Michael Fassbender for GQ Magazine

Posted on May 15, 2012

Darlings, here is your pretty for the day: Michael Fassbender, getting his strokable mug stroked by some stupid bitch who thinks she’s all that:


Suit, $1,195, shirt, $375, and tie, $130, by Calvin Klein Collection. Tie bar, $15, by The Tie Bar.

Michael Fassbender is featured in the June 2012 issue of GQ magazine photographed by Mario Testino.

Let’s all find her car and key it.

Also, more pretty, pretty pictures. And he talks about his big dick!

As always, you’re quite welcome. It was no trouble at all.


Jacket, $675 by Michael Bastian. Shirt, $440, and tie, $215, by Prada. Belt by J.Crew. Sunglasses by Oliver Peoples.

On the series of jokes about his genitalia in Shame: “It’s fun to a point,” he says of these situations he has been facing, “and after a certain point you worry that it kind of detracts from the movie. But there’s nothing I can do. I just have to laugh it off. I can. Pretty much. Because I take my work seriously but I can’t take myself too seriously. I’m in such a crazy privileged position—shit, this is the pinnacle of the dream when I was 17…. Nobody wants to hear really how difficult it is.”


Polo shirt, $520, and loafers by Tom Ford. Jeans, $250 by A.P.C. Sunglasses by Oliver Peoples. Watch by Black limited edition. On her: Blouse by Tom Ford. Panties by Agent Provocateur. Pants by Gucci. Heels by Prada.

On being disappointed for not receiving an Oscar nomination for Shame“At the beginning people [say], ‘You’re going to be going to the Oscars,’ and you’re like, ‘Whatever, doesn’t matter, don’t think so.’ But after a while it does penetrate. After a while you’re like, ‘Anyway, so I’m going to the Oscars…’ ” He laughs. “And you start to believe it. And I did. I thought I was going. And then I found out I wasn’t and I was upset. I was very upset by it. The first reaction was ‘What the fuck…?’ ” He sounds frustrated that he had let himself get sucked in. “It’s a vanity thing. It does become important to you. And it shouldn’t.” On reflection, he decided that he had learned something about misplaced priorities. “A good little lesson.”

For more pictures.


[Photo Credit: Mario Testino for gq.com – Video Credit: gq.com]

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  • http://twitter.com/andakat andakat

    The interview is actually pretty great.  The pics are smoking hot.  The video is volcanic-level sexy.

    • http://twitter.com/Athenabast Athena Bast

       I can’t stop staring at the bulge in his jeans when he’s sitting in that lounger chair.

    • jjfg

      Thanks for the tip on the video!  I almost skipped it. That would have been a mistake.

    • http://needtherapy.tumblr.com/ skadi1

      The video is BEYOND sexy. There were a couple of scenes where I audibly gasped. The videographer did a better job than the photographer, I think.

    • fursa_saida

      When the French inhale came around right at the end I almost lost it.

  • Maria Rosenfire

    Fair warning– I’m commenting on the extra pictures from the GQ site as well as the ones here.

    He’s delicious as always, but this editorial is both boring and mildly creepy, with the slightly bizarre power dynamics going on between him and faceless lady-person.

    (Let me clarify that I am totally for safe, sane, and consensual mildly [or indeed majorly] kinky things– I just don’t think that this editorial is putting them in the best light)

    • http://www.joannao.blogspot.com JoannaOC

      I agree, What an annoying set of photos: hate the over-busy framing, the woman as prop, the douchey vibe. Mario Testino, are you bored? Maybe you need to go on a work diet; you’re running out of ideas.

    • BazoDee

      Agreed 100% -I hate the women as props -we don’t even need to see their faces because it ruins how easily we objectify them meme. 

      • http://twitter.com/foodycatAlicia foodycatAlicia

        At least she has her clothes on – I usually expect faceless woman in her knickers.

        • http://twitter.com/unflinchingly Lindsey Romain

          If you look at the rest of the photos, she’s actually topless in one of them :( 

          • http://twitter.com/foodycatAlicia foodycatAlicia

            Ah – nice of them to live down to my expectations!

    • bluefish

      True nuff but this is GQ and women have always been props to GQ — and, alas, always will be. It’s a sign of male insecurity at bottom.  And one sees the reverse in fashion magazines such as Vogue and Bazaar–the faceless or robotic boy toy. 

    • http://twitter.com/ennisamy Amy Ennis

      I looked at the extra pictures after your comment. I love them. I do think they are gearing him up for Christian Grey. Either that or they are just responding to the internet buzz about him playing Grey. It all looks very Christian to me. I hate to admit that I read the first book. It was horrible. 

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3DWDLRZCK3MZICZKYJDR55MC4Y soren

        I’ve been reading a lot of reviews of that book for er, reasearch purposes, and ever since I found out Christian was a software billionare, all I can see is Nolan Ross from Revenge.  Which is hilarious enough that I’m tempted to actually read the thing, although Fassbender would make a lot more sense.

  • http://twitter.com/hmbscully WendyD

    He’s a founding member of my “British Accents & Cheekbones” club.

    • ciotogist

      He’s Irish, which is way better.  German cheekbones, though.

      • Fionnuala Barrett

        Do the Irish not have cheekbones?!  (Speaking as an Irish person.)

        • Saoirse Lee

          Yeah, we have cheekbones! (see also, Cillian Murphy, Jonathan Rhys Meyers)
          It’s our part-Viking blood. 

          • ciotogist

            Of course the Irish have cheekbones.  I certainly do.  But Fassbender’s parents are both German.

          • H3ff

            His mother is actually from Kerry.

          • Saoirse Lee

            No, she’s from Antrim, he grew up in Kerry.

    • MsMajestyk

      Indeed.  Along with Hiddleston and Cumberbatch I’m sure.

      • http://twitter.com/hmbscully WendyD

        Of course, with Matt Smith rounding out the membership.

    • alyce1213

      A founding member?  He hasn’t been around all that long, and there’s a long, long history of British Accents & Cheekbones. 

      • Saoirse Lee

        And he’s not British, he’s a proper Kerryman. Don’t take our Fassy away from us.

        • http://twitter.com/hmbscully WendyD

          I fully understand the difference, but I group by the accent I most often hear on screen. And I don’t know if I’ve ever heard him in a film with his natural accent.

          • Saoirse Lee

            I suppose he’s often sporting an English accent on film.

            He’s got a fantastic Belfast accent in Hunger, however (not easy, even for someone with a Southern Irish accent like Fassbender) and his accent in Shame is sort of trans-Atlantic, I took it that his character was an Irish guy who’d been living in New York for quite a while.

  • EMarrenner

    The cover is quite a lot like Avedon’s 1965 Bazaar cover of Steve McQueen. Nice homage if that’s the case.

    • http://twitter.com/andakat andakat

      The creative director said there were some McQueen and Cary Grant references.

  • Little_Elle

     Thank you.  So very much.

  • cocochra

    Can someone tell me the name and brand of the woman’s bracelet on the cover?  I’m pretty sure it is Tiffany’s but don’t know much else.  Thanks!

    • schadenfreudelicious

      Cartier, “Love” bracelet

    • http://twitter.com/andakat andakat

      I think it’s a Cartier ‘Love’ bracelet.

  • http://twitter.com/FripsandFobs Andrew Schroeder

    Why, why, WHY must he be of the heterosexual persuasion?

    • Sobaika

      You get Matt Bomer. Throw us a bone.

    • Maria Rosenfire

       Hey, you’ve got Matt Bomer, Neil Patrick Harris, AND Zachary Quinto. Don’t get greedy!

      • out for a walk

        YES to Neil Patrick Harris especially!

      • http://twitter.com/ennisamy Amy Ennis

        And don’t forget they also have Rupert Everett. He’s worth three Fassbenders!

    • http://joyouslifesf.wordpress.com Kiltdntiltd

      Tell ya’ll what.  Why don’t we just fantasize that he’s bi-sexual, then we’ll ALL be happy.

  • joe_tey83

    That picture is kinda soft porn?

    He kind of comes off as being pretty well-adjusted and self-aware in the interview. Or just very smart at saying things that make you sound well-adjusted and self-aware.

    And, finally something nice to look at for the day after a continuous string of posts of not so nice to look at stuff from Lea Michele straight to Brooklyn Decker.

  • Eva_baby

    He looks exactly like how I always imagine those jaded billionaires in Harlequin romances look who are always impregnating their virgin mistress secretaries.

    • YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName

      and who does the virgin mistress secretary look like?  

      • Eva_baby

         Me, of course!

        • YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName

          mmm hmmm.  i figured as much.  😀

  • Eclectic Mayhem

    What a refreshingly honest interview.

  • Rebecca Johnson

    He’s as fine as ever, but the pictures are pretty snoozy – which is impressive considering they are supposed to be voyeuristic. If I was able to spy on Fassy for real I would hope to see much more interesting things than this.

  • MilaXX


  • MsMajestyk

    Lordy.  I’d like to be that stupid bitch who thinks she’s all that.  His stare is so intense.  Thank you TLo. 

  • SpcilK

    Thank you God for the creation of MAN!

  • http://twitter.com/watchinginkdry Dr Skylaser

    Hate the woman-as-prop thing.  And he doesn’t do it for me, somehow.

    • holdmewhileimnaked

      thank you for saying that. i couldnt figure out how to put it, you’ve put it exactly right. at least i dont think he has spouse of some sort. although theyre pretty much always used to it, i always feel sorry for the spouse in such situations. always have.

    • http://www.wordydoodles.com WordyDoodles

       Yes and yes.

      I saw him in the X-Men movie and just could not understand the appeal. I also don’t get the January Jones appeal, and apparently they got together, so maybe the world still makes sense.

    • http://www.tomandlorenzo.com/ Tom and Lorenzo

       It’s a men’s magazine. Men are almost always used as props in editorials for women’s magazines.

      • Pants_are_a_must

         In their underwear, though?

        • http://www.tomandlorenzo.com/ Tom and Lorenzo

           Sometimes even naked.

          • Pants_are_a_must


  • http://twitter.com/urban_gypsy Tess Danesi

    Bless you, boys. After that Tom Cruise pic, I’m still having nightmares. This will do as a nice little brain cleanser. He is smoking hot. Sigh.

  • Joyce VG

    *sputter* what a lucky woman.  *Swoon* Fassbender…..gah can’t talk….

  • alyce1213

    Even with a smile on his face, he’s still dead in the eyes, as usual.  I just don’t get it with him.

  • siriuslover

    He sounds really grounded. I wanna kick that woman in the second picture.

  • http://twitter.com/wednesdaydreams Natalie

    He definitely should have been at the Oscars. I watched all the nominees’ films and he definitely should have been nominated over George Clooney

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    “My what fascinating panties you’re wearing”. That picture is really creeping me out, but I like his face on the cover and the vibe of the interview. That stupid stroking hand can go away.

  • PastryGoddess

    Thank you Saints T and Lo.  

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5UQHEKG5EDX4T6NMARUC565TPQ Amy

    How can someone be so dynamic in a silly little montage video??  It’s as if he could be equally mesmerizing eating cereal, taking out the trash, sleeping. Truly a gifted one. And not just in “well endowed department”!

  • Lina_bee

    My god, the camera loves him. Also, that shoot is kind of awesomely homoerotic. Male fantasy, starring a guy, with only a token nod to femininity of any kind. My inner feminist is annoyed, sure, but my inner queer activist is pleased. I guess that’s half a win?

  • http://twitter.com/SparklyCasanova UglyCasanova

    “To his dismay, no interests were found.”  is the caption for the third photo down.

  • friedacarmen

    Haven’t seen any of his movies — I mean to, but haven’t had time.

    But in these photos and the awful video he really does nothing for me.  He’s a little too skinny, for one thing, and also, he gives me a kind of greasy, creepy vibe.  Just leaves me cold.

  • unbornfawn

    So nice to see a boy after all the red carpet lady stars today. Thanks!

  • Roman000

    Hot man, and a great photoshoot. Feast for the eyes (and other places 😉 _

  • royinhell

    He SHOULD have gone to the Oscars- and brought home a trophy about the same size as his… 

    Sorry, Michael.  I couldn’t help it. 

  • susu11

    Thanks guys, I was hoping you would post this! I was practically palpitating all day at my desk looking at this editorial (while pretending to shuffle papers and look busy checking emails of course) 

    That last shot of him in the video with the smoke…GAH. Panty dropper. 

  • egl48

    Those eyes!

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    I was recently in Berlin, Germany and while shopping at KaDeWe, my purchase was rung up by a charming young man with Michael Fassbender eyes!  What a lovely bonus!
    Fassbender looks very, very good in this editorial-thanks, TLO!

  • frankystein123


  • gabbilevy

    Could he be any more perfect? Ugh. I don’t love the photographer’s choices, but Mr. Fassbender looks incredible. And that cover. Melting.

  • dramamajor

    So shmexy.

  • a_liking

    This is just bothersome to me because of all I’ve heard about him being, well, an asshole to women. maybe everyone already knows this, but… There’s his ex-girlfriend who claims he abused her. There’s also the situation when filming with Keira Knightley and she told him she didn’t want to be spanked by him, to which he said that since she was tied to a bed she “shouldn’t be making any threats”. Like, it just rubs me the wrong way to see him posing with women like this.

  • Joanie Hunt

    Hmm, I just commented saying I’d like Charlize’s jewelry for my birthday this weekend. Can I change my mind and order one Fassbender to go?

  • Cathy Burke

    Not sure why the hate on the woman in the photos – wanting to punch her in the face and calling her a stupid bitch…

    • http://www.tomandlorenzo.com/ Tom and Lorenzo

       Who said anything about punching her in the face?

      • Cathy Burke

        Sorry, my mistake – the post said kicking the woman. 

  • bluefish

    Thank you, Mario!  Love it when that boy smiles.  And the thought of MF teaming up with Cronenberg makes me smile.  I loved the Jeremy Irons with Cronenberg combo. 

  • Southern Belle

    He needs to be cast at Christian Grey. Absolutely perfect for the role.

    • FashionShowAtLunch

      … except that I suspect many people would lose respect for him if he decided to attach himself to that dreck. 

  • http://twitter.com/arodenha Alli

    I love starting my mornings with a dose of das Fassbender.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1183772509 Jen Hughes

    That man. That man is like someone went into my brain and made my dream male specimen. The video? The cheshire cat smile? The accent? The bulge in the jeans? I can’t even. *sigh*

  • Vanessak69

    That man is painfully beautiful but on top of that, goddamn he can act. I can’t believe the same guy played Mr. Rochester (Jane Eyre would definitely have dropped panties for him regardless of how many crazy French ladies were in his attic), Archie from Inglorious Basterds and the boyfriend in Fish Tank. The last probably not many of you have seen but I heartily recommend it.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1183772509 Jen Hughes

       I’ve committed myself to seeing ALL of his movies. The only one I haven’t seen yet is The Hunger.

  • kelsita421

    For some reason he always makes me nervous, and not in a fun, schoolgirl-crush way. Why is that?

  • Pants_are_a_must

    Am I the only one kinda creeped out by the underwear shot?

    • juliamargaret

      Nope. :-(

  • BeeBeauNYC

    Woof Woof Woof. Thank you!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2ZGSQMHRCO7LAIOWG2HD74V6XU Marcie Dreyfuss

    Hiddleston, Fassbender and Cumberbatch! This is what my Playgirl Mansion would look like, hubba, huba.

  • http://twitter.com/ennisamy Amy Ennis

    The third picture down is about the sexiest thing I have seen in a long time. 

  • EEKstl

    My Gawd.  Yum.

  • jennifervney

    Michael Fassbender, getting his strokable mug stroked by some stupid bitch who thinks she’s all that”

    Oh my god, I love you guys. :)

  • SpillinTea

    Yall left out the most important part – In the interview he says he’s dating the beautiful Nicole Beharie, the sista co-star from Shame.  Thats right, Fassbender likes a swirl :) Yasss!

  • http://twitter.com/unflinchingly Lindsey Romain

    I appreciate his honesty about not getting an Oscar nomination. He and Carey Mulligan were both robbed – I thought Shame was the best movie of last year if you judged it primarily by acting. Both were powerhouse roles. Kind of a (pun-intended ) shame. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3AJ237ND3GAHDQJZ4TLCO4WLRA Emily

    Wow.  Really hot.

  • Truly_Outrageous

    When he said the word “penetrate” I nearly fainted.