“The Five-Year Engagement” Premiere Red Carpet

Posted on April 20, 2012

Darlings, it was the premiere of The Five-Year Engagement (which, despite our hatred of rom-coms, actually looks a little charming and funny), and the looks ranged from formal to casual, with a couple of stops for tacky along the way. Let’s assess!


Camilla Belle in Jason Wu

We like a gold metallic dress as much as the next gay, but something about this one tips it into Tackyville. We’re thinking the hair’s not helping here.


Dakota Johnson

We don’t know, you guys. Certainly, a ladystar should wear a coat on the RC if it’s chilly, but we sure would have liked some contrast somewhere in this look. She’s a column of pale. And weirdly, her shoes match her hair. Us? We would’ve told her to keep the coat (because it really is kind of fab and gone high-impact with a black dress and shoes.


Julia Louis-Dreyfus

 Can’t really argue with that, even if the shoes are a bit on the matchy side.


Kim Cattrall

Oh, Kim. We’re sad now. This wouldn’t be terrible if those pants didn’t look a bit on the tight side and if that coat wasn’t so shiny and distracting. Also, it’s all too brown for us.


Leelee Sobieski in Band of Outsiders

Well, she’s certainly demanding attention. We don’t normally like platforms with gowns, but those shoes are KILLA and the hem length is just right for them. Don’t love the pinhead effect, though.


Olivia Wilde in Yigal Azrouël 

Very pretty dress, but Olivia, why did you do that to your hair? Rachel McAdams keeps insisiting on that ashy blonde and it doesn’t work any better on you than it does on her. Brunette ladystars, why must you always fuck around with your hair?


[Photo Credit: Getty]

    • Sobaika Mirza

      Olivia Wilde’s dye job is offensive.

      • nicogirling

         Pretty sure it’s for a role.

        • TheOriginalLulu

          Is it really? Thank goodness! Hope she goes back to her natural color when she’s done filming.
          This is not good.

        • http://howtofaint.tumblr.com/ How to Faint

          I hope it’s a role where her hair plays an insult comic.

      • http://profiles.google.com/awilsongirl Amy Wilson

         I didn’t even recognize her at first glance. Tragic.

        • http://thoroughly-me.blogspot.com/ thoroughlyME

          Me either! When I saw the thumbnail I thought it was Yvonne Strahovski, and it took me a good 10 seconds to figure out it was Olivia Wilde.

        • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

          Nor I.  She’s so gorgeous as a brunette, why would she change it?

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1410798987 Melanie Clark

        Hate to break it to ya, but she’s actually a natural blonde. 

        • http://eclectictsunami.blogspot.com/ Cassie

          Doesn’t mean it suits her. Leighton Meester and Christina Hendricks are both natural blondes, and both look infinitely better with their adopted hair colors.

          Oh, Olivia, why do you do this to us? 

        • Libby Rhoman

          Typically, when someone is a “natural blonde” it means they were blonde as children and now their natural is that medium ashy, mousey brown.  I’m a professional colorist and out of my 300+ clients maybe three of them actually ARE naturally blonde.  And they are all practically see-through they are so pale.

          So…I don’t really buy that she’s naturally blonde.  Or Christina Hendricks and Leighton Meester for that matter.

          (Sorry this comes up in comments on occasion, and I’ve always wanted to make the point.  Carry on.)

          • Glammie

            Yep, Rachel McAdams’ has said the same thing about being a natural blonde.  Winona Ryder’s also said that.  But almost no one makes it through adolescence and stays a natural blonde.  Some just let their hair turn brown, but a lot start “helping” things out–first with the sun-in and lemon juice and then on to the dye box. Do it early and often enough and you never have to see what your real adult shade is.

            • Beardslee

              My daughter really is a natural, staying blonde forever blonde (just like her father’s family) and she is so pale she looks like a glass of milk.
              She and her late father are blond snobs – they could always tell the fake ones.

          • formerlyAnon

             Yup. I always think the same thing. Because I am one of those natural blondes – um mousy, ash blonde browns. Which is why I’ve been coloring my hair since, well, forever.

          • http://www.lindamerrill.com Linda Merrill

             I was very blonde until elem school, then it tipped to strawberry. Neither red or blond stay that way on many people. My mom was natural platinum and at 84, in some lights, she still looks blond. Her dad was the same. My hair has needed, erm, “help” since my 20s when my mousy brown started going gray. Not. good.

          • nancylee61

            My natural hair color now is that mousy ashy color, but I am 50. I was blonde until I was well into my 30s, and I have darker skin, get tan and have super light blue/grey eyes, so not all natural blondes are light skinned. 

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2CNDPMVO4W23R5TVC2QMTJ5BZE Heather

            Thanks for this clarification – I’m the same, was blond as a kid and started turning mousy in middle school. That’s when I started coloring my hair – think 80s Manic Panic, various shades of orange and nonnatural red, and now more age-appropriate and natural-looking auburn. I love it when people ask me ‘what’s your natural hair color’ – I just tell them ‘mouse’ or ‘look at my roots and decide.’

          • amanda crow

             What you’re saying is true, but I don’t understand the implication. When we turn old and mousy, should we just dye our hair brown or red and call it a day? If this was her natural color once, why shouldn’t she be able to wear it?

    • MissAnnieRN

      My thoughts exactly on Olivia Wilde.  It seems the former brunette stars of House leave the show and go 85 shades lighter on the hair.  See also:  Morrison, Jennifer.  

      Also, Elaine is aging much much better than Samantha.  Just sayin’

      • HomeOfficeGirl

        Julia looks so freaking amazing!!!  She is living right.

        • ballerinawithagun

          Doesn’t she look fabulous???!!!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UXHOYXPNJJ4MQH6IHYSI3G5ILI M

      Camilla looks like she went to the premiere as Ginger from Casino. 

    • Terence Ng

      “Brunette ladystars, why must you always fuck around with your hair?”

      My sources tell me that, allegedly, blonds have more fun.

      • MilaXX

         Fun doing what? Frying their hair? I agree with TLo the color is rarely as attractive.

        • Terence Ng


      • rawrgrowlrawr

        A few days ago in class, this girl kept going on and on about how guys flock to her because she has long blonde hair and that blonde hair is what most men prefer. The guy near us gave her a big smile and said “Really? Most guys I know prefer brunettes.”

        Though I felt a bit embarrassed for her and the guy was kind of rude, as a brunette I couldn’t help but enjoy that exchange.

    • TheOriginalLulu

      Camilla Belle – She looks like one of the cousins in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. She also looks like the wife of one of the mobsters in Goodfellas. She’s a stereotype.
      Dakotah J- She looks like a 5-year old girl in her daddy’s clothes.
      Olivia Wilde – What is this shit with the hair?? I’m going to have to end my girlcrush on her. Sorry Olivia, please lose my phone number.  

    • PeaceBang

      These looks are so dark and serious for a light rom-com! Leelee is especially bringing the fierce (with not enough hair volume, agreed). Kim Cattrall looks like she stopped by to pick up the kids, and Camilla Belle looks like — I don’t know how to say this nicely – the madame of a Malaysian whorehouse.

      • TheOriginalLulu

        So…how many Malaysian whorehouses have you been to? Come on, spill. ;)

    • Patricia Gillett

      Julia Louis Dreyfus for the win.She looks amazing. 

      • TAGinMO

        The bitch DOES. NOT. AGE!

        Good thing I love her.

      • Spicytomato1

        Agreed. With Leelee as a close second. Not sure if many will agree with that one, but I’m stickin’ with it.

    • deathandthestrawberry

      I want Julie Louis-Dreyfus and Kim Catrell’s genes. They both look amazing.

    • In_Stitches

      Olivia’s dress may be pretty, but it isn’t on her.  She looks stumpy and she’s nothing if not the opposite of stumpy. 

    • TheDivineMissAnn

      Oh, Julia L-D, if you only knew how insanely jealous I am of you.  You look fantastic!

    • Judy_J

      Kim C. looks like she just wandered in from the subway.  Julia L-D looks fantastic!  She’s the only member of the Seinfeld cast who looks exactly like she did in the 90’s.  Amazing.

      • http://twitter.com/asciident Melissa Brogan

         Frankly, she looks better than she did on Seinfeld because she ditched the late 80s/early 90s boxy suits and big hair.

        • ballerinawithagun

          In her defense, she was also pregnant alot during that time, so they were trying to hide it.

    • DinaSews

      ‘Brunette ladystars, why must you always fuck around with your hair?’ Exactly.

    • http://twitter.com/foodycatAlicia foodycatAlicia

      I thought Camille was wearing a fascinator, but it’s the Universal logo. I think the button on Dakota’s coat is too low, so it looks like she’s wearing mummy’s clothes (if mummy is Camilla Parker-Bowles)

      • Kayceed

        Thank you! Yes! Who makes evening coats that button at ladypart-level? Why would someone do that??? It is the weirdest thing I have seen, well, today. Also, I love Camilla Belle’s look – a wee bit vulgar, but I like vulgar sometimes, especially if it involves a keyhole. And, it fits like a glove.

    • Jecca2244

      Is LeeLee everywhere because of her new tv show?

    • TaurusKW

      I’ve read that Olivia Wilde’s natural hair color is, in fact, blonde.  That may actually be her sans dye job.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jessica-TallGirl-Freeman/1043623567 Jessica TallGirl Freeman

      Julia has been looking really hot these days, this look is no different.  I can’t get with Dakota’s coat over lingerie look.  Kim just stopped by the red carpet on her way to the grocery store….

    • http://twitter.com/starlounging Ann M. Erickson

      Emma Stone also needs to stop making her hair blonde. She was much much much more interesting and pretty as a redhead. (I know I’m biased). I think a brunette shade would look nice on her too, but the blond is washing her and Olivia and Rachel McAdams out. 

      • Lina_bee

        The character Gwen Stacey in the Spidey comics is blond, so ES is kind of locked into it for as long as the current version of the franchise lasts. (She’s a natural blond, incidentally, but I think it’s obvious she prefers the red, too.)

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EDI2DLE7DE3YPW2ONIHBWOVHMA ecallaw

        I try to cut them some slack when they are actually natural blonds, but there are several natural blonds that just look so good as redheads! Nicole Kidman and Christina Hendricks are two good examples. 

    • http://twitter.com/starlounging Ann M. Erickson

      Emma Stone also needs to stop making her hair blonde. She was much much much more interesting and pretty as a redhead. (I know I’m biased). I think a brunette shade would look nice on her too, but the blond is washing her and Olivia and Rachel McAdams out. 

    • http://needtherapy.tumblr.com/ skadi1

      I couldn’t figure out where Leelee other arm was for a second. Very Venus de Milo.  Also, I like her giant ears.

    • sarahofalessergod

      Damn, Dakota.  I like that look.  And you wear your mother’s (Melanie Griffith) old face very well.

    • sarahofalessergod

      Damn, Dakota.  I like that look.  And you wear your mother’s (Melanie Griffith) old face very well.

      • http://twitter.com/Goldielox73 Goldie

         I was just thinking she got a pretty great mix of both her parents.  She’s totally got Don Johnson’s blue eyes.

        • TheOriginalLulu

          You know…I had no idea who this girl was but I was thinking she looks like somebody, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

      • charlotte

         That’s what I was thinking. She looks like her mommy in her Working Girl days.

    • http://phantomminuet.blogspot.com/ MinAgain

      I actually like Camilla’s dress, and I’m not usually much for metallics.  But there’s something funky going on with the hem.

      Julia must have one ugly-ass portrait in her attic.  I’m just sayin’.

      • ballerinawithagun

        Love Oscar Wilde!

    • granddelusion

      Olivia’s dress is wearing her. It’s too much.

      • AthenaJ

        Agreed, I actually think it’s in worse taste than Camilla’s skintight shiny gold one. That and the dyed blond hair is pushing her look into cougarville (which I beleive is just north of tackyville).

    • Anathema_Device

      Johnson looks like there was a hotel fire and she threw her coat on over her nightie. Leelee’s pinhead hair kind of ruins the loos. She could have done sleek but not severe. You are so right about these looks. Julia’s the only one who nailed it head to toe.

      Olivia Wilde is continuing the tradition of terrible blonde dye jobs in Hollywood. Even blondes who change their shade get it wrong so often. Why don’t the colorists at least keep them in the same range as their natural color?

    • dramamajor

      Olivia Wilde looks like Giada de Laurentiis here

      • poggi

         And that is not a good thing.

        • AthenaJ

          Apparently Giada’s boobs make great Itailan food… they get more screen time than anything else on her show.

          • poggi

            Hah! I know there are YouTube videos where people have thoughtfully removed all the useless cooking talk and just kept the jiggling and cleavage.

    • PeggyOC

      Amen to the brunette lady stars staying brunette. It irks me that I spend good money just trying to stay on top of brunette (and not grey) while they’re trying desperately for less flattering shades.

    • http://twitter.com/arodenha Alli

      Leelee is turning into BabyTilda. I fully support this.

    • NurseEllen

      I looked at Kim Cattrall’s outfit and for a split second I thought she had black reading glasses hung on a black strap around her neck.  I rather like Camilla’s hair but then again I have a weakness for soft updos.  Agree about the dress–it’s a little “upscale madam” for me.  Frankly didn’t notice Olivia’s new dye job but while it’s not the best color for her, it’s not unflattering.  Love her dress!

      • Spicytomato1

        I really like Camilla’s hair. That’s an updo done right…when so many are done wrong (i.e. gym hair).

    • http://twitter.com/madlabz mads

      Interestingly enough, that’s pretty close to Olivia Wilde’s natural color. She dyed her hair brown when she started on House, I think.

    • http://twitter.com/HeckYeahHeckNo KC

      Aren’t both Olivia Wilde & Jennifer Morrison natural blondes? They both DO look better as brunettes (like Emma Stone looks better as a redhead but is a natural blonde), but I’m pretty sure I read that Olivia is naturally a blonde.

    • guest2visits

      Camila’s tacky-ness isn’t the hair. It’s the spandex gold lame’ with a peekaboo booby-hatch and black side panels.
      Kim K’s tacky-ness is the slouchy bustier (didn’t know they made casual-sporty bustiers) ick.  Along with shiny stretch-pants and
      matching wrinkled coat.  I don’t think Julia’s dress does great things for her, and I have a feeling I’ve seen her wearing it before.
      Olivia looks amazing; as a blonde or brunette. I’m sure if she had purple or pink hair with stripes; she would look amazing too.
      Leelee is also looking like beautiful perfection. At first I didn’t think I liked Dakota’s white slip dress; but altogether the look
      is softly sexy; not too vulgar or tacky. Love the shoes too.

    • sagecreek

      Dakota, that coat is two sizes too big for you.
      It’s raining here, and I’m about to go to the  grocery store. I will see any number of women dressed exactly like Kim C, which makes this a nightmare look for the red carpet.

    • RebeccaKW

      Camillia Belle-it’s tacky due to the hair and the huge keyhole that’s shining a spotlight onto her cleavage.  A solid top would be so much better.

      Dakota J looked like she threw a coat over her sexy nightgown to run to the store for condoms and whipped cream.

      LeeLee really needs some bangs, I think.

      • j_anson

        Yeah, the fact that the top half has uniform-like design elements (the piping, the collar) with a giant boob window is tipping it over into “gentleman’s club waitress”. Or, alternatively, “one of Marvel’s less skin-baring female superhero costumes.”

    • BrooklynBomber

      Damn, Julia. JLD for the win (not that it’s a competition or anything. . . )

    • http://twitter.com/sugarkat Sugar Kat

      Olivia Wilde bleached and dyed her hair for the same reason every brunette in California bleaches and dyes their hair blonde: it’s apparently illegal to be brunette in California. They have some sort of regulation against beautiful brown/black hair and require hideously unflattering shades of yellow on all brunettes, no matter how sallow and ill it makes them look. It happens to public and private figures, and it must stop.


      • LaLeidi

        You’ve never been to California, have you? I have lived in California forever, and I know one blonde. Most people in California aren’t even white, much less blonde.

    • http://profiles.google.com/valencia.lucia87 Lucía Valencia

      I agree, this is the first rom com trailer that has actually made me laugh. And that damn 
      Julia Louis-Dreyfus can burn in hell for looking so damn good at that age.

    • lilazander

      I really love Leelee’s and Olivia’s dresses. Dako.ta J. looks ridiculous fro head to toe, and I actually dislike the coat; she somehow reminds me of Courtney Love (ecept for the face)

    • Eclectic Mayhem

      Olivia Wilde’s dress is so loud it took me a few beats to even notice her hair!

    • bluefish

      Julia and Kim, who I suspect looked better in the flesh than in the foto.

    • another_laura

      I dunno, none of these ladies is hitting it out of the park.  I’ll tell Ms. Sobieski to keep trying, though, she may just get there.  I can’t give Julia L-D the win for that dress, even though I can’t find anything really wrong with her look.  No, not at a movie premiere. 

    • Rand Ortega

      For me, Camilla Bell whole look is Anna Capri “Enter The Dragon” pseudo sexy cheongsam tacky.
      JLD has been rocking the RC for 25 years & hasn’t stopped. But that painting in her attic…
      Leelee: Couture Zippy.
      Olivia Wilde: The dress & bag are fantastic.
      Kim Cattrall & Debra Messing do most of their shopping at Dowdy’s.
      Dakota Johnson looks like a glass of champagne w/out the bubbles.

      • Spicytomato1

        I’m with you on Kim’s look. Her face looks good but everything else screams “suburban soccer mom trying to look hip for a night in the city.”

    • Eclectic Mayhem

      Tom, Lorenzo – While I completely appreciate your (entirely justified) feelings about Rom Coms I can’t help but wonder if there are any actors or actresses you respond to in a way that transcends the whole overwhelmingly hetero nature of the genre?  Are there any movies where you don’t care whether the protagonists are gay or straight – you just want the classical Hollywood closure of it all?

      Examples are far too few and far between but, off the top of my head, I can think of a few of British movies which were enormous hits – and I mean ENORMOUS hits – where the protagonists were gay: Beautiful Thing (1996) and My Beautiful Laundrette (1985), also East is East (1999) where the oldest brother is gay and has to get out of his arranged marriage.  And it’s not that they were “crossover” hits because they weren’t made for a specialised market – they were made for everyone and everyone loved them.

      I know you’re busy running your empire but I guess I’m just curious as to whether you have any ‘fence jumping’ rom coms – because if you do then they must be the very best examples of a tired genre.


    • ThaliaMenninger

      So let’s see here.. We have an escort working a hotel in Hollywood, the mother of the bride, a star looking great, mom picking up the kids after soccer practice, a contender for America’s Next Top Model (Ears Edition), and Katie Lee Cockburn, who was a pom pom girl for the Fighting Bulldogs back in ’92 and is now a dental hygienist, divorced from her old flame Jason the quarterback and trying to look good for the 20-year reunion. Julia Louis Dreyfus certainly wins this round.

      • LambeeBaby

        spot on analysis although I thought Dakota looked more like a piece of chewed up JuicyFruit with a paper head stuck on it.

    • kilshtock

      Leelee looks like she is missing one arm… what is up with that?!

    • rainwood1

      Julia looks killer and I love those shoes. 

    • http://twitter.com/SparklyCasanova UglyCasanova

      Well I think Leelee is having a WERQ moment, what’s TLo smoking?

    • TieDye64

      Julia looks damn good. That is all.

    • Melissa Horton

      Lee Lee Sobieski is trying to be a hybrid Katniss and Rooney Mara

    • kat89

      Wait, Dakota Johnson as in Melanie Griffith’s daughter? Holy crap, when did she get so grown up? Now I feel really old…

    • bellafigura1

      Julia looks wonderful.  I want to be friends with her.
      Kim … y’all have said it well:  suburban.
      Leelee is bringin’ it every time, although she needs to soften her face.
      Olivia is much less interesting as a blonde.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2P2ANLRZ6YAVGONA36I2AQJYGI VicD

      Dita Von Teese could KILL in that gold lame dress.

    • stacey avelar

      When I looked at Dakota I saw Courtney Love, like 25 years ago. Anyone feelin’ it?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JSGAZPEESHQT47ATH55GNOHHBY Erin

      I like LeeLee’s severe hair; it suits her face, and it makes her look not like Helen Hunt (who doesn’t seem to have a career anymore, so perhaps comparisons don’t plague LL like they used to, but still).  Also, while I have always liked being a brunette, there is a heeeeyUGE weight of opinion that blonde is prettier.  I am not surprised actors (famed for narcissism and people-pleasing) can’t resist.

    • fiestyfashionfem

      In my Saturday stupor I read the sentence as “Let’s Asses.”  Just sharing.  LeeLee is scaring me.

    • xmixiex

      yes, olivia’s naturally blonde and i think it looks great.  a bit jarring, but it does look good once you get over the change.  im naturally blonde.  see through skin.  yerp.

    • kikisayshi

      Julia looking Fab-U-Lous! And that Dakota Johnston, whoever she is, looks like she is wearing a nightie.

    • tsid2012

      Camilles dress, with that gold, gaping keyhole at the bust, looks like some sort of carnival game.  “Toss a dime bag of coke in the glittering box and win a prize!”