RPDR: Such Devoted Sisters!

Posted on April 04, 2012

Hit it, girls!

We kinda felt like the criticisms leveled at them were a bit on the arbitrary side. No, they didn’t literally look like sisters, but Phi Phi was the only queen who managed that.

What Jesse Tyler Ferguson said about them looking like friends in a Tyler Perry movie was funny, but it also struck us as a point in Latrice’s favor. She obviously managed to make her man look like a woman and even look like a woman who’s supposed to be standing next to Latrice.

We’re thinking if she’d given him a black wig instead of a blonde one, they wouldn’t have had much to criticize. Granted, he really did look like Rick James in the black wig.

We also thought the striptease (from the .25 seconds of footage we saw) was fun and (sort of) smoothly executed. The more we think about it, the more we think Latrice was only put in the bottom because Aretha was the lip synch and Ru wanted to give her that moment.

It pains us to say this, but Sharon really should’ve been in the bottom.

Yes, she had a camera-hogging jackass with a face like a brick, which means she had it the hardest of any of them.

But this was not the way to go.

But Sharon’s brand of goth glamour really only works on Sharon types: long and lean, with the capability to mimic exaggerated forms of femininity

You try and put it on this guy and he looks like a cross between an insane pirate or an aging glam rocker. She really needed to tone the Sharon Needles look down considerably. What’s surprising is that she didn’t even make the attempt to be witty or funny. This jackass seriously threw her off her game. It seems Ru wanted Kenya to show up and get sent home immediately if she didn’t do something impressive, because Sharon could have easily lost that lip synch against her. Latrice was a sure bet on Ru’s part that Kenya would be sent packing a second time.

It’s so odd. These two looked pretty cute in their striptease…

… and then apparently decided to hit themselves with an ugly stick just before the catwalk.

Those dresses are kind of hideous. What’s with the dowdy hems? His makeup isn’t so hot either. Sometimes when a queen applies her own face to another guy’s face it works (see Phi Phi’s entry) and sometimes the differences in bone structure and proportions are too much to handle it. He seriously needed to re-assess this look. He took a cute guy and turned him into an ugly girl.


[Screencaps: tomandlorenzo.com]

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  • Paigealicious

    Lots of fug this ep.

  • I think you called it on the reasons Latrice was put in the bottom–it certainly wasn’t because she deserved to be there over Sharon. Of course Ru knew which song was to be the lip synch, and of course she knew that Latrice would nail it. Anything other than an outright by Latrice win would have had her in the bottom to kill this song and axe Kenya once and for all.

  • I thought Latrice’s DILF looked a little like Samuel Jackson. I liked his smile.

    I also liked Sharon’s DILF and the way he was trying to throw shade (poor delivery), if only so I could see Chad flip out on him. Clearly Chad was in on the joke. If only Visage had seen Chad get loud and mad. He can do it, so there. Ha! It’s too bad Sharon was so thrown by him. I was also disappointed in Sharon for not letting her DILF’s behavior wash over herself. She is the “weird” queen, so why get upset and judge another guy for being a different kind of weird? I felt she should have been more accepting of him.

    Chad’s DILF was really into it. He wanted the shorter dress for the runway! “Up to here.” LOL! I enjoyed how some of these dudes were so willing to play.

    • MK03

      Sharon’s DILF wasn’t being “weird”; he was being rude and, quite frankly, a bully. And we all know that Sharon is not down with that.

      • DonnaL

         Agreed.  Chad’s reaction certainly had nothing to do with being in on any joke.  He was genuinely upset.  That guy was disgusting.

    • Julian Betkowski

      There’s a difference between being weird, and offering to show Ru your penis, even as a joke. That guy was appalling. Though, Sharon did seem really thrown off her game by him, which was a shame.

  • MzzPants

    Sharon’s sister name made me snort with laughter!  Her DILF was obnoxious, but at least he had personality.  Kenya’s partner looked about as lively as a stump.  Was it just me or did he seem to have a language barrier too?

    • brokephilosopher

      I kept wondering why Kenya’s partner was so uninterested.  Did anyone else notice the camera panning to him rolling his eyes in the workroom?  I’m not sure if it was a language barrier or just a complete lack of enthusiasm.

      • Pinup Ghoul

         Can you blame him, though? Total indifference is a great coping mechanism for dealing with ‘Squirrel on meth’ Kenya.

    • StellaZafella

      Only in terms of Body Language. All attitude, no delivery, just like Kenya. Somebody told him he was handsome once…and he figured that was all he’d ever need to be.

    • sleah_in_norcal

      i kind of dug his drag persona too.  robin mansions, that is.  i loved that sharon gave him a pun for a name to match hers.  he seemed like a butch lesbian badass dyke with a bike, a perfect alter for his badass macho guy self.  unfortunately, he didn’t know how to be funny.  he may be laughing on the inside, but nobody else is.

      • “Robin Mansions” is good, but it felt like a missed opportunity. Considering Sharon’s whole shtick, I would have expected “Robin Graves.”

  • PantherontheRunway

    Sorry to say, Chad and his guy, looked like sex in the city: circus edition.
    Their outfits just struck me as a glamorous clown……But Chad as always had beautiful face 🙂

    • sleah_in_norcal

      he/she is a true beauty, no?

  • RebeccaKW

    Robin Mansions!  Love it.  But yikes.

    I agree on the Kenya point.  She knew she could bring her in to cause a bit of drama, but then put her against a more talented girl (Latrice) and Kenya would be sent home, rather than one of the remaining.  

  • MK03

    And now I’m going to have “Sisters” stuck in my head for the rest of the day…

    • Jessi03

       Me, too!

  • I know none of the baby bumps looked great, but Chad and Lady Samantha didn’t have bumps, they just had cylinders. And the dropped waists certainly didn’t help.

  • MilaXX

    Every time I looked at Sharon Needles and her partner all I saw the evil nurse who kidnapped Amy Pond.

    • putonabus

      I was getting a little Molotov Cocktease from Sharon. Don’t know if that’s a stretch, but Sharon seems like a person who’d enjoy some Adult Swim.

      • amywinns

        i *heart* you! GO TEAM VENTURE!

        • putonabus

          GO TEAM VENTURE! V V

  • Robin Mansions=Hatchet Face from Crybaby.

    • Jessi03

       YES!  My thoughts exactly!

    • sleah_in_norcal

      i told you he was scary.

  • I wish Sharon Needles would have gone a different route – tried to make her DILF into a gruff, butch, trailer trash ladymama. She could have made that work. That’s what I want her to do, does this make me weird?

    •  Cool idea, but the runway looks have to default to Sexy, somehow.

    • My roommate said Robin Mansions could’ve pulled off a Cloris Leachman drag ala High Anxiety (Nurse Diesel). I have to totally agree with him.

      • That would have been BRILLIANT. 

  • I think the outfits had a big factor in Latrice being in the bottom. Neither their striptease nor their runway looks had anything to do with one another. 

  • Jessi03

    Chad’s guy in drag looked like Manila’s drag jock from last season to me.  Is it just the bumpit blonde hair and the heavy makeup? 
    ETA: Sharon’s DILF was a former terrible date of Patti’s from Millionaire Matchmaker. He was aggressively awkward on that show, too, but it makes me wonder just how far the extent of his camera whoring goes.

    • PixiePunch

       Thank you! I knew I recognized him from that show. It was driving me crazy. He was sooo inappropriate in his comments. UGH, gross.

  • I thought Sharon looked great. As far as who she was working with, I couldn’t imagine ANYONE making him look anywhere near pretty.

    • sleah_in_norcal

      is he the one who was a prison guard?  it’s a good thing he didn’t get matched up with latrice!

      • Jessi03

        On Millionaire Matchmaker, he first said he was an ex-cop.  Then he later said he was a former sheriff’s deputy.  Now, he says he’s a former prison guard.  I don’t get his deal, other than that he loves being on reality tv.

  • Nelliebelle1197

    Am I the only one who noticed Sharon is a ringer for Madonna this week?

    Also, Michelle is just getting on my nerves this year. I suddenly have irrational hate for her.

  • I finally figured out Lady Samantha: Donna Martin Graduates!!!

    •  OMG spot on!!!

    • I was wavering between that and a girthier Gwen Stefani. 

    • Susannah Perry

       YES!  That’s what I thought too!!

    • edgeoforever

      Kristen Johnson from 3rd rock from the Sun

  • StellaZafella

    Latrice and her DILF could have been from the same family, they just didn’t try to look like twins ala Phi and Kenya’s DILFS. That wasn’t the challenge but it became the issue…too bad for Chad and Sharon they just had the cream puff daddy and the brick-for-brains to work with.
    No problem for us…we got RPDR’s first, full fledged dramatic lip-sync performance. Now anyone who wondered why drag shows have been popular for so many years has been schooled. PLUS Ru got the Aretha she had missed so sadly in the Snatch game.

  • I think the reason Sharon didn’t end up in the bottom is that she finally went glam. Yes, it’s spooky pirate assassin glam, but it’s gorgeous. And since she did end up with the most useless of the dilfs, perhaps they cut her a little slack in that regard.

  • DinahR

    Yeah, I agree Sharon should have been in the bottom two and that Latrice being there was a calculated thing.  Sharon’s dilf was hiddy and much of that was her fault.  But he did have the best drag queen name.  I want to change my name to Robin Mansions.  

  • I think it was unfair to pennalize latrice for her dilf because they didn’t look alike, there wouldn’t of been a way to make him look like her, and also i think sharon did the best she could with her choice, she beat that mug and the mug won lol

  • suzanne77

    Did no one else get a Terrence Stamp in Priscilla Queen of the Desert feel from Sharon’s DILF? I mean, I love that movie but Terrence was not the prettiest drag queen. Much more convincing and General Zod in Superman II for my money./end nerd rant

    • MagsRagsVintage

      Terence Stamp’s character was a transexual which is why she didn’t go for the extravagant hair and makeup of her two drag queen partners. I think it was a conscious decision on the character’s part to limit the artifice. But I agree she was not particularly pretty or feminine looking

      • suzanne77

        But even when wearing the same costumes as Tick and Felicia she just had a different look because Terrence was older. That’s all I’m saying. In drag Sharon’s Dilf reminded me of Terence Stamp in drag. 🙂

    • Just from the screencaps (I know! I know! I’ll catch up before next episode) I was getting a rougher, tougher Mrs. Doubtfire feel from Sharon’s DILF. Kinda the same “doughy looking enough to pass for soft” in the face.

      • suzanne77

        I can see that. 🙂

  • I can see why she had it coming this time, but I’m so glad they didn’t put Sharon in the bottom.  I would have been one bitter kitten if she got sashey’d because of brick face.  And nobody was sending Latrice home when she was doing Aretha.  Not. Happening.

  • lilazander

    Chad’s sister reminds of pregnant Tori Spelling (no offence to Tori).

    • StellaZafella

      No offense to Chad’s sister?

      • lilazander

        Let’s forget about the “no offence.” But that was my immediate thought; I take ownership of it. Just din’t want to reveal that my mind wanders the bitchy routes.

    • amywinns

      How could Tori possibly take offense to that??!

      (I mean, I’m no Tori fan, but ouch. C’mon, if you’re gonna  say it, you gotta own it.)

      • lilazander

        Will do.

  • Joshua

    Say what you will about Sharelle Royale, but queen had the best smile of any of them. You could tell he was loving every minute of it.

    • AnotherG

      Agreed! But I think a lot of that was Latrice and the two of them riffing it up.  She and Phi hit it off the best with their DILFs.  I agree, Phi sucked the least this challenge, and his transformation into her spackel-trowell likeness was well done. 

      Wow, backhanded compliment much? 🙂

  • Horacio Lom Bonilla

    Sharon’s DILF was wearing one of her freaky contacts right? Am I the only one who finds that icky? I mean wearing another person’s contacts…

    • StellaZafella

      They’re sterile and not like vision contacts. If you’ve noticed, Sharon is one of several on this show over the years who keeps several pairs in different colors…they share them with each other like make up, because that’s what they are. It’s not so different from borrowing lashes, jewelery, pads or boobies…except the contacts go into a sterile solution between uses.

      • readdiefreddie

        I don’t know anything about decorative contacts (I don’t even know what the proper term for them is), but is it even safe to share them with other people? It’s not like jewelry, which is worn externally – this goes in your eye, which has lots of fun fluids and protein buildup and stuff going on. Eye infections can be transferred just from sharing mascara….so wouldn’t sharing something that goes directly in your eye be even worse for that?

        • StellaZafella

          I didn’t mean to excuse the practice, I just meant to explain what’s been going on since colored and special effects lenses became available to the public. These aren’t viewed as medical prosthetics in drag and theatre companies so it’s not considered – by some – to be any more odd than borrowing wigs or shoes or pierced earrings.

          • readdiefreddie

            Oh, okay, that makes sense. I’d never do that myself – but then again, I barely even share eyeliner because of hygiene squicks – but it makes sense that they’re seen as another type of accessory to be passed around.

          • You aren’t supposed to share ANY kind of eye make-up and you most DEFINITELY SHOULD NOT SHARE LENS.  I would guess that she probably uses disposable lens instead, though, and just gave him a fresh pair — disposables would be much easier to deal with, especially with the large amounts of eye make-up, which can cause build up.

            However, it’s still not a good idea — contacts need to be fitted to the eye correctly or you risk damaging the eye.  Wearing a pair that were sized for someone else isn’t something that you should do. 

          • H3ff

            Contact lenses generally only come in one size, as far as I know.

          • StellaZafella

            I think you’re right about the special effects lenses like we see here. I don’t condone the idea of sharing them but insofar as they’re rigid covers, one-size fits all, meant for short term use (just onstage) and quite expensive to boot,it doesn’t suprise me when kids pass them around. I suppose it’s about on a par with sharing your real gold or silver pierce jewelry…you might be more concerned with losing an expensive accessory than by what the object might do to you.

  • MichaelStrangeways

    I adore Chad but he is very much the old school, Vegas, showgirl school of performer and the look reflects that. It’s sorta understandable why Michelle goes after him…the look is always a bit…dated. It’s never fashion forward; it’s always a retro costume look.

    Phi Phi ATTEMPTS to do the same, but her lack of talent/experience gets in the way.

    I also adore Latrice but she has skated by for most of the season on her personality. Her fashion sense fails her sometimes, and it’s shocking to me that she’s yet to be called on the horrid “Lion King” make-up she uses.

    This wasn’t Sharon’s strongest hour and I’m afraid TLo is correct in saying, she could have been in big trouble if not for the presence of the dreadful Kenya. She sorta fell apart having to deal with her DILF and was obviously intimidated by him.

    • StellaZafella

      I posted this on the earlier thread but really late and I think it’s good lesson from my Sister in Mobile regarding Latrice’s make up:

      My best friend from my old drag days, (MISTER Nebula Sapphire Jones to the rest of us) puts it like this:”Black don’t crack, but it’s a lot more than just chocolate.””Bebe showed us at home in season one what her underpainting looked like and called it ‘cooking’. Bebe had a warmer skin tone so she used peach and purple for hi and lo lighting her cheeks and jaw shaping  – whereas Latrice has darker, cooler skin tones so she uses yellow and purple or blue for structure. BUT, Bebe would blend the hell out of her underpainting and then apply a light, final layer of cocoa colored foundation and powder to help with close-ups…hence she looked flawless at any distance. If Latrice doesn’t do this, the structured underpaint is all the camera will see no matter what the angle or lighting – so, in turn, that’s what we’ll see at home.”Nobody’s brought it up during runways because they’re seeing it live from a distance and it might not look at all like what we see on film…Billy B would have been all over her for it if he could see it sitting there. After all, how many times has he clocked PhiPhi for painting wrong?I hope this helps…it was a learning experience for me. In my younger days, if there was a tube of Ben Nye fair base #1, a tube of RED lipstick and some creme rouge on hand I could borrow the rest and Stella was set to go!

      • MichaelStrangeways

        Perhaps, but there are monitors all over any television sound stage….and, undoubtedly RuPaul is looking at footage as they go along. At some point during the filming, the main judges have ALL had an opportunity to see the contestants as they appear on tape.

      • AnotherG

        Dear Stella,

        Best.  Drag.  PSA!

        (Or something, if not a PSA, a Glamazon version of G.I.Joe’s “…And knowing is half the battle!”)

  • Pinup Ghoul

    Chad’s dresses were SOOOOO Miss Piggy, and not in a good way.

    • I’m seriously trying to figure out what the bad way could even be!

  • Susannah Perry

    Lady Samantha looks like a Tori Spelling impersonator… if such a thing even exists.  But not current Tori Spelling, more like Donna Martin Tori Spelling.

  • MichaelStrangeways

    And, Phi Phi’s dresses were AWFUL and no one called her on it. Talk about shitty hemlines.

  • vmcdanie

    There was so much going on in this episode that I didn’t pay too much attention but looking at the stills–damn, Chad’s dresses are really ugly. It pains me to say so but far worse than Kenya’s.

    (he looks amahzing in his strip tease costume though.) 

  • earthsigned

    I can’t say that I agree that Sharon could have easily lost were she had been opposite Kenya in the lip-sync.  Kenya, while lovely and a talented dancer, interpreted that music poorly.  I don’t understand these gymnastic styled performances with little thought for the lyrics or tone of the song.

    • Right. Sharon showed in her LSFYL against Phi Phi that she at least knows how to stay sane while her opponent is NOT staying sane. If not for Willam, Phi Phi surely would have sashayed. (Although, if not for Willam, Ru may not have indulged us with a faux O’Hara/Needles showdown at all. Perhaps Chad v. Dida.)

  • demidaemon

    I think Sharon needed to match her DILF’s skin coling better. That overly pale make-up is a very startling contrast to his skin tone. Her pale make-up works on her because that is her skin tone, but it would be hard to make work on another person.

  • Sharon’s crazy DILF was last seen on Millionaire Matchmaker. For real.

    Don’t ask how I know these things.

    • LambeeBaby

       NO WAY!!! I have to check that out…please God don’t let him have hooked up…it would just be tragic to inflict him upon someone.

  • TSkot

    Sharon’s Daddy (I can’t bring myself to call him a DILF) looks like an aging circuit queen you’d see tweaked at a White Party, tattoos and all.  He’s just plain gross.  

  • Glenn Gore

    Well, considering how much Chad’s bone structure and facial characteristics have obviously been modified with surgery from their original form, trying to apply his own makeup to a guy who has the facial structure he was born with would be an exercise in futility.  I’m sorry, but out of drag, Chad’s face is just hideous and almost scary.   The poor boy has had so much work done we have no idea what he really should look like.    

    • StellaZafella

      Chad addressed this all in the first or second Untucked, including his resolve to warn others about bad practitioners, peer pressure and what people will do for their art. Personally, I’ve grown used to how Chad looks out of drag and don’t find his look that bad. Compared to some of the monstrously deformed faces among the Hollywood elite who just wanted to defy aging, Chad’s face, coupled with his sweetness as a person kind of works for me…it certtainly works for his husband of 8 years…yes…I said it…husband.

      • DonnaL

        Plus, so far as I know, it’s not even correct to call what Chad had done “surgery.”  It was ill-advised silicone-pumping that can’t be fixed, and which he speaks openly about to warn people.   Before seeing Chad, I had always only heard of trans women doing that, and didn’t even realize that drag queens (the kind who only perform in drag, and aren’t trans themselves) sometimes fall prey to that kind of thing as well.

        And I’ve gotten used to how Chad looks out of drag too, and I think any issues are far outweighed by what a sweet person he is.

  • Zaftiguana

    It seems like this whole bring-back-a-queen thing is a response to the eliminations of Ongina and Pandora, but with the exception of Willam, who was disqualified rather than eliminated, I don’t think there’s been a queen of that caliber prematurely sashayed. Plus, Michelle clearly really doesn’t know how to pick them. Even within seasons three and four, there were at least 3 queens who would have at least made a more entertaining return, if not a more successful one.

    Really, though, I’m inclined to think that they should make this like that one PR challenge where a designer got to return (was it Daniel?); the returning contestant has to win to stay, and one of the original remaining contestants is still eliminated.

    • Amandack

      I agree, they should do the same that PR did.  They brought back those who had been aufed but had a challenge win under their belt (Vincent and Angela in Season 3).  They had to win the return challenge in order to stay, but of course, there was good reason why they were out and they didn’t get to stay.  I think they also sent Kayne home in that challenge, but the contestant field was wider than four.  RPDR would have to do it earlier in the season, but I don’t think anyone who’s out in the first half ever has a win.

  • Sharon’s DILF should be shot. Not just for being such a jackass on the runway but for the horrible tribal tats, not matter how big your arms are, it’s just a  look that says “I got this tattoo in 1998!”

    • LambeeBaby

      It screams “I am a douche bag” and is the equivalent of an Affliction T-shirt. Yuck! makes me want a shower.

  • I think I hate lace front wigs.

  • edgeoforever

    I liked Chad & DILF. They should have won in my book. Agree with the rest. And boo on the show trying to sell us the new, improved Peepee fiction. Keep this up and I stop watching. Still not over how they insulted my intelligence with Tyra – and at least that one was not a back-stabbing bully.