In or Out: Charlize Theron in Dion Lee

Posted on April 27, 2012

Charlize is hotter than a Baptist church in August; we think we can all agree on that.

Charlize Theron attends the CinemaCon 2012 Awards Ceremony in a Dion Lee dress.

Dion Lee Fall 2012 Collection

But ooooh, girl. We don’t know if even you can pull this one off.

Its charms or lack thereof are readily apparent. You don’t need us to do the tip-to-toe assessment. Have at it, minions:


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OUT! Is it me, or is this dress starting to disassemble itself in front of my eyes?



The Bitter Kittens were not so bitter when it came to Krysten Ritter and her Rose Nylund dress, voting it IN.


[Photo Credit: PRN, Andrew Evans/PR Photos,]

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  • MilaXX

    OUT! Love her, but not feeling this dress and her shoes are too big.

  • She looks good from the neck up and the knees down. That stuff in the middle though … no.

  • makeityourself

    Any time I see that much illusion netting used to create another “look, I’m not wearing any underwear”-jigsaw puzzle dress, it automatically goes into bad-iceskating-costume territory.

    Trying WAY too hard.  OUT.

    • 3boysful

       Or Dancing with the Stars.

    • Seriously..if your illusion netting has an obvious side seam and you’re not wearing ice skates, you need to check that shit at the door of your house and turn around and go change.

      • Pannyx

        Nice, and I totally agree.

    • Lori

       Absolutely. Being so obviously trying too hard is never a good idea, but when you’re that hot there’s really no point to it.

  • Little_Olive

    No Charlize, I love you but not even you can pull it off. In the immortal words of Cher Horowitz, it’s a full Monet. 

    • Sara LaBatt

      Her last name was Horowitz?  I had forgotten that detail!

      • colleenjanel

        Different Cher. Clueless.

        (not calling you clueless … Cher from the movie Clueless)

  • OUT.  not a fan of the illusion netting and her bare toenails are killing me.  her hair looks like she did it herself for a normal day at home or running errands.  she’s gorgeous, but this just does not work for her. 

  • Sobaika Mirza

    OH GIRL NO. Illusion netting is tacky on its own but using it to divide your body into thirds and prove you don’t need any foundation garments… I thought Charlize better than this.

  • guest2visits

    The un-happy hooker dress. How did this happen. The only thing I like are the model’s shoes.

  • sleah_in_norcal

    IN!  an intriguing dress accessorized perfectly.  the shoes look like they were designed especially to continue and complement the lines of the dress.  and the single diamond drop earrings were just the right choice.  simple, but demanding attention, bringing some light to an all black ensemble.

  • MelonTheCollie

    She looks quite pleased with herself at least, which is nice.

    I wonder what the back if the dress looks like…

  • BazoDee

    OUT -too much netting. 

  • trisker

    HORRIBLE dress! hard to believe that she still looks lovely

  • benjamin478

    OUT…her RC appearances tend to disappoint me, but I keep hoping she’ll turn up in something as great as her dior dress at the golden globes. something seems to be odd about the makeup? not sure. but just looks like a failure to capitalize on some great potential. weird dress. don’t like it.

  • OUT, come on.

  • The hair and makeup are aging her.  She looks fabulous when she goes sleek from the neck up, and that might have complemented the edginess of the dress.  As it is, it looks sloppy.

    • Thank you!  My thoughts exactly.  This is an out for me.

  • Maluca

    Startlets keep wearing shoes like that and there will be a LOT of gnarly feet in Hollywood in 20 years…

  • alyce1213

    Charlize Theron is the most gorgeous thing on earth, but no on can pull off that dress.
    Sadly and disappointedly, OUT.

    She also has very nice feet.

    • NC_Meg

      Agreed. It’s an OUT but it’s not her fault. That is one fug dress and I don’t think anyone could make it work.

  • VioletFem

    OUT. I don’t understand this dress. 

  • She’s gorgeous, but there’s no way this dress can not read as trying to hard.  OUT.

  • MzzPants

    She’s wearing a fighter jet.  OUT.

  • 3boysful

    I want to know the lipstick color!  I can never find a good nude.

    • TheOriginalLulu

      Oooh, I have a good one to recommend! Now I’m going to preface this by saying that I don’t like Avon cosmetics in general, but I made a few impulse purchases back when we had an Office Avon Man. (yes, an Avon MAN. His sister sold Avon and he helped her out by bringing the catalogue to work).
      Anyway, I inadvertently found a really good nude color. It’s called Sparkling Champagne. Just a touch of rosiness to the nude and a little bit of sparkle. It’s especially lovely if you have a little summer color going on.

      • mountainFashionista

         Oh, thank you so much!  I have yet to try a nude that didn’t read “corpse” on me, but I’m still optimistic that there’s one for me out there!

        • TheOriginalLulu

          Then you’ll like this one. I have the same problem with looking like a corpse in nude lipstick and this one is the only one that has ever looked good on me.

          • 3boysful

             Thanks!  Will try.  (I was pleasantly surprised, since as I was hitting “Post,” I realized I was setting up a punch line . . . .)

  • SewingSiren

    Smells like pantyhose.

  • TheOriginalLulu

    “Hotter than a Baptist church in August” is hilarious. And she IS.

    She looks about as good as anyone can look in that thing, but it’s really not pretty or flattering or anything. I don’t like the way it cuts her body up in odd places and make her look like she has huge shoulders and a thick middle.

    As much as it pains me, I’m going to have to go with OUT on this one. Sorry, Charlie.

  • sockandaphone

    i would like the dress more without those half-assed sleeves. OUT

  • SusiePamudji


  • OUT.  That dress is so gross.  The netting is not cute at all, and the “illusion” is not alluring.

  • j_anson

    OUT. I’m sure this dress will effectively appeal to its target audience, but I don’t think TLo’s kittens are that audience.

  • Terence Ng

    Out. The cut outs are problematic enough, but that she can’t move her arms from her sides without exposing the hem in the netting pushes it into terrible idea territory.

  • carolynmo

    Oh, dear, NO.

  • Synnamin

    I like to concept, but…. no.

  • Courtney Fields


  • I see a new member of the “ruining perfect figures” club has arrived. Dion Lee… meet Stella McCartney. Love Charlize, but OUT

  • hughman

    MONSTER-ous. What, too soon?

    • emcat8

      No, not too soon. Too funny!

  • Lilak

    I really don’t mind the cutout effect per se (this one isn’t half bad … especially – perhaps necessarily – on Charlize) — but the netting, illusion, etc. always ruin these garments for me.  Always. That mess is just ugly, especially when it’s seamed. 

  • StrandedFashionista

    OUT. It makes her look so blocky. 

    • TheOriginalLulu

      I know right? It really pisses me off when a dress manages to make an amazing body look bad. She needs to burn that thing immediately.

  • AlexisPayne

    Oh no. Love the shoes, hair, and make-up but that dress looks like it’s falling apart and the illusion netting is really unflattering.
    Sorry babe, OUT.

  • If it didn’t have those stupid arm things, it would totally be an in. But alas, OUT.

  • Super_Red

    ooh, yikes! that would be a firm “Out.” 

    I really hate the “oh look, heehee, I”m not wearing any undies!” cutouts, and this goes far beyond tacky cutouts to “when I was a little ice skating dress, I used to dream of being on the red carpet! Dreams really CAN come true!” 

  • TheOriginalLulu

    Oooh, I have a good one to recommend! Now I’m going to preface this by saying that I don’t like Avon cosmetics in general, but I made a few impulse purchases back when we had an Office Avon Man. (yes, an Avon MAN. His sister sold Avon and he helped her out by bringing the catalogue to work).
    Anyway, I inadvertently found a really good nude color. It’s called Sparkling Champagne. Just a touch of rosiness to the nude and a little bit of sparkle. It’s especially lovely if you have a little summer color going on.

  • Jessica O’Connell

    OUT. It looks good from the front and her hair and makeup are fine, but once she turns slightly too the side I just feel the need to shake my head with disappointment. If she can’t pull this dress off, I doubt anyone ever will.

  • Kate4queen


  • OK, so the hair and makeup are fantastic, but they canNOT overcome that dress. OUT.

  • Look at her face…even Charlize things it’s OUT.

    No time to get a pedicure darlin?

  • SpcilK

    Nope, not working! Sorry, Charlize just not your dress.

  • OUT!!  That is terrible. On anyone.

  • mjude


  • Beardslee

    out out out

  • guestela


  • terekirkland

    The illusion netting! It burns!!

  • poggi

    I know see how the but-I-can-pull-it-off fashion arms race ends.  Yes, Cobie Smulders threw done the gauntlet in her ugly Stella McCartney dress.  But Charlize has responded and upped the ante with a dress that is even harder to wear and arguably, uglier.  I don’t think she succeeded.  Who will be the next starlet to take up the challenge and what hideous creation will she be trying to WERQ?  

  • kelsita421

    OUT. tacky city, sorry.

  • sagecreek

    Charlize, you are normally so much classier than this!

  • Sara__B

    What an awful dress. OUT (even though she is smiling and laughing, a rare and beautiful occurrence not usually captured in photographs).

  • It kills me to say it, but OUT.  

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    not even on her. on nobody.

  • IN. I love the illusion that dress creates. One of the rare instances where illusion netting is worth it.

  • Just say NO to illusion netting off of the ice skating rink. OUT!

  • ThaliaMenninger

    That is one fugly dress. It makes her look like a cowherder. I don’t know why that is, and she certainly could not herd cows in those shoes or in that dress, but still… There is something about her exposed flesh and the stupid off-the-shoulder bits and the way it curves on her that makes her look hefty and bovine-related. She is so Out she is in herding those cows in Liechtenstein.

  • Oh, I know she’s a new mom and she does have that “i am getting no sleep I have an infant” look about her.  Sorry to say the dress is an out…still love her.

  • tsid2012

    That is one awful, ugly dress that not even the lovely Ms. Theron can save.

  • OUT! This is doing nothing for her figure. And seriously Char, illusion netting? 

  • Snailstsichr

    Oh ick. It looks like someone  slapped colorforms on her body. Out

  • girliecue

    Oh no! It looks like Charlize has entered the Desperation Years. Honey, it’s still way too early for you to do that! Wait til you’re JLo’s age, at least.

  • rainwood1

    I can see why the designer shot is from the side and heavily backlit.  Those winglets and the illusion netting are unfortunate.   

  • Any use of illusion netting not on a skating dress is automatically OUT, I  don’t care who’s wearing it…

  • Yeah, there is something “super heroine custome” about the dress that is out of place. Charlize is gorge, but OUT

  • What are all those birds I hear? They’re saying…”CHEAP! CHEAP! CHEAP!”

    Ugh. OUT.

  • AthenaJ

    Omg her landing strip has a landing strip. Dayum girl, this is bordering on full-blown tackiness! I know this dress is supposed to be sleek, but those cutouts look like someone went at it with a pair of scissors, and the VERY obvious line in the nude part underneath her arm makes it seem like Charlize is wearing a pair of pantyhose all the way up to her armpit. Thankfully, she’s so gorgeous that her face pulls the attention away from this home-ec project that has gone terribly, terribly wrong.

  • Christine Marie


  • Oh! 


  • TieDye64

    Lawd no! That’s some serious ticky tacky going on.


  • OUT. This looks so trashy on her. She needs to be about 5 years younger and on a cocaine binge to pull it off. 

  • afabulous50

    OUT.  I agree with TieDye64 – that is some serious tacky!!

  • I did not know something could be simultaneously slutty and yawn-inducing.  You learn something new every day.

  • Glammie

    In.  As in, why the hell not when you look like that?  She doesn’t overdo the accessorizing or the hair, so I think she’s wearing the dress as well as possible.  She’s kind of playing a red-carpet part–vamping it up for her upcoming Evil Queen in *her* version of Snow White.  

    Yeah, up close you can see the illusion netting, but I don’t think that really takes away from the overall impact of the dress.  I mean, I also think her little blue flower tat is silly , but not even Charlize is perfect.  Just closer than the rest of us.

  • janetjb

    Out.  Just say no to the illusion.

  • howdoilook

    IN, just to play devil’s advocate. It’s certainly a conversation piece.

  • greyhoundgirl

    Like it better from far away than close up.  Out.

  • PeggyOC

    Out.  Love her, and she can sell almost any dress, but not this one.  The way the bodice is cut makes her look thick.  It’s not her, it’s the dress.  Notice that even the model wasn’t shot face on!

  • I think the only actress who could possibly pull this dress off is Halle Berry.

  • Nay. Every time I see illusion netting, I think of the drag queens who don’t like to shave and instead wear that over their legs and arms. Nay. 

  • OUT!  It makes her look like she has terrible posture and it has the illusion that it’s actually melting off of her. She so much better than this.

  • efishfan

    Is there a sequel to that Aeon Flux movie in the works?

  • CQAussie

    It looks tacky and also like she pulled on the wrong thread before heading out the door.  OUT.  Love the shoes though.

  • nannypoo

    This is really a shitty dress.

  • out for a walk

    Oof, that is one horrific dress. The ONE thing I appreciate (if I’m not imagining it) is that the illusion netting looks like nude fishnet rather than the normal nude sheer hosiery-type fabric. I can’t tell if that is actually the case, but if so, points for hilarity.

  • Nariya

    Set it free so that Rooney Mara can have a go.

  • OUT. That dress is fug.

  • AlinaValero

    OUT. looks like it’s painted on and they missed spots?

  • It needs tweeking, bare instead of netting up top and bright solid fabric to replace the rest of the netting. Royal blue would look nice.

  • Yikes! OUT.

  • Lina_bee

    OUT. Looks like a halloween costume.

  • giiiirrrr

    Love the hair.  That is all.  Out.

  • Out. No, no. no.

  • BobStPaul

    No, no, no.

  • Kolo_Ol

    She’s out and judging by her facial expression, she knows it

  • “Why yes, my date with Wolverine went fine!”  OUT.

  • It’s a mistake and she knows it. Props to Charlize for recognizing that. But she still gets an OUT.

  • schadenfreudelicious

    Ice Capades chic…OUT

  • erinbinek

    OUT.  How a dress can make her look so thick in the middle is beyond me.  Besides, this is Mara Rooney’s dress anyway.

  • Judy_S

    Horrible horrible dress. She just wore it to make the other bad dresses today look better, she is so sweet and nice and lovely. But OUT.

  • BrooklynBomber

    As OUT as it gets. That is one god-awful garment.

  • Louise Bryan

    They really should sew these dresses up, and not just glue the pieces onto the celebrity.  And yes, I know all about illusion netting, and this is not a good use of it.


  • OUT – And, given how stunning Charlize is, how is that possible? 

    Clearly Dion Lee’s name is going on The List that Stella McCartney is currently at the top of.

  • Out, it is terrible.

  • belfebe

    Girl, that is not your dress.  Send it to Rooney Mara, who will rock it.  On you, it just looks weird.  OUT.

  • Oh Charlize, you are so unbelievably gorgeous, but no, just no. Out.

  • joe_tey83


    It just looks too weird and uncomfortable.

  • Vanessak69

    Out. I’m not a fan of that illusion netting stuff and the weird flesh stripe. Stripe would work though, I think, if it were in a bold primary color.

    But I do love her for being a drop-dead pretty girl who actively eschews romantic comedies. 

  • we have officially entered tackyslutville. out.

  • anasmomma

    Yikes! Out! Pronto!  The netting, wrong shoes and the “sleaves”, yikes!

  • Aly Light


  • Reminds me of the bodysuits from Tron. Maybe if the illusion netting was replaced with LEDs…

  • Anathema_Device

    Out. Not a good dress. She is working it as well as or better than anyone could, but still, this is an Out.

  • Weird, it doesn’t even look like her. The makeup’s super weird.

    Out. Out on all counts.

  • butterflysunita

    OUT.  This dress reminds me of the white cut out dress one designer did in PR Season 1 for the Envy challenge–and she was almost eliminated for it.  And that dress was way cuter than this one.  

  • RebeccaKW

    You know, if it was just a halter, without the weird arms and illusion netting on the shoulders, I think I would I would like it.  I’m also not feeling the makeup.  Not that I don’t like it, but maybe…a dress like this needs dramatic makeup.  And dramatic hair.  Out.

  • sashaychante

    OUT.  This dress is a hot mess.  Puts the T in tacky, and the C in cheap.

  • slightlybitterkitten

    OUT.  It is not playing up her best features. 

  • Alice Hepburn

    OUT. Though I do I love that neckline on her.

  • out. but love the shoes.

  • piecesofconfetti

    Ew, no.


  • elleg929

    OUT – it screams of desperation.

  • Rare is the starlet who can “serv[e] up illusion netting realness.” Charlize Theron, you ain’t that girl. OUT.

  • Cathy S

    Oh dear god no!

  • Dagney


  • OUT. Pulling a Jolie.

  • VicksieDo

    Aww, if this could have been engineered to work without the netting, it would be a WERQ.  

  • wisenhar

    Ooooooooooooo no!  OUT OUT OUT!

  • TSkot

    SHE looks amazing; the DRESS less so: OUT

  • OUT.  All wrong.

  • Lilithcat


    That dress is awful, and she should wear hose.  I can smell her feet from here.

  • Melissa Brogan

    Just, OUT.

  • gsk241

    Charlize, you’re gorgeous and I love you, but that deconstructed LBD just doesn’t work. 

  • Snarky_Amber

    That dress is 50 shades of what the fuck. NO.

  • Kyle Crawford

    Now see… I would totally love it – and she does look AMAZING – but I think the arm band things are throwing it all off….

  • It’s like that cartoon thing, where something gets ripped to shreds and it takes it a minute to realize it and fall apart.  And not in a good way.  Only the force of Charlize’s fabulousness keeps this in the ‘poor choice’ category instead of going all the way to totally embarrassing.


  • FlamingJune1967

    I was totally on board with this dress based on the title thumbnail pic.  sorry I clicked.  out.

  • Never thought I’d see a dress that could make La Theron look thick…but this one does.


    And that netting looks as itchy as a Baptist Church in August.

  • judith traherne

    argh! if only she’d pushed down the sleeves a dite so they lined up with the curve of the armhole. And then not moved her arms at all. 

    Like the concept but not the execution.

  • momogus


  • jw_ny


    The flesh colored pattern doesn’t flatter her figure or have an interesting shape.   I could see perhaps if it were like the Stella McCartney Illusion dress somehow, and gave her/the wearer a shape…but this doesn’t.  In fact, it takes away her shape/figure.  Also, the cut-out illusion looks raggedy. 

    Hair & makeup…pretty.    

  • msdamselfly

    I think it looks GREAT  IN

  • NurseEllen

    If Charlize cannot make a dress look good, then it is emphatically, empirically, and incontravertibly not good.  QED.


  • kimmeister

    Now that’s just vulgar.  OUT.

  • Looks like it’s a size too small, or made for the curveless (because it hugs much more loosely on the model). Alas, Charlize, I loved you in Arrested Development, but this is not for you. OUT. 

  • Out – but only because of the sleevelets. If it was sleeveless, the look would be Flawless.

  • RedRaven617

    Out.. looks likes cheese cloth dyed nude when you get close. 

  • formerlyAnon

    I wanted to give her an “in” for having the balls to show up in that dress, and to do so without obviously laughing at the world and her own joke. But then I saw the HUGE visible side seam in that illusion netting.
    My Raggedy Ann doll had more subtle seams.


  • sleepycat

    OUT! Hidy dress

  • aimee_parrott

    Well, it looks less bad on her than it would on anyone else, so I guess that’s a compliment?  But still an OUT. 

    Sorry Charlize — still can’t wait to see Snow White, though!

  • Candigirl1968

    OUT.  Even though it’s not too revealing, it has a “trying too hard” quality about it on Charlize.  Maybe it needs Rooney “I’m so interesting that I’ve moved past sexy” Mara or someone like that to pull this off.

    • TheOtherChristina

      Ooh, good call!

  • That is not a dress. It is bits of fabric stuck to her body at random. OUT.

  • love you Charlize but no! you still looks HOT though.

  • cleep1000

    It’s too fussy and complicated. OUT.

  • In.  Not a huge fan of the dress and shoes, but she still looks amazing.

  • ChelseaNH

    I can’t make myself say that she’s out, but the dress certainly is.

  • OUT. This dress looks crazy, just bat shit crazy. Not in a flattering way, either.

  • LambeeBaby

    Water wings are only suitable for the water

  • Sorry. I think she’s serving up Sci-fi mega-hot realness. IN.  

  • Lisa Kramp

    Out. Earrings and bangles would help downplay the fact that she has half-shoes and half a dress on.

  • colleenjanel

    If they had ditched the sleevelettes (they don’t fully qualify as sleeves) and taken the sides all the way up, leaving only the two slivers, it would have been STUNNING!

  • Elena

    Out. It’s actually upsetting me to look at it. 

  • Zippypie

    OUT! Oooof!  What a butt ugly dress. *shudder*

  • butter nut

    OUT  if miss charlize can’t rock it, there’s something wrong with the dress.  it actually makes her look chunky. burn that thing immediately!

  • Mexxoo

    OUT.  Charlize.  Honey.  Bra.  It’s time.

  • OUT – The dress is dissolving.

  • The dress is kind of difficult, but I think she’s IN by a smidge.

    • Lisa

      Yeah… it’s weird.  But she still overpowers the oddness of the dress.

  • Samantha Irene

    OUT> dress is definitely disassembling itself.

  • quiltrx

    OUT.  But it’s thisclose to being a great dress.  The shape is great, and I actually like (surprising even myself) the thin strips of illusion.  If the strips had carried on like they are, and tapered away to nothing under the arm, I think this would have been a killa dress.  But that wide piece under the arm (with the AWFUL seam) makes this look like an exploded diagram of how the dress was sewn together.

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    Charlize is gorgeous, but this dress ain’t working. OUT.

  • lesmaha

    Out.  Seeing that seam under her arm in the third pic pushed me over the edge.

  • OUT. It looks like a bad figure skating costume.

  • aristida_girl

    IN, but only because she is the Great Theron, who is my beauty idol and can wear whatever she want and probably would  look great at 3 am with food poisoning and wearing sweat pants, but that is only my opinion…that dress is weird though and she is just barely pulling it off, on anyone else it would be suitable only for Dancing With the Stars…

  • Call me Bee

    I really want to give her an IN, but that dress is just weird and would haven been a bit better with the runway shoes ( which are much fiercer… ) OUT.

  • granddelusion

    Thats an ugly excuse to forgo underwear.

  • lifetime_student

    Out. I can’t even (choking back sobs of disappointment)… just, out.

  • kikisayshi

    OUT. This dress is weird. She looks like a Coca-Cola bottle.

  • beebee10

    I can’t believe it but OUT. That dress had to work very hard to make that happen.

  • Any dress that looks like it’s held on by rubber cement gets an OUT from me.

  • Oh, honey. No. OUT.

  • It tips over in to body horror for me. OUT. 

  • demidaemon

    OUT. The dress is scary. It’s like a horror film of fabric. Hold me!

  • its lovely. she’s a beautiful woman in a very interesting dress that, you have to admit, fits her like a glove.  i think its an IN. and the shoes aren’t too big . . . anyone who wears stilettos knows the harsh angle sometimes make them look as if theres room in the back. 1/2 size smaller would have had her toes creeping out.  ever her freaking toes are gorgeous! I’m loving the strappy shoe, the illusion and the skin showing . . . i think its fab.

  • well, at least it’s black. 

  • CrazyAuntie

    I like it – IN!

  • altalinda

    Love her, but this is Out.

  • MmmmmmmmK

    The thumbnail, once again, looked so pretty. Open to full photo — yeouch!! Tacky! If only the dress had simply exposed the shoulders and gone with a plunging backline, we’d never have been talking about this dress at all. It would have been another lovely black dress on a beautiful woman. It’s not like Charlize Theron needs to make her hips look a couple of inches wider for the extra publicity with a wacky dress, so this leaves me confused.

  • Truthiness2U

    So very OUT. Not flattering to her body at all, and makes her look like a desperate try hard. She doesn’t need to look this desperate for attention and trying to prove she’s teh sexy. It’s a tacky dress in general, and the illusion netting, certainly doesn’t help. 

  • unbornfawn

    OUT. That dress is a disaster. 

  • annbklyn

    The only person who might possibly be able to pull this off is Halle Berry. And even then, I’m not sure. 

  • bluefish

    Out.  Dreadful garment.

  • miagain

    I do NOT like that dress at all….

  • Jangle57

    Ewww.  OUT

  • I love Charlize, but the combination of that ugly foot tattoo with this tacky piece of clubwear is OUT.

    Interesting pedicure choice, though. 

  • hot. perrrriod.

  • Its like someone drew it on with a Sharpie.

  • AWStevens

    This dress on her definitely looks like it’s floating.  Is it skin tight or about to fall off?  If she just stood there front and center I wouldn’t mind but all the side views are a very nauseating optical illusion.  Doesn’t help that she has that shit eating grin on her face… I don’t even like the lazy hair and make-up. Does she own a hairbrush?    OUT

  • K

    what is ruining it for me is the construction. why is there a seem in the invisible netting? It makes it very visible and ruins the effect. Then there is the sleeve, unnecessary..  you can see almost a fishnet type mesh over her shoulder… looks odd. Lastly, there is a rumply texture to the seems, WHY? it should fit her like a glove and make a perfect lines that aren’t pulling…. ARG. Also ankle strap not working with this look. ITs all about the long lines, why cut the line to the foot with an ankles strap?

  • OneTwoThreeFashion


  • golspie


  • jjfg

    Not a fan of illusion netting, even for figure skating costumes.  Charlize = smokin’ hot; dress = not.  Sadly, out. 

  • Be still, my beating heart! This is a KILLER look and she’s simply stunning. How did she not get the part to play Grace Kelly? Goddamn.

  • meowing

    Oh, geez, out as out can get.  Hey, let’s wear the world’s tackiest dress that shows I need no underwear whatsoever.  Evidently, tasteless knows no limits.

  • dschubba

    Meh. This dress is trying so hard I want to give it a “Participant” trophy.

  • marilyn

    OUT.  Is that a stripper costume?  THe 2 vertical lines actually make her look thick through the middle.  I know she is gorgeous.  This is not the dress for her.

  • Sophie Collier

    It’s a cool idea and it looks great on THAT model, in THAT pose, with THAT lighting.  Not so cool in real life, sadly, as is the case with a lot of couture.  It’s hot on the runway but awkward on the red carpet.  Still, I think if I were as sexy as Charlize, I’d have given it a try as well.  

  • ccm800

    Out and she is looking “steroid (wink wink) puffy!” 

  • Out. Looks like she wore the pattern for the dress.

  • Mei-Lu McGonigle

    OUT!  She has a cramazing body and this dress makes her look paunchy and hippy.

  • mmc

    OUT.  The dress is meh.  

  • The dress and heels are decent, but what’s with her hair? She should have done something more structured or dramatic for that outfit.

  • mom2ab

    The only thing worse than the dress are the shoes.  OUT

  • PeaceBang

    Out. And, um, I’m putting in a vote for Distracting Collagen Injections Or Something

  • akprincess72

    A bit tacky for my taste.

  • Aurumgirl

    Oh, how I wish this illusion netting trend would die.

  • Thathoodwink

    OUT. It looks like the pattern for the dress was laid out but never sewn together. She is gorgeous but the dress is el stinko.

  • Uhm, no. Just no. Out.

  • leftcoastpickle


  • That dress looks cheap..OUT

  • ChristySchiff

    out.  That dress is the pits, though the shoes are amazing.

  • Out. She looks a bit embarassed to be wearing it, in my opinion.

  • librarygrrl64

    OUT! It actually makes her middle look thick, and we know that is NOT the case.

  • IN! But only on Charlize.

  • LiliLynch

    Tacky, tacky, tacky…a big, fat OUT. 

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    This was a gutsy choice and hair and makeup are great.  LOVE those shoes!  I’m going to say IN for fierceness and bravery.

  • kittenwithaquip

    I think the length really cheapens this dress and takes into HookerTown. I’m imagining it long and slinky and it doesn’t seem nearly as trashy.

  • OUT. Shoes are nice, but otherwise OUT.

  • ballerinawithagun

    OUT! She looks fabulous, but that dress…way too many parts.