RPDR: Wet Hot American Parking Lot

Posted on March 06, 2012

We loved the conceit that the crowd consisted of straight guys on spring break. Because that’s what spring break is all about; hanging out in parking lots and watching semi-naked men spread their legs, amirite boys?

And of course, no spring break wet t-shirt contest would be complete without ripped men in tiny little briefs, amirite, straight boys?

But can we really complain about the unlikelihood of this scene?


(the answer is no)

Quality programming. Family-friendly television. Tune in for the children’s sake.

So yeah. It’s a body challenge and the winner is the queen with the most slammin’ body. No surprise there. But maybe that’s a little unfair, since she plays the bimbo character to the hilt. It was as much about playing the kind of girl who would do a wet t-shirt contest as it was about looking like that girl.

Pride floats! YAY! Although we were disappointed they didn’t put the gals up on an actual float and have it drive through the streets of L.A.  while they threw beads and rubbers at confused passersby.

Also: the people behind the scenes are cheeky little bastards, aren’t they? Slipping in all kinds of gay culture stuff for the straights.

And no, we don’t know the hankie code. It was always way too much work to remember and besides, its heyday was from a time when men couldn’t be open about picking up other men, i.e., before our time.



Say what you will about Kelly, she gets the gays. She really does. Has any other guest judge shown up wearing a tiara?

Very sweet, but she seemed totally confused as to how she got there.

Well, all those trainers and go-go boys in West Hollywood needed something to do that day, we suppose.

So congrats once again to Willam. There’s no doubt she had the best look on the runway but we have to wonder if being able to wear your  Gaultier bathing suits and Dolce & Gabbana coats is fair in a competition when other queens are walking that runway in homemade clothes. There doesn’t seem to be much of a rule there. Also, there was a little bit of judging fudging going on here, because Milan got slammed for making her boat all about herself and Willam won for basically doing the same thing. Obviously, there were other factors at play and we have no problem at all with her winning, but the judges had to jump through some hoops to get there.

That is some busted-ass makeup she’s sporting. And that boat is just sad, with a very muddled message. “I will not forget” tends to bring to mind some huge tragedy, like 9/11. Scrawling it under some wigstands was just weird. We got what she was trying to do – honor the queens who fought at Stonewall –  but there were better ways to do it.

And once this happened, we knew she was going home. She seemed to be way too hung up on being seen as an actor and performer rather than a drag queen. Honey, that’s all well and good, but this is a drag queen competition.


[Screencaps: tomandlorenzo.com]

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  • Paigealicious

    I about died laughing when Phi Phi’s boobs flew off!!

    Willam’s boat *was* all about herself, but at least it looked good.  Milan’s looked like a 3rd grader made it AND it didn’t make much sense AND her outfit was just busted.

    • Phi2 losing her boobs was the highlight of the episode. Her wig came off too, didn’t it? Ha!

      I completely agree about the difference between Willam’s boat and Milan’s. Plus, Willam is committed, whereas Milan is all over the place. Her problem became apparent when she told Ru that her act is lots of different characters. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with that, but there still has to be an identifiable persona at the heart of all those characters. There’s no consistency with Milan. I really think she was on the wrong show. Not sure what the right show would be.

    • andcoh

      What really bothered me was that this was a grand opportunity for Phi2 to really do something. She could have done some sort of ‘I’m a boy!’ reveal like she intended the whole busted scene.  She wouldn’t have won, but she would have come off a lot better.

  • Jessi03

    Yay!  I’ve been refreshing all morning to see if this was up.  Knew Milan was out as soon as Michelle said “And if she takes her wig off again…” Once again, I find myself back in the camp of wanting Ru to make an announcement saying that wig ripping, shoe kicking, and dress removing does not a winning LSFYL make.  

    • GTrain

       totally agree, and I loved when Michelle said that!

    • MilaXX

       THIS. It is no longer shocking and does not make up for a good lip synch performance.

    • MK03

      Ru SHOULD have brought the proceedings to a halt and sent Milan home on the spot. It would certainly have gotten the message across.

    • Zaftiguana

      I was yelling at the TV when she started stripping off her drag. A friend watching with me made a fair case that it kind of worked for the song (she was born that way), but this wasn’t her first time at the Desperation Rodeo, so I couldn’t get behind giving her a pass. 

      • Jessi03

         Laughing at “Desperation Rodeo.”

      • kentiesgirl

        I thought the same thing, that for Born This Way it should’ve worked as a positive, but too many LSFYLs go that road, and it’s getting silly…as for shoes, Jiggly had those things off before the first note played, just to be fair.

      • JANE LANE

        Considering that Michelle had said that if Milan took of the wig she was going home, I knew it was over as soon as that thing came off. 

  • It may be splitting hairs, but in addition to just having a much better boat, Willam’s story behind the boat about having faith in himself before anyone else did does match the edict better than Milan’s grade-school project that basically said “And all of the gay community’s struggles of the last 40 some-odd years has been about, ME, Milan!”  Willam’s had an actual reason to be about Willam that fit the challenge while Milan’s didn’t. 

    Plus, everything about Willam’s presentation was spot on.

    • kirble

      Exactly. Willam intended the boat to be about himself. Milan intended the boat to be about all of our gay predecessors and their fight for equality, but that message was nowhere to be found on his boat.

  • “…and Willam one for basically doing the same thing.”
    should read:
    “…and Willam won for basically doing the same thing.”

    Latrice? Robbed!

    • Latrice should have won. That face? FLAWLESS.

      • Paigealicious

         Those lips!

        • Fabulous!

          I thought for a moment Latrice was going to win. I think she and Willam equally deserved it. And Willam did really bring it. No two ways about that, IMO.

        • Sweetpea176

           Oooh, no to the lips for me.  Do not find attractive at all.

      • MK03


      • I agree. Willam did a good job, and I don’t feel like he didn’t deserve the win, but I thought Latrice was at least as good. Wondering if they didn’t give it to Willam partly because he was the only obviously talented performer up there who hadn’t won yet.

        Also: Latrice’s hair. How?

        • She said something about how she styled and ‘baked’ it herself. So I guess she stuck it in the oven! Who knew…

      • yetanotherLaura

         I still wish Latrice would blend her makeup a bit better.  Yes, I understand why she’s creating cheekbones, but leaving the harsh line across her cheek just makes it LOOK like it’s done by makeup.  That said, I still think she looked gorgeous, and I LOVE the dignity she carries herself with!

    • Melanie Cozad

       Exactly! Latrice was the total package. Make-up, hair, and dress. I even like her clod-hopping goth boots.

      • AnotherG

        I think the boots actually tipped the scales for the judges.  Michelle does not like the boots.  Do not cross Michelle. 

        (But if you do, find those boots in GREEN, and wear ’em with a smile!)


        • Latrice should spray paint those boots green and wear them next week.

      • buildmeatower

         I kind of love those boots. They don’t go with the outfit, I suppose, but on their own they’re fabulous. Plus preforming in platforms is so much easier than in other types of high heels, so bonus points to her for good thinking.

    • AudreysMom

      Totally agree. Her total look was fierce and creative and at least for this midwestern woman, screamed far more about gay pride than Willam’s overdone act, Sharon’s odd creativity, Chad/PhiPhi/Dita’s safeness or Jiggly/Milan’s mess. Come on. The boots weren’t that bad.

      And can I add – I was never a Kelly Osborne fan, but I sure am now.

      • the boots are awful Drag 101. i love latrice but i wish her shoe game was better. Granted. it’s as good as can be when you have size 16 feet (for real)

    • TSkot

      Those lips were hideous; big old scabs waiting to fall off.

      • It did look a little bit like the most fabulous case of herpes ever.

    • kentiesgirl

      Totally thought it could’ve gone Latrice’s way…although I agree that Willam was flawless and funny, Latrice did the work and I doubt everything that comes out of Willam’s mouth. If the challenge was Pride and creativity and fashion forward (meaning make something) it was LR FTW. If it was stay in character and be hilarious, then Willam for sure. I thought the challenge was a little muddled, imo.

      • the challenge stated they could use their own drag, they didnt have to make an outfit..

        • kentiesgirl

           Thank you! I didn’t get why some of them were sewing when they had to do the boat too, and some of the comments. I’m still going to watch it over though. It was a darn funny episode.

    • jjfg

       I would have had no problem with Latrice winning, although I didn’t mind Willam winning, either.  She finally got her act together and while the body thing helped, she pretty much just had it going on the entire episode.  So kudos to them both, and good luck to Milan.  May she figure out what the heck she really wants to do.

      • I LOVE Latrice when she’s OFF the runway. On the runway she looks great, walks great, but she just doesn’t do enough to make an impression

        • jjfg

           I think Willam had them when he tossed over the anchor and got out and walked around.  Show(wo)manship, pure and simple.

    • Catiline

      Agree that Latrice was robbed.  I thought she had the best complete look – boat, dress, that SICKENING MAKEUP.  She was a real character, in the best way.

  • Sam

    This was actually the first fun episode of the season for me. I liked Willam’s humor for the first time, although I’m not totally sold on her win. But I’m glad Milan was sent home, for too long she’s been trying to avoid putting herself into a category. When you put yourself into a category, it’s not admitting you have weaknesses, it’s playing to your strengths.

  • Sam

    And then she lost her wig! Girl could not keep herself together! (This was supposed to be a reply about PhiPhi’s boobs falling off)

  • Terence Ng

    Aw, I love the hankie code. I was once accused by my straight father of using it when all I liked was a splash of color. Didn’t see that one coming…

    • I didn’t even think about the hankie code. I might have to hand in my “best girlfriend to gay man” card.

    • Jessi03

      Two of my gay male friends in high school dressed up together for “Twin Day” and utilized the hankie code in their outfits.  A gay teacher saw it and gave them both detention for being inappropriate.  That was how I learned about it!

      • Logo Girl

        I grew up in San Francisco, and I actually saw it on a late night feature story in the early 80s… go figure. But I just looked it up and it is much more elaborate than I remembered. 

        • Sally Brownson

           I think some people on the internet have made it much more complicated that it used to be. I don’t think they really used more than 10 colors seriously- I mean, if you did more than that, it wouldn’t be useful, because it wouldn’t be easy to remember when you actually needed it…

  • gabyripple

    BULLET TIARA, no less. Bowing the fuck down.

    • Zaftiguana

      From her look to her critiques to calling Billy B (whom I love) on faulting a queen for being big, I have to say that I thought she was an excellent judge.

      • Jenna Kearns

        Love her! “From Goth-Lesbian Hiking Boots”, to noticing the camel-toe, and the “how very dare you”; I thought she was hilarious and spot-on in her critiques.

  • I don’t usually watch the show, but I read all your recaps. I saw last night, and when Milan took off the top, I was like “Um, doesn’t that kind of defeat the purpose of drag?”  I knew who was going home.

    • kentiesgirl

      I was thinking she meant it as a Born This Way thing, but too many queens have pulled that on that runway too many times for it to be seen that way by the judges or regular followers of the show.

      •  There’s been a tradition of Drag queens exposing their real selves at dramatic emotional moments…it’s become chiche.

  • Frank_821

    Yes it was neck and neck til the wig came off. It beyond cliche. It seemed desperate. And I have to agree with 1 of the judges. Milan after a certain point just came off like a man in a dress.

    Conversely I have to say I found the Untucked segment unnecessary with pointless pot-stirring with Kendra’s letter. Assuming it was actually from her, the comments come off as cowardly and bitter rather than constructive. Phi Phi’s comment that she was just being honest is such bullshit considering her own bitchery and defensive behavior in the past.

    I have to admit sometimes Untucked seems way to eyerolling with all the staged bitchery and camera whoring. Hey Jiggly! no one saying anything behind your back they haven’t said to your face

    • andcoh

      I loved Untucked this time.  Kenya’s letter, Phi2’s delusions, Milan once again stirring the drama pot- such golden popcorn-eating entertainment!  They probably had all the girls write a letter and then whoever had the bitchiest one they chose to have read.  I wanted to hear what she said about the others.

      • Your theory makes sense. On the other hand, if I thought for a second that Phi2 was that quick on her feet, I would think she was holding some blank paper and making it up as she went along.

        If Kenya actually wrote that letter, someone cleaned it up. I doubt she could have written in such intelligible English.  Not because I think she’s dumb. It’s just that her command of the language is pretty poor.

        • andcoh

          Well, the letter did have some flaws and I bet Phi2 cleared it up as she said, but still some of it was off.  But I bet Kenya can read and write English better than her vocal comprehension.  At least, that’s my experience learning foreign languages and from people learning English.

          Honestly, if Phi2 made it up (I’m sure someone else saw the letter, though) I would have a much higher opinion of her.  It would be hilarious and bitchy.

          • Jessi03

            I was actually wondering if it was secretly written by either Phi2 or Michelle Visage!

    • kentiesgirl

      I like untucked, and it seems much less bitchy than last season, but it would be fun if they gave us a little of season one style behind the scenes, just as web extras or something-it seemed actually like organic conversations between the queens, but there wasn’t very much of it. I would watch no matter what, though, just for Ru’s hamming it up in the intro. Luv it.

    • amywinns

      Also, I hate the drama inherent in bitches “just being honest”… like it’s some kind of unimpeachable virtue. That’s bullshit when really it’s just being mean and rude. We don’t need to be honest all the time. It’s called civilization. I have the same hate for “she’s so fake” like politeness and tongue-holding are deadly sins. Reality TV values are ruining actual reality!

  • MilaXX

    I like Williams conceit because she always mixes in  a touch humor. Milan was a bit one note and that note was flat. HATED her float, it looked way to juvenile and the “message” on the back muddled. If you are going to live in the LSFYL at least mix it up. Stripping and losing your wig only works once, the minute she did it, I said, “Bye gurl.” My only regret is that it couldn’t have been a double elimination. Jiggley’s lip synch was good, but she was a mess the rest of the episode and I’m tired of her whining.

    • Stubenville

      Word. Jiggley is long past her expiration date.

      • AudreysMom

        Yep – I predict Jiggly goes next week, then it’s Dita, then it’s Phi2.

        • andcoh

          I don’t know, Dida might out lip synch Phi2.

        • I’d like Phi2 to leave asap please.  Dida occasionally hits one out of the park, but I am sick to death of Phi2 and her eye rolls and sarcasm about William and Sharon  – both of whom I find to be far superior to Ms. Phi-squared

          • AudreysMom

            I do agree – I like Dida much better, I just have a hunch this is how it’ll play out. And as kentiesgirl notes, the producers may want to keep Phi2 around just for the sheer bitchery of it.

      • kentiesgirl

        Completely agree, but I’m afraid they are going to keep her on as long
        as possible to stir stuff up and piss off the queens who put work into
        their look.The Chad being *too* perfect comment from Michelle and the anger at Jiggly for not being ready, plus the letter, is making me fear a repeat of Rebecca Glasscock and Shannel. But I don’t think it’ll go that far. I’m thinking Dida next.

        • Isn’t it odd that Chad is *TOO* perfect and Jiggly isn’t perfect enough?  Sort of a hard mark to hit isn’t it?

    • amywinns

      Laughed out loud when she beefed that she’s “sent home two other girls” like it was her superior skillz that defeated the other lip-syncher and not just that the other was so much weaker/tired.

  • SeriousStyle

    When the “wig fall” happened to Shannel in the first season it was accidental (or not but either way) and dramatic.  It seems that everyone who does it is trying to capture that moment again and it just ain’t happening ladies!

    I’m sure it was a calculated move when Shannel’s headpiece fell but OH. THE. DRAMA!!  It was perfection and the new girls should stop trying to duplicate that moment.

    • AnotherG

      It was a deliberate “accident,” and Shannel admitted it in the reunion episode. 

      The difference, of course, is that Shannel is not a one-trick Showgirl.  She knew how to bring it seven ways to Sunday.  (P.S. DId anyone see her in the RuPocalypse as a Zombie? She was easy to pick out, heh)

    • AnotherG

      It was a deliberate “accident,” and Shannel admitted it in the reunion episode. 

      The difference, of course, is that Shannel is not a one-trick Showgirl.  She knew how to bring it seven ways to Sunday.  (P.S. DId anyone see her in the RuPocalypse as a Zombie? She was easy to pick out, heh)

    • kentiesgirl

      Love that I’m just talking about Shannel and scroll down one line and y’all are talking about her too. That is a fierce queen.

  • Jiggly Caliente should have left. Yes, Milan did her thing again but I am so over Jiggly. Go away!

  • Stubenville

    Willam may have deserved the win, but that doesn’t change my negative opinion of him. Everything he does seems calculated on his part and I honestly believe he sees winning RPDR as just another way to advance his acting career.

    • andcoh

      Honestly, that calculated personality is why I love him.  And why not advance his acting career?  One big, mainstream film would easily turn him into the most well known drag queen.

      • Stubenville

        I think Willam sees RPDR as a means to advance his career, not an end in itself. Looking at all the other contestants who compete because they love drag just makes me sad to think that Willam might win. 

        To put another way, it’s like the rich man who buys phenomenal art as an investment, not because he loves Renoir or Picasso. Again, it’s sad that the way the “prize” is admired by most people is actually meaningless to the person who takes it home.

        • andcoh

          I just don’t see a realm where Willam wins the big prize so it doesn’t really bother me.  He’s clearly top four, but I bet they knock him off before the finals.  Unless Latrice, Chad, or Sharon has some major malfunction.  

        • amywinns

          But isn’t the tagline for the show itself, “America’s top drag superstar”?? Even the show promotes itself as a launching pad, like Runway or Work of Art or any of the others. The prize includes representation to get more high-profile work. I think MOST of the queentestants are there to further their careers!
          I also think you may be seriously overreaching to say Willam wouldn’t treasure winning (“meaningless”). I think he loves drag, or he wouldn’t work so hard at it. Maybe he doesn’t want to be working on small stages in nightclubs for dollar bills, but does that really make him not a true drag queen? If a comedian wants to work in TV or films or theater instead of on the road at, say, Bananas “comedy club” in a rented hotel conference room in Poughkeepsie (a real thing), is s/he not a “true” comic?

          • demidaemon

            My problem with Willam is his lack of sincerity. Other than that, one of the prizes is to headline a performance tour, which would include lipsynch performances (i.e. working on small stages in nightclubs for dollar bills). That part of the prize package is why ultimately I don’t think he will win. Additionaly, if he is ever forced to LSFYL, I don’t think he could hold a candle to anyone (except perhaps Phi Phi) who have spent most of their career practicing their craft.

      • LANDRU3000

        I was just wondering if Ru has a secret master plan to assemble a cast for a giant drag queen feature film.  Starring Ru, of course.

        • buildmeatower

           If she doesn’t she should start developing that plan now. I’m sure I’m not the only one who would watch the FUCK out of something like that.

    • Totally in the same boat as you. I just don’t think Willam ever sees or enjoys the fun of the challenges, and I’ve just found him totally dull to watch. I’ll be pretty upset if he makes it to the top, and totally done with the show if he manages to take it from a girl like Latrice, Sharon, or Chad, who really seem to love and enjoy what they do and put on a much better show doing it.

      • Catiline

        Yeah, this is my issue.  I’m all for trolling and tweaking the process, but where’s the joy in what Willam does?  It doesn’t really come through from what I’m seeing on the screen.  Honestly, I almost find Phi2 more tolerable because she at least appears to give a damn.

      • amywinns

        I do not understand how you could watch last night’s episode and not see how joyful Willam was the whole time. Cracking jokes, smiling, skipping around, going full-out for the “spring breakers”?? Have you just decided he’s sour and that’s what you see no matter what?

        • I didn’t say “sour,” and I definitely wouldn’t. I said dull, and I’ll say it again. It’s just that I wouldn’t pay a dime to see someone like Willam; he’s pretty much just a designer crossdresser. I see an actor (a pretty smart and calculating one, granted) but not an entertainer. I haven’t been amused by the ego, and I see very little uniqueness and talent.

          While I’m totally watching the show for Sharon, Latrice, and Chad, I’d rather keep queens like Phi2 and Dida around; those girls at least seem willing to give something back and appreciate the opportunity for what it is. Willam isn’t going to give an ounce more than is required of him, and I don’t find that fun to watch at all.

    • kentiesgirl

       Completely agree..I get it, but don’t think he belongs at the finals. After Jiggly I really wanna see Willam go, just cause this is nothing but an audition tape, it’s funny, but still. Chad, LR, Phi Phi, Sharon, Dida, they all have too much passion to go before him. But it’ll probably happen. Better not be Latrice, though. She is my biscuit.

      • kentiesgirl

         Just wanted to add that this is not because I don’t think she’s funny, or fun to watch, but because I have no idea who she is, since she never breaks character. I root for real passion from my racing queens, and think Willam’s getting a pass that Shangela didn’t last year from the fans-people were furious at the idea he was on to pursue being an actor.

        But I have no idea what applies to Willam, so I think my “I think he should go after Jiggly” is unfair. Maybe he’ll LSFYL (eventually) and totally change my mind. Raja blew me away when that happened; I wasn’t a huge fan, then BAM. My top B.I.T.C.H. is not gonna change though.

        • andcoh

          Nah see, Shangela acted liked Phi2.  She didn’t have the makeup or clothing to really create the look and then she talked a whole lotta smack.  Willam has a slightly odd face, but her clothes are killer and she’s funny.  And honestly I think she’s hilarious to watch because I don’t know who she is.  That takes so much work and dedication, I can’t imagine how badly she wants to win.   

          • kentiesgirl

            Ok so, the major beef with Shangela last season was that she wasn’t a ‘real drag queen’, she was there to get auditions…and honestly, Willam’s had the same exact same make up issues and is getting by with a much better wardrobe and dryer humor.

            I appreciate your reply! I agree/don’t agree..I keep flip-flopping myself. I listen to Chad & Latrice, or Sharon-who so obviously can’t believe she’s there, and is SO moved by any vindication that she’s fierce-that it’s hard to take Willam even kinda seriously, know whatta I mean? I just can’t full on root for her; not over Dida, who may not be as in your face, but is witty and really (shows she) cares. I think it’ll take a LSFYL to make up my mind. I had very little love for Raja till I saw what that bitch could pull outta her pocket. Just like I had very very little love for Shangela until the post modern pimp ho.

            I dunno. I would love a teeny bit of sincerity from Willam, I guess. Or at least be able to know if it’s really there. I’m damn sure that’s how he wants me to feel, LOL. Too bad I’m not a casting director ;).

        • edgeoforever

          I don’t get why people were angry with Shangela for wanting to act. I don’t get why you or anyone would be angry at Willam for the same thing. Shangela made season 3 – it would have been a bore without her with the infantile “Heathers vs Boogers”. Willam is adding a lot of fun to a season that has other talent as well. No downside here.

          • kentiesgirl

            I am not angry at anyone. I was just commenting that there was a lot of people who were last season and not this one. I think Willam and Shangela are hilarious. I agree with you. I have other favorites, that’s all. I thought I worded myself poorly, that’s why I added an addendum to my first comment.

            Andcoh gave me a good response in that it was because of how aggressively loud and “keeping it real” Shangela was, Willam is more sneak attack. Shangela didn’t have Willam’s wardrobe either. So there ya go. 🙂

  • Willam takes chances too. She was the only one, as it was pointed out by the judges, that didn’t just parade around with a boat strapped to them. She used the boat and then made a super cute show of throwing anchor and then made it all about her. Willam’s a smart cookie and knows how to push the envelope. 

    The letter from Kenya instantly made me crave the reunion show.

  • hellkell

    I knew Milan was going home the second Ru said “fashion forward,” and all Milan could do was give her a blank look.

  • Hate to be mean but did anyone notices Jiggly’s natural hair…she looked like klingon…see link http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_LighIpDCZ0M/Sw7NmkCLRpI/AAAAAAAAAeY/VNvZcmab8cY/s1600/klingon-2.jpg

    • Haha! I always thought He’s more Gollum than Klingon but details, details 😛 

  • Scott Isaacs

    I want Kelly Osbourne at my next party. Anyone have her agent’s number? (And yeah, I know…it’d cost an arm and a nut, but damn, she is so many shades of fabulous!)

    My love for Latrice continues to know no bounds. Her makeup and rhinestone-studded lips were SICKENING. I wondered how in the world she was going to enjoy her delicious Absolut cocktail in the Interior Illusions Lounge…then I saw straws. I also wonder how she got those rhinestones off her lips without ripping off some skin or using some harsh solvent.

    Strangely enough, Willam’s continual self-promotion and conceitedness didn’t bother me. She earned and deserved that win.

    As soon as Milan took that wig off, I predicted she would become the most hated drag queen on the show for handing the lip sync to Jiggly. I will say this, though…Jiggly sure can rally during the LSFYL. Shame she can’t follow through most other places.

    Kenya’s letter…oh, luurd…gurl! Forget what I just said. Kenya became the most hated queen on/off the show. Unnecessary pettiness.

    And did I mention I want Kelly Osbourne at my next party? Adorable, sweet, fun, and sassy…and wrapped up in a tiara! You can’t ask for more. LOVE her.

    • andcoh

      Agreed, I don’t Jiggly is great at the LSFYL but she is so much better at it than the other points in the competition.  Still, I feel that Dida and Phi2 (the next rungs on the bottom of the ladder) can probably blow her out of the water.

    • MK03

      My guess about the rhinestones: Spirit gum or something similar. Latrice couldn’t really move her lips, which makes me think it’s spirit gum since that shit freezes whatever it touches. 

    • MK03

      My guess about the rhinestones: Spirit gum or something similar. Latrice couldn’t really move her lips, which makes me think it’s spirit gum since that shit freezes whatever it touches. 

    • Perhaps eyelash glue? It sticks to skin well (obviously) and isn’t pain ful when you pull whatever is stuck off.

  • hughman

    I did not get how William’s outfit was “fashion forward”. She even talked about how in Sex and the City, Carrie wore that Dolce & Gabbana coat so already we know that was what, 1943? Also, she may give “fish realness” all the way down but I personally do not go to a drag show to see some queen done up to look just like a “pretty girl” (pretty generic at that). I want to see a performer with a concept that works it. It’s boring Nina. 

    •  Willam talks labels as much as Edina Monsoon- I expect he’ll be snapping “Lacroix!” one of these days

  • Phiphi should go before Jiggly. Jiggly has shown some growth in that she is honest in her ignorance and wants to learn (albeit verrrrry slowly). Ex. Her admittance of not knowing StoneWall’s history on Untucked.
    Phi, on the other hand, spews all this B.S. about how queens should stick up for one another blahblahblah- TOTAL HYPOCRISY!
    And her references to an abusive childhood shows in her own hateful actions. Get some well-needed therapy Phiphi and stop the cycle of anger and abuse.


    • AudreysMom

      LOVE that Sharon Osborne was born Sharon Needles.

      • She wasn’t. It was just a joke, albeit a funny one.

        • AudreysMom

          You know, I wondered, even during the show and just didn’t get my fingers off their asses to check IMDB or elsewhere. I guess I just wanted to believe it was true 🙂

  • Joan Roseman

    How on earth could that letter be from Kenya unless she was hiding a copy of Babelfish inside her tuck?  The girl spent all her time trading on her inability to speak English, then she wrote an eight page combination Dear Abby and Judge Judy?  I doan theenk sooooo

    • Sally Brownson

       I don’t know, I read and write Spanish a helluva lot better than I speak it, and with the internet nowadays, it’d be pretty easy to write it correctly. Also, I think the hardest thing about foreign languages is understanding what someone’s saying to you if their accent is difficult for you and they don’t talk especially slow for you.

  • rose88

    I can’t agree that Willam and Milan were doing the same thing with their floats, but Willam’s was merely better executed.  Willam has a real sense of wink and nudge irony to her act that’s way over Milan’s head.  Now I do agree that there’s something unfair about Willam’s high end designer wardrobe being compared to queens that can’t afford to dress like her.  If Willam really needs $100K she need only put about 4 of her high couture outfits up on ebay!  But just as this is not “RuPaul’s Best Friend Race” it’s also not “RuPaul Gives A Buttload Of Cash To The Most Needy Queen Contest”  Willam is one fierce queen and she has her shit together, and “You’ve swallowed worse.” retort to Jiggly nearly made me pee myself!

    Of course, Sharon’s sly “How many times have you worked with her on television, Willam?” cracked me up too!  Those two should team up for some kind of post-modern drag talk show – I’d be watching for sure!

    • AnotherG

      Oooh, and compare that awesome Sharon dig (that Willam played right along with) to Phi Phi’s bitter, “I don’t know what the judges see in her.”  No, swee’pea, you don’t. 

      In fairness, Phi-2’s runway look tonight was her best effort to date; I also give her credit for giving her free phone call to Chad last week. 

      But giiirrrl.  Your skin, it is too thin.

      • rose88

         Phi-squared is a very bitter and close minded queen.  She reserves her most vicious digs for the queens that threaten her the most – Sharon and Willam.  She lays off Latrice and Chad, but that’s because they do a similar style of glam drag, albeit better than she does it.  The threat is not merely because Sharon and Willam are stiff competition for the crown, but because they do a different, more performance artist style of drag.  She doesn’t understand or appreciate that cute, fishy girl drag isn’t the only kind that’s worthwhile.

        At this point, Jiggly is the weakest link and I hope she’s the next to go, but I’d rather see Dida stick around another week with Phi-squared sashaying away after Jiggly.  Once all three are gone we can get to the real Battle Of The Divas – Sharon, Willam, Chad and Latrice – there’s never been a season with so many queens worthy of the title!

    • Zaftiguana

      I’m going to agree with this. It wasn’t just that Willam’s boat was the best in execution and Milan’s was second-to-worst. Willam’s self-promotion was about pride and was a specific, witty, tongue in cheek celebration of a famous quote from a famous gay male drag queen about how when no one else is celebrating you and loving you, you better get on doing it yourself. Milan’s theme was scattered and random and placing the mantle of the great heroes of gay history on her own shoulders.

  • PantherontheRunway

    It pains me to have to be mean to one of the front runners, 
    Willam, has it in him to win clearly! He’s funny as hell and has great body and style, but this was lazily handed to him.

    I can’t even remember Milan’s float, I couldn’t get over the awful big bird wig and no padding…..
    Looked like Arsenio Hall, in a drag skit.

  • When were we told that the spring break audience was all straight guys? I don’t remember hearing that. Does that mean gay people can’t or don’t go on spring break and act rowdy and get boozed up and have wet t-shirt contests? I’m confused.

    Willam looked pretty awesome, but I favored Latrice’s and Phi Phi’s looks and boats just a little more.

    Milan’s… tsk. I agreed with all the judges said about her. Bleah.

    • Mefein

      The audience may have been gay or straight. The point is this was all a little piece of theater and the audience was pretending to be a bunch of boob-obsessed straight guys as much as the drag queens were pretending to be big-breasted gals on spring break.  It was all part of the act.

  • giiiirrrr

    “There’s no doubt she had the best look on the runway but we have to
    wonder if being able to wear your  Gaultier bathing suits and Dolce
    & Gabbana coats is fair in a competition when other queens are
    walking that runway in homemade clothes.”

    Thank you!  I posted about this a few weeks ago and got a bunch of “Talent will out” comments.  I don’t deny that William, Chad, and Sharon are extremely talented queens, but they have a major advantage on the runway.

    • Unfair maybe. But you know the girl with the homemade dress on “Toddlers and Tiaras” doesn’t have a chance against the 4 yr old in a $3,000 gown. Same thing with the lady pageants.

      • giiiirrrr

        Confused.  I think it’s unfair in both cases.  Life is unfair.  But I think would be a better competition with a more level playing field.  Also, I am so sad to have my beloved RPDR compared to Toddlers in Tiaras!

        • andcoh

          But that’s not totally true.  Girls with great sewing skills and can whip up something fierce.  The reality is, I just don’t buy any excuses after season 1.  They know what they are getting into.  Yes, the competition is unfair to the gals who only have David’s bridal gowns.  But they are the ones who auditioned.

        • No, I don’t think it’s fair either. But I didn’t just mean the kiddie stuff. Take a look at those Miss Universe costumes, and guess which ladies moved forward. I’m just saying. 

    • Julian Betkowski

      Just throwing this out here… I’m pretty sure Sharon doesn’t wear major labels. Willam might have the advantage of money, but I think it’s not entirely honest to say that Sharon and Chad, who have skillz have an unfair advantage over the other girls: they’ve just worked their asses off.

      • and y’know how i got $? doing drag. just cause it was on TV, some of the other bitches hated me. But guess what- they wanna be on TV just as bad as me and that’s why they applied. I should be yelling at them for coming on my turf. lol. 2 of them actually asked me about how to get into acting WHILE WE WERE THERE. I was like SMH. lol

    • OmegaBlush

      Well, where do we draw the line?  You could say the same about wigs, make-up, padding, shoes,etc.  Was Milan’s training in acting unfair (it takes money for that)?  What if you take a sewing class or are able to afford to live in New York while another queen is forced to live in a small town?  Besides, remember the U stands for Uniqueness, and you’re not going to stand out wearing labels every week.  The fact is Willam was able to sew when she had to, and has these fabulous clothes when she doesn’t.  Is she supposed to handicap herself because the other queens don’t have it?  Anyway, look how far Milan’s acting degree got her.  Sometimes advantages turn into disadvantages pretty quickly.

  • Zaftiguana

    Jiggly blew the challenge worse than Milan did, and it was disappointing to see a queen for whom “make something thoughtful and creative” was such a completely stumping challenge. But, Milan’s look was busted, this was her third time (in a row? I think?) lip synching, and she couldn’t keep her damn clothes on yet again. Jiggly kept her shit together while giving it her all, so I didn’t have a problem with the decision. Her time is coming, though.

    I liked Willam more than ever this week, and I think it’s interesting to see who in the room “gets” Willam and who doesn’t. It didn’t surprise me to see that Latrice does but that Jiggly couldn’t understand that Willam was trying to play with her. Jiggly and Phi Phi are going to wonder on off this show never figuring Willam out, I can just tell. Anyway, I think both wins were deserved, and while it seemed on the surface that the wins were about Willam’s body and wardrobe respectively, I don’t think either of those things actually won either challenge. The Tampa Bay white trash character with the sunscreen bit won the mini and having the best boat and a fully realized little stage routine (not to mention fixing her face) won her the runway. 

    Whether people like Willam or not, it’s time to admit that she’s right up there with the top queens of the season and that she’s a real contender. 

    Ay, DiDa, m’ijita. She gets better every week, but I don’t think she’s getting better fast enough. She could go either way; really knock a few upcoming challenges out of the park or just continue to be better than the few remaining train wrecks and stick around a while, or be one more misstep from sashaying. From a production perspective she doesn’t bring the drama of PhiPhi, so she’s got to step into the spotlight one way or the other to be around for more than another week. If that. 

    • AudreysMom

      I’m not a Willam fan, but I have to say that the lotion squirt on the legs was an inspired addition to an already tawdry display. And I’ll give him* credit for stepping out of the box (or boat) to do his performance during the runway.
      * a continuing problem however, that for this queen over any other I think of him as him.

      • Zaftiguana

        I guess I get why that’s a problem for some viewers, but I don’t know, I’m not that into genuine illusion and the queens who are best at it tend to bore me the most (Carmen Yawnington Carrera, for a start). I sometimes referred to Raven from S2 as a he, but his look is always flawless. It just doesn’t bother me as long as there’s interest in the look, character, and performance. 

    • A big difference between Jiggly and Milan is that Milan thinks she’s great and won’t take suggestions or criticism. Jiggly is way out of her depth and can’t last much longer but at least she’s aware that she has problems and makes some effort to do something. 

  • prettybigkitty

    Despise William’s arrogance and attitude.  (I know it’s Willam, just did that to piss him off).  Honestly he is pretty and a decent drag queen, but I wish he would be next to sashay away.  I’ve been fast forwarding through every scene that he is on screen and opens his mouth.  

  • prettybigkitty

    Despise William’s arrogance and attitude.  (I know it’s Willam, just did that to piss him off).  Honestly he is pretty and a decent drag queen, but I wish he would be next to sashay away.  I’ve been fast forwarding through every scene that he is on screen and opens his mouth.  

  • kentiesgirl

    I agree about the wonkiness of the decision making, but holy crow did she make me laugh my ass off on the runway, especially during the judging.

    When you brought up the designer duds, I got a flash to Latrice, who obviously put some serious work into her paint and head piece, and Sharon’s costume, which was so full of snake jokes I was giggly every time they flashed to her face. Didn’t cross my mind before now; that’s a really good point, especially since part of the challenge was ‘fashion forward’. How did they let that slip by? I remember Ru saying that in the work room. Unless I’m mistaken? It’s not like Willam doesn’t scream it from the mountaintops, lol.

    • andcoh

      I assume that since everyone pretty much failed at “fashion forward” they just chose to ignore it entirely.

  • Totes agree with just about everything. 

  • Elizabido

    Did anyone else notice that the nipples of the fake boobs were blurred when they were affixed to the girls, but they weren’t when they were disembodied and lying there on the table before they put them on? Huh? And what was showing when they blurred Latrice’s lower parts? I guess something must have burst when she did that big split. All in all, it was a highly amusing episode.

    • AnotherG

      I remember the blurring of Latrice’s ladyman parts (thank you, censors).  I hadn’t noticed the lack of blurring for the disembodied boobage.  So . . . if they’re detatched, they’re just things, but if they’re attached, even artifically, they’re suddenly naughty?

      This may explain why graphic violence is less censored than sex.  And that’s a disturbing thought.

    • Sam

      About Latrice: Not that I’m saying she wasn’t showing anything, but sometimes they blurr stuff just to make it seem more “scandalous”.

      • Elizabido

        Oh, I hadn’t thought of that. Maybe they were trying to make it more like we were actually watching a “Girls Gone Wild”-type video and the blurring was part of the spoof. Although, LOGO does blur and bleep things out during other shows, which is highly annoying. I wish there was a gay version of IFC Channel, where movies and programs are shown as-is.

    • SheWhoMustBeObeyed

       The nipple blurring was so strange to me. “They’re not real! Remember? We just saw them sitting on a table.” Maybe nipples are only dirty when wet?

      • Linderella

        Yeah, wasn’t that weird?!  As soon as they touch human skin, suddenly they’re censorable.

      • pdquick

         I just thought that was part of the Girls Gone Wild conceit. If you’re showing girls going wild on a family network, you have to blur the nipples. And what is Logo, if not a family network? On the other hand, if you’re showing a tit prosthesis on RPDR, they’re just a prop.

  • SatelliteAlice

    Kelly Osbourne needs to be a permanent addition.

  • kentiesgirl

    Okay, I remember somebody saying they had to sew a dress and make a boat (that there wasn’t enough time), I remember comments about fashion forward, I remember PhiPhi sewing, but was there actually a bit about making your costume? There can’t have been, Ru always goes on about your own wigs and undergarments if there is. And of course the Willam. Hmmm. I’ll have to watch again. Drat. 😉

    • kentiesgirl

      Answered. Thanks!

    •  Ru said they could use their own stuff or the materials provided to them.

  • Caaro3

    My favorite part of RPDR is RuPaul’s runway walk.  What a beautiful, beautiful woman.

    • kentiesgirl

      Absolute Ru. That needs to be a flavor.

      •  Agreed. But what flavor?

        • kentiesgirl

           Can sunshine be a flavor?

        • kentiesgirl

           Now I have ‘Favorite Things’ from The Sound of Music stuck in my head. Randomness.

          If there could be a flavor like one of those candies that changes flavors as you suck on em (giggling). That would be my Absolute Ru.

          but sunshine’s still my first pick.

  • vmcdanie

    Milan was hung up on being an artist and actor but, even more damning, I didn’t see evidence she was really good at that either.

    I did think it was kind of unfair they slammed her while praising Willam for the same thing. Both floats were solipsistic. One was just better. Neither were offensive though. Jeez.

    Ru has been freaking turning it out this season, no?

    Phi Phi losing the wig and boobs wasn’t as big of a deal as her losing some composure over the same.

  • But what made Willam’s stand out is the connection/story she told Ru in the workroom. It was both about hope in general and believing in yourself

    •  She probably memorized a script full of inspiring stories- all ready to pull out like those frigging stickers. She’s plastic.

      • OmegaBlush

        Yeah, I look to drag queens for authenticity!

        • amywinns


      • kentiesgirl

         YES! That’s what I’ve been trying to say, I just couldn’t get the right words. Still funny, but I want some kind of connection and authenticity.

  • Horacio Lom Bonilla

    I absolutely love Latrice to pieces and I’m totally rooting for her to take this, but I must say I highly disliked those things on her lips. It looked sickening, and not in the “fierce” sense of the word but in the “quit administering complimentary blowjobs and keep three feet away from me at all times” sense.

    • laura512

      Well, she warned them to keep those nuts outta her face!  Now we know why.

  • these pics are great! you couldn’t tell my face was on it from where the judges sat. Subtlety is sometimes the loudest though because the pattern looked great. p.s. to make my padded seat, i stole a pillow from the Interior Illusions Lounge and got READ hard. lol. 

    • Markatha

      You were great & deserved the win.  I love this show!

    • Pinup Ghoul

       Ok, I’ve gotta ask since it was blurred out, but what does the back of that fabulous swimsuit look like? It was just adorable.

    • kentiesgirl

       Naughty, naughty, LMAO. Did you spray paint it blue, too? They’re on a budget bitch..hahaha

      You’re best epi too date, btw. Funny as hell. But i’m lovin some Latrice more ;P

    • You are the one who consistently makes me laugh every week. And cool that you respond here 🙂 Looked fabulous in this episode!

  • Meelah

    I thought it was a double standard to go after Milan about self promoting on the float but rave about Willam with his face plastered all over his.  It doesn’t bother me that Milan went home; you can’t go into the bottom 2 that many times and not deserve to go home.  I get that Willam is trying to be funny but the name dropping is becoming too much.  That being said I could still live with a Latrice, Chad, Sharon, and Willam top 4.  

    Kenya and the letter.  Wow..just wow.  I don’t think anyone expected that.  You’d expect someone would want to say how they feel on the show and then try to patch up bad feelings after it.  He left on good terms with all of the girls but decided to dive bomb how everyone felt about him; contestants and viewers a like.  I actually felt a bit bad when he was sent home crazy ass Beyonce and all.  The letter was tacky and in bad taste.  The reunion show should be interesting.  

    •  Plus, wasn’t Kenya, like, 21 years old? Girl’s got some growin’ up to do!

    • kentiesgirl

       You can’t trust anything on this show really, it’s reality entertainment, after all. It was probably just bits from an exit interview and written by the producers, or PhiPhi, or bearded pit crew guy, lol. You never know. But it’s funny.

      I felt bad too.,,,I always feel bad. I <3 all of them. I agree on top 4 but would switch PhiPhi for Willam, (4) Sharon (3) Chad (2) and LR FTW. (But I wouldn't be mad if Chad won).

      I know everyone's hating on Phi2 but she's a hometown queen and I adore that old school look (she fixed her eye this week!). The keeping it real is getting grating though, I'll say that.

  • Ru said the challenge was about showboating and that is when Willam’s eyes lit up and she knew she could win it.  While the wonderful Sharon, Chad and Latrice are outstanding performers, no one can showboat like Willam.  Practically designed for her this challenge was. 

    And I will agree that Jiggly and Phi2 need to go.  Love Dida Ritz though.  I guess the character she’s playing is not Next Drag Superstar material, however. 

    • Catiline

      I think Dida would be a good fit on Drag U, if she can get the wig skills up to par.

    • fashionzombie

      Here’s my thing with Dida — I’m starting to finally get her, but when she said on Untucked that she’s Real Fish, I was like — what are you looking at for comparison, girl? The Cosby Show is not going to win you RPDR, but I appreciate the niche.

      Also — go wig shopping with Chad. 

  • Linderella

    Am I the only one who recognized Jesse Santana as one of the go-go boys (and the one who got the best crotch close-up), or am I just the only one willing to admit it in print?
    Much as I adore Willam (I think her whole thing is one big slab of performance art), Latrice was sickening last night!  That hair and makeup:  divine!

  • VioletFem

    I felt that Latrice should have won the boat challenge.

  • AWStevens

    Spot-on review TLo.  THANKS!

  • Markatha

    I still love Sharon, Willam, Chad & Latrice and will till the end. 
    I don’t mind the other cannon fodder though, they make for more delicious episodes of my favorite show.

    Ru is so delicious in Drag and out! I love them.

    Judging panel was a lot of fun again this week.

    Untucked is more fun this year.

    And the Challanges have taken camp to a whole new level.  Love how game the Pit Crew is.

  • istar73

    When I saw the screenshot with the “I Will Not Forget” at the back of Milan’s Float, I thought he was sashaying away and warning the judges that he will not forget that they send him packing and will get back at them someday!

  • Pinup Ghoul

    I never really felt strongly one way or another about Milan, but I tell you what – Dwayne is… pretty sexy, not going to lie. Maybe he can come back next season, not as a drag queen, but as a member of the Pit Crew!


    I’m just going to say that Phi Phi needs to shut her ass up. I’m sorry that some of the other queens are better than you, but maybe you should stow the trash talk and work harder.

  • MichaelStrangeways

    Milan also had the problem that she wasn’t a GOOD actor or performer.
    Now to get rid of Dida “I serve real fish” Ritz (but, apparently real “fish” who buys her clothes at Big Lots, her wigs at Party City and forgets to pick up her body lotion at Wal-Mart…)
    And, Jiggly “I’m not the sharpest tack in the bulletin board” Caliente.
    And, hopefully, Phi Phi “I’m NOT the least bit bitter when others excel and I revel in my old school drag mediocrity” O”Hara.
    Then, the real games can begin.

    •  I tend to agree, but I want to see Jiggly beat Phi Phi on LSFYL. 

      I’d like to see Dida come back another season when she smooths off some of those rough edges.

  • Sweetpea176

    I liked that we got a glimpse of some of the constructive criticism that the girls get on the runway, but that we don’t see (PhiPhi mentioned feedback re: makeup and body shape, Dida pointed out that she had big hair, presumably in response to critique).  I’d like to see more of that criticism from the runway – I find it interesting.

  • Catiline

    Phi Phi… I think she actually does have a lot of raw assets (she’s cute, she does have some stage presence, her boat wasn’t too bad) but she just so clearly has a lot of things she hasn’t made peace with.  That’s not an excuse for her unpleasantness, because she’s certainly not the only queen with things to overcome.  More like I want to check in with her five and ten years from now to see if she’s had a breakthrough.  There’s a glimmer of something I like about her.  I think it was her slightly flustered reactions, on Untucked, to being picked by the other queens as the one they’d sleep with!

    • amywinns

      Did you see that as flustered or disgusted? I read it as snobbery, like “ew, no thanks”. (I am not innocent of such snobbery, but I definitely didn’t see hers as “who, me? aw shucks, I don’t know how to responde to that”

      • Catiline

        Hmmm.  Maybe I was being generous in saying she was flustered, but I wouldn’t go as far as to say disgusted, either. I’d have to rewatch to be sure.  Either way, Phi2 seemed caught off guard.  She seems to have an awkward streak, which I guess interests me a little bit in a “what’s your deal?” way.

  • Chad, Sharon, Latrice & Willam for the final 4. There are some strong contenders in that bunch. But, this could be the year a big girl wins it!

    What I’ve noticed this season is the difference in behaviors from the young to older~ Chad & Latrice are the matriarchs of the group and they maintain their cool no matter what. All the fussing & flapping is coming from the young ones. Their lack of maturity is their undoing.

  • I live for Mondays.

    You can totally tell that PhiPhi and Jiggly especially are just not smart enough to get Willam’s humor. The older queens get it.

    And Milan. GIRL. ENOUGH WITH THE WIGDROPPING! Sweet jesus in a sidecar. This is a drag competition! It ruins the illusion that you are a GIRL. ARGH. I wish Ru would just cut the music and send them home immediately when they do that. So not classy. Though you can tell by the look on her face when Milan’s wig came off that she was NOT amused.

  • Deborah Solomon

    I have to agree with the comments about Willem’s boat vs Milan’s.  Willem’s was much more subtle and well designed.  Milan and Jiggly had grade school project boats.  Willem does get annoying with all the talk about how she’s going to win, and all the shows she’s been on, but it seems to be her staying in character as her drag persona.  Phi Phi is really pretty (both as a boy and a girl), but she’s way too defensive.  Jiggly is in by the skin of her teeth, and she needs to quit making excuses and get her act together.  As for the wardrobes,  I was under the impression that they bring wardrobes with them.  If

  • Deborah Solomon

    Sorry.  Hit post too soon.  If Willem is successful enough in her career to be able to afford designer clothes, she shouldn’t be penalized for that.  I know it seems like she’s reading the others sometimes, but she is asking valid questions when they are doing the same thing the judge critiqued the week before (green dress, androgyny, etc).  Also, she didn’t take offense at Kenya’s letter, because she admitted that it was a valid comment.  I was ready for Milan to go since her crackhead Diana Ross impersonation.

  • The way Milan a) has zero realness and b) always seems to want to emphasize the fact that she is a performer and not “just a drag queen” reminds me of Shangela. Both of them seem to be pretty unfocused, and that’s reflected in their unpolished drag. Definitely her time to go.