Academy of Country Music Awards Red Carpet

Posted on April 03, 2012

Darlings, the 47th Annual Academy Of Country Music Awards were held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada! And there are people whose dresses we have yet to criticize! Yeehaw!


Carrie Underwood in an Abed Mahfouz gown paired with Oscar de la Renta Shoes

Ugh. Boring as hell. A big bowl of Cool Whip.


Jennifer Nettles in a Max Azria gown paired with an Edie Parker clutch

Not boring at all. In fact, it’s interesting and a little eye-catching. Great colors for her, with some visual interest that keeps the dress from being a boring goddess gown. Well done. Although the clutch was a huge mistake.


Leann Rimes in a Stella McCartney dress paired with Christian Louboutin sandals

When is this awkward dress going to stop making the rounds? This dress must have its own publicist, because ladystars keep putting on, even though other ladystars already wore it and got slammed for it.

This is the reversal of most RC looks: the dress needs to go, but the accessories are pretty fab.


Nicole Kidman in a L’Wren Scott dress (and shoes) paired with Cartier jewelry

Very pretty and respectable, which we suppose was the goal. We’re digging the shoes for being eye-catching while still having a little delicacy to them instead of looking like they were made by a welder.


Miranda Lambert in Randi Rahm paired with Fred Leighton jewelry

It’s a pretty fabulous gown but it’s begging for more formal hair and makeup.


[Photo Credit: Getty]

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  • introspective

    LeAnn is posing like she is so fashion forward, while that dress is basically this season’s town whore. stop it already.

    • Either she is, or the dress is.  Or both. 

      • LORENZA

        @twitter-43347341:disqus my fŕiënd’ṡ sṫëp-aunṫ makës $68 an ħôüŕ ôn ṫhë ċômpüṫëŕ. ṡħë ħas bëen laid ôff Fôŕ 6 mônṫhs büṫ Laṡṫ mônṫh hëŕ ṗaỳ ċheċĸ waṡ $16957 jüṡť wōŕĸing on ťhe ćōmṗuťeŕ Fōŕ a feẃ hōuŕṡ. Heŕe’ṡ ťhe ṡiṫe ṫō ŕead mōŕ

      • Julie Ryan

        I know, right?  LeAnn has a decidedly slutty look to her.

    • Nonnah

       I thought they had slipped in a photo from the AVN awards.

  • Lilithcat

    Ms. Underwood took a wrong turn somewhere on her way to the pageant.

    I like Nettles’ gown, though I’m not sure that I can get behind the belt.  The clutch is great, but not with that dress.  

    Do we know who made Leann Rimes’ clutch?  Because I think I’d kill for it.  The rest can go in the garbage.  No, wait!  We’ll sell the rest to another starlet with more money than sense, and that will pay for the clutch!

    RE:  Kidman “Pretty and respectable”?  How about just plain stunning?  I adore both the dress and the shoes, together and separately!

    I must say I had to laugh when I saw “looking like they were made by a welder”, followed by Lambert’s gown that looked exactly as though it were made by a welder!  Not that it’s not fabulous, but it does have that “lots of pieces of metal welded together” look.

    • Mike Winget

      Get out of my head.. I had that EXACT reaction to Miranda Lambert’s gown.   

    • That yellow belt is full on fug.  I don’t get it at all.

      • lizajane1776

         The yellow belt looked like a tape measure to me.

        • That’s what I thought. And it totally ruins the lines of the dress. Bad idea.

  • PastryGoddess

    L’Wren Scott: Made by tall people, for tall people.

  • Surprised you guys liked the yellow belt in Jennifer Nettle’s look – I also like the pop of color, but that belt reminded me of a ruler/yard stick.  Up close the dress is actually pretty fug…

    • that was my thought exactly. someone forget to take away the measuring tape after her fitting

      • PeaceBang

        That was exactly my thought.

  • Someone needs to introduce Leann Rimes to a foot file and lotion–those heels look dry!  

    • annrr

      Exactly, get out the belt sander and take care of those dry heels. Ugh

    • Spicytomato1

      Tell me about it. I ate an early lunch before viewing and when I scrolled down to those crusty heels some of that lunch came right back up. Gross.


    • xmixiex

      yes.  nasty.  

    • sagecreek

      Yes. I was surprised she didn’t get the pedi scold.

    • Fordzo

      As well as her soul.  When did she become so…tacky and trashy?  

  • DeborahLipp

    Miranda Lambert’s dress isn’t fitted properly, or she needs a better bra, or both. Love the gown, but the fit does her no favors.

  • Ugh, I do not like Miranda Lambert’s dress. It looks so heavy! And Nicole Kidman looks beautiful. 

    • a) I agree with you and b) I like putting our avatars next to each other!

      • mountainFashionista

         My first thought about Carrie Underwood’s dress (first photo) was, “She’s pulling a stealth Jolie under her sheer panel!”

        Also, if I had an avatar, she’d be a sister of y’all’s  🙂

  • xmixiex

    stella mccartney.  i just can’t.  the most grotesque example of what your name will get you. 

  • Am I the only one who thinks Carrie looks gorgeous? Jennifer Nettles looks good from a distance, don’t like it close up, Leann R looks terrible, but then, I usually hate all of Stella McCartney’s dresses. Poor Miranda, her dress is very glamorous but extremely unflattering. Girl, don’t you have a mirror?

  • Jennifer Nettles’s dress is the best of the bunch, but agreeing on the clutch. Springy pink+yellow did not need red.I HATE THAT ENTIRE STELLA COLLECTION IT NEEDS TO BE BURNED ASAP. When will starlets stop wearing it?

  • Really, on the Jennifer Nettles dress? With the detail pictures, I thought it was even MORE ugly than I originally thought. And that yellow belt is so wrong…. 

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      I’m not liking that dress, either-at best, it’s okay, but I’m getting a matronly vibe from it for some reason.

  • Miranda, Nicole and Jennifer = WOW!!! Miranda looks like a beautiful golden statue. Nicole looks classy and beautiful. Jennifer, what a fresh look, very interesting and great use of color!!! Sorry Carrie and LeAnne, more of an effort please!

  • Sometimes Nicole K. can look a little too, um, packaged? She looks more relaxed here (for her) and very chic. I absolutely covet the shoes.
    Jennifer Nettles is the other winner. Great hair, make-up and wow I love that dress. I disagree that the clutch was a mistake. I like it and especially like the red with the pink (says the red-head who likes to wear pink).

  • Can we get Keira Knightley on the cover of Interview magazine? she looks slammin’

  • marilyn

    Miranda, your roots are showing!!  Go to Walgreen’s and get a box of root touch up.  It doesn’t cost much money, but will make you look better.  Or, go to your very expensive hairdresser, and have the roots done there.  Since you spent all that time and effort to get dressed up, finish it off by making your roots go away!

    Nicole Kidman’s dress is weird.  It is schoolmarm and daytime on the top, but is being passed off as formalwear.  Hmmm…. 

    Carrie’s dress was great until I got to the sheer overskirt.  That makes it look more like lingerie than an evening gown.  Other than that, it is beauty pageant material, but I happen to like beauty pageant material.

    • tsid2012

      That’s too funny.  That is exactly what I like about Nicoles dress is the sly reference to a more prim, “country school marm” past but with a chic, updated style.  I think it is very well done, not going too far in either direction.

      • mountainFashionista

         Me too!  Nic’s dress is one of the few examples I can think of of a little collar not looking twee as fuck on a full-grown woman.

        Bravo to L’Wren Scott for pulling off that nifty trick!

        •  Indeed. I am not a fan of that collar, but it looks really great on Nicole’s dress.

          It is a fantastic dress. I’d wear it in a heartbeat.

  • I seriously think Carrie Underwood takes her fashion cues from BRIDAL GUIDE magazine, rather than VOGUE or ELLE.

  • Carrie Underwood: slutty David’s Bridal.

    That thing on Leeann Rimes is the worst Stella McCartney creation I’ve ever seen. And that’s saying a lot.

    • Spicytomato1

      I know, Leann’s dress, it’s like a joke. That mesh part just infuriates me for some reason.

      •  “That mesh part just infuriates me for some reason.”

        The reason being you have taste. That dress is one serious fashion crime. In fact, it’s a Fashion Felony.

    • understateddiva

       slutty David’s Bridal!  nailed it!

  • schadenfreudelicious

    Carrie appears to have wrapped her bottom half in the curtain sheers…Leann needs to stop trying so hard to pose, she always looks like she is about to dislocate something, and that dress is abysmal…Nicole gets full marks, great dress and shoes…Miranda needs much more supportive underpinnings if she wants to wear a dress that shiny and curve hugging…

  • Pants_are_a_must

    I feel like Nicole Kidman is the ideal person for L’Wren Scott’s clothes, but I hate those shoes with this dress. They look like they belong on a different outfit she changed out of.

    Nettles’ dress was the best.

  • tsid2012

    Dear lord, that dress from Stella is all kinds of ugly, isn’t it?  Yikes!  I give my Nicole a WERQ, she looks perfectly flawless here and I love the juxtposition of thesuggested demure details of the dress with the suggested killer sex bomb red strappy shoes but niether went over the edge.  Love it!  Jennifer Nettles looks fantastic but I am biased, I think she is very interesting & talented, fascinating in concert.  That may be a fab gown Miranda has on but it isn’t her fab gown.  That faux crocodile print in gold metallic stretching in all the wrong places brings some bad illusions to mind.

  • Bozhi

    I had to take a second look at Miranda Lambert’s gown, and as you say, it’s pretty nice on it’s own.  With that hair and makeup, she looked like a big gold mermaid at first glance.  With her coloring, I don’t think a gold gown is for her. 

    • Spicytomato1

      “Mermaid” is the first word that entered my mind with Miranda, too.

  • Judy_J

    I’m more bugged by the fact that Carrie’s shoes don’t fit.  I do like Nicole Kidman’s dress and shoes.  She looks lovely.

  • Aaron Smock

    This line-up gives me extreme respect for Robert Blackman, the costume designer for the ABC series GCB. Seeing the real women of the American Country-Western lifestyle proves that Mr. Blackman knows his bizz. Mss. Underwood, Rimes, and Lambert all look as though they just walked out of Neiman Marcus – Dallas. Ms. Nettles has that exquisite quality known as “taste,” only bestowed to five-percent of any particular societal plane. Finally, Ms. Urban-Kidman is the token honorary debutante. While she may attend the same pink teas as the other girls, or even gossip with Ms. Underwood on the chaise in the powder room, she buys her wardrobe while on holiday – and it shows 😉

  • msdamselfly

    I think Ms Lambert’s hair and makeup are gorgeous and so is the top half of her look.  But the dress from the waist down is unflattering.

  • msdamselfly

    I think Ms Lambert’s hair and makeup are gorgeous and so is the top half of her look.  But the dress from the waist down is unflattering.

  • I would totally jump the fence for Jennifer Nettles.

  • MilaXX

    UGH! That Stella McCartney dress is the very definition of hiddy and someone needs to tell Leanne she looks sickly and gaunt. Not hot as she clearly seems to believe.
    Why has Carrie taken to wearing these boring, white frocks?
    Love Miranda, but it looks like she could have stood some better foundation garments. The boobs look a bit saggy.

    • I hear you. 
      Can you imagine the kind of body image complex you get working in entertainment industry? Then what it must be like to grow up, and hit puberty in it?? Yikes, I’m sure LeeAnn has got some serious baggage. 

      • MilaXX

         Oh I agree. Leeanne has always been a bit troubled between her issues with her parent to her young marriage, but since hooking up with Eddie she I don’t know, just seems odd to me.

    • Every Stella McCartney creation seems to be the very definition of hiddy.  

  • ballerinawithagun

    Loved the L’Wren Scott red shoes. They take care of my petpeeve–when the little toes poke through straps or fall off the end of the shoes from your foot being thrust forward. I’d like a pair in every color!

  • Huh. I’m starting to doubt myself, because I think that Carrie Underwood looks very pretty and appropriate here. I can see that I am in the minority, but still – it’s a pretty dress, I like the shoes, and I even think that her hair looks pretty with it. And I like her makeup too; not overdone, very soft and pretty. Ah well.
    Nicole really brought it too – this looks fabulous on her. Love the shoes!

  • crash1212

    Nicole Kidman FTW! I love the dress and LOVE those shoes. Best she’s looked in a long time. Also love the Miranda Lambert dress – although foundation garments would’ve been a good idea.

  • Sartorial_She

    Miranda Lambert looks utterly uncomfortable and self-conscious in that dress. Better posture, a better bra, and confident air would do wonders for that entire look. I agree that the hair should be more dramatic, but her makeup is gorgeous.

  • Nicole Kidman seems to be saying “I should like to remind you all that I am not a country-western singer.”

    • poggi

      Exactly.  To quote Sesame Street, “One of these things is not the like the others.  One of these things just doesn’t belong…”

  • poggi

    Is a female star legally required to thrust her entire leg out of the slit in her dress?  If your dress has a thigh-high (or in some cases, a waist-high slit) odds are we will see your leg without you holding the dress open, rearranging the sheers, lunging, or dislocating your hip. 

  • TheOriginalLulu

    Carrie Underwood: This is actually tasteful for her. Her hair color is atrocious and that makeup is so heavy it’s making her look like a drag queen.
    Leann Rimes – that dress is pretty hideous.
    Kidman- Love those shoes. She looks beautiful here.
    Miranda Lambert – Girl, that’s not your dress.

  •  Before every action ask yourself. Will this bring
    more monkeys on my back. Will the result of my action be a blessing or a
    heavy burden?

  • Doesn’t Miranda’s dress remind you of when fish lose their scales?  How many sequins did she leave behind in the limo.  Jennifer Nettles wins, hands down.  

  • michelle shields

    did Miss Marriage Wrecker, ooops, I mean Miss Rimes have some boobie work done? Last time I looked she had that skeletor look going on.

  • sleah_in_norcal

    some hot shoes here.  love nicole’s and leann’s are cute too.  also leann’s clutch!  who would think you’d see chic accessories at the cma’s?

  • PeaceBang

    You know what would have been awesome on Miranda Lambert? A better bra, first. Then cut the dress off at the waist to make it into a top. Wear a pair of amazing jeans and sky high cowgirl boots and YEE-HAW. She would have been comfortable and looked Country Faboo.

    • Orange Girl

      Agreed.  Miranda needs some help in the underwear department.  The dress looks a touch big on her also. Nicole’s dress is pretty, but it’s too tight. 

  • Fordzo

    I bet Leann and Courtney Stodden would be best friends.  

  • The LeAnn dress is cos Sienna Miller is wearing it on the front cover of April Vogue Uk,it doesn’t look great there.

  • Patricia Gillett

    A whole line-up of  OUT, IMO. Nicole Kidman’s dress may be nice but I don’t dig the shoes or the “running errands on a windy day” hair. And the fact LeAnn Rimes gets photographed by anyone she doesn’t pay directly is just ludicrous. As is her outfit. 

    Miranda Lambert is a fabulously curvy girl who should stay away from fabrics like this that make her look wider. Jennifer Nettles looks a mess and Carrie Underwood looks exactly how you’d expect her to look. Pageant-girl is her thing. if she’s changed by now, she’s not going to. 

  • KaileeM

    I must have Miranda Lambert’s bird bracelet. Or, rather, a reasonably priced facsimile. 

    And what did LeAnn do to her hair? That is not a good look on her. And the dress certainly doesn’t help matters.

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    Miranda Lambert needs better support garments, particularly a decent bra.  LeeAnn Rimes – YUCK.  Can’t stand her.  And our dear Nicole Kidman has lost the ability to close her eyes due to all the botox/work she’s had done.  Jennifer Nettles is adorable.  Love the dress, hair and makeup, although I would have rethought the clutch.

  • DominoEstella

    I have no idea who Jennifer Nettles is but that girl gets my vote.  I don’t even mind the clutch.  What a bold choice!  I love it. 
    I am with you on that god awful Stella McCartney dress.  That dress needs to be burned because it keeps hurting my eyes over and over!

  • Susan Crawford

    Once I regained my eyesight after seeing Leann Rimes in that abysmal Stella dress, I was able to focus on her amazing clutch. Now THAT, I want! And of course Nicole in her finery looked tres chic, although every time she appears on one of the million country music red carpets, she looks as though she wandered in by mistake compared to the oceans of sequins, tulle, big hair and mermaid-tail gowns.

     Oh, and if Miranda Lambert wouldn’t mind, perhaps she would send me that beautiful bangle she is sporting? I’ll pay shipping and handling, okay, Lambie-pie?

  • You know, every now and again I think, “what would it be like if the entire world was looking at and commenting on close up pictures of my un-pedicured feet?” 

    Then I realize if I had that kind of wealth, I’d have a fresh pedicure every day and the feeling passes.

    •  Ain’t it the truth? And not one of these women would have to leave the house to get a pedicure. A pedicurist would come to them.

      More important though – doesn’t Leann take a washcloth to her feet every day in the shower? It’s not going to take care of everything, but it does help to keep the dryness to a minimum.

  • carrie underwood, i say this every award show. YOU ALREADY WORE THAT!!!

  • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

    Bullshit that Kidman hasn’t had any work done.  

  • janedonuts

    This post and the comments made me LOL repeatedly. Thank you.

  • marciekr

    Except for her hair, Nicole Kidman looks perfect.  I love that dress on her.

  • Allison Woods

    Coming to a movie theatre near you, Carrie Underwood starring in “The Slutty Bride”!

  • eight_of_nine

    Nicole looks amazing!  I love that dress on her.  

  • eight_of_nine

    Nicole looks amazing!  I love that dress on her.  

  • ThatPeterG

    Wait, wait, hang on here….they give out AWARDS for country music?!

  • Sophie Collier

    Miranda’s gown is not doing her any favors below the bustline.  Great from the boobs up, though.  I’m okay with the hair, it’s the dress that’s not working here.  

  • Miranda doesn’t look comfortable at all in this, her smile is forced which says to me “wish I’d worn something else other than this dress” 

  • CPK1

    Leann Rhimes in Stella McCartney. Two of my least favorite things come together. And even in the realm of Stella fug this is bad.

  • Beth G

    I’m sorry… but why does it look like pieces are missing from Miranda’s dress??  Like… it’s moth-eatten or something?

  • understateddiva

    Jennifer Nettles-badger don’t care!  That’s some ballsy fashion, right there.  And it (mostly) paid off. 
    Also, I’d love to see M Lambert in an outfit that really flatters her – my figure is kind of similar (shorter and curvy) and I’d like to see what works (note to self: avoid sequined sheaths)

  • Martha Anderson

    I still dont understand why women do not wear hose

  • JaneDC

    Carrie Underwood’s dress looks like they ran out of fabric for the lining. Multo tacky.

  • Vic

    Your description of Carrie Underwood is apt in more ways than just fashion.