RPDR: Seamen on the Catwalk!

Posted on March 07, 2012

This was fine, but we agreed with the judges that it was pretty much a literal showgirl look, which made it kind of an odd choice for a boat-themed Pride float. She looked good, but the concept was kind of half-assed.

That’s the cutest her face has ever looked. She’s putting more effort into the face, but she needs serious help with the clothing. It’s not that a drag queen can’t ever wear a t-shirt, but RPDR isn’t looking for that. They want big stage glamour and performing looks.

Oh please. Girl’s a MESS. Tick-tock, honey.

The only thing interesting about this look was the snake. Everything else was either way overdone (the boat) or oddly low-key (girl, those are NOT drag shoes). The face looks good, but we’re just not getting whatever it is she was going for here.

We felt vindicated when the judging came around because the very first thing we said when she walked out was, “GIRL. Those BOOTS.” They’re totally wrong for the look; so much so that it really sticks out.

But aside from that, she’s fabulous. This may be the first time poor footwear snatched the win out of someone’s hands. Let that be a lesson to you, ladies. In drag, as in life, it’s all about the detailing.

Enh. It’s better, but we’re still puzzled about her. Out of drag she’s this very cute, skinny little boy. In drag, she looks thicker and older than she actually is.  Seriously, when you look at Phi Phi out of drag, you’d think he’d make the most stunning woman, what with his heart-shaped face and big almond-shaped eyes. We think the only reason he’s still in the game is because the judges keep waiting for that “To Wong Foo” moment where the busted-ass queen suddenly becomes Audrey Hepdrag.  And hey, maybe that moment will come, since this look is a definite improvement. We just don’t think it was quite as praise-worthy as the judges did and we have doubts that she can do any better than this.



[Screencaps: tomandlorenzo.com]

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  • Audrey Hepdrag!!!!   Oh PRICELESS!!!!!

    • tinyredlocks

      LIKE! Like, like, like!

    • TieDye64


  • J D

    What, no rundown of the background boys?

    Latrice looked great but those shoes really were horrendous.

    • MK03

      Seriously. If you’re worried about whether pumps or sandals will stay on, stuff ’em with insoles and cushions. Works like a charm. 

      • kentiesgirl

         Really? I have never tried that, I love heels but can’t keep them on unless there is a strap-I never have a problem with sandals, only straight up pumps-(still wear them, though…just my heels are always slipping out)..I’ve tried insoles, but where do you put the cushions? By the toes? Would love that tip!

        I do get the right size, btw..I’ve just never figured out how some women can go running all over without dropping a shoe, seriously.

        • laura512

          Lamb’s wool!!  I need to buy some for a pair of (fantastic!) shoes I just bought, actually.  
          CVS has their own brand of most of the Dr. Scholl’s stuff (including this) for a tad cheaper, btw.

          • kentiesgirl

             Thanks! I’m trying that out asap. 😀

            Also for the CVS brand, Dr. Scholls is pricey, no? Hubby needs it for his shoes at work too, and they add up fast.

          • laura512

            UGH- YES.  I’ve found that for most of the stuff, the generic or store brand works fine.  But if you’re buying insoles for heavy duty use or extra support, you gotta pay up.  My husband needs insoles in his work boots also, but he’s on his feet so much (and has such jacked up ankles and knees already) that we just spring for the name brand.  Boy and their shoes… (HEH)

          • MK03

            Lamb’s wool is AWESOME. 

        • I have the same problem!  My foot is really wide at the ball and narrow at the heel, so the heel is always too wide if they fit through the ball.  I use the heel cushions in mine.

        • MK03

          I use those heel cushions the most. Heels are my trouble spot too. They also make little heel-strap cushions, which are phenomenal.

        • kentiesgirl

           Thanks for all the shoe tips!! I have some shopping to do..there’s a fab pair of purple heels screaming to worn in my closet. 🙂

      • laura512

        She also just might not have that many shoes.  I know – RuPaul’s Drag Race, professional, etc etc. But she’s not only a big girl, she’s a TALL girl, which means even bigger sizes than your average drag queen.

        “Average drag queen”…there’s a phrase I never thought I’d use.

        • I wear a size 12 women’s shoe, and usually have to order my shoes online. As soon as you get into the bigger women’s sizes, like 12 or 13, everything starts looking more and more like “Drag Queens R Us”. I just want a plain black sandal, shoemakers! I am not going to totter around on stage lip-syncing to anything!

          • laura512

            I only (only?) wear a size 10, and have issues finding shoes so I sympathize. 

          • MK03

            I have the same problem in reverse: I wear a 5 1/2, and the only styles I usually find are suitable only for kids and old ladies. But I can totally empathize with the selection for taller ladies; have you seen the 12 & up section of a Nordstrom Rack? It’s seriously all drag, all the time.

          • It’s not a comment on you, but what keeps coming to mind for me with the conversations about the difficulties with Latrice finding shoes is an episode of King of the Hill (anybody)? Peggy Hill, who wears a 16 1/2, finds a store that she thinks is _amazing_, and some new girlfriends there who are _so_ supportive, and give makeup and fashion tips to boot. 
            Cut to her crushing ego blow when she finds out they thought she was a drag queen like them.

          • haha, omg, that’s brilliant! I just started watching King Of The Hill from the start again yesterday. just watched the episode last night where she goes to the large woman shoe store  all secretly.. and when she has the shoe box in the kitchen, she tells Hank it’s a microwave, haha

        • cheesebomb

          I thought the same thing. My husband is a big guy and already wears a 13-14 in men’s shoes which can be a pain to find. Latrice has a good 6 inches and 100 pounds on him, so I can only imagine there are limited shoe options. 

    • MK03

      Seriously. If you’re worried about whether pumps or sandals will stay on, stuff ’em with insoles and cushions. Works like a charm. 

    • Horacio Lom Bonilla

      I agree that we need an in depth inspection of all the Sea Men’s looks. Am I the only one who has a sad knowing that this sudden extension of the Pit Crew is only temporary?

  • Paigealicious


    Also, I live for Latrice.

    • Oh my God, Jiggly and St. Tropez. Please stop, girl.

    • Catiline

      Ahahahaha.  You know how sometimes a word stops sounding like a real word if you hear or say it too many times?  That’s how “St Tropez” was for me after Jiggly stopped talking.

  • kentiesgirl

    OMG I gasped at Latrice’s face. I live for her. Queen of the sea she was. Those darn boots! >:(

  • VermillionSky

    All the discussion of Latrice’s boots reminded me of the scene in Kinky Boots when the shoe guy first tries to make a pair of drag boots and fails miserably.   I don’t think Latrice’s were that bad, but she needs more variety in her footwear.

    I love Latrice and as soon as she walked out her look reminded me of Ursula from the little mermaid, which is awesome for a boat-themed challenge.

    • SignLadyB

       I actually thought that as well. I’m not watching the show anymore–just can’t stand it this year–but of course I wouldn’t miss TLo’s recap and report.

      • Can I ask why? This season has been waaay better than the last one, IMO.

        • SignLadyB

           And I have found it extremely weak in terms of the girls’ style and ‘charisma’ overall. And the challenges–I know TLo are really enjoying them because they are apparently very culturally gay, but for me they’ve been over the top stupid. Altho’ I usually like the Snatch Game–some of the contestants really can bring it there.
          I’ve rarely been taken by the final winner–usually too pretty–but I do love some of the very witty contestants from the past–Pandora Boxx comes to mind immediately. Anyway, JMHO.

    • Jasmaree

      Ursula’s look and personality were actually based on Divine’s drag persona. So that’s actually a HUGE compliment.

  • Frank_821

    I found Kelly Osbourne comments that Chad and Sharon could learn from each other since each had something the judges disliked that was the opposite if the other. ie Chad was too polished and uptight. Sharon was too messy

    • DinahR

      I liked her observation too. Very astute and I agree with her.  I also think Kelly’s comments point to a slight problem with the judging — vagueness and fickleness.  The judges like aspects and praise the queens until one day they just inexplicably don’t like something anymore. Like suddenly Chad has a problem with being too polished. And Sharon is too messy. I get that judges want variety but it comes across as lack of consistency.   

      • I think part of that is that the context changes. At the beginning of a season, being polished doesn’t hurt you, because the point of comparison is all the queens who don’t know what they’re doing, aren’t taking direction, and otherwise are obviously never going to win. By the time you reach the final five or six queens, though, the judges are comparing the good ones to one another more than they are to the bad ones. Being able to consistently turn out a good, polished look every week is still important (and Chad can do this: that long gold dress from a few episodes back still takes my breath away), but the judges have to come up with reasons to say one queen is better than the others. I expect by this point, they’re mostly just liking or not liking the outfits on gut instinct, and then trying to come up with logical, objective-sounding reasons afterward.

  • Frank_821

    I found Kelly Osbourne comments that Chad and Sharon could learn from each other since each had something the judges disliked that was the opposite if the other. ie Chad was too polished and uptight. Sharon was too messy

  • Zaftiguana

    I really was expecting a little more creativity from Chad, and Sharon’s was weaker on concept than I would have ever predicted. They both looked fabulous, but I have to wonder if they were taking a bit of a breather this week to gear up for tougher days ahead.

    Even if Latrice’s boots weren’t wrong for the look (and they are), she’s hauled them out too many times in a competition that’s only about half over. Just not a good move. Everything above the shoulders was TO DIE, though.

    Dida looked adorable and really managed to beat her face this time around, but girl…they said fashion forward and runway and every other possible code word for “Don’t be a drag queen in a cute t-shirt.” She could have improved things with a better theme, but she needs to bring more creativity and glam along with her new polish.

    PhiPhi. Ican’tevenwiththisone. It’s the best she’s looked, but how much is that really saying?

    • AnotherG

      I know what you mean about Sharon, but that eye make-up was really good — but tame, compared to the fantasy of Latrice. 

  • They may be waiting for Phi Phi to have that moment, but I don’t see it happening.  Phi Phi’s like an underdeveloped Alexis Mateo, it’s all about the glamour and being a showgirl and not getting that once you accept that you’re a man wearing women’s clothes there really are no rules about what is or is not drag.  They both only see their version as THE version and everyone else is a hack.

    Phi Phi may at some point gain Alexis’ polish but pageant queens are the least interesting form of drag for this show.  This was an improvement, though, because those mismatched eyes from the last couple of weeks were really freaking me out.

    • AnotherG

      There’s a brief shot of her face when Phi Phi first gets on stage in which her left eye again is doing something weird, so I’m no certain it’s makeup alone. 

      Your Alexis Mateo comparison is really good.  If only Phi had similar attitude.

      But she improved this week in looks.  Too little, too late, I fear.

    • MK03

      Phi Phi did pretty good makeup, but RUINED it with those contacts. Those don’t look good on ANYONE, for ANY reason.

      • vmcdanie

        I would be ready to say that’s the best PhiPhi has ever looked but those contacts are mega hiddy. I’m not a fan of the blue contacts unless you are deploying them like Sharon Needles or Yara Sofia.

      • Maybe they look better in person than they do on TV?

      • LambeeBaby

        Agreed. They always make me think demonic possession.

  • amywinns

    I agree these were all sort of off the mark. It’s like they fixated on what a color should “mean” and then could not break away from that, not even to meet the actual challenge of “hope-themed, fashion-forward presentation”. Pink=showgirl. Blue=Ursula of the Ocean. Green=Eden. (I can’t even explain Dida and Jiggly.) Although some of them are pretty nifty taken out of context, the context is pretty key! What does any of that have to do with hope, pride, gay history, or fashion??
    Finally, Phi2 has a very pretty boat, very elegant but dull, and though she was assigned my very favorite color, I can’t see how she thought pulling on a unitard and a victory-rolled wig would make for a winner.

    • Pinup Ghoul

       I know. Phi2 should have gone full-on Counselor Troi for this one. Oh, the amazingness that could have been…

      • fashionzombie


      • If only she could have made her boat into the Enterprise…

    • laura512

      The whole time they were working on the boats, I was yelling “FLAMES!! FIRE!! YOUR LAST NAME MEANS HOT, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!” at the TV.  I mean c’mon – a flamed out orange gay pride float? If she’d done that, Ms. Dida would’ve been lip-synching.

  • kentiesgirl

    I think PhiPhi’s boat was really good, and like that she’s working on her make up. and I like the old school look. Think there are girls who should go before she does..but I get why she get’s peoples backs up. The attitude is just not playing with this year’s girls. She would have fit in better last year, methinks..in terms of the yelling.

    Glad the producers are having to work so hard to get them to fight. There’s just so much more professionalism on display this year, imho. I am rooting for everybody in different ways. Except Jiggly. Sorry, but she shoulda gone first week. She’s not ready at all. She lucked out going against Milan, who was in the bottom to many times to stay, and wasn’t focused…yadda yadda, what TLo said yesterday. 🙂

    • amywinns

      I like the old school look too, very much — generally. But the challenge was “fashion-forward”. So, bzzzt!

      • kentiesgirl

         But who did get fashion forward? Even Willam had a coat that was from what, 1995 or something? Someone replied to me yesterday that since everyone failed at FF the judges just ignored it. I laughed, then thought it was probably true.

        Bzzzt yourself, LOL. 😉

        For clarity I was ok with Willam or Latrice winning this week. Either one would have been fine with me.

        • Catiline

          Honestly, the “fashion-forward” rule reminded me of all the “avant-garde” challenges on Project Runway where nobody actually makes anything avant-garde.

        • andcoh

          I’m glad you liked my comment!  But as I said, I think the judges just sort of ignored that criteria since all the contestants did.

          But honestly, create a parade float plus costume of a certain color for gay pride that also represents a symbol of hope and pride and be wearing a fashion forward look…. that’s a lot.  

          • kentiesgirl

             Exactly! That’s why I was confused as to what the challenge actually consisted of, it’s just so much different criteria.

          • MK03

            I know! When I think “pride parade,” I don’t think couture. I think…well, “pride parade.” 

        • amywinns

          Good point re universal disregard. And for the record, I was bzzzt!-ing the queentestants, not you. 🙂

          • AnotherG

            “Queentestants.” OMG, have I not been paying attention? Because that’s awesome.

          • amywinns

            It’s my coinage, as far as I know, though it’s hardly divine inspiration — a variation on “cheftestants” as used per Top Chef.  I’ve used it a few times…  REALLY hoping TLo like it and pick it up. 🙂

          • kentiesgirl

             “Queentestants” Yeah, I’m mopping that. (heehee) Too awesome.

    • laura512

      PhiPhi confuses me.  There’s so much bitchery that comes out of her face and then she’ll turn around and say something really warm and nice and it confuses me.

      • kentiesgirl

         I think it’s just reality t.v. plotting. Keep my face time up kinda thing, ya know?

      • hellkell

         That’s why I buy her story of an abusive home, that is a classic abuse tactic, and she learned it from someone.

        • laura512

          *wince* True.  Here I was thinking Jiggly was the only one who needed some parenting.  Sounds like Phi2 could use a little love as well.

      • Catiline

        I like that she gave up her phone call to Chad Michaels last week.  Even if it was calculated for the cameras, it was nice.  Chad has become my weird little barometer for the show – if you’re nice to Chad, you get some points with me.  If you’re mean to Chad, I’m side-eyeing you.

        • laura512

          Same here!  My heart melted just a teeny bit when Jiggly referred to her as “Mama Chad.”  Aaaaaw.

        • Pinup Ghoul

           I actually didn’t see it as a play to the cameras at all. I felt it was pretty genuine, like she would do it with or without the cameras, with or without the approval of the other queens. It was really sweet, that’s just the way I see it.

          • Catiline

            Ah, I should have phrased better.  I also think Phi Phi was sincerely being nice to Chad.  I meant that more in a “even if you assume the worst motives on her part, it was still pretty cool” sense.

  • kentiesgirl

    I thought Sharon was going for shipwreck. Her own twisted take, like with all the other main challenges. I thought it was funny…but strictly middle of the pack.

    • AnotherG

      Kinda seemed more swampy to me, which would have been great, in line with the nature thing.  Maybe I’m just primed from Latrice, but if Latrice were Ursula from The Little Mermaid, I could see Sharon with that boat and a fake Sebastian trying to do “Kiss de Girl.”

  • Pinup Ghoul

    I often have found that really handsome men rarely make beautiful women. I think it’s all about being able to balance the hard and soft features. Jiggly’s not the most handsome guy out there, but how cute did he look when he entered the room in the first episode, in his cute little outfit? Phi2 is SUCH a hot guy, and in this episode, I think she struck a nice balance facially, even though I didn’t love the hair. Dida’s working it out. Her face is adorable no matter what. Just one of those lucky bitches, I guess.

    I’m glad that Latrice got called on those boots, though… if you feel the need to use something on the runway more than once, DON’T. Always keep them guessing, especially about the accessories, because those are what really add depth to the outfit. Look at that beautifully sculpted blue hair! Sharon’s snake! Phi2’s Betazoid accessories! Brilliant, all of it, which is why a queen always needs to plan to do something different.

    • kentiesgirl

       Agree w/everything, but she may not have to much in the shoe dept. Remember the untucked where they were talking about heels on big girls…they need more support or something (can’t remember exactly what they said)-it was about Madame LQ vs. Latrice and that M LQ was wobbly all the time cause she didn’t have the right footwear.

      If she goes home over lack of footwear I will literally cry.

      • laura512

        I replied to somebody else about the shoe thing down thread but, yes – she’s not only a big girl, she’s tall and as a tall woman with big feet, lemme tell ya, that limits your shoe selection.

        You and I will cry together if that happens.

      • PantherontheRunway

        I don’t know if this will make sense but, Madame was an old lady or she acted like “I can’t do this or that  wah-wah”
        Mystique, Stacey lane, Delta, and clearly Latrice, were out there on the runway, and big girl heels or not, they never complained.

        • kentiesgirl

          Definitely…but I was just saying that it must be harder to find shoes (see thread about shoe sizes). I mean it’s not about the weight by itself as much as the whole big-ness of Latrice, she’s so tall too, and it takes a lot to look tall in a room of drag queens, ya know? I just imagine girl has to have some big feet.

          I didn’t mean to say anything along the lines of big girls can’t wear heels…if I did, it was not my intention. I meant, maybe Madame just brought any old shoe (to have a big selection to choose from), when she needed a better fit, or ankle strap, or wider heel…and Latrice knows what she needs, so less shoes to select from.

      • I remembered that conversation as well and was going to make a similar comment. Additionally, it’s not like she can borrow some pumps from any of the other girls, her feet are probably a bit larger, in proportion to her frame. I still wish that she had shown up w/some big ass platforms (more comfortable for a big girl than stilettos). Maybe she has. I’ve never liked Michelle V, but she was ridiculous w/that (over the top, repeating). And her “You’re too perfect” to Chad irks me as well-OK, Chad should come out looking busted next week? Seriously, what???

        • kentiesgirl

          I seriously can’t imagine a situation where Chad would allow herself to not be flawless. She’s too just too good-if they wanted busted, it would be perfectly polished full on character busted.

          Also, Latrice is so fierce I know she’ll make some damn shoes if she has too.

          So there Michelle Visage. 😛

    • laura512

      “I often have found that really handsome men rarely make beautiful women. ”

      How much of that is because what is usually considered “handsome” in men is very different from what’s considered “beautiful” in women?  My husband is very handsome (only a teeny bit of bias, I promise) but he would make a TRAGIC drag queen.  Not enough bronzer/highlighter/whatever in the world for that boy’s bone structure.

      Not trying to be argumentative, I promise.  I’m just fascinated by people’s abilities to completely transform through makeup alone. That being said, I can usually see the person under the makeup.  Latrice, for instance, has some pretty awesome skills, but you can still tell who’s under all that.  Phi2 manages to not only feminize himself, but make himself completely unrecognizable (IMO).  If I were playing a game of Match The Queen, I would NEVER put her before and after pictures together.

      • Well, traditionally “handsome” male features don’t usually translate well to conventional female beauty (square jaws, for instance), but Phi2 has drag-friendly features, which makes a tremendous difference. Heart-shaped face, large eyes, an angular jawline – all more of a “cute” boy than a super-handsome one, and therefore can reach a more “pretty” feminine face with greater ease.

      • kentiesgirl

        Totally with you on the handsome men vs. pretty women. People were getting downright nasty over the runway model pics in the Mila Kunis post before this b/c of square jaws on some of the ladies.

        Boo on stereotypes.

        OK, got that outta my system. lol. I think any bone structure could work for drag queens. Think of Raven, handsome man, beautiful woman. So, it’s the skills at the end of the day, regardless of conventional ideas of pretty, imho.

      • amywinns

        VERY surprised there hasn’t already been a reference to the “drag sisters” episode of Season 3. Unfortunately, I can only find TLo’s “middle” post — these eps were recapped before the blog format change, so maybe the winner/loser post got lost in the shift?? Anyway, there are some great examples here of before-and-after. TLo, if you see this, link to s3-ep11, “jocks in frocks”, please??? Really interesting and totally germane to this discussion.

        Manila and her guy:

        • kentiesgirl

          OMG!! Thank you for bringing that up!! I forgot how much I loved that episode!! (honestly, last season was so mean spirited I kinda blocked it out of my memory, I keep thinking of 1 and 2)

          I totally thought Alexis’ drag sister was going to refuse to leave or something (he had some major crushing going with her, no?)…and that LSFYL…that was INSANE!! Remember the jocks watching in the lounge…that was redonkulous. I am sending major love for the link and running off to watch that epi on netflix. 🙂

      • Pinup Ghoul

         No, I completely agree. My fella has a long nose and high cheekbones, and while a very good-looking fellow, would also make a tragic Queen. He doesn’t have the soft features of someone like Jiggly, or a good friend of mine who is a skinny slip of a man, but makes just a lovely girl. It’s a shame my friend lives in such a small town with no drag scene because I think he’d be really successful.

        Case in point: Milan and Willam getting read for looking like ‘a man in a dress’. They do have very masculine facial features, but, in most cases, knew how to work with them to feminize them. Willam looked SO gorgeous this week, I think it’s the best makeup she’s had on the show so far. I can’t decide if I find Willam hotter as a boy or as a girl, though… Willam is pretty hot as either sex. Milan is a hot as hell man, but his runway look this week was busted.

    • Catiline

      Although their drag personas are obviously quite different, in physical terms I think Phi2 is an interesting contrast with Raja, who was also good-looking out of drag. Raja seemed to reconcile the good looking man/good looking woman issue by simply going androgynous, and it really worked.  I don’t think Phi2 could pull off the same, but he could maybe stand to tilt a little bit in that direction.   

      Also, Betazoid accessories… LMAO!

  • Summer On The Beach

    Latrice is going to make the BEST instructor on Drag-U.

    • kentiesgirl

       Screw that, she’s got a show. Keep Those Nuts Away From My Face starring Latrice Royale.

      Her and Anthony Williams both need their own shows, imho. Just thought of the two of them together, and my head almost exploded. Too much fabulosity in there for a sec. One to make the dresses, the other to do hair and makeup, holy crap…what a make over show that would be. I’m calling the rights to that.

      • Jessi03

         Oh my goodness, please make it so!!!!

    • PantherontheRunway

      OMG! I can not wait to see the insanity she and sharon would make on drag u 😀

  • DinahR

    It’s late in the game but if Phi Phi had been like this in the first few weeks I would have warmed up to her.  I am partial to purple, but I really liked her entry this week.   

    Latrice!!  I wanted her to win, darn those boots!! I don’t understand the confusion over Chad this week.  She’s a showgirl in a showboat.  Showboating?  I think it’s a cute concept and she looked great. When your color is pink I think cute and girly is the best way to go. I’d of ranked her in the top, not a win since I didn’t get the cougar vibe she also must have been going for without her explaining it during judging.  

  • Catiline

    I thought it was interesting that Kenya’s beyond-the-grave letter mentioned giving makeup tips to Phi Phi.  I believe it.  Not only did she improve but she does look a little Kenya-esque.

    I looooooooved Latrice from the boat up, so much I didn’t even notice the shoes at first. 

  • Latrice knows how to use her size to her advantage — something no other big-sized queen has ever managed on the series — and it’s why, in part, I’m rooting for her. The Ursula look? The other queens, even the talented ones, couldn’t pull it off.

  • Dida’s outfit makes her the most glamorous queen at the Wal-Mart, but not on the show.

    •  Dida’s outfit would be nice for casual realness, but not for a runway.

      • Pinup Ghoul

         I agree. It was a cute look, and the off-the-shoulder tee balanced out her broad shoulders. And I loooved her hair and makeup this week. Too cute!

  • kentiesgirl

    The Joliet Route 66 Drag Racing biggest stars ad at the top of the page is freakin hilarious. Is everyone seeing that? Or is it Google thinking I love literal drag racing. Too funny.

  • Maybe Chad would’ve been more on her game if the parade had a “Professional Pride” theme?

  • mereberlin

    PhiPhi is so forgettable that I can’t even remember who the man behind the drag is; every week I have to stop reading the recap, look him up, think, ‘oh right’ and then continue reading. Considering how far along we are in the competition, that should not be happening. 

  • laura512

    Can somebody who has more makeup skills/knowledge than I (admittedly, that wouldn’t take much) explain why Willam’s mouth never looks right to me?  I get that she’s very thin with an angular face, but there’s always something going on around the mouth and chin that looks…unfinished? Weird?  What’s going on there? I promise, this is not a look-snarking thing, it’s a makeup question.

    • kentiesgirl

       She said she was part Thundercat, LOL. I think it’s a blending issue, that she just doesn’t have the experience doing her own make up that others do. They put SO MUCH into their make up it’s crazy…a fun way to learn is to look up you tube videos of queens doing their makeup. I learned a few tricks for my own face that way, like using a neutral base and the right kind of eyeliner for the bottom part of my eyes. Waterline…that’s it. Rambling..sorry.

      OK, so you know how you see them walking around with the white make up on? That’s ‘cooking”, were they let it set before adding on colored foundation in order to give the illusion of cheekbones, less angular jaw, ecetera. If you don’t blend correctly after that, you look like you have stubble, like Shangela last year. I know Willam reads this blog, so if i’m wrong, i’m sorry.

      • kentiesgirl

         If I’m wrong about any of that, random kittens, sorry. I love the process and watch a lot of how-tos, and certainly don’t want to misrepresent anything.

      • laura512

        HA!!  There’s a sneaky sense of humor hiding under that bimbo act.  I like Willam more and more as the show goes on.  

        I’ve said for years that drag queens need to give lessons on foundation blending and  eyeliner application to some women (cough*meplease*cough)  I kind of wish there was more footage of the makeup application.  I’m a big ol’ stage makeup nerd, so I could watch that for hours.Back in a bit – got some youtubing to do.

  • TSkot

    Did Latrice just finish off a box of donuts without a napkin?  Is she battling a severe case of chapped lips?  Perhaps an unfortunately timed Herpes outbreak???  Seriously, girl, that’s just gross.

    • The most *fabulous* herpes outbreak ever!

  • Chad and Dida’s looks and boats were super cute, but I guess “cute” is not the goal here.

    I loved Sharon’s eye makeup and contacts. I could not stop looking at her face during closeups. 

    I did not notice Latrice’s boots at all. Because of the boats, so much focus was on the boat and whatever is over the boat. That’s why Willam was smart to carry his boat so low. It showed off more of his outfit, adding to a bigger decorative effect of his “float.” Anyway, Latrice looked so fierce. I loved all the sparkle everywhere, on her, all over the boat. However, I thought her lips looked too much like barnacles. I suppose it is appropriate for her nautical theme, but it was a little icky.

    I liked Phi Phi’s boat too. It was clean and sparkly. Can anyone describe to me what he did to look a little younger this time? I wish we could see these missing critiques some of the queens are getting to improve their looks.

    • TSkot

      “Barnacles!”  Wish I had thought of that.

    • Sweetpea176

       I said the same thing in the previous post about wanting to see the missing critiques — I think it’d be very interesting to see.

  • Horacio Lom Bonilla

    I love Dida. She’s my favorite ever on the show. I don’t think she’s the best and I don’t think she should win it over Chad, Latrice, Sharon or Willam, but I adore her and I will be sad when she leaves.

    Phi Phi has to go. “I’m not a bitch, I’m just real”, she says. Please. I love looking at him but she is an out of control bitch with the added bonus of crazy, blind and deaf, what, with her constant comments about how Sharon and Willam have no talent. She’s coming off as a flat out idiot.

    Jiggly is the next to go. Unfortunately I think Phi Phi will outlast Willam and Dida. She’s good enough that they won’t eliminate her on the basis of who’s fucked up the worst, but they will cut her when it’s time to decide which three queens have stood out the most. Phi Phi never brings it but she never makes any huge mistakes either and she’s an ok performer. Besides, you can tell the judges aren’t in LOVE with either Willam or Dida, while at least Michelle clearly likes Phi Phi.

    I loved how Sharon completely dismissed Kenya’s comments. “I’m still here and she’s not, so whatever”. She totally won me over with this and with her look last week. I’m still rooting for Latrice but I’ll approve if Sharon takes it.

    • Catiline

      I agree with you about Dida!  I think amid attention grabbers like Willam, Sharon and Latrice it’s easy to forget that Dida can also be very funny and witty – she’s a bit more sly about it. I was so disappointed that her Wendy Williams got swallowed up by the “romper room fuckery” during the Snatch Game. Unfortunately her lack of attention-grabbing is also a huge weakness for her as a competitor. 

      • Horacio Lom Bonilla

        Honestly, TLo were right that she’s funnier when she’s out of drag. I love her because she’s nice, cute and I dig how she works those broke down looks with the airhead smile. She just radiates good vibes, but she’s seriously clueless. I did love her LSFYL and I think it was the best ever along with those of Alexis Mateo; I also loved her impersonation of various queens during last week’s untucked. I couldn’t stop smiling all along but she’s confusing. She’s got a serious lack of understanding of her references

  • MilaXX

    Latrice was fab until you got to those shoes. I have a wide foot and have a hard time getting nice footwear. I cannot imagine how difficult it is for her. Jiggley can go and send Phi2 right after.

  • demidaemon

    Phi Phi– She has a lot of look problems. She solved the make-up and hair ones, to some degree, with this look, but I think Visage’s comment was on point: she doesn’t know how to pad properly to crete an attractive feminine shape. If you look at Latrice, you can see the techniques she uses to create a good feminine shape: blousey dresses to hide a larger midsection and belts to define a waist, while keeping solid attention to the face with fabulous make-up and hair. Phi Phi has the easier shape to dress and fails to do it, time and again.

    •  If you haven’t seen Untucked yet, Latice’s pads ended up absorbing a LOT of water during the contest- a stream ran out of her backside as she walked.

  • At least Latrice’s jaw contour was overshadowed in this look.  Everything else about the face was sufficiently over-the-top that it was nigh impossible to focus on the hard line below the cheekbones.  Good on her.

  • PantherontheRunway

    No no no! Not this time! I can not stand Phi-phi, but I do think we all need to admit this week, she’s looked the best she has the whole competition!

    no wonky eyes, or dated outfits, or 80ish hair teased wig! bitch looked good this time!

    **please note my favorite color is purple haha

    And Latrice was robbed! I love Willam, but Latrice was painted like the gawd damn Mona Lisa!

  • Sweetpea176

    My take on Dida’s outfit is that she’s trying to incorporate feedback
    about how to dress her body better, and she either misfired or she has
    limited wardrobe options with sleeves.  I noticed Ru in the workroom saying to Dida something along the lines of “You’re wearing a blouse, right?  Right?  A blouse?”    So I agree this was the wrong outfit for the challenge, but that top is much more flattering to her than spaghetti straps.  And the big hair — so the right way to go for her.

  • Honestly think you guys are just hating on Phi Phi. Her makeup was MUCH better than Latrice, whose face STILL always looks orange and a completely different color from the rest of her body, along with her gross boots, which were a big part of the outfit. Not to mention Phi Phi’s boat BLEW Latrice’s out of the water. Stop being haters, it’s getting old. 

    • Look guys! Kenya is replying on here too! 

    • andcoh


    • Meelah

      Some black women and drag queens chose a lighter foundation shade than their body (not making this a race issue just explaining why her makeup might look the way it does) for varied reasons one being that it looks better in photographs and certain lighting.  There’s a reason why she looks better on the runway than in the lounge.  I’ll have to agree though that she should blend better with her neck and then it wouldn’t be so glaring at times.  

      Now on to PhiPhi.  I’m sure there are plenty of people who like PhiPhi.  He’s not the worst queen ever but his attitude has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.  I think his comments and actions towards other queens have set him up to be viewed under a magnifying glass.  If he’s going to be so vocal in bad mouthing other queens he should have his own house in order. His eye makeup and eyelashes have been messed up several times on the runway.  So blatantly that one eye looks a lot bigger than the other.  His outfits have been meh.  I can’t think of any that stand out over some of the other top contenders.  He’s not the worst queen but he’s certainly deserved a lot of the negative comments coming his way.

      • I think Phi Phi’s just getting the villain edit because she’s become the best candidate with her beef with Sharon, who’s a crowd favorite. Honestly, I think she’s only slightly bitchier than average. She’s really nice on tumblr and has created a great report with her fans there. I’ve posted some stuff poking fun at her a bit (like a RPDR drinking game that includes drinking every time she give bitch face) and she’s reblogged it and joked along with me. Judging from her comments, it’s definitely the editing that’s making her look so bad. 

        • OmegaBlush

          I can see how her stink eye or other reaction shots could be edited to make her look bad, but I don’t think the editors make her say such bitchy and ultimately dumb things all the time.  I think her comment that Sharon’s decision to play Michelle in the Snatch Game would prove that she was untalented sums her up.  In the previews for some future Untucked she’s yelling at Willam that she has no talent and doesn’t deserve to be there.  Shangela and Raven might have been bitches, but they at least understood the other queens and had some of their own talent to back them up.  Phi-squared hasn’t even been in the top three until this week (more out of default than anything else).  

          • Well I have the feeling that the other queens throw shade too, but it isn’t being edited in as much. Particularly the tragically ineloquent Jiggly.

      • yes.  This.  IF Phi2 had kept her mouth shut with criticisms for the other queens (notably Sharon and Willam) and just SHOWN that she was better (she isn’t) I wouldn’t be so fed up with her.  Her jealousy of the others makes her ugly.

  • formerlyAnon

    Despite the efforts of the Queens, I confess to being fixated on the “Sea Men” and their sparkly waves.

    Many years ago I worked on a community theater production of “Anything Goes” that featured similar sparkly waves, as well as a more fully clothed chorus in the same seaman’s hats.  I cannot help but imagine, over & over, how vastly improved improved the show would have been had it melded chorus, Sea Men and sparkly waves.

    [Who IS it that generates these silly puns? They give me joy.]

  • PeaceBang

    Willam popped off a couple of hilarious one-liners this episode and I knew she’d win after her little Ru moment in the dressing room. She look sickening in that trench and bathing suit! I am amazed that Phi2 didn’t get read for screwing up the wet T-shirt challenge so outrageously: how do you lose your boobs AND your hat in one act? NOT good, sister. She looked much better than usual. She could do a great Judy Jetson. Still no humor, warmth or charisma, though. I think Latrice IS America’s next drag superstar. Chad is great but I think she’s too firmly identified with Cher to have much range. Sharon Needles is a fascinating and exciting queen who I would personally pay a lot of money to see at a club, but I think her persona and name are too dark to be the next drag ambassador to the vanilla U.S. of A. In Latrice, we get huge beauty, feminine glamour, talent (remember her hilarious, campy turn as the prison guard), personal lovability, a redemption story, the greatest laugh EVER, and a great big Bronx cheer to fatphobics. I am rooting for Latrice and I also loved her sparkly barnacle lips. 

    • While I agree that Latrice IS already a drag superstar, I don’t think that the vanilla-ness of the country should be a reason why Sharon can’t win it. TIME TO GET ROCKY ROADED USA!

      • formerlyAnon

        In theory, yes. But (assuming one of the more important criteria in picking the winner is to select a Drag Queen Ambassadress to Mainstream U.S.A., a goal I am not sure is in the forefront) RuPaul did not reach the relatively broad audience she commands today by challenging that audience too aggressively.

        • Well, that’s true and I see your point, but then again Raja isn’t exactly totally mainstream (remember her eye hat? or when she dressed as an aborigine?) and she took the crown. I think mainstream America (I mean of course, the big cities) is already used to the classic “man in a pretty dress” drag. Sharon winning would be awesome because it would send the statement that drag really is a performance art and not just getting dolled up.

    • Farthingale

      You said “Chad is great but I think she’s too firmly identified with Cher to give much range” 

      This is exactly what I’ve been thinking, Chad’s drag persona (aside from Cher) is still undefined for me. Sharon’s is extraordinarily defined, as is Latrice’s. Phi Phi, Jiggly, Dida, undefined. 

      And I think that this is the issue Michelle Visage is trying to address but calling it “too perfect” instead of “imbalanced”. Chad is so ultimately pulled together that we are getting all look and only a bit of personality on the runway. Chad is a nice person and very endearing, but how does that translate to a drag queen “persona”? At least Phi-Phi, (who, as I said is also “undefined”) has a bitch persona as default because she is a bitch, but I don’t think that’s what she’s trying to portray, she just is. 

      So, being known more for your Cher than for you Chad is not going to help you become America’s Next Drag Superstar. 

  • Dida’s look kinda reminded me of Julie the Cruise Director on The Love Boat. Wish she would’ve totally gone full-throttle with it and had a clip board and a neckerchief.

    • Farthingale

      She would have had a valid excuse for the t-shirt, and Cruise Director would have lent itself so beautifully to the panel’s puntastic comments.

  • MitchellGilburne

    I don’t know what this means, but Phi Phi is the only queen this season that I refer to as “he” this might have to do with the fact that his smack-talking boy-self is more memorable and (dare I say it) entertaining than his drag character, or it may be b/c the character just doesn’t stick or stand out.

    • Farthingale

      Exactly. What has Phi-Phi done that has been “entertaining”? Well, he rocked the egg in the nest and looked cute doing it, but otherwise….?

  • enonymous

    Oh I can’t wait for Jiggly to go. She’s an average drag queen at best, and I’m sick of looking at that stupid, vacant expression she always wears.

    • Meelah

      I thought I was the only person who noticed that.  When anyone says something Jiggly isn’t familiar with or thinks is strange he always has this dumbfounded look.  For someone who’s part of counter culture I don’t really understand why he’s so shocked by another person who’s life choice isn’t the same as his.  It’s as if this was the first time he’s left his town and met people who are different.

    • piperkitty

      that and the constant whine everytime she opens her/his mouth.

  • Meelah

    It’s really time for Jiggly to go.  She’s a fierce LSFYL but that won’t get you to the last 3 in this competition.  PhiPhi is too insecure.  For someone who supposedly is well known and travels around the country doing drag he lacks polish.  Dida needs to go back in the oven and cook a while longer.  If he’s going for the “fish” look he doesn’t have the face or body to do it with.  

  • Is it just me, or does DiDa look a lot like Michelle Obama? She needs to rock that look sometime. She’s got the arms for it. XD

    •  Dida may not be a runway queen, but she’s got serious potential as a character actor.

  • Am I the only one who’s tired of seeing Jiggly’s mouth hang open. Seriously, is she going for slack-jawed yokel realness? It’s starting to drive me crazy.

    • hellkell

       I was thinking the same thing!

  • Jacqueline Wessel

    By the way there’s a little interview in the Village Voice with Milan.


    Sorry, don’t know how to make that into an active link.

    • Jacqueline Wessel

      Wow, the link made itself…It’s Magic!!!

  • where’s indigo blue? lol. 

  • rawrgrowlrawr

    PhiPhi should have made a Tinky-Winky themed boat. 

    • Tinky Winky was the one “accused” of being gay, right?

  • TieDye64

    Sorry, but Phi Phi’s look was not good. Absolutely not impressed by that girl. And Dida was bad beyond belief. Very, very amateur hour.