Vera Wang Spring 2013 Bridal Collection

Posted on April 24, 2012

Darlings, here’s your pretty for the day: Vera Wang’s all-red bridal collection, for whores and jezebels.

Oh, we’re just teasing. Actually we love and support the movement to take the bridal look away from its paternalistic, judgmental, sex-phobic origins of labeling women as more worthy because they haven’t given up the goods yet. It’s an idea whose time has passed and needs to be put to rest permanently. Wear that red, we say. Besides, Vera’s looking at this from a cultural perspective, naming the collection “Mei Meng,” which means “beautiful dreams” in Chinese and references that culture’s own tradition of red as a wedding color.

Of course you know in the end, most of these dresses will be bought and sold in the traditional white.





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  • Christina Brennan

    very pretty dresses.  but the styling on the models? not good.

    • What, you mean you wouldn’t style women in dresses meant for what is commonly believed to be the happiest day of a woman’s life like unwashed basement dwellers? 

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        Perhaps the styling reflects that moment of bridal remorse when she’s thinking: Shit, I spent how much for this dress?

    • Funkyjuicebox

      Agreed! They look like they’re trying on dresses after a day of being forced to scrub the bathroom floor with their own toothbrushes. I like the dresses though!

      • schadenfreudelicious

        they look like they scrubbed the bathroom floor with their hair…..

    • Anathema_Device

       I know! And they all look so sad. Like the translation is really “Shotgun Wedding” and not “Beautiful Dreams.”

    • To me the hair styling (abetted by the apparent age of most of the models) looked very junior high.  I found the implications of this more disturbing than the symbolism of white wedding gowns.

      • Calinda_L

        Yes, exactly. Sure, the collection embraced the non-virginal red (shocking!), but completely infantilized the models with those pigtails. And their sad, sad faces. They look like they’re on the short end of a bad mail order bride deal.

        • Maggie_Mae

          She was so eager to get out of Minsk–until she actually met the guy who’d ordered her….

    • NormDeplume720

      A dozen years ago I worked in a bridal boutique. The “sad and disaffected bride” look isn’t new. I’m okay with that on normal runways, but it really seems that bridal fashion ought to demand happier models.

    • portlandmermaid

      Love the wine color, but the poor, sad models, they look like they just signed a prenup.

    • Frankenbrides!

    • Thank you!  When is she going to stop styling her brides to look as though they were strangled and found floating in the water three days later?  No one wants an SVU-style wedding.

    •  The fact that they all look miserable doesn’t help either.

  • pimms o’clock?

  • Really gorgeous. I hardly even mind the hair. I SO want to get married in red.

    • Looking at these dresses makes me wish I had thought of getting married in red, if only to annoy the flower-arranging lady in the red brick chapel, who told everyone they weren’t allowed to have red flowers because they “won’t show up against the walls”.

    • My husband has told me that when we renew our vows I should wear a red dress. I am OK with that (although I think it is odd he is taking an interest).

    • When Daddy married his second wife, she wore a fire-engine red dress. Less than a year later, she passed away from cancer.  Her direct quote to me: “Hussy got married in a red dress, hussy gonna get buried in a red dress.”  LOVED HUH.

  • xokandykane109

    These are so gorgeous I can’t even. The bright red’s a little too eyeball-searing for me, but the darker reds and wine colors are beautiful

  • petalfrog

    Gorgeous. I would prefer them in some form of white since I think red fabrics tend to look un-vibrant (odd, I know). The excessive frippery at the bottom remind me of a Project Runway designer, but not sure which one. I thought maybe Cristian Siriano at first, but I think his ruffles are more symmetrical and concise. Some of these seem a bit cut and stitch.

    The styling is revolting.

    • AlexisPayne

      Leanne Marshall from season 5! 

  • butterflysunita

    Very pretty.  And do love the colors, especially the burgundy red in the third photo.  

  • Zippypie

    Mermaids and frippery with tulle….that seems to be happening in every wedding collection this season.  Not a lot of variation and all strapless or Wilmas.  The only thing I do like are the variations of red.

  • kimmeister

    The 4th one – with the tulle OVER the mermaid skirt – is hideous.  Its top half is almost as bad.

    •  I liked it…

    • Alexa Jones

      I had a really intense reaction of disgust to that one as well! I HATE the tulle over the mermaid skirt. So much of the rest are absolutely gorgeous but that one, yeesh…

  • funkypeanut

    The models look like they’re extras who got lost on their way to the set of the latest teen vampire movie. I’ll take the dress in the third to last pic, but without the undead girl inside of it and the giant thing growing out of her neck.

  • sleepycat

    um…I don’t know how I feel about this collection…some dresses are stunning while others look like they just had too much fabric left over and tossed it on the dress. I would love to see a bride wear these in red, with white roses.

  • india too.

    holy effing gorgeous!

  • Why did they style the models to look like corpses (very pretty corpses, but still).  It detracts from the garments. Love all the layering and draping though. 

  • EEKstl

    SPEC-TACULAR, tho I agree with those who question the styling and models’s expressions. Uh, a smile and a comb would have been a nice touch. That said, I want to get married all over again in #3 and #6.  Let’s play which actress is going to wear which on the RC. Several of these are Oscar-worthy.

  • howdoilook

    Ooooh, love the last one! 

  • save_the_hobbit

    Gorgeooooous. I’d still probably stick with white or champagne, because of the “traditionalism”….even though I’m a lesbo and tradition kind of goes out the window… but I’d have no problem if my girlfriend wanted to wear that beautiful plum color. Please excuse while I continue to drool over these…

  • JasmineAM

    Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always wanted a red, or deep red wedding gown. Thumbs up for Miss Vera! Love them all!

  • enchanted216

    Oh how I love the 3rd one down!  The color is gorge!!

  • One perk of making these dresses in “red” is that the details are highly visible in a way they wouldn’t be with white, which doesn’t always photograph clearly. Plus, some of them have great shading going on, with the layers of fabric in slightly different colors.

  • omgilove the plum mermaid dress, I think I need to blow my wedding budget and half my child’s college fund just so I can wear that dress.

  • gloriana232

    I never really got white. It by default makes a body look bigger, it can make you look washed out, and it’s just difficult overall. Dramatic, I guess, but isn’t a multi-thousand-dollar designer gown dramatic enough for most people? Plus, it makes it harder to wear a white dress normally without seeming bridal/virginal. 
    Luckily, I’m Chinese, so I can claim cultural heritage too and wear red! And wear two dresses — a “Western” gown and a Chinese gown — without seeming too vain …

  • Gorgeous. I love the darker red/wine colours.  

  • As much as I want to be down with the Vera sisterhood, none of the gowns knock me out.  Why so sad, models?

    • LJCdoc

      Because all of their hair looks like my 4-year-old after a hard 3 hours at the playground.

      • AnaRoW

         I was going to say it was because they saw themselves in the mirror after the makeup artists did that to their eyebrows.

  • Vaniljekjeks

    I have never been too into wedding collections… mainly because white clashes with my deathlike complexion, but I want every single one of these dresses.  I want to get married again.  

    • EditKitten

      I wanted to wear cream or ivory for my wedding, but they made me look sickly and washed out (I’ve got uber-pale Irish skin). I had to go white-white — it shocked me that such a bright white actually gave me color.

      • EEKstl

        Same here.  I, too am extremely fair, with dark hair, so during that whole coloring-as-season craze was deemed a “Winter.”  Winters were supposed to wear pure white vs. “champagne” or off-white, and sure enough those colors made me look completely washed-out.  Pure white made me “pop” and ended up being much more flattering.  

  • oatmealpie

    Please note that the white wedding dress is a rather new tradition. Until World War II, most middle-class American women were married in their best dress, which could be any color.

  • MK03

    Obnoxiously pedantic comment of the day: Actually, white as a bridal color doesn’t stem from the notion that white equals purity and virginity. Until the Victorian era, most brides wore the best dress they had. When wealth and capitalism exploded in the Victorian era, it became the style to have a dress custom-made specifically for the occasion, and white was popular because it’s so wildly impractical. A custom-made white gown advertised the bride’s family’s obscene wealth, because it made a statement: “I am so rich that I can drop a ton of money on a dress that is strictly decorative and that I will never wear for any other occasion, ever again.”

    And there’s your obnoxiously pedantic comment for the day. 😛

    • butterflysunita

      I’ve read that the tradition was started by Queen Victoria in 1840–that before her wedding, brides wore deep colors such as red, green and purple.  It’s a shame because bright colors seem so much more appropriate for a celebration.  

      • Tatiana Luján

        In Colombia, people used to get married in black, because it was elegant. My great grandmother married in a black dress.

        • Another Colombian at TLo! HI! 

          • Tatiana Luján

            Hi! (I just discovered you get a notification when people answer you comments).

      • MK03

        I read that the bridal color of choice during the Revolutionary War was red. Which strikes me as a little odd, what with the Redcoats being the enemy…

      • Beardslee

        Yes, I’ve read that too.  We can owe the white wedding dress to Victoria.
        Laura Ingalls got married in a black dress, remember?  Made especially for the occasion.

      • Beardslee

        Yes, I’ve read that too.  We can owe the white wedding dress to Victoria.
        Laura Ingalls got married in a black dress, remember?  Made especially for the occasion.

  • Sara__B

    All the folds and edges plus the styling make me think “Miss Havisham”.

    edited for spelling

  • I like the wine and purple colours, that vibrant tomato red just looks cheap to me.  A deeper cherry red would have been nicer.  The model in the first and last pictures causes me to wonder whatever became of Agyness Deyn?

  • Anathema_Device

    Those deep plums are absolutely gorgeous. I’m not a fan of floofy tulle dresses, but it works it the darker colors. (The lightness of the fabric keeps the color from being too heavy looking.) As far as the silhouettes go, I like the red halter  and the red v-neck gowns, but i’d love to see them in the purple color.

  • j_anson


  • NurseEllen

    That wine-colored gown, #5, is just spectacular.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see it on the red carpets next awards season.

    I get the whole non-traditional thing, but really, I don’t think these gowns would look particularly bridal even if they were in white.  I don’t see any of them paired with a veil, gloves, etc.  They should be appreciated for what they are, which are stunning confections of deep-hued crepe and satin and tulle.  (Save for the two halter neck ones, which are not successful.)

    • MilaXX

      I’ve seen versions of these in white on the many incarnations of Say Yes to the Dress.

      • NurseEllen

        Ah, that’s what I get for not watching much TV…my viewing consists mainly of local news, Jeopardy, Mad Men, and old movies on Turner Classic.

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    Some of the dresses are nice (four is *very editorial*, I foresee it being backlit) but they should have gotten women of marriageable age to model them. That hair! It reminds me of the “cootie garages” in Cheaper By The Dozen/Belles on Their Toes

  • Unhappiest looking bunch of “brides” ever.  Were they all told to look as though they’ve been sold in marriage to men old enough to be their granddaddies?

  • 3boysful

    Clearly the models were all survivors on the Lost plane.  They  salvaged a trunk of dresses, and have tried them on to cheer themselves up on the desert island . . . .

  • filmcricket

    The colours are just stunning. I’m not a huge frou-frou person so I wouldn’t tend to go for these styles, but if I weren’t already devoted to the idea of green & gold for my (hypothetical) wedding I’d definitely consider these. The models all look so glum, though! As though daddy sold them to the stranger down the street for a couple of cows or something.

  • fourth one down- MINE. called it!

    • Libby Rhoman

      I’m swooning over it as well.  The double silhouette is beautiful and clever.  I’d totally buy it if I got married again and had squillions of dollars.

  • Kate4queen

    Beautiful but give me sleeves!!

    • Gabriella Soza

      I absolutely agree.

  • altalinda

    The styling says, of course you don’t want these, unless you’re a swamp-girl or are depressed.

  • alyce1213

    I intensely dislike the bright, lighter red.  It hurts my eyes, and no one really looks good in that color.
    The deeper shades are fine.

  • As someone who got married 18 months ago in a black silk crepe vintage dress from the 1930’s with incredible beading detail at the shoulders, I’m completely on board with the move away from exclusively white dresses. My wedding dress shopping mantra was “If you like it and it’s not white, don’t worry about it”. I felt like a goddess.

    • TheOriginalLulu

      Your dress sounds amazing. Can I borrow it when I get married? 😉

  • rainwood1

    Some of the dresses are lovely, but the styling with the messy, goofy pigtails is about 50 ways of wrong.  And the expressions on the models looks like a shotgun wedding where the weapon is aimed at the bride.

  • hughman

    FINALLY someone gets to eat spaghetti at their wedding dinner. 

  • I think the eyebrow, or unibrows, on these girls is even worse than the hair!  And no make up.  Are we now making beautiful girls ugly to make less attractive women feel good or something?  They all look so aweful, it is an afront to these gorgeous dresses.  I’m pretty sick of this look on the run way, just sayin.

  • elizonthelam

    Love! These make me think of the Sex & the City when Miranda gets married. One of my all time favorite lines of the show is while she’s shopping for her wedding dress:

    I said, “no white, no ivory, no nothing that says ‘virgin.’ ” I have a child. The jig is up.

    • TheOriginalLulu

      LOVED the Miranda character. She didn’t sugar-coat anything, did she?

  • Presumptuous Insect

    The last one is sumptuous.

  • TieDye64

    The darker colors are gorgeous.

  • To me none of these reds seem rich enough to be saying BRIDE. Maybe they are just look washed out because of the lighting for the photos.

  • momogus

    The dark red color is insanely gorgeous, though the gowns seem very foofy for Ms. Wang.

  • Gabriella Soza

    This woman knows what to do with a wedding dress.

  • What a tragic bunch of brides. Just because someone dumped pig’s blood on them at their wedding doesn’t mean it all has to end in tears.

  • MzzPants

    Fabulous and timely!

  • quiltrx

    I wish I could have gotten married in one of the aubergine dresses.  I would have felt gorgeous and pissed my parents off at the same time.

  • MilaXX

    Personally I think if I ever jump the broom I want a lavender dress.  Most of these are 2 puffy for me, but I like #1 & #5. The collection is nice, just not really my style.

  • Pennymac

    The dresses are beautiful, but the models look like they are walking down the isle to marry my ex. Tee Hee! SO GLUM!

    • holdmewhileimnaked

      if it makes you feel any better [& i hope it does], were they walking down the aisle to marry either of my last two exes [i actually like my first one], i do believe they’d be doing themselves a service to be running the other way. in terror, mind you. not physical terror but emotional & intellectual terror are–individually &/or collectively–bad enough.

      edited for grammar & sense [if not common].

  • SewingSiren

    I like colors for marriage. Really nothing new there, really. Maybe a whole collection intended for one time wear just in red is a bit eccentric, at least for the western market. I love the hair styles. I think I’m going to wear that style tomorrow.

  • Louise Bryan

    #3 — oh, to be a young bride again.

  • Mary Pressler

    These models need to wipe that Wednesday Adams look off their faces!  This is your fake wedding day!  I get that nobody smiles on the runway, but is serene too much to ask for?!   Ugh, why even bother with human models if the styling and makeup is just going to make the clothes look worse!

  • I want to like it, but it all reminds me of the yards and yards of tissue paper my family goes through every winter for Christmas presents.  

  • AC

    Gorge. Especially the purple dresses.

  • stoprobbers

    In order of coherency: 1. my cousin married a Hindu and while she had a very nice pale pink dress, if I was marrying a man whose culture’s mourning color was white these would be *exactly* the kind of crazyawesome dress I’d want. 2. I feel like we’re going to see the red versions of these on ALLLL the fancy awards carpets. and 3. OH MY GOD CAN I HAVE THEM I WANT TO TWIRL SO MUCH PRETTY FGLJKHSHDSJ;DFAJLDFSKLJHFDSJHKLGS.

  • Judy_J

    I suppose it’s because they’re not the traditional white or ivory, but most of these don’t look like wedding gowns. They are beautiful gowns, suitable for any formal or red carpet occasion.

  • kikisayshi

    I didn’t even notice the models because I was too distracted by the pretty, but now that I look back at them they are creeping me out a bit. They all look like they’re 12 and playing dress-up. But the dresses themselves are gorgeous.

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    they all look about as happy to be getting virtual married as i would to be doing the real thing. at this time, on this earth.

    otoh, a lot of those dresses are fabulous–as ever, considering who designed them. i like, lets see, numbers one, four, five, ten, twelve & fifteen [the last one] were it bereft of geegaw.

  • I like #3 and #4, though for myself on 4 I’d take away some of the fussy bits right under the chin and make it a regular full skirt under the mesh, not a mermaid skirt. I can wear red like a *boss*, despite being fairly generic western European in skin/hair.

    (although personally, I’d rather spend the money on the honeymoon than the dress!)

  • Does anyone know who the model in #1 is?  She seems familiar.  Or have I just read too many TLo runway posts?

  • boweryboy

    Some really gorgeous dresses.  Hard to see them as bridal.  Yet I do like the idea of shaking up what’s considered traditional bridal wear.

    But why are all the models so sad?   Are they getting married to an 80 year old with money and they’re thinking about their wedding night?

    • poggi

       Maybe it’s an 80 year old withOUT money.

  • What a sad parade of Titanic survivors. Oh, I’m sorry – were there pretty dresses too? I missed that, what with feeling bad for the undernourished, frostbitten trauma victims. 

  • plinkiedoodle

    Wonderful if you’ve been invited to an Addams Family wedding…

  • unbornfawn

    It is pretty much same old same old for old Vera. Strapless and meringue. The only thing new or interesting here are the reds.

  • Susan Crawford

    Outtakes from the re-make of “Corpse Bride”? These girls are positively undead-looking despite the red/aubergine gowns. Brush your hair ladies, swipe on some blush and gloss and try to cheer up – and “eat a samwidge: you’ll feel bettah.”

  • crash1212

    Wow. I usually find Vera’s clothes to be depressing, but I really like most of these. I love that deep plum color and  I love the first dress and the fourth is to die. Nice job Vera!

  • I love all the colors! And I’m especially impressed by how well that deep aubergine goes with the complexions of both the pale and the dark-skinned models. It’s really a universal complement!

  • “the movement to take the bridal look away from its paternalistic,
    judgmental, sex-phobic origins of labeling women as more worthy because
    they haven’t given up the goods yet”

    White originally meant joy and happiness, not virginity.  That interpretation was only put on bridal fashion much later.

  • Corsetmaker

    I like seeing colours in bridal collections, partly because ivory is so dull, but also you can really see the details which are lost on all white/ivory. And it’s such a recent tradition, it’s about time it was seriously challenged.

    We’ll be see a lot more colour in the bridal collections generally I think. The growing markets aren’t in the traditionally white clad west.

  • RzYoung

    Scarlet o’hara shame dresses!

  • fursa_saida

    Wow. Normally I’m not really moved by Vera Wang, but I love this collection.

  • Not sure why anyone is surprised by the models. Vera Wang always has her models look like this. I love this collection as much as last season’s black one. If she would only do blues/deep purple next season!

  • I know we’re supposed to be focusing only on the gowns but the miserable sour puss faces just bring me down to a point where I can’t enjoy the dresses.  Even a hint of a smile, or some enthusiasm in the eyes with a straight line mouth would be a massive improvement.

  • Jessica O’Connell

    As usual with Vera Wang wedding collections, it’s absolutely gorgeous! And hey – red brings good luck in the Chinese culture so even the whitest of white brides could probably benefit from a little bit of that :-). She should have given them some jade to wear too to bring the theme home.

  • ChaquitaPhilly

    LOVE the red but why are they so sad and dreary looking in such beautiful dresses?

  • mochajava13

     Gorgeous, but she should have used Asian and Indian models.  If you want to get away from the color symbolism, don’t use red – it’s the color of purity and virginity in much of Asia; that’s why it’s used for wedding dresses there. Or blue, since that’s the traditional color of purity.

  • EditKitten

    Absolutely beautiful, all of them.

    The styling, as everyone is pointing out, is hideous, and to top it off, a lot of the models are giving the worst face EVER. It borders on distraction, but it says a lot for the dresses that they still manage to be gorgeous.

  • twocee

    Why did someone style these women as hipster meth addicts?  For a bridal show??

    Back to the dresses themselves — I don’t like the reds, but were I a millionaire and getting married, I’d snap that final dress up in a heartbeat.  Gorgeous.

  • Beardslee

    I ended up looking at these from the neck down as I was distracted and irritated by the morose models and sloppy sloppy hair.  The dresses are lovely and I like the ones with the high neckline though they would strangle most people, I’m afraid.

  • Kolo_Ol

    so pretty!

  • Peri7473

    I don’g get it.  Is setting in a sleeve that hard?  Why are there so few sleeves in bridal?

  • I have never seen uglier makeup than that mess they did to the Black model.  It’s like they made her skin worse! It didn’t flatter any of the models but it makes me wonder did she curse out a makeup artist in the back! Terrible.

    • sleah_in_norcal

      if she didn’t, she should have.  and she looks like she’s about to cry or smack someone.  who can blame her?

  • TheOriginalLulu

    “Of course you know in the end, most of these dresses will be bought and sold in the traditional white.”

    So unfortunate, isn’t it? Take away the color and these dresses all become the same ole run-of-the-mill frouffy wedding dresses.
    I have to point out that they’re all sleeveless and most of them are strapless. Sorry, it irks me. I love the red, though. LOVE.

    My favorite part of this, though, is your mini-rant about the patriarchal bs and objectification of women behind weddings and the concept of the virginal bride.

    Thanks, TLo. You guys are all right.


  • guest2visits

    Brace yourself: watery ketchup, and blood clots.   I am so sorry. But that is what these colors bring to mind. I was really
    expecting some interesting, genius use of color. Nope. It’s the same freakin bolt of cheap looking red tulle. The exceptions
    are the three dresses in deep violet ashe/cabernet; the shade is wearable. But not for a wedding, maybe another formal
    event (and I only like the design on the #6 model, anyway).  I would like to see designs #1 and #14 in white. The rest of the
    dresses look like crap. Sorry again.   They’re almost gagging. Thats what those colors did for those dresses.
    NOT against use of color. Just can’t be this awful.

  • The detailing on the skirts are gorgeous. I just bought my wedding dress over the weekend, and though I love it and the ivory color will be very pretty I couldn’t help but ponder how much hotter I would look if the dress were in a brilliant shade of blue. But then I guess everyone would know I was all sullied. 

  • marilyn

    They’re not bridal gowns, irregardless of the color.  They are evening gowns.

    Some women view a wedding as a special event in their lives that commemorates the start of a permanent personal relationship.  Our culture has evolved specific traditions associated with it because a wedding was considered important and life changing.  It is too bad that some women getting married just consider a wedding to be nothing more than a big party.  These dresses are for them. 

    As far as the nod to the Chinese wedding in which red is considered the bridal color, note that most traditional weddings, including Chinese, have elements of respect and modesty.  None of which is in these dresses. 

    These would be great evening gowns, but are NOT wedding gowns, considering how they are designed. 

    And besides, strapless is SO last season for bridal. I am looking forward to not seeing flabby upper arms in wedding pictures in the future.

    • Corsetmaker

      Whatever makes a bride feel special for that day and whatever feels like her wedding dress to her, and hopefully to her partner – is a bridal gown. Whether that bride wears a strapless ivory puffball, a red sheath or a smock covering her from neck to ankle has nothing to do with how seriously and significantly she views the day and the commitment they are making to each other.

      Traditions evolve and change all the time. Many of the seemingly established ones are really quite recent.

      • SewingSiren

        Very true. Most of the very longest marriages I personally know involved no white dress, nor veil. Considering that they lasted more than 50 years would assume that the participants were more aware than most of the life changing aspect of it all.
        Many of the elements that are often considered ” traditional” when planning weddings have more to do with modern commerce than history.
        Countless brides have married in suits, Sunday best, or sundress, even pants, but funny that that never really took hold. Almost always special attention to the hair or headdress though. And flowers of some kind.

        • Corsetmaker

          You’re right, so much comes from commercialisation. The mainstream wedding industry pushes and pushes the must do’s and must haves to make your wedding as good as or better than (and identical to) all your pals, peers and relatives. And the funny thing is, take those expectations away and a lot of the stress vanishes too.
          I believe the day should reflect the personality of the couple. And if the bride’s personality says a massive red tulle dress is in order then that’s as it should be.

    • guest2visits

      A prayer or a vow does not aquire virtue dependent on the color of some threads, or beads. Or the cut of some cloth.
      The only thing worse than some slightly tacky over-exposure of a bride’s shoulders, legs, bustline, or figure in general
      would be to have an edict where all must conform to a prescribed modesty; as in some cultures around the globe. And
      some cults here at home.

      The clothing is less than secondary. Let people be tacky, let fashion mistakes be made. It’s just a matter of personal taste.
      Essentially; it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, how much it cost, or whats for dinner. Good and respectful marriages
      happen all the time, – even with outrageous bridal colors, lost shoes, and lots of rain.

  • erinbinek

    I’ll take #3, but they are all beautiful.  Kinda wishing I hadn’t worn white at my own wedding.  Maybe the vow renewal?

    • sleah_in_norcal

      i wore eggplant when we renewed our vows on our twentieth anniversary.  the color, not the vegetable.  that would be silly. 

  • Most of these dresses are breathtaking. LOVE them all.

    But I am dying to take a pair of tweezers to each of these models’ eyebrows. I don’t get why Sasquatch brows are wedding chic.

  • Michelle Lee

    Most of these dresses are very pretty – love the tulle tiers, ruffles and layers. There’s definitely a Leanne Marshall/Christian Siriano vibe going on, although I’m a little less impressed by the ones in plum. 

    Clothes aside, what’s with that horrible styling for the models? Whoever thought messy pigtails would match these gowns should be fired. That hair should be with bathing suits and resort caftans – not wedding/ballgowns. 

    On another note, is anyone else bothered by the utter lack of diversity among the models, aside from the one black model? Why couldn’t Vera Wang couldn’t find any Asian or Asian American models to show off her Chinese-inspired collection?

  • granddelusion

    The only one I really like is the first one. Stunning. Sad-looking bunch of models, though.

  • judybrowni

    Are those models being sold off in arranged marriages?

    No other explanation I can imagine for all those sad pusses, and limp hair, and gawd help us, funereal maroon wedding dresses.

  • Emily Scott

    Gorgeous, not that we’d expect any less from Vera Wang. I am absolutely crazy about the fourth one, although I would want it in a different color. If I get married someday, I personally want to wear blue.

    I also really love the top half of #12.

  • Lina_bee

    Yes to wedding gowns with color!!  Some of these dresses are lovely even if the hair is horrifying. I’ve been so disappointed in VW’s recent offerings — this collection is a nice surprise! 

  • AuntieAnonny

    I can’t wait to see which actress gets married at the Oscars next year.

  • Would love to see these on the red carpet.

  • bailey debruynkops

    so stunning i dont know what to feel

  • formerlyAnon

    Nice shapes, if you want a fancy dramatic gown, but most of them have just one touch too many, detracting from the elegance.

  • lizajane1776

    For a collection that is referencing Chinese culture, the lack of Asians is disturbing. Once I noticed that, I couldn’t even look at the dresses.

  • sleah_in_norcal

    what, no red veils and headdresses?  and no flowers!  no wonder they look so glum.  #3 would be beautiful for a christmas wedding.

  • Wow. Talk about repetitive.

  • tsid2012

    Typical vera Wang, gorgeous.  Just as an FYI: wearing white on a brides wedding day started when Queen victoria got married wearing a white dress and, just like today, everybody wanted to look like a princess/queen and did exactly what she did.  In Eastern cultures, white is the color worn at funerals and is associated with death, not virginity.  It’s really quite amazing how badly Victoria f**ked up society and it’s views of morality & sexuality.  Bitch.

  • Rebecca Hatcher

    pet peeve alert:  white has never been about “virginal” colors, and has almost always been about money and power. Before Queen Victoria, monarchs wore cloth of gold or silver to be married in, and regular citizens chose whatever color was most becoming because your wedding dress would double as your “good” dress afterwards (purple and blue were very popular). Victoria wore white lace at her wedding to support the British lace industry, and the white dress as wedding dress caught on with the wealthy, because white (and lace) is an extremely impractical color to choose for a wedding gown – it can only be worn once or twice, making it a luxury dress which can never be worn again. A white wedding dress was as much a display of wealth as a cloth of gold dress was before it. Common people didn’t start wearing white wedding dresses until the 1920’s, and it really caught on in the 30’s and 40’s with the advent of hollywood films. The whole idea of white being the “virginal” color is a Hollywood myth that we’ve all bought into.

    So it never WAS about virginity, but is it now? Hardly. In an age where women are more free with their sexuality than any other, why have we completely committed to the white dress, when our (probably actually) virgin great-great-grandmothers were wearing purple and blue? Because it’s a power color. At a wedding, the bride is the only one in white. White pops amid any other color scheme; whoever is wearing it is the center of attention, and everything matches fairly well with white. Brides wear white because it means you’re the star of the show, and they’ll never, ever give it up unless it’s for something just as dramatic (red). Dear gay uncles, I can hardly believe you YOU would be so ignorant of your fashion history, so please lets stop with the “brides wear white because if antiquated patriarchal oppression” business. Please, it’s embarrassing.

    – the amateur fashion historian, Becks

    • SewingSiren

      If you read the post carefully you will see that Tom and Lorenzo never said that brides wear white because of antiquated patriarchal oppression. And further more the post is not intended as a historically accurate history of marriage traditions it is in fact humorous and entertaining.
      They are however quite correct to put forth the notion that historically virginity in the bride has been very important.

      Victoria did help to popularize the white wedding dress, but amongst royalty and nobility in has been quite popular, though not de rigueur, especially depending on the  fashions of the time. 
      As to one time wear-  previous to the 20th century, even most royalty including Queen Victoria used parts of their wedding attire again, white or otherwise.
      I don’t know why the washing comes up so frequently as a reason for white to be impractical, but I should hasten to remind you that diapers (pre disposables) were most always white. Silk is indeed difficult to launder, white less so than colors because you need not worry over colorfastness. And  in the past the standard for cleanliness of clothing was quite different from our own.
       You need not be embarrassed by the ignorance of the fashion history (indeed this is not a blog for fashion history) of others when you own is quite lacking.