Dianna Agron & Naya Rivera in London

Posted on May 25, 2012

Aw, this is adorable:

And bound to lead to a lot of Quinn/Santana fanfiction. Well. A lot more, anyway. Aside from Naya’s sandals, which are a bit too Jesus-y for our tastes – and where else are you going to read quality fashion critiquing like THAT, we ask you – they both look super-cute here.

So we caught the Glee S3 finale. “Flaccid” is the word that comes to mind. There were a couple of decent emotional moments but everything felt rushed and unbalanced. Burt Hummel dancing to “All the Single Ladies” was hilarious, but every time they flashed back to the original scene, it reminded us of the biting, subversive show it once was. We have to admit, as irritating as Finn and Rachel have been, the way the season ended for them made perfect sense to us and provided some fine melodrama to the last few minutes of the show. But nothing about the episode made us want to give it a shot again in Season 4, especially since it looks like the show will be splitting its focus even further, trying to keep as many characters in the cast as possible, even if their reasons for being there don’t make much sense.

But we think our favorite part was watching Will sing “Forever Young” as the camera lovingly lingered over the faces of the seniors in extreme closeup; the clearly-a-decade-plus-past-puberty faces of the seniors. Good luck with your dreams, senior class! And hey, can we recommend a good product for crow’s feet?


[Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews]

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  • warontara

    You guys were absolutely right to give up on this show. I should’ve followed you, but stubbornly kept watching and hoping it would get back to being worth it. After that terrible Finn-ale, I am done. Anyway, they both look cute here! Yay for Dianna dressing her age!

  • suzanne77

    I am hate-watching it more than anything else at this point. I must have masochistic tendencies.


    They have the “I’m drunk and trying not to fall on my face” face I so remember from my party-ing youth. They look adorable though, and it is kind of sweet how much those Glee kids seem to really love each other.

    • sweetlilvoice

      I thought so too! I’ve definitely done that same walk holding onto my friend’s hand. At least they have their shoes on…I had to walk barefoot once in London. It was scary. 

    • BrooklynBomber

      Ah! This brought back the memory of stumbling home from an event at age 22 with my best friend and roommate, and the two of us having some kind of altercation with one of those little corner news boxes.

      • YAELS

         Yes! Bad things were always happening with corner news boxes when drunk! And I think, on one occasion, I may have smashed myself directly into a parking meter and couldn’t close my mouth properly for days. It’s amazing any of us survived.

        • BrooklynBomber

          Damn parking meters! I think the same roommate and I had a parking meter incident, too, come to think of it. It had something to do with looking for the best margarita in San Francisco. Of course, when I think about the teenage years and early twenties, and the chances we took, I feel awfully lucky. And I realize it’s good I don’t have children because I would probably lock them up until they were 35.

          • Qitkat

            My kids didn’t hear any drunk stories about me til they were close to 30! When I think back on those days I feel really damn lucky. My parents never heard about any of my *adventures*. Makes me wonder how many things my kids have never told me. Though they are much more open than I was with my folks.

          • formerlyAnon

             Ahh, young adult children! I choose to walk the line between “Don’t you dare!” and “Please god, don’t make me have to KNOW about the stupid things you’re doing.”

            I have noticed that it’s easier for parents who’ve apparently had all their memories of their own teens & twenties wiped clean. A surprising number of these exist.

      • Qitkat

        Funny. My altercation, at about the same age, was with a sled ride down a snowy hill. I don’t think I’ve ever ever again been that wasted. Thank god my best friend/roomie was there too. And we’re still besties all these years later.

  • dress_up_doll

    These gals look adorable! And if anyone has any good fanfiction featuring these two, please send it my way. I, too, caught the season finale and must say that the scene in the car between Finn & Rachel actually brought tears to these weary, jaded eyes. It was reasonably believable and even touching. However, I will say that Rachels song in the final scene gave me just enough of that character to not look back next season and miss her presence on the show (that is, if I decide to watch it again). And I’m also a member of the hate-watchers club.

  • SapphoPoet

    They both look cute; Naya looks so young! Perhaps it’s her hairdo and relative lack of make up. 

    Gave up on Glee a long time ago and haven’t missed it. 

  • Le_Sigh

    Cute!  Its like a good girl / bad girl photo.

  • Too sweet.

  • Cheri Lee

    The first thought that came to mind was that they both look adorable. Second thought, Naya ruined it with those sandals. Way to go, Naya!

  • Sobaika

    Both look cute.

    I’ve been dipping in and of Glee this season. The worst part is how they acknowledge the criticisms of the show (Santana called out Will for being an awful teacher, there a was an episode where the entire plot was about Tina not getting any recognition) but they refuse to actually change the direction of the show.

    • … and then he wins Teacher Of The Freaking Year. Really, GLEE?? 

      • warontara

        It makes total sense. I know I consider it award-worthy teaching to spend all your time concerned about the future plans of one or two students, while one flunks and has to repeat because of a 0.0 GPA. >.<

        • Well, I don’t want the stupid show, but he teaches an extra-curricular activity. How is it his fault that Brittany is mentally handicapped?

          • warontara

            He teaches History as well. And he spent entire episodes worrying bout Puck flunking, worrying about Finn not picking a college, worrying and Santana’s future plans, sitting them down for talks, arranging meetings with Emma, arranging a weird disco contest just to force them to discuss their futures. So there’s no reason for him not to at least show a brief moment of concern for Brittany’s fate.

    • joe_tey83

      I noticed that too! It’s really like a slap in the face. You tell them something, and they MOCK you by kind of acknowledging it and then making it so much worse. WTF?

      (Come to think of it, it’s like Project Runway, isn’t it?)

  • nancylee61

    “Good luck with your dreams, senior class! And hey, can we recommend a good product for crow’s feet?”

    Oh, God, I can’t stop giggling!!!

  • janetjb

    The hand holding is pretty cute.  So nice to see them out together.

    “Forever Young” get’s me every time.
    Glee is still on in my house; it’s not the worst thing on TV, but it could be so much better.

    • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

      My house too – my daughter (20 y.o.) and her BFF text back and forth all through it, and she cries regularly, and particularly at the Finn and Rachel scene at the end.  I wish they could find their mojo again.  Then again, maybe the 20 year olds are the ones who still care.

  • EliseC

    Thanks for giving your thoughts on Glee…
    curious what you thought of the Puck/Coach Beiste song.  I actually sortof loved it

    • MilaXX

      I did too. While I can’t imagine Puck ever listening to Taylor Swift, he and Beiste sounded really good together.

  • BrooklynBomber

    To my surprise I kind of like the Jesus-y sandals, even if they don’t really go with the rest of what she’s wearing. (And, yes, that is fashion journalism at its finest!)

  • Jesus-y sandals and a purse that looks like a bible bag but like you said super cute.

    • Qitkat

       Echo the super cute here. I like the *Bible Bag* because it’s in red. Can’t go wrong with a great red purse.

  • SewingSiren

    You’d be surprised at how often things get too Jesus-y (fashion and otherwise) down here in NC.

  • RocknLox

    And all the Santana/Quinn shippers’ ovaries exploded at once.

  • MilaXX

    They do look cute and I agree Naya’s sandal are a little on the fug side. I was okay with the finale, but instead of splitting focus and hanging on to the graduates, i wish they’d let them go and focus on the next generation. Hey, it works for Degrassi.

    • Until they grow up to be teachers. 🙂 Degrassi was probably my favorite show ever.
      OK, so actually, that makes sense… which Glee kid will be first to come back as a teacher/coach/etc??

      • Girl_With_a_Pearl

        I think Kurt will be the an assistant glee coach next year (just guessing).  What happened to Kurt really bugged me.  The Rachel part was fine.  She was destined to be a star from Day 1 of the show.  But Kurt’s big dream was to go to New York too and to get out of Ohio and it’s not happening (yet).  And why didn’t anyone on this show have at the very least a second choice of colleges?  This show drives me nuts sometimes.

        Oh, and am I the only one that saw a That Girl reference when Rachel arrived in New York?  O.K., I liked that part.   

        • Yes, yes, and yes.
          But then there would be a conflict- Kurt can’t date Blaine if he is a staff member. So of course the writers will make that happen. :-/ A better storyline would be Kurt working for Vocal Adrenaline. Well, a better storyline would be Kurt in college in NY. *hummph*

        • LesYeuxHiboux

           I was convinced she’d throw her hat.

      • MilaXX

        It’s my guilty pleasure. I still watch Degrassi and have been watching it since Snake and co were the students.

        • Me too!! Did you hear about Wheels (well, the actor who played him)? He died like 5 years ago and nobody knew…

  • I’ve always been a casual Glee watcher, if I missed an epidsode, Oh, Well.  Now that I have a DVR (it’s only 3 months old, I love it so, lol) I’ve watched all the last few.  I’ve been wondering what TLo thought of the last few episodes. 

    • Qitkat

      Love my DVR too, lol. But I never had Glee on it. I only saw the last 10 minutes of the finale, melodrama indeed. I don’t think I’ll care about next season, as I quit watching several eps ago. But I may have to find Mr. Shue’s Forever Young if it’s on Youtube. Love that song.

  • Pants_are_a_must

    I can smell the sweaty scent of excited PR execs who thought this was a great idea all the way from here.

  • margaret meyers

    Are they drunk?  That seems to be the “I’ll hold you up if you’ll hold me up” arm lock there.

  • cam_lo

    Naya is so beautiful. She doesn’t even need makeup. 

  • I did like that out of all the seniors, the only ones that are successfully starting to pursue their Glee-things are Rachel, Mercedes and Mike Chang. It makes sense ability-wise. I’m also glad that Kurt didn’t make it into Niata, as he is not nearly as talented as Rachel and there is no way he would have made it in if Jesse St. James got rejected.

  • vanjar

    I haven’t watched it since the beginning of season 2, your recap is much more fun.
    But we think our favorite part was watching Will sing “Forever Young”
    Which ‘Forever Young’? Dylan’s, Alphaville’s/Youth Group’s or Steward’s? If I was a betting gal, I put my money on the lesser latter.

    • Yep. :-/

      • vanjar

        Really?! *last sliver of hope of being proven wrong is now crushed* On the positive side, they didn’t butcher a classic.

        • LesYeuxHiboux

           They let Finn butcher “You Get What You Give” *sob*

  • KittenBritches

    TLo:  You can’t offer to recommend a product for crow’s feet in your last sentence and not actually recommend one for your faithful kittens!  What’s your beauty secret?

  • formerlyAnon

    I watched parts of the episode. Less than riveting, though I did like what they did with Finn/Rachel. But I kept thinking it was the *series* finale, not the *season* finale.  Which made it a better episode, somehow. 

    [Now, the House series finale was fantastic (I thought) in the last five minutes, after mostly tedious emotional self-indulgence through most of the episode. But then, I’m sentimental.}

  • You picked the right time to jump from that sinking ship.
    I am NOT on board with season 4. Hellz no.

  • Sara__B

    Aw. They look cute, but terrified.

  • Glammie

    Ah, I’m glad you blogged about the finale.  I still haven’t watched it yet, but I feel weirdly compelled to finish out the season.  It’s hard though–the bad is so bad–and yet because of the talent of the cast and the attachment I developed to the characters in the first season I want to get to graduation.  

    Glee became the show it was parodying–treacly, sentimental, cliched–AND it brought its own weaknesses too–the awkward distortion of characters and 360-degree plot turns that make no sense once the show took itself at all seriously.

  • I’m still going to watch Glee. There’s usually at least one great song/dance number per ep. The finale was a bit light; I only liked the Burt dancing number. I still have the 2nd to last ep on my DVR though, and I can’t stop
    rewatching the fantastic ‘nationals’ numbers. I loved all 3 of New
    Directions and I realllly loved the ‘Starship’ number by Unique’s group.

    I can’t imagine how they’re going to continue with all the most talented students spread to the winds. And don’t get me started on having Will named teach of the year.  I also found what they did to Rachel pretty horrifying. She thinks she’s on her way to her wedding but gets put on a train alone to NY instead?

  • penn collins

    And poor ‘other Asian’ graduating into…um…he did graduate right? (and the poor boring ‘third string’…jesus-looking guy, whiny girl, and leprechan’…. Thanks for reminding us T’lo how WONDERFULLY fun the show was first season…so joyously subversive…sigh. R.I.P. 
    I felt sorry for the graduating seniors that were second string. (I still miss the wonderfully large woman than was Pucks ‘equal’ but I guess she wasn’t pretty enough for a group of ‘outcasts’_

  • JMansm

    Not trying to convince anyone to watch Glee again who doesn’t want to but I’m one of those people who just watches every episode despite the growing amount of problems it has; it’s a group of characters that I’ve come to care about and be interested in so it’s not a huge deal to me if it’s not often a great hour of television. What I wanted to say is that the final two episodes before the finale (which aired back to back last week) were a lot of fun and definitely in the small group of strong episodes from this season (and both certainly better than the finale). 

  • fursa_saida

    I absolutely love Dianna’s collared shirt and sheer knit combo. Love. Coolest thing I’ve ever seen on her.

  • Ah TLo, how I miss your Glee reviews. I’m in the group that understands this show has gone from bad to worse, but keep watching because somehow I still care about the characters. You guys (and all the commenters) kept it real and it was wonderful to come each week to see if my misgivings about the episode were shared. I now feel a (masochistic) orphan.

    I was shocked. And angered.  I loved the last scene, in fact it was one of the few Finchel moments that felt true, but as I sat there listening to ‘Roots before branches’ I kept thinking: Why such such an exclusively Berry ending? Kurt was every bit as obsessed about NYADA as she was, and his audition went far better than hers. I still cannot process that his last words of S3 were ‘I didn’t get in’. And no reaction? really? All his dreams crushed, and not even a tear from this kid that has been put through every possible teary-eyed moment during all these seasons. And then just a couple of shots where Kurt just shows up quietly smiling while Rachel goes off to NY? (with only a wedding dress in that pink carry-on, mind you!)

    Not to mention I still don’t know when did we learn that Blaine was a junior and they would not be graduating together. Weren’t they taking the same classes at Dalton? They did study together.

    Also, I don’t understand why, after the whole ‘accept homosexuality’ campaign and some bold scenes between them, we don’t see a Klaine kiss which would have been completely natural in their scene. There was this very touching moment in S2 when Blaine sang ‘Somewhere only we know’ to Kurt when he was changing schools, but not even a hug now that he’s supposed to be moving to NY? They didn’t even sit together in the choir room as the other couples did. 

    And. No goodbyes from Mike & Tina, which has been the most stable couple since S1 and are now to be separated. No Rachel’s (or Mercedes’s) parents in the graduation. That awful thing about Brittany. Hm.

    Anyway. Still love these kids, and it’s touching how they keep dressing like their characters even offscreen. Too cute, these two.

  • LocMama

    I love Naya’s leather jacket & sheer skirt, but would like to burn her sandals & purse.  She’s a beautiful young lady.  
    I have to admit that I’ve been hate-watching the show & fast forwarding through the groan-worthy musical numbers.  I don’t plan to watch next season, but I also haven’t removed the show from my DVR.  Was anyone else waiting for Rachel to throw her hat in the air & then get mugged while walking through NYC?  Just me?  Missed opportunity!