RuPaul’s Drag Race: NO MO HOs!

Posted on April 03, 2012

We stand with our more glamorous sisters during their Norma Rae moment:

Damn straight skippy, queens.



We just can’t with this one. We figured it wouldn’t be Willam but we shouldn’t have been surprised it was Kenya. Michelle Visage has always had an inexplicable hardon for her. We just can’t ever shake the feeling that she goes around licking all the items in the room. If we were ever around her, we’d never turn our backs on her.

Anyway: Bears – and not the kind that don’t talk to twinks.

We roared with laughter when Ru said this looked like Jiggly.

Cute – and perfectly Sharon.

Cute, but apparently Latrice’s bear makeup skills are about on par with her own.

That’s right! We said it!

Kind of a mess, no? As if she looked around, saw what everyone else was doing, and just copied everybody?

Oh, what are we saying? Phi Phi would never do a thing like that.

Ru, we luvyahun, but when you award wins like this, it only furthers the idea that this really isn’t a competition. Sure, we all expect that to a certain extent, but there’s no way in hell this bland effort deserved the win. Kenya won because Kenya winning was the most potentially dramatic outcome.

Too bad it wasn’t all that dramatic.

Today’s challenge: Tattoo’d, gorilla-armed straight men who dress badly! In other words… stereotypes!

It was kind of weird, though.

Although kudos must be shouted to all of them, because as strange as it sometimes got, they were all pretty good sports about it.

There was some clumsily inserted psychodrama about fathers and straight men and while we don’t want to minimize any of those issues, it sure would be nice if this one show could refrain too much from the “gay men are victims” meme that’s infecting pop culture at the moment.

And why should a bunch of totally game and open-minded straight men have to answer for other straight men who did or said bad things? Have fun, bitches. Leave the Daddy Drama for your therapist.

Thank god she brought it back this week. We were a bit worried about her after last week’s housecoat.

Cute and very into it.

Perhaps a little too into it. But at least the straight guys were thrilled to see her.

So congrats, Phi Phi! It doesn’t bother us to type that, because she really did wonders with her partner.

Man, those striptease numbers must’ve been painful. We’ve never seen a quicker, less informative montage in our lives. We got about 3 seconds of each routine.

It seems a little crazy to say this after an entire season of ragging on her makeup skills, but Phi Phi did an astonishing job on the guy. She’s better doing other people’s makeup than she is doing her own.

And it’s “Sashay away” for Kenya Michaels. Again. Thank Ru.

Like all the other entries, the relative quality of the striptease number remains unknown to us. Those sure as hell don’t look like striptease costumes to us.

And the rest of their performance was just odd as hell.

Credit where it’s due: Kenya did a pretty good job on the face. It helped that he had the prettiest face of all the dudes. But those costumes are not only hideous, they’re bizarre. What’s with the fluffy boobs?

We were yelling at the TV when it came time for the LSFYL, vowing to Ru that we would write furious things in the morning if she sent Latrice home over Kenya.

But as the opening notes of the song played, Tom laughed and turned to Lorenzo, shushing him with the words:

“Honey, it’s Aretha. She’s got this.”

And she sure as fuck did, didn’t she? We laughed and pointed when Kenya resorted to splits and wig-pulls. Oh, honey. You are in the Church of Miss Latrice right now and you best shut up before you embarrass yourself further.


First Commandment of Latrice: A diva never looks for the spotlight. A diva forces the spotlight to STAY ON HER.



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  • Latrice fucking OWNED that lipsync.

    • J D

      AGREED!  Best lipsync I’ve seen on the show.  Poor Kenya looked so desperate twirling around Latrice.

      • Kenya looked like the backup dancer or something.

        • Alec Lawson

          The whole performance reminded me of JuJubee and Sahara Davenport lip syncing “Black Velvet.”  JuJubee understood the song while Sahara did the crazy twirl.  Knowing the words of a song doesn’t mean you know the song.   

    • Even Santino knew enough to just shake his head and turn away when Kenya ripped off that wig.  So glad her tired ass got sent right back home where she belonged! 

      • I saw that! the second the wig came off I knew she was gone. The problem with the younger queens is that they can never distinguish between the power songs and the emotional ones.

      • Sweetpea176

        I loved the reaction shot of Santino!  It looked like he said “Oh no” or something like that.

        • amywinns

          Definitely. In fact it was an “ohhh noooo” with a head-turn of tragedy.

    • VermillionSky

      I’m pregnant and I had tears in my eyes from the way she sang the song to her baby bump.  She knew exactly the right way to perform that song in preggo realness drag.

      • Haha–your first sentence has a FABULOUS misplaced modifier. “I’m pregnant…from the way she sang the song”  ME TOO! 😉

  • introspective

    Latrice *OWNED* that Aretha song. Once again, homegirl was taking us to church with Soul Train realness while Kenya pirouetted around her looking like the strange sad little pixie that she is.

    Phical did do wonders with the makeup job on her daddy. They were not so much the clear winners though, as the lesser of 5 evils. Cause nobody was looking right up there last nite. Costumes were horrid, routines were lackluster and I was over it. The workroom was way more interesting than the mainstage this week. That is, until the Queen Latrice pulled out all the stops on her LSFYL–LUV HUH.

    • StellaZafella

      Phi Phi could get a COCONUT to look like her own sister…that’s the way it is when you apply your make up with a trowel.

    • MK03

      Not all of that can be attributed to makeup skills; they really looked like they could be related. Bitch pulled strings to get the guy that had the best resemblance to her. 

      • PantherontheRunway

        I know and that was totally shady too! I get helping out friends but that was damn near cheating

    • Lingus

       I honestly suspected Kenya had a lot to do with the winning makeup. Even Phical’s makeup is magically looking a lot better, a lot more symmetrical. I just don’t believe that such an improvement would come out of nowhere.

  • introspective

    Oh and the irony of all ironies: Kenya being all “I dont wanna be Carmen Carrera and get sent home the day I get brought back.” Um, GIRL BYE. that’s exactly what this was. You were a fishy little pit stop on our way back to the same old top four we established last week.

  • suzanne77

    That was masterful and even touching! The way she sang to her belly and then to THE HEAVENS THEMSELVES. I was riveted, I was verklempt, I was goose bumpy all over! LUV HUH!

  • Latrice realizing she could/should pull the baby bump into the story she was telling in her performance was pure genius.

    • introspective

      Agreed! It was like she was carrying the drag love child of herself, Aretha and Gladys from last week!! I lived for her performance!

    • royinhell

      Reminded me of ‘Murphy Brown’ when Candice Bergan sang it to her newborn… or Selma Bouvier singing it to her iguana Jub-Jub on The Simpsons.  

    • It really was. One of the best lip synchs on the series and truly emotional.

      • AudreysMom

        and it was great watching the judges watch her. Jessie cozied up to Michelle V, fully enthralled by Latrice. They never looked away from her (and over to Kenya) once. And I do believe that JLH teared up.

  • Latrice was amazing, as she was last time.  But I have to wonder what she’d be like with a song that’s not in her diva-wheelhouse, like a pop Britney Spears song, or that country one that Willam lsfyl’d to.

    •  She’d be fine! Country Music is Soul Music in cowboy boots.

      • Vincent Dall

         Hmm. Did you actually see the episode where they lip-synched to country? Because it was not soul music in cowboy boots. Quite the contrary. Latrice would have definitely had difficulty, as would most of the other queens.

    • andcoh

      I wondered the same thing.  Both songs have played to her strengths.

    •  So true. Gladys Knight & Aretha. Coincidence? I think not.

    • giiiirrrr

      Yeah, they’ve stacked the deck in her favor twice.  We’ll see what happens when she’s up against Chad or Sharon.  Interesting.

      • In past episodes I have heard them say they were all told the LSFYL song well in advance, that it’s chosen before anyone knows who is in the bottom two.

        • andcoh

          It is chosen in advanced, but I would still say these are songs that have played to Latrice’s strengths.

  • There was no clear winner last night.  This was a strange episode, and I still don’t understand why Kenya even came back – she added NOTHING to the challenge.

    And the “DILFs” – just plain strange.  Especially Sharon’s.  I’m glad she was able to pull him together at the end, because it would have killed me to see her go home because of that whack job.

    I knew Latrice would be fine the moment the song began.  She was a star, and used the whole “baby bump” to her advantage on the stage.  It almost teared me up.

    • Elizabido

      I was really worried that Sharon would have to LSFYL because of her lousy DILF or GILF, or whatever he was. I’ll have to go back and do research, but her Daddy looked really familiar to me. I think he’s the same guy that was Patti Stanker’s date when her staff fixed her up on “Millionaire Matchmaker.” I hate to admit that I’ve watched that shitfest, but as I recall he was as weird on that show as he was on Drag Race. If it’s the same guy, then he’s one of those “reality” show whores, always trying to get his mug on TV. At least he was onboard with the gay community. On the Matchmaker show, he came off as misogynistic.

      • Now I want to see if it is the same person, but I wouldn’t be surprised.  If you watched the A-List (which I did – don’t hate me), you saw one of Patty’s female Millionaires trying out as a dancer for the woman (can not recall her name).  Looks like Logo has a deal with Millionaire Matchmaker!

        • Elizabido

          Oh, yeah, I remember that woman! She was highly obnoxious with a giant ego. I can’t stand Patti Stanker, but I do enjoy it when she kicks some of those A-holes to the curb, which she did with that awful woman. I think Mike’s MO is to be as nutty and off-putting as possible so he can get maximum camera time. DILK is right. I wonder where he’ll show up next. As justice of the peace in Kim Zolzciak’s (sp?) and Kroy Whatshisname’s wedding on “Real Housewives of Atlanta”? 

    • MK03

      Yeah, it definitely wasn’t as fun as last year’s Jocks in Frocks. And I’m not saying that because I have a crush on Manila’s and Yara’s guys…

      • amywinns

        No, but it would be very hard to top that episode, one of the best ever.

    • Hey, you have my name!  Cool!  😀 

  • Is it me or is it always funny how the Guys they makeover look better in drag then the actually drag queens lol

    • StellaZafella

      It’s just you. Sorry.

    •  One of the things I don’t like about the makeover episodes is it’s damn near impossible to make the straight guys look good. So it could easily just be you.

  • MsKitty

    Kenya Michaels? Aw hell no!

    Was happy to see her get bounced again.  Her LSFYL performance was manic and did not go with the song at all.  And next season if someone pulls off their wig during the LSFYL that should be grounds to bounce them immediately…cut off the music and send them away right then and there.  So tired of seeing that.

    Loved Chad this episode, especially when she went all round-the-way girl on Mike.

    • I loved how Santino started shaking his head the moment the wig came off.

      • Amanda Jantzi

        Kenya pulled it with such…triumph, too, like she thought it was really going to be some crescendo in her performance. I just – I don’t know. She makes me nervous, like I feel the need to change the channel when she comes on.

    • Pinup Ghoul

       For real. I can understand a wig or a shoe falling off, or a strap busting off of a dress. But deliberately removing them is just ridiculous.

  • Horacio Lom Bonilla

    I didn’t think Kenya could embarass herself further than when she did the macarena while lipsynching to Madonna’s Vogue. Guess I was wrong…

  • Jessi03

    Did anyone else see Santino go “Oh, no” after Kenya ripped off her wig?  I wonder if Ru gave a speech about how it’s not working and Kenya missed it.  Or maybe he’s just as sick of it as we are.  Ew, I can’t believe I agreed with Santino about something RPDR related.  

    • I just rewatched it and saw that!  I cracked up.

    • Celandine1

      You can never be sure with editing but yeah that cut to Santino after Kenya tore off her wig cracked me up. Kenya popping up behind Latrice with gymnastics was funny because that’s the only way she was going to get any camera time.

  • Joe J

    Latrice + Aretha is the same basic mathematical equation as Latrice + Gladys.  Both of them equal “Your ass is grass, other queen.”

  • Sabrina Bano Jamil

    I’ve always thought the best gender dialectics involve sequins and glitter. Seriously, though, I know everyone lives for the snatch game, but the Straight Dude Makeover episode is always my favorite. Maybe its because in my head, I’m always judging which of m straight male friends would be best in drag. Or maybe its just because I love the Butlerian-gender-performativeness of it. Or maybe I just love hearing supremely straight dudes dish about how they’ve just now realized that women have to BUST THEIR ASSES to meet the social standards for women-prettiness. But I always love this episode.

    • laura512

      Me too.  I love all the things you mentioned, topped off with the shots of them in the lounge all dressed up and gorgeous, but in total dude spread in the chair.   Y’know – knees apart, arm along back of chair, imaginary Bud in one hand, false eyelashes and wig still in place.  Love.

      • MK03

        Remember Manila’s guy watching the judging, sitting there with his fist in the air, on the edge of his seat like she was taking a free throw? God, I loved that.

        • laura512

          YES!  One of my very favorite moments.  

  • Those are exactly the words that went through my mind. There is no way in hell that Kenya even stood a chance against Latrice when it’s an Aretha song. She may as well have quit right there and then, it would have saved her the embarrassment. 

    • DinahR

      Yeah, she had no chance.  Almost makes ya wonder if Ru just liked Latrice’s LYFYL so much she planned on having her there just to watch her do Aretha.  lol 

      •  I thought so, too. Latrice tore up the stage last time. I can believe that Ru just wanted to see her perform again. And Latrice delivered!

  • Sabrina Bano Jamil

    Oh, and I love Latrice, but it feels a little like Ru picked that song for the LSFYL just for Latrice. I know she didn’t but… Damn, it was like custom selected for her!

    • DinahR

      Yeah, I think any of the other queens would have just backed away from the stage realizing Latrice was gonna pound them with Aretha.  Kenya looked silly, poor thing.  

      • Jasmaree

        I swear it seemed like everyone on that judging panel and Latrice gave Kenya a “you poor, desperate creature” look.

        • yetanotherLaura

           And that was just about the last time they even looked at Kenya, too.  If you noticed, every single time they showed the judges, ALL eyes were on Latrice, and stayed there.  Kenya was just an irritable mosquito you wish you could swat and make it go away — she had absolutely nothing to offer, and nobody cared about what she was doing what with Latrice KILLING it.

  • DinahR

    I was SO annoyed and confused to see Kenya come back.  I also figged it wouldn’t be Willam but I was looking for the Princess or … hell, anyone other than Kenya.  Literally the last gal I expected.  What is Michelle V. on?  I’m not liking her opinions this year.  First Kenya, then another dumb comment with “Chad is always safe”.  Her entry for the presidential debate with the pink poodle ‘do was anything but safe.  Wtf?   

    I wonder if they bring a fishy queen back on the dude-to-diva makeover challenge just to have another guy and because they assume the fishy queens would have a talent for transformation.  Carmen did way better than Kenya in this regard.  Still both went home though, so… yeah.  

    • laura512

      Michelle has got some kind of hard-on for Chad and I can’t figure it out. She says he’s always safe, so then he starts doing different things, like the short hair rocker runway look, the debate look.  Then she starts complaining that he’s always something different and they never see the “real Chad.”  The hell?  Does she just not like him or is she taking judging lessons from the ANTM School of Criticism (class name: Inconsistency 101 – learn to keep ’em on their toes!!)

      • putonabus

        I always thought Michelle was just playing a contrarian role, being the “bad cop” to Ru’s “good cop,” until she described Kenya this week as “a fierce queen” who “happened to be off her game,” if I remember right. It was then that I realized she was actually just crazy.

      • StellaZafella

        Ru is the only one Michelle will EVER accept looking better or more polished than Michelle…”Chad doesn’t show us enough of himself” = “Bitch looks better than me, I hate her.” We had a word for female drag queens in my days in San Francisco: “Dragons” as in Drags on and on and on…

      •  Psst laura512 – you’re misusing ‘hard-on for”; it means liking something (think about it).

        • FloridaLlamaLover

          par3182–not sure about laura512’s cultural background, but my now-deceased relatives who were Southern Scots-Irish, and born 1880-1920 carried over the use of the phrase “hard on” to mean having it out for someone, or giving someone a duly deserved hard time, and wasn’t sexual in meaning at all. It derives from the English term “hard” which meant “heel” — like having your heel down on someone.  My grandparents’ language had a lot of obsolete phrases like that, and also pronounced some words which sounded wrong to my young ears.  Wasn’t until I got into genealogy, and associated research, that I found out what they were saying.  Trust me, the first time I heard my 80+ year old uncle saying he had a hard-on for someone, I was stunned! (I am an unashamed info-collecting-researching-geek.) 

        • laura512

          Ha!  Probably, but I’ve heard it used both ways.  Like…somebody wants to fuck you..or fuck you up.  

      • piperkitty

        I wonder if it is because Chad is the lady Michelle V. could only dream of being. Jealous?

        • StellaZafella

          It’s jus’ that, as hired gun in bra straps, she don’t like nobody out ‘RuPauling” her RuRu.
          B’sides. Jersey gurl’z ALWAYS gotta have an opinion, no matter what it is.
          If Misteress Chad went off on the big ‘MV’ like she did on that A-hole in the werqroom,  Miss Michell would just say “Chad’s too coarse to represent my meal ticket, er – I mean, RuPaul. (She HAD to laugh at Sharon’s take on

    • vmcdanie

      Chad is always safe but Kenya is….what? Weird, not versatile, lacking in performance skills and clearly hampered by the language barrier.

      Chad is so talented and professional and a lovely person. I can’t say I’m taking Michelle’s bullshit very well.

    • amywinns

      I thought that bringing back Princess would have been an interesting direct challenge to Sharon’s aesthetic, and an opportunity to make her work a little bit… she’s running away with things a little early and that would have been fun to watch. Plus, Princess seems like a lovely person and I wouldn’t mind seeing a little more of her. (PS Sharon and Chad are my favorites, for obviously different reasons, and I would be thrilled with either win.)

  • This is going to get interesting.  Latrice isn’t the best or most polished queen out there (I’d give it to Sharon) but who the hell is going to beat her in a LSFYL?  Ru can’t possibly watch her do that and then give the win to the other girl.  Unless they give her Party Rock or something to lipsynch to.

    •  I’m stuck in the past. I think Willam would have been the best choice. Latrice isn’t the most polished, but I think she’s the most entertaining. Sharon is witty, but I am over the Queen of the Dead look.

    • She’ll probably just do what she did the last time she had this problem (Season 2, when Jujubee owned the LSFYL) and dismiss her in third place so she never has a shot. Can you imagine Juju losing the LSFYL to Tyra? No shade to Raven, but seriously.

      • Of course, Juju screwed herself with that damned sack dress.

  • Kayceed

    I cried during Latrice’s lipsynch. It was beautiful and majestic. She really has buckets of charisma on stage.
    I felt bad for Kenya – I don’t think she has the cultural knowledge to interpret that song. Things could have gone very differently if a Shakira song, for example, had been chosen.  

    •  Was a lack of cultural knowledge really the problem? Couldn’t you just LISTEN to the song and realize that gymnastics and wig and bodice ripping just wouldn’t work? They must rehearse the LSFYL songs. Having heard the song at least once, couldn’t you just figure it out?

      • CrashSUCKS

         ^^ Exactly.
        There’s no need to feel bad for lil’ Kenya. She got to come back, that’s enough. And her LSFYL was atrocious. “Cultural knowledge” had nothing to do with her interpretation. Sorry, but if I heard a Spanish language BALLAD, I wouldn’t start bouncing around and dancing up a storm just because I didn’t understand the words. Dumb as rocks, that Kenya.

      • I don’t think Kenya has the ability to stay still during a performance.

        • Pinup Ghoul

           Or ever. I don’t think she has blood, just a very potent blend of energy drinks and liquid adrenaline in her veins.

    • Lingus

      I don’t know if much cultural knowledge is needed for this simple, beautiful, and universal song. And her English isn’t as bad as she pretends, if that letter she wrote really was from her. I think she just interpreted it the way as she interprets most things…all sexy-like. She kept feeling herself up a bit in between her shenanigans, totally awkward.

      Latrice though…inspired. I was starting to wonder if she’s as creative as the other girls and could hold up against them in the finals, but lady showed she could fight. Love her, and love that she couldn’t stop laughing as Phi Phi’s guy tried to tuck.

      • I have found the perfect word to describe Kenya, CLUELESS!

  • laura512

    Thank Auntie Mame for DVRs!!  We we had to rewind every 15 seconds because we were laughing so hard.  And, OH!! When Kenya pulled off her wig and Santino made the sour lemon face and shook his head?  In the words of another reality ho – I DIE.  

  • I am a BIG Latrice Royale fan, pun unintended, no shade. I love her personality, her down to earth demeanor, her maternal drag mother ways- I think it’s time for a big girl to take the Superstar title! Did anyone else recognize Sharon Needles’ weirdo straight guy from The Millionaire Matchmaker? That guy went out with Patty herself and was also extremely strange on her show. Makes me think he’s a spotlight seeking, casting couch man whore. His angry shade didn’t go over very well with Chad Michaels.

    • Kayceed

      He obviously is clueless in social settings – he can’t read people or situations. Chad’s ferocity was awesome to behold. 

      • Celandine1

        It   was hilarious when he appealed to  Sharon to defend him and she basically told him he got what he deserved for messing with her sister. He was a real weirdo and a little creepy.

        • DonnaL

           I found the whole thing very disturbing, especially when he called Chad “sunshine,” which is a real, old-fashioned, homophobic slur.  I know he said afterwards that he was joking, but I don’t buy it.  And even if he was, it wasn’t funny, just creepy.  Sort of like the way he was feeling up his own fake boobs.  Eww.

          •  Eww 2!

          • vmcdanie

            I think that guy was just an odd duck but not malicious. He made such a point of saying during Untucked how much he liked Chad and if he was some kind of bullying homophobe, I can’t imagine him saying something like that, even to make peace.

          • DonnaL

            I still don’t really buy it. I think he was protesting too much, trying to cover himself because he knew how badly he had come across.

        • MK03

          I cheered when Sharon said “Don’t call my sister a bitch.” Because Sharon Needles does NOT bully. 

    • putonabus

      Good grief, I thought I couldn’t dislike that guy any more.

    • OMG you are exactly right. I knew I recognized him from somewhere. He was totally crazy on MM too! 

    • Elizabido

      Ahh, I don’t have to look it up. I recognized the goon from Matchmaker as well. An old fame whore if there ever was one. And way too weird to even be funny.

    • Meelah

      Yea his shade on Chad seemed over the top like he was trying to make sure his film didn’t get chopped.

  • hac51

    Kenya is clearly one of those very young queens in DESPERATE need of
    some pop-culture education.  I mean, Latrice is hardly in the generation
    to have grown up with Aretha on the radio, but damn if she doesn’t KNOW
    it and RECOGNIZE it.  Kenya’s high kicking to that song was just sad. 
    You might be able to chalk some of that up to culture differences, but
    at the same time, she needs to get to school, and stat.

    Latrice was glorious.

    • laura512

      But but….beyond education and culture and all that…can’t you just LISTEN TO THE SONG and tell that’s it not appropriate for splits and the twitching and the wig-ripping?  Just musically, what she was doing did not fit the song.  If it had been “Think”…ok…I can see some of that.  But “Natural Woman”??  No.  Girl needs a metronome so she can learn to count to 8 a little slower. 

      • Elizabido

        Kenya looked like a little gnat flitting around Latrice during the lip synch. I wouldn’t have blamed Latrice if she’d swatted her off the stage.

        • laura512

          Somewhere else in the comments, I posted something about Willam in the wings w/ a blow-gun.  I deleted the majority of the comment and just posted that, but it started out as a whole long story with Willam shooting Kenya with a tranq dart and her falling to the stage in a tiny pile of sequins and feathers and then Willam making one of his deadpan comments about fish attracting gnats or…something..I don’t know.  And then the phone rang and I had to get back to work.

          • OH!  I wish you’d left it all in!  I love Willam stories!!  We can have a What WILL Willam do section  ^_^    I dearly want a t-shirt with WDWD on it  LOL

        • too funny you described her as a gnat cause I was telling my watching buddy last night (in the voice of Janosz from Ghostbusters II) “she’s a like a buzzing fly to Latrice”

    • Latrice is the same age as me and while Aretha wasn’t a new act when I was growing up there were enough ‘classic rock’ and ‘golden oldies’ stations that it was impossible not to hear Aretha on the radio. Our parents were the boomer generation so if they were listening to it, we heard it. Plus, there comes a time when, if you’re at all musically curious, you start looking. Kenya might not be that curious… she might still be too young… it’s hard to say.

      But she had absolutely no relationship with that song at all. It was downright comical.

    • What IS it with Beyonce being the ONLY reference point these young queens have? Over and over on this show. I mean, even Beyonce herself has better reference points! And that’s never supposed to be the case. The queen is supposed to be pulling one over on mass culture, not the other way around.

      • hac51


  • i really hope they stop bringing people back. for the second time in a row, the person they brought back left that challenge. ru, you kicked em off for a reason.

    • AnotherG

      Which is why I’m disappointed it wasn’t Willam.  She didn’t get kicked off for being not good enough.

  • Lilithcat

    She’s better doing other people’s makeup than she is doing her own.

    Not uncommon.  I’m often astonished, for instance, at hairdressers who do fabulous work on other people’s heads, yet whose own is poorly cut or looks like straw.  And haven’t we seen some PR designers who look like they dressed in the dark?  It’s always easier to see someone else’s flaws than your own.

    • MilaXX

       What cracked me up was Kenya throwing shade saying she didn’t want to “do a Carmen” and then doing just that.

      • Carmen at least engaged in lesbian porn on stage before leaving. I still love watching the straight guys react to that. They had no idea what to do with themselves. It was awesome.

        Kenya just turned into a deranged Cornish Pixie and engaged in more wig-ripping. Ru needs to declare a moratorium on that mess.

        • MattCooper27

          “Deranged Cornish pixie” is definitely a phrase I will be working into my own personal lexicon. Love it!

      • DinahR

        Yeah I laughed at that even when Kenya said it because Carmen may have gone home same challenge, but she is the realized vision of what Kenya tries to be.  Carmen would own Kenya on the runway or a LSFYL.  

        • MilaXX

          Agreed, in terms of fishy queens, Carmen wouldn’t even have to work up a sweat to beat Kenya.

      • Amandack

        If they continue to bring back a booted queen, I’d like to see them guarantee that queen will “do a Carmen” unless she wins, a la bringing back Vincent and Angela on PR.  Bring back everyone who’s won a main challenge, and if they don’t win the challenge when they return, they’re out for real.  Then you might get actual talent coming back, and not just who Michelle likes.

  • Vaniljekjeks

    I want a Scare Bear! 

    • StellaZafella

      Too bad the auction they were sold at has already happened…I’d be bidding against you.
      If this was Willam, they’d be in stores from here to Honolulu by now.
      OOOOH, Oh! Oh! I just had a flash of “Sharon Needles Scare Bears” at Build-a-Bear workshops all over the country with a cardboard stand up of Sharon in full Scary Lucrecia drag waiting at the stuffing machine!!!!

      • I want a WILLAM BEAR!  And a Sharon bear, and a Latrice bear and a Chad bear.  Please?  

    • Amandack

      I can’t believe they did the auction before this episode!  I totally want a Scare Bear.

      The clever (or not so clever) naming of the bears is further evidence of how the winner should shake out if all is right with the world.  Malibu Bearbie and Scare Bear–awesomely hilarious.  Princess Bitch Bear–shut up.

  • Oh, those decks weren’t stacked at all when Latrice was pitted against Kenya with an Aretha Franklin song. HA! Gotta love Ru for not giving a fuck.

    • laura512

      “I told you we’d bring her back…I didn’t say I’d let the bitch stay!”

  • That was one of the stranger lip synch’s I’ve seen. Latrice had it in the bag the second the music started playing. She didn’t move from that spot on the stage and she owned. “Natural Woman” is NOT a song you swiffer the stage with your taint with. It’s a stand tall and belt it song. Kenya, as usual, just didn’t connect to it.  It was like someone let loose a Cornish Pixie. Where’s an IMMOBILUS spell when you need one?

    I really wish one of those giant hooks had come out from off stage and yanked Kenya away so I could concentrate on Latrice’s performance without having to deal with the hyperactive antics of the wee one.

    • laura512

      I just pictured Willam in the wings with a blow-gun loaded with a tranquilizer dart. 

    • I did like that the editing folks stopped cutting away to Kenya and just left the camera on Latrice. Great performance and the best part of the episode!

      • Did you guys notice this was the only LSFYL that I can remember where they didn’t intersplice other contestants giving their 2 cents (read: telling the audience why Ru will be making the decision she will, like Dida saying “Alisa isn’t really turning it as much as Jiggly”, or Sharon saying “Even though I hate to say it, Willam actually did a great job” or some nonsense).  Instead, the producers were like “the TV audience doesn’t need any guidance…they know who wins this one.  Let’s just show how silly Kenya looked.”  ROFLMAO.

        • andcoh

          I noticed that too.

  • MilaXX

    I had a feeling they would bring back Kenya. Sorry, she creeps me out. Her runway was beyond bizzarro and i was glad to see her go.  I will give credit to  Phi, for deserving the win this time.

  • Amandack

    Where have I seen Mike before?  I’m thinking Millionaire Matchmaker?

    I assume that these were the “straight dads” that central casting could provide, as the “jocks” of last season had previous reality show appearances under their belts.

    • amywinns

      Really? I didn’t know that. Fill us in (or link)?

  • MichaelStrangeways

    1) EVERY gay man in the country turned to each other when we saw it was Aretha and said the exact same thing: “Oh, Latrice has this in the bag!”
    2) Someone came back because they had a 14 episode order to fill and apparently didn’t have the budget for an extra contestant…Lame, and let’s hope they don’t do this again. It was so obvious that Kenya was going to be aufed.
    3) And, thank you for calling out the manufactured drama on this episode…For me, this was the WORST episode as it was very much a “Very Special Straight People Can Like The Gays!” episode. Gays as victims and grasping for straight approval and acceptance is becoming increasingly annoying and “Uncle Tom-ish”. And, “Untucked” was pretty much unwatchable because of this.
    4) And, the “Let’s Change the Phi Phi Story Arc And Make Her Likable” is gross and a huge miscalculation on the part of World of Wonder and RuPaul…They need to understand that if they give us yet ANOTHER shitty winner, the fans are going to go OFF…we’ve put up with hideous choices for Seasons One and Two and a so-so winner for Season Three…a rotten choice for Season Four and the shit will hit the fan…

    • DonnaL

       So-so?  What are you talking about? The majority of people here, and elsewhere, were very happy when Raja won, and thought she deserved it.

      • MichaelStrangeways

        Uh, no….Many people were thrilled Raja won and an equal number of people were less than thrilled. She was ok, but  more of a fashion model than a drag queen. Yeah, she got a lot of love on this site, but, ONE, it’s a FASHION website, and TWO, not even everyone on here adored her.

        It’s interesting to note, that the RPDR queens who have the biggest popularity POST show are never the winners…Raven, Shannel, Pandora, JuJubee, Manila, Yara, Alexis…even Shangela all still get booked all over the country for shows. You don’t hear much from the winners.

        • MichaelStrangeways

          It’s also interesting that RuPaul ALWAYS goes for the pretty/fashiony queens yet people don’t PAY to go see men look pretty in hi-fashion dresses; they go to professional drag shows to see amazing performers. NONE of the winners of RPDR are brilliant performers…they all look pretty in a gown. Which is interesting, because RuPaul herself, was NOT a “fishy” traditional drag queen…she started out in Atlanta and NYC as a punky, club kid who did live performances…she didn’t change her style until “Cover Girl” which made her a star.

          A friend of a friend of RuPaul’s told me that RuPaul allegedly told them, the winner of THIS year’s Drag Race is the FIRST winner to embody the FUTURE of drag…a statement she’s also made on the show. Hopefully, this means someone like Sharon and not a dullard, retro showgirl like Phi Phi.

        • Raja’s winning was good, mostly in contrast to the winners of seasons One and Two – all looks and no personality. Raja wouldn’t have been my personal choice but at least she’s not stupid and/or dull.

          • edgeoforever

            That was my feeling too. At least Raja had a talent – designing clothes and runaway. I don’t care about any of these talents, but it was more than Tyra which was dead weight in pretty dresses. When not compared with Tyra, Raja’s win pisses me off. The elimination of Alexis is as galling as the elimination of Jujubee was. They both were obviously  the best in the last challenge. Based on that, I am gearing for more aggravation with Phi2.

        • edgeoforever

          I think anyone who looked at the rankings produced by the All Stars voting on Facebook has to agree with that. The winners  were lost in the bottom half. Performers were in the top. I believe this season was geared more for performance (less to couture) then the past seasons – which is what I thought talent might prevail for a chance. With Phi2 being re-set as a character, this hope is fading. I believe Kenya was brought in to make Phi2 look better by comparison + give Phi2 more control by proxy (see pairing of the DILFs)

          • Yet I disliked Phi2 even more because of Kenya’s return. The admission in the confessional that Phi2 was directing Kenya how to hand out the DILFs to the others disgusted me. Fine, it’s a game show and the queens are trying to win the game, but at least put on an Anya face and not act so obvious about it.

      • Meelah

        A lot of people didn’t agree with Raja winning.  I didn’t agree with Raja’s win.  Raja is a creative Queen make-up and fashion wise but a HORRIBLE performer almost painful to watch.  I also didn’t care for her attitude on the show.  Many of the people who didn’t agree with Raja felt that Ru let Raja win because they were friends before the show but I’ve never seen evidence it was the case.

        • Full disclosure: huge Raja supporter here, and I strongly disagree that she was painful to watch as a performer. That always felt like a narrative Shangela pushed to justify her existence on the show. That said! Ru’s picks seem very reactive to me, like she’s trying to diversify her picks, season to season. After Season 1, I think she wanted to get somebody younger, an ingenue, and found it in Tyra (who I hated). After that, I think she responded to criticism that her choices weren’t strange enough: just pretty pretty pretty. There was weird old genderf*ck Raja, ready to go! In Ru’s mind, it wasn’t about performer or runway; it was about familiar or weird. And that season, she wanted weird.

          • In that vein, I actually think Sharon’s success this season is due in large part to her campy humor (which Ru has taken heat for overlooking in the past) more so than her strangeness, which is actually a more familiar strangeness (if that makes any sense) than what Raja often served. If Manila had been on this season, she might have cleaned up.

          • Meelah

            We’re dealing with opinions so you’re entitled to your own.  My opinion on Raja being a poor performer is based on the little performing opportunities she had on the show but also her performances after.  I’m not familiar with Raja’s (Sutan’s) drag career before going on RPDR although I am familiar with him as a makeup artist and being on Americas Top Model.  When I watch him perform all I see is his mouth moving without any attempt to make it seem as if he’s saying those words he’s attempting to lip- sync.  Maybe that wouldn’t be a problem if Raja could dance but that’s not an option either.  So all I see is a moving mouth that doesn’t match up to the emotion of words in a song while slithering across a stage.  Maybe that’s entertaining to someone but not to me.  

          • Horacio Lom Bonilla

            Uh… what does Raja’s live shows have to do with anything? She won RuPaul’s Drag Race based on her performance on the weekly challenges and she was alright in most of them. She was ok in Queens in Space and in the Snatch Game, she was great in the stand-up comedy challenge, and she won the live singing challenge. No one denies that she won it based on her runway, but she did fine as a performer. I disliked Raja because of her harshness towards Stacy and the whole Heathers thing, and I thought the judges were ridiculously overboard praising her for everything she did, regardless of what it was, but she had the most C.U.N.T in season 3, and it’s impossible to argue against that without being very biased.

        • In terms of lip syncing, I don’t think any of the past season winners is very inspiring when they perform their lip syncs.  But I guess for the show you can’t just base it all on people lip – syncing each other show after show.  Raja (and the other contestants) won in spite of their lip syncs.  in RPDR a lip sync determines whether you stay or go from week to week, but I think it’s obvious that Ru judges based on the cumulative package. PLUS there’s the fact that the winner is a spokes-model for a brand.  They’re going to go with the choice that is most creative within the bounds of being docile and manageable for a corporate shill.  I think the corporate sponsor has a BIG BIG effect on who wins unfortunately.  If they want pretty ingenue, they get it, if they want high fashion, they get it, but the most important thing, I think, is that the winner has to be biddable. Which sort of gives me hope that Phical matter won’t take the cake (ew) because her temperament  is not suited to corporate stuff.  Chad and Latrice however seem incredibly biddable, if a little boring.  My girl Sharon, who has probably been my most favoritest contestant since Pandora Boxx is  a bit of a wild card, but to me the most deserving. Which probably means she might not win.
          As a side note, Willam, had he stayed, would kind of be the archetypal RPDR winner: so-so performer + beautiful + OFF STAGE creative. 

      • Horacio Lom Bonilla

        And Bebe was far from a hideous choice for season 1. Rebecca would have been a hideous choice.

        • Meelah

          I could live with Bebe but Nina Flowers was robbed.

          •  Bebe is exquisitely beautiful and poised, but that’s about all she brings to the table.

          • Horacio Lom Bonilla

            Nah. I don’t know about her pre- or post-show career or anything like that, but she was very good in the Oprah Challenge, in the Viva Glam challenge and everytime they had to dance and lipsynch. Plus her runway looks were unforgettable. I wouldn’t have complained about a Nina Flowers win, but Bebe was really good as well, at least inasmuch as on-screen competition is concerned.

          • AnotherG

            Thank you for that.  I slightly preferred Nina, too, but in no way was Be Be a rotten choice.  I happened to catch her on that Absolut tour in New Orleans, and she was a great performer.  And that leopard print body suit and giant hat were an unforgettable look.

          • But…but…”Face face face! I give face beauty face! You can take! It’s okay! Watch my body go insane!” Best rap solo evar. I also preferred Nina, but Bebe was a totally legit choice.

          • SpillinTea

            Thank you! Miss BeBe was absolutely the best choice first season.  No T no Shade, but there is no way Rupaul was going to pick a queen first season who didn’t have perfect command of English.  Thats not fair to Nina, but its true.

          • piperkitty

            I still rue (pun intended) the day Nina Flowers was sent home.

      • FloridaLlamaLover

        I wasn’t crazy about Raja winning.  I was pulling for Alexis Mateo, liked her personality and I’m kind of a sucker for pageant queens.  🙂

    •  I was totally on-board with Tyra, Season 2. She ruled during her season.

      • AnotherG

        I would have preferred Raven, or Juje, but Tyra killed it in the final LSFYL — the only one she ever had to do.  After seeing her perform, I made peace with it.  And we certainly got to see tons more Raven and Jujube in Drag U episodes (and very little Tyra).  Some of the funniest bits of that show were the two of them tormenting each other.

    • Re: “Very Special Straight People Can Like The Gays!” episode. Gays as
      victims and grasping for straight approval and acceptance is becoming
      increasingly annoying and “Uncle Tom-ish””

      Maybe you aren’t the target market for that message. Grown folks have internalized the “love yourself” message. They don’t need to hear, “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?” But young gays are still finding themselves. They are still reacting to prejudice and disapproval and hatred by hating themselves and sometimes by killing themselves. They can’t hear enough that they are OK. That people just like them were bullied and yet they survived and thrived. Ru knows what she’s doing, and she does it well.

      • Julian Betkowski

        While I’m an adult now, even as a young, very confused and repressed gay man, I found depictions like that offensively simplistic. There’s no real value in making nice straight men apologize for the bad behavior of homophobic morons. 

        It would be much more helpful for young gay people to see depictions of strong adult gay men and women who don’t burst into tears at the mere mention of fathers who may or may not love them existing somewhere.

        • Horacio Lom Bonilla

          Ugh, I agree so much with that last paragraph that I have nothing to add and it’s pissing me off.

        •  So you question the existence of all those punishing parents, and to the extent they do exist, you say, “Grow a pair, and stop all that crying.” You may be right about Phi Phi. I bow to your superior wisdom, and I stand corrected.

          • Julian Betkowski

            It’s not that dealing with homophobia from your parents is easy, it’s just something that you get over. We’ve all had our parents do various shades of nasty things to us, and we just need to realize that parents are human too. So yeah, I guess I do say, “Grow a pair.”

             By the time you’re old enough to paint yourself up like an again Puerto Rican housewife of an ex-footballer, you should have at least started to get your shit together.

  • OhSayNow

    Latrice’s lipsync was awesome! Thank the gods for DVR, because I went back and watched multiple times. The only thing marring the experience was Kenya buzzing around like a manic mosquito.

    • “buzzing around like a manic mosquito.” Yes!

  • Rich Sitelogin

    I knew Kenya was going to be the queen brought back. First, it would have to be one of the queens eliminated the most recently – you don’t bring back someone who hasn’t gone through the majority of the challenges. That leaves Willam, Dida, Jiggly and Kenya. Willam – while being the most deserving to be there, they made such a production of her BREAKING THE RULES (milking it so much we still don’t know exactly which rules were broken) they were not going to bring her back, and basically say “rules, schmules.” Dida and Jiggly, no, should have gone long before they did. Process of elimination, Kenya returns.

    As much as I don’t like to say this, can’t disagree with Phi2 winning – although I do have to agree only because it was the least bad. Sharon’s guy had me scared, until I watched Kenya and her partner on the runway. Knew the bottom 2 at that moment.

    Worried about the LSFYL until I heard the music. Even *I* could have done a better performance on that song than Kenya.

  •  You get the best out of others when you get the best out of yourself.

  • Oooo, Latrice, you better have one more in you to send Phi Phi home next week. Unless Visage gets so unreasonably pissed off at Chad that he’ll be in the lip synch. Whoever! Just please send Phi Phi home. No mo of that ho. Even if his DILF pair did look and act the best.

    I thought Kenya had the most sour DILF. I wondered at times why he was even on the show because he looked like he was hating the whole thing. Plus he looked horrible on the runway. Too much dourness and the eyeliner did not help.

    I did not like Ru’s wig. I kept staring at the odd, dark indentation on the left side.

    •  I had the same problem with Ru’s wig. Very distracting.

      • aykayay

        It looked like one-half of a pair of horns, no?

    • laura512

      Hm…I have a feeling were going to see Latrice and Chad LYFYL next week.  They like to send one of the REAL top 4 home before the finale and keep a dud. Remember Rebecca Glasscock?   

      Why can’t we have just one HUGE LSFYL with Chad, Latrice and Sharon??  Because my head would explode, that’s why.

      • AnotherG

        Goddamnit, you’re right.  Which means Phi Phi makes it to the end.  ARGH.

        On the other hand, I’d look forward to seeing her face go all Rebecca Glasscock when told she wasn’t in the final two.

  • shopgirl716

    Must start watching this show

    • StellaZafella

      Yes. You must…

  • Meelah

    Latrice needs to get it in gear.  I could see her being sent home just due to being in the bottom 2 two weeks in a row if she ends up bottom 2 again next week.  If Phi2 doesn’t go home next week (unless the other 3 dive bomb their chances) I think I’ll be sitting out the rest of the season.

    • Me too – I’ve been sort of iffy since Willam left, and for Phical to beat ANY of the remaining girls is IMPOSSIBLE in my books.  Not and have the Earth remain on it’s axis anyway.

  • MK03

    Phi Phi’s ass better be sent packing next week. 

    •  It cracks me up that, just because she’s in the final four, she thinks she’s in the same league as Sharon, Chad, and Latrice! Cracks me up and annoys me.

      • H3ff

        I’m just concerned that if any one of the other three fucks it up next week, they’ll be out and Phi Phi will be in the final 3 by default.

        • I’m thinking that scenario is highly likely, actually.

          Which is a little upsetting. 

  • I have a couple of friends who normally don’t say such things unless they’re sure (or jacking with me, and I pray that is what this is), but they are swearin’ to Ru that PhiPhi wins this season. 

    I so hope they’re jacking with me. So, so hope. 

  • vmcdanie

    What is is about Kenya? The universal consensus is creepy. I mean, I think so too and I sighed inwardly when she came thru the door (God, I’d have even taken Milan or Jiggly back over her) but I can’t quite figure out what it is.

    Latrice. Legendary lip sync on par with “MacArthur Park” or any of Raven’s. Meanwhile, Kenya twirled around like she was auditioning for a Summer’s Eve commercial. You make me feel like a natural woman with a fresh smelling cooch.

    Kenya’s DILF seemed like a nice guy during Untucked. What the fuck was going on on the main stage? He was not glowing with the joy of motherhood. Also, he looks about 13 months along.

    That was such a confusing, frenetic set of hoops the contestants had to jump thru: make over your DILF, do a striptease, be pregnant for the runway. Wait-what and what? The strip teases they could have just edited out altogether.

    I pretty much bawled thru the last half of Untucked after the one DILF said he’s no longer question his parenting skills if he had a gay child. Most moving episode ever. RPDR: Changing the world, one tuck at a time. 

    •  Kenya is the sort of queen who’s fabulous in little doses, because the longer she’s around the more creepy she becomes. Out of drag she looks even MORE feminine. She could pass herself off as an adolescent girl, and that is NOT a good thing.

      • I have a friend who refers to Kenya as a “pedophile’s wet dream” and that is EXACTLY why she creeps me out.

        •  She’s sweet when she isn’t going a mile a minute- and I loved the little lift and kick when she left the stage…a very classy exit.

  • I was so happy about Kenya’s dad because you could tell she probably chose him for herself because he was the prettiest, but he was so not into it at all. That made it pretty obvious she’d be going home again this episode from the very beginning. They barely even got any drama out of her!

    • Maybe he wasn’t into it because Kenya’s so damn creepy?

      • laura512

        Yeah – he seemed pretty cool and smiley up until she chose him and the proceeded to hump his leg 2 minutes after the introductions.  I don’t have the best social skills, but I try to wait a full TEN minutes after meeting to you hump your leg.  

        • AnotherG

          And . . . she got hands on and tucked him? Do I remember that correctly? Or was that all just a bad dream??

          • laura512

            That’s definitely the impression they gave.  But it also sounded like he was kind of asking for help?  All I remember was watching their shoes under the screen and going “whaaaaa????”

        • vmcdanie

          My creepy meter was going into the red zone with her weird “La Transsss Pear” thing and then she humped that stranger’s leg. For the love of Ru, do NOT bring her back for Drag U.

    • vmcdanie

      Yeah it was the Tatiana curse-picking the hot guy backfires (not that I’m comparing the two. I did like Tatiana and I hated the bullying of her.)

  • PeaceBang

    So there I am practically in tears watching a gay man in drag with a fake baby bump lip sync to “You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman” and I’m like, “Wow, this show has gone beyond ground-breaking to just … beyond!” Latrice’s make-up jobs are starting to really distress me – what is UP, girl? But I adore her beyond measure. I am OVER Michelle V’s irrational, unfair critiques of Chad (and her equally irrational and bizarre love for icky little Kenya). I am also OVER the whole “yes, my life was hell, I was bullied, my parents don’t accept me” message that the producers insist on highlighting every week (thanks for calling that out, TLo)  – we GOT it. But the biggest downer on this bad episode was that insane DILF, Mike, who was so socially inept and delusional as to be downright disturbing. Psychos at that level aren’t funny, they’re just scary. I enjoy a good awkward moment in the Interior Illusions lounge as much as any girl, but that was beyond awkward and into “Dang, I hope those boys can run in heels and how close is the exit?” territory. Massive love to Latrice’s DILF for bringing so much sweetness. 

    • vmcdanie

      Someone over on AVClub mentioned Latrice’s makeup does not look bad in person, it’s done for the stage. Which explains why the judges have still never read her for it. It must just not translate to TV lighting.

    • Gianni_Rubino

      Help me out, not sure exactly how to put this ….

      Psycho Mike-o  (Mike-o Psycho?)  was indeed ‘trying’ to be funny, wasn’t he?  That was his attempt at humor, right?  I don’t think he was funny, at all, but I don’t think he was offensive, except that he wasn’t funny, at all.   I didn’t take it like he was actually a jerk and an asshole, I thought he was pretending to be one to be funny, and just doing it rather badly.  Chad seemed to be in on the joke the ENTIRE time.

      I have a history of not picking up on these things, though.

      LOVED Latrice’s phenomenal lip synch.

      I want both Chad and Sharon to win.  So, whichever doesn’t win s4, I want to send to and win on All-Stars.

      Okay, let’s think this through … Maybe I want Sharon to win, just so Chad can come on All-Stars and Cher herself can be a guest judge while Chad is competing again?   I want Chad & Cher TOGETHER doing something.   I like for a challenge for All-Stars … have the All-Star and an icon of Cher-magnitude do something together.  I will mull over this for a while.  Then I’ll work on world peace.

    • StellaZafella

      My best friend from my old drag days, (MISTER Nebula Sapphire Jones to the rest of us) puts it like this:
      “Black don’t crack, but it’s a lot more than just chocolate. Bebe showed in season one what her underpainting looked like and called it ‘cooking’. Bebe had a warmer skin tone so she used peach and purple for hi and lo lighting her cheeks and jaw shaping whereas, Latrice has darker, cooler skin tones so she uses yellow and purple or blue for structure. BUT, Bebe knew

      • LeoBloke

        I thought that Latrice’s make-up was way better this time, though. Her foundation was closer to her body color, the cheekbone contouring was softer, and  she didn’t have the lower sides of her face overly emphasized with that bright yellow color that’s so jarring with her natural skin tone. She could still stand to do a little subtle shading under the jawline, but overall, big improvement.

  • This entire episode was worth it just to see Latrice shine at the end. Magnificent! And not the least bit surprising.

  • spooki C

    What is Kenya on? Y’all can’t tell me that bitch is sober. Any way, I can’t help but feel she was brought back just for an excuse to keep Phi Phi a little longer.

     Kenya’s LSFYL was ridiculous, wtf was she thinking twirling around with out her wig and shoes when she was up against LaTrice Aretha Royale?!

  • StillGary

    I live for the straight man makeovers, and am so happy that producers don’t go the fake controversial route by asking men who won’t be fun with it — but I do think they stack the deck for Latrice with soulful numbers when she’ has to LFYL — but that’s fine with me1

  • It looks like Bones knocked up the Furtit Sisters and left them high and dry, forcing them to resort to stripping to support themselves.

    Yeah, that’s right. Olde Timey Star Trek joke.

  • And another thing about the lipsync – Latrice made the baby bump into the emotional focus of her performance, while Kenya was acting like it wasn’t even there. Kenya was jumping around flashing her bump, as if gymnastics were more important than connecting with the song.

  • Was this the first time the producers didn’t insert any of the other contestants’ commentary into the lipsynch segment? It was so apparent they just let it wash over us. No equivocation necessary. 

  • Was it just me, or did Lil’ Mama Michaels bear a strange resemblance to Michelle Branch?

  • Oh and did anyone else think that Latrice’s DILF ended up looking exactly like Dida Ritz?

    • Pandora Boxx does a recap as well, and she mentioned that the DILF ended up looking like Niecy Nash from Reno 911.  The resemblance is uncanny.  

  • joe_tey83

    Portia the Pooh looks like Katy Perry.

  • Dlou 212

    Latrice gave me goosebumps–goosebumps!  I love her more and more; I wish she would move in with me and I could come home from work to find her combing out her wigs and some fresh baked Jesus biscuits on the counter.  I would SO be her sugar daddy, if I had any sugar (of the financial variety) to give.  Or a penis.

  • My voice teacher in college said that you should never try to go to the audience but always make the audience come to you. This LSFYL was a perfect example of that. Latrice pulled us in to her performance and never moved. Kenya Michaels was like a squirel on amphetamines. I did feel a little bad for her. I know this is a reality show, but sometimes the lip synchs just really aren’t fair. I shudder to think if it had been Sharon Needles lip synching. That song was almost tailor made for Latrice.

  • Oh, and Ru, it might be nice to do a show tune as a lip synch sometime. A lot of these queens started out in musical theater and a lot of us queens at home wouldn’t mind seeing that referenced.

  • rose88

    I must say that this was my least favorite “make-over” episode ever.  Last year, the jocks they brought on the show we’re really into it and had a lot of fun.  This year, some of these guys seemed very wrong for the show.  You had Kenya’s guy, who looked like Ru had his family held hostage somewhere until he tucked and put on a dress.  And Sharon’s guy – what the hell was up with him?  I don’t think menacing, homophobic bullying has any place on RPDR and that’s exactly what he was pulling with Chad.  But I was impressed with how Chad came right back at him like that.  Chad’s a very kind queen, but don’t mistake kindness with weakness.  I’m so glad Sharon wasn’t in the bottom two because of that creep.  And I thought Sharon made him look a lot like Gene Hackman looked at the end of The Birdcage, which may not be drop dead gorgeous, but it was better than he deserved.

    The LYFYL was very strange, because it was like witnessing one of the best one’s ever done, with the worst one ever interfering in the background.  Latrice was beautiful up there – she made ME feel like a natural woman! But Kenya, oh my, what was that?  At some point you can’t keep using lack of English skills as an excuse.  I knew they would bring her back, because the judges love a fishy queen, but I’m glad they cut her loose right away.  This “bring a queen back” gimmick is starting to look like a stupid excuse for dragging the show out another week.

  • Latrice was chosen for the bottom two just to perform this song.  The second the title appeared on screen, we said that Latrice was put in the bottom over Sharon because Latrice would tear the roof off the place. This could not have been the first time she’s done that song, and Ru put her in the bottom for that reason.  Best part of the episode.

  • Watching Latrice perform gave me goosebumps…it was oddly moving and surprisingly cerebral (a man in drag as a pregnant woman singing about what’s interpreted as romantic love and turing it into something else, man that bitch is bad!).  However, as much as I’m pulling for her to win, I would’ve put Sharon in the bottom for this challenge (based on how little of it we saw).  I’m glad to know I’m not the only one creeped out by Kenya.  It became obvious to me in this episode that Chad isn’t winning because, ala Alexis Mateo (Season 3), Michelle Visage (who really needs a new stylist on this show because Ru, who is bringing it this season, is making her look quite budget) hates her.  Ah well.

    Is it me or are this season’s LSFYL better than all of the previous season’s (with all props to Shangela and Alexis who worked a few times). I’m doubting very much either Raja or the other finalist (whose name I forget) could go against Dita/Sharon/Latrice or even Jiggly (think of her first time doing it not the one she went home) and come out on top.

    •  At one point during the song, Latrice actually had the radiant glow of an expectant mother. She is amazing.

    • andcoh

      Manila killed one of her lip syncs last season. And I think the songs have gotten better.  I was reading the wikipedia for this show and I think a lot of the songs used have been pretty bad choices.  Not the kind of songs a drag queen would ever lip sync to.

  • Logo Girl

    Kenya Michaels somehow mistook the sublime Aretha Franklin to be a bargain-basement Gwen Verdon. What a weird thing to do.

  • ElitheMonkey

    There’s no better word for Kenya than “ew”. I knew it was a long shot, but I was hoping Willam would be back just so I could see Phi Phi’s head explode. 

    • AnotherG

      SERIOUSLY.  I mean, you want to manufacture drama, Ru? That’s all you had to do.

  • “First Commandment of Latrice: A diva never looks for the spotlight. A diva forces the spotlight to STAY ON HER.”


  • Let me count the ways why Kenya is creepy: her manic movements ALL the time, her head wiggles, her odd facial expressions, the way she says words like princess, la transbear, etc. how she makes her duckface in addition to the eye pucker thing every time she steps on the runway, her stomping on the runway, her thinking she looks like hot shit all up and down the runway, her odd humor, her cluelessness as to how to appropriately do a LSFYL, her inability to understand anything, I think that about covers it.

    •  Her dancing during the LSFYL was actually kind of amazing, but it was as if she was in a different universe.

      • jjfg

        Or didn’t know (or care) what the song was.

    • vmcdanie

      Jesus, the way she said, “La Trans (P)Bear” made my skin crawl. I’ve had queens I’ve liked and disliked over the years but none of them ever provoked a visceral reaction like that.

      I feel bad. Maybe she’s a lovely person.


  • Not surprised, but hoping the judges see through the phoniness that is Phical and send his butt back to Texas!  Rumor has it Chicago doesn’t want it back.  I think Chad could/should have been given the win.  Yes, I know Michelle, you don’t like him…tough – the rest of us do!  His DILF looked amazing, and wasn’t “hand picked” by the contestant either!  Honestly…I firmly believe Phical made up that “letter” from Kenya, and Kenya has said she didn’t write it.  Yet she gives him his choice?  Maybe due to the sequestration of the contestants she didn’t know?  Anyway, crocodile tears won’t fool me, and those tears and chin quivers were no more real (and possibly less so) than Willams!  Check out this link I found on the web today:
    Soooo….did “Mommy and Daddy” love and accept him or not?  He’d moved to Chicago by the time he posted that so I am assuming he was out?  That nasty, rotten little POS – I wouldn’t put it past him to take in other’s stories and tell them as his own this late in the game.   

    Can we have a separate category for Most Glorious Interpreter of Song?  Latrice was AH.MAZ.ING.  I wish more would do it like that… no gymnastics necessary…so spastic movements, just visually interpreting the words.  WOW.  

    Here’s hoping Phical o’Matter gets sent home in a handbasket next week.

  • Gigi O’Hara kinda looks like Nina Arsenault and Kenya looked like Latrice’s erratic back up dancer or her kid who just had a ballet class.

    • LambeeBaby

       Sharon’s Queen looked like Cloris Leachman

  • Wat

     I can only feel like Kenya was brought back to force some of the queens to bring it a little harder. Because, like I said before, there wasn’t a single queen who deserved to come back. Willam almost did, but she blew it.

  • You know that logic exercise where you have to get the feed, the fox, and the chicken across the river on the little boat one at a time without letting the fox eat the chicken or the chicken eat the feed? This episode was that game. Kenya was the chicken. She had to be brought back in the boat so that Latrice wouldn’t eat Sharon, Chad, or Phi Phi this week when they let her do her Ree-Ree.

  • AnotherG

    Me, 30 seconds into the show:
    “Please don’t be Kenya.
    Please don’t be Kenya.
    Please don’t be . . . AAAAAAUUUUGHHH!”

    Also, Kenya’s DILF during the striptease:  Catherine Zeta Jones in Chicago? Or am I being overly generous?

    • AnotherG

      And again with the bare feet during the LSFYL!
      BAD QUEEN! No sequins!

    • I thought her DILF kinda looked like Tatianna from season 2 in a weird sort of way

  • I was ready for a bad Monday night when Latrice was in the bottom again. But as soon as they started and I saw Latrice standing there, performing her heart out with Kenya flipping around like a deranged squirrel behind her, I knew. And when she ripped off her wig, I just sat back and enjoyed Latrice’s performance. She was amazing!

  • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

    Poor Jennifer Love Hewitt.  It was this or Dancing with the Stars I guess..

  • That. Was. An. Amazing. Lip synch!

  • That. Was. An. Amazing. Lip synch!

  • GolferGuy

    Apparently Kenya had just watched “The Birdcage” (subtitled of course), “You do an eclectic celebration of the dance! You do Fosse, Fosse, Fosse! You do Martha Graham, Martha Graham, Martha Graham! Or Twyla, Twyla, Twyla! Or Michael Kidd, Michael Kidd, Michael Kidd, Michael Kidd! Or Madonna, Madonna, Madonna!… but you keep it all inside…” except that she didn’t – keep it all inside and pulled her wig off.

  • Linderella

    Did’ja notice that after awhile, not only did the judges stop watching Kenya, so did the camera?  It glommed onto Latrice, and stayed there–as it should.  We only saw Kendra when she accidently ran into the shot.
    And thanks, TLo, I will be quoting the last two sentences of this one for probably the rest of my days.

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    what the h-e-double-toothpicks did william do that was toooo bad to even be brought back?
    cos, by all obvious rights & responsibilities, etc & ect, thats who it shoulda been.

    • vmcdanie

      I like Willam but if whatever he did was bad enough to get kicked off, it would have been bullshit to bring him back, especially for everyone left.

      • holdmewhileimnaked

        agreed, at least to an extent. what it is for me is that there are four of them that seem way beyond the most talented: william, chad, latrice &, of course, sharon. the rest are chaff, pure chaff. the only good visible in kenya is the one thing i hate about myself: she’s small.

  • marco5ny

    A cardboard box could have LSFYL against Kenya and Kenya would have lost.  Kenya was brought back to add a little drama and possibly to appease Ms. Visage.  But Ru was done with her. There was no way a dull-witted queen like Kenya was going to stay and send one of the top four girls home.  The exact same storyline happened last season with Carmen — also with the jocks in frocks episode.    

    • amywinns

      Sort of… Carmen and her guy added a lot of humor and (non-negative) drama to the Jocks episode. Yes, she 100% deserved to go home for being so selfish regarding her/their runway looks, but their cheer was fun, and that LSFYL was *epic* and only possible with the Raja/Carmen pairing… not even close to the total destruction Latrice levvied on lil Kenya. (who has never looked so lil.)

      • DinahR

        Yeah Carmen brought something distinct to the episode at least. Whether one likes her or her style of drag or not, she contributes at a high level.  When Carmen first returned the queens at the time perceived her as serious competition. She shook them up a little in a challenge where they assumed she (and Raja) would excel.  

        I never got the feeling this year’s queens thought Kenya represented any kind of real threat. They seemed almost relieved and happy.  Were there even any anxious quotes like “Oh I can’t wind up in the bottom!!” Nope, because they all knew they could send Kenya off without a problem.   

        When Latrice saw the writing on the wall she as much as told her dilf  “no matter what happens don’t worry about me”.  Now we know why, Latrice already knew at that point Aretha was the LS song!  🙂   I wonder if Kenya hadn’t been there and what would have happened if it was Sharon v Latrice?  

  • Markatha

    You could tell Jesse T.F. was peeing his pants while watching Miss Latrice slay Aretha. 
    Who could blame him she was sooo wonderful and the way she used the baby bump was inspired. 
    Loved it to pieces.

    Phi Phi this week?  Whatever.
    She needs to go away now!
    The other girls ARE the top three.
     Ruuuuu don’t FUCK IT UP!!

  • admccarthy

    Did you hear the comment Chad Michaels’s dilf made about disrespecting heterosexual marriage??  This is a perfect time to bring up old wounds!

  • Mariah J

    I thought Latrice looked fierce in that dress and the LSFYL was AH-MAY-ZING. There was really no need to bring Kenya back, she is so much weaker than the remaining girls…even PhiPhi

  • Stephani Hecht

    I don’t know if somebody already said this, but I think Sharon should have been given bonus points. Her dad was just a huge jerk and his comments were way over the top and crossed the line.

  • AWStevens


  • oh hell yeah! Latrice took her to school and back. I said the same thing, “oh its Aretha. well thats all right then”.

    thanks for finally saying something about Latrice’s makeup though…i was wondering if i was imagining things. lady is an old school pro, no doubt, but that is some serious warpaint she’s sporting.

  • oh hell yeah! Latrice took her to school and back. I said the same thing, “oh its Aretha. well thats all right then”.

    thanks for finally saying something about Latrice’s makeup though…i was wondering if i was imagining things. lady is an old school pro for sure, but damn that is some serious warpaint she is sporting.

  • pdquick

    I was reassured when it was Aretha, but it wasn’t until Kenya ripped off her wig and kicked off her shoes that I started breathing again.

    I had to laugh when one of the, um, “straight” guys said something about them being “guys that work on a road crew and a jailhouse”  and that the queens had never been around anyone like them. Latrice was in prison, bitch! And that’s why she can hold her own.

    • AnotherG

      THANK you for mentioning the shoes.  I’m even less of a fan of that than the wig pull.  Any outfit you aren’t prepared to cut the runway with, you should not be wearing on said runway.  I have NEVER seen a queen at a show kick off her shoes just to do a dance number.  Change shoes, perhaps, but barefoot? This isn’t Ru Paul’s Drag Hoedown!

      (Although, attention customers:  Cleanup on aisle 5! Ho down! Ho down! Call Kenya’s next of kin!)

  • TieDye64

    I myself worshiped at the Church of Miss Latrice. AMEN and Hallelujah, girl!

  • DianaRC

    “We were a bit worried about her after last week’s housecoat.” Just a thought, could Ru have been doing Elizabeth Taylor, the John Waren years?

  • Damnit, Jim! I’m a doctor, not an absentee father!

  • edgeoforever

    This is what I don’t get: if you break the illusion by throwing your costume away, then why lip sync at ll? Why not belt the song for real, show us what you really got. You can’t have it both ways.
    I think they brought back creepy kenya to un-creep Phi2 a little as they proceed to re-set her character (bad deja vu of Tyra sets in). Chad was robbed – the challenge should have been his. Hands down. Latrice of course ruled in her LSFYL – but she (or Chad) will be knocked off from top 3 by Phi2. That’s my foreboding feeling after watching past seasons. I am not even thinking about who will win, or I’ll lose any trace of enjoyment of this.

  • edgeoforever

    This is what I don’t get: if you break the illusion by throwing your costume away, then why lip sync at ll? Why not belt the song for real, show us what you really got. You can’t have it both ways.
    I think they brought back creepy kenya to un-creep Phi2 a little as they proceed to re-set her character (bad deja vu of Tyra sets in). Chad was robbed – the challenge should have been his. Hands down. Latrice of course ruled in her LSFYL – but she (or Chad) will be knocked off from top 3 by Phi2. That’s my foreboding feeling after watching past seasons. I am not even thinking about who will win, or I’ll lose any trace of enjoyment of this.

  • Reminded me of the old Kibbles n Bitts commercial where the Chihuahua was jumping over the English Bulldog! Poor Kenya NEVER had a chance! Kenya got tore up from tha floor up! Latrice planted herself on the runway and gave us some fierce Natural Latrice!

  • PantherontheRunway

    Kenya sealed her fate, by immediately going into hyper drive when the music came on.
    this  season more than ever, I find myself saying, “not every dang song is a dance track” 

    Sharon did the same thing, she emoted and mouthed the words, while phiphi was dancing like an idiot.

  • PantherontheRunway

    And while she missed the mark with the challenge Latrice looked so beautiful on runway.

  • sleah_in_norcal

    whatever possessed kenya when she thought that yellow lipstick was a good idea?

    • LambeeBaby

      Yuck! I thought the same thing. Its like she used Latrice’s DILF’s base makeup on her lips. He looked oddly jaundiced in the Interior Illusions Lounge.

  • sleah_in_norcal

    i loved when phix2’s dilf said during untucked “hell yeah, this isn’t the first time i’ve tucked” and then went on to tell how he tucked it all in the shower and then walked in the bedroom and scared the shit out of his wife.  that made me say hmmmmmm…

  • ccm800

    ChiChi’s man looked like Tyra FGS! 

  • marywv

    Oh my god I love Latrice. That’s all. 

  • Okay, maybe I’m nuts but wasn’t Sharon Needles’ guy on Millionaire Matchmaker? Either that or definitely on another reality show.