The Hunger Games Paris Photocall

Posted on March 16, 2012

You can’t avoid it, darlings! The Hunger Games blitzkrieg is happening whether you want it to or not so get on board or get out of the way!

Actually, these kids look like they could take a break from it all themselves. It’s too early for burnout, kids! Strap a smile on your face and get out there!


Jennifer Lawrence in Tom Ford

Chic and sexy. Not as dramatic as her red carpet looks lately, but it gets the job done. We’re not loving those shoes, but we can’t really put our finger on why, since we usually love a black-and-gold combo.


Elizabeth Banks in Marc Jacobs

This was the dress that launched a thousand google searches. Or maybe just one. You see, some places reported this event as the Paris premiere and some places reported it as a photocall. Given the limited number of participants, as well as the fact that all of them but Elizabeth dressed down for the occasion, we were comfortable assuming this is a photocall and not a premiere. But then, why would Liz wear such a showy dress to a photocall? So we googled and googled, but it seems no one can decide whether this was a premiere or not.

We’re calling it: photocall. And the reason it’s such a showy dress is because Liz has been taking this moment to wear some very showy and attention-seeking dresses. We have a newfound respect for her; not only for being so shrewd, but also for making this dress work like crazy on her.


Liam Hemsworth in Dolce&Gabbana and Josh Hutcherson

Ooooh, boys. You both look like you’ve been celebrating the release of your movie just a little too hard.  Hutcherson’s skin matches his shirt, which is decidedly not a healthy-looking shade. Those are a couple of “I’m fighting the PPJs” faces. Go back to your hotel rooms, have a lot of water and carbs, a hot shower, and a nap, boys. We expect you to look better than warmed-over death the next time you need to poledance. Off you go.


[Photo Credit: Getty]

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  • DominoEstella

    I’m starting to wonder about casting here.. Josh is so much shorter than his co-stars.  I love Elizabeth’s dress, she looks awesome.

    • vintagion

      Never underestimate movie magic! They’ve made Tom Cruise look great with Cameron Diaz many times.

      • I watched Knight and Day the other night (no judging) and part of the fun was picking out the methods they used to make the two of them see eye to eye. Movie magic at its finest!

        • Kimbolina

          Turns out they filmed a bunch of Knight and Day in my boss’s neighborhood (in Boston).  He was telling me about how there were tons of staged photo ops of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes at a local park with their daughter and Tom would always stand in the foreground with Katie way in the background to try to make up for the height discrepancy in the photos.

    • sarahofalessergod

      God forbid a short person work in a movie, huh?

      • tsid2012

        Oh no, short people absolutely should be in movies, some of our finest actors are on the short side.  I think the point some are making, myself included, is that photos should be set up to create a more equal shot as a leveler of the playing field.  Spoken as a short person here….. 🙂

        • sarahofalessergod

          Agree to disagree, I suppose.  4’10” here and I have no problem with that being shown or seen.  It’d be so boring if every picture just had two people always at the same height!

    •  I think Peeta is supposed to be short/stocky although yeah next to Liam Hemsworth the difference is more than I expected

      • LesYeuxHiboux

        I think it works highlighting the Captain Beefcake versus Charismatic Sensitive Dude dynamic between the two characters.

      • miatamam

         I read the books and never imagined him short and stocky.  The main thing about Peeta to me was his quiet, confident strength.  Hutcherson’s casting feels a bit like casting Michael J. Fox as Jason Bourne or as Rambo.  I’m not against short people (being one myself) but his casting just seems like a big miss and might kill the character dynamics…but we’ll see.

        • Have faith in the process.  Early reviews on rottentomatoes are giving the movie a 100% positive.

        • I don’t think short and strong are mutually exclusive?  Peeta’s quiet strength has more to do with character than physical build as far as I can see. 

          (Also I read “stocky” directly from the book when the tributes are chosen.)

          • Comus

            Peeta in the novels definitely described as stocky (recently reread series), capable of hefting 50 kilo bags of flour.  I imagined someone along the lines of a young Matt Damon as ideal casting. 

            Josh Hutcherson is only fractionally smaller than Jennifer Lawrence without heels, so hopefully it won’t be too jarring in the movie.

  • Sometimes I long for the days of the studio system, when no one would appear in public without being vetted first about their entire look. WOW do the boys look exhausted and hungover. And while the ladies don’t look like they are nursing a huge hangover, they do look exhausted.  More attention to makeup does help.  That said, all the clothes look pretty darn good.  Not loving the gap on the back of Jennifer’s black dress, though.

  • mozzer0906

    Elizabeth Banks seems bound and determined to outshine Jennifer Lawrence at every occasion.  Girlfriend is WERQing the shit out of every red carpet/photocall, etc.  I like Jennifer’s dress too.  I agree, the boys look like they just rolled out of bed after an all night bender and are looking for the nearest trashcan.

    • brookeinmn

      I don’t think she’s she’s trying to outshine the star. I think she’s just channeling her character from the film. 

      • That’s what I was thinking as well. Effie is a fashion plate for the Panem world. Both Banks and Lawrence have been invoking their characters’ styling in their styling for these premiers and photocalls. The simplicity of Lawrence’s dress here, while not ‘girl on fire’ can fit with the District 12 aspects of her character.

        • MilaXX

           I agree, Jennifer’s other dresses may have been more of the showy parades/Girl on Fire look, but this is the more black/sexy = smoldering coal and Elizabeth is clearly Effie Trinket fashionista.

      • That’s what I was thinking as well. Effie is a fashion plate for the Panem world. Both Banks and Lawrence have been invoking their characters’ styling in their styling for these premiers and photocalls. The simplicity of Lawrence’s dress here, while not ‘girl on fire’ can fit with the District 12 aspects of her character.

  • I LOVE Elizabeth’s dress! I think she’s also being showy s a way to keep herself tied to her character. She’s almost unrecognizable in the makeup they put her in, and the fun clothes leave no room for speculation as to which character she’s playing. But that dress is so fun, and the color is great.

    • You’re right – that is the perfect Effie dress!

  • Pants_are_a_must

    Called it with Elizabeth Banks a month ago already. She totally upgraded her stylist for this promotion tour. WERQ that publicity onslaught to further your position among the actress list, woman!

    • I have a really irrational hatred for her but this poledancing tour is making me grudgingly love her.

      • Pants_are_a_must

         I know what you’re saying. I never particularly cared for her in movies, but she is so obviously getting maximum gain from this opportunity, I can’t help but respect her. Also, her wardrobe rocks.

  • Pants_are_a_must

    Also, those two guys should never stand next to each other. Thor Jr. makes BlandFace look like a Hobbit. BlandFace makes Thor Jr. look like the Hulk. It’s just doesn’t work! Not the least because the franchises clash!

  • Love Jennifer’s whole look–first time I’ve ever liked a Tom Ford dress.  Her make up is a little strange though.

    Hutcherson is generally adorable, but he literally looks like a cadaver here.  That blond kid just looks bloated.

  • Alisa Rivera

    I don’t know. Jennifer is a stunning girl and she killed it during Oscars season but there isn’t one dress she’s worn so far for THG tour that I love on her. Elizabeth Banks, OTOH, has taken it to a new level. Never seen her look so good.

    • miwome

       Seriously, I’m wondering what the hell happened with JLaw. She worked her first Oscars infinitely better than this.

  • vintagion

    I think the gold shoes make her feet look weirdly long. The minimalist chic look is great, but could have benefitted from a better (cough not-naked cough) shoe.

  • sarahofalessergod

    Elizabeth Banks is knocking it out of the park, first with that canary Bill Blass and now with this confetti confection.  And I am going to nitpick about how Jennifer’s dress gaps a bit in the back.  If a dress is designed with highlighting a cut-away back in mind, it should be perfectly fitted.

    • brookeinmn

      I thought Jennifer’s dress was gaping a bit too, but with the way its hugging her booty, it must be a ruffle detail. 

      • Yeah, I think it’s supposed to gape a little bit, since the zipper continues around to the front.

      • Yeah, I think it’s supposed to gape a little bit, since the zipper continues around to the front.

  • Anathema_Device

    Whoa. The boys do look rough. Like they were poured off the plane directly onto the baggage carrier and then headed for the photocall.

    Banks is working the shiny for all it is worth on this press/premiere tour.

    I really like that dress on Lawrence. She has amazing curves and this dress highlights them in the best possible way.  I think a fiercer shoe was called for, though.  Are a little too delicate. She needed to bring the badass to the footwear.

  • nannypoo

    I do not get the love for this dress on Elizabeth Banks. I also hate her hair.

  • In_Stitches

    Am I the only one that *hates* Elizabeth’s dress?  That fabric is doing enough talking, it doesn’t need the weird details going on up top.  I don’t know what to call them, maybe rosettes? 

    • serenitynow02

      No. I dislike it also. It makes me think of all the craft projects I did with my young children that involved lots of glue and shiny, shiny sparkles.

    • kcarb1025

      Nope, I hate it too. It almost looks like it was made entirely of some kind of sparkly yarn. NOT a good look.

    • Might they be fleurchons?

  • brookeinmn

    Not loving the hair or hem length on Jennifer. Loving these bright dresses on Elizabeth. She looks tired though.

  • Oh Josh – he looks like I did when I had food poisoning from some bad sushi. Poor little lamb.

    Really not loving that dress on JLaw – I think it’s matronly (even with that back) and there’s no reason she and Elizabeth should be looking the same age.

    Also, Elizabeth has been KILLING IT with these red carpet looks. Werq, girl!

    • Spicytomato1

      I think the dress is too old for J Law, too. And the makeup looks too heavy-handed. The hair is better than recent appearances, though. 

      The two gold dress ensembles from recent days weren’t quite right either. She needs something fresher, something that projects a younger, more effortless glam. Not sure what exactly.

      ITA about Elizabeth.

  • Linda Fox

    If you read the book – Hunger Games – you will see that there is a huge golden opportunity here for some amazing costume design. I am awaiting the movie just to see the costumes. I don’t really care what the actors wear on the runway – it’s all about those costumes baby! I hope T& L will have something to say there! If you haven’t read the book, read it (it’s quick!) and tell me if you agree.

    • I really haven’t been impressed with the costumes I’ve seen in the movie so far, especially the interview dresses – the red dress Katniss wears looks like it was pulled off a David’s Bridal clearance rank.

      • Sara__B

        I’m hoping that when we see the movie, the red dress has been made incredible with computer movie magic that they’re keeping a surprise. Because if that’s the girl on fire, it’s a major fail.

  • Sarah Dickerson


    • guestela

       I was wondering the same thing! I hope someone can explain for us.

      • Pre-Puke Juices.

        • Anathema_Device

           Hahahahahahahaha!!!! Dying, absolutely dying.

        • guestela

           Lovely — thanks!

        • Thanks. The boys totally look like they’ve been partying too much, and the girls, while well dressed, seem tired. Lots more poledancing to do….

    • guestela

       I was wondering the same thing! I hope someone can explain for us.

  • If you’re a male starlet, never stand next to your much taller male co-star. Unless you’re trying to position yourself for a part set in Middle Earth.

    • annebrad

       Liam made Josh look like Frodo. 🙂

  • No one is more surprised than I to be giving Elizabeth Banks a series of WERQs, but she’s been killing it.

    Wow, Josh in particular looks like hammered shit.  Go back to bed son and pace your tour celebrating.

  • TAGinMO

    Liz really looks like Chelsea Handler in that first picture. 

  • TAGinMO

    Love Hemsworth’s jacket.

  • SewingSiren

    THe girls are fans of Mondo Guerra.  The are showing their support with “Jamaica ” and “Miss Piggy”.

  • fungstyle

    jennifer looks SO much younger with her hair down. not that she doesn’t look young normally, this just makes her look so much more… innocent I guess. 

  • Jennifer really is a chameleon.  She looks so different (but still amazing) from the last two golden looks.  

  • Sara__B

    Jennifer’s face looks very round and very young when her hair is so straight and her lips are so red. It’s rather jarring with that sexy backless dress. The guys look so under-slept and over-partied. Take it easy, young ones. You have a lot more to do before this tour is over!

  • MilaXX

    I like Jennifer’s look better here, but the shoes are odd. I can’t tell if they don’t fit or what the problem is.
    I love Elizabeth’s looks here. In my mind she and Jennifer are dressing in ways their characters. Jennifer in real world variations of Girl on Fire (so far just black and gold), and Elizabeth in vibrant, Effie Trinket/Capital couture colors.
    I don’t know what the boys. They both look a little tired and sloppy.

    My vote goes to calling this a photocall.

  • piecesofconfetti

    Now that is an Effie Trinket dress!

  • Um, I do not care if Elizabeth wore that dress to bed, she is WERQing that rhinestone glitter shit like no other this week!

  • greatscoutm

    I think the issue with Jennifer’s shoes are that while from the back they look good, in the front, there’s kind of not enough shoe going on–the straps are too thin and few.  I like them, but if I tried them on for this dress I would look for some like it but with more going on up front.

    Thank you so much for the Liz Banks pic-I am going to be fantasizing about that dress (and how to get it) all weekend. LOVE how she is WERQING that.

    Hope you guys are feeling better.

  • guest2visits

    I think the gold shoes are photographing a little bit stripper from the back; otherwise Jennifer looks good. Maybe too grown-up?
    See how a longer dress lengthens Elizabeth’s legs?  The dress is prettier, she’s prettier. A nice balance. So much better than
    all those dresses that get hacked too short.    IMHO of course.

    • A bit stripper, but with sensible heels. They confuse me.

  • It’s hilarious to see the respective love interest next to each other. Seems like an easy choice, no?

  • CatherineRhodes

    “I’m fighting the PPJs” —what does that mean?

  • StelledelMare

    The women are again knocking it out of the park. Perhaps Elizabeth is going for showy to match her own character of Effie?

    • MilaXX

      Just saw the Berlin photocall. The ladies are definitely dressing like their characters. The guys? Not so much.

  • alyce1213

    Elizabeth Banks’ dress is so unusual, it could be one of those fabulous or hideous calls — this one landing in FABULOUS. 
    (Are she and Chelsea Handler morphing in to one another?)
    Jennifer Lawrence still has NOT gotten it right IMO. The dress is somewhat interesting, but it looks a little hangy, long in the sleeves, and an inch or two too long.  I’m still waiting for this gorgeous girl to show up in something great.

  • And Liam needs to IRON HIS COLLAR when he goes back to his hotel room.

  • The gals look great.  And, um, the guys showed up.  Yes, they were definitely there, just not quite “all there.”

  • I am ENDLESSLY amused by the height difference between Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth. Like, I giggle every single time.

  • Nonnah

    You don’t like Jennifer’s shoes because they have ankle straps.  Have you forgotten your distaste for them?

    When Elizabeth Banks wears her hair up, she vascillates between looking like Rachael McAdams and Chelsea Handler.  This time it’s Chelsea.

    • Spicytomato1

      I’ve also been getting a Julie Bowen vibe from Elizabeth, too. Although Julie could take a page or two from Elizabeth’s fashion choices.

  • PhillipWilde

    Next to Liam, Josh looks like a hobbit.

  • turtleemily

    Where’s your manly man comments now, Josh? Shouldn’t take pictures next to Liam if you think you can say things like that. 

    • joaniemouse

       Because you have to be tall to be a manly man?  I must tell my father.  He’s all of 5’4″ and has raced motocross, been a fireman, police man, and EMT, and has trophies from arm wrestling.  But, oh noes, because he’s short we’ll need to revoke his Manly Man Card.

      • turtleemily

        I meant the babyface, but sure, you can choose to be offended.

        • joaniemouse

           Gah, sorry, there was just a lot of “Ew, he’s short,” stuff going on and it just really got to me.  I totally understand if “short” isn’t what everyone is attracted to, but hearing my dad be mocked his entire life over his height made me realize that there’s a lot of bigotry going that direction.

          Again, sorry for venting it all towards you.

          • turtleemily

            It’s perfectly fine. I’m not sure why height is such a huge thing – it’s not like we can control how tall we are. My dad’s side of the family is on the short side, and my mom’s is tall, so I get it from both sides with being tall compared to my dad’s side but short compared to my mom’s. 😛

            The comments don’t seem like they’ll stop, either, as the posts with him keep going. Although RC photographers should really know that shooting ANYONE from above is extremely unflattering. Lollipop heads need to go away.

  • Wowza, way to go E. Banks! Jennifer comes in second, but still has that effortlessly sexy thing going on. Love the red lips.

  • Jessica O’Connell

    Elizabeth may be dressing so flashily because of the character too. She’s worn a few pinks and her character wears a crazy pink wig and is always very bright and bubbly. Not saying it’s definitely the case, but I wouldn’t rule out the possibility.

    • Farthingale

      This looks like it could be “Effie’s” dress. It makes sense.

      • Lisa

        Yeah, I thought that, too.

  • Miss_Magpie

    Jennifer’s shoe needs to be a low vamp, VERY pointy toed in the front, in black peau de soie or suede; the ankle strap and back and heel can remain the same and it would have KILLED it with the dress. Those shoes are too round to compliment the dress, which is all about interesting angles.

  • eight_of_nine

    That height difference is pretty staggering.  I’ll take the tall one, please.

  • I didn’t recognize Jennifer at first. She look so different with that hair. Elizabeth’s dress is stunning. The boys look liked the tied more than one too many on. Josh looks like he’s going to hurl. They all need some rest.

  • Lisa

    Elizabeth’s dress is truly a WOW dress, and I mean that in a good way!  It actually looks like it’s made out of red stained glass or something.  Gorgeous!

  • tsid2012

    Poor josh, I feel his pain.  Being 5’10” with 2 brothers 6’4″, I am very, very careful about staging of group family photos.  Usually, a step stool is involved….. That being said, Josh aslo looks very hung over.  And he forgot his belt.  Tsk, tsk, go back to the room.