Pairs Division: Stefani and Rossdale

Posted on May 11, 2012

G & G, at a Gala, looking Grim, in Gigantic Getups.


Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale attend The Heart Foundation Gala at Hollywood Palladium. Gwen Stefani wore a Georges Chakra couture gown.

Georges Chakra Fall 2010 Couture Collection

Yikes, smile a little, won’t you? Isn’t the whole point of celebrities attending things like Heart Foundation Galas to lend their support and drive up attendance? Y’think maybe you two could act like you want to be there for the 4 minutes it’ll take to have your picture taken?

SHE: Is wearing a dress that is, shockingly enough, two much dress for her. We don’t think we’ve ever said that about her before. It’s a gorgeous dress (if a little overworked), but it just looks a bit heavy and big on her. Some fitting and tailoring would have helped a lot here. But we have to say, even if it fit her perfectly, it doesn’t really suit her. She’s put together and turned out, so we can’t really score her too low here. There’s nothing awful; it’s just a Girl, That’s Not Your Dress feeling. Score: 7.5/10.

HE: SERIOUSLY needs to get that suit fitted. What is it with these two and oversized clothes? Are they both shrinking? Look how long the sleeves are on his jacket. And his shirt’s all weirdly puckered. Plus, we’re kinda not digging the skinny black tie. It’s a little dull. The whole look feels a bit half-assed. Score: 6.5/10.

Combined Score: 7/10. You two need to schedule some fittings. And next time, remember: You’re never fully dressed without a smile, darlings. True story.


[Photo Credit: Andrew Evans/PR Photos, Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images,]

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  • janedonuts

    When did they shape shift into vampires?

  • They had a fight in the car on the way over. But now I have a desperate urge to hear Don’t Speak.

  • HomeOfficeGirl

    Annie!!  😉
    Sure, a little fierce attitude, or a smile wouldn’t hurt – but I think, as always, she nailed it.  Love this dress.  And, I don’t think there really could be too much dress for her.  HE… who cares.  Boring.

    •  I agree with you that I don’t think there could be too much dress for Gwen. I really like this dress on her.

  • kimmeister

    I like her dress, I just think it needs to be knee length.

    • EditKitten


  • kittenwithaquip

    Did Gwen have some work done to her face? Is it me, or does her chin look different? If so, that would make me sad, sad, sad. She was sort of my fashion icon when I was pregnant with my first son, about 6 years ago. She was huge and always looked great. Now she just looks pissed off and starving.

    • HomeOfficeGirl

      Agreed – she’s def. a top style icon for me – cooler than than everyone else, always looking hot and hip.  She’s still got it.  But, maybe, maybe you are right about some work.  Not sure…

    • I was wondering about her face too. Hopefully she didn’t but if she did, it wasn’t very good, cause to me she’s looking every one of her 40 years right there. I always thought she looked really good, for her age and otherwise, but today I literally said that’s a 40 year old face (i just hit that jackpot myself a few weeks ago, it’s still sinking in) it could just be the sour puss..idk

    • H3ff

      Seriously. She looks shockingly like Tori Spelling here.

  • SpcilK

    I think she looks very pretty. The dress could be taken in at the side seams and shorten in the lenght a skotch. eventhough, he is pretty he needs a little help.

  • EditKitten

    That has “divorce” written all over it. And it makes me sad.

    • HomeOfficeGirl

      Maybe… maybe.

    • Jessi03

      That’s what I heard on the radio a month or so ago.  It made me sad then and looking at them makes me sad now.

  • Adriana_Paula

    This is the first time I’ve thought her hair/makeup shtick is not her friend.  I know it’s her thing, but here she looks like an aging socialite.  It might be time for a changeup.

    • mountainFashionista

       Yep, this is the first time I’ve ever thought she looked her age.

    •  At the end of one her videos, it shows her with practically no makeup (relatively speaking) and she looked amazing.

      • norseofcourse

        Yep. For “Underneath It All”. I loved how she looked so gorgeous and real.

      • vidacelina

        I think she was actually wearing an enormous amount of makeup to achieve that look.

        • Oh no doubt (ha ha), you’re right that she’s wearing something (that’s why I say “relatively speaking” :)). It’s even possible she’s wearing the same amount of makeup, just softer/more neutral colors. But still, I think the natural look really suits her at least as much as her signature strong red lip.

  • Aurumgirl

    He looks like he’s just not into it.  

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    i find these two seriously irritating, always have [obviously] but, to be fair to her, i think she’s wearing that thing cos she remembers from her early years what she’s supposed to wear to events like this & is possibly still a little uncomfortable w/ the whole upright-uptightness of the proceedings. so she’s thrown a little edge onto a dress that would be even acceptable on her mother & imitated a stance she’s seen a billionzillion times, right down to its conservative nervousness.

    what he’s doing, otoh, is something about which i have no idea & i cant speak to the lack of tailoring for either of them. [edited to add: although, in truth, at least for her it isnt that bad.]

  • momogus

    Huh – I think they both look fantastic. I’d prefer it if he’d unslick his hair though.

    • It appears to have fused to his scalp for the last ten years.

  • I’m gonna disagree – I think her dress is FABULOUS and I actually gasped a little when I saw it. They do look a little glum, though.

    • I think the dress is fabulous too! Sad body language.

    • norseofcourse

      Definitely not happy that night. Perhaps they could double-date with Will and Jada. 

  • I’ve disliked Gavin Rossdale’s style a lot since the end of Bush.  His penchant for plastering his hair as close to his scalp as possible does his head no favors at all.  The skinny tie makes his head look positively bulbous, like some greasy accountant-vampire balloon drifting sullenly above a dull cardboard cut-out of a suit.

    What’s more, I haven’t seen him smile once in all that time.  Gavin, honey, whatever you are doing is just not working.  Go out to a bar, have some fun.  I don’t care if you came back to the red carpet trashed, but wash you hair and come back looking HAPPY.

  • This dress reminds me of a lot of the looks we saw on the red carpet at the Met Gala. Lots of these black asphalt dresses.

  • MzzPants

    I think that dress needs to flown right to Miss Dita.

    • Would love see that.

    • filmcricket

       Yes. I think it looks fine on Gwen, tailoring issues aside, but it’s very Von Teese, isn’t it? I covet it.

  • Pennymac

    I like Gwens look. Gavin, you know that old saying, “just a little dab will do ya’? Dude, lighten up on the oil slick on your head. Your Eddie Munster widows peak is not that interesting, seriously.

  • mayavaly

    So bizarre to me that the model perfectly exudes the funky coolness of the dress, and Gwen Stefani… Gwen freakin’ Stefani… is making it look a bit like a high-school prom dress. But maybe that is because she is apparently morphing into Tori Spelling.

    • filmcricket

      The Tori Spelling comparison is uncannily accurate. *shivers*

  • MilaXX

    Yikes! Why so serious? I agree with the scores, the both look a bit off their game.

  • Lina_bee

    That dress looks like it moves beautifully.

    • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

      I agree completely.  In the pic of the model walking on the runway, you can see that it fits her perfectly and is moving with her.  On Gwen, it looks like she could move independently from the bodice especially.  needs tailoring.

      I don’t understand all the Gavin hate.  He’s so hot.  Agree about the hair, though.

  • suzq

    It’s like they’re pretending to be grownups.  The dress looks so much bigger on her than the model–the skirt looks too voluminous, for some reason.  And the tie on the side is too much.

  • Is it the camera angle or what, but both of theirs heads look enormous.  Especially Gavin. I couldn’t look at the clothes because I was completely distracted by his gigantic head! For a moment I thought the picture could be a bad photoshop job.

  • GTrain

    That dress is great on the model but totally agree w/ the comments about it on Gwen. I never bought these two as a couple (esp. after she publicly thanked him for marrying her) so not surprised they’re looking a bit grim.

  • formerlyAnon

    Perhaps it physically pains her that the skirt is Too Much for her usually fierce self?  Shes a pro, shouldn’t be caught looking like that when she’s *posing* for the camera, unless the pained look is involuntary.  I don’t honestly know how he normally photographs, so looks pleasant enough if you give him a pass on the smile. (I don’t give him such a pass, though, see, above “*posing*”).

    I agree with your scoring for her. Can’t really bring myself to care for him. (SEE Gavin, you need to *smile* or the people who barely know that you’re a musician won’t be engaged!)

  • Call me Bee

    She:  I disagree–love that dress and I love her in it.  I’d give her another point and a half.   But yes–a littel smile would be nice.
    He:  How can a plain black suit look so…odd?  Too long sleeves and weird fit.  I would lower his score by a point. 

  • That’s really weird.  Looking at the runway version (especially those gloves!) I would have expected it to be perfectly suited to Gwen but it’s just not working.  It’s almost like it knows it belongs with me…

  • Lisa

    I think the problem for both of them is that their outfits are too big for them.  Some tailoring would take them both right down to perfection.

  • Sophie Collier

    If someone had just fixed her pleats before shooing them onto the red carpet, she at least would have looked a little sharper.  No help for him, though.

  • ccm800

    Why she gotta have that stink eye?! 

  • I love her dress–but not on her. Wouldn’t it look fab on Christina Hendricks? You’re right that it looks too big on Gwen. She’s not only having fit problems, but also it makes her look stumpy.

    Does he still wear a ponytail? His hair looks a little too tight to be simply slicked back. Time for a snip if he does!

    • Tamara Hogan

       –> Does he still wear a ponytail? His hair looks a little too tight to be simply slicked back. Time for a snip if he does!

      He usually wears what I think is an outrageously sexy man-bun at the nape of his neck. I wish we had a profile shot.

  • guest2visits

    I love the dress on her. His cuffs are seriously too long.  Not used to seeing her without a smile.

  • marywv

    Soooo… Stefani’s botox… yeah, about those eyebrows… I do think I like the dress if it were a little less pouffy and voluminous. Oh and if she lost the sash. His suit is too big, but I like the slim shape on him and he’s still an incredibly handsome man. 

  • ThaliaMenninger

    I’d give her a 9. I think she looks fabulous, although I’d like her to comb her hair.

  • i think they both look amazing. 
    her dress is fab…the pleating, the textures and yes, the color on her.
    i’m not seeing the necessity for tailoring of his suit?  what am i missing?

  • dschubba

    Odd. This totally SHOULD be her dress, but it’s not working.

  • nannypoo

    I don’t like his hair.  It makes me think of a vampire.

  • LuisaNL

    boy, they look miserable. crack a smile or go home!

  • bluefish

    A fussy dress — meh.  I love her coloring — the brown eyes, blonde hair — beautiful.  She looks stumpy in this one — way too much going on.

  • m0r0

    I think she looks FAB

    • Me, too.  Although I do think the dress should have been a tad shorter.

  • bellafigura1

    Eek, she looks a little Joan Crawford in the head shot.

  • alyce1213

    These pictures suffer from too-high camera angle, which you can always tell by how much of the top of shoes you can see (compare to shot of model).  It’s not helping Gwen, especially since she’s chosen a longer length.  

    She’s not giving great face in these photos, but I think the dress does suit her and I’ll bet it looked better in person. I’d give her at least a point higher.He could do a whole lot better — dressing, I mean.
    Anyway, I prefer this to Will and Jada’s recent outings.

  • quiltrx

    Gavin could have shown up in sweatpants and still been fabulous in my book.  I prefer his (curly!) hair tousled, but he’s pretty high on the Quiltrx Almost Perfect Man list.

    The dress really looked okay to me, a bit heavy, until I saw how it is supposed to look in the model shot.  Yes, not properly fitted for Gwen.

  • Dhammadina

    His head has been photoshopped onto his body!

  • black black black.  did someone die? first time i’ver seen gwen looking droopy.

  • Marta Lilly

    I think each of her eyes had a different make-up artist

  • Susan Crawford

    I LOVE the Chakra dress, but must agree that Gwen should have gone down a size (or two) for a better fit. This is a dress that I would like to see in my closet – a little retro, but crisp and a bit edgy, too. Gavin is also kind of swimming in his suit – but he is giving some serious bitch-face, and I appreciate that.

    I wish Gwen would either pump up the platinum/silver in her hair, or tone it into a softer blonde, because the current mix is not doing her any favors. But the girrl can rock the scarlet lips like nobody else I know!

  • CatherineRhodes

    The Chakra dress hits the model mid-knee, which is a much better proportion.

    About the poor fit of his suit: I just don’t get it. She runs a clothing business, they probably have a live-in tailor. Is there nobody in their world who could hem the pants or sleeves? 

  • kikisayshi

    TLO: Love the Annie reference 🙂
    I, too, think that dress is gorgeous, but it is way too long. Is she really tiny or is it just a straight-off-the-runway kind of thing?

  • Kathryn Devlin

    …with Great Green Gorillas Growing Grapes in a Gorgeous Glass Greenhouse. Seriously, how fabulous would a fashion version of Graeme Base’s Animalia be? TLo, if you wrote it, I would buy it!

  • marilyn

    Her dress is too long for her.  The runway model’s dress is knee length.  I assume Gwennie is not very tall.  So, she does not have the long look in the legs that dress needs to work.