oh, yeah. Krysten really killed it, and everyone else just needs to go home and change.

    • GTrain

      The comments about Deborah Ann Woll were on point and I bow down to the Casper shoutout.

    • ccm800

      agree on every observation boys ESP the white soled shoes bit COMPLETELY. 

    • Rrroza

      Mostly terrible array of outifts, but excellent and hilarious commentary from you guys! (casper…bowling shoes for nuns….still giggling here)