NewNowNext Awards Red Carpet

Posted on April 06, 2012

Darlings, it was the gayest of gay award shows (gayer than the Tonys and the Oscars COMBINED) as LOGO handed out the NewNowNext Awards. Hit it, LGBTs + allies!


Adam Lambert

Typically Lambertian.

Has he lost weight?


Ashley Madekwe

Sweetie, you have gorgeous caramel skin. Stop pairing it with cafe au lait dresses. They do nothing for you.

Now we’re hungry.


Aysha Tyler

That’s how you do it. You show up looking like you’re ready to hit the dance floor with a bevy of shirtless Muscle Marys.


Busy Phillips

Honey, we hate to bitch at an ally, but your big pants are not fabulous and your Payless shoes don’t go.


Cassie Scerbo

Enh. Don’t love the color, tired of lace, and the shoes don’t really work with it.


Chad Michaels

Damn. Looks like Michelle Visage’s constant bitching got to her. As a character look, it’s perfect, but as a red carpet look, it’s a little on the awkward side.

Great face, though.


China Chow


Our love for this woman is explosive.


Josh Hutcherson

He looks cute but he should insist on standing further away from cameras. That’s kind of an impossible request to make on a step-and-repeat, but these angles make him look positively tiny.


Kelly Osbourne

 Disco fabulous.


Latrice Royale


That is a visual representation of “self-confidence” right there.


Mark Deklin and Brad Beyer

Hello, boys.


Sharon Needles


This bitch has style.


Willam Belli

We realize there’s something more than a little ridiculous about critiquing a drag queen’s shoes, but honey, those shoes aren’t right for that dress.


[Photo Credit: Getty]

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    • I like Sharon’s outfit, but I’m a little surprised you didn’t slam her for having a matchy purse.  I kind of like it, but at the same time, I kind of wish it were a little different.

      • Different rules for drag queens, no? I mean, she’s wearing Cruela deVille’s hair too.

        • Well then Willam’s got Cruella’s shoes. Catfight!!

        • I wish she had shown up wearing Dalmatian print and sporting a long cigarette holder. She’s wacky and awesome enough that she’d actually do it, so I’m so sad that she didn’t. On the red carpet, she could have talked about all the puppies she had to kill for that outfit.

          • Terrie_S

            Except Chris March already did that look. And it was awesome.

    • I’m STILL laughing at Pride Muppet.  Best comment I’ve read in a while!!

    • butterflysunita

      I like China Chow’s outfit the best.  Pride Muppet, indeed!  

      • KaileeM

         Me too! If I was seated next to her, I would have an overwhelming desire to pat and potentially braid that dress.

        • butterflysunita

          The amazing thing is, she actually looks great.  It’s the first Pride Muppet werq!

          • DCSheehan

            J’agree! Who knew a rainbow hair dress could look so fringetastic!?

    • butter nut

      it just occurred to me that Sharon Needles might be the only person on earth who can pull off that tragic Stella McCartney dress that won’t die.

    • charlotte

      Deklin and Beyer have just made my holy moly list of hotness.

    • Oh Josh, Josh, Josh.
      Come over here hon, we need to talk.  As a fellow shortie, (and don’t deny it, babe, you’re barely bigger than a hobbit, I can tell), You REALLY need to stay away from the boxy, loose fitting stuff.  Trim and cleanly tailored is the way to go.

      • He looks like he is literally four feet tall.

        • Part of it of course, is the absurd angle these shots are usually taken from. Part of it is his loose fitting clothes. And part of it is that he is probably about 5’4″ or thereabouts. But he’s awfully cute, nonetheless.

          • Ms_Flyover

            On paper he is 5′ 7″ (although your number sounds  closer to the truth.)  He has the unfortunate job of standing next to Hemsworth the younger on a regular basis – who is 6′-4″. But if his agent didn’t get him an audition for Peter Jackson, he or she is an idiot.

      • He needs to study Daniel Radcliffe.

      • michelle shields

        I was just going to post about Hobbit Boy.

    • MilaXX

      I meant to record this and forgot.
      Poor Bust seems like a cool chick to hang with but girlfriend cannot dress to save her life.
      Love China’s Pride colored cousin IT look. She’s probably the only person who could werq and outfit like this.
      William’s look was working for me until the shoe. Love Sharon, but I’m not feeling the lips with the outfit. Chad is giving good face & Latrice is serving big gal realness.

      • Luckily, they are not going to be on until Monday after RuPaul’s Drag Race at 10pm

        • MilaXX

          setting DVR now

      • Seriously, if you can’t wear a rainbow hair dress to a gay awards show, where can you wear it?

    • Vera L-

      Does Josh H have a giant head or is it the picture? 

      • Alisa Rivera

        I think it’s the angle–they’re shooting down at him because he’s so wee.

    • MzzPants

      Now, don’t get me wrong, Sharon is my favorite…but damn, girl needs to eat.  I’ve been thinking this while watching RPDR too.  Is it natural for a dude to be that skinny?   Is he okay?  Or does he need a burger?

      And China Chow for the win!

      • MK03

        Super-tall guys are often rail-thin. One of my friends in high school was 6’4″ and around 140 lbs. And believe you me, he was packing away food like nobody’s business. 

      • When I met my husband, he was 6’2″, 155 lbs, and could fold an entire large pizza in half and eat it like a calzone. 

    • Inspirit

      I want to dislike Josh Hutcherson but he’s such a teensy little hobbit, I just can’t. I wind up wishing I could take him to the tailor’s instead.

    • RebeccaKW

      How much do I love Sharon!  Chad is beautiful and I love the hair.  Latrice has some booty.  Girl needs to show some of that look (and hair) on the show.  Fab.

      Anywhere else I would hate that thing China Chow is wearing, but I just love it here.  Busy’s pant might work if they were tight instead of so baggy.  And if she had different shoes.  Josh H. needs to remember to lean back instead of forward to give the appearance of height.

    • formerlyAnon

      Mr. Lambert has either lost weight or hit on the perfect fit (as in, not skin tight) & cut. Either way, I love that jacket. 

      But not as much as I love China Chow. How DOES she do it? You have to get every detail right, and maybe also be tiny and fabulous, to wear something like that and not look like a clown’s wig.

      I’d say Ms. Osbourne has found her hairstyle. May she hang onto it for a while.

      Ms. Royale is indeed, a royal presence.

      I preferred Ms. Michael’s look to Ms. Needles’, but you’re right that the latter was a bit more ‘red carpet.’

      Mr. Decklin & Mr. Beyer (admittedly it’s not a full length view) seem to be able to find suits which fit them. Actors on the red carpet: what’s so impossible about that when you have money and stylists and, presumably at least a couple of friends to ask about how to go about it?

    • Alisa Rivera

      I can’t figure out why Busy Phillips doesn’t get some help. She’s an attractive woman and I love that she’s not a stick figure, but she always looks like she got dressed in the dark. Honey, please hire a stylist.

    • bitterk

      HAAAAA, you guys crack me up

    • No Phi-Phi? Not that I’m complaining…

      China Chow is just a delight, and when is “Work of Art” coming back so we can get a weekly dose of her fierceness?

    • Addicted2Glamour

      If nothing else, I see that Willam STILL doesn’t know how to properly make his face up….

      • Willam’s make up is fine.  WeHo Queens seem to favor a darker, closer to the nose blush is all

        • Terrie_S

          I always think he needs a less chiseled face. I think it’s his chin that always seems to drop from from “Fabulous Drag Queen”  down to “Guy in a a dress and makeup.”


    • I was so hoping to hear your commentary on China’s outfit. She really goes all out, doesn’t she?

    • Watched the RC on Logo.  Willam was hysterical!  Chad, Sharon and Latrice all entered “solo”  – several others were there, but came as couples or triples.

      • Because anyone standing next to one of those three would wither and melt into a puddle on the red carpet from the diva fabulousness emanating from each them.

      • Rebecca Zmarzly

         Telegraphing the Top 3, perchance?

        • scarlet1815

          Oh please please please!

    • I keep getting confused between Adam Lambert and Adam Levine. I don’t think either of them would be happy about that.

      • Adam Lambert’s hair is almost always spiky.

        Adam Levine’s hair is a close cousin to David Beckham’s hair, real smooth and slicked back in a modern James Dean sort of way. 

        Hope that helps!

    • sarahofalessergod

      TLo, can I ask why you (and some commenters) keep talking about Josh Hutcherson’s height?  Yes, he’s short, but what’s wrong with him being photographed accurately in a way that represents that?  I’m 4’10” and it would be comical if someone tried taking a picture where I look 5’6″.  Some people are very short.  I’d prefer someone like Hutcherson or Elijah Wood or Daniel Radcliffe who is unafraid to look short than the ridiculousness of other short actors who wear lifts and insist on not taking pics that make them look their real height.

      • twocee

         My problem with that pic isn’t that it makes him look short (I’m short myself).  But I think it makes him look stumpy, which is just not a good thing.

        It also makes his head look 2 sizes too big for his body.

      • Inspirit

        I make the short comments with much love, because I am 4’10” myself and adore men who don’t tower more than a foot above me.

      • It’s not that he’s short, it’s that his head looks HUGE in that photo.

    • Julian Betkowski

      “We realize there’s something more than a little ridiculous about critiquing a drag queen’s shoes, but honey, those shoes aren’t right for that dress.”

      I suspect that’s why he wore them…

    • Lilithcat


      I thought Bert & Ernie were the Pride Muppets.

      • mountainFashionista

         What?  They’re not just roommates??  ;-D

    • VioletFem

      Sharon SHUT IT DOWN! My love for her knows no bounds.

    • janetjb

      Kelly’s hair compliments her dress better than anything I’ve seen her wear.

    • China Chow for the win!

      Hard to believe Adam Lambert doesn’t like vag, because he is a grade-A douche.

    • The China Chow caption was the best! I’ll be laughing about that all day!

    • So what happens to the NNN’s once Logo drops the LGBT programming? 

    • guest2visits

      I would love Ashley’s simple dress in about a million shades.
      Kelly Osborne is really a classic, almost Gibson-esque kind of natural beauty. Wish she’d just stop fighting it.
      She does manage to look pretty great in her lavender hair and sparkley dress.

      • I must be the only person on the planet who likes the lavender hair. I think it’s kind of clever paired with the 80s sexbomb style.

    • guest2visits

      I would love Ashley’s simple dress in about a million shades.
      Kelly Osborne is really a classic, almost Gibson-esque kind of natural beauty. Wish she’d just stop fighting it.
      She does manage to look pretty great in her lavender hair and sparkley dress.

    • granddelusion

      I so need to see Latrice from the front.

      • Markatha

        Me Too!

    • Markatha

      This is why I love Sharon, Chad & Latrice!

    • elemspbee

      wow, Latrice! came like a true winner.

    • China never lets tiny get in the way of fierce. Show the models how it’s done, living work of art!

    • Lisa

      I wanted to mention how freaking fabulous Kelly O. looks, but then I scrolled down one and completely lost my train of thought!

    • Sorry to say, but China Chow’s outfit offends me.  But Latrice Royale is FABULOUS!  And Chad and Sharon are brilliant.  Interesting that the three of them are in black and white, and someone like China Chow shows up as a hairy rainbow.

    • elzatelzabelz

      A Pride muppet! My drink shot out all over my computer. Too funny.

    • I laughed when I realized Sharon Needles is effectively giving ‘Megan Fox’ face. If Megan Fox were a drag(gier) queen.

    • I love China’s outfit.

    • CrazyAuntie

      Chad is positively gorgeous!!  And Latrice is a queen with BALLS – good GOD, I gotta get a grip!!

    • quiltrx

      Aisha, Kelly and Sharon–shutting it down!!! You go, girls.

    • Joanie Hunt

      Love the Pride Float Muppet outfit so much, I may have to start tearing apart wee stuffed animals around the house to create a similar one.

    • ccm800

      William always looks like a boy in a dress on Halloween. 

    • Am I the only one or Sharon Needles is channeling Cruella DeVil?
      Gotta love Latrice!

    • StillGary

      Okay Kits, who else is thinkink that Latrice won? She looks so much more polished — and how does her butt defy gravity like that? Is that one of the benefits of being a guy — a man’s big butt doesn’t sag?

    • cam_lo

      yeah, adam looks really small. i like his look though. i could do without him wearing high heeled anything but i’m kind of over shiny and neoprene for him, so i’m glad he is too.

    • TheOriginalLulu

      I’m not always on board with China Chow’s outfits, but THIS. I’m kind of speechless and I can’t wipe the smile off my face. Hats off.

    • ErinnF

      “SHE CAME AS A PRIDE MUPPET.” — *falls on ground laughing* Pure awesome.

      Adam Lambert looks tired or something. As in weary.

      OH BUSY PHILLIPS, every time I vow to stop using immature chat acronyms, you come along and force me to break out the “WTF?” Damn you.

    • frankystein123

      Mark Deklin and Brad Beyer, daaaaaaaamn.