Yea or Nay: Marc Jacobs’ Sneaker Wedges

Posted on April 10, 2012

Because we have a website with our names at the top, people are sometimes fooled into thinking we know what we’re talking about, especially when it pertains to fashion or reality television. We were never the types to disabuse people of their notions if said notions made us look better, so we only occasionally threw out the “Don’t look at us; we never said we were experts” excuse because it’s just much easier to let people think you’re smarter than you are.

But really, people. Don’t look to us for an explanation on this one. If anything, we’re asking you to explain it to us. What are we talking about? Why, high-top sneakers with wedge heels, of course.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Runway Wedge High-Top Sneaker


Now, Marc Jacobs is not the first queen to shove a heel under a sneaker. Someone or other has been intermittently peddling the idea going back thirty years. What we really don’t get is a high-top sneaker with a wedge heel; specifically this high-top sneaker with this wedge heel. Because as far as we can tell, you get all the awkwardness of clown shoes with none of the comfort. If these things actually looked like they had heels on them we might understand, but they just look like enormous sneakers. If a gal’s gonna walk around on tip-toe all day, we would have thought she’d at least want to look like she’s doing so, right?

But hey, maybe we’re missing the point. You tell us:

Marc Jacobs High-Top Sneaker Wedges: YEA or NAY?


Looks like a NAY to us, but then again, we’re not the market for them.

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  • Zach Ng Zheng Yang

    total yeah. if only they have it for men!

    • Zach – are you really Tom Cruise weighing in?  TC loves him some lifts.

      • And I think poor josh hutcherson caught that virus too…

    •  I was going to say, these are perfect for guys who want to add some height.

    •  They do — just ask the WWE guys where they shop.

  • W.T.F. Nay. Always and forever NAY.

    • I second that.

    • NormDeplume720

      Yeah, those are a major NO. Better to just buy an old pair of Air Jordans if you want to look like you’re clomping around in garish sneakers.

  • NAY!!!!

  • kill it with fire

  • alyce1213

    Amusing for a few minutes, but why?  And they run from $100+ – $300+.
    Nay nay nay.

  • Anathema_Device

    Nay, oh dear god, NAY! I generally dislike shoe style mashups, especially those high-heeled Timberlands or the bizarre flip-flip boot thingies. These are the things fashion victim-hood are made of.

    Thinking some more, I could approve of them in a stage-wear situation, but that’s about it.

    • NC_Meg

      Ugh, those Timberlands with heels! Girls used to wear them in high school all the time. So ugly.

      • LOL, I remember thinking those were the perfect boot in high school! And also, at some point I wore tights and shorts together, totally unironically. You’ll be glad to know I’ve learned something in the intervening years.

    • random_poster

      “These are the things fashion victim-hood are made of.”

      You got that one right!!

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      I’m thinking that the only person who could wear these would be Helena Bonham Carter-then they would be quirky in a fun way.

      • NC_Meg

        I was thinking Rihanna, with a casual outfit.

        • lordandtaylor

          I am thinking the Olsen Twins.

          •  Nah, they’ve had fashion sticks up their behinds for years.

        • Anathema_Device

          I pictured Nicky Minja wearing them, but Rhianna works.

          • NC_Meg

            Nicki Minaj would totally wear them. I think the Olsens would rather wash their hair than wear these (because I’m pretty sure they never wash or brush their hair.)

          • frances rossi

            I’m thinking more Willow Smith – with matching hair. She is a fashion victim at the tender age of, what – ten years old?

          • NC_Meg

            Totally Willow Smith. And if Jada keeps dressing like she did at the KCAs, we’re sure to see her in them.

          • Anathema_Device

             Oh god, I forgot about those Chucks Talyor pants…did you see her in those? They were  leggings/pants with built in Chuck Taylors.

            ETA: I actually think kids and teens should be the ones wearing the ridiculous stuff.

        • RebeccaKW

           I came up with Nicki Minaj.

    • Little_Olive

      I agree on the principle, but I have to say they don’t disgust me one bit compared to the visceral loathe I hold for heeled tennis shoes. Whoever though of putting a stiletto under Chucks is a) JLo or b) aesthetically deranged.  

  • BazoDee


  • Nay. They could have been awesome, but aren’t.

  • Nay…those are revolting.

  • NC_Meg

    No. Hell no.

  • norseofcourse

    Nay. They stink in two ways: they’re horrid-looking, and your feet sweat like crazy in that kind of sneakers. (Worse than jellies, I swear.)

  • These are ok. But I can’t help but feel that wedges make women’s feet look like hooves.

    •  Maybe that should be a “neigh” then. 😉

    • siriuslover

      and the hoof shoe already came out a couple of seasons ago.

  • Clueless_Jock

    They’re kinda cute….

  • Nish nish

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    i’m the market for them & i dont even like them.
    as an aside, goes back forty years. i know cos i have at least one pair in a box right next to me.

  • Eclectic Mayhem


  • Funkykatt

    Here we go again, everything cool with huge high heels. I am five foot eleven and would love to see something like this made cool and comfortable and I know I am not the only woman who feels this way….right?

  • Athenrein

    NAY. I love sneakers, and I would even wear these if they were normal sneakers. But never ever ever with the heel. If I’m going to wear heels, I want it to be obvious. Plus I’m a very small person and these would look ridiculously oversized on my feet.

    • Little_Olive

      I’m almost 5’7” and still agree – I think they’d hit the widest part of my calves, causing instant stumpification.  

  • halleygee

    Total NAY, and can you imagine seeing someone wearing that first outfit? Striped orange and white shorts-suit? With those shoes? It’s all pretty WTF.

  • Qualifying this with an “I would never actually wear these,” I say IN.  They’re kinda cute.  I do reserve the right to reverse that decision should some ill-informed celeb decide to wear them with a gown.

  • DinaSews

    NAY. Fug.  Heel or no.  Unless you are a 7′ tall basketball player.

    • out for a walk

      And, more specifically, a 7′ basketball player who thinks true happiness is to be, say, 7’4″ or so.

  • no.

  • They’re absolutely atrocious. 

  • Hideous.

  • UrsNY

    Oh hell nay!

  • Judy_J

    Yea, if I was Ronald McDonald.  Otherwise, nay.

    • MoHub

      I’d rather wear Ronald McDonald’s boots.

  • Mexxoo

    Wow, he’s actually made them look like they’re just colorful high-tops.  Without seeing them, I was all prepared to nix them – I hate the idea of sneakers on wedges, heels, or platforms.  However, these look… good.  I’ll have to give these a YEA!

  • Hell to the NAY.  Personally, I blame the 80’s.  Shut up, 1980’s.

  • TheLaurenJean

    They’re for the girl who doesn’t want to look like she’s trying, but wants her ass to look good anyway. I get it. But the shoe is hideous.

    • kimmeister

      Also to make her calves look more defined!

  • Maybe . . . maybe the point is to elongate the legs (like heels do) without admitting you’re having that advantage?  They’re fugly shoes fer sher, but I suspect that may be the idea.

    Or maybe Marc Jacobs just wants to see if he can actually get people to buy this pile of clown makeup in shoe form for haute prices.

  • cinderellen

    clunky and awkward looking. NAY

  • lesmaha

    nay!  Nay!

  • StelledelMare

    No. Just no. Even the converse-heels tend to look better than this (although I still don’t think it’d be very comfortable and they at times are also pretty fug), but you’re right. These don’t even look like heeled sneakers, they just look like really ugly, really big normal sneakers

  • EAV

    * Screams in horror *

  • CMCH


  • I think I just threw up in my mouth a little. 

  • SpcilK

    Uh Nope!

  • Fuggin’ NAY!

  • StrandedFashionista

    Very Nay. All your points occurred to me too. 

  • DeborahLipp

    I understand the reasoning, and could explain it if it wasn’t a big ol’ NAY.

  • Awful. NAY.

  • NDC_IPCentral

    A real misuse of leather, if you ask me!

  • Nay. Yooky! Blah! 

  • MoreShoes

    Of course not!

  • Vaniljekjeks

    NAY!!!!!!!!  Awful.

  • The only thing I can come up with is that you look like you’re wearing sneakers, so people assume your legs and butt actually look as good in sneakers as they do in the heels? 

    • formerlyAnon

      AND, that you’ve mysteriously grown several inches taller since they last saw you!

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    All the awkwardness of clown shoes with none of the comfort-TLo have nailed it again!

  • merciblahblah

    No, no, no no no no NO. Sneakers and wedges should never be incorporated into one Frankenstonian shoe. EVER. Not to mention they look EXACTLY like the roller skates my sister and I used to own and wear to skate in our garage to whilst listening to either a)Saturday Night Fever, b)LaToya Jackson – WHAT? I won it at the school carnival, or c)Grease.

  • kimmeister


  • librarygrrl64

    Honestly, I didn’t even need to view the images. The words “sneaker wedges” were enough to make this an OUT x infinity.

    • sagecreek

      Well, I find I cannot improve on that comment.

  • Hell to the no.

  • lalahartma


  • Jessi03

    NAY!   I can’t even see Baby Spice wearing those.

  • CatherineRhodes


  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    “all the awkwardness of clown shoes with none of the comfort” – jeez I love you two! 

    And, NAY. 

  • DominoEstella


  • NO.



  • These have the potential to make one’s calves and butt look more toned (the point of heels) while being a lot gentler on the soles of your feet. I actually think they’re kind of cool.

  • MilaXX

    I like them and kinda want a pair. I just don’t think they would look as cute on a 48 year old woman as thy would on a 25 year old.

  • ChiKat67

    These make more sense than the 5 inch stiletto ice skating boots…barely.  Big nay.

  • TheDivineMissAnn

    “Because as far as we can tell, you get all the awkwardness of clown shoes with none of the comfort”

    Priceless.  Absolutely PRICELESS!

  • Totally not for me, but they are a Yay.

  • The adult Rainbow Brite would wear those…

    •  Please, don’t insult Rainbow Brite’s level of taste.

  • rumcg66

    NAY. It requires all caps, it’s such a NAY.

  • Dejah_Thoris

    Daddy, make the bad man stop it!

    Marc Jacobs should be tied up in 300 count sheets and water-boarded with Brut! by Faberge, and then force-fed beans & weenies until he repents for this travesty.

    • lordandtaylor

      “BRUT” You are evil. I will add a good splash of STETSON to the mix…or, should we go there?, ENGLISH LEATHER!!!!

    • MissAnnieRN

      I LOVE IT.  I am such a sheet snob, 600+ baby!  I’m sure Marc is too.  300 count – THE HORROR!  Get these TJ Maxx Marc Jacobs sheets off me!  They’re burning my skin!  (P.S. my son has $9, T.J. Maxx, Marc Jacobs, 300 count Twin XL sheets on his bed.  True story.)

  • Apart from Nicki Minaj, I can’t thing on anyone (including myself) who would want to wear these. NAY for me.

  • Synnamin

    hate the style, but they don’t seem like super-high wedges, so if they’re only 1-2″ they’d be more comfortable for people with flat feet (such as myself)

  • I really REALLY like street fashion inflected runway and this is still a huge NAY from me, that should say something about how bad it is.

  • formerlyAnon



    Though I doubt I’m the target audience.

  • snarkykitten

    wait, I’m supposed to believe those are heels? What is the point? Does Marc Jacobs hate women and their feet?

  • Larkin21

    NAY. Big NAY.

  • At least these aren’t the horrid high heel sneakers from the 90’s, so the wedge is kind of hidden, but still fugg.  It must go and never come back.

  • I know some girls who would rock the hell out of these, and more power to them. But on me, nay.

  • lifetime_student

    A great shoe for an off-duty roller derby team at a formal event. For the rest us: OMG, NO!

  • Ridiculous!

  • MzzPants

    Nay.  Eyelets are meant to be used.

  • Total yay!  But, I still wear bright purple Doc Marten combat boots like I’m still 17 or something, so what do I know?

  • lordandtaylor

    TLO: Don’t worry, we NEVER thought of you as experts. 😉

    Love the shoes. Very fun. I bet they end up on the accessory wall on Project Runway. I would imagine the knock offs are being sewn this very second in China. Cute clothes too, but why all the pulling at the crotch? Did Marc “borrow” the idea from Project Runway All Stars?

  • luciaphile

    A huge nay. They’re chunky. They’re ugly. They’re not functional. I see no point in these.

  • I like them much better than if they actually had cheap looking rubber heels on them, a la the Sketcher sneaker heels of my misspent youth.  *shudder*

  • mellbell

    I’m strongly inclined to dislike these, but they’ve got a clever trompe l’oeil kinda thing going on, so why not, yea.

  • Hideous, Nay, go away Mr. Jacobs I think the Fanningbots need another white bedsheet to wear

  • Nay ! Normal sneakers are the antithesis of heels, and that’s why I have both and wear them for different occasions.  Mixing the two together makes no sens to me, it’s just plain ridiculous. It looks like a  silly joke about teenage fashion, and I simply don’t like being laughed at.

  • Bozhi

    I won’t be wearing them, but they are fine for the younger crowd so yea.

  • Very bowling-alley chic, I suppose. I’m going to leave this one up to personal taste; personally, for me, NAY.

  • MissAnnieRN

    This 87 different kinds of NO.

  • Nay! Clown shoes, indeed.

  • schadenfreudelicious

    i hate clowns, ditto for clownish shoes…NAY!

  • shopgirl716

    Hell to the no

  • TheOtherChristina

    I’m not falling over myself rushing out to buy a pair, but I kind of get it. It takes a shoe that would otherwise make the wearer look stumpy and instead, with the cleverly concealed wedge, elongates the leg. And by concealing the heel, it gives the impression that one’s legs are naturally gazelle-like, even when stuffed into puffy, seemingly unflattering shoes. It’s something like the “no-makeup” look that actually takes an hour to achieve. I think.

  • Allyson Wells

    Nay- I think the point though is to hide the heels. That way you get the benefit of heels (height, leg slimming) but you still look casual in sneakers. Who knows though… I certainly wouldn’t wear them.

  • ChaquitaPhilly

    Beyond NAY! What’s worse than NAY?

  • Nay to the Nay

  • KLeigh

    Yes!!! Because you get the benefit of the high heel (long legs looking skinnier) with the look of kicks.

  • Absolutely not.

  • Heavy, clunky, ugly, and probably make your feet sweat.  What more could I want in a shoe.

  • bellafigura1

    This is not the first go ’round with the hi-top wedge sneaker — the Isabel Marant hi-top is on lady feet everywhere (at $800 a pair).  I kind of get it — the wide floppy top makes the ankle look skinny and youthful.  There’ve been pictures of Beyonce rocking them.  These are waay too color-laden for me.

  • Patti Lever

    I like them, I wouldn’t wear them because I couldn’t pull this look off but I think they are ok. 

  • cucumberbatch


  • charlotte

    Nay! Why are all the shoes supposed to have heels anyway?

  • AlexisPayne


  • Megan Patterson


  • hellkell

    This may the dumbest thing ever. NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY.

  • poggi

    To quote Roger Murtaugh, “I’m too old for this sh*t.”

  • LordZoe

    the isabel marant ones work in that french way they do, these, not so much.

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    YEA! I flove them. I would buy and wear every pair. But then, I tend to dress like a well-tailored clown.

  • Le Fug

  •  Only if your name is Justin Bieber. . .

  • NurseEllen

    NFW.  Not now, not ever.

  • RebeccaKW

    These things are hiddy.  But I could see Nicki Minaj in them maybe. Doesn’t make them less ugly, though.

  • Remember Chandler’s Flock of Seagulls hair?  These and Uggs are going to be what gets the laughs when in 2034 a TV show does a “back in the day” episode.  

  • TieDye64

    NAY a thousand times over. Fug as hell.

  • JimMcC

    Can’t believe I’m saying this, but I don’t hate them. I could even see some folks pulling them off. I have to go YAY

  • Rebecca Johnson

    Can’t wait to see them on Katy Perry but I would never stick my feet in those pontoons.

  • Eddie would love these, darling.

  • There was a fad of wedge-heeled sneakers similar to these–they weren’t hightops– at my celebrity-adjacent high school when I was a freshman (lots of children of people in “The Industry” attended my school).  Girls wore them with white knee socks and shortish skirts.  That was in 1976 when people were in the whole red-white-and-blue bicentennial celebration thing.  I thought they looked stupid then.  My mind hasn’t changed much in the subsequent 36 years.

  • lrhoff

    This is ridiculous.  There is no explanation for such ugliness.

  • deliadee

    Nope.  Ugly and useless.  Don’t you wear sneakers to get out of heels?

  • Personally, Nay. However, I teach in an inner-city school and I KNOW these kids would buy (knock-offs of) these shoes in a heartbeat!

  • Jessica O’Connell

    I’m with you guys – total NAY for me!

  • SignLadyB

    I suppose they are  kinda cute on the models given the sporty clothes being shown. But NO, I can’t see them as street wear whether with sports wear or jeans or who knows what. Clown shoes all the way and not even comfortable looking.

  • Samantha Irene

    I don’t hate the idea of a hidden heel – I just don’t like this iteration. The colors are not so much, and the shape could be better. I do LOVE LOVE LOVE the plastic visors…

  • Nay! These just look like awkward sneakers – I have seen better heel-sneakers a few years before.

  • granddelusion

    Nay! Stupid idea!

  • gubblebumm

    only people 7 feet tall can wear these, why they would who the hell knows, but no

  • Louise Bryan

    These shoes look stupid.  They probably feel stupid, too, but I’m only guessing because I would never try them on.

  • Sara__B

    NAY for me, but I support everyone else’s right to wear expensive clown shoes if they like them.

  • siriuslover

    no, they’re hiddy. They remind me of old-school skates…and not in a good way.

  • crash1212

    Gads. I wear a size 10. Can you imagine these in a size 10? Waaaaaay flattering, no? NO! NAY! These are godawful.

  • Kimberly Southern-Weber


  • lonepear

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but they’re kind of cute. Totally novelty-wear, only for silly casual outfits, but I’d wear them… that is, if they weren’t way out of my price range for a silly novelty shoe.

  • jjfg

    Oh hell, those shoes were ugly in the 80’s when they were Reebok hightops.  Nay.

  • KSuKim

    They are like those early Swatch watches, or VW bugs. So bright, clunky, and odd they look cool. Definitely for the younger set, however.

  • TheOriginalLulu


  • cheesebomb

    Yea if I was 2, but since I’m not, nay.

  • prettybigkitty

    Nay! Nay! Nay! Nay! Nay!   booo.

  • Stubenville

    If Nicki Minaj ever wants to shoot hoops…

  • NAY- and not even so much because they are sneaker wedges but because that design is just totally and utterly FUG!

  • oohsparkley!

    Ugh! No!

  • guest2visits

    These are just too stupid. In the bad way. They sort of remind me of boxing booties; no self-respecting boxer would ever.

  • ballerinawithagun

    No! I like a slight heel (because I have the high heel leg problem!) but then the high top defeats the look.

  • SapphoPoet


  • Hate these with a passion.  NAY NAY NAY!

  • Ugh, no. No no no.

  • RedRaven617

    I think they’re ugly. But I’m not the market for that. This is a young (13 to 17 yr.) look meant for the ‘hip hop’ generation (Or whatever we call this from the late 90s and on. 

    Nay.. not for grown ups

  • marilyn

    Nay.  No one over the age of 4 should wear something like this.

  • Nay.

  • JuliaInBlack

    Nay, no, nyet, nuh-uh.

  • NAY… when I wear sneakers it’s because they are comfortable. I wish the high heel sneaker thing would die forever.

  • Candigirl1968

    If I were fifteen, I’d be working two jobs to get a pair of these.  And my mother would absolutely hate them.

  • NAY. blech.  get some nikes if you must have hi tops sneakers.

  • Pants_are_a_must

    Ugh, really Jacobs? NAY NAY NAY

  • Rand Ortega

    Yay to the Yay! They’re cute, bright & funky. They won’t last 15 minutes, but momentary trends can be fun. Want.

  • carolynmo

    Hell to the nay!!!!

  • I dunno, looks like it could be in that Haute Mess Vogue Italia spread, and so I think i have to say nay on principle.

  • TSkot

    Adorable. YAY

  • QuincyTKatz


  • QuincyTKatz


  • Sara R

    Oooooooh…If I was still a club kid!  These are total college-urbanite, party shoes.

  • I know someone who got married in shoes like these. I mean, you couldn’t see them, but she said they were a lot more comfortable.

  • NAY. Hideous.

  • hgtnteach82

    Ronald McDonald shoes.  But I can totally see Willow Smith wearing these things and sending sales through the roof.

  • I like the high tops with the wedge look, because it sort of disguises the fact that these are high heeled sneakers, making it look more like your wearing normal sneakers but with the legs and walk that high heels forces.

    That said, they definitely look like clown shoes. NAY.

  • Sometimes I think that shoe designers sit around thinking, ‘what ridiculosity will these suckers buy into next?’


  • kaycem


    outfit looks good with tennis shoes? check. tennis shoes more comfortable than heels? right on.

    obvious choice is obvious.

  • BayTampaBay


  • guestela

    Definite NAY. Run away, fast. Faster than you could in these bizarre sneakers.

  • Daenyx

    Is NOTHING sacred?  No, no, no, no, no, and NAY.  

  • ThaliaMenninger

    Oh my living GOD, this is so much a NAY it has never been within 2000 miles of a yea.

  • j_anson

    Yuck. I mean, Nay.

  • CharCrop

    Well…they’re editorial material…and how much different are they from the current weird shoe stylings out there that are once and done?. I can see Jada Smith’s troll child wearing them! However, for the mass market…NAY! NAY! NAY!

  • Pennymac

    As if I want something to draw attention to my huge ass feet with their hideous crayola colors, not to mention none of the benefits of wearing a heel with all of the detriments? NAY to the millionth power!

  • jcolli69

    I’m with ya TLo….if I’m gong to walk on tip toe all day in some heels, they better be aesthetically appealing. N.A.Y!!

  • sunandmoon24


  • I love sneaker wedges and sneaker heels.

  • ItchyInKentucky

    They look like orthopedic shoes. A Size 14 Triple-E NAY!

  • ASK26

    nay nay nay.  ugly and dumb

  • travelingcat

    My 45 year old self says Nay. However, I remember wearing lace high-tops with colored socks, or better yet colored sweats or leggings stuffed into them in the mid-eighties and thinking I was too cool. My 19 or 20 year-old self would probably have loved these…

  • judybrowni

    You could beat me with a stick and I still wouldn’t have a clue about those things.

    But possibly they’re less the orthopedic disaster than 5-inch fetish heels.

  • I feel assaulted by the fug.

  • Beth G


  • unbornfawn

    Nay. Too thick and heavy.

  • ccm800

    Yeah  –  but yeah – fashion does this about once a decade it seems. 

  • bluefish

    Yea for the very very young.  Really young.

  • I never owned a pair of rubber shoes in my entire life.  But i think these might change my mind. 🙂

  • hearkentoit

    No. Absolutely not. I would pay to keep those off my feet.

  • sleah_in_norcal

    ugly and awkward. yuckee-boo.

  • leave_Blake_alone

    Nay for reality, but YAY on those runway looks!

  • ChristySchiff

    These shoes are wrong on every count… so I guess they might be perfect? I don’t know anymore.

  • MmmmmmmmK

    I’d say nay, but there’s something about thei clunkinrss that make the models’ legs look awesome.

  • Jennifer Comar

    Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren did them much better in 1983.  Can MJ have an original thought, ever?

  • stlmom

    I was in the Nordstrom kids’ shoes department last week, and they are selling sneaker wedges for little girls: 
    And now that I go to the website, I see that they have them in TODDLER sizes.  Who would put toddlers in wedge heels of any kind?

  • They don’t look garish to me at all – I love the fun colors of them, but a wedge?!  Dear God NO.  Emphatically.

  • The colorway is ATROCIOUS! (That’s a Nay, BTW.)

  • Spicytomato1

    Sneaker + wedge = Automatic nay

  • Nay!!!!

  • EditKitten

    These are so fucking ugly, I want to scream.

  • amber_julene

    Janis Joplin had a whole song revolving around high-heeled sneakers and god love her, we all know she was high, right? Hell. No.

  • lydob

    absolutely NAY. As in No wAY. 
    That’s all I’m saying.

  • In an “Absolutely Fabulous” episode they said a designer’s stuff was such crap that he labeled it with the word “crap”:  “Crap shirt”, “Crap dress”, etc., and it sold out.  A lot of this designer stuff is just that, but we think it’s art because it’s designer.

  • fursa_saida

    I think what’s cool about it is you get the sort of tomboy chic thing with less risk of stumpification, since the heel gives you some extra leg length.

    That said, I’ma say NAY, because the whole appeal of a girl running around in basketball shoes like this is that she doesn’t CARE if she gets stumpified. Way too try-hard for the concept.

    I’m rereading this comment and I really hate myself right now.

  • they have white ones that i’d say are an IN but not those hideously hued ones-they get a resounding O U T.

  • fatima_bird

    Well, I am disgusted by the color palette, and the placement/proportions of the strips, but I’m not ready to pooh-pooh the basic idea just yet. I do find wedge heels to be the most comfortable of heels, and if you could throw some comfortable soles inside them, and lots of padding, they might just give you height without having to resort to platform sneaks, which are probably more trip inducing than these. I remember being in 9th grade and white platform skechers were all the rage- and i would constantly trip because my toe caught the carpet or the corner of a stair.

  • mcarlson

    Oh god no.

  • buildmeatower

    Yay on the idea, nay on this particular version of it. I love high heels, and I would wear sneakers with high heels in an instant,  but these particular ones are ugly and don’t really look like high heels to begin with. Mostly they remind me of those ugly oversized sneaker things that people like Justin Beiber keep trying to make happen.

  • littlemac8

    Hell NO

  • Nay! This is a trend that needs to go away and stay away.

  • hideous

  • PeaceBang

    They look cute on all the models and I bet if I saw a tall gal with long legs rocking them on the street I’d stop and high-five her, so I’m going with YAY.

  • clubgoingseel

    YEA!!! I totally get it and want em! it’s like having secret leg extensions…

  • Big fat NAY. I didn’t like this shit in the 90s and I sure as hell am not going to fall for it now.

  • Melvis Velour

    NAY!  Enough of an assault on the sensibilities to ask you to hand my my reticule dears, I’m havin’ an attack o’ the vapours!

  • mozzer0906

    NAY, horrid, the color, the style, everything.

  • Yeah!!

  • akprincess72

    No way in hell…

  • pdquick


  • KEi

    Putting shoelifts in any kind of flat shoe is really popular in Korea (at least their pop culture, but I know a few everyday people who do it)
    It usually is the men who will literally put them in anything from high tops to loafers to add height. As far as I see it’s just a permanent shoelift. It makes you look taller and your legs look nicer I guess.