PRAS: And The Winner Is…

Posted on March 23, 2012

Well, that went exactly as expected, didn’t it?

Not that we have any issue with the win; just that this entire exercise shook out exactly as everyone predicted it would. And the problem with a reality competition designed to give one person the win is that the resulting TV show is as dull as dull gets. That they took what would have been a dull 1-hour finale and stretched it out to 2 hours tells you all you need to know about where the priorities lie for the people who make Project Runway now. It’s about storylines and it’s about milking the drama for all its worth. Kudos to the three finalists, because they were smart enough to realize that and didn’t really give the producers anything to work with. Instead we got a LOT of scenes of finalists talking (and talking and talking) about how much they want to win. Well of course you do.

But those judges should be embarrassed. Not for the final decision but because that “judging” session should more rightly be called a praise session. Every designer and every piece was amazing, wonderful, exciting beyond measure. Bitches, please. You gave them practically no time at all to staple a collection together and the resulting runway shows didn’t even come close to demonstrating what these designers can do. All it managed to show us is what these designers can do when they’re exhausted and have no time to do what they want. Isn’t that what the rest of the competition is for?

So congratulations, Mondo!

We find we have nothing else to say about this episode. Might as well get to the dress-ripping, we suppose.

We still think many of the pieces here go straight into cartoon-y territory and we suspect any pieces produced for Neiman Marcus are going to be very edited for their customer base, but despite the loony-tunes aspects and the fact that he’s repeating a lot of things from his Season 8 collection, we thought he showed a bit of growth and maturity as a designer. There’s a sophistication at work here that doesn’t always come through with his designs. This was probably our favorite of the looks.

But Hilfiger was right – in one of the few on-point critiques of the night – to focus on this dress as the point where his tendencies may have hurt the design. The buttons are too big and too close together and as interesting as those circular pockets are, we can’t imagine they don’t wind up looking like mouse ears after one wearing. A cute dress, but the elements could have been just a little toned down to make it a chic one.

This was a last-minute addition and it looks it. But it’s not a bad look altogether. We think it suffers from the use of the zig-zag print which may have been a bridge too far, what with all the other circles and dots in the collection.

Those pants were obviously made and designed by Mila.

If those pants were not quite so wide and if those front pockets were – well, removed completely, this would be just about perfect.

Lorenzo’s OCD is being set off by the different sleeve colors and he thinks the average customer probably wouldn’t go for that, but Tom thinks the younger gals (who are clearly Mondo’s main customer) probably wouldn’t think twice about it.

Well, they liked it the first AND the second time he did this dress, so why not go for a third?

The Rorschach print is pretty awesome, we have to say.

This was the only look that didn’t feel like it belonged. He obviously felt he needed to make a gown but the thing is, gowns aren’t really Mondo’s thing. The circle motif and the color scheme place it in the collection, but it’s easily the weakest of his pieces.

Finalist collections to follow, darlings. Can you tell we’re underwhelmed?

For the record: We’re happy for Mondo and we think his collection was clearly better than the others.


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  • BigShamu


  • Joe J

    I don’t think I’m ever going to like the way he styles his models.  I look at the photos and I’m overwhelmed by the urge to get a pair of scissors (or hedge trimmers, given the size) and snip off those big strands dangling on the sides.

    Beyond that?  Feh.  Deserved his place in the finals because he was never the worst designer any given week, deserved the win because his collection was the best (even though it wasn’t his best work), but to me it’s perfectly obvious he would have been given the win anyway, so… feh.

    ETA: Get OUT of my head, BigShamu!

    • Yeah, nary a peep from either the judges or TLo about the styling? What’s up with that? It brought the whole collection (closer) down to earth for me.

      Agreed that the episode was entirely predictable. On the other hand, they went for “unpredictable” in the finales of seasons 8 and 9, with repulsive results, so I can’t disapprove.

      • Season 8 was unpredicable, but I think most people saw Anya’s win coming from a mile away. I realized it the episode she showed something that was falling apart on the run way and wasn’t in the bottom two.

  • Diane_Chambers

    Now that he has his make-up win, I hope I never have to hear about him again.  The goodwill I once had for him has vanished, and what once seemed fresh and interesting in his designs now seems cartoonish. 

    • Ouizee

      You took the words right outta my mouth!

      • annrr

        Cartoon-y was the word I was using all night. It feels the same as his last collection minus the little hats.

    • Rand Ortega

       What DC said!

      • dress_up_doll

        My sentiments exactly. I was never a huge fan, but could appreciate some of his designs. However, with PRAS, man did we see another side of him or what? I just can’t get over the childishness and sense of entitlement.

        • Yeah, he is really a giant baby. Wonder how long he’ll last in the “real” world when Nieman wants to edit his designs and push them out to stores for the summer. One of those fits of existential depression and whiny frustration and I’d fire his ass, creativity aside.

          • The dress for sale at Nanette Lepore was not the dress that Mondo had originally designed. As T-Lo said at the time: “they added a minor change that altered the silhouette completely.”

            There’s some hope for Mondo. (But, yes, he has displayed an incredible sense of entitlement.)

    • kolokOlchik

      I used to be his number one fan but honestly, this time I was hoping he wouldn’t win.  I guess the way that I can accept it now is that he truly deserved the win in his season, so this makes up for it.  But he was very whiny and bitchy and just overall a pill this season and all the goodwill I had for him has disappeared.

      • DinaSews

        As others have said, that had to be the intention of BM.  ‘We’ll show you ungrateful people for bi#$%^ing our show! Here’s the REAL Mondo and why he didn’t win!’

        I almost didn’t even bother to watch because I knew that even though he’d spent the entire season bitching he’d still win. eh. I think he’s talented, but I’m over him.

    • see, I remember the first episode in his first season… where he was curled up on the bed feeling sorry for himself and all the kool kids were out in the kitchen having a laugh. It took him a while to relax and realise that he was projecting there.

      He has a prickly personality for sure but I’m more inclined to think that his edit this season was framed as “Revenge of the Producers” for viewers who dared to disagree with their choice of Gretchen. “Here’s your precious Mondo!”

      ha ha, not really. Doesn’t matter though. In this case, I don’t care about his personality defects, I loved his collection. The prizes are really good and I hope he uses them well.

      • When I buy clothes, I don’t stop to reflect on the designers’ personalities or their creative process. I just want to know are the outfits cute, do they fit and flatter me and how much do they cost? The designer can be crazy as a loon, but who cares if the end product is great?

        As for the prizes, in the end Nina did Mondo a favor by choosing Gretchen. He got this win, much more valuable prizes and added exposure. The big question is how are Nina and Mondo going to work together for a year? Can we look on his new job as her punishment for refusing to give him the Season 8 win?

        Finally, we don’t know if given the time, Mondo would have stepped back to critically judge his own finale designs and done the editing they so obviously need. 

    • TieDye64

      Amen, sister!

  • I’m just glad that the whole farcical thing is done with for another season.  Kudos, Mondo for the win, which I think he did actually deserve, based on the other two collections.

  • DeborahLipp

    The collection was the clear winner among the final three. And I disagree about the cartoony. I think if you’re going to buy a Mondo piece then you want some of the cartoony aspect, it’s part of what makes him unique.

    • Spicytomato1

      I agree. And I’d say this collection, mouse-ear pockets aside, was definitely less cartoony than his last finale collection. I saw way more sophistication in this one.

    •  Completely agree.  People who like Mondo’s work are people who like a certain kind of fun, colorful style.  Maybe it’s not for everyone, but I love it, and I think there are a lot of women like me.

  • Hetha Innis

    What a shame, and a disappointment, that they weren’t given the budget and/or time to make a final collection. I’m happy for Mondo as well, but last night was the last episode I’ll ever watch of this show. I’ve been a fan since the first episode of season 1 and my husband is sure I’ll eat my words, but I feel pretty confident that they’ve killed the show for me.

    • kolokOlchik

      Same here.  I will not watch the regular PR and I gave this a chance, but even the fact that they pushed Michael through…  yeah, umm, no, not watching that again.

      • nancylee61

        Right??? Michael instead of Mila or Rami? I am not a huge Rami fan, I feel he limits himself, but he is much more talented than Michael. As was Kenley, who I ended up liking – shocking, I know!!!

        • fashionablylate

          As much as I love Austin, I feel the final 3 should’ve been Mondo, Kenley, and Mila. Rami has always had issues with color and proportion, though he has made some wonderful pieces during the competitions.

        •  Me, too! I don’t think she was right for Runway, but I loved a lot of Kenley’s dresses, and I would totally wear most of her stuff.  Also, I know everyone thought she was obnoxious, but I kind of love loud-mouth ladies like Kenley.

  • The sophistication and growth that’s mentioned seems to be entirely based on the fact that this collection used no color, save for the terrible gown. Feh on him. Feh on this season, and feh on the producers for putting together a tongue-bath of a show in order to praise someone who very obviously let everyone in the world know that he thinks more of himself than anyone else ever will of him.

  • Ennovi_R

    CONGRATS MONDO!!!!!!!!!! 😀 I am so happy that he won!

  • The boy has talent. The thing is — we already knew that. Austin has talent but tends to get carried away by his fantasies. We already knew that. Michael likes to talk and be on TV. We already knew that. So, while I was going to be happy with an Austin or Mondo win, nothing much was likely to excite me about either talented designer winning. 

    • Girl_With_a_Pearl

      If the B/M wasn’t so cheap and had given all the designers lots of time for each round and even more time for the final collection, think how better their work could have been and more interesting for us to watch.  These were some of the best PR alumns who had some great ideas in their seasons.  Instead, they could only do things they’ve done before because there was no time to be inspired or to sew things well.  Austin Scarlet would never send something down the runway with pins in it in the old days!

      •  You could tell he spent ALL of his time on the wedding gown and then lost the script after that.  Too bad.  I thought the 4 day deadline was a shame, too.

  • SewingSiren

    1. The blouse is exactly the same as the one in his season 8 collection. I like the skirt. Lacquered burlap was it? He should have used that in more than one garment.
    2. I think this is the same dress as the Miss Piggy challenge. Except in a knit. I wonder why he repeated a design that was ignored completely by the judges.
    3. Considering the scraps twist was tossed out just for him , you would have expected something a little more “Mondo” . Just okay.
    4. Loved this. I think the little jacket has been done with his Jackie O and Plus print challenges. The pants I like just as they are, except pocket flaps. The top very cute. Very wise to develop the ink blot print before going on the show. Which I am sure he did.
    5. His signature piece. And it is a great one that can be done in many lengths, color combos, and price points.
    6. Closed with his weakest piece, that isn’t that weak. 

    Over all entertaining show. And deserved win. 

  • He deserved the win, and I was rooting for him… But this collection is underwhelming. It’s the best out of the three, so what does that say about the other two?! I wish they had done the same format they do with the normal PR seasons: don’t fix what isn’t broken! 

    • Tigerfly

      I so agree… they took the ONE thing that they haven’t completely effed up in regular PR and destroyed it too with a 4-day time frame to do a collection.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      I like Mondo, and am pleased for him, but yes, all of the collections were underwhelming, and I fault Bunim/Murray for being such cheapskates with time and money. 

  • Ledasmom

    On the fourth look, I cannot get over the fact that she has a pelvis on her boobs.

  • I didn’t dislike the pockets and buttons as much as Hilfiger (but maybe that’s why he’s a famous designer and I still live in my mom’s basement). In fact, I felt like those were the elements of those two looks that made them work, and made them “Mondo.” The rest of it was just meh for me, though I still think that of the three of them he is the designer with the best chances of success, and therefore most deserving of the win. (Though I have to say i liked him a whole lot less this season – if I cared, which I don’t, I’d watch him in this season and his original season to see if he was really that different or if he just seemed different in relation to different personalities.)

    And he should just do a collection of tight stretchy body-conscious dresses with interesting prints and be done with it.

  • Kayceed

    The ennui is palpable, gentlemen.
    But, nice collection. I absolutely love the bolero jacket and wish I could buy it now. The proportions are perfect and it would be such a great piece to pair with both pants and pencil skirts. I am not built for shrunken tailored jackets but a structured bolero (as opposed to the knit ones) is a perfect short jacket. So there’s that. Congrats to Mr. Mondo.

  • Yeah, well, we all knew Mondo would win and this collection was certainly Mondoish, so congrats!

  • HM3

    At the risk of going AGAINST the blinding wisdom of my beloved TLo: I didn’t think the episode was as boring or uneventful as everyone claims it to be. The designers (for the most part) kept the drama out of it, and I think the collections–with the exception of Michael’s–were interesting and fashion-forward, even if we have seen a couple of the silhouettes in previous seasons. I agree that the show doesn’t have the same appeal to it that it did in earlier seasons, but what show does? –moreover, what fashion show does? Is it possible to produce a fashion-based television show that consistently exhibits shockingly NEW clothing, episode after episode, while still incorporating “practical” (in the loosest sense of the word), wearable pieces? 

    I, for one, enjoyed this show thoroughly, and am VERY happy for Mondo.  🙂

    • I am going through the same thoughts (liked it fine, always enjoy watching) but also would add that for all our whining about how the show has become more drama and less art since the Lifetime/production company switch, I am kind of amazed at the presumption that any TV show, outside of maybe PBS programs, should have integrity or intelligence. My entire TV watching life has been about trying to pick out nuggets of entertainment or enlightenment from loads of mediocre tripe. I would say I’d much rather watch a Bunim-Murray produced PR than Jersey Shore or Two and a Half Men any frikkin day. At least they’re MAKING things, even if it is “fixed.”

      • Frank_821

        I think also we should note that despite all our complaining about what BM has done to the  show, it begs the question could the Magical Elves prevented the same corruption. They might have been able to delay it, but let’s remember they are the ones producing Fashion Star. 

        And on this last season of Top Chef (also produced by the Elves) many critics and fans decried it as the worst season ever because 1) Too much emphasis on drama 2) Not enough talent 3) Challenges with ridiculous parameters and time constraints that don’t reflect ability or creativity….hmmm those complaints sound familair?

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          Good points-the reality TV category seems to circling the drain to see which show can hit bottom first-it’s all about overhyped, phony dramatics and gimmickry.

          At least I can always go back to my DVD’s of pre-B/M PR for entertainment.

        • Pam Winters

          Didn’t Magical Elves also do that NBC Fashion Star That Fell From Heaven With Motorcycles and Firecrackers ridiculosity? I’m beginning to wonder if they’ve lost their magic.

  • I hated the hair. I felt like everything about his show communicated his … disdain for this whole undertaking. I hadn’t realized until just now why I liked him so much less this season, but I think that’s it: disdain.

    • mhleta

      I try to imagine if a team of cameras and sound people were following me everywhere during and after my pregnancies (really the only creative thing I can personally relate to their process) waiting for me to drop pearls of charm and wisdom.  So, under the circumstances, I’m willing to cut them some slack for getting a little petulant and disdainful. ITA about the hair, though. Looks like something’s nesting in it. 

    • DocPooh

       I think the hair was extremely appropriate, toned down even given his theme:  therapy.  I imagine that after a good old-fashioned shock therapy session one’s hair would be a bit mussed!  And, as for people’s Mondo-hate, I maybe he wasn’t to adorable guy with AIDS that everyone loved last time, but I’m imagining that highly creative people are temperamental.  I don’t believe he was cruel to anyone.  And if he had been, he seems to be the sort to eventually recognize it and apologize.  I’m not sure that I’m a “Mondo-ite”, I just understand that he like everyone else is human and in  a highly pressurized, artificially created situation.  Why the bitterness?  His collection was the best one, so there’s not that complaint!  (Though, I absolutely love Austin and his wonderful, small niche, fantasy world!)

      • BerlinerNYC

        Um, HIV+ ≠ AIDS.

        • DocPooh

          Thanks for the correction!  I knew this, but was just not very careful.  

  • AllisonRae

    I agree, this episode was so boring that I actually let my boyfriend swith back to watch baseball every once and awhile. We saw enough talking and drama last week, and I just couldn’t watch any more this week. What made it even worse was the lack of suspense and excitement, because of course Mondo was destined to win.

    I just wish that for an “All Stars” competition, we could’ve really seen the contestants put out their best work. Give them a few months at home to create a collection they can really showcase their abilities. Granted, I think they all did turn out some great pieces with the time allotted.

    TLo, you’re so right about the different sleeve colors on Mondo’s garments….I’m 25 and I LOVED it haha. It’s something so simple, but I’ve never seen that before and I’d definitely wear something with an accent like that.

    Also, the pockets on that 2nd dress look like pot holders!!! Haha!! If they were scaled down a bit and didn’t stick so far out on the dress, they’d look a lot better.

    • AllisonRae

      Oh and by the “we” in “we saw enough talking and drama last week”, I don’t mean my boyfriend and I haha, just as in “we the viewers”. I’m lucky my bf doesn’t mind me watching PR, but I could never get him to actually “watch” it with me haha 🙂

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        My husband occasionally would pop into the room when I was watching the last regular season of PR simply to do his one word Tim Gunn impression:  “Desiiiiigners!” Otherwise he keeps a very safe distance from my PR viewing.

        • AllisonRae

          Haha too funny!! Yea my bf will occasionally laugh if he hears some very flamboyant and dramatic statement by one of the guys, but that’s about it. Oh and he actually watched some of the season 6 finale with me when it was on, and during Irina’s final collection he said “I don’t want her to win because of those weird tiny hats” haha!

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            I remember those hats!

  • I’m really disappointed they didn’t give the designers more time for the final collection. I think they all did a pretty good job considering  they only had a few days to bang this shit out.  I’m happy for Mondo, anyway!

    I hope they find a different not-Heidi next time (if there is a next time).

  • lilibetp

    But Austin’s white gown…

    • Was absolutely phenomenal! But he was massively let down by the rest of his collection, which was either drab or unflattering – sometimes both. 

      • CozyCat

        The black lace dress everyone was ravng about was pretty good too.  In fact, the two looks that everyone kept talking about were Austin’s.  They just didn’t fit with the other clothes.  (Oh, let’s be honest.  Austin lost as soon as he opened his mouth to describe his inspiration…)

        • I nearly liked the black lace dress. It was fab, but I really didn’t like the ruffle. The way it was open and you could see inside of it… It reminded me of things I’d rather not have on my dress. 

          • The openness of that ruffle was exactly what bothered me about that dress.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          I know what you mean-as Austin was describing his vampire gal who time-travelled (or however she got there) to Williamsburg and borrowed from her Hasidic “dandy” friends, I just said, oh, Austin, I love you but this is sooooo wierd.  I think Austin tried to work in too many ideas for such a short time period, and a lot of his time had to have been spent on his wedding gown….

  • TheDivineMissAnn

    Jeez.  Everyone was raving about those wide pants and I thought they were absolutely hiddy and made the model’s hips look big.  I like the gown though….I think it’s pretty.  Austin’s collection was weak, but I liked the wedding dress.  The way it moved on the runway was gorgeous.  Michael’s collection was….meh

    • annrr

      Thank you! I hated the pants too, they look like stilt walker pants. 

  • jaysus, the makeup on these models is THE WORST. would it have killed them to use some foundation? they all look haggard — like that scene in the first batman movie where all the makeup in the world is poisoned.

    • DinaSews

      I think that was Mondo’s intention.  Since his inspiration was ‘therapy’, maybe he wanted the models to look like they were crazy.

  • dawnboo

    I’m not a “younger gal” anymore (in my 40’s) but I also wouldn’t think twice about the different color sleeves on the Rorschach top and dress.  I like it and think it looks interesting and fun.

    • I’m way older than a “younger gal” and I loved the different color sleeves. If the whole sleeve had been a different color, it would have been too much. This was perfect.

  • mjude

    its not that i didnt like mondo’s collection but i felt so let down when the show ended.  i did wonder why they were not given a longer time to create their collection? i have to say i will miss seeing austin.

  • I really, really like the Rorschach dress. Like, really. The kind of like where I hear a new song, hop directly onto iTunes to buy it, and listen to it 94 times in a row. Except with more fabric.

    I would have no doubts about spending as much as they asked for this dress and wearing it 94 times in a row.

  • 2ndhandchic

    Schmedi mentioned that she didn’t feel Mondo’s collection was as good as it could have been. No shit! If they had more then 4 days, everyone’s collections would have been better.

    • formerlyAnon

      Yes.YES. YES!!

  • I’m so very thankful that our mountain bike training is on Thursday evenings so I had an excuse to miss this train wreck.  Thank you, TLo, for the recaps.  I’m beyond sad that PR has come to this.

  • It was ridiculous how Joanna was making comments to each designer backstage as their collections were walking. The stuff she said to Mondo was reassuring him that he was going to win. The stuff she said to Michael was telling him to savor this moment because he ain’t getting another like it. Whatever. The win was too telegraphed in the editing of this episode.

    I did love the print/fabric of Mondo’s final dress. Both of Austin’s gowns looked amazing. I don’t get why he isn’t getting more work for that.

    • Jodie_S

      I’ve seen him with “Austin Scarlet” wedding dresses on “Say Yes to the Dress”. A bride came in looking especially for an Austin Scarlet dress, however she didn’t end up getting one of his gowns after all.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        I remember that episode-she so wanted to buy one of Austin’s designs, but none of them worked for her, and she was torn, but Austin was so gracious about it.

        BTW-did anyone else think that giving Austin a gift basket of L’Oreal beauty products was a tad tacky? Geez….

        • He seemed like a study in self control for the whole after show. The man was not happy to be there.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            Austin gets a big thumbs up for me by sucking it up and putting on a good face for that farcical after show.

  • I love the different coloured sleeves/cuffs. I think it’s a very fun design element without being over the top.

  • MissFern

    I hate to say it but I liked Michael Costello’s cute animal print dresses and jumpsuits.  Kill me, I know.

    • MoHub

      I agree, and I’m not a fan of animal prints. His collection may have been more commercial, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I can see Michael being picked up by a major retailer and becoming very successful in ready-to-wear.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        I think ready to wear would suit MIchael’s abilities very well, and I mean that as a compliment

    • it wasn’t terribly fashion forward, but I liked them too. I thought they were well done and one or two of them were damn sexy. 

  • Frank_821

    Yes it’s not a shock and I dont mind but it would have been more fun if Austin won. The praise they gave bordered on silly. Or at least the way it was edited. IT’s sad that the season started out with so much promise and kind of fizzled at the end. I found myself not too excited by the time the winner was announced

    I was more entertained by the after show

    Actually I would have liked it if they gave the win to Austin. Just to shock people if nothing else. I think Mondo is a more versatile designer and a little more interesting in his point of view but I think Neiman Marcus could have gotten a more productive collaboration with Austin. And Austin is talented and would have created luxurious items that could justify the NM pricetag. 

    Also why is the line not coming out until the summer? I realize even though they’re not necessarily making any pieces from his finale collection, the show was taped over a year ago. You would think he would have been able to design enough pieces for a spring release

  • mhleta

    I really like Mondo’s collection and I totally get who his client is: Creative, Urban 20-somethings with money. These are young women who skipped right from NYU, Pratt or Brown and into a 6 figure job at a publishing house a record company or a PR firm. I like the cartoony aspect because it takes it out of the realm of Serious Clothing for Professionals and into fun clothing for young professionals who have some wiggle room for creativity. I’ll also defend the pockets on those pants. Smaller pockets would be out of proportion with that wide leg. No pockets and you’d have too much nothing going on between crotch and high waist. I’ll concede the leg is a bit too wide for Real Life, but sometimes Larger Than Life is exactly the bold note a young woman wants to strike to make herself known. Finally, I’ll defend the long shiny dress. You know all those times fashion critics gripe about a young starlet looking dowdy in Chanel or that Marquesa gown that was really meant for someone with more gravitas? Well this dress would look dreadful on Meryl Streep or Gwyneth Paltro, but it would strike just the right sort of youthful note for, say, Vanessa Hudgens, Shenae Grimes or Keke Palmer. Change the red to cobalt and I can see it on Emma Stone. 

    • Well, let me tell you this: I’m an early-20s woman in New York City who went almost directly from Brown to publishing, but that six-figure salary you mention? I’d be laughing out loud if I weren’t so sad about my bank account. That’s, like, vice-president of Simon & Schuster territory, or an agent with multiple bestsellers on their list. Publishing has notoriously low salaries, especially in the early years.

      However, you are absolutely correct in that I would love to wear about three-quarters of this collection, so you’re spot on in the target client. You know, if I could afford it. Hell, if the first skirt were about three inches longer I’d wear it once a week.

    • I don’t think many publishing houses and record companies are handing out 6-figure salaries to recent grads anymore. But, yeah, other high glamour industries.

  • The hair looks like Helena Bonham Carter after a particularly rough night.

    • CozyCat

      Has she ever had any other kind?  (And I say that with RESPECT!)

    • ballerinawithagun

      Maybe that’s why I love it!

  • Vic

    The pants are awful. Simply awful. I wondered about the praise and still do. Only a tall slim woman could wear these things, and even so, the model looks off. 

    Mondo has a way with prints, but I didn’t like this collection at all. The rorschach print was awesome, but the rest of the collection just didn’t do a thing for me. While I loved many of Mondo’s designs over two seasons, I think T&Lo were right: he was going to be handed the win even if he’d made variations of paper sack dresses. Austin Scarlett deserved better and more serious consideration than this sorry excuse of “Mondo will win at all costs.” To be fair, there were times when Austin was saved when he should have been auffed.

    I am so over Project Runway that I missed several episodes this season and didn’t bother to catch up.

  • VanessaDK

    Your favorite was my favorite (though not with the judges) Besos…

    However, I LOVED when they told him that he would be working with Nina Garcia all year–I thought she was the one who brought about the Gretchen win last time.  Maybe it is just desserts for her.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Is Joanna Coles sitting in her office laughing manically at this prospect???? They’ll all put their game faces on, kiss and make up….

  • Vaniljekjeks

    I have always loved him.  And I want that Rorschach dress so badly.  Like… get in my closet!  

  • He deserved the win. I just need to understand Austin’s description of his collection. “1800’s Vampire comes to the future and borrows clothing from her fabulous Hasidic friend”????? And he thought that would win? 

    • MaryMitch

      I know! That made me roll off the couch laughing; I couldn’t believe he said that!

    • Onymous

      In hindsight I wonder if Austin knew the show was rigged and decided to gently say “fuck it”. Not “burn my bridges” but “aw what the hell, I’m going to be ridiculous”.

  • DeTrop

    I am most displeased.  Mondo’s attitude of late has turned me off him big time.  There must have been a lot of arm twisting off camera to get Tommy Hilfiger to go along with the win for Mondo.  TH was clearly for Michael and I have to admit that his collection, and his alone, was wearable – as is.  If he had won, I would not have been upset.  My fav is Austin and while there were 3 outstanding designs the others seemed so OTT.  I loved the wedding gown, the black cat suit and the lacey dress.  The other gown was too ‘Night of a Thousand Gowns’ if you get my drift.  Anyway, it’s all over now and I wish all three success.  I’m going to miss Miss Scarlett with his fabulous looks and fabulous attitude.  

  • kat89

    I love the way the judging went when they were singing Michael’s praises so highly that anyone not well versed in the ways of Project Runway might actually think they would give the win to him. This series was entirely about tying up a couple of loose ends. We knew that they wouldn’t let Mondo get so close and then leave him in second place again. We also knew that Austin didn’t make it to the judging the first time, despite the fact that he was a fan favorite, so they brought him into the winners circle this time around to check that off the list, but let’s face it, they weren’t going to give him the win. I really wish Rami had made it to the finals though. He’s amazingly talented. As for the actual garments? I’ve seen them all before, although I have to say that Austin’s wedding dress was hands down my favorite item of the entire season. Gorgeous!

    • pepper76

       I was surprised that Rami was out so soon, too. I thought it would come down to Rami vs. Mondo.

      • Girl_With_a_Pearl

        Maybe they got Rami out when they could sort of justify it before he had a chance of threatening Mondo’s pre-determined win later.

    • nancylee61

      I like Rami, but he is too wedded to draping and when he doesn’t drape, he falters. Except on his candy store challenge dress – that was amazing. But his colors are garish, also, he doesn’t do colors well at all.

  • StillGary

    Just wish they had thrown in a little more sugar for Austin –like plucking the bridal gown — and I kinda feel that guest editorship at MC is wasted on Mondo — can’t really see him giving a crap.

  • LJCdoc

    Haven’t watched in about 3 episodes, because – blah. But I saw those leggings pants and said to myself, before I got to the caption, “He must have had help from Mila”. They’ve got her name all over them.

    • Onymous

       as a note, if you haven’t watched the last couple, he did have help from her (not necessarily on the pants, they let them choose an aufed designer to help for a day and Mondo chose Mila.

  • FashionShowAtLunch

    Another thing I was thinking about, in terms of Mondo’s growth as a designer; while there are cartoony-y aspects to some of these looks, at least they stand on their own, and don’t look like they require Mondo himself to style them. 

  • Pinup Ghoul

    ARGH THE STYLING. IT’S SO WRONG. Messy bubble-shaped hairdo’s and heavy, thick makeup with a monochromatic collection? ARGH IT’S SO WRONG. Sleepy, bare eyes with dark red matte lips and too much bronzer, with that color palette, under those lights, makes their faces look dirty. It’s just upsetting to me. As Nina would say, “It’s just not aesthetically pleasing.”

    I didn’t even notice the clothes. That’s how distracted I was by the horrid styling. I have no doubt that all of these models are cute as a button. Mondo has never been great at styling, though. I guess I shouldn’t complain, because at least these judges have gotten away from making the show into ‘Project Stylist’, as it has been in past seasons.

    • Jodie_S

       I think that his odd styling choices might have been how he lost his season which, as I recall, was all about the styling (Project Runway Styling).  They even gave Gretchen styling tips for her final collection, which she followed and won.  When you think about it, this grand prize seems geared towards setting up a mentoring system for a promising designer and, in the finale critiques, they spoke about both Mondo and Austin benefiting from such help. So the grand prize seems to have many strings attached to help Mondo become marketable and successful. 

  • MaryMitch

    I wish they had had more time to create their mini-collections. I was underwhelmed, save one dress in each collection. Mondo’s Rorschach dress, Austin’s white dress, and Michael’s pieced dress that I think April made.

  • It’s funny. My favorite thing about Mondo is his cartoonishness. He himself looks like a cartoon–like the comic-book version of Mark Morris’s Nutcracker prince. Rorschach is, after all, one of the Watchmen…. I love the pockets and buttons that are like symbols of themselves, the insistence on black and white and bright colors. Maybe this is not the highest level of fashion but it is so fresh and vigorous. I will be interested to see what happens with Neiman-Marcus.
    That said, I found Austin’s collection astonishing at a very high level, so I would have been happy with either win.
    I hated part 1 of the finale but I enjoyed this part. Even though it was Mondo’s to lose, he could have lost it if he tried…  

  • Judy_J

    So Mondo wins the whole enchilada, and Austin and Michael go to Paris.  No surprises here.  I’m happy for Mondo, he should have won outright in his season.  Austin and Michael… bridesmaids, but never brides, got nice consolation prizes and publicity which should help them in their careers.  And they all lived happily ever after.  The End. 

    •  I love that they made it VERY clear- the runner-ups will stay in SEPARATE Paris hotels.

      • For a weekend. Great consolation prize, but they could have given them a few more days.

        • unbornfawn

          I know. Hardly worth going through airport security and the long flight. Kind of an insult. Give them a week at least!

  • Laylalola

    They gave so little attention to the clothes that until these photos I didn’t even notice the red sleeves on Mondo’s two dresses — and this was a two-hour finale where they easily could have let viewers have at least a glimpse of this in development.

  • cluecat

    First look is the most sophisticated, best edited and most thoughtful.  I LOVE the black, red and white
    Rorschach tote and would totally buy it.

    I’m confused about the second look – where would the client wear it?  It’s reminiscent of office wear, but the skirt is way too short for that, and it’s too boring for clubs. 

    The third look  – meh.  I think my friend wore leggings and ankle boots like that to a Metallica concert in in 1989.  Except she wore it with a carefully ripped concert tee, awesome teased 80s hair, and a black leather jacket.  

    The convergence of prints in the fourth look give me eyestrain so I’ll just skip that one.

    Fifth look could have been awesome with that print if it wasn’t so tight, and the red sleeve is dumb.

    The sixth look is pretty weak, I agree, but I do like the idea of a gown with a print.  It would have looked better without the black circle things on the shoulders.

    I agree with TLO’s criticisms about the show, judges, and changes to the PR franchise since it moved to Lifetime.  I used to really enjoy the highlight on the creative process – there is so little of that now.  Sometimes you just see fabric and after the next commercial break you see a dress.  We hardly ever see pattern making, draping, or much in the way of problem solving.  I haven’t watched PR in a couple of seasons and after this mess I’m outtie forever. Goodbye, PR!

  • BuffaloBarbara

    It was the winning collection, but someone needs to talk to their people about the four-day collection thing.  Of course they pulled out their standard tricks.  To do anything else would be awful strategy in that time frame.   And if they’re trying to milk “drama,” it’s a bad strategy, because the guys had no time to work up drama when they were trying to cram six looks into four days.

    I do like the dress that Mondo keeps making.  It’s quite striking, and I like the Rorschach variation.  And, as he noted in After the Runway, people are asking for his “signature” looks, so why wouldn’t he put them out there to keep up the appetite for them when the boutique opens?

    Still, a weirdly tension-free competition.

  • Once I read the spoiler (around the week Rami was eliminated) that Mondo wins and this whole show was designed so that he could win, I was kind of over this show. Well, being over it was kind of helped by the fact that it was pretty boring.

    I loved Mondo on his season, and I was just as pissed as everyone when Gretchen won, but now I’m pretty apathetic about him. Sorry, Mondo.

  • brookeinmn

    I was really hoping that in the end the final decision would be more about the fashion and less about making amends for a poor decision in season 8. Mondo nearly blew it with his moping around and lack of focus. Think back to the first day of work in the final challenge. He wasn’t worried about a lack of inspiration . He knew as long as he hhhhjhhnfinished something he would probably win

  • mmc2315

    I feel so FREE, haven given up watching PR.  I love the recaps here, but can’t bring myself to actually watch the show. FREE!

    • BethR52

      Me, too.  I watched something else last night, and I feel much better!

  • formerlyAnon

    This collection was good enough that I am even MORE pissed we didn’t get to see what he could have done given three or four months to work on it.


  • MoHub

    Yes. And Anthony was responsible for the petal skirt on that wedding gown.

    • Red

      No. None of the helpers were there to alter anything the designers were doing/had planned. They were just that: helping hands, because that time frame was insane and the designers would never have finished on time if they didn’t have somebody else do a small part of the sowing. Anthony was responsible for sewing some petals on, nothing more and nothing less. The concept was already fully incorporated in the sketch Austin hung in his workspace more than a day before the others came to help. You could even see that Austin had already finished at least half of the “petalwork” on the bodice and skirt by the time Anthony came in.

  • bluefish

    Better late than never for the win.  I forgive his whiney baby routine.  This show is just soooo seriously messed up now.  It’s become both boring and unpleasant.

  • Susan Crawford

    Mondo was predestined to be the winner, and I am genuinely happy for him. But tis was FAR from being a top-notch collection, undoubtedly due to that insane time-frame. WHY were the finalists NOT given at least a couple of weeks to work out their collection? Ridiculous! By this time, everyone knows the contestants on PR can sew like fiends in order to meet a one-day challenge. But for a finale collection with a HUGE prize attached, they – and we – deserved something better.

    Well, here’s hoping Mondo will use his win well, and will learn a great deal in the coming year. He has a great future ahead of him, and if he can find a great styling partner, and perhaps a muse/mentor who can help him restrain a few of the over-the-top Mondoisms, he will be a force to reckon with. Congratulations, Mondo!


  • siriuslover

    I liked some of these pieces in the collection. I’m getting a bit out of his age range for wearing his pieces, but I liked the first two (yes, even the one with the mouse ear pockets). Remove the pockets, and even with the buttons it’s a cute work dress. I’m happy for Mondo. He recognizes his demons and I think he’ll do well.

  • About half of Mondo’s collection skewed so young it was Junior dept (circle pocket-mini, Mila-legging outfit, skirt of the first look, Rorschach tee of the fourth). The cartoonish aspect fits the playful vibe on that end of the sales floor, as do the lengths and fits. He knew this, too, which may be why he adds pieces (and that gown at the end) that skew older – a lot older, both in customer base and reference era  (big bow blouse, houndstooth jacket, awful too-wide too-high pants). The only outlier is this year’s (second or third) version of the Original Season big-bubble print panel dress.  I don’t see any progression on any other level here. It comes across as pretty desperate, perhaps due to the time, and I don’t think he pulled it off. Juniors may end up being his forte.

    • alyce1213

      I can’t agree.  Mondo’s designs are far too sophisticated and occasionally edgy to ever be in the Junior Department.
      Youthful, yes – 21-35 and older on some pieces.  But Juniors??  No.

  • MilaXX

    That’s the thing in’t it? Mondo did make a decent collection, but the way this season was set up makes you wonder all kinds of “what ifs”.

  • Hmm. I liked it more when I saw it on TV. I agreed with the Mondo win but I did like Michaels collection too, much to my surprise. But I could not see them giving them the Marie Claire position OR the Neiman Marcus collection to either Austin or Michael. I love Austin but he really didn’t show anything very coherent or wearable the whole PRAS season.  I agree about the time frame to design these. 

  • rainwood1

    Mondo wins Project Mondo. What a shocker.

    I watched between commercials of another show (so it was more like Project Expressway) and saw only his and Austin’s collection and the critique for Mondo’s. The win seemed right but Mondo does have a cartoonish quality to his work that works against it. Nobody had enough time or energy to do good work. And I’m now officially done with PR. May it rest in peace.

  • Jessica Goldstein

    So a few things stood out to me. One was that it appeared the judges were not agreed on whether they were looking for a great show or great wear-ability as-is. I always thought that for Fashion Week you put on a show, and then everything gets calmed down and made more wearable when you meet with the buyers. So was this mini-show supposed to be NY Fashion Week, or a visit to the buyers at Neiman’s? That’s a pretty crucial difference, and there was no consensus.

    The second thing that stood out was how short-changed everyone was by the ridiculous time limits. I thought the whole point of the finale was supposed to be seeing what the designers could do if given more time and money to realize their vision. Instead, it was just one more ridiculous challenge; the designers could not show their full potential and the audience did not get to see the quality we’d like. None of these mini-collections were or could have been the equivalent of a half collection from the season 4 finale.

    As for the win, I agree with it but am not sure if it makes sense in the long run. I honestly question how scalable Mondo’s business will be if he has to cut and make everything himself because he cannot sketch for others. Also, he has to learn how to control his emotions and behavior better; he’s not genius enough to get away with the enfant terrible act. Austin frequently needs editing, but he’s got the vision, skills, and attitude. I also think he’s the best fit for Neiman Marcus of the three.

    And finally, this was a god-awful boring two hours. I felt like the audience was given more time to watch then the designers were to create. The new producers really have ruined a gem.

    • nancylee61

      I agree with you about the confusion of the judges; I thought the Neiman Marcus guy and Hilfiger were really pushing for Michael, and Isaac played along for a bit and then WHAM!!!! Michael doesn’t have creativity, or however he put it. I wanted to kiss him for that. If Michael had won, I would have been sick over it. Nice guy, yada yada yada, but really, his collection has been done thousands of times. Austin left me confused, and I love him, so I was sad.

  • BrooklynBomber

    I’m certainly not in the younger gal demographic, but the different colored sleeves wouldn’t bother me at all; in fact, I like it. But what I thought was funny was that one of the judges remarked that the eleventh hour look was so flattering, and then it was followed by the short jacket with the bracelet sleeves, and that look was not flattering at all. That jacket needs a lot more structure. I like the idea of the pants, but they need a lot of modifying–not just the pockets. The top’s great, from what I can see.

    As I mentioned last night, though, “All Stars” suggests that the work will be even better than in a regular season. And then they gave them 1 day challenges and 4 days for the finals. And that’s just ridiculous. 

  • I loved Mondo’s dress with the Rorschach print but didn’t someone do that last season?

  • I’m testing something out here

  • I really did like this collection of looks.  I don’t think any of last night’s work was the most exciting thing we’ve ever seen.  But with a deal with NM on the table, it was kinda of expected that they would go more commercial. 

    And I totally agree with Tom on this — the sleeves aren’t going to be a problem for young women.

  • I know what Mondo was going for but other than the print he made and the crazy hair (which should have gone bigger if he was going for an electroshock look) I don’t see Therapy in this collection.

    And I love that Austin just called his collection “Austin Scarlett”

  • Kyle Crawford

    Just to beat the dead horse of dull dull dull… I had forgot that it even happened last night and did not rush here first thing this morning to dish around our collective kaffee klatsch as I have every other regular season. No ill will towards anyone, just not all that interested, which is a little bit sad.

  • I know almost everyone hates the styling Mondo did, but I thought it was better than the Betty Boop-ish or 1960’s cartoonish styling that he has done in the past, and I honestly thought the hair styling was influenced by Mila and what the judges told her to do with her finale collection.  They suggested she rough up the styling and make it a little more modern-dirty than the pure 1960’s style she favored.  It also looked a little crazy, which went with the therapy theme, so it didn’t bother me that much.

    And again, BM sure did make a lot of Mondo fans into former Mondo fans.  BM must have felt Seth Aaron’s nice guy win was a flap, and became firm believers that good reality show winners are assholes or tainted in some way.   I hope Mondo grows and learns and makes a career in fashion.  I think Costello will return to dressing the Palm Springs society battle-ax crowd and I hope Austin gets into some sort of Chris March-like niche or that Lifetime does a reprise of Austin and Santino, only this time with with Austin and Anthony.  I would watch that!

    • nannypoo

      I would love to see a show with Austin and Anthony, or Anyone and Anthony for that matter. He is hilarious and adorable. I loved the lightheartedness he brought to the final episodes of this grueling, predictable show.

      • Girl_With_a_Pearl

        As discussed before, a show starring Anthony and a shirtless Rami!  Or Anthony can just get out of the fashion world altogether and become a stand-up comedian.

        • Oh, the tragedy of this season was the early booting of Rami and his muscle shirts.  I was very upset that one of the finalists didn’t pick him as a helper.  Scenery is important. 

  • TheOriginalLulu

    The short dress with those pockets would have looked a thousand times better without those pockets. But then it would have just been a short dress with no pockets.
    Those pants are definitely too wide, but I agree with Tom that the younger chickies wouldn’t mind the different sleeves. Heck, I would probably wear it too, but not with those heinous pants. My main concern here is the odd cartoon face that they’re creating on her lower torso. Holy crap, didn’t he see that?
    The dress with the Rorschach print is awesome. It doesn’t matter that he has made essentially the same dress twice before. The fact is that this dress will sell all day long, because those black side panels are incredibly slimming and the prints that he places in the middle always work so well.

    • Melvis Velour

      Word – a friend of mine texted me “…I pitty the foolish bitch who gets in the way between me and that Rorschach dress”  They are going to fly off the shelves.  Hell, I would immediately buy a t-shirt with that print on it.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        If I had the figure for it and the money to buy it I would be on that Rorschach dress like white on rice!

  • BrooklynBomber

    I thought the comparison to Mondo’s previous final collection–shown so we could see how he’s grown–was pretty funny because parts of that collection were far better than parts of this collection. Mondo’s pov has a spark of originality few others have, and that’s why it was decreed that he would win. 

  • I agree with everything you say. How about that? Including congrats to Mondo because he shoulda won the first time. I hope he grows up a bit through the Neiman Marcus experience and even with the guest-editor stint. He is very talented but he needs to cut the drama and listen to the wise people around him who clearly want to help him develop. I’ll be there to buy his stuff when he’s ready.

  • nancylee61

    I liked his collection. I am not young, I am 50, and I would wear the different sleeves and the look with the jacket and pants. It was fabulous!!! As for his Rorschach dress, I am pleased that he gave some thought to where the print would land. How many times do we all comment on prints right at a woman’s breasts or groins, looking like they are about to attack said woman?? Mondo either was careful with his placement or very lucky!! He seems to think about everything more than Austin, who just follows his gut, so that is why he is the better designer, IMHO.

  • The best thing about having a DVR is I was able to fast forward past all the talky-talk, see the runway, listen to the judges and find out the winner in 20 min.

    IMNSHO those pockets on the dress and the pants are what make them interesting and fun. They are perfect for women who do not take fashion to seriously and like a bit of whimsy in their outfits.

  • nannypoo

    Mondo’s collection deserved to win, but Mondo became so unlikable during this show that I was almost sorry that he won. I love that Rorschach dress so much, he can keep making it over and over as far as I’m concerned. I thought the outfit with the baggy blouse and the pants with the cutout sides was spectacularly unflattering and useless. I like the cartoonish quality of his work and the mix of prints is always interesting. Oddly, I didn’t even notice the mismatched sleeves until TLo mentioned it. I like them. The whole collection is quirky, not crazy, which is what I hope is true of Mondo as well.

  • Rachel Barth

    I feel a little heartbroken because of the way Mondo and Michael treated Austin.  They were like diminutive schoolyard bullies picking on the smarter, more talented, better looking kid.  As far as I can tell, Austin has always behaved with grace and style, and he even tried to be supportive, though all he got in return were emphatic snubs from the wannabe designers.
    Austin was the clear winner, especially when you consider that the winner needs to be a professional person in a creative but intelligent world of fashion.  Marie Clare guest editor?  Check.  Toning down a fantastic, idea filled collection for Neiman Marcus?  Check.  Being able to work with others?  Check.  If Mondo wants to succeed in fashion, he will need to learn so many things, perhaps most importantly, how to “have fun” as Isaac said. 
    As for the “judges”?  When they were all going on about Austin having “too many ideas” I could not help but recall the silly Emporer in the movie Amadeus.  Upon hearing one of Amadeus’ masterpieces for the first time, he stupidly critiqued there were “too many notes.”  Poor Austin.  Shame on you, producers.  This season was embarassing.

  • paulmkane2001

    I don’t have a problem with the finale being predictable, per se.  Of course it was predictable.  Mondo is the best designer by far.  What I agree with, though, is that the set up was for Mondo to win, in that the initial group of competing designers was pretty weak for an ‘all star’ group, and it looked as though some of the stronger designers that WERE included were eliminated early deliberately (Rami, Mila).  I’m sure Mondo picked up on this too, that he was set up for the win from the beginning, based on the talent level he was facing, and this in turn contributed to his lack of motivation.  

    I also think it’s disappointing that the competing designers didn’t have more time to put their final shows together – well, maybe it wouldn’t have made any difference for Costello, but it would have been nice to see more developed ideas from Austin and Mondo.

  • just3003

    wait. Didn’t Victor do the Rorschach print? 

    • dschubba

      Not gonna lie, that’s the first thing I thought about when I saw Mondo’s dress. IIRC, Victor used it once in that HP challenge. His finale prints were photographs.

      • DonnaL

         My understanding is that the All-Stars season was filmed before Victor’s season was aired, and that there’s no way Mondo could have seen Victor’s dress or been influenced by it.

        • dschubba

          I wasn’t trying to imply that Mondo ripped Victor off, just that Victor’s dress came to mind when I saw Mondo’s.

        • dschubba

          I wasn’t trying to imply that Mondo ripped Victor off, just that Victor’s dress came to mind when I saw Mondo’s.

        • carolclark12

           WAIT!!??!!  I thought I paid attention – PRAS was filmed before Anya won??? 

    • Gorengirl

      I thought Viktor Luna did a rorschach print as well….. but someone on the boards said these PR’s were both filmed at the same time which meant Mondo could not have seen it…… It is an awesome print….

  • ShivaDiva

    Boring!  I still have a hard time comprehending the format of the show.  A recurring theme during judging was, “We have to remember they had no time to do this.  Imagine what they could come up with on a decent schedule!”  Well… why weren’t they given one?  Would giving them a couple of weeks or more to finish up really have been so criminal?  

    Whatever.  Congrats to Mondo.  I’m OK with his win.  And that was most likely my final episode.  I will NOT be back this summer… Just the thought of it is giving me the heebie jeebies.  I will rely on your recaps, which at this point are destined to be more entertaining than the show itself.

  • StellaZafella

    In regards to Mondo’s whiney sense of entitlement I imagine his first day at MarieClaire as “Guest Editor”,  when Joanna C’s assistant, Dumpy (the eight dwarf), hands him the mop, the bucket and a scrub brush and says, “Here y’go darlin’, welcome to your first day in the real world of Fashion. The ladies room floor needs ‘editing’… so edit.”
    The big JC saunters by and mutters: “And he thought he’d be making CLOTHES…..hehehehe”

    • dress_up_doll

      Thanks, Stella! That made my day.

  • Anathema_Device

    You nailed it with your critique. Even my husband, who doesn’t watch the show every week and isn’t as into as I am, paused and rewound to watch how rehearsed one of Isaac’s critiques was. “He totally rehearsed that line!!” It was pretty funny.

    Final results shows shouldn’t be this boring.

    I am glad Mondo won, even though many of these pieces were retreads of his other final collection, but I wouldn’t have been upset with an Austin win, either. His collection, while not as cohesive, was really ambitious. I understand that trying to do and say too much can  be a drawback, but I love his enthusiasm and how each piece is so obviously his.

    • janiemary

      Not only was every line rehearsed, Isaac had an ear piece in his ear like newcasters wear just so the producer could remind him of his lines if he faultered!  It was visible when he turned his head to talk to Tommy.  Joanna Coles had one in her ear last week too when she had the designers visit her office.  I’m not sure if this is something new or all the judges have always worn them but it really makes the producer control that much more obvious!

  • littlelistmaker

    Resounding meh.

  • You’ve all gone bonkers if you think there’s anything less lovable about Mondo this season than the last. If you’ve been following his career, you know how much strain the circus (ha, ha, Mondo joke?) surrounding his almost-win and subsequent media appearances placed on him. We’re seeing a Mondo edited to tell the audience “Hey, he’s not perfect, and maybe Gretchen isn’t an uber-jerk after all,” but if you missed this Mondo the first time around, you weren’t paying attention. He’s always been not entirely well, either physically or mentally, and I personally find it inspiring that he manages to do this reality TV thing despite his obvious discomfort with the atmosphere, the competition, the time limits, and everything else. Remember when he was a total jerk to Michael C. in PR8 and then apologized? Mondo can be a jerk when he’s too inside his own head, but he knows it and does his best to fix it later. 

    That said, the 4 days thing was some good ol’-fashioned BULLCRAP. We don’t watch a whole season just to see a yawner of a finale full of hurried, low-budget looks. 

    • DonnaL

       I agree.  A lot of people here are being ten times more whiny and bitchy about Mondo than he ever was on PRAS.   He was never the stereotyped, two-dimensional, happy little Mexi-Pixie people remember him being the first time around, and he’s certainly not the equally stereotyped, two-dimensional “whiny, entitled, brat” people have decided he is now.  He’s a human being, obviously subject to immense pressure exacerbating his depressive tendencies.  And I’m very happy he won.

      It is rather strange to think, given all the gay men who’ve competed, that he’s only the third ever to win a PR season, and the first since Christian Siriano way back in season 4.  As well as the first since the move to Lifetime.

      • Mondo appeared extremely relaxed and almost jovial the day of the runway show. (Xanax anyone?) But still his crying when he was named the winner seemed like a release of the tension he showed during the run of the show.

  • lordandtaylor

    Yawn. One long, long, long dull season. None of the audience at the finale were thrilled by anything they say. Did I see a stage manager prompting for applause.

    We all knew Mondo would win. Nothing came close to his “big dot” dress his debut season. I only watched because I hoped Michael would have an epic break down. We were even cheated of that. At least we got countless shots of NINA in the audience.

    Looking back: I think all the Mondo angst was used as a dramatic device to give people something to talk about.

  • dickylarue

    I also don’t understand the logic of making them do a final collection in 4 days other than the Producers and Production wanted to spend no more money, do no remote visits and end the thing asap. Most of us in here called it from jumpstreet; This was Mondo’s payback. While I hate seeing something handed to someone, he did deserve it for the travesty that was season 8 with Wretchen. You can tell me all you want about her collection being on trend (which it wasn’t) but that win was decreed from Lifetime “the network for women”. They wanted a female winner and boy they did get one. What does Wretchen design these days?

    Mondo was robbed and they put together this season to take the stink off of season 8 that has been wafting in the PR universe ever since. The problem is, handing our little Eddie Munster the biggest prize of all felt almost as dirty as handing Wrectchen a win because she has a vagina. 

    Still, at the end of the day the little imp deserved his win, his prize and his chance to really take a crack at playing financed fashion designer. 

    As for the collections, I was proud of Michael. He sent some knock out non-Dynasty pieces down the runway. If the fix wasn’t in, I think Austin’s wedding dress was the star of the runway and Michael’s collection was the best collection. The Minnie Mouse giant buttons stuff that HIlfiger keyed on was correct. Most women are not going to walk around dressed like Olive Oyle from the Popeye cartoons.

  • As long as Neiman Marcus makes it possible for me to buy an embellished Day of the Dead tee, I’m all for the win. I think only three people came out of this debacle with their reputations enhanced. The first is Michael C, who showed the most growth since his season and has turned down the hoochie mama schtick to produce some very wearable, commercial, if still unimaginative clothes.  Tommy Hilfiger and DvF were clearly impressed with him, as was Roberto Cavalli in his season.  He should go and get a job with a big name designer, who could provide the ideas and flair that he lacks.

    The others are Georgina Chapman, who is not just a pretty face and really know her stuff. Would love to see her back judging something again.  And Joanna Cole, who I thought was a REVELATION and so much better than the phoned-in Tim Gunn we’ve seen over the last few seasons.   

    • Gorengirl

      I have the plain day of the dead tee and I would kill for one of the embellished ones!

  • nancylee61

    Wow!! So much unhappiness. I try to put myself in Mondo’s shoes. He was screwed last time, and this time has to jump through all these hoops to get a win, which he should have done in his season. Of course, I would be cranky! I don’t think he seemed entitled, just cranky! And his collection was the most cohesive, and while wearable, had some interesting, “Mondo-y” aspects to it. He is an artist, not our friend, and he doesn’t have to be the sweetest to deserve the win. Siriano was a snotty brat most of the time, and everone cut him a break. So why the Mondo-hate??? I don’t get it. I want him to design cool clothes, not be my friend.

    • StellaZafella

      As a person living with AIDS myself since 1985, I can attest that it effects each person differently…And everyone has their good and bad days. I agree that Mondo probably got the “whiney bitch” edit here since it was likely the only real drama for the producers to push. But it still stands that Mondo said what he said, and the snippy, dismissive attitude he showed to other the designers he purports to respect is neither appropriate nor excused by the hype he’s gotten since  the seaso debacle

    •  OMG! You are the only person I’ve ever seen mention that Christian Siriano was a snotty brat! Myself, I thought he was rather irritating, annoying & bitchy, albeit talented. Back then I didn’t even have a computer to read blogs & message boards, so I wasn’t privy to others’ likes & gripes about the show. But, then again, it was on a different network & there wasn’t as much to complain about. P.S: I agree with the rest of your post also, Nancy, except I DO want Mondo to be my friend!

  • The fabric of that gown is gorgeous. Imagine what he could have done with it if he’d had time.

  • SewingSiren

    Funny thing about Mondo claiming he doesn’t do “gowns” in the opera challenge; 3 of his winning designs, Italian Ice, Flag, and Godspell, were gowns, and none of those challenges even required that the design be a gown. Maybe it’s all in his head  (tee hee). 

  • Here’s a crazy thought: what if the designer judges were careful to give the win to the designer who would be the least likely to compete with any of THEM in the marketplace? You know, be different enough to not be a threat.

    I’m happy for Mondo. I liked the different colored sleeves. I’m relieved its all over.

  • Bleh, definitely going to 

  • Gorengirl

    I loved his last look, the long red dress. I would wear it in a second! and I adore the 2 different colored sleeves. Great collection. I also think Mondo’s was easily the best. But I loved Austin’s 2 long gowns….. they were beautiful.

  • Feh indeed.  I would almost be done with this show forever and just keep up with it through TLo, but the thought of hearing Heidi hosting PR10 instead of always-sounds-like-she’s-talking-to-preschoolers Schmeidi makes me want to watch it.

    This finale was just as boring and predictable as the last one.  The consolation prizes made me laugh.  “Thanks for being good sports, now please go drink yourselves to death in Paris”.  Really glad I DVD-r-ed this and the last season and didn’t have to sit through the horrible two-part finales.

  • I didn’t even finish the show and I didn’t watch “After the runway.” I was bored. We all knew what was coming, and what a snooze. Project Runway, you are losing me, and I have watched the show from the beginning.

  • Joyce VG


  • As much as I am not thrilled by his collection, I am still supporting Mondo as a person and designer. It looks like a lot of people have decided that he is too grumpy or whiney or boring or he repeats his designs too much now to suit them. All of this looks to be true when you look at editing he has been getting but think about it for a minute. When did this show take place? How soon was it after Season 8 where he really was robbed of a win from Gretchen, a fashion stylist not designer. He was exhausted, disillusioned and had just come out to the world and his parents as HIV positive. A HUGE deal for a very private man. 

    After an enormous backlash, the goofball producers decide to make it up to us. Plus the Anya debacle did not endear BM to anyone and sent their credibility into the toilet. This was to be their saving grace. So they pitched it to Mondo and other designers who were eager to relive the insane conditions for this reality show. Many of the other designers had worked under the Magical Elves and had no idea of what they were walking into but I think Mondo did. And it may have been pitched to him that they could insure the win. I think he is an honorable man and if he knew or guess the fix was in, I think it would have left a nasty taste impression on him. He is sensitive man and  I think it would bother him a great deal. 

    As for the show at the end, if I was locked in a studio with Austin and Michael with judges popping in like crazy and interrupting me when I was trying to pull together a collection of five decent look in four days, I would have been looking for my shears. How are you supposed to think, breathe and much less create when every single damned time you get started on something, you are interrupted and made to do something asinine? I can only guess how many of my comments would NEVER see the light of day. And of course I would be repeating ideas and motifs that I loved or had worked for me in the past. Is this really the time to be trying something new when you have absolutely no time to change it if it fails?

    Mondo isn’t perfect but he is talented and I can only hope that he has supportive people around him while he works through the publicity and sudden changes in his life. Good Luck Mondo and God Speed. You deserve it.

    • Carla Williams

      I don’t buy it. Editing only does so much. An “honorable” person wouldn’t participate in a competition he knew or suspected was fixed, and he wasn’t the only one in that pressure cooker environment at the end, but he’s the only one who couldn’t show basic human decency toward the others. 

      Though you wouldn’t know it from this show, talent isn’t that rare–hell, so-called “genius” isn’t even rare. Neither makes you special or better than anyone else. There’s never a pass for being rude. 

      • holdmewhileimnaked

        genius is impossibly rare. the only person in what they used to call the fine arts [hacking cough] i can think of [& who a considerable number of people have heard of] under the age of sixty that qualifies is the late mike kelley [RIP about a month ago, via unhappiness & carbon monoxide]. everyone over the age of sixty is another matter. they come from a different world, one that predates not just the internet but cable tv, vcrs, the broad but shallow, all of today’s nonsense. & since people can only work w/in their time & space, they have to be evaluated on an entirely different plane.

        decent talent is very very rare. theres more in design cos there arent that many tendrils digging deep into the depth involved. since we, as a culture, no longer value depth it is easier to find solid talent in design. there you can put mondo & austin & rami & etc & ect from this program alone, plus so many designers, all on a stretchy lengthy continuum. as the world becomes more internationally focused more & more of these people will surface, which is a good thing. & i can stick some fine artists [re-hack] in there too [charlie ray comes to mind, but there are a few others. not many, much fewer than there are designers].

        about twenty years ago the thought among at least yale english dept phds was that there hadnt been a decent novel written in fifty years. i would question that, actually. theres paul bowles, theres alex trocchi’s cains book, theres beckett, there are a few others. once in awhile you will find something reasonable, oddly, w/in genre fiction. but compared to the early part of the last century? i’m hearing wind & even it is dying down.

        [this year i, surprisingly, read one good, solid book: the flame alphabet by ben marcus. i was fair astonished by it, flaws & all, cos it transcended what we are stuck w/ as current culture. a quarter teaspoon of hope for the future, maybe.]

        film, you know: it’s big now. very big. pi was pretty good, donny darko was pretty good. neither was as good as blue velvet. which wasnt as good as, oh i dont know, orpheus by jean cocteau.

        you have to reach at least forty years back to find uncompromised genius almost anywhere in the arts. i would love to say that was not true but i spend most of my time worrying this subject over & over & i know it is. it took me maybe seven minutes to write this post, did i not have to work, had i more time, i couldve written it even more exactly. i doubt anyone expects genius from PR, it’s not there to have. if you have an excessive knowledge of culture you can see where the ends of the roots were cut, possibly forever, & cauterized. it’s a very sad & very impossible situation, one i dont know how to fix.

        & to say that brilliance does not make you special is, frankly, bizarre to me. what does then? fame? money? thinness? it doesnt give you the right to act like a jerk, no, it doesnt. but it does single you out. & it does, sadly, give you more responsibilities. but what those responsibilities currently are & how one should go about fulfilling them is–different now. & maybe frightening, along w/ the rest of all of it.

      • I really disagree that there’s never a pass for being rude.  Far too much importance is attached to personality these days.  We need to encourage and develop all the excellent talent we can get.  If that means the top 3 percent, that indeed is a lot of people, but we need all of them, personality aside.  Sometimes people get frustrated or overpressured (what a surprise) and behave rather badly.  Oh, well.  Unless they are constantly rude or unbearable, or evil, then we should be more tolerant.  And help people understand how behavior affects others. 

      • I didn’t say he knew and that he may have only suspected. How would he know? If you looked at Season 8, you would have damned straight thought he would have won instead of giving it to someone who really “didn’t show basic human decency towards others” Gretchen or did you forget just how often she attacked others and threw them under the bus to serve her own needs? And just a side note about Miss Clinique Counter.

        He was grumpy. He didn’t stop people from working. He didn’t interfere with their process. He didn’t buy their fabric, take their designs or short sheet their beds. Although some people thought his Liza Minelli comment was rude to Austin, I honestly didn’t see it that way and in fact thought it was funny. As much as I love Austin, living with him would be like mainlining whipped cream. He is too much candy for a dime for me. As for Michael, I would not have believed a word that came out of his mouth. Not that he is evil but the man is pure genius at manipulating the system and this show. Good for him but I still don’t consider him a designer, just a damned fine seamstress. 

        With all that said, I still believe that the Mondo we saw on this show is the same Mondo we saw on Season 8 with a little cynicism thrown in. 

  • cakesandale

    Indeed. Mondo’s win, though deserved, seems like it has an asterisk beside it because of the quite obvious shenanigans by the producers trying to make amends for his losing Season 8. I don’t blame him for not being a happy camper, even though he ended up with the prize. I didn’t think this collection showed all that much growth from his Season 8 collection but maybe he wanted to prove that he can win with such a collection and also show up the judges from Season 8. Also, he definitely has his own style and it received so much praise before, why not continue with it? I’m just sorry his ‘role’ was that of the villain. 

    I hope everyone is a paid-up member of SAG, as the series was all so contrived and overplayed. 

  • marilyn

    Mondo does daytime best.  I personally think that the final runway collection should be more formal.  I like Laura Bennet, Chloe Dao, in general, but think their kind of thing is best for runway.  So, even though Mondo took the win, my heart is with Austin.

    I agree that they should have been given more time for the final collection. 

    Also, why is this called AllStars, since none of the designers won in their original competition.  Putting all former winners into a competiiton-that is an All Star competition

  • I was underwhelmed by the whole season. And Mondo had to be the shiniest,
    most miserable winner ever (though even at his ‘oh, pity me’ worst, he still found
    the energy to kiss Joanna’s ass). I also went ‘say what?!’ when he made the crack
    about Austin’s Liza jacket– *THIS* from an adult who runs around dressed like a
    3 year old.

    In any event, as much as this season was an execercise to give Mondo the money, i’n
    The end, his collection was the only one they could give it too.(Even though that gown was hidy!) Now, if there
    had been more deserving finalists ( like Mila), it would have shaken out differently.
    It was funny to hear Mondo’s remark in the after show about bloggers.
    I can’t imagine who he was referring too, can you??
    But that wasn’t i’n the script.

    It was funny

    • swanpride

      Yeah, I thought the same thing…seriously, when I saw him with this lolly necklace immediatly after, my only thought was “you’re the last guy who should made fun of anyones styling”.

    • I took the Liza comment as a (true) funny comment one would make to a friend.  
      I didn’t see ATR; what did he say about bloggers?  

  • Stubenville

    So a few months ago I said PRAS would provide the answer to “Has PR just had a run of crappy contestants or have B/M spoiled the show? And the answer is B/M ruined it. Here we have a group on PRAS including the most talented designers to ever appear on Project Runway and the finale bored everyone to tears.

  • I probably won’t watch Season 10 but I’ll be disappointed if TLo stops recapping PR. Their recaps really got me through Season 9 & All-Stars.

  • swanpride

    I thought that Mondo had the most interesting concept by far – but what he did with it was downright disappointing. His shapes were never that creative, but he always excelled in mixing crazy prints, which shouldn’t go together, but somehow did when he was working with them. This time he mixed black, white and red – that’s an easy thing to do.
    Concerning the different colored sleeves: Normally I go for this kind of thing, but in this case, I don’t think that they went well with the overall look. If there had been red element anywhere else in the dress, perhaps, but so it looked tacked on.

  • GorgeousThings

    Mondo won because his “collection” was the most marketable to the NM customer. End of storyline. They could have saved all of us countless hours by just cutting to the chase, giving each designer a couple of grand with instructions to show up with a complete collection that would be pitched to Ken Dowling. Maybe do a pre-show visit by Joanna Coles and then just make PRAS a 2 hour “Lifetime Event”.

  • Girl_With_a_Pearl

    Yay!  I get my Thursdays back!  I am glad for Mondo.  Congratulations!  After the Anya debacle, I only turned in to see some of my old favorites like Rami, Anthony and Gordana.  Did Gordana even say anything this season?  I caught a 1 second glimpse of her and Rami on the runway, but why didn’t they bring all the designers back for the After the Runway Show?  Maybe they had had enough and left?  Anyway, after one more poorly produced, massacred season that used to be Project Runway, I just don’t think I have the energy to watch this show anymore.

    • holdmewhileimnaked

      gordana seemed cowed. scared & sad, & it was very sad to watch her.

      edited to add:
      yep, i would assume they’d had enough. if i‘ve had enough i cant even imagine how someone like mila or rami might feel.

  • bittersweet73

    Although it would have been fun to see what the designers would have done with more time I really don’t see the point in it since I’m sure they had already decided on Mondo for the win.  They might as well have not even bothered with a finale.

    • CarolinLA

      With more time, Austin might have grounded himself enough to provide real competition for Mondo.  But he was all over the place and it showed.  

  • Boring. I think the increasing focus on commercialism is really hurting this show. We all GET that fashion is a business and if you want to make money you have to make clothes with rack appeal, but honestly watching how an Isaac Mizrahi for Target line comes into being is not what we watch these shows to see.

    Top Chef is so successful because never once do the judges ever ask “but will average Americans want to eat this?” It doesn’t turn into a show about who would make a really great Applebee’s menu consultant. Speaking for myself, I want to see people at the top of their game, or who have real potential, creating high-end stuff to their best ability. While it’s a reality show, the key should be to tap into our fantasies, which means the stuff we wish we could wear, not the stuff we are actually hemming and hawing over at Macy’s spring sale.

  • Cathy S

    I liked the really big buttons on that dress, but not the circle pockets. In fact, the buttons were my favorite part of that dress. I like the big pants (with a smaller version of the pockets, and the shirt he paired with them; well actually that whole outfit is cute. The different colored sleeves didn’t bother me on that outfit, but did on the dress. That last dress was the weakest piece, I thought. I don’t see how it fit at all.

    I really wish they had given them all time at the end. What could it hurt to give them  a month or two really? Well, congratulations Mondo!

  • Paigealicious

    Yay! Mondo was redeemed and now I never have to watch PR again!

  • PantherontheRunway

    I wanted him to win over Gretchen, so I’m happy he got his win. but this whole season failed, I hated the judges and I feel like I’m gonna shank someone, if I don’t hear Tim’s “Make it work” 

  • maggiemaybe

    What’s up with the big, round oven mitts?

  • Glammie

    Congratulations Mila, I mean Mondo . . . but, wow, it’s completely Mila’s (lack of) color palette.  Now I really wish she’d been in the finale–well, more than she was.

  • GTrain

    Congrats to Mondo but that was one boring and predictable finale.

  • Elizabido

    I’m still going to have withdrawals now that it’s over. Yeah, there were flaws and manipulation, but I still looked forward to Thursday nights with the designers. I agree that the four-day collection challenge stunk and was highly disappointed that they didn’t get the same time to create as the regular PR finalists. They all did well (even Michael, whose work I don’t particularly care for) and I commend them for being able to whip up what they did in that brief amount of work time. I’m really going to miss Austin. He’s such a funny and unique individual. Austin and Anthony (An-tony) really are hilarious together and need their own show where they have to live and work together. I kind of enjoyed the road show that featured Austin and Santino, but the chemistry between Austin and Anthony is something that needs to be bottled and distributed. 

  • granddelusion

    I would have been fine with either Austin or Mondo for the win. Michael clearly didn’t belong to this group. Kudos to the finalists for being (mostly) adults, and boos to the judges for being lackluster. I would have much preferred they spent the time on showing FASHION and the CREATION THEREOF than on all the stupid interviews and milked interactions. Focus for this show was so off.

  • granddelusion

    And I would have loved to see Mila as guest editor at Marie Claire; she just seems perfect for that job. I hope they see the light and offer her a position anyway.

  • granddelusion

    And I would have loved to see Mila as guest editor at Marie Claire; she just seems perfect for that job. I hope they see the light and offer her a position anyway.

  • Logo Girl

    Despite everything, I’m happy Mondo won. The local morning talk show here in Colorado showed him from the party last night in Denver… he was sitting with his parents and good friends… people were really excited and happy for him… He has a lot of local support, and his win will probably have a lot of positive influence on local AIDS/HIV fundraising. It will be interesting to follow what he does in the next year. 

  • sleah_in_norcal

    i’m sorry you guys didn’t enjoy the show.  i actually came away from it with a good feeling, and although i can see “the fix” as a theory, i just didn’t feel that way last night.  i enjoyed all three collections and would have been happy with any winner.  maybe i’m just in a positive mood since today’s my birthday and i get to spend the day working on an art piece in my own little sewing room in one of the most beautiful places on earth.  and, it may snow!  wait, did my husband slip something in my coffee?

  • sleah_in_norcal

    i was just noticing the makeup on mondo’s models.  there seems to be just a hit of an upturned mouth at the edge of the lips, like a cat’s eye almost.  reminiscent of the joker.  so the models can have a sober face with a hint of a deranged smirk. it’s most visible on the third and fourth looks.  i don’t know if i’m imagining things, but it would be a subtle but brilliant detail if intentional.  part of the shock therapy theme.

  • CarolinLA

    I think Mondo was a foregone conclusion once Rami was eliminated.  But Rami was rightly eliminated the week he was auf’d – it wasn’t producer manipulation that eliminated him.  If Austin had been sent home that week instead of Rami, we would’ve had a real horse race on our hands.

  • I agree with you, T-Lo.  He probably deserved the win when you compare his collection to the other two finalists.  But it feels cheapened somehow by knowing that this whole All-Stars concept was just a vehicle to give the win to Mondo.  That the result was preordained makes it less exciting, even though he actually probably did deserve it.  And unfortunately, he did come off as more whiney and less sympathetic in this season than on Season 8.

  • ziarah

    I actually really liked all the elements Hilfiger thought were “cartoony.” The big round pockets and buttons on that one dress, the big pockets on the pants, that design on the first skirt (is that a magnifying glass?). It was just the right amount of whimsy for me and I’d totally wear those clothes as they are, though I get why other people wouldn’t. 

  • While I agreed with the judges that this was the best collection, I really did not think any of the looks were all that flattering at all (even on size 00 models). My daughter made the comment of the night, she said that “they will whip up that collection somewhere, put it in the store (as promised) and it will look cheap like ‘Fashion Star’ “…she is 13

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    If his was the best and it looked like this, I’m afraid to look at the others.

  • portlandmermaid

    The last dress is pretty, if a little generic. I liked it because unlike most of the waist high slits we’ve seen recently, this is lined, which was such a relief!

  • joe_tey83

    “The buttons are too big and too close together and as interesting as
    those circular pockets are, we can’t imagine they don’t wind up looking
    like mouse ears after one wearing.”

    The thing I find funny is, the cartoony aspect of his designs is the most OBVIOUS thing anybody, designer or not, will immediately edit or tone down to make the whole dress look better. It’s really not rocket science.

  • Mondour’s style is a bit young so it’s surprising they gave it to him with Neiman Marcus being one of the sponsors (similar to his losing to Wretched Gretchen because Nina Garcia wasn’t on board with MC).  At any rate, he’s not a bad pick but from the moment unHeidi came out in that polka dotted dress I knew it was a done deal…way to be subtle B/M!  If we were to only base it on this last challenge though, I would’ve given it to Austin whose collection showed more vision, range, and surprise than Mondo’s (which looked exactly as you’d expect it would).  Meh.

  • Hate Mondo, hate PR. Color me done with this crapfest as I remember fondly how it used to be. Jay and Laura and Christian…  How is this even the same show? Shame on you PR.

  • I’m glad he won. I thought the collection was cool and interesting. However, I can safely say now that I’m done with this show. It’s become so snoozy, I didn’t even bother to watch the judging. 

  • greyhoundgirl

    I’m sure many others have said the same thing but –I was relieved that Mondo earned his win.  His collection, for all of it’s shortcomings, was the most sophisticated and chic on the runway.  And, though the episode was boring, the lack of drama from the drama queens was refreshing.  

  • And now I’m done with ANY incarnation of ANYTHING Project Runway-related on Lifetime.  What a complete setup to please the anti-Gretchen contingent!  Why didn’t they just give him the win after the 1st challenge & save us hours of our lives we can never get back?  [yawn]

  • ASK26

    I did not love this at all. I think Tommy and kevin wanted michael. Too many Jr. heapr an

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    they really think he couldnt have won this on his own, w/o all their stupid stoopid finagling?
    like hell he couldnt. cos the competition was so obviously fixed & so many of the better people eliminated early on, this collection, supposedly made in four days, doesnt feel as good as it should. damn them for that. cos, self-references aside, it’s really good. i think it’s actually better than the one he shouldve won for the first time! much more wearable, much less obviously other-[betsey]-referenced.

    i look forward to the stuff showing up on ebay. thats the least i could say.

  • buttmunchdisqusgeek

    “different sleeve colors” = Nike’s been doing asymmetrical color sleeves for a few years, so makes a lot of sense for it to jump from sportsgear to sportswear to fashion TV runway.

  • Beninqac

    I never watched Mondo´s season, and have not seen all of All Stars, on
    account of boredom, so I´m pretty neutral on him as a person.
     The very accurate Gawker-spoiler also said, that it slowly dawned on the designers that the fix was in, as the taping vent along, leading to a general feeling of listlessness among the contestants.
    I think it would explain a lot, if Mondo didn´t know, when he said yes to All Stars.
    I can only imagine, that it would be horrifying to realize, that the contest you are competing in, is rigged in your favour. And there would be no quitting, because contracts will have been signed. And it would be your word against the Weinsteins, not people you want to trifle with. I would be cranky and whiny too.

    I´m not saying that is what happened, but it would explain a lot. Also about the strained relationships Mondo seems to have with the other designers now (not including Michael)

  • Pam Winters

    I liked them (and I’m older than you), but I was a bit taken aback by what seemed to me to be a possible visual reference to wrist slashing. Totally apropos, given the theme, but still pretty creepy.

  • Meelah

    This has to be one of the most boring incarnations of Project Runway.  I watch PR to see the designs and how the designers interact of course but I always watch to see Tim Gunn in the work room, Heidi’s facial expressions, and hear Micheal Kors critiques on the runway.  This run was BOOORING!  The designing was subpar! 

  • Zippypie

    Beniquac said: “The very accurate Gawker-spoiler also said, that it slowly dawned on the
    designers that the fix was in, as the taping vent along, leading to a
    general feeling of listlessness among the contestants.I think it would explain a lot, if Mondo didn´t know, when he said yes to All Stars. I
    can only imagine, that it would be horrifying to realize, that the
    contest you are competing in, is rigged in your favour. And there would
    be no quitting, because contracts will have been signed. And it would be
    your word against the Weinsteins, not people you want to trifle with. I
    would be cranky and whiny too.”

    I believe this sums it all up perfectly.  Except I think Mondo was mortified and angry.  He strikes me as a person with high personal standards and I’m sure he wanted to win on his own steam, not in a fix.  No wonder he pissed about the first day of the final challenge (and it was a “challenge”, not a collection) and had a bitchy fit.

    Saying that, Mondo’s was clearly the best of the three collections, so though the fix was in, he did rise above it.  Yes, there are problems, but despite cartoony elements which are fine by me – this is supposed to be a runway, not ready-to-wear, collection – there is a Mondo flair in these garments that shows what he can do, given time and space and money.  I’m excited to see what will be sold in Neiman Marcus.

    • Beninqac

       Oh I think “mortified and angry” sums it up, in case I didn´t make that clear.
      There would be nothing he could do about it either.

  • butter nut

    so, the whole season was just the producers’ way of saying, “we’re sorry about gretchen”, right?

  • I’d wear the shit out of that Rorschach dress. <3 <3 <3

    • Sashima

       I see a self-portrait of Mondo on the bodice of the Rorschach dress. What do you see?

  • Ok, I haven’t read or really looked at any of this but I thought this was funny.  My stupid DVR did not recognize the first run of PRAS so when it recorded, the last minutes of After the Runway were on and OF COURSE IT SPOILED THE ENDING, so it’s good that we were already expecting this.  Still kinda pissed me off that I didn’t EXACTLY know who won, even though the suspicion was high.  Doh.

  • unbornfawn

    When I look at this collection and the final collection Mondo created for his season, I don’t see much growth. One of his best pieces of this collection is the ink blot dress which is the exact cut of the polka-dot dress. It didn’t seem all that new or interesting after Vicktor produced one last season. There is less color in this time around, and I had to snicker when the judges were talking about how wonderfully he mixes patterns and color. He didn’t do that here. I felt as if he phoned it in. The next collection he produces will really tell the tale. 

    The first few shows of this season were fun. It was great to see so many of my favorite designers and we did get to see some interesting designs early on, so refreshing right after the Anya season. Somewhere All-Stars hit a wall and fell into a dreary boredom, you could see how it was going to end. No surprises even on the runway. 

    • holdmewhileimnaked

      proof of who’s the better designer, then, between mondo & viktor. agreed, viktor also did an inkblot dress &, in fact, as much as i hate to say it, he truly did do it before mondo. but mondo’s is much more attractive, much more wearable. it’ll fly off the shelves if it’s produced while viktor’s mightve sold, but at a considerably quieter pace.

      • unbornfawn

        Actually, Mondo may have done his first, because all stars was filmed and in the can and held back for a while, we just saw Viktor’s first. 

        • holdmewhileimnaked

          i didnt know that. maybe it was synchronicity. i better go back to work before i get that song stuck in my head. it’ll stay there for days.

  • robertstpeters

    In my opinion, this wasn’t the place for past winners anyway.  If they already won PR, they should have established their career.  There were others that were far worthier of having a place on PRAS.  If this is something that the producers want to do, they need to just have a competition for all the past winners to see who comes out on top.  I think I would watch that, but at this point, still not sure if that would even get my attention…  

    • Laylalola

      ? None of the designers had won PR before. Maybe you’re just blocking out Gretchen’s win over Mondo?

  • Jane Zilic

    Neiman Marcus … hahahahahahahaha. More like Forever 21!  What s joke.  Just goes to show how far this show has fallen.

  • BrightsideSusan

    I am way too old for anybody to design for and I love the two color sleeves.  I am also a red/black/white color fan and a long time pattern mixer – I guess I was his demographic back when he was a toddler.  I hope that NM gives him time to design properly for the store collection.

  • ballerinawithagun

    I see there are 6 pages of comments. No wonder it kept telling me to wait. So all that I will say is this, ” I love Mondo’s shoes!”

  • Lisa

    Yeah, this was the best collection.  Whether it was a fix or not, it worked out, because Mondo really did pull it off.  I’m so disappointed in his attitude, and especially the way he treated Austin, but he really did earn this.

  • “But those judges should be embarrassed. Not for the final decision but because that “judging” session should more rightly be called a praise session. Every designer and every piece was amazing, wonderful, exciting beyond measure.”

    Yes, but did Tommy Hilfiger fail to get the memo that Mondo was supposed to win? Maybe they didn’t tell him until the cameras stopped rolling. Because he seemed to really want Michael to win and kept harping on how well they were made. I was so glad that Isaac pointed out that they were well-made because they weren’t difficult to make, being mostly made of jersey and constructed from simple shapes. I will definitely miss Isaac’s commentary. I say kick Kors to the curb and bring Isaac in to replace him.

  • knockloud

    I wonder if Bunim/Murray will ever understand that the very last thing the target demographic for this “sorry about Gretchen” adventure wanted to see was another non-contest decided on about fifty other things before talent. But good for Mondo, wish it wasn’t such a hollow victory for him.

  • rowsella

    He had a nice collection but nothing really wow’d.  Cartooney and not particularly flattering shapes but fine for Junior’s Dept– read young fashion but not high fashion.  These clothes will wear you.  I can’t imagine them on the RC.  These are a boutique collection.  I can see one outfit in a girl’s closet but not all of them.  I am disappointed that there is no real story here, no vision carrying it through other than creative/emotional angst.

  • Toto Maya

    Mondo deserved the win, and I’m happy for him. But the fact that this whole show was set up to give him the win really cheapened it. It felt like he didn’t earn it, even if he did actually produce the best final collection. Oh well, I guess he’ll cry all the way to the bank. I hope he does great things with his win.

  • hearkentoit

    Could barely finish the episode. After seeing the dresses I just fast-forwarded to the end because it was all so damn boring.

  • I was just… greatly underwhelmed by Mondo’s collection. I don’t like it at all. I’ve looked over it again and again, and I don’t see it for THIS collection. They should have just given him the Season 8 win instead of WretchedGretchen so my love for him would not have been tainted by… *Andre Leon Tally hands* this.

  • DCSheehan

    I adore that first look. Yes, it will be edited for sale but so would any of these collections, apart from Michael’s which were store ready (and pretty fab).

    All three designers did well given the challenge. There was little to hate and lots to love all around. I wasn’t underwhelmed at all. Austin’s wedding dress was gasp-worthy and Michael demonstrated a he’s not just one-trick.

  • naomiow

    Mondo’s not knowing what to do sounds fishy – wouldn’t he start planning his finale collection as soon as he signed on to the show?

    • OTOH, no matter how much you’ve pre-designed and how fast you know you can sew, _deliberately_ wasting an entire day of a five-looks-in-four-days challenge seems as insane as a badly-sewn pant crotch.

      • SewingSiren

        I don’t think he did waste a whole day. It was only edited to make it appear as such.

    • Wat

      Not necessarily, I mean, what if you planned a whole collection and then they gave you some crazy restriction like you can only use lime green fabric?  I felt like giving them four days was already a pretty crazy restriction.

  • lisaepc

    Just one thing to say about the pants. Can’t you hear Michael Korrs describing the pockets this way,”…and those pockets! They look like grandma’s boobs swinging on a nude beach!”

  • adnama79

    FWIW, I would buy a shirt with different colored sleeves.  Have in the past, though not as slick as that one.

  • adnama79

    I hope that Joanna Coles and whoever else is available to Mondo as mentors really take him under their wings and train him in the business side of things so we can actually buy some of his clothes somewhere.  I know he’s getting Neiman’s, but I mean sustainably be able to purchase in the future.

  • TieDye64

    Not bad, but I must say I hated the “tit pockets” on the trousers. That was exactly my first thought. Tit pockets. Meh.

  • HobbitGirl

    My guess is this whole thing was staged as an apology for giving the win to Wretched Gretchen. That gown was tacky as hell.

  • HobbitGirl

    Also, how can you honestly expect to succeed as a designer if you can’t sketch?!?

  • Meredith_P

    The best part of this episode, heck the whole season, what the promo for Season 10, prominently featuring Tim Gunn!  Just reminded me how much I MISS him.  The promo was SO good, I can’t wait for the season to start!  And I don’t care at all about PR anymore. 🙂

  • I adore Mondo’s work, and always have, so I feel that the win is completely justified.  That said, I feel disappointed at the way the season played out. 

    Not because Mondo was “bitchier” this season, because:
    A) Who cares?
    B) The producers played it WAY up with the editing to make the win seem more controversial that it actually was.  So Mondo had a bug in his panties this season.  Wouldn’t you still rather go out for coffee and a day of shopping with him than almost any of the other contestants? (Okay, except maybe Anthony.  And I know everyone thinks Kenley is obnoxious, but that’s pretty much what I look for in a girlfriend, so I kind of lurve her. That’s just me, though.)

    I’m disappointed because they sent home a few really strong designers in lieu of some really weak ones that should have been schmaufed much, much earlier.  I mean, did ANYONE think that Kara or Jerrel should have stayed so long?  Why wasn’t Mila at least in the top four?  Stuff like that made for a snooze of an ending.  Did the producers do it on purpose because they didn’t trust Mondo to bring it, or what?  Obviously, they, (and we) wanted him to win from the word “go”. I think he still would have won against other, stronger designers. I wish they would have let him.

  • OneTwoThreeFashion

    I was so upset when he lost the first pr show…. However, this time I didn’t feel he was particularly great, and he showed a less loving personality for some reason. Not happy, bad season. I think I would have liked to see Austin win.

  • I am uninspired.

  •  I definitely knew Mondo would win as you are spot on about his Goldilocksiness; however, I have no idea why reality TV producers love to give the winners of these competitions such unflattering edits.  Mondo spent the entire 2nd to last episode throwing incessant hissy fits while the other two spent all their time planning and sketching and incessantly talking about how badly they wanted to win.  Why should any of us continue to tune into shows in which the “bitches” beat out the “sweethearts”.  Oh, I know, because life can just be like that sometimes, right?