RPDR: Upchuck and Kai Kai

Posted on March 20, 2012

We think we speak on behalf of all America when we say…





But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

*tinkly flashback music with accompanying wavy screen effects*

It all started quite innocently. Or at least, as innocently as things get with a gaggle of drag queens.

We couldn’t stop laughing throughout this whole bit. One of the very best things about RPDR is the show’s gleeful transparency. It knows exactly what it is and doesn’t have any pretensions about it. If people tune in to reality competitions to see drama (and they do), then by God, RuPaul is going to do everything in her power to stir up some shit, even if it means strapping her girls into a lie detector and forcing them to say things about their competitors that’ll bite them in the ass.

Sometimes we think shows like Project Runway would be easier to take if they just dropped the conceit that it’s about talent or design and just made everyone in the workroom mud wrestle or something. Sure, you wouldn’t find the next great fashion designer, but the sight of Tim Gunn trying to control a room full of attention whores looking to gouge each other’s eyes out would shoot the ratings through the roof.

Of course we didn’t believe for one second that the teams were chosen based on their lie detector results. We’re not even sure if we believe there even was a lie detector. No, these pairings were chosen for maximum drama. The most experienced queen was paired with the least experienced; two queens who hate each other were paired; and the two queens whose styles and physicality couldn’t be more opposite were put together.

And it’s always hilarious to watch people with absolutely no song or dance skills forced to sing and dance.

Serving up Geisha realness. This may be one of our favorite Ru looks.

And how funny was it that they brought in these two ladies – who are as famous for their boobs as they are for their career – to judge a duet challenge? Pammy looked a little medicated, though. Then again, when has she ever not looked medicated?

Clear and obvious winners. And the editing made it seems like a great deal of that had to do with Willam. He can sing, he’s got the creative chops to put together a routine, and they both admitted that he pushed Latrice out of her comfort zone by dressing her up all sexy. The bits were funny and the singing wasn’t bad, but again, that mostly came down to Willam. They were the most polished of the group.

The judges said that these two didn’t bring it enough but if anything, they sounded too aggressive to us; like they were firing the lyrics at each other rather than singing. And for all PhiPhi’s talk about Party City when it comes to Sharon, that halo she was sporting was tragic. The judges all praised Sharon for looking more conventionally attractive, but if ever there was a time to do the goth thing, this would have been it. She looked and acted like a queen being forced into something she didn’t want to do.

And PhiPhi’s a high-strung, loud-mouthed bitch. Whatever was going on behind the scenes, even the other queens agreed that she needed to unclench a little. That is one angry, jealous little queen.

To be honest, we think we would have put these two in the bottom. The bits weren’t that funny and they took forever to make it down the catwalk to the end of the stage. More than half the routine was performed all the way at the back. Chad was okay in terms of performance (although his voice is hilariously bad), but Dida was a nervous wreck and it showed. Still, this was probably the prettiest she ever looked. Her makeup skills are improving.

So congrats to Latrice and Willam. Absolutely no arguments here.

And maybe our biases were getting the better of us, but if it had been up to us, Phi Phi would have gone home. To us, if you’re going to lip synch, then you have to engage the audience. We can’t stand when these queens tear around that stage like a chihuahua on meth. Ru needs to outlaw the wig-pull and the split.

But then the most shocking thing to ever happen, happened. And for once, a reality show pulled through and really gave us a shocking moment. We have no frigging idea what this is all about. The puking was real and not some sort of play for attention like the crying jag was a couple of weeks ago. Something really is up here. We felt a little bad for Willam because with this episode it seemed like he realized constantly being in character wasn’t helping him in the competition as much as he’d hoped. All the other queens have turned on him and even the judges were getting annoyed with the robotic consistency.

Speculation is inevitable and like many, the first thing that came to mind was some sort of substance abuse issue, but that really doesn’t explain why Chad said Willam was doing things that were going to get all of them in trouble. And besides if he’d been doing something illegal and the other queens knew it, don’t you think Phi Phi would’ve ratted him out a long time ago? Whatever it is, it’s probably some violation of the heretofore unmentioned rules of the competition. The RPDR equivalent of stashing design books under your bed. We think it’s pretty shitty of the show to make us all wait until the reunion to find out what it’s all about.

Come out, come out, wherever you are, Willam. You’ve been known to show up in our comments section to throw some shade at the Bitter Kittens, so let’s hear it. At least give us a little hint. If you don’t, we’re going to spread rumors that you were part of a baby-trafficking ring, or worked as a mule for a drug cartel, or worst of all, that you’re a biological woman.


[Screencaps: tomandlorenzo.com]

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  • Ladies, I am NOT having a good day.  So imagine how grateful I am for this passage:

    “Sure, you wouldn’t find the next great fashion designer, but the sight
    of Tim Gunn trying to control a room full of attention whores looking to
    gouge each other’s eyes out would shoot the ratings through the roof.”

    …which made it 300% better.  Laughing out loud means something, sometimes.  Love you bitches!

    • meowing

      and of course, Tim wouldn’t have a molecule of mud on him…

      • laura512

        He’d look over the top of his glasses at the mud coming towards him and say “I really think you need to sit back and regroup”, and the mud would back off.

    • YoungSally

      I think Tim would just check his phone to make sure the check cleared. Then he would simply don a hooded black cloak and go Michonne on the entire production (starting with BM) and then simply walk out of the room with a quiet “Carry on!”

    •  I was feeling a little cranky myself, but that sentence made my day. The picture it put in my head is hilariously crazy.

    • formerlyAnon

      If you hadn’t done it first I’d have quoted that myself as the finest image in this post. As you have, I will just say YES! More involuntary laughter thanks to TLo.

  • introspective


    when I saw that surprise ending I was floored. Totally had Willam in the top 3, but that gagging in the corner right after the win was a foreshadowing of things ugly to come. I really hope its not substance abuse. Someone on another site was speculating it was contact with the outside world?

    Who knows. either way, what a loss. cause for damn sure that tragic little wonky eyed Phi2 was on her way the fuck out until this shit happened. Willam you sure saved her ass. Now can you help her apply her eyelashes properly???

    • MissMariRose

      Yeah, I have a feeling he was leaving the hotel at night. I’ve read elsewhere that the girls hung out together at the hotel and bonded during their time off the set, but Willam was obviously not part of the friendship circle. Maybe it’s because he was taking off without permission and seeing his husband or partying or something.

    • Yes, along with missing Willam something FIERCE (like, I find I no longer care?) the fact that the screw up let Phi2 stay just makes me BOIL!  On the plus side?  Willam HAS a career ( have you all seen the Chick fil-A video yet?) and I won’t EVER have to see that jealous Phi2 again!

  • I did wonder if it had to do with the lie detector bit, “Are you a woman?” While lie detectors aren’t admissible evidence in a courtroom, I suppose in Ru’s house it’s allowed. I also wondered who would have gone home if they didn’t throw that mystery out there at the last second. I hoped that Phi Phi was finally going home.

    • Though they’re not automatically and universally accepted, lie detector tests can be admissible in court under certain conditions and with permission of the judge. 

    • MK03

      I have a hard time believing he was born female. And even if he was, does it really matter? He clearly had the operation if that’s the case. 

      • JosephLamour

        It’s possible he’s a woman *now* and not before. But he’s a drag actor, that’s his thing. Not like Candis Cayne, who definitely got the surgery. Still, it’s possible.

      •  I did think for a moment that she’s actually a woman who’s transitioning to male. But I’m inclined to think it’s something more simple than that – leaving the hotel at night, bringing weed on the set (the AV Club recapper said Willam has a medical marijuana prescription). Although to hear Phi2, it’s something like mass kitten murder. Man, I was hoping it was finally time for Phi to go home. There’s love-to-hate, and then there’s just detesting someone. I detest Phi-Phi.

        • Hear hear!  Like I said above – my hatred for Phi (OMG the way she treated poor Jiggly – who I didn’t like at all, but didn’t deserve such abuse-) grew by leaps and bounds as I saw the way she spoke to Willam!  Pulease….WILLAM has no talent?  SHE can sing!   Had to love Willam calling 2-phaced Phi-2 over her use of blonde wigs  LOL  SUCH a jealous thing she is!

          • H3ff

            Also did you notice how the lie detector said PhiPhi was telling the truth when she said she believed she could be America’s Next Drag Superstar? Delusional.

          • Sweetpea176

            Completely delusional.

          • babylonsista

            PhiPhi HAS to be the next to go. With 5o’Clock Shadow Barbie gone, I’m sure PhiPhi thinks she’s now the queen to beat–but her attitude, coupled with her belief that she’s a better queen than she is, will surely trip her up. Sharon’s no showgirl, but she’s FIERCE at what she does. PhiPhi tries entirely too hard for all the half-assness of her performances. And someone please tell PhiPhi to FIX HER GOTDAMN LASHES. Left Eye was a rapper, not a drag queen. Shit.
            Willam does have talent for days, and the edit she got this week made me think for a second that she’s less Gretchen Weiners and a little more Claire Standish. But the way she left made me think she saw this coming, and that doesn’t make me like her at all. If she didn’t need Drag Race because she already has a career, she should have given her spot to one of the children who’d have put it to better use.

          • csc3

            “Left Eye was a rapper, not a drag queen.”
            i laughed so hard at that line.

        • I didn’t even think of sneaking offset. It’s just so weird the timing of it all. Willam wins and loses at the same time.

          • MK03

            Oh yes, calling Phi2 on her “I don’t do blonde” bullshit was gold. And her backpedaling was fantastic: “Well, those were character choices. When it’s my choice, I don’t do blonde.” Bitch, do you even hear yourself??

          • AnotherG

            No.  No, she does not.  Sad.

          • Sweetpea176

            Also funny?  Her tap dance around who screwed up the harmonies.  Haha ha. Ha.

          • Erin Larkin

             fer real. Just get up in there with the melody if you cant drop down into harmony. We have ears! this is all being taped, miss phi. Mass Kitten Murder. still laughing.

      • LeoBloke

        Born female? With that 5o’clock shadow, not bloody likely! And if Willam’s transitioning, wouldn’t you think that the pre-op hormones would have diminished the beard?

        • Jessica Davies

          Not that i’m going with this theory, really, but just to educate – ftm trans (with T) will DEF have a 5:00 shadow.  My brother is ftm, non-op, and him and a lot of other ftm’s i wouldn’t clock.  Now, mtf trans (with E) might be a little different, it seems like the E doesn’t have the same kind of strong, immediate effects as E, from what i’ve seen.  

          My theory – neither male, female, trans, whatever – Willam is in fact… a space alien.  There.  Now the world knows.

          • LeoBloke

            I’ve made-up a couple of mtf actresses, and they did say that the estrogen had lessened, and in one case stopped, the beard growth, although I didn’t quiz them how long it took. To my knowledge (because, as you say, one would not really notice) I’ve never worked with an ftm trans, but that’s interesting that testosterone has a much more immediate effect, producing a respectable growth of facial hair.
            And you must be right about Willam…outer space is the only possible answer (maybe Ursa Major)!

    • I *think* I caught a blurb that said Sharon would have won….  I’m in TEARS over that too!

      • saw that too. makes me so MAD at w/v willam did…

  • Paigealicious

    Speculation here, but what I heard was that Willam had sneaked out to a club the night before and that was why he was feeling rough. If you watched Untucked it seemed like the queens were upset that he broke the rules and was allowed to stay, not that he had “cheated,” exactly.  The other rumor that might have had some teeth was that he was sneaking in props or costumes, but that wouldn’t necessarily explain the puking.

    • Joe J

      That sounds boring and unsurprising enough to be true.  Which means I hope to heavens it’s a little juicier, ‘cuz I’m going to be annoyed as shit if we get to the reunion and the reason for Willam’s DQ is something like THAT.

      • amywinns

        OTOH, if I was one of the other queentestants who adhered to the requirement for isolation/house arrest for weeks, I would be pissed as hell if one of my competitors was going out to blow off steam and see friends/boyfriend.

        • Paigealicious

           Agreed. I cannot stand Phi Phi in general, but I could sympathize a *tiny*  bit with her anger at Willam breaking the rules and not getting “caught”…

      • amywinns

        OTOH, if I was one of the other queentestants who adhered to the requirement for isolation/house arrest for weeks, I would be pissed as hell if one of my competitors was going out to blow off steam and see friends/boyfriend.

    • JosephLamour

      Teeth? I’m confused.

      • Paigealicious

         I meant that the rumor about Willam sneaking in props or costumes could actually have substance.

        • JosephLamour

          Oh. It’s hot where I am, so I’m not thinking properly today LOL.

    • AudreysMom

      Maybe he was throwing up because he’s pregnant and like all good beauty contests, contestants have to be virgins.

      • Basil Von Broccoli

        But Jessica Simpson’s pregnant… so he’d just be method acting!

    • Sweetpea176

      On the way out, he said something to the effect that although he had broken the rules, he was glad to be nicely corsetted to a 24″ waist, which seemed like a non-sequitor, but would fit with being caught sneaking in costumes.

    • amywinns

      That seems to fit with the verbal tapdancing the girls were doing, referring to behavior, consequences, and getting busted. The timing of the “hangover” seems off, but I know there’s a huge range in reactions to intoxicants.

      • Paigealicious

         The puking we saw seems off timing-wise, but they did keep mentioning that he felt “off-kilter” all day, had had a rough morning, etc…

      • If I was hungover and tried to corset myself down 4 to 6 inches, I’d be spewing all over the place

    • MichaelStrangeways

      Willam puked because he KNEW he was getting the boot…obviously he was told the day of that taping that he was getting eliminated that night. He was nervous and jumpy the entire time they were getting made up and very twitchy in the Lounge…it also didn’t help that he was slamming the booze down in the Lounges. He was nervous as hell at what he knew was coming next. But, who wouldn’t be?

  • EW interviewed him and he wouldn’t say anything that wasn’t cryptic or annoying… playing it up for the reunion show…

    • introspective

      Willam just figured out a way to be the queen we would talk about the most that didnt win the prize. He was calculated right up to the end apparently, cause now I only want to watch the reunion to hear this dish. say what you want about all his hollywood name dropping, that bitch knows how to be famous.

    • vmcdanie

      Willam may be in a situation where he’s not permitted to discuss it till the reunion. Those reality show contracts have jaws of iron.

      Then again, I can’t decide if this is schtick or not.

  • laura512

    I think there should be an automatic disqualification for taking off your shoes during LSFYL.  Yeah, heels, hard to dance in, whatever.  You are on STAGE and even if you’re having a super confident, Stuart Smalley kind of day, there’s a chance you’ll have to lipsynch.  Seeing barefoot queens up there just irks me.

    •  Totally agree.  After watching enough dance shows and seeing the moves some women pull off in heels, Ru’s girls should be prepared to do the same.

    • LittleKarnak

       Amen! And ITA with TLo that the split and the wig pull and any combination of these elements be banned for life!!! I was just starting to actually like Willam and now he goes and makes us have to endure PhiPhi for another week……

    • kirble

      The only excuse for taking off your shoes is if your heel breaks.

      Even then, you’re legally and morally obligated as a drag queen to use the remaining good shoe to stab your comptetition. There’s a reason that stiletto heels share their name with a deadly weapon. 

      • kentiesgirl

         That is one of the most awesome things I have ever heard.

        Pretty sure P.P.O Shoeless took the wig off cause it was falling off, though, unlike Milan from the House of Bald.

        • If it fell off, it’s because it wasn’t secure. If the wig is put on correctly, you should be able to shake your head around without it falling off. If you shake your head so much that a secure wig falls off, it means you’re dancing like a damn spaz, and stop it.

          • AnotherG

            Precicely! Between her tragic “Spring Break” and this de-wiggage, Wee Wee is a cold mess.

      •  That made me laugh out loud.

      • You should have heard me shout at that. A chubby fortysomething white lady suddenly flapping her arms at the screen and crowing to her husband “OH NO SHE DID NOT JUST TAKE OFF HER HEELS. NO MA’AM YOU DID NOT. I do not care if she does a death drop if BITCH IS BAREFOOT. OOOOOOOH read her TO FILTH AUNTIE ROO.”

        ^^^Oops, meant to reply this to laura512 but will leave it here because I like the way you think.

        • AnotherG

          Madam, you speak for darned near all of us.

        • laura512

          HA!  I did the same thing.  I don’t remember who did it in one of the first couple of episodes, but the very second it started, I looked at my husband and said “she better be gone, because bitch didn’t even TRY with the shoes. The hell?”

          You are a PERFORMER who PERFORMS in WOMEN’S SHOES. If all you can do is stand and look pretty in them you a)need some new damn shoes or b)need to take your barefooted, dingy-stocking, dancing like a damn sequin fish out of water ASS HOME.

    • vmcdanie

      I’ll give PhiPhi the wig since it was flying off anyways but the shoes were lame. Too much Milan realness in that lipsync too.

      • That’s exactly what I thought when I saw the lipsynch – Phi2 was pulling a Milan. The shoes, the wig, the over energetic movements… I mean even writhed around on the floor a little. 

        I think it’s the beginning of Milan’s legacy.

        • Pinup Ghoul

           That stage floor is going to be SO CLEAN by the end of this season, by he sheer amount of taint-swiffering that’s going on.

          • Zaftiguana

            It’s gonna shine like the top of the Chrysler Building.

          • vmcdanie

             Ah Willam. Gone but his contributions to the RPDR phrasebook will not be forgotten.

          • OmegaBlush

            Your tone seems very pointed right now.

      • Zaftiguana

        Totally. She started it with the shoes off, and it just went spastically downhill from there. I don’t blame her for taking the wig off once it was falling off anyway, but seriously, you lose some points for the wig coming off. You know you’re going to be up there performing, and you’re a drag queen, not a pageant princess. Do you seriously not know how to do a better wig set than that?

        • spooki C

           It’s also not the first time she lost her wig due to her inability to secure it to her head. It’s not like this is a complicated thing here… weave clips, wig tape, wig band- all way better than a couple of bobby pins.

      • Jessi03

         I saw Phi2 live at Sharon Needle’s show in Chicago, and that’s pretty much how she lip synchs.  It was really disturbing to see up close.  Too frenetic and even live, she yanked her wig off b/c it kept falling off of her head.  I seriously disrespect her as a queen.

        • SHE is the one who stinks let’s face it.  Lucky Willam – she doesn’t seem to do a lot of “drag shows” per se;I’ve seen several videos of her singing at gigs with real live band members and all; so WILLAM won’t be stuck with Phi2’s awfulness.  I can’t believe he hung on this long!  I think I’d forgo the pleasure of Sharon’s show to miss Phi2!  Like someone above, I really really hate him.  

          • kirble

            Take solace in the fact that Phi Phi will be gone next week unless she somehow manages to avoid the bottom two. We’ve seen Sharon and Dida serve it up fiercely (Dida especially, dayumn), and you just know that Latrice and Chad have too much experience and self-worth to lose to Phi Phi O’Shoeless (a moniker I find both nonsensical and perfectly apt).

        • MK03

          UGH. If there’s one thing I learned in college, it’s that you NEVER call attention to a mistake during a performance. And you ESPECIALLY never stop during a performance. EVER. 

        • vmcdanie

          First, I love this story and I envy you seeing this unfold live. And I should have said, I’ll give PhiPhi her wig falling off so she took it off but as many have pointed out, this is not the first time she’s had this problem. She needs to secure that shit.

    • Yes, taking the shoes off was very weak, and he probably did not see it as such, just as preparing to beat Sharon’s ass. I’m sure that when he saw previous contestants de-shoe before lip synch (I cannot recall who they all were), he thought they were being pitiful. Phi Phi seems like a double-standards kind of queen.

    • I agree wholeheartedly. Notice how my girl Sharon left heels hers on and didn’t do the whole spastic gyrations and wig-tear-away unlike miss thang over there. Yep, bitch is smart and knows how to win.

      • laura512

        Oh, I saw. Trust.  PhiPhi’s just looked sloppy, in my opinion. Yes, you’re all over the stage and you’re energetic, but none of your flopping and popping has anything to do with the song.  

        • Exactly! That’s what I was saying to my friend last night. Some of these queens think that winning a LSFYL means being the most over the top and energetic. These same queens think winning the snatch game means being obnoxious and overtly annoying. They don’t realize each song has a different feel and requires a different kind of energy and interpretation. I’m thinking back to Season 2 when Juju gave her sultry seductive version of “Black Velvet” THAT was a damn performance, and she didn’t have to act spastic.

          • Pinup Ghoul

             For real. I don’t even remember who Juju sent home with that lip synch, but I remember that she KILLED IT.

            Also: MacArthur Park and Manila Luzon in Big Bird drag. I die.

          • Scott Isaacs

            Yeah. Those two LSFYL moments: IMMORTAL. Honestly, after Juju’s “Black Velvet,” I wanted to see Jujubee and RuPaul LSFYL together…and my money would have been on Jujubee. A position I still maintain to this day. And I was thrilled to see Manila live on tour. She performed an extended version of “Macarthur Park,” and chile? You thought she brought the crazy on Drag Race? Bitch boosted the crazy exponentially, and I fell irretrievably in love. Googly eyes all OVER the place.

          • kirble

            And add in the Raja/Carmen Carrera to round out the top three LSFYL. Hot as hell, appropriate for the song, and (unless the naked rolling on the floor was planned) an awesome display of extemporaneity. 

          • Lingus

            Aww, I’m feeling the Asian pride right now. Ongina is a fierce little thing too. Here’s hoping Jiggly will uphold the tradition after some therapy and reflection.

            Also! Don’t forget Dida’s moment with Natalie Cole. THAT is when high energy is appropriate. And when she flailed, it was with sheer joy, not graceless desperation like Milan and Phical Matter. (Also, whoever coined Phical Matter…heart, you have mine.)

          • Gaysians are like my most favorite people ever.

          • Zaftiguana

            I think it was Sahara who was a little too ballet. That was the Rocker Chick challenge week, yeah?

          • kentiesgirl


          • Zaftiguana

            Also: MacArthur Park and Manila Luzon in Big Bird drag.
            It may never get better than that. That one, Juju’s “Black Velvet” and DiDa’s “This Will Be” are  the top three all time favorites that come to mind.

          • vmcdanie

            Juju sent Sahara Davenport home with that who was doing her high-kicking dance routine. Manila’s though was my favorite of all-time. And that hug with Delta at the end-damn it, now I’m choking up thinking about it. I can’t imagine anyone topping that.

            But another top notch lip syncer on that show was Raven.

          • MK03

            That kitchen-sink approach to the LSFYL is the last gasp of a desperate queen.

    • Pinup Ghoul

       I agree, especially because they have the luxury of choosing their own footwear. Other stage actors rarely have that luxury, and we dance in ridiculous shoes anyway.

    • Sweetpea176

      Right?  You ladies are performers — how is it ok that you aren’t able to perform in your damned costumes?!  Or put another way, how is it that you are wearing costumes that you can’t actually perform in?!  Pathetic.

  • MsKitty

    Yakking from the edge of the stage, leaving pressed hams on the dressing room mirror…that’s how you make a memorable exit.  Well played, Willam.  On the downside we’re stuck with PhiPhi for another week (or as she’s affectionately called on another site, Phical Matter).

    • vmcdanie

       Phical Matter. Damn, that shit is cold.

      Clearly Willam’s exit is destined to go down as the night PhiPhi didn’t leave, damn.

      •  Ru was probably thinking “Who do I send- PhiPhi or Sharon…it’s a toss up”

    • AnotherG

      Heh, while I was realizing she was leaving her butt-print on the mirror, my next thought was, “Huh, wonder who’s going to clean that next week?” Usually it’s the one who Sashay’d them off. 

      On the one hand, I LOVE the idea of Phi being forced to wipe the ass off (Hee! Yes, I’m eight years old!) On the other, I bet Latrice’ll offer to do it, since they were partners and won the challenge, and Latrice has class.

  • hac51

    I’m guessing it’s going to be something like she was having clothes brought in from the outside during the competition.  That would ‘make the others look bad’ and give her an unfair advantage, since she would be able to course-correct mid-competition.  I remember Pandora Boxx’s TLo interview where she said that it was hard to show up with a set of clothes, find out the judges hated her clothes, and not really be able to do anything about it.

    • Paigealicious

       Or maybe Phi Phi’s complaining about Willam tarnishing their image was that Willam was out livin’ it up at the club when people knew that he was in the middle of filming Drag Race?

      • That’s one of the more plausible rumors floating around on tumblr.

    • kentiesgirl

       That is my guess, and when you read the interview, he said he was open about it the whole time, so…I mean I figured it was something way worse than popping some pills when Chad and Latrice were all about how to deal with the situation. They just ignored the drama, ya know? That’s some rule breaking right there. Who knows? Maybe he was a plant and agreed to go along with it for the publicity. I just can’t imagine Ru hurting the other girls that way. I just can’t. She does sassy, not bitchy, right? But for the show….I dunno. I hope not. I love Ru too much to think that, really.

  • What the hell was that!?! I was, unfortunately, spoiled as to what would happen before I watched the episode, but I was more than a little nervous about Sharon going home even though I knew that it was Willam. It just didn’t make sense. 

    Why did he puke? What had happened? 

    He’s giving up nothing in the interviews I’ve read, just more deadpan Willam “shade”. Le sigh.

    • Subdued all morning + puking on the runway + kicked off for breaking the rules + saying afterwards that she wished she could have “reined it in a little more” = (in my opinion) leaving the hotel to party at night

      • Sweetpea176

        “Rough morning” = hangover, right?

    • Were you foolish enough to click on the link that led to newnownext when you tried to watch it online? Because that’s how I was spoiled. 

  • delw

    Chad reminds me of Merle Ginsberg. We need her back on the show.

    • vmcdanie

      I liked Merle although she did have a tendency to get overshadowed. And unlike T Lo, I’ve never warmed up to Michelle.

  • NatalieD28

    TLo, I never log into Twitter anymore, but I raced to it last night, desperately hoping for you to guide us RPDR-watching Bitter Kittens to the knowledge of what happened! I honestly refreshed your timeline every 30 seconds. I nearly fell out of bed when Willam got the boot! I was super disappointed for a few minutes but I really do like all the Queens left, even Phi Phi.

  • Eclectic Mayhem

    Because of my husband’s job – and because I’m a “durned ferner” – I’ve actually had a polygraph.  Most of what we saw on screen is in the ballpark of how it works and they probably got enough data for the fellow with the true/false sign to do his stuff, but I don’t think it would stand up in court Your Honour.

    There should have been a pad on the chair and another under the feet sending data on tiny shifts in posture.  You actually know what the questions are going to be beforehand and arly on in the session you’re instructed to answer one question incorrectly, that’s part of what gives them a base reading of how you react when you lie.  The whole thing is very hypnotic, you’re almost entering a trance like state.  The person asking the questions usually has a very calm voice (they don’t want to startle you and get a false reading) so the biggest problem they have is with questionees falling asleep!

    As for what the bleedin’ hell is going on with Willam – not a clue!

  • Pinup Ghoul

    Christina Ag-lee-ayra.

    I love you, Sharon.

    • JosephLamour

      Yeah I was this close to tweeting that. It’s up there with “aplopcaictic” from the first episode.

    • PeaceBang

      Along similar lines, is it possible that Willam pronounced “Versace” “as “Versayse?” Because I SWEAR I thought I heard that. Almost died. My DVR didn’t catch the episode — can someone do the detective work? It’s the moment when Pamela Anderson digs his shoes and he says, “Thank you, they’re….. VER-SAYTCH!?” I must be high, that can’t be right.

      • That is what she said.  Girl knows her “Showgirls” references.

        • Pinup Ghoul

          …and it is SO appropriate for Willam, too. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s parodied that movie in one of her acts. I thought it was perfection, and I seriously laughed out loud when she said that. It’s one of my favorite stupid drinking game night movies.
          If Willam has indeed ever parodied that movie, I would love to see that act. She’d bring her ridiculous energy and wit to it and tear it to shreds, all while still looking delicious.

          • I am in awe of Willam’s talent and wit.  She was my favorite bar none.  to be fair, she’s really not a “drag queen” like the others are.  Did I hear her say she didn’t come up performing in clubs like the rest?  She really is an entertainer in the best sense of the word.

      • That was such a perfectly Willam moment (and I always want to call Versace Versayse, in honor of “Showgirls.”) 

        • vmcdanie

          The only other one of them I can imagine pulling that line out would be Sharon and she doesn’t strike me as the Versayse type.

          •  We say “Versayce” all the time, too. In fact, once a coworker and I had gone to the cafeteria at work where girls from a different department greeted each other:

            GIrl 1: “I love your outfit! Is it ‘Banana’?”
            Girl 2: “You know it!”

            My friend and I looked at each other like, “When did Banana Republic become a bastion of exclusive fashion?” As we headed back to our work area, those girls happened to be right behind us. So I turned to my coworker and asked brightly, “I love your outfit! Is it ‘Versayce’?” And she replied, “No, it’s a ‘Gookey’ (Gucci)!” Those girls have us the dirtiest looks. LOL

  • StillGary

    Dayum — I’m mad, Willem was so fricken funny — didn’t think she would would win because Raja was was so polished and had loads of industry experience — I didn’t think Ru was out to send a message that only the pros can win. BUT I counted on her for top 3. Well, Kittens if you miss her too, you can watch Willem’s funny and raunchy Chow Down (at Chick-fil-A) video on You-Tube. The Wilson-Phillips parody is adorable,

    • JosephLamour

      Yeah. It’s interesting this was released so close to when she knew everyone was talking about her. If I ever become famous, I’m hiring Willem as my publicist.

  • ARG! ARRG!  I can’t.  I just can’t.  I promised myself I wouldn’t read the rest of the review because we’re having a Drag Race Party tonight to watch it with sparkling cupcakes and tragically decorated gingerbread queens but I had to click to see what the challenge was and you opened with that?!  How am I going to get through the day now?  Nine hours to go…

    • MK03

      OK, that sounds like a kickass party.

    • VioletFlame

      Oh my. I watched it at home alone with shused up Ramen and two cats. Your gathering sounds more funn-er, if I might quote Miss Elle Banks,esq.

    • sleah_in_norcal

      i’ll be right over.  save me a cupcake?

  • Lilithcat

    These two ladies – who are as famous for their boobs as they are for their career

    Their boobs are their careers.

    And polygraphs are junk science.

    • Pinup Ghoul

       I’m 23 and have huge boobs and small everything else. WHERE’S MY FAME, DAMMIT?!

  • Why, Willam, WHY?! Now we have to suffer yet another episode with Phi Phi in it… Not cool girl, not cool…

    • sleah_in_norcal

      it’s enough to make me puke!

  • StillGary

    Oh, I’m guessing Willem’s crime was making purchases after taping began.

    • laura512

      That was my guess as well.

  • My bet? “I wasn’t caught doing anything” and “I was upfront about everything I did” combined with the comments from the other queens that they’d get a bad name… Willam was receiving compensation for name dropping the hell out of the clothes.

    • Geoff Dankert

      And remember Phi Phi’s comment during Untucked that Willam was “using someone else’s credit card to buy” clothes? I think Handsome (hello, Handsome!) may be on to something. 

      •  Yeah, that comment made my ears go up, but then I assumed Phi2 was talking about Willam’s husband’s credit card, and that she bought stuff like crazy before the show.

        Compensation for all that name-dropping sounds highly plausible.

        •  PhiPhi is a delusional bi*ch, but she had a valid point- Willam has been name dropping and label flashing to the point where it is just plain rude. It’s especially insulting to the other queens who have to work hard to dress on a budget.

    • kentiesgirl

       Hot damn. Good on you. I didn’t even get that far into it.

    • vmcdanie

      Willam was receiving compensation for name dropping the hell out of the clothes.

      Ahhhh, now that is a genius deduction because that was the only thing they specifically mentioned in all that sturm und drang. And much juicier than another site, where someone is insisting Willam had a laptop because, wtf do we care?

      How is it reflecting badly on the other queens though? Maybe that’s just nonsense.

    • I like this theory at first, but the one thing that bugs me about it is why they wouldn’t just edit out her name drops, akin to the producers blurring or taping over brand logos that they are wearing in the workroom? And she did it over and over on the stage, so it’s not like it “just came” to Ru’s attention like she mentioned during the DQ statement.
      I’ll stick with what Willam said-DQ from activities involving abortion, Pit Crew, heroin, internet, hormones, etc. Although I’m pretty sure Latrice would’ve been down with most anything involving the Pit Crew.

    • OmegaBlush

      Interesting, but the theory doesn’t really hold up.  First, would Versace and the other high end labels actually pay some random drag queen to name drop their brand on a cable reality TV show?  Second, they could have just edited that out easily.  Third, I don’t think drag queens are the target demographic for those labels.  Most DQs have to have their stuff custom made on account of the whole being a man thing.  So what would the benefit be?  I think Phi Phy Pho Dumb’s comment about the credit card alluded to Willam’s supposedly rich husband.  Plus Phi Phy Pho Dumb is a bitter and jealous bitch who will just yell out anything to attack anyone in the vicinity.

      • amywinns

        I agree with your comment generally but I love your  name slur very specifically. I would be happy to play word games with Bitch, Phi’s stupid name all day… it’s so ripe.

    • amywinns

      Interesting theory, but if that was the case, I’d presume even more label-dropping, and definitely more current seasons. Also, can we reasonably speculate that YSL and Louboutin and Versace really would see a contestant on a relatively low-profile show like this as a valuable spokesperson?? It’s not like the gays and the 30+ year old middle-class ladies watching it a) don’t know these labels or b) generally can afford them.
      That said, I’d LOVE to see Willam as a drag spokesmodel for couture or ready-to-wear lines. Why should Anne Hathaway have all the fun?

  • I read that Ms. Willam was blogging during the taping of the show, and that that was why she was DQed. That doesn’t explain the puking, of course, but it sounds like a plausible reason for a DQ…

  • Meghan Moore

    Uhm, I notice the PA/whatever assisting Willam in his moment of crisis is wearing a nice floral number. Visions of the production crew being also in drag dance in my head… 

    • AnotherG

      I noticed her too.  I hope she didn’t get any Willam-speeyack on the outfit!

    • vmcdanie

      I noticed that too, but only in TLo’s screenshot. Love it. Do you think that was intentional or that’s just how he came to work that day? I’m guessing he didn’t know he’d be puke mopping or he wouldn’t have worn his nice floral.

      Damn, PA’s in drag. Backstage there must be magical.

  • Can someone explain to me what “kai kai” is? I googled it and it said it’s when two queens hook up. Is that accurate? I just remember being SO lost watching the episode last night.

    • When two drag queens have sex together it’s called kai kai.

    • kentiesgirl

       There is the actual meaning of two men having sex in drag, and the casual meaning of being friendly with another queen. Like the difference between you two are f-ing, and you two stop f-ing around.

      • andcoh

        Ki Ki is being friendly and bonding.  Kai Kai is fucking.

        • Paigealicious

           I think “ki ki” is pronounced “kee kee-ing” and “kai kai” is “Kye Kye.”

          • andcoh


          • amywinns

            And as long as we’re in the etymology of this, where did these terms come from?? (Because a google search brings me nothing but Japanese videogame links and self-referential definitions)

        • kentiesgirl

           Thank you. Never got into the spelling of my drag terminology. 😉

          • andcoh

            Lol, I just learned it this season.  But the spelling and pronunciation work like Japanese words, and since that was my foreign language, it was easy for me to remember.

        • laura512

          Aha!! Thank you!!

    • vmcdanie

      I believe the most specific definition is two drag queens having sex, in drag.

      • but how can they do that if they’re both presumably tucked?

        • amywinns

          Perhaps this would require one expand the mental definition of what “sex” is, beyond penetration by phallus.

          • vmcdanie

            I wasn’t thinking of the tuck aspect so I’d clearly like (enjoy?) some clarification. I do distinctly remember Sahara in S2 saying her bf (Manila) was also a queen and when people started raising eyebrows, she quickly added, “We don’t kaikai” followed by a helpful definition being put up on screen.

          • I didn’t mean that “penetration by phallus” is the only way to have sex. I just meant that considering that most sex acts involve at least one person’s genitals I was confused as to whose genitals they would be in this case. That’s all.

          • out of context this is an especially awesome comment

          • lol. i suppose.

  • YoungSally

    Pamela looked a little medicated?

    And Tilly didn’t????

  • howdoilook

    From Huffington Post: ”
    In an interview with Entertainment Weekly Willam refused to divulge the reason for her disqualification, but it is just possible that it was all part of a publicity push for her new single.”

  • howdoilook

    Also: on the Logo article, people are saying it was because she was blogging during the show, perhaps. Again: all speculation.

    • Then how come none of us can find any hint of blog?  I’ve been searching high and low for most things Willam – found some INSANE videos, but that’s about it.  Most blog/twitter stuff is old

      • howdoilook

        Check the “all speculation” portion of my post.

      • I’ve been following Willam’s blog (as long as there are sidewalks) for literally years and I didn’t see anything pop up on google reader. Maybe it wasn’t at that blog though idk

  • MitchellGilburne

    I was just hoping Willam would stick around long enough to do Bernadette Peters 🙁

    • THAT’S WHO I WAS THINKING SHE LOOKED LIKE. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, so THANK YOU.

  • vmcdanie

    Thank you for putting this up right away. So much to ponder.

    I would, sadly, still have put PhiPhi and Sharon in the bottom as that was both muted and uncomfortable to watch. I admit I was sitting there gleefully rubbing my hands together and thinking this bitter, delusional queen would sashay at last. Er, I meant PhiPhi in case anyone could possibly get that twisted.

    (I did hate to see how the prospect of going home upset Sharon though.)

    Chad and Dida had their moments, pretty much all due to Chad (if I’m ever on a reality talent show, I’m going to pray I get Chad as a partner.) Also, Chad looks like a freaking goddess in that screen shot.

    I’ve already forgiven Ru but it really pisses me off when shows air false promises in their teasers (horrible flashbacks of PR S8 dance in my head.) I fucking stayed up to watch Untucked and nothing. I can’t tell if this is some kind of jive or not although as you say, Willam had the barfing realness. At any rate, I really hope he’s ok.

    I really, REALLY don’t like PhiPhi but to be fair, her wig was coming off so that’s why she ripped it off. Not the first time she’s had wig issues though. Also she sucks.

    Willam’s staying in character to such an extent probably did hurt him but that “Your tone is very pointed” response was something I will totally be stealing when I’m in a conflict I really don’t give a shit about. Damn it, what is the deal? Is Willam ok?

    •  She looked MUCH better once the nasty wig was off.

    • “Your tone is very pointed” was just beautiful. It was kind of amazing to see PhiPhi just working herself up more and more and just getting herself into a frenzy, and Willam was just completely not giving a shit. One of those cases where going after someone just makes you look infinitely worse due to your own lack of self-awareness.

  • MissMariRose

    Sometimes we think shows like Project Runway would be easier to take if
    they just dropped the conceit that it’s about talent or design

    I thought they did that when they made Anya the winner last season.

    • Tamara Hogan

      Oh, SNAP. 😉

    • MychelleFrost

      Oh, is that who won last season?  I totally lost interest 2 eps in…

  • AnotherG

    I’m going to pretend that this was a genuine, but calculated, Sashay.  Genuine, because some actual rule was infracted; and calculated, because that would be a PERFECT excuse to bring her back, a la Carmen Carrera, for a second chance.

    If, as Paigealicious speculated, it’s something as minor as a sequestration violation, that would be a more forgiveable sin than something worse, so I’m rooting for that.  In fact, I can’t think of anything less-worse that wouldn’t give room for a dramatic forgiveness.  Substance abuse, hell no.  Posting spoilers to the internet (something I’d considered was a possibility), probably worse.

    But a curfew break? Knock me over with a feather.  It’s perfectly in keeping with the enfant terrible persona.

    • AnotherG

      Oh, and? Ru’s Kimono? Gorgeous and emerald green green green.  Suck it, Michelle V!

      • kentiesgirl

         I was living for Ru, best look evuh. Loved the eye make up. Love that wig. It looks similar to the cake challenge one from last year and it is all Ru. Just perfection.

        • amywinns

          Absolutely in love with this look. One of my favorites ever in the “wearable” department… I can absolutely see this going to a party with actual friends — not just a red-carpet event. I would wear a sized-down version in a nanosecond, with zero other changes, and happily pay through the nose for it. Timeless, flattering, and just dramatic enough. Though I have great affection for the looks that resemble parade floats, I thought this was just so chic and simply gorgeous.

      • Ha ha! Yes! Would Michelle even dare tell Ru that it was ugly because it was green?

        • AnotherG

          On camera? Not on your life.  This ain’t Michelle Visage’s Drag Race! 🙂

  • Logo Girl

    My guess is two violations: sneaking out to club AND blogging/tweeting. Remember, good ol’ Pattern-Books-Under-His-Bed did more than one “thing”. I think it is similar. 

    • kirble

      That was my favorite part about the LSFYL: Ru had no intention of sending either Phi Phi or Sharon home. She just wanted to fuck with them.

    • kentiesgirl

       Totally agree. Poor Sharon.

    • vmcdanie

      Oh, Ru definitely knew who was going home. I wonder though: when did she know it? When she made the teams?

      • andcoh

        Ooh.  That is kind of nasty.  But then again, they were probably building up to this challenge.

      • kirble

        I’m convinced Willam knew she was getting kicked off around the time they were paired up. Her attitude with Latrice in the workroom on the first day of the challenge (coupled with her unusual reservedness the next day) painted a picture of someone whose heart wasn’t in it.

        • Yes, and let’s give her props that she got Latrice to do some of her best work on the show.  Ms. Willam is a PROFESSIONAL!  Makes me hate Phecal Matter even more – I have someone who kicks those who are down.  

          • sleah_in_norcal

            yes, that phical matter needs to be flushed!

          • AnotherG

            AND…hear me out, if Willam had, indeed, been out in the clubs, and was hella hung-over (hence the puking), think it through:

            She still managed to pull off a FABULOUS song-and-dance routine with Ms. Latrice.

            THAT, good people, gets her the appropriate Girl Scout Badge for Drunk and Orderly Conduct, amirite?

          • AMEN!  

      • OmegaBlush

        Could it have come out during the lie detector test?  Willam said he never lied and was upfront about everything, so maybe he openly admitted to something in the test that led to the producers investigating more, and told him that night that he would be sashayed.  To his credit, he still gave it his all and him and Latrice were by far the best (I really liked their routine, the ‘trip’ played out perfectly and they both looked really good, withLatrice really pushing herself).  Maybe the puking was just from nerves/embarrassment.  Who knows.  And I disagree with TLo, I’m sure Ru and Willam know exactly what they’re doing by keeping it a secret.  We’ve all googled the poop out of all their names and, gee, Willam just released a video.  Information is a hot commodity.

        • amywinns

          You’re operating from the assumption those lie detector tests were in any way legit. Which I question. The operator is a real guy, but he’s reality-TV’s go-to tester (seriously, he’s been in hundreds of shows) and he admits that not all of them are real.

      • amywinns

        If she knew before she awarded the win, why would she go ahead and declare Latrice and Willam? Is it possible the producers informed her during deliberations? The performance was the clear winner by a mile, so it’s great that she didn’t penalize Latrice even so far as declaring her “safe”, which would have been outrageous. As we all know, the timing and trajectory of the whole thing is just nutty. All I know is if they don’t explain it pretty thoroughly in the reuinion, a whole bunch of us will be mighty peeved.

    •  “Also, I think there is a chance Ru put Phi Phi and Sharon (rather than
      Dida and Chad) in the bottom for the drama of them battling it out
      further, rather than for them being the worst, with no intention ever of
      sending them home, since it was always going to be Willem.”

      My thoughts EXACTLY!

    • andcoh

      That is clever and cruel.  My kinda lady.

  • AnotherG

    [Edited: Silly Disqus, wrong place for this!]

  • kentiesgirl

    “or worst of all, you’re a biological woman.” Bwahahahaha

    I am guessing that it’s buying things during the competition, what with all that credit card nonsense. Or an affair with a pit crew member. Or using cardboard cutouts as a stand in during judging in order to conduct said affair. While snorting a mix of female hormones and diet pills off the gold bar.

    In an interview, Willam said he was very open about what he was doing. So, whatever. Thanks for assisting my gurl in a win. Not all fussed about it honestly. He wanted to get publicity, said he wasn’t as high profile as Shangela, and that’s that. You did it. People are talking about you and will keep talking till the reunion, which you also said was your choice, so play on player. I ain’t gonna hate on ya.

    I am a bit bummed that the whole show was just me sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for whatever was gonna happen. Bummed me out. Oh well, just have to watch it again. As long as Latrice is cool, I’m cool. BUT, I was mad at Willam for making me feel a bit of likeableness his way when he was welling up about winning the challenge (only lasted about 2 seconds though). Ugh, I told you to stop messing with my illusions you big jerky MAN. (heehee)

    Also, with all that duct tape and liquor, how has any one NOT puked during judging? Seriously? Can you imagine strapping yourself into to all that crap then standing in stage lights in heels for hours after consuming copious amounts of alcohol? Then LSFYLing? Blurgh. Makes me want to puke thinking about it.

    • Pinup Ghoul

       It’s a shame that Willam isn’t as ‘high profile’ as Shangela. I would actually pay money to see Willam perform, not so with Shangela. Dunno why, but I’ve just never liked her at all. I live for Willam’s biting wit, though!

      • sleah_in_norcal

        i’d pay money not to see shangela perform.

    • yetanotherLaura

       If you notice, most of them barely touch the drinks in the lounge beyond maybe a tiny sip.  The only time I’ve ever actually seen someone down an entire drink was Willam in the Gold Lounge, before he joined the others; and at that point, the lengthy judging was over.  I think they’re pretty careful to limit their liquid intake while they’re tucked, and who can blame them!!

      •  Only times I’ve seen anyone get actually drunk was the interview / Absolut Vodka promotion shoots. Some of them got so looped they forgot all their lines.

  • MissMariRose

    If you’re reading this, Willam, I love your sense of humor, but I hate you for making us endure PhiPhi for another week. Chow Down, girl.

    • Amen to that.

    • ME TOO!  I think Willam has won this year, because she wanted to raise her profile in Hollywood.  Whoever wins this will raise her profile in gay circles.  Willam could take Shangela with one heel tied behind her back!  (providing she wore panties!)

  • jjfg

    WTF??? About sums it up.  Speculation lies between shit and syphilis in the dictionary, so I’m not guessing the particulars, just noting that it wouldn’t surprise me if this were calculated.  Just sayin’. 

    I was figuring Willam for the top four, possibly top three and I have to say I’m disappointed.  One, maybe two more weeks of PhiPhi, depending on the way Dida bounces…. thanks, dude.

  • theafternoonknows

    My thoughts? When Willam came into the workroom in a funk that morning, he’d already had a conversation with the producers about being in violation of the rules of the show. They might have indicated to him that his time on the show was in jeopardy and/or Ru would be consulted and have the final decision. Then, when Ru called Willam up after the LSFYL, he “trudged” up there as if he knew he was going to be chastised – or possibly knew what was about to happen. Blah. I flove Willam.

    • That could be true. He certainly did look trudgey. If it is so, good for Willam for not sabotaging Latrice’s chance at the top.

    • andcoh

      This is probably closer to the truth.  Because he didn’t seem strung out or hungover.  If anything, I think he really wanted to go out with a win.  Makes the DQ even more memorable.

    • vmcdanie

      I’d be surprised if you weren’t correct. It explains everything that happened that day and unlike some of the other theories floating around, explains it logically. Willam trudged forward as though he already knew his fate. Wouldn’t you be baffled and panicking otherwise?

    • kirble

      He was pretty downcast the day before, too. He might have actually known then.

  • FunButNutz

    I’m voting for substance abuse issue.  Watching Willam during the show he always seemed a bit detached…almost like he was overly medicated.  When Chad said it was something that could get them all in trouble, maybe he had drugs stashed in his stuff in the workroom and people were worried that if they were found they’d get pinned on something else.  A lot of heroin addicts vomit right after they shoot up…just sayin’

    • sleah_in_norcal

      i hope it’s not heroin.  i can usually spot a junkie a mile away.  five years experience loving one.  yuck….pinned eyes, nodding out, overt and obvious lying.  i guess contacts could disguise the eye thing.  but i never pegged willam for a junkie.

  • I think Willam puking was a combination of a too tight corset and nerves from knowing he was in trouble.

    • Zaftiguana

      Yeah, pobrecita, she clearly knew what was coming from the total lack of surprise when Ru called her forward and broke the news.

  • Phi Phi should have lost the lip sync just for not doing it in heels.  If you can’t lip-sync for your life in heels, get off the show.

  • Kayceed

    I think William took a look at his competition, figured out he was not going to win and decided to leave in the most spectacular, if undignified, way possible. This one understands how to play the fame game.

  • SeriousStyle

    I think that they made Sharon and PhiPhi lip synch to scare them a bit.  I honestly don’t think that if Willam weren’t already being sent home they would have risked losing either of those two at this stage in the game.  I think Ru was just trying to scare them up a bit considering their lackluster performance…and yes, Sharon out performed PhiPhi.  That stank bitch was far too over the top.

    Maybe Willam had his husband in for conjugal visits and it put the other queens at risk for having outsiders in contact with them?  Who knows?  I think the vomit may have come from his knowing he was being sent packing.  Guess we’ll have to wait for the reunion to find out!

  • GTrain

    There is no reason for us to be manipulated by Logo’s silly ratings-inflating antics. If there’s a juicy story, TMZ will find it and tell it.
    I refuse to watch the reunion, just on the strength.

    • AnotherG

      I take the point, but I’ve enjoyed the reunion episodes . . . as episodes.  They’re a part of the season as much as the rest of it. 

      Wasn’t it on a reunion episode where Pandora Boxx gets to say something about Santino’s clothes, and, in a New York minute, quips, “His clothes are fine; homeless-chic works for him.”  Wouldn’t have missed that for doughnuts.

  • To be fair, Phi Phi didn’t intend to do a wig pull. Her wig started coming off and was barely hanging on, so she just yanked it off so it wouldn’t get in her way. Legitimate, in my book.

    And rumor has it on tumblr, Willam was going out partyin’ and drinking and showing up on set drunk. No clue if that’s true or not, but it would make sense, especially if she was getting up to shenanigans that could tarnish the RPDR name.

    • kentiesgirl

       But the show is sponsored by Absolut. They get them drunk, and they are allowed to socialize with each other off set. I wouldn’t think that had anything to do with “fairness”. I could see that breaking rules, but not hurting others’ chances. Who knows.

      • Yeah, but clubbing off camera and getting sloppy and/or doing party drugs or something could be a problem. And do we know if they’re given a limited number of drinks in the lounge? It would look bad to have a queen smashed on stage. 

        • AnotherG

          To add to the rumors, I seem to recall hearing that they limited the number of drinks allowed in the lounges after a certain Shangela drink-throwing incident.

          ETA: I’m pretty sure that’s because Absolut was more offended by the waste of their product than anyone’s actual behavior. L’chaim!

    • I would give Phi the wig pull even though she is a repeat offender (wet
      t-shirt contest) but she took off her shoes before she even started
      singing right?

  • kentiesgirl

    That dude who did the lie detector is the guy who does them for every show on tv. So not accurate, but I’m sure they actually happened, as I am also sure they knew exactly who they were gonna pair up and why.

    I thought, as soon as I saw the pairs, it was going with, who would I be okay with losing (thinking as Ru here). Phi2screamsalot, Dida, Willam. So no matter who blows it (golly the double entrendres with this show, lol) there is no danger of anyone I like actually leaving. This show is so *very* I imagine it being plotted from day one. It’s like with Mimi; the lift is part of her act, it was in her audition tape, they KNEW she was gonna pull it on her LSFYL, ya know? I’m enjoying the ride. In the words of the Snatch Game, who cares? LOL.

    But I’m still cheering for my favs. I can’t help it! 😀

    • MychelleFrost

      Good call on ‘Lie Detector Guy’; he is the exact same one on every reality show that uses that gimmick.

      Im also rooting for Chad, Sharon and Latrice, in that order…

  • I’m just glad it wasn’t Sharon.

  • MychelleFrost

    WTF is right.

    That was my exact sentiment last night.

  • I’m not really sure how it could be for substance abuse when Sharon said somewhere she spent a lot of hotel time smoking blunts with Chad and Latrice. If that was the case and the rules were applied consistently then we’d only have Dida and Phi Phi left, and I don’t think anyone wants that. 

    I don’t think the surprises are over just yet though. Remember last season they had an episode were no one was eliminated (which I kind of though might have been used tonight since the Lipsynchs were both pretty strong), and they brought someone back. Since they didn’t do the casting special but still have as many episodes slated they actually have another regular episode to fill. Two queens coming back? A two part finale? Just a final two? 

    • kentiesgirl

       I wouldn’t trust too much Sharon sez, but I would sell an organ to hang in that hotel room.

      • laura512

        You and me both.  What does a spleen DO, anyway? Surely I need it less than I need to hang out w/ those three.

        •  I wish I could sell my appendix, but they’re not worth a damn thing. hmmm.. it’s possible to survive on half a liver.

      • TxMom2011

        Meee tooo… .though I tend to have trouble staying awake while imbiding…. if I remember correctly…*ahem*

    • andcoh

      Well, wikipedia has for some reason been spoiler-tastic this season.  So I think I could answer some of those questions.

      • Jessi03

         Not that I’ve seen.  Spoil for us, please?

        • andcoh

          POTENTIAL SPOILER Plus some non-spoiler past reveals.

          So wikipedia has fixed it, or someone has, but the number of episodes for this season has been listed at 18.  Now it’s been changed to fourteen.  So, a few returns or non-eliminations?  Could just be a red-herring obviously.They color code contestants in a bracket system and early on there was a color for ‘This contestant was disqualified.’  Not a common occurrence on shows. A week or two ago it got purged but now is back, obviously.  And there was some other early give I can’t remember now.

          I pay way too much attention to details like that.  The episode numbers could just be an error.  

          • Jessi03


          • CrashSUCKS

             6 episodes left total, including the reunion. Logo’s website indicates that the reunion ep airs April 30, so that means:

            march 26 – regular ep (1 elimination, 4 left)
            april 2 – regular ep (1 elimination??, 3 left??, someone comes back?)
            april 9 – regular ep (???)
            april 16 – best of/clip show
            april 23 – season finale
            april 30 – reunion

          • kentiesgirl

             Well, last year the number of epi’s on wiki was how ppl figured that there would be returns and non-eliminations, so perhaps that is why it was dialed down? There’s the special before the finale and the reunion too. All those wikileaks sound interesting. Darn. But we’re on 8 now, with 5 left, so there must be a non elimination, return, or a two part finale even with the filler episode. Hunh. 18 seems way too high, though I wish it was so.

  • joe_tey83

    I did not watch the show. Personally, it’s the kind of show that’s better to read about than actually watch. So, what happened exactly?

    I assume the guy vomited and was eliminated for it? Cause vomiting is against the rules? I’m confused.

    And mud wrestle is exactly the kind of thing Project Runway is going for these days. Like make a dress out of the mud-stained panties you wrestled in 5 minutes ago. Bonus points for hair pulling and attack to the groin during wrestle. And TimGunnRobot will enter at the end and expressed how in the history of Project Runway he has never been so disappointed that the contestants actually blamed their shitty dresses due to injuries from the wrestling instead of their lack of talent. And a particular Loud Mouth Drama Vortex Contestant who just won the challenge for being an insufferable whiny bitch and nothing else will go ‘WE ALL HAVE INJURIES!!! My balls are more bruised than his and I make a pretty dress out of my mud-stained panties!!! My panties are even more torn than his!!! And I can’t even make sleeves!!!’

    Very Project Runway.

    • Meelah

      The vomiting didn’t get him kicked off.  Apparently it was something on going but no one will say what it is.  The production said we’d have to wait until the reunion show.

    • TxMom2011

      >>>>Personally, it’s the kind of show that’s better to read about than actually watch.<<<

      Gotta disagree with ya on that one Joe…. the visuals…. clothes, makeup, eyerolls…. are the best parts!

  • I read somewhere on twitter that she had a big stash of drugs in her suitcase, and that’s why she got kicked off. I wouldn’t doubt it…

  • One of my first thoughts after squealing like a little 9-yr-old girl about Willam’s misfortune, was that Kelly Osbourne probably made the same noise at the same time! I never felt a bond with her as much as I do now that she’s been on RPDR. What is wrong with me?!

  • Well, I think Latrice held up her end of the team just fine. She’s a better singer than she thought, and sometimes being the “straight man” in the jokes was pulled off well.

    Sharon looked quite fine, while Phi Phi looked like a pile of Party City clearance odds and ends. Ugh. I was pretty worried for Sharon at the lip synch though. I didn’t think she was showing enough energy. I know she’s got some moves, but she just didn’t pull enough of them out for me to appreciate. Maybe it’s just because she was nervous about being in the bottom two.

    Chad and DiDa were pretty weak. I did like their costumes, both being ruffled, with the young one in a shorter outfit like young things wear, and the older one is a floor-length, more modest dress as mature ladies wear. They did alright. I also was irritated by how they spent too much time at the rear of the stage. As a professional, at least Chad should have known how to properly use the stage space.

    • kentiesgirl

       I felt like they were supposed too be moving to the front of the stage, and Dida froze a bit. I can’t imagine Chad not knowing how to choreograph. I mean, she’s a professional. A pro fessional. a pro goddamned fessional. teehee, luv me some Chad.

      I think Sharon and Winksalot would have been better served by doing their voices the way they originally intended. It would have been funny.

      And 100% agree that Latrice did good. It’s a duo. So nyah. And I liked both their voices. The only one I was worried about was Sharon. Phi is a high octane performer, as is Dida. Latrice and Chad can pound anyone out of the game, but Sharon??? Dunno. But I know what Phi can do, so..I thought it was a close call between very different performing styles. If people didn’t see them backstage, it would be a 50-50 match up.

    • Being the straight man is as hard as being the funny one. It’s still all about timing, and Latrice’s timing was good. I agree she held up her part well. There really was no question in my mind about who should win. Latrice and Willam were great together.

      I love that Phi2 was Party-city-ing it all over the place. Like TLo said, that frigging halo was tragic. And even when she’s trying to be funny, she still seems like she’s just being bitchy.

      Chad and Dida didn’t do well, but Dida is born to perform. In the photos above, she looks like she’s been holding a microphone since she learned how to grip.

      • AnotherG

        The more I thnk of that halo, the more I wonder why she didn’t go for the behind-the-head style you see in Renaissance art, vs the one that makes you look like you’re about to be slam dunked.

        Oooo, someone please slam dunk Phi Phi . . . with some self-awareness?

  • Meelah

    Latrice and Willam won hands down and it was annoying to watch the judges try to find fault with their performance after the 2 dive bombs that came out on the stage after.  It’s as if they picked too many good queens this season that they have to stretch for complaints this season.  I’d pay to go see Latrice and Willams show.  I think Phi2 and Sharon should have been in the bottom two because they had the best pairing.  The song was about competition and they both already hate each other.  They’ve both bragged about being stellar performers but they wilted on stage.

    Now to what everyone is talking about:

    I’ve heard so many rumors; hormone treatments (which Willam accuses Kenya of getting), drugs, spoiling in blogs, buying clothes during production, product placement, hooking up with family and or friends during production, anorexia, partying/getting drunk, and being rude to the production staff.  Truthfully I have no idea, I doubt hormones, anorexia, and partying would be enough to get you kicked off. 

     I’ve been reading Willams tumbler and he’s been spoiling a few things like saying that the preview for un-tucked where Latrice says “take your hat off bitch” wasn’t directed at him but he’s been posting after production not during.  I doubt any of the designers he’s name dropping are giving him kickbacks for past seasons items he was wearing and some of them don’t do kickbacks for anyone.  Willam did mention on his tumbler that his actions may have pissed Ru off at times.  Like during one judging Willam offered to LSFYL for The Princess and Ru responded without looking at Willam that, “You’re going off the script”.  I believe the show has been edited this whole season to hide whatever the issue is because it seems everyone knows.  Chad and Phi2’s comment of “bad behavior” makes it seem like actions and not an issue like drugs.  We’ll have to wait until the reunion show because Willams not talking.

    • “Latrice and Willam won hands down and it was annoying to watch the judges try to find fault with their performance after the 2 dive bombs that came out on the stage after.  It’s as if they picked too many good queens this season that they have to stretch for complaints this season.”

      Michelle was babbling about how it’s possible to do too much schtick. While she’s right in general, I don’t recall Latrice and Willam doing much schtick at all, and certainly no more than anyone else. I like Michelle. She cracks me up, and she can be a good judge. But that was some crap she was flinging.

      I think the rumors and speculation are going to get crazier and crazier between now and the reunion episode. By that time, someone will proclaim Willam as the leader of a group of underground guerrilla drag queens set on overthrowing the US government, in order to turn it into a matriarchal socialist monarchy. Free health care and stilettos for everybody!

  • There’s some speculation that Willam was on the phone setting up acting gigs Etc. but I don’t see how that could get everyone in trouble.

  • Caaro3

    TEAM LATRICE all the way!  Please, please, please?

    • kentiesgirl

      YES. Poo on you Willam for making people talk about you and not HRH. 😛
      BTW She rocked that Lover’s Lane shit. TEAM LATRICE MF ROYALE!! YAY! (I’m not screaming, well I am right now, cause, LFTW bitches, but I don’t know how to use italics, so…sorry about it)

      • To do italics: TEAM LATRICE MF ROYALE!! YAY!  , but do it without the spaces between the characters in the formula.

        • kentiesgirl

          thank you! I am still learning disqus 🙂

  • I’m curious to know how long the producers knew about Willam breaking the rules until they decided to step in. I’m sure this weeks elimination was strategically done.

  • enonymous

    When did Willam show up here?

    • Pinup Ghoul

      Several times, actually! She’s only posted replies to other comments, and you can find them if you look some of the past blogs TLo did for this season.

  • Phi Phi is appalling. And more than a little delusional.

    Willam showed no remorse for whatever it was he did and obviously used the show to his advantage. He never planned on winning but got all the publicity he wanted. He’s playing the game. And is far more talented than that bitter little Phi Phi.

    I read somewhere that each season’s winner was the last to enter the workroom on the first episode. This year Latrice was the last to make her entrance. Just sayin’.

    Final three: Latrice, Sharon, and Chad.

    • I do so hope your theory is right!

    • Pinup Ghoul

       That would be the greatest Final Three ever, but I’m going to be so sad! They’re all such stellar performers… I want them all to win!

      • kentiesgirl

         Oohh..me too. I was hoping that was the surprise all season, more than one winner. But I guess it’s this business instead.

        •  It gives a whole new meaning to “Triple Crown”. I want all three to win. Otherwise I’ll feel bad for whoever loses.

        • OmegaBlush

          I’m sure I heard in one of the previews for this season a soundbite from Ru saying something to the affect of, “For the first time in Drag Race final History……..!”  And then Dida’s and Chad’s shocked expressions from this episode.  So something’s up, that’s for sure.  

      •  It’s true, they’re each so different yet all so wonderful!

    • To pick a nit here:  actually Shangela was the last to enter on the season Raja won.  Remember?  The pit crew brought a box in, and “Hallelu!”

      •  I’m sure you’re right, I was just lazily quoting something I’d seen posted elsewhere!

  • it was confirmed by another queen that he knows that he had snuck in a laptop. housekeeping stole said laptop and then he filed a claim for it, thus getting caught and getting DQ’d, this explains the whole “you’re doing things we could get kicked out for” but doesn’t explain phiphi’s stick up her ass or the vomiting. 

    • Pinup Ghoul

       I would guess that it was nerves, as speculated earlier in the comments. I imagine that Willam knew that a DQ was headed his way.

      Every time I see ‘DQ’, I automatically think ‘Dairy Queen’. I can’t be the only one who is imagine a very menacing Dairy Queen building stalking Willam. That is surreal to even think about, but I can’t stop.

      • me too!  and then I wonder if I am said DQ!  I adore me some Willam!

      •  Maybe Dairy Queen was mad that Willam did a song about Chic-fil-a instead of it.

      • vmcdanie

        That’s funny. I keep thinking that too. Then I want to drive to the one that’s 5 minutes away and enjoy some non-ice cream dairy realness.

        • Pinup Ghoul

           “That (Dairy) Queen is giving some non-ice cream dairy realness!”

  • Farthingale

    I really dislike the editing this episode. The usual reality show editing manipulation was much more heavy handed than usual. Give us some credit, you know we’re gonna watch no matter what so why the unnecessary and cheesy mystery? I don’t think it’s very “RuPaul-like” to not be upfront and candid.

    And let me just say, Phi Phi has soooooo worn out her welcome.
    I’m disappointed……that Willam is gone, by the childish editing and production manipulation, in Rupaul’s choices this episode. I expected more from Ru. Really. Sigh.

    • kentiesgirl

      Not that I now, or ever have, believed word one out of Willam’s mouth, but he said it was his choice not to reveal the reason for the DQ until the reunion. How it would be his choice and not the producers is beyond me. I don’t like that I’m even thinking about it. Willam should be on America’s Next Great Publicist. His first challenge could be promoting that graphic designer he trashed.

      The editing was, like, bachelor-level nine. Not a very RuTastic episode. I was just bummed out by it in general, and that is not how I usually feel about RPDR. But I was laughing my butt off at the lie detector.

      • Read somewhere or other that Willam said the editing made her look like a much bigger name dropper than reality and that she did Sex and the City at like 16 (I assume hyperbole there).  AND I was more than a bit upset that Phi2 had plotted with Latrice (or rather, tried to) to lose so Madam L could beat Willam in LSFYL.  THAT is a nasty piece of business – but I guess that’s in the rules?  pfffft I’m over Ms. Paul’s race this year

        • Farthingale

          I think 16=26 in “gay” years. 

          “THAT is a nasty piece of business”

          You said it. The mark of a no-talent. Plotting to win by guile rather than C.U.N.T. 

          Even Eve Harrington knew she had to be a REAL understudy before attempting to steal the spotlight. Phi Phi should be renamed “Phiiiiiiiiiit.” 

          • AnotherG

            You’re so right.  It’s just “N.”  No talent, uniqueness, and the opposite of Charisma (Charisn’tma*?).

            Phi Phi is allll “N” — and working my last “N.”

            * Can’t take credit for that.  h/t Pratchett.

      • Farthingale

        “Not a very RuTastic episode”.

        My sentiments exactly. Ru has raised the bar on reality television, why lower it now?

        • vmcdanie

          Have to agree. I love Ru but all this pot-stirring with no payoff (especially when promised) is tacky and unnecessary. Like we’d miss this shit.

    • Very much agree. I was going to watch the reunion special regardless, Ru. Not only is this sort of fuckery unnecessary, it actually makes me think less of the show. (And after last week’s magazine relatively boring episode, you really needed an episode that was going to make me think better of the show.)

  • PeachesGalore

    Either Willam is pregnant or he was corresponding, maybe via phone or in person, with his husband. If the other girls saw him and didn’t say anything, maybe they thought they could get in trouble too.

    • Pinup Ghoul

      Ding ding ding! You’re right on the money. E! Online confirmed earlier that Willam is indeed pregnant. 

  • PhoebePowers

    For a second I honestly thought Ru was going to say, “Willam, you did win tonight, but puking over the edge of the stage is never a good look, and it grossed everyone out. Sashay away.” 

    • tonibaloney

      Teehee! I thought it was the puking too!

  • PeaceBang

    Oh, TLo, what would I do without you. PhiPhi is a high-strung, loudmouth chihuahua on meth, indeed. A thoroughly miserable human being, nasty, untalented and delusional … I can’t even see the pretty any more, I so loathe her character. I adored Ru’s white suit and hot pink top. Pamela Anderson’s eye make-up was scary. Latrice, girl, can I have that corset? 

    I will miss Willam’s ditzy, deadpan one-liners. I think it’s tacky and disappointing for the producers to make the fans wait a hundred entertainment years to find out what happened. How many Absolut commercials away is that away? 

  • gsk241

    Phi Phi is beyond annoying and just needs to STFU.  I would suggest a drinking game where we all do a shot whenever Phi Phi says “You should not be here!” but I’m afraid we would all be dead of alcohol poisoning.

    • rose88

       That’s okay, as long as we all go out holding a bottle of Absolut vodka in our cold, dead hands!

  • Zaftiguana

    Sharon would have stayed, Phi Phi would have sashayed, and it would have been good riddance. Sharon outperformed her on stage, was more professional, funny, and likable offstage, and at this point apparently deserves some kind of a medal for keeping HER FUCKING WIG AND SHOES ON AND JUST PERFORMING THE DAMN LIP SYNCH, CHRIST ON A CRACKER.

    But yeah, Willam. Shit. I wasn’t ready to see her go.

    • Farthingale

      For real. Phi Phi should be doing Willam’s laundry, because Willam saved that busted showgirl’s ass.

    • MilaXX

       most def! Phi’s lip synch was awful.

    • Sweetpea176

      I agree with everything, except being ready to see Willam go.  I was more than ready.  Never liked her.

  • i had an abortion after the pit crew got my mouth pregnant while i was on heroin fist fighting phi phi while enjoying the internet and shooting up female hormones/estrogen. I think that covers it. Thank you for posting the beautiful pics of all us girls. We talk and we appreciate your site. you make us look good.

    •  “i had an abortion after the pit crew got my mouth pregnant while i was
      on heroin fist fighting phi phi while enjoying the internet and shooting
      up female hormones/estrogen.”

      We KNEW it!

    •  Gurl I knew you’d show up to set the record straight! Love ya and hope we can get you out here to Dallas!

    • Zaftiguana

      And just imagine, if Rick Santorum has his way, there will be no more mouth abortions for any of us. I can’t live in that world!

    • andcoh

      I hope you didn’t use a hanger, hate for your body to get cut up more than it already is..

      And I am terrible sad you are gone.

    • rose88

       See, this response is why it sucks balls that Phi Phi and Dida are still in the running and you’re gone.

      • MattCooper27

        Wait… sucking balls is a bad thing?

        • rose88

           Good point…I should have said “sucks hairy monkey balls” instead…I’m think that’s actually a bad thing, but if I’m wrong, enlighten me (:

          • MattCooper27

            Much better. I could never go for hairy ones. Monkey or human 🙂

    • Well, first off, thanks for fighting the Phi – I hope you killed it.  Secondly, I’m gonna miss you wicked bad.  Love ya more now than ever, cos I always loved a rebel!

    • You’re amazing! And awesome, just, woah. Rock the fuck on, Willam, you are a Drag SuperStar even without the crown!

    • Ohhhhh, that explains why Phi Phi’s eye always looks so bad. Trying to cover up the damage from your fists!

    • I miss you already, Willam. You did an awesome job of putting Phi-Phi in her place and confusing the hell out of her in that little “I never wear blond” exchange.

    • edgeoforever

      That surely covers it. We’ll miss you in the show – I hope this gets you all the limelight – I want to get to see you in other stuff soon.

    • Wishing you the very best of luck in your future career, Willam.  That “your tone is very pointed right now” remark alone gained you a special place in my heart. 

    • hearkentoit

       Honey, I just want you to know that within the first 30 seconds of the first episode with you, I texted my friend “I have never hated a drag queen as much in as little time.” Now you’re one of my all-time favorite people who’s ever been on this show. I know you can get ten times as famous as Shangela, girl. You go for it.

  • Jane_Lane

    I’ve read that Ru’s people, in no uncertain terms, said that what Willam did will never be talked about. I’ve also read that her boyfriend brought her a computer and she was blogging and/or she’d gone out clubbing the night before and was hung over. I don’t know what’s true or what isn’t, however, I am inclined to think that it was time or almost time. Phi Phi is next.

    • rose88

       Jesus H. Fucking Christ on a cracker!  Ru’s people said that this will never be spoken of…did he burn an effigy of RuPaul while worshiping Satan?  This “scandal” gets stupider by the moment!

    • MilaXX

       I heard the laptop theory as well. Haven’t heard the bit about clubbing w/ the boyfriend.

      • AnotherG

        Husband, dears, husband.  She’s officially, legally married, hallelu!

    •  I’ve read this:

      The show released a statement saying: “During the filming of the fourth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, it was brought to the producers attention that Willam had not complied with the rules as set forth in his competition contract.
      As a result, and in fairness to the other contestants, Willam was
      forced to leave the show. This issue will be addressed in the upcoming
      reunion special.”

      So I’m not sure where you’re getting that Willam’s transgression, whatever it was, will “never be talked about,” since it appears they’re trying to use it as the hook to get people to tune in for the reunion show.

  • Markatha

    Well that explains it!
    You gave us much puking realness & drama but also Phi Phi for another week Damn you.
    I’ll Miss ya Missy.
    If you ever want a behind the scenes tour at the Zoo let me know.
    Was this your best TV role ever or what?
    See you at the reunion.

    • kentiesgirl

       Ya know, if anyone was going to serve “puking realness” I was sure it would have been Sharon.

      • rose88

         Sharon’s already served up “farting realness” 

        I hope next week Phi Phi serves “pooping realness”

        • AnotherG

          I’ll settle for “departing realness” 🙂

      •  I just realized- no one held Willam’s hair while she puked….how rude!

        • marignygirl


  • Jase37206

    My problem is that if Willam got kicked off for something like sneaking out after they let RuPaul’s buddy and longtime friend Win! The show loses all the credibility and respect I had ever given it! 

    • andcoh

      Lol, you gave this show credibility?

  • Eva Whitsett

    Willam was on the most recent Gay Pimpin podcast and he talked a lot about Drag Race. He did state that rules were being broken, and he talked about the puking — he said the other queens fed him pizza and he’s allergic to cheese. That didn’t make a lot of sense to me, because I’m allergic to dairy and would never eat pizza, but he also implied there was a lot of drinking, so maybe he ate it while too drunk to realize what he was doing. The podcast is free on iTunes if anyone wants to listen; the Willam interview was LONG.

  • Phi Phi needs to learn how to pin a wig down. Secure that shit.

    •  I know, right? She lost it in the wet t-shirt contest, too, along with her boobs. I had a huge laugh over it, but WTH?

    • MilaXX

       At this point I call BS on every queen who “accidentally” loses their wig during LSFYL. I’m with TLo on this; Ru needs to ban ripping off wigs & clothes, and death drop splits.

    • PantherontheRunway

      in her mind she’s perfect and can do no wrong, so she probably didnt prepare her sorry butt for a lsfyl

  • fanneydg

    I’m guessing Willam’s pregnant and tried to keep it a secret.

  • Guest

    First off, I just don’t give a happy monkey shit about what “really” happened.  I know I’m in the minority here, but I’m quite sure the truth is a lot duller than the speculation.  My only guess is that it wasn’t drugs, because really, where are you going to find 13 drag queens to compete on the show who aren’t indulging in some kind of illegal substances?

    Since when has this show ever been about fairness?  Tyra beat out Pandora Boxx, Jujubee and Raven for the win!  Raja was a good friend of RuPaul, which should have disqualified her from the show, and she won.  Just last night Phi Phi tried to bribe Latrice with a cruise in an attempt to get her to throw the competition – and she does it on camera!

    No, this couldn’t have been about the sanctity of the rules and the fairness of the competition.  It was a WTF moment designed by the producers to generate buzz around the show.  Now I don’t believe Willam was in on it.  No, I think Willam was played as a pawn in this game.  While I believe that he would “cry ugly” for the camera as a cynical ploy, I don’t believe he’d puke ugly for the entertainment of the masses.  Willam knew something was amiss, that was obvious through the whole episode, and even after being declared the winner, I think he knew he was about to be served up as a human sacrifice to the reality television gods.  Willam is a talented and beautiful queen with a wicked sense of humor and he added a lot of wit to the show.  He didn’t deserve that kind of humiliation.  Shit, I wouldn’t wish that on Phi Phi and I can’t stand Phi Phi!

    Whatever happened, it felt cheap and desperate and I’ve lost a lot of respect for RuPaul.  I know Ru is a businessman, first and foremost, but I also thought he had more integrity than to pull a stunt like that.  After it was over I swear I could hear tortured bleating noises coming from my television…yes, RuPaul’s Drag Race had officially fucked the goat

    I can look past one goat fucking incident, but one more and I’m giving up my favorite guilty pleasure for good.

  • Color me naive. I never thought they were really drinking alcohol, even though: Hello! Absolut is the sponsor. Isn’t there some broadcast rule about that?

    Anyway, I am sorry to see Willam go. He and Latrice were the best of the bunch, and I love Willam’s dry sense of humor. Phi Phi is a little high strung, but I don’t get the hatred.

    I thought Sharon would have gone home. I am over the buggy eyes. Although, I thought she and Chad were the best in the Snatch Game.

    • CrashSUCKS

       Sharon gave a low-energy lip sync, but it was her first time in the bottom two.  She’s a frontrunner with 2 wins under her belt – no way would this LSFYL have sent her home. Phi Phi, on the other hand, has been mediocre all season and gave a lackluster, Milan-esque, “look at me!” lip sync. Had Willam not been caught, Phi2 would have been sent packing, no contest.

  • If any publicity is good publicity, I think Willam has won this game. Talk about raising your profile! He is all anyone is talking about. And really, how bad could whatever he did be? Willam is the winner of RPDR Season 4.

    • MilaXX

      Even better WIlliam used this time to release her Chik-fil-a spoof video

  • brokephilosopher

    I came on TLo this morning before watching the show and saw a picture of Sharon and FUREAKED.  I like Willam, but I am so glad that Sharon did not go home! don’t scare me like that, boys 🙂

  • They found out the horrible secret: All this time, she was a A MAN

  • I am sad that Willam is gone! She was one of my favorites … even though I know she worked a bit too hard with the schtick and was always playing a character, that bitch is hilarious. I can’t wait to hear what she actually did. I might have to watch the reunion show, and I NEVER watch reality TV reunion shows!

    I totally hate PhiPhi! The whole no-wig, no-shoes, spazz-dancing shit … not cool! If Sharon and Latrice aren’t the last queens standing, it will be a crime.

    • Sally Brownson

       Admittedly though, she only pulled the wig off when there was no hope whatsoever of getting it to stay on. It’s damn painful when something is stuck to your head with a total of one bobby pin. (WTF? I’m defending Phi2? Never thought that’d happen…)

      • phiphihater

        There’s no excuse for losing your costume. It is a huge mark of unprofessionalism since their job is to wear clothes and wigs. She’s obviously had a problem with it before on this show, so she should know that she has to secure her shit more. It would be like going to a an ice cream parlor and having the server there not use a scoop. It’s the tool of his job just as much as the costume is to theirs. Also, not dancing in heels should be an immediate GTFO from Ru.

  • AnotherG

    More “blatantly self-unconscious” kind of queen.  The bit in, was it Untucked? Where Wee Wee denies a preference for blonde wigs.  And Willam or whoever remembers every.  Goddamn. Time. she used a blonde wig in a show.

    There’s an expression, “stare daggers” at someone.  Wee Wee was staring scimitars, honey.

    • MilaXX

       It was William and it was hilarious. I think smoke literally started coming out of Phi2’s ears at that point. The bitterness is strong in that one.
       Even more hilarious, Phi2 tried to dis William on both twitter and her own facebook and got nothing but hate for it.

      • He DID?  Here I’ve been forbidding myself from seeking out anything to do with Phi2 because I only have nasty things to say to him!  I shall now attempt to be the “bigger” person.  note:  I’m pretty sure I AM taller than he is!

      •  Oh, man, that is harsh. I can’t decide if I should feel bad for Phi2 or if I should just let the schadenfreude take over.

        Willam about had me on the floor with the blond wig thing.

  • Nanaia

    I was really hoping to come here today and TLO have the answer behind the mystery of William. Sigh. If they don’t have it, then I will have to content myself with my own conclusions. I think William is really an alien trapped in a man’s body who can only have relations when dressed in a rabbit suit who was sneaking out at night to rendez-vous with his White Castle sliders connection. After all, White Castle is what you crave, according to the commercials that would never lie to me. This is obviously against the rules and the reason he was sent home.

  • Mariah J

    I immediately thought hormone therapy due to the throwing up…I guess we’ll see.

    • DonnaL

       If Willam is on hormones, they clearly haven’t had any effect yet (as demonstrated by the magazine cover shoot).  They don’t work in 5 minutes, you know.  Nor do they generally cause people to lose weight.

      Adderall is far more likely, given that Willam has repeatedly talked about using it.

      • rose88

         I can’t imagine this has anything to do with drugs because they would never be able to find 13 drag queens to compete on the show who aren’t indulging in uppers, downers and candy corn on a regular basis.

        •  Maybe that’s why Chad mentioned Willam could get them all in trouble…didn’t I hear her say that?

      • One of the side effects of Adderall is vomiting….

        • Willam said he had ADD and has a prescription…so knock that one out. 1,000,000 to go?  lol

  • VanessaDK

    But isn’t this a perfect example of how subversive this show really is? Making us all wait to find out is crazy (like a fox)

    •  Yep. It’s a perfect example. I was kind of beside myself last night after Untucked was over and I still didn’t know what the hell happened. But Ru is one evil genius, and I love that she’s done this.

      A few people have said it’s very un-Ru like, but I think it’s perfectly Ru. She loves to mess with people’s expectations. This was an easy one for her. She probably tossed off the idea before she even got her first cup of coffee.

      The only problem I see is that the speculation will get so nuts over the next few weeks that just about anything will feel like a letdown.

      •  The show doesn’t ordinarily put itself through all sorts of obvious contortions to withhold information from the viewer, though. That much is new.

  • Linderella

    Despite the sashay, Willam is all anyone is talking about, so…well-played, Willam, well-played.

  • PantherontheRunway

    I am all for great dancing on stage! but just automatically kicking it into high gear over at least trying to vaguely mouth the words is pointless to me. Sharon wore phi-phi out with excellent lipsync/facial expression and minimal dancing. WORE THAT BITCH OUT!

    Phi-phi darling take note, party city was clearly going send you sashaying!

  • butter nut

    i’m guessing pills, cause she looked high as hell in the exit interview.

  • spooki C

    Phi Phi is just mean and bitter. I’m so sick of her stupid shit and TOTALLY enjoyed watching Willam call her out on her shit repeatedly in Untucked.

    Also, Phi you can’t sing honey. Sharon sounded way better than you and your annoying over singing. Y’all ain’t Mariah so stfu.

  • Logo Girl

    I don’t know why the “So Much Better” song was making me think of the Heat Miser/Snow Miser.

    • vmcdanie

      Aw man. Well that’s lodged there now. Friends call me Snow Miser, whatever I touch turns to snow in my clutch. I’m too much.

      That dude wishes he could write such a classic. He was kind of a dick mentor (by which, I meant a mentor who was a dick but damn that’s also an amazeballs job description.)

  • aykayay

    Was anyone else super pissed during the duet when Chad pulled the poof off Dida’s dress and Dida didn’t do the same to Chad?
    I thought that was the whole point of wearing those dresses, and then it just went nowhere.  So anti-climactic. 

    • knockloud

      Didn’t Dida pull off most of Chad’s dress at the end?

      • aykayay

        Yeah, but the delay between the two killed the comedy.  They were cranking up the tension with Chad slapping Dida on the ass, then pulling the poof off, only to kinda lean into each other for a while like they couldn’t come up with anything funny, then finally at the very end Dida pulls her dress off.

        It’s a duet about rivalry and they have the same exact shoulder treatment, so why let the moment die? 

  • GolferGuy

    Willam was obviously sick from goblbing up too many waffle fries….  Seriously guys, this was your favorite Ru look?  This truly looks like Santino’s Rent A Center couch.  Ru…really?  (c)ouch!

    Yes, these damn girls need to keep their wigs and shoes on. It’s a fucking DRAG QUEEN competition.  If you can’t compete with the shit on then get the fark off the stage.  Nuff said.

  • I do have to say one thing about Phi Phi that’s good; her makeup this week was almost FLAWLESS. Huge improvement.

    • vmcdanie

      She’s still doing something weird with her eyes though. What is she doing that’s weighing her lids down? It sounds nit picky but I constantly notice it and wonder if it’s painful.

  • Horacio Lom Bonilla

    I bow down to Willam’s superior understanding of the inner workings of the fame machine. The bitch already won and the season is not even over. On that note…


    Do I smell Emmy?

  • Markatha

    Willam’s “Chick-fil-A” video is very cool IMHO (it’s posted on AfterElton & on YouTube ..I guess)
     I really enjoyed it. He & the other two Diva’s (Vicky Vox & Detox) really kill it.
    It looks great, sounds great & the lyrics are funny.
    I had to watch it several times.
    Willam is a talented Queen!

  • vic beats

    i think willam brought friends to the hotel room where the contestants stay for the duration of the show and they brought alcohol and partied it up. that would explain the vomiting, how the others felt that her action would get them in trouble and a breach of contract of bringing outside people in.

    •  How would Willam bringing friends to his room reflect badly on the show and the other contestants?

  • How petty does a person have to be to not want to call their partner “gorgeous” in a team challenge if such lyric would enhance the team performance? Ask Phi Phi. When I write skits for groups, I write whatever it takes to win, or at least get the audience and backstage staff to say, “You should have won,” even if it means my enemy must be complimented in some way in the dialogue. Whatever, Phi Phi. Go be bitter and rude like that.

    Also, DiDa’s shoes: WTF? Is that just felt wrapped around them?

  • discordany

    Conspiracy theories afoot! Perhaps this is reading way too much into things, but I find myself wondering if the lie detector test was actually real, but wasn’t used for the reasons Ru presented it for. Maybe they suspected something was up and used it to ask the questions needed to catch Willam in a lie?
    Which of course had the truly conspiracy-loving side of me saying “didn’t they ask about whether the contestants had ever been a biological woman? What if that’s the rule that Willam broke?” (to which my saner side said “Ok, time to stop now, you’re taking this too far”)

  • TLoFanBoy

    Um, I can’t believe everyone’s talking so much about these queens and skipping over the most important Reveal of the show: LUCIAN. Every moment he had screen time, I was squealing like a Beatles fan ca. 1964. OMG.

  • HoneyMoonsover

    Has anyone put forth the theory that maybe this was all planned? I’m of the firm believers that most of the show is preplanned, as the winner has always been the last person to walk into the room on the first episode. I’m pretty sure Willam was approached for his television fame and offered to participate in this show, stir up trouble, promote his name, and then leave under suspicious terms to  draw a crowd for the reunion. They wanted Willam to be the smarmy but loveable troublemaker. Ru is a clever clever girl and I will not put much past her. 

    • Catiline

      Thiiiiiis.  It was an epic troll on Ru’s part, my only question is if it was planned from the beginning of the season or not.  I wouldn’t be shocked at all if that were the case.

    • AnotherG

      It’s always good to remember that “reality television” isn’t.  I wouldn’t put any level of pre-planning out of bounds.

  • Now that’s something/someone I’d vote for! :p 

  • At least Sharon was in tune while harmonizing. Why couldn’t Willam have been kept for another week so I wouldn’t have to deal with more Phi Phi?

    • MattCooper27

      Better yet, if Willam had to go, why not a double elimination? Phi Phi is a cute boy (until he opens his mouth… then he becomes an annoyingly hissy bitch) but his drag is mediocre at best. I was so looking forward to him being eliminated. Now we’ll have to listen to his self-righteous drivel about how much Willam needed to go. If he thinks Sharon is Party City, he needs to realize he’s Dollar Tree.

  • Did a little digging and came up with a couple interesting tidbits. This came from the site Ronald Matters: “Since the show tapes n’ LA and that’s where she lives and all that I heard she was sneaking out and paying ppl to make her costumes and she was buying her outfits”  Hmmmm. Doesn’t sound exactly right to me, but who knows? They also have an interview with William posted that’s kinda interesting. William is milking this for all it is worth. 

    Two other rumors that got a lot of play were that William was out clubbing, or brought her boyfriend on set – both supposedly against the rules.  Whatever the truth – we’ll hear about it during the reunion show.  When is that exactly?  Immediately following the finale, or the following week?  Inquiring minds and all that jazz.

  • I’m going to go out on a limb here and say Willem was booting for excessive non-RuPaul brand product placement.
    I for one, will miss the deadpan sass and groan at another week with the not-even-clever-cattiness of PhiPhi.  That broke-down halo she was sporting kind of says it all, dussenit?

    • Meelah

      I would think that Willam would get a warning before being booted for that.

    • Stubenville

       broke-down halo 

      Oh. it wasn’t supposed to be a toilet seat?

  • UGH, and I was so excited to say goodbye to Phi Phi O’Hater’s tired, jealous ass. Hopefully next week.

  • CrashSUCKS

    Hmm… most likely Willam fessed up to the producers about the infraction – curfew break/outside visitor bringing clothes/whatever – and they told her it would probably get her DQ’d. They also probably told her that the ultimate decision was Ru’s to make, and that she should be prepared to be booted come elimination time on the runway. So, poor Willam had to go through the challenge and runway knowing all this. By the time it came to deliberations, she was probably so nervous about what Ru would decide to do with her, she blew chunks. That’s most likely what happened.

  • StellaZafella

    Conjecture: Everybody  who’s clearly playing a character here, no matter how well they were cast for type (“Big Bitch”, “Little Bitch”, “Bitch-with-killer-comebacks” or “Supreme Sunt of the Universe”), is doing their job extremely well…I haven’t seen this much self propelled hype over a TV show since somebody shot JR Ewing! So it’ll only really keep it funny if they NEVER reveal “What Willam Did!”
    Whether it’s true or not, I like the idea that RuPaul & Company planned this from the start as a satire on the way other reality shows build their angst factors with overworked scandals like this. It’s also a testament to how much we all love being in on the joke that we spend nine pages of TLo wringing our hands in mock horror and speculation from here to Uranus about “What Willam Did!” – (Insert dramatic climax music under).
    I would love to see mock video outtakes (with little black bars over everyone’s eyes) of all the possibilities ala “Caught on Tape” and then let us all vote for the combination of offenses we like the best.
     In my opinion, though there may be some “reality” buried in the conflicts from week to week, I love this show so much, I still root for my favorites even when I know it’s all pre-scripted. And it takes some talent on the part of all the participants to keep the drama/comedy/showmanship exciting and it makes the outcome so much fun to look forward to!
    You go Ru! You go Drag Race! You go Gurlz! (Even Phi Phi for takin’ all the heat this season…you might or might not really be a bitch but you play one on TV and you do it 100%!)
    PS: I’d like to see the Drag Race All Stars redubbed “RuPaul’s Drag Race – The Grand Prix”

    • Apparently Willam IS going to do something of the sort.  Tomorrow at a club she will be reading all the reasons posted on the net people are saying for her DQ.  VickiVox will be there as well.  And all of the sudden I hate living in NY!

  • The producers wanted to do this challenge and needed Willam to do it. They got a scandal too, because now people will talk about who should have been shasayed in the LSFYL (that would be Phi Phi, Sharon was actually lipsynching with character, and besides-No wig, No shoes, No Shantay). So they eliminate Willam like a good reality show should, at the most dramatic time, after they have milked him for all they can.

    • during the aftershow, the ticker tape on the screen said that Sharon would have won.

  • Stubenville

    Did anyone ever think that Sharon was really going home? The outcome give an encouraging win to Latrice and sends a “don’t be too cocky” message to Sharon.  And I wouldn’t be surprised if the rules violation turned out to be pharmaceutical in nature or having a secret cell phone stashed away in a wig case.

  •  Does RPDR really a “hook to get people to tune for the reunion show?” I don’t really buy that. Diehard fans, such as myself, don’t need any incentive to watch every episode we can scrounge up. RPDR flaunts every convention, and winks at us while it does it. We’re all in on the joke, and we love it. They don’t need a whole lot of gimmicks. The show is the gimmick.

    •  I don’t think they need a hook, but I think the producers think they do.

  • malarkey

    10 pages of comments, kittens!!!!! and I waded through them all. Can I just jump on the Phi hater wagon? WTF with her pointing the “no talent” finger at Willam while wearing that hideous halo and trying to sing opera style?! Dee-lusional. And I’m sorry, even though its improved, her makeup skills are still shit. 

    Sorry to see Willam go. Of course I’ll hang on till the reunion to find out, gawd, I love this show. I’m w/TLo, its some equivalent of stashing patterns under the bed.  

  • LambeeBaby

    I found it interesting that Willem is one of the candidates for the “Favorite Reality TV Star” on the “New Now Next” awards. I’m not sure if he was one of the options before the elimination or after. Kind of lends credence to the “it was staged” theory.