Hemsworth, Tatum & Manganiello

Posted on April 27, 2012

Precious Unborn Fawns, here is a Family Pack of Meat for you to discuss. If you would like to critique their outfits, by all means, do so. We encourage it here at T Lo Outfit-Critiquing, International, LLC. But it’s Friday and our vast blogging experience tells us that you’re not even going to bother reading anything we write in this post, we we’re just gonna let you at them. If you’re at work or in class, shriek like a 12-year-old at a Bieber concert. It’s Friday. Let it out.

Yes, they all look sloppy.

Chris Hemsworth, Channing Tatum and Joe Manganiello attend the IWC Flagship Boutique New York City Grand Opening.


Joe Manganiello


Channing Tatum


Chris Hemsworth



[Photo Credit: Fernando Leon/Getty Images]

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  • DinaSews

    Rough night boys?

    • DinaSews

      Oh, not you T & Lo, the tired looking boys in the pictures.

  • AthenaJ

    Ugh, Channing looks like such a d-bag! What the F is with that hair?! Channing, step aside so Chris and Joe can make a ‘me’ sandwich. Better yet, Chris, why don’t you head out with Channing so Joe an I can have some quality one-on-one time together, k? Thanks guys.

    • He thinks it will make him look as tall as the other two. Nice try, Channing.

  • Channing looks SO GOOD.

  • Manganiello-salt-and-pepeper-beard-fainting-sigh. 

    • Right? He slays me. In the pantsal region. His suit is adorable too, I just wish it were buttoned. Or off.

    • Yes, a thousand times yes.

  • Love Joe’s suit.

  • Joe Manganiello. 

    I’ll be in my bunk.

  • Lina_bee

    Boutique opening for a super-fancy watch store. Why did they bother with suits at all? Wouldn’t hot-ass casual wear be more on point than sloppy suits?  Which is to say none of them do much for me at all. Hemsworth is closest, but not in that getup.

    • MilaXX

       Not even hems works for me. Bleech

  • CQAussie

    My sis is a Joe Mang fan….I’m digging Channing more and more recently…..probably cuz I just watched 2 of his recent movies…….yes, he acts the same in both but man, that kid is all kinds of hot…..not that I’d kick Chris outta bed or anything.  So much hotness, I gotta sit down for a bit.  Thanks TLo!

  • PaulaBerman

    Everyone’s headsuit looks awful. Everyone should get their hands out of the pockets and button up. Yes, I am cranky today.

  • Channing looks too dumb for even me…and I love ’em dumb. 

  • Rebecca Johnson

    I feel like Goldilocks: Hemsworth is too shiny; Tatum is too wrinkled; Manganiello is juuuuuuust right.

  • Ugh. Only 
    Manganiello looks like he’s actually there to work, the other two just look…not good.

  • SusiePamudji

    What outfits? Too distracted by the packs of meat.

  • YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName

    i am getting the uh-oh feeling in my no no square.

  • SpcilK

    Um Hum, I just love me some Joe regardless of what he’s wearning or not! Chris has an unnatural attachment to those shoes.

  • Pants_are_a_must

    What a supernatural-themed meat pack! Oh, I can hear the fanfiction being written from here.

    And Charming Potato.

  • Super_Red

    can I still be a BK if I admit that I don’t get the appeal of Channing Tatum or Joe Manganeillo? Hemsworth is an “eh” for me, and only because I loved him in Cabin in the Woods. (He worked with Joss Whedon not once, but twice- I must squee!) 

    they all look super sloppy, and I can’t even shriek like a 12 year old girl. le sigh. 

  • Kimmu

    Chris is forgiven because he’s been on a two week long unending Avengers worldwide media blitz and he has got to be tired.

    Also because all of his recent interviews have shown that he’s a ridiculously adorable sweetheart with some serious dork tendencies, which just makes him all the hotter. Take a nap, Chris, recharge yourself and then go stare longingly into Tom Hiddleston’s eyes some more.

  • butterflysunita

    Family pack of meat!  That was my first big laugh of the day.  

  • Greg Yoder

    F- Tatum
    M- Manganiello
    K – Hemsworth

    What? Every post with three guys is FMK, isn’t it?

    • ChiliP

      For me it would be

      F- Manganiello
      M- Hemsworth
      K- Tatum

      Although, this is truly one round of FMK where you could assign the positions at random and I’d still be happy.

      • F- Hemsworth
        M- Manganiello
        K- Tatum

    • Julie Fountain

      Oh fun! I’m going with… 
      F – Hemsworth
      M – Manganiello
      K – Tatum

    • F – Tatum
      F – Manganiello
      F – Hemsworth

    • jenno1013

      F – Tatum, as soon as I crush the gel out of his hair so that it lies normally.
      M – Hemsworth, because he’s a sweet dork.
      K – Manganiello.  I’ll probably be the only one with “K – Manganiello” but he simply comes in third for me.  (Hee.)

      • Pannyx

        Nope, I agree with you whole heartedly.
        F- Tatum
        M – Hemsworth
        K – Manganiello – He just does nothing for me.

      • Jonathan Franklin

        This is the correct answer

    • I’m not interested in M’ing or K’ing anyone here. I’ll just take Joe for the F, and leave it at that.

  • Oh lordy. I need some private time.

  • BazoDee


  • The only thing I would like to say about their clothes is that they are wearing too many.  And by “too many,” I mean “any.”

  • F- Hemsworth
    M – Manganiello (thanks to TLo I can spell that now)
    K – Tatum

  • Charming Potato looks like a fingerling in that company…

  • j_anson

    Damn. I don’t even like Manganiello, but he’s definitely looking the best of the three in this set.

  • Ali

    F – Manganiello. Hel-lo!
    M – Helmsworth, for being such a cute, cute geek.
    K – Charming Potatohead

  • Somebody pass me a cigarette…

  • RebeccaKW

    I like the ideas behind all of them.  But not the execution. 

    Joe and Thor-to my bedroom, please, while we remove those items and discuss what works for you.  Channing…wait in the car.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      When you’re sated by Joe and Thor, give me a ring so I can put some fresh linens on the bed and send them my way, please?

  • PeggyOC

    I feel like Madeline Kahn/Empress Nympho – “no, no, no, no, yes”.  Only in reverse.  Hemsworth’s the only one I’d give bus fare to and him only by process of elimination and the fact that he looks least douchey.  

  • Channing Tatum = butterface paperweight.  Why does he get acting jobs?

  • Is there a reason why Channing Tatum’s head comes to a point?

    All three of these men are dressed badly enough to interfere with my ability to contemplate their genitalia.

    • Ogden1990

      He’s channeling TinTin?

  • MilaXX

    None of these guys do a thing for me. They all look like refugees from a porno convention. The sloppy clothing isn’t helping.

  • That looks like the crappiest move ever, but that doesn’t mean a midnight showing isn’t on an upcoming bachelorette party agenda. (Hey, it’s cheaper than a REAL stripper!)

  • sleah_in_norcal

    mmm-mmmm!  mighty fine trio.  what clothes?  joe, if you’ll just step into the other room with me, i’d like to stroke the silver in your beard.

  • They all look like they’d rather be someplace else.

  • They have far too much clothing on.

  • Dan_In_NYC

    F- Manganiello
    M- Hemsworth
    K- Tatum

    • Erin Nice


      • terekirkland

         Tritto. Actually, Tatum can clean my pool.

    • M- Manganiello
      F- Hemsworth
      K- Tatum

  • Dan_In_NYC

    F- Manganiello
    M- Hemsworth
    K- Tatum

  • Sara__B

    How did my nephew get in these pictures and when did he change his name to Manganiello and why did I never notice how good looking he was until I saw this Manganiello person and next time I see my nephew I won’t know how to act any more and … never mind. Carry on.

  • I’m really not that attracted to this particular group of guys. Manganiello is better than the other two, but really only when shirtless. Never been a Channing Tatum fan (I kind of think he looks a bit like a monkey, and also vaguely like he got hit in the face with a pan), and as the Hemsworths go, I find Liam much more attractive than Chris.

  • Jessica O’Connell

    I always read what you guys have to say!! I did enjoy the meat family though :-). And, while they look sloppy, I do like Joe and Channing’s suits.

  • Good hemming!

    • Good catch.  My eyes never made it that far down…

  • ThaliaMenninger

    This is the impression I get from these three and their outfits and general expressions:
    The blond one: I am not very bright.
    The small one: Yeah, I got my smirk on.
    The hairy one: When other manly men enter a room, people know they have balls. When I enter a room, my balls clank together.*

    *This is an old Hollywood anecdote, supposedly said about Clark Gable by some studio head type person.

  • This is the first time in a while I’ve liked Chris Hemsworth’s hair. It just sort of…gets the job done, you know? It’s not all “let me shape my awkward Thor hair into a way that is suitable for modern style,” it’s “here, let me just get this out of my face.” I just like efficient, practical, no-frills men. (Which is different from the manly-man lumberjack sort.) Also I like his face, so that’s all good.

  • emcat8

    The endless parade of boring white meat-hunks. Yawn.

  • TieDye64

    Family Meat Pack, HA! But, I only have need of one and that would be JM. I always picture him without a shirt on and that’s good enough for me. Now if only he’d trim the hair and shave. *sighs*

  • girliecue

    Family pack of meat! On Friday!! T Lo, you are so good to your minions. We heart you so much!

  • joe_tey83

    They need to be on a Vanity Fair cover naked and sharing a tiny blanket.

    • Amen!

      • LambeeBaby

         Why do you have to go and mess things up with a tiny blanket?

    • Sarah Thomas


  • Channing Tatum just screams Walking Douche.

  • erinbinek

    I think I’ll choose Channing Tatum.  You can keep the other two.  Thanks, TLo!

  • Anathema_Device

    Manganiello just has that look in his eyes. Sigh.

  • Oh, lord is Tatum outclassed here.

  • I looooove Hemsworth’s shoes.

    But I might be Blinded by Pectorals.

  • momogus

    Do men not wear belts with pants anymore? EWW.

  • Love Chris’s shoes!!  If only the suit could keep up with them…

  • Lisa Kramp

    Those clothes would all look better draped over my be- ….well, you know that old line.

  • NurseEllen

    Channing Tatum–to me he looks like a younger version of Tommy Lee Jones.

  • Lisa

    Can Thor and Channing Tatum’s Ginormous Ears get away from Joe Manganiello?  They’re blocking the hotness.

  • quiltrx

    Looks like it’s time to play a round of Douche…Douche…FUCK ME NOW! (that’s you, Joe)

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    Nothing against Hemsworth or Tatum, but in my book Joe is just wiping the floor with those two. He wins this, hands down.

  • aristida_girl

    Joe M is a tall drink of deliciousness…Thanks for the pretty boys….

  • Pennymac

    Said it before and I’ll say it again. Mr Tatums’ head is the same size and shape of those canned hams…..
    Joe is yummily scruffy. That is all….

  • SatelliteAlice

    Chris is just…ugh there are not enough words to describe my need to touch him.

  • ZnSD

    I don’t know what it is about Channing Tatum, but every time I see him, all I can think of is “dude really needs to blow me”.

  • what is with male stars aversion to belts?? i would feel naked without one in a suit.

  • no belts.  i hate no belts. suit chris has on is so shiny it looks like something john gotti would wear. at the same time channing can put poo in his hair & throw on a Mrs Roper caftan i would be ok with it.  

  • Jangle57

    The belt and fit of his clothes make Joe look reasonably pulled together; no complaints with him or his look. In fact if you want to just photoshop out the other two, it would be ok with me….

  • formerlyAnon

    Why is someone having their wedding reception at the grand opening of the “IWC flagship boutique”?  

    A wedding reception at which the bar is open for a good hour or 90 minutes before seating for dinner. And the air conditioning is either absent or insufficient for the ambient temperature. This is the well-into-the-reception look, but before-we’ve-migrated-to-our-seats-for-food. When they get up after dinner, some of them will leave their jackets behind, that’s how you tell.

  • ccm800

    they all look terrible. Chris looks jaundice! 

  • prettybigkitty

    Why yes, yes I will take a serving of Man-jello.

  • Puckndc

    At least The “Mang” wore a belt…Boys, a lesson: If you are going to wear pants with belt loops, wear a belt……