In or Out: Dakota Fanning in Elie Saab

Posted on April 06, 2012

Our emotions upon viewing this outfit veered wildly all over the place, partially because we’re just that dramatic and partially because she sort of did what we’ve asked her to so many times before, with results that are… well, see for yourself.


Dakota fanning attends Elie Saab private dinner in NYC in a sleeveless black cocktail dress with peplum and lace detail by the designer.

Elie Saab Pre-Fall 2012 Collection

Prada Floral-Detail Crossbody Bag

Prada Jewel-Toe Taillight Wedge Sandal

Okay, remember how we said she was looking like Casper’s cute sister what with all the pale and skin-colored dresses she favors? And remember how we always tell the little babystarlets that they should have fun and take goofy risks with their clothes because this is the one time in their lives where everyone will let them get away with it?


Clearly Dakota is hanging on our every word, because bam, there’s your black dress and bam, there’s your goofy-as-shit accessories. So it kills us to say this, but we don’t think it’s working. We love the shoes and bag, but they needed a less mature-looking dress to go with it, right? We’re not being total bitches, are we? Like, this dress, which is very nice and looks great on her, should probably be paired with more classic accessories and those accessories should be paired with a more youthful dress, no? We’re not totally out of line for thinking a shoe with a tail light shouldn’t be paired with a classic black cocktail dress, are we?

We feel really bad, you guys. She’s trying and we’re just the mean gay uncles. We’ll say no more. You do it. Tell her.


Vote Now!



OUT! Nice try, kid.


Kerry Washington’s diner waitress getup was voted IN by the minions, who went against our wishes and now will get the silent treatment.


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  • I like it. The bag and shoes are whimsical, providing a needed counterpoint to the serious black dress. I give her an IN.

    • Spicytomato1

      That’s exactly what I was going to say. Every element is in perfect balance and harmony.

    • Yes, spot on!

  • Maria Rosenfire

    IN, just because she’s wearing something that doesn’t look like it belongs on a Precious Moments statue.

    • ballerinawithagun

      In. Love the accessories. My only tiny complaint is about the lace area. On the model the scalloped curve of the lace seems to curve down while on Dakota the curve goes up. It looks much better curving down and elongating the neck. It is difficult photographing black on black details, unfortunately the lovely peplum and waist detail aren’t visible.

  • G

    Out.  Getting a little tired of the hair.

  • The purse is cute, the dress is mature and chic, the shoes are hilarious, but in a good way. I think it’s more that this just doesn’t feel like Dakota, ya know?  She did everything you boys wanted, but perhaps it was too much, too soon? It’s hard to wrap my head around this being her, but I think it works, and the girl deserves an IN
    Actually my only real quibble is the awful hair. Dakota, you’re dressed like a young lady. It’s time for lady hair, not 7th grade math class hair.

  • IN, but the hair, babygirl, has to go.

  • samo_samo

    I say IN. It all works together on her. 

  • That dress has Nicole Kidman written all over it.  I think it’s too mature for Ms. Fanning. I really love the shoes and the clutch, but the dress is too serious. Out. 

  • IN!

    I actually think the wackadoodle shoes (LOVE) and purse work better with a simple dress–
    it’s like a nip of fun, instead of a bounce house carnival.

    She’s adorable, and looks fantastic.

    • Louise Bryan

      What you said.  So this is another IN vote.

  • I’d like to see those shoes with a great pair of skinny jeans. It’d be kick-ass.

  • filmcricket

    Love the dress, like the bag, hate the shoes. They are ridiculous, and giving her cankles. A qualified IN.

    • Agreed – the only real problem here is that a young – VERY young – girl has been given the ankles of an 85 year old. 

    • NeteH

      In agreement with everything you say. The dress is great, grownup, but not too much so. The bag adds a much needed touch of whimsy. The shoes take it one step too far. And brush your hair, sweetie. Still, IN.

  • IN. I’m weeping over the shoes. They’re just the best.

  • alyce1213

    Ambivalent.  Not that she looks bad, it’s that the dress is too mature for her.
    And too long — just above the knee wold be more flattering and give the illusion of being more youthful.

    I love the shoes.

  • In. I love the dress too much to vote otherwise.

  • crash1212

    Man, I really hate the way those shoes look on actual feets. Not flattering AT ALL. They’d be cute on a shelf, though. Love the purse. Love the dress. Overall look is an OUT for me though because it just doesn’t hang together.

    • Alisa Rivera

      I was thinking the same thing about the shoes. They look like they’re crushing her toes and the angle is so steep that it looks like she’s clenching her feet just to stand on them, which is not attractive. Beautiful as an objet d’art but not as something to be worn.

      • janetjb

        Those shoes are cool, but they’d be better on a shelf than on a foot.

    • kimmeister

      100% agree with every single point!  It’s amazing how such cool-looking shoes can look so, so terrible on her.

  • granddelusion

    Hate the shoes. Kind of like the whimsy of the tail light, though.

    • mountainFashionista

       On Dakota’s feet, they look like the sandals all the dumpy old ladies used to wear to church in the spring and summer (WITH panty hose, of course) when I was growing up.

      How can something so mod in concept look so awful and dated (rather than “vintage”) in real life?

  • Much as it pains me, OUT. I dislike those shoes and not because they’re too wacky for the dress. It’s because they’re UGLY. 

  • J MN

    IN.  Nice effort but if I could I would have shortened it a skosh so her little legs wouldn’t look stumpy and trimmed the lace going up her neck.  Everything else is great.

  • “Girl, that’s not your dress.”  And what did she do to the lace inset to make it puff up in that odd way?   Out.

  • IAmJ

    Oy. I love Elie Saab and love this dress, but it’s too mature and not exactly flattering on her. And she’s not pulling the shoes off, either. First of all, how hard is it to get a pedicure in NYC? Second of all, the sides of the shoes look like she’s wearing band-aids underneath the straps. Which wouldn’t exactly surprise me as her feet look like they’re in serious pain. My guess is that the shoes look much better from the side than the front because the latter almost has an old church lady vibe to it.
    To sum up, OUT.

  • MK03

    Purse is adorable. Shoes are awful.

  • guestela


  • Alisa Rivera

    She has a pedicure, it’s just a light color that blends into her skin. Agree with you on everything else you say, though.

  • BrooklynBomber

    Yes, you are total bitches, but that doesn’t change the fact that although it’s a good cut for her, she’s too young for this dress. The shoes look like they’re murdering her poor feet. I j’dore that bag, though.

  • RebeccaKW

    Poor thing.  The hem length is terrible on her.  The dress is pretty great otherwise.  I am still tired of the hair, but it looks so much better against a non-nude dress.  The shoes are fun, the bag is a bit childish, but works for her. 

    I think I’m going with In.  It doesn’t all work together, but she’s young and she’s still experimenting.  Plus, she didn’t wear a nude dress!  She seems to have color on her face!  Keep working on it Dakota!

  • carolynmo

    I like it. She’s trying! In.

  • Glammie

    It’s going to be a great dress for her in 15-20 years.  Like the silly little bag, but she looks like she’s playing dress up in her socialite-mom’s closet.  The dress looks like it doesn’t belong to her.  If she’s going to wear black she needs a younger silhouette–fuller skirt or a babydoll.  Or just shorter and not so tight.

  • Why does the detail at the throat flip upward on Dakota’s dress and down on the model’s? It looks better on the model partially because of that.

    • kittle

       That’s exactly what my eye was drawn to as well.  If you look at the model the black boob cover pieces curve gently out, which seems to put the throat detail flat, while on Dakota they almost go straight up and down.  I think the top part of the dress is too just big on D.

  • MzzPants

    Eh…maybe those accessories are ground-breaking for her, but they’re not exactly free-spirited and whimsical.  In fact, I think she looks kind of ….matronly.  OUT.

  • Pairing those shoes and that bag with an equally fun and whimsical dress is for the Katy Perrys of the world. This was a nice route to go, and I give her an IN.

  • In. She’s adorable. Though I agree that the hair is overwhelming. 

  • MilaXX

    OUT. The sum is lesser than it’s parts. That shoe while fab, looks geriatric on her (pedicure please!). The hair remains boring. The color of the dress reads funeral on her. The length doesn’t work for her and the lace piece seems too high up on her neck. The bag is really the only thing coming across as youthful and fun.

  • i think the fun accessories are perfect with the otherwise too-mature peplum dress. ESPECIALLY that bag. IN.

  • Can we retire the Fanning sisters?  Meh.

  • Naw, IN – she looks adorbs!

  • I don’t even think the dress works that well on her, and the accessories are totally wrong. The hair is boring. OUT. 

  • Why is the lace growing ivy-like up her neck to try to strangle her?  Other than that small detail, I think the risks, combined with the many forgiveness points that youth naturallly earns, worked well enough to give her an IN.

  • DeborahLipp

    I like those accessories with the bag, and I like her in black. The dress is too mature for her by half, but she’s IN. 

  • VioletFem

    IN. She looks awesome, just not perfect. A slightly less whimsical pair of shoes might have looked better but she still looks really good. I hope she wears more outfits like this, it really suits her. My only real complaint is that the neckline seems a little to high and she needs to do something different with her hair. 

    Also, while I generally don’t care for Prada clothes, I really like Prada’s shoes and purses.

  • mjude

    IN.  sometimes gay uncles can be mean.

  • Sara__B

    Maybe it’s the “7th grade math class hair”, but Dakota looks like she’s playing dress-up from the world’s most expensive dress-up box that’s all really cool discards from a wealthy 40-year-old woman. The dress is too mature, the shoes are frumpy from the front and crazy from the side, and the purse is very cute and very young. Dakota’s young, too, and she’s having fun discovering her style, so IN anyway.

  • tallgirl1204

    Totally in.  LBD doesn’t fight with the fun accessories. 

  • piecesofconfetti

    OUT. I am not feeling this at all. Those shoes are just odd, too.

  • TSkot

    Gorgeous dress for a confident woman who makes it work without accessories (see model, above).  As for poor Dakota: OUT.

  • LongTall_Sally

    IN!  The kick-ass accessories provide balance to the dress.  It works for her.

  • IN. I love her, she made efforts, her accessories are fun as hell and she’s not wearing off-white. If only she had done something, anything, with her hair. I had these roots ! But, as I was thinking “Don’t be mean with her”,I’ll just stop bitching and declare her IN ! Yeah you Dakota !

  • Aly Light

    IN. I love those shoes, actually.

  • SewingSiren

    I like her in this. But I also like her in the whites and bisque colors too. So what do I know? IN!

  • You’ve lost me.  This is EXACTLY what a classic black cocktail dress is for.

    The LBD is not just any “little” “black” “dress,” it’s a mercurial piece of clothing, of a shape and silhouette that doesn’t go out of style that lives and breathes depending on what you wear with it.  Now that neck lace may be just a little too much for a real LBD, and I’d shorten that hem because it’s thowing her proportions off, but she’s clearly pairing this dress with accessories to turn the fun and quirky dials up to 11, and I love those Flash Gordon shoes.  IN.  In in in.

    • formerlyAnon

      I shouldn’t have posted any comments besides “in” and just said “what she said!”

  • jw_ny


    Too many conflicting elements…juvenile and casual purse, mature and semi-formal dress, and those whacky shoes!  Those shoes are kind of hideous…from the front they look like a plasticy grandma sandal, with a plastic flower glued on…then the wings and tail lights on the back!?  They’re like a mullet shoe…conservative in the front and a party in the back.  XD  The hem of that dress is too long for a girl her age…it’s not a youthful.  It also does weird things to her proportions…elongates her torso and stumps her legs. Really pretty dress though, just not for her. 

    I do like her hair and makeup…very pretty.  🙂

  • DominoEstella

    poor pasty girl, I always think her sister looks darling, but for some reason, this one always lets me down.  I love the accessories she chose and the dress is pretty, but for her stature, it’s too stiff and too long.

  • In! I like it, and I can’t see the taillight from the front; if she turned around, I’d probably find it charming. It’s a mature dress, but it’s not so stuffy that silly-ish accessories look bad with it. Plus, I love that purse. 

  • PeggyOC

    In, but I dislike how the neckline here is different than the model.  The lace is rounded up towards her face, which makes the whole thing look cluttered to me.

  • CozyCat

    This should be a “girl, this isn’t your dress” post.  The idea of combining really funky accessaries with a classic LBD is a good one for helping her find a more “grown up style.  But this dress is just too sophisticated–very low cleavage covered in black lace is something she just can’t carry off when she still does her hair and makeup like she’s 12.  (I looked it up and was shocked to find that she’s 18!)

    But I do like the idea of combining those shoes with such a chic, classic sexy dress.  Substitute a plain red clutch and keep the wacky shoes and it would be greate for someone who can pull off risky stuff (Zoe Saldana?) 

  • joe_tey83

    Not In, not Out, just Meh.

    The dress looks very sombre, especially on such a young girl.

  • formerlyAnon

    Hmm, all these postings are the silent treatment? Reminds me of that commercial where the teen boyfriend says something along the lines of “I don’t think you understand how the silent treatment works.”

    In any case, I’ll earn more silent treatment: In. If you can’t wear silly semi-colorful accessories when you’re her age & wearing such a blank canvas dress, when can you? Though if the neckline were plain and she could have brought some red up there in a necklace, it might have worked better.

  • TieDye64

    IN. That bag is just adorable! This would work better with different shoes, but at least they’re not nude/black platform pumps. All in all I say it works because she’s young. Without the fun accessories this dress would might look too mature for such a young ‘un.

  • Caaro3

    IN.  Like the bag.  Unlike the shoes.

  • mom2ajs5

    I love all 3 pieces, but maybe she should have picked the shoes OR the purse instead of both and let one quirky accessory be the focus. But I still give her an IN!

  • guest2visits

    I think the dress works fine on Dakota. But the bag and shoes should definitely have been scrapped for something
    more sophisticated. I don’t care how cool those shoes are; they’re giving her the stubby-foot.
    Childish accessories with an elegant dress, just makes it look borrowed from mommy’s closet.
    You don’t know how much I’ve mentally picked out clothes for this kid. Young lady. I want it so much to WERQ for her.
    I think the hair is working fine too; liking the little flip at the end, – as opposed to untended straw. I think a blunt-finish
    at the ends is probably better than the spikey-edgy cuts. Oh God; sounds like I could go on and on……

  • Every time I see her I want to hand her a hairbrush…

  • BeeBeauNYC

    OUT, but not for TLo’s reasons – I just don’t like how the dress looks like it’s attacking her neck. I actually like the accessories she picked. 

  • I love the dress, but totes agree on the accessories. So – maybe in AND out?

  • I’m going with IN. Not thrilled with the hair, but as the owner of similar tresses, I know what a bitch it can be to keep fine, straight hair in line. Love the purse, adore the shoes, and the dress, while it belongs on someone a little more mature, still works. Cute.

  • nannypoo

    Here we have the perfect illustration of why no one should ever wear this skirt length. It eliminates the curve of the leg from the knee along the calf and gives even a very young woman like Dakota cankles. Hideous.

    • mountainFashionista

       Cankles afflict women of every age.  They’re a function of genetics, and can be helped (though not always eliminated) with calf-strengthening activities and the careful selection of flattering hemlines.

  • unbornfawn

    Definitely an improvement. Love that she had so much fun with the accessories. I’ll give her a pass on the fly away hair. The dress looks like it is attacking her neck and because of that she gets an OUT.

  • julnyes

    She is wearing Nicole Kidman’s dress, Katie Perry’s shoes and my four year old niece’s purse – so OUT.

  • out. do not like the get-up, and puh-leeeeeease, can you do something with your sad hair?

  • OUT. I like the pieces individually but not together. Also, she needs a new haircut.

  • gabbilevy

    I’ll give her an IN, but her hair is so depressing it makes me want to curl up on the couch in a house coat with a bag of Bugles. 

    • H3ff

      Chili or Nacho Cheese flavour? Nomnomnomnom

  • FayeKat

    She is very young and she is aloud to make really bad choises. But i can’t give her a free pass for such bad results!
    The accessories are perfect for a young girl, but that dress is meant for a grown, sexy woman. It’s gorgeous, but it’s not her dress.
    So, OUT.
    Don’t worry kid, we all made really questonable choises at your age. You will learn.

  • Eva_baby

    Out.  The dress look tons better on the model and the shoes are doing something weird to her leg/feet/ankle parts.

  • IN, I think it’s a great look. She’s spicing up that classic dress with the accessories, and I love it. 

  • saanrio

    IN, only because I want to encourage her to stay away from the looks of the past.

  • Each of these things is great on their own but together, kinda silly. OUT

  • allj

    I like the bag with the dress, but I don’t like the shoes. And as much as I hate to say it, the dress isn’t great on her. I vote Out.

  • Kayceed

    Out – she is much too young for this dress.

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    “the minions, who went against our wishes and now will get the silent treatment.”  Oh, as if!  😉

    Dakota is in.  She looks like a young kid, but she’s at least trying interesting, instead of twee.

  • sagecreek


    I’d elaborate more, but I’m still trying to take in the fact that Prada made a shoe with a taillight.

  • nancylee61

    How old is she, wearing a dress so low cut??? If what’s her name, that singer, Miley Cyrus, wore this, people would be piling on that the is looking slutty. Not that I think this looks slutty, at all. It is just too mature for this young lady. 

    • holdmewhileimnaked

      eighteen or nineteen, i think. & she played cherie currie who wore a whole lot less when she was five years younger. so theres that. not to mention that our insane western culture has become outrageously more sexualized since cherie took up the chainsaw, so this dress is so scarcely risqué it’s scarcely worth noting. on miley cyrus, on anyone.

  • SapphoPoet

    IN! I like the goofy accessories with the LBD.

  • Santino Chimpanzee

    No, make no mistake, you’re definitely being turrible, and it’s not cute my dears.  

  • In, because it’s a step in the right direction.

  • SO IN!  It’s adorable.

  • Out! Overthought.

  • OMG, I hate those shoes with the white-hot heat of a thousand suns!  Blech!  Dress is pretty but too mature.  Cute bag.  OUT.

  • j_anson

    IN. All those critiques are valid but I don’t think it’s bad enough for an out.

  • Cathy T

    How is that purse different from any of those plastic Hello Kitty purses you see??  No to the purse, no to the shoes, just…no, no, no…

  • AWStevens

    It’s difficult to look grown up with Cindy Lou Who face.  The dress is boring.  The hair is boring.  I like the clutch and the shoes.  But that dress is bland.  OUT

  • The dress is too old for her (and boring) the bag is for my 9 year old daughter and the shoes are killer, but out of left field. And I hate her hair. That, more than anything, is what is bothering me. Get her a barrette or a frickin’ elastic. You are not Peggy Lipton circa 1971.

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    yes, you are right the whole way ’round.
    & the purse thing is wretched. not quite as wretched, however, as the shoes are glorious. very little in the world of fashion or of earth is quite as glorious as those shoes.
    & the dress is nice. it’s just the mismatchment of youth thats working against it.
    –oh, hell, you know, put me down on the positive side anyway cos i’ve mismatched in my own time & anyone who isnt a sheer pure unadulterated putain pour l’attention [ie: madonna, & all the little post-madonnas] wearing shoes w/ headlights will always get my vote.

  • demidaemon

    OUT. I think this is all a little bit too mature for her.

  • benjamin478

    IN! i think its a great way to jazz up an LBD

  • marilyn

    IN.  She is a kid.  Classic accessories would age her.  She looks great.

  • Jecca2244

     love, love this dress.

  • Reneesance

    I love it.  I especially love those shoes!  Only change I would make is a clutch instead of a crossbody purse. 

  • Susan Walker

    I thought the shoes were fine until I saw a photo of the back.  I agree it doesn’t really work together – a simpler back dress would have made it work.

  • Even though the skirt could be 2-3 inches shorter, and the hair could be less blah, I say IN.

  • In. She looks cute and the bag’s adorable.

  • lalahartma


  • Linderella

    The dress is fine on its own, the accessories are divine (on their own), but not necessarily together.  Not a crime, but not a success, either.  HOWEVER, nothing will make up for the dreadful hair.

  • DeGuz

    She looks 40. Nuff said. OUT.

  • bailey debruynkops

    out. those shoes are the definition of TRYHARD

    • PeaceBang

      Oh my god, I thought I was the only one who used the expression TRYHARD!!

  • Laura Maki

    In, but I need to see it on Jennifer Lawrence. I  wish the dress was fitted a little differently, but I love the dress as a garment so much I can’t hate too much. The accessories are not my taste, but she is probably contractually obligated to add a little whimsy to every outfit.

  • IN. I like that she lightened up a black dress with whimsical accessories.

  • quiltrx

    IN, only because I refuse to scroll far enough while voting to see the shoes.

    Those shoes are weird–they’re FIERCE from back and sides, but straight-on, they look very “old lady shoe”.

  • pchrist8

    She looks like she’s playing dress-up in her mom’s closet. I think if the hem was shorter it would look a lot better, however she still looks better than most of the actresses her age, so she gets an IN.

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    She looks totally cute, she’s just classy by nature. IN.

  • snarkykitten

    naw, I think the lbd is the best kind of dress to play around with.

    girl could use a pedi, though

  • IN. But I dislike the hair.

  • Kyle Crawford

    Bag perfection and I so SO want to gay marry those shoes… but the dress is reading a little ” and Fancy was my name…”

  • PeaceBang

    Nope. Just doesn’t work. At all. OUT.

  • fashionablylate

    Those shoes are doing her no favors. And is it just me, or does she always have that one little spot of rumpled hair sticking out? I really have no problem with her hairstyle otherwise, but it seems like it’s always mussed up in that same area. Anyway, OUT due to unflattering cankle-shoes.

  • leave_Blake_alone

    I’m surprised you don’t like this. Not a werq, but a definite IN for me.

  • cleep1000

    Poor thing. So close, and yet so far. With the lace detailing at the top/throat, she needed simpler accessories. And I hate to be hypercritical, but her pedicure isn’t exactly slamming. I know no one wears panty-hose anymore, and I hate the over-done spray-tan look, but her legs are SO white. They photograph as belonging to an older person. Okay, too harsh.


  • plinkiedoodle

    OUT.  And get that stupid look off your face.

  • ccm800


  • Sophie Collier

    I don’t mind the pairing of the goofy shoes with the LBD at all, but that hemline is too low and makes her look like a little girl playing dress up.  It should be at or above the knee.  The purse is just so-so.  She should have gone with one of the automobile-inspired handbags that match the shoes.

  • Bozhi

    In.  She looks great. 

  • Dress is lovely, but too mature for Elle.  Love the bag and the shoes are a nice touch. Really needs to do something with the hair. IN, anyway.

  • CatherineRhodes


  • ThaliaMenninger

    No like. She looks like she feels awkward. OUT.

  • Candigirl1968

    Out.  She’s about 5-7 years too young for the baseline age to wear this dress.  A more youthful dress with everything else might have hit it out of the park.

  • I think she’s a young girl that wore a mature dress while making a nod to her own age and had some fun with the accessories. I vote IN!

  • Susan Crawford

    I think the dress is just too old for her, gorgeous though it is. (I’m picturing Dita von Teese in it – sigh.) But I am giving Dakota NIG props for breaking out of the lace and taffeta and tulle Alice-in-Wonderland look. As to the accessories, Uncles T and Lo are correct. Cool and funky as they are, this was not the dress to set them off – or vice-versa. Having said all that, I am going to give our little Miss DFan an IN, because at least she listened to the advice bestowed by TLo, IN, baby, IN!

  • bellafigura1

    I think she looks fantastic, the dress, the bag … it’s the shoes that are problematic.  They are mighty awkward-looking.  She looks like she is straining to keep her feet in them, her toes are gripping and she’s too arched up.  She may have gone with a JenAniston shoe here, strappy and metallic, nothing too wacky (headlight?).  I love this dress, jealous of anyone who can rock a peplum.

  • P M

    OUT. Nice try, no cigar. 

  • OneTwoThreeFashion

    i like that se is not sporting a mini-skirt to a private dinner.. looks elegant..

  • HobbitGirl

    Sorry, TLo, I love you, but you’re wrong here. The LBD is the perfect canvas on which to play with the crazy accessories. She is having fun with the accessories without looking like a bag lady or mental patient.

  • IN, but I’d prefer different shoes. The bag is really cute though and I think it works fine with the dress. (Which, btw, looks better on her than the model!)

  • harleydear

    I say IN. A shorter hem would lead to a more enthusiastic IN (and take the dress away from looking paradoxically matronly on her), but all-in-all, it’s a cute look.

  • Renaissance_Man_ATL

    I’m going to say OUT on this.  The dress is just too mature for her and it makes her look short.  I can see Jane Fonda or Goldie Hawn rocking this dress which, by default, makes it too much for Miss Dakota.

  • Julia McLean


  • LambeeBaby

    In. I think she looks cute. Yes, the dress is a little mature for her but love the funked up shoes and I think it is a solid attempt so I am giving her an IN.

  • drnels

    Dakota’s face has never matched her body, meaning her eyes always look wise beyond her age, but she looks like a girl after that.  I’m not sure any one outfit can balance that.  But she also just has an attitude that comes across in her style that suggests she cares but not too much, and that’s a pretty good place for her to be in.

  • Neverbuynewclothes

    Dress could have been a skinch shorter, but IN overall.

  • TheOriginalLulu

    OUT. You guys may be mean bitches, but you’re absoulutely correct.
    I do love that bag, though.

  • TheOriginalLulu

    OUT. You guys may be mean bitches, but you’re absoulutely correct.
    I do love that bag, though.

  • TheOriginalLulu

    OUT. You guys may be mean bitches, but you’re absoulutely correct.
    I do love that bag, though.

  • Laylalola

    Out. You just can’t get all dressed up like that and then not do a thing to either your hair or face.

  • PhillipWilde

    I think it’s nice. IN.

  • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

    little ‘in’ because I am not in love with hair style or color. 

  • Agreed. I also would suggest her pulling back her hair since the lace comes up so high on the neck. She almost always wears her hair down and it’s getting boring. Not a fan of the shoes, but the purse is super cute and has been added to my “future purchases” list.

  • tell her what?…..she looks amazing…she is just so talented and pretty and extremely sexy and if anyone sees or says any different they are completely wrong…….she’s smoking hot….and that’s in anything she wears

  • don’t pay these folks any attention your look amazing as usual….you hair is beautiful……..i’v watched her grow from an adorable young girl to the hot sexy and very very talented woman she is today…i love her work i love her look hell i just love her