Glamour Women of the Year Awards

Posted on May 30, 2012

Hit it, Glamazons!


Cat Deeley

It’s just all right. Not really that glamorous. She could’ve used some jewelry. And one white shoe, just to be cheeky about it.


Eva Longoria in Victoria Beckham

 We’re not loving the shoes, but that’s a great dress for her.


Jessica Alba in Alexander McQueen

 Girl, that’s not your dress. Too fussy for her and too formal for this event, possibly.


Katherine Jenkins in Mary Katrantzou

 Looks great on her. Again with the neutral shoes. Ladies, throw us a bone here.


Kelly Brook in Azagury

 Just stopping by for a quick drink before she heads off to her wedding later today.


Kylie Minogue in Stella McCartney

All right, clearly some of these ladies thought this event required a gown and some didn’t. We can’t tell if people are overdressed or underdressed.

Pretty, though.


Lea Michele in Zac Posen

Of course.


Lily Collins in Alexander McQueen

Cute. Maybe a bit too demure for our tastes.


Naomi Watts in Versace

Such an odd dress. The shape says “poolside,” but it’s rendered in black lace. We think this dress is made or broken in the styling and nothing here is all that notable on that front.


Sofia Vergara in Zac Posen

It was ever thus. Strapless and tight is what she’s always about. Still, it’s a cute dress, even if it sits a little low. Could’ve used some showier shoes.


[Photo Credit: Landmark/PR Photos]

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  • joancarol

    After each Lea Michele pic, I can hear the chorus of bitter kittens all saying in unison “Of course!.”

    • Le_Sigh

       Yes!  No matter where I see a photo of her or what she’s wearing its the first thought that pops into my head.

      • joancarol

        The Thumbnail of her looks like she offering you a serving from her candy dish.

        •  If I didn’t know who she was I’d say “She looks pretty hot for 55”

    • I still giggle at that joke every time.

  • Kylie, Jessica, and Lea’s gowns make them look way too long and the gowns don’t flatter their figures at all. I actually didn’t get “Of course” from Lea this time,only because  her boobs didn’t look like de-quilled pufferfish. If there is such a thing. Or such a word.

    • LesYeuxHiboux

       I figured it was in reference to the fact that the dress is so tight we can see her belly button and how she grooms.

  • ccinnc

    There are about a million colors in Katherine Jenkins’ dress, and she couldn’t find ONE pair of shoes that went with any of them?

  • Laurie Bergman

    Naomi Watts…yeesh.  Looks like she dashed out of bed, found one ribbon to tie half of a folding black lace room divider onto her body, another black ribbon to tie back her hair, and then…hurry, hurry…flew out the door.

    • mountainFashionista

       And yet, she’s the only one who’s successfully straddling the over/underdressed line —  She’s neither! She’s both!

    • CMS

       She DID take the time to pop a beige snake on her shoulder though.

      • BarbaraNovak

        I thought it was her dragon – too much time on the GoT post!

      • makeityourself

        That thing is nasty.

    • CMS

       She DID take the time to pop a beige snake on her shoulder though.

  • Little_Olive

    Oh what a big bucket of blah here.

    Can Donatella get her head out of her ass? Can Sofia stop channeling Jessica Rabbit (and please give us a new line to say about her, please)? Can Lea be a bit less super-excited-mega-watt-smile-and-showbiz-veteran-posing to be at the opening of a new muffin shop or whatever event she is at? 

  • TheOriginalLulu

    I love Katherine Jenkins’ dress.
    Lily Collins looks really cute, but I’m already sick of that odd bust that all the designers are doing. I really hope it dies soon.

  • Even when Lea Michele’s dress doesn’t scream “I’m trying too hard”, her face does.

    • It’s such a shame she seems to go to such great lengths to make people like or discover her. She’s such a beautiful and gifted actress-cum-singer, and that alone makes her astounding, and yet she goes to these lengths like someone who is in the industry without any talent to show for it, when she is one of the best of her age in the industry.

      Maybe Glee’s shit writing has made her doubt her own acting chops.

      I feel really, really bad of getting tired of her because of all the appearances (candy promotions, tablet promotions, car promotions, NFL presence, late night shows, etc.)—but then again, I think people still aren’t aware of just how gifted she actually is. It’s a shame she’s in an industry where talent isn’t valued higher.

  • If Lea Michele gets an “of course”, which I don’t think fits with this dress since she’s actually pretty covered up then so should Sofia Vergara since her dresses pretty much go along a similar path of obvious repetition. I enjoy reading your page a lot I feel like that running gag has run its course and it would be nice if you actually offered commentary again for LM or just not post pics of her.

    • shirab

      To be fair, “it was ever thus” is just a fancier way of saying “of course.”

      • Touche. 🙂  But TLo at least bothered to write more about SV and have been doing so when she’s been doing a classier version of Charo for a while now. I’m not saying she doesn’t look good cause her figure is ridiculous and she should show it off, but she’s totally on autopilot when it comes to picking out clothes especially since it seems to be the same dress whenever she’s on the red carpet, give or take it be knee length or ankle length and  a different color.  Reminds me of when Eva Longoria would wear nothing but those mermaid dresses for years.

        There’s a lot of fail in the pics here but Kelly Rowland looked smashing at the event. I really liked her look.  

    • JimMcC

       Very true, but isn’t this one where it comes down to attitude? Sofia Vergara is incredibly charming, and while she goes back to the same well over and over again, she almost always manages to make it look wonderful. Her clothes seem to match her personality. With Lea Michele, the effort always seems visible. It’s almost as though she dresses to show us who she wants to be (or for us to think she is), where Vergara dresses to show us who she is. They’re both consistent to the point that they could certainly be read as boring, but only one of them manages to sell the shit out of her chosen style and make it look effortless.

      • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

        yes yes yes. 

      •  Well Said! SV seems like her character- i.e. some one you would love to hang out with and have a ‘a few’ drinks with- charming, not putting on a ‘show’ from the cameras, etc. As to LM- I agree, she seems to be (consistently) Look! Look! I want to be LIKED! I am TALENTED! (DAMMIT!). Both are in pretty specific style ruts, and I agree, SV loves showing off those ta-tas, but somehow…she makes it not feel forced (like I think LM does).
        Honestly I think I should be tired of SV by now, but she always looks (for lack of a cliched word here) ‘real’. She is in on ‘the joke’ and smiles through it…

      • I read TLo’s comment on Sofia as “could have used some SHOWER shoes,” and I was thinking… really?  Bwa ha ha.  I thought those shoes were OK, but would have loved to see her in some strappy sandals.  (not sappy sandals, or trappy sandals or trampy sandals… strappy sandals)

      • Not for me. I’m judging the look, not the person. It seems like splitting hairs because one woman is repetitious in her style of dress (though ironically her look this time is more demure than her usual) but since some folks think her personality sucks, then it’s ok to judge her harshly and clown her regardless yet the other seems like her personality rocks, so she gets a free pass of wearing basically the same dress give or take the length of it.

        Both ladies pull the “look at me” in their style of dress in vamping it up on the red carpet, I just think it’s a paper thin double-standard to run roughshod over one and not the other when it’s supposed to be about how they’re dressed on the red carpet, not their respective personalities.

        • VioletFem

          This a thousand times over. I wish I could promote your comment. Honestly, the (irrational) Lea hate is getting really tiring.

  • Lily Collins’ dress reminds me of a high school homecoming dress. A classy high school homecoming dress (hers isn’t either floral velvet or metallic blue fabric like I rocked), but nevertheless, a homecoming dress. I can imagine a girl’s mom making this for her and saying “all right, you can have it above the knee, but I’m raising the bust line, and that’s that. Rules of a lady-legs or cleavage, not both.”

    • mountainFashionista

       Her frumpy shoes contribute to this feeling, non?

  • I don’t think anyone here really brought Glamor to the table. Sure, some of these ladies look really great, but that ineffable quality we call glamor is conspicuously absent. Even Kylie, who’s dress oozes that ideal, failed with the grocery shopping hair.

    • Yes. You nailed it. A Glamour event with no glamor. Shame, ladies. Shame.

  • Jennifer Hofstetter

    I don’t like Lea Michele’s dress all that much, but I love the color. On, like, everyone.

    •  The top gives her pro wrestler shoulders.

      • Boy, did you ever switch the goal posts. We’re talking about art, in this case, a television show. We’re not talking about President Obama or even about a dress. Not one of those comparisons remotely apply.

        And while we enjoy being told we’re silly and confused for not understanding what we do when we write these posts, the fact of the matter is we absolutely don’t agree with your basic premise – any of it. It would be nice if you could drop the subject, along with your condescension.

  • Where is the Tom Hiddleston? He got the “man of the year” award or some such thing. He thanked his mom. He is fantastic. And dressed way better than most of these women.

    • Kristy Evans

       So many likes.

    • He’s over on the Tumblr, taking over the internet.

  • Jessica Alba’s dress gives me the willies. It looks like it should be in my grandma’s bathroom.

    • Terrie_S

      That leads me to a VERY disturbing image, because I was thinking “Frontier saloon prositute’s nightgown.” Which just shouldn’t be crossed with the thought of anyone’s grandmother.

  • janetjb

    We aren’t in Cannes any more!

  • LuisaNL

    what a weird event, you really can’t tell who is overdressed/underdressed. I love naomi watts’ look, she just oozes cool. everyone else, eh. oh and lea? please wipe that stupid mega watt smile off your face. enough already.

  • VioletFem

    Leah Michelle “of course”. REALLY?!  She looks quite demure compared to what she typically wears. She’s not showing a ridiculous amount of cleavage and/or leg (per usual). The dress fits quite nicely (although a bit long) and is in a very pretty shade of dark blue that looks really good against her skin tone. My only complaint with the dress is that she chose to wear it of one shoulder which really doesn’t work with the sleeves of this dress. But it is still an improvement. 

    • No cleavage? The dress is falling off of her cleavage on one side as we watch! And she doesn’t mind!

      • VioletFem

        I don’t see cleavage. I see a lot of shoulder (certainly more than this dress was designed to show) but hardly any cleavage.

        • Well, I mean, it IS Lea Michele ….

  • girliecue

    I am officially over the way-too-high inverted neckline. It reminds me of a fireplace screen and has yet to do anyone who wears it any favors.

    Can’t believe I’m saying this, but the Stella McCartney on Kylie Minogue actually made me ooh and aah! Everyone else can go home. First out the door is Jessica Alba. That is the worst I’ve ever seen her and I usually think she looks adorable.

    • kimmeister

      You are so right about the fireplace screen!

  • Knightley

    Out of all of those, I’d say Lily Collins looks the best, ,mainly because that color is KILLA on her.  

  • Lina_bee

    1. I think I like Naomi’s best, which surprises me because it’s a Versace. But the lines and pattern and cut are all working for me — despite the black lace, even. 2. I liked EvaL’s Posh dress back when it was new, but I’ve seen too many people in it since then (also, she needed to tape the hem up about 3 inches).  Granted, Posh’s aesthetic is PERFECT for Eva’s frame, it’s just this particular bit of orange has already made the rounds. 3. I think LeaM might actually possess ANTI-CHARM. The dress would be fine on anyone else, but seeing her face above it induces kneejerk GRARRGH. 4. I adore LilyC’s face, even if the makeup is a little stark here. No one else looks like her, and that is totally to her benefit. The McQueen might be a little much for her, though. Certainly she needs better shoes.

  • mjude

    i did not know that was Naomi.

  • BrooklynBomber

    “Of course.” Haha.
    In my soul I feel an inner lack. Just suppose he wants his dinner back?

  • judith traherne

    I love Naomi Watts’ look, the lines are very striking, makeup is good, and the slightly casual hair seems to strike the right note between full-on glamazon and cocktail that we’re seeing with the other attendees. 

    Like the Mary Kat’zou dress as well.

    2nding include Loki in the mix next time.

  • Judy_J

    Yes, Cat should have been wearing a white shoe on her right foot, and held the black clutch with her left hand.  Perfectly matchy!

  • Lilak

    Lily could have been saved by an interesting pair of earrings or a bracelet — and definitely a less utilitarian shoe.

    And count me in on the Naomi team. An unusual dress that works – on her and for the occasion (at the very least, we’ve got to be pleased to see something that’s not a variation-on-a-theme, yet isn’t confusing or flat-out weird).  Also happy to see her with more defined makeup and looking less tired than on the Cannes RC.    

  • TSkot

    Yeah, it’s the usual, but Lea really looks great.  Not too much boob, not too much leg, not too matronly; just right.

  • clairellis

    If LM could just tone down the smile I’d like her more. Dress is not bad but it’s too much for this event as was Kylie’s and Jessica’s. The only dress I like is Eva’s and I’m not even a fan of her. And could we please stop with the nude shoe? Please. I mean I’m a fan of them but not for every single RC event.

  • Kim for the win? Dare I say it???

  • That crew is giving an awful lot of shiny face.

  • schadenfreudelicious

    the off kilter colour blocking on Cat Deely’s dress makes her look like she’s tilted, or walking uphill….

    • She should have worn one white go-go boot!

  • I am relatively bored with every one of these dresses.  For an event called the Glamour Ladies of the Year, they could have all put in a tad more effort.

  • Jessica Goldstein

     Two quick comments: 1. Eva Longoria looks the best in simple lines like this. VB should be her go-to designer. 2. Kelly Brook is heading to her SECOND wedding, thus the shorter hemline.

  • Jessica Goldstein

     Two quick comments: 1. Eva Longoria looks the best in simple lines like this. VB should be her go-to designer. 2. Kelly Brook is heading to her SECOND wedding, thus the shorter hemline.

  • Qitkat

    I’m not overly fond of any of these, except the Mary K dress. But what is with that extremely odd curl on Naomi Watts? It looks like the hair stylist dropped a stray extension and nobody noticed.

    • kimmeister

      I like the Mary K dress except for the weird blocky print right in the midsection.  Looks like the Sydney Opera house was painted red and showed up on her belly.

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    great stella mccartney dress. great mary katrantzou dress too [as almost ever] although its wearer looked better thicker.

  • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

    Why are these Women of the Year?  Humph.

  • marilyn

    Maybe they should be GLAMOURous since Glamour is in the name of the award.  Some of those gals are not very GLAMOURous.

  • Anathema_Device

    Kat Deely’s whole look is just tragic. Bad hair, frumpy dress, boring shoes. Actually, none of these looks excite me. Longoria looks good, and I like Michele’s look, except that she might be overdressed.

  • quiltrx

    Alba looks like the Femme Fatale in one of my beloved Noirs…she should be smoking a cigarette and throwing one of her marabou mules at her sleazy boyfriend.  Too nightgowny.

  • ccm800

    I dont think Lea’s is such an “Of course” Shes covered and the color looks great on her. 

  • LOVE the Naomi Watts dress

  • Eva Longoria, starting linebacker for Syracuse University.

  • nancylee61

    That Katherine Jenkins dress is cool, except for that weird print at her abdomen. It is very distracting, as I try to figure out what the heck it is!!

  • ErinnF

    *laughs* I love you for always putting “of course” after every Lea Michele pic. LOVE. YOU.

  • I love me some Sofia but that dress looks like it came from 5-7-9 or similar.  Not ok.  And Lea Michwhatever is really rocking the nerves with her dress choices.  Who is her stylist?  Bob Mackie only works for Cher, honey.  However, I am loving Naomi Watts in this shot.  She looks gorge even if the dress is wackadoodle.

  • jessicasac

    Love that first dress, wish I had a sleeveless version.