The Avengers Premiere in Moscow

Posted on April 19, 2012

Hit it, heroes! Avengers ASSEMBLE!

Jeremy Renner, Roberty Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, and Mark Ruffalo attend the premiere of “The Avengers” in Moscow.

Oh, well done, heroes. Seriously. Let’s break it down.

Nina Ricci Pre-Fall 2012 Collection

We actually like it better on her than on the model. Somehow, all that frippery (which we would normally find terribly distracting) really works on her. The limp hair is awful, though.

Somebody please get Renner to stop dressing like a Vegas hitman in the ’60s.

We hate him for ruining a fabulous suit with yet another pair of sneakers, but damn if that shit doesn’t look good on him.

We dig Hemsworth’s penchant for vests, but a 6-button vest isn’t a good idea for someone with such a big chest. It’s not sitting on him correctly. Loki’s looks just about perfect on him, although he really has to lay off the bronzer.

And Ruffalo once again looks like someone’s Algebra teacher. Still, it’s an improvement. For once, he doesn’t look like he slept in that suit. At most, he took a brief cat nap.

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  • MilaXX

    Yep, no real complaints, just minor quibbles and I LOVE RDJ’s look.

    • I think he looks like a clown. And that suit is cheaply made. Nothing matches up (see Don Draper sports jacket for contrast).

      Speaking of things being lined up, Tom Hiddleston’s fly is way out of alignment.

  • HomeOfficeGirl

    So, yesterday, remember how GOOD RDJ looked in SHOES!?!  
    He needs to remember this because he looks like a ding bat amongst this group!

    •  And, as I pointed out, his wife was with him.  He’s back to sneaks and I bet she’s not there.  They have a newborn and this was in Moscow.  She probably stayed home.

  • fjdjifjeief!!! Let’s see if that heart code works in Disqus cuz I have need of it: ♥

    • ♥ 

      • Lochery

         I concur wholeheartedly.

        • whitrome

          Or whole <3 tedly!

  • The dress looks good on Scarlett in the first picture, in the other pics it looks like her boobs are in two different zip codes. Do not like.

    • kikisayshi

       I was thinking the same thing: sideboobs!

    • Very unkind to her boobs. But it undoubtedly looks better on her than that poor little model, who just needs a cuddle and some cocoa.

      • Lori

        I noticed the boob issue right away too. I think she’s reached the point in her life where bra-less is no longer a good option. (That point comes a lot earlier than many gals care to admit.)

      • charlotte

         The model looks squished together, doesn’t she?

    • schadenfreudelicious

      agreed, the boobage is seriously askew….

    • kimmeister

      Not only that, they are overflowing in the little triangular space by her underarms.  Maybe if that triangular area had been filled in with fabric, it would corralled the girls in better.

      • RebeccaKW

         Almost exactly what I said.  She’s too busty for little triangle flaps of fabric.  She’s look so much better if it didn’t look like she was wearing a bra one cup size too small.

    • sweetestsith

       I think if she’d shortened the straps the fit would have been much much better. More uplifted, less side boob. She looks much better in dresses with actual boob support, but this one could have looked so good with a tiny alteration. Alas!

      Awful hair too. Ah well. Kind of her trademark at this point. 😛

  • Judy_J

    RDJ is rocking that plaid suit, and I LOVE the bow tie.  I do wish he’d put the athletic shoes back in the closet.  I’m just going to tell myself that perhaps he has some sort of foot condition that requires him to wear comfy shoes at all times.

    • If they were Chucks or something classic, I would be ok with it. But those are like high top bowling shoes. Why?

  • Sobaika Mirza

    Is the dress doing weird things to Scarlett’s boobs? As in, hoisting them in two different directions?

    • MK03

      That’s just what those necklines do. They’re not a busty girl’s friend. I speak from experience; I’ve tried on many a dress like that because it looked cute on the hangar, only to be shocked and disappointed once I got it on.

  • KateMaryC

    Scarlett needs more boobular support, and I say that as someone who takes great pains to provide my own girls with the support they need.

    • JimMcC

      Is it even that she needs support, or is it the design of the dress that makes it look so? The space between the lace part of the cup and the fabric above cuts her oddly, and then the opaque parts of the cup are positioned to make it look like her breasts got in a fight with her sternum and are about to meet around back to discuss amongst themselves. But not being an expert on ladychests, I can’t tell if the problem is amplified by an actual lack of support.

      And yet still, all of that said, I think she looks pretty terrific. She’s just got that wow factor for me that lifts clothes above how I’d probably think of them on others.

  • alyce1213

    The closer we see Scarlett’s dress, the less I like it. It looks great in the first shot and awful by the third. 
    It is better on Scarlett than on the model (which is a very sorry sight), but really doesn’t fit her on top. 
    She needs more fabric.  And less frippery.

    Irrational hatred of douchey Mark Ruffalo.

    •  In what way is Ruffalo “douchey”?  He’s politically active, smart, a great actor and hot as Hell. I’ll take him over the druggie in the plaid clown suit any day….

      • AnaRoW

        You started off so well and then you took that unnecessary and completely unrelated pot shot at RDJ. To the best of my knowledge none of the people in the above pictures are douches or on drugs.

      • alyce1213

        A chacon son goût. I don’t think he’s all that as an actor and he’s not my kind of eye candy, either. Maybe douchey is not the exact word, more like smarmy.

  • quandjebois

    Dear Jeremy Renner,

    What the hell is wrong with you? It’s like you don’t want us to know how attractive you are.

    Stop it,

  • terekirkland

    Chris H.’s shirt looks too small for his shoulders. No wonder he’s always running around with three buttons undone. Not that I was looking that closely at his chest…

  • DinaSews

    Nina Ricci should be shot for using a model that thin. LOVE RDJ’s tie. 

    • M N

      Yeah, scrolling down from Scar to that model is a real shock.  It’s like a before and after for anorexia or something. 

      …I keep trying to qualify that in some way, because I don’t mean to imply that all thin women have anorexia, and I know some women actually struggle to maintain a healthy weight.  But that model…

  • Call me Bee

    No complaints about the boys (and RD Jr can do no wrong in my book.)    Scarlett’s dress is darling, but I am distracted by her east-and-west boobs.  If she reigned those in (and combed her hair) she’d look darling, too. 

  • colleenjanel

    Sheesh … that model makes ScarJo look absolutely OBESE! Please, someone give
    that poor girl a burger and a milkshake!

  • SEK

    Algebra teacher! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    You guys always make me laugh. I love you so much. Mwah.

  • Oh Loki…your cheekbones slay me.

    Also, this premier needed more Cobie Smulders. She’d show Scarlett how it’s done.

    • Maybe she will get her own post? She is super fabulous.

      • Ashley Fakava

        She wasn’t in Russia with them.

  • colleenjanel

    In the thumbnail, ScarJo looks like a cross between a young Sharon Stone and Michelle Pfeiffer.

    • ballerinawithagun

      Yes, she looks fabulous in that group shot.

  • lilibetp

    Mark Ruffalo always looks like he puts on freshly-ironed and still-hot clothes and THEN sleeps in them.

  • I had no idea Renner was so short… I think they all look mostly great. Love that dress on ScarJo. Much better than the model. I love RDJr. 

    • MilaXX

       my sis and I had a joke that the reason Josh Holloway’s character died early on in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol was because he was over the height limit. Renner, Cruise and Pegg were all cute little inch high private eyes.

  • TieDye64

    RDJ FTW. Even with the damn sneakers. At least he’s not boring. So damn cute. Rowr! 
    Johansson’s dress does look better on her than the size -5 model (frighteningly thin), but it’s doing odd things to her boobs. It’s looks like they’re trying to escape in opposite directions. 
    Ruffalo can’t wear clothes to save his life. I’ve got a cousin like that. It doesn’t matter how nice/tailored the suit is he looks like a slob. Doesn’t help he’s 6’6″ so you can’t miss him.

    • AthenaJ

      Agreed on all counts! RDJ could wear a bulap sack and still be adorably hot. Of course, he’d be wearing sneakers with that, too 🙂 ScarJo needs more fabric and structure for the top of that dress – it’s doing no justice at all to the girls… poor things just look lost and confused, and even worse it makes her look chunky on top, which we know is not the case.

    • filmcricket

      Being rumpled is part of Ruffalo’s charm, which is why he needs to stay away from suits and stick to sweaters. There’s a fantastic photo of him in a white sweater where he looks uncannily like a young Brando, but my Google-fu has failed me in finding it.

      • sweetestsith

         Agreed. The boy can’t wear clothes to save his life, but luckily looks cute rumpled. Doesn’t help on the red carpet, but can’t win them all I guess.

  • “At most, he took a brief cat nap.” — You crack me up sometimes, TLo. 😀

    RDJ, the sneakers look so ridiculous! But I love that you do your own thing, so go ahead and stick with it. ScarJo, fix your hair. Your dress looks fabulous.

  • greymain

    RDJ ‘s look just SUITS him….including the sneaks.

  • Carla_Charlton

    Gosh, I might have gone on to calculus if Mark Ruffalo had been my teacher…

    • I would have failed, and taken it again. 🙂

  • Seriously, we’re just going to start banning people if they don’t shut up about what they think is wrong about someone’s body. We’ve deleted a half-dozen comments already and we’re getting really tired of having to say this. 

    • holdmewhileimnaked

      there’s something wrong w/ one of their figures? really? the abovenoted commenters should be so lucky. i’d say it was just my tired opinion, here but it’s not. it’s just true. anyway.

    • JimMcC

      Can I speak about what’s right about someone’s body? Or five someone’s bodies? Because sweet Lord, those men are beautiful.

      Scarlett is too, but she’s not really my type what with all her ladybits and such.

      •  Agreed, especially Hemsworth. I’m couldn’t tell you what he’s wearing…too distracted by the face, shoulders, abs and legs.

    • My apologies, TLo. I didn’t intend for my comment to be an attack on her body, more the styling.

      • charlotte

         Mine,too. I was referring to the photoshop job though, not the body of the model. Didn’t mean it to be taken the wrong way.

  • Rand Ortega

    RDJ: Hate the sneaks, but the suit, shirt & tie are awesome.
    C.H. I usually hate beefcake but I’ll take that for here or to go. Matilda, he’s gorge!
    Ruffalo… (heavy sigh)
    ScarJo, whenever she does simple bombshell, she rocks it.
    Tom Hiddleston is so sleek & beautiful. Suits just make him even more perfect.

  • rainwood1

    When I hear “The Avengers,” I’m still expecting to see Emma Peel.  Bummer.

    • MilaXX

       You have think comics instead of BBC

    • janetjb

       Me too.

      • Snailstsichr

        me three. And don’t forget Patrick McNee – and harking to another post today — boy could Mr Steed wear a hat!

  • Hemsworth’s ponytail-tuck is distracting. If you’re gonna grow your hair long, then find a real style for special occasions.
    I do love RDJ’s suit, maybe he’s got bunions and corns and arthritis? That could be why he wears inappropriate footwear?
    Shhhhh, Renner actually IS a Vegas hitman, don’t make him get his gun.
    ScarJo! Yes!! That dress was made for her figure, not a stick like the model. And yet, I still don’t love it. It has nothing to do with her hair, and perhaps a lot to do with the paleness of her skin?

    • Terence Ng

      No, I LOVE it when guys tie their hair back. It’s such a sexy look, like tossled hair for girls.

      Seriously, hit the target for me when I saw it. <3

      • Roman000

        I agree with ya. Long hair on guys is incredible, but I’m biased cause I have a shag and my boyfriend’s hair falls past his shoulders. *drools* 🙂

    • He should be bold and braid it.

      • formerlyAnon

         “Like” times 1000.

  • My minor quibbles are barely worth mentioning when overall everyone pretty much nailed it.  RDJ is the only one who can get away with those tennis shoes and that suit.  And he knows it. 

    • In_Stitches

      What about Ellen?  I kid…kind of. 

  • TropiCarla

    RDJ’s suit is hot to death. Gonna try to convince hubby to buy one like that.
    WTF is Ruffalo DOING? He makes me weep and actually long for Ed Norton. What a shame.
    Thor is still a serious contender for hottest man alive.

    • TropiCarla

      Now that I think of it – I would sell a kidney to see a sweaty cage match between Thor and Khal Drogo.

  • I feel like someone needs to follow Ruffalo around with a steamer – seriously, there’s “adorably rumpled” and then there’s “wadded the suit up and used it as a cushion.” Also, he needs a shave.

    I like the dress on Scarlett, though I wish it didn’t push her boobs out into her armpits quite so much. It’s her hair that’s making me crazy! Looks….90s (?) on her. Like, half the girls in my graduating class (1996) had center-parted hair that was cut in the “Rachel” but was limp and flat. Just a bit more body/volume would have made a world of difference.

    I admit, I’m getting pretty excited for this movie! 

  • MK03

    Robert Downey Jr looks like a hipster Pee-Wee Herman. 

    • Pennymac

      Yes he does and I want him madly anyway.

  • TheOriginalLulu

    ScarJo- Definitely better on her than on the model. (that model is scary thin) Maybe it was really humid out and that’s why her hair is so limp?
    Somebody please help Ruffalo. The guy isn’t bad looking and has that boyish charm thing going on, but somehow he manages to look like a slob even in a suit. He’s in desperate need of some guidance.

  • RDJ looks like he’s about to guess someone’s weight at the state fair.  Now Renner, that is a suit to die for.

  • Glammie

    Style’s a funny thing.  It’s the short guy with the huge windowpane check suit and effin’ sneakers who actually pulls it off, while the taller, more restrained guys are a bit ‘meh.

    I don’t think Ruffalo knows how to wear anything more complicated than a tee shirt.  You have to know how to move in a suit.  I wish someone would give him and half of Hollywood lessons.  It’s the male equivalent of walking in heels and a train.  (But really not as hard, guys.)

    And, yeah, ScarJo actually rocks the dress–its style comes alive on an hourglass figure.  She and her stylists should focus more often on her S curves instead of overemphasizing the boobs all the time, which can make her look slightly dumpy and matronly.  

    • janetjb

       Thanks for posting for me!

  • BeeBeauNYC

    That dress looks a million times better on SJo than the model – the model needs to eat 5 bacon cheddar burgers with cheese fries stat!  Also, the dress needs boobs to work, and SJo has that in spades.

    • holdmewhileimnaked

      in this case, i really do think a lot of that is photoshop. & i am professional photoshop person of nearly two decades. it looks to me more like what ralph lauren, of all people, did a few years ago–& which got him cargo shiploads of bad publicity. cos, if you look at the photo for a while, you will see that her proportions are off. i could be wrong, i guess, but to me it looks really obvious.

      • MilaXX

         yep the model is photoshopped to ana proportions. Reminds me of the Vera Wang ad floating around the interwebs where the model has no waist from the front but the back view seems to have found it.

      • You want bad photoshop, check out the Forever 21 models with no knees…

  • mjude

    love RDJ.

  • G

    Oh Poor Scarlett… what a terrible life… wearing such dreadful clothes and hanging with these 5 guys in foreign cities.  Pity her.

    I would have fluffed up my hair, that’s for sure.

    • RebeccaKW

       If I was in her shoes, I would be zhuzhing up a storm so I always looked HOT around these delicious men.

  • Kolo_Ol

    Wow, I really don’t like ScarJo in this dress.  She’s busting out of it!

  • CarolinLA

    No, Scarlett, no.  Those dresses that have a peekaboo hole of the fold at the armpit always look terrible.  And I’m horrified at how skinny the model is.

  • Renner could be wearing a trash bag – full of trash – and I would still do him.

  • carolynmo

    I think the fact I am dying to see this movie is distracting me from seeing any flaws. My nerd side is dominating my fashion side. Loki is rocking his suit!

  • The shadows make it look like Mark wet his pants. 

  • Bittybis

    Yeah, Hemsworth should take that vest off.

    And the jacket

    And the shirt.

    He can leave the tie on if he wants to.

  • RebeccaKW

    I don’t really care for how Scarlett’s dress fits in the bust.  She’s too…well, busty for that bust.  Like trying on a bra cup too small.  She doesn’t look BAD, I just don’t like the way she spills out the sides of it.

    Renner is SO CUTE and he dresses SO TERRIBLY on the RC. 

    I have fallen even further in love with RDJ.

    At least the Hems is making an effort, with a vest and a button-up shirt and tie.  He doesn’t look terrible in this.

  • Lina_bee

    Ruffalo, shave your neck, omg. Scarlett looks surprisingly good, except for the hair. And RDJ looks like a midcentury traveling salesman/con artist, bless his heart. Does he think he NEEDS that plaid to compete with the rest of those guys? Has he not read his own resume?  Ah well, at least he’s rarely boring.

    • j_anson

      This. All of it.

  • nannypoo

    I like that Robert D.Jr. has found his look and wears it with enthusiasm. He is adorable.

  • Alyson Lamble

    Oh, Tom Hiddleston, YES PLEASE.  Poor Loki is getting drowned out in all the discussion of Thor, Hulk, Hawkeye and Iron Man.  Where’s Chris Evans, BTW?

  • j_anson

    That Nina Ricci model looks like her torso’s been… edited. Like, in real life, not in Photoshop. Ah, models and their crazy bodies.

    I approve of all of these people. Except Ruffalo. I can’t help it! I’m sure he’s a perfectly nice guy who does a fine job, but he suffers from a lack of being Ed Norton.

  • MzzPants

    Not a proper hem in the lot.  Tsk.   Ms. Jo doesn’t count.

  • BrooklynBomber

    Where’s the rest of the model? It looks like only half of her is there.

  • BrooklynBomber

    Message to RD, Jr.: You’re sexy, you’re talented, and no matter how bad you are you’ll always be cut a break. Except for the sneakers. You’re a grown up. Enough already.

  • mayavaly

    I don’t think the dress is awfully flattering for Scarlet. However, it looks better on her than the precariously thin model on whom the top looks like some kind of weird harness. But if there was ever a feast for one’s eyes! Where do I begin? Umm, I think Hemsworth will do for starters. 

  • Robert Downey Jr. is going to single-handedly bring dandyism back in style, and I love him for it (among other things).

  • cmb92191

    Ruffalo has this expression like “Hey… I’m here.. and  I’m a superhero”.  I love Scarjos dress.  I want to wear it somewhere. 

  • bellafigura1

    She’s lucky.  That’s a nice line-up to be in the middle of!

  • guest2visits

    That is one diabolical black dress. It has sucked the life out of its model; and bestowed thread- stretching amp to Scarlett.
    I think she looks a bit slopy. Is it the dress, the hair, the posture… don’t know. But she looks happy and full of life. Damn dress.
    Downey couldn’t look better. Talk about happy and full of life. The dress has powers! If only Renner were standing closer to
    Scarlett.  I actually like the shade of Ruffalo’s suit.

  • Violina23

    Maybe it’s the angle, but I don’t like what that dress does to Scarlett’s boobs. Her whole body looks out of proportion. Love it otherwise though!

  • kmk05

    The gods are the best dressed, but Tony Stark gives them a run for their money…until the shoes. Of course, Tony.

    (I may be slightly unhinged and have waited too much for this movie: I only see their characters lining up here! The only thing missing is Agent Coulson to keep them all in line. Where are thou, Clark Gregg?) 

    Too bad for Scarlett Johansson’s boobs: they don’t seem to be agreeing with each other. I think Tom Hiddleston might be embarrassed of his paler than pale complexion around all those other actors that actually have a tan. Overcompensating is not working out, though 🙁 It’s either that or he wants to move away from Loki’s role even faster!

  • LOVE RDJ’s suit! Scarlett’s hair is sad.

  • LP

    Lub RDJ and Ruffalo.  Rumpled and plaidy and sneakery are my faves.  SJ’s dress does not flatter her boobs.  I know how sideboob works from experience and she’s got a serious case.

  • poggi

    With the way she is filling out the bust, it looks a little costumey to me, more super villain than superhero.

  • Markatha

    Well I have to say it too.  Robert Downey Jr.  Is so cute.  I love that suit & Shirt & Tie and the way it fits him.  Not a fan of the shoes…but I don’t care he’s just so adorable I’ll let him have comfy feet.  Plus standing in among all the young studs he holds his own.  Love him!

  • Pterodactyl111

    Maybe he tries to look slighted ruffled all the time because his name is “Ruffalo.” Like a ruffled buffalo.

  • quiltrx

    I really don’t like that dress on SJ.  It’s pushing her boobs under her arms.  Given how it looks on that walking-stick of a model, I don’t know if this is anyone’s dress.  I like the shit hanging off it, actually, but something is very wrong about that neckline.

    RDJ looks absolutely adorable.  But real shoes, darling!

  • allisankelly

    Ruffalo needs to borrow some of Loki’s bronzer and buy a box of just for men or visit a salon. He’d look so much better without all that gray. Wait, is he playing Columbo in a remake I don’t know about? 😉

  • bluefish

    Mr. Downey in his suit!  And his TinTin hair.  Love him.  And Ruffalo while not a sharp dresser is an excellent actor.  He stole the show in The Kids Are Alright — should’ve been nominated for something.  Also terrific in Reservation Road with Joaquin.   Seems like a nice guy too.  He looks a bit crumpled but not terrible.

  • PrunellaV

    Nice looking bunch of people. But why are Scarlett’s boobs running away from each other?

  • PrunellaV

    Nice looking bunch of people. But why are Scarlett’s boobs running away from each other?

  • understateddiva

    Everyone looks pretty great, and nobody is wearing something similar or clashing.  Did they call each other?

  • the model in the nina Ricci looks like a bobble head. Creepy large adult head on  a childs’ body. Why is it that these photoshop hackjobs get the a-okay????

  • siriuslover

    They all look good. Man, I love RDJ. He can make quirky work. And in that pic of him, I just wanted to grab him…

  • ccm800

    Get Downey a damn iron! Hes even wrinkled on magazine covers these days. 

  • RzYoung

    ScarJo definitely looks better than she has in a while – the hair’s bad though, like when she was a teenager. I like all the boys. Is Hemsworth contractually obliged to have that horrible hair? I love Mark, he can wear whatever he likes, he’s adorbs.

  • Cathy S

    I love posts with Robert Downey Jr. One, for the obvious reason that he’s a fox. And two, because I love to see what he is wearing. He never disappoints. I think he looks great.

  • I applaud myself for saying the same thing about Scarlett’s dress that you did.

  • Hush your noise–Renner is perfect.

    *licks monitor*

  • granddelusion

    Why is SJ’s dress pushing her boobs out to the side like that? Or does it just highlight what happens naturally. As for RDJ, he looks like a fool. Like an old man trying to keep up with the kids.

  • formerlyAnon

    “At most, he took a brief cat nap.”

    How do I love you? Let me count the ways, starting with this .  . .

  • formerlyAnon

    P.s.: I am pleased to see Tom Hiddleston getting a bit less love than the hunky beefaloes.  I view this with great joy as improving my odds should we minions ever be raffling off the eye candy. [For charity, of course! Just out of the goodness of everyone’s hearts!]

  • DominoEstella

    That Ninna Ricci model looks like she weighs less than my 5 year old and my 5 year old is tiny.  I’m disgusted.  That dress is way too grown up for that 8 year old model and she’s wearing way too much make up.  Child protective services should be called in.  Scarlett looks good and I could care less about guys in suits.

  • bitterk

    RDJ is channeling Pee Wee Herman here

  • K

    ScarJo… we are all rooting for you to look fab, c’mon girl. I’m beginning to think her looks are some campaign to help mere-mortals have better self esteem. 

  • All alone in the boys club … the Black Widow needs some avenging sisters in the sequel!

  • Rrroza

    I laughed when I saw the model shot after Scarlett’s filled out version. Agree SJ needed the top altered to fit her better, but otherwise it’s fantastic. Love RDJs look (except the sneaks)

  • frankystein123

    Scarlett’s hair ruined the entire outfit.

  • Carlos Hernandez

    what kind of suit is RDJ wearing?

  • GUH Hiddleston.  Gorgeous!