Cobie Smulders (X2)

Posted on May 01, 2012

Compare and contrast, kittens.

Here is Cobie getting it all right:

Cobie Smulders attends the premiere of “The Avengers” during the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival in NYC in a Reem Acra dress paired with a Judith Leiber clutch.

Reem Acra Spring 2011 Collection

The dress, the makeup and hair, the jewelry – it’s all working for us here. She looks smooth, polished, confident and sexy.

And here is Cobie’s evil cousin Serena, who sometimes poses as her in horrible getups just to embarrass her:

Cobie Smulders attends the premiere of “The Avengers” in Toronto in an Izmaylova dress paired with Rachel Zoe pumps.

Izmaylova Medha Dress

Oh, we’re just kidding. It’s actually Cobie!

It’s also not actually horrible, but we don’t think it really suits her at all. Okay, maybe it’s a little horrible.

Either way, no lady can make that skirt work, honey. And the matchy suede shoes make Satan laugh with triumph. Whoever did this to you was mad at you that day.


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  • I love that first one. Beautiful!!

  • RebeccaKW

    Dress #2 is terrible.  Even the model is trying to cover the slit with her arm.  And the shoes are an atrocity.

    #1 is fabulous!  I love the sleeves.

    Her head is fabulous in both, though.

  • MilaXX

    Man she looks so good in that first look and the second one is not only a bad color, but not her dress paired with hiddy shoes. In fact I’m not sure who could wear that second dress. In the one hand the cut and length reads young, but the corset like patterning and thigh split read 20 something. I’m going to pretend the 2nd look doesn’t exist.

    On second (3rd?) look the second look might have worked if the skirt part was bigger and longer. Np hope for the shoes, they’re still a bad choice.

    • introspective

       really.  she made all the right steps for the first look (removing that belt, good accessories, nice hair/makeup) and she clearly pissed off her stylist in the 2nd look.

      maybe she forgot her stylist’s birthday? i feel like a higher order offense merits the choice of such fuckery though.

  • Jessi03

    Wow.  That second dress….is interesting.  Her hair and makeup look great, though!

  • HomeOfficeGirl

    Girl is rockin the red dress… The other – Whoa… not good.  And if she can’t make this work, WHO CAN??

  • That Reem Acra dress is amazing, but I think her makeup and hair are better in the awful 1000000 years BC frock.

    • kimmeister

      Agree about the makeup.  I don’t like the orangey eye shadow in the first look.

  • almondemy

    Dresses like dress #1 make me wish I was a teacher at dress school. This one would get “a pleasure to have in class” on its report card, especially because those sleeves deserve an A.  Dress #2 would get left back a year.  Or we would have a set up a parent teacher conference stat.

  • Sobaika Mirza

    She looks fabulous in the Reem Acra! Love the cap sleeve embellishments. As for the other one… I don’t think greige is her friend. She doesn’t have the right coloring for it and even if she did, that’s a bag shoe/dress combo.

    • Yeah, she looks fantastic in pretty much any bright color – even this orange, which is a hard one for a white girl to pull off! But the greige? Not so much.

  • David Means

    Who is she and why should I care?

  • butterflysunita

    That first look is flawless.  She looks gorgeous.  

  • No, no, the second dress IS that horrible.  My god how stunning she is in that orange dress.  

  • Pants_are_a_must

    If I had loads of money, you bet your ass I’d fill my wardrobe with Reem Acra gowns. She is consistently the one red carpet designer I always love.

  • understateddiva

    haha!  I haven’t seen the short skirt with a side-slit for about a decade.  Is the skort coming back too?  Hair and makeup are great in both, though.  

    • Kayceed

      A superhero skort with an ultrasuade breastplate.

  • hughman

    That second dress looks like a costume Nancy Sinatra’s back-up dancer would wear at Caesar’s Palace. 

  • kaygerard

    She looks like she’s holding a bar of glycerin soap.

    • schadenfreudelicious

      does she ever, Neutrogena for the win!

  • lovelyivy

    Is it just me or is the second disaster of a dress also a smidge too tight? It’s either too small or it could be that the time she spent trying to pull that uncomfortably short skirt down in the car pulled the dress out of being properly aligned, but either way it looks hella wrinkly and her body language reads really uncomfortable to me.

    I like the first look, but I think the hair could have been a little better- this look should wow me, but instead all I’ve got it ‘oh she’s pretty!’

    • Jecca2244

       i was going to say it looks too tight as well! So even if it isn’t it gives that apearance. there isn’t enough fabric.

  • Scarlet39

    I’m just going to try and forget that I ever saw that second dress

  • Judy_J

    Hard to believe it’s the same person.  The first dress fits like a glove; the second is an ill-fitting mess.

  • She does look great in the first dress, but she also looks a little too mature (which is a problem for her sometimes.) Girl just turned 30! Show some youth!

    Of course, then she tried to in the second dress, and…yikes. 

  • Notice the model for the second dress doesn’t have visible feet. Because NO SHOE EVER MADE works with that dress.

  • Anathema_Device

    Ack. If I were her, I’d stick with the evil-twin defense. How else to explain that second dress?

  • Le_Sigh

    Is it just me or is there a bit of Carmen Carrera in Cobie #2?

  • SpcilK

    Swoon, love her in the Reem Acra dress.

  • sagecreek

    Does Ismaylova Medha also design uniforms for the waitresses at Hooters?

  • I could have maybe been okay with the top half of Dress #2 if it had been better fitted, but dear god everything from the waist down is terrible. TERRIBLE, I SAY.

  • turtleemily

    Cavewoman Barbie or whichever one was the brunette friend

  • cleep1000

    What an improvement over that ill-fitting red mermaid thing she wore the other day!

  • kittenwithaquip

    I’m still trying to figure out what a Cobie Smulder is. Sounds like a sandwich one would find at Schlotzsky’s. I suppose I should Google so I don’t embarrass myself further.

    That first dress looks horrible on the model; I seriously guffawed thinking those sleeves were a ditsy print in sheer polyester. It got better once I realized they were little stones or bits of coral. That second dress wouldn’t even look good on a hanger. Pair it with some buccaneer boots, put a ray gun in her hand and she could be Barbarella.

    • She plays Robin Scherbatsky on How I Met Your Mother (a show I cannot possibly recommend enough), and now she’s in the Avengers, hence the frequent coverage.

  • Mother of divine God, it’s Couture Pocahontas.

  • mjude

    Serena indeed. LOL

  • EEKstl

    The first look: Divine.  The 2nd, well, you said it best, TLo.  Those suede shoes make her look as if she’s about to hunt and gather.

  • Those dishwater suede shoes are making my soul hurt.

  • In_Stitches

    Whoever is doing her makeup deserves a raise.  She’s drop-dead gorgeous.

    • SouthernGirlRena

       She really is.  Her eyes are stunning. 

  • It mighta worked with better shoes, that last one

  • Who looks good in a dress like that last one? It looks like the fabric has been removed to allow the interfacing to show through. If skinny models and actresses can’t pull it off, no one can.

  • I hadn’t realized how beautiful she was, until I saw her in that orange dress.  Fabulous shape and color.  The other dress is a terrible color, and I think she got the wrong size.

  • giiiirrrr

    If I were a celebutante I would put in my request for a Reem Acra dress yesterday, though I fear all of the beautiful beading and embroidery would be done by Lebanese child laborers.  Dammit, why can’t I just enjoy my imaginary couture dream gown?

  • lamamu

    Cobie has been killing it for this entire press tour, but has anyone else noticed that she NEVER poses with the rest of The Avengers cast? Someone didn’t invite her to the cool kids’ table and she’s showin’ ’em what they’re missing. I can understand why ScarJo wouldn’t want to pose next to her. Cobie is smoking hot. Just sayin’.

    • Alyson Lamble

      She’s not posing with the rest of the cast for the same reason that Clark Gregg isn’t posing with the rest of the cast: because they’re not Avengers.

  • marilyn

    The first one (red) looks better on her than on the runway model, because she did not over-accessorize it.  Getting rid of the belt and the gaudy necklace let everyone see the dress.  The runway model had so much going on that you almost don’t know what to look at.

    The second dress was the wrong color.  It was intended to be a monotone in the fawn suede look, which works on the runway model.  But making part of it white was a bid mistake.  It is intended to be a busy, sassy little dress.  Making it two-tone made it too busy.

    She is a very good looking young woman.  She is learning.

  • granddelusion

    Way too much information. And it doesn’t fit.

    • Laura Valentine

      I know, right? The second dress would be hard to pull off no matter what, but OH MY WORD, go up a size.  Or 2. 

  • Lina_bee

    Wow, she or her people really need to learn to say no when designers send them unflattering stuff. That first dress is PERFECT on her. That second is just sad-making.

  • Rrroza

    I’m thinking the angle of viewing in the product shot is the only angle where that dress looks good, because the focus is the diagonal strip. I’d guess it’s the way the designer drew it originally. Also think the colorway of the product shot is better than how she’s wearing it.  It probably was intriguing as a drawing, but it’s so contrived it doesn’t function in real life.

  • IMNAngryLiberal

    I’m trying to think, should Colbie set dress #2 free, just who the dress should alight upon …. nope, coming up with nothing.  That dress should just keep flying off forever.

    • Susan Crawford

      I think Cameron Diaz could rock that dress – it definitely belongs on a gal with legs for miles and those Cameron has in abundance.

  • She wears the Reem Acra better than the model. Smulders fills it out better, and it looks so much cleaner without the belt and hippy necklace.

  • DCSheehan

    That second dress looks like a rejected costume for Logan’s Run.

  • RzYoung

    Wow. Are these starlets just zombies? Cos, if you looked as shithot as she does in the first photo then looked in the mirror wearing the second getup how could you NOT see it? She must just drift along and have no input surely? 

  • From a distance the first dress makes her look like she has some kind of skin condition on her shoulders.

    The second dress, however, is like a rash.

  • tsid2012

    Love the first look but I am thinking I liked it with the belt a tiny bit better.  Regardless, she looks great.  That second dress?  Oh, HONEY…..

  • getouttadodge

    “And the matchy suede shoes make Satan laugh with triumph.”

    I about spit my coffee out reading that. Thank you,TLo <3

    • I second that.  It made me laugh out loud.  One of TLo’s best.  My favorite of all time is “Nevermore, Bitches!”.  I laugh to myself about that everyday.

  • That dress is awful.  At some point during the design process that had to have been reviewed by someone other than the original designer, and they should have put it out of its misery.

  • Fingers crossed in my next life I look like her.  Even with the awful dress.

  • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

    I like her better with her hair down.

  • I still like the longer hair on her. anyone else?

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    I Love the first look – she wears it better than the model, especially leaving the belt off.  Gorgeous hair, makeup, jewelry.  Love.  The second look – the less said, the better.  Heinous.

  • hearkentoit

    Her hair and makeup are still fierce as hell in the second one.  I don’t know, it does look awkward in photos but I feel like if I saw her in person I’d still be like “dang, girl!”

  • Liz

    At least her makeup and hair is consistently lovely!