Met Gala 2012 Red Carpet Part 1

Posted on May 08, 2012

Let’s DO this, bitches!

Amy Adams in Giambattista Valli

Very pretty. Lose the metallic bow and it might even be perfect.


Ashley Greene in Donna Karan Atelier

We wish it didn’t look so bridal because she looks gorgeous. If only it wasn’t in white.


Cameron Diaz in Stella McCartney

This looked better moving than it does in stills. Highly dramatic look – and her hair looked great – but in pictures, her boobs look a little smushed.


Camilla Belle in Ralph Lauren

Stunning, although visible illusion netting makes our eyes twitch and reminds us of ice-dancing costumes.


Chloe Sevigny in Miu Miu

Batshit crazy. And we love her for it.

Claire Danes in J. Mendel

White is so very not her color. Hair and makeup look great, though. And we like the shape of the dress. We just don’t like the white. Also, the shoes look like afterthoughts.


Dianna Agron in Carolina Herrera

Serving it UP. That’s a gorgeous color on her.


Emily Blunt in Calvin Klein

Stunning. We wouldn’t have thought she could pull off that pink, but she’s working it. Not so sure about the matchy pink lips, though.


Hilary Swank in Michael Kors

It’s not a bad dress, but it’s too much dress for her. That high neckline isn’t her friend. Although we suppose we should salute her for NOT breaking out her swanky hills for the world to see, like she normally does.


Jessica Chastain in Louis Vuitton

This looked SO MUCH better in movement. We hate it here and we didn’t fall all over ourselves loving it last night when we first saw it, but it’s amazing how bad this dress looks in stills. For such a beautiful woman, she’s amazingly un-photogenic.


Solange Knowles in Rachel Roy

 Shutting it down.


Jessica Paré in L’Wren Scott

She, too, is shutting it down.


Katharine McPhee in Elie Saab

As is she.

Although we don’t love the hair.


Kirsten Dunst in Rodarte

Kirsten Dunst is thirty years old. In fact, she turned thirty last week. It’s a sobering time in a person’s life; a reminder that their youth is fading and that, like everyone else, the dark, yawning grimness of an open grave is waiting for them, just up the road and around the bend.

Get a hold of yourself, girl. You’re not 80 yet.


Laura Carmichael in Emilia Wickstead

 Lady Edith, always destined to look worse than Lady Mary.


Leighton Meester in Marchesa

 Looks like someone tripped and landed face-first in a vat of bronzer.


Mia Wasikowska in Prada

Absolutely gorgeous dress. So gorgeous that we find ourselves desperately hoping that those are shadows and not pit stains.


Renee Zellweger in Emilio Pucci

Gotta say, girl BROUGHT IT. That’s the best she’s looked in a while.


Rooney Mara in Givenchy

Bow down, bitches. Only the Audreybot could make granny panties actually look chic.


Scarlett Johansson in Dolce&Gabbana

Lorenzo hated this dress but Tom thought this whole look was a step forward for her. She looks young and sexy, which is something she, amazingly, struggles with occasionally.

Hair’s too limp, though. She seems deathly afraid of blowouts.


[Photo Credit: Getty]

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  • Sobaika Mirza

    Loving Jessica Pare’s mod girl metallic! Leighton Meester might actually have looked good if her makeup stylist didn’t hate her. And of course, the fabulous Rooney Mara. I don’t love her ‘Audrey-with-edge’ look all the time but she looks stunning. Almost enough to make me want a sheer skirt of my own.


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  • RzYoung

    oh lovely gowns! I think my fave of the page is McPhee

    • drdirection


      • DCSheehan

        Agreed, she looks amazing and extra points for going with orange. But there are a lot of gowns to love all round.

  • chloe – oh chloe – how i miss you! that is FANTASTIC!

    • XMom

       When I first saw these pics on yahoo this morning my first thought was “Oh JOY! We are going to have a Chloe post!” I was kind of disappointed that she didn’t get a longer review.

      • introspective

         I was totally looking for a “Caress escaped from the meth lab and tripped onto the red carpet” type of review from our gay uncles. Cause that’s what I thought when I saw CS in that Miu Miu mess. LUV HUH for her cray cray self.

  • understateddiva

    Is there a big-budget western coming out soon?  So many dresses said old-timey barmaid to me – Johannson’s (even though she looks pretty) and Chastain’s especially.

    • RebeccaKW

       I thought Chastain’s looked like the slip to a ‘Gone with the Wind’ style dress.

      • Terrie_S

         That was my thought as well! Total support garments look.

    • That’s what I was thinking about with Johannson, although I was thinking of Ren Faire beer wench.

  • Love Jessica Pare. Claire Danes is looking a little January Jones-ish?

    Also not in love with the dark lip trend last night. It all looked a bit too harsh on everyone. 

    • drdirection

      As it always does. especially in pictures.

    • kimmeister

      Especially when it’s dark brown!  Ugh.

  • NinaBoo

    Irrational hatred of Katherine McPhee?  Check!

    •  Exactly! I never really understood everyone’s “I hate [insert celebrity here]!” until now. Every time I see her face I want to punch it. Strange!

      • Eva_baby

         Can I join y’all at this table?  Even in this picture she has a dead-eyed stare.

        • That’s EXACTLY it though. On paper she has absolutely everything, stunning beauty, more than passable singing voice, pushy stage parents etc. etc. but having suffered through her season of Idol, she has the personality of a wet codfish. And it SHOWS. 

          • agree with the sentiment, but what is a dry codfish though…

          • Brendan Schulze

            Unpleasant to eat. *rimshot*

  • Catiline

    Cameron Diaz’s hair is way too close to her Something About Mary look… which is unfortunate, because she looks super beautiful.

    Rooney Mara looks amazing and I love McPhee’s dress.

    • Alisa Rivera

      I thought the exact same thing about Diaz!

      • leftcoastpickle

        I think this is the worst picture of Cameron Diaz I have ever seen! that dress looks horrific, and I’m sure it’s not that bad.

        • It looks like she has fake boobs sloppily stapled to her dress, and I’m sure she doesn’t. The subtle “pattern” is doing her no favors. 

        • Flooby

          It’s like an optical illusion of a dress- even though I KNOW she’s tall and slim and gorgeous in this she looks matronly and somehow stumpy- what’s going on?

  • There are people for whom Kiki’s suit of doom would’ve looked perfectly suitable at thirty. Those people are Katherine Hepburn and the Laurens Bacall and Hutton. Maybe Barbara Stanwyk. Not Claudia the baby vampire. 

    • Maybe without that expression. and maybe not in that setting. I almost think it could have worked, but just not this time.

      • Flooby

        To me she looks very embarrassed.  I’m pretty sure that’s a blush of shame and not too much bronzer.  

    • megohd

      Funny, because I was actually thinking of Farrah Fawcett at Barbara Hutton. You know, the heiress who had her heyday in the 30s and 40s.

    • formerlyAnon

       I think it works through the hips. Too much skirt. She couldn’t have gotten away with a knee-length skirt at this event, but fabulous, full, matching evening trousers with some great platforms would have worked, I think.

  • BazoDee

    WOW -that is a whole lot of WERQ going on! Just about everyone looks great. Except Ms. Dunst who looks like a skinny Ms. Clause. Diana Aragon does not look happy -it is ruining the look for me.
    Not convinced about Emily Blunt in that pink 
    Clare Danes is unrecognizable
    I like Ashley Green even if it is white. 

    • carolynmo

      I agree about Ms. Danes.  I kept staring at the picture, wondering if that was really Claire Danes. Otherwise, fabulous dresses.

      • BazoDee

        Okay -so not just me!!

      • littlemac8

        In other shots I thought her hair looked like it had a bumpit all up in there!  And the shape of that dress makes her look hippy and she does not need help in that department.

  • Chloe Sevigny is the honey badger of the red carpet – she really does not give a fuck. And I love her for it.

    • drdirection


  • Pants_are_a_must

    Why is Renee Zellweger doing a Tower of Pisa there?

    • amf0001

      she’s on my irrational hate list,  so I always notice everything she is doing wrong…

  • Emily Blunt. WOW. Wish we knew what her shoes were!

  • MinkaL

    Audreybot is not pulling off that look in my opinion. But maybe I am just too sick of the granny panty/see through trend to judge without bias. Agron’s makeup looks terrible. How much blush is she wearing? I just see nothing redeeming about Mia’s whole looks. And don ‘t even get me started on Hilary’s kmart prom dress.

    Solange Knowles and Emily Blunt are my fave looks from this set. Stunning colors. Stunning styling.

    • Agree with the Audreybot comment.  I dislike the dress, period.  So I don’t think anyone would be “bringing it” in that dress.

    • introspective

       loving Solo and Emily too! What fabulous color choices!!

      Im thinking Solo got a real wake up call when big sis got most beautiful woman honors cause she’s really been trying to step her game up in the last few weeks. and Im loving the results!!

  • Claire Danes looks like that scene in Death Becomes Her where Meryl has her head on backwards.

    • amf0001

      I kept hinking how much better she would look in the identical dress in navy…

  • colleenjanel

    I have such a crazy girl crush on Diana Agron!

    Oh Mia, poor Mia … A little Secret it the pits wouldn’t have been a bad thing. I too wish they weren’t pit stains, but the stiff arms and “oh shit” in the eyes tells us otherwise.

  • Beardslee

    Emily Blunt looks incredibly chic.  All those drippy dresses make me think about how stepped upon they must have been by the end of the night.

  • jason c

    bridal or not, I choose Ashley Greene as my winner. altho solange looks stunningly human and that doesn’t always happen.

    it looks like Leighton’s makeup artist was inspried by Paz de la Huerta. seriously. girl is a mess.

    SO excited for the rest of these posts =]]]]]]

  • SusiePamudji

    I’m with Lorenzo on ScarJo, that’s not her dress. I like/am OK with most all of these dresses on these ladies. Kiki D looks old, but not bad. Rooney Mara’s dress crosses just a tiny bit into tackydom to me. Leighton’s dress color is wrong for her current skin color. God bless Chloe Sevigny. Dianna Agron is my favorite in this batch. Love that color!

  • bittykitty

     Laura Carmichael looks like she went shopping in Meryl Streep’s closet.

  • joancarol

    Did Rene Zelleweger  have her pelvis removed? I know we’re not supposed to comment on body parts, but I never saw hips like that.
    Maybe that arrow thingy is holding them in.

  • I take your word on Cameron’s look live against picture. The
    dress doesn’t look like an Stella at all, which is good these days, I guess.

    Wouldn’t have recognized Claire Danes if you had not tagged

  • I never thought I’d say this….Solange looks the BEST out of EVERYONE. Ashley Greene looks great,but I hate that droopy strap/ Camilla Belle’s makeup is insanely bad. And I didn’t recognize Leighton Meester. Scarlett looks uncomfortable, her hair is messy,and her makeup is odd,especially those lips.

  • siriuslover

    Once you mentioned the pit stains, I can’t unsee them, which is a shame because it’s a gorgeous dress.  My other favorites were Amy Adams, Jessica Pare and Katherine McPhee.

  • miagain

    I love Jessica Chastain’s dress… what a gorgeous color!
    But it’s a very good point how a dress can look so different in photos, as opposed to in person.  What’s a girl to do… pick Now or LATER??

  • I’m not sure. I think it was the angle the photo was shot from.

  • Thank you for making my morning.Bless you.

  • Chloe’s hair and makeup look better than they have in AGES.

    Which isn’t to say they look GOOD, exactly…

  • Beth G

    At first glance I thought Cameron Diaz was Cloris Leachman.

    • I too think the dress is matronly, even if it is tight, and the back dips low. At least her hair looks better than usual.

    • Kayceed

      I thought of Ginger from Gilligan’s Island.

  • M

    Solange looks straight up Diana Ross fabulous.

    • ballerinawithagun

      Exactly, my favorite!

      • She’s my favorite too. I think if Solange and January Jones were in a yellow-dress-off, Solange would dismiss Betty with a flick of her little finger. 

        • formerlyAnon

           She looks so much better in that bright yellow than a pale-skinned blonde can EVER hope to, it pretty much goes without saying.

  • Who’s wearing that giant bow behind Diana Agron?

    Emily and nutty Chloe are my faves.

    • drdirection

      I was wondering the same thing!

      • drdirection

        It’s Christina Ricci

        • amf0001

          well she must have lain on her stomach in the car for it to arrive in such good shape

    • JaneDC

      I wondered the same thing. I hope she was an usher or something because sitting down would be out of the question.

  • TheOriginalLulu

    Camilla Belle, although the lipstick is too harsh
    Chloe Sevigny – I LOVE that dress. Shoes are ugly, though.
    Hillary Swank
    Solange Knowles – I love it when she rocks the Diana Ross hair
    Jessica Pare
    Katherine McPhee – looks gorgeous
    Renee Z – I’m shocked that she looks so good!
    Scarlett J – Not a fan of all that tulle on the bottom, but the bodice is gorgeous and she looks hot. Agreed on the hair, though.

  • OK, so love McPhee’s, lol on the bronzer pic (seriously!).  Hate Mia’s, Lady Edith’s, and Ms. Claus.  Did anyone catch’s Christina’s dress on The Voice last night?  Oh my Jesus…. 

    • Renee Thomas

      Yes I saw Xtina on The Voice last night. She could not have looked MORE tacky. Ugh.

  • mjude

    I really like Mia’s dress but i am afraid those are pit stains.

  • Both Claire Danes and Cameron Diaz look like drunk socialites who just stumbled out of a limo, based on face … which is too bad because Diaz’s dress is stunning

  • Lina_bee

    Sevigny usually evokes kneejerk rage in me, but she looks relatively great, possibly because she looks NOTHING LIKE HERSELF. Kiki looks like she raided Madeline Albright’s closet. McPhee’s orange gown is great but could she not put on some friggin makeup? Agron’s dress is so wrinkly, it’s hard to appreciate, though the color is great. Danes…looks less than completely put together, as usual, and what is her deal with white? Not even close to her best color. Swank OTOH looks like a crime scene, with all that blood red flowing out of her throat — terrible look for her.  Mia W looks like a Holly Hobbie doll dressed up to meet royalty.

    • Call me Bee

      Ha–Madeline Albright’s closet.  So true…

  • lizajane1776

    This kitten has opinions!
    Amy-Best deployment of side hair of the night.
    Ashley-looking GOOD!
    Cameron-dead eyes.
    Camilla-wrong wrong wrong lip color. Hand it back over to Paz.
    Chloe-Surprisingly good-hardly noticed the granny panties!
    Claire-some lipstick please. Deep Vs are not your friends.
    Dianna-nice, but could have been upped a little.
    Emily-boring. SHE looks bored.
    Hilary-No. Just, no. Bad hair, too much dress.
    Jessica-back off the lip color just a hint.
    Solange-WOW! Bringing it!
    Jessica-love L’wren Scott.
    Katharine-good but boring.
    Kirsten-Bad 40’s hair, bad 40’s everything.
    Leighton-So close…to the vat of bronzer.
    Mia-More bad 40’s.
    Renee-better. But still not good. (And there is MY irrational dislike.)
    Rooney- PERFECT! Those look like LEATHER granny panties!
    Scarlett-Honey! Smile! That would distract us from your hair.

  • YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName

    Oh my God, Chloe!  I love her so much.  I would ex-gay for her.  I would be one of her alters.  Sometimes I pretend I am one of her alters.  Peek-a-boo is my 2nd favorite color again (after See-Thru), thanks to the Sev!  Thank you for your service to this country, my country.

  • Scarlet39

    I’m just in love with how Solange looks.  Perfection.

  • Judy_J

    Some hits, some misses.  Renee Z. is one of my least favorite persons, but I have to admit she looks great and that dress is stunning.  ScarJo’s dress and Ashley Green’s dress both suffer from one of my pet peeves…the droopy shoulder treatment.  It’s a deal-breaker for me.  Note to Mia Wasikowska: Dress shields.  ‘Nuff said.

  • Scimommy

    LOVE: The Audreybot (LOL at that nick! so appropriate!) and Solange Knowles. She must have gotten a new stylist and makeup person because I’m now starting to think she’s got the looks in that family…

  • That’s the best I’ve ever seen Dianna Agron look.  Ashley Greene’s limp hair matches her limp sleeve-let thing.  ITA on Jessica Chastain.  Girl can’t take a good candid picture.

  • NCDFan

    I could really see Mondo’s opera gown in this line up.

  • LOVE Jessica Paré! Who is that being swallowed by an enormous bow behind Dianna Agron? And poor Kirsten Dunst looks like Carmen Sandiego dressing like Mrs. Claus for the holidays :-/

  • MissMariRose

    I’m sure it’s no coincidence that when Renee stepped out looking the best she has in a good long while, she was wearing someone other than Carolina Herrera.

    It’s about damn time.

  • YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName

    Is Leighton Meester a cannibal and she frosted her cupcake with Paz De La Heurta?  Because Paz seems to have gone missing of late.

  • halleygee

    Kristen D. looks like Mrs. Claus in a Weight Watchers “after” photo.

  • Alisa Rivera

    I know I’m going to stand alone on this, but I actually love Kirsten Dunst’s look. It’s different and it took guts to go that route, plus I think that whole 30s vibe really suits her.

    • formerlyAnon

       I love it through the hips. I think fabulous, full-legged evening trousers (matching) would have worked better than the skirt.

  • That isn’t Kirsten Dunst.  Somebody dug up Elanor Roosevelt.

  • Are those WELTS on Renee’s chest?  What the hell?  But I love her dress otherwise, and all of the women featured here look sensational.  As did the two of you, I’m guessing…

  • Anathema_Device

    Your assessments are spot on, of course. It is good to know that pictures can’t always do a dress justice. I remember seeing an old, British “What Not to Wear” episode in which the hosts were getting a woman ready for a big event. They said the first time they went to the BAFTAs, they were stunned at how much better everyone looked in person than in pictures. I always think of that when looking at photos here…not that I cut anyone any slack. Heh.

    Also, are we sure Meester isn’t just reflecting some lighting at the entrance? Everyone behind her looks a bit orange, too. I can’t believe she’d be spoofing Tanning Mom at the Met Gala, but you never know…

  • Solange Knowles, SHUTTING. IT. DOWN!!!!!! OMG, she looks so fantastic. 

    Loved Jessica Paré as well, bu Solange definitely was my favorite on this page (maybe the whole night?).

  • Can’t wait for the commentary on January Jones and SJP! 

  • Solange and Jessica Pare for the win.  Bow. Down.

  • AliciaChamisa

    Did any of them take a look at “Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations,” the museum’s new exhibition? Or any of the  art? Odds 4:1 against…

  • JaneDC

    Chloe S is wearing a dress fashioned of coasters scavenged from a 1970’s paneled den. With shoes crafted from soda cans. How does she do it?

  • I thought Kirsten Dunst’s dress fit well with the Schiap theme though.

  • TheDivineMissAnn

    Solange Knowles BRINGS.IT.  She looks beautiful – love the hair! 
    Adore Ashley Green’s, the color on Hillary Swank’s, and the light catching pattern on Camilla Bell’s.
    The dress on the woman standing to the left behind Laura Carmichael is gorgeous!

    And the man behind Clare Danes is getting ready to dance the Irish Jig.  Have at it, man! 

  • tallgirl1204

    Can we get a better look at Lady Mary?

  • Susan Crawford

    This batch of carpeteers was, on the whole, ah-maazing! My vote for the win? Cameron Diaz. That girl just gets better and better. Her gown was TO DIE FOR, and she is rocking the new, shorter hairdo. Emily Blunt in coral-pink? Exquisite! Rooney Mara? Darkly glam, as always. Solange? Girl, you should LIVE in citrus yellow. Mia Wasikowska? Your dress – I Must Have It!

    Meanwhile, Renee Z. please join Julie Bowen at the snack bar for a sangwidge. The dress is gorgeous, the hair and makeup killah, but we do NOT need to see all the bones in your frail little chestal area, darlin’.

    Meanwhile, it has come to my attention that Chloe Sevigny once again brought the cray-cray. And I loved it!

    Kirsten Dunst – my mother had this SAME dress – 1975; deep emerald green faille – she celebrated her 50th birthday in it. You are NOT 50. Loosen UP, Kiki! (Although you looked great, I must say, despite the matronly gown.) (On the other hand, dowager chic IS pretty cool.)

    Scarlett? On the verge of being a hot mess, I thought. She looks like a lounge singer on a cruise ship. And I am SOOOO over the mermaid gown trimmed with frothy tulle . . . icky-poooo.

    Add a pair of white feathery wings and a tinsel halo, and you could put Jessica Chastain atop your Christmas tree – preferably a white Christmas tree.

    Can’t wait for Part 2, Uncles T and Lo!

  • Scarlett is the clear loser here. There are a couple people who look worse, but who at least tried.

    And Jessica Pare! Nice! I like her all modern! Unlike her costars, didn’t eff it up. 🙂

  • Pterodactyl111

    Reneé Zellweger looks like an evil queen.

  • merciblahblah

    ” She seems deathly afraid of blowouts.”

    Made me have to do the “stifle my laughing out loud at my desk” laugh. Thank you for that.

  • Laurie Bergman

    Kirsten Dunst somehow found the very ensemble I wore at a hospital charity benefit (as a hospital employee) in the spring of 1986. I had no idea she frequented Midwestern Goodwill stores!

  • Can I comment here on how much I hate the dark lipstick trend seen last night? Ugh.

  • KaileeM

    Wow! There were actually quite a few looks that I really, really liked! Solange looks amazing, as does Jessica Pare. And who would have thought Katharine McPhee could pull off orange sequins? Gotta say, orange is a totally underutilized red carpet color. 

  • Pare, McPhee, Blunt, and Agron’s color are my favorites. Camilla Belle looks fabulous except that she obviously made out with a box of chocolate cupcakes.

  • carolynmo

    Camilla Belle for the win.  She looks just stunning. Wow.

  • “Lady Edith, always destined to look worse than Lady Mary.” HA! I can see Lady Mary in the background and she looks good with the exception of the gloves (which look very “dance recital”). Are any closer photos available? 

  • msdamselfly

    Loved Jessica Chastain’  whole look
    Rooney Mara –over the top

  • BeeBeauNYC

    I have to say, the ladies brought it this year – almost all of these are rocking. I cannot wait, however, til I see TLo’s assessment of Beyoncé though!

  • lordandtaylor

    Kirsten Dunst. Your dress looks like it come from a touring version of ‘The Music Man”. It  is very  Marian the Librarian>

  • Kayceed

    What a fun post! Solange Knowles looks radiant. Are those little cropped pants Lady Edith is wearing under her gown? If so, I love it. Kirsten Dunst – I gasped out loud – wearing a watch at an evening event, someone pass the smelling salts! I like the idea of a formal suit, and unlike most of the ladies, the skirt is perfectly tailored at the correct length – I also love that jeweled belt buckle – I first had hopes it was an enormous brooch, but think it is a buckle. The color and fabric read daytime to me. She seems to like tailored looks – I’d put her in a deadsexy Thierry Mugler/Claude Montana-ish suit in a fabulous formal fabric…

  • claudemtl777

    Amazing Red Carpet…better than the Oscars, IMHO…Jessica Paré best of this line-up…

  • bluefish

    Renee Z in the stunning Pucci.   Love.  And a chuckle over the tacky-ass Marchesa. 

    Really like the deep blue of the Wickstead on Laura Carmichael and the little cigarette pants underneath.  Very All About Eve and a gorgeous color.

    Hillary Swank has a such a beautiful body but always manages to look completely over the top and over done.  So harsh when she gets dolled up.


  • Call me Bee

    Wow–impressive bunch!  Looks like most were elegant and sleek and appropriate for the opera in NYC.  Only our dear Chloe was truly a “Don’t”.  I say  Scarlett FTW–not because her look  was the best, but because I love her and her look is a 150% improvement over what she usually wears. 
    However, I was unduly distracted by the goings on in the backgrounds of a few of these photos.   Like the doofus wearing a tux jacket and too-short light khakis.  And the woman with the HUGE bow on the back of her dress. 
    I guess the gals in those pics weren’t very compelling….

  • janetjb

    Why do so many of the ladies look so unhappy to be photographed?
    Kirsten Dunst looks especially pissed.  Maybe because she missed her fitting and she now has to wear an off the rack dress that doesn’t fit.

  • Kirsten Dunst has on a lovely traveling suit as an homage to train travel a century ago.

    I like the color of Laura Carmichael’s dress but the dress itself isn’t very flattering. 

  • pookiesmom

    Cameron Diaz looks TERRIBLE! I thought she was 60 in that photo! The rest of the ladies, overall, look fab.

    • MilaXX

       I think you can still see the live stream on On camera Cameron looked really pretty. It’s just not working in stills.

    • schadenfreudelicious

      i do not like her new boobs….

  • mmc

    I was surprised that Cameron Diaz’s dress was a Stella McCartney!  I wouldn’t have guessed!  Elegant! Solange Knowles?  LOVE.  Her hair?  To die for.  Other favorites are the Elie Saab on McPhee, and the Emilio Pucci on Zellweger.

  • susu11

    Ah so much pretty! Where to begin?
    -Love, love, Jessica Pare and Rooney Mara’s gowns. They are also carrying themselves very gracefully and not letting the gowns overwhelm them.
    -Even though I find Chloe Sevigny pretentious and slightly obnoxious, I have to admit she is somehow managing to pull off that crazy ass dress without looking completely nuts.
    -Claire Danes gown would have looked so much better in an icy blue or gray
    -Kirsten Dunst is killing me. I actually kind of like that color she’s wearing, but the whole thing on her gives me a sad.
    -On the fence about Emily Blunt and ScarJo. I feel like I’ve seen this kind of sleek CK thing on Emily Blunt before so it didn’t really take my breath away. And this might be the softest and prettiest I’ve seen ScarJo on the red carpet in a while. I like the neckline of her gown but with the train and beading together it kind of looks like a Renaissance Fair costume. (and I usually love Renaissance fairs!)

  • GorgeousThings

    Is that Lady Mary standing to Lady Edith’s back right?

    • Chaiaiai

      It is!  And she’s wearing gloves.  Delicious!

  • shamalama4

    I see what Kristen Dunst is going for, though what she is going for looks like showing up at a very fancy costume party as Carole Lombard.

  • Going against the flow here but I really like Hillary Swanks’ dress – it gives her athletic frame a bit of soft curve and is demure but sexy at the same time. Hair is a bit of a problem, ture.

    Also loving ScarJo’s ensemble, the bodice bit is to die for. Skirts a bit wafty for me and would prefer it removed to make a killer little beaded mini but still liking it.

  • Everyone looks drunk or stoned.

  • kimmeister

    Does Laura Carmichael’s dress have pants underneath???

    That’s an unfortunate location for a thick black design in the lace of Rooney’s dress . . .

  • TSkot

    Win: Zellweger

    Place: Crazy ChloeShow:  Jessica Paré

  • Why is Solange Knowles dressing so well these days? Is it love? Has she finally accepted that she is gorgeous, despite the cruel universe making her sister its ruler?
    Props to her. I hope this means she is starting to come in to her own, although I don’t even know what she does or is, other than Beyonce’s sister.

    • She’s actually a pretty talented singer/DJ believe it or not 🙂 Check out her song with Chromeo called “When The Night Falls”. 

      I think she’s way prettier and more talented than her big sister personally…but I’ve never been a huge Bey fan. Solange does look great here! 

  • MilaXX

    I’m surprised at how different some of these looks in stills. I watched the live stream and I think all of the gold dresses looked so much better. Jessica Chastain I thought looked really pretty except for her hair and here she looks wide and kinda sad. I’ll even give Kiki a break. Her look may be aging but nothing beats that Wednesday Adams at 80 look that Mary Kate(?) Olsen wore. lastly I liked Roomey Mara’s look, but there were entirely too many lace see through dresses at this event.

  • Amy Adams:  Love
    Ashley Greene:  My thoughts exactly
    Cameron Diaz:  Her boobs look lopsided, but other than that, she looks good.
    Camilla Belle:  HATE the lip color
    Chloe Sevigny:  Oh for Goodness sakes!  If she wanted to wear that dress to the Met Gala, least she could have done was had it lined.
    Clare Danes:  She looks stoned in that pic.  I wish this was a more straight-on front shot.  It looks off kilter from this angle.
    Dianna Agron:  Not normally a fan of green but this looks GOOD on her.
    Emily Blunt:  Pretty
    Hilary Swank:  Love the color, the dress itself…eh.
    Jessica Chastain:  This looks like a costume from a futuristic Shakespeare play.
    Solange Knowles:  Gorge!
    Jessica Pare:  She looks pretty but the dress is a bit busy.
    Katharine McPhee:  Lovely
    Kirsten Dunst:  Looks miserable.  Possibly because she looks like a character from the Great Gatsby.
    Laura Carmichael:  A bit too “Scarlett wearing the drapes”Leighton Meester:  I hate that shredded toilet paper skirt.Mia Wasikowska:  ChicRenee Zellweger:  Looks good but I wish she’d learn a new facial expression.Rooney Mara:  I don’t like the peekaboo skirt.Scarlett Johansson:  Again with the toilet paper.  The dress would be perfect without it.

  • granddelusion

    I need to know who’s wearing that giant ass bow behind Diana Agron. And Kirsten is worrying me. Something seems to be going on there.

  • I LOVE ScarJo’s dress; it suits her and most things she wears do not. Chloe looks fierce; I want that dress and a better body to display under it (maybe I should settle for a flattering liner). Other than the rapidly ageing Kirsten Dunst, everyone looks fab, much more so than usual. ::quiet applause::

  • granddelusion

    Jessica’s dress looks like it doesn’t fit in the bodice. May be an unfortunated effect of the bra cups look, but, nonetheless….

  • Carla_Charlton

    Renee Zellweger does look fantastic — that dress looks great on her, it’s dramatic, but since it’s black, it’s not screamingly so.  I also think Laura Carmichael looks great — her dress fits well, doesn’t overwhelm her, and it has kind of a 50s feel to it, which is a little like a costume, but it IS the Costume Institute. 

    From the waist up, Rooney Mara looks great, but, just as with platform pumps, I have never seen a sheer skirt/visible underwear that I don’t think looks trashy.

    And about Claire Danes — to me, that dress emphasizes her long waist too much.  She wears a lot of these dresses and I don’t think they’re flattering.  

  • CaTobes

    Solange’s hair + that dress are a match made in fierce heaven. Love the choice of clutch too.

  • marilyn

    Spot on!

  • VioletFem

    My personal faves are Katherine McPhee, Solange, Emily Blunt, Rooney Mara, and Mia Wasikowska. On a side note, retro hair looks better on Scarlett Johansson, especially when she adopts a style that isn’t so litteral. 

  • It’s gotten to the point where I can’t distinguish between Anna Paquin and Claire Danes. Good thing one of them is pregnant. Also, ScarJo is bringing the Kim Cattrall. 

  • Jennifer Coleman

    I’m a tad disappointed with this crowd. Yawn-worthy for the most part with a surprising win by Solange, who usually tries too friggin’ hard for my taste (see that nanomini from a few days ago). The yellow gown looks fresh, young & effortless. Megan, oops, Jessice Pare looks beautiful, too. The Leaning Tower of Zellweger is a recent personal best. If Kirsten Dunst had a leather riding crop as an accessory, I would have given her higher marks.

  • MoHub

    If Kirsten Dunst didn’t have pupils, I’d think she was Little Orphan Annie grown up—and not in a good way.

  • mellbell

    I think Kirsten Dunst deserves a “Girl, That’s Not Your Dress, Er, Suit” for that one. It would look amazing on, say, Lauren Bacall, but it does nothing for her.

  • minnye

    McFee is Stunn. ING. What a fabulous dress.

  • YayaGurl

    Is chloe Sevigny wearing her shoes on the wrong feet?

  • Aurumgirl

    Some stunning looks–Jessica Pare, for example; and Emily Blunt.  But honestly, some of these dresses are just flat out not flattering.  Cameron Diaz’s makes her right breast look like it’s twice the size of her left breast, and if that were the case I’m sure we would have noticed by now. 
    I don’t think Kirsten Dunst looks like she’s eighty in that dress–to me, she looks like one of those classic powerful screen goddesses, from some time around the 40’s.  Yes, she could have chosen something more revealing, but I am really enjoying the fact that some women are chosing fashion that isn’t exactly predictable.  

  • Rene looks absolutely stunning!  As do most of them. 

  • I actually don’t mind the illusion netting on Camille’s dress up there–reminds me of Erté, and that’s never a bad thing in my book.

    • alyce1213

      Agreed, the sheer netting works just perfectly here — it’s done the right way.  
      The illusion absolutely makes this gorgeous dress.

  • Thundar99

    Forget the Granny panties…whose the dish standing next to Rooney???

  • librarygrrl64

    I actually like what Laura Carmichael is wearing! Interesting, different, and a great color on her.

  • I gasped at Katherine McPhee.  LOVED it.  Also, Solange is really killing it lately.

  • EEKstl

    Wow, an impressive string of really good choices.  My faves are Katharine McP. (except for that hair), Jessica P., Mia W. and Renee Z.

  • alyce1213

    Your persistence in calling Rooney Mara “Audreybot” is fomenting within me an irrational hate for her. 
    In no way, other than being slim and having black hair, does she resemble or call to mind Audrey Hepburn — who we all know was truly one of a kind.  With her scowly face and hard edge, RM has none of the ethereal elegance, femininity, and natural charm of Audrey Hepburn.
    And she DOES NOT make granny pants with sheer overlay work. No one of the 2,000 or so women who wore it can.
    Please stop with the Audreybot — it doesn’t resonate.

    • We’ll stop immediately, then.

      Haha. No we won’t.

      • alyce1213

        Haha.  I knew you wouldn’t.
        Doesn’t change the fact that she’s no Audrey Hepburn or any bot-version thereof.

    • TheOtherChristina

      Just wanted to point out that you do not speak for all of the bitter kittens. I disagree strongly with nearly everything you said.

      • alyce1213

        I wouldn’t presume to speak for any other or all bitter kittens.  Just myself, thank you.

        • TheOtherChristina

          I did not say, nor did I imply, that you are not entitled to your opinion. I did imply that you’re trying to pass it off as fact. And you did use the phrase “we all know”, which implies that you have the unanimous support of the commentariat. I wanted to make my dissenting opinion know. Hope that doesn’t offend you terribly.

      • alyce1213

        Fair enough. It’s just a manner of speaking.  My using “we all know” to say that Audrey Hepburn was one of a kind can be disagreed with, but not much.

  • Laughing so hard I’m weeping

  • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

    Laura C’s dress looks freakishly close to the five giant bridesmaids’ dresses, in that deep blue taffeta, that I made people wear at my wedding in 1984.  No wonder I was only married for two years that time.

  • joe_tey83

    “Batshit crazy” just won’t do for Chloe Sevigny. I NEED a description of this particular alter.

    • alyce1213

      She and her atrocity deserved their own page.

      • formerlyAnon

        I thought her dress was kind of cool as a reference to a ‘mod’ dress made of plastic rectangles clipped together that I was SURE I remembered as probably a Rudi Gernreich design.

        When I went google-ing last night for a picture, all I found was a paper Gernreich dress of circles strategically attached to some kind of sheer substructure, and a Paco Rabanne mini of plastic circles (also a Rabanne of silver rectangles, but not the same emphasis on the space between the rectangles.

        A MUCH more successful dress, the Rabanne, though much of that may be the difference between Our Chloe on the red carpet and a model in an editorial photo.

        (Google “Paco Rabanne mod dress “unwearable materials collection” to find the plastic circles dress)

        • alyce1213

          I remember it as well.  That was fresh, and I agree – much more successful.

  • kikisayshi

    Immediate reaction upon scrolling down to see Kirsten Dunst was an out-loud WTF?!

  • TieDye64

    Solange really is killing it. That hair is looks crazy good on her. I cracked up laughing at Kirsten Dunst, looking all stern and matronly, and Leighton Meester. Yikes!

  • megohd

    There are so many outright hilarious, WTF photos here that I don’t know what to do. Congratulations to Dame Kirstin Dunst on her 60 years in Hollywood! Leighton Meester—auditioning for the Patricia Krentcil story? Cam Diaz—callbacks on the Linda Evans story?

    Less tragic but still unfortunate: Jessica Chastain lost her eyebrows, Claire Danes needs to eat a sammich, and Hilary Swank has mermaid hair.

    On the other hand, I bow down to Kat McPhee, Solange Knowles, and Emily Blunt.

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    McPhee looks crazed (perhaps her squashed and migrating breasts have driven her to the brink?) and Dunst came as Mrs. Clause on her way to a board meeting. 

    Snaps up for Solange and Jessica Parée!

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    Diana Agron FTW.  Gorgeous. 


    On a more coherent note, Renee Z needs to grab onto whoever styled her for this and never let them go. BEST YOU’VE LOOKED IN YEARS RENEE, JUST SAYIN’.

  • LilyPad

    Why does Renee look COMPLETELY SIDEWAYS? It’s like someone did a poor job of posing her cardboard cutout for pictures

  • Qitkat

    For some reason I confuse Claire Danes and Kirsten Dunst on the red carpet. But it’s far better to fail in a sassy white gown than look like your own grandmother.

  • formerlyAnon

    Huh. This lot is the dress A-list, compared to the follow-up Gala photos. Too many looking good to call a single clear winner or even limit myself to calling out a handful of “the best.” 

    And “Gala” or not, this is one of the very few occasions at which Ms. Sevigny’s dress could be appreciated as the referential success which I think it is. But honest to god, I am just not sophisticated enough to view those shoes with anything but loathing.

  • 3rdsister

    Rooney Mara never wears jewelry.  Not complaining, just wondering.  For me, the jewelry is part of the fun of dressing up.

    • girliecue

      Lots of sparkly jewelry is what 90% of being a celebrity is all about, in my little universe.

  • DCSheehan

    Chloe Sevigny. I. Love. It.

  • First thoughts, Kirsten & Mia = Santa & Mrs. Claus.

  • Had to look a few seconds to make sure Claire Danes wasn’t looking back over her shoulder. Not good. 

  • flrguy

    Wendy Williams just said on her show that Kirsten Dunst looks like Mrs. Claus on the Master Cleanse diet!

  • Renee Thomas

    Heartily agree. I think this is another ill-advised attempt to “update” ’90s fashion. (I am guilty of wearing hellishly dark lipstick when I was in college in the 90s, and I know I’m not alone!)

  • TxMom2011

    Amy Adams – first thing I thought was she used Christmas ribbon to make a bow
    Camilla Belle – Love that dress…. but her lips kinda scare me
    Chloe – LOVED IT
    Dianna Argon – I have yet to see her looking something other than BORING on the red carpet
    Solange – She really does look stunning here… but I have so much dislike for her I cant get excited about it
    Kirsten & Mia – Whats up with the gramma frocks?
    Renee Z – Another one I cant stomach… but I really do love her dress. She is a wacky poser …. geeze… that leaning tower is ridiculous

  • LOVE Katherine McPhee. Is Lady Edith wearing…metallic leggings under her metallic dress? 

  • girliecue

    My post is so late it’ll wind up seated in the nosebleed section, but I was too busy bowing down to Rooney Mara. Hope she has another movie coming out soon so we can see her on RC posthaste, where she belongs. I am SHOCKED – simply stunned! – that Countess Granny let Lady Edith off of the estate with her pantaloons showing! And I’m a little surprised Mrs. Claus loaned KiKi her annual Elves Ball outfit. Dianne Agron should not be made to actually do anything, like act or model. When she looks like perfection, it is more than we mortals deserve just to gaze at her. Same with Emily Blunt.

  • Zippypie

    Katherine McPhee and Rooney Mara….now that’s the way it is done. 

  • AWS

    Loved the everything from Amy Adams, Ashley Greene, Cameron Diaz, Camilla Belle, Chloe Sevigny, Dianna Agron, Emily Blunt, Solonge Knowles, and Jessica Pare (accent on the “e” of course).

    Renee Zellweger looked fierce but the rabid, full-moon look in her eyes is cray-cray…

    Scarlett Johansson had horrible hair, a pretty dress, and had the most disturbing uncomfortable look in her eyes.  Ew…

    Claire Danes looked like a 1st wife getting remarried to the pool boy.

    Hilary Swank had a horse-face dress on.  *shudder*

    Jessica Chastain looked like Scarlett O’Hara’s frenemy maid-of-honor.

    Kirsten Dunst: Elaine Stritch wants her outfit back…

    Laura Carmichael’s dress is a gorgeous shade of blue but yes, it’s too big for her.  Even if she were pregnant, it’s not tailored well for her body.

    Leighton Meester: What TLo said.  Lay off the tanning dear.  It’s so last year.

    Mia Wasikowski: Little Orphan Annie has a grown-up dress now. *yawn*

    Rooney Mara: ALIEN CHIC!

  • Kinda sad you didn’t name Chloe’s alterego. Those are always my favorite posts.

  • guest2visits

    So many beautiful gowns on this page. Wish Rooney’s was not the see-through bottom style, it would have been gorgeous.
    Favorites; Emily Blunt, Claire Daines, Amy Adams, Camilla Belle,…. lots more.

  • laurenoodle

    Rooney looks amazing (I love her)
    I also love Solange’s dress
    Hate Camilla Belle’s lipstick, that tan looks fake

  • phylora

    I like Kirsten Dunst’s look – she looks very Carole Lombard.

  • Lilithcat

    I want to know who the woman is behind Dianna Agron, and I want to see the rest of that dress.

  • Besides Leighton Meester’s bronze face, why was nothing mentioned about that gorgeous, to freaking die for Marchesa gown?! Just wet my pants a bit…. lol

  • Kirsten Dunst looks like the mother of the bride at the wedding of Santa Claus. Also, There’s Something About Cameron Diaz’s hair!

  • Sloane102

    Emily Blunt was my favorite. The color looks amazing on her. Just wondering though, what exactly happens during the Met ball aside from people showing off their clothes?

  • The skirt of Leighton Meester’s Marchesa looked like a beer that exploded in the freezer.

  • Melissa Brogan

    Did bronzer ATTACK Leighton Meester? What is going on here? I’ve never seen her look like such a mess.

  • Melissa Brogan

    Did bronzer ATTACK Leighton Meester? What is going on here? I’ve never seen her look like such a mess.

  • nannypoo

    On Jimmy Fallon last night Cameron Diaz said that her dress weighed 22 pounds. No wonder her boobs look smushed.

  • I can’t decide if Ms Dunst is channeling Sharry Bobbins or Jessica Fletcher. Chloe Sevigny’s dress is a tribute to music activists, “Where old 45 records go to die.”

  • Lady Edith brought it, bitches! She just looks a little Streep-y.

  • Kolo_Ol

    Kirsten Dunst is Mrs. Claus.

  • butter nut

    you boys got me crying laughing over lady edith…  also i want jessica pare to trade dresses with that smash girl..  

  • JD Spaulding

    Kiki.  KIKI!  Kirsten Dunst looks amazing.  That’s fashion with a capital F. Period.

  • lilazander

    My short comments on some:
    Diaz: matronly
    Sevigney: trying too hard
    Dunst: KGB
    Carmichael: wrinkled raincoat
    Meester: pretentious
    Mara: EXQUISITE!
    Johanson: caught in the rain

    The rest is just fine + exquisite Ms.Mara.