“Revenge” at PaleyFest

Posted on March 12, 2012

Poodles, like many of you, we’re going through Revenge withdrawal and have resorted to vowing to DESTROY the guy who bags our groceries for not handling our eggs with respect. It’s not the same.

Fortunately, we all have the “Revenge” panel at PaleyFest 2012, which means half the stars showed up, some of whom know what they’re doing and some of whom, sadly, haven’t quite figured it out yet. Let’s get judgey.


Ashley Madekwe

Putting the lie to the idea that all darker-skinned women look good in pale colors.  The shape of this thing is pretty sad, but the drab color is doing her no favors either. We suspect she looks amazing in pinks and jewel tones.


Christa B. Allen

Oh, SWEETIE. Here, let’s put a jacket over you and quietly usher you out a side door. We don’t claim to know how to predict what clothes are going to look good from the camera angle of your average step-and-repeat, but it’s a safe bet that high-waisted skirts are dicey under most circumstances. But a red, satin-y, high-waisted pleated skirt with a drab halter? Even we could have told her that was a bad idea.

Also, the zombie makeup isn’t helping.


Emily Van Camp

Why, Miss Emily! Look at you, all new and improved! Like some of her co-stars, it seems, Emily wasn’t quite prepared for the red carpet when her show became a hit and she spent several months looking like, well… like her two co-stars above. We don’t LOVELOVELOVE the bright yellow shoes with this fantastic dress, but we appreciate that someone tried to do some interesting accessorizing. A less vibrant yellow might have been perfect, but either way, this is a huge improvement for her.

Josh Bowman

This is cute, but our first impulse is to say he’s too old for this look. But since he’s only 24 (which surprises us), we suppose he’s not too old for this look; it’s just that it doesn’t suit him all that well. We can see Kevin McHale or Daniel Radcliffe killing this look, but on Josh it looks a little silly.


Madeleine Stowe

Perfection. Just look at that smile. She will clearly destroy any photographer who takes a bad picture of her.


[Photo Credit: Emiley Schweich/PR Photos]

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  • MilaXX

    Madeline Stowe is showing the young’uns ow to work a RC.

  • PastryGoddess

    Madeline Stowe FTW.

  • Cathy S

    That purple dress is fab.

  • TAGinMO

    While I agree wholeheartedly with TLo’s criticisms of the first 2 gals’ outfits, I found it refreshing that none of the four ladies on this…er…black carpet (shame about the disappearing shoes, Madeleine!) assumed the “gotta pee” pose for their photos.

    The “standing on a slight incline” pose isn’t “natural” per se, but it’s so much more natural than its awkward, overused alternative that it really lets the clothes and the woman wearing them shine through.

    Finally, the two pics of Stowe should be required study for every burgeoning starlet out there. That “slight incline with a 3/4 twist” pose she’s striking is insanely flattering…and would be on most Hollywood sized women, I’d imagine.

  • serenitynow02

    I have had a girl crush on Madeleine Stowe since forever. She looks gorgeous.

    • girliecue

      Me too. She is unfairly beautiful, but I can’t hold a grudge against such beauty. And she’s a talented actress too. Which, once again, too beautiful to hate her for.

  • I love that purple! It’s perfect on her!

  • Crimson_Clover

    Someone needs to tell Ashley to stand up straight and stop doing whatever it is that’s disappearing her neck. She looks apologetic about being there.

    I have no words for Charlotte except the following: Girl, you’re too young to dress like a third-year associate at a Midwest law firm. Also, I don’t care how good your figure is, shiny satin is no one’s friend.

    I’m totally down with Emily Thorne’s dress, and I really like the bright yellow contrasting with the navy. I wish the shoe itself was different (better). Other than that, she looks very fresh.

    This is the first time I’ve seen Daniel outside the show, and he is more appealing here than he is on Revenge, where I regularly wish he’d get eaten by Sammy the Impossibly Aged Dog. However, he’s too built for the skinny tie/skinny pant look. That works well on slight men, like DanRad, but it can make a bigger guy look a bit schlumpy, which is what it’s doing to poor Daniel. He should be dressing to emphasize his shoulders. Why are the young men these days ashamed to have broad shoulders? HIPSTERS, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?

    Madeline Stowe is, as ever, class personified. But she needs to stop doing whatever the eff it is that she’s doing to her face. She’s about to sprout a third lip.

    • TAGinMO

      Having worked as an attorney at more than one Midwest law firm, I can tell you that no female associate at any level would be caught dead in that get-up.

      Especially not at the office, but even at the company Christmas party, it’d be out of place.

    • uprightcitizen

      Thanks for the laugh about Sammy. What the heck is the deal with that? He’s awfully spry for a yellow lab that would have to be in his early 20s. And miraculously, he comes with NO accoutrements! He can be dropped off and picked up from wherever he’s living without a leash, a dog bed, a bowl, food, instructions for care, or anything. For such an old guy, he’s VERY low-maintenance.

  • What a cute little tie on such a cute little guy. Yum.

    I can’t see Ashley Madekwe as anything other than Bambi on Confessions of a Callgirl. Sorry.That dress fits Emily perfect but the only thing keeping it from a perfect score is those shoes being the wrong shade of yellow. Still, a 9/10 is nothing to sneeze at.

  • TAGinMO

    The problem with Bowman’s look isn’t that he’s not young enough for it; it’s that he’s not skinny enough for it.

    To be clear, this is not–in the LEAST–a criticism of his body, which is delicious. He just needs to learn how to dress it to its maximum advantage.

    • RebeccaKW

       I agree.  His broad, muscular (sigh) shoulders make the sweater is too small, and the skinny tie is making him look wider.  It’s a good look, he just needs to make some adjustments to flatter his frame.

      • Helen C

        This look is for waifs or slighter guys (hence why the smaller Dan Rad would look in this).  Muscular guys can easily dress better in traditional menswear. 

  • RebeccaKW

    Ashley Madekwe has some poor posture and that’s certainly not helping her cause.

    I love Emily’s look, but I think a different shoe.  I like the bright yellow, I just think these are ugly.

    Madeline Stowe-killing it.  And all who defy her.

  • SewingSiren

    Madeleine is the winner by a long shot. I wonder if the charters that get killed off still get to come to the parties..

  • Call me Bee

    Emily is winning the Battle of the Lace Dresses, I think.  Her shoes are much more interesting, and while Ms Stowe should certainly not wear her hems as high as the younger Miss Emily, that weird below-the knee length is never flattering.   Just a titch shorter would have made it killler.

  • ThaliaMenninger

    Madeleine Stowe and Josh Bowman get my seal of approval. Emily Van Camp’s dress is verra nice, but the shoes kind of wreck it. They look like spring break at Daytona Beach. The shiny red skirt girl is a mess. A mess with no waist. The hunchy white dress girl looks like she has no neck in that shapeless sack. No waist, no neck… How can they not look in a mirror and see that they need to wear something different?

  • The mother-daughter lace dresses are the best looks…

  • minnye

    So it appears that a stylist worth her/his salt must consider not only the star’s image, coloring, and body type; how formal the event is; and designer trends, but ALSO the color of the carpet in the event venue so her/his client’s feet don’t disappear.

  • Damien W

    The second I saw Emily, one thing came to mind: “The name on everybody’s lips is gonna be…ROXIE!”

    At this point she’s probably the only woman left who hasn’t been in Chicago on Broadway…

  • Damnit, I was wrong again.  Right before scrolling down to read your comments, I was thinking how beautiful Ashley looks in that non-color, and how gross it would look on someone pale-skinned.  I even like how it fits.  I would change the shoes, though.
    I like the yellow of Emily’s shoes, but not the style.

  • Ashley: STAND UP STRAIGHT ferchrissakes!
    Christa: Just, just,…go away so I can unsee this.  And ask Madeline Stowe to your trailer for lunch one of these days to discuss fashion and its impact on your career.
    Emily: Brava, Girl. Clearly you have been listening to TLo. I even love the shoes.
    Josh: Hipster Frat Boy is NOT your look.
    Madeline: Leave it to the grown up to show them all what it takes to give it out on the RC.

  • Judy_J

    I don’t know who Christa Allen is, but her outfit is burned into my retinas now.  She looks like a sad cheerleader.  That skirt is not only ugly, it doesn’t fit and I suspect isn’t even centered properly.  And that blouse!  Looks like something pulled from the bottom of the Goodwill bag.  Awful, awful, awful.

  • dress_up_doll

    “We suspect she looks amazing in pinks and jewel tones.” — TLo said

    And I suspect she looks amazing once a brush has been through her hair. She’s such a gorgeous girl, why is she wearing that rag of a dress and such hiddy shoes?

    • Monabel

      and what happened to her neck?

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    Madeline Stowe is shutting.it.down.  Fabulous!

  • CQAussie

    Madeline Stowe: showing these bitches how it’s done.  

  • marywv

    EVP looks great. I love how she and Madeleine are wearing different versions of the same dress. Which is probably unintentional but my soap opera derived brain begs to differ.

    Also Ashley’s posture and goofy expression does far less for her look than anything else and I’m going to pretend Christa’s horrible satin Christmas tree skirt meets Cheerleading skirt and that make-up appliation 101 didn’t happen. Madeleine can’t take those two under her wing? Eeks,

  • Kevin McHale is one year younger than Josh. So the comparison of age doesn’t work in this case. I do agree, however, that Josh’s look definitely will work for Kevin only because we’ve seen Kevin do this look a million times over and it suits him.

  • Elizabeth Wiggs Maas

    I’m sure you know of Ashley Madekwe’s fashion blog, but just in case you don’t…

    And YES, she looks amazing in color! But I thought she looked cute above, too. And I actually liked her shoe choice.

    • Sara__B

      Thanks for the link. Such a pretty woman wearing lots of stylish clothes! Yet she often poses with her head lowered and her shoulders up, which makes her neck look short — a big mistake when she’s wearing a collared dress like the one in this post.

  • judybrowni

    THAT’S Madeline Stowe? She’s almost unregcognizable as herself.

    Perfection maybe in the dress, but SCARY plastic surgery.

    Oh, I live in Los Angeles, and I can’t tell you how frightening the duck lips/skin-pulled-so-tight-shiny skull head with apple cheeks “work” look is in person on middle-aged women.

    Makeup helps hide it, somewhat.

    Happy I couldn’t afford it.

    • judybrowni

      I remember the first time I saw Faye Dunaway after she had major plastic surgery, I was ten feet away from her and had to ask a friend, “Who is that?”

      It’s a shame that most middle-aged actresses have to feel they can’t get work without it.

  • Rand Ortega

    MadStow is KICKIN’ it! Fit, color, style– Gorge!

  • SpcilK

    Ms. Stowe is D’ Georgous!

  • Ashley should get “Girl, that’s not A dress,” just way too shapeless for such a petite gal. Madeline and Emily are rocking it, and I’ll forgive Josh anything for all that mauve. Or I’ll just forgive him, period.

  • girliecue

    Christa B. is dressed for the Santa’s Workshop Christmas Party. Emily, my sweet, I just stepped off my “shoes as unnecessary and now unfashionable pop of color” soapbox. Instead of stepping back on it, I’m just going straight to Happy Hour. You have DESTROYED my will to make the world a better place. 

  • teachmusik

    I could’ve sworn that Nick W (Jack-I can’t spell his last name) and Gabriel Mann (Nolan) were reported to be there too. Anyone know where I can find pictures of them?

  • turtleemily

    Ashley also doesn’t need the high neck on the dress, and her eye makeup always looks weird to me. It’s done the same way on the show, too.

  • Derek_anny

    Josh is trying to be Darren Criss.  Valiant attempt, but no.

  • EEKstl

    Ah, Madeleine.  Show the lesser (younger) mortals how it’s done.