Yea or Nay: Kristen Stewart’s Balenciaga Sandals

Posted on March 02, 2012

Kristen Stewart attends the Balenciaga Fall 2012 show in Paris, looking like a dominatrix on the Starship Enterprise.

Balenciaga Tube Sandal

Hey, we call it like we see it.

The entire world stopped for a moment to discuss her footwear and we figured we could do no less ourselves. We actually dig them quite a bit and we think pairing them with tight leather pants makes for an unforgettable(if potentially sweaty)  look.  But we put it to you, darlings. What do you think of these shoes?


Kristen Stewart’s Balenciaga Tube Sandals: Yea or Nay?



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  • Violina23

    Nay, I think it makes her legs look like twigs. 

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      •  Wow, Gina, it’s like you read our minds and knew exactly what we were really thinking about while talking about fashion. You must be psychic!

        •  Do people really think they won’t get ripped off on that site?

        • BrooklynBomber

          But you have to appreciate all the accents. They make the job seem more fascinating and international!

          • NasserShaheen

            It’s nice her friend’s mother found such a good job though.

  • Joyce VG

    Nay. Ick.

  • Can she even sit?

  • Forget the shoes, she looks TIRED AS HELL.

    • AudreysMom

      Truly. Who can even notice her shoes? I’m focused on the bags (as in the ones under her eyes).

    • Yes to you.  She looks like she’s pregnant with half a vampire.  Also NAY to those “sandals.”

  • BeeBeauNYC

    Maybe with the right outfit they might work? But here, this ensemble is so hiddy….And has she not washed her hair in two weeks?

    • JosephLamour

      That shirt she’s wearing with the rest of the outfit could possibly be the worst choice in the history of fashion. And no, I don’t exaggerate.

      • Aly Light

        Mistress von Nuttcracker the Dominatrix is paying a visit to Ma and Pa Ingalls, as far as I can tell.

      • NurseEllen

        Boy, talk about a schizophrenic look.  Child needs her lithium Rx renewed.  And the shoes are OUT.

    •  she has a little bit of a lilo look going on, like she’s starting to smell bad.

  • TAGinMO

    Yea. Striking.

  • Nay.  Hate.  Pairing them like that makes it look like the worst case of sandal boots in the world.

  • Yea.  I dig them.

  • nannypoo

    Hate the shoes, hate the pants, jacket’s too big, blouse is too summery for leather, not enough makeup, and her hair is dirty. Otherwise, just great.

    • EveEve

      Yeah, plus she obviously did show up for those Salma Hayek posing lessons her stylist scheduled her for. 

      • EveEve

        did *not* . . .

    • RebeccaKW

       That’s what it is-I couldn’t put my finger on why I didn’t like that top with the pants.  Totally agree on everything here.

    • Little_Olive

      hahaha… I’ve liked a lot of posts here, but you’ve said it all. 

    • Little_Olive

      hahaha… I’ve liked a lot of posts here, but you’ve said it all. 

  • I just really hate any shoe that covers your whole foot except your toes. But I think if you HAVE to wear these shoes, these were the right pants to wear them with. Nevertheless, NAY.

    • cluecat

      Yes!  Boot sandals are one of those fashion trends that made me pause and wonder if the designers are just joking.   Outside of foot perverts, who thinks that TOES are a great body part to be featured exclusively? 

    • BerlinerNYC

      I don’t know. All I can think of is the Fug Girls talking about “bootaloons.” Open-toed bootaloons suggest we’re just that much closer to the Apocalypse.

  • Nay.  I hate everything about this outfit.  Well, I guess the jacket’s cool but it’s too big for her, the sleeves are much too long.  

    I admit I am prejudiced against her because I can’t stand her.  Still hate the outfit.

    • RebeccaKW

       I never really cared for her, but now that the Twilight actors are feuding with the Hunger Games actors, and then seeing how great Jennifer Lawrence was in yesterday’s post (girl crush now!), I dislike Kristen Stewart even more.

      • Little_Olive

        Like, why does the world find her attractive again? I cannot see it. She certainly is not trying anyway. 

      • Little_Olive

        Like, why does the world find her attractive again? I cannot see it. She certainly is not trying anyway. 

  • kaycem

    the sandals: yea; the pants: nay.

    • kingderella

      the sandals: yay!

      everything else, including the pants, the red toenails, and the woman attached to those red toenails: nay!

  • NAY. Her toes are the only thing on her bottom half allowed to breathe. Hey KStew, wash your hair. K? Thx. *muah*

  • jilly_d

    YEA to the shoes, Nay to the shoes with the pants.  blerg.

  • Lattis

    As maybe the only living American who has never seen any of the Twilight movies (or read any of the books, for that matter), I think I am impartial. She looks great in the pants and jacket. And the shoes are cool. The top looks like it was made from the 1950’s era “oil cloth”mat that I had to take to kindergarten to take a nap on. 

    • SapphoPoet

      I’m the other only living American who has never seen any of the Twilight movies or read the books. 

      • MichaelStrangeways

        Watched the last 15 minutes of one of the films with a friend and we both turned to each other and said the same thing: “THIS is what people are excited about?”

        Two hours of moody looks and sparkly vampire angst.

      • The only “Twilight” I’ve seen or read are the 30-second film clips used for promotion when the actors were on talk shows. And I’m proud of it.

      • raininmai

         I read the first book.  That was enough.

        I agree that the top just has no business being with those pants.  Or any other outfit, really.  And I don’t like the shoes. They work as neither a sandal nor a boot for practical purposes, and they’re ugly.  The pants are okay, but the jacket is too boxy.  I think she should go home and start over.

    • I, too, can join this club.

    • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

      Never seen or read any of ’em, and never plan to.  Thankyouverymuch.  No.

    • alyce1213

      I’m in. Never have, never will.

  • Judy_J

    I like the shoes, but not with those pants.  And why does she always look like she just woke up?

  • Ennovi_R

    She needs to get some sleep. The picture you picked as the thumbnail freaked me out a little. Yikes!

  • Greg Yoder

    It sort of looks like the toes wore out of a pair of boots to me.  I don’t like them.

    But I kind of feel bad about dissing her shoes when she looks sooooooooooooo tired.  Did someone forget to tell her that she’s not really a vampire, so she needs some sleep.  Take a nap, sweetie!

    • Jecca2244

      I’d be having the makeup team Balenciaga paid for shellac concealer under my eyes. Overnights are a killer!

  • random_poster

    Love the shoes, but I think you need to have very long legs to do them justice, and this is why she’s paired them with leather pants.  It gives the illusion that her legs are much longer than they are.  So, Nay, to Bella’s illusion look.

  • They’re nothing earth-shattering.  In fact, they look sorta like shoes my Grandma used to wear except with heels.

  • Yay – it’s a look. 

  • PastryGoddess

    I hate these shoes with the intensity of a thousand burning suns…NAY

  • MrsBug

    No. No. No. No.
    Plus, I wish she’d look like she’d gotten more than 2 hours of sleep after a bender.

    • Celandine1

      LOL, my first thought was wow she must have gone on a bender with Pattinson the night before. My second thought was ICK, not with those pants. Big NAY. 

  • no, just no…or not with those pants

  • Nay.  I don’t call it a sandel when the majority of your foot is covered. Not mention the shoe just looks like an extension of her pants.  She looks horrible. Maybe if she would have untucked the shirt? She still looks like she hasn’t slept in 2 weeks.

  • Nay with those pants, but I like them.

  • lalahartma

    I like.

  • H & J Barnes & de Grasse

    A bit extreme for a daytime choice..?  I’m okay with the pants and sandals, but the blouse belongs no where near them!  If you have an obvious center (gig) line, try to keep it aligned.  The jacket is the wrong one for the pants.  She looks like she’s coming off a bender or still playing in a vampire movie.  Bleh.

  • Jecca2244

    Middle photo of her is awful. Now she is going to complain about having her photo taken… even though she was given free clothing, shoes, plane ticket, hair, makeup and hotel and a VIP seat at an amazing show. When you become this famous, you do so at the risk of your privacy. 

  • TheOtherChristina

    Love the sandals. Hate the rest. And get that child a cucumber mask and a bloody mary, stat. I have never seen a celeb look so thoroughly hung over and/or still drunk from the previous day.

  • veronkimo

    Yea! Love them!

  • piecesofconfetti

    Nay, those are some of the most hiddy shoes I’ve ever seen.

  • absolutely yay. i love those shoes in any and every colour and she rocks them. now that top on the other hand…

  • I like them on their own, but they look beyond stupid with those pants and that blouse.

  • Jennifer Coleman

    Shoes – nice, would like to see KStew’s pants cropped to expose heel and ankle details of slingback.
    Damn, she’s looking tired!

  • a_liking

    I actually love the shoes/ pants combo, but all that goin’ on up top is ruining the look.

  • Pants_are_a_must

    Ah, so she’s back to her haggardy ways. I’ve seen freshmen on a frat bender looking less hungover.

    Those shoes are awful.

  • TheOriginalLulu

    I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I do kind of like them, especially with the leather pants. YEA

  • DaringMiss


  • Love them, love the whole look. The juxtaposition of the soft, feminine tank with her rocker-chic pants… the entire vibe. She never tries too hard, and always looks like HER no mater how glam she looks. She pics what she likes and I like what she pics most of the time. 

  • “picks” 

  • Jessica Rowe

    Did she just have a vampire baby or something?  She does look awful.  Also, the shoes are awful.

  • No.  Just looks like her pants continue onto her feet in a really weird, quasi-wetsuit kinda way.

  • My first thought was that her shoes were actually a part of her pants…like they were really long leather tights with the toes cut out.  But upon further investigation I could see where the pants stopped and the shoes started. I will never be on board with a look like this. OUT

  • AlexisPayne


  • finnishmaria

    ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww nay

  • CQAussie

    The sandals are fine I guess but they are totally wrong with those pants.  Nay.  Just looks like she’s got leather hooves on or something.

  • Christina Brennan

    The shoes would look nice but not with matching leather pants.  It makes it look too bottom heavy or like she’s wearing pants with built in shoes.

  • like the sandals hate the bags under her eyes…

  • Yea on the sandals, but wtf is going on with that top? And why does she look like she just came off a week-long bender?

  • I like the shoes on her, but the girl needs to get some sleep. That is some heavy baggage she’s carrying under her eyes!

  • I think the shoes are killa.  The pants look great with them, but the rest is a mess.

  • sherrietee

    She looks like a peep-toed ponygirl.  Nay. … or should I say “neigh?”

  • NAY.

  • NCDFan

    Sorry, her outfit looks like a wetsuit and the sandals add to that image.

  • Jessi03

    Nay. But they’d be cute with bootcut jeans!  As is, she looks like she’s wearing a masochist’s version of footie pajamas.

  • I like the look, except from that blouse. It kinda ruins the rock ‘n’ roll flavor it has the outfit.

  • The sandals are great and IN. The pants, the shirt (which should NOT be tucked in) and the face are all OUT.  She needs a rest or a nap or something. Seriously, I am concerned about her. Well, as much as I can be concerned about someone who could buy and sell me. Do you think she could lend me that jacket?

  • serenitynow02

    Nay. She looks like she’s about to film an Animal Planet special on scuba diving in the Seine.

    • Stubenville

      In that case, I hope she has had a recent tetanus shot.

      • serenitynow02

        She looks so pale and haggard, we may be seeing the after photo….

  • lessax3

    I like all three items, but none of them should be paired with each other. The shirt looks like she’s going to brunch with grandma, the pants are for a hot date you don’t plan to go home with but want them to call you back. Maybe if the pants were a different color from the shoes to break the built in shoe look? Still wouldn’t like the shirt with it, maybe if she hadn’t tucked it in?

  • oatmealpie

    I didn’t know they made black Ace bandages.

  • momogus


  • RebeccaKW

    Ugh.  No.  I’m not even sure if that’s a reaction to the shoes or the overall look-yes, it makes her legs look long, but then it’s a toe explosion.  No.

    On an unrelated note, did she oversleep and not have time to wash her hair?  I believe when you are attending a fashion show, or really ANY event other than going swimming or to the gym, you should have clean hair.

  • guestela

    Bleh. Nay.

  • tinyredlocks

    I like them. Just not with those pants. I’d totally wear them .

  • Yea.  Love the shoes.  The shoes.  Yep, that’s it.

  • ThaliaMenninger

    HAAAAATE. The whole “I’m in leather tights with my toes exploding out the end” gives me hives and makes her look like a leather duck. HAAAAAAATE.

  • Stubenville

    I’m q

  • mjude


  • Nay. Seriously someone thought that looked good for a shoe?

  • butterflysunita

    Nay on everything, including shoes.  Salma Hayek looks younger, healthier, and also does a way better hair flip.

  • DeborahLipp


  • Snailstsichr

    I hate everything she is wearing. Perhaps I am irrational, though. I might have liked something if she had smiled.

    I would grin like a monkey on crack if someone sent me to Paris and gave me free clothes.

  • Jackie Bae

    the real crime is the top

  • CheriCPat

    Nay.  Hate open-toed boots, and that is what these look like.  

  • Sara__B

    Nay to the sandals with the matching leather leggings. Her toes have become the focal point of the entire lower half of her outfit. Toes, no matter how well-manicured, do not make a good focal point.

    I’d like to see the sandals with a different outfit.

  • She makes me sick.  She’s an OUT until she learns to smile.

  • Pupioso

    The leggings need to be a different color. I like the sandals. Just not the match with the leggings. Nay.

  • formerlyAnon

    Nay. Makes her legs look like they dwindle down to points from her hips.

    Also, with those pants, they look like peep-toe & heel boots.

    Which is, possibly, the next ridiculous hideous thing, but still.

  • The shoes would be fierce if not paired with those leather pants, and the so very tired eyes.  Nay.

  • NAY. These would have been better with jeans, but as it is the bags under her eyes, lank and greasy hair and bad attitude bring her many miles into nay territory. And that’s not even starting on the real crime – the top.

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    she doesnt quite remind me of joan jett.
    she reminds me of those girls i knew years ago who were so in love w/ joan jett [not to mention suzi quatro] that they did everything in their individual & collective powers to look exactly like joan jett.
    kristy mcnicol too, but w/o that stupid late late 70s/early 80s puffy perm hair. though i dont remember her fan girls, she probably had them somewhere just not locally.

    • Kayceed

      I loved Suzi Quatro, stumblin in.

  • Kayceed

    Aggressively ugly.

  • Anathema_Device

    They look terrible with those pants. Like leather tights with the toe cut off. They are kind of cool looking in that product picture of them.

    Nay as deployed
    Yea on their own.

  • greatscoutm

    I like all of these individual parts, but not in this grouping.  She looks exhausted.

  • pepper76

    Forget the shoes – who the hell tucks a top into leather pants?

  • schadenfreudelicious

    Yea to the pants, Nay to the shoes and blouse, so the NAYS take it…

  • janetjb

    Surprisingly I like the shoes on their own, but they need different styling.

    I never thought I’d say that!

  • Double yea. But not on KS. 

  • irielle

    I’m finding it tough to focus on those shoes when she looks like she’s wearing a blouse so totally out of place with the rest of the look.

  • BayTampaBay

    Love the shoes on their own.

  • KathKo

    There is fashion and there is ridicule. This falls on the latter.
    Or, maybe it could work with another outfit but leather tight pants ? no…

  • EW.

    Those make her toes actually look obscene.

  • TheLaurenJean

    Can’t stand her, so Nay.

  • Melanie Harrison

    I, like others have said here, cannot get over THAT BLOUSE! Why on earth would she pair something so light with two very heavy pieces? I cannot judge the shoes on their own merit, so I”m giving the whole thing a NAY!

  • Ugh. No way.

  • cleep1000

    The shoes are cute. But I’d like to know why someone so young always looks so tired.

  • MzzPants

    Yeah.  That’s a pretty high end version of her standard fashion attitude.

  • MelonTheCollie

    The shoes are kinda standard, but I like them. Hate everything else though

    YEA, barely.

  • Maybe with something else.  This looks like she’s got on half of a scuba suit.  Try skinny jeans KS.

  • benjamin478

    her toes look a little funny sticking out after all the black leather, shoes are a YEA, but with a disclaimer that says that they are tricky to wear (more so than other accessories which receive a YEA vote). striking look

  • MmmmmmmmK

    It makes her toes look like hooves.

  • Rand Ortega

    Is she going scuba diving after? Looks like half a wetsuit.

  • Love the sandals and the pants, but that shirt? With those pants? REALLY?!? She’s obviously sleep deprived.

  • Mariah J

    I think pairing them with those pants was GENIUS and I love them like that…but I don’t think they would work with skirts at all. A hesitant Yea from me. 

  • Call me Bee

    Ugly and unflattering.  OUT. 

  • Shoes yes, pants no!

  • DominoEstella

    Hideous.  The whole ensemble is awful and I usually like the way she is styled.  It just doesn’t flatter her figure at all.

  • Qitkat

    I’m so bowled over by the thought of the Dominatrix Room on the Starship Enterprise, imagining Jean-Luc or Kirk sneaking off to partake of the goodies that…waitaminute, wrong blog, sorry…

    • sleah_in_norcal

      what would spock think?

      • Qitkat

         hmmm, trying to apply logic to this scenario. He might be interested if the dominatrix were Vulcan >:-p

  • Fordzo

    I like the shoes, but not with those pants.  Also, I’m not sure about that shirt.  Maybe if it wasn’t tucked in?  The pants look like pantyhose when she tucks in the shirt.

    I will say this about the shoes: they fit her perfectly.  My biggest pet peeve is when women wear sandals and their toes hang off the end.

    • sleah_in_norcal

      exactly.  the blouse was a hideous choice, and why she tucked it in is a mystery.  yea on the shoes, though, and with a different top, the whole could look chic.

  • cindybeeintex

    UGH. I like the sandals, but I don’t like them blending with the pants.

  • J MN

    NAY – at first sight my immediate thought was lizard feet or frog toes.  Looks weird to be all black leather then white toes w/red polish. 

  • Extremely unflattering outfit, and I don’t like the shoes either.

  • TSkot

    Shoes are great, but not with leather pants.  

  • sagecreek

    Like the sandals. Hate everything else. Count that as an in if you must.

  • elleg929

    NAY – she looks animalistic and not in a good way…

  • Nay. Especially with the leather pants.

  • Ick.

  • ringthing

    I think the shoes are the best part of this look.

  • zelavie

    Ew.  No.

  • Nay. I don’t think she’s rocking the look at all – for one thing, that top makes it look like she put the leather pants on over her nightie. (She doesn’t look like she’s enjoying the outfit, either, but then she never looks like she’s enjoying herself, does she?) I can imagine that someone much, much edgier might be able to work that look in a way that I’d appreciate, but they’d have to do something better above the waist! 


  • Hooves.

  • saanrio

    Nay.  Ew.

  • bigeasybridget

    it looks like she pulled up her boots too hard and her feet poked through the reinforced toes

  • j_anson

    Dear GOD no. At least not in that combination; the shoes themselves seem fairly inoffensive.

  • BazoDee

    NAY. Now perhaps it is that I can’t see the forest for the trees -I can’t really see the shoes but nope -NAY

  • marywv

    I would never wear them as an open-toed bootie repulses me, but YAY on K. Stew.

  • BrooklynBomber

    What??  When I saw the thumbnail I thought the top is cute, and suits her. But I don’t get the outfit at all.

  • Lola67

    Out. All I can do is stare at her feet. I only want my shoes to do that on my fat, ugly hair days.

  • Nonnah

    Nay.  I didn’t like them in the 90’s (with a chunky heel), and I really don’t care for them now.

  • kimmeister

    Meh.  I don’t hate them with a fiery hot passion, the way I hate open-toed boots, but I certainly wouldn’t wear them.

  • girliecue

    The shoes are a Yea. Like them with the pants and probably would like them with a skirt too.

  • LOVE the shoes, almost love the look but not quite, somehow.

  • Beth Mohon

    Disgusting shoes … Aggggggggggggggh. Barf.

  • Colleen Blakelock

    kinda cool from the knees down, but the bagginess around the hips and that tucked in prarie blouse are just gross. And girl needs to get some sleep, she looks like hell.

  • Scott Isaacs

    I think she’s ready to go scuba diving. Leather pants? Look more like Neoprene to me. As for the sandals, they are of a piece with her pants, so they look innocuous enough. On their own…absolutely hideous.

  • kentiesgirl

    Nay…looks just like casts for broken feet only with heels. Looking at them makes me think of the doctor, so I’m biased. After asking another young lady, my daughter sez yay, but ONLY with those pants. She’s very emphatic about me including that last bit 🙂

  • Hetha Innis

    LOVE the shoes. HATE the outfit.

  • demidaemon

    WTH is with her outfit? The shoes kind of disappear here, no? NAY on the pairing, YAY if they were with something where they would stand out.

  • Depends on how you feel about Star Trek dominatrixes (dominatrices?). 

  • AthenaJ

    HOOVES!! She’s the devil!!

    Ok maybe not, but she reminds me of those mythical creatures that were human from the waist up, and had a goats body from the waist down. I get what she (or her stylist) was trying to do – make her legs look super long. And it works.

    But it makes her look like goat girl.

    This gets a big fat NAY (or should I say ‘baaahhh’?) from me. Oy.

  • Amy Ellinger


  • Overall – no. But, it’s hard to tell. Wearing the shoes with those pants really takes away from the design of the shoe. Where do the pants end and the shoes begin? I think I might like them with something else – a summer frock, perhaps. 

  • I didn’t realize it was summer in Paris.

    It’s an arresting look for sure, but not a good one. Nay.

  • Nay. Might be better with a different top.

  • Lisa

    Nay.  She looks so uncomfortable and out of place in them.  It’s hard to judge – they’re not that great looking, but if she were at least rocking them (a foreign concept for KStew, I know), I might like them better.

  • Courtney Brown

    Out- Bad shoes 

  • Spicytomato1

    Yea. I actually like the whole ensemble…a nice change of pace from the usual minidress/Chuck Taylors look she tends to sport. I do hope she gets a nap in soon, though, girlfriend looks a little haggard.

  • beebee10


  • If not for the seem at her knees I would have said that they were rubber not leather pants. Love the shoes, could do without her. That top is an atrocity.

  • annieanne

    I’ll never like those kinds of shoes.

  • Horrible. NAY!

  • Girl, look into some concealer — those circles under your eyes make you look like a junkie.

  • Daenyx

    I love the shoes.  The tucked-in shirt throws the proportions of everything off for me (I think this would have looked SO much better with something fitted and untucked), but the shoes are pretty awesome.  

  • thebitterkitten

    Nay or maybe more like girl these are not your shoes oooorrr more like girl this is not your outfit!

  • S R

    Yea to the shoes and pants, a whole world of nay to that shirt. What a confused look.

  • Girl, have your roots done. 

  • Nay.  not a fan.

  • another_laura

    I think the look is as though she is wearing a very uncomfortable body stocking and she is making my feet perspire in sympathy.  


  • I like the shoes, but not with those pants. Yea.

  • LambeeBaby

    Nay. At least not with that outfit. Too much leather. I think I would like them better with a “softer” outfit.

  • cluecat

    NAY.  Those shoes not only look like they don’t belong in a particular season (sweaty arches in hot weather, freezing piggies in cold weather) they look unbalanced – huge hunk of leather paired with a tiny heel and strap.  Also, I imagine that after they’re worn in, you’d have a potentially permanent toe overhang situation no matter how well the fit.  

    She needs a day to sleep in, a good shampoo and a root job.  

  • mike__tv

    She looks high. No the pants are a weird shape on her and make he look like a pair of cones, even though she’s a wafe. I feel like it’s how she’s wearing it. Nay 

    • snarkykitten

       she ALWAYS looks high

  • Maya Laukaran

    Nay, but at least she finally got a pedicure. Baby steps, i suppose…

  • Maya Laukaran

    Nay, but at least she finally got a pedicure. Baby steps, i suppose…

  • Anne Lucchesi

    Everything else is crazed but I totally want that jacket.

  • quiltrx

    NAY, and especially with the leather pants.

  • hgtnteach82

    If she’d worn a solid color shirt, I’d have given her a pass on the shoes.  Like this, she’s almost Little ‘Ho on the Prairie…..

  • Eeeeeewwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!

  • yay. just not with those pants.

  • Vickiefantastico

    Those look exactly like a pair of sandals I bought at Payless in 1998. Seriously.

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    As much as I hate the separate elements, she is really making them work together. The leather leggings with those sandals is an inspired choice, memorable (and something only a person with her lanky frame could pull off). Yea, for her. Well done Kristen.

  • poggi

    I guess she’s tired because she was up all night getting those pants and shoes on.

  • She looks like she forgot to put on shoes. 

  • travelingcat

    I think these shoes would only ever look good on a shelf. OUT

  • snarkykitten

    p/leather pants are an automatic out for me.

  • SapphoPoet

    That outfit looks complete uncomfortable and graceless. And she looks completely exhausted. Girl needs a nap. 

  • Nay. Not only nay, but hell nay!

  • miatamam

    Love the shoes.  Pairing them with Kristen Stewart…..uh, that’s a NAY.

  • Nay. Total nay.

    And while we’re here, let’s talk about the rest of the ensemble: sloppily-tucked-in spring blouse doesn’t match the sleek, catwoman pant; mom’s blazer doesn’t fit well or match; and, oh yeah… TAKE A FREAKING SHOWER AND PUT IN SOME EFFORT.

    (Might be biased because Stewart is on my ‘nuh uh’ list. She wouldn’t know graceful or gracious if it stood before her with skin like marble, sparkling in the sun.)

  • I don’t see how those are “sandals”.

  • Lilithcat


  • DesertDweller79

    Companies need to stop calling shoes “sandals” if they are not sandals.  NAY to these.  I think they are ugly.

    And also, fashion was never that good on the Enterprise.

  • aristida_girl

    nay…I think the shoes would have been cute if the hem of the pants was higher so some skin would show between the ankle and the top of the shoe, or with a skirt….I too hate the bootie with exposed toe thing, and boy does she look whipped

  • pokokpuding

    The shoes are horrific BUT she found the one and only way to make them acceptable, striking even. Brava. 

  • Out.  Not flattering at all.

  • Sweetpea176

    Nay to the shoes — hate them.  And with those pants, they look like they are ATTACHED to the pants, which is frightening me.

  • Peeve

    Out. The shoes are okay, but she looks like a frogman in those thick, ugly, leather (?) pants. Especially the way they’re fitted, the shoes almost look like flippers. And the blouse is way too twee (sorry, overused expression) for the edgy look of the pants. I think she looks ridiculous.

  • PeaceBang

    My stars. What the…? It looks like some weird centaur creature with hooves, with whimsical painted toes on the hooves. So. very. out. The whole outfit. That leather jacket is boxy and swallowing her alive, the shirt is so-so, the pants-morphing-into-hooves hideous and bizarre but above all, the girl looks like she’s on the verge of death. Take a nap, sweetie. For maybe a week.

  • Leeloo_Multipass

    Out.  I don’t like any of this.  The pants are way too tight and they make her legs look weird – add the shoes and the too big jacket and the too blousy top, and it’s just a mess all over.

    Also, I really wish her people would stop forcing her into these clothes.  She never looks comfortable is always out of heels the second the cameras are off her (p.s. – I like the boots the lady behind her in the first pic has on. Let KStew wear those!).  She doesn’t have to look like she stepped off a runway – there are seriously so many ways she could dress and still look totally cool. The world of fashion is a wide one! 

  • Sophie Collier

    Well, it IS a rather eye-catching look, but I don’t think I like it with that shirt.  Or maybe those shoes, that shirt and a leather miniskirt instead of the pants.  Something’s amiss with this ensemble, at any rate.  Too much unbroken black leather, I think.  A belt, some ankle showing, SOMETHING to break it up.  Looks like she was wading around in ink.

  • Jessica O’Connell

    I like the shoes but UGH, the pants and that shirt? UGH.

  • Susan Crawford

    Love the shoes, but the overall effect of this outfit was really sending out a mixed message: a little bit leather bar, a little bit kindergarten. Yikes!

  • I actually did a reverse gasp – like a startled, horrified groan.  Disgusting.  Those cramped, painted toes sticking out of the end of all of that leather looks messy and sweaty and smelly, ugh.  

  • MilaXX

    I like the shoes, but I think the shirt is throwing this outfit off. I the pants and shoes are tough and edgy and a flowery shirt just doesn’t go with that look. It needs either a more graphic print or a solid color.
    Shoe yay, outfit, nay

  • fashionablylate


  • JMansm

    Beyond awful with those pants but I think I would like them with shorts. Is that weird? 

  • unbornfawn

    Nay. Fashion victim all over the place.  How weird is it that I like the shoes by themselves, but when they are being worn, I hated them. 

  • PantherontheRunway

    even if the strap and piping were black, that would make the world of difference to me.
    I love the shape, hate the color, that sickly taupe/beige color, isn’t for me

  • I like the outfit as a whole, so YEA.  Call me crazy, but I actually like the contrast between the blouse and the pants.

  • Like the shoes, hate the pants. The look might have been saved by something a little longer and flowy on top.

  • NasserShaheen

    Out. Or nay. Whatever is the bad thing.

  • MichaelStrangeways

    Can. Not. Stand. Her.

    She always seems petulantly constipated.

    But, I guess constipation WOULD make you petulant…

  • MichaelStrangeways

    Oh, yeah…supposed to talk about her look…

    Uh…she looks like like a Mormon housewife addicted to Roofies from the waist up, and an underappreciated, discount leather hooker from the waist down…

    That, or she’s auditioning to be a horse in  the Provo Community Theater’s production of “Equus”…

  • FayeKat

    I say NAY to the entire look, i find it’s overall pretty unflattering.

  • Shoes: Yea
    Shoes with those pants: Yea
    Shoes with those pants and that top: Nay

  • Lauren Maier


    Seriously, the whole ensemble is down-right hiddy, and the shoes do it no favors.  

  • Nicole Jeffers

    Love them!!!

  • Haley Buchanan

    They look like hooves.  Out.

  • miwome

    I love everything about her outfit except the shoes. I think I could like the shoes fine if they were paired with a skirt, so you could balance the exposed toes and see the shape better, but here it just looks like she cut the toes off a leather onesie.

  • SewingSiren

    Perfect with skinny leather pants. Dreadful with anything else.

  • mutemia

    Yea- but with skinny leather jeans

  • bellafigura1

    Yeah, no.  I like the shoes, I like the pants, I like the blouse but together, not happening.  She looks like Toe Person.

  • ri_dic

    It’s still winter in Paris, folks. Wrong season for peep toe anything.

  • Suzanne Heist

    N to the AY

  • R. L.

    No!  Hiddy look.

  • Yea.  I don’t usually like the bootie/sandal combo but somehow these ones work for me.  That shirt she’s wearing isn’t working for me though.

  • I just can’t get past how miserable she always looks. The shoes are okay, I guess. The pants are awful. The shirt is pretty but not for her. Blah.

  • pdquick

    She looks like she has hooves. Na-a-a-ay.

  • Everything is awful and the shoes are the worst. Nay.

  • Laura Osborne

    Nay! They are horrible, as are her pants.

  • sashaychante

    ICK!  What does that top have to do with those pants?  Entire look…hideous…the clothing anyway.

  • lrhoff

    Not good for this little girl’s figure.  If she were about a foot taller, perhaps.  That shirt, by the way, is quite wrong, as well.  Yuck all around.

  • That whole outfit is so strange to me. Shoes might be ok with something else, but with this it is a definite nay. 

  • Yea! I think her legs look long, lean and amazing. I can see the shoes even going nicely with a pair of dark wash jeans. I wish she’d worn a better shirt, though.

  • bluefish

    What exactly is the relationship between the Nancy Drew summer blouse, Lou Reed leather pants, and those hideous shoes?  What the hell, girl?  Red nails and toes?  Nay.

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    Nay.  HATE those “tube sandals”.  WTF is that?  And paired with scuba pants?  Def OUT. 

  • It’s a problematic outfit, at best, and she’s not selling it, at all.  Out.

  • MarissaLG

    They’re fine on their own, but not with those pants. 

  • marco5ny

    Don’t really mind the shoes but those pants will forever be linked to Olivia Newton John (Grease), Pat Benetar (You Better Run) or many other “bad girl” looks of the early 80s.  I don’t get the pairing with the blouse or the lack of ironic humor.

  • Pterodactyl111

    She looks like she needs a nap … but I kind of like the shoes. Yea?

  • alyce1213

    Nay on the very poorly fitting pants and the shoes.  And the top. Ick.

  • Ew. Nay.

  • Beth G


  • calimon

    All that leather, and black no less! and that dainty little delicate blouse just makes is making the rest of her outfit that much heavier. In other news…. right now there is a TOPless little old lady walking around the streets of Paris.

  • calimon

    Oh, but I actually like the shoes…just not here.

  • Kyle Crawford


  • chitowndg

    Love the shoes: the leggings, not so much.

  • luciaphile

    Out. I know we’re only supposed to vote on the shoes, but that top does not belong with the lower half of her outfit.

  • NAY

  • they look like the hoof protectors they put on cart horses. 

  • bitterk

    Total schizophrenic look.  Cool, edgy chick from the waist down.  Preppy amish high schooler from the waist up.  She strikes me as trying so hard to be cool and not quite getting it.

  • Renaissance_Man_ATL

    Yuck, to the whole outfit.  Nay.

  • Nay.  I thought they were some sort of shoe/pant pull on thing, as in the shoes were actually PART of the pants.  Totally hideous.

    Also, girl looks BAD.  Tired, dirty, just BAD.

  • siriuslover

    I think they’d be awesome if they showed less of her foot / toes. Maybe a skosh more covered and they’d be cool. NAY

  • Brenna McClellan

    Shoes IN (but not on her). Entire look: SET YOURSELF ON FIRE THAT OUTFIT IS HIDEOUS! 

  • Godawful ugly. They cut across her instep in a weird spot — too much of her toes are showing. They just don’t work at all, but especially not with those pants. OUT.

  • maybe she forgot to shave her legs? its a pretty sharp look except for the camel toe… as for the shoes… I LOVE. the combination of clog, slingback, and stiletto is divine.

  • judybrowni

    I hate, with the fire of a thousand suns, those fiddly-little, fussy, 80s flower prints.

    Hated them in the 80s, hate them now.

    But the black leather is groovy.

    • I agree 100 percent. She should have kept the jacket on. Once it came off, ouch… The leather is great, though.

  • unbornfawn


  • Leather and shoes – fab. Shirt – wha— oh dear god no.

  • CMSmith1848

    Yeah. cute shoes – with the wrong outfit.

  • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

    nope.  the shoes make her feet look like alien feet and her face – it looks like she had a hard night.  out out out.

  • I’m a huge YAY on the shoes but I prefer them in the still shot to the way she has them paired with the tight trousers

  • allj

    I’m fine with the shoes, but not with those pants. The pairing reminds me of centaur legs.

  • allj

    I’m fine with the shoes, but not with those pants. The pairing reminds me of centaur legs.

  • Nay. This whole outfit looks like the slippery slope to Lohanville, but big no to the shoes.

  • Addicted2Glamour

    Am I the only person that thinks she looks like she just got out of the water and took her SCUBA fins off…?

  • letter_M

    F-ing LOVE the shoes.  Especially with the pants.  Just really hate the top, at least with this outfit.

  • mila_8

    Can’t focus on shoes because I’m praying a belt will help cover up the Goodyear folds where her blouse meets her pants. Like the individual pieces, shoes included, but all together having a rubbery reaction. So…yesnayish?

  • CMCH

    Nay. HATE those shoes. Ugly, ugly, ugly.

  • Sally Brownson

    Unforgettable, maybe, but horrifyingly bad. Those pants are awesome, but the shoes are ruining them from sheer hideousness.

  • CatherineRhodes

    YEA. Love her Joan Jett-y look.

  • Yea.

  • VicksieDo

    Shoes yay, pants nay

  • VicksieDo

    Shoes yay, pants nay

  • Diego!

    Yay and is she getting into the Undwerworld saga as Selene’s daughter??? WTF are those leather pants?

  • mozzer0906

    I like the shoes, hate them paired with the leather pants.  It just looks yeast inducing….

  • i think that if she didn’t have those pants, the shoes would have been not bad at all!  but… unfortunately a bad pairing.  that’s really too bad, because i dig how she takes fashion risks.

  • too much shiny black leather, it looks like something sliced the toes off her dom-boots.  Also, the skinny leather pant without the jacket to balance makes the hips look far larger than they are, no? And what up with that colarless lily pulitzer-looking teeny print blouse?  Just schiziod and strange when overwhelmed by all that black leather, ‘fraid it’s an out for me.

  • lilazander

    O really like the shoes, but her face expression is ghastly. She seems to be one of the chicks who thinks that her shit doesn’t smell. I am tired of her pretentiousness.

  • prettybigkitty

    Shoes yay!  Outfit nay.  Do not like with the leather pants.  

  • The look is a NAY.  Sandals are fine.  The weird combo of gardening blouse and so much leather is baaaad.

  • renad

    Yea to the sandals. Nay to the rest of the outfit. Those shoes belong with a dress, not an ill-fitting pair of leather leggings.

  • MissAnnieRN

    normally I would hate the very idea of shoes like these.  But with the pants, they totally work for me.  YAY.

  • splix71

    Yea! Love them.

  • Nora Mulllin

    Boots or sandals, not both. It’s like the skirt over pants trend, ugly and unflattering.

  • enchanted216

    NAY:  Hiddy!!

  • Megan Patterson

    On anyone else, nay. On her, yay. 

  • ccm800

    Out not with grandma’s blouse. 

  • Sara Morris


  • Louise Bryan

    Ugh.  That is all.