RuPaul’s Drag Race: Catwalks ‘n Covers

Posted on March 14, 2012

Hit it, Ladyboys!


None of the covers really stood out more than the others. They pretty much all looked cheap and awkward, but Sharon dressing up as Little Edie for a cat magazine cover was kind of genius and the captions were pretty funny.

But the judges don’t want to give her too many wins, so they had to come up with criticisms to justify it. To be fair, we don’t think this look is all that. It’s okay, but it’s sort of generic drag. A glamour girl with no other character traits. We like it better when she does her freaky characters but the judges keep hammering her about glamour. And yeah, we don’t always love the reliance on the freaky contacts, but as she said, it is her trademark and the criticism really only amounts to “I don’t like it.” We don’t blame her for ignoring that kind of criticism, but we do fear she’s going to get sashay’d if she doesn’t do exactly what she’s told.

Blandly unfunny.

We adore Dida more and more the longer she’s on the show, but it seems she can only handle one aspect of her look at a time. It’s either wig, face, or body, but it’s never all three at the same time. Here, the face looks great, but the dress isn’t doing much for her.

Y’know, since the captions on the covers were supposed to be written by the queens and presumably the judging decisions were partly based on them, it would’ve been nice if the fine people at home could actually read them. These things flashed by so fast and they were so small on the screen that we wonder why they even bothered. At any rate, she looks great, but there seems to be no concept here.

Michelle Visage, we luvyahun, but this “I need to see you get messy” critique is a load of horseshit. When does Ru get messy? When does Ru “show vulnerability?” It’s a totally arbitrary criticism and it’s coming out of left field. One of the best things about Chad is that she changes up her looks so much. Jiggly, Latrice, Dida and Willam all look pretty much the same from week to week. Chad’s the one who really indulges in creating characters. So does Sharon. Probably not a coincidence that they’re both getting slammed for it, but we really don’t understand why. This was a great look.

Really bad. A bad picture and no real concept to speak of. The captions aren’t even that funny.

This may get us in trouble, but we’re getting the sense that her self-confidence is causing her to coast. Her catwalk looks are slowly getting worse each week. This dress was absolutely hideous.

Enh. Another bland concept. And that’s not even a good picture of her.

Willam’s got the voice and the character down cold, but there are times when she just looks like a guy in a dress. This wasn’t serving her as well as she seems to have thought. And we have to say, while we initially loved that she was always in character for the show, it’s starting to wear a little thin. Ru and her crew put a lot of importance on “realness” and playing the same character 24/7 is anything but real. After a while, it just gets monotonous. Still, she’s the funniest of the queens. But this week, for the first time, we were scared she was going to go home. The writing’s on the wall and if she doesn’t do something to surprise the judges and break out of her monotonous Valley Girl schtick, she could be sashaying away pretty soon.




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  • Why does Latrice keep slathering her face in orange paint?

    •  Stylized way of creating cheekbones, and probably looks fine at a distance. She does it way to much though.

    • I think Latrice has a similar problem to Morgan McMichaels.  Her makeup techniques were designed for a stage with nightclub lighting.  She hasn’t adjusted for the lighting on the show/closeness of the TV camera.

      • kentiesgirl

         Exactly! You stole my reply 😉

      • ccm800

        Shes still mustardy onstage/runway.

        • II really wish one of the other experienced queens (I could see Chad being able to do so) mentioning it to Latrice-I’m surprised none of the judges has ‘clocked’ her on it yet. If matching skin tone is an issue, she could ask Dida for assistance. I know that Dida and Latrice don’t have the exact same skin tone, but between either Chad’s ‘professionalism’ (hee) or Dida being able to give Latrice at least some blending tips for a person of color, maybe Queen Latrice could get her foundation color to look better. 

          • Meelah

            Dida wouldn’t be able to give Latrice tips because they do two different types of drag make up.

          • Pinup Ghoul

             Exactly. They might be able to take a little bit away from the conversation, but it would be like a person trained only in stage makeup application giving tips to a girl for her homecoming dance and vice-versa.

          • ccm800

             She looks like a dang pumpkin

    • Thank you! I adore her, but someone needs to call her out on how Oompa Loompa orange she paints herself already!! I also really dislike the black shading she does around her forehead & hairline.

  • I love Chad’s Brigitte Nielson look! How dare they not appreciate her. I hope we have a better challenge next week. This one was dumb.

    • MK03

      This was a stupid-ass challenge. There’s nothing particularly draggy about magazines and editorship. I’m anxiously awaiting the “drag mom/sister” challenge this year. They’ve done straight girls, older gay men and jocks. Who will they do this time?? 

      • Horacio Lom Bonilla

        From the previews it seems like there’s a challenge that involves dogs.

        Drag dogs would be weird, though.

        • kentiesgirl

           Aww..I like drag dogs in their little weeny outfits and their painted nails.

      • PantherontheRunway

        Exactly what I was thinking, it was cute when they did the book thing in S2 but even then, it looked cheap and generic. And this season, doesn’t have many funny gals, like Juju and Pandora, so ya knew it was gonna stink 🙁

    • Not understanding why M Visage (who I hate anyway) is on her for nonexistent issues/deficiencies. One day I wish Chad would come out to the runway looking like a tore-up M Visage and say;  “Is this busted enough for you?”. (I know she wouldn’t do this, but it’s funny for me to think about it)

      • I LOVE that idea. Now, I actually rather like Madame Visage, BUT, sometimes in Life, even divas need a good mushroom print to the face….and Chad Michaels artistically reading her for filth is good cattle prod for the byatch to back down.

  • I love Willam and want her to go to the end (maybe not win, but be up there perhaps with Sharon and Chad?), but Sharon was right – she needs to start wearing the serious pancake makeup.  I’ve been noticing the 5-o’clock shadow since the 1st episode.

    • I called her out on it on tumblr and she tried to explain it away as her “high cheekbones casting a lot of shadow”. Honey, that’s kind of the point of makeup- to compensate for shit like that. An illusion has to be created for the runway lights, which might not look pretty face-to-face in the dressing room mirror. Typically, good stage makeup looks awful and heavy off stage. Bitch needs to learn that if it takes painting the bottom of her face lighter to eliminate the 5 o’clock, then she needs to fucking do it. This is onstage showy stuff, not a “realistically lighted” tv show.

      • thank you for “calling me out.” no one’s EVER done that. i’m going to keep doing my makeup how i LIKE it. try to keep it under 20 minutes and keep moving so no one can get a good pic of me lol. try to find a mustache. you can’t. it’s an over highlight, not a beard showing through. I’m a natural friggin blond. sheesh. i look like a Thundercat and i’m fine with it.

    • I go back and forth about whether or not I think I see it, but I think WIllam has such a strong jawline that I might just expect and therefore imagine it. But I would guess that there might be makeup shading tricks to make an illusion of softening that, harder to do than creating cheekbones out of nothing, but…

      • Farthingale

        Shangela had the same problem, and a similarly strong jawline.

  • Catiline

    Sharon – I agree a lot of the criticism of her is nonsense.  If glam isn’t her thing, stop demanding that it become her thing.  That said, I thought her runway look this week was one of the weakest I’ve seen from her (bearing in mind that her usual standard is so awesome).  Her magazine cover was great, tho.
    Chad – FAVORITE runway look, she had so much energy and sex appeal.  Michelle V was on the crack pipe.

    DiDa – most unintentionally hilarious magazine cover.  It seems SO serious and straightforward it kind of loops around on itself and becomes high comedy.
    Latrice – Love her, but the “how very dare he” reaction to Santino’s couch remark was a bit of a Gurl Please moment for me.
    Willam – Ru looked Pissed. Off. when Willam threw the photographer and staff under the bus to explain her poor magazine cover.  (I know, editing.  But it seems like a notable editing choice at the very least.)  

    • kentiesgirl

       Willam’s character kicked her in the butt with that. It’s the standard reply from her persona, “it’s not my fault they put me with a art school drop out”. Funny, but not a good look.

      Latrice, I think, was hearing sizest remarks, and got offended. BUT, she didn’t talk back like Willam. I think we are missing some dialogue with that, there is so much judging that doesn’t make it on the show. I one hundred percent applaud her for a. holding her tounge, and b. rocking whatever she has to rock, including going to take the bracelet off when the judges said she wore too much jewelry (reminded me of Emilio and his scissors) and handling it with humor and grace when it broke.

      Chad is a superstar, and Michelle is just looking for something to say, imo.

      I heart Dida. I just do. She’s really trying.

      Agree on Sharon.

      • Catiline

        I guess my thing with Latrice was twofold: Santino seemed to be pretty clearly criticizing the fabric rather than her size (and I say that with the understanding that it’s easy for me to say this watching it on television; I respect that it might have felt differently in the moment).  And, it’s the fourth season of drag race.  You kind of know what you’re getting when you go up in front of Santino.

        I mean, I’m not handing in my Team Latrice card (and I hope I don’t have it revoked!).  I just raised my eyebrow a little at that.

        • I’ think it was so funny how the “Take your hat off, your balding B” was such a red herring in the previews. That having been said, it’s (Beyond) ‘delicious’ that Latrice is mad at Santino. I hope she does sass at him soon.  I don’t dislike him, but he was so beyond obnoxious on his season of PR. 

        • kentiesgirl

          Well, speaking as an official Team Latrice Cheerleader and general explainer of all things amazing about HRH Queen Royale I say you may keep the card with the caveat that you will explore all possibilities before raising an eyebrow at her fantabulosity again. ;D

          Seriously, I admit it did *kinda maybe* seem like an overreaction, and expect we’ll get some reasoning at the reunion when they judge the judges. She usually just laughs at everything, directed toward her or not, especially Willam and Sharon, which is such a fun contrast to the P.P.O’Sulky.

      • you can’t fit everything into one 42 minute show. we ALL talked back.

        • kentiesgirl

           Well, obviously you read over the part where I said we are missing stuff as viewers. But I don’t give a fuck, cause I get to name drop that that the great and magical Willam actually responded to me. Nyah nyah, Team Latrice! 😛

          wait, even Chad? Stop destroying my illusions you untalented bitch (LOL)

    • I don’t think Willam was being serious about trashing the staff, but his delivery of those lines was a bit off and turned out truly mean. Just a little change in tone or in the look of his face would have made it more tongue in cheek, agreeing with Ru about doing a bad job while still being in his self-centered character.

      • Catiline

        No, I don’t think Willam was serious either.  But it did still seem like a misfire. 

    • amywinns

      I heard Willam saying “hire a better staff” as self-deprecating. Like “I know I’m not good at this and I wish I could have hired a better staff than ME”. which I thought was funny. I didn’t hear shade at all.

      • Yeah, the comment was all about “the magazine sucked because I suck.” It wasn’t a dig at the photographer, and Willam didn’t mention the DeVry dropout on the show. That was mentioned on Twitter just the other day. 

        • Photographer was GREAT. person who had to edit our covers/quips/bylines together was horrible. Mac vs. PC. and they wouldn’t let me just grab the mouse and do it. Phi Phi and I both wanted to. it was like not being allowed to eat Thanksgiving when you know you could really slay some potatoes and turkey. lol

    • AudreysMom

      I was glad when Regina called Willam out for the frozen face. We only see it repeated – she had to have the same face for, what did she say?, 15 minutes. That would seem creepy.

      And yes, Michelle V. is on crack on ripping Chad. “Well maybe that’s getting dirty… for you!’ Bitch.

    • JosephLamour

      TO be fair, like I said in the other post, the graphic design for these covers was SO VERY BAD. The photographer’s was and nice as well. Willam should have been nice though since that photographer is also a casting director for a couple of shows. 

      (I may or may not have googled him)

    • Vincent Dall

      “Chad – FAVORITE runway look, she had so much energy and sex appeal.  Michelle V was on the crack pipe”

      I’m not sure that Michelle’s comments were necessarily negative about the look itself. Wasn’t it simply that she was responding to Chad’s remark that this was him getting “down and dirty” (not meant to be a precise quote)? In these terms, Michelle was not wrong, I think, because the look was super-duper polished. Or, as Chad would say, “professional.” This doesn’t make it bad. I’m just saying that messy it ain’t.

  • Kristinoten

    The challenge, pffft.  Only Sharon’s felt like she was having fun with it.  Chad’s runway was my winner, Willam would have been a contender, but the other girls are right, she needs to start with the Duncan Hines (ha!) to hide that shadow.

  • FunButNutz

    What is just amazing to me with Dida Ritz (And Giggly too) was that they just have no sense of irony and humor.  The best drag queens are always those who have a sly knowledge of pop culture and a vicious sense of humor to back it up.  How did these two even get selected?  Watching RuPaul try over and over again to get Dida to understand that there is a boatload of material for “smells like chicken” was just painful.  Ditto Ru’s attempts to get Giggly to lighten up about the fat thing.

    Honestly this season, the only one that gets it 100% is Sharon Needles.  Chad and LaTrice come close, but this one isn’t even a nailbiter.  If anyone else wins, I’ll be horrified.

  • jw_ny

    I thought Chad’s runway look looked like the short haired version of Faith Hill.   Chad always looks so polished and perfect that I kind of agree with the comment that she could get “dirty”.  Perhaps “dirty” is not the right term…maybe more playful and relaxed/looser.   idk…I love her drag style and she’s definitely a contender, but I’d like to see her break out of her mold, just like I’d like to see Sharon go total glam at least just once…even though the haggard/busted comic style she has is her schtick, and she does it perfectly.  We know Chad has a sense of humor…quite apparent in her Cher celebrity match game.  She needs to show that humorous side on the runway. 

    Latrice and Willam are equally guilty though of being stuck in their stories.  Ru stressing to show range to Chad and Sharon should be taken to heart by the other queens as well.  Phi Phi got the win because she listened to Ru..although I really don’t think her look changed for the better all that much. 

    • So long as when Chad messes herself up, she does not wear green. Michelle don’t like no green.

    • fashionzombie

      Re: Chad — the judges have seen Chad in many, many non-glamour looks. Mug shot (and she was the best one!). Infomercial. Sitcom. Wrestler. Chad and Sharon have BY FAR the most range in their looks and comfort zones, and Visage is irritating me!

      • Seriously! I love them so much partly because they’re so damn versatile! And I never would have expected it either, going into it, that the “horror queen” and the Cher impersonator would have such incredible ranges. Perhaps that’s why they’ve made sure to show their range- they’re the two that could easily be placed into a box. As much as I love Latrice, she is kind of one-note, albeit a lovely note that doesn’t really get old. I mean, who doesn’t love a big, fabulous black girl? There’s a reason why any movie musical becomes instantly better when you add Queen Latifah. I would love to see her lipsync “When You’re Good to Mama” from Chicago, or “Big, Blonde, and Beautiful” from Hairspray. Not to say that this applies to all big white girls, but big white girls never seem to have the same confidence and self-love that big black girls more often seem to have. There’s a reason that Motormouth Maybelle had to teach Edna Turnblad how gorgeous she could be.

      • That’s right, the wrestler! And she WON for that one. Ms. Visage is just grasping.

    • amywinns

      Phi2’s look was better in that her eyelashes weren’t glued together, for a change.

  • That’s really the first time I can remember Willam looking like a Valley Girl, even though I know where you guys are coming from.

    • kentiesgirl

       I thought it was the attitude and way of speaking they were referring to more than the outfits.

  • Rebecca Zmarzly

    I couldn’t see Willam’s five o’clock shadow on screen, but boy does it pop in these pics. 

    I see a Dida/Phi2/Willam race for 6/5/4 (in no particular order) unless one of my top three (Sharon/Chad/Latrice) f’s it up royally. I’d be fine with any of my top 3 winning, but I gotta stick with my big gal sister, so I hope that Latrice pulls it out.

    • kentiesgirl

       I have an urge to log onto different computers just to like this as many times as possible. 

    • Yeah, I really can’t choose from my top three. Ok, actually, I adore Sharon and I’m rooting for her, but I would be equally excited for Chad or Latrice if they won and wouldn’t begrudge it from them one bit unless one of them royally fucked up. Even then, regardless of fuckery, if Latrice won I definitely wouldn’t begrudge it. She’s the first big girl to have what it takes to make to the end and there’s no way I would mourn a big girl win. 

    • I’m with you on the top 3. I think this is the first season where instead of backing one girl, I’m totally rooting for three almost equally. I would be totally fine if any of those three take it, and I’d absolutely LOVE to see the finale those gals could put together.

    • I’ll be happy if any one of those three wins, but I’ll also be so sad for the other two. That’s the problem with having three fabulous queens.

  • RebeccaKW

    I don’t get the thing Chad, either.  They constantly get on the other queens about hair and makeup skills, then they tell one of the 2 queens who have GREAT hair and makeup skills to ‘dirty’ it up.  I also don’t get the hate for the contacts.  I got why Yara Sofia was encouraged not to wear them, but Sharon’s whole persona is spooky and creepy no matter what else is going on.  But I don’t want her to get sashayed over something like this, so I hope this next time she leaves them off and goes over the top sexy glam so Michelle will shut up about it.

    I love Latrice, but girl needs to step it up.  The same look every runway, just a different gown, is not going to stand up to queens to bring something new each time.

    • kentiesgirl

      Agree mostly, but don’t you think Latrice has done different looks? I remember different wigs and make up; shoot she bedazzled her lips! You’re not the only one saying that, but gosh darn it, I went back and looked, she does do different stuff, not all gowns and she used contacts at least once, for one eye on the first challenge, it was effective.

      I want her to stop coasting, though, and think being close to the bottom will be a wake up call (perhaps that was why they made her the last one safe, to snap her out of it).

      • RebeccaKW

        I honestly do not remember a runway look with a different wig or style.  I’m not saying it’s not happened, but I can’t remember it.  I know in the challenges, she’s used different wigs, but in my memory (which I’m not claiming to be the greatest), she seems to wear the same wig and have the same makeup (minus the fab Ursula the sea witch from the pride float), and it’s always a gown of some sort. 

    • Sharon just needs to bust out one of her “paycheck looks” to blow the judges’ minds, shut Michelle up, and so she can be totally true to herself until the end afterwards. 

  • Willem is the funniest one?!?!  Hardly.  I think Sharon is, hands down, the one who consistently makes me laugh.

    I find Willem to be absolutely unlikeable.  Why would you root for a person if you don’t have a true idea of who that person truly is?  And she seems to feel she is entitled to do well (with her designed clothes and makeup), rather than striving to do well.

    • WILLAM 😛

    • kentiesgirl

       Agree on Sharon being the wittiest, with Willam right behind her. Also that I never really know what to say about Willam since I don’t know who she is at all, although she seemed to be genuinely down this week.

    • TxMom2011

      Why can’t the persona we see with Willam be the real him?  I know he is not a female… but I kinda think we are seeing the true him… self absorbed with a biting tongue.  His voice is the same. His mannerisms are the same. He even has a glamorus hair cut.  Not much acting needed.  And I beg to differ….but um SHARON is the funniest.

      • kentiesgirl

        Willam the person has stated here and other places that he was in character during all of the competition. So I don’t think of the workroom or confessionals as Willam the man, just Willam the character, which since this is a drag competition, I personally refer to as “she”.

        But I see your point, how do we know, as viewers, whether that is true or not?

      • Sam

         I’ve always wondered that. People applaud him for always being “in character”, but I wonder if he’s not really in character, he’s just being himself.

    • Catiline

      I agree.  I can appreciate that Willam’s committed to a persona, but I think Sharon blows him out of the water in the “character” department.  Mainly because Sharon has greater versatility and appears to enjoy what she’s doing.  Willam’s funny, but the character wore thin for me several episodes ago… the contemptuousness gets to the point where I’m like “So why are you doing this, again?”

      Chad, for that matter, is a really fascinating chameleon to me.  A bit more subtle than the others, but that’s what I like.

  • kentiesgirl

    I got Chad’s concept pretty clearly, but you really have to read the captions. All about fashion tips for drag queens, and I thought “Cover girl why your face look like chalk?” was funny; I liked “busted or dusted” too. The criteria seemed muddled, since the queens were pretty evenly divided over whether to go Sharon and P.P.O Box’s way (funny), be about RPDR (Chad, Latrice, and Willam-kinda half and half), or be serious, Dida and Jiggly.

    Agree about Chad being perfect and the criticism unfounded. Also agree that If they attack vulnerability or whatever it’s Willam’s time to get kicked around a bit. Chad shows herself whenever she speaks to the judges, and is very honest and open. The Willam using makeup intended for women is a telling thing as well, you need to have stage make up to beat your mug. Just gotta. No matter how well you shave..but it seemed like she was actually(?) upset for a sec, so I don’t want to be mean. I thought her photo shoot outtakes were HILARIOUS. Loved the pit crew cracking up the whole time.

  • MilaXX

    Michelle really seems to have a bug up her butt about Chad & I really don’t get it. I hate to admit it but Santino was right about Latrice’s runway dress. The color was good, but the fabric was 1970’s sofa. Also if her magazine was a gossip rag, she should have had the pitcrew whisper in her ear or something. 

  • I love Latrice, but she was rather lacklustre this week. I hope she picks up her game, because when she brings it she can be FIERCE. 

  • LOVE Chad, Sharon, and Latrice.

    Willam skeeves me out for some reason I can’t quite put my finger on.

  • Chad’s runway look was the best. Just fantastic!

    I really like Dida, though more as a person than a drag queen.

    Latrice is fantastic, but really has been coasting on the runway. Mix it up, girl!

    Willam IS funny, and obviously creative, but his drag is never as good as one would hope.

    Sharon is awesome, and more well-rounded than the judges are!

    As for Phi Phi—can’t wait to see that bitch GO.

    • kentiesgirl

      Concur on everything except the PeePee, I like showgirl drag, and other than Jiggly (this season), feel really bad when any one sashays. But her attitude is atrocious and wearing me out, I can’t disagree on that. I still think she’s going over the top villain for screen time/a longer run.

  • I really loved the arm movements Sharon did on the catwalk. She was shimmying so much up there.

    Dida looked great on the cover but like a man on the catwalk, aside from that face closeup. 

    Chad’s magazine was so messy. Whoever did all those fonts should be punished… by the bad girl Chad on the catwalk. Meow!

    Oh, Latrice and Willam. There was not much good to look at in either. Good thing Jiggly was around to recent a lip synch between these two.

    •  I thought Sharon was doing the Lisa Marie walk from Mars Attacks!  Which I love.

      • kentiesgirl

         HA! I love! She probably had that rattling around her huge cultural encyclopedia brain 🙂

  • kentiesgirl

    Latrice Royale is coasting a bit, I agreed last post. But you are in
    trouble, cause she is fierce and I don’t care what the hell her damn
    dress looked like without her in it. All that self love and radiating positivity
    just makes whatever she throws on look gorgeous. Not to mention her
    paint is sickening and that hair is on point. So there 😛

    Her and Chad are the full on embodiment
    of C.U.N.T. and Latrice got a tiny hand up in the C department, since
    you loved her in basically a plain blouse and skirt. I was wondering if
    she went to a gown to cover her possible lack of shoe selection.

    I am hoping a near miss this week got her head back in the game. She needs to be in the finales. Her and Chad (and Sharon). If they want a drag emissary, a real star, who could be better than those two polished, experienced, compassionate Queens? They are everything a mainstream audience wants. People fell in love with Ru cause she is so appealing in every way it was hard to dislike her, even if you wanted to-I can attest there are people I know who thought drag is some kind of scary wildebeest ready to infect them with it’s nastiness, but they like RuPaul. Who can actively dislike Latrice and Chad? Honestly?? (excepting hateful people)

    Sharon is hilarious and twisted and deserves recognition for her talent (would go see her in a flash), but like Queen Nina before her, is probably too outside of the box to win, imho. But at this point in the game, like Ru said last night, they are all winners from the amount of exposure they’re recieving.

    • Very well said. 

    • I agree. I like a bitchy queen for an episode or two, but Latrice and Chad are both just so nice and caring and… well, they seem like good people. And I like that as well. And it’d make them good drag ambassadors.

  • Zaftiguana

    I go back and forth on Michelle. On the one hand, her criticisms of Chad are mostly bullshit, and just plain nonsensical bullshit at that.

    Then in the middle ground, I don’t mind that she wants Sharon to just once go for unmitigated glam, just to show them she can. I don’t think for a moment Michelle wants her to change her character, just to show them within the setting of a competition that she has range and can really nail a variety of other looks. She did show them pretty girl, and knowing that Sharon’s a smart queen with “paycheck looks,” I think we’ll see her throw them the bone they’re asking for and that they’ll then let her get back into her thing.

    But you know, I really appreciate the notes she gives DiDa, who does seem to frequently take them and approve accordingly. This wig was so much better, and I think some of that is because if your wig is a little jenky, it’s so much more apparent in blonde. What was that MESS she was wearing for her shoot? Good lord. I’d like to see DiDa outlast at least Phi Phi, and if she listens to Michelle I think she can. 

    • Max Wirestone

       Yes, but she didn’t already do that in the second runway?  Does Michelle need “refreshing” every five or six episodes?  If so, maybe next week she’ll ask if Sharon if she can do anything with blood.

      • Zaftiguana

        Nah, like I said above, she showed them pretty. It was a cute little cocktail/homecoming look and it was smart to show them a smidge of range, which makes me think she isn’t going to be stubborn about going glam. But I don’t blame Michelle for asking her to show them just one more side of her, and one that’s pretty major in the world of drag. If they were asking her to BE a glam queen or a pretty queen or a fishy queen or whatever, that would bug me. It’s not who she is and it’s not who everyone should be. But saying that you need to just once show a couple of other facets of what you can do outside of your pretty specific comfort genre in order to win the whole contest? I think that’s fair. 

        • Max Wirestone

          Fair enough– and I agree that Sharon is surely s going to do exactly what you say: glam it up next episode. 

          • Next week they’re doing something in pairs and she’s paired up with Phi Phi. In the previews where Phi Phi is tearing into Willam, she’s dressed like an angel and you glimpse Sharon dressed like the devil, and given that those are complementary, I’m going to assume that that’s next week. I could totally see Sharon give hot girl glam while dressed devilishly. XD

  • Kayceed

    I love this show and my love for Chad only grows.

    One thing I love about drag and find the most interesting is the sending up of feminine archetypes – and I think Chad could riff on that until you tell her to stop. Honestly, I bet she has at least 100 different characters she could present, each one thought through and perfectly realized. This takes so much intelligence, skill and commitment to craft that I just want to salute her. And tell Michelle to shut her pie hole. 

    • kentiesgirl

       *standing up and cheering*

    • You got the 5 gs gurl!

    •  I’m beginning to root for Chad to win, not because I don’t love Sharon and Latrice (I do! very much!) as because Chad has really wowed me a number of times by now (in particular that gold/hologram dress from the infomercial episode), and seems to get nothing but grief for it, and for reasons that never seem to make any damned sense. I mean seriously, Michelle may as well be saying “Chad, you need to zoop pleedle schaffenblerg with the gormurella targ dumnob; I don’t like the way you frotzed the dingles this week,” for all the sense it makes.

      And Chad always seems to be so nice about it all, besides.

      I’d be happy about a Sharon or Latrice win as well, but if it were up to me, and I had to decide right this minute, I’d go with Chad.

      • kentiesgirl

        At this point I’m honestly hoping the “surprise finale” will be both Chad and Latrice winning.

        • Some people have complained that there isn’t as many talented queens this season or whatever. I beg to differ. Never before have I been so torn on who I want to win. My top 3- Sharon, Chad, and Latrice- are solid, but fuck if I know who I really want to win and who will actually win. I love them all and will be happy no matter who of those three takes the crown.

  • vmcdanie

    I’m afraid they are going to wait till the 11th hour and THEN bring up Latrice’s foundation and bounce her for it.

    Willam’s schtick oddly enough has grown on me. Plus, I thought her captions were witty. Not sure why she picked a bad cover picture.

    I get they have to critique SOMEthing but that criticism of Chad was bullshit. Why does she have to be messy? If she were trotting out the same pageant look every week, I’d understand but she’s really shown a variety of looks. I don’t dig Michelle the way you guys do.

    I love Latrice but you are right. She’s venturing into that defensive zone where she’s not hearing valid criticisms. Maybe Santino is a balding bitch (that was hilarious) but still, that dress was not her best look. 

  • I get the impression William is not handling her five o’clock shadow well enough. 

  • Horacio Lom Bonilla

    I don’t think Michelle wants Chad to fuck up her hair and makeup. I think she wants her to do something more outrageous and edgy, a la Nina Flowers or Sharon Needles perhaps. Basically, she wants Sharon and Chad to do each other. Of course, if Chad were to nail Sharon and Michelle still complained about her doing it too well then I would have to agree that she just wants her to be sloppy about her drag and that indeed would be bullshit.

    Credit where it’s due, Phi Phi definitely deserved to win this challenge. Her cover was by far the best, and her look was alright. Only Chad and Sharon did significantly better than her on the runway but Michelle clearly wasn’t impressed so it was down to Phi Phi.

    Latrice is starting to bore me. I continue to adore Dida. Willam is leaving either next episode or the one after that. Chad’s perfection will be used as an excuse not to give her the tiara. I hereby declare I’ve officially jumped into the Sharon bandwagon.

    I wonder if they will bring back one of the eliminated queens this season.

  • Willam needs to soften the hair and makeup, he really is looking too “man in a dress.” As for Sharon Needles, I was getting “Janice Dickinson out clubbing for the night” in her runway look.

    • Farthingale

      I got Jara Sofia!

  • Elizabido

    This was one confusing episode. I would have liked to have seen the creative process going into the magazine covers. How much did the girls actually do? We saw them jotting down ideas and talking to Ru, but that was it outside of the photo shoot. Did they select the photos used? Choose the fonts? Form the layouts? They can’t really be held responsible for the outcome if they didn’t have much input. I thought Sharon’s cover was by far the best, from the headlines to the pose. I liked the masthead font but it needed to be much larger. That seemed to be the problem with most of the covers. All in all, it wasn’t a good challenge, but at least we finally got rid of Jiggly, although I ended up feeling sort of sorry for her.

    I hated to agree with Santino on Latrice’s gown. It did look like some gaudy, cheapo plush sofa you’d see being hawked on a street corner in Inglewood next to a rack of Michael Jackson and tiger throws. I’m sorry, Latrice, I love you, but … That said, I was amused at her ranting about Santino, and I hope one day she gets to go off on him.

  • ccm800

     Why Latrice always look like her makeup is mustard based? HATE her makeup.

  • Caaro3

    For me, Willam is giving post-Trim Spa Anna Nicole.  Maybe it’s the tiny capped teeth.  It is a bit creepy. 

    • amywinns


  • SublimatedRage

    TLo is right about the magazine by-lines, you can’t even read them — and even here, the screencaps are hard to make out (especially on Chad’s.)

    But c’mon!  Willam’s “Feng-Shui the f**k outta your boudoir”?  

    F**king High-larious!

  • Rebecca Zmarzly

    Latrice’s look: I may be the only one here, but I actually liked Latrice’s dress. Color me a 1970s-couch-couture-loving girl, but I thought it worked well with her body and the color on her was gorgeous. It looks like flames, especially given the way the bodice flares at the top of the boob cups.

    Now, I agree that the bracelet needed to go, and she’s got too many baubles going on at her neck to wear all of that plus the earrings. Either go for a statement neck piece and lose the earbobs, or if you feel all drag queens must have fabo earrings, then lose some of the mishmash at the neck.

    If you look at Latrice’s face from far away, you don’t really see a big discrepancy with her face paint and her body’s skin tone. It’s not until the closeups that you see just how orange she is. So this could very well be a case of runway/stage make up vs. close up make up. Yes, it’s too orange and “highlighty” all over her face like that. I can see using that shade for contouring, but she needs to tone it down a few shades for the bulk of her face (pun not intended 😛 ).

    Dida’s magazine: She should totally have added a “Celebrity Cackles” section and referenced Cher’s “Chicken-shit gigs” from Snatch Game. For a mag about drag queens and chicken, that was not only thematically appropriate but also could allow her to cross over content and not have things like “FIERCE party ideas 4 the hubby.” What does that even mean?

    • kentiesgirl

      You are not alone. Latrice looked fierce. I like the dress. That foundation is stage makeup. She can, and has, done darker foundation (she did the day she arrived). She can also blend it. I feel like it is intentional for the runway. You really can’t tell half the time. It’s all about the what kind of lighting and how it’s hitting her. Also, since everyone has been reading everyone else, why no mention of it? I am 100% positive that if it was wonky, Chad at least would have helped her out, or the other princesses would have snarked about it.

      I so wanted her to throw on a “What to do if you choke on your chicken”. She didn’t know what to do. But Dida is, like, so sweet and sincere and really trying her best, I am going to be sad when she sashes. She just can’t hang in much longer. There is a heapload o’talent this season.

      • Rebecca Zmarzly

        I love it. For those of us redoing Dida’s cover:

        Choking Your Chicken: Tips, Techniques, and Cleaning Up the Blood

        Celebrity Cackles
          · Cher’s “chicken-shit gigs” — We’ll make her eat her words!
          · Jiggly eats a pound of chicken!
          · Exclusive interview with RPDR Season 3’s Stacey Lane “Fried Chicken Workout” Matthews

        Recipe of the month: 2 piece and a Jesus biscuit (let Him sop you up!)

        • andcoh

          And Dida just won the challenge.

    • Farthingale

      Poor Dida. No wit. No wigs.

  • rose88

    Couldn’t agree with you more about Chad!  I love every look Chad does on the runway.  She gives drag cougar realness, while also showing versatility and old school glam.  I don’t understand what Michelle is asking for when she tells her to get messy.  Jiggly’s drag was messy and that’s why she sashayed away; Chad is polished and I love that about her!  She shouldn’t have to dumb down her drag to satisfy the judges.

    I have mixed feeling on Latrice.  On one hand, she phones it in too much in the challenges and on the catwalk.  But on the other hand, if you can ooze C.U.N.T when you’re out of drag and you look like a big, tough and not exactly super attractive man the way Latrice does, well, you really do have the whole package.

    I really do like Dida, but she was so bland in the challenge. There are a few, precious moments that truly call out for a good cock joke and doing a magazine called “Taste Like Chicken” is one of those moments…oh, Dida, how could you have squandered that opportunity?

    I guess it was time for Willam to have a fire lit under her ass, but personally, I would have spared her the bottom two just for “Feng-Shui the F**k Outta Your Boudoir”

    Still despise Phi2.  Still on Team Sharon Needles FTW!

  • kentiesgirl

    I’m seeing a lot about how cheap the mags looked, I kinda thought that Ru was saying (and has said) the he had to work thru all the things that he decides as challenges, and work with the lowest amount of quality stuff, and made it fierce anyway. So the cheapness of the font or whatever was a challenge to rise above it.

    (I don’t want to say that the actual assistant was bad, perhaps that was an intentional instruction from/decision by the producers)

  • PantherontheRunway

    Okay I would love for someone to educate me on this.
    Did Sharon not prove she can be glamour/cheesecake in like the 2nd runway show of the season?
    Why do they keep at her to be glam hasn’t she more than proved it? 

    • Meelah

      She’s on the edge of glam when she tries but doesn’t go all of the way.  She wants to retain a part of her dragself which I can respect.

      • kentiesgirl

         If she didn’t, they would ask her “who she is”. It’s a mark no one can really hit. Ru makes sure almost everybody gets a prize, then picks em off till the one she likes wins. That’s okay. This show is f-ing amazeballs. If that’s what it takes for Ru to keep strapping herself into that drag, then go one with yourself, you cultural icon, you.

    • Zaftiguana

      I wouldn’t really call that glam, and I don’t see glam and cheesecake as the same thing. The challenge that week was kind of young-and-pretty drag, and Sharon brought it without a hint of spooky. She earned her “Pretty Girl” badge. I think if she can add her “Glam” badge and then sell 1,500 boxes of cookies, they’ll stop busting her chops about it. 

  • PeaceBang

    Dida’s hair on the cover!! Oh my Dog! I was like, “Aw, girl, NO!” I cannot believe she keeps dragging out that dead cat hair.

    • Farthingale

      The “busted queen with a heart of gold” character is definitely one Dida should own and play up. But like’s Willam’s always “on”, so is the busted queen Dida.

  • PantherontheRunway

    I also l

    • Farthingale

      Yes, and I was impressed that Willam picked up immediately on the Pit Crew (Jason?) going for the camera in Latrice’s photos. He was right on the money.

      • andcoh

        Willam definitely knew what to do on set at least in controlling the situation.  Never let a hot semi-nude man outshine you.  I just think he had a poor concept for the cover. 

  • PantherontheRunway

    I hear what you’re saying about the magazine covers. just like any case of posing/modeling for something you have to werk it out and be the focus, but now c’mon, in this day and age where there are more than enough nice stock photos FREE off the interenet, and the show gaining more and more notoriety(and budget) each season, they can do better than a generic kitchen background and an old cat runner as props. Don’t you think?

    • kentiesgirl

      I see what you mean, and I think the show has the budget now, but Ru wants them to fight thru it anyway. It really is him practically screaming at the contestants (this being season 4) you have to do anything and everything and work with who and what you can and werq it or you won’t make it. A big old  “That’s what it took for me to get here”

      Also, I think part of the show is keeping a low budget “feel” to the proceedings, it’s part of the campiness. (even though followers can see that it is expanding) I don’t think we would love it as much if it turned into Fashion Star, even though Ru unapologetically plugs her stuff like crazy, it’s so hammy and fun. It’s all about not taking itself too seriously.

  • amywinns

    So Phi2 is finally getting the full-on villain edit, and I do NOT think it’s just editing. Her open boasting of how she sabotaged Jiggly, confirmed and expanded in Untucked, is just crass. I mean, whatever happened to plausible deniability?? Wouldn’t it be savvier to let the others wonder whether it was on purpose or not? Goes to show how tragically needy she is, desperate for approval and driven to win not by pride in her own abilities, but “at any cost”. The reunion show just got a lot uglier, since I predict Jiggly will show up loaded for bear. And it will be interesting to see how much worse she gets as the prize gets closer.

    On a more positive note, I like Willam very much and liked seeing him feel challenged and worried. (Terrified he would somehow sashay before Jiggly, heaven forfend!) And I applaud him for rolling with Sharon’s “Duncan Heinz” lines and the lol line about how he’s afraid the judges would not be able to see his mouth during a LSFYL due to his new “goatee.” Hilarious. See? He definitely can do self-deprecating as well as self-aggrandizing. His looks were OK, but not as strong as some others past, and definitely not as strong as Chad and Sharon. Latrice and Dida were also kind of dull performances, neither good nor bad. Not a lot to say there.

    I agree Michelle is ridiculous to critcize Chad — is she Ru’s designated troublemaker, just to present an appearance of non-favoritism? I thought both Chad’s looks were awesome and her “reading” was clearly referencing the “Paris is Burning” balls that Ru introduced the segment with, so props to her for that history lesson. (Who doubted for a second that Latrice would own that? Is there any chance any of the other six have a fraction of her experience with throwing shade, playfully or otherwise??)

    • kentiesgirl

      Oh the shade of it all…

      Love it.

      Paris is Burning, I think, is required viewing for all the contestants…I remember that from some interview a while ago. So they should all be prepared, but of course Chad would have the reference regardless.

    • Farthingale

      If Michelle’s job is to poke holes in the armor of the highly polished queens, then let her attack Chad for her holding back her personality and not rising to the top of the pack more. They should be egging her on to bare her teeth and act like she wants to win this thing. That is a legitimate note for Chad.

  • Meelah

    Latrice is starting to worry me.  
    She’s one of my favorites but I worry that she’s just coming up with enough to get by and kind of phoning in on some of the challenges.  The Snatch game was a huge disappointment.  She’s a respectable top 3 or 4 but she’s going to have to put in more work if she wants to beat Chad and Sharon.  I don’t want to see her in the bottom two but I’m interested in how she would do in a LSFYL.  We already know Willam is horrible at it.

  • miatamam

    Cha’d’s cover would have played better without that strange, busy background.  Lord knows Ru loves a pretty girl but poor Dida just isn’t ready for prime time.  She needs a season or two with a Drag Mama to perfect some taste and create a more upscale wardrobe & wigs.  Sharon’s Little Edie was a scream in my book.

    • I knowwww and it’s so damned frustrating, because there’s so so much promise in Dida (all “gook” usage aside). Drag mamas seriously have a major impact on this show. (Two words: Tyra Sanchez.)

      • Farthingale

        Sometimes I do wish it were “RuPaul’s School for Girls”. Are you listening Logo? We want to watch RuPaul’s School For Girls in addition to Drag Race AND Drag Ru. AND we want RuPaul’s Best Friend Race. Now scurry away and get it done. 

        •  And RuPaul’s Grocery Shopping! And RuPaul Gives Life Advice to Viewers! And . . .

          Holy two piece and a biscuit, I think I want RuPaul to do a talk show again.

          • Farthingale

            Scratch that, I think what we really need is a RuPaul network, then we can also get “G5 starring HRH Latrice Royale”, and “Spooky-time Theatre with Sharon Needles” (wouldn’t it be great if Sharon ad libbed over horror movies?) And a weekly “Snatch Game” (for real), and “RuVC” for all our Lady Boy needs, and, and, and…..

          • Yep. An all-Ru-all-the-time network is what we need. I’d watch the hell out of that network.

          • kentiesgirl

            Can Ru just add layered (absolut laced) berries to every facet of my life? I would be okay with that.

  • Sharon was the clear winner. That magazine was pure kitsch and very funny, reminiscent of Faster Pussy Cat era pin up play. 

    The thing is Sharon has already showed them glamour, I think they just need a reason to come down on some queens. 

    • I agree that they were looking for a reason to criticize a few of the queens, but I think that when they tell Sharon they want to see glamour, they’re talking about straight-up (so to speak) classic glamour, which Sharon doesn’t do. Everything she does has an edge to it. They want – say – Carole Lombard or Marilyn Monroe, and she gives them Gloria Swanson as Norma Desmond. I happen to love that. In fact, I think she was fab-u-lous on the runway this week. I’m dying over her dress. But I think they want something more traditional and less dangerous, which is a damn shame, IMO.

      I also agree with you and everyone else who’s said that Sharon was the obvious winner. Also, also, she was on fire on Untucked this week. She’s friggin’ hilarious.

  • Markatha

    I still think Sharon & Chad are the top two.
    They always make very strong showings each week. 
    Latrice & Willam are 3 & 4 and are strong most weeks. 
     Dida & Phi Phi are mostly busted. I hope they are the next to go. 

    Seems the judges have to dig deep for criticisms of Sharon & Chad. 
    I can’t help but think they really love them both, lame critique or not.

    Sharon had the best cover and Chad looked terrific on the runway. 
    Shirley, they’ll be the last two standing! 

  • My favorites are still Sharon, Chad and Latrice – though Latrice better step it up.  Right now she’s a much more distant third than I’d have expected, given her experience.  Willam just leaves me cold.  I see the writing on the wall as well – for both her and Latrice….unless they break out of the rather confining molds they’ve created for themselves.  And I agree Latrice is phoning it in.  Willam…dunno about her.  Too much expected glory I’m thinking.  Its one thing to believe in yourself.  Its quite another to annoy the hell out of people with it.  There are times when Willam comes off as Jiggly w/o the bad wardrobe and unholy screech.

  • mmteach

    Have you seen Willam’s “Chow Down” video about Chick-fil-A?  Hi-larious.

  • Gianni_Rubino

    Why did Willam get kicked off?