The Hunger Games LA Premiere Red Carpet

Posted on March 13, 2012

Darlings, it was the biggest motion picture event since the last really big motion picture event! The Hunger Games premiere! The first in a series of DOZENS, no doubt. Which is good for some of these kids, because they clearly need some assistance on the style front.

We promise this is the last Hunger Games post.


Alexander Ludwig

For once, it’s not the pants that are too long; it’s the jacket. It’s HUGE on him. And son, don’t unbutton the second button. Not here.


Amandla Stenberg in Collette Dinnigan

Absolutely adorable and age-appropriate.


Amy Paffrath

Come on, honey. It’s a major movie premiere. Put a little more effort in. That cardigan is sad.


Brooke Bundy

We love everything here except the hair. Should’ve gone big.


Cody Simpson

Is it awful that our first reaction was loud, sustained laughter? Does that make us old meanies? Honestly, if the fit was just a little better, we wouldn’t mind this.

Dayo Okeniyi

Looks great, except the vest looks a little snug.


Diem Brown

It’s a little Barbie, but at least she’s dressed for a premiere.


Elizabeth Banks in Atelier Versace

Gotta give it up: she looks pretty amazing. This is a gorgeous color on her and it’s astonishing how much better “nude” open-toed shoes look when they don’t have a 4-inch platform glued to them. The only thing we’re not crazy about is the hair. Well, that and the fact that the dress is kind of stiff.

Edited to add: That’s not Spanx in the back; it’s a metallic strip on the dress.


Garcelle Beauvais

We would like this a lot more if it hit right at the knee.


Isabelle Fuhrman in Oscar de la Renta

Very pretty. Some color on the shoes would have helped, though.


Jacqueline Emerson

We really shouldn’t say this since we’ve spent years begging for color on the red carpet, but it just might be time to retire this shade of green. Still, she looks good.


Josh Hutcherson in Z Zegna


Kalia Prescott in Cengiz Abazoğlu

A bit much. We don’t really like the bathmat sticking out at the bottom of the skirt and the pinhead hair isn’t helping balance out all the volume down below.

Kelly Osbourne

We haven’t much liked her fashion choices lately and this comes off a skosh too fussy, but we can’t help thinking she looks adorable.


Kendall Jenner



Kevin McHale

We just love him for being a guy who dresses in an interesting manner for the red carpet. There are so few of them who can do it and still look stylish. LOVE that shirt.


Kim Raver

We suspect this doesn’t photograph well. The print is too small, which makes it all look quite busy. Even so, we don’t like that skirt at all.


Kylie Jenner


Latarsha Rose

That’s an instance of the lady making the dress. Because we look at the dress alone and it does nothing for us, but we look at the whole picture and we think she looks damn good. Love the hair.


Leslie Mann in Monique Lhuillier

We don’t like it all that much – it does tend to get a little Michael Jackson-y at the shoulders – but there’s something about the attempt at a different look for the RC that appeals to us. Points for that, at least.


Leven Rambin in Chagoury Couture

About as standard as it gets.

Pretty, though.

Odette Annable

Great color. Very simple look but it suits her.


Shailene Woodley in Honor

Dear GOD. Shailene! We thought we settled all this before the Oscars! NO GOING OUT IN YOUR NIGHTGOWN.

That thing looks like it smells of afternoon gin and all-day menthols.


[Photo Credit: PR Photos, Getty]

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  • What’s up at the back of Elizabeth Banks’s dress? Did she get eaten by a monster?

    • shirab

      I know! I can’t tell if we’re accidentally seeing undergarments of some kind, or if there’s a design reason for a black under-the-dress beltish thing. And I don’t know which would be worse.

      •  I don’t think it’s black.  To me it looks gold and shiny…maybe part of the dress?

        • Lori

          I actually think it’s both. I think part of it is black and part of it is gold. I assume it’s a design feature of some sort, but it looks like the lining of the dress got caught on her Spanx, which were too high for the cut out. All in all, the back of the dress is not a good look. I’m not sure why she seems so pleased to be showing it off.  Maybe she didn’t notice and no one told her?

  • SapphoPoet

    Most of them did pretty well. Some interesting dresses and suits with no real disasters. 

    The only dress I really didn’t like was the floral upholstery one, which I purchased at “The Limited” back in 1985. 

    • I think I bought it as a skirt. And wore it once because it ripped when I was running for the bus. Thanks for the 1985 reminder.

      • SapphoPoet

        No problem; happy to oblige. 

    • Grandma had pillows made out of that fabric in her bedroom in the 70’s…oh the horror!  I can smell the Camel no-filter cigarettes now…

  • what is leslie mann’s face even DOING….

    • You know the chin-tucked-in, devious smile that Elizabeth McGovern did that time, and TLo said she should never do because she looks like a psychopath? This is what it looks like if you show your teeth.

    • It looks like the Joker sans makeup

  • Kimbolina

    Are the captions for Alexander Ludwig and Cody Simpson mixed up?  Ludwig only has one button on his jacket and Simpson has the second unbuttoned on his…

    • chelwi

       I think they’re talking about his shirt, not the jacket.

      • Kimbolina

        Ahh, that makes sense.

    • Not sure who “Cody Simpson” is, but why is the young Michael Caine at the Hunger Game premiere?

  • uprightcitizen

    Can’t see how the first fellow’s jacket is “HUGE’ on him. It’s practically pulling at the button, and the bottom of the jacket is almost exactly aligned with the end of his sleeve. It’s just a sign of how tiny and tight men’s suits have become that this looks big on him at all. And while the little skin-tight jacket works on a lot of very lean guys, it doesn’t work on everyone, and it has a tendency to make grown men look like little boys.

    • The bottom of the jacket is several inches below his crotch, which is where it’s supposed to hit, and the sleeves are too long.

      • TAGinMO

        I’ll give you “sleeves too long,” TLo, but I think the issue here is that his arms are on the long end of the bell-curve too, and he also has a short torso. Look where his hands fall as he’s standing there; if put them straight down at his sides and stood up straight, I still think he’d barely be able to grab the hem of his jacket.

        Jacket hems should fall around the crotch on most people, because most people have arms that aren’t out of proportion to their torso. But short-waisted, gorilla-armed types like Andrew and me need an extra-long jacket. If your jacket-hem ends a significant distance above your sleeve-hems and hands, it looks extremely odd.

        (Speaking from many years’ experience here, sadly.)

  • uprightcitizen

    Are we seeing Elizabeth Banks’ spanx in the back? And maybe the lining of her dress? That does not look intentional.

    •  I think it’s intentional. If you look at the pictures on the Versace website, most of the dresses (including this one) have goldish metal pieces on them. I think it looks black because of a reflection. (I could be wrong, though. Here’s the address: )

    • kentiesgirl

       Totally just said rainbow spanx. I hope not.

  • Sobaika Mirza

    I would like more of Dayo Okeniyi. Is he too young for me to be slobbering?


    • MilaXX

       I’m more than twice his age and I’m slobbering with you.

    • Catiline

      I recognize the fashion critique, but I can’t help seeing the tightness of his vest as a feature rather than a bug…

  • MK03

    My reaction to Elizabeth Banks: “Well, SOMEBODY brought it.”

    • MilaXX

       I thought her dress was okay, but what is going on in the back? Is that her spanx? Hate her hair.

  • chelwi

    Poor Shailene.

  • Diem Brown as in MTV’s The Challenge? Is she IN the movie? Bizarre… 

  • brookeinmn

    Oh Shailene. You are mere inches from barefoot, pregnant and a trailer park. Please find some gays and get your hair out of that pony tail!

  • imperfectlaura

    I had to adjust my eyes to be sure that you were featuring Diem from my (extremely) guilty pleasure Real World/Road Rules challenge.  I would’ve never expected her on a premiere red carpet looking that good.  Though it is mitigated a little bit by the fact that she’s wearing the D-list uniform, an Herve Leger bandage dress.

  • TheLaurenJean

    So in love with Josh Hutcherson. Kid does not disappoint on the red carpet!

  • schadenfreudelicious

    i am confident i had an aunt that wore Shailene’s schmata as her “housedress” in the 70’s whilst swilling gin and puffing Cameo’s during her afternoon stories… well played gentlemen!

    • NurseEllen

       Sounds like a line from a Sondheim song.  I can hear Elaine Stritch now: Here’s to the ladies who lounge/Following the soaps/Swilling gin and smoking their Camels all day/Burying their hopes

  • vanjar

    The moment I saw  that photo of Diem Brown, Aqua’s ‘Barbie Girl’ popped in my head and I can’t get it out.
    Also, could someone tell me what that floating black thing is between Jacqueline Emerson and the girl in blue?

    • Lori

      The black thing appears to the girl in blue’s coat, which she has thrown over her arm in a very awkward way while taking a picture with her phone.

      • vanjar

         Yes, that must be it. Still looks really weird.

  • Amandla Stenberg is the best dressed for me – lovely, age appropriate, and she’s just glowing with happiness. 🙂 Josh Hutcherson looks adorable. I like Isabelle Fuhrman’s outfit too. 

    And I’d like to take this moment to remind Kalia Prescott that the character she plays in this film is “District 3 Tribute Girl”. She doesn’t even have a name. The way she’s dressed you’d think she has lines in the movie.

    • charlotte

       I can’t get it out of my head that the little one has to die in the movie. It’s just too sad!

    • Re: Kalia Prescott – true, but she’s done her job by having us talk about her, right?  Overdressed is always better than under! I’m looking at you, Shailene.

      • Ha, fair enough. 🙂 Shailene’s outfit makes me want to look the other way and pretend that never happened… 

    • miwome

       I agree, Amandla looks wonderful and I love her name. Maybe in a few years she and Hailee Steinfeld can be friends.

  • gdougs

    Leslie Mann, darling. Your face has taken on a life of its own. 

  • MilaXX

    Shailene is in desperate need of some gays.
    I can’t tell which is which but either one of the Jenners is only 14, then I look at little Amandla who is 13 and I help but laugh at the difference.
    It was really sweet to see how excited these kids were.

  • JosephLamour

    I would like to offer my services on this post as well, as a gay man I cannot stand for beautiful young women like Shailene Woodley going out like they got dressed at Cache. 

  • Brooke Bundy:  I do not like that dress.  Something about the length and the bright yellow shoes make her legs look thick.
    Cody Simpson:  Drew Carey – The Teenage Years

    Diem Brown:  The pink piping on the lilac dress makes my eyes cross.

    Kendall Jenner:  E!Online had a “Who Wore it Best” with her and her sister, Kim.  It looks much better on Kendall and not just because I can’t stand Kim Kardashian.

    Leven Rambin:  I love this.  Best dressed of the younger ladies.  Wish she’d maybe picked a silver clutch though.

    • deliadee

      I also saw a young Drew Carey when I looked at Cody Simpson!

    • deliadee

      I also saw a young Drew Carey when I looked at Cody Simpson!

  • Who is Shailene Woodley? I see her in all these red carpet posts and yet I have absolutely zero idea who she is. I’ve become an old lady, haven’t I.
    I’m surprised that Dayo seems to be the only one with a Mockingjay pin. Did people not know where they were going?

    • NC_Meg

      She was in the Descendants. Apparently she was really good in it. I say apparently because she is also in a hilariously bad show on ABC Family.

    • NC_Meg

      She was in the Descendants. Apparently she was really good in it. I say apparently because she is also in a hilariously bad show on ABC Family.

    • Eclectic Mayhem

      She just played one of George Clooney’s daughters in The Decendants and got some – well deserved – award buzz.  Other than that she was in a show called something like The Secret Life of an American Teenager which I didn’t see.

  • IAmJ

    I’m not blown away by anyone here and the shoe choices are mostly terrifying.
    Also, Kelly Osbourne can’t disappear from my screens fast enough.

    • I want add Kelly to my “www.gobacktobrunette dot com” campaign along with Rachel McAdams and Katy Perry.

    • I want add Kelly to my “www.gobacktobrunette dot com” campaign along with Rachel McAdams and Katy Perry.

  • Judy_J

    What is that black thing on the back of Elizabeth Banks’ dress?  It looks like the elastic band of a bra or the top of a high-waisted pair of Spanx.  Surely it’s not part of the dress?

  • As a redhead, I can promise you that there are other colors we look good in.  Purple!  For goodness sake, put some redheads in purple!  Not god-awful eye-searing purple though, please!

    • Amy Ellinger

      Yes!! My little sister is a GingerSupreme, and I’m very proud that her prom dress is teh same color as an antique rose-gold. Her other formal was eggplant!  

  • As a redhead, I can promise you that there are other colors we look good in.  Purple!  For goodness sake, put some redheads in purple!  Not god-awful eye-searing purple though, please!

  • NC_Meg

    Amandla Stenberg looks so damn cute and I love that Dayo Okeniyi is wearing a mockingjay pin. Kylie Jenner looks JUST LIKE a miniature Khloe. It’s kind of scary.

    •  Oh, I didn’t notice the mockingjay pin! I love it.

  • vmcdanie

    Out of everyone, I’m really rooting for Shailene because I’ve heard her in interviews and she’s so charming and articulate. I do have to admit though there is something refreshing about a starlet who is totally herself on the red carpet and not styled within an inch of her life.

    I strike at the raison d’etre of T Lo now. Let me have it!

  • I nominate Rue/Amandla as the mascot for precious unborn fawns–she it too cute!

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    I have always wondered who on Earth can wear orange-red and look good. Elizabeth Banks has given me the answer (cheeky of her to dress like the Girl on Fire).

    Latarsha’s hair is the perfect compliment to the volume down below on her dress.

    And I love kelly green.

  • Sara LaBatt

    I love that look on Kevin McHale.  What a shirt!  Those Jenner girls (sisters?) sure love their legs, don’t they?  Totally agree with you about LaTarsha Rose, on anyone else that dress probably wouldn’t be great, but on her, with her coloring, and perfect hair to offset the dress, I super love it.  Is it just my screen or does Jaqueline Emerson’s skin look sort of sickly green?  The hair + dress color are great, but it’s like her skin isn’t right.

    • MilaXX

       The Jenners are Kardasian baby sibs, in fact I’m pretty sure Kim wore that black and white dress somewhere.

  • P M

    That Josh kid looks like a banker. And who ARE half these people, anyway??

    • MilaXX

       half of them are the actors who play the Tributes in the movie. Others are celebs attending the premiere.

      • P M


        • MilaXX

          sorry I was too lazy to point out which was which. With the exception of Jack Henry Quaid, if it’s a non celeb spawn teen or child actor, they are one of the tributes from the movie.

  • TheDivineMissAnn

    Shailene’s Mum said low cut or tight fitting, BUT NOT BOTH YOUNG LADY!

  • TheDivineMissAnn

    Did Kevin McHale step in wet cement?  If he did, at least it matches the suit.

    • MilaXX

       Looks like he’s wearing those espadrille wing tips.

  • butterflysunita

    Completely agree with you about Latarsha Rose making the dress.  I don’t like the dress at all, but she looks stunning in it.  

  • Call me Bee

    Kevin McHale and Latarsha Rose FTW. Actually this is a real ragtag bunch. Everything from jeans to evening gowns. Odd.

  • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

    Elizabeth Banks – what is that black band across the back of her dress at her waist?  IS SHE WEARING A BLACK SPANX?

  • sweetestsith

    Jacqueline Emerson is more than welcome to retire that green dress straight into the costume vault in my house. I shall do my best to keep it safe from paparazzi and only wear it to private events. 

  • mjude

    sweet little amandla.  a mini werq dontcha think?

  • If anyone is wondering, Kevin McHale’s shirt is Marc by Marc Jacobs. Saw that print all over the place last fall. Love it.

  • nannypoo

    Who are these people? I have heard of maybe 6 of them, and I’m pretty sure they are not in the movie. The little girl in the green dress sure is cute.

    • kcarb1025


    • kcarb1025


    • Little girl in green dress = Rue

  • kentiesgirl

    Kim Raver seriously looks just like she stepped out of the limo panty-flash way, tore her dress, and had a handler pull her back in across the seat to hastily stitch it back up. Can’t believe this franken mess. Shame.

    Glad you gave the little girl a good review. My parental alarm bells were going off before I opened this post. She’s a ball of adorbsalot.

    Betty Banks was WERQing it. Except that rainbow spanx peeking out. What is that? If it’s intentional it is not a good look. I’m ever so glad they love granny panties but having them show out of your cut out is not the way to go. BTW, before her pic, I was thinking she paid off the other stylists to look the best. Those are some hot messes up top.

    Latarsha Rose looks like an angel. A real one, not a Victoria’s Secret one.

    Kalia is toeing drag queen line already…I think big hair would have blown her straight over into West Hollywood. I honestly thought she was a producer’s niece or something (had to google her), RCs are flooded with various rich girls and relatives who show up in prom dresses. I was totally getting that vibe.

    Kudos to Leslie Mann for thinking out of the box, but the whole thing looks a little wrong. Can’t put my finger on it.

    Can anyone tell me who Kevin Mchale is wearing (the shirt)? It reads Brooks Brothers to me. I adore.

  • VicksieDo

    Comment on the Elizabeth Banks look, in the linked post, the dress right below the one she’s wearing, is SUCH a girl-on-fire dress!  
     metallic strip on the dress.

  • Leslie! Quit pissing off the photographers!

  • miwome

    Elizabeth Banks looks HOT. Well done, lady.

    I like how Kelly Osbourne has been gradually darkening her hair into a gray-purple. Clearly, she saw as much as we did that the gray she was going for was not happening, and what she did have WAS NOT WORKING, and so she’s found a way to improve it while keeping it weird. I respect that. I also dig that she didn’t do it all at once.

    Seriously, Shailene, WHAT THE FUCK.

    • MilaXX

       Kelly hasn’t changed it at all. That’s the  color progression for the grey hair fading out. Just like when you dye your had red and it fades.

      • miwome

        Oh. Well, damn. As you may be able to tell, I have never so much as touched hair dye of any shade, so I don’t know these things. Never mind, then.

  • Sara__B

    Heidi Klum wore an Altelier Versace dress to Elton John’s Oscar Party (part one of the TLo posts about it) that had the same shiny gold bands. I thought it was an underwear oops on both dresses. The gold does NOT translate well to photographs.

    I love Isabelle Fuhrman’s and Amandla Stenberg’s outfits. They’re both very young but look refreshingly pretty and appropriate. It’s also nice to see the guys caring enough to wear suits. This was an entertaining red carpet. I have high hopes for the upcoming ones!

    • meowing

      Yup to this.  When a decorative element is easily mistaken for Spanx gone awry, it’s time to re-think placement of said element.

  • MissMariRose

    Kelly O looks exactly like her father in that picture. She should differentiate her make-up from her daddy’s. 

    • asympt

      I was going to say the same thing.  Her eye makeup is far too much like Ozzy’s.

    • WOW! I didn’t catch that, but you are so right! 

    • StillGary

      The family resemblance just hit me  (like a crazy train, haha). She’s gotta avoid that eyeliner and grinning like a maniac.

  • Shailene looks so bad. I can’t.

  • marilyn

    What’s with Kelly Osbourne?  She already has the hair for the Jessica Fletcher look, so now she has the clothes.  Where is her magnifying glass, and her bifocals?  

    • Farthingale

      She’s dressed totally “Capitol”. Pastel hair and a big flower. I just read that the Capitol-ites have a lot of flowers on their clothes juxtaposed with their meanness.

  • CarolinLA

    Who ARE these people?!!  I’ve heard of 3 of them and it doesn’t count that two of them are Jenners.

  • I think Dayo Okeniyi should get some bonus points for actually wearing a mockingjay pin. I feel like he managed to incorporate that into the outfit without looking silly.

  • PeaceBang

    I think it’s time for a TLo Guide On How To Dress For a Premiere. Most everyone here looks like they had no idea what they were going for. Kevin McHale was the only one who seemed to know what image he wanted to project (one cool cat!), but the rest were a mess. And too many Jenners. Where are all these Jenners coming from? And why? Whence the Jenners?

  • lucasuk82

    Love Dayo’s mockingjay pin and Isabelle’s dress (if not the styling).  Nobody here was overly exciting, but it’s several steps up from a Kids Choices award type red carpet, so I’ll take it.

  • margaret meyers

    Versace designs a dress that looks like your grannie panties are showing in the back? 

    And can’t the Jenner girl afford  better hair augmentation?  That looks borrowed.

  • GenieinTX

    Where the heck is Lenny Kravitz?  I was hoping for some eye candy.   Go Elizabeth Banks!  You work it girl.

  • rainwood1

    I think every color of shoe looks better without a 4-inch platform attached to it.

  • rainwood1

    I think every color of shoe looks better without a 4-inch platform attached to it.

  • theblondette

    Does anyone find it weird to go to a premiere wearing a SUPER SHORT skirt? I mean, can you imagine sitting in a cinema seat in a skirt like Kendall Jenner’s? I am all in favour of flashing pins, but I know when I consider skirt length I think: am I sitting down for two hours? How likely is it people will see my underwear if I cross my legs, even if it is a dark room? Of course, maybe none of them will actually go into the cinema…

  • theblondette

    Does anyone find it weird to go to a premiere wearing a SUPER SHORT skirt? I mean, can you imagine sitting in a cinema seat in a skirt like Kendall Jenner’s? I am all in favour of flashing pins, but I know when I consider skirt length I think: am I sitting down for two hours? How likely is it people will see my underwear if I cross my legs, even if it is a dark room? Of course, maybe none of them will actually go into the cinema…

  • girliecue

    Is Shailene Woodley trying to kill her own career? Or is this her way of saying, “what I really am is a character actress”?

  • bellafigura1

    Josh Hutcherson always looks like he’s doing that wrestler thing where they bring their arms forward and flex and say Unh really loud.  He’s an awkward arm-positioning person.

  • newtonGOTbeaned

    How come Isabelle Fuhrman is the only really well put together female at this event? How did she get her hands on that dress?

  • AC

    Seems like Joshy has been reading TLo religiously, as he made sure to keep his hands at his sides.

  • Elizabeth Banks is the Girl on Fire!

  • malvernite

    leslie mann’s face…. haaahhaaaa….i cant stop laffing!  i keep sneaking back to look at it. 

    latarsha looks put together, so does kevin mchale (he’s giving off a bit of a mod vibe that i like). as for the jenner sisters, i’m feeling some sympathy for kylie. i think her mom should push her in another kind of direction, cuz for now all kylie will be is not kendall.

  • *slow clap for Kevin McHale*

  • ccm800

    Kim Raver looks like she had a mishap with a Starbucks on the way there.

  • NurseEllen

    Latarsha Rose for the win!  She looks wonderful.  Second place to Dayo Okeniyi, who is dressed as a real gentleman.

  • HATE Elizabeth Banks dress.

  • hearkentoit

    Elizabeth Banks: the girl who was on fire.

  • Garcelle. What.

  • mochajava13

    Latarsha Rose looks fabulous.  Cody Simpson would have been fine if he had tucked in his shirt and hemmed the pants.

  • Kevin McHale is quite the little fashionista. I love it.

    No idea who the Kendal and Kylie Jenner are, but both look super cute.

    Also, Dayo Okeniyi? I’ll be waiting in my dressing room. Rawr.

  • My snark for the day:  I can imagine that the Jenner girls had no intention of watching the movie.  The mom-ager did her job in getting them onto the red carpet and photographed and interviewed and they’re not even in the movie.  Their job there is done!  🙂 Score another one for the Kardashians/Jenners!

  • lovelyivy

    Shailene is SUCH a beautiful girl, what is she doing to herself?

  • Of course, most of them die in the first movie, so no learning curve for the red carpet…

  • Silfaiwen

    Elizabeth Banks is making me angry here. Katniss is the Girl on Fire; no one but JenLaw should be dressed like that for the premiere. It’s as tacky and attention-whoring as wearing white to another girl’s wedding. Boo hiss. /bitter hissing kitten

  • Holy bajingo that’s a short skirt on Kendall. I know she’s young but GAH.

  • sockandaphone

    mostly good until we got to that last picture, dear god that is unflattering.

  • Leslie Mann looks like she’d be a HOOT to hang out with. I want her to be my new Hollywood Best Friend.

    Also, is Kendall wearing one of the dresses from her sisters’ Sears collection??

  • It’s hard to believe all these people are going to the same event.

  • JDreesen

    sorry, i thought i read “sassy” under Kendall Jenner’s name?  i think you misspelled “gynecological.”

  • t

    Darren Criss was there, with a cute green tie over a plaid-ish shirt.  No pic?

  • Love Kelly O’s polkadot bag!!

  • drdarke

    Cody Simpson seems to be auditioning for THE BIG BANG THEORY, right here on the red carpet.

    My wife felt Shailene Woodley’s outfit looked like it was made out of a couch cover – the one she had in college, with all the bong stains and roach burns her then-boyfriend left on it.

    Leslie Mann looks like that’s her superhero outfit – but I like it anyway.