Kristen Stewart in Marchesa

Posted on May 15, 2012

T and Lo are fighting again. Over a dress. But this time, we’re not just on opposite sides; we’re continents, if not galaxies away from each other.



Kristen Stewart attends the World Premiere of “Snow White And The Huntsman” in London in a Marchesa gown.

Marchesa Fall 2012 Collection/Model: Lara Mullen

Lorenzo thinks this look is stunning, The lacework is intricate and interesting, and combined with the hair and makeup, offers an extremely sophisticated look. He commends her for making the effort, because he thinks that these types of dresses are not at all easy to pull off and well outside her wheelhouse. He also thinks, since he saw this dress walk the runway in February, that this dress doesn’t photograph well at all and that in all likelihood, she looked even more stunning in person.

Tom thinks this is easily one of the least attractive garments he’s seen in ages – and he thought so back in February when he watched it walk the runway as well. He appreciates the skeleton motif and thinks that’s one of the few elements that actually works and is beautiful in a dark sort of way. It’s all those patches of black lace that he hates, and how they break her body into components. Wrinkled components. All that ruffling and shirring is so oddly placed that the dress seems determined to do everything it can to work against a woman’s natural shape. He gives her all the credit in the world for making the attempt to wear something like this and it certainly fits with the “dark fairy tale” theme of the movie, but ultimately this isn’t just a dress to tough for her to pull off, it’s a dress that no one can really pull off.

So who’s right here? Remember: your answer will determine whether or not we put you in our will.

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  • Meghan Bourn

    That dress is ugly.  

    • Clueless_Jock

      Vulgar too.

      • That big ruffle over her lady parts is awful.  I’ve got to go with a big NO on this one.

        • Lori

           ITA. A crotch ‘stache is never a good thing.

          •  Nailed it. Sorry Lo, but I’m with Tom.

          •  crotch ‘stache…bwahaha!

          • makeityourself

            Me too.

          • I’m with you on this…crotch ‘stache’s aren’t good….and neither is this dress. 

    • kcarb1025

      So is that ever-present sour face of hers.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        Even if she is naturally introverted, she’s chosen a profession that requires dealing with the press and public.  Is it really that hard to crack a smile when  you’re young, talented and attractive?

        • Liz

          She has said in interviews that she gets anxiety attacks on the red carpet, so I would guess that yes, it is that hard for her.

    • demondoll

      It’s just horrid.

  • BayTampaBay

    This ain’t anyone’s dress and is awful coture! OUT!

    • Violina23

      It’s like an early PR episode gone horribly, horribly wrong…

    • Nelliebelle1197

       I don’t think it is couture. Just the fall 2012 collection. Not that that makes it better.

  • clatie

    This dress is DREADFUL. Tom, I’ll sit next to you.

    • Make room for me… I think daddy Lorenzo has been hitting the crack pipe, but we love him so we’ll be staging an intervention soon.

      •  Oh dear!  I’m out of Lorenzo’s will.

        But tasteful Tom and I agree that poor Kristen has a terrible skin disease on her lower appendages.  Her upper body, however, is beyond my ability to comment on in a rational way.

  • msdamselfly

    I’m goin with Tom
    Super ugly

  • terrible dress. it’s not interesting either. maybe with someone with more presence could pull it off, but i doubt it

  • Jaspreet5

    I love Kristen but this dress is awful and her makeup isn’t helping!

  • donnaINseattle

    I thought I saw the child of a puppy and Ronald McDonald. A scary dog clown.

  • Gotta go with Tom.  That is one UGLY dress.

  • Oh, Lo, Lo, Lo. I’m gonna have to side with Tom in the divorce.

    I can’t wait for sheer’s 15 minutes to be over.

  • hillmad

    Tom wins, by a landslide! And that makeup! ugh!

  • tom. 100%. her black lace boobs and abdomen together make one of the creepiest smiley faces i’ve seen in ages. 

  • Sobaika

    I like this, but would love it if she had better posture, hair, and makeup. For some reason she always looks sloppy.


  • Elias Pineda

    daddy  tom   if u nd dad brake up  i wanna live with you. this dress is horrible

  • GAH!  This girl can’t smile?  Nice dress tho…if she didn’t slouch.

  • I think this dress is one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen. And I’m not even just talking about clothes. 

  •  I hate when daddy and daddy fight!

  • If she could stand up straight and put some kind of expression on her face I might be more inclined to give some positive feeling to this ensemble. Suddenly I have the song, “You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile” running through my head….

    • Jessica O’Connell

       Oh great, now I have it stuck in my head too! Off to Pandora before I start having flashbacks of my high school’s production of Annie!

      Ugh…too late :-(.

    • megohd

      That’s always my issue with her. She just seems miserable! I haven’t seen her act, but her magazine appearances don’t motivate me to do so.

  • hillmad

    …and those frills around her “lady parts”!!!

  • fiestyfashionfem

    See previous comment – NO SHEER DRESSES! Stop it! OUT!  Out, damned spot! I’m sure it is lovely in person, the delicate lace work, yadda yadda yadda.  And fashion is art. Blah Blah Blah.  But it is ugly as hell as a garment. Sorry, Lo.

  • Shannon Beamer

    UGH.  Sorry Lo, but I’m with Tom on this one.  It’s a black lace, see-through monstrosity.  OUT OUT OUT (although her makeup does look pretty good here).

  • Paigealicious

    Dress horrible, her attitude even more stank.

    • regina arthur

      What attitude?  Just comment on the dress and leave your biases at the door.  The dress isn’t the greatest but I give her an A for trying different things.  You can’t fault her for that.

      • Paigealicious

         The attitude that’s making the dress look worse on her than it probably should?

      • EditKitten

        She’s a beautiful girl. But if she stood up straighter and might pretend to want to be wherever she is at a given moment, it would make a lot of difference. It’s not so much judgment as the “Damn, I hate everybody” look on her face.

  • gabbilevy

    I think I would love this dress if Rooney Mara was wearing it, but I can’t see past my blinding dislike of Kstew.

  • I’m with Tom. I LOVE the back, thanks to my weird fascination with the human skeleton, but the front is just totally baffling. Hell, if it were even just plain black lace on the front I might be on board. (Might.) Plus, her hair and makeup look lovely. But I just do not get the front design and think it’s wicked unflattering.

    • I agree about the back. It is so beautiful – but it shouldn’t be combined with the already fussy dress. It should be in a dress that doesn’t have another 10 elements all trying to overpower each other. 

      •  YES. The back is incredible. If only the front lived up to it.

  • MilaXX

    Guess I’m in Tom’s will cause this is looks fug to me. I think this dress is better suited for editorial work or at the very least someone with more skills at showing off clothes than KStew possesses.

    • raininmai

       I’m in full agreement.

    • formerlyAnon

       I’m guessing so many of us are in Tom’s will that after the nieces, nephews and cats are taken care of, we’ll each get about 1/12 of a cent.

  • Jessi03

    Tom is right.  Sorry, Lo!  Not feeling it.

  • Team Tom!  As the Fuggirls said “giant vaginal mustache”

  • IT looks like she has tuffs of hair all over her body. hiddy. Tom all the way!

  • deathandthestrawberry

    The back of the dress is stunning, but the front of the dress looks awful. But I give her kudos for trying it, and I think she’s mostly pulling it off. It is kinda rock-n-roll, which is her thing.

  • fireontiger

    The back is gorgeous. The front… listen, it really just looks like her ladybits migrated a few inches north and are sitting squarely below her belly button. It’s… awful.

  • Hate this dress. And I am pretty sure I would hate it on anyone. She just looks like shes molting. Or has a mold issue in her closet.

  • I agree with Tom. That dress is hideous. The black lace looks like furry armpits. 

  • I think I might like if if there wasn’t a stomacher-like effect and the skirt had an opaque lining of some sort.  As is, it’s butt ugly.

  • TRSmith

    I hate that ruffle in front. It makes her look like she needs to be waxed.

  • Well, SHE’S definitely not the one who can pull off that dress on the red carpet! She looks awkward wearing the simplest dress, how can she possibly pull off something this fashion-y?

    • Spicytomato1

      Good point. She should be taking baby steps, not a giant leap, away from her preferred Vans and skinny jeans uniform.

  • frannyprof

    So ugly. 

  • SpcilK

    What The Hell!

  • it looks pretty cute in that last picture, but everything else….. rrgh. sorry lo but im siding with tom on this. 

  • Erika Sanders

    Tom is right.  It’s hideous.  Among other issues, it looks like some kind of mold or fungus is growing out of her armpits and and grabbing at her breasts.  Ugh.

  • frannyprof

    And is she wearing a Scrunchie in her hair? Because it looks like one. Ugh. I could go on, but why?

  • VeryClaire

    I’m in Tom’s will!

  • I think someone extra fierce could pull it off…. but she is not that person, looks hideous.

  • annrr

    Tom all the way. That dress is hideous. It draws your eye to all the wrong places, namely her armpits. Hate the skeleton on the back too.

  • Oze R.

    I am mostly with Tom: terribly busy dress (and too close to Givenchy). Yes, we credit the girl for trying something daring (and for closing her lovely lips, yay!), but this just not her dress. Give it to La Blanchett and she will command the red carpet, as usual, but it looks overdone on Miss Stewart. And the attitude is not helping her *sigh*

    • Adriana_Paula

      I totally thought Cate might be The One Who Could Wear This!

  • The dress is…strange. I don’t hate it, I certainly like elements of it, but overall it’s too busy/fussy/weird.

    Kstew looks lovely though, her make up is spot on.
    Worth nothing that she posed with Charlize, who is rocking a similar look. Krissie should take notes!

  • Marissa Wiley

    Kudos to Kristen for taking a big risk.  This risk unfortunately resulted in a big, ugly fail.  OUT.

  • Amy_R

    it looks like one of those clear overlays showing muscles that encyclopedias used to have. Plus, as always, she looks uncomfortable in it. Out.

  • This is awful-and it represents everything I can’t stand about Marchesa. 

  • Jana Falknor


  • Judy_J

    I hate it with a passion.  Unreasonable, gut-reaction passion.  I haven’t reacted this violently to a gown in a very long time.

  • Yuck yuck yuck.  Tom is right on this on!

  • Presumptuous Insect


  • Molly OBM

    The more I look at it, the more I… Like it! Love the back but could lose the middle frill. Actually prefer it to Charlize’s, it’s more interesting.

  • funnilyquaint

    Tom’s right again — love her hair and makeup but the rest of her body looks like it’s succumbing to a weird fungal infection. Also her boob and vag lace splotches make her look like she wasn’t stern enough with her body hair and now it’s gleefully consuming her body, unable to be banished by wax. Plus her navel has a mustache. Plus it’s black lace. A LOT of black lace.

  • Aurumgirl

    All I can think when I look is that a death’s head has left some despicable pit stains on Our Poor Dour-Face.  

  • Steve Kynaston

    What an ugly, ugly dress.  Even the wicked stepsisters wouldn’t be caught dead in this mess

  • OUT.
    Not that the dress is particularly ugly or anything, but she looks absolutely MISERABLE for having to wear it.

  • Jessica Goldstein

    Uncle Tom, I always did love you best. But seriously, how long have I been reading you guys that I knew which of you liked and which hated? I hate as well, on the runway and on Kristen. This is no-one’s dress. 

  • You know that when you two fight it makes me cry salty tears, but then again, so does that dress.  I see where she was going with this, what with the mood of the RC & the movie, but it has all gone horribly wrong.  The skeletal elements are definitely the best bits, but the rest of it is a metric shit ton of ugly.  Maybe – MAYBE – this could have been pulled off by someone with as much swagger & personal style as Helena Bonham Carter or Dita Von Teese, but that is IT.  Certainly not Stewart.  I will now crawl under my desk, curl up in a ball, and gently hum to myself until I can forget this garment’s existence.  

  • SusiePamudji

    I’m going to kinda’ sorta’ split the difference: I was not offended when I saw it in motion. I imagine I would probably be ok with it if I saw it in person. But in photos? When you can clearly see the crotch pointing lace? Not down with that. I do think she still looks gorgeous despite the crazy dress.

  • TieDye64

    Sorry Lo, I’m siding with Tom on this one. All that black lace, ack, and it’s making her lady bits looks really weird. No bueno.

  • Aly Light

    OUT OUT OUT OUT… Blegh. The girl wearing it is not warming my opinion, either. I like the skeleton bit– maybe we could take that element and work it into, say, an actual dress, rather than a shredded tablecloth?

  • Lina_bee

    On a model in runway context:  arty, strange, possibly beautiful, and definitely eye-catching.
    On anyone in real life context:  FLAMENCO SKELETOR. 

  • I didn’t like it at first glance from the front even, but then the lace spine/ribs back did it for me.  Horrid.  Maybe appropriate at a Halloween Ball or something, but hello, it’s May.

  • tired_mommy

    I’m with Tom on this one–all I can see are insanely hair pits–YUCK!

  • it looks like shes molting…and we will have a softer more vulnerable version of kristen.

  • alyce1213

    I’m firmly with Tom on this.  Another fugly Marchesa, this time waaay over the top.
    “Intricate” is far too kind. This is an Ungapotchked mess.

  • suzq

    I want to like this dress, but I can’t.  Here’s why: 1. The patches in the runway version were not as dark.
     2. The runway model throws her shoulders back.  This is not a dress for a slouchy woman. 
     3. This dress is two overwrought.  It looks messy close-up, which is too bad because I, too, love the skeletal lace motif.It’s not the most complimentary dress for Kristen.  But I place the blame squarely on Georgina Chapman’s shoulders.  Girl needs to edit herself!

  • JasmineAM

    “..and here class, are the sternum and clavicle.” 
    This dress is super FUG, and I have irrational hate for this girl. A smile or at least a look of interest would make this a little bit better.

  • HomeOfficeGirl

    The skeleton thing is pretty cool – and very “her”.  But the massive armpit stain motiff cannot be ignored.  I feel the dread just looking at it…

  • Wellworn

    ITA Tom.  Sorry Lorenzo.  Wrinkled ink blots.  Kind of like the spine in the back though.  Just not flattering, and too weird.  And…black lace!  Nuff said.

  • If she could manage to look ANYTHING but absolutely zoned-out/stoned/bored/over it, then maybe this could be carried off. But God, her face is LIFELESS. She is dead-eyes to the max.

  • ChiKat67

    The only place this dress might work is in an editorial in Vogue Japan.  Another OUT for SW&tH gals.

  • The dress is hideous.

    And honestly…. Kristen Stewart is supposed to be “more fair” than Charlize Theron?  In what universe???

  • Props to Kristen for taking on such a challenging dress, but I agree with Tom. Ugly, and the arrangement of patches on her chest and stomach look a bit like a giant awkward smiley face. 

  • Dr. Derf van der Derf

    I like it from the back and side but it is awful from the front. Her face  looks nice.

  • RebeccaKW

    I actually love the dress on the model.  I think it’s odd, but beautiful.  But.  Kristen does not have the attitude to pull this off.  This calls for fierce bitch face and K is just sour bitchy face.  Also, she’s too awkward-with the way she stands, her posture.  And there seems to be some sort of visible underwear on Kristen.  Not that I’m wishing to see skin, but it really affects the look of the dress.

  • Her hair and makeup look gorgeous, that dress is awful. Love the white part that looks like bones though, hate the black patches.

  • leah besson

    im with tom.  this is ugly (but i like the skeleton back)

  • Completely and utterly agree with Tom. The only pretty or interesting feature is the silver spinal effect, and that is not enough to compensate for the black fungal growths erupting everywhere else on her body. Also, I would refer you to the Fug Girls’ description of this dress as having a giant vaginal moustache. WHAT DRESS CAN SURVIVE A VAGINAL MOUSTACHE DESCRIPTION? SoSO OUT. Sorry Lorenzo!

  • LuisaNL

    that dress is beyond unflattering, should be destroyed immediately. I’ll give her an A for effort, tho.

  • It makes her look furry – apelike. While I can appreciate the skeleton-lace (something I never thought I’d ever type in my life) on a theoretical level, it just doesn’t work with the black fuzzy mold spore lace she’s draped in. 

  • kittenwithaquip

    Tom, Bitter Kittens, my apologies. I agree with Lorenzo. It suits her and the movie she’s promoting, and I have just enough pseudo-goth in me to love the skeleton. It’s dark and dreamy and makes me want to see her movie even more.

  • Pants_are_a_must

    I’m with Tom. I’m not fond of her, but this time she is absolutely hindered by a dress that looks like lace is spreading over her body like a virus. And not in an awesome McQueen kind of way.

  • Patti Lever

    Enough with the sheer dresses. Enough with wearing your grandma’s curtains mixed in with her dollies. UGH…Enough!!

  • The dress has potential to bee stunning… if all the cutout crap stopped somewhere near the navel runching and went into a simple skirt from there, or even if the skirt she has was lined.

    But as it stands, OUT.  
    Love her make up and love her

  • gorgeous on top, lots of potential, lazy lazy lazy skirt design. Shame on Marchesa. If I see one more limp lace sheer skirt ruining an otherwise pretty dress I’m going to cry.

  • chelwi

    I hate the front of the dress and her hair, but I love seeing her in something different. I’m torn.

  • Little_Olive

    Attack of the black jellyfish.

    Also: honey, quit trying. You yourself admit to not like all this. Just let it go. 

  • claudemtl777

    lord no…that does not work at all, and she looks even more depressed than usual…

  • Courtney Brown

    I really really realllllly don’t like this dress. 

  • Sue_Asponte

    Omg it’s horrible. Her armpit hair is eating her body.

  • HomeOfficeGirl

    Bet she made Charlize look freakin’ fantastic when they stood next to eachother, tho…..

  • Spicytomato1

    The dress is wearing her. She looks like a child playing dress up. Hair and makeup are pretty, though.

  • NCDFan

    Sorry but this is butt ugly.

  • Her posture is awful- she might as well be wearing Keds and cutoff shorts. This is a hard dress to wear on its own, but it never had a chance with someone who looks so obviously uncomfortable wearing it. 

    BTW, the dress is ugly, but it could at least be “interesting” on a more charismatic starlet.

  • Fugly.

  • bookish

    The dress is plain ol’ ugly. I think she’s as close to pulling it off as anyone could possibly get, but that doesn’t make the dress any less ugly. Like Tom said, it would look a lot better without all the different sections of black on the front.

  • Isana Leshchinskaya

     i think it’s striking even though it’s not the most flattering, and it works with the themes of her film.  perhaps if there were a way to cinch the waist, it would look more harmonious and not turn her quite so boxy. as for the makeup, that’s where my problem lies. those greenish bluish gunmetal shadows are just not working for me; she looks corpse-ish. i would have darkened up with a more committed smokey eye in a darker blue, or warmed it up with some brown tones, or even better, played against the gothic qualities of the dress and given her a rosy, dewy look with thick lashes. i mostly like the hair but would have liked a little more visual interest in the front.

  • miscorrections

    I do love the skeleton motif but the navel beard and the vagina mustache are, though amusing, deeply hideous.

  • G

    Tom:  You’re IN
    Lorenzo:  Sorry, you’re OUT!
    It is a horrific dress in every way.

  • unbornfawn

    I’m not crazy about the dress, it is awfully busy. I don’t think she is pulling it off at all. It looks a lot better on the model. The dress is a little too long for her and the make-up is way too soft.  Another, taller, more confident ladystar could pull this off. It is a whole lotta dress.

  • R. L.


  • wisenhar

    Oh, Lo, honey, no.  If Lea Michele looks scarred, Kristen looks blistered and peeling (in the areas she doesn’t look crispy or hairy). Ick!   

  • Oh no, no, no, no, no. This is not the dress to slouch in. Ugly dress. Listen to Tom.

  • I love the embroidery and beading in the back. Otherwise, I really don’t like this dress. And it certainly isn’t suite for her – she always comes off looking so sloppy and gloomy despite what she’s wearing. Not a fan. 

  • prettybigkitty

    Tom wins.  Sorry Lo.  Sharon Needles called and wants her dress back.

  • lilibetp

    I’m with Tom on this one.

  • Kristinoten

    Uncle Lo, I’ll sit on your chaise.  Even though I’m so over the sheer lace, I think the dress is fascinating.  She, for once, seems comfortable in a dress on the red carpet.  Is it the kind of megawatt joy that most waxed and buffed starlets project?  No, but she seems relaxed, in her dark beauty dress.

  • I see everyone is concentrating on the dress and not on your hate for Kristen….. -.- Srsly, don’t like her don’t bother! 
    Think the dress could have worked better if the waist was a bit higher. It would have been more princess-like. 
    Not sure why her stylist thought this could work and look good with flashes that show everything. 
    Not a fan of this see-through trend. Out with it!

  • I have no adequate words for how horrible this is, in every single aspect.

  • Izandra

    I love the back, but the front is fug.

  • I always find myself agreeing with Lorenzo more….. 😀

  • SewingSiren

    I am in the Camp of Lo. The dress is quite nice for a fantasy movie premiere and I love the skeleton motif (nod to Schiaparelli). Although I think the dress would look much better at night than in the harsh daylight as pictured.

  • pookiesmom

    This dress is hideous. 

  • missinmass

    If you suffer from leaky armpits this is the dress for you.

  • I can appreciate the idea and execution, but it would have been far more sophisticated without the ruffles 

  • team tom that is just ugly.

  • sashaychante

    HIDEOUS dress…splat some lace over the lady parts…tasteless

  • I’m with Tom on this one. There are a couple of pretty elements here, but it does not work as a whole.

  • crash1212

    This awful dress manages to combine all the things I detest in gowns these days: Sheer skirt? Check. Lots of black lace? Check. Ruffles with no apparent purpose? Check. Top 2/3rds looking like the face of a vulture? Check. Perhaps this abomination has combined all these icky trends to such ill effect so as to kill all the trends at once. We can only hope. Make-up and hair are really pretty though.

  • AlieMichelle

    I really want to like it, as I dig skeleton patterns in clothes, but it is just… so ugly. I agree that the black lace is the problem, though I also hate her hair here.

  • marilyn

    I don’t know who talked her into wearing that gown, but s/he should be fired.  It does not matter if it happends to fit her, or if it works on others. The only thing that matters is that it does not work on her.  She looks like the mouse/plain girl wearing a crazy/busy two-tone lace skeleton costume.  Shades of Halloween!  That dress is horrible on all levels and it sucks the beauty right out of her.  Her skin is a pasty color, her face looks washed out and plain, her hair looks mousey and uninteresting.  That costume is WAY too much for her.  The flesh colored lace around her shoulders stands out, when it is supposed to blend into her skin.  Yikes!  Hot mess on speed!  

    The sad thing is the pain on her face. She KNOWS this one is a clunker. I think that we should all separate the girl from the dress, and say that she is beautiful, but the dress sucks the life out of her.

  • Eclectic Mayhem

    Uncle Tom?  Totally with you on this one.  Sorry Uncle Lo.

  • hmariec19

    Gotta go with Tom here. That dress is atrocious. She looks like she has some horrible skin affliction. However, the “spine” detail on the back is lovely.

  • beebee10

    Kudos to her for trying something so different. She appears to be someone who does not want to do the usual RC schtick and that is great. BUT as gorgeous and interesting as the varying elements of this dress are, together it is one big unflattering mess. Some angles look good, but most look like a mistake. OUT

  • so totally out

  • Claudia Wade

    I have to say I like it. I think it is so unusual that normal standards of critique don’t even apply here. I think it is a work of art more than a garment, even.

  • Scimommy

    God, this is truly awful. If I were a fan, I’d feel so bad for her.

  • AwesomeMargie

    Maybe if she smiled she could have sold the dress.  Yucksville.

  • I think the dress looks good in theory, but has yet to be on a person who can make it work. K. Stew looks disastrous. She couldn’t be bothered to wash her face? 

  • Violina23

    Horrible. Creepy smily-face… in BLACK LACE? *shudder*  I’ve seen it… i can’t… un-see it…

  • Patricia Hoffman

    I think her hair and makeup are fantastic, but the dress is awful. She looks like she has no shape.

  • AthenaJ

    Believe it or not, I’m in agreement with Lorenzo (and apparently in disagreement with pretty much everyone else!). This is the first time anything about Kristen Stewart has intrigued me. She doesn’t quite have the attidute to pull this dress off, but she does have the coloring and the slightly goth look suits her. This dress could, of course, use some editing, but overall I find it really interesting.

  • ScorpQB

    I’ll start with the nice b/c I’m a Catholic girl. The top half of the back is pretty and I agree that it’s probably better in person. Otherwise it’s awful and I think her make-up looks dreadful. 

  • PeggyOC

    Tom is right. That is an ugly, ugly dress.  The spine motif is cool, but it needs a simpler setting.  Lorenzo, sorry honey, but you’re wrong.

  • I love the back, but the rest of it is pretty hideous.

  • Hiddy

  • Vaniljekjeks

    I hate the front, but think the back is stunning.  

    • Jennifer Matyas

      Camp Tom all the way.  It looks like her pubic hair grew amuck!

      Love the skeleton motif.  I would love to see it incorporated into another dress.  Make up is stunning, but she can’t pull this off. 

      She looks even more a mess standing next to Goddess Theron.

  • Anathema_Device

    I’m with Tom on this one, sorry Lorenzo. Tom articulated my problems with this dress perfectly. The ruffly bit around the hips takes it from No to Hell No.

  • LinXGUA

    She looks more hunched than ever (the dress accentuated it).  
    I think the back is lovely, but i’m with Tom.

  • elleg929

    Team Tom – I had this pegged for a “Girl That’s Not Your Dress” post the second I saw the picture.

  • Bill Curtis

    If I lie through my teeth and say I really like it, can I get some of Lorenzo’s super cute clothes in the will?

  • Isy

    Ewwww… the black on the bodice somehow puts mouldy growth in my mind. Dislike. But the back is lovely.

  • I’m with you, Tom.  Droopy belly button.


  • Tom. And more important point…this is a dress no one should *want* to pull off.

  • Tom is right. I HATE that dress.

  • VioletFem

    I’m with Tom. The skeleton motif is the only thing I like about this dress, but everything else is so overdone that it looks ugly overall.

  • ErmengardeGreen

    I don’t love the dress, but on someone who brought some dark fabulosity to the party, it could be very striking. I just don’t think she’s pulling it off. She looks like a ten-year-old in a grand dame dress. I’d love to see this on Daphne Guinness, or even Angeline Jolie. 

  • Lo, I love and adore you (no really…I DO!), but T is right on this one. 

  • I knew T hated it and Lo loved it the minute the pictures loaded. I have to side with Daddy T on this one – I think it’s awful. Sorry, Daddy Lo. I love you anyway. 

  • Sorry, Lo, but that dress is ugly. She has fungus growing out from her armpits and and crotch—makes me feel itchy just looking at her. 

  • It looks like she has some sort of glandular fungus growing from her pits and lady bits.

  • cmb92191

    Keep the hair and makeup.  Start again with another dress.  It reminded me of a horrible ice costume gone awry!

  • MK03

    The dress is awful, the makeup is awful, her perpetual scowl is awful, everything here is awful. Seriously, why does she always look like a kid who got dragged to Home Depot on a Saturday? If you don’t want to be a movie star, there are thousands of girls out there who would kill to be in your shoes. If doing press and premieres is soooo beneath you, give up your spot to someone who actually wants to do it.

  • Louise Bryan

    I’m with Tom.  The anatomical references of the dress are unnerving, but the patchiness of the black lace reminds me of that Charlize Theron in or out a few weeks back.

  • nannypoo

    Her makeup is nice and her hair looks cleaner than it usually does, but this dress is all kinds of hideous. And there is a vampire peeking out between the trees in the first picture, so she’d better watch out.

  • miagain

    You know, I always wonder about these movie openings… do they actually go into the theater and sit in a chair and watch the movie wearing these get ups?  ‘Cause I sure wouldn’t want to sit in a movie theater wearing this contraption. 
    Tom, I’m on your side!!

  • Hetha Innis

    Tilda could possibly rock this, but only Tilda. It’s waaaaaaay too much dress for K-Stew. And her posture and facial expression (or lack thereof) don’t do anything to help it. I agree with Tom.

  • CheriCPat

    Tom is right.  And I write Wills for a living, so give me a call.  

  • The detailing in the dress is beautiful and interesting, but all together and seen from afar is a NO. NO. Nooo!! out.  

  • TOTALLY with Tom on this one, sorry Lo.
    To quote Samantha Jones: “No no no no no no no no no no!”

  • sylverlight

    Horrible. Awful. Terrible… (shudder) But yes, the skeleton motif is actually pretty cool… all that lace! gah! 

  • TOM.  i just cannot get behind this dress.

  • MoHub

    Fashion in Hell will be nothing but Marchesa and Stella McCartney.

  • That’s some unbelievable kind of ugly. And it’s not remotely suited to Kristen Stewart either. 

  • Team Tom…all the way…

  • Totally with T here.  This thing is hideous.  Is the white lace supposed to be a skeleton?  I’m confused.  Also, the sheer skirt is pretty terrible. 

  • Hermione_Granger

    Team Tom. It’s hard to look at, and she looks miserable.

  • Isabelle Murray

    I agree with Tom. I think that the skeleton elements are cool but the black patches are awkward at best. If her posture was better, it’d help the dress a little but I think that it still wouldn’t classify it as a great dress.

  • KaileeM

    I agree with Tom! I sort of like the skeleton thing too, it’s interesting. But the black lace looks like something is growing from her armpits and belly button. And I HATE the lace on her legs. 

  • JenniferSzczublewski

    As art, it’s a beautiful piece! Stunning. As a dress actually worn out in the world, there’s something kind of vulgar about it. It gives the impression of a skeleton covered in patches of thick, black fur. …Kind of pube’ish even.

  • erinbinek

    Ugly, ugly, ugly.  I’m Team T all the way on this one.  Sorry, Lo.  I’m usually right there with you on most things.  Not this time.

  • Kate4queen

    It has some really interesting details but the overall effect is just too much for me.

  • Scarlet39

    It’s like a couture reprensentation of a flesh eating virus.

  • up with pod people

    I wouldn’t wear it, but I think it’s perfectly her: the body horror of it is the point. She’s dressed to the nines but refusing to amplify the typical assets, she’s broken up all the lines and changed the visual measure of the body. She’s being uglybeautiful. Exquisite.

  • I don’t like this dress, and I particularly don’t like this dress on her.  Her posture is terrible as usual, but at least she’s making some effort to look better.  But please, please, girl, STAND UP STRAIGHT!

  • newleaf1

    Bride of Dracula.  In dreck.  

  • Sunshine16

    Look, take the black parts of the dress & make them cream colored lace, and our fight is over.  As shown, the dress is so ugly I can’t…I just can’t uncle Lo.

  • Jellybish

    It barely works on the runway, and it’s a disaster on this poor child. 

  • cluecat

    Team Tom.  It’s something Miss Havisham would wear to a Halloween ball in Tim Burton’s Great Expectations.

    Another sheer skirt?  Did she and Charlize plan to go twinsies?

  • I missed the skeleton element I was so busy trying not to be sick.  That is one ugly dress!

  • mmgk

    Tom, for sure.  Suddenly, Charlize Theron’s dress is looking better. 

  • TheOtherChristina

    I’m with Lo. I love it. I hear the words “Kristen Stewart in Marchesa” and I wince, but this is phenomenal. Creepy black lace skull superimposed on delicate crystal skeleton? Amazing. She barely even looks annoyed to be there, which practically amounts to joyful exuberance if we grade on a curve.

  • She looks like she’s being eaten by some horrible species of jellyfish.  Sorry Lo!

  • Yuck.  I think the dress is ugly on the model and ugly on her.  Looks like bad curtains from a funeral parlor.

  • KQ67

    I love Kristen Stewart (that socially awkward thing is something I relate to) but yeah, that’s an ugly dress even though the back is very interesting. Her makeup looks good and I like that she tried something unusual.

  • Fugly. It looks like there’s an infection on her skin and it’s growing.

  • schadenfreudelicious

    wow, i would be hard pressed to find a more unflattering dress…Tom takes it…

  • Tom, FTW.  Skeleton: yes, everything else: no.

  • Jessica O’Connell

    Definitely on Tom’s side on this one – it’s ugly and FAR too complicated for her. And, as always, she looks REALLY uncomfortable.

  • TOM is right on all points.

  • kittyminion

    OUT. Not even in the ballpark. In fact, this dress doesn’t even know there is a ballpark. And are those granny panties she’s wearing? Ugh. I can’t even. And the eye makeup is hideous.

    In conclusion: Still OUT.

  • boys, boys, you’re both pretty.  now put that dress down and stop fighting.  i am torn on this dress.  i hate that patch on her belly that looks like it’s opening and closing, making squishy alien noises.  oops, acid flashback.  the back, the neckline, and sleeves are exquisite, and frame her dark beauty well.  the skirt is beautiful, but is it lined?  in this case, i might have preferred it unlined, since here i’m getting the feeling she might be wearing white pants underneath.  so, can i take tom in the front and lorenzo in the back?  or lorenzo on top and tom on the bottom?  whatever you guys prefer.  but overall, i think i’ll go with lorenzo.  he needs people on his team, and besides, he has cuter clothes.

  • Love, love, love the back of it and the skeleton element. Not so sure anymore about the front though, but I still think Kristen is doing the best of this dress. It fits the theme and is unusual in a good way. So I’m with Lorenzo on this one.

  • Deedles

    My first thought was Slim Goodbody in drag with attached chest and pubic hair. U-G-L-Y you ain’t got no alibi…

  • I absolutely agree with Tom–the skeleton motif is beautiful, but the rest just doesn’t work.  I commend her for trying, though.

  • rafraf25

    Yeah that ruffle is STUNNING alright. Hey, how about thinking of a non-jokey way to cover someone’s lady parts before making the skirt completely see-through?

  • annamow

    Wow, sorry Lo, but this is HIDEOUS.

  • kingderella

    agree with tom 100%. i appreciate the effort, and the skeleton themed back is unusual und gorgeous. but from the front, all i see is moldy armpits.

  • Fugly. Fugly. Fugly.

    …but interesting?

  • lovelyivy

    Team Tom. This dress is almost insultingly ugly.

  • I’m intrigued by the back and like the skeletal elements, but hate the front patches…her torso looks like a rotting Jack o’ Lantern

  • Cathy S

    I’m with Tom. Ugly dress.

  • That is a terrible dress.

  • ChristySchiff

    I think hair and makeup are horrible here.  (And what’s with the backwards necklace?)  But the real tragedy is that dress.  So, so bad.

  • UGLY! 

  • I started on Lorenzo’s side but it didn’t last. It has a great first impression and then it just looks sad. 

  • girliecue

    To my surprise, I could go either way here. Which Daddy gives better Christmas presents?

    Just kidding! A sheer black lace vagina ‘stache dress is the worst idea ever. Even for lingerie. And Georgina, honey, leave the ink blots to the professionals. The top ones look like giant pit stains. Which I would totally have if I had to wear this dress in public.

  • dya2637

    The dress is not just ugly but it manages to make lace look like pubic hair 

  • dramamajor

    My GOD that thing HIDEOUS!!!

    Oh and the dress is gross too…


  • laura hanson

    looks like someone forgot to attend to the pits & pubes situation this morning.

    the back of the dress is quite lovely, though.

  • poggi

     Interesting and maybe worn by someone who isn’t conventionally pretty or isn’t trying to be conventionally pretty it might work, but I don’t like the overall effect on her.  I am not sure who I could see in this?  Maybe Tilda Swinton or someone in that vein?

  • amf0001

    just hate it. And it has weird white bits glowing through the lace so that as a certain angle it looks like she’s wearing white panties… doesn’t work on any level.  Sorry Lo!

  • susu11

    Funnily enough I do like it on the model, but on Kristen it looks off. I think it’s just one of those looks that doesn’t translate from the runway to reality. All that illusion netting and lace on the back is making me nauseous for some reason. 

  • GorgeousThings

    Sorry Lo, that gown is hideous. It’s Marchesa trying to do McQueen and failing badly.

  • pattyw

    Team Tom.

  • Nicole Howard

    I really like the back of the dress, but I feel like the rest of it is WAY too much. The front is just insanely unflattering. I’m going with Tom here. But I do agree that this probably looks a lot better in person.

  • Bride of the creature of the Black Lagoon.

  • I have just written myself completely out of the will.  I hate it.  On her, on the model, no model.  It’s horrid.

  • sherrietee

    Bride of Skeletor.  Out.

  • Qitkat

    Georgina went a bridge too far.
    This can’t possibly be anyone’s dress.

    The individual sections of lace are stunning and beautiful, but should have been parts of at least six different simpler dresses.

  • phrenk

    I agree with Lorenzo, though I think the hair could have been finished a little better.  She looks lovely!

  • Amy

    Tom- I hope you have the beachfront villa in the caribbean and the juicy swiss back account that even your mother is unaware of, because I am 100% with you, my darling.

  • Lilithcat

    All I can think of is “flesh-eating bacteria”.  

  • enchanted216

    I do not like anything about this dress, and I happen to like black lace.  I like the idea of that skeleton, but no. It’s a mess.

  • samitee

    My first thought was “terrifying skin disease” and now I can’t unsee it.

    So, um, OUT.

  • Most disturbing. Bleeech. Kristen, this is not how you wear lace. THIS is how you wear lace —

    And this woman never looks happy.  But at least she has a reason here.  No one can pull off this monstrosity.

  • Sara__B

    Tom is right. That’s a very ugly dress, and she’s got a sour puss to match. Blech.

  • rainwood1

    Team Tom on this one (I’m spending my inheritance already).  That dress is ugly from afar, ugly up close, and ugly in the runway photo.   

  • It looks like she has Stachybotrys Atra spreading from her armpits. No.

  • Typical Marchesa frippery.

    Also, typically, KStew looks like she just came off a bender. Or is still very high.

  • Synnamin

    no likey. it’s dramatic, but it’s too much dress for her, and makes her look like she has a skin disease

  • megohd

    Team Tom all the way.

    Plus, I cannot figure out this girl’s appeal. I find her wholly unattractive and boring.

  • Ugh, I wish she would run off the red carpet and succumb to her life’s calling as a rural-NRA advocate.   She is just so unappealing.

  • Loved it on the model. Hated it on Stewart. It makes her look frumpy.

  • gsk241

    Kudos to KStew for giving it the old college try, but no.  Just…  NO.

  • No. It’s over the top and ugly. And Jesus, I am so sick of Kristen’s “I sooo don’t want to be here!” look. I’m just not buying it. 

  • kelsita421

    Just no. OUT.

  • veronkimo

    Papa Tom, I’m with you on this one! That dress is just too much for anyone! I think it *might* work on someone with a little more curves but it is definitely not working on her at all! Also, her hair is just a bit too messy.

  • I think the dress is great, but hair looks like she just got off a treadmill. 

  • LovelyIdio

    Actually, I agree with Lorenzo (sort of). The lace is at least interesting, and I don’t think it’s ugly, exactly. Bu the real reason why I like it–I feel like KStew looks less miserable than normal in it, which is quite the feat.

  • BeeBeauNYC

    Hideous from top to bottom.

  • kim i

    i’m distressed at the proliferation of mold in her armpits and foldy areas.

  • allisankelly

    Gotta go with Tom on this one. This dress is all kinds of horrid. This is not her dress. I’m not sure it’s anyone’s dress.

  • Jennifer Lawrence wore a similar, from the waist up, dress in red, and the problem is the boobs. I get that it’s supposed to look like musculature, but pushing a woman’s boobs towards her armpits is just a bad, bad idea.

  • instantkarmalr

    It’s funny: as I scrolled down and saw that first photo, I thought, “Oh God! I agree with Tom!” I immediately knew that he’d be the one viewing this as a walking tragedy. Sorry, Lorenzo. She’s just not pulling it off today.

  • rumcg66

    God-awful. OUT

  • Tom, I totally with you on this.  What a hideous dress.

  • Tom, I totally with you on this.  What a hideous dress.

  • Lorenzo is stoned. That’s my only explanation.

    • leftcoastpickle

      As well as K Stew.

  • Jessica Mann Gutteridge

    Tom is 100% correct in every way.

    Possibly someone OWNING that dress could pull it off, but it isn’t Kristin Stewart, that’s for damn sure.

    And Ms. Stewart needs to learn how to stand up straight, wipe that puss off her face, and stop affecting the attitude of a bored teenager forced to attend her parents’ party.

  • EAV

    Ugh.  It looks like she’s got some awful fungal infection escaping from her underarms.

  • Dear Kristen – good posture is the best accessory. I’m with Tom on the dress. Sorry, Lorenzo.

  • Tutlecup

    My vote is with Tom–possibly one of the ugliest dresses I’ve yet to see

  • bailey debruynkops


  • choco

    ugh… its like mold is growing all over her. 

  • Horrendous and made even worse with her shitty posture.  

  • Super_Red

    I’ve gotta go with Tom, but I still love you, Daddy Lorenzo. I can appreciate some of the elements of the dress, and maybe if there were three less elements this dress would be fantastic, but it just competes with itself. The biggest problem for me is the sheer skirt. If the skirt wasn’t sheer, I think I’d give this a second look to assess my reaction as opposed to gut-instinct “ew!” 

  • Chaiaiai

    It reminds me of the hair jewelry made in the Victorian age from a dead relative.  therefore, it is OUT.  Actually, Ms. Stewart makes everything OUT for me. 

  • I’m going to split the proverbial baby: I like the back (the skeletal reference) but dislike the front.  

  • BrooklynBomber

    Arghhh!! ! Die, Marchesa, die!

  • SapphoPoet

    I think that if anyone with presence had worn this dress, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. This dress is wearing her–it’s far too much dress for her. I’d love to see Helena Bonham Carter in this dress (although it might need someone taller). Kristen Stewart just looks like she’s playing dress up. Nobody wins.

  • Joyce VG

    Oh geez. I so want to be in the will.  But i’m Team Tom.  I appreciate the argument that it is interesting and arresting but she can’t pull it off.  Like Tom said no one ever could.  I think Kristen Stewart probably loved the idea of looking like a skeleton because she is just so deep, but did she also love the idea people would laugh at her?   And think she looks like she has a full body disease?  Who knows maybe she really doesn’t care.  But this dress needs to stay on the runway, or in the back of the closet. 

  • greyhoundgirl

    I’m with Tom.  She looks like she washed up on a beach after a storm–seaweed and bones.  I could like a weird ugly-pretty that references seaweed and bones but this isn’t it.

  • Akh621

    Tom is right. 

  • j_anson

    Good lord. Does she know that lichen is growing out of her armpits? Surely that’s not an impression any woman wants to give.

  • jcolli69

    Any dress that only has two lacey ruffles covering your lady bits gets an automatic OUT. A for effort Kristen, but that dress is FUGLY. 

  • Beth G

    We won’t allow gays to marry, but we’ll allow people to wear stuff like that.

    Weird country.

  • That’s a ‘Girl, That’s Not Your Dress’ if ever I saw one…

  • phylora

    No, no, a hundred times no!

  • Love you both, but I’m on Team Tom for this one! The skeleton lace is hids.

    And– I am NOT usually one to tell someone to smile when they goddamn well don’t feel like it. I am sorry that KStew doesn’t like the publicity work and, well, fame that comes with being a famous actress. No snark intended– she’s said this in numerous interviews and I can sympathize with how much it must suck to have to deal with paparazzi and shit.

    But DAMN, she’s consistent about hating the red carpet and being glamorous.

  • Dear god that might be the ugliest dress I’ve ever seen

  • Imasewsure

    I’m breaking ranks and going LO here… I don’t love the way the arms look from the front but I actually am fascinated in a good way from the rest of the dress (with the darker skirt), particularly from the side and back which is beautiful. I think the simple styling makes it all the more interesting. I kind of love it too because of the rocker-chic goth wedding vibe it gives off which is perfect for K-Stew…   

  • I like the back and the white lacework…but everything else is a no. (Although I suspect that she is pulling it off better than most other women would.)

  • CatherineRhodes

    Team Tom.

  • Totally Team Tom. 

  • jw_ny

    I’m with Tom on this one.  The back, with the skeleton is beautiful. soft, and very Kristen.  The front is garish.  Easily one of the ugliest arrangements of black lace I’ve seen in a long, long time…

  • AliciaChamisa

    Shroud of Turin.

  • guest2visits

    Another bad see through gown. Looks like the awful one Beyonce wore. It could be a great dress if it became opaque
    at her waist where the third ‘patch’ area started. I don’t mind the top half being semi see-through, it gives drama like
    the back, but that tacky fringe at the crotch just has to be a joke, right?

  • PaulaBerman

    Tom is exactly right: the skeleton part looks cool, the black part is eye-searingly hideous. 

  • Sorry, Lo. Tom absolutely nailed it with this one. All Marchesa looks like overworked ice-dancing costumes to me.

  • JMB_edits

    HI-DE-OUS!!!!  Make room on the couch for me next to Tom!  Like some sort of mold is growing from under her arms and her lady parts and spreading across her body.

  • YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName

    lace merkin.  no.

  • Only for her, and only at this event. 

  • I’m siding with Tom. It looks like she has intricate and interesting lace pit stains. Not cute. 

  • First thought when I saw the thumbnail?  “Those are the biggest pit stains I’ve ever seen on a dress”.
    Then I saw it full length – still hiddeous.

  • The white skeleton parts look cool though I wouldn’t wear them to a fancy event unless it was halloween. The black bits look like some horrific mold is growing on her.

  • That dress belongs at the Prometheus opening.  She’s well on her way to becoming an Alien, and she’s coming after us next!

  • Calinda_L


  • mrssage

    Tom. When I saw this the other day I instantly thought – worst. dress. of. the. year. Yep, I’m calling it in May. It’s not only terribly unflattering, it’s very cheap looking. that lace work compared to Charlize in the Dior is just embarassing for KStew. I feel sorry for her.

  • LOVE IT.

  • I actually think the back is really cool. If the dress were otherwise plain black crepe, with this back as an inset, I think it would be dramatic and stunning. But the whole thing together is just Too Much. It’s how I feel about most Marchesa – some interesting and even beautiful elements that end up being overdesigned and overworked.

  • IMNAngryLiberal

    I think this dress is insanely beautiful and belongs on display in a museum — but just looks costumy and a bit tacky on Kristen (or any real person).  Much like the “Black Belt Jones and the Noodles of Death” t-shirt I picked up in Hong Kong and have pinned to the wall in our TV room, it is meant to be seen and discussed rather than worn.

  • Jangle57

    OUT OUT OUT -that is so not her dress!  It looks airier and lighter overall on the model (still ugly but less so) but there are parts on KStew where it looks like a dense fogbank of black lace that no light can penetrate. 

  • Melanie Harrison

    The back is indeed interesting, but the patchwork makes me think of Buffalo Bill and “Silence of the Lambs” and it’s a BLACK, SEE-THROUGH, LACE SKIRT for crying out loud. I can’t believe Lorenzo let that pass without comment. So, Tom is right.

  • Oh Lorenzo, really? Daddy Tom is SO right on this one. I think her makeup is fantastic though.

  • Julie Fountain

    The dress is interesting and statement-making and she’s pretty much pulling it off.  But my question is, does this girl ever smile? Like, ever?

  • 2ndhandchic

    The back is interesting but I don’t like the front. The whole thing makes me itchy just looking at it.

  • Liz

    I think all the black looks like gigantic plumes of pubic hair…

  • 3boysful

    Dearest Lo, what was in your coffee this morning??

    Poor KStew’s posture and facial expression, which reads “The things I have to do to promote my movies . . .” *heavy sigh*, isn’t helping her or the dress at all.

  • Vagina mustache.

  • The model doesn’t even look good in this.  Team Tom. 

  • Totally with Tom on this. The dress looks like it’s disintegrating with every step.

  • A dress that draws attention to your armpits and lace bush is not your friend. Best neck upwards in her career thus far, I’ll give her that.

  • Jess5628

    Giant lace leeches. Yikes!

  • formerlyAnon

    Team Tom.

    Lorenzo, I’m sorry. Much work went into this dress, beautiful work. But as a garment it’s only stunning if you meant “stunned with horror.”

  • Hmm. I am with Lo. I don’t know why I like it, but I do. Although I wish her hair were more polished.

  • I’m with Daddy T on this one, for all the same reasons. If I were Kristen’s friend I’d applaud her ovaries for trying to rock this dress but then I’d have to tell her it makes her look like she’s covered in fungus. 

  • She looks like she is in the process of turning into a werewolf. Seriously one of the ugliest dresses I’ve ever seen. I can’t imagine what Lorenzo has been drinking.

  • J MN

    Tom is totally right on this one.  Sorry Lo.  Another black lace monstrosity where her bare legs show and are those white panties?  She gets an atta girl for hair, makeup and effort but no.

  • kimmeister

    I’m with Tom, it is hiddy.

    I think her makeup is vastly better than it usually looks.

  • uprightcitizen

    Ugh. All that and they managed to include a mullet-appearing hem in it, too. If Tim Burton designed dresses, this is what they’d look like. Ick.

  • cteeny21

    Sorry Lo,  not a fan!

  • i’m with tom.  sorry lo.  that dress is fug.  i love the skeleton effect and so i kept rooting for it, but every time i look at it/her i cringe.  hair and makeup do look gorgeous, and especially on the hair front, that is a big deal for her.

  • TSkot

    Even uglier than Charlize’s.  

  • Team Tom. I hate this dress so much especially when the skeletal back is the best part of it. This girl needs to smile once in a while, it would probably make her look less like a member of the undead.

  • afabulous50

    Ouch…My eyes!!

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    tom is right. i know i should apologize here, particularly since i should, in theory, adhere strictly to lorenzo’s ideas about things. but i could have written tom’s opinion myself, every word of it, as it is exactly what i thought. in fact, i saw this dress yesterday & i thought it all pretty much then.

    the only thing i have to add is:
    made by somebody else? sarah barton, for example? even stella mccartney. i dunno, gaultier, maybe? it wouldve been a far, far better dress. but marchesa doing skeletons is not too far from, say, michael kors doing skeletons. only he’s too clever to attempt something that far away from his ken. & she shouldnt have, either, i dont think.

  • Laurie Bergman

    That’s the most anatomically correct lace dress I’ve ever seen. Lace pecs, lungs, ovaries and spine…it’s all too much. I’m with Tom on this one.

  • The dress looks horrendous on her. Her lack of facial expression and utterly decrepit posture isn’t helping.

  • It looks like she has great big hairy Gorilla armpits and bits. AWFUL. The white detailing is interesting, but is compeltely overwhelmed by the awfulness of the rest of the dress.

  • No. Just no. Ugly. Sorry, Lo.

  • Argh. This dress looks like a sad clown’s skeleton.

  • It’s not so much the dress as it is K-Stew. Would have loved to see it on Charlize.

  • mjude

    i am have to agree with tom

  • Char Crop

     I agree with Tom…this is hideous. I didn’t like it in the runway then, and I like it even less on her. When interviewed, she looked very uncomfortable. This is just not her dress. She didn’t have the right posture.  She looked like a tomboy playing dress up in a shroud!

  • jessicasac

    I like the skeleton part, the dress has potential but, it’s the way those shapes are broken up, it doesn’t look as bad on the model.

  • E_bee

    On top of everything else wrong with it, the black lace patches in front look like a giant psychotic clown face, if you look at it right. Which I can’t now not do.

  • The lace is unusual and impressive up close, but from any distance it just looks like  black mold has been growing on her from hanging out in the Forks, WA rain forest where the black mold has evolved and can overcome anything not moving quickly.

  • Oh, please. I’m running on short sleep rations, and this dress makes my brain hurt. 
    HIDDY. Simply HIDDY!

    Tom–have you considered taking Lo in to his optometrist?  Clearly, if he thinks this looks good he needs glasses…

    Oh, yeah. My vote is OUT-OUT-OUT, a THOUSAND TIMES OUT!!!!

  • The skeleton motif is definitely interesting and the element which works best, I’d love to see it in person. All together, it’s two or three interesting dresses smashed into one, and it just gives a final feeling of being over-designed. If it were just the skeleton lace-work and sleeves fading into black at the bust and then a simple black silhouette instead of all of that structure, I think it would look much more attractive. Also, the makeup is a bit much for a look where so much is already going on. Like adding a seventh exclamation point to an over-excited text message. Now it’s just excessive.

  • mmc

    Oh, Lorenzo, no.  No.  Really, no.

  • Lani George

    Horrible!  It looks like she is being attacked by fungus from outer space — might work in a sci-fi movie, though.

  • lill5

    I think the weird guy in the first pic, the one peeking out between the tree branches, is the one who put her in this dress. And he’s thinking “yes, yes, go forth and be photographed in this monstrosity! I will ruin you yet!” Because whomever is responsible for this clearly hates Kristin with a passion. Sorry, Lo. Team Tom all the way on this one!

    • Super_Red

      love this love this love this. Thank you for that image. I’ll venture to add a “BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA” at the end. 😉 

  • ghopping

    omg I couldn’t even read tom’s arguement. OUTOUTOUT

  • BobStPaul

    Definitely with Tom on this one.  

  • She looks ridiculous and also like she knows it. 

  • Skeletor.

  • Amy Ellinger

    She looks like a bad coral reef.  This is beyond hideous.  Tom FTW.

  • Lilak

    A thousand times No Way  . . . and Miss Stewart looks exhausted in it.  
    Betcha it’s just as uncomfortable being on the inside of that thing as it is for us to have to look at it.

  • joe_tey83

    It’s like armpit and pubic hair colonizing the body.

  • Lipchap

    I just groaned when I saw it was Marchesa. Of course it is.

  • It’s ghastly.

  • frances rossi

    Love dress but someone needs to tell her STAT how to pose. If she stood up straight and smiled radiantly this would look so much better. She’s such a Droopy Drawers!

  • altalinda

    Team Tom, here.  Any chance of pulling this very difficult dress off was spoiled when it was worn by this slouching, disaffected actress.

  • Kay

    Team Tom!

  • ccm800

    Put me in the Lorenzo column on this one. 

  • mardia

    Out. Out out out. If I squint, I can see Lorenzo’s point, but the skirt absolutely ruins it. If the skirt weren’t sheer, and it didn’t chop up her body into so many sections, I might like it more. It’s a shame, because the back of the dress is lovely, but as is, OUT.

  • charlotte

     Sorry Lorenzo, but this is all corpse bride to me (including the makeup).

  • penn collins

    Finally some one wore it before Helena Bonham Carter!!! I could see this on her not on this tiny waif. Looks like something Tim Burton has wetdreams over…

  • thats not her dress.  its intricate and looks better on the model, but the top front bust doesn’t fit her right and looks off.

  • DominoEstella

    I think that dress is AWESOME.  Amazing detail and construction.  She is rocking it.  I love it!

  • carpediva

    Hiddy, FULL STOP.

  • MoreShoes

    This is an awful dress and she’s not comfortable in it.

  • The black areas look like inkstains. I’m imagining her with an octopus under each armpit and one in her crotch, and she’s just squeeeeeezing ’em.

  • Call me Bee

    Way, way WAY too much dress for her.  Or any human.  (And I am so sad that she is in this movie–I will never see it because of this piece of casting.)

  • Does anybody else see a clown face in her torso? 

  • TEAM TOM. This is the WORST.

  • mozzer0906

    Tom’s right.  I like the back skeleton lace, but the front?  Horrid.  The front looks like a face which means her vag is growing a mustache.  

  • Crotch ruffles?

  • Larkin21

    I’m with Tom. I just don’t like that dress. I do like her hair.

  • Monabel

    Garishly unbecoming, also somehow interesting. In a hideous way.

  • Black lace flesh eating disease.

  • BrightsideSusan

    She looks like she is growing mold from her armpits and it has spread.

  • Sophie Collier

    Looks like her armpit hair is taking over.  The only cool part of the dress is the spine/ribcage bit in the back.  Otherwise, it is a rather heinous garment.

  • Nope. OUT and not because it’s Kristen Stewart. She actually looks better than the model, but both of them look like their pubic and armpit hair is growing out of control and trying to eat them. Plus the skirt makes their legs look like those hideous scratchy lace tights little girls used to wear in the 80s. Kill it with fire. (But save Kristen – she’s a victim here.)

  • lolaleen

    Wow, I think I’m with Tom in nearly every case where you two are split. And this is no exception.

  • StelledelMare

    Tom, you are so right. I almost can’t stand to look at her here.

    • carolynmo

      I agree. Sorry, Lorenzo. I hate it when the dads fight.

  • I like it on her because she is posing right, in her “who cares?” kind of slouch. Wouldn’t look right on some bimbo. 

  • It’s interesting, and I can appreciate the intricacy of the details.  I’d consider it more as abstract art rather than a couture dress.  It’s not flattering at all, but I applaud the effort.  I’m on the fence!

  • Jennifer L.

    I have to agree with Tom here – the black panels on the front look like some sort of weirdly symmetrical fungus. 

  • You know… I like it actually 🙂

  • Greg Yoder

    I can agree with “stunning.”  In a sort of deer-in-the-headlights meaning of the word, that is.  Also, I think she looks better in it than the runway model.  Also, I would like to believe that the sheer (ha ha) hideousness of the dress is responsible for Miss Stewart’s looking bemused rather than pissed off, as she too frequently does.  So there: I actually found three nice things to say about that cultural atrocity masquerading as a dress.  Quite the accomplishment, n’est-ce pas?

  • AuntieAnonny

    Girl needs to shave.

  • Tracy_Flick

    Good lord, that’s completely hideous, not to mention unflattering. And her sour, spoiled demeanor makes it even worse.

  • sweetlilvoice

    I like, the back is too beautiful to ignore.

  • Gonna side with Tom on this one.  The skeletal idea is interesting but the rest of that is an atrocity to the eye.

  • MzzPants

    Quick!  Someone grab the bleach before that armpit fungus consumes her whole body!

  • Susan Gant

    Grrrross.  That is one ugly dress.

  • ChaquitaPhilly

    So ugly that there’s no word for how truly awful and creepy it is. Tom is right about this one, Lorenzo.

  • Zippypie

    This is one of the most horrifying dresses I’ve seen in recent memory.  It looks like an interweaving of the little lace squares my mom used to wear on her head to church slapped onto her body with a glue gun. 

    And it makes her look like she’s trying WAAAAY too hard to be “hipster” and “cool” and “edgy.”

  • Noshmek

    You’re both wrong.  Just because a designer has a concept for a dress, (“Skeletons!  Lace!  Vampirical Influenza!”) doesn’t mean they should make it.  This could have used some serious editing – like not being made at all.

  • Noshmek

    You’re both wrong.  Just because a designer has a concept for a dress, (“Skeletons!  Lace!  Vampirical Influenza!”) doesn’t mean they should make it.  This could have used some serious editing – like not being made at all.

  • Judy_S

    I vote with Tom. I made a gagging noise as I scrolled along. Even allowing for the likelihood that it looks better in person (it MUST look better in person, or why would she have even thought of wearing it?) it’s ugly. I don’t like her makeup either. 

  • Judy_S

    I vote with Tom. I made a gagging noise as I scrolled along. Even allowing for the likelihood that it looks better in person (it MUST look better in person, or why would she have even thought of wearing it?) it’s ugly. I don’t like her makeup either. 

  • I actually kinda love this. Sorry, everyone.

  • She has prolapsed muff hair with that poorly placed effect, and completely agree with Tom, it divides her into body parts (none of which look attractive).

  • I’m with Tom. Hiddy in every way possible. Like a joke vampiress outfit from the iParty store.

  • Just chiming in to confim that Tom is 100% right, but that I still love Lorenzo. (But maybe have your eyes checked, dear.)

  • I’m with Tom; the skeleton lace is cool, but the rest of the dress is irretrievably ugly.

  • littlemac8

    I agree that the skeleton references in the dress make it perfect for the Huntsman premier if only it weren’t hiddy!  Eeeek!  OUT

  • MissAnnieRN

    Team Tom. Blech. Sorry Lo.

  • demidaemon

    I’m sorry, but this dress needs to be taken out back, shot, chopped into tiny pieces, and burned.

  • littlelistmaker

    Aaaabsolutely hideous, tacky, overworked monstrosity that swallows her and her lack of personality whole.

  • Nariya

    Kristen looks like she is contemplating a quiet getaway in the last photo. I generally don’t like her put-upon expression, but in this instance, I do not blame her at all.

  • GTrain

    Hideous. The best model in the world couldn’t pull this off, never mind this mope.

  • lizajane1776

    My problem (besides that it is ugly with those patches of black breaking up the body) is that it is not anatomically correct. The sternum (the part in the front) is not striated like is illustrated here, it is solid. If something is trying to be a skeleton, then BE A SKELETON, don’t ALMOST be a skeleton.
    I wonder if it might work as art if the black were replaced with a slightly more interesting color? Navy? Red would be appropriate but too gory.

  • This thing is on a whole new level of fugly.

  • The dress looks like it’s willing to smile for the cameras (even if she isn’t).

  • EEKstl

    I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m with Lo on this one.  It’s arresting and works on her (far more than on the model).  The peekaboo skirt is its downfall – HATE it.

  • Stubenville

    Sorry, I’m old school; it’s never classy to walk around in fabric with all the opacity of mosquito netting, showing the world your undies. Out, a thousand times out.

  • aristida_girl

    I too LOVE the skeletal elements (Lorenzo) but hate the lace patches and the sheer skirt with a flounce? peplum? lace butt-support? 
    (Tom), so ultimately must agree with daddy T and vote her OUT, although I am sad to see my daddies fighting, make it stop! (or at least buy me a present to make me feel better 🙂  I also agree it is nice to see her actually putting some effort into her look, so often she just looks as if she rolled out of bed, skipped the shower, and rode the subway to whatever event she is attending.

  • OUT. love the spinal column lacework, but the rest is ugly as sin. 

  • FayeKat

     That dress looks like a freak show!

  • poketom

    NO. If the two of you are going to hate trends like “black lace dresses” with such vehemence then you need to tell LO to stick to your guns about it. 

    This black lace dress is probably the most hiddy thing I’ve seen in a while. 

  • leftcoastpickle

    That dress would make a fantastic halloween costume. I can’t take it seriously at all. 

  • Wraith fashion from Stargate:Atlantis…..

  • UGLY. Makes her look like she has a really bad body hair problem that she attempted to shave into an evening gown.

  • annamiklo

    I feel like this is a conceptual dress: appreciable and interesting in theory, but never physically beautiful to wear.  So, yeah.  I agree with Tom.  (And DAMN does it look uncomfortable)

  • I really like the skeletal aspects. However, it makes her underarms look mouldy, and that’s never chic.

  • kathleen morgan

    My first thought was Dale Chihuly glass work tied in with ick, it is lace. Blech. 

  • aimee_parrott

    Usually I’m torn when I have to choose between Tom and Lorenzo.  USUALLY.  This time, though?  I think Tom needs to make an appointment for Lorenzo to see an optometrist because that dress is a crime against my eyes.  Seriously.  My eyes are suing for malpractice, and requesting punitive damages for pain and suffering.  I don’t think it looks good on the model, either, but it’s fucking ridiculous on Kristen Stewart.  She looks even more uncomfortable than she normally does, and that, as all bitter kittens know, is saying something.

    Sorry Lorenzo.  I still love you, but my eyes aren’t speaking to you.

  • Warrior89

    This is one of the ugliest dresses I’ve seen.  It’s even uglier because it thinks it’s glamorous.  It’s not.

  • Rebecca Johnson

    Ugh, that’s nightmare fuel right there. Out.

  • Susan Crawford

    This dress is proof that it is entirely possible to appreciate and admire the craftsmanship of a gown while still disliking the finished product.

  • Lacy cowhide pattern. 

  • She is obliterated, stoned, a few sluggish blinks away from melting into the astroturf…and falling into the middle of the earth in her underworld gown. 

    • snarkykitten

       I’m pretty sure “stoned” is KStew’s default look

  • SorayaS

    Tom you win. I can see in theory that the lace work and detailing is beautiful but away from the runway this dress is a horror show. Charlize couldn’t have even pulled it off.

  • sockandaphone

    Tom. end of discussion.

  • please.  again with the ice dancer outfits?  no.

  • Lisa_Cop

    Dress is ok on the model but Kristen can’t pull it off. And it’s much too long on her; it was shorter in the model. OUT.

  • JenXer

    Team Tom

  • Nonnah

     What about the white underwear!  Did she and Charlize coordinate on the granny panties?  It might be a better dress without the black FUPA (Frilly Upper P____ Area).

  • I think the issue is the way she poses (or the fact that she DOESNT pose). Someone please train her and then I think this would look even better! (In for me… LOVE the dress! L – I’ll sit with you if the others won’t! HAHA!) 

  • mrspeel2

    It IS pretty awful and she’s not helping with her usual slouchy posture. If only she could learn to stand tall with shoulders back, the dress might get a C- instead of an F.

  • Daenyx

    I’m with Lorenzo – I think she looks stunning!  It’s not perfect because she’s not quite confident enough to completely pull it off, but she’s got the look for it, and it’s a head-turner of a dress.  Which is kind of the point.  (I also think it’s beautiful, but I see I’m in the minority, here…)

  • It’s only May, but that dress is a contender for the ugliest dress of 2012.

  • Lisa

    Oh, no, Lorenzo bunny.  I’m with Tom on this one.  This is one of the ugliest dresses I’ve ever seen.  I mean, CHARLIZE would have a tough time pulling this off, let alone everyones’ favorite little sad-sack.  Not only is it ugly, it doesn’t really fit her, it’s the wrong dress on the wrong girl, and she has a look on her face like she was beaten into it.

  • Peeve

    Good God, no! All I can see from a distance is one of those wolf people covered with scraggly hair that maybe just shaved their face and let the rest go…

  • paintedfish

    Sorry Papa Lo, I’m with Papa T on this one. The skeleton dress without all that black foofaraw would have been pretty cool.

  • FloridaLlamaLover

    I was trying to describe this dress to my daughter who is currently decorating red velvet cupcakes, and I could only keep saying “Ummm, hmmmmm….hmmmm…..uh……”

  • Miss_Led

    Ugh and O.U.T.

  • My spontaneous comment when I scrolled down to see the dress: “Eeww!” I’m with Tom, sorry Lo.

  • Creepy and awful. I

  • DebbieLovesShoes

    Hate it.

  • snarkykitten

    it’s hideous. She needs to find a stylist that stops trying to shove her in super frilly girlie gowns because she never ever seems into it

  • granddelusion

    It IS stunning. Just not in a good way. No one could pull this dress off. (well, i’d like to pull it off her.) It looks like a giant bug face, and that sheer bottom part is just too choppy. This is truly horrendous.

  • enid soto

    OMG she looks like she has pubic hair all over her body, or like she’s wearing a dress made from pubes. Or like she has toxic pit stains. This is a big nightmare of a dress.

  • elzatelzabelz

    UGH. That is FUG. Way uglier than what she normally wears. Also, facial expressions, look into them, they might make this a skoosh better. Might.

  • Megan Patterson

    It looks good from the back — it looks TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE from the front. 

  • golspie

    It’s not the dress, it’s her. She looks like a sulky Boneless Wonder from a freakshow.

  • Sarah Mizufae

    It looks like giant black sea molluscs are attacking her body.

  • plinkiedoodle

    Daddy Tom, go to your room.

  • eight_of_nine

    Love the dress and the skeletal lace.  Hate it on KStew.  This dress requires someone with more presence and diva attitude.

  • Sorry, Lo. Tom is right, this dress is too ugly for anyone.

  • I’m on Team Tom. That dress is ugly.

  • I’m with Tom. Skeleton idea is neat, the rest of it is heinous.

  • HIDEOUS. It looks like a disease. 

  • loverungay

    The dress may be stunning but she’s wearing it like it’s a sweatsuit.  She is not attractive or poised enough to manage it.  Put it on someone more polished and then put it to a vote!

  • that dress makes her look as if she’s shedding her skin. also I feel as if the dress is supposed to be skintight but it’s fitting kind of loose and awkward. but the hair and makeup are nice!

  • PeaceBang

    This is absolutely hideous on her. Her co-star Charlize Theron probably could have pulled it off. 

  • It’s the black mold dress.  

  • lifetime_student

    A few days ago I watched an episode of the British sci-fi show Primeval. It featured a fungus which killed by growing all over a person. That was my first thought when I saw this dress, that she had been attacked by a deadly fungus. Oh, and also, will someone please tell this child to stand up straight?

  • Tom nailed it.

  • Marchesa’s appeal is all thunder and no rain.

  • I’m going to say no to the dress… It is potentially really interesting but the buttruffles and the uterus flower… just no. the skeleton is interesting though.

  • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

    Those black lace patches look like BODY HAIR.  I am so grossed out.  NO NO NO.

  • Horrible dress, and who in the hell is responsible for her looking so awful in the face all the time? She’s a beautiful woman, what is it about standing and getting her picture taken that makes her contort her lovely features into such a horrid rictus smile every time?

  • sheer skirt – automatic hell no.

  • saanrio

    I really don’t like the dress at all.  I realize it is likely something where seeing it in person is much different than seeing it in photographs, but I just can’t like this at all.  The skeleton motif had a chance of being interesting, but it gets lost in the rest of the dress.

  • I’m torn.  I find the back strangely beautiful, but the front is ugly and unflattering.  And that’s an awful lot of dress for a woman who can’t be bothered with standing up straight.

  • Have the fug girls seen this? Cuz this is FUG. Ew. Sorry, Lo, it’s bad. Tom – I’m with you on this one.

  • judybrowni

    I’m afraid I can’t support the flesh-eating-virus dress. 

    (Although I’m torn, perhaps bubonic-plague dress would be more descriptive…but hey, I’m no diagnostician.)

  • Joanie Hunt

    I gotta go with Tom on this one. I like the white skeleton lace stuff, but the black patches do nothing for me. As for KStew’s makeup, no thank you

  • Kathleen B

    Lorenzo is right. this time.

  • It occurs to me, this dress would probably look much, much better on a person with much, much darker skin.  If the black lace faded into the background and the white skeleton popped in contrast, it could be KILLA.

  • Lilyana_F

    Wow, that’s one unflattering dress… both Kristen’s and the model’s legs look oddly thick

  • Corsetmaker

    Other designers have done the skeleton/anatomical motif far better. This just looks bad. The white is the most interesting part and it’s lost against all the black. And I hate the ruffles round the stomach and hips.
    Marchesa should stick to their fluffy prom dresses.

  • Leonardo Alves

    It’s interesting… but NO!

  • DesertDweller79

    Sorry, Lo.  I’m on Tom’s side.  I think it is horribly ugly.  In her defense, I think it is even uglier on the model.  But, it is terribly unflattering.  I hate all the lace groupings.  Hate the big lace patch over her lady parts.  And it is, yet again, a sheer skirt.  Which is my most hated trend in fashion.  Just one of the ugliest things I have ever seen.  Blech.

  • DCSheehan

    This dress will give me nightmares for at least a week. Also, it made me throw up a little.

  • she looks uncomfortable. 

  • BazoDee

    Team TOM! 

  • bluefish

    Team Tom all the way.  The dress looks like something out of the creepy “Bodies” exhibition that was touring the country some years ago.  Hideous. And her hair and make-up aren’t helping either.  Also, you all were so right about the theme park backdrop.  I’d never fully appreciated the contribution made by a standard step and repeat backdrop until yesterday’s photos of Charlize and your comments.

  • HK4Seven

    It doesn’t matter if the dress is hideous or fabulous- that is WAY too much dress for that girl.  I’d love to see it on Swinton though.

  • She looks like somebody threw moldy jellyfish at her and they stuck.  OUT.

    I do love the skeletal white lace part of it, though.  There was a good dress in there somewhere…

  • sweet_potato

    Sorry Lo, got to go with T on this one.

  • Still reading the (over 500!) comments, but that shot in which she’s looking over her shoulder?  Best I’ve seen her look in a long time.  Hair is lovely, makeup just right for the dress.  Not a fan of the black lace armpit stains or the crotch ruffle but the back — nape to waist — is stunning.

  • Zi Jie Tan

    her flesh is rotting! 

  • IDK about the dress, but hair and makeup are gorgeous!

  • What Lorenzo said!

  • Haley Buchanan

    I’m gonna throw Lo a bone.  (Pun not intended, well, maybe…)  While the cutouts in the front are beyond weird, I kinda love the back.  In fact, with a more clean, simple front and the same back, I’d kinda love this dress.  Those boob and belly ruffles are just so off putting though.

  • funkypeanut

    Ewwww. Just looking at it makes me reach for the calamine lotion.

  • vaughn75

    Hey Lorenzo,  I agree with you. First impression was I loved the romantic-gothic look as being so apporopos for her role as Snow White in this particular movie. I appreciate her willingness to take risks and experiment. Upon further reflection I decided I love the back. It’s exquisite. Also like it from the side.  I don’t think the style is particularly flattering on anyone; she has such a great figure but from the front flattens out her hips. but overall I’m sticking with my first impression. As for the stereotype she never smiles, looks miserable all the time? Hogwash. Try posting more pictures of her smiling, in better poses (there plenty of both at the premiere and for other events). I’ve met her and seen her in action at a premiere. She’s enthusiastic about her work and her fans. Doesn’t deserve the bile thrown at her in the press and by what looks like most of your readers here. Thanks. 

  • Love the back. Hate the rest. The idea of it is her dress, but she lacks the confidence, poise and posture to pull it off. And she still looks like she’d rather be anywhere else than here. 

  • Maddie_Faddenoid

    *Sigh*… I think it looks so much better on the model and I hate myself for thinking that. But it’s true.

    I love the way that skeletons are everywhere right now and I think this dress would be very beautiful were it not for the “crotchstache” (as another commenter coined it) and all the fuss on the front.

    Still, kudos to Kristen for trying this. If any non-model should be wearing it, it’s her.

  • alex mallard

    I agree with Tom. The only part of this dress that works is the back, which is beautiful, and conveniently you cant really tell who’s wearing it. Although someone might be able to pull it off better… like Zoe Saldana or something.

  • Kolo_Ol

    This is one of the most horrible Marchesa dresses I have seen and that’s saying a lot.

  • juliamargaret

    Team Tom. The skeleton motif is very cool but on the thumbnail it looked like had colonies of mold growing all over her. 

  • Oil slick armpits.

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    As usual, I’m with Tom on this one.  HATE the gown – so typically Marchesa, overworked and just too much.  Dislike the hair, makeup, and girl.  OUT.

  • ZnSD

    That dress ain’t got no alibi. It’s FUGLY.

  • lilazander

    I cammot look at her smug face expression.

  • Vodeeodoe

    OMG – I just saw this. I think she looks FABULOUS! Granted, I don’t follow her fashion choices on any sort of regular basis, but she’s such a tomboy – this is the first thing I’ve seen her in that makes her look ultra feminine. Plus, the skeletal accents make this a great transition piece from goth tomgirl to goth princess.

  • This dress is as ugly as homemade sin!!!!

  • Renaissance_Man_ATL

    Lorenzo’s got it on this one!  She’s actually working a couture dress, the dress, with the white skeleton beading effect combined with the black lace is quite stunning.  I’m actually stunned KS is standing up straight and looking FAB!

  • Ezmartin


  • CrazyFeminist

    The component parts of the dress are utterly breathtaking (in a good way) but the picture as a whole is not good at all. The hair and makeup are gorgeous but it’s too bad that she is not yet adept at holding her face beautifully for still shots. 

  • Anonymoth

    I fear Lorenzo and I might be alone in this, but…..I love it. While I fully admit that I love just about everything that contains black lace, so I am biased, this is really stunning. I also have a bit of a fetish for the macabre, so I ADORE the skeleton motif. Yes, the dress is odd and the patches of lace are oddly placed. But it seems to actually flatter her in some weird way. It seems destined to be a failure, particularly on Kristen, since she seems to pull off just about nothing…..but she’s actually pulling this off. It’s not everybody’s cup of tea. But it’s dark, it’s odd, it’s beautiful, and she looks good in it. Can’t ask for anything more.

  • Dagney

    IN. Don’t cancel Xmas.

  • ThaliaMenninger

    It looks more like a terrible skin disease than a dress to me. And while I suppose some skin diseases might be beautiful in a scary sort of way, this one totally and completely isn’t. I’m with Tom all the way. One of the ugliest garments I’ve ever seen.

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    I’m with Tom on this dress. I can see from the close-up photos that there is such very intricate work on the back, but those black lace patches just look to me as if this girl has broken out in some unfortunate fashion/skin condition.

  • ChelseaNH

    I think the dress looks like fungus.  Sorry, Lo.

  • I like the back.  The front just screams “creeping fungus attack” to me, though.

  • Tom

  • Diego!

    I agree with Lorenzo. She looks amazing! Uncomfortable as always whenever she needs to pose for the flashes, but that is a very difficult dress to wear. You go Bella! xD

  • I’m with Tom… I’ve seen pictures of this pop up on a lot of sites and the more I see it, the more I hate it.  She doesn’t have a large chest but the dress makes her look as flat chested as an actual skeleton! 

  • Liz

    Very very cool dress.


  • Exactly what all the vampire moms are wearing these days!

  • Katrina Atienza

    looks like her armpit hair and pubes exploded and wove together to make a dress, all Goth fairytale-like.

  • i’m sorry but i agree with Tom 100% that dress is hideous and is one of the worst things i’ve seen,