Jayma Mays in Dolce&Gabbana

Posted on May 02, 2012

Well, we might as well finish out our Glee red carpet posts as a trifecta. Jayma? Why don’t you come on out here so these nice people can judge you.

Jayma Mays attends Academy of Television Arts & Sciences’ “Glee” Screening in a Dolce&Gabbana dress paired with a Judith Lieber clutch and Jimmy Choo shoes.

She tends to get things more wrong than right on the red carpet, we’re sorry to say. We’re not literally sorry to say that; it just felt like we were supposed to sound sorry. Anyway, the point is, even if she gets the dress right, she’ll wear some fugly shoes or have her makeup applied in a less-than-flattering way. There’s always something a little wrong with a Jayma Mays red carpet look.

But we really can’t find anything terribly wrong here. Yes, we hate the shoes, but that’s really on principle more than anything else. They’re not awful with this dress; they just don’t do anything for it. We think a bright orange or complementary (but not matchy) red would have really made this look pop. Aside from that, it all looks cute; hair and makeup look good and the dress is sweet and fun. That blue clutch is an odd choice, though. Stylists, you don’t actually need a pop of color if the dress is already really colorful. We would have suggested accessories that pull this look together and raise it up, rather than accessories that do nothing for it or actively fight against it. Red shoes, black clutch and maybe a belt and this outfit would be perfect.


[Photo Credit: Andrew Evans/PR Photos]

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  • Sobaika Mirza

    Cute enough. The shoes are a horrible choice.

  • schadenfreudelicious

    i dunno, the first thing that came to my mind is that it looks a lot like a summer nightie…a very expensive nightie, but still….

  • I agree about those shoes.  Beige? really?  with D&G?  Her hair and make up look terrific.  Plus she looks rested and happy.

    • AmandaCathleen

       “Beige? really? with D&G”

      Yes, exactly! You’ve already gotten the bold floral dress, why wimp out on the shoes??

      • Besides, girl, you’re like, 14, so have some fun with it all. No secretary shoes, Evah!

  • I think the stylist was trying to pull out one of the less dominant colors in the dress for the clutch. I believe you have referred to such choices in the past as Phd level styling.  The blue does not come out of nowhere there is a similar blue up on the neckline and interspersed throughout along with the green. I think that the shoes were a good choice although i could see a navy blue working as well 

    • MissAnnieRN

      I’m not seeing any blue here, only shades of green.  But everyone’s eyes/brains interpret color differently, so….

    • Sobaika Mirza

      The dress has more of a blue-green, the clutch seems incongruous. Maybe they photograph differently?

      • Could be – I’ve often found blues and greens in fabric to photograph very differently.

  • lordandtaylor

    The dress is as fresh as springtime. But it is back to the accessory wall for her to try again! Where is Tim Gunn when he is so needed by soooo many celebs?

  • MissAnnieRN

    Dress is cute – works really well with her coloring, but the waist is a scosh too high, IMO.  Don’t understand the clutch or the shoes, though.

  • P M

    A pink shoe that picked up on one of the colours in the dress’s flowers would have been nice. A bold-ish pink. 

  • Her hair looks fantastic!

  • Clutch, that’s not your dress. Lovely clutch though. I also think the dress is not great – the ruffles are a bit weird.

  • I think the dress’ waist makes her feel like it’s too short and she’s trying to cover it up with the clutch. She looks uncomfortable.

  • PastryGoddess

    Great hair, ok makeup, cute dress, horrible shoes.  the clutch is a meh

  • formerlyAnon

    Not my kind of dress, but it fits her look.

    Totally fine.

  • Lina_bee

    Orange or red shoes, yes. I wish there’d been a little color around her eyes — she’s all beige, like the shoes. It’s boring.

  • lilibetp

    It looks like the purse was chosen to match the wall behind her.

  • I can’t help thinking that reversing the colors on the shoes and clutch (turquoise/blue/green/whatever the hell color it is on the shoes, and then a beige, neutral clutch) would look better.

  • Jessica O’Connell

    Agreed on the shoes, dress, and makeup. I think the clutch would have also worked if it was matching one of the greens or blues in the dress, but this one seems a little out of left field. Still, she looks good!

  • I understand that the dress is D&G, but there really doesn’t seem to be much design to it.  I love the print, but could the design itself be more boring?  And the ruffle!  ACK!  OK…off my soapbox now.

  • Kayceed

    I dunno. This dress looks awfully casual to be an “event” dress. I think the pointy-toed pump was an attempt to dress it up, but I’m not buying it.

  • GorgeousThings

    It looks like she’s trying to pull her skirt down. 

  • 3boysful

    Is she sporting any jewelry?  Needs a wide bangle, as well as different shoes.  Styled like this, it looks like she’s going to a daytime wedding in the burbs.

  • bluefish

    The little dress is adorable.  And I tend to like a young women with healthy natural looking nails — and toe nails too. Love the clutch too … The shoes are what bring the whole thing down.

  • I like the blue clutch with it. 🙂

  • I love the dress(and the clutch) on her but yeah, the silly putty shoes are totally wrong. Some cute sandal type shoe would be better.

  • piecesofconfetti

    This looks like something I’d throw on to go to a BBQ.

  • CassandraMortmain

    Other than the waistline, which looks off, it’s an adorable dress.  But maybe a little too casual for the red carpet.  The clutch clashes with the dress – the tones are wrong.  The shoes don’t bother me though black shoes or sandals would have provided an anchor to the look.  From the neck up she’s great.

  • Scarlet39

    The dress is cute. But she’s suffering from random accessorizing. 

  • Little_Olive

    The shoes and clutch make me ache. What a way to ruin a dress’ potential (not that it is such a fantastic dress to begin with). 
    From the neck up, great look for her. 

  • DominoEstella

    It looks like she purchased her outfit from Stein Mart. Dreadful.  The clutch is cute, but I’m pretty sure you could find one similar at Stein Mart as well.

  • TheOriginalLulu

    I’m more concerned about her eyebrows. Those things are plucked to within an inch of their lives and the shape is all wonky on them. Jayma, you should NEVER drink and pluck. Let this be a lesson.  

  • marishka1

    Too short. It makes her look like a child.

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    her hair looks especially nice, so does her eye makeup. the shoes, oy vey, platforms are leaving [too bad] but beige is not? the dress is pretty, though, particularly in closeups. more good than bad, so put me down in the yes column again.

  • My grandmother had a house dress in that print.

    • Susan Crawford

      I see that, too. And I believe we had an oilcloth kitched tablecloth in a similar pattern. Still, kinda cute dress in a retro way.

  • My grandmother had a house dress in that print.

  • Bettie S


  • MilaXX

    I don’t  think it needs a belt, but  I agree a colored shoe and neutral bag would have pulled this together more.  Not a bad look, but could have been better.

  • kimmeister

    I’m not liking that pale apricot color on her.

  • marcella peek

    That looks like the perfect dress for a flat chested 10 – 12 year old girl.  It really does nothing for her figure.  Shoes are boring, but I like the blue clutch.

  • christinewithanx

    She looks really washed out and kinda sickly to me here. Maybe a stronger lip would help, but my grandma always said the gingers (herself and myself included) need to stay away from yellows and I tend to agree.

  • marilyn

    Bad shoes bad purse.  Otherwise great.

  • Susan Crawford

    Cute dress! The Lieber clutch is outstanding, but agree that it would have really rocked in red against the busy dress pattern. And definitely black  shoes over the silly-putty pumps any day! And I think the boyz are correct, too, that a black belt would have finished things off nicely. Close – closer than usual for Miss Mays – but no cigar yet.

  • kikisayshi

    This is adorable. I actually like the blue clutch with it, but not the pointy shoes. Overall though, this is a great look for her!

  • alyce1213

    Love the dress, but I’m confounded by this contradiction:
    “We think a bright orange or complementary (but not matchy) red would have really made this look pop. Aside from that, it all looks cute; hair and makeup look good and the dress is sweet and fun. That blue clutch is an odd choice, though. Stylists, you don’t actually need a pop of color if the dress is already really colorful.”

  • Amy Ellinger

    Hate the shoes, but for some reason, i love the clutch with this. It’s just such a happy color!

    And her hair is perfect.

  • unbornfawn

    I’m inclined to agree with you. It’s the styling that takes down the look. The dress is cute. It’s fun. It’s color in a good way! The shoes are just sad. I would have even preferred a black shoe over the nasty putty colored shoes. The purse doesn’t go.

  • I just wish they all didn’t have to be so damn skinny. I’m tired of fataphobia. 

  • fallen_ikon

    I think the dress is a touch too short, personally..I don’t mind the clutch but the shoes..just..no.

  • PeaceBang

    Her hair is so pretty. I had a cute summer romper in that material when I was about 11, I think.

  • Sam

    That skirt is so sad, it’s just hanging there limp. 

  • Tracy_Flick

    The high, loose waist makes it look like a little girl’s dress. Her hair and makeup look great, though.

  • nannypoo

    Very cute. Another perfect dress for a Fanning. 

  • ThaliaMenninger

    I like the print of the dress, but it’s a little too babydoll for someone like her, who always defaults to Q-T Pi. And I hate the shoes with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns. So, for me, she’s stepping a toe into out.

  • TieDye64

    Meh, not bad. Better than her usual choices. Loathe the shoes, esp. with this particular dress. Wouldn’t some strappy sandals (not the shade of bandaids) have been a better way to go?

  • Sophie Collier

    That’s Dolce and Gabbana?  Honestly, it looks like something from the children’s department at Target.  Not that it’s ugly, just very casual and not especially event-worthy.

  • guest2visits

    I like it all; down to the Choo’s. The only thing that makes me feel this is a little too precious are the ruffles at the neck and arms.

  • ccm800

    in the color spectrum of putty…these right here are the puttiest. Yuck.