Heaven Tanudiredja Fall 2012 Jewelry Collection

Posted on April 10, 2012

Darlings, here’s your pretty for the day, as well as another chance to do some imaginary shopping: Antwerp-based accessory designer Heaven Tanudiredja’s Fall 2012 Jewelry Collection, photographed by Zeb Daemen and styled by Damien Fredriksen Ravn. These gorgeous, bold, and eye-catching pieces are not your Grandma’s costume jewelry, that’s for sure. In fact, we’re not even sure some of these pieces could rightly be called jewelry at all. More like modern-day decorative armor.

Enjoy, darlings.


EDITED TO ADD: We’ve had to delete over 30 comments because for some reason, some of you read this post and saw the words “List all the perceived body flaws on this model!”

Knock that shit off. It’s not cute and it’s not welcome.


Source: Heaven Tanudiredja Fall Winter 2012.13 by Zeb Daemen [DesignScene]

[Photo Credit: zebdaemen.com]

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  • Is it still jewelry if you can use it as armor?

    • AlexisPayne

      Wonder Woman used her bracelets 

      • JUANA

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      • As does Harry Dresden!

  • Trisha26

    Most look like the macaroni craft projects kids do in Kindergarten. (And forget doubling as armor, they seem to be bra replacements.)

    • MilaXX

       more like boob replacements. Where are her tits?

    • Yes, what you said.

  • Judy_J

    I love big jewelry, but I can’t wear it.  Looks ridiculous on me.

  • i’m too focused on how striking the model is

    • JDreesen

      i agree; i have to admit i didn’t notice her on the first pass through the photos (which means she is doing her job though, doesn’t it?).  i can’t tell if she is made for these pieces or vice versa, but it all just goes together so well!

      • muzan-e

        I think she illuminates them. Rather than the other way ’round. 

  • The jewelry is gorgeous, but I keep getting distracted by how emaciated that model looks. I know all models are emaciated, but…wow.

    • RebeccaKW

      Her sternum is of concern to me.

      • terekirkland

         It’s not even the thinness of the model, but how they’ve shot her in these contorted poses. Not pretty or edgy, just scary. O_O

    • kimmeister

      Those shoulders could poke your eyes out!

    • She starts off quite striking.  Then she gets kinds of freak show with the bones and angles.  By the last shot she is full on mannequin.  No longer human???

  • Ruth Preston

    I can’t ever fall asleep again, because that model is going to come and brain me with that green…thing, and then eat my soul.

  • RebeccaKW

    Actually, I think it’s all kind of ugly and pretty impractical.

  • MilaXX

    I kike a few of these. The first neck piece I would ear and maybe the cuffs as the sole piece of adornment. However the model is distractingly strange and angular looking.

    • drdirection

      please tell me you mean “like” not “kike”

      • MoHub

        And “wear” rather than “ear.

  • MilaXX

    TLo, your daily dose of pretty is turning into the Evening Oddity.

  • Maybe she could cook and eat a few of these so as not to starve to death? 

  • RichStrathmann

    She needs to eat a cheeseburger.

  • Kate4queen

    I can’t get past how terribly emaciated the model is-ugh, really. I can’t look.

  • ballerinawithagun

    Pointy jewelry, pointy hipbones.

  • marilyn

    The model looks anemic and very ticked off.  The jewelry looks like props from Xena.  

  • They look oddly like what would happen if you put play-doh in a spritz cookie press.

    • JDreesen


  • All I can see in the blue skirt picture is a jutting hip. I’m hoping that’s a photoshop error.  Sharp angles are not a good look on the human body,

    • Nayasabrina

       One could slice prosciutto with them hipbones….

  • Really calls to mind that Cate Blanchett Givenchy Oscars gown.

    • Mexxoo

      I thought the same thing!

    • guest2visits

      yes; I would really like to see that green-shoulder piece attached to a stunning gown; reminded me of Blanchett’s.

  • This is what the winner of Project Accessory THINKS he’s designing. It’s quite accomplished but I’d say they’re more like wearable art.

  • Edith Sitwell reincarnate.

  • Pannyx

    I have no idea what you would wear with most of these pieces, but I really like them.

    • Aly Light

       Yeah, and it really doesn’t help that the model isn’t really wearing clothes with them– I need some inspiration to figure our what clothes to pair these with, and these photos aren’t helping.

  • I like some of it. The first necklace, for example. That double set of chunky black squares is pretty fab. The rest is great to look at but seems like it’d be more at home in an editorial than on a regular person.

  • I really like this! If I could afford them, I’d wear quite a few pieces too, I think they’re beautiful. The model is really striking too, she suits the jewelry well. Very pretty!

  • Is it required to wear these pieces without any blouses? I mean, that green Aztec chestpiece… Gaga is going to be wearing that with a pair of granny panties any day now but what about the rest of it? Does it just not go with any tops that are currently made in the world?

  • Candigirl1968

    I know they have her topless to showcase the necklaces, but I’d be curious to see what blouse/dress/etc. one wears with some of these pieces.

  • Wow, these are amazing pieces. Not exactly practical, but very striking. I especially love the first necklace and the soft pink and blue necklace two from the end.

  • IAmJ

    Very cool! I couldn’t hope to afford or pull off too many of these but I love them.

  • sk8tfan

    I expect the costume designers for Spartacus to snatch it all up and put it on the gladiators’ ex-slave galpals.

  • MK03

    I’m too distracted by the ridiculous amount of Photoshop to notice the jewelry. Seriously, they made her look like a completely CG creation.

  • Ali

    It’s not my style of jewelry – I tend to prefer delicate, Victorian-esque filigree, with the boldest I go being Art Deco. This is a bit chunky and large for me, but I could see it being stunning on the right woman. I’m too soft for it.

    As for the model, she’s suited perfectly for this shot. She has the right face or angularity or drama or whatever you want to call it to perfectly match these pieces. I can definitely see Gaga wearing this or perhaps someone like Victoria Beckham, although she may be too petite for such a large piece. She has the boldness for it though.

  • Pants_are_a_must

    I see Gaga, Perry and Minaj all over this.

  • And in case of a street fight, some pieces also double as weapons and bullet proof vests.  Brilliant.  

  • muzan-e

    I’ll be back to comment in a moment. First, must retire to nurse a brief, torrid crush on this girl and her amazing eyes….. *g*

    Sometimes I adore the beading. Sometimes it feels like violent coral, and that’s when it works for me: delicacy and brutality all mixed up together and gone horribly, perfectly wrong.

    Sometimes it feels like Hollywood’s take on what a young woman would wear to a Toxcatl ritual, and that’s when it doesn’t work for me. It’s trying to hard, the result is too self-conscious, the overall effect is plastic. 

    Utimately?  She’s more interesting than what she’s wearing. 

  • Eclectic Mayhem

    I really like the pieces in the fifth photo down, not too sure about the others – the pastel colours seem odd on such aggressive looking work!

    Sorry to hear that people were being rubbish TLo, but glad to hear that you’re not standing for it.


  • they are definitely statement-making and would make perfect accessories to wear to an art gala or show opening, paired with sleek, simple outfits. i think they are meant to be showcased as the focal point of your whole look. i especially love the pastel colored ones; they lighten the supposed heaviness of the material.

  • I’d love to own the first one and the one with the dark squares, but too many of the rest look like a Girl Scout craft project gone wild.

  • Diane_G

    I believe Tilda or Cate Blanchett could rock these on a good day, seeing the simplicity of the photos paired with the armor-like quality of the jewelry. A simple, clean white outfit is really all you need under these necklaces.
    The model is truly incredibly striking.

  • snarkykitten

    what flaws? everything but her basic body shape has been photoshopped out

  • SapphoPoet

    I’m really intrigued by the model’s face–she looks so interesting. 

    Not really into the jewelery–the one piece looks like a breastplate of seaweed kelp. Although I kind of like the necklace of brown squares.

  • I can hardly get past the unhealthy model, and on the second pass I’d say the jewelry isn’t appealing either.  Needs editing – lots of editing.  I understand modern, but this is modern with too many scoops of cheap looking beads.

  • I didn’t like the pieces at first, but upon further inspection, some of them are quite arresting. I like the green armor that looks like a breastplate. And I like the tiny pants necklace. Also, the last one is quite pretty.

    As a side note, I can’t imagine what people were complaining about with the model. She’s striking without being distracting. Perfect for this shoot. I am also amused that she was styled with Princess Leia hair 🙂

  • guest2visits

    I thought the pieces should have been styled over some kind of garments; to reveal how they could be worn.
    This was a weird, unpleasant way to display them. Mostly. The first necklace looks elegant over a linen-shell.

  • Lauren Field

    whoever was knocking the model is an idiot. She wonderfully complements or adds a striking background to these amazing pieces, and she is gorgeous in the way that models are allowed to be- like some Norse goddess resurrected to bring us wonderful images of armored jewelry.. I can only image now bad I would look in these pictures. But on the bright side I’m told models aren’t allowed to eat cake so I’m glad to let them take these pretty pictures so i can eat mine 🙂

    • guest2visits

      Surprised. Although she’s obviously beautiful; I thought she came across as unhappy, fragile. Un-goddessy.
      These were large, strong pieces; perhaps that contributes to my impression.

      • Sarah Thomas

        Again – fairly certain he is not a she, but in fact Andre Pejic.

        • guest2visits

          Had to look up Mr. Pejic on wiki.   Honestly; I was more distracted by the way they portrayed the model;
          even with such impactful jewelry.  My first impression was sadness.

        • H3ff

          She may be blonde but she most certainly is not Andrej Pejic.

  • ThaliaMenninger

    I prefer not to wear jewelry that looks like it could eat me. Too big, too “toothy,” too… Not me.

  • Aarjullor

    Did they not have a hair stylist around? The same sad style throughout the shoot that’s becoming more and more unkempt bugs me. The model is stunning, looking at her hip bone portruding, and her arm length, she’s probably 6ft something, glamazon! My short self is envious. The jewelry is interesting, I’ll leave it at that.

  • velomango

    I really like the first one…I don’t think I have the ovaries for the rest of ’em.

  • Anathema_Device

    I dig these in concept, but none of them would work for me, even if I could afford them. But on the right woman, they could be very cool.

  • cluecat

    I like some, but others makes me itchy.  Like, the…chestpiece?  Pustule rash! 

    Some of the other pieces are OK, in a proportionally interesting away.  But, they look pretty uncomfortable.  And don’t wear with a loose knit sweater.

  • S. Jenna Lutz

    Um, as someone who actually owns (and has worn) a chainmail bikini (made to be both useful – comfortable help me up and perky even though I’m a natural 36F cup – as well as decorative : it isn’t a mere skimpy bikini top, it’s a gorgeous elegant affair made with a built in collar/necklace as well as shoulder armor and decorative bands going all the way down to my hips) I have to go with a no. To my eye, it’s not only not terribly attractive but also seems rather dangerously designed. Not armor to protect the wearer and be used to inflict damage on those who come to close – but actually more likely to do the WEARER serious damage if worn.

    With Ren Faires and Comic Cons, I’ve worn my fair share of armor. Even carried (and used) more than a few weapons – these follow neither form nor function. Snarls of metal that (again, in my opinion. Like bellybuttons and assholes, everyone is entitled to one! lol) look like what happens when a slinky melts into your junk drawer – and render the wearer not protected, but instead would force someone to be constantly on guard of cutting, bruising, or otherwise seriously inconveniencing themselves with a trip to the ER if they let their attention wander!

    That being said? The model is striking though!

  • I am desperately refreshing in hopes of your Mad Style post… in the meantime, please enjoy:

    I like big bling and I cannot lie!
    You other models can’t deny
    That when a girl walks in with a giant spiky neck
    And some jewelry on her chest
    You get SOLD!

    OK that’s enough.

  • Guys – I’m not commenting on the model’s body, but doesn’t it appear to you as if someone went wild with the photoshopping? I think that is an issue here….

  • Sarah Thomas

    Is that the fierce Mr. Pejic I spy with my little eye? 

    • MK03

      I don’t think so. This model has a very distinctive profile and a bit of an Isabella Rossellini look, whereas Andrej Pejic has a blunter nose, more like Kate Moss.

  • PaulaBerman

    My biggest question is how you’d wear this, so my biggest complaint is that the model is topless. It gives no guidance as to the best ways to wear these pieces. They are interesting as art, but I’m not sure if/how they are wearable.

  • allj

    I wish I were more fabulous so I could wear this stuff everywhere. It’s fantastic.

    Also, thank you guys for always keeping body-bashing out of the conversation. It’s why we love you.

  • ItchyInKentucky

    It’s statement jewelry. That statement is “DO NOT HUG ME!”

  • ElitheMonkey

    These are way to pokey for an uncoordinated mortal like me to wear. 

  • Oh, god. Do people really wear crap like that? I can’t even remember seeing celebrities wearing jewelry that hideous and bulky. I guess I could tolerate the 3rd from the last piece.

  • quiltrx

    It’s interesting that the model is topless in all but one photo.  Makes me wonder…would one have a hard time finding the right blouse/dress to wear with such large pieces?  They’re interesting, but I’m not sure how wearable they are, even for the target audience.

  • Sophie Collier

    It’s good that the matched such strong, bold jewelry with a model striking enough to carry it off.  I don’t see these pieces being wildly popular with the RC crowd, but artistically, they’re very cool.

  • I too would have liked to see some of these over a top. I think they’re strong enough that it wouldn’t detract.

    The model though, she is fierce and selling it like whoa

  • ccm800

    Well don’t fall into a pool wearing any of those big fellas! WHOA!  blub blub blub…

  • another_laura

    Statement pieces (doh!) and I can totally see them appearing somewhere but it will have to be on a Glamazon and with very simple clothing.

    The model is Fierce!!

  • bluefish

    Funny because the jewelry doesn’t grab me but the model is stunning.  Love the unusual look.

  • The model here is
    Model: Nina |Paparazzi Model Management|

    Not Andrej Pejic.

    I’m very grateful for comment moderation!

  • sleah_in_norcal

    i like the pieces in photo#5 that look like they’re made of dark green stones.  i’ve collected rocks my whole life and my favorites are dark green ones.  i’d like to know what materials are used here- for instance, the little things that look like white chocolate chips.  what are they?  also, i’m hot for the model.

  • She is rocking the androgyny well. She would have looked fiercer with black hair. 

    The pieces are like art – lovely to look at but dont think I can carry them off ( even naked ) as well as she did.

  • fursa_saida


  • Samantha Irene

    I love most of it!

    Would love to try on the green shoulders and chest number – though being larger in the twins department might make it look a bit silly. The first, fifth and final necklace all look super wearable to me – and if they were in my price range I would not hesitate to snap one up.

  • These are amazing pieces that would really bring out the drama in a very simple dress.

  • KSuKim

    They look more fun to design and make than to actually wear. We could have us one fierce weekend making this stuff at our Kraft Kamp for fetishists.

  • It isn’t jewellery that I would wear but thank god not everyone in the world is like me.

    • Magatha

       Seconded. It’s all sculptural and glamorous. I’d never wear any of it, because it just clashes with everything about me, even though I’m fascinated by the huge weaponizing potential of each piece. Although the second photo just scares me. Can you imagine a minor fender-bender where the airbags deploy, then the necklace explodes them, and the bracelets accidentally slice through the seat belt? It could be spectacular, but it could be real messy, too.

      I know we’re not supposed to talk about the model’s physical attributes, but damn, I like her nose. I get so tired of wee little button noses.

  • I don’t care for the…I don’t think the correct word would be styling–presentation, maybe? Somehow the angles and the light in these pictures really make it hard to notice the jewelry instead of just the model.

  • Prediction – China Chow will wear that acid green breast and shoulder plate piece, and she will make it look effortlessly chic.

    I wish I’d had a couple of these pieces when I used to commute by train to London, in those days I often wished for studded arm guards to fend off the arm-rest commandos. These would have been perfect!

  • TheAutisticStepmom

    That shit looks heavy.

  • MoHub

    That is one broad-shouldered model! I’d be dwarfed by those pieces.

  • Bravo for calling out that body fascist BS

  • lilazander

    The armour and the other spiky jewellery look like they were made of plastic. Besides most of it (if not all) looks cheap and awkward. And the model reminds me of young Virginia Woolf (whom I love).

  • amber_julene

    Wow. That is dramatic stuff. Striking, not for me. But mainly I want to thank you for your vigilance about personal criticisms of the human subjects in your posts. So. Thanks.

  • I love and wear big jewelry, but it’s very telling that she’s naked/half naked in all the shots. There’s nothing you could wear with any of this except for a white sheath dress.

  • Shoelover1512

    Well the armor one is just silly. But I can’t get over the fact that she’s topless. I want to see the jewlery on clothing.

  • I totally get this jewelry.

  • I guess that’s one way to get a workout — walk around all day in a 20-pound weighted vest. I’ll stick to the gym and jewelry of a more delicate variety, personally.

  • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

    I like them in a weird Museum of Modern Art meets Tribal Notions Land.  But the fifth picture down seems as if she is wearing a string of tiny black pants around her neck.

  • I like the model, she’s quirky. Not loving the jewellery though as it looks like a child’s craft project.

  • I’m not sure what that green piece could ever be worn with… I guess you’d definitely have to go without a top.

  • T Lo: Thanks for your stance on anti-body bashing. Also, that jewelry is wacky, but I like the concept and love the colors.

  • Amen!

  • PeaceBang

    I think these would be beautiful in a city of gorgeous nudists, but I can’t really see them in any other context.

  • I don’t actually see tribal here – In a lot of them, I see a techno take on Renaissance collars and chains of office. Especially in the second and third from the bottom. Very interesting. Not my style at all, but I can appreciate the artistry.  (And yeesh – who’s picking on the poor model? I wish they hadn’t photo shopped her arms quite so much, but that’s not her fault. I think she’s stunning; much more facial expression and projection than a lot of models lately.)

  • sid123

    if you had 30 comments about the body, maybe there’s something there to discuss. 

    • Then you can discuss it elsewhere because it’s not allowed here.

  • KathKo

    I think that model is amazing.
    I had to scroll up and down the pictures wondering if it was a man or a woman what with the different ways she uses her angles.
    She also has an alien look to her face and profile, she’s perfectly suited for that kind of warrior jewelry.
    Who is she ? I want to follow her carrier an I usually don’t give a damn about models.
    What ? The jewelry ? Well, I can’t really see it worn on an everyday outfit. It looks a lot like the jewelry version of a haute couture collection, made to show the craftmanship of the creator while you can buy more ready to wear pieces in his shop.
    Still, it’s striking and an inteersting take on jewelry : pieces not made to be worn at the office.
    Me, I like !

  • I am distracted by the boobies. I mean almost boobies. I know the point was to have a “clean slate” effect, but it really had the opposite, for me.

    PS – I want every piece.

  • piercingsupplies.com.au

    Heavenly statement jewels from Heaven Tanudiredja.