RuPaul’s Drag Race: It’s Debatable!

Posted on March 27, 2012

A drunken platform shoe decorating contest!

Oh, why can’t there by gay summer camps with activities like this? This is, after all, why God invented queens; so that they could go and teach underprivileged children the value of sequins.

The results were about what you’d expect, which is to say, mostly messes. Although Sharon needs to be singled out for praise due entirely to the phrase “I’m serving up Navajo realness.”

These crappy pieces of shit won.

Yes, we’re cranky because Phi Phi grates and because these are tacky and obvious, when “Navajo realness” deserves some sort of award, even if Absolut would never go for it for fear of offending. Which is why using drag queens as spokesmodels for products is never really a good idea unless you’re willing to be edgy. We offer as examples every painful Absolut commercial with former RPDR contestants (although the one where they go through the decades isn’t bad).


We don’t know why the queens (see: Dida) get so worked up over shit like this. They’re looking for performers; people who can take the premise and run with it. They’re not looking for serious answers to debate questions, no matter how much Ru or Dan Savage said otherwise. They only said that to shake the queens up. The ones who just barrelled forward with their concepts (Chad and Sharon) were the ones who got the most praise. It’s not about “politics,” it’s about performing. It always is with every challenge. On RuPaul’s Drag Race, you don’t have to be a good singer or dancer or dressmaker or political pundit; you just have to take those concepts and run with them, giving the audience something to look at and respond to.

The world would be a better place if Secret Service agents looked exactly like this. You know it’s true.

We can’t believe we’re saying this, but we hate RuPaul’s outfit. Girl obviously didn’t want to put the work in that day. This looks like a bathrobe.

Still cute, but he needed about 6 layers of canned tan sandblasted off him.

Also cute but not as bitchy as we’d hoped he’d be.

So congratulations Sharon! We were a bit surprised the judges went with this one but we’re glad they did.

They throw a lot of crap at her for not being glamorous enough or being too spooky or whatever, but the longer the competition goes on, the sillier the judges look for making an issue of it. The fact of the matter is, there are three or four queens clearly better than all the other queens and that’s been true since Day One. Of those three or four queens Sharon is the funniest and most creative by far. It takes a special brain to look at a request to dress for a drag queen inauguration and say “Not gonna happen for a hundred years, so here’s my dress for 2112.”

The dress itself was not all that great from a design perspective, but the move was so (you’ll pardon the term in this context) ballsy that she deserved the win for it. We’re glad the judges agreed.

Michelle Visage said exactly what we’ve been saying about Dida. You get either face or body, but you never get both in the same look. The face looked pretty good, but the dress looked cheap and boring. She doesn’t know how to create a memorable look or character.

Whenever they ask her to play someone, she always defaults to the exact same character: a sweet, bubbly, super-feminine type. There’s nothing inherently funny about it and she never takes it anywhere interesting.

We’ll give her credit for trying her damnedest during the lip synch (and NOT resorting to gymnastics, wig or dress-ripping, and spastic convulsions because Dida Ritz is a LADY), but she was up against Miss Latrice Royale who was herself up against the wall. That’s not a position we’d wish on anyone. She’s lucky she could still walk off that stage with her head held high, because if Latrice didn’t like her, she’d have been a smear on that catwalk.



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  • Latrice’s lip-synch? She was giving us church-going gospel REALNESS. And I’m gagging for more. 

    •  I’m actually GLAD that Latrice had to lip sync- we got to see her stuff and she was ON FIRE!

      •  She could have set an entire neighborhood on fire with that lip sync. Girl brought it, just like we all knew she would.

      • I watched all of the queens lip-synch and perform on Youtube about 2 weeks into this season. (Just do a search for each one)  Latrice and Chad are incredible; Sharon is hysterical (Find the video of her doing Peg Bundy realness.)
        Phi Phi is good; but not on the same level as the other girls. She should/would have gone home 2 weeks ago if it had not been for Willam’s disq. 

      • I watched all of the queens lip-synch and perform on Youtube about 2 weeks into this season. (Just do a search for each one)  Latrice and Chad are incredible; Sharon is hysterical (Find the video of her doing Peg Bundy realness.)
        Phi Phi is good; but not on the same level as the other girls. She should/would have gone home 2 weeks ago if it had not been for Willam’s disq. 

  • FunButNutz

    Sharon Needles has a perfectly imsane brain.  That’s why I love her.  Smart, ballsy take no prisoners goddess!

    • Elizabido

      I love Sharon more as each week goes by. I wish she was a pal of mine. Last night I even dreamed about cuddling with her on the couch while we watched TV. We could have so much fun together being weird.

    • Alexander Peterhans

      She’s just fantastic. Best contestant since Pandora Boxx.

      And all that crap about her ‘spookiness’.. there already are 3 fishy RPDR winners – time to diversify.

      • AudreysMom

        Oh, Alexander I completely agree. I still put Raja in a class by herself but until Sharon Needles, my absolute favorite has been Pandora Boxx. Now I have two Best Contestants. 

      • I wouldn’t call Raja particularly “fishy.” She didn’t even use padding.

        I think all three winners could be described as “glamazons,” though.

  • introspective

    Girl, Sharon nailed it! this challenge was made for her (and sadly Willam, who I know would have totally owned it since he *lived* in character). I knew it was in the bag, and the 2112 comment was the witty quip that made for icing on the cake.

    I knew Dida was outta here the minute she pulled out all the Beyonce esque theatrics to LSFYL to Gladys Knight. Honey, that’s way before her time and she had no idea that Gladys was regal and calm on stage, and took us to church not the club. Latrice, however pulled out all the Soul Train realness she could muster, and blew her out of the water wth

    •  Could be Dida- it would be incredibly unfair to go back very far, and bringing back Willam would be twisted in the extreme.

      • Elizabido

        I hope it will be Willam or maybe Princess, just because I liked the looks she came up with. If Jiggly comes bouncing back, I’ll be serving up some Puking Realness.

        • discordany

           Those are my choices, too. Ideally Willam, but I wonder if they won’t keep him off the show out of principal. In that case, My vote is 100% for Princess – I loved her looks and was very sad when she was kicked off.

    • RebeccaKW

       Holy cow! Phical Matter!?  I almost peed when I read that!

    • Elizabido

      I thought for sure that Phi-Squared would be in the Bottom 2. In her defense, she was trying to play a dim-witted fool a la Palin in the debate challenge and just wasn’t funny or clever with it, so the “help” stuff came off as tasteless rather than what she intended. I actually thought Latrice was runner-up to Sharon but she didn’t take advantage of the chances she had to take the character further. I like Chad, but I didn’t think his debate character was all that funny. Great inaugural gown, though! Sharon’s wig was sort of a futuristic Calista Gingrich style–only Calista’s look is much scarier!

    • WickedCats

      I hope they don’t bring Kenya back, because as far as talent, the only thing she was god at was looking fishy.  

      • Celandine1

        I fear it will be Kenya because some of the male judges had an obvious and icky hard-on for her. I don’t know if I can stomach more of her and PeePee together. The only queen ever on the show who was sent home too early imo and deserves to be brought back is Pandora Boxx. That was a travesty in season 2. Bringing Carmen back last season was a joke and it’s really so unecessary.

        • AnotherG

          I’m going to defend Kenya slightly here, because I had the fortune to see her perform live in SF when all of the Puerto Rican girls from DPDR came to town.  Kenya and Jessica Wild tore it up with high-energy performances.  (All of them were great, including Madame la Queer, and I will always, always love Nina and Yara.  It’s a stalkery kind of love.)

          That said, RPDR isn’t just about the moves and being pretty, so I wouldn’t want to see her come back.  I really hope it’s Willam.

          • Celandine1

            That’s a very good point and I suspect many queens that might fall a little short (no pun intended) on the show, probably give great live performances. The time constraints and parameters of the challenges, as in other reality shows, might not always bring out their best. Kenya always displayed TONS of energy and the miscasting on that challenge really hurt her. But she really bugged me and Billy B’s fawning over her during judging creeped me out.
            LOL at stalkery love. I also enjoyed all the other queens you mentioned during their time on the show. Of all the queens that have been on Drag Race, right now PhiPhi is the one that I would not spend any money to see perform, and probably would turn down a free ticket!

          • I DO want Kenya to come back.  End up in the bottom 2… with Phi Phi O’PHake Tan (Or Phical Matter; as said above…Love that name) and Kenya can send her bestie away.  Then Kenya can sashay away the following week… Again.

    •  it’s funny, because I thought Dida’s Natalie Cole (which she KILLED) had all kinna soul. but I guess that song was in more of a new R & B aesthetic where a touch of Bee was not inappropriate, especially up against the zen princess.

    • AudreysMom

      ugh. When they went through the list of aufed contestants, I could only think what Latrice said, ‘no mo hos.’ Honestly – none of them deserve to come back. There isn’t a Pandora Boxx in the lot.

      • Vincent Dall

         Agree. No one who has been cut deserves a 2nd chance except Willam and it’s hard to see how that could occur considering he was disqualified. I’m completely puzzled by the Princess fans. Yes, he had some nice runway outfits but he was a complete bore otherwise. What was even less forgivable was that he couldn’t see how stiff and uninteresting he was coming off in the various challenges, not to mention lip sinking for his life. Please, no.

    • Pinup Ghoul

       I’m guessing Madame LaQueer. Or Shangela, in a REALLY weird and infuriating twist.

    • belfebe

      My bet is on Willam.  That would be drama at its most twisted.  Nothing could beat that.

  • Now THAT is what a LSFYL is all about.

  • Oooo, I blame Latrice for not stepping it up in the debate and runway, so that Phi Phi could have been sashayed by DiDa. Yet another week of that sad, tasteless Phi Phi for us. Goodbye DiDa. You were so sweet and your look today was a little different from usual. Keep working hard. You’ve got talent.

    LOL Latrice for saying “You’re wrong right now” to Phi Phi in the workroom. Ha! And I loved Sharon blowing her nose on the heart Phi Phi put on her podium. Awesome!

    Ru! Why were you wearing one of Michael C.’s caftans? Why?? It was painful to look at, after having to endure them in two seasons of PR.

    I had no idea that Interior Illusions was a real company. 

    Chad looked so fabulous on the runway. Why can Michelle not understand that the real Chad is what’s already on stage, a professional who is so dedicated to the job, making people happy and loving it? A person can be like that, you know?

    Mr. Absolut is a very good judge. He makes helpful critiques.

    • StillGary

      I was glad I watched untucked for this episode (sometimes I regret it) because weirdly enough, Phi Phi summed up that problem perfectly: Chad Michaels, at the core, is a good and decent person and that is never going to be interesting enough for any runway.

    • I thought that was an Anya caftan, not Michael C. I guess that Anya would never use those sherbert colors.

    • “Interior Illusions”….you mean a COMPANY did that tacky room??

      • Yes, Interior Illusions is a real company; “My Fair Wedding” W/ David Tuttera uses them constantly to do his productions.

      • vmcdanie

         Until Sharon won, I assumed this was a term invented by RPDR.

        Damn, there are 2 shills in that one sentence: “Ladies, while you enjoy an Absolut cocktail in the Interior Illusions lounge….” Well played, RuPaul.

        • Jordan Brodley

           I’ve decided I need two things in my life. 1. A Nieman Marcus Accessory wall and 2. An Interior Illusions Lounge.

          That way if I’m about to be in a fight, I can enjoy my absolute cocktail in the interior illusions lounge in my spectacular nieman marcus accessorized outfit.

          •  We just call our bathroom the “Interior Illusions Lounge.”

            Don’t drink cocktails in there, though.

          • OK  who let Willam in here?

        • bondsinseconds

           i don’t know, i think Ru could encourage them to check her out on itunes while they wait in the interior illusions lounge with their absolut cocktails.

        • This show is the only program on television that makes product placement not only tolerable, but a hilarious part of the show. I actually want to buy the stuff Ru shills for, like it’s nice to know Absolut supports teh gays and whatnot. 

    • Nelliebelle1197

       I don’t like Michelle much. Prefer Merle by a mile….

      • Horacio Lom Bonilla

        I liked Merle, but it was funny just how blatantly RuPaul ignored her opinions, and often went flatly against them. At least Michelle seems to have some influence over Ru.

      •  I like Michelle, but she’s a one trick pony and her personality is getting pretty old.

    • MilaXX

      That’s the second time 
      Lattice let the younger queen cause her to lose focus. Yes 
      Phi’s comment was insulting and racist, but either think of a comeback or ignore.

      • she did think of a comeback and it was golden!

        • Ha ha ha yes!

          “About five minutes ago I looked across at Miss O’Hara and realized that she was ugly and I’m at peace with that.”

    • fashionzombie

      Haha! I also yelled “Why are you wearing a Michael C design?” Although MC would never use that palette — not mature enough, and neither is it satin.

    • AudreysMom

      we’ve said it before, but Michelle Visage is on crack. She complains about Chad Michaels having so many different characters and wondering just who is Chad Michaels. Gag me with a spoon. Chad shows range and creativity and has indeed responded to the judge’s concerns. Remember when they wanted him to show something more edgy and he did (a few episodes back, where he wore something black and tight and short spiked hair on the runway)? Remember Michele’s response: “well, maybe that’s edgy in Chad Michael’s world.” Bitch please. Put the girls back in your dress and get off the stupid-juice.

      •  Was that some kind of star pasted to her cleavage?

        • I thought it was a tattoo.

          • AudreysMom

            yeah because we needed something else to get us to look at her boobs

      •  I want to know what Michelle’s problem is with Chad. If I could have reached through the screen to throttle her, I would have. She’s nitpicking for the sake of it.

    • Sweetpea176

      I’ll bet Mr. Absolut’s critiques matter A LOT.

      • Well given that the show’s winner will represent Absolut in one way or another, I should think so.

    • You really think that if Latrice had just stepped it up a little bit, they would have put Phi Phi in the bottom 2 and gotten rid of her?

      There’s no way they’d drop the villain this soon.

  • Horacio Lom Bonilla

    I am so sad Dida left before Phi. See that? I can’t even be bothered to write her full name. Some people call her Phi2. That just goes to show you how lame and uninteresting she is when people won’t take the trouble to write her full name sans last name when, on the other hand, it is a pleasure to write out Sharon Needles or Chad Michaels. Anyway, I love Dida, and I’m sad she’s gone but at least she made it this far, which if I’m honest about it was about two or three challenges longer than she deserved to go.

    • Nelliebelle1197

       That’s okay. Bitch can’t even SPELL her name.

    • AnotherG

      What terrifys me is that Feh Feh was . . . subdued this episode.  Well, subdued for her.  Maybe that was just the editing they went with.

      I’m ready for Feh to give us that “departing realness” now please . . .

  • MissMariRose

    Can we talk about The Help “joke?” I cannot believe Phi Phi went there. I would not have blamed Latrice at all if she’d gone all Compton on her ass.

    When she made that remark, I yelled at my TV: “You gotta be kidding me! Bitch, have you seen RuPaul?”

    I hope they bring back Willam because she’s hilarious and because it would piss off Phi Phi so much.

    • introspective

      girl I wanted to smack Phical thru the tv for that bs. Hated her so much before. Done with her now.

    • andcoh

      Oh come on.  The joke fell flat, but I got the character she was going for.  

      • Elizabido

        Yeah, she was supposed to be portraying an ignorant, clueless Palin/Bachman-type character that with somebody truly clever, the jokes might have actually been funny instead of piffling out and causing embarrassment. 

        • andcoh

          I feel like “The Help” joke was supposed to be something like, “Look at how hip and modern I am, I read a book about black people.”  Like that woman totally missed the point of the story but wanted to seem in the now.

          • Jane_Lane

            When you have to dissect a joke that much for it to br funny, it was a failure. There is no joke that should be that esoteric.

          • andcoh

            I didn’t say it was good.  😉  I just think I got what she was going for.  Because I live in the South and know people like that.

          • Lingus

             I’m from the south too, and the fact that Phi Phi is as well and STILL couldn’t nail that character was just bad. The poor girl just doesn’t have any comedy chops.

      •  It was completely in character, but as they said in the judging if you’re going to go offensive it also has to be funny. And it just wasn’t! I think what made me cringe that extra bit was that it was so clear that if it had not been so overwrought that kind of clueless character could have been hilarious, and that same joke (though better executed) would work.

      • OmegaBlush

        Exactly.  I don’t think Phi2 is racist, she just doesn’t have any comedy skills.  And I ‘m not sure which one’s worse.  I think nailing borderline off-colour jokes would have been hilarious, but she simply doesn’t have the skills.  Willam would have walked circles around this challenge without even breaking a sweat.

      • phiphihater

        She could have totally made that joke funny simply by referring to Sharon instead of Latrice and Dida.

        Something like. “blah blah blah, even the help…”dramatic pauses, gestures to Sharon, “blah blah blah, quip about overdusting her face…” or even “blah blah blah, those rags as her Sunday best.” It would have totally played against expectations, allowed the judges to be indignant for a few seconds than have an actual laugh at a read at her enemy.

    • Was it Sharon who said it takes a special way to use those kind of jokes? Well, it surely was not Phi Phi who did it right. Her “character” in the debate was already so… amateur that a racist joke delivered like that would not have worked. It was horrible. Too bad actual daggers did not come out of Latrice’s and DiDa’s eyes when Phi Phi used that “joke.” It would take a master to make that Help joke work.

    • MK03

      I kept thinking “Does she not know Latrice has been to prison? Bitch will lay you out!”

    • AudreysMom

      “Compton on her ass…” best line of the night.

    • discordany

       I just kept picturing the joke delivered by other contestants. Based on that, I think there was nothing inherently wrong with the joke itself, but in the delivery. I truly believe Chad Michaels could have delivered that line and had me rolling on the floor in laughter. Even Sharon might have gotten a giggle from me. But something about Phi2’s delivery was off… and turned it into something offensive instead of funny.

      • It’s because we suspect she actually means it, deep down. By this point, we’ve watched her interacting with the other queens, and heard what she has to say about people in the interview segments. Chad could do that joke and it’d be fine because we know she’d never say that as herself, so we’d assume it was part of the character.

        Though of course Chad would never actually use that line, in character or not.

  • I actually love that first pair of shoes, with the masks. They are Relevant to my Interests. (Which is to say, put a mask on anything and I’m pretty much there.) But I actually think they’re a thoughtful kind of gaudy, more Versailles than tacky (though that is, to be sure, a very fine line indeed by today’s taste).

    • They weren’t the worst shoes on the judging pedestal (PhiPhi’s tickytacky fruity mess were). But I canNOT deal with the number of reality contestants who talk about “Victorian” and “Marie Antoinette” as if they’re the same thing. They’re actually VERY DIFFERENT AESTHETICS, not to mention different countries and a good 70 years apart. 

      • Yeah, the fact that they’re named after two different women should be a good enough sign, wouldn’t you think? But that would involve people actually caring about the etymologies of the words they use, which I’ve found is expecting way too much. Also, yeah, they don’t look anything alike.

        I don’t watch the show, though – I don’t get Bravo – so this is not a consideration for me!

        • It’s actually on Logo and you can watch online at

        • It’s actually on Logo, but you can also watch it online. 

      • MK03

        THIS. SO MUCH. It drives me crazy.

      •  this is true but I still think that they were the only pair to have ANY shape or composition and to not look totally crafty.

      • I agree. Poor Dida. She apparently also thinks that her mermaid gown demonstrated “Breakfast at Tiffany’s Realness,” so clearly her knowledge of history is somewhat off. 

      • malarkey

        I actually liked Dida’s shoes. I thought they were the winners. Phi’s were a wreck, I can’t believe they won.

    • I really liked the mask shoes as well. I’m amazed that they didn’t win, but I haven’t seen the episode yet so I’m only going by the screen captures.

  • Dida’s debate character reminded me of the shy, not-popular/not-nerdy girl running for sophomore class treasurer or secretary.  It was just bland and forgettable.  You’re a drag queen, honey.  Give us some pizazz.  PhiPhi’s might have been awful, but at least it made an impression.

    • RebeccaKW

      Her characters always remind me of the Stepford Wives.  Beautiful, wearing a sensible skirt and cardigan, and not interested in rocking the boat.  Stepford Wife would be a good character if she took it over the top, but it’s always bland.

      • AnotherG

        I’m predicting a possible Ms Congeniality prize for DiDa…

  • StellaZafella

    Dida’s message from her mom was tear inducing to say the least…and I could just picture her dad over there in the Barcalounger saying saying “Just tell him I’m here”. Dida seemed okay with that so all I could think was: Das are like that, yeah they are!

    Has PhiPhi ever heard of Karma?

    I think the only thing that would impress Mister Visage about Chad would be if she walk

    • BBBBBBBut she didn’t love Willam enough!  I get you though.  One of my first reactions to the show was “just who/what are they looking for anyway?  Willam didn’t show her real self, now Chad?  Interesting how both of them are more PROFESSIONAL than the average RPDR contestant?

  • Go, Sharon, you’re doing Pittsburgh proud!

    I do think they were too hard on Phi Phi. I got the character and kind of enjoyed it.

    When Chad got angry about being treated badly in high school…THAT’S what Michelle is talking about. That was some real Chad emotion.

    The rest were kind of boring.

    • Know what got me about that scene?  Didn’t Phical Matter assert some time ago that he was bullied?  I would swear he did – to Jiggly in fact.  Now it’s all “I had a girlfriend, I wasn’t out, I was popular”?  Please.  Someone put the viewer out of our misery!  And, for someone who gives an appearance of being at least part Mexican/Spanish (and aren’t those of that heritage the “new black” in the SW?) (no racism intended, just observation) WHAT the HE** was he doing using “the help”?Gawd, I hate that boy.

      • StellaZafella

        You’re right, though PhiPhi would say she was talking about different times in his life, it still sounds like

  • I’m kind of sick of Michelle Visage wanting to see the “real Chad”  I don’t think she even knows what she means when she says it.  The real Chad is polished, versatile, graceful, and professional to the end.  How exactly has Chad not shown that in every single challenge and runway?  I’m over you Michelle.   Also, maybe I’m just Willam deprived, but it seemed like Phi2 was trying to approach this challenge the way that Willam would have…but just didn’t have the wit or showmanship to pull it off – at all.  I mean “the help?”  The look on Ru’s face was more tart than one of those absolut cocktails. not a smart move Phical matter…not a smart move. 

    ETA: I was also not impressed by RuPaul and her technicolor dream-frock.

    • jjfg

       Aye, re: Michelle – she needs to let go of whatever is up her ass about Chad because it clearly seems to be her problem, not Chad’s.  Tie it to a balloon and release it, honey.  You’ll feel better.

      Wasn’t loving Ru’s look, either.  She’s too good for that.

    •  That “The Help” line just possibly could have worked if he’d sneaked it in instead of emphasizing it.

      •  *The Help* line was a problem because PhiPhi doesn’t have the chops to pull it off, and because she’s already so offensively rude to everyone else. It became more of a problem when PhiPhi refused to see what the problem was, or why “it’s just a joke, get over it” wasn’t a valid defense.

        • Celandine1

          And you know that if it had been another queen in that situation PhiPhi would have beat that dead horse then brought it back to life to beat some more. None of the past queens deserve to be brought back except Willam, mostly because it will torture PeePee. Which is what I shall call PhiPhi from now on. Top four, puleeeze.

          • I think you’re right. She probably would criticize anyone else who did such a joke if she hadn’t. That’s why she says her name twice, because Phi Phi is a two-face with double standards.

    • ROFLMAO at Phical trying to even come CLOSE to Willam’s brilliance!  Please.  Welcome to the deprival zone….I’m looking up any and all videos for some of her wit.  

      I too thought of PR with Ru’s frock.  That or an ancient Talbot’s offering…

  • I have to admit I groan every time I find out Jeffrey Moran is a judge.  He seems so bitter and conservative in his views.  He’s like the opposite of camp and fun.  He may bring a more business-related set of concerns to the table, but honestly – such a debbie-downer for me.  Or at least his editing always is.  He seems to dislike anything that could even remotely be unsettling or make you look at something in a different (and more dynamic way) than what a marketer would to safely sell something…  live a little outside of the Absolut branding campaign Jeffrey!  I’d be more likely to buy your booze if you did!

    • Elizabido

      Maybe he’d be less starchy if he’d drink more of the booze he shills. How dare he not appreciate Sharon for who she is!

    • StellaZafella

      I like Jeffrey “Acai Berries” Moran…He’s a true corporate foil to all the RPDR silliness – and so very serious! It makes me want to see Ru turn him into the mini-challenge: Lock him in the workroom with all the gurlz and let them “gang drag” him up ala La Cage Aux Folles…then we could watch the real Absolut Drag Princess emerge!
      By the way, ever notice Ru doesn’t let him further into the workrrom than the stairs? I bet he snitches thing from the gurlz w

    • vmcdanie

      I’m never happy to see that sourpuss orange man show up at judging. I still blame him for Jessica Wild going home. He clearly influences the judging since he represents the sponsor, which makes me the tiniest bit worried for Sharon now.

    • Vincent Dall

       Agree about Jeffrey. He is a bore (or at least plays one on TV). What I found ridiculous about his negative comments on Sharon is that she so clearly showed, in the presidential debate, that she has the chops to be a polished, professional spokesman. His emphasis on her being off-putting was stupid b/c she demonstrated – in her two performances (debate and runway) – versatility, wit and intelligence. She really rocked it out. Latrice is fierce but this is the second time – Snatch Game was the other – where her improv skills have been suspect. Chad and Sharon were heads about the rest, and Sharon was heads above Chad Michaels this time around b/c she managed to both camp it up and bring presidential realness to the debate. Awesome.

    • Sweetpea176

      RPDR IS an Absolut branding campaign for Jeffrey.  I’m willing to bet that if he doesn’t have a not of influence over who wins, he at least has a lot of influence over who doesn’t win. 

  • I want to have Dan Savage’s children. Or at least, a la Colbert, have him at one end and his partner at the other.

  • andcoh

    Love Sharon and Chad.  I thought Phi Phi was fine.  Obviously not the best but not the bottom either.  Although I’m annoyed with her eyes still. Dida’s character was the same one she always chooses.  Latrice today reminded me of the snatch game.  She starts strong, but fades pretty quick.  Loved her lip synch.

    And fingers crossed for Willam, though I think bringing back someone who was DQ’d might not be fair.  Honestly, Dida is the only one I’d bring back.  I feel like the early competitors have just been gone too long.

    •  I think PhiPhi has some physical condition that causes a droop or a squint in the left eye. He wears glasses and strikes me as someone who’d NEVER wear them unless he absolutely HAD to.

      • andcoh

        I’ve been wondering that too.  I just felt sort of odd saying it.  I also feel odd saying the Phi Phi didn’t annoy me at all this week.  

        •  His imitation of Willam vomiting was very tackyfunny.  I thought his runway look was actually pretty good, and without Willam in the room he seems to have calmed down a bit – I think he and Sharon have come to a sort of understanding, temporary as it may be.

          • Know what?  Screw him if he can’t deal with his jealousy over Willam!  Willam IS the real thing, Phical matter is just a back stabbing, lying, cruel, lip sync phony!  I hope we get to see him hurl too…without making 10000000 excuses either!

          •  Phi2 made me laugh a few times during the debate, and the confetti barfing was funny. But too little, too late for me.

            And for all that is good, holy and gay, Phi-Phi, do not try edgy humor ever again.

      •  It’s never noticeable in the interview segments, though, and he doesn’t wear glasses then.

  • I saw Latrice perform live Saturday night here in San Francisco. She pours buckets of attitude; each quiver of her lips and each commanding step demands that you notice her. She was gorgeous and energetic, and in a league of her own. It was the most memorable live drag performance I’ve ever seen, and this was on the tiniest stage ever granted to a queen. I can’t imagine the shivers I would have felt had she been given proper room; I might still have a fever from it!

    • nancymae

      How did I miss that?! Where was she?

      • She was at The Cafe in the Castro Saturday night, and last night she was at Toad Hall. I couldn’t go to the Toad Hall performance, though, since The Midnight Sun has a weekly RPDR viewing, and I didn’t want to miss it. There is nothing like screaming at Phi-Phi with a crowd 🙂

        • nancymae

          I just moved to the Bay area so I have a lot of places to see. I am definitely adding Toad Hall and The Cafe to my list. Thanks so much!

        • Oh man, I’d LOVE a public viewing of the show. Better look some up in my tiny Chula Vista.

        • StellaZafella

          You’re naming places I “grew up” in as a San Francisco native…God I miss home right now!
          Thanks though, you just gave me a day’s worth of sense memory flashbacks!

        • AnotherG

          I SO wanted to see her! I got to see the Puerto Rican Invasion, but had to miss Latrice.  *sad trombone*  Hopefully she’ll be back.

    • Caaro3

      I am feverish with ENVY!  Lucky you.

    •  There are no words to describe my envy right now.

  •  Phical Matter – best name ever for him!

    I’d buy an Armani suit just for her! (not really hehe) – have you seen her song?

  • Whoever comes back from the dead next week will probably be eliminated again, thus we’ll be left with Phi Phi for another two weeks. Ugh!

    I LOVED Sharon’s remarks about Chad during Untucked, they were very sweet and so true.

    The whole contest boils down to Sharon, Latrice, and Chad, and I adore them all!

    • AnotherG

      I worry about this too, since the returning girl doesn’t seem to last.  However, if it’s Willam, she might break that cycle, given that she wasn’t sashay’d away for not being good enough. 

  • Frank_821

    Yes hurray for Sharon. It’s bizarre she was worried she wasn’t funny or clever enough. technically she wasn’t funny she was witty and subtle in her jabs and that made her all the more effective

    I hope Phi Phi is studying herself in these episodes. Her concept for the debate was sound but her execution was too rough, manic and overwrought. There was nothing wrong per se with doing the “help” joke. But 1) she ran it into the ground and badly and 2) it would have been a lot funnier if she included a jab at Sharon and Chad in the same sentence

    THAT’s what she needs to get and what Sharon was conveying

    And hurray for Sharon praising Chad during the untucked segment and summarizing him as a 20 year vet who’s never been a bitch. And how no runway is sufficient to show that off

    Hurray for this episode of Untucked in general. Except of course for Phi Phi’s requisite bitching. At this point I wonder if this is deliberate camera whoring strategy to help stay in the game. If it is it’s not helping. It would be different if she was actually more successful

    • cheesebomb

      I died laughing when Sharon blew her nose on Phi2’s little “vote for PhiPhi” heart she put on the front of the podium. Subtle, but brilliant.

      • Celandine1

        Sharon is so quick on her feet and usually has great comebacks. She is witty, subtle, and smart which is what entertains me. 

  • kentiesgirl

    My family has had the worst week ever and I didn’t even remember Drag Race was on, but between remembering and the line “She’s lucky she could still walk off that stage with her head held high,
    because if Latrice didn’t like her, she’d have been a smear on that
    catwalk.” made me smile for the first time in days. I’ve been sayin it since day on-girl is fierce as hell. Glad to see you guys know it. 🙂

    HRH for the win. (can’t help myself, it just appears on the screen every time I log in to disqus)

  • Well, Lady Gaga sure did love Sharon’s runway look. Tweeted about it and everything! (Wonder if she caught a look at Phi2 as her in the Snatch Game?)

    I got what Phi2 was going for with her ‘the Help’ joke but nothing about it was right. The timing, the phrasing, she stumbled over it as she said it, and it wasn’t all that funny. There wasn’t any real cohesiveness to her character to be able to pull it off. And, unfortunately, she comes off as so hateful for the most part that I don’t think the audience is likely to give her a break about it, either.

    I did get a kick out of Ru offering Sharon a chance to say something at the end of her critique (I’m sure all the queens get that, ie: Latrice being able to confront Santino about his couch comment) and she focused on Absolut guy who wasn’t exactly over the moon for her look and was all “First of all, I love vodka and I’d just like to say that I’ve responsibly enjoyed your product for many years.” That queen knows how to play.

    Chad voicing her frustration with Michelle’s critiques was a welcome thing to see, too. I know as a viewer I’ve been frustrated with Michelle’s bullshit critiques of Chad. And how great was Sharon talking about what an amazing, generous person Chad is? Is it possible not to adore the ever living shit out of Chad? (Although I did get a kick out of the montage of Chad expecting to be in the bottom two.) Chad saying he wished he could get into Michelle’s head and figure out what she wanted spoke volumes to me. Unfortunately, I think even having that insight wouldn’t help. It’s just a bullshit critique because Chad’s drag persona, as he put it, as doing character drag and he puts a fully realized character out there each time.

    Michelle may not know who Chad is… but the viewing audience sure as hell does.

    • introspective

      what you said.

    • DinahR

      agreed!  When Chad stands on the runway and answers their questions, talks about her look and her inspirations for it… that IS Chad.  She’s kind, easy to talk to, gracious and lets harsh words roll off her back, she’s lived drag for years — she doesn’t get emotional or dramatic over something as slight as ‘the judges didn’t like my look’.  Chad is confidant, savvy and ‘professional’ (lol). She takes useful critique and tries to incorporate it.  

      In the back room we’ve seen that Chad will stand up for herself and not take crap from other bitchy queens, we’ve seen her get passionate about topics close to her heart.  I love her for all that, but it doesn’t belong on the runway and Chad is right not to take it there.   

      Michelle seems to be looking for some blatant dramatic breakdown which is dumb.  Did anyone other than Michelle actually buy into Willam’s tears?  I’m proud of Chad for never resorting to something as tacky as that display of ‘real’.  It’s not that Chad doesn’t give us the Real Chad, it’s that Michelle just doesn’t get it that Chad really IS a class act and is looking right passed Chad trying to find some grittier, bitchy, messy version of Chad that doesn’t exist.   

    • Kayceed

      Chad’s big “problem” is twofold: the extensive breadth of creativity; and what seems to be an understanding of and respect for the bounderies between a public persona and a private life. Would that more people in show business have this “problem.” Otherwise, here are the quotes Chad’s work brings to mind – Chaka Khan: “I’m every woman, It’s all in me.” Or even Walt Whitman: “I am large, I contain multitudes…”   

    • TieDye64

      Couldn’t agree more! Well said.

    • Catiline

      OMG, Chad’s “I’m going to be in the bottom two” montage was funny but also seriously endearing.  I seriously wanted to hug her.

  • DinahR

    I dunno guys… the longer Phi Phi is around the less she annoys me.  Maybe I’m just getting used to her finally.  Maybe its that with fewer queens it’s easier to see that she is trying to be annoying and bitchy as an act.  I don’t think her high strung personality is faked, but I find her less and less grating when I see her and Sharon bantering vs. her and Sharon shrieking at each other. (The same is true for Sharon, I always preferred her but I’m glad she’s decided to banter vs. be defensive. More flattering to them both.)   Is it just me or are Phi Phi and Sharon really settling into a frenemies relationship they kind of get a kick out of playing now?  I kind of like that dynamic and I can see where those two touring together could be awesome.    

    • Horacio Lom Bonilla

      Funny, I feel the exact opposite. The more it becomes clear that stirring up shit is her idea of “competing” the more I want her to get hit by a bus.

      • MattCooper27

        I agree. The more Phi Phi lasts the more I grow in my dislike of her as a queen and him as a boy. She/he’s a catty little bitch with an enormous ego (or enormous insecurities most likely). Textbook behavior for remaining to the bitter end in any reality show. Be an asshole to others and guarantee yourself a place in the final (or close to final) contestants. It worked for Santino in PR as well as last season’s Joshua. (Not to mention Jeffrey and Victor…) I think it works on the same principle for why people slow down to see a car wreck. Morbid fascination…

      • TieDye64

        Same here. PhiPhi’s bitchiness might be SLIGHTLY easier to swallow if she had some real wit or talent. Without those things she’s just a bitter, very mean and self-centered little man.

      • I”ll steal the bus if you drive it!  I didn’t even really pay any attention to her til he started shrieking at Sharon, then there was the intentional bad advice to Jiggly (unforgivable, I’m sorry), and the bitter, all consuming hatred of Willam (who, I confess, I ADORE) just finished him off for me.  Poor Willam, wanted to be the one everyone loves to hate, but Phical was just too much worse and many of us hate him for real!  As Tie Die said, he is a bitter, VERY mean untalented self centered little man.  And it shows.  NOT pretty to see at all.

      • I”ll steal the bus if you drive it!  I didn’t even really pay any attention to her til he started shrieking at Sharon, then there was the intentional bad advice to Jiggly (unforgivable, I’m sorry), and the bitter, all consuming hatred of Willam (who, I confess, I ADORE) just finished him off for me.  Poor Willam, wanted to be the one everyone loves to hate, but Phical was just too much worse and many of us hate him for real!  As Tie Die said, he is a bitter, VERY mean untalented self centered little man.  And it shows.  NOT pretty to see at all.

    •  I totally hated Phi Phi in the first episode, and by episode two she totally won me over (I can’t even remember what it was anymore, but probably the fact that she’s gorgeous in and out of drag, as well as seriously funny when she stops trying so hard). However, lately she’s been displaying this amazing lack of growth and self-awareness, which has been turning me off her again. Like, her spiel in the lounge about how the judges loved her performance and she was the best AGAIN? Girl, look around you sometime!

      And this week she also displayed a stunning lack of awareness about other people, when she said she didn’t know where Sharon was coming from before she shared her story about the bullying. I just don’t get how you can look at a person like Sharon and NOT see how much pain that kind of self-confidence usually grows from. Or is it just me? I’ve been there myself, so I know intimately that for some people bullying doesn’t take any of your personality away, it just stop you giving a shit when people stare at you. Is that really such an uncommon insight?

      • The point at which you realize that you are and always will be the freak in the room — so you can embrace it and stand out on purpose, or you can hide from it trying to blend in and fail every time.

        •  That is an amazing sentence. I want to steal it and put it on a wall somewhere.

      • “I just don’t get how you can look at a person like Sharon and NOT see
        how much pain that kind of self-confidence usually grows from.”

        I think maybe Phi-Phi is just so shallow that something like that would never occur to her. She said at least once that she grew up in an abusive family. Some people take that pain and do what Sharon has done with it. Others just become mean and unable to see anything past their own noses. I think that’s Phi-Phi. It’s a lot easier than examining your life and really looking at who you’ve become.

      • MK03

        What really drives me up the wall is her calling Sharon weird like it’s the worst insult in the book. Whenever I hear someone use “weird” as an insult, I want to grab them by the shoulders and shout: WE’RE ALL WEIRDOS. ALL OF US. Seriously. We all have our things. It seems to me that the people who say that in a mean way are either not comfortable acknowledging their own idiosyncracies or are mad that other people can. To them, I say this: It sucks that you’re not comfortable with who you are, but I AM comfortable with who I am. I LIKE who I am and who the fuck do you think you are to try and drag me down?

        • Sweetpea176

          A drag queen calling another queen “weird” as if it’s an insult.  Gurl, you are a man in a wig with fake titties!  No self-awareness at all.

  • Please Visage bring Willam back, Im in dire need of his vile deadpan, please bitches, BRING WILLAM BACK!

    • THIS.  I know Willam is probably not what Absolut is looking for, but he’s MY ideal Drag Queen for SURE!

      • AnotherG

        I don’t know. Willam would bake muffins with tiny hearts on them and distribute them to orphanages, if it had a chance of getting a spokesqueen contract.  Bless her.

    • THIS.  I know Willam is probably not what Absolut is looking for, but he’s MY ideal Drag Queen for SURE!

  • I’m thinking this is Sharon Needles season to lose. I’ve loved everything she’s done. I’d pay to see her (and Latrice) in a show. I’d put Chad in third. Phi Phi can go sit down somewhere and shut up for a VERY long time. 

  • MilaXX

    Can’t they just get rid of the sqawkbox that is Phi2? Also, how can Williams name be included in the list of queens eligible to come back?

    • andcoh

      Ru’s rules.

  • Logo Girl

    Ru’s look was making me think of Sweet P’s 99¢ look – and I felt bad thinking that.

  • enonymous

    Latrice turned it out. I’m still thinking about it.

    But let’s face it, sour ass Phi Phi should’ve been on the chopping block instead of her.

    • Jessi03

       As soon as I saw that bra strap, I knew it was Latrice and my heart broke.  So sick of Phi2!

  •  maybe I’ve misread Willam all along (though I hope I’m smarter than that), but that deadpan is to DIE FOR. Willam’s a SMART queen – in a way very similar to Sharon Needles, though expressed differently; both of them are very quick and clever. Willam’s “Your tone is very pointed right now” remark makes me SO happy; I want a chance to use it for myself.

    • ITA.  I even seriously have considered; since Willam has insisted that whatever rule was broken, she was always very open about it; that the DQ was part of a bigger plan.  Either to bring her back (OH what I would give to watch Phical explode all over the place) or just to be in there til the final 5 as a “shit-stirrer”.  Willam has continually said (in all the interviews I can find…and there are NOT enough of them!) that Ru wins every year.  I think with the DQ Willam also won.  She will be remembered long after the eventual winner is just a smile/frown on many faces.  By releasing “Chow Down” on the day of her DQ, she made herself that much more in demand as a Queen and as a performer.  I bow down before her kind of SMART!

      •  I think you’ve nailed it. I’m beginning to think RuPaul has the entire season figured out when he casts them, and then maneuvers the challenges and judging to–in the words of JL Picard–make it so.

        I would be happy to see Willam come back. Loved the comments, and I AM going to steal, “Your tone is very pointed right now.” It needs to be on a t-shirt.

        • YES!  Maybe someone should point that out to Willam?  Today he tweeted some guys with WDWD t-shirts one of which featured him in silhouette in that body suit she wears with the cap.  LOL

  • PeaceBang

    I died when Chad appeared on the runway in his Inaugural gown — that was pure perfection! RuPaul, on the other hand, was serving up some Mrs. Roper realness. 
    Watching the joy on Deda’s face watching her mother on video was absolutely lovely, probably the most memorably sweet moment for this season for me. She’s a beautiful and talented girl and took her leave with great graciousness and sweetness, right in character. Kisses, Deda! You have greatness in you! 
    Now let’s get rid of Phi2 and get down to the three fabulous goddesses. I love them all- Chad, Sharon and Latrice –  and am thrilled that they’re the final three. They BETTA be.

    • yetanotherLaura

      It’s such a shame that Dida is still so young to drag; she has just such kindness and sweetness in her that with a few more years of seasoning (and work on makeup and costumes), I can’t imagine a corporation NOT wanting her for their spokesqueen.  She seems like a genuinely lovely person, and she clearly grew and learned a lot just by being on the show — but not enough to take her to winner level, unfortunately.  And I have to admit I felt a little dampness in my eyes as she watched the video of her mom; I’m so glad her parents were able to grow and change, too, and finally accept her.  It was pretty obvious that acceptance from her mom was the one thing Dida really wanted most in the world, and for Ru to let us share her joy?  Was really special.

      And that’s a big reason why I (usually) like Untucked this year — so much less shade, so much more honest discussion and genuine personalities.

      •  I was about near tears during the video from Dida’s mom. Dida was about to burst from happiness. Oh my goodness, it was just so wonderful.

        I was sad to see her go. That girl is a natural talent. She just needs a few years under her belt and she could be a star.

    • fashionzombie

      MRS ROPER REALNESS. I choked at the public service desk.

  • PantherontheRunway

    PHI PHI SHUT UP ABOUT THOSE DAMN SHOES! Sharon’s shoes weren’t that great, honestly Latrice’s or DIDA’S(the cutest pair)
    any of them were better than those jello cocktail shoes phi-phi hashed out 🙁

    • 2ndhandchic

       Phi Phi’s shoes looked like fruit punch, not grape.

  • Stubenville

    Well the show is all staged for drama and about as real as a Barbie doll, but I don’t mind in the least. RPDR is may favorite hour of cheesy TV.

    Sorry to see Dida go because she was a nice person, but her work just wasn’t up to snuff. I suspect Phi2 will be around to practically the end just to keep stirring up more crap realness.

    Who comes back – I’m guessing Willam won’t be picked, so maybe the Princess? She seems to be the most polished of the sashayed off queens.

    So the final three – Sharon, Chad and Latrice? 

    • Horacio Lom Bonilla

      Maybe Kenya. The judges liked her, though I personally hated her. Honestly, if Willam is eligible then she SHOULD come back. After the final three she is by far the best.

      • yetanotherLaura

         And don’t forget the letter.  It would not surprise me in the least if the whole point of that letter was to set up Kenya’s return, with everybody in the workroom hating her now except Phi2.

  • edgeoforever

    Did anyone have chills when Phi2 said she was happy to find Sharon’s weak spot? (on Untucked) So, this time Phi2 gets rewarded for “the Help” (the black queens are lip synching). Last time she got rewarded for her plotting against Willam. As Church lady would say: could it be….Satan?

    • Anyone else think she’s blackmailing Ru?  Also, despite Latrice’s bra strap showing, I thought Phical Matter’s dress was too awful for words!  Especially when compared to Chad’s or Sharon’s concepts.  It was 1890s hooker does Dallas!  *shudder*  I’ll cosign ANY plot that gives some of her own nastiness back to her

    • Meelah

      I caught that as well.  It didn’t come off as Phi2 felt she had a new found respect or connection with Sharon.  It read more like Phi2 was happy she had something to hold over Sharons head and use against her.  I wouldn’t trust Phi2 with my zip code let alone my innermost secrets.

  • Ru’s outfit is pure Roxie Roker.  I loved it!!

  • vmcdanie

    I dunno, I thought that walk thru was total bullshit and I was not amused. Ru’s advice is usually serious in the walk thrus (even if he is wrong sometimes. Sharon’s heavy metal screaming at Phi Phi was genius) so I would have been baffled too when…Dan Savage told me to think about the federal budget? What the what?  Was it supposed to be serious or funny? They apparently decided funny by judging.

    Look at the results. Lots of tentative performances. Phi Phi probably would have been unfunny anyways and Dida probably would still have been muted but still.

    Bad flashbacks of vague and confused challenge criteria on Project Runway.

    I knew Dida was done for when I saw the Gaga wig.

  • Wasn’t it Willam at the beginning in the crown with the check and a sad, sad, look on her face?  Or was I projecting?

    Loved Chad’s runway look.  I would wear that in a heartbeat!  And it was green, so you know Michelle hated it inside…

    • MJR

      Yes…they always have the queen who was sent home the prior episode holding the check and pouting. Which I think is hilarious.

      • Thank you!  I always fast forward through the recap and prize list so I’ve missed it every week.  I’ve only watched for 3 seasons now.  Dang.  Learn something new every day!

    • The queen at the beginning with the crown and check is the one who was eliminated on the last week’s episode. So yeah, this week it was Willam.

    •  This. I have been wanting to comment on that for weeks, thanx for bringing up this stroke of genius tv. Every week I almost pee my pants, so funny and clever.

    • Verascity

       It was! I cracked up. Willam plays it to the very end.

  • MsKitty

    Agree about Ru’s runway look being a letdown, maybe because she looked so spectacular the prior 2 eps.

    And as much as it sucks that PhiPhi made the final 4, Dida really deserved to sashay away.  She’s been on borrowed time for awhile and was clearly over her head last night.

    As far as the closing “twist” all I could say was oh jeez, not this shit again.  Unless it’s Willam coming back they really needn’t bother.

    • cheesebomb

      I wonder if it isn’t just a deliberate set up to bring Willem back and ignore the rule breaking.

  • Ru: Joseph called. He wants his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat back.

  • nancymae

    Just saw Untucked and my love for Dida grew with her Erika Badu “Tyrone” reference: “Girl, I’m an artist and I’m serious about my sh!t!” That said, her hair and debate were both a hot mess. Did she not watch all the inaugural festivities in ’08?! Streaky blond hair with dark roots!???

  • I’m surprised you didn’t say anything about Dida’s rats nest hair. Her hair is always terrible!

    • Meelah

      It looked like combed yarn.

      • Sweetpea176

         I was a little embarrassed for her that she defended it.

  • I hope it’s not Jiggly as well, I couldn’t stand watching her with her mouth agape all the time.

  • G Baenen

    worst outfit ever for Rupaul,  reminds me of a beach towel i have.  Opps HAD just threw it out coz when I look at it I will be reminded of a dress, ewwwww,  If the edit of Phi Phi is true to form..I would never even consider her to be  a friend,  that is one rude, idiot there,  It would be great if WIilam could come back, but I am not holding by breath,  Disqualified prob, means a no return, Just said her name for the SHOCK Value.

  • MichaelStrangeways

    I loves me some Sharon Needles, but Chad should have won this week…he nailed both runway and challenge.

    And, Sharon should have won for Dragazine over Phi2…the runway was meh, but the “Pussy” cover was waaaaay better than Phi2 taking a dump at the beach.

    And/And, I will give Phi2 one compliment…her makeup and hair was the best we’ve seen it this week, though the Barbie Wedding Dress did nothing for me.

    And/And/And, the problem with Season 4 is the casting: We have 4 interesting queens with talent (Sharon/Chad/Latrice/Willem), 1 Makes Good TV Villain (Phi2) and everyone else was awful/banal. It would have helped to have had more mid level talent to make the competition more interesting.

    • istar73

      If Phi Phi had made the mag cover of her taking a dump at a beach and titled ” Shitty Beaches to Avoid!”, I would have agreed with her win for Dragazine!

  • WickedCats

    I adore Sharon!  I couldn’t believe Phi Phi skidded by yet again!  No way did Latrice deserve to be lip-synching for her life!  Phi Phi and Santino need to go away.  Bring in Billy B as a judge!

  •  The prospect of success in achieving our most
    cherished dream is not without its terrors. Who is more deprived and
    alone than the man who has achieved his dream?

  •  So glad you clocked Ru on this look. There have been one or two others this season I did not totally love, and I was beginning to worry you’d been given a gag order not to crit the queen or something, y’all have had so little to say about her besides poise, etc.

  • Jane_Lane

    Phi Phi is an obnoxious little twerp and I hope she goes next. That “help” crack pissed me off, she was just throwing shade and doing it badly. And I hope Ru was just fucking around because none of those queens deserve to come back.

  • Whoever does get brought back better be able to lip synch Phi Phi off the stage. I don’t want to see PP for any more episodes than I have to.

  • AudreysMom

    just posted this same thing about Michelle up thread.

  • Lingus

    It cracks me up that that girl has earned nicknames like PeePee and Phical Matter.

  • PantherontheRunway

    I was so heartbroken by Latrice’s runway! When she lsfyl and took off that tacky corset she already looked a million times better.

    To say my breath was taken away when Chad came out in the gorgeous look! I could have died gasping! <3

    • Meelah

      Totally agree.  That dress looked more Ball without the corset than with it.

  • t

    Dida’s hair often looks like it came out of my family’s old stash of Halloween wigs.

    •  Dida would RULE if they gave her a comedy script, but I don’t think she’s good at coming up with he own material.

  • Here’s the thing about the “Help” joke: it could have been HILARIOUS.  Drag queens are about the only people in the world who can make a joke that offensive. But if that’s the gun you want to have go off in your third question, you have to start waving it around the minute you walk on stage; you can’t just drop the racist turd in the punch bowl and expect people to slurp it down with a smile.

    Let’s say that instead of going manic and over-the-top with it, PhiPhi had come out intentionally as a cryptoracist Birther type — the ones who don’t have a problem with Obama because he’s black, oh no no no no no, just that he’s a Muslim and a Kenyan and whatever else, but wow he sure is black isn’t he? If she had set that up as her character and let the veil drop a little more with each question, and then pulled the trigger with the “help” joke, it could have KILLED.  It would have been edgy, current, and hilarious.

    Of course, if Phi Phi were capable of pulling that off? She’d be Sharon Needles.  But I digress.

    • Kayceed

      Spot on.

    • brokephilosopher

      “Of course, if Phi Phi were capable of pulling that off? She’d be Sharon Needles.”  YES.  Also, normally I scoff at mixed metaphors, but your third sentence is just so fantastic.  it’s so true!  I feel like she was acting like she knew she was making an edgy joke–which of course just makes her come across as racist.  Even when she’s acting ridiculous and stupid, she can’t quite hit oblivious, which was necessary in this case.

  • Meelah

    Before I get into my main comment I have to say the most hilarious part of the night was on Untucked when Phi2 said the panel laughed at her “The Help” joke and the look at Michelle Visage and Ru’s face when they showed their reaction on the panel made me spit out my drink and roll on the couch in laughter.

    Phi2 tried way too hard.  It wasn’t funny and she doesn’t have the sense of humor to pull off a “The Help” joke.

     It was Didas time; this isn’t a modeling competition.  Phi2 should have gone before Dida though.  Latrice served Aretha Franklin realness in her LSFYL.  No splits, no removal of clothes or latex body parts.   This is how professionals do it.

    Chad is perfection and Michelle needs to leave her alone.

    I love Sharon to pieces but that runway did not fit the requested wardrobe and her “2112” although clever shouldn’t have made up for her not fitting what they asked.

    I hope Willam or Kenya are asked to return.  Willam because she was starting to grow on me and he’d be still in the running if not for his blunder.  Kenya because I didn’t think her Beyonce (although horrible) should have earned her a trip home.  Also Kenya because it would be an interesting dynamic after that letter.

    • Markatha

      I agree the silent look on their faces was priceless.  I think I heard crickets.  Too Too Funny.

    • CrashSUCKS

      Nah, Kenya deserved to go home. Her Beyonce was terrible. Also, she always blatantly disregarded the challenges and never did what was asked of her. But I can see them bringing her back, simply because she is pretty and fishy. She’ll be sent right back home, tho, because she’s all pretty surface with no substance. Only Willam truly deserves to come back.

  • spooki C

    Dida’s wig made me recoil in horror, this is her worst one yet and that’s really saying something. We need to start a charity wig drive for this poor girl. 

    • LambeeBaby

       Actually she has sported uglier wigs. I think the 2nd week she wore a cheap wig that looked like she had a lint roller stuck to the side of it.

  • uh, stole this comment from jezebel, had to repost because I laughed SO hard when i read it:

    “Latrice is from a town called Whoop A Trick’s Ass. And Phi Phi is making her homesick.”

  • Markatha

    Another great episode.  Chad & Sharon brought it AGAIN.  Love both these gals sooo much!
     I really, really love Latrice too (killer lip sync) but I think Sharon & Chad are the top two. 
     How gorgeous was Chad on the runway!! 
    Sharon was so sweet during untucked talking about Chad. 
    I wish Willam would come back, but who knows. 
    I love this show & this season has been great!

  • Markatha

    The biggest & best reason to bring Willam back is that it would probably make Phi Phi’s bitter little head explode!

    And who wouldn’t want to see that?  Can I get an Amen up in here for that?

  • Markatha

    The biggest & best reason to bring Willam back is that it would probably make Phi Phi’s bitter little head explode!

    And who wouldn’t want to see that?  Can I get an Amen up in here for that?

  • GTrain

    Latrice worked the sh*t out of that lipsync!!! She took that song where it needed to go and she gave me goosebumps. I like Dida but soon as she stripped off that dress she was all desperation, no imagination..

  • AWStevens

    Glad Dida’s gone. 

  • Latrice’s lip-sync was one of the best things I’ve EVER seen in my life. BROUGHT IT.

    I’m so glad Sharon Needles won the challenge. She is the funniest queen by far, and she’s soooooo sharp. Quips galore, which I love. If she doesn’t win, it’s a crime. (Although if Latrice or Chad won, I’d be OK too. But it really should be Sharon.)

  • Latrice’s lip-sync was one of the best things I’ve EVER seen in my life. BROUGHT IT.

    I’m so glad Sharon Needles won the challenge. She is the funniest queen by far, and she’s soooooo sharp. Quips galore, which I love. If she doesn’t win, it’s a crime. (Although if Latrice or Chad won, I’d be OK too. But it really should be Sharon.)

  • Latrice called her on that during the ‘Reading is Fundamental’ mini challenge a couple weeks ago.  She called her an illiterate fuck and told her to learn to spell.  I fell out of my chair laughing.

  • Given how Dida comes off in this type of challenge; I could so see her doing a total Stepford Wife thing; taking just an extra beat before answering a question, using a monotone voice and staring blankly into space with no expression what-so-ever.  That would have killed.

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    i think sharon is the best contestant theyve had since this show began. i mean, theres some there there.

  • Damien W

    Dida’s exit was long overdue. Anytime I look at her, I see a man in a dress and a bad wig. He has a great body, but it’s not a great girly body, and he rarely bothered to employ the usual tricks to hide the T.

    That said, I’d have kept Dida if it meant that Phi Phi would finally be gone. What a petty, vicious, sour little boy.

    Latrice’s lip synch should be submitted for an Emmy. She melted my screen.

    Willam has to be coming back. On most competition shows, a DQ means you’re gone, goodbye, stricken from the record, period. Why bring up her name if it isn’t her? Anyway, none of the other queens come close to deserving a second chance. This was a pretty subpar cast.

    • What gives me hope is Willam is still doing lots of promotion for LOGO and someone using RPDR tweets her upon occasion or refers to her (Ru did recently on some show) – it makes me really consider the “it was all planned from the start” theory.  But then I read about someone seeing Phical matter saying it won last weekend in wherever and my paranoia and lack of sureness about Ru’s taste (I mean, Phical is still THERE!) …

  • prettybigkitty

    Latrice can work shit out.   She rules.  Best LSFYL evah.    Her lip synching and stage presence is quite artful and heartfelt.  I almost cried during here performance.  

  • lilazander

    Chad or Sharon–that’s just my opinion.

  • Meelah

    I don’t think we saw enough of Kenya.  I think she was miscast in the sitcom challenge and that messed her up.  I think she was much more transparent than Dida but the language barrier held her back.

  • Raeality Check

    Totally agree that (most of) these remaining queens are heads and tails above the others and that has shown since the beginning. Was anyone else disappointed to see Phi Phi escape the bottom two? We talk about all of that and more this week on RaeAlityCheck. Check us out every Wednesday and stay tuned till the end to see how you can get one of us in our underwear:

  • lemniscus4

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned Absolute guy’s statement about not pushing the boundaries all the time. whaaaaa? They’re drag queens hunty. Get into it!

    • StellaZafella

      He has to say stuff like that in case the corporate office is watching…I bet Ru let’s him wear a pair of mile high heels behind that judge’s desk. You know he want’s to…soooooo bad!

  • thoroughlymodernmillie

    Can we put a moratorium on the phrase “X-and-so realness”? It’s getting to be as tired as ripping off the wig while lip-syncing for one’s life.

    • AnotherG

      Hee, “Bringing X realness” has been on the uptick, hasn’t it?

      But, I admit, I just start using it for all kinds of inappropriate things.  “Bringing Buick realness,” or “Bringing melon realness.”

      The world will end when someone finally says “Bringing reallness realness.”  Mark my words.

    • laura512

      If I can ever remember to pick up a bottle on the way home, I’m totally taking a shot every time somebody says “realness”.  It’s probably best for my liver that I am one forgetful bitch.

  • Mchelo

    Can’t you bitches see? Ru knew Latrice would kick Dida off, 
    plain and simple, while PhiPhi could make a mess out of it and force Ru to send her home, like she nearly did the other day when she was up against Needles, and Ru does NOT want to lose the “villain” of the show, that’s all. She played them all to get Dida out and keep the top contestants, Ru and everyone else knew that phiPhi deserved to be in the bottom  for that ridiculous debate but kept her for drama factor, and unleashed Latrice to give Dida a one way ticket. End of story. 

  • Yeah, Dida has no clue how to style a wig. 

  • I love your show, you girls ae the best. and am very hapy that Sharon Needles won the race. Big hugs and kisses to you all. Peter Fourie, South Africa