RuPaul’s Drag Race Reunion

Posted on May 01, 2012

What a sad, silly way to end a decent season of the show.


Don’t get us wrong; we like the idea of LOGO putting on a staged dragstravaganza, but we’d rather see them attempt it as a variety show or series of specials rather than as a hastily put-together afterthought for a reality competition season.

And we’ll say it (because we kept saying it last night, over and over again): This is the kind of stuff RPDR used to make fun of. In fact, making fun of this kind of stuff was the entire reason we fell in love with the show in the first place.

And when we say “this stuff,” we mean ALL. THIS… STUFF; unfunny comedy bits with awkward performers playing to the back row badly, “Tell us about your feelings,” Oprahsizing (complete with utterly groan-worthy “Does your father still not talk to you?” tearbait questions), and utterly insincere “We’re all family, even though you’re a bitch who said mean things about me” emotional moments.

And we didn’t believe a word of this story. There was something else there and we’re just gonna be irresponsible bloggers and throw out our suspicions to be picked over: Willam’s whole story line was planned out. She was never going to win and in exchange for that, she got a highly visible exit from the show which is only going to help her career.

You know it’s true. She was a ringer. It’s not the first time the show’s used them.

But at least the right gal won Miss Congeniality…

And the right gal won overall.

The ladies all looked pretty fabulous, by the way. We weren’t totally in love with Phi Phi’s look, but she looked more polished than she ever had before.

Look, we just don’t have much to say about the episode. It was painfully dull and a terrible way to end the season, even if the wins shook out exactly as we wanted them to. In the end, there was no tension or emotional payoff. We sat there last night, bored out of our minds, occasionally letting our heads roll back as we muttered to the ceiling “shoot me.” This usually happened during those aforementioned Oprah-esque “show us on the doll where you were hurt” moments.

Ru, where is the C.U.N.T. in that; we ask you?

We would have rather seen them announce the winner last week, when all three of them were sweaty and exhausted, post lip-synch. Doing it like this just felt like an afterthought. And because they apparently shot three endings to keep the identity of the winner from being released, the actual moment where Sharon got crowned felt staged and unemotional. Bleh. There are better ways to end a season and better ways to keep results from being leaked. We’re happy for Sharon and we feel kind of bad for her because we think if she’d been crowned in a slightly more conventional manner (as in, at the actual end of the competition), everyone would be more excited for her. As it is, we suspect everyone’s talking this morning about how lame that “reunion” was.

Ru, take the show back to its dirty, sarcastic, low-rent, bitchy beginnings. Trying to turn it into American Idol is a huge mistake.


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  • UrsNY

    Yup, I can agree to all those points, except that I was still excited by the win. Yay for Sharon! Happy happy! (Also, every time I see her I want to do the Whedon credits: “Grrr. Arg.”)

  • StillGary

    Someone please elaborate, who else do we think were were “ringers?”

    • Jessi03

      I was curious about that, too.

      •  Shangela, maybe? Ru certainly has promoted her.

        • julnyes

           what is with Ru’s obsession with Shangela? I don’t get it at all.

          • Jessi03

             Neither do I!  I guess she made good tv, and she does look decent enough when someone else does her hair and makeup.  Alas, that is not the case on RPDR.

          • julnyes

            She didn’t make good TV for me, I found her annoying ::shrug:: but Ru found her funny, so that is what counts.

          • I’m wondering if Glasscock was one, in a different way. Personal opinions aside (as much as I can put them aside), ~so~ many good Queens went home before she did. I get it, she was gorgeous, but there were others who were just as gorgeous (Ongina comes to my mind, and girl could WERK). So by Glasscock being a ‘ringer’ what I mean, is the whole (IMO stupid) thing of “Let’s keep this person in to keep the fans and other contestants saying “Why is she still here”?”. Your mileage may vary-that just popped in my mind though. I’ve stated in other posts, I know it can’t all be flowers and sunshine, but if Shangela was a ‘ringer’ to create conflict, they have to know by now, that turns more people OFF (and turning the channel) than provides interest.

    • andcoh


    • Douchecanoe

      They’re just trying to be bitchy queens but sound like conspiracy theorists getting too old to know what they’re talking about..

    • I’m going to say Raja. Pork Chop might of been as well.

      • Jessi03

         I wondered if Raja was.  But then she won.  By that token, was Chad mayhap a ringer this season?

        • I say Raja because after Tyra, she was the perfect blend of actual talent and high FASHUN! Ru loves the fashion ladies but everyone rejected Tyra because she wasn’t a performer.

          Since there is an underlying fact that the show is fixed – after all, Ru is the only real judge, I think ringers is a lose concept here.

  • Did I catch Ru calling it “the new mainstage” of the show? If so, this shizz IS turning into Idol, and I don’t want that.

    • cclaussen3

      Yeah, what does that mean? Is the next season going to be staged in this venue?

    • hoez

      I think that’s reading into it. She probably just meant it was the new main stage… for this reunion.

      • StellaZafella

        I wish the Finale would be done in front of a live audience like this though. Maybe with the premier of the whole new video performance and the scenes plus the final LSFYL. I don’t care if it looks staged and packaged. I like the winner getting crowned in front of a bigger crowd. The Reunion could be done like it was before, without the audience… it leaves more time for the gurlz to get real with each other and show off their best drag.

      • Except that her actual quote was “the new mainstage of RuPaul’s Drag Race.” Believe me, I’m *praying* that you’re right, that it was just a misleading phrasing.

        • hoez

          Indeed. I don’t think they would abandon their usual main stage for one like that anyway. The other one works just fine so why use one with potential risks?

  • Oh, by the way: BEER STEIN DRESS???!!!!!???!!!!! Man, do I need an interrobang right now.

    •  I loved that dress. It wasn’t until she was standing still at the end of the number that I realized what it was. Had to rewind and watch the dance again.

      • PeaceBang

        It was very “Springtime For Hitler.” Totally bizarre.

    • sleah_in_norcal

      i thought at first she was a cup of cappuchino.  but beer stein makes much more sense (or nonsense).

  • Frank_821

    Entertainment Weekly almost immediately posted their interview with Sharon and she hinted there was something else going down with Willam but she refused to elaborate. oh well it’s over

    •  There was a posting on Gawker that said the same thing, but that Willam would only say it off the record until she got her own show.

  • C E

    Amen! And wasn’t it weird that Madame La Queer was the only one who got to do a reading? And it wasn’t even funny? They must have edited out the other ones… which means the other ones were even worse than that! Why didn’t they edit out that whole bit?

    •  Maybe all the reading was so anti Phi Phi they had to edit it out.

    •  I wondered about that too- she said they’d all get a chance. Probably they cut for time and let that slip.

    • Curious_George_425

       EW said the taping was 3 hours. . so yeah, edited for time. (in particular, you can see all the girls holding pairs of glasses, so they did all get to read).

      As to why La Queer got to do it?. . did you not see how FABULOUS she looked in those glasses???

      That’s why they left her in!

      •  wow, 3 hours? that’s a lot cut down!

        • Jason Kramer

          oops…wrong thread…

          • J Swanson

            GAH, see, that just pisses me off. who cares if it’s not so good? i about choked when i saw the show was a piddly 37 minutes. it felt WAY too rushed.

          •  I noticed that too – a standard ‘hour’ long show is 44 minutes. Did they insert extra commercials or something? Why not at least use the whole 44 minutes?

          • hearkentoit

             wow, really? I already felt like it was too long.

          • sleah_in_norcal

            i thought the bit with keny and charro was pretty funny, and charro was the perfect guest.  if ever there was a biologically female drag queen it was her.  and way before her time.

    • I know there were more because princess was also holding a pair of ridiculous plastic glasses.  If they’d just opened the library for half an hour this episode would have been funnier, but then most of this batch don’t seem witty enough to read.

  • It just seemed so anticlimactic after all the buildup…the only moment I actually chuckled was Willam’s “it’s scented…it smells like a sticker” line, but even her “shocking reveal” was boring. I am happy for Sharon but I think everyone knew she had it in the bag anyway.

    • rawrgrowlrawr

      I loved Willam’s sticker comment. That and Sharon’s “And if anyone ever boos you off stage, that’s simply applause from ghosts.”

  • Snarky_Amber

    MTE. I watched the whole damn thing, but in retrospect, I wish I’d just FFed through everything but Latrice’s Miss Congeniality and Sharon’s crowning. The only funny moments were when Sharon called booing “applause from ghosts” and Willam’s “*cough*bullshit*cough” response to Phi Phi’s “oh I love everyone” bullshit. 

    I’m just so relieved they didn’t reward Phi-Phi for being the wrong kind of C.U.N.T. 

    • sleah_in_norcal

      i still say that willam is pretty damn funny.

  • Immediately the winner reveal felt off and the viewers were ripped off.

    That said, congrats to Sharon Needles and Latrice Royale.

  • Uh-Greed.

  • I am disappointed you didn’t use the term RuPaulogize in your review. It was the best thing out of Willam’s mouth all evening.

  • Lipchap

    oooh someone please fill me in on this ringers-in-other-seasons business!

    • StillGary

      I am really itching to know, too!!! IF I had to speculate — because of course there’s no way to confirm it — I might guess Shanelle because she was so polished & professional and it seemed strange she didn’t make it into the top three.

    • Snarky_Amber

      Raja was purported to be a ringer since she’s so established in the industry and a friend of Ru.

    •  I thought Raven was a Ringer..but what do I know?

  • StillGary

    AND, when did it become a “secret” to compete in Drag Race? Contestants were getting video phone calls from home left and right.

    •  Yes! That’s what I didn’t understand.  Since when was it a secret that one was on RPDR. Didn’t the other contestants mention ALL THE TIME how their husbands and boyfriends were missing them and where hoping they would win?

    • This!

    • O Superman

      Those people were probably contacted by the producers to initiate the connection and made to sign confidentiality agreements.

      • This is actually possible–don’t contestants always look just a little TOO surprised when their loved ones are in touch? 

        • Usually there’s a certain number of people you’re allowed to tell, and they have to be close relatives. I reckon this story was probably negotiated between the producers of the show and Willam’s agent, with enough of the truth that it seemed vaguely plausible without making Willam look like she was treating the entire experience on the show as a joke, which would make both her and RPDR look bad. I have to admit at one point I thought Willam got herself kicked off because she was getting scared she wouldn’t win and decided she needed to find some other dramatic exit so that she would still get the career boost she wanted, but after looking back at the other contestants talking in Untucked, I don’t think that’s what’s going on. Still, there was definitely a look on Ru’s face that she knew she was nodding to bull**** at the reunion. 

          • sleah_in_norcal

            but what about the vomiting?  surely that wasn’t planned to boost her career.  yuck.  i kind of wish i didn’t have to see that.

    •  agreed! i highly doubt any reality contestant is expected to disappear like they’ve been abducted. you say “honey, i’m going on RPDR so i won’t be able to talk to you while i’m there.” the excuse was so full of holes. ugh.

    • Future here(just watching this season now): Betcha it was something underage that Willam was doing. They would have to keep that under wraps to keep from being sued and would want an “official” story for the records. My husband and I find Willam a little … smarmy. We think he has his dog Precious at home and may be possibly making a woman suit for himself…. *shiver*

  • prettybigkitty

    Phi Phi looked like a bad Eden Wood impersonator.

    • With that hair I thought she looked like The Nanny’s mom.

      • LinaWina

        “The Nanny’s mom”… that made me LOL for real. 

      • Sweetpea176

        I thought her hair was strangely at odds with her costume — Carol Channing as Vegas showgirl with diaper-ish looking trunks and no boobs?  I was confused.

  • Emily Guillory

    All I want to know is…who was the man in ALL plaid in the audience??

    Oh and Willam served it to Phi Phi and I agreed. And loved the sticker joke! I laughed out loud at that.

    •  It was rumored that the Plaid Freak was Raja.  Which made sense to me. But I cannot say if that is 100% true

      • I’ve seen a clip on YouTube of Raja performing in that outfit. I can’t remember which song she did, or I’d be able to direct you to the clip. Someone else may remember the song-the performance in that outfit was very ‘edgy’ for lack of a better word, and somewhat unnerving (in a good way)-so I figured it was Raja when they showed her in the audience. 

        • Emily Guillory

           OOOOH OK…well I was wondering…I knew who everyone else was but my mom and I were like Who the eff is that guy? lolol


          • OK, just found it….I had ~thought~ that it was “Erotica” by Madonna-but wanted to investigate further before I spoke. It’s on the channel for Showgirls WeHO-the clip is called “Raja Erotica at Mickey’s Showgirls” if anyone cares to see it. The only reason I was sad she was in the plaid last night is that I love her face! I wanted to see her divine makeup skills (but that probably gets old for her, considering makeup was her livelihood)

          • Oooof, I just went to (re)watch the clip, It’s got a frownie cartoon face “This content has been blocked for copyright reasons”. Darn. 

        • Montavilla

          It was “Erotica” at Mickey’s Showgirls.  Unfortunately, the video is blocked for copyright reasons.  

          Here’s the Finale video for that night, which shows Raja in the outfit.  Alas, it’s not one of her better performances.

    • Not sure who that was but reminded me of Leigh Bowery, you should look up his documentary on youtube.

      • julnyes

        Leigh Bowery immediately popped into my head as well, so I assumed it was a little tribute to him. Raja knows his history, so it makes sense it was him.

    • My first words were “James St. James!”

    • I think that was either a McQueen dress or homage. But I too wish I knew who it was.

    • M R

      It was Raja…he’s been photographed in that same outfit at clubs and has performed in it, as well.

    •  That was Raja! He’s worn that outfit before.

    • It was Raja in the plaid.

    • Raja confirmed on Facebook that it was him in the plaid.

  • C E
  • Haven’t watched the ep yet (I watch online so I always see it a day or so later) but am glad that Sharon won. I loved both her and Chad and would have been happy with either. Best wishes to both of them!

    • sleah_in_norcal

      me too, i loved them both so much.  sharon for her humor, humility, and creativity and chad for graciousness, gracefullness, wisdom and beauty, both inside and outside.  what a lovely pair of ladies.

  • Nunya Bizness

    Agree. The first word out of my mouth at Willam’s elimination was “ringer.” Entertaining and fun ringer, but ringer none-the-less.

  • MzzPants

    Somehow, I picked up early in the season that Willam was there not to win, but as a publicity stunt.

    Glad for Sharon, sad for Chad.  They could’ve split the crown and I’d have been okay with that.

  • Willam was on the Johnny McGovern podcast the Sunday before the show where Willam was kicked off.  He was fun and bubbly and talked of a most salacious Super Bowl party and of all sorts of naughtiness on the show… but the biggest thing I came away with was when he went 

  • It WAS nice to see Chad all but retract her apology to Phi2.

  • royinhell

    PhiPhi looks like she’s auditioning for SMASH’s Marilyn musical.  And did she not realize that she’d be SITTING in that mess of an outfit?  At least learn how to sit like a queen- compared to the other 2, she looks like a truck driver in drag. 

    I agree- that show was a cold mess.  But yea for Latrice and Sharon!  

  • Willam was the only funny part of the whole thing.  That Chara bit (and I adore her) was so painful.  Also, why did Chad and Sharon get away with telling their boys, but Willam couldn’t?

    The entire evening was way too staged.  Still, I was really happy when Sharon and Latrice got their wins, and as much as I hate Phi Phi, I can’t help feeling badly for her situation with her father.  No matter how scripted that interview felt, it’s still a crappy situation.

    •  Also, it felt unsatisfying that they replaced what is usually mostly discussion about each contestant’s life and feelings after the show with those stupid bits and one-line questions and replies.  What I always like about the reunions is the opportunity to learn more about queens we didn’t really get to know, like when Venus talked about her gender transition.  Why couldn’t we learn more about Kenya instead of having a patronizing, insulting bit with Chara?

      • Agree 100%-definitely my least favorite reunion-we didn’t get to hear much of substance from any of the queens. 

        • Might be some damage control going on- like the last Project Runway reunion- that one was thoroughly scripted. 

          • MychelleFrost

             People still watch PR?  I was done after they robbed Mondo.

      • SheWhoMustBeObeyed

         While I agree with your assessments, it’s Charo not Chara. And as any child of the 70s will tell you, she’s fierce.

        • formerlyAnon

           I don’t have the greatest visual memory in the world, but there are a couple of segments of Charo on the Merv Griffin Show that are burned into my memory!

          If I remember correctly, she & Johnny Carson actually played off of each other well – although I may be mentally transposing Johnny’s face onto some other talk show host.  (I had a bit of a thing for talk shows in my youth.)

          • sleah_in_norcal

            i remember charo from when i was quite small, and i was born in 1948.  it was when she was married to xavier cougat (she called him coogie) and they used to appear on all the variety shows.  i remember saying “mommy, why does she act like that?”  she must be quite ancient by now.

    • Curious_George_425

      I’m wondering if Willam’s hubby was bringing her supplies to use for the challenges.

      That could be it — I did think it was really odd that she just “happened” to have rolls of stickers with her that were just perfect for covering her parade float.

      So maybe (likely) she’s a ringer. . or just maybe the actual rule breaking was the Hubby bringing supplies to the room the night before.  (and this would tie to comments Sharon made about “something more than just visiting”).

    • MilaXX

      Also, why did Chad and Sharon get away with telling their boys, but Willam couldn’t?
       exactly! So what’s the big deal? Set up all the way.

      • hoez

        Because the producers got into contact with their boys? It was probably the same for Dida’s parents and Jiggly’s brother. With Willam, her hubby was probably only like 10-20 minutes away from the hotel.

        • MilaXX

           True, but Alaska knew before Sharon left that she had gotten accepted. Most reality tv family members know they have been accepted to the show. Typically the only sworn to secrecy part is the outcome.

          • hoez

            Alaska’s case is unique, imo… she was potentially going to be cast on season 4 just like Sharon, but apparently the casting people decided against it at the last minute. They were to be the first drag couple on Drag Race. I imagine that the news was absolutely crushing when they said “Sorry, we want Sharon only.” Apparently Alaska had been in the final list of 20 queens that they narrow down to 13 for every single season of Drag Race so far, essentially the “RPDR Semi-Finals”, which means that she is on Ru’s radar for sure.

          •  That’s a shame. I would have loved to see Sharon and Alaska play off of each-other. Missed opportunity imo!

          • MilaXX

             Alaska’s call may have been unique, but I have never heard of a reality contestants family that they are living with not knowing.

          • hoez

            Indeed. I think most of their family members knew, or whoever they lived with at the time. With Alaska, she was a potential contestant as well which made her case very… interesting. Like when people on Top Chef are from the same restaurant or when they cast sisters on ANTM.

  • Mefein

    I didn’t enjoy the Oprah moments either, and I absolutely cringed in embarrassment for Jiggly (you’re the older sister by a few years, Jiggly!).  But Chad’s stern mother, “Now that I see what you did when I wasn’t looking,” dressing down of Phi-Phi was quite satisfying.  I was surprised they aired Phi-Phi’s behavior as much as they did, but maybe it was a good way to put it all to rest so she doesn’t have to be quite the target of Internet venom anymore.

    • Jennifer Coleman

      I found it odd that Phi Phi was not her usual reactionary self to have been getting read so much by the other contestants. In the competition she seemed overly sensitive and vindictive but last night, she shrugged all the comments off as if she know exactly what was coming her way. I have a hard time believing she acted through the season – maybe over-dramatizing her reactions, but girlfriend is not that gifted of an actress.

      I really think William was a ringer, given his background. Being kicked off in his cast is superior to winning & he probably has less RPDR requirements to uphold than the winner or runners up. Plus, it was quite convenient to be kicked off just in time to host the NNN awards, no?

      • Mefein

         I wasn’t too surprised that Phi-Phi was so subdued last night because by that time he must have realized that his behavior had really backfired.  I mean, he is so reviled on the Internet, and let’s face it, there are a lot of crazy people out there and it all gets a little out of hand.  I almost feel sorry for him, even if he brought it on.  So he was forced to eat a little humble pie last night, I think.  Still, (and I posted this elsewhere) I could almost imagine him thinking when Sharon kindly reached out and touched him when he started to cry, “Oh, gross.  First I have to eat shit, and now this.  Bitch, YOUR HAND SHOULD NOT BE THERE!”

        And whatever happened with Willam, yeah, he really made out.  And not only did he get kicked off just in time to host NNN, but it was WAY too coincidental that RU just happened to find out he broke the rules in time for the same episode in which the two biggest rivals of the season would be lip synching against each other.

        • Sweetpea176

          I wasn’t surprised that Phi Phi was relatively subdued either — I mean, she’s seen the season and has experienced the reaction, so she may have realized the less she said, the better.  And she did call herself insane, but she kind of negated that for me when she went on that riff about being who you want to be and doing what you want to do.  I mean, “I love me” is a perfectly fine message, but the “screw if you don’t like me” part doesn’t really fly with me if you’re a nasty, nasty bitch.  It peeves me the way “being real” is used as an excuse for unprovoked hostility.

          • Mefein

            LOL, and has there ever been an asshole yet who hasn’t tried to hide behind the phrase, “I’m just keeping it real”? Yeah, there is definitely a difference between healthy self-regard and being an asshole. Unfortunately, society has a way of rewarding assholes too often. Glad it seems not to have happened this time!

      • sleah_in_norcal

        wasn’t willam more of a “ringside girl” at the nnn awards, rather than a host?  like the girls in boxing who strut around the ring with the round numbers held aloft?  i remember last year it was carmen carrera fufilling that function.

  • StellaZafella

       Ru’s opener was flat as a floor. However, I caught the reference: “Welcome to the NEW main stage of RuPaul’s Drag Race… I don’t know that season 5 or All Stars would film their full runs here but it I would love to see the Finale done in front of an audience Including the last LSFYL. I always wanted to see that. The previous Finales have always seemed so slight with only the 2 judges and the runner up on hand.
       Jiggly and PhiPhi need couples counseling. That was some big ass lesbian-like betrayal confrontation going down from someone who acts so disgusted at the idea of KaiKai between men in dresses…Bit I liked Willam’s “ I’m an egomaniac but this bitch needs to be studied!” (I choose to take Willam’s story as stated, who cares if he’s a ringer? Without him the first half of the season would have been pretty damn dull…and it’s not like it isn’t a send up in its own right)
      There was a lot that felt staged and rehearsed here, but I wasn’t that disappointed…I’ve seen worse excuses for a Finale. I wonder what you,  TLo,  would have done differently, seeing as how this was all so hard for you to take. Maybe you could offer some input as to how you would have done it better…? I really would appreciate your insight.

    • hearkentoit

       “We would have rather seen them announce the winner last week, when all
      three of them were sweaty and exhausted, post lip-synch. Doing it like
      this just felt like an afterthought.”

      They already gave their input.

      • StellaZafella

        You know what? You’re absolutely correct and I agree with that statement. I didn’t mean to seem so flip in my previous post. There was a lot wrong with this pageant style reunion show but I guess the old show queen in me just likes the idea of seeing the final 3 have their moment(s) in front of an enthusiastic, LIVE, audience of more than 3 or 4 people during the payoff. I wouldn’t come to TLo’s site to share if I didn’t find them – and most of the other posters – interesting and well informed.
        I’m just sad to see our hosts appearing to be so disheartened with RPDR and I hope we don’t lose them from the blogsphere about this show.
        But thanks for setting me straight hearkentoit.

    • sleah_in_norcal

      i’m with you on willam, i still love him.  he is not only a gorgeous body queen, but he’s high-larious and smart as a whip.  always with the snappy comebacks.  

      as far as the finale show, i did enjoy some aspects of it.  especially the shots of the audience.  by the way, does anyone know who that heidi klum impersonator was?  or was that heidi?  anyways…the staged finale has some merits, but they have to do something so the actual winner announcement is real.  no triple takes, no advance notice.  i felt really let down that we didn’t get to really experience that moment when sharon realized she won.

      i too loved willam’s remarks about phi2’s mental health, or lack therof.  that and her bullshit cough were priceless.

      • Heidi?? Do you mean Carmen Carrera, the one sitting near Lady Bunny and the plaid person?

        • was that my carmen?  in a long sparkly gown, either white or silver, with blond hair on top of her head? sitting on the aisle?  i knew she looked familiar, but she sure fooled me.  do you think she was impersonating heidi, or am i seeing things?  i am the number one carmen carrera fan.  i watched a couple of her performances on you tube (“rumor has it” and “the body beautiful”) and i have to admit i was moist.  and i’m straight (just barely).

  • cclaussen3

    Phi Phi’s wig was ridiculous and she brought back the granny panties. I don’t understand why the bottoms of her costumes are so demure/poorly fitted.

  • jjfg

    I think you guys have it right all around.  I kept skipping away from the show, it was so painfully dull.  Sharon deserved better (and I agree with her win) – crowning her after the lipsync would have been totally fitting.  I actually thought Chad might have gotten Miss Congeniality, as she was such a diplomat (even when dressing finally dressing down Phi2!) but Latrice was a fine choice as well.  Totally agree about Willam.  His departure got him more publicity than the win would have gotten him.  Great performer; didn’t need this to help his career.

    Keep it all at a decently high level next year, eh, Ru?

  • introspective

    “Ru, take the show back to its dirt y, sarcastic, low-rent, bitchy beginnings.”

    This times a million. 

    Yes Im happy my girl Sharon took it all, and Mama Latrice was the *only* Ms Congeniality contender. But indeed, everything about last night felt staged and it was the only episode where I lost interest early on, and managed to talk on the phone for half of it without missing a beat. The tears (Jiggly?? girl bye if you thought Phical was your “sister”) were annoying and Willam was clearly phoning in his appearance. Overall I was unimpressed. As I said in last week’s post, Ru, dont make this format for announcing the winner a habit.  

    • julnyes

       on the Congeniality front it could have gone to Chad or Dida as well, though I had no problem with the fabulous Latrice winning it 🙂

  • O Superman

    Well, I thought the reunion was a lot of fun. I think you’re going a bit over-the-top in your dislike; I see this as a natural extension of where the show began, they just have the money for it now.

    • oh_dear_oh_dear

      I agree. I think it dragged a bit (no pun intended), but I thought it was a lot of fun. I think there was a lot of sarcasm in the proceedings and a decent amount of genuine humor (mostly Willam, who I think completely stole the show).

      Everyone looked good — Latrice looked FABULOUS — and that’s always fun to see, as well, without the rush and constraints of the show.

      The biggest point in this episode’s favor: I honestly think they were about to give the crown to Phi Phi last week, and instead we got to listen to two of the most fabulous queens of the season chew her out for about five solid minutes, and then the crown went to Sharon. All’s right with the world, as far as I’m concerned.

  • Gotta say, the “Happy Halloween, everyone!” line had me rolling. I love me some Sharon Needles

  • formerlyAnon

    Three golden words: Drag variety show.

    oh my yes!

  • Joe J

    I laughed at exactly two moments last night:  Willams “*cough* bullshit *cough*” and his “they smell like a sticker” line.  Otherwise, I spent an hour doing one of two things last night.  Either pressing the mute button on my TV remote or yelling “GET THE FUCK ON WITH IT ALREADY”.

    It sucks because what should have been a happy ending to a pretty good season wound up getting overwhelmed by all the bloat.  Thrilled for Sharon, of course.  Kind of rooting for Chad, but she’ll clearly be fine.

  • Curious_George_425

    odd. . I loved it.

    I had no problem at all with the “variety” aspect (even the obnoxious joking with Charo still worked as a cheesy fun moment for me).

    I’m just happy the right folks won, but I really do wish Ru would have found a way to split between Sharon & Chad — cut the crown in 1/2. . that would have been great!

    • out for a walk

      speaking of the crown, why did Sharon just get a little tiara instead of the huge-ass crown she won?!

      • Sweetpea176

        Right?  Sheesh, if she’s going to get the little ballerina crown, at least have to take off her headpiece so we can at least see it!

  • MychelleFrost


    While I am happy with Sharon’s deserved win and Latrice getting Ms Congeniality, the rest was boring as watching grass grow.

    Shame on you Ru, for subjecting us to that unnecessarily tedious bullshit.

  • Harsh overhead lighting is NOT Billy B’s friend- brought out every crease and droop on that queen’s face.

  • I watched the finale at the NYC viewing party with most of the queens in attendance, and I will note that Phi Phi was very charming onstage (and I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaated her during the season).  However, Sharon proved that she deserved the win by doing a routine of “The Beautiful People” that started with her being carried onstage in a coffin, mourned by such luminaries as Amanda Lepore and Raja. It was amazing. Also Shangela was emceeing and was quite funny, even though I feel like Ru’s been pimping her forever.

    • rawrgrowlrawr

       All I can say is JEALOUS! That sounds like so much fun.

  • The show was alright. It was nice to see the drag queens again, and having the time to put together nicer outfits. Don’t know what was Milan’s reason for not looking that great though.

    I rather enjoyed how uncertain Phi Phi looked during most of the show. I hope those doubts somehow encourage her into becoming a better person. But then after apologizing to Jiggly, she had to follow up with, “…but.” She’s still not getting it.

    At least we get more Latrice on TV in Drag U!

    • julnyes

       Milan looked bad, because that is the way Milan looks. Her inability to see criticism as helpful and pushing it off as “They don’t understand my ART” is going to hamper her.

      • brokephilosopher

        yes.  if you’re an “artist” who just does things for yourself, then rip the wig off all you want.  But if your art is also your job, or something you want to share with people, then you NEED to at least listen to criticism with an open mind.  No one can be all things to all people, but it drives me crazy that he thinks “I’m an artist!” is a valid response to a critique.

        • julnyes

          Honestly Milan can perform exactly as she likes, I’m sure there are some people who love to watch a Queen ripping her wig off and going on stage looking like a dude … I don’t know any such person, but they must exist. What grinds my gears is the assumption that people who don’t like what she does are misunderstanding some beautiful subtle nuances to her artistic performances. I’m not misunderstanding anything, I think Milan is bad at female illusion, bad at being a genderf**k queen (if she was attempting that as well) and not funny …

          Wow, I clearly have some anger issues with Milan that I need to address :/

          • sleah_in_norcal

            i hear ya!

    •  Milan is just a hot mess. Her continual “ripping off of the wig” was annoying and inappropriate. She needs to take some of the criticism that was given to her.

    • sleah_in_norcal

      there’s a saying in gestalt therapy “everything before but is bullshit”.  it’s illustrated with this vignette:  the mother says “he’s ugly but he’s rich.” and the daughter says “yeah, he’s rich, but he’s ugly.”  phix2 needs some serious gestalt work.

  • Lina_bee

    Those caps from when they’re seated look like they should be on The View or The Talk. What a show THAT would be!

  • VermillionSky

    I think you guys forgot the biggest surprise of the night.  Michelle Visage wore GREEN!!!!

    • I’m so over Michelle Visage-I understand she’s one of Ru’s ‘squirrelfriends’-but she just grates. When she was dressed in Ru drag on the recap show, she looked like a heavy Bette Midler (and not in a good way). She’s so abrasive and biased, was not happy w/her going after Chad for much of the season either. Bye, gurl, bye!

      • VermillionSky

        Yeah, it seemed like a lot of her comments were just said to be contrary (like the whole “green” thing).  I didn’t take any of her critiques seriously because she was so off-the-mark when it came to Chad.

        • julnyes

           I love harsh criticism when it makes sense, which is why I like Billy B as a judge. Michelle was just making up ridiculous things in a hunt to find something to drag Chad down – Chad was flawless the entire season and he was never once criticized in a sensible fashion.

        • Sweetpea176

          I didn’t take her critiques seriously because I assumed they were scripted.  On the other hand, we did see a few glimpses that actual critique does take place (comments about Phi Phi taking makeup and body advise that we never saw given, for example).  I’d like to see those.

      • VermillionSky

        Yeah, it seemed like a lot of her comments were just said to be contrary (like the whole “green” thing).  I didn’t take any of her critiques seriously because she was so off-the-mark when it came to Chad.

      • xay

        I miss Merle. I couldn’t tell of Michelle genuinely prefers showy, messy queens, she was being coached to be the contrary judge, or if she was heavily edited to appear to be the contrary judge. Also, the rotating judges chair wasn’t as balanced this year, it seemed like it was the Ru and Michelle show and Santino/Billy B were just guest judges.

        • Renaissance_Man_ATL

          I think Chad really favors Merle in his finale/”reunion” episode look!

    • And her boobs looked very gross. I was crying for bras everywhere. 

    • And her boobs looked very gross. I was crying for bras everywhere. 

      • Paigealicious

         Ugh, THIS.

      • introspective

        Yess!!! her boobs looked hungover last night. and her overall look was totally giving me green goblin.

        since she looked so tired all season, you would think Michelle would calm down with her critiques of flawless queens. But then again, maybe she was jealous??  

        • MychelleFrost

           I’d argue that MV is perpetually jealous of the queens who rock her style better than she does.

          Who could forget when she whipped her tragic tits out last season? If that wasnt a desperate cry for attentio, then I dont know what is.

          • sleah_in_norcal

            how did i miss that? details, please.

      • MattCooper27

        Saddlebag boobs. What was she thinking?

    • sleah_in_norcal

      i’ll never think of michelle without remembering sharon’s take on her during the snatch game.  she nailed that grating laugh.

      • introspective

        didnt she though? sharon as michelle is way more endearing then michelle herself. smh.

  • LittleKarnak

    OK, I’m packing for a cross country move so, after reading this post, I don’t think I’ll waste time watching this ep. However, can someone tell me the “story” as to why Willam was eliminated? I TIA with TLO….he was a ringer but funny as hell. Glad Sharon one, been on her bandwagon since Day 1 and thrilled for Latrice.

    • Apparently he wasn’t allowed to share with anyone that he was filming RPDR, so he lied to his husband and said he was doing a movie. Husband didn’t believe him, followed him to the hotel where he was staying and from then on, started paying “conjugal visits”, which wasn’t allowed. Your mileage may vary as to whether or not that’s true.

      • LittleKarnak

         Thanks for the update, TM. That story sounds rather fishy to me……

        • hac51

          I see what you did there.

      • sleah_in_norcal

        but how does that stand up to the fact that sharon’s mate obviously knew she was there and even talked with her via internet on the air?  something stinks.  i adore willem, though.  he is not only beautiful in the carmen carrera tradition (i’m hot for her too), but he is high-larious!  i’m already using that “your tone is rather pointed” line.

    • Apparently he wasn’t allowed to share with anyone that he was filming RPDR, so he lied to his husband and said he was doing a movie. Husband didn’t believe him, followed him to the hotel where he was staying and from then on, started paying “conjugal visits”, which wasn’t allowed. Your mileage may vary as to whether or not that’s true.

  • Where’s the Chad love here?   I’m happy with Sharon taking top prize and Latrice Ms. Congeniality, but I think Chad would have been great taking away either of those titles.  Seeing her edit this season, and performing live years ago, I have to say she was probably my overall favorite as far as a well-rounded drag queen.  I hope she makes all-stars and Drag U – because she is so fun to watch.

    This message was not sponsored by Chad’s family and friends…;)

    • Kayceed

      Here, here!!! Chad was my girl in the race, and I would have loved to see her win it all. I think she really set the standard, and was a class act – smart, funny, polished, poised – at every moment of the game. Sigh. Anyhoo – if she goes on tour, she is one of the few I would lay down some cash to see – Sharon and Latrice as well, naturally.

    • Oh all right. If I have to. ;P I admired how professional Chad looked on stage while waiting for the announcement of the winner. Phi Phi stood there as if waiting for the laser dot to hit her that would announce the arrival of the much-needed sniper. Sharon looked genuinely nervous. But Chad stood there looking fabulous and cool and polished the whole time. What is not to love about Chad?

      • pdquick

        Laser dot? I’m gasping for air, laughing.

    • MilaXX

       Loved Chad reading Phi for the filth she is.

    • sleah_in_norcal

      i was rooting for sharon all along, but i did fall in love with chad.  he/she is beautiful in all ways, inside and out.

  • Where’s the Chad love here?   I’m happy with Sharon taking top prize and Latrice Ms. Congeniality, but I think Chad would have been great taking away either of those titles.  Seeing her edit this season, and performing live years ago, I have to say she was probably my overall favorite as far as a well-rounded drag queen.  I hope she makes all-stars and Drag U – because she is so fun to watch.

    This message was not sponsored by Chad’s family and friends…;)

  • Terence Ng

    Considering that it’s one of Logo’s biggest shows, and Logo is now “all about” being “Beyond Labels” and de-gaying their station to nab broader appeal, I’m not surprised at all that Drag Race ended up like this. It’ll probably continue this way and never return to the dirtier and less conventional format that doesn’t package well for mainstream.

    • xay

      Which is baffling considering the dirty, less conventional format is what made RPDR a hit in the first place!

      • Terence Ng

        Considering that being a queer tv channel is what made Logo worthwhile in the first place and now they’re trying to “de-gay” it with crap like “Eden’s World”, I’m not surprised.

  • Stubenville

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Sharon. but I feel bad for Chad; his performance was flawless outfit after outfit, week after week. So I guess he’s the new Manila; poised, polished but not quirky enough for Ru to win.

  • Jase37206

    Agree!!!! I really was hoping Chad would win, but Ru is never going to crown anyone that does her “type of drag”. Why would she want anyone to even have the chance to cast shadow (not that they could) over her. And it is becoming so predictable at this point. I knew Sharon was going to win after episode one. Same as last season.

    • hac51

      I was really hoping Chad would be the official runner-up and win some trip from!

    • andcoh

      Don’t Bebe and Tyra essentially do RuPaul’s style of drag?

      • MychelleFrost

         They do, but neither is as fierce as Ru is, even on their best days.

      • sleah_in_norcal

        i think ru took a lot of shade from the viewers about choosing queens who were so much like him, so he’s reacted by choosing the quirky ones.  i was surprised, though, that he’s done it two seasons in a row.  i figured sharon might not win because of that, that raja would be the token quirky one and he’d go right back to the classic fashion queens.  there wasn’t really anyone the season who fit that bill, though.

  • xay

    I didn’t bother to watch the “finale” or the reunion show. I love RPDR, but this season has felt kind of off. I’m happy Sharon Needles won, but the feel of this season seemed to shift from making fun of reality show tropes to embracing them and that made this season less enjoyable.

  • Wendy Wetzel

    I want to know why there was a big ole Toddlers/Tiaras crown on the stand and yet Sharon was given a tiara from the bridal section at Walmart!  Of course that strange vulvar shaped thing on her head hid it anyway…

    • Frank_821

      That head piece was from a ouija board

    • I thought the exact same thing! Why didn’t they use the real crown to crown Sharon?  It seemed so silly for her to do the “royalty walk” apres crowning when you couldn’t even see that quinceanera  headband. Anticlimactic. I wanted to see Sharon with that rhinestone ferris wheel attached to her noggin.

      • MychelleFrost

         *dies laughing @ “rhinestone ferris wheel”…

  • MichaelStrangeways

    Odd…I kind of liked the cheeze factor. The Charo bit (though I love Charo) and the Madame LaQueer reading were painful, and I miss the cozy, confrontational aspect of the usual Reunion show, but the Camp value was off the charts. And, it was worth it for, “Ru-Pology”, (though, I didn’t entirely buy that excuse for her dismissal and agree on your “Ringer” statement.)

    •  Ditto. I was waiting for the PhiPhi dogpile. Alas. Chad and Willam’s shade were welcome.

  • Also, why the teeny-tiny-tiara this year? You couldn’t even see it behind Sharon’s (fabulous) hat.
    (In other news, I will be making myself a Ouija Board fasinator after finals.)

  • i wanted to be happy for sharon, but since the endings were all fake, the enthusiasm seemed fake. rupaul blew it. 🙁 also, in sharon’s interview with EW, sharon basically outs willam’s excuse as fake: i thought that was super weak was well. 

  • julnyes

    Overall – I didn’t love the finale, but I didn’t hate it either.
    Favorite moments – Latrice winning Congeniality and being on Drag U, Sharon’s win and one liner about Happy Halloween, William reading Phical and his sticker line. I am happy Sharon won, but really would have been equally as happy with a Chad win. As for William being a ringer – that wouldn’t surprise me and honestly it wouldn’t bother me either because he was funny as heck.

  • TxMom2011

    Other than a couple of Lame Bits… I Loved It!!    I think the big stage production stuff was just a natural progression for the show.  The writing was pretty bad (hopefully next year they can throw a little more money in that direction)  I did love the live audience and all and thought the crowning of Sharon looked kinda weird (didnt know they filmed 3 endings)  Hopefully they can do it live next year.  I dont care that Willam was a ringer, he was fun.  My favorite part was the opening show girl entrance…. I watched it a few timesto see what they were wearing.

  • bailey debruynkops

    THIS IS REALLY WHY WILLEM WAS KICKED OFF: he’s a klepto. he stole lighting from the house, probably among other things. my coworker has done a show with him and everyone talked about it. he even tried to take stuff from their bags that night. this excuse was LAAAME and just made him look cool and edgy. ugh.

    • M R


  • TxMom2011

    Oh yeah….. and YAY Latrece!  Congrats!     But…. Gurlfriend… That is not your Hair!

  • MilaXX

    While I was happy for the come up Drag Race seems to be having, I too miss the low rent show we all fell in love with. I also didn’t buy William’s so called tale. I also read an interview with Sharon that also throws shade on that excuse. Sharon pretty much says something to the effect of ” Oh that;s the story she”s using?”

    Whatever. I’m happy for Sharon. She truly deserved the win. Also I LOVED Raja in the audience giving us some Leigh Bowery realness in her plaid outfit. I was kinda hoping TLo would have screen capped that.

  • AnotherG

    With due respect to our hosts, with whom I rarely disagree, I think the show benefitted immensely from the change.  I think they can still retool it, but the live, engaged audience helped a lot.  I think the distance from the show filming proper helped make let them send up the whole pseudo-pageant thing even better, rather than succumb to it…

    (And tell me the queens did not mostly benefit? Latrice’s makeup was non-cheeto-y and looked fab.  Willam didn’t have Thundercatface, although I think she oversmoked the eyes; she still had the best lines of the night.  That “bullshit” line was NOT scripted, I’m pretty sure, even if his story was — and we still don’t know why she puked.  And all of the queens got to see themselves over the season and see the edits and treatments they got; that alone was worth it to see Chad get pissed off and read Phi for her personal attack on Willam). 

    …These are drag queens, and performers, and the contrast to the other reunion shows where they’re just sitting down and talking, we got to see them in motion as well as little chatty moments.  Yeah, they’re a bit Oprah-y, but a) Ru firmly believes in the liberating power of drag (even if she believes in herself more), and b) some of those queens have had a fucked up time of it for real.  Which isn’t to say they couldn’t edit a bit and not beat us over the head with stuff; in that, I agree.

    It was hard getting a real reaction off of Sharon because of that makeup, but when you look into her eyes when she’s talking, even with the contacts, you can see her tighten up when she talks about winning and what it means.
    That said, filming three endings is silly and gruelling and I agree would be more draining on everyone.  They should just film it live next year.  Drag likes to pretend it’s polished, but it’s also best without a net.
    That, and imagine the payroll they’d have to have for the bleepers (wo)manning the feed delay.

    • MilaXX

       Allegedly William would always skip lunch, but on the day she was to get DQ’d she pigged out and the food counteracted with the adderall she takes and the combo of nerves/food/meds made her ill.

  • ccm800

    Shows just run out of juice.

    • hoez

      Seems like it’s got more juice than ever especially with more and more people watching the show and a drag of a television season with Drag U -> All Stars -> Season 5 all in a row.

      • ccm800

         true enough of course, but PR for example certainly enjoyed greater viewership well after its ruination.

  • LilyPad

    I thought the stage and Michelle Visage’s voiceover were pretty tacky, but the sketches were entertaining and funny.
    Question: Do you think the queens got ready themselves for this episode? They all seemed waaay more polished than I had ever seen them (especially PhiPhi’s makeup) and I wouldn’t be surprised if they had professionals backstage.

    •  I think they had a professional team at hand. Jiggly actually looked pretty fierce (at times)

    • MilaXX

       I dunno, but LaShawn’s makeup was still pretty busted

      • hoez

        Whenever I see her ‘runway’ during the Reunion, I cringe. LaShauwn basically walked forward for a step or two before twirling around in circles back to her spot. What the heck was that?

    • Sweetpea176

      I thought the same thing about the teaser videos as well — they were obviously costumed by production, but the hair and makeup looked a lot more polished on most of the girls than on the actual show. 

    • hoez

      I think they all got themselves ready for this. There are photos of them in their dressing room and it’s basically a big black room with just them and some mirrors. They also had a few weeks to prepare garments and all that especially for the reunion so I think that’s why they may have looked more polished. (Also it’s been over half a year between the ‘finale’ filming and this reunion so they may have learned some more tricks since then)

  • Sam

    I didn’t even bother watching this episode. Normally I’d watch the reunion episode just to hear more about the girls and see what they’re up to now, but after last weeks “to be continued” nonsense, I just read a spoiler. Saved me 45 minutes to really find out what I wanted to know. This season has been so disappointing. 

  • M R


  • LinaWina

    So they edit out the reads but keep in the bit with Charo?? With the lame voice overs and corn ball humor, I felt I was watching “Miss Drag America, now on Lifetime!” One of my favorite things about the reunions is seeing Ru in his dandy-best, chatting with the contestants while the bitterness and tension is still present and getting to see them air out some more drama. I was happy to see Sharon win, but come on! Even the tiara was weak! Willam’s legs were smokin’, though.       

  • And while other queens were rolling on over Phi Phi, I kept waiting for Latrice to say something too, kept scrutinizing Latrice’s face whenever it was onscreen during the bashing. But no, Latrice stayed true to being Miss Congeniality, keeping her mouth shut. Ah well. I am sure if Latrice had come down on Phi Phi, it would have been great.

    • sleah_in_norcal

      if latrice had come down on phi2  she would have been squashed like the bug that she is.

      • MychelleFrost

         You mad?

        • sleah_in_norcal

          yup!  that phical matter got under my nails and under my skin and on MY LAST NERVE!!  girl is just mean.

  • Fully agree. The show got better when the Phi Phi lashing started but overall it was a scripted boring mess. We loved the looks, especially Sharon’s and were thrilled with the win. They should do the show LIVE. Doing three endings is a mistake. Even Sharon said that her response would have been different had it not been staged in her interview with EW.

  • Markatha

    I enjoyed the show. 
    The whole “Reunion Show” thang with all the “Reality Shows” is so scripted & stupid. 
    I never believe any of the oh so serious hate fests. 
    I appreciated that Ru tried something different & took the scripting to a whole new obvious level. 
    I did believe that the anti Phi Phi behavior comments from Sharon, Chad, Willam etc were genuine & true.

    I enjoyed the Gay, Draggy tackiness of the whole thing. 
    I loved seeing all the gals dressed to the nines, the live audience & Ru was flawless. 
    I laughed quite a bit & never looked at the ceiling.
     Phi Phi acting all repentant did get my eyes rollong though.

    Glad Sharon won (my faith in Ru wasn’t misplaced).
    Still love Chad & Latrice to pieces and am sorry the season is over.
    RPDR made Mondays so much better.  I’ll miss it. 
    Was glad to hear they are revamping Drag U again
    (I thought it was better last year and am anxious to see where they & Latrice go).

    As much as I don’t like Phi Phi, her Version of Marilyn was still a thousand times more fun & entertaining than either of those boring girls on the scripted “Smash”…ugh.

    When It comes to Ru & Drag Queens ON TV I guess I’m a pushover. 
    I had a blast watching every episode this season & continue to be a fanatic

  • batshitmomma

    I was glad to see Sharon win, but was pulling for Chad. I’m a sucker for the work it takes to be so polished. My sticking point was that PhiPhi’s mom looked 20 years younger than her! Ouch!

    • putonabus

       That was so weird.

    • Also Phi2 almost got legitimately middle school angry at her mom for a second there. 

  • They didn’t even put the big crown on Sharon’s head! WTF was THAT about?

    • MychelleFrost

       I was wondering about that too; especially after the hideously ostentatious and ginormous thing they had on Raja’s head last year

      • hoez

        I think people are wondering because well… the giant crown was in the background sitting on a stand while Ru put the tiara on Sharon’s head. I don’t really know why but maybe it had something to do with ~fitting~? They all had the small tiara when they crowned the top three.

        • MychelleFrost

           Its anyone’s guess.

    • Sharon Needles was on Derek and Romaine and they asked the same question – she said that the weight of the crown would have pulled their wigs off.  Made a remark that only Southern beauty pageant contestants had hair strong enough to support a crown like that.

  • giiiirrrr

    Just…didn’t…work.  I was much more entertained by shopping on eBay for a blonde wig to wear for my Samantha (from Sex in the City) costume.  Drag Race needs a Sex in the City challenge!

    • Rebecca Zmarzly

       Well, they did have Willam…I’d call him a challenge. 😛

      • giiiirrrr

         Well played!

  • XPT

    For once I think TLo are too harsh on the show. What were you expecting? Rupaul’s all Oprah-y and emotional confessions and life changing resolutions, it’s not a sarcastic take. It never was. Have you ever seen Drag U? Sure, it’s sprinkled with oneliners and humour, but it is what Ru’s been doing all along. “If you can’t love yourself… can I get an A-men…”? It was always pretty clear.

  • Beef andfur

    Can someone please tell me why Phi Phi looks like Gene Hackman in drag from the “The Birdcage?”

  • If they’re going to do this kind of finale from now own, it might work better if the top three all had one final challenge to present. Perhaps a five minute performance that showed what they do best (they wouldn’t need that much time to put it together, and would probably just transpose their regular nightclub act to a bigger stage with maybe a few extra bells and whistles). The big problem with that however is music rights. Oh well, but then they can mix the bonus footage recap show and “reunion” show together before the grand finale. 

    I didn’t have any gripes with this season. I think the cliff hangers were a bit over the top, but the challenges, queens and work room storylines were as great as ever. 

  • Thanks-I was a step behind you and posted the same info later than you did (hadn’t seen your post),. I’m glad I got to see the clip before it was blocked. 

    • Montavilla

      You’re welcome.  I just wish the real performance wasn’t blocked.  It’s much better than this one.

  • Renaissance_Man_ATL

    I think Chad really favors Merle in his finale/”reunion” episode look!

  • I didn’t hate the reunion show. It definitely had its moments. I loved seeing the Audience and their reactions, and the past queens looking fierce! I do agree that Willam was probably a ringer, but it worked! They just need to get the story straight next time. I was very disappointed after reading the EW article and finding out that they filmed 3 different endings. So no matter who won they never truly got their moment. I think if they want to do a show like this it should be the finale, not the reunion. It should be LIVE and the top 3 should lipsync in front of an audience! 

  • Ok if you’re going to be a drag queen isn’t one of the first things you figure out is how to sit like a lady? So why the hell was Phi Phi sitting like she was in a bar drinking a beer?! You’re in the top three and you can’t even keep your knees together, let alone cross your legs? Take a look to your left and look at how Sharon and Chad were sitting. Yeah. Jackass. 

  • Logo Girl

    I feel like Charo was brought on to throw it in Kenya’s face whom she should have been for Snatch Game.

  • rose88

    I have to respectfully disagree with TLo’s take on the Reunion Show.  I mostly enjoyed it, and I have a theory on why it was done this way that I want to run past the Bitter Kittens.

    I know RuPaul always says that the final decision is hers, but I don’t totally buy that line.  In some ways, the win is like being named Drag Ambassador for Absolut vodka, and I’m sure the winner has to get their corporate stamp of approval before she’s crowned.  I think that from a corporate perspective, Phi Phi was the choice.  Chad was probably considered too old, and he’s most famous as a Cher impersonator – is she still considered relevant to young, trendy gay club goers?  Then you have Sharon, who they probably viewed as too weird, too artsy and too hard to control.  If you look at someone like Phi Phi from a corporate perspective, she’s just the type of smiling back-stabber those types love!  How many of us who have worked in corporate America have watched the mediocre, lying weasel get ahead while more talented and hard working folks get nowhere?  So the judges, particularly Michelle and Santino, tried to push her as young and fresh and “the future of drag” (which made many of us wish, if that were true, the Mayans would be spot on with the 2012 prediction!)

    But RuPaul is very smart and shrewd.  She clearly favored Sharon because she saw a queen who was bringing something new and interesting to the table.  RuPaul also knew that in the era of Lady Gaga, Sharon would be a hit with the audience.  So she probably came up with selling Absolut on the concept of holding off on a winner and letting the audience serve as a focus group for them.  After the dust settled, it was clear that Sharon was the choice of their audience and then she could sell them on the win. It also made clear to the suits that picking a Drag Superstar is not the same as promoting some asshole to HR Manager; the viewers didn’t want a creepy little bully as the winner and they made that clear.  Was this the most satisfying way for it to go down?  No, it wasn’t because it didn’t feel spontaneous (because it wasn’t!)  But was it better than getting Phi Phi O’Hara as America’s Next Drag Superstar?  Hell yes!

    And I have to add that ringer or not, Willam reading Phi Phi for filth was a joy to watch!

    • Amanda Jantzi

      I agree with TLo – a lot of the reunion was lacking, but I think that it was from the fact that there had to be the announcement at the end, rather than just getting to sit down with everyone, as in the past, and get some dirt. There were parts I enjoyed – largely Willam related.

      But I agree with your perspective as well. I know Ru said that it was done this way because of the winner getting spoiled last year, but I couldn’t help but wonder if the ask the public/filming three endings part wasn’t because there was disagreement amongst the powers that be over who the winner should be. That said, it could have been handled in a much more satisfactory way, especially given how enjoyable this season was overall. 

      • rose88

         The first half of the show had the feel of a cheesy Vegas show, no, actually, not as good as Vegas, a cheesy ATLANTIC CITY show!  I know that’s cold, but, yeah, it really kinda sucked.

        But I enjoyed the second half, like you it was mostly the Willam related parts.  The worst thing was how the win was handled, because after watching all season it would have been nice to have the emotional payoff of that being real.  Sharon looked like she was fighting off looking totally pissed off when her name was called – because she was!  At that moment it wasn’t a real win and Sharon knew that and these head games were probably making all of them angry.  It would have been nice to see her win for real and get that genuine emotional reaction.  But I’m still happy the right queen won and I suspect it was a controversial win, which is why the whole thing came off as kind of a muddled mess.

  • xxrivendell

    Did anyone else think Santino looked awfully sick/thin in the audience?  I had to do a doubletake the first time they showed the judges.

    • LambeeBaby

       YES! I said the same thing. He looks thin and sickly. Scarey and not in a Sharon Needles way.

    • hoez

      He was bald with no eyebrows too 🙁 I hope he’s okay…

  • Vanessak69

    I don’t totally mind them having a live reunion (although I was bored for the first 30 minutes.) I guess I mainly say that because it was gratifying to see Latrice crowned live as that did feel like a genuine moment unfolding. I’m sure everyone has heard-or will right now-that Ru filmed three different endings which is why I’m guessing the crowning felt so anti-climactic last night.

    Willam’s story felt too rehearsed and parts just made no sense (you can’t tell anyone where you are going when you get chosen for RPDR-wtf?)  Who knows? What is this business about other ringers though? You guys are killing all my illusions today. Next you’ll be telling me Taylor Swift can’t really sing.

    Eh, I still love the show but I do love it a little bit less.

    Also, damn when someone else does his makeup Willam is FLAWless. At least while the wrong queen was in the finale, the right queen won.

  • butter nut

    LOGO really needs to start staging big drag variety shows.  they’ve already built a stable of familiar faces through the show & there is an active audience already interested in watching drag.  FFS…  why have they not done this already?  ru!  get on it girl!

  • marco5ny

    Yikes!  Lots of negativity here.  I liked the show and frankly thought the postponing of the winner announcement a brilliantlly evil but fun move.  There was a bit of pageant in the reunion show and drag pageants are a cornerstone of at a sizeable part of the community.  Yes some of the comedy bit (“reading is fundamental)” and the touchy-feeling moments were a little weak but that is 100% what you always get on every reality show reunion show including the past ones for Drag Race.  Ru is still playing with convention but you don’t throw expectations out the window.

    Filming three different endings did render the ultimate annoucement a little emotionally flat for the audience.  But still it was a solid wrap up for a good season.

  • Le_Sigh

    I love the idea of a dragstravaganza ending, but I dunno, it felt kind of flat to me.  I remember sitting on tender hooks when watching Bebe and Nina Flowers battling it out during their lip synch and then weeping (yes I was!) with happiness at the joy and fabulousity of that win.  That being said – I’m so thrilled that Sharon got it and Latrice won Miss Congeniality (I loved her “YEEEEESSSSS!” when they announced the winner over the din!)

    And yes Willem’s story felt a bit fishy (pun intended). 

  • GTrain

    I feel so naive – it never occurred to me that they had shot 3 endings. That must have been excruciating to be in and watch! I thought Sharon’s reaction looked genuine, and that she was pulling herself together to do her runway walk.

  • spaghettimonster03
  • AWStevens

    COME ON! SHARON NEEDLES! We do NOT live in a Tim Burton world DAMMIT! 

    Bad enough Latrice was not in the top 3.  That good for nothing, sociopath, ego maniacal twerp PeePee Ohara is there!  Pfft!

    Chad Michaels was robbed.  Plain and simple.

    I will NEVER watch RPDR again! 

    • StellaZafella


      •  That was really necessary?  Oh you showed me… Your rapier like wit really showed me…

      • MychelleFrost


    • As opposed to the rapier wit you showcased with your Tim Burton comment?

      Sharon is an audience favorite for a reason. You may have rooted for Chad, but Sharon is a fascinating, glamorous, and witty outsider in a world that is, in itself, made up of outsiders. Chad would have also been a worthy winner, but it’s possible to root for someone while still acknowledging the special qualities of the queen who won. 

      Of course, it’s your right to never watch the show again because your favorite didn’t win; but I hope you understand that Sharon was–by far–the most favored queen this season. You would really stop watching the show because the most beloved contestant actually won? Would you rather Ru consult you personally in the future? 

      My apologies for being so flip. But threatening to stop watching because the most popular queen won rather than your favorite is–well–I’ll let you fill in the rest.

      • It’s not a threat. I made the statement that I will never watch RPDR again and I mean it.  I am disgusted with how manipulative the show is for ratings.

        Have you read the last TLo reviews of RPDR?  They say it the best.  Although, I respectfully disagree with them for supporting who won. 

        I do have respect for Sharon and her talents but the wrong queen won. 

  • Sweetpea176

    Now knowing that they taped three endings explains why the end seemed so flat and Sharon’s “Happy Halloween” sounded so rehearsed that I thought that maybe she peed herself on the first few takes and so wasn’t excited anymore when they were done re-shooting.

    I’m confused about something, though (in addition to being confused about the tiara vs. crown) — when and how did Sharon and everyone else find out that Sharon had actually won?  Did she get a phone call the next day?  Had to watch the episode like the rest of us?  Presumably it was at some point during the taping, so why not air that genuine reaction?  Am I back to the wetting herself theory?

    Anyway, food for thought:  if the subversive character becomes most popular and beloved, then is she still subversive, or did she just become the mainstream by being embraced by the majority?  And if her very outsider stance is what made her the insider all of a sudden, how does she handle that both creatively and personally.  It must be sort of surreal.

  • Sweetpea176

    Oh, and when WILLAM tells you you should be studied for your nastiness?  That’s the time to take a good, hard look.

  • Sweetpea176

    Oh, and one more thing — was I the only one who was really freaked out by Kenya Michaels’ codpiece?  That did not look at all feminine to me.  But then, I’ve always been unsettled by her.

    • hoez

      She really freaks me out. She always pulls that “shocked” BJ face at the end of a runway too. Blech.

      • MychelleFrost

        *freakin’ DEAD @ “shocked BJ face”

    • StellaZafella

      The prize crowns never fit and the one they got this year was by a designer and probably has enough Swarovski’s in it to pay my salary for a year…If it hit the stage, they’d have lost the shoot. I think the crown is really like an award statuette…for show only – unless you’re gonna sit on your Oscar (maybe some do)!
      It’s not that uncommon to film all possible endings…it just never contributes to the fun for the audience who were clearly through with it by the time they got to the shot we all saw.
      Sharon will likely toe the corporate line for the show while her contract is in effect (though I understand she entered her victory party in NY in a coffin) but so what? I love her to death but I’ve never seen Sharon as the most subversive one in the show. Spooky isn’t subversive to me (and Sharon isn’t pulling many of the “Hail Satan” punches she’s been known for). Nina was, to me, more subversive and controversial in her drag style and I loved her more, maybe BECAUSE she refused to be gender specific most of the time. Besides, Sharon will laugh all the way to the bank and then bring out the show SHE wants to do after the year is up…I’ll go see it!
      Willam was the most “subversive” of this season’s characters…that wonderful genius bitch got under EVERYBODY’S skin and didn’t even raise her own voice above a conversational tone. “Is the rug comfortable?” got Milan’s goat far better than any screaming response.

      • Sweetpea176

        I meant that Sharon was the subversive one in terms of the types cast and/or created over the course of the season (Chad was the nice one, Phi2 the villian, Latrice the big mama, etc.) and in that being an outsider seems to be a big part of her identity. 

        Ok, I’m sure that had a perfectly good reason not to use the big crown, but I recall past winners getting to wear it, so I still feel a little cheated.

      • Le_Sigh

         Ooh – good call on the crown.  I’m also thinking that the whole “taping three endings for secrecy’s sake” is why they did the tiny tiara.  They probably gave it for each contestant so nothing would be given away too early.

      • sitting on your oscar would be a lot more fun than sitting on your crown.

  • Oh, that kind of looks like someone from Game of Thrones this week.

  • I’ve suspected Willam was a ringer since she DQ’d.  It was hardly in disgrace – shortly thereafter, she hosted the “DQ Ball” for Logo, and had a VERY prominent role at NNN awards.  She’s talented – probably more than the other competitors.  She always said RPDR asked for a demo tape, she send it to them when they asked for it.  

  • George Noory

    I agree. The reunion show was lame. I actually fell asleep during it. I wish they would have crowned Sharon last week.

  • ccm800

    PS: Did Phiphi’s momma have him when she was 9 or something? She is so lovely – looks more like his little sister!  

  • Melizmatic

    Okay, am I the only one who noticed Willam’s ‘chicken cutlets’ playing peekaboo with the neckline of her dress?

    Luv ya girl, but that ain’t cute.

  • pdquick

    Phi Phi looked like Sally O’Mally. “I’m FIFTY!”

  • MychelleFrost

    Okay; am I the only person who noticed Willam’s ‘chicken cutlets’ playing peekaboo with her neckline?

    Luv her, but that wasn’t cute.

  • I hope that Ru reads all the comments and understands how poorly she handled this season’s finally. I just do not get it at all!!!
    Congrats to Sharon and Latrice!!! I love you Chad. Sorry PhiPhi you came out to look like such an arse!

  • I dunno, it’s pretty surprising that they have all sorts of things from their professional acts that suit certain challenges incredibly well. If her husband was just bringing her supplies, I don’t know why they wouldn’t have just admitted to it at the reunion. It’s not exactly controversial.

  • I still have the phrase “it was uppers, downers and candy corn!” ringing through my head from that episode. Genius.

  • I would pay to see Sharon because I think she was awesome and her act is intelligent and 3-dimensional, but I’m also sure she toned down her act big time for TV (well, just as I’m sure many of the others toned down their acts in different ways). That first look with all the blood was probably still only 50% of how extreme she goes on stage. As I’d say, I’d go see her, but I’d also be a little scared. As, I’m sure, is Absolut vodka, if their guy’s guest judge stint was anything to go by.

  • They’d filmed the win once with each of them so none of them knew if they were winning for real. If Sharon looked nervous she was just acting really really well.

  • Yeah, and Sharon’s a racist. Oh no, wait…

  • Krafty_L

    I just read a couple of post-win interviews with Sharon Needles, and apparently, she did not know for sure that she had won until the screening party in NY. There are photos of her with the HUGE crown; she is wearing it with her witch hat! LOVE. I won’t provide the links here, but you can find them on the Sharon Needles  FB page

    • XPT

      That’s because three crownings were taped, one for each finalist and nobody knew which one was the real until the episode aired. Which is pretty contrived if you ask me.

      • that was the one part of the reunion that TOTALLY SUCKED.  hope they don’t try that crap again.  otherwise i mostly loved the show, especially the audience. 

  • suqsidnelg

    I fucking loved it.

  • Ringer or not, that Williams story was a load of B.S. — No way he got kicked off for having conjugal visits with his husband. — It did NOT seem true.  And why did he THROWUP? Huh? They never explained that sh*t.

    • XPT

       You can find it online. She also explained that during the taping, but was edited out. Audience members reported this explanation: she knew she got caught and was about to be sent home, and out of anxiety she just ate too much; then she put on a tight corset for the runway, combined with an upset stomach. She said she then cleaned up her mess though.

    • i bet they had also been up all nite partying, drinking and maybe putting something up her nose.  i know if i was getting kicked off the next day, i would probably getting as fucked up as possible and not sleeping.  that on top of the overeating and the corset would make sense to me.

      • Detox has stated Willam is pretty anti-drug, so I doubt the nose candy.  I have also read old writings of Willam’s that make it pretty clear she hates the stuff.  I think he not only was a “ringer” but actively campaigned for some things the girls wanted/needed.  It was also said (in the Dirty article?) that she was in Jersey Shoresical (sp?) in NYC right after the DQ, furthering the idea of her ringer’ness and the idea that it was foretold that she would depart early.  She also pointed out something I noticed and convinced myself I hadn’t seen.  From the beginning Willam was referred to as the “rule breaker”.  Before the show even aired?  Foreshadow much?

        • thanks for the info, debby, i am really glad to hear that willam is not into drugs.  i absolutely adore him/her, and it’s good to know she’s not putting that crap in her beautiful body.  i hate that stuff too.  unfortunately, there was a long gap between my realizing that i hated the way it made me feel, and when i finally quit doing it.  that is one compelling drug.  that was over twenty years ago, but i still remember the awful feeling.

  • bellafigura1

    But wait, I know nothing, I apologize if this is known to all — is that actually Charo in pic 7?  Can it be she’s still alive?

    • julnyes

       It was really Charo.

      • If her official age is accurate she’s 61 which isn’t all that old.

        • i’m sorry, that’s got to be bull shit.  i’m 64 and i used to watch her on the variety shows with xavier cougat, the bandleader, when she was married to him.  she was cootchie-cootchie-ing with her “coogie” when i was in grade school.  no way is she younger than me.  wonder if there are tapes of her early tv performances.

  • Mexxoo

    The only thing that made me glad they didn’t crown last week was the fact that none of the final three were dressed in gowns for the sing-off.  A beauty queen just doesn’t look right when she’s crowned in the costume meant for the talent part of the competition.

  • kara_brady

    I’m just now watching this. I’m so glad I was spoiled, because my low expectations meant I could like it for what it is. 
    The screencaps do not do Phi Phi’s sitting on the stool squat. Girl, close your damn legs. Sheesh.

  • it kind of looked like he was wearing his silicone implants on the outside.  i thought it was deliberate.

    • It was according to Willam (can’t remember the source, maybe her twitter?)

  • willam belli

    some stories don’t need to be told 😉 WILLAM

  • I can understand why Rupaul was doing this. I guess after 4 seasons he has to work harder to keep the show on the schedule. I did not think the reunion was all that bad. Willam made me laugh a few times, and it was not Rupaul’s fault that all the other queens were unfunny. Somehow the chemistry between them was gone, no wonder if you consider that it was filmed at least half a year after the filming of the actual show. Not a good idea to dress them all in black and gold in the beginning scene. They should have worn their usual glamourus colourful stuff. 

  • Ahh, no wonder the whole thing felt canned, even her “Happy Halloween!” bit. They’d probably filmed Phi Phi’s before hers. I can’t believe they wouldn’t show us the REAL emotions when Sharon ACTUALLY won. As someone who *loves* reunion shows of every reality show, it felt unnecessary to try and hook us in with the crowning. Wasn’t Willam’s predicament enough?

    Who else have been ringers??? I’d love to know! Spill the tea, girls.

  • Becky Jones

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