RuPaul’s Drag Race: Psych!

Posted on April 24, 2012


Y’know, we were fully prepared to start this recap off with the word “Ugh,” and then follow it with another 700 words on how disgusted we are by the win, but instead we’re ughing over something completely different.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

*tinkly flashback music and wavy screen effects*

It all started innocently enough. After weeks of shrieking and baring their considerable claws at each other, the girls all did the typical “last episode of a reality competition season” scene of forgiveness and hugging, complete with totally insincere “We’re a family now” bromides.

Then, the normally fabulous (but disappointingly low-key) Candis Cayne showed up…

… to make the gals learn some fairly clumsy choreography so that they could promote another one of Ru’s singles. Uh-oh! Sharon is having trouble learning the moves.

Also, if elevator doors opened and this guy was standing inside, we’d take the stairs, even if our destination is the rooftop observation deck.

Then the girls put on their drag lizard costumes and danced really poorly. Sharon was singled out for being the worst, but that’s not really saying much. Phi Phi was given the winner edit, although she seemed only marginally better than the other two.

Then, some fairly frightening figures appeared.

Jesus, ladies. What a mixed message. “Someday, you can be the next drag superstar and scare the shit out of everyone you meet!”

Raja, we love you, but this is not a good look for you. Tyra, we never loved you.

This is still one of our favorite RPDR bits, although it gets more and more Oprah-esque (and not in a parodic way) every season. Without casting TOO much shade, let’s just say we didn’t entirely believe one or two of the sob stories offered.

This was kind of fun. If we had to pick, we’d say Sharon nailed the comedy and performing bits with Chad a close second and Phi Phi a distant third. We didn’t really love any of their looks, though. Chad didn’t look very pretty (and pretty is her thing), Sharon looked a little bland, and Phi, as always looked way overdone.

But Ru outshone them all, as she always does. Watching this skit made us once again wish that Ru would skip the horrible Drag U and mount a drag sketch show for LOGO. But since the network is determined to strip itself entirely of its gay identity and gay content, that doesn’t seem very likely.

Fabulous. Like Vanessa Williams, she saved the best for last.

We didn’t like the wig, but the rest of this look was KILLA. Best on the runway.

Oh Miss Sharon. We don’t know what the outcome will be, but at the time, we both agreed this look was a terrible mistake. This is the finale and we expected you to bring it like no other. The tentacles are okay and we don’t mind the scary face, since that’s your thing, but that dress looks totally off the rack – and not a very nice rack.

Her look has definitely improved in her time on the show, along with her performing abilities. We can give her that. But in the end, we don’t know why she’s here. There were more glamorous, talented, and interesting queens let go so she could stand there and be utterly standard.

In the end, the judges spewed some seriously meaningless criticisms. Chad is wearing Versace and that means she’s old fashioned, but Phi Phi is about “what’s next” in drag? Seriously? Since when is an ’80s aerobics outfit more cutting edge than Versace? And how can they criticize Chad for being old-fashioned (which we don’t really agree with, otherwise you’d have to say the same thing about Ru herself) and then turn around to complain that Sharon is too out-there? Are we supposed to believe that Phi Phi is some sort of Golden Mean of Drag? Bitches, please.

The three-way lip synch was fun, but the camera never lingered long enough for us to get a really good idea of how each of them were doing. Our totally biased take was that Sharon was bringing some intensity, Chad was polished, but going through the motions, and Phi Phi was buzzing like a child pageant performer on a case of Red Bull, i.e., trying way too hard.

But none of that really matters, because in the end, Ru and her producers decided to look the audience straight in the eye and say “Fuck you.”

Look, we enjoy the self-referential and irreverent take on reality competitions that this show trades in, but this really goes beyond winking at the audience or satirizing the form. This was just a naked grab to extend the proceedings another week. We suppose the ratings on the reunion show aren’t as high as the (so-called) finale, but moving the announcement of the winner back another week was a shitty thing to do, especially since they waited until the very last minute of the show to let us all know. It was bad enough that they’re making us wait until the reunion to find out why a contestant was kicked off the show for violating the rules, but to make us wait another week to find out the winner shows a distinct and unpleasant lack of respect for the audience. This show isn’t exactly a ratings bonanza and it’s only on the air (and the only hit LOGO’s had in … well, ever) because of a devoted audience of core fans. It’s a really shitty way to treat that audience and to make matters worse, we don’t believe for one second that any of the fan voting will make any difference regarding who’s going to win. With as much disrespect as this show’s demonstrated this season toward its fans, that may be the worst part of all.

We’ll watch; of course we will. We might even go to the finale party next week. But we’re not going to pretend we’re not pissed and it makes us wonder for the first time if it’s worth it to continue watching.

Not cute, Ru. Not cute.



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  • They could have at least eliminated one of the queens (Phi Phi) so that the episode didn’t feel like a total waste.  But noooooo.

    • EXACTLY!!!!!! I actually screamed “BITCH” at my computer screen when Ru announced this. NONSENSE!

      • AudreysMom

        Seriously. I waited all day, avoided TLo so not to be spoiled on the winner, finally had time after everything else and savored the episode with a nice glass of wine (Audrey with a bone) and then….. no (WTF?) winner?????

        • JosephLamour

          I did the EXACT same thing. I was like… Oh, don’t read the recap… I even avoided tumblr & scanning OMG Blog cause that’s how I ruined the Latrice episode. Le Sigh.

        • RIGHT?!?!? ACTIVELY avoided Tlo in case they spoiled it in the title or something, and then no winner. It makes me wanna smack Ru.

  • I can’t help but feel that this was also a reaction to last year’s winner leaking before the season even began. 

    • Jessi03

       That’s what Ru said on her facebook.  Whatever, it’s still lame.

      • Agreed. I like the reunion specials, but there is other crap I would like to see discussed besides “oh, here’s the winner!” “Oh, here’s Miss Congeniality!”

        • introspective

          For real. And seiously gagging at the thought of Phical as the next gen of drag. More like the lost gen. The wilma leotard pageant hair and scary spice makeup was all #fail. But yet as uncles T & Lo noticed she was totally getting the winner edit??

          Between the delayed gratification and the possibility of a Phical win this was by far the most distressing episode of the season if not the franchise.

          Last but not least- reunions are for tea and shade not for winner announcements. Im not feeling this format. Ru- dont make this a habit…

          • Celandine1

            Pee Pee, to me, usually has a busted 80’s look. I swear her big hair wigs always make me think of really bad Alexis Carrington drag. In previous seasons I didn’t like Tyra and that whole booger vs. Heathers drama turned me off, but omg I HATE PEE PEE.

    • MychelleFrost

       That’s what makes this such total BS; even if the winner hadn’t been ‘leaked’; it was totally obvious that it was going to be Raja from almost the very beginning.

      Ru & company have just pissed a lot of people off with this little stunt.

  • Joe J

    Jesus H, Tyra looks like what would happen if Diana Ross had a quickie with Bozo the Clown amidst the ruins of Chernobyl.

    • Paigealicious

       God, I know. And what in the hell was Raja wearing?! Girl, no. I liked Raja a lot during her season, but this just confirms to me that Manila really should have won. Kind of like how Nina Flowers and JuJuBee or Raven should have won their respective seasons.

      • Sally Brownson

        I don’t know that I agree Nina Flowers should have won in her season. She’s fabulous, but I think she and Bebe are pretty equal in fabulosity, and that there’s nothing wrong with Bebe’s win. I totally agree that Jujubee and Raven were better for the win in their season than Tyra, though.

      • MychelleFrost

         Agreed; the winners from season 2 onward have all been some dubious choices; Manila should have won last year, and Raven should have won the year before that (although I hated her at the time.)

        This is just such utter bollox.

    • Nelliebelle1197

       I love you, Joe. Just Love.

      • Joe J

         Kiss-kiss, darling

  • Paigealicious

    They’re just dragging out the “will-she-or-won’t-she-win?” bullshit drama with Phi Phi.  We all know it should be Sharon…Phi Phi the next gen of drag? With stupid wigs and too much makeup? Sharon’s looks aren’t always the best, but they’re always A LOOK…A CHARACTER…personality…not just “I’m pretty.”  I love Chad too, but…it has to be Sharon. I wanted Michelle Visage to STFU during the judge’s critiques here.

    • Amanda Jantzi

      I could not understand the “next generation” idea with Phi…at first I thought they were saying that because she was young, and she was determined, and had grown during the competition – which, fine, OK. These are things that could be thought. But then I realized that Michelle Visage actually thought she had something to offer besides her stank attitude. I was so scared they were going to announce her as the winner my dog picked up on it and started whining and crawled into my lap.

      • PeaceBang

        LOLing about your dog!!! BA Ha hahaa ha!

    • Nicole Moran

      I screamed obscenities at my computer when Michelle said “I like the goth, but you don’t have to do it every time.”   Sharon definitely has her schtick, but she came out with a different, creative look just about every time.  Very few of her characters are conventionally pretty, but just as few were straight up goth.

      • Paigealicious

        I agree! Someone needs to do a “Sharon-ology” for Michelle and present it to her on the judging panel.

        • Sweetpea176

          I think we all realize that the judges’ comments are intended to create a narrative, and are not entirely genuine critiques.  But I’m feeling as though this week’s judges’ comments were scripted before the girls even hit the runway.  I’m not sure any of them really believed anything they were saying.

      • Being the obsessed fan I am, I took the liberty of breaking down all the outfits from every episode. They have been placed into 3 separate categories G=Goth B=Borderline and F=Femme. Let’s see the results.

        Ep 1: Witch costume (G) Apocalypse (G)

        Ep 2: Wrestler outfit (F) yellow dress (F)

        Ep 3: Vampira (G) Witchy (G) Pompadour (B)

        Ep 4: Beaver Costume (F) Carol Burnett (B)

        Ep 5: Michelle Visage (F) Plastic Surgery (B)

        Ep 6: Wet T-Shirt Contest (F) Serpentine (B)

        Ep 7: Grey Gardens (F) Jackie Collins (B)

        Ep 8: Devil (B)

        Ep 9: Politician (F) Future Politician (B)

        Ep 10: Strip Tease (F) Femme Fatale (B)

        Ep 11: Dog Park (F) Pooch in a Purse (F) Italian Vogue (F)

        Ep 12: Cthulu (G)

        24 Looks: Goth 5, Borderline 8, Femme 11

        So, almost half her looks were femme and a large portion were more borderline i.e. not total full on fish like how Michelle likes it, but nevertheless femme. 19 of her 24 looks were still femme and not gothic. Not only that, how is she gonna fault her for doing gothic? That’s her schtick. Michelle irritates me sometimes.

        • MychelleFrost

           Michelle Visage irritates me ALL the time.

          IMO, she has no relevant reason for being on the show, other than being Ru’s ‘Fly.’

          And she’s a ‘natural’ woman who constantly seems jealous of some of the queens who are more fabulous or prettier than she is.


    • Nicole Moran

      I screamed obscenities at my computer when Michelle said “I like the goth, but you don’t have to do it every time.”   Sharon definitely has her schtick, but she came out with a different, creative look just about every time.  Very few of her characters are conventionally pretty, but just as few were straight up goth.

  • DonnaL

    There has been speculation — and I actually hope it’s correct — that this is Ru’s way of resisting pressure (presumably from Absolut) to name Phi-Phi the winner, and of demonstrating that Sharon is extremely popular, and *not* too “out there” to be named the winner.  If so, I don’t mind the delay. 

    • I agree actually. If it means the fans’ voices are heard and our girl is named the winner, then I’m for it.

    • Joe J

       Nor do I (although I still would be thrilled if Chad won), but if true it begs the questions of WHAT show the pressure-ers are watching that they see Phi-Phi as a marketable winner and WHAT powerful mind-time-and-space altering pills are they popping prior to watching it?

      • it’s weird, because as far as twitter is concerned Sharon has it. EVERYONE HATES PHI PHI. I don’t know why no one seems to get this.

      • MK03

        If people really want to make their point, just tell Absolut that you will never buy another Absolut product if Phical wins. If this is really in their hands, that should make their decision crystal clear.

    • I hadn’t heard that speculation, and it actually makes me feel a lot better! I threw my slippers across the room after last night’s show, but I am happy to wait a week to secure Sharon’s crown.

    • Paigealicious

       Why on earth would Absolut even *want* Phi Phi to represent their brand, after how she’s been portrayed?? And really, is Sharon really that much more “out there” than Raja?  I mean, yeah, Sharon definitely has more of a goth vibe overall, but Raja rocks some pretty “different” looks herself…

      • They are both all-time favorites for me… Raja works in the industry and has a set of professional skills that Sharon does not, which allowed her to market her freak show as high-end editorial. I think Raja is the most gifted visual artist and designer the show has seen. But Sharon has performance skills that Raja does not. Raja is a capable performer, but Sharon is extraordinary, and part of what I love about her is how she blends a fringe or transgressive outsider art with some very old-fashioned comedic drag sensibilities.

        • introspective

          If I could like this 1000x I would. Such spot on analysis of what sets Sharon apart from many queens, not just in this particular season but across most seasons. Shes got old school drag mixed with something so unexpected and as you aptly put it, transgressive–its Pandora Boxx meets Nina Flowers meets drag in the year 2112. love her. she better win. Are you hearing me (/us) Ru????


        • Paigealicious


        • gailfl87

           Speaking of Sharon’s old school camp vibe, we saw her live recently, and she did a hilarious “Married… with Children” Peggy Bundy parody that was fully realized and full of wide-eyed ditziness reminiscent of her performance wearing the beaver costume.  Especially since, in her own voice, her backing track talked about how much she loves her husband “Al” with a wink and a nod which tied in her partner Alaska with the Married… with Children character.

          • YES

            I saw her last week and that was my favorite number! Yes, she loves the goth and spooky stuff, but that’s hardly all she does. That was her first number, but the other two weren’t spooky. They were high level and hilarious drag all the way!

      • VermillionSky

        I find it hilarious if this is true about Absolut.  Isn’t the whole point of drag to be “out there”?  Since when did “drag superstar” require conventionality?

      • VermillionSky

        I find it hilarious if this is true about Absolut.  Isn’t the whole point of drag to be “out there”?  Since when did “drag superstar” require conventionality?

      • MarcusGR

        I hope my fears from the episode with the Absolut branding guy are not coming true. It was clear he did not like Sharon, and his comment about her style of drag made me worry. I hope this is actually a ploy to show Absolut that they are out of their GD minds if they prefer Phi Phi. 

        • DonnaL

           That episode is why I believe it might actually be true that Absolut doesn’t want Sharon, and this is Ru’s way of letting Absolut know how popular Sharon is.  Because that guy from Absolut really did act like he didn’t like Sharon at all.

    • MilaXX

       I never understand how something can be too out there when it’s a drag show? Sharon’s not up there doing mojo

    • cheesebomb

      I seriously hope so. I’ve been keeping an eye on the Twitter hashtag and Sharon seems way, way ahead in votes, followed by a fair number for Chad. I’ve see one or two for Phi. Here’s hoping those results pan out and they give the crown to someone surreal and awesome or someone amazing and polished. 

    • It struck me yesterday that there is some suit in an Absolut office shouting “AN IMAGE OF RESPONSIBLE USE OF AN ADDICTIVE PRODUCT CANNOT BE MAINTAINED BY SOMEONE CALLED SHARON @#$%^& NEEDLES!!!”

    • pdquick

      Notice how far our “community” has come when a vodka company has veto power over our gay cultural icons.

  • My friends and I just sat silent for about 2 solid minutes after the announcement that we wouldn’t find out til next week. WHAT. THE. FROCK.

  • yowch. those are some harsh words, TLo. But I might agree with you next week if boring PhiPhi gets the crown. The teasing about Willam’s dismissal, and the refusal to explain it, has been a big issue for me this season. It’s just – tacky, I guess, or rude.
    Tyra was terrifying, and then she started speaking and it all got worse. Raja at least didn’t scare me, and I could listen to her talk for hours. Phi Phi’s aerobics get-up made her body look very very blocky – not even close to “girl” body. And Phi Phi isn’t exactly all about the genderphuck. She looked like a very well-made-up dude in a leotard.
    Team Sharon Needles all the way, but if Chad Michaels won, I wouldn’t complain.

    • Celandine1

      I have no love at all for Phi Phi but I keep wondering wtf she does to herself with padding. Phi Phi in boy clothes is really tiny but in drag looks very thick and not in a good hour glass curvy way.

    • It was like the awkward elephant in the room when they were talking about Phi Phi’s immaturity and Tyra was all, “Well I was 21 when I won.” At home, I was like, “Bitch, please. That is NOT an endorsement because you were WORSE than Phi Phi!”

      • AudreysMom

        Truly. And remembering that she beat Raven and JuJuBe made Tyra’s win just that much worse. So help me if Phi Phi wins this year…… (OK, I will watch next year but it just won’t be the right choice.) Sharon Needles for the win and Chad Michaels for Miss Congeniality.

        • My vote is for Latrice for Miss Congeniality (and based on what we’ve learned on the show, I think she could use the money that comes with that more than Chad), but I’d be totally fine with Sharon or Chad taking the big win. I love them both.

      • hearkentoit

         I KNOW, and then to make it even more awkward Phi Phi decided to take that as a sign that she should look up to Tyra as a role model. UGH!

  • I was so disappointed.  And it certainly seemed from the comments of the judges that they were preparing to give it to Phi Phi!  After Tyra’s win, adding Phi would have stopped me watching the show.

    Not happy that we have to wait another week at ALL.

    • Paigealicious

       I agree–they haven’t shied away from showing Phi Phi in the worst possible light this whole season, from the regular show to Untucked–so if they were to reward that, along with her mediocre challenge wins, with the crown, I wouldn’t watch next season.

  • Frank_821

    You guys summed up my thoughts exactly.

    Like Ru didn’t already know exactly who she wants to be crowned. Why on earth do they need a facebook vote when they know already how popular Sharon is and respected Chad is. 

    I dont even care anymore about Willam’s rule breaking

  • Agreed on all counts. So, is there any reason why we never see Bebe? Is this a nod to Tyra never acknowledging that first winner from ANTM’s season 1?

    Chad’s “I met Tyra and learned that should give young Phi Phi more props” story arc was annoying. Really? Because Tyra is way bland. Phi Phi is bland + bitter.

    • When Tyra was complaining about how everyone on her season viewed her as awful and immature, I was all “well, you were! Bitch!”

    • MarcusGR

      I’m curious about why you can’t get S1 on Netflix but you can the past two seasons. Ru had Bebe back for the recap episode of S2, so I don’t think it’s bad blood or a Tyra joke. My guess is that it’s a music licensing issue a la MTV and Daria. 

      •  I read somewhere it was indeed a music licensing issues. Same issue for earlier season of So You Think You Can Dance.

  • Krafty_L

    Well, that’s just it – this isn’t really a “vote,” is it? People have been scurrying to FB and Twitter to vote, but Ru never said that it would determine the winner. She just said “give me your opinion.” I thought that the reunion show was filmed weeks ago – around the time of the NNN awards – so “voting” now doesn’t make any difference. Not to say I wasn’t out there “voting” for Sharon Needles on the off-chance that it made any difference.

    • FunButNutz

      The reunion show will be taped later this week, with a live audience.  

      There may be hope yet.  I checked on twitter and there were easily 10 Chad mentions for every PhiPhi vote, and 15-20 Sharon Needles for every PhiPhi vote.  Of course, that’s before Trinidad opens its mysterious phone banks again….

      • introspective

        STOP IT!! i damn near choked on my lunch to think about the clusterfuck that would be a merger between the PR Anya upset and a pending Phical upset on RPDR.

        The horror!!

        • FunButNutz

          Hee hee

      • Krafty_L

        That’s good to know – I feel slightly less foolish about setting up a Twitter account for the express purpose of voting for Sharon Needles!

  • ugly_catfish

    Last year the winner was leaked early, so I can understand leaving the crowning until near air time. I wasn’t gutted about Ru leaving us hanging to be honest because I still enjoyed the episode and now I’m just looking forward to next week’s episode even more. Having said that, if I’d organised a finale party or something it would be pretty awkward! xD 

  • Synnamin

    oh, thank goodness. I read the recap prior to watching the show, because, from your teaser, I thought PiPi won, and I just couldn’t stand to watch it if she did. Yeah, drawing it out for-ev-ah is annoying, but better than a totally bitter, angry, whiny queen winning

    • brokephilosopher


    • buildmeatower

      Yeah. I don’t watch the show, but even just following recaps here and over at FBQ I’ve found myself invested in the outcome. I was scrolling through this review going, “Please God let this not be working up to a win from PhiPhi.” I suppose in that way the end of this review was at least better than I expected. Still not cool though.

  • jjfg

    After I got over the WTF moment, I had to wonder WHY they were asking people to write in their favorites on Facebook.  Seriously – that they’ve mentioned the whole Willam thing will be ‘splained on the reunion show gives the impression that the show has been taped for weeks. So what exactly is the point of voting now?  To give the show Facebook hits? 

    Not playing, Ru.

    • MilaXX

       I was under the impression that the reunion tapes this Wednesday. I don’t think it makes a difference, since I’m sure Ru and Ru alone has final say on who the winner is.

      • jjfg

         Really?  Allll righty then, off to put in a good word for Ms. Needles!  (Although quite honestly Chad would be fine with me as well.)

        I do agree that it’s all up to Ru, in the end.

  • RocknLox

    Everybody vote for Sharon. We can’t let Mit Romney (PhiPhibot) win. 

    • MilaXX

       I don’t think the fan vote decides the winner. Like everything else, I believe Ru will make the final decision

  • MsKitty

    With a 9 p.m. bedtime I usually DVR the show but last night watched live to see who won. Needless to say I was really pissed that I stayed up for what turned out to be nothing.

    That was some straight up bullshit Ru served us.

  • I peeked at the three finalists’ Twitter feeds after the show aired. Chad and Sharon were graciously mum regarding the proceedings, at least at that point. Phi-Phi, on the other hand, was whorishly retweeting every pro-Phi-Phi message she could find. It was entirely classless, and completely consistent with her grossly immature, self-centered nature. 

    It was disgusting to see. 

  • Sam

    Thank you for saying exactly what I was thinking! Them ending the episode like that was so insulting! I watch this show, expecting it to move forward, but whenever a show does the “everybody’s safe” week it’s so annoying. And to do it so late in the game is the worst. I will watch the reunion episode, but this has certainly lowered my trust of this show.

  • I’m almost positive the reunion show has already been filmed, so…what’s the purpose of this again, Ru? Oh yeah, there isn’t one.

    • DonnaL

       As has already been pointed out, it has *not* been filmed; it’s being filmed in the next day or two.  So at least this time, the cynicism is not justified.

    •  Reunion films today.

  • I think I liked that pattern PhiPhi had on better when it was green, and on Pandora Boxx.

    • Paigealicious

       You mean the dress that Santino said made her look like a crack whore?

      • Celandine1

         But somehow on Pee Pee it’s amazing and the future of drag. The judges have been smoking too much crack.

  • Ron

    I prefer to think of all this as a spoof/mashup of other reality shows:

    Covergirl supposedly chooses the winners on America’s Next Top Model – Absolut supposedly choosed the winners on RPDR

    Angelea mysteriously eliminated from ANTM – Willam on RPDR

    Mondo loses to useless, hated Gretchen and comes back to win allstars on Project Runway – Sharon loses to useless, hated Phi Phi and comes back to win a future allstars on RPDR

  • StellaZafella

    I relaxed a little last night when I caught that the episode was titled ” The Final Three” and not the “Grand Finale” as in previous season’s. I don’t know if the vote will make a difference or it’s just at send up of DWTS and American Idol…But the winner will have a larger group to applaud – or boo – her win. I always felt the crowning was a let down with no one there but Ru and the 2 judges.
    My thoughts aren’t original but:
    If Chad is

    • FloridaLlamaLover

      Hahaha, SZ, you really did make me lol with your description of your aunt.  I had an aunt like that — she wasn’t a bitch princess, though – but she could blow smoke out her nose and polysyllabic-up a monosyllabic word all. day. long. Oh, and the car was one of those monster-long Buicks.

  • Oh, ugh. I watch online and because these are delayed a day or so, I always end up reading your delicious recaps first. I was so worried you were going to say that Phi Phi won, but this seems even worse.

  • MilaXX

    I hope you don’t give up on Drag Race. As you mentioned LOGO has decided to degay itself with the exception of Drag Race and that’s because Drag Race is the network’s highest rating grabber. I agree it sucks that Ru did this. it only increases the chance of spoilers leaking out since the reunion special will be taped Wednesday.
    I like Ru’s videos but rarely do any of the queens truly shine in them. I think Sharon faired the best, but even that was just okay. I was surprised that Raja’s look wasn’t as polished as she usually is. The face was good, but that blonde wig was not her color and that flesh colored, blinged out bra looked horrible. Tyra thankfully let go of the blue contacts, but her lace front wasn’t glued on well and her makeup was bland.

    I still want Sharon to win, but her runway outfit looked like cheap mall clothes.

    •  Tyra was very nice looking on season 2, but WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO HER?

    • malarkey

      Srsly wtf with Logo “degaying” itself???

      this is the first I’ve heard of this.

      • MilaXX

        Yes it was announced recently that LOGO is changing it’s programming. They are dropping pretty much all of their gay programming except for Drag Race if I recall correctly.

        • AnotherG

          Aren’t they MTV-owned? Which explains a lot . . .

          • MilaXX

            yep, they’re in that MTV/Viacom family

  • DonnaL

    By the way, my son watched this last night at the “official” viewing party at the bar in Chicago where Phi-Phi usually performs; he told me that everyone booed Phi-Phi and cheered Sharon.  As he said, it’s like the gay Super Bowl!

    • Jessi03

      I was there, and yes that was indeed happening.  They announced Phi Phi’s upcoming show with Mme LaQueer and everyone booed, too.  People were cheering for Sharon and Chad constantly.  They were giving out Team (Queen’s Name) buttons for free, and they made an announcement at the end that while they had run out of Sharon and Chad, they had a full bucket left of Phi Phi buttons.  Plus, the bartenders, some of whom are former RPDR contestants, all said that she is SO much worse in real life than on the show.    I shudder to think.

      • StellaZafella

        Your assertion from the bartenders about JJ/PP’s character off stage would seem to put to bed any notions that she was just a victim of the “bitch edit” for drama…As others have said here and elsewhere: They can edit the material any way they want, but if PhiPhi didn’t say/do the bad stuff in the first place they wouldn’t have had the ammo to shoot her with.

    • Wow, has PhiPhi performed ANYwhere since this season of Drag Race has been showing her awful antics?

  • laura512

    The ending of last night’s show prompted a “Oh, well fuck you then!  I’m not watching!!” from my husband. Which I found hilarious, because oh hell yes we’ll watch.  C’moooon….

    • When I said I wasn’t ever watching again, my husband said “Yeah, til next week!” Which is true, because I will always watch it.

  • I felt Ru’s decision to wait until the reunion had a fairly obvious reason.  The little troll from Absolut did not care for Sharon one bit, and a continuing question this season was “IS AMERICA READY FOR SHARON NEEDLES?!!?!?!?”.  By waiting until the reunion to announce the winner, Ru is allowing everyone to watch the entire season (including herself, the judges, and Absolut troll) and for Sharon to pull ahead as the fan favorite by a WIDE margin, therefore proving that yes, America is ready for a weird-o like Needles.  

    • I agree. And I have to address this whole “is America ready for Sharon Needles” nonsense.

      First, isn’t it insulting that there are people out there, e.g. the Absolut rep who even ask this question? Like we’re a bunch of dainty naive bumpkins who can’t handle something that’s not safe and “normal” Apparently he thinks we all want our queens to be super fishy pageant beauties. Thanks for underestimating us ya jerk. It’s reminiscent of how practically all facets of entertainment i.e. movies, game shows etc. have to be dumbed down for an American audience. Guess they assume we need our drag queens dumbed down too.

      Second, what is SOOOOOO crazy scary and cutting edge about Sharon that people couldn’t handle her? She’s hilarious, has a quick wit, super cute personality, spectacular and varied looks. I could go on for days. She is AMAZING and has shown us how a drag queen can step outside of the safe boundaries that have been created and still be fascinating and entertaining. Sorry she tends to stick to a somewhat darker or macabre look, but that’s not all she does.

      Personally, I think the amount of fans she has on facebook, youtube and all over the internet should be a testament that yes, we can handle a win for Miss Sharon Needles. I’ll stop ranting, for now at least 🙂

      • SimpleSins

         It puzzles me because I’m not exactly sure who they think is not going to be ready for Sharon Needles.  It would seem to me at least that the people not ready for Sharon Needles are not ready for drag period, whether it’s an insanely stylish Chad Michaels, a hilariously macabre Sharon Needles, or the Li’l Teapot PhiPhi (short and stout).  It just seems to me that if you’re open-minded enough to enjoy drag, you’re going to be open-minded enough to “get” and enjoy Sharon. 

      • Every effing year that Absolut rep is on the show he comes off as exactly the sort of assimilationist queen I can’t stand but who’s convinced the rest of the world hates queerness as much as he does. I don’t like them running HRC and I don’t like them running RPDR. Needles FTW!

        • icecreamphoenix

          i heartily agree with everything you said! i fully subscribe to a john waters sense of queerness and love miz sharon needles’s contribution to drag. i really detest that little absolut dush.

      • AnotherG

        And didn’t Sweden practically, like, invent goths anyway? It’s a perfect match!

      •  Second, what is SOOOOOO crazy scary and cutting edge about Sharon that people couldn’t handle her?

        Well, there’s the whole “Hail Satan” thing. And the confederate flags and swastikas and stuff in her live shows. And signing pages from the Bible with “Jesus was a bottom” and stuff like that. Doesn’t bother me a bit, because I feel like I understand what she’s trying to get at with that sort of thing, and feel fairly comfortable thinking that she’s not actually a hateful person (there’s a great podcast interview with her somewhere out there that talked about some of this stuff a little; I’ve forgotten where I heard it), but there’s a whiff of scandal about her. I totally understand why a big corporation might be wary.

        I mean, they should also suck it up and go with her anyway,* but I understand why they’d hesitate.

        *I’m Team Chad, personally, but I think Sharon deserves to win too, so I wouldn’t be upset either way.

        • Good Shot

           And also her name is a dirty drug reference…

        • AnotherG

          Those are good points, but I’m nearly certain she’d be able to tone it down for a year if she really had to.  (I think.) 

          Of course, those most likely to freak out about “hail Satan” are probably still picking their jaws up off the ground because it’s a boy in a dress.  If the threshold has changed on the outrage, I’ll make a note in my calendar that this was the year that drag queens were considered okay by the easily-offended. Truly, 2012 is the end of times!

          In any case, note to Mr. Moran, I’ve responsibly enjoyed your product many a night, but I’ve also recently tried Smirnoff’s Passion Fruit vodka, and I’m sure I can suffer with that the rest of my life if you decide not to go w/ Sharon.

          • Even if she didn’t do anything like that for a year after her win — or, really, even if she never did anything like that for the rest of her life — the fact that she’s ever done those things would be sufficient to taint her commercially. Imagine the headlines on Gawker, HuffPo, etc.:

            “Drag Race” Winner’s Former Act Gives Absolut a Hangover: NAACP, ADL Call for Boycott

            Sharon Needles: Absolut “Totally Knew” About Racist, Controversial Stage Show When She Was Cast in RPDR

            Absolut Vodka Sales Down 25%, Minority Leaders Vow Boycotts to Continue

            My Friend Sharon Needles is not a Racist, by Dida Ritz

            Phi Phi O’Hara Spills the Dirt to TMZ on Sharon Needles’ On-Set Holocaust Denialism, Animal Sacrifices During “Drag Race” Filming

            Needles: “At Worst, I’m Guilty of Bad Judgment, Not Racism,” Also: “Phi Phi is a Lying Bitch.”

            Absolut’s Financial Woes Bring Production of “All Star” RPDR to Halt

            Willam: “This Hypothetical List is Getting a Little Out of Hand, Doncha Think?”


            The concern is not what people who watch RPDR will think of her so much as what the rest of the population is going to think of her. If this does turn into a scandal, a lot of people are only going to know Sharon as “that drag queen who’s a big racist.”

            The resulting controversy might well be good, free advertising for Absolut in the short-term, because almost any chance to get people talking about your brand is good for sales, but there could be a long-term financial hit, because people remember these things for a long time. Of course Absolut is going to want to think hard about this decision before making it official.

      •  Second, what is SOOOOOO crazy scary and cutting edge about Sharon that people couldn’t handle her?

        Well, there’s the whole “Hail Satan” thing. And the confederate flags and swastikas and stuff in her live shows. And signing pages from the Bible with “Jesus was a bottom” and stuff like that. Doesn’t bother me a bit, because I feel like I understand what she’s trying to get at with that sort of thing, and feel fairly comfortable thinking that she’s not actually a hateful person (there’s a great podcast interview with her somewhere out there that talked about some of this stuff a little; I’ve forgotten where I heard it), but there’s a whiff of scandal about her. I totally understand why a big corporation might be wary.

        I mean, they should also suck it up and go with her anyway,* but I understand why they’d hesitate.

        *I’m Team Chad, personally, but I think Sharon deserves to win too, so I wouldn’t be upset either way.

    • RebeccaKW

       I also think she wants to give the Absolut jackass the chance to watch the footage of them off stage.  Not just of Sharon, but of Phi Phi.  Up on that runway, the judges don’t see the girls’ true characters.  Sharon may look a little spooky, but I’d be  afraid of Phi Phi going off in a crazy rage b/c someone told her her wig was blond (it’s caramel!) and destroying the sets of the Absolut sound stage.

    • Tomek Fior

       yes, and if that is actually true, and actually the case – then Ru truly brilliant.  She’s willing to take the heat to give Sharon that chance.

  • kirble

    Okay, I love you TLo, but you have got to step back from the keyboard and take a short break from blogging some of these TV shows. It’s clear you’re exhausted and starting to take things waaaaaay too seriously. 

    You’re forgetting the whole point of Drag Race! Ru can fuck with the game and us at any moment. 

    The same is true of every other reality show out there (PR’s make two dresses, now just show one; American Idol’s save; the Voice’s instant eliminations, etc.), the only difference being that RuPaul makes no bones about it. 

    The only way Ru could say “fuck you” to her fans is by awarding Phi Phi the win.

    • “Okay, I love you TLo, but you have got to step back from the keyboard and take a short break from blogging some of these TV shows. It’s clear you’re exhausted and starting to take things waaaaaay too seriously. ”

      And if we’d done that, there would have been a hundred comments asking why we stopped blogging.

      And if we didn’t react angrily to this episode, there would have been a hundred comments to the effect of “I CAN’T BELIEVE you guys aren’t angry about this!”

      So we’ll just continue to post our honest reactions to these shows, if you don’t mind. You’re free to disagree with them, as always.

      • kirble

        I didn’t really mean stop blogging these shows. I just meant that you guys sound like you could use a well-deserved vacation. If I ever thought you guys should stop sharing your honest opinions, I’d just stop reading.

        And I know I’m free to disagree with you. That’s why I did :-). 

        • Tomek Fior

           sometimes when you’re tired, hungry and in a bad mood, your over reaction is not your honest reaction.  you let your mood take over.  I agree with you Kirble.  T&L – it’s not that you shouldn’t be mad and type what you feel, but you went a little overboard in this post.  Read it in a couple of weeks, you might see it then.  It’s like when you’re pissed at your X boyfriend and you send him a nasty email, and then you read it a few weeks later and you realize you were just mad and blowing off steam. 

          •  Oh please. Give it a rest. We said something you don’t agree with. Stop telling us that we’re tired and we need to rethink it. It’s insulting.

          • kirble

            Well, forgive me if I (and Tomek Fior, too, I’m guessing) think it’s a tad ridiculous that you’d be ready to quit watching this show after Monday’s episode, yet you’ve continued supporting a show like Project Runway that has unapologetically said “Fuck you” to its audience time and time again. In the past, you’ve even loved how Ru has teased and played with the audience, yet this time she’s gone too far?

            I never meant to be insulting. I never even came close to saying anything insulting. All I did was say I thought you guys were overreacting. And I think you’re overreacting here, too.

          • kirble

            Well, forgive me if I (and Tomek Fior, too, I’m guessing) think it’s a tad ridiculous that you’d be ready to quit watching this show after Monday’s episode, yet you’ve continued supporting a show like Project Runway that has unapologetically said “Fuck you” to its audience time and time again. In the past, you’ve even loved how Ru has teased and played with the audience, yet this time she’s gone too far?

            I never meant to be insulting. I never even came close to saying anything insulting. All I did was say I thought you guys were overreacting. And I think you’re overreacting here, too.

          • Tomek Fior

             wow, it’s insulting to suggest that you may have over reacted, and to mention why people sometimes over react to situations.  I did disagree with what you guys said, but I didn’t know people weren’t allowed to disagree with you on your blog.  well I think you over reacted to my disagreement as well.  I guess what constitutes an over reaction is relative to what one considers a disaster in life.  “give it a rest”?  I posted one comment.  gee wiz. 

          • Here you are, disagreeing with us, as a followup to another comment where you not only disagreed with us but suggested we were so mistaken that we needed to take a rest. So it’s kind of hilarious for you to pull out the “I didn’t know people weren’t allowed to disagree with you on your blog” line.

            And when we say hilarious, we mean utterly ridiculous.

      • For what it’s worth, I love that you guys have the guts to speak what everyone else is thinking. Sure, it’s just a tv show, but it’s more than that. We are supporting these people, paying their rent and keeping them in their Versace rags. The least they could do is recognize some respect for the viewing audience and not treat us like we’re stupid or need to be “tricked.” 

  • StillGary

    I know, I know, I am the only one who loves Tyra!  But wasn’t it fun to see her (even in that BAAAAD wig, Tyra girl, don’t ever change) and Raja horse around and joke about their voices? PLUS, I loved how Miss T pretends to sympathize with Phi’s “oh, poor me, I’m only 25 and THAT’S why no one takes me seriously” — by gleefully reminding everyone she is two years younger, having won her season at age 21.I don’t know what they were both wearing though … stuff from the show’s lost and found? 

    • How about watching Tyra kick Phi Phi around on the ground? Ha! And how funny that Tyra was the one playing Ru’s part of beating up the contestants, after she was accused of being too rough during the finale fake fighting on stage in her season?

      • StillGary

        The BOMB, I tell ya! 

  • Oh please, please, PLEASE go to the finale party and take pictures! We need the behind-the-scenes scoop!

  • OMG boys, I couldnt agree more~!  I was PISSED! I did go to RuPaul’s Drag Race on FB to vote, and virtually everyone wants it to be Sharon Needles! There were votes for Chad too, but ZERO for that punk Phi Phi!   TEAM SHARON!!!

  • I was a bit annoyed by the ‘wait for the reunion’ trick, but it was soothed over by the novelty of having #DragRace trend on twitter which made me giggle.  It’s not like I wasn’t planning on watching the reunion anyways.

    I’m a bit surprised by the fits of apoplexy and Phi Phi Hate.  It’s a sort of silly show designed to see what lines could be had out of turning up the drama and Phi Phi probably got to stay for her lines alone. I never loved the girl but by the end I would have been okay with her winning.  I’m not at all surprised one of the younger queens with the roughest history reacted the most dramatically to being placed in a fishbowl and got to stick around.

    As for the delay… I think they just needed to give Absolut time to brew a bunch more coffee liquor so they could create Sharon themed drinks that play on “the night”

    • phiphihater

       If I didn’t hate Phiphi, I wouldn’t be here.

      • Sweetpea176

        Chad, is that you?  ; )

        • malarkey

          I don’t think Chad hates Phi Phi. If anything, Sharon hates Phi Phi.

          But in reality, I hate Phi Phi, because she’s a shallow bitch with no talent or makeup skills. 

          • Sweetpea176

            You know, I almost went with Sharon for that joke, but the image of Chad trolling the comments was just funnier to me.

    • malarkey

      Bingo. I think Ru was pushing the envelope, let’s see just how much #DragRace trends on Twitter, let’s see just how much fan outrage there is, the die hards will STILL WATCH the reunion and the die hards will still watch next season because you gotta admit, nobody else is doing anything remotely close to this on TV today.

      •  Yeah, I really think Ru’s just messing with us. I had a WTF moment, then laughed at the nuttiness of RuPaul.

        However, if Phi-Phi wins, I’ll be at the front of the Apoplectic Fans line.

  • Of course I agree with you guys completely, with the added caveat that should the unworthy Phi Phi take home the crown, I will never watch this show again. There’s only so much mediocrity and manipulation one can take.

  • putonabus

    I haven’t seen the episode yet — I usually watch it online as soon as it shows up on Logo or the torrents — but the spoilers took it all out of me. I still feel no desire to watch. This is just too shitty and weird. Obviously I WILL watch, but it really says something that I feel so totally deflated and soured by a show I always wait for all week.

    Normally I wouldn’t seek out spoilers for something I was going to see a few hours later, but I had to find out who won…! …! …! ….fuck.

    (Aw, I like Drag U! It is formulaic, fake, and sometimes excruciatingly so, but it lets the queens do their bit without the pressure of competition. The demand to stay in character for two filming days really separates the men from the boys, or at least it really suits a certain kind of imaginary girl. I became a huge fan of Raven and Jujubee’s double act on Drag U and then was disappointed when I actually watched Season 2 and neither of them came off nearly as polished and sly.

    But, yeah, if they just gave them all a sketch show and cut out the middlewomen, I wouldn’t cry big tears.)

    • AnotherG

      I don’t mind Drag U either for those very reasons you mentioned.  Pressure’s off, and they can just be bitchy and catty and fun, without having to stab each other.  And the contestants they’re “helping” keep them from getting too cutthroat.

  • Ru’s been saying fuck you to her fans for awhile *cough*Tyra *cough*

    • Jessi03

       And her Shangela love.

      •  we love Shangela too! <3

        • I did too! I think it’s one thing to carry someone along who’s moving the action vs awarding someone the title over deserving queens.

          Basically, I don’t think Shangela had a chance of winning, but she at least provided some entertainment and Ru eventually let her go over someone who deserved the title more. Tyra wasn’t entertaining, lacked talent and won over much more deserving queens. 

  • “Chad is wearing Versace and that means she’s old fashioned, but Phi Phi
    is about ‘what’s next’ in drag? Seriously? Since when is an ’80s
    aerobics outfit more cutting edge than Versace?”

    Thank you! They need to stop making it seem as if Phi Phi is some amazing queen. I’ve seen her look on drag queens for the last 10 years.

    • PeaceBang

      No kidding! And had she been any other contestant she would have been “read” for her lack of female shape in that Wilma Flintstone leotard. She’s SO cliche. 

    • SimpleSins

       The fact that Santino thinks PhiPhi is fashion forward could explain why he comes up short in PR and why his little foray into the world with Austin Scarlett was short-lived.  Maybe he’s not quite as fashionable and creative as his ego would like the world to believe.  Or he had taken a lot of allergy medicine that day.

  • patrick07

    I miss the old TLo!  I love your blog, but you guys have been so negative lately!  “Lighten up, it’s just fashion!”

    • They’re here to tell us what they think, without candy-coating their opinions, and without infusing them with unnecessary negativity. That is why they blog, and why we come. There is no “old TLo.” There’s just TLo: an awesome couple that delights us with commentary, evaluation, and incisive wit. That is what they have always done, and what I hope they continue to do. If you think they have been negative lately, then you have myopically chosen only that which supports your notion, as I see plenty of positivity, graciousness, and good humor in any number of posts.

      • Tomek Fior

         I don’t know, this post was pretty unnecessarily negative in my opinion.  I agree with Patrick.  We should give Ru a little more benefit of the doubt. 

      • Montavilla

        All I can say is that the last FOUR TV shows that I’ve come here to read about have had TLo wailing and gnashing their teeth and threatening to quit watching.  Maybe it isn’t the individual shows, but TV in general that has them so depressed?

        • Sally Brownson

          They’re still obsessed and happy with Mad Men. Maybe you’re just watching the wrong shows?

        • Maybe we’re not depressed at all and you just happened to read 4 negative reviews in a row.

          Honestly? We’re “depressed” because we gave a show a negative review?

          • Montavilla

            That’s just my impression.  Because the tone each time seemed to be not simply negative, but “we’re so disgusted with this show that we don’t think it’s worth writing about any more” or “this show has now completely betrayed its audience.”

            To be specific, the shows were Project Runway, Project Runway All-Stars, Smash, Glee, and now RuPaul’s Drag Race.  Oops. That’s five.

            It may simply be coincidence that I happened to read those five in a row.  I don’t come here for every TV review.  For example, I don’t even watch Mad Men.  

            I would never want to tell you what to write.  It’s just that I enjoy your take on the shows that you and I both watch — especially RuPaul’s Drag Race.  I’ll miss you when you stop.

          • So you diagnosed us with depression because you cherry picked from a bunch of TV reviews we wrote over several months.


          • Montavilla

            Well, like I said, I don’t watch every show that you do.  I don’t often read your reviews for shows that I don’t watch.  I did start watching Project Runway (and Project Accessory) after reading your reviews, though.  

            And honestly, I didn’t mean “depressed” as a formal diagnosis.  I’m not a doctor and I wasn’t pretending to be one.  The word has a general meaning, too.

          • StellaZafella

            I love that you guys drop in and comment back to your readers…it shows you actually follow what we say. *sniff**little sigh* I wish I had had you sitting at my bar in ol’ SF back in the day as my customers, you’d have kept me on my toes the whole shift! Luv yas both!

          • A lot people have been unhappy with those shows – check the forums at Television Without Pity. I don’t know much about Smash but Glee and PR in particular has upseted their die hard fans.

  • I think the primary reason they are waiting until the finale to announce is because of how easily and quickly the winner was leaked last year.  Most people who are marginally obsessed with the show knew who the winner was before the show began airing.  The reunion show was not taped until this past week in LA, so it made it easier to keep a lid on it. I personally have no problem with waiting to find out

  • I think last night showed that Santino and Michelle shouldn’t be on the judging panel. Praising PhiPhi’s outfit? But insulting Chad’s? Total lack of taste. I know only a little about drag but I know that campy =/= lack of taste.

    I do know drag is suppose to be fun and for the life of me, I can’t figure out what Phi Phi or Kenya do that is fun. Yea they look pretty but am I wrong in thinking thats not the purpose of drag? I wouldn’t pay to see them and isn’t that the point of being the next drag super star?

    I remember being a little girl and sneaking RuPaul’s talk show because I thought she was so funny and talented and beautiful. Its ashame to see her reward these talentless ladies. I feel like the RuPaul I knew wouldn’t.

    • Verascity

       Agree — I was stunned by what Santino and Michelle were saying, not just because they were clocking my girls in favor of Phi2, but because they were *plainly and demonstrably wrong* about them. Michelle pulled out that tired “Sharon only does goth” BS and even dared to say “The one thing I like about Chad…” I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that Santino likes the “fierce bitch in a fierce competition,” though. I just wish Phi Phi were, IDK, actually fierce?

      • StellaZafella

        Meow! Can I share some of that cream your drinking?

        • Verascity

          Oh, catty has not been seen yet…

      • Yea, I have no issue with them liking Phi Phi but not acknowledging her flaws at all? Like she’s the ideal drag queen and Sharon and Chad at the ones who only appeal to a certain group? WTF?

        Santino didn’t surprise because he was always more “show than talent” like Phi Phi and using yelling and agresstion to distract the judges. But Michelle suppose to actually know about drag queens! And yet Kenya was the one she wanted back?

  • Perfect summation of the show. I think surprises are fun but this year Ru has pulled every trick out of her bag and I think she’s not got any left. Another reason for not telling us is to enjoy tons of social media exposure on Facebook and Twitter. To me the reunion show is always more fun to watch than the finale anyway. I hope they at least announce the winner at the beginning of it..

    • Jessi03

       They’ll probably announce it at the very end to “keep the tension high,” but I really hope they don’t do that.  The girls will be able to talk so much more freely to one another and Ru if they already know the outcome.

      • You’re absolutely right. It’ll ruin it if they leave it for the end.

        John Vasko
        twitter: @johnvasko

        • StellaZafella

          I don’t know. I’m kinda looking forward to the “Say-one-positive-and-one-negative-thing-about-yourself-and-your-fellow-competitors” moment. Will they have to say it in front of the other queens? Will the voted-out queens get to weigh in?
          Chad will be tactful..and maybe a little catty / Sharon will be s smart-ass (and I’ll love her for it) / PhiPhi will explode

  • Perfect summation of the show. I think surprises are fun but this year Ru has pulled every trick out of her bag and I think she’s not got any left. Another reason for not telling us is to enjoy tons of social media exposure on Facebook and Twitter. To me the reunion show is always more fun to watch than the finale anyway. I hope they at least announce the winner at the beginning of it..

  • giiiirrrr

    They don’t even have real voting!  It’s just a comments page on Facebook.  Arrgh.  Fan favorite Sharon will win, which is fine.  She’s funny and versatile, even if her aesthetic isn’t my thing.  And being anointed on Facebook will make her win more impressive and keep many fans invested in her.  But honestly, the charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent (giggle) was lacking a bit this season.  Of course Latrice would have won if she’d been a bit more polished in her runway presentation.  Or perhaps Willam, if she’s been a bt more…sane.

    • I love Willam just the way she played.  In fact, I think she really already won.  She had more to gain than any of the rest of the girls, and really, won the title, so let Sharon/Chad win the crown.  I will not accept Phical in any way, shape, or form as he is just an angry little man with little to no talent or imagination.

    • honestly, the charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent (giggle) was lacking a bit this season.

      We had Sharon, Chad, Willam, and Latrice. How much charisma/uniqueness/nerve/talent do you need?

      • giiiirrrr

        More than four out of fourteen!  And I love Chad, but she’s not a groundbreaking queen. 

      • Rebecca Zmarzly

        I’d switch that line up just a bit: Latrice, Sharon, Willam, Chad. That way it fits in order with charisma, uniqueness, nerve, talent. 😀

  • rose88

    I get where you’re coming from TLo, I really do, but I disagree with one (major) point.  There’s no way they can give this to Phi Phi now, not after fan response comes out 99% against her, because if they do, the whole dog and pony show they put on here of asking the fans for their opinions will be exposed as total bullshit.  Now they can give it to Chad, even though Sharon is getting considerably more support, because Chad has a big fan base and nobody is threatening to never watch the show again if Chad wins it.   But I do believe the Phi Phi is phucked and that’s a good thing!

    • Mefein

      I couldn’t agree more.  It would have been bad enough to have picked Phi-Phi back before knowing how the audience was going to react to her, but it would be really over-the-top to pick her now, and I can’t believe Ru is that stupid.

      I’m soothing my annoyance with knowing that no matter what Ru does, Sharon has really won this season.  She is really taking OFF.  And while everybody is voting for her, they can vote for the Sharon Needles to Host SNL Facebook page as well. Hosting SNL would make the RPDR crown small potatoes.  Take THAT, Absolut!

  • “Tyra, we never loved you. ”


    (Team Sharon all the way!)

  • putonabus

    Are we supposed to believe that Phi Phi is some sort of Golden Mean of Drag?

    I see what you did there.

  • newtonGOTbeaned

    Did Michelle Visage pump up her boobs again? 

    • StellaZafella

      It’s a ratio thing here newton: The bigger the hair the more air pressure in the boobage. They keep an air jack hose in the green room for Michelle’s breasts  – and Santino’s ego.

      • newtonGOTbeaned

         Good to know. I’ll need to get my hands on Michelle’s booberator for when I’m feeling a little lackluster.

      • AnotherG

        I wondered why she always put me in mind of a bathysphere.  Now I know.

  • Emily Scott

    I’d like to think that audience feedback will really have an effect on the final outcome, because the Facebook page for Drag Race was practically exploding with love for Sharon just a couple of hours after the show aired. I didn’t read all of the thousands of comments, but I didn’t see a single vote for Phi Phi.

    That being said, I know the finale is taping tomorrow (Wednesday), so I’m sure the winner was decided long ago.

  • Jasmaree

    Whew. That scared me. I haven’t seen the episode yet, and I thought, from the way you started the recap that Phi Phi had won the whole thing. As long as it isn’t that, I can put up with it.

    Personally, I’m rooting for Chad. She seems to be the most polished of the three, and her characters are fantastic. She’s a pretty good performer too. Sharon is edgier, but not as consistent (or interesting IMO).

  • jeffelavar

    Ok. So I don’t think this is all bad. Remember the Absolut episode? Image czar too-tan guy expressed what corporate thinks of Sharon: hate the name, hate the look, hate the edge. Because, you know, when you make drag queens your brand spokespeople, you have to be real careful to hew as close to family values anti-art conservatism as possible. But really, corporate marketing is not ground zero for risk taking visionaries, and I think they have pushed back on Sharon. Maybe this is the result of a compromise with sponsors, wherein the viewers (i.e., customers) demonstrate such a clear preference for the too-risky-for-corporate choice that Absolut can comfortably swallow the CLEAR winner and fan favorite. In which case THANK YOU, RU, and this is the opposite of a fuck you to the audience. Hope I’m right!

    • N P

       That was NOT the Absolut image guy. That was the sitcom guy, who hated Sharon.

      • glennethph

        Jeffrey Moran didn’t like Sharon too.

      • According to the Absolout Rep regarding Sharon, “I got scared as hell when you came on the runway tonight, It was good and bad for me” I know he wasn’t the one that hated her look but he wasn’t too thrilled by her either.

      • Montavilla

        They both hated Sharon.

  • I like the top half of Raja’s outfit. I kind of wish she would have teamed it with tight, black pants á la Olivia Newton John in Grease. HOW FIERCE WOULD HAVE THAT BEEN? The thought alone is making me gag.

  • I nearly choked when one of the the judges spewed about Phical being the next generation of drag? Seriously?? If anything she is the most old-fashioned of the three. And if it’s true that Absolut is pushing for her as the winner, they must not pay attention to any social media. She’s very nearly universally loathed.

  • I don’t care for Phi Phi but I think the namecalling that goes on about her is really ridiculously immature. I mean, seriously? We’re not in grade school here.

    I was wincing at Sharon’s runway look. I adore her, but it looked like she scored that entire outfit at forever 21 and slapped some tentacles on it. If she’d come down the runway in a sexy black dress I don’t think we’d have to wait a week for the winner.

    • glennethph

      You know, who’s in grade school?  Phiphi.

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    you gotta be kidding.

    nevermind, i got ahead of myself [no pun intended]. i thought you meant PP won the whole damned thing. i only watch these later &–in terror, i must be honest–i skipped ahead & just saw her standing there in that stupid leopard leotard…..

  • This is a drag reality show. You are taking this WAAAAAY to seriously. “Lack of disrespect…”??? I LOVE this show and your blog but gurl, you need to calm down. It’s a TV show.

    • SimpleSins

       And this is a blog about said drag reality show.  I can give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you stumbled into TLoLand accidentally looking for a spoiler.  Otherwise, I can only assume you are itching for an argument because, as anyone who has read any one thread would know, TLo and the bitter kittens and 99% of the respondents are interested in the show, and it is a lack of respect to intentionally smack the people who who made the show a success.  And for the record, that would be the people who take the show WAAAAAAAY to (sic) seriously. 

    • thehousesparrow

      It’s a waste of people’s time when they watch an hour-long show, only to find out they have to tune in the following week (after waiting a week because some of crappy flashback episode) to find out who the winner is.

  • PeaceBang

    Sharon was so adorable in her lizard outfit, I would buy that doll if someone manufactured it. In fact, I would buy all the Sharon Needles Action Figures. This episode. Not cool. STUPID judging (Phi Phi is the “future” of drag? Um, not unless we’re moving backwards in time). The appearance of Raja and Tyra looking like crap did not inspire. Like you, TLo, I wasn’t buying all the details of someone’s lunch confessions (*raised eyebrow*). It’s very clear to me that Miss Phi2 is not emotionally stable enough to be the next drag superstar — she is a wounded child and needs more mentoring and experience being a member of the human race before she can represent anything. Chad looked so scraggly in the video + I was disgusted that there had to be faux queen-on-queen violence (smacking in the face + kicking on the ground? After all those teary eyed memories of being and bullied as gay boys? NOT COOL, RU). Sharon’s runway look was sorely underwhelming (I actually said, “Oh, HONEY, NO!) when she walked out. Michelle Visage has outlived whatever limited usefulness she ever had but hey, when your good pal has a show, I guess you get to keep the job.  
    I wasn’t surprised or particularly bothered by the delay in revealing the winner. But as someone already said, what’s the big fuss about what America is “ready for” in terms of drag superstars? What a silly ruse.

  • Ugh times infinity.  With Willam spilling the dirt on the reunion show, it’s not like the ratings were going to be lacking.  So not cute.

  • Kayceed

    Well. This was a bit of a drag. Especially since last week was a filler as well. Ho hum. I just can’t believe PhiPhi has a shot, but then, Anya won her season, so I suppose anything is possible in the strange world of reality television.  I love both Chad and Sharon, but am rooting for Chad. I was thinking about who would actually make the best superstar. If you look at Chad, there is nothing to explain to mainstream America – she is obviously a world-class queen and even someone who knows nothing about drag would, in a glance, be able to appreciate her skills. She has the looks, the personality, the wit – you could see her performing on a variety show, hosting a talk show, doing an Absolut commercial, etc. Thing is, Sharon has all that as well, and what she lacks in polish, I think she makes up for in originality. However, will mainstream America “get” her? She does have an edge. But is that a pro or a con? Hard to know… 

  • MarcusGR

    Last night I thought it was a brilliant move on their part to get a social media firestorm going, and for an hour or so last night, the show had four of the top 10 trending topics on Twitter (in NYC, anyway). But today, I’m feeling more irked, and reading your post didn’t help. I’m wondering if they’ve already taped the reunion and could really care less about what fans have to say, or if they are paying attention and are taping it this week. Sad if it’s already a done deal. I don’t get how RuPaul, Logo, and Absolut could go with the most hated contestant in the show’s history. How big of a draw is Phi Phi going to be at a pride festival in Milwaukee? What if she gets booed? I don’t see how they let her represent multiple brands. I’ll be tuning in too, and they better handle this right, or they’re going to have millions of pissed off viewers on their hands.

    • As people have said upthread, the reunion is taping 25 April.

      And as I’ve been saying for a few weeks, there is no way Phi Phi is going to win. Relax.

  • MichaelStrangeways

    1) It was totally about preventing the name of the winner leaking, as it has in every other season (go figure: drag queens have big mouths and can’t honor NDA’s!!) And, since this whole “name the winner at the reunion” and the final three were all leaked last fall, it was probably a good idea…
    2) It really seems as if Phi Phi was being set up to win this year,doesn’t it? And, the remarks that she is “the FUTURE of drag” just made me laugh out loud…she’s just another over dressed, over performing, but bland, lip syncing, show girl that you can find in every gay drag bar in the country. She’s not special, unusual or “cutting edge” in any way shape or form…of course, neither was Tyra Sanchez.
    3) It’ll be interesting to see if the public’s overwhelming dislike of Phi Phi, will change that seemingly apparent outcome. Sharon is HUGELY popular, as is Chad. Will Miss Charles pay attention to that this year and pick a decent winner for a change?

  • AWStevens

    SPOT-ON review.  I said “Fuck you” to the TV screen last night.  And then I thought, is this a belated April Fool’s joke?  NO EXCUSE!  I may never watch RPDR again after this season is finally over… Btw, you know deep down Willem fucked some staff member (HA!) and that’s why that bitch was tossed out…

    • Willam employs some of the pit crew!  Legitimately.  She has said she told them every time she broke a rule….and that the other girls benefited from her doing so.  I am willing to bet a plugged nickel it’s something like mopping stuff.  Nothing big, something that should have allowed Ru to send Phi2 home some time ago…and again, I wonder WHY not send the little man home?    And then, I cry.  I would totally skip the “reunion”, but Willam will be there and I am in Willam’s “army”.  I’d watch her read the phone book (and I bet she’d be funny too!)  IF Ru very dares to crown Phi2, I will only watch her show if/when Willam is on; because obviously poor Ru is suffering from Alzheimers.

  • Lingus

    I was annoyed, but this could also be a good thing! This could be a way to get viewer input on who wins, since it’s been said (at length, by TLo themselves last week and last year) that the winners have always been based solely on Ru’s whims. Maybe now America will have a say on who their next drag superstar is.

    …Or Ru’s being a total ratings whore, I onno.

  • glennethph

    If this is all about a sendup of reality shows, I think I know what that whole future of/next gen of drag comes from.  It’s from American Idol and Simon Cowell himself — how many times have there been a reaction to Simon proclaiming that this contestant is the best and that contestant should go home, and the one that Simon thinks should go home stays.  That even happens with a Finale in Season 7 where Simon declares David Archuleta the clear winner of the FInal 2 ep — and the other David (Cook) wins.

    Hopefully, this is the same concept.

  • Amandack

    No comments on the Borg?

    • hoez

      I am one of three.

    • StellaZafella

      Here’s mine: Staged Camaraderie is trumped by the real shit stirring. Hence the little revolution of No Mo Ho’s and The Borg bit were left in the show but are not much to comment on since it’s not as plausible as “I’m going to be seeing VERY little of Miss PhiPhi O’hara” or “My dislike of PhiPhi has been upgraded…to merely hate” or “Take your hat off you balding Bitch!”…
      or my favorite of ALL TIME (all together now): “Your tone seems rather pointed right now…” WERQ!!!!

  • GTrain

    Amen! We all got played for being faithful viewers. Straight up PLAYED.

    • boweryboy

      Like a fucking red violin.

  • They’ve set the edit for P2 to win.  That would NOT make me a happy little camper.  I have no idea where Ru is going with this.  It’s too soon for this show to be jumping the shark – but I swear I hear the ‘Jaws’ theme rumbling in the background. 

    • boweryboy

      Really?  Because I’m feeling the Jaws3D glasses being prepped for handing out to the unsuspecting masses.

  • Don’t you think Ru knows that Phi Phi as a winner would damage the brand? FWIW last night on Tumblr, the Logo posts of each queen were being reblogged in the hour right after the show, and Sharon’s had already been  reblogged 400+times while Phi Phi’s had been reblogged 17 times. Twitter, same. Lots of “I love Chad, but I want Sharon to win!”

    • TieDye64

      Oh, c’mon. What about Tyra, the Queen Bitch of No Talent? She won and it was only because she was fishy. 

      I hear you though, and sure hope you’re right. Ru, honey. You listening?

  • I hate to say this, but I’m of the feeling that whomever you really want to win won’t.  I never have rooted for the winning queen (though I liked Raja lots!)  Ru has her own agenda.  Whoever is going to sell her product best will win.  Period.

  • vmcdanie

    I don’t know why I’m bothering to comment when T Lo pretty much said everything I was thinking (everything!) only more eloquently.

    I went to Twitter and voted like a fool but how are they going to tally the vote and film the special next week? They didn’t even give us a voting deadline.

    Phi Phi is what’s now in drag? How fucking stupid do they think we are? Look, whatever, they had to justify her being there. Even if they had announced the winner, this would have been the worst episode of the season. I barely made it through. I’m not pleased with the fuckery this season and after the whole debacle with Project Runway the last few seasons, I think we’re all overly sensitive to judges spouting producer talking points.

    Ru’s videos look more and more like cable access clips every year. I’m hoping the judges saw different clips than what we did because that shit was so edited and quick-cutted there’s no way they could have critiqued anyone’s grasp of the choreography. And while we all might love Ru, I doubt many of us love her music. I know this is never going to change but I wish the last lip sync could be saved for an epic song a la “MacArthur Park”, not blandly forgettable dance music.

    I thought I was the only bastard who doubted one of the sob stories from last night.

    • hoez

      It is not a public vote. Ru just wants to know what people think and they aren’t tabulating votes or anything.

      The reunion films tomorrow and the winner will finally be revealed in front of a live audience.

    • AnotherG

      I kinda-sorta believed Sharon’s story at the table.  It could explain his choice of final outfit.  The tentacles, loved, but the outfit? Did you give up, honey?

  • Can we talk about the recap episode from last week? Because I loved how Billy B was criticizing Michelle Visage behind her back. HA!

    I’m so confused. I was so expecting to be dazzled because it is the end of the competition. Now I have no idea who will win. I was let down by Sharon being mediocre. I am kind of hoping now it’s Chad. And I was shocked that Michelle actually gave Chad a compliment, regarding the hand flourishes.

    Phi Phi’s runway was ticky-tacky in a bad way. I don’t understand how any of the judges could like that outfit.

  • Mariah J

    “Raja, we love you, but this is not a good look for you. Tyra, we never loved you.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA You kill me.

    If they really do take the tweets into account Sharon will win in a landslide. *prays for this to happen*

  • Just want to remind everybody that Phi Phi is not going to win, and was never going to win. Have a little faith in Ru not to be a complete moron. S/He’s seen all the same footage we have. Calm the fuck down. It’s going to be okay.

    • Markatha


    • boweryboy

      I’ll believe it when it see it.

      Money talks and don’t the producers sign the checks?

      • Amanda Jantzi

        Yes. But they’ve now seen all the footage we have. And all the hate that Phi has generated. So perhaps they might change their minds, since the general view on Phi is that she is a vile, hate-filled little troll (with apologies to trolls)

  • Aaron Lucas

    hmmm, so maybe Phi Phi was being a little liar after all – that little sneaky bitch! anyway, please don’t stop recapping! these posts are the reason i actually come to this blog anymore (no t no shade)…if they go, i’ll have one less blog to read, yes (which might be a good thing for my productivity), but will be sad nonetheless

  • Sweetpea176

    I’m with you on this.  My theory is that Phi2 is still in it precisely because she’s an inferior and unlikeable queen, because it gets people talking.  She may have been getting a winner edit, but I think Ru’s just messing with us.  Sharon’s story arc is so much more compelling — the loser, freak, weird kid becomes most popular and fabulous of them all!  That’s not only irresistible, it’s the stroy that RPDR is teling/creating. 

    That said, if Phi2 does win, I may very well stop watching.  Not in protest or in anger, but just because it’s no darn fun to kep wathcing queens I don’t like win all the time.  Someone you’re roooting for has got to win sometimes to stay interested in teh game (unless you’re an old-school Red sox fan).

    • I wish these (sur)reality shows would realize that having an unpleasant person hang around for well past their expiration date does NOT create positive interest or buzz. I think that most people watch these shows for a bit of escapism (I know I do!)-we all have to deal with unpleasant people in the world, why do I want to watch that on my precious time off as well? 

      •  Yes! I’m not even kidding when I say Phi2 made my anxiety level go up, which really sucks, because Drag Race should make it drop to zero.

        There’s a difference between throwing shade and being nasty. Phi2 crossed the line in the first episode, when she went off on Jiggly, and by the Final Four episode, she was so far past that line she couldn’t even see it anymore.

        I guess for some people, any buzz is good buzz, but, man, Phi2 was, bar none IMO, the most awful queen this show has ever had.

        I’m not upset about having to wait another week to find out who won, but if Phi-Phi wins, there will be some hell raised in the A.H. household.

  • Markatha

    I was surprised & let down by the end of the episode last night. 
     But, as I think about it I can see why Ru did it. 
    Instead of the winner being a done deal before the show airs this way Ru has the option of being influenced by viewer/fan reaction to the show & the Queens before making the final decision (if she wants too). 
    Certainly she knows of the massive love for Sharon & Chad (and hate for Phi Phi) by now as she has followed along as we watched & commented.
    But this will be the first time she can let it inform her decision, by choosing the winner in “real” time. 
    Before it didn’t matter what the rabid fans thought or wanted the decision was already in the can. 
    This way fans voices will have been heard before the winner is chosen. 
    Now if Ru heeds the voices is up to her I guess.
     I can see why she would like this option better.
    She’ll have to acknowledge all the Fan love for Sharon & Chad at the very least. 
    I love Ru so much & I really can’t imagine her choosing Phi Phi NOW just to spite ALL of us.

  • malarkey

    of course you’ll keep watching. is there anything else on TV remotely like this?? hell no.

    • MychelleFrost

       Uh, you might want to speak for yourself.

      If this show turns into another producer-manipulated monstrosity like Bunim/Murray did to PR, I know I wont continue watching.

    • LambeeBaby

      I will keep watching too. As you said, there is nothing else on TV like this. It is a discomagical alternate universe. Can’t help myself, this is what I assume a crack addition is like.

  • boweryboy

    No TLo, no wondering is necessary.

    If this disastrous producer manipulated forced dramatic season of RPDR is any indication of the direction the show is going, I’m not watching anymore.

    I will, however, tune into your weekly blogs about the show unless you feel the show has jumped the shark as well and have decided to stop blogging about it.

  • formerlyAnon

    “Are we supposed to believe that Phi Phi is some sort of Golden Mean of Drag? Bitches, please.”
    Yup. Exactly.

  • pottymouth_princess

    “Tyra, we never loved you.” This is why I’ve read you bitches from Day One. If Phical Matter takes this, I’ll have a hard time taking this show as beyond satire and straight to joke territory. Agree with your reasoning about screwing everyone out of an outcome; they basically already showed the “where are they now” on the clip show, so all they have to really do is forgive Willam and crown someone hopefully not named PhiPhi. 

    • ‘Amen’, ‘hallelujah’, and ‘you’ve got that right!’  All I have to say is, P2 – we’re just not that into you.  (God I love this blog!).

  • pdquick

    I will keep watching, just like I watched Season 2 of Twin Peaks–right up until I was out and the neighbors wanted to get high and go to the Troc, and Laura Who?….

    • pdquick

      PS: Confidential to Tyra: Wig glue, honey. That is all.

      • Lord – didn’t she look a fright?  That wig had it’s own zip code.  Look up fugly in the dictionary and you’ll find a picture of that wig.

  • StellaZafella

    I want a Sharon action figure to go with my Sharon Needles Scare Bear!
    I want a Sharon Needles Barbie…AND I want a Sharon Needles Cabbage Patch Kid and a Sharon Needles GI Joe…

    •  I would absolutely buy a Sharon Needles GI Joe.

    • TieDye64

      I’ll have one of each, please! And thank you.

      Love Sharon. 

  • MychelleFrost

    You guys totally read my mind.

    This was such bullshit.

  • Josh Coles

    Besides everything that others have been discussing, I really missed having the Untucked for this episode. Why wouldn’t they do one? I love hearing them go through the seasons departed every year and discussing them. 

  • discordany

    You know, I didn’t get a chance to see the episode before your post showed up on my RSS feed. And the words that caught my eye were “how disgusted we are by the win”. That said, I watched the episode apprehensively, fully expecting to see Phi2 crowned winner and to then come to the comments section and express my RAAAGGGGEEEE.

    That said, I’m not disappointed by the twist at all, because your comments sections each week have given me faith that viewers hate Phi Phi as much as I do, and will not give her their votes. To be fair though, whoever Ru wants to win will win, votes be damned.

    Also, I was a little worried throughout the episode…. Sharon was (apparently) weak during the dance (although the finished product didn’t seem to be so bad?), and her runway look wasn’t up to par. She was my choice for the win (with Chad being a close second), but after this episode, I’m thinking Chad deserves it more.

    Plus, I don’t really mind waiting another week to find out who wins… I’ve been eagerly anticipating the reunion show to find out what the Willam drama was all about, anyway.

  • It’s only cute if Ru actually LISTENS to us and crowns Sharon.   It’s incredibly not cute if Ru flips us all the bird and crowns Pheces.

  • I work in a 

  • Admittedly upset about the ep but never enough to consider not watching!

  • I so agree with you guys that I posted this on the show’s Facebook Page. Let’s see if she takes it down. The fabulous Tom and Lorenzo are mentioned: Two Queens Bitch About How Ru Paul F#*&%D Up Drag Race Season 4 Finale

  • lilazander

    Well said, boys! I couldn’t agree more.

  • TieDye64

    I finally found the time to watch this tonight and all I gotta say is WTF Ru? I completely agree with you boys. It really is a shitty way to treat the audience. A very devoted one at that. After this I’d say Phi Phi is the effing shoo-in. I’ll be more than happy to be proven wrong. Please prove me wrong Ru!

  • taylorea

    While I agree with what most everyone is saying about this stunt (I rolled my eyes too), let’s not forget what kind of show we are watching, girls. This is REALITY TELEVISION. It’s all contrived. At least Ru is pretty straightforward most of the time. * But even the Goddess of Glamazon is not above ratings tricks.

    It’s like riding down the road in your luxury tour bus. We can fool ourselves into thinking we are queens of the highway, but in the end, you’re taking a crap in a tiny box just like the RV family in the next lane over. 😉

    DON’T get me wrong though, ladies, I’m sure I will be shouting curses at my screen come Monday night and join in the Bitter Bitchfest 2012 shortly after. But isn’t that a little fun? Where would we vent our frustrations if our fan favorite always won? Hmmm. Maybe not. Either way, I know I will be signing up again when season 5 rolls around. There really isn’t any other show like this out there. **

    * Polygraph test… Bwhahahahaha Good one, Ru!
    **I actually hope Ru does change a few more things that have become tired and routine.