Chloë Moretz in Stella McCartney

Posted on May 09, 2012

Chloe once again sets off concern amongst the commentariat. Or at least, that’s what we think is gonna happen here.


Chloë Moretz attends premiere of “Dark Shadows” in LA in a Stella McCartney dress paired with Jimmy Choo sandals.

Stella McCartney Fall 2012 Collection/Jasmine Tookes (IMG)

Jimmy Choo ‘Lance’ Sandals

Because it seems no matter what she wears, there are always people who think she’s dressing far too mature for her age. It’s an accusation that has some merit (since we just made it), but we also tend to think that it gets thrown around a bit too easily whenever her name comes up. Most of the time, she dresses how a teenage girl who likes fashion would dress if given the chance to have her pick of anything she wants. In that respect, she’s typical for her age.

And when you compare the majority of her looks to other actresses in her age group, she tends to either dress more stylishly or dress less provocatively than the majority of them. It’s why we feature her so much. She actually does try to dress in an interesting manner and you can’t say that about a lot of celebrities.

Us? We think this look is super-cute and have no problem with it from an age-appropriateness perspective. We were going to do this as an “IN or OUT” post, but since we know exactly what the number one topic in the comments section will be, we figured we’d get out ahead of it on this one:


Chloe’s Look: Too mature or Perfect for a 15 year-old?


[Photo Credit: Izumi Hasegawa, Emiley Schweich, Glenn Harris, Andrew Evans/PR Photos,,]

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  • Girl is gorgeous. Is it just me or does she look different in every photo? Love the shoes.Too bad I’d probably have to skip food for awhile to afford them.

  • Leonardo Alves

    Nobody is gonna mention that it’s the 3rd time she wears these sandals in the RC?

    But I go with a mature IN

    •  I was going to mention it, but I’m A-OK with it. This tells me they’re comfortable enough for multiple wearing and maybe worth a splurge! 🙂

    • NC_Meg

       I was just thinking, “She needs to give those a rest. I’ll take care of them for her.”

      • enid soto

        Actually I think this is good, because normal people wouldn’t just wear something once and then bye bye; of course, she’s a movie star (not normal) but maybe it will send a good message to little girls looking after her.

        • NC_Meg

          I agree, my first comment was a little tongue in cheek. 😉

          I don’t know if it’s BECAUSE of Cathy Cambridge, but it seems like a lot of celebs are wearing things more than once lately. She rewears things a lot so maybe Hollywood is finally realizing that the wear it once rule is silly. If it’s good enough for the future Queen, it’s good enough for regular ol’ celebrities!

          • Candigirl1968

            I love that she is wearing the shoes over again and think she actually likes them (which is a nice change from the starlets who clearly are wearing something because it’s free).  

            I had the mall version of this dress when I was 18.  Mine was from The Limited and thus, less fabulous, but it sure was fabulous to me.    

    • LesYeuxHiboux

       I thought that was cute. She has a pair of shoes she really really loves, her teen obsession.

    • janetjb

      Maybe she bought the shoes, or she likes them, or they are black and they fit.

      • Sweetbetty

         My first thought when I saw the shoes was, “They fit her well”, something we don’t always see in these pages.

    • Nanaia

       If I had those shoes, I would wear them every day! They are fabulous. This coming from a non-shoe person.

  • Love the fact that this isn’t the first time she’s worn those shoes! I think this is really cute overall. 

    •  Yes! I think it’s perfectly fine for celebrities to wear their shoes (and clothes for that matter) as many times as they like. I always thought it was kind of silly to expect them to never wear the same thing twice, especially shoes.

      She looks great, I don’t think the outfit is too mature. She’s rocking it.

      • I went shopping last weekend, and spent a good few minutes fondling this particular pair of shoes at the department store. Seeing the price tag, I’m glad she’s getting more than one usage out of them. Seems a rather sensible move. Besides, they’re a KILLER pair of shoes. 

        Rant over! 

  • mochajava13

    I love this on her.  The short hem works for someone her age.  If it went to her knees, then it’d be too old.  As is, it looks great and this shade of blue is her color.  Her hair and makeup keep her young looking.

  • Sobaika Mirza

    Speaking of McCartney, I was waiting for M.I.A. to be featured in a Met Gala post. One of the few times I’ve liked Stella’s work.

    I also like this on Chloe, but I don’t like the weird blunt thing her hair is doing. Make it stop.

    • Like many of the Bitter Kittens, I normally just don’t see what all the fuss is about for McCartney.  I think most of her work is ugly and hack, but I loved what Cameron Diaz wore to the Met Gala, and MIA’s outfit worked too. I like Chloe’s dress too. What can I say?

    • BerlinerNYC

      The blunt thing and the whole hairage over all. Her hair looks, as we used to say in the 80s, fried. So overprocessed, overbleached. I love the overall look, but I would love for her to get a (major) trim and maybe some subtle lowlights to take it back to hair that looks like something that actually grew out of her head. It looks so cute at the top and then turns into micro-scrolldown fug, as her hair starts to look less and less like human hair and more like a Barbie, or that Jersey tanning mom.

  • Her hair looks like you could break it off in clumps, but other than that I think she looks gorgeous.

  • hughman

    Totally inappropriate. She should only wear Mary Janes and Lisa Frank. AND NO CHEWING GUM. Gum leads to boy trouble.  

    • YAELS

       amazing post

  • HomeOfficeGirl

    Not “perfect” – the fit seems weird to me.  But cute – and her face and hair (and not using the jacket) pretty much keep it from being “too mature”. 

  • I love it. I am more concerned with her love of those shoes- can’t someone give her another pair of shoes?!

  • Spicytomato1

    Perfect from head to toe. She is adorable and does handle herself admirably for a 15-year-old in Hollywood. 

    Added bonus: nice to see a Stella McCartney dress that isn’t hideous.

  • MK03

    ADORBS. END OF STORY. Also, I can’t believe I didn’t notice it before, but she really looks like she could be Michelle Pfieffer’s daughter. The resemblance is uncanny.

    • SapphoPoet

      Yes, I agree re Michelle Pfieffer. 

  • Perfect for a 15 year-old celebrity. She looks super cute!

  • Anathema_Device

    Not in love with it, but I don’t think it is too mature. The length helps with that. It does seem a bit heavy for this time of year, though. Wonderful color on her.

  • benjamin478

    love this look! i think its great that she’s getting good use from the shoes, and she is wearing a stella mccartney dress that i approve of. i like that her hair is straightened, but the ends don’t look so great. totally appropriate.

  • Perfect. Nothing age-inappropriate about it. And honestly, I love that she wears those beautiful Jimmy Choos over and over again. First off, they go with a lot of outfits, and second, it humanizes her. She could have a different pair of designer shoes on her feet every day if she wanted, but she’s a normal 15-year-old girl with a favorite pair of shoes (even if those shoes happen to be a heck of a lot more expensive than most 15-year-old girls’ shoes. or 30-year-olds’ shoes, for that matter.)

  • rawrgrowlrawr

    She looks really pretty.

    Girls her age are at a very weird place in life. Fifteen year olds are still kids in many ways, but they are beginning to look like adults and in turn become sexualized. Chloe here looks appropriate (and chic and pretty), but I can’t help but think of how a gross old man might look at her. I remember all too well the looks and comments I got when I was her age and it freaks me out. It’s the big sister in me!

    • snarkykitten

       to be fair, it’s not her [or any young girl’s] fault when some lecherous old man gets creepy. I’m 24 and all I ever seem to attract are the creepy old men because I have such a baby face. Yecchhh.

      hopefully she has an army of handlers who keep the creeps at bay

      • rawrgrowlrawr

         Oh, I know. I’m not saying it is her fault at all. Part of being female is dealing with creepy men. It can’t be helped. I’m 22 so it wasn’t that long ago when I was called jail bait myself (and I was one very awkward 10th grader). I just think one reason the age appropriateness discussion surfaces with Chloe comes from this weird place teenagers hold in society. They aren’t women, but they aren’t children. It is wrong to sexualize them, but their sexuality is clearly burgeoning. It’s an odd stage.

        But back to fashion! I love those shoes.

  • Pterodactyl111

    Perfect. Though she should just smile and not make faces, she looks much prettier when she’s smiling.

  • I love it. And I actually really love the dress – maybe Stella has an assistant sneaking into her workroom and tweaking some of her recent designs to make them not suck?

  • I agree – super cute and appropriate (well, as appropriate as Jimmy Choos on a 15 year old can be). Color is great on her too.

  • TSkot

    Needs the coat.

  • SapphoPoet

    I think she looks cute and sassy. Not sure if I would have put those sandals with the dress–the sandals seem a bit delicate for that strong blue–but I give her props for not being afraid to repurpose shoes for events. 

  • Definite IN. I adore her fashion choices, and this certainly doesn’t look too mature. It does, however, look like something from Chris March’s final collection, amirite? 

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    Cute, totally fine for a wealthy fifteen-year old, STOP WITH THE FACES. It’s like Miley and the peace sign all over again. 

  • It’s just right! If I had that kind of $$ to spend on clothes when I was 15, I’d go this route too! (And I love that she keeps rocking those Jimmy Choos!)

    ETA: I’m glad she’s actually smiling in the pictures, too, instead of her usual “vamping.” I think that was part of what made her look too mature.

  • dorothea_brooke

    The heavy fabric, long sleeves, and high neckline offers a pleasing contrast on a very young woman.  It’s fresh. If a forty or fifty year old wore it, it would be aging. I think the length is helping a lot, any longer and it would go too somber.

  • She looks great to these tired old opinionated eyes.

    • girliecue

      You can never be too tired or old to be opinionated. That’s what I think.

  • panic27

    Appropriate for a 15 year old, though the high heels are a bit mature for my taste.
    I just wish I didn’t see her on SO MANY red carpet events.  She just turned 15.  Girl is missing her childhood!

    • TheOriginalLulu

      Maybe you’re right, but I know for sure that 15-year old me would have loved to be a regular at red carpet events wearing thousands of dollars worth of fabulous clothing and jewelry. It would have been a lot more fun (and wholesome) than hiding out in the park smoking cigarettes and knocking back Michelobs.

      • 15-year-old me wouldn’t have loved the red carpet, but she WOULD have loved being in movies with FREAKING JOHNNY DEPP. Chloe Moretz looks like she’s having fun.

        • TheOriginalLulu

          Yeah, that too!! 🙂

  • She look super cute and I have no issue with anything she is wearing, it’s more those weird-ass poses that are trying to be sexy … I think?

  • TheOppositeOfBatman

    In! I think it might’ve been a bit better with short sleeves, but she still looks great. I love that, clearly, her mother is enforcing the ‘show off your legs or your chest’ rule. I also love that she’s proudly and obviously reusing shoes.

  • lizajane1776

    In the first photo, it looks too mature.
    However, after that, when she is not standing there stick still, she looks great and it turns into fun fashion for a teen.

  • HM3

    My vote is Perfect For a 15 year-old…WITH the following caveat: though it may just be me, it seems that Chloe’s face often brings to mind the face of an older twenty-something. I don’t know if it’s her bone structure, her makeup, or her facial expressions, but ever since her appearance on 30 Rock (AWHILE ago), I’ve often felt nonsensically uncomfortable at the adult-head-on-a-teenage-body vibe I get from her. If I cover her head up in these pictures, I think, “Cute outfit! What a great look for a teenager.” Then, if I look at the whole picture, I exclaim, “Whoa–why is this woman in my niece’s Sweet Sixteen outfit?!”

    Maybe it’s just me…but if anyone else agrees, this may explain SOME of the contention surrounding Chloe Moretz.

  • It’s fine for her age, but I think it’s an ugly dress. I have a skirt that’s shaped sort of like that, and I never wear it, because like this one on her, it makes my hips look twice as wide as they are. Make the whole skirt flared on this and it’d be perfect.

    I love those shoes, and I love that she loves them: they’re like a high-fashion version of the shoes I wore for my high school graduation, which I adored.

  • guestela

    She looks good to me! 

  • Cute! I think she looks great.

  • janetjb

    Totally appropriate.

  • I think she looks cute and not too “beyond her years”. I also really like that these are the same shoes she wore before. Must be comfy-ish? Certainly cute!

  • Perfect. I love it. 

  • bloggertobenamedlater

    When I was 15, I was all about showing as much skin as I could get away with. At 44, I only wish I could. This outfit in comparison to some of the things I wore in public as a teenager is positively fit for meeting the pope. I give the girl an IN. 

    • Heh, when I was 15 I wore exclusively oversized t-shirts and ill-fitting jeans, including overalls that were probably 4 sizes too big (but SO COMFY). I may have had some issues to work through there. (But I still sort of miss my overalls. Just for lounging purposes, I swear!)

      • bloggertobenamedlater

        You were clearly of a higher moral caliber than I was. However, I had a sweatshirt that I wore out that was at least four sizes too big, too. There’s something to be said for comfort wear. 

        • Let’s go with…self-confidence issues and an old-fashioned mentality.

  • kimmeister

    This particular look is a little too mature, just because it’s mother-of-the-bride fabric and in this particular shape of dress.

    Nice to see her getting mileage out of her Jimmy Choos though!

    • Spicytomato1

      I would agree if she’d worn the coat, then it would be smack in mother-of-the-bride territory. Without the coat and with her styling, it works. For me anyway 🙂

  • Adorable.  And all of this fashion experimentation (so much healthier then experimenting with drugs and alchohol, Sweetie) is clearly helping to develop some good style instincts; just think our little Chloe can actually find a Stella McCartney dress that works for her and that is something that some more experienced style junkies (Paltrow springs instantly to mind here) have difficulty with still.

  • nycfan

    Adorable and love that she has a fave pair of shoes.  I would have LOVED to wear such a dress when I was 15.

  • Ripley4

    I think your concerns won’t be relayed here. She looks really nice.

    And I don’t get the issues with her hair that others seem to. I really like the icy blonde against the sharp blue of the dress.

  • SpcilK

    Pretty girl, she looks cute. She also looks as if she found a party dress in her mother’s closet and decided to wear it. There are designer’s that have appropriate clothing for fashion forward weens Marc Jacobs, Milly, Tibi,  and a whole host of others. 

  • DinaSews

    IN. No cleavage, no butt cheeks.  I think she looks perfect for a 15 year old.

  • newleaf1

    She’s a little starlet, she gets to dress a little more maturely than my own teenagers.  And she gets points for not dressing like a hoochie.  AND she looks really cute in this.  Although she needs to give me those shoes.

  • Sabrina Stern

    I think she looks rather covered up for a 15 year old, and don’t think she is trying to look too old at all, super cute, but get another pair of shoes already!

  • Judy_J

    I think this is a good look for a 15 year old.  The flirty little skirt keeps it on the young side.

  • Lina_bee

    1. It’s a Stella dress I don’t completely hate! Miraculous!!
    2. The dress is fine on her. It’s even rather modest.
    3. The shoes are and remain completely sex-ass, and serve to sexify a modest dress.
    4. The combination of sexy heels, loose hair, and that set of totally not innocent facial expressions is what sends this into stripper territory for me, as if the dress is hiding pasties and a thong.
    5. I do totally get the whole 15 going on 35 thing. I remember it first hand and it’s a normal part of girls growing up. That’s FINE. But does playing at Lolita belong on the red carpet, where the subsequent photos of it serve to normalize the sexualization of kids? I think she’s of an age where she can and should still present herself as cheerful, fun, and bankable without bringing potential fuckability into the equation.

    • Ripley4

       With all due respect, I think your comments about her personally are completely unfounded.

  • TheOriginalLulu

    This particular look I think is perfect for her, not too mature at all. The shape and length of the dress are youthful. Plus, it’s a great color for her.

    I am officially sick and tired of those Jimmy Choo sandals.

  • rumcg66

    I think the look works. Now, if she had included the coat, that would have been too mature for a 15 year old.

  • padma s

    She looks cute and adorable here. IN.

    I feel like the mature argument is a little subjective at times. Sure, what she wears is not really aimed at kids her age but then again, most kids are not out on the red carpet like her are they? Also, from  what I know most kids her age exist in jeans or too tight tiny clothes. I’d rather her show up on a red carpet, looking a little mature but not inappropriate than her showing up in ripped jeans and stuff that will make me want to bundle her up in a blanket.

  • sunandmoon24

    she’s just 15? yikes. I honestly didn’t realize that. 
    Still, I’ll vote her in.

  • reddhouston

    I think it’s cute and I would have loved to wear it when I was 15. In

  • Terence Ng

    In. Hated the dress from the front, but liking it from the 3/4 mark. I’m glad she’s still giving those Choos mileage, because they’re faboo.

  • Marissa Wiley

    What is she supposed to wear?  Pigtails and Osh Kosh?  She looks beautiful and she’s not gunning for sexy.  She’s worn those shoes multiple times, but that’s fine with me as long as they go with the ensemble.  IN.

  • Ali

    Super cute. IN. I dressed “mature” at that age too – I would rather be fashionable than twee or slutty.

  • lunulaoblongata

    Girlfriend has no waist. I thought it was just bad waistline choices. Also those are either some hideous extensions or her hair is totes fried. Eghh she irks me. Whatever.

  • NatalieD28

    Love it! I think she looks perfect.

  • I wish half the 15-year-old girls I see would dress half as cute.  She’s adorable.  Even when it’s not 100% “right” she’s at least covering her ladybits. 

  • MilaXX

    eh, I don’t mind this one so much and I know I have been one of the folks who think she dresses too grown.

  • VioletFem

    Perfect for a 15 year old who has access to the designer duds.

  • RebeccaKW

    I think it’s perfect for her.  Although…I’m really over those shoes.  As much as I hate the weird posing, she is 15.   I love the hair and make up, it really keeps it young and fresh.

  • aristida_girl

    I think she looks great, if I were her and 15, I hope I would have the sense to dress as well as she does….(but probably wouldn’t since at 15 I thought the height of fashion were super tight zip around jeans and a rock t-shirt that had seen too much of the business end of the household scissors, at least the boots I loved then are popular again : )

  • AlexisPayne

    Perfect for her age, I think the little side flares keep it in youthful territory. I’m pretty sure I wore a dress with the same silhouette (in the 90’s) at that age.

    Side note: We’re those Jimmy Choo’s in a gift bag at some event? I feel like I’ve seen them on all the ladies lately. 

  • I think she looks very cute. Not my favorite look she’s ever worn, but it suits her and there’s nothing about it that looks inappropriate to me.

  • Gorgeous, IN. I would have killed for that dress at 15, seriously.

  • Not in love with the dress, but she looks adorable and that blue is a great color for her.

  • Jessica O’Connell

    I think she looks PERFECT. And I really hope Jimmy Choo has given her those shoes to keep, since she’s worn them so many times now!

  • This is fine for her and for the event.  Thank d-o-g she didn’t wearing an evening gown!  (Eva Green, I am talking to you.)

  • Carla_Charlton

    Everyone here seems to love the shoes, but I think they’re the thing that makes her look likes she’s dressing too maturely for age.

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    i think the other dress, the one you said was too mature, looked way better on her. also, it was christopher kane [not precisely known for geriatricity]. then again & obviously, i didnt think that one looked too old so, since you ask, i dont think this one does either. when i was a year older than she is i was married, though, so i may not be the right, or at least a culturally representative, person to ask.

  • IN. As the mother of daughters 16 and 12 I am quite fine with this, especially since this young lady is anything BUT a typical teen ager. She took a bullet in the chest from Nick Cage at the age of 12, for crying out loud. She sure as hell can rock a pair of JChoos paid for with her own money, if she can manage to walk in them. You go, baby girl!

  • Jessi03

    Perfect!  Gorgeous!  Those sure are certainly making the rounds, though, aren’t they?

  • fireontiger

    She looks great, and if I had those options at 15, I’d dress the same way.

  • StrandedFashionista

    She looks chic and the color is stunning on her. Let the girl wear whatever the hell she wants. IN! 

  • fungstyle

    perfect for a 15 year old. anyone who thinks this girl dresses too provocatively is almost assuredly a prude. 

  • I think it’s perfect: body conscious without being vulgar, fun, & stylish.  Brava, Chloe.  Also props for reusing shoes that cost more than my bi-weekly pay.  If I ever buy a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes best believe I’m wearing those bitches with EVERYTHING!

  • mjude


  • kim i

    whoa.  a stella mccartney dress i actually LIKE.  

  • granddelusion

    Done with Chloe. Done with child abuse/objectification of all types.

    • Ripley4

       Child abuse?

      I hope this post is supposed to be funny.

  • kikisayshi

    I like that dress a lot, but it isn’t working on her. And are those Jimmy Choos the new go-to shoe or what?

  • Aly Light

    Perfect. It’s a more upscale version of dresses that girls her age are snapping up at Forever 21 right now.

    • formerlyAnon

       AND it’s way more modest than what I see walking out of Forever 21.

  • BeeBeauNYC

    Very cute – I give it a YES.

  • VermillionSky

    Perfect for a 15-year old.  Feminine but not slutty (I really hate those super-tight low-cut, micro-mini dresses you see all over the kid/teen award show red carpets).  The length and shape of the skirt are very much made for a 15-year-old.  She looks fabulous.

  • Sara__B

    Fine for a 15-year-old. I’m sorry to see her adopt the ubiquitous stick-straight, center-part hair, though.

  • TieDye64

    News flash: Stella McCartney designs something that doesn’t suck. This looks lovely on her and, like you guys pointed out, she never seems to go the “I’m young and hot” route. 

    • PaulaBerman

       Re: Stella– Even a broken clock is right twice a day!

  • ballerinawithagun

    Perfect! She is adorable.

  • carolynmo

    Love it!

  • BazoDee

    I think it is just fine for a 15 year old. The shoes are a bit sexy for a 15 year old, but that’s a minor quibble and it is Hollywood. 

  • Any thousands-of-dollars-worth of outfit is going to look unusually mature on a teenager.  That said, I think this is cute and age-appropriate (the fabric is a skosh heavy, but the cut is cute).

  • suzq

    Very cute.  The shoes are adorable.  I can’t believe that’s a Stella McCartney dress.  It looks so well designed.

  • I think it’s perfectly fine, she looks adorable, although the hair could be a little less limp.

  • Sara-Ann Collins

    I can’t decided because I’m way thrown off by those faces she’s making. JUST SMILE LIKE A NORMAL PERSON. 

  • TheOtherChristina

    It’s not my favorite thing she’s worn, but she looks fab. It’s flirty but demure, which is totally the domain of 15-year-olds.

    To all those who are tired of these shoes, may I remind you of the still-unvanquished plague of flesh hooves, aka nude pumps? At least these shoes are gorgeous. It’s going to take me a nice long time to get bored with them.

  • Amy Ellinger

    My issue isn’t that her looks are too mature for her. Its that she tries too hard. Its like she’s taking her RC lessons and cues from Lea Michele and other “vamps”, when she should be looking in Anne Hathaway and Cate Blanchett’s direction. 

    Stand up straight, smile, and get you hair out of your face.  Aren’t-I-Sexy faces are too much, no matter what your age is.

    • Ripley4

       If you knew her, you’d realize she isn’t trying to be sexy. She’s been posing like that in one form or another since she was seven.

      • Amy Ellinger

        obviously I don’t know her in person or anything, I’m sure she’s a nice girl. I’ve seen her past photos, and while it was cute, in a “my mom coached me to make this face” sort of way. I just don’t like the direction her poses are going now that she’s growing up, that’s all  🙂 

        • Ripley4

           I understand your concern, but knowing Chloe you don’t have to worry. She’s one kid where the poses don’t tell a thing about her. I’ve always wished she’s shelve them though because they obviously can give people a negative impression.

          • Amy Ellinger

            That’s a great relief then. I’ll cut her some slack 🙂 She’s a beautiful girl, with a ton of talent, reminds me of Hailee Steinfeld in some ways.

    • TheOtherChristina

      Wow, I totally don’t read her that way at all. But then again, Anne Hathaway is a person I might slap for no good reason, so.. to each his own?

      • Amy Ellinger

        It may just be fatigue from seeing her everywhere. (Kind of like Sofia Vergara, who seems like a completely lovely person, but who I would love to disappear, just for a little while)

        I wouldn’t hold anything against you for smacking Ms. Hathaway.  It’s more of a “at least she stands up straight and smiles on the RC” kind of thing. Ms. Chloe has a lot of time ahead of her, and I do look forward to seeing what direction she goes with her fashion choices.

        • TheOtherChristina

          I get where you’re coming from. Celebrity burnout. It happens to the best of us.

          I give her a pass on the first one because she looks like she was talking or sneezing or something and just got caught at an awkward moment. The head-tilt is a little cutesy, I grant you. More befitting an 8-year-old.

          • Amy Ellinger

            Maybe i just follow too many fashion blogs, haha!

            Funny story- my sister-in-law does the head tilt in every. single. picture. We were going through her wedding album, and not a single posed picture was non-tilty.

  • The length and pleated skirt make it great for a 15 year old. Yes, it’s a bit serious, but I’d rather have a teenager that experiments with fashion and wants to play dress up than one that wants to slut it up. However, this is not my favorite look of hers because the fits a bit boxy (though maybe that makes it better for a 15-year old.) Also, smart girl for making good use of those shoes. 

  • Natalie Marshall

    To me, it’s not always the dress (though sometimes it is,) but the poses and faces. I know that’s sort of straying beyond the general purpose of fashion critique, but I just can’t evaluate the clothes with the hip-cocked and head-tilted pose, and the artfully-bitten lower lip. And in this case, the makeup, which I feel takes a perfectly cute dress and shoes into creepy, almost heroin-chic territory.

  • nannypoo

    If we just stop pretending that her life is typical in any way for a girl her age, then we can appreciate how cute this dress is on her and not worry if it’s appropriate for a teenager. I’m wondering about those shoes, however. Does every celebrity in Hollywood have them? Were they given out as a party favor somewhere? Was there a big sale on Jimmy Choos?

    • Annabelle Archer

      that was weird.  you said my thoughts, pretty much word for word. 

      so…yeah, what she said.

  • guest2visits

    This is very pretty on her. Maybe a ‘grown-up’ look, but thats fine for 15; every now and then. Those Choo’s have worked
    perfectly for the past few outfits, too.

  • Joyce VG

    Perfect for her age. I don’t even mind it being Stella MCartney

  • j_anson

    Who cares if it’s mature? It’s awful. Shiny and poorly fitted. Blech.

  • pretty

  • I totes would have dressed that way at her age if I had the money. The girl has a great sense of style.

  • eclare

    I think it’s great.  It’s mature in that an older woman could wear it and not look ridiculous, but I don’t think it’s too mature for a girl her age.  

  •  In this world of change naught which comes stays and naught which goes is lost.

  • erinbinek

    She looks great.  I think she looks like a young Meg Ryan in that second picture.  Perhaps it says I’ve been reading too much TLo but my first though upon scrolldown was, “Third time for the shoes.”

  • That’s exactly the kind of thing I would have picked when I was 15 (you know, if I had been a super rich actress who had designer clothes thrown at me), so I think it’s perfect for a girl her age.

    She looked absolutely lovely at the London premiere of Dark Shadows today (I was there and I swear the first thing I thought was “Ha! She doesn’t look too mature!” ;)). 

  • TheLaurenJean

    Perfect for her age!

  • MzzPants

    She looks perfect for her age.

  • Qitkat

    You know what’s too mature for me here? (and I may be in the minority on this)

    A 15-year-old girl wearing heels of that height. She has a lotta lotta years to go wearing shoes that will eventually ruin her feet. What’s the hurry?

    • Qitkat

      PS. It’s a really pretty dress in an appropriate length. Great color and style on her.

  • cindy_giang

    someone’s been taking posing lessons from blake lively.

  • snarkykitten

    those faces she’s pulling are ridiculous

  • girliecue

    She looks perfect, even though I wish she’d give me my shoes back before she wears them out completely. She almost always shows more style and sense than anyone her age, so pshaw to the “too mature” complaint.

  • Daenyx

    I love it.  She looks her age and enjoying the hell out of it.  

  • butter nut

    if this was an equally famous, equally young starlet 10 yrs ago, that skirt would have been hiked up over her naked hoo-ha as she fell out of her limo.  so, while i don’t particularly love the dress & think it’s just a like aging for her, i’m more relieved to see that she’s as interested in acting like an adult as she is in dressing like one.  IN, a thousand times IN.

  • Perfect. But I don’t want to see those Jimmy Choo sandals again ever.

  • She looks great. I don’t know what the question is? I still think she’d look better in a lower neckline (not low cut, but more neutral than the high neck cut here). But she’s a for-real stylista. She’s killing it.

  • she looks cute!!

  • giiiirrrr

    Not sure it’s perfect for any fifteen year old, but it’s perfect for her.

  • She looks cute, and age appropriate, and this is one of the few Stella McCartney dresses I actually like.  Now, the jacket would have made her look as if she were playing dress up, so I’m glad she skipped it. The shoes keep the look young too.

  • jw_ny

    Very cute dress on her.  May not be for another 15 yr old..although it seems like this style would suit many, as well as many ages…

  • PaulaBerman

    When I saw the thumbnail, I thought it was Avril Lavigne. Anyway, Chloe looks fine. If you think this is risque for a teenage girl, you clearly don’t know any teenage girls. It’s perfectly fine. Those Jimmy Choos are sure making the rounds, eh?

  • I think we need to seriously consider the possibility that all of these young stars are styled for every. single. moment. of movie promotion time, to present an appearance that reflects to some degree their character in the film. Maybe she’s choosing these precocious yet adorable frocks and JC’s in muted colors and obviously re-wearing the same shoes to several red carpet appearances by choice… But I seriously doubt it. I think every detail is prepped to convey the tone of her character. Gonna see the movie either way but would be interested to know if I’m right… 😉

  • Oh, and… cute dress, cute shoes, cute hair/makeup, cute girl.  The poses can go though.

  • Beth G

    Those shoes are everywhere.

    She looks fine… though she needs to learn how to take a good picture… find her light… know her angles….

  • This is IN. How is this mature? This is just very chic for a 15 year old. It’s not mature at all, the skirt length is flared and cute. 

  • Laylalola

    Fine — though the thumbnail of just the top is far superior to the dress as a whole. And this is the first time I’ve seen anyone make any part of Stella McCartney look fashionable, so there’s that.

  • oh that is fantastic she looks awesome.  and i covet those shoes so hard.

  • PeaceBang

    Love it, period. She looks gorgeous.

  • MissAnnieRN

    I’ll say it’s fine. But did all the stylists get huge incentives to feature those jimmy choos? Cause they keep showing up. I actually don’t hate this Stella.

  • jfrancais

    The outfit COULD be too mature, but she makes it young and fun. There’s nothing dour about it. It’s perfect for the event.
    I love those shoes, but doesn’t she have any other footwear in her wardrobe? This is the third time she’s worn them.

  • Judy_S

    I like the shape of the dress for a 15-year-old. The fabric is maybe a bit too sophisticated but it’s something I would have adored when I was that age. And overall she looks great.


  • Melissa Brogan

    This outfit is perfect. I’m starting to get a little concerned she blew all her money on those shoes, though.

  • boweryboy

    She’s 15!!??  I thought she was closer to 25.

    Anyhoo, the silohuette is age appropriate, youthful and cute. 

    It’s that stiff matronly old lady fabric that does it in.

    OUT (and the fact it’s Stella McCartney doesn’t help).

  • If I had a 15 year old I might flinch a little inside at the hem length, but I’d probably let her wear it. She does look lovely and the color is just right for her. The lack of heavy jewelry keeps it from being too old for her. 

    • formerlyAnon

       I have an 18 year old and I thank god she didn’t decide to start wearing dresses & skirts until she was 15. (before that, comfort tomboy clothes all the way. When she DID pick a skirt, I told her she could sit like a lady 100% of the time – and I *would* ride her about it, or wear shorts underneath. She chose the shorts. Thank you God, thank-you Jesus.)

      The instant she decided to care about ‘fashion’ I was fighting a bitter, rearguard action to keep her skirts as long as pictured here.

  • quiltrx

    I think it’s fine!  She looks great, and looks like she likes her outfit, too.  She should wear what makes her happy.

  •  she looks adorable. cute dress!

  • I like it. This one does not worry me.

  • PastryGoddess

    I’d rather her dress a little too mature than look like a cracked out 5 year old.  I think she’ll grow into the looks she’s trying out

  • Megan McEwen

    I say Winter on top and Summer on bottom. Meh.

  • The fabric is a bit baroque, but that kinda suits the premiere of a vampire spoof.   I think she looks fine.

    Those shoes are really making the rounds.

  • PrunellaV

    I think it’s the style now for young girls to look like little old ladies. I blame the Olsen twins.

  • alyce1213

    The style, silhouette and color are perfect for her 15-year-oldness.

    The runway girl is painfully skinny.  It really bothers me when a model’s knees are wider than her thighs.

  • NurseEllen

    I think it’s perfect for a 15 year old media darling, which is what she is.  Shakespeare said, “Youth’s a stuff will not endure,” and it won’t, so you go ahead and have some fashion fun while you can, Miss Chloe.

    • MissAnnieRN

      Have been waiting to reply to NurseEllen – I think she is also age appropriate in this frock.  It appears I have had the same reaction to her shoes that everyone else had!At first I didn’t realize that I’d seen them so much because I’d seen them on her.  So cute.  

      • NurseEllen

        Nice to know the RNs are in agreement on this one. By the way, Happy almost Florence Nightingale’s birthday. Flo was born May 12, 1820, so she’d be 192!

  • frankystein123

    Bitches are jealous she can pull the outfit off.

  • I think it’s an in and not too mature, I’d let my 14 year old wear it, except, my kids tall and I have a six inch from the croch rule..which Chloe almost hits here

  • Well, she can’t win for losing, can she?  High fashion isn’t supposed to be for 15 year olds, even though it often seems to be aimed squarely at bodies that haven’t finished growing.  Anyway, I’m over the Jimmy Choo’s and the only fault I can find is she should perhaps stick to silhouettes that make her appear less boxy.

    In short, perfect for 15.

  • AWS

    Not too mature and LOVE this dress and the shoes are fierce.  

  • She looks cute and stylish, and she’s mostly covered up. I think her outfit is perfect for a fifteen year-old at a goth tinged film.

  • Terri Smith

    Gotta love the girl for being resourceful and getting so much wear out of those Jimmy Choo’s.  I would wear them to bed if I could!

  • I don’t think she looks too mature. She looks like a stylish teenager. And I love her shoes. Every time she wears them. If I had those sandals, I too would wear them every chance I got. 

  • fursa_saida

    She looks adorbs.

  • Larkin21

    I think she looks great. This look isn’t too mature, in my opinion.

  • An acceptable Stella dress.  Hell hath frozen over.  I think she looks good for her age, and home girl is getting her use out of those shoes.  I love it.

    • alyce1213

      Hell hath frozen over indeed.

  • L.

    Perfect outfit.  Love that she is wearing the shoes again.  If she likes them, why not!

  • Maturity’s fine, but the hair looks fried.

  • I think people confuse “too mature” with “not showing off the burgeoning goods”. She looks adorable. And I’m starting to think that she might actually own those shoes, given how much she’s been wearing them. Wonder if she’s wears an 8 and, if so, where I can find her to mug her for them?

  • Perfect for her age. She looks amazing.

  • Jen Ell

    My only issue with this look isn’t that it looks to mature for her, but rather, it looks far to heavy for May. The fabric just looks so heavy, and much more wintery to me!

  • ChristySchiff

    Perfect for a 15-year-old!

  • librarygrrl64

    Still lovin those Jimmy Choos. Yeah, too mature. There is plenty of time for her to dress like this. Don’t grow up too fast, Chloe.

  • MoreShoes

    She’s 15?!?!? I guess that answers your question. She really loves these shoes eh?

  • aimee_parrott

    Not too old — I think she looks great!  I love that she’s worn those shoes more than once, actually.  It’s almost like she’s a real person who owns clothes, instead of a celebrity who just borrows them.

  • The outfit is fine, but the hair and make-up is reminding me of present day Madonna, so that’s creepy.

  • Snailstsichr

    I like it. Age appropriate and a clever choice considering the movie she is promoting. Good job Chloe and Stella!

  • In. I think she looks cute, and the fact that she has found a favorite pair of shoes and stuck with them is actually endearing to me.

  • formerlyAnon

    I think it’s fine for a 15-yr-old. It’s kind of a dark, dramatic print, but young teens sometimes like to wear the dark and dramatic.

    However. It fits her through the chest and midriff as though she bought it off-the-rack, rather than having it lent to her to publicize a brand.  Why not get it fitted?

    Because as much as I gripe about McCartney’s designs, I am quite sure there are underlings in her company who understand how fit can show a dress to advantage. Why don’t these design houses seem to care about that?

    (edited for typos)

  • belfebe

    I think she looks great and no, it’s not too mature.  It might have, if she had kept the jacket.  As it is, it’s pretty and dressy.
    Love the shoes, but I’m tired of seeing them on the red carpet over and over by everybody and their cousin.   Somebody needs to set them on fire (the shoes, not the cousin) and find a different pair for a change.

  • marilyn

    Perfect for a 15 year old.  She looks fantastic.  Also, it may be a miracle, but this Stella McCartney dress is actually attractive.  WOW!!  

  • Judith Mignault

    Perfect for a 15y-o! And I love that she loves these shoes so much that she’s wearing them with everything (because yes, they are kick-ass!)

  • mom2ab

    I am torn- every 15 year old does not have to look like she is auditioning for a role as on Gypsy Wedding but this seems just a little stuffy.  Maybe trade the bare legs and sophisticated sandals for something a little more fun? 

  • ccm800

    I hate Stella McCartney. There is always this pulled unnecessary construction issue with her sleeves and how they meet the dress. Its  maddening. Here the skirt hits her in such a way that she looks like a damn fire hydrant.

  • Cathy S

    I think she looks great. I still think at her age she shouldn’t be sporting heels that high though. Perhaps that’s just a weird bias on my part.

  • another_laura

    Dress is cute on her (for a Stella McC, whose dresses I usually don’t like) but the shoes are a bit much for a teenager.

    Overall, though, I’ll give an in.

  • Allyson Wells

    Perfect!  If that dress was longer, it would have made all the difference, but the short hem with the ruffle is just youthful enough. And I love those Jimmy Choos as much as the next girl, but I have to admit i’m getting a little tired of seeing them everywhere! Doesn’t anyone else make an interesting black sandal these days?

  • Perfect.  The short length makes it young;  the dark color and old-fashioned pattern is in keeping with the movie theme.

  • chitowndg

    Perfect.  The bare legs make it young.  It is a classic dress for any age.

  • As someone who was fashion obsessed at 15, I would have totally picked this for myself given the opportunity. I think she looks fab and it’s nice to see something more than the standard teen wear.

  • oohsparkley!

    Perfect for her.

  • amanda crow

    I love this, and I liked the last one too. They’re form-fitting, but other than that, they don’t strike me as inappropriate, and that’s usually my main complaint when younger stars dress out of their age range.

  • Kolo_Ol

    I think she looks adorable and appropriate

  • Glammie

    This one works for me.  She’s covered up, but the short flippy skirt has a nice teen quality to it.  So in.  

  • J MN

    IN.  Just an adorable girl not dressing like a 20 something hooker.  I find the long sleeves, higher neck and clean lines just so appealing.  Hopefully more young actresses will notice all the good press she’s getting and upgrade their looks.  I’d venture a guess and think she might be getting more scripts because of all the positive attention.   

  • she looks darling, all smiling and happy foolin’ around on the RC.  but aren’t those jimmy choos worn out yet, since just just about everybody in the world has worn them?  i assume you didn’t bring that up because you are too bored for words (with the shoes, not life in general).

  • Not exactly youthful, but not too mature either. She’s pretty and seems to have fun, so go for it girl !

  • allisankelly

    Everyone is wearing those shoes! I want some too! I think she looks cute as a button and not too grown up. 

  • Dhammadina

    Ok I admit I haven’t scrolled through all 229 comments but don’t those shoes strike anyone as just a bit too high for a 14 or 15 year old? Maybe she has to get into training now so she can continue on in even higher heels for the rest of her life.

  • vir botta

    here in argentina for the quinces girls dress with dreses super tight so this is perfect for me

  • annamiklo

    Seems like the criticism of too “young” or “mature” comes when the outfit looks off on the person wearing it, or ages them noticeably.  Can’t say that’s the case here.  It’s simple and cute and she just looks good in what she’s wearing. 

  • I think she looks cute..which is surprising since SMc dresses usually make me cringe. I think she is fresh and looking like a 15 yr old (who wants to come off as 18), which honestly is how my friends and I were at 15… I’m not a fan of the shoes… but she looks damn good. I wish I could have had the pick of fashion at that age… or hell, right now.

  • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

    NO.  She looks like she’s having her mug shot taken while wearing some old lady’s gown from the 1880s.  And why the hell do actresses with long hair put that hair all hangy downy on both sides of their face, onto their chests.  Make them look like large eared dogs.  BLECH.  

  • CatherineRhodes

    Perfect for her age. Not sporting cleavage. Fresh face, natural hair. I’m fine with this. Might just be the first Stella McCartney dress I’ve ever liked.

  • RutGot

    My concern is more that this seems awfully heavy for May. If it were a lighter color, I’d be a little happier. I also like that she’s been rewearing the same shoes. It’s a nice touch of realism.

  • lilazander

    She looks like a couch pillow, but the sandals are hot.