Menswear Spring 2012 Trends: Wild Prints

Posted on May 01, 2012

Boys, it’s time to discuss your upcoming warm-weather wardrobe. Walk with us.


Burberry Prorsum

Custo Barcelona




Jean Paul Gaultier





Did you notice anything? No? Then we’ll help you: If you’re a trendy young queen, these are the clothes that will make you roar with laughter or wince with embarrassment when you’re middle-aged and come across old pictures of yourself wearing them. But for now, let’s go shopping! We can say that most of this is simply not in our wheelhouse – especially the Versace, which exists in only a tiny, select number of wheelhouses worldwide. We do, however, love some of the Prada and Burberry pieces, but that’s no surprise. Our question to the boys and the boy-adjacents:

Wild Prints for Spring 2012: YEA or NAY?




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  • Yea to prints,nay to these particular prints.

    • lordandtaylor

      At least the Burberry shoes are fun. And my b-day is coming up!

      • JosephLamour

        I’d wear the Burberry and the Kenzo. But I’m pretty sure I’ll still be dressing that flamboyantly when I’m 60. LOL.

  • HomeOfficeGirl

    Curious to read what the boys have to say.  There is some ape-shit crazy in this album, but I supposed you never actually wear the whole palm tree suit, right??

  • That would be NNNNNAY…..  Except for one or two of these, I don’t think these are in pretty much ANYBODY’s wheelhouse, at least in a way that they can pull off without looking like a total douche…. 

    • It’s funny, but we were in NYC Versace store just looking at all the pretty, and there were a TON of arab men in there buying the crazy print shirts. Not just one shirt, oh no, more like they were buying 7 or 8 shirts without really trying them on. We sat there while my husband was trying on a pair of shoes and asked some of them if they were in town visiting, and the gang said they were tourists from the UAE. Their whole purpose of the trip was to just buy clothes in America.

      Maybe they want to look like jerks, take the focus away from their thinning hairlines, or just be part of what they feel is the American dream. I don’t really know. It’s more of an observation than anything, and just a curious guess that the prints aren’t for the American market, but maybe an international market instead.

      • Kayceed

        Well, I doubt they actually want to look like jerks, but the Arab men I know love color and pattern – mine would be all over the D&G shirts….

      • Nelliebelle1197

         That Versace is not much different than the 90s Versace, and I knew plenty of gay and straight American men who bought it.

  • ccm800

    Nay as hell – but I will take all those shoes on the Burberry Prorsum models

  • They all look like they’re either tourists, wearing pajamas, or tourists in pajamas.  OUT!

  • I love prints. But these hurt my eyes.

  • Didn’t we do this in 1973?

    • lordandtaylor

      I was thinking the same thing. Leisure Suits came to mind…especially the print VISA POLYESTER or rayon shirts!

  • minnye

    Oh, I hope we see the #2 Custo Barcelona suit on the RC! That would make my day.

    • HomeOfficeGirl

      Robert Downey Jr. with converse all-stars….

  • HomeOfficeGirl

    I do need to say that the models are all pretty spectacular!!  Etro #3 please…

  • MzzPants

    Somebody needs to send that lavender paisley Etro suit right to RuPaul.

  • YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName

    fuck all this!  i refuse to look like nicki minaj’s backup dancer.  

  • Yea to the Burberry, nay to everything else. I’m 25 and feel too old for most of these.

  • lordandtaylor

    Yeah to the Versace models. Clothes are comical. Yes, come poor guy will show up wearing one of these outfits to Sidetrack in Chicago and we will all have a good snicker. All of these clothes remind me of the International Male catalog. Nice to look at clothes but no one ever wears them.
    YES to prints. NO to the combinations in the photos.

    • Terence Ng

      Just have the Sidetrack DJ put on a clip from To Wong Foo.

  • I’ve Got Rocks In My Bed


  • Aly Light

    I say Yea, because for the most part men’s wear is BLANDSville, USA. Anything that shakes up that norm gets a quantity of respect from me just for doing so. The Moschino and Burberry Prorsum are good on-ramps.

  • Terence Ng

    Oh good. Now I can finally use the phrase “…Like the Miami Sound Machine exploded all over you,” while still being topical.

    I hope the bears don’t jump on to these…except for the bears who are already wearing Hawaiian prints.

  • wisenhar

    I think the top of the D&G model on the far right would look incredible on me.  And by “on me”, I mean ON me. 🙂

    • Amy Ellinger

      I’ll take Versace #4 with a side of thighs, please….

  • kimmeister

    Somebody at Givenchy in particular has gone cray-cray.  NAY to these particular prints.

  • MissAnnieRN

    NAY especially the givenchy ones.  These are eye seering.

  • MilaXX

    Since I like about half of this (Custo, D & G and the Gaultier) I’ll give it a small YEA

  • halleygee

    The only outfit I like is on the shirtless model, from the belt loops up.

  • Judy_S

    Laughter, it’s good for the soul.

  • Used sparingly here and there some of this could be great.  In addition to the TLo options I also really like some of the Gaultier and Moschino pieces.  Can’t you just see the younger Hemsworth sporting that first jacked on the RC with tamer accompaniments?

  • Lina_bee

    Ahahahahahahaha, omg.  1987 is back, and boy is it pissed!  How long til we see a TV cop show with leads, wearing these prints, in a shoot-out with black-suited drug runners in neon-painted speed-boats. Just slap on the Miami Vice soundtrack and show some gratuitous skanky bikini shots.  (Which is to say, do we have to do the 80s over again? Really?)

  • Sunshine16

    Please, designers, make the red Galtier & the black Moschino pants for your lady friends!

  • Most of these look like good outfits for the population of the Capitol, when they’re cheering on the contestants for the next Hunger Games.

  • Pennymac

    I’m kinda digging the Etro and D & G, but as usual the runway examples are pure overkill. I’m trying to squint at some of these and imagine how’d they would translate into real life, and I’m not having much luck.

    Yay to the wild prints, especially in some sort of moderation.

  • Most of these, no. On the other hand, the Etro pants and Givenchy and Custo Barcelona jackets can get in my closet. Special mention goes to the JPG blue jacket, which i am craving. It’d go amazingly with my 70’s blue & black checkered pants. Then again, I am a young black queen, so when else can I wear ridiculous things out clubbing?


  • TheLaurenJean

    I actually really like the D&G, but the Custo Barcelona will give me nightmares for a few weeks.

  • uprightcitizen

    I’m a guy. Wore some of this crap in the 80’s … but it had more life to it then, somehow. (The Moschino stuff looks right out of 1985, but those prints were from the really, really cheap stores back then.) The only thing I could see buying now would be the Gaultier … and then only the printed shorts, and that blue jacket (kinda love that for being a pretty Hawaiian shirt in blazer form). But I don’t go on cruises, and clothes like these are TERRIBLE for the other kind of cruising.

  • muzan-e

    D&G. Jeans #1 paired with shirt #2: Magnificent. Outfit #3 paired with any other shoes at all: swoon-worthy!

    Custo Barcelona: Pants #3 paired with a drapey black tank and huge dark sunglasses – for me. Flat sandals. Perhaps a delicate, broad-brimmed hat. I want to rock that so damn hard.

    The rest, I’m afraid, reminds me of what my daughter wanted to wear for her first day at Disneyland Florida.

  • Some of this might be acceptable beachwear, or out on the deck for cocktails. Most of it would be very acceptable ladywear.  I’d even consider wearing a jacket in some of those prints, tamed down with a white shirt and some khakis. Reminds me of the Hawaiian shirts you can buy at Wal Mart for $9.99

  • Beardslee

    Golly.  The patters on the Gautier photos on the left remind me of the panels painted on vans and the shirts everyone wore at my high school in the 70s.  The pants in the top row are spectacularly ill fitting.
    However, I think if you take some of these pieces, and tone them down with something less screamy, they could be cool.

  • NAY – these looks are laughably disgusting.  I would not be caught dead in any of them.  If you saw someone on the street in that first ETRO look, especially with the hat, you would die laughing.  It’s telling that not even the genetically-superior model can pull the look off.

  • YAY to wild prints! I love them in moderation (as opposed to matching top and bottom), but definitely yay. 

  • My husband says NO. Vehemently no. Even to the Burberry, which is the least offensive of the group, I think. The Custo Barcelona guys made me actually laugh out loud. Personally, I like the Kenzo and Moschino pants (in that I would wear them), but I don’t even want to see any man doing this look unless they are a) very young, b) very skinny and c) going to a party in a big city. It’s a big NO for me.

  • j_anson

    My first negative reaction made me stop and think, J, you are being sexist! Why shouldn’t men wear colors? Why shouldn’t men wear prints? Men’s fashion SHOULD allow them more range and expression than it currently does! Break down the gender stereotypes!

    But then I looked again, and, nope. 80% of these are still ugly, cheap prints that I’d hate on women too. It’s like, having mixed in colors and prints, we have to re-establish manliness by making sure they’re aggressively eye-assaulting.

    • j_anson

      Though, on the other hand, if someone ever wants to do Newsies II: Hawaii! Prada has them covered.

  • mjude

    made me laugh cant deny it.  i just cant this time so NAY

  • newleaf1

    I think I have a suit from 1989 in that Kenzo print on the far right.  But that hat is crazy and the model looks embarrassed to be wearing it.  

  • Kayceed

    What? What??!! Seriously, I can’t hear anything, these prints are that loud…

  • RebeccaKW

    I like men’s short lengths right at the knee.  Most men do not need to wear the short shorts of the Moschino or the Custo Barcelona.  The JPG has some nice pieces (blue jacket/white shorts) but for the most part, I giggled throughout.

  • jw_ny


  • DCSheehan

    There is very little here I would or could wear. But damn I love the joy in at least half of this.

    I could pull off the JPG baby blue jacket though, though I haven’t worn a jacket with shorts since 1992…maybe I’ll pair it with jeans instead. Also, I’ll have the model wearing it.

  • So D&G now stands for Douche and Gigolo?

  • Deac82

    I think that some the Etro and Givenchy will work when toned down with other more neutral pieces.  

  • If you are a model they’ll look amazing…if u aren’t I just can wish you good luck.

  • benjamin478

    its one of those big “I wish” things. I wish not only that there were some chance i could pull ANY of these off and make them look as fashion-y as they do on the runway instead of just making me look weird, but somehow I think I am more susceptible to the latter. its also a big “I wish” in that part of that isn’t even me. Sure I can’t wear clothes like a model, but I wouldn’t even be really comfortable going anywhere in these, even if they do look nice, because I feel like way too many people for my liking would not approve. and while thats not what it should be about, it would probably deter me enough from wearing things like the kenzo pants or givenchy shorts even though i wish i could.

  • allisankelly

    So much Nay. Love the red D & G moccasins tho.

  • Daenyx

    My eyes quit about halfway through.  Do not want.  (Being female, that doesn’t much matter, but!)

  • giiiirrrr

    Yea, because I like it when people take risks.  But those Versace V-necks should be burned.

    • formerlyAnon

       I feel like a Philistine saying this, and to each their own, etc., etc. But as each collection and then each year passes by, I grow more and more convinced that the world would be a better, more attractive place without Versace. I can’t even get behind the “fashion needs its extremes” argument because the extremes of Versace increasingly strike me as joyless. There are a few exceptions, I admit. But darn few.

      • giiiirrrr

         That seems eminently reasonable to me.  It’s boring self-parody, and that’s about as low as you can go.

  • Chaiaiai

    The Versace and Givenchy models should all take those clothes off now.  The rest can just leave.


  • emcat8

    I feel like I say this about all the menswear posts, but NayNayNayNayNay. I wonder how the models keep straight faces; they must just be pissed to have to wear calf-high black socks with shorts and formal shoes.

  • I live in SoCal and all I could think was how these will look on aging, beer gutted OC dads when they come drop off their kids at school come fall. Because that’s who’ll be wearing this stuff. 

  • Judy_J

    The Burberry and the Prada are the only ones I can visualize real people wearing.  The rest is just too loud and too extreme for my tastes.  That Versace collection is giving me a massive headache.

  • SapphoPoet

    Nay. Although Josh from last season’s Project Runway would probably like these prints.

    • AthenaJ

      Yes, although it’s lacking in mesh and plastic to truly live up to his “style”

  • Honestly, I love the heck out of that blue Hawaiian print Gaultier blazer. Can totally see it with a white shirt and a pair of linen pants. If it were in coral, I might be able to convince my dad to buy it. (He’s a sucker for the salmon spectrum.)

  • ThaliaMenninger


  • petalfrog

    Looks like Saved by the Bell to me!!!

  • BeeBeauNYC

    I love the shirtless D&G model.

  • Frank_821

    A few of  the looks are viable. I actually like most of D&G but most of what’s shown is so over the top and extreme. Playful and irreverant are one thing but loud and tacky and cheap looking are another. The styling doesn’t help much either

  • Egads, NO! Most of this is hideous and unwearable in any context

  • Julie Fountain

    All I know is there are some serious Blue Steel faces going on in this post.

  • teashell

    Dig those Givenchy sandals.

  • SewingSiren

    I love prints for men. Especially flowers.

  • Monabel

    Does anyone remember NIk-NIk shirts? 

  • piecesofconfetti

    I like the Burberry. That’s about it.

  • Oh god I am turning into a cougar. So much delectable young flesh! And I’d much rather see them without the clothes, so NO to prints from me but that is not coming from a place of fashion.

  • Jessica O’Connell

    ICK great big NAY to these… though I enjoyed the one with the shirtless man… just for the top half of the ensemble though…

  • understateddiva

    Yay or nay on this trend is gonna be on a case-by-case basis.  I’m ok with the Burberry and maybe the Gautier, but the Versace look is so young it’s bordering on infantile.

  • M N

    Oh gods, nay.  Though I do like the Moschino and 3/4 of the Gaultier. The dark jacket on the leftmost Moshino model- if I had a women’s suit like that, I could die happy go confidently to job interviews.

  • I would cut someone for that polka dot jacket.

  • NO.

  • Dan_In_NYC

    That much pattern should be relegated to mid-thigh shorts and nothing else.  The end.

  • kat89

    Some of those things look like stagewear for KC and the Sunshine band…

  • formerlyAnon

    I won’t decree yea or nay, not being a guy. But I will offer that when my eye fell on the row from Custo Barcelona I burst out into an audible and involuntary chuckle. I don’t know why that row in particular, since I like some of those fabrics – and I do think the jacket on the far right is kind of fabulous, or will be when it leaves those shorts behind.

    I am SURE I will see pieces, particularly shirts, from these collections on well heeled gentlemen at golf tournaments and on the teevee.  I am sad, thinking of some tragic polyester prints of my ’70s girlhood, lest the knock-offs, of which I will see many, many, more, go in that direction.

  • roadtrip1000

    I for one would love to see these looks on the street. I could use a good laugh.

  • crash1212


  • anasmomma

    yikes…have to be a Nay…however, loving the shoe situation…

  • BobStPaul

    You’d have to be very young to be able to wear almost any of these, and even then it would be very nearly impossible not to look ridiculous.  There are a few pieces that are interesting but generally they’re overdone.  But I do love color and prints – just not these.

  • sleepycat

    Nay, never ever

  • kikisayshi

    Oh hells to the NAY! 

  • Ezmartin

    Hell to the no.

  • Susan Crawford

    If you are six years old – YEA. Older gentlemen – please offer a gracious NAY.

  • I kind of like the far right Gaultier pants – it would take a special boy to pull them off, but they would be pretty fabulous under the right circumstances. The rest of it needs to burn.

    • tsid2012

      And by “special boy” you mean “high price rent boy”?

  • Enjoy it for the few, short months it may actually get worn. After that everyone will be able to carbon-date your wardrobe and judge accordingly.

    Burberry may make fun prints, but they threw down a gauntlet when they discontinued traditional fit and went entirely with slim fit. An XXL shirt that still doesn’t fit properly across the shoulders is not nearly worth $375.

    • tsid2012

      So true!  It is so annoying to buy most of my shirts in  M everywhere else but when I want to splurge on a D&G or Burberry I have to go to XL at least, sometimes XXL and even then the fit is weird.  I’ll stick with Target…..

    • formerlyAnon

      I enjoy reading of the vagaries of menswear sizing. It’s nice, in an irritation-loves-company kind of way, to know that menswear can be as irrational as womens’.

  • prettybigkitty

    I feel dizzy.

  • as a straight female, NAY.
    i couldn’t hold back my laughter while looking at these pictures.
    no WAY could i hold it back in the real world.


  • Roman000

    Some of them are nice, but the others are too flashy. 

  • NAY. Ugly.

  • poketom

    Sometimes it’s overwhelmingly difficult to play stylist and pick the pieces apart. But I can see some of these pieces working when paired with basics. 

    Would I wear them? No I would not. 

  • tsid2012

    Oh god!  Now i am dreading my upcoming trip to Palm Springs for a gay convention.  Every queen from LA over 50 will be sporting these looks and let’s face it: men my age should NOT even attempt this.  Unless you are on stage somewhere for some reason that requires you to look foolish.

  • Ron

    Yea, but as much as I love the Custo Barcelona pieces – they will never show up in the stores.  I will bring pictures of their runway looks to the CB boutiques in Las Vegas, NYC, LA, etc – and the clothes never show up.  What’s the use of showing clothes that aren’t every available for sale.

  • Louise Bryan

    Op-art, okay.  But too much is just too much.  One piece as an accent perhaps, with a lot of restful plain to prevent mental overload.  As presented, NAY!!!!!

  • boweryboy


    I’m loving the Burberry shoes and would wear any pair of them but the rest of this shit is clown clothes. Sheesh.

  • BigWhiteGrannyPanties


  • KathKo

    Yea, because if women are submitted to silly prints, I don’t see why their counterparts shouldn’t.
    Suck it, boys, you too must suffer by the blade of Trend.

  • Dan Howell

    Oh…my. I’m not one to go for prints on myself (pale, freckled skin and curly red hair? I have all the natural print I need.). But, I don’t think I could take these prints on anyone…perhaps paired with some more basic items, certain things would work. I will say, though, topless D&G there is my motivation for the week to hit the gym…

  • Nay! It’s all horrible, and no socks with sandals, Versace (though the dude is super-cute).

  • guest2visits

    One loud shirt or shorts might be a summer thing; but all together it looks like one crazy army.

  • Puckndc

    PUHLEEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..this is the new platform shoe/bell bottom/metallic jacket stuff that you will hang your head in shame and say to your friends 20 years from now..”Well, that was the fashion”…you guys are right!!

  • CatherineRhodes


  • Truly_Outrageous

    Im a YEA to prints. But Im a YEA to some of these. I dont think Im the paisley printed pant type or a birds of paradise print type. But I can do the floral jacket from Gaultier or the mix print shirt from Prada.  One of my dream wardrobes would come from this Burberry collection. 

  • Derek_anny

    no.  just no.  The only thing I would consider is the Moschino shirt with the black field.  This is my life.  I’d wear it with khaki pants while ringing peoples groceries up.  Also, the guy in the pot pants looks like Jedward.