RPDR: Politics as Usual

Posted on March 28, 2012


We’re a couple of white boys, so it’s not for us to say whether the “The Help” joke was offensively racist. Our problem with it is that it just wasn’t funny. Drag is almost always politically incorrect in one form or another, so a talented queen might’ve been able to make the joke land correctly. We got what she was trying to do – a riff on a pseudo-Palin – but it was poorly conceived. Sarah Palin really is the only person in politics who looks like Sarah Palin. So when you pile your hair up and slap a pair of glasses on, it’s clear that’s who you’re going for. We suppose a literal Palin impersonation wouldn’t have been what the judges were looking for, but she didn’t do a good enough job of making this character seem distinct. She was just a poorly done drag version of a Texas socialite.

This we don’t get at all. Sure, a drag queen inauguration is such a fantasy concept that you could do anything if you can explain it well enough. After all, look who won the challenge. But we just don’t see what the point was to this utterly generic look.

Her makeup’s getting better but she still looks a good 15 years older than she is.

A move almost as ballsy as Sharon’s futuristic dress. We admit, we weren’t entirely sure she was pulling off the comedy, but she was fricking Lucille Ball in comparison to most of the rest of them.

Michelle Visage, we luvyahun, but you have GOT to let go of this lame-o “I don’t know who Chad Michaels is” critique. We can guarantee that prior to this TV series, the vast majority of people who recognized RuPaul in drag would NOT have recognized him out of it. You know why? Because drag queenery is all about artifice and creating characters. This critique is extremely ill-advised because the more it’s made, the more arbitrary and meaningless it sounds. Especially when Chad is SO GOOD at creating characters. This is an hysterically on-point parody of political wife drag.

Miss Latrice was a huge disappointment this week. She didn’t even remotely bring the comedy to this challenge. For some reason, she though acting imperious and humorless was the way to go. It’s as if she decided that the look was going to do all the work. It’s a great look and very commanding, but she really missed an opportunity do something interesting here.

Honestly, we think part of the reason so many of these attempts failed is because these queens don’t know a damn thing about politics. The reason Sharon and Chad scored near the top is not because they displayed impressive knowledge on the topic, but because they knew just enough about it to skewer it.

And like Phi Phi’s entry, we just don’t get how this relates to an inaugural look. She tends to default to the Star Jones look on the catwalk just a bit too much. Sure, that’s to be expected given her physicality, but Chad Michaels literally reshaped himself into the spititng image of Cher and he can manage an entirely new look every week. He hasn’t limited himself and Latrice needs to start thinking that way. There are more characters to play than simply a generic bold black diva all the time. Give us some Michelle Obama realness. Or Jessye Norman. Mary J. Blige. Hell, even a decent Oprah pastiche would be welcome after seeing the same face, hair, and dress style walk that catwalk every week.

And that visible bra strap is an offense unto God. Michelle should’ve had his balls in her hand for that one.



[Screencaps: tomandlorenzo.com]

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  • If Willam had been there and delivered that line about The Help I think Dida and Latrice would have been laughing along with him, as would the rest of us.  PhiPhi doesn’t have the timing to pull something like that.  But if a vacant clueless airhead like Willam had said it would have been hilarious.

    • I think Willam would’ve killed in this challenge.

    • Exactly. I thought it was a good joke, Phi just has no skill in comedic timing. 

      • Pinup Ghoul

         It’s too true. Her inability to deliver during this challenge as well as Snatch Game are pretty telling. She’s seemed really insecure both times, and it’s sort of painful to watch. Girl needs to stop being so self-conscious and defensive and just have some damn fun with it.

    • Almost wonder if that’s why Willam had to leave last week.  NO way Ru just found out WDWD just before the taping.  Combined with the killer routine she did in the duet, she would have been THE one to beat and that’s not the tale Ru wants to tell (damn her)

    •  Phi Phi can’t deliver a joke – she just sort of shouts them, it’s embarrassing to watch.

      • H3ff

        Not to mention the frantic expresssion she always has on her face when she tells a joke. Very awkward to watch.

  • MK03

    I forgot about Phi2’s goofy-ass arm-waving…thing…on the catwalk. What the fuck was that??

    • She was a mermaid, trying to swim in the damned mermaid dress?

    • It was as annoying as her constant hair fluffing in ‘Untucked.’ I was wondering if they put it on a loop and just kept replaying the same clip because that bitch had her hands in her wig for, like, half the show! It looked like a defensive response to the critiques against her gigantic flop of a joke regarding ‘the help.’ She was sitting there all ‘I’m not bothered, they loved it.’ fluff fluff ‘Shut up, it was a joke’ fluff fluff ‘I’M NOT BOTHERED!!’ fluff fluff fluff!!

      •  Like x1000

      • edgeoforever

        I believe she is mirroring Willam in that. Of course, with Willam, it worked.

      •  I was also wondering if they’d put it on a loop.I wanted to tie her hands behind her back.

      •  look at my face. do I look bovvered?

    • StellaZafella

      The moment I saw it I thought “The sunt is mimicking (read stealing) Sharon’s ‘Mars Attacks’ runway walk!” The one from a couple of weeks ago…the Balck/White checkerboard-Janice Dickenson glamazon look Sharon did.
      That is, if you can steal a walk…I wouldn’t put it past her, but here, imitation is not flattery. Phi just can’t trust herself to come up with anything on her own without ending up back at Brokeback Showgirl without the show – or skill – or face – or talent –  or, oh y’all get the idea…

  • I love Latrice, but just WHAT is up with her makeup? I understand that she’s trying to create the illusion of cheekbones, but there are some mighty hard lines on that face.  She could take a few lessons in blending.

    • vmcdanie

      Yeah I’m really surprised they haven’t mentioned that yet. They read Shangela for that regularly (not without good reason.)

      It’s even more noticeable when her hair is up.

    • Her makeup has been bothering me for weeks. maybe the lighting onthe show is strange, how could she not know she is about ten shades too orange?

      •  Honestly, it looks like a bag of Cheetos blew up in her face.  “Colored girl, why yo base look like chalk” indeed.

        • Totally Cheeto Bukkake when it comes to Latrice’s make up.  It is disturbing to say the least. 

    • I could get over the sharp cheekbones if only any part of her face were a color remotely similar to the rest of her.

      • I agree. Her makeup is WAY too yellow and isn’t blended well. It drives me crazy. She could be so beautiful if she just used something that matched her skintone a bit more. 

        •  That’s something that bothers me- he has a perfectly fine dark skin tone as a man, but as Latrice he makes up to be very much lighter. I’m pretty certain that it might be to accentuate details such as eye makeup, but it’s not close to natural. Then again, we’re not talking Realness here.

  • I think some of the problem here was confusion about what the judges wanted: was this a serious political challenge or a total send-up? Dan Savage really flattened out the initial plans most of the queens had when he asked in the Make-it-WERQ-room about their real platforms; he seemed insistent on them having a real, serious political objective at the same time Ru – and the show in general, and drag – seem more interested in the parody.  And yes to the general political cluelessness. It seems to go with the territory of being a reality show contestant (though Willam seemed to know his Stonewall history – so well I wonder/suspect the producers fed him the info to repeat).

    • brokephilosopher

      yeah, I was really excited when I heard about Dan Savage being on the show, but I didn’t love it.  He is hilariously funny on his podcast/column, but he came across as weirdly out of it in the workroom.  I don’t get it!

      • I actually liked that he was pushing them to think about real issues, and sad that a few of them couldn’t really come up with any (ie Dida).

        • brokephilosopher

          I do like that he made the point that sexual minorities can’t afford to lock themselves out of the political process just because it’s painful/hard/upsetting.  I do still think that it went a little too far though–have fun and throw some shade!

      • StellaZafella

        Knowing Savage Dan, he was aching to be in the stillettos, not the suit – but he was pissed off because Ru only allows Lady Bunny to do drag on that side of the judges’ platform.  Y’all should know, when Danny S talks about ‘heels in the air’ he’s talkin’ ’bout sling back ‘La-boot-aunes’ (bless you Willam)!

  • Maybe if Phi Phi would have included the others in the joke – they could have dumped the bag of glitter on her head in outrage – glitter bombed (though not sure when this was filmed), the two ‘secret service’ fellows could have taken them down.

    • TxMom2011

      Me too.  She is Fabulous!

  • Joe J

    When I grow up, I want to be Chad Michaels.   That is all.

    • Me too. I was watching Untucked last night and could not get over how gorgeous she is.

    • I wish she was my mommy. She and Latrice. They could be my two mommies/daddies and could give me makeovers and hugs when bitches get me down. 

      • stardust462

        This, and Sharon as the awesome aunt. That would be the life.

        • Throw in Willam as the sister and I would watch that show in a heart beat.

    •  Her runway look was perfect. Really impressive. Subtly funny AND gorgeous. Some Republican/Grace Kelly realness.

      • AudreysMom

        And Patty Clarkson. Spittin’ image.

  • vmcdanie

    I was baffled as to what they wanted on that challenge. Dan Savage only made it murkier with his walk thru, telling Latrice to think about the budget. Drag queens debating the budget. That sounds…..about as lame as it turned out to be.

    Clearly Phi Phi was going to charge ahead with her schtick regardless and Dida probably would have been about the same but I blame some of Latrice’s performance on that bullshit.

    Latrice did at least get one good line in about Phi Phi.

    I’ll refrain also from debating the Help joke except to say it was a would-be edgy joke that fell flat which is offensive just on that score.  Also, sure the mermaid dress was pretty and all but that didn’t so much say inaugural ball to me as Latin Grammys.

    I kind of think Chad should have won for that Lady Bird Johnson realness. That “I don’t know Chad” bullshit is clearly going to be why they won’t give him the win. I agree the winner should probably be Sharon but this is another Raja/Manila heartbreaker. I’m going to be happy and a little disappointed regardless.

    • Paigealicious

      I think they can’t really ding Chad on anything so they have to come up with all that crap like “You’re TOO polished” and “We don’t know the REAL you.”  It’s bullshit…she’s fabulous, is what she is!

      • Elizabido

        I know exactly who Chad Michaels is:  a kind, intelligent, funny man who entertains with a variety of fully realized drag characters dressed in fantastic outfits with en pointe makeup and wigs. What more does Michelle Visage want? Who the hell is Michelle Visage, anyway? A comedian? A porn actress? A trans-woman with the most expensive boob job in the world? Chad is much easier to figure out than she is.

      • Pinup Ghoul

         Don’t forget PRO!-FEH!-SHON!-ULL!

        I love Chad. I wish she wasn’t required to fulfill the totally arbitrary wishes of the judges. She’s fierce and, in my eyes, never does wrong. I think she’s easily the most polished candidate that’s ever been on RPDR, and I don’t doubt that Ru would be happy to pass her torch onto Chad. Probably won’t happen that way, but Chad’s a great person and a great performer, inside and out.

        • Chad is quite honestly one of the first people on reality tv that I have ever really liked. I think he’s so sweet.

        • hearkentoit

           I agree completely, but honestly, it’s the “passing the torch” thing that makes me want Sharon to win a tiny bit more. Chad IS a polished professional. She already has a great drag career, she’s been working for years, and this exposure is only going to help. Sharon is younger and still up-and-coming. The contest is for America’s Next Drag Superstar, and to me, Sharon is more about what’s next. Chad is still fabulous though, and if they did give her the win I would still be happy.

    • I agree about Chad on almost all points–except to say I still think she’s in contention for the win. Remember that last season Michelle was clearly more firmly in Manila’s corner, perhaps sensing Ru’s early leanings toward Raja. This could all very well be a setup for an onstage breakdown that establishes Chad’s “vulnerability” and “realness” in time for the win.

      Obviously Sharon is the frontrunner at this point. But I’m curious: does she whip out the octopus tentacle gloves I’ve seen in previews in the FINAL? If so, that could plant some last-second doubt in Ru’s mind.

      Or maybe I’m just trying to keep this season entertaining and suspenseful.

  • Kayceed

    My theory is that Michelle is trying to find something to relate to in Chad and that would be – my apologies for stating it this way – a certain coarseness. I have no doubt Chad can serve up raunchy – in the grand tradition of a Bette Midler, for example – but he does not in fact appear to be raunchy. Michelle’s “realness” or “rawness” makes a nice foil for ladylike Ru on the judging panel but she is not going to see her version of “raw” from someone whose person seems so naturally elegant and refined. 

  • MilaXX

    Chad and Sharon owned this challenge. I also completely agree that Michelle is just reaching with her critiques of Chad.

    Phi2’s was offense, but not just because it was a The Help joke, Lisa Lampanelli and to a lessor extent Chelsea Clinton (who I detest) swim in similar territory.  The issue I have is that not only was she not funny, but I get the sense that she saw this as a chance to be offensive and laugh it off as a joke.

    Latrice as much as I love her is becoming a bit one note. The bra strap was sloppy and this is the second time she let lessor, queens throw her off her game. When Phi made that Help remark, Latrice just shut down. Girlfriend should be able to roll with the punches a bit better than that.

    •  Latrice is SO good when she’s kicking back and relaxing, but she seems to dry up on stage.I love her too, but its as if she hit a wall.

      •  You’re right, which is why I was happy to see her excel at some old-school lip-syncing!

    • MK03

      Chelsea Clinton?? Or do you mean Chelsea Handler?

    • andcoh

      I don’t know if it’s other throwing her off, so much as she doesn’t do well in spontaneous challenges.  Whenever it’s scripted, Latrice is a beast.  But the two challenges that require being quick on your feet, she seems to just fade after a bit.

  • Kristy Evans

    I’m sad that Latrice is funnier out of drag (in his one-on-ones) than in drag (when he should be performing). “NO MO HOS!” Hilarious. The debate? Not so much.

  • For all her bitching that Willam had no talent I have yet to see Phi Phi do one thing that would lead me to believe she is somehow talented in any area whatsoever.  She has got to be the most egotistical queen with no payoff the show has ever seen.  At least Shangela had the comedy chops to back up her attitude and Tyra was always a flawless looking queen who could do many different characters and styles.  Phi Phi just sucks.

    • Paigealicious

       The bitching grates, but so does Phi Phi’s constant “I was bullied and abused growing up in a small town in Texas!”…only to turn around and call Sharon a “freak” and Willam “not talented,” among other things. Bitch please.

      • MK03

        Do you suppose she’s as clueless as she seems? Because, as is the case with nearly all of us, she is mirroring what she grew up with. And I really think she has no idea that that’s what she’s doing. I think she thinks she’s “standing up for herself” or whatever. 

        It will be interesting to see if her little revelation about Sharon will have a lasting impact on her. I’m guessing not.

        • edgeoforever

          And by “revelation” you mean “I saw her weakness and insecurities”? Yeah, it’ll last. Watch PeePee try to break Sharon’s concentration by trying to replicate a bully from the old times

          • MK03

            FUUUUUUUCCKK I hadn’t even thought of that. That would be unforgivably cruel. 

      • But this past week she claimed she wasn’t bullied!  Had a girlfriend all through High School!  Phical Matter is just a phony, untalented, cheating, klod.

  • shiftercars

    If anything, Latrice’s poor performance finally allowed us to watch her shut the house down in a lip synch for your life scenario. One of my fave parts of the episode was Latrice taking us all to church!

  • Horacio Lom Bonilla

    Yeah, Latrice sucked for the most part, but the “About five minutes ago, I looked over at Miss O’Hara and I realized she’s ugly. And I’m at peace with that” bit was the best answer of the whole debate. I still love her but she’s clearly a couple of notches below Chad and Sharon.

    • kingderella


      • Horacio Lom Bonilla

        High five!

  • kingderella

    didnt like chads ‘character’, but her runway was breathtaking. so was latrices lipsynch.

    latrices performance was a disappointment but her phiphi read was hilarious!
    “just two minutes ago, i realized phiphi was ugly. and i made peace with that.”
    (paraphrasing. does anyone remember the question this answer was to? the joke doesnt really work without the question. i just remember laughing.)

    ps, dan savage, my hero!

    • Horacio Lom Bonilla

      The question was something along the lines of “Politics can get really ugly and you don’t always end up liking everybody. Can you tell us about a time when you made peace with someone you didn’t see eye to eye with?”

      And yeah, the question made the answer all the more hilarious.

  • Leslie Streeter

    I appreciate your sensitivity, but I believe that if everyone of every race feels that it is their place to consider racism, then there will be less racism. You have every right to find something offensive, even if it doesn’t apply to you. I am a straight black woman, but homophobia offends me. Racism targeted specifically at white people, because of their race, or any other race, offends me. And I’ma say it.
    So if that joke offended you, it’s your right if you want to say it. And if not, it’s your right to say that, too.

    • Word. I wish I could like this more than once. 

    • I wish there were a way to not only like this, but give you a fireworks display. 

  • Two words:  “UP-DO!” 

  • Speaking of the whole anti-Texas tirade Phical keeps going on I must address this. I don’t know where this girl lived but it must have been out in the boonies cause I live in Dallas and it is one of the most gay friendly places in this country. We have a very vibrant gay community here and have for a long while now. Dallas is a big city just like other cities in this country. Same goes with places like Houston, Austin and San Antonio. This ain’t the 60’s anymore hunty. Please take your myopic views away and just disappear already.

    • Paigealicious

       That and the fact that I’m sure that Texas, like most other states, has its more liberal urban areas and more conservative rural areas. She’s in liberal Chicago now but I can guarantee that Illinois as a whole isn’t going to be any more gay-friendly than Texas.

      • Since virtually everywhere outside of the Chicago metro area (which granted, is frigging huge) is outrageously red, and most of the rural areas of Illinois are about one tiny step less religious than the Bible Belt, yeah…  probably not.  I am in my hometown currently, where there are actually apartment buildings advertising their Tea Party sympathies on their signs out front.  It’s not so liberal here either, and most of Illinois is not in Chicago. 

        • sweetlilvoice

          Exactly…I live in a very liberal place in Indiana where there is a major Big 10 university. The crappy town I grew up in 20 minutes south of here…not so gay friendly.

    • laura512

      I’ve yelled “Bitch, do you know how big Texas is?? Stop talking like it’s all backwoods” at the TV a LOT this season.  That and “Oh, you shady bitch!”

      Funny…I yell both of those at Phi Phi.  Hm.

    • RebeccaKW

       Word.  I live in a Texas town about 100,000 and it’s gay-friendly.  Well, there’s never been a pride parade, but there are bars and I’ve never once heard on the news (that I can remember; not saying it never happened) heard of any hate crimes outside those.  Like anywhere else, there are some areas that are more friendly and some areas that are less friendly.  And Phi is younger than I am.  Texas overall is a conservative state, but there are many places in this huge state that are not.

      While I can understand that maybe the town where he grew up, or the people in his school, might have been bullies, he really shouldn’t blame the whole entire state for that.  And I agree with another commenter-for someone who claims to have been bullied her whole life, she sure is a mean-spirited bitch to the other girls.  You’d think she’d remember how that felt.  I get that you aren’t there to make friends, but you don’t have to be nasty.  Plus…you are going to see these girls again in the real world.

      • Paigealicious

         And her attitude is just such a turn-off that it can’t be good for her future career, i.e. she’s not drumming up good publicity for touring after the show ends.

        • I was thinking that too! I sure as hell don’t want her to come here. I’ve put in a lot of effort to get Sharon and Chad down her but that bitch, never and I sure as hell won’t support any of her shows.

        • RebeccaKW

           Exactly.  “Phi Phi…oh, yea, she was the queen was such an evil bitch for no reason on drag race.  I think I’ll skip this revue.”

    • Terrie_S

      Texas has a lot of assholes, but that’s because Texas is so big it has a lot of everything. 

      • Thank god phical is one asshole who left

    • I dunno.  A LOT has changed in the past twenty years. When I was a teenager in Houston in the 1990’s, one of my classmates was gaybashed so badly he was hospitalized.  And a bunch of people were arrested for attacking men who left one of the local gay bars in pairs — the cops did a series of stings, and arrested the guys who jumped them. One of them, as he was handcuffed, said “Not fair! We didn’t know you was cops! We thought you was a couple of f**gs!”

      I’m 37, PhiPhi is younger than I am.  But as much as I hate her, those stories ring pretty true to me.

  • Catiline

    I love Sharon and I’m not upset that she won, but I think Chad was robbed.  Her runway look is not only lovely, I really enjoyed the subtle subversiveness of the “Stepford First Lady” character.

    Latrice disappointed in the debate, but her one-liner about Phi Phi should’ve kept her out of the bottom two.  OH, and speaking of Phi Phi, it was an absolute howler when her use of props was described as “Gallagher-y”.

    • MattCooper27

      I agree. Chad was gorgeous with his inaugural look.

    • Vincent Dall

       Chad may have had the best runway look but Sharon was much better during the debate, b/c she is the only one who injected some Presidential Debate realness into the proceedings (as did Chad during runway). In this way, they were 50-50 for the win, but I think the debate was much harder to pull off because it involves both a look and being able to debate which requires thinking on your feet, and for this Sharon most definitely deserved the win. So, no, Chad was not robbed. (I wish too that we would save this term for real acts of drag queen injustice.) 

      • Catiline

        Eh.  To be honest, nobody in the debate really blew me away (aside from Phi Phi for the wrong reasons), although Sharon was good.  My calculus was more along the lines of: pretty good in debate + pretty good on the runway (Sharon) versus slightly less good in the debate + AMAZEBALLS on the runway (Chad).  Personally, like TLo, I felt the criticisms of Chad being “not knowable” or “too good” at her characters were ridiculous non-criticisms.  Perhaps it wasn’t the Greatest Injustice in Drag History, but it’s still kinda bullshit.

  • laura512

    My larger problem with Phi Phi’s joke is that once she got gigged on it, she just would NOT back down. That whole thing could have been solved with a “Y’all know I don’t think of you as the help, right?  That joke didn’t work like I thought it would, I’m sorry.”  *BOOM*  It’s all pineapple garnish and sparkles.

    • MattCooper27

      Pineapple garnish! With a big ole maraschino cherry plopped in the middle!

    • Catiline

      Yep, honestly, if you are telling a joke that plays on a particular group’s historical oppression, and every member of said group sitting in front of you is pissed off/not amused… ya done fucked up.  Own it, apologize, move on.  I know that’s beyond Phi Phi’s capabilities, but that should be the idea.

      I hate to compare “-isms” but as a woman… sometimes if a guy says or does something sexist, it’s not the original sexist thing that demoralizes me half as much as all the “you’re too sensitive, stop being uptight, can’t you take a joke, feminists killed chivalry, bla bla” rationalizations the dude will use to justify himself if I point out even neutrally and politely what he did wrong.

  • RebeccaKW

    Phi’s hair and glasses made her look like a librarian.

    Chad is sick-love that bitch!

    • Paigealicious

       (Some) librarians are sexy, yo!

      • RebeccaKW

         Yes.  SOME are.  🙂

    • fashionzombie

      I am a librarian with cat-eye glasses, and my eye makeup is ALWAYS impeccable. And symmetrical.

      • RebeccaKW

         Didn’t say she looked like a hot librarian.  🙂

  • Phi is a flat performer.  Just flat.  Her timing is terrible and her delivery is terrible.  She’s not funny or witty, she’s not sharp or edgy.  I hope her lip-synch shows are good (but hopes are not high, since seeing that one meth-addled LSfyL), because I can’t imagine paying or even sitting and watching for free such a flat drag queen.  That’s the point in the show where you get up and get another round of drinks for your table because you know you’re not going to miss anything special.

    Also, I am unnerved by how her head fades into her hair in the above photos.

  • I’m not a huge Phi Phi fan, but I guess I don’t really understand why it’s a problem that her makeup makes her look older. The old school middle-aged nighttime soap villainesses she sometimes resembles are some of my favorite icons for glamorous femininity. Give me swagger over ingenue any day.

  • Pinup Ghoul

    Jessye Norman Realness! I died. A baritone playing a soprano! It’s classic, really! I love it. I want this to happen in real life and not just in my dreams.

  •  Well, Latrice made that exact point about Phi Phi earlier in the episode – Phi Phi can never acknowledge when she’s wrong.

    She’s just so angrrrry. It makes me sad, it’s so incredibly unattractive.

  •  I think the point is that you get the distinct feeling Phi Phi’s make up is not out of choice – to put it bluntly, she can’t do any better.

  • glennethph

    Sometimes, I wonder why people laud Latrice.  She mroe often than not fails in either the challenge or the runway.  And it’s weird that not many have dinged her on that makeup. She still is better than Phiphi.

  • Vaniljekjeks

    Chads second look looks like a more convincingly female version of one of those housewife shows.  

  • StellaZafella

    I wonder if, in fact, it WASN’T the ‘gay boy’ who would become PhiPhi that got beat up but the loudmouth, foul-souled little asshole like we see backstage here on Drag Race. Outside of a gay bar or any group of gays and their friends, what PhiPhi does is not considered “throwing shade”, it’s called throwin’ down and gay, straight or in between your lining up for a black eye.
    I also wonder if Latrice’s shutting down when he’s upset about something during the challenges has more to do with being a mechanism of self preservation left over from prison…you don’t mouth off in jail if you want to stay alive. But when she’s back stage – not under performance pressure – our beloved Latrice holds forth, no holds barred.

    • EXCELLENT points my dear!

    • Bwaaaa ha ha ha ha!!!! That could so be it about Phi Phi. He isn’t keeping his sad story straight every time he opens his mouth about his hard life. How can we trust what he says?

  • KittenKisses

    Chad Michaels looks like a well groomed version of Mrs Peacock in the Clue movie.

  • ThaliaMenninger

    If I were Latrice, I might’ve gone “big” classic (Divine in Hairspray) instead of black classic (Oprah). Hairspray is kind of political, and I think Latrice could’ve pulled that off and been recognizable as well as making a point. Or maybe I’m insane. You never know.

    • OH!  I would pay to see Latrice channeling Divine OR Oprah!  If you are insane, I’ll join you on that ride.

  • StellaZafella

    This is the only site I share on so here’s my pitch There are 2, actually):
    1) RuPaul and Logo produce a show where Chad is in the big chair as drag mother to a new set of younger queens each week and each entrant is guest mentored by greats from the Drag Race seasons. This isn’t Drag U, this is real drag queens being taught by real drag queens. The climax is a full, live drag show featuring the new talent hosted by Chad (as Cher, and anyone else he wants to give us) with high end industry guest judges from RuPaul to Gaga. (Y’all dream up the prizes and such, I’m all about the process)
    2) A tour of all the gender benders and shock drags we’ve seen doing they’re fabulous thing. Featuring Nina, Ongina, Sharon, Raven, etal.
    “DRAGOPLECTIC!” “We’re no ladies!”

    • Could a straight get in and finally learn how to do make up right every month?  I so want in on this!

  • My thing is if you’re going to be offensive then bring it and make it funny as shit. At least do that much. 

  • I wish Phi Phi would go home. He is spreading rumors that he won the drag race. I will freak if he wins

    • Pinup Ghoul

       So will I. Plus, I’d never watch again.
      I doubt it’s going to happen, though… Phi’s not the best lipsyncher there, especially when up against Latrice. Haven’t seen what Chad can do yet, though.

  • Markatha

    More & more I’m torn between Sharon & Chad. 
    They BOTH do what they do so wonderfully even though they do such  different drag.

    Sharon is perhaps more up my alley, so to speak, and I’ve always kinda favored her.
    Plus she is freaking incredible.
    But so is Chad and he’s completely stolen my heart too. 
    I expected him to do a great Cher but I’ve really LOVED the way he has completely changed Look & character week after week.  That runway look this week was so spot on & delicious.  Plus gorgeous too.

    I’m so conflicted & gay…….I wish they both could win!!!

  • DinahR

    I love Chad and Sharon!  Each time I think I’ve picked a favorite between them the other one does something so completely funny or wonderful and I’m back to being unable to choose again.  

    Look at that picture of Latrice walking back up the catwalk.  Those curves are dangerous!  I LOVE that she embraces, loves and knows how to work her body.  Kind of inspirational actually.  I wasn’t a fan of her corset this week but when she took it off for LSFYL I really loved the way that dress flattered her and moved.  


  • MitchellGilburne

    I finally figured out why my reaction to PhiPhi’s runway wasn’t as negative as it should have been given the various elements; I think she’s giving off a total Vanessa Williams vibe here. She doesn’t look like her spitting image, but there’s something there and I think a little of my immense love for Ms. VW trickled over into my perception of PhiPhi.

  • If we aren’t seeing the real Chad Michaels yet, then I don’t want to know more about him. He’s perfect like this. That runway look was so fantastic, so ethereal, I was thinking, “Is this for real? Am I actually seeing this? Or is it fantasy?” Not a hair out of place. So full of grace. Ru’s runway look was lacking some because Chad stole it all, or something. I cannot understand how anyone could find fault with this. A treat to watch. Just: wow!

  • istar73

    Watching Untucked and seeing how happy Chad, Latrice and Sharon were for Dida when her mum spoke to her on the video, I was moved. Chad had a look of such tender motherly love and looked like she was gonna tear up really stole my heart. Only Phi Phi seems like he didn’t give a damn cos it was not about him. I had wanted Sharon to win this season but now I am torn between Chad and Sharon. I think Dida also won that night after the video. She looks to me the happiest queen to sashay away.

  • Stubenville

    You know Phi Phi could have just rephrased what she said in a way that would have been funny without being as offensive. “I am so proud to be up here today with women that not that long ago would have been considered ‘the help.'” The girl is just not that bright, IMHO.


  • I am SO over Phi Phi.  Please God she goes home next week.  Every time she opens her mouth it’s like nails on a chalkboard for me.  Talk about a ball of bitter!  (Shudder)

  • J Swanson

    Ok, so I’m confused about seeing each eliminated girl holding the check in the next episode, as it doesn’t line up:

    The Princess was eliminated ep 3 and is wearing ep 3’s outfit.

    Madame LaQueer was eliminated ep 4 and is wearing ep 4’s outfit, but different hair.

    However, Kenya was eliminated ep 5, but is wearing ep 3’s outfit.

    Milan was eliminated ep 6, but is wearing ep 5’s outfit.

    Jiggly was eliminated ep 7, but is wearing ep 4’s earrings and hair.

    Willam was eliminated ep 8, but is wearing ep 4’s outfit.

    Yes, I’m obsessive, but seriously–someone explain this crap to me!

    • StellaZafella

      I can’t prove this but I just figured they do these shots before anything else begins around the same time they shoot the specially themed promo stills. Since the gurlz all bring wardrobe they’re told to just put together something out of their stashes and, if they happen to hit the outfit they’re wearing when they’re Sashayed, the match is pure coincidence. I’ve been waiting to see what Phi Fly looks like after her offing…I figure the worse her makeup is, the more I support my theory. I do think they film the “Are you pissed?” segments in the lounge right after they sashay.

  • PantherontheRunway

    Can we split the diff with the comment about “the help”?
    Its not really offensive because it was said in joking manner with no real malice behind it. 
    But for the fact that we all hate Phi-phi can we just call her a bitch for it?—pleeeeeaaassseeee 😀

    • Wat

      You would be surprised at the dumb shit people will say to your face. And intent doesn’t really matter when you’re just trying to get away with being an asshole.

  • PantherontheRunway

    Also I am so mad! The judges should have been doting and fussing over Chad on the runway! TOO GORGEOUS! Whenever I see that gorgeous look, I think of all the stodgy, tight assed republican women dying inside with jealousy at how GORGEOUS Chad looked

  • PantherontheRunway

    Also I am so mad! The judges should have been doting and fussing over Chad on the runway! TOO GORGEOUS! Whenever I see that gorgeous look, I think of all the stodgy, tight assed republican women dying inside with jealousy at how GORGEOUS Chad looked

  • PantherontheRunway

    Also I am so mad! The judges should have been doting and fussing over Chad on the runway! TOO GORGEOUS! Whenever I see that gorgeous look, I think of all the stodgy, tight assed republican women dying inside with jealousy at how GORGEOUS Chad looked

  • Mchelo

    Latrice (and not PhiPhi) fell on the bottom two just because Ru did not want to risk pitting Phi2 against Dida and maybe losing the season’s main shit-stirrer. Ru and everyone else knew that PhiPhi was dreadful beyond belief, but Phiphi could’ve screwed up the lip synch against Dida (like she did against Sharon) and force Ru to sent her home, so Ru did not take chances and unleashed Latrice to kick Dida off. That’s all. Latrice didn’t deserve the LSFYL, everyone knows it, even Ru, but she did the expected, she NAILED IT FOREVER and sent the boring Dida home. Well played, Ru.