PR All Stars: Turn on Your Heart Light

Posted on March 02, 2012

“Designers, this week, you will be expected to jump through flaming hoops over shark tanks while juggling ferrets! Because … FASHION!”

We joke because we (sort of) love. We’ve said for years that Project Runway is a game show, so how much can we actually complain when it gets really gimmicky? Besides, we’ll take something like this over another “make a pretty dress” challenge. This one actually was a challenge – and it was kind of interesting to see something as creatively taxing as this so late in the competition. This is normally the time when they break out the “show us your inspiration” or “show us what your collection will be” kind of challenges.

Of course you did.

So congratulations Austin! Could there really be anyone else?

Well. Maybe.

You say “fantasy” and “avant garde” to Austin and he’s going to run with it. We love the dress and agree with the few criticisms, which amounted to wishing he’d camouflaged the lights just a little better. To that we would add that a little more volume – especially in the headpiece – would have pushed this just a little further, to where it needed to go.

What’s more interesting to us is that the fabulous glittering creature we know as Austin Scarlett apparently sprung from the brow of a surprisingly normal woman. We would have assumed she had wings, at the very least.

And it’s Schmauf Wiedersehen to Jerell. Ironically, this was, to us, easily the most interesting look he’s ever done.

But the judges were absolutely spot on with their criticisms. The whole techno-tribal thing really worked and really felt like a naturally Jerell kind of thing to do. But once again, he really needed to edit. The long skirt was a terrible idea, as were the sunglasses. The shoes just looked cheap. But the shape and general feel of it was fantastic. We’re not saying he should have stayed. After all, failing to edit is a mistake he’s been making with practically every challenge he ever participated in. If he’s still making that mistake, even if the final product is pretty interesting, then we can’t argue with him going home. With only 5 designers left, the work needs to be as close to perfect as possible.


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  • Stubenville

    I honestly believe that Austin won because his look bucked the avant garde dictum of the brief and was actually the most wearable. Who on earth would wear Jerrell’s neon mess (or Michel’s neon ninja for that matter.)

    • kentiesgirl

       I have a feeling there are a ton of comic con attendees who would love to wear MC’s, lol. (Think Isaac said that, if he did full credit to him, or the producers, or whatever) Or a character in a Quentin Tarantino movie?

      Jerell’s was much better without the skirt, and I can see it on a Carnival float, minus the shoes and glasses. I liked the light in the mouth, it was a fun reveal, but it was wayy past his time to exit.

      • I loved the light in the mouth. It was a fun, unexpected detail, as was the lip color.

        This was not his worst work. I actually kind of liked it. But I agree he should have been gone a few weeks ago.

        • kentiesgirl

          I kinda liked it too, but as a costume, not fashion (same with MC, but I liked Jerell’s). I totally agree with a lot of ppl that it was one of his best pieces this season.

          It did make me a bit sad when he pulled up the skirt, it was so much better. But you’re right, he just had to go.

          • annieanne

            If Jerrell had replaced that shapelass skirt with a cute pair of leggings he just might’ve been waving bye-bye to Michael. Between the knees and the neck he had a much more interesting design than Michael did. (Styling excluded)

          • hearkentoit

             I had the same thought when he was like “Well, I didn’t want to see the model’s skin, I just wanted it to be black.” Hello, leggings are the OBVIOUS answer there. Isaac was still dead right about the styling, but that would have helped a lot.

      • hoez

        Pharrell made the Comic-Con reference. He was a pretty good judge.

        • kentiesgirl

           I thought so too. Thanks for the correction 🙂

        • GeekChicSuperfreak

          Spot on reference.

          I saw Michael’s gal hit the runway and the cloying, yet nostalgic, Mortal Combat themesong started playing in my head automatically. “…Test your might!”

          I’ve seen much worse interpretation’s of Scorpio’s costume, but of course that wasn’t the point.

          • Pinup Ghoul

             I would definitely wear it if I were cosplaying a female version of Reptile. I loved it.

            But, at the same time, I can certainly see why it was in the bottom two. It wasn’t particularly well-made at all. The whole thing had a sort of floppiness to it.

      • I couldn’t help but think 1990s dance club with glow sticks… especially when I saw the light in the mouth. ick.

  • Stubenville

    Dear lord – those glasses. WTF? Was the store out of the Doctor Mesmer swirly pattern ones?

  • I didn’t watch this, so I need to know. Was the challenge to create a costume for the after-dark parade at Six Flags? I’m asking.

    • snarkmeister

      Damn, I just almost ruined my very expensive flat-screen monitor.  Note to self: do NOT take a big swig of coffee just as you start reading comments…

    • BrooklynBomber

      Use light effects to make something avant garde that will be worn by one of Guest Judge’s clients.

      • But where exactly? I would love to see pictures if they went through with it.

        • chelwi

          Probably on stage while performing.

    • TxMom2011

      It did have that Disney nitetime parade feel to it.

      • kentiesgirl

        Ahh, I gotta go Six Flags. Disney puts to much effort into their light parade to be held up against a one day challenge.

        Which, WTF, one day? C’mon 🙁

  • BookishBren

    I think they got it right this week. I would have been happy with either Austin or Kenley for the win. I really really really wish Michael had gone home, but only because he is so damn annoying. Jerrell’s schmaufing has been overdue for a while. 

    Does anyone else think Mondo is coming across as more unlikable in this? I am finding him rather mean-spirited, unpleasant, and a bit of a drama queen.  I don’t remember him being that way but I have assumed it is editing.

    • bluefish

       What I’ve noticed is that Mondo seems stressed, pissy, and generally unhappy.  He seems SO eager to have the show over and done with … can’t say that I blame him.  But, yeah, he’s not been a joy.

      • Vic

        He’s got real competition in the form of Austin Scarlett. This is no slam dunk for him, and it must still grate that he wuz robbed in his last Project Runway outing.

        • Glammie

          Oh but so what?  He’s not unique in this.  Austen Scarlett was robbed of a spot in the finale as were Kara Janx and, majorly, Gordana.  And what happened with Gretchen and Mondo is nothing compared to the save-Anya at any cost last season.  

          All that really happened Mondo’s season is that he was too stubborn to pull the hats and fix the styling on his polka-dot dress and that tipped the vote ever so slightly to Gretchen–whom Kors preferred.

          • kentiesgirl

             I think it’s because his loss was more recent, and last season was just so insane it’s been kinda dismissed by followers of the show.

          • Sweetbetty

             Yeah, has Anya even done anything since her win?

          • Glammie

            Maybe she’s got another sex tape coming out.

            Seriously, for me, the show really jumped the shark with Anya.  There are game shows and then there are *fixed* game shows and that’s what PR’s become.  

          • No she’s been too busy learning how to HEM!  (Seriously, I’m still so pissed about her FW show… that was a frigging disgrace!)

          • Erin Herndobler

            I just read she got engaged….

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            Right you are…it was allegedly an exclusive on LIfetime….

          • kentiesgirl

            Well…that’s something….LOL.

          • Sweetbetty

             I wonder if she’ll make her wedding gown.

          • kentiesgirl

             Well, we know she can order the fabric for it.

          • SNORT

          • Allison Woods

             Didn’t Mondo lose to Gretchen the season before Anya? Or am I smoking crack?

          • kentiesgirl

             Yep. You have not joined the judges 😉

          • I’m sure it will be a loveliest, flowing-est, most sleeveless gown the world has ever seen.

          • LambeeBaby

            I was successfully blocking last season until you brought it up again! Now I have that twitch back…

      • GorgeousThings

         When he showed his dress on the mannequin, I thought, “No joy, man. No joy.”

        • kentiesgirl

          Totally, just compare him to Jerell, who was leaping out of the screen with enthusiasm over his designs no matter what they looked like. Or really, anyone at this point.

          Maybe this is just him REALLY focused to not lose not matter what, the pressure for him, after Gretchengate still being so fresh in the viewers minds, must be enormous.

      • I think that unless a person is on All-Stars as a form of image transformation/redemption (Kenley,) it has to feel pretty humiliating the second time around.  And my cynical theory is that BM likes to give the win to someone who isn’t especially nice and has a good dose of snarky or pissy — look at Gretchen, and look at whatsherface-juststartedsewing.  Mondo is either playing a role or is getting a snark-ass edit.  Looking back in it, I’m amazed that BM let Seth Aaron win — either Emilio or Mila would have fit their template better than Seth Aaron.

        • kentiesgirl

          Randomness…I miss that feeling I had pulling for all three finalists. I loved all of them in different ways, which is why I had such high hopes for this All-Stars…and then they cut Mila and Rami. It’s been said before; but still. Boo on you PRAS.

          • hearkentoit

             As it’s been said on Project Runway…

    • Ennovi_R

       Yes, I agree- Mondo is just not the same Mondo from season 8.

      • CarolinLA

        Mondo needs Zoloft.

        • kentiesgirl

           LMAO! Shoulda listened to snarkmeister about the coffee.

    • Pennymac

      I unfortunately agree with your comment about Mondo. “Spoiled” seems to come to mind regarding his attitude on All Stars, and I, like you, am hoping that its the BM editing crew.  

      • muzan-e

        I strongly suspect that during the judging, Mizrahi picked up on that attitude – which was evident in Mondo the set of his arms to the quirk of his mouth – and began needling him deliberately. 

        • paulmkane2001

          Mizrahi is jealous.

    • momjamin

      In Mondo’s original season, he didn’t warm up to the general audience until after he revealed his HIV status in the design-a-fabric episode, where we met his mom and he became a little more approachable. He whined about being paired with Michael, although he later apologized. He was pretty clearly on the “not here to make friends” roster. Then he got screwed by the crack judging. So yeah, I don’t think he’s particularly out of character. I still like him, mind you, but it’s not like he’s gone from totally warm and fuzzy to cold and prickly.

      • barbiefish

        I agree with your assessment.  He hasn’t changed that much.  Actually, my husband took an immediate interest in Mondo in his season because he (Mondo, not my husband) looked like Richard Nixon.  Yeah it’s odd to like someone because he resembled a disgraced president but it made us pay more attention to Mondo, plus we liked his designs well before the “positive” pants episode.  But Mondo was never the cuddly type.  I also agree with NCDFan that he was surrounded by much less likeable people in his season; he didn’t come across as an egomaniac like Gretchen or Ivy.

        • kentiesgirl

           I may have to reverse my opinion a little now, re: being surrounded by much more unlikable people so seeming to be nicer in comparison. I do think though that he’s laser focused on winning to the point where it’s tipped him more into surliness.

      • swwminnesota

        Remember when “crack judging” or “crack ______” (insert any verb) meant the best or top performance. Now, of course, it means “impaired”. Maybe it’s just where I live.

        • Toto Maya

          Project Runway definitely has a crack team of judges!

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            And they’re cracked, as well!

    • Logo Girl

      Mondo said in a podcast a while back that he got into a very negative place during the filming.

    • NCDFan

      I don’t think he’s changed all that much. What you’re seeing here is ALOT more attention on him and for the most part a lack of really mean girls for contrast.

    • paulmkane2001

      I just wonder what you are looking for?   Mondo  is just being Mondo.  He was never a cuddly teddy bear.  But he is by far the most talented and intelligent there.

    • Qitkat

      Since I live in Denver like Mondo, I’ve seen him in local interviews outside of the PR PR machine [SNAP ;p], and his personality comes across much more genuine and complex in those interviews, compared to the soundbites and editing chosen to make him slightly unlikable on the show. Not that I am saying he wasn’t stressed out, or moody, because he would be the first to admit that he was. He seems like a really friendly, good guy, a person who wants to be liked, albeit perhaps somewhat tormented. He has to deal with the HIV, being gay, having residual family issues, and being told how talented he is without quite gaining the gratification of the success he has sought. I can’t speak to how gay-friendly Denver is since that’s out of my zone. The Goodwill show Isaac referred to was one of his many charitable events.

    • Catiline

      Mondo’s been more pissy than I expected.  Having said that, I busted a gut when he called Michael C’s outfit a “samurai.”  That was a total Can Not Unsee moment.

    • guest2visits

      Nobody’s the same person year in-year out. (Look at Kenley’s metamorphosis, for one.)
      Plus there’s got to be all that pressure from everyone’s expectations/assumptions that he’s the designated winner.
      The first time around must have felt alot more spontaneous, freer.

      • I think that’s precisely what it is. He’s expected to win (this season has been referred to as the “Mondo Season”), and I doubt he wants it to be handed to him*. He’ll want to win on merit, not sympathy or “we fucked up the first time” reasoning. I also think Qitkat made some good points above. He has an awful lot of things to deal with, things that are outside of Project Runway but could be rumbling around in his head.

        Anyway, I’m not put off by Mondo being crankier this time around, and I’m not particularly surprised by it. He’s just being who he is.

        *Not that Bunim/Murray would ever just hand the win over to a designer who didn’t deserve it.

        • guest2visits

          Yeah, – there’s a difference between cranky and out of sorts, and just plain evil-mean.
          His behavior doesn’t compare to the crud we saw from the likes of Gretchen, Ivy, Irinia, Anya, Michael, etc…
          They were despicable enough to reach soap-opera statis. So unless Mondo goes postal next week, ( actually
          I love our national postal service- I need to find another term) – he’s just normal.

          Maybe he’s kicking himself for getting involved with PR again; I wonder if the designers recieve any
          kind of payment-stipend for appearing.

    • You should review Mondo’s season, he’s pretty much the same challenge to challenge. I think the important part of his narrative during that season, his HIV+ status, went a long way in helping the audience empathize, forgive, and champion him. 

    • HelenNPN

       YOu know in the end we can think what we want about them but it IS always the editing.

  • I really wish Mila had a shot at this challenge instead of Jerell, but I totally agree with his off this week. I was torn between Austin and Kenley on who should win. 

    • TAGinMO

      I said at least 3 times while we watched last night that I wished Mila had gotten a chance at this challenge. Still mad about her auf last week, especially since it was my 2nd favorite of the looks. Sigh.

      • paulmkane2001

        I thought it might have been the best thing Mila ever did.  Sometimes one gets  the impression that the aufs are predetermined.

    • TxMom2011

      My problem with Kenleys design is it on her model looked just like Nikki Minaj.  Thats probably why Ferrell didnt choose it for the win…. been done already.

      • kentiesgirl

         HA! Me too, I’ve been a broken record on that since it came around the corner last night.

        • NasserShaheen

          Ha ha I bored my poor husband with endless ‘it’s the same damn dress but with a jacket’ for hours after we saw the show. And they praised her!

      • Sweetpea176

         My problem with Kenley’s design is that it looks like she made the same dress again!  I was surprised about the praise she got for changing it up.  I know the top is different for her, but the dress….

    • muzan-e

      This is the second time that they’ve sprung a challenge that would’ve been perfect for the competitor aufed just the week before.   Mila could’ve done amazing things with this. But if her work was well-fitted and finished, April could easily have taken the win. This was well within the realm of her aesthetic and I’m so sorry that we hadn’t a chance to see what she’d have done with it. 

    • miatamam

       Somehow I think it’s likely Mila would have slapped down her fairy lights and said, “This is bulls*#t, I’m outta here.”  The silliness of this challenge just doesn’t seem to be her style.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        Mila’s main problem was that she doesn’t have the drama queen temperament that reality TV demands. 

    • introspective

      I said the same!! Mila really would have rocked this challenge. Her aesthetic was tailor made to win this challenge or at least make top 3. Oh well. Im still flabbergasted at how early Rami went home so this missed opportunity is just last in a string of disappointments with an otherwise strong season.

      But this season does have enough crackpipe results that my faith in this flailing franchise of a show has yet to be fully restored. Probably cant make full conclusions either way until I see the finale show…

    • letter_M

      Yea and Mila worked on Tron! How ironic is it that she didn’t have a shot at this one!

      • calimon

        Did  she really? Wow!

  • Frank_821

    I enjoyed this challenge. I think it was a toss up between Austin and Kenley. It could have gone either way.

    I have to say I as not surprised who was on top and who was on the bottom. THis kind of challenge is ideal for Austin and Kenley. Austin for his dramatic and romantic style, Kenley for her quirky ways

    I know there was much ranting when Rami and Mila got voted off too soon but I think this would have been a challenged they would have struggled greatly with

    • kentiesgirl

       I respectfully disagree, I think It was something that could have been really beautiful in draping…more of the movement that got Jerell praised, in a classier way. As for Mila, remember her (original) unconventional materials dress? I think she could’ve really have run with this one.

  • I made a nasty crack about Austin’s model on the Lounge comments, presumably now lost unliked in the zillions of new ones, or possibly deleted. I want to modify it here. I think that having the lights out  was helpful for Austin, not in giving him an advantage but in getting rid of the disadvantage he has in dressing a model whose expression lacks the charm of his clothes. She looks better in the dark.
    It was nice to see Jerell finally get a serious critique, now that there is no safe middle any more.
    Looking at Austin’s it seems to me that his look, like Michael’s, would do nicely for ComicCon or some such gathering, too. Maybe they should try a challenge of “design a look for ComicCon”!!!

    • DinaSews

      HAHAHA!  I was thinking the exact same thing.  The face on his model really takes away from some of the work that he has done.

    • tignor

      I too agree that Austin’s model has been keeping some wins from him. She honestly cannot emote any expression but the one, and she looks like someone slipped her a mickey an hour ago. Possibly this comment will get deleted, too–and I’m sure she’s a nice person and has a beautiful body, but she’s not a good runway model.

    • golden_valley

      You are dead on right about Austin’s model.  Her facial expressions signal an extreme dislike of whatever she is wearing, but in the dark, no one sees it.  Mondo and Michael’s looks belong in the old Electric Light Parade at Disney World.

    • MilaXX

      Someone asked last night if Pharrel was complimenting Michael. I don’t think so since to me that’s basically calling it a costume.

    • AthenaJ

      No, you and some of the other posters are right – Austin’s model could very well be affecting his performance in the show as far as how his clothing is showcased. I truly believe that part of Anya’s success was the fact that she had an incredible model who worked it and was pretty much tailor made (no pun intended, lol) for Anya’s type of designs. I’m not attacking Austin’s model on a personal level, but work-wise she really is not doing Austin any favors in helping him ‘sell’ his outfits. Austin’s designs in general are just so over the top that he really does need a model with more attitude and exhuberance.

    • She kind of reminded me of SWINTON in one of those dark pictures. So she’s *gifted* (with height and bone structure), just not *talented*.

  • CPK1

    “Designers, this week, you will be expected to jump through flaming
    hoops over shark tanks while juggling ferrets! Because … FASHION!” HAHHAHAHA. My sentiments exactly! But at least it pushed them beyond their comfort zone. I think Jerrell’s was cool and interesting but he completely ruined it with all the tackitude. Michael’s was far less conceptually sophisticated and avant-garde. I liked both Austin and Kenley for the win. Austin’s mother must have been very wee when she had him.

    • AthenaJ

      I thought the show already jumped the shark?

      *****insert punchline rimshot here*****

    • TxMom2011

      She did look a little young to be his mom.  I smiled when she mentioned that mustache though.  I see in the confessionals he finally lost it… that thing is creepy.

      • Terrie_S

        After this many weeks, I’m finally used to the pornstache and simply don’t notice it.

      • Sweetbetty

         I’ve noticed from episode 1 that in many of the confessionals he’s wearing a yellow embroidered shirt and no ‘stache.  I just assumed many of these confessional scenes are taped at the end of the show and he could have shaved it off by then.  I remember in Season 1 when I had no idea about how the show was produced Jay kept turning up in a grey fur stole and what looked like pink curlers in his hair but other times he was wearing different clothes.  That’s when I figured out that these bits were taped at different times then interspersed throughout the weekly shows.

  • bluefish

    I thought the judges’ critiques were all very good this week.  As soon as Jerrell’s model took off that unfortunate long skirt, his outfit really came to life.  Looked like a Basquiat image and I agree that it’s the most interesting thing he’s done.

    I was happy to see Austin win.  He’s so likable and sweet and, while not every confection is a hit, he’s talented and imaginative.  And I kind of loved his homage to Star Trek — the shirt he wore on the runway was very Starship Enterprise, original formula.

    The thing with the lights not being fully incorporated didn’t bother me — why start a fire?  My only complaint would be the kind of heavy and bit awkward tube that springs out of her bodice and wraps around her head.  Wish it were just a bit less thick and heavy but then it’s got work to do just he may not have much of a choice.

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    When I saw Austin’s model walk out, I felt that I was finally seeing the Austin I’d been hoping to see during this season.  He really created something lovely and rather unearthly. 

    When they did the moment between Austin and his mother I knew that we were getting either the loser or winner edit for him in this episode. Bunim/Murray, you’re just so transparent.

    By the way, I would totally have watched the designers juggling ferrets-thanks for the morning giggle, TLo,MWAAAHHH!!!!

    • carolclark12

      You’re so right about Bunim/Murray editing.  Don’t they realize that Project Runway viewers are not those typical of a season of Real World/Road Rules Challenge?

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        B/M is programming for the viewers of their plucky, determined gal or gals in peril programming, where everything is painted in broad swathes of foreshadowing.  My take is that they figured PR’s core audience would stick around regardless of what they’ve done to the format.

    • Northern_Light_27

      I knew he was the winner just from that. It was either the loser edit or the winner edit, because B/M is too old-fashioned for a true fakeout (that the call home is completely irrelevant and the caller places in the middle). I figured B/M is just barely genre-savvy enough to avoid the “call home=obvious boot” trope, so winner it had to be.

      I watch a lot of reality TV and it really does astonish me how, when other shows seem to be learning from feedback and experience, PR just gets more formulaic and tired every single year.

  • Judy_J

    Austin’s design brought to mind Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”.  I’m sorry to say when I saw Jerell’s design, all I could think of were those cartoon natives from the old Bugs Bunny cartoons.  Kenly’s design really surprised me on the runway.  It looked fantastic under the black light, but I do feel Austin’s was just a bit better.

    • piperkitty

      cartoon natives perfect description

      • 3boysful

         All it’s lacking are the bones thru the nose, ears and as a hair accessory.  All glow-in-the-dark, natch.

    • VanessaDK

      Oh–you got to this ahead of me– ITA about Jerrell’s.  I thought it was embarassing.

    • Terrie_S

      It certainly doesn’t help that the only words he can come up with to describe it are “tribal” and “ethnic.” After the last two weeks, I suspect that if we forbid him from using the word “ethnic” he wouldn’t know how to describe his looks.

  • tignor

    Agree with you 100%.

    If Jerell had made the underskirt a mini, Michael might have been in major trouble.

    • Sweetbetty

       Right.  When he said, “pencil skirt” to Kenley I was picturing a very tight fitting skirt to the knees or a bit below.  That baggy thing that hit the model at the ankles was an atrocity.  It made her look like just a torso floating down the runway.

    • Call me Bee

      Or maybe leggings.  But yes–a mini would have changed the whole thing. 

  • I can’t wait for the big finale, when the designers will show a ten-piece collection and their moddles will bounce down the runway on pogo sticks.

    • VanessaDK

      Where are they showing their collections?  were they at fashion week?  We haven’t had any of the typical leaks….

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      while juggling ferrets and performing E Donna Mobile on kazoos….

  • So glad Miss Scarlett hit it out of the park after last week’s disaster, and so glad Mr. throw everything at the garment is finally gone.

  •  I admit to finally WANTING Kenley to get the win.  I loved her look over Austin’s.  As soon as I saw it in construction, I thought to myself,  “Oh boy, a Marie Antoinette reference, and tulle, AGAIN?”   Whereas Kenlay actually DID move it forward a good deal and the result was great looking.
    Jerrell’s I think could have been saved by a tight long jersey skirt in a tribal print that was light reactive.  It would have continued the line of light to the floor.  I got what he was going for, but the black column was a total misfire.

  • The Mortal Kombat comment was dead on. Those were the exact words out of my mouth, as my brain stretched out to find the corresponding image. I think Michael’s look would be the sister or henchwoman of this dude :

  • Anathema_Device

    I have been saying Jerell needs to go home for weeks now, but last night it was a toss up between him and Michael for me. Yes, Jerell’s inability to edit finally did him in. Also, while I get the tribal thing, I do think this looks a bit like a homespun rave outfit, from whatever era people were going to raves (the ’90s?).

    And as other designers and the judges pointed out, Austin benefited from going in a totally different direction. That dress was so “him” but still fit the challenge. I loved how much Pharell Williams liked it. I thought he was a pretty good guest judge. Easy on the eyes, too, that’s for sure.

    •  Pharell, is certainly a feast of the orbs.  I almost laughed out loud when they announced him as “The Best Dressed Man on Earth”  Really?  blue jeans, a t shirt and a cardigan sweater makes you that?  Awesome.

      • Yeah, it would have been nice if he had actually looked the part. The meathead hockey player looked better.

        • Totally! I had forgotten about him. You are so right.

      • I’d like to know exactly who named him ‘Best Dressed Man on Earth”? People Magazine, The Shriners, who?

        I also loved that the winning garment “would be worn by one of his artists”. I have no idea who Pharrell is, so I don’t know what that’s supposed to mean. Does he keep a gaggle of artists who do all the work after he comes up with a vague idea? Does he have a troupe of performance artists? Or will one of “his artists” just wear Austin’s dress to the grocery store. I don’t think Angela could have been any more vague if she’d tried.

        P.S.: These are all rhetorical questions. I’ll look him up to find out what he’s about.

        • When you do, let me know. Me? Mystified.

          • NasserShaheen

            I found reference to him being Esquire’s Best Dressed in 2005! 2005! They talked about it like it happened yesterday. Yes he’s on best dressed lists often, apparently, but he’s certainly not my style icon. Anyone who wears a cap inside is automatically a zero with me. It’s plain stupid.

          •  Thanks so much.  I mean really now; seven years ago? 7?!!!!!   And It’s Esquire stating he’s on their best dressed list. Not hat he’s the ultimate.

          • malvernite

            pharrell is known for a preppy style that set him apart from other hip hop/rnb artists. bow ties and sweaters and caps, that kind of dressing.

          •  Okay, I hear that. And this entitles him to a be a “best dressed” man?   Preppie?  Really?  I get that its a different spin for the hip hop/rnb crowd, but really? (raises eyebrow in best Spockian fashion)

          • I’m glad to know someone else is mystified. Now I don’t feel like such a dope.

          •  In a world culture where more and more people achieve some sort of fame for every little reason, its no wonder that even the most connected of us have trouble keeping up.  I don’t mean to imply that Pharell is talentless, or undeserving of notoriety, just that, keeping all these people sorted out, and the reasons for their presence in the public mind clear, is a task quite herculean in scope.

          • Oh yeah, I don’t mean to imply that either. But I have no idea what he does, despite Angela’s checklist of his accomplishments. Is he a true renaissance man or does he just do a lot of stuff?

            I’ll add that I think he was a really good judge. In fact, I’ve been pleased with most of the judges this season.

          •  I’m in agreement with you as well. Overall the judging has been pretty clean and clear.  A whole lot less of the crack smoking insanity of the past few seasons of PR. 

          • GeekChicSuperfreak

            In your parlance, “he does a lot of stuff,” and has so for years. I was pleased to see him as a judge, but I’ve been a fan for years and am continually impressed with his range of projects and accomplishments. And I continue to be a fan of his music and many of the artists he works with.

            Oh, and Despicable Me is one of my fave lighthearted flicks. The music/score was pretty fab and that was all Pharrell.

          • Thanks for that info. And it seems he’s been around for a while now.

            Any one of my cats would make more sense as a judge than Kim K. Those cats know great clothes when they see them. They always go for the good stuff when they want to take a nap.

          • Despicable Me made me very emotional, because of my nephew.  It’s his FAVORITE movie, because he’s adopted and it really struck a chord with him.

          • Sally Brownson

            He’s a major rap/r&b/hip hop producer, so when they say “one of his artists”, they mean one of the very successful singers or rappers associated with him.

          •  Thanks SOooooo much!   Mystery solved at last.

      • Sweetbetty

         Yeah, I’d never even heard of him and when they described him that way and then I saw him I was wondering who it was who bestowed that title on him.

  • I agreed with the judging last night. I’m glad Austin deserved it and wasn’t just given the win because of the skype conversation with his mom.
     I’m really glad Jerrell went home. I was getting tired of his stuff. 
    I wish Mondo could cheer up. It hurts to see him so stressed. 

    • AthenaJ

      I know, I just want to reach into the TV and give Mondo a big ol’ hug.

  • Pennymac

    I really enjoyed this episode. As usual, TLo is spot on with their comment that the challenges generally are of the make a pretty dress or show us your point of view by this time in the competition. To have something creative this late in the game was refreshing. 

    The stills of Austins dress show me why he won this challenge. 

  • Kayceed

    I thought this was a fantastic challenge, and enjoyed watching the designers wrestle with the requirements to create something. I would have really loved to have seen what Mila could have done with this. 

    Also, if TLO ends up doing an “ology” series, I believe the Jerrellology will be quite, ah, illuminating. And painful.

  • I would love to see what April would have done with this.

    • NCDFan

      How would you  see black lights? (giggle)

      • Exactly! She’d be forced out of her box. 🙂

  • SewingSiren

    I love a Starry Night inspired dress. I thought Georgina’s criticisms that it should have had layers of lights in the tulle, like a three dimensional galaxy , was a good one.I also think he could have used several different shades of tulle such as navy , blue, black, and maybe silver , so the dress had interest when the lights weren’t out. THe head piece is nice and lunar too. I had him pegged for 2nd. Just because he could have taken the concept further.

    I agree that this is one of Jerrel’s best pieces. It had great movement and would be a fantastic costume for the stage right along with most of the dresses he has made this season (except ironically the one that actually was for the stage)! I didn’t think the skirt brought it down that much. The most laughable criticisms the gave was that it looked “Joke shop” – The whole challenge was straight out of Spencer’s Gifts! None of them could avoid that really. and none did.

  • Logo Girl

    I insist my nine-year-old son to watch the runway show with me. 

    This is what came up:

    Mondo: what was that movie, Megatron? Tron?
    Jerell: that light in the mouth is weird.
    Kenley: size is OK except the lips look huge in the light
    Michael: looks better in the dark
    Austin: Christmas tree

    • muzan-e

      Love it!  And already looking forward to sitting my wee horde in front of it this evening.  They still lovingly remember Clinique making a skirt out of aquarium gravel. *g*

  • SouthernGirlRena

    Hey everyone, I am reading this to distract myself from all the tornado warning sirens going off and the weather men talking about a couple of “very large tornadoes on the ground and confirmed significant damage”.  Living in North Alabama, you can see how those words can make one pretty nervous.  It is only 10am and the worst part of this storm isn’t supposed to get here until 4 this afternoon.  It’s going to be a long day.

    • Yikes!!!!!
       Head for that shelter, Honey.  We’re all pulling for you.

      • SouthernGirlRena

         Thanks.  At least my house is getting cleaned with all this nervous energy. 

    • ohayayay

      Ooh girl. I am in Birmingham. Woke up at 4 a.m. knowing it was going to be one of “those” days. There have been too many of those recently. I’m actually about to reach the tipping point where it’s time to seriously consider leaving here for good (and not just because of the freak weather…this place is just too inhospitable). 

      Also, it is freaking 80 degrees outside. Just another reminder that “global warming” is really “global weirding.”

    • spititout

       I hope you and your loved ones are in a safe place.
      Thanks for checking in, sometimes it is hard to remember while I am here on T Lo’s site distracting myself from my own stuff, other people are dealing with even more potentially serious issues.

      Thanks T Lo for providing the site of best distraction!

      • formerlyAnon

        “The site of best distraction!”

        That has a ring to it that I quite like!

    • Yup, I’m in TN and everybody’s battening down the hatches. Just got a call from the county school system, they’re shutting down the schools at noon. 

    • LeoBloke

       Please let us all know that you’re safe when the storm passes. We’ll be thinking of you.

      • SouthernGirlRena

        Thanks everyone.  I try to be a big girl but looking at those funnel clouds all day can easily freak out you.  I’m fine and I think the worst is over.  It hit a local high school full of kids but no one was hurt.  The teachers parking lot had a lot of damage.  It also did some damage at a nearby prison.  About 12 homes were destroyed, many others damaged. It sounds like other states were hit much worse.  I really hate tornadoes! 

        • LeoBloke

           Glad you’re ok, SGR. You must really love the place to live there, cannot imagine how I’d react. Looking at the news footage now…thank God for T&Lo to provide a much-needed distraction from the horrors out there.

        • I’m happy to hear you got through it.

          Tornadoes are scary as hell. I think anyone would be freaked out.

  • VanessaDK

    Honestly–I thought that Jerrell’s looked embarrassingly like the classic “island natives” from King Kong or one of the 1940’s “road” movies.  

    • MoHub

      Max Fleischer cartoons.

  • ohayayay

    Am I alone in thinking the sparse placement of the lights ruins Austin’s dress? I can see the potential for this to be really romantic and beautiful, but to me, it just looks unfinished. The tulle looks crappy and the lights are just thrown on like a Christmas tree.

    And with the blue sea anemone lights and the weird trunk sprouting from her head, this feels more “Avatar” than “Starry Night.”

  • donnaINseattle

    Our PR drinking game was going strong last night, just with Jerrell saying “tribal” and “ethnic”

    Pleased with the win for Austin this time. I agree with all the critique and I am sure he wanted to respond with “If you want it to be more layered, give me another $100 and 6 more hours.” OF COURSE it needed more depth and everyone knows Autin knew that. I’d prefer the judges to ask “what would have you done with more money and/or more time?” to see what the designers would say.

    Yay Austin. Although I think you should have gone home a couple of challenges ago, I was glad to see what you did with this one.

    • SewingSiren

      The nylon tulle shouldn’t be much more $2 a yard. I’ve seen it even for less than $1 a yard , but not at Mood.

      • donnaINseattle

        I was thinking the LIGHTS needed to be more layered within the existing tulle. tulle layer – lights layer – tulle layer – lights layer – tulle layer – lights layer, probably ideal would have been different color or sized lights on each lights layer. MOre tulle may have been necessary, but more lights would definitely be necessary for more depth.

        • DinaSews

          You were correct with your first comment though.  They needed more money to pull off what Schmeidi suggested.  These lights looked connected.  It would have been difficult to layer them without buying more.  Was it Kenley who first added up her take and it came to $700? They must have been expensive.

          • Sweetbetty

             I was going to bring up that same point, that the lights were expensive.  Did they say what the budget was for this challenge?  If Kenley spent $300 on her lights how much did she have left to spend at Mood?

          • It was 300 for lighting supplies and 100 at Mood.

  • adnama79

    Cumulative judging.  Jerrell needed to go.

    Then he went and handled the auf beautifully and made me like him a little bit.

    Fun episode.

    • Sweetbetty

       He did handle it well.  I’m surprised at how well some of the designers have handled it over the seasons.  I don’t think I could help but to have at least a lump in my throat and a catch in my voice, but that’s just how I am; I have a hard time hiding my emotions.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        Jerrell did handle the schmauf gracefully. He appeared to be OK with his time on allStars.
        I’ve always rather liked him, despite his penchant for overembellishing everything.  As whackadoodle as it was, I still smiile when I think about his design for the Olympic challenge during season five-I think Jerrell thought he was designing for Wallis Simpson!

        • formerlyAnon

          That Olympic challenge, for some obscure reason, is always the first thing I think of when I think of Jerell on PR.

        • I’ve always liked Jerrell. Could just be because he’s so damn cute, but I like the idea of what he does. I generally dress in solid colors and straight lines, but I’ve also been known to put on something flowy and crazy with lots of different colors, big earrings and bangles, and a hat to top it off. So his aesthetic appeals to me. He just needs to learn when to stop.

          He was cool with his aufing, and I give him credit for that. He really needed to go, but I’ll miss him because he makes me laugh. Plus there’s that whole cute thing going on.

          • formerlyAnon

            Yes. I could have written that almost word for word.

  • CPK1

    I have to say I haven’t really been wowed with anything produced by the All-Stars this season (I did miss a couple of episodes, I have to admit). I know Jerrell has produced some tack but I don’t think he is as terrible as some of the bitter kittens think. I didn’t hate his final collection for the season he was on and I actually really loved this look, and the styling

    • formerlyAnon

      Oh, some of us agree about Jerell.

  • NCDFan

    I really liked Austin’s because I could see immediately the ‘stars in the galaxy’ concept.

    • Terrie_S

      It was very “spiral galaxy floating  in space.” It needed more time and material put into it, but the concept still shone through. (I give everyone permission groan at the horrid pun).

  • I wondered what Austin’s looked like with the lights on. It was probably a fairly typical Traveller funeral dress in daylight. But the headpiece pushed it over. I had no problem with this win.

    That said, the designers typically fell into two camps: Tron fashion or Stoner Back Porch Fairy Lights fashion. My favorites this week (Kenley and Austin) did the latter, while Mondo and Michael defaulted to the former.

    And then there’s Jerrell, who make an electric version of his typical clothes. They weren’t avant-garde as much as “Jerrell!” However, I’ll commend him that I think he embraced the lighted elements more than many of the other contestants, perhaps because he loves the notions department more than the other designers.

    • alyce1213

      “Traveller funeral dress . . .”
      I’m dying from that, thanks.

  • My 7 yr old commented “Disney Electrical parade” when she saw Austin’s.

    She also thinks Jerrell made a great dance costume, but wanted to know “Why did he put it over a dress, instead of a leotard?”

    And she’s not a fan of the sunglasses, either.

    • indigospade

       I said the EXACT same thing about austins.
      me and your daughter are secretly twins

  • PastryGoddess

    Thank goodness Jerrell is shmaufed…I drank a whole bottle of wine trying to drown out the words tribal and ethnic

    However, The bus is not yet going into the garage as we have some other designers who have passed their expiration date.  

  • Pinup Ghoul

    I loved Austin’s look. I could see it at the Met as a costume for the Queen of the Night. That’s the first thing I thought of when I saw it. It’s whimsical, but still really well-structured and a little scary. 

    • RroseSelavy

      Queen of the Night was just what I thought, too.

    • Ezzzzaacly.  I thought Queen of the Night when he first TALKED about it.  Because that’s just so Austin.  Loved it when I watched the ep and love the stills even more.

  • So happy for Austin. I’m worried about his mom now. Hope someone buys her a house.

    • RroseSelavy

      Isn’t his mother darling? And did she have him at age 9 or something?

      • Girl_With_a_Pearl

        I thought they looked the same age.  I was wondering how she managed that.  😉 

      • piperkitty

        I first thought it was his sister. How old is Austin?

        • RroseSelavy

          He’s her sister… her daughter … sister … daughter….

    • sdtripper

      Is it just me?  Doncha think Austin has at least a little money from his bridal design and reality show career?  How much would it take to bail out Mom’s house?  But I think she was adorable and their conversation was very touching.

      • formerlyAnon

        Of COURSE I wondered. But then I thought about my own family & friends & money. And the stories [all anonymous] I hear from my dear friend the financial planner and tax accountant. You NEVER know how much money people really have from the outside looking in.

        • Yes,thank you. I wondered too, but I learned long ago to never make assumptions about the financial status of other people.

      • Design is VERY expensive as a business.  There’s a real possibility that all the money he has made has gone into his business — or into paying off business debts. 

  • ASK26

    I can understand how Jerrell thought that the long plain black skirt WAS editing and toning it down.  That when he finally brought in an idea to tone it down and THAT is one of the things that did him in, seems harsh

  • Clueless_Jock

    Ok, I’m ready for another pretty dress challenge.

  • judybrowni

    Tribal? Ethnic? Yeah, right.

    About as much as a Carnival golliwog: 

    • Woah.  That was some educational reading.  Thanks.

  • GorgeousThings

    When I saw that Austin was the only one not using tape, I figured he had the win. I could see Lady Gaga wearing one of these. Jerrell’s had some interesting ideas, but the execution looked like Cirque du Soleil meets Lion King.

    • Qitkat

      and now you’ve got me hoping Cirque du Soleil does a neon version of Lion King!

    • formerlyAnon

      If ONLY it had looked as polished as Cirque du Soleil meets Lion King!

  • ShivaDiva

    Good old Austin.  I don’t think he actually created this dress so much as pulled a creature from his dimension into the studio with him.  I’m surprised she didn’t have a wand, or sprinkle some glo-dust on everyone.  This was right up his alley, and I’m glad he sort of came back from his recent downward spiral.

    It’s a shame Jerell didn’t edit his look, because I thought there was something cool here.  The skirt looks like a bio-electric sea anemone in the Marianas Trench or something.  But the rest of it… ugh.  Anyone else remember Spencer Gifts at the mall?  Holla.

    • Qitkat

      bio-electric sea anemone in the Marianas Trench

      Can you imagine how awesome that would be as an inspiration for a collection!

    • Kayceed

      Black light posters from Spencer’s RULE.

      • Qitkat

        Forty! years ago I had the BEST blacklight poster from The Endless Summer. I’d have it still if it hadn’t got lost (stolen?) during a move.

      • formerlyAnon

        Spencer’s. Now THAT’s a dubious-on-the-face-of-it retail concept that’s made somebody several fortunes!

        • I will quote my beloved George Carlin, as I am wont to do: “You can nail two things together that have never been nailed together before, and some schmuck will buy it from you.” I’m convinced that Spencer’s entire business plan.

          • Sweetbetty

             And that seems to fit Isaac’s definition of avant-garde.

          • “A sneed is a thing that everyone, everyone, EVERYONE needs”

          • formerlyAnon

            One “like” is not enough.

  • mjude

    LOVED austin’s look & i thought he so deserved it.  agree on jerrell leaving.

  • alyce1213

    I loved this episode and was torn between Kenley and Austin.  I still am.
    The shot posted of Kenley laughing with the bulbs is classic.
    Austin’s mom seems so lovely; I hope things have worked out for her.  She’s really beautiful and so young!
    I must say I’m glad to see Jerrell finally  go.

    • Qitkat

      I’ve enjoyed Kenley so much this season; but I’ve got to confess I actually miss a little bit of her very pointed snarkiness from her original season. Could it all be just editing??

      • ShivaDiva

        That’s funny.  I couldn’t stand Kenley during season 5 but she almost seems… human this time around.  She certainly seems the most affected by editing.

      • CozyCat

        I  don’t think it’s just editing.  Her worst trait in her previous season was the way she would get hostile and antagonistic when given constructive criticism.  She’s not doing that this time.  In fact, I noticed one time when she was on the runway and someone criticized her design, she started to argue, and then almost literally bit her tonguge! 

        I think she learned a valuable lesson from last time.  Good for her!  That’s hard for anyone to do…

        • Does anyone know how old she is?  Because that can be something you grow out of, at least to a degree.  Plus, I wonder if she maybe got some court-ordered therapy out of that arrest for the cat-throwing fight…

        • Qitkat

          Good catch! It would be nice to think she matured this way.

  • spititout

    Austin’s model did not bother me on last night’s runway because her styling gave a Tilda Swinton vibe.
    I do think Austin’s model resembles Austin, and I could definitely imagine Austin wearing all his own designs as a woman.
    The piece with Austin’s mother provided the viewers with more substance to fill in the outline of the delicate otherworldly fantasy quality of the Pan-like character that is Austin.  All the best to Austin and his family!   

    • Qitkat

      Austin is not nearly as delicate as he appears. On some of the episodes
      of Austin and Santino he showed himself to be much
      more of a *manly-man* than Santino. I’m trying to recall, there was an
      episode which involved fishing I think, and he was totally into it.
      Santino was the squeamish one.

      I agree with you that it’s easy to see Austin in some of his own
      creations. I adore him. He’s such a sensitive soul, while having a real
      backbone. Kind of like a male version of a “steel magnolia.”

      • spititout

        I liked the Austin and Santino show, both Austin and Santino were really good sports. 
        Who else could pair up for a show like that?  Mondo/Michael?  Kenley/ Kara?  Hmm, Nah.

    • This morning I was thinking something vaguely similar about Austin’s model–but along the lines that he could do a better job than she does of showing off the clothes, just because his face is more expressive.  I decided it’s not really true–she looks better in the clothes than he would! But if only she had a bit of his sparkle.

    • Kayceed

      I would love to see Austin on the catwalk again.

      • A great Project Runway moment, or the greatest Project Runway moment? Whichever, it was a golden moment.

    • DeTrop

      I too believe Austin is designing for Austin.  Love your ‘Pan-like character that is Austin’.  So true.  I hope he makes it to the finale.

  • RroseSelavy

    I didn’t love Austin’s all that much. True, it had a great “Queen of the Night” quality, especially in the headpiece, but I wish he didn’t wrap it around his model’s face like a set of Christmas tree lights. In fact, his wrapping around the dress in the same manner appears more haphazard than deliberate. All in all it was quite a satisfying episode, however. I think they all pulled off something special this week.

  • I agreed with all the judges’ critiques but still think Michael C should have been schmaufed. He made a cosplay outfit, and a raggedy one at that. It was not fashion at all. Jerell’s could have been saved by a little easily-done editing. Nothing could be done to fix Michael’s because it was just too solid a thing.

  • I was reading Entertainment Weekly yesterday and an actress was told to “turn on her heart light” to get inside her character’s mind.  Just too weird to to hear heart light twice in two days after 20 years.  Did Neil Diamond die?  Or worse, did E.T.?

    • Kayceed

      I believe both are immortal.

  • MilaXX

    I honestly liked Jerrel’s entry this week, but yes he really needed to edit. I hated the glasses and shoes, but 
    I think the light in the mouth was a cute touch, but everything else should have been left black.   The skirt wasn’t,the needed, just black tights and shoes. Loved Austin’s look. It reminded me of Lena Horne as Glenda the good witch in the The Wiz.

  • sashaychante

    Austin was such a clear winner on this, yay!  Picky, schnicky about the lack of integration regarding the lighting on the dress.  Given a little more time, he probably could have taken care of that.  To me, both Jerrell and Michael lack taste and style.  Jerrell deserved to be auf’d.  Not to be a hater, but, I really hope Michael does NOT make it into the final three.  Would much rather see Austin, Kenley and Mondo collections. 

  • sdtripper

     I thought the challenge was so much fun.  I really wanted Kenley to win though.  My take:  Pharrell got the deciding vote on the winner and the schmauf.  He didn’t like the wires on Kenley’s outfit, and Michael was not going to get eliminated because his girl looked like she could kick your ass.I think everyone rose to the challenge this week.  Jerell’s look was clever and enchanting in its own way, but the long skirt was such a mistake.  And the light bulb in the mouth was weird. 

  • Qitkat

    Somewhat ironic that the two designers who clearly enjoyed this challenge the most landed on the top and the bottom.

    I thought Austin clearly was the winner, although I agree that with some more money and another day, he could have created a look which was so ethereal and lovely that it would go down in PR history. And the editing telegraphed his win or auf with the touching chat with his cool mom. I was intrigued by Kenley’s but found the top to be way too large.

    After we caught our breaths from laughing our asses off as Jerrell’s came down the runway, I also found this one of the most interesting things he’s ever done. It was indeed techno-tribal withut being offensive. I would totally watch a skit of Lion King done under black light. Jerrell ought to actually run with this concept in his next collection. He could end with a spectacular outfit under black light, one that he took his time to create.

  • I thought this was the best thing Jerell had done all season. Which is not saying much, but still. The long skirt was silly, but the rest could have been a really cute little neon fairy look. Something Kylie Minogue would wear, for instance.  Love, love, loved Austin’s. 

  • janetjb

    I immediately knew Jerrel’s long skirt was going to be an issue.  I thought this was one the best things he’s made.

    Austin is fun to watch when he’s excited about a challenge.

  • Thathoodwink

    He should have put his model in tights. The sunglasses are funny and pick up the dots in the collar area. The shoes were ugly. But somebody had to go home.

  • Really? The shape and general feel was fantastic on Jerrell? Ugh. SO disagree. I thought it was absolutely hideous, no redeeming value, and a tragic mis-use of material that really could have been interesting – the fiber-optics. 

    I wanted Kenley to win this challenge but I was not upset by Austin’s win. I liked his too. 

  • Wouldn’t it have been hilariously surreal if Austin’s mom had looked like Granny Clampett on “The Beverly Hillbillies?” And she’d waved goodbye on Skype the way Granny waved at the end of the show?

    …I blame TLo for this non sequitur thought, because they have been referencing Miss Jane Hathaway recently! 🙂

  • Kate4queen

    I actually loved Austin’s and I don’t normally like his things, but this was a pleasure to look at. I’m glad Jerrell went, and he did it very graciously. 🙂

  • BitterOldQueen

    Sorry, boys, but I totally disagree. Austin’s look was not surprising, and was essentially his usualy frilly ballgown with some lights strung around it. The lights weren’t integrated effectively into the look, and when the studio lights went back up it was shown for the uninspired sloppiness that it was. IMHO this was utterly a producers’ opinion, and the bit with his mother was production manipulation at its most blatant. Mondo’s look was much more integrated and interesting, and even Polka-Dot Princess turned out something appropriate.

  • granddelusion

    I agree with the Austin win; it was the only one theatrical enough for the client. I do not get the Kenley love. How did she survive this long? How is it she’s the only female? Her clothes are cute, well-made and ALL THE SAME! Is Mizrahi on crack, or something? Oh, she made a plaid out of tape! Whoopee. So not digging her.

  • BrooklynBomber

    I love when adjunct watchers make telling comments. Mr. Bomber doesn’t see every episode, but last night when Austin started crying, he said, “He’s been hanging around Michael too much.”  Could’a knocked me over with a fiber optic feather.

    • formerlyAnon

      I like the term “adjunct watchers.”

  • butter nut

    i was shocked to see the final 5 last night.  all i could think was, “that’s it?”  for an all-star season, i never would have imagined michael, kenley & jerell among the “best of the best”. but, huh, i guess that’s it…  so how soon till mondo wins?

  • PantherontheRunway

    Sooooo another week has gone by with me asking my computer. “Why has Jerrell not been YELLED at by the judges?”

     I know I’m jumping the gun, but I have to start on it already; apparently all it takes is a cut out sweater to fool the judges…..I feel like the judges would be fooled by the hannah montana and miley cyrus trick, because that certainly was the same dress she’s sent down week after week

  • Great challenge – not only from a theatrical/showmanship perspective. The illumination actually provides an excellent medium for displaying whatever design element the designer chooses to prioritize. He/she can utilize dark spaces and lit spaces to draw attention to the silhouette and contours or to the internal detail and embellishment. The avant-garde conceit– as vaguely defined/judged as it is– seemed appropriate for this challenge. To me, avant-garde– although a precise characterization eludes me– is, in this context, pretty much all about inventive configurations, experiments in proportions, and a refusal to conventionally resolve the artistic product.

    I liked Austin’s creation. Let’s see:
    It’s undulating its pearly body beneath the veiled sky, and the stars are swathed in gossamer, and the moon is cradling… HA!

    It works. (see note about avant-garde & configurations)

    Jerell! Ditch the glasses. Ditch the chew-in-the-dark cherry. Ditch the shoes. Ditch the headpiece. Ditch the black skirt. The idea of an oversized peplum was not a bad one (see note about avant-garde & proportions). The construction is actually pretty impressive. He was able to intermingle the optical fibers with a mesh-type fabric. He didn’t haphazardly tape tubes of lights, jerk off in the darkroom, and send a waist-alarm down the runway. Michael should have been out. Jerell’s definitely more committed to his designs, has a clearer point-of-view, and is much more technically proficient and flexible than Michael.

    • Qitkat

      On After the Runway, or whatever it’s called, Isaac insisted that avant-garde means only one thing:
      something NEW, something not seen before. It does not have to be something shocking, or gaspworthy or unconventional. Makes me wonder how other well-known designers would define it.

      • Call me Bee

        Yes–he was really adamant about it.  In French, it means “forefront” so that’s where Isaac gets the “new”.  But I think the definition has evolved in the fashion industry to mean more than that:  unusual, exagerated, arty. 

        • Qitkat

          J’agree 😉

  • Cathy S

    I loved Austin’s headpiece. I totally got “midnight sky” from his look and it was so very pretty. I would’ve sent Michael home this week, but I’m not arguing the Jerell schmauf. The sunglasses were a bit much.

  • MoHub

    I fell asleep while Austin was talking to his mom. Will h ave to catch it on line.

  • Markatha

    I enjoyed this challange because it forces the designers to be more out of the box & creative (like the unconventional challanges).
    I’ve not enjoyed Jerell this season or liked any of his creations EXCEPT for this one.  I was so ready for him to go.
    I really loved Austin’s Night Sky Look.

    Speaking of out of the box creativity, does anyone else watch “Face-Off” ?  That’s a fun show.

    • Qitkat

      Face-Off is cool.

    • JBeauD

      Yup.  Wouldn’t that be a cool challenge?   A PR/FO collaboration with costume designer and makeup artists?   Plus the PRAS contestants would be gagging for the chance to have three days and unlimited budget like on Face-Off.  (On a side note, 2 days sculpting a giant cupcake?  Really, Beki?)

      • alyce1213

        I know – that cupcake!   Anyway, I thought Sue Lee should have gone because she didn’t even get close to the Tim Burton concept and her thing was a mess.   Maybe I’ve just liked some of Beki’s past work so I didn’t want to see her go yet.
        A collaboration is a cool idea, but logistically impossible since they’re on different networks and shot in different cities.  The PR people could do a collaboration with effects makeup artists; it would be a very costume-y challenge.

    • alyce1213

      I’m a big fan!  The recent Tim Burton challenge was great.
      I LOVED the top three this week – cellist, bellhop, ice cream man — just fantastic.

      • turtleemily

         That bellhop character made me smile; it was fantastic!

  • marilyn

    Austin’s was the best.  Even though it had lights, it reflected his style. He maintained his own aesthetic, which is feminine, refined, ball gown.  A few things come to mind- like the Borg Queen’s summer dress, or a dress for a guest at a UK Irish Traveler/Gypsy wedding.  All in all, it was fun, in his style and gave the model a good shape.

    Normally I do not like Jerell’s creations, but this one was a hoot!  The glasses did it.  Unfortunately, he did not have the courage to put black tights on the model and lose the skirt, then lose the green on the shoes and replace it with blue.   Matchey-matchey would have actually helped here.  What made it great was that he kept the model’s profile, but concentrated the lights in a few places for a bold effect.  But all in all, it was flattering for the model because it showed off her waist, and  gave her some shape.  Also it conveyed his aesthetic, which is tribal, but with a wink.  I think the shortcomings of his outfit were not so egregious that he should have been sent home.  Now, any previous week, he deserved to go. 

    For the worst, I am really torn between Kenley’s, Mondo’s and Michael’s, because they made the models look fat, by turning them into human versions of Bender’s mainframe friends on Futurama:  Hulking boxes with lights.

    Both Austin and Jerell’s outfits were kitsch-y, wacky, fun and still flattered the models.  They avoided the pitfalls of making the model look like an electronic box with lights.  Both models looked GOOD, and isn’t that what it is all about? 

    • demidaemon

      Avant-garde isn’t necessarily about making the model (or the person) look good. A lot of the time it is runway only. I think Jerell’s model looked cray-cray–not good. Anyways, I agreed with Georgina that Kenley’s had the perfect sense of proportion. For me, the auf was between Mondo and Michael.

  • AMartel

    In Austin’s commentary shots sometimes he has a mustache and sometimes not.  It’s like Good Austin and Bad Austin.  I wonder if the mustache is coming off for his credit-redeeming arc.

  • Emily Scott

    The thing that seemed to slip by the designers and the judges alike was that Pharrell was going to use the winning design for one of his artists. Realistically that had influence the outcome in that he was going to insist on the look that best suited his needs. As soon as Austin’s look came out, I thought that I could totally see Nicki Minajj in that. I don’t know if she is one of Pharrell’s artists, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if her style is an influence in the music business these days. Pharrell was clearly bananas about Austin’s design and so-so about Kenley’s which is how the winner was decided, I’m sure.

    Jerell’s model did look like a backup dancer from a Busta Rhymes video, though.

    • Now, bearing in mind that I know NOTHING about the music industry today — I’m not sure I’ve ever even heard a Nicki Minajj song — I think Austin’s was chosen because it is the most versatile.  It had a romantic, ethereal quality but it has that edge from the deconstructed nature and the lights, so depending on how it is styled, it could work for a wide variety of artists and songs during concerts. 

    • malvernite

      jerrell indeed could have been thinking of the busta rhymes video when he did his design, as that video (put your hands where my eyes can see) used lighting in a “tribal” and “ethnic” way. i didnt even think of that, so thanks for putting that thought out there.

      kenley’s was very nicki minaj, and not that i have a terribly high opinion of pharrell in the first place, but i really hope that minaj quality didnt turn him against the design, it seems to be just the kind of class pretentious thing he’d do.

      yeah, i got my biases against pharrell.

    • GeekChicSuperfreak

      Agreed, tho I thought Kenley’s screamed Nicki Minaj, what with the pink wig and styling. Totally agree that Austin’s dark, deconstructed dress was the only piece on that runway that could be tweaked/finessed to fit a variety of women, figures, styles, etc. It was the most beautiful – and versatile.

      Oh, Busta! LOL! So true. Thanks for that. I used to see him ocassionally in and around one of my prior addresses (apartment building). That man has such a presence, and I mean that in the best possible way.

  • formerlyAnon

    “Designers, this week, you will be expected to jump through flaming
    hoops over shark tanks while juggling ferrets! Because … FASHION!”

    EXACTLY. Though I liked the challenge, would have liked it more if they’d had an extra day for trial & error. I think the results would have been well worth it. (But then, I don’t pay the production bills)

    Austin’s was a little expected for an “avant garde” challenge, I thought, but it sure was purty. And it looked well both in the dark and in the semi-light. Which several others did not. [ahem! Jerell].

    Of course I was fascinated to see Austin’s mama. I’m nosy like that. She sure is either well preserved or must have been a very young mom, no?  I wonder if Austin learned the value of shady hats & sunscreen at her knee.

    I thought Jerell’s looked half way decent in the dark, if not quite as polished as I think of when I think “avant garde.” (And I liked the little neon Clara Bow lips) but when the lights came up a bit, he was totally toast. As much as I want to see more of Jerell’s work (hope springs eternal!), he’s fallen below the bar enough times that it’s right he go.


    Much as I’ve disliked Jerrell’s designs in the past, this didn’t seem the one that should have sent him packing.   Michael’s was far worse on just about every level, from concept to execution.   I think Jerrell is a pretty sloppy designer, seamster, and thinker, but this showed some healthy restraint.   Even if Michael is the slightly better designer, he wasn’t in this instance and deserved to go.   I thought it was very much a toss-up between Kenley’s and Austin’s designs for the winning costume.   Kenley’s was more innovative and Austin’s was more elegant.   Kenley has been the most consistently excellent designer on this All Star season and still hasn’t been awarded the win in any of the challenges (in fact as someone else noted earlier, none of the women won a single challenge) and yet she’s still there and continuing to excel; and she most likely will be there right up until the end when either Mondo or Austin is crowned Mr. All Star.   That’s fine with me.   Austin’s gown pleased Pharrell, and he knew what he was looking for.   He certainly didn’t want something that would remind anyone of Nicki Minaj (even if it was just the wig that did it.)   Kenley’s wasn’t her best design of the season and this seemed to me to be Austin’s best work since Project Runway Season One episode one.   This extravaganza of tulle has a kind of Black Swan feel to it for me, but if Austin sees stars in the night sky, and I’ve no doubt he does, that’s cool too.   It’s definitely spectacular.

  • kentiesgirl

    Absolutely agree with everything. Austin’s is stunning in the stills, and for those who preferred Kenley, it felt like we’ve seen it before…although this was taped quite a while ago, so, who knows. 

  • I feel sad for everyone eliminated.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    I liked all five entries this week, pretty  much in the order the judges picked, but I didn’t dislike any of them.  Yeah, it was one of Jerrell’s best, but it wasn’t as good as the others.

    Austin’s was so pretty.  Just… so… pretty.  I could just look at it until the model got tired of standing there.

  • paulmkane2001

    I don’t like Austin’s piece.  It’s pretty much a christmas tree.  A very nicely done christmas tree.   Martha Stewart would be impressed.

  • RroseSelavy

    Speaking of Kenley, didn’t she say she was doing a “ball gown”?  That, my dear, is not a ball gown. Maybe she ran out of fabric–or couldn’t figure out how to make a ball gown out of a circle skirt.

    • I don’t remember her saying that (I’m not saying she didn’t, just personally don’t remember when it happened in the episode), but she seemed to have some budget issues while shopping, so maybe she wanted and planned to make a ball gown, but had to scale back after she made her purchases?

    • DeTrop

      She did say she was making a ball gown – a plaid ball gown.  I think all that striping of the black fabric to make a gown made her change her mind.  Too little time perhaps?????

  • paulmkane2001

    Austin isn’t likable.  He’s just very good at saying what is expected.  He’s very conscious of crafting his image.

  • paulmkane2001

    Austin designed a great Christmas tree.  Not fashion.

  • At first I was a little, um, light show? Seriously. But I liked seeing the different takes on it. I loved Mondo’s and the way he used the lights. I even liked Kenley (and it hurts to say that out loud).  The right person won and the right person went home. I knew Georgina would love Austin’s so all is well in PR world this week. But I couldn’t help wodering what fabulously fierce ensemble Mila would have made for this challenge.

  • BobStPaul

    I was very happy to see Jerrell finally – and long overdue – go home.  Didn’t care for his piece at all, though I admit my bad attitude towards him may have impacted my feelings about his work on this project.  Despite not caring for Kenley, I really did like her piece the best though the more I see of Austin’s the more I like it.  So I’m not particularly unhappy with his win.  

  • Once again, they telegraphed the results ahead of time.  As soon as I saw the tearful phone call w/ Austin & his mom, I knew he would be either schmaufed or win the challenge.  Really, PR producers??  When will you cease & desist with this?

  • rainwood1

    Austin’s was not my favorite, but the judges like him more than most of the other designers except Mondo so there you go.  It wasn’t a terrible win by any means, but I’d have given it to Kenley.

    I figured Jerell was toast as soon as he uttered the words “tribal peplum.”  I thought this look was typical Jerell which translates to being terrible.  I don’t know who his customer is, but he’s absolutely delusional about his level of talent.  In his original season, he had a kind of easy charm.  Now, it just seems affected and forced.

    My favorite moment in the episode was when Schmeidi introduced Pharrell as the best-dressed man in the world and they cut to him in a sort of disheveled Henley shirt and baseball cap.  That was almost Magical Elves in its impish humor.  

  • Call me Bee

    Austin’s look was exactly what they were looking for–a complete fantasy with a story (about starlight) to go with it.  This was certainly his challenge to win,and he delivered.  Good for him.  I was a bit annoyed with the obvious sympathy-inducing phone call.  I mean, his mom seems nice and normal and is going through a rough time.  What I don’t ever understand is how they chose to air that particular phone call.  Was Austin the only one who got to call his family?  It’s just odd…

    It’s funny the way my opinion of Jerrell has changed during this season.  When he was a finalist during Season…um.. whatever, I thought he had a good shot at the win.  But here he’s produced mostly overwrought messes, and was never sent home till now.  This last piece is the messiest of the lot.  Just too, too much, as usual.  Buh bye, Jerrell.  Once you learn how to edit your fashions, you’ll do well, I think. 

    • Sweetbetty

       I wonder how they choose to show the “calls home” too.  Every season there’s one or more designer who’s shown calling home and it’s usually quite emotional but I assume if one designer gets to call home they all do so how do they go about choosing whose call to show and during which episode.  Does anyone remember if Austin was wearing the same clothes during his call as he was on either of the two days of the challenge?

      • Lisa

        From what I’ve noticed, the calls home are a 50/50 sign – they’re either winning or getting schmaufed.  They do the same thing on Top Chef and the other seasons of PR.  It’s nerve-wracking when you see someone you like on these shows calling home – he sat down in front of that Skype, and I nearly had a fucking heart attack, because you just don’t know which way it’s going to go!

        • DeTrop

          You are too funny. I’m still laughing.  I really think they have to fill the 60 minutes.  With so few designers there is a need to fill in the time.  It would be better for us, the audience, to see more of the work room or some of their down time at the hotel.  Instead we get treated to these too personal phone calls.   Give us more of the design process I say. 

      • A lot depends on how interesting the call is — like if I was on the show, my call home would be nothing but “I love you.” “I miss you.” “What are the kids doing?”  Not particularly compelling television.

      • formerlyAnon

        It seems pretty clear that (almost?) all of the time, the calls are seen on the episode where they win or get canned, as Lisa said.  I’ve always assumed that everyone gets a call home periodically but only the “interesting” ones make to to t.v.

    •  In the aftershow, Austin actually dismissed the phonecall drama. I think he found it embarrassing. They are picking about 1/2 hour of footage (not counting the runway/challenge parts) out of maybe 18 hours of multiple cameras shooting–we know the cameras are on in the hotel room, the workrooms, the break room, etc. So, yes, the “motivation to win” Skype call was part of Austin’s winner (and I assume finalist) edit, though of course it could have been loser edit too.
      I suspect that Kenley, who wants to be with her boyfriend (aftershow) is going home next, because Michael has clearly been tagged as a judges’ pet, Mondo is the crowd favorite, and Austin got this particular win despite Kenley’s unusually brilliant showing (personally, I thought Mondo’s was the best).  I am getting pretty cynical about the judging–I think Kenley did not win simply because they needed Austin to have another win if he was going to make the finalists. I do think Kenley fooled the casting expectations by doing so well consistently, and Jerell by doing so badly.
      I hope I am proven wrong–that would restore my faith in the judging a little bit. Also I would like to see the winning looks from the 3 challenges that involved public wearing of the garment actually show up in public–I was checking out Miss Piggy at the Oscars but she seems to have gone for the simple white gown she wore to the film premiere.

      Despite this sad cynicism about winners, losers, and even prizes, I am enjoying PRAS because these designers really are good and it is fun to watch them make these clothes, admire or critique each other’s work, and make the styling decisions.

      • Qitkat

        I wonder if these judges know their PR history. Most of us here know that in Season 1, Jay McCarroll won the entire thing without ever having won a challenge.

  • miatamam

    but Michael’s dress was SOooo dreadful.

  • turtleemily

    I kept waiting for Jerell’s model to fall off the runway. Could she even see?

  • DeTrop

    I am so pleased for Austin.  He kept to his aesthetic and created a romantic fantasy.  I thought it was so ethereal and beautiful.  Let’s face it, there aren’t many opportunities or necessities for wearing ‘lighted’ clothing.  If the occasion did arise for me, this would be my choice.  

  • Mariah J

    I thought Kenley’s was going to win because I could more easily see a young artist wearing it to an event than Austin’s. But Austin’s is so lovely. I’m happy with this week’s outcome.

    • Lisa

      Same here – I just thought Austin’s was amazing, and so happy he won.  But I also thought Kenley’s was really cool.  

      As for the schmaufing, yeah, Jerrell had that coming!  Although could you imagine the meltdown Costello had been sent packing?  Yowza!

  • guest2visits

    Yes it was completely manipulative and obvious to bring out Austin’s story at the last minute; but that’s the salt and pepper
    of every PR production.   In spite of knowing it was their usual ploy; I still felt incredibly bad for him and his mom.
    Thanks Lifetime.   Kenley’s was my favorite here; but I can easily see Austin’s fills the requirments of the challenge better.
    The outfit has to be worn to compliment the wearer and Austin’s certainly looks much more workable for that.
    Plus; it was a pretty and feminine look and I always like that aesthetic best. I’m glad he got the win.

  • Daenyx

    It’s settled.  Someday, when I have money, I’m commissioning Austin to make my DragonCon costumes.  LOVE. THAT. DRESS.  

  • turtleemily

    The gushing over the light Jerell put in his model’s mouth cracked me up. Every party store sells glowsticks that you “wear” in your mouth.

    Also, because I’m too impatient for the Kenley entry, this print look familiar to anyone else?:

    •  Cute site- she definitely is a niche designer with limitations, but within her range she’s good.

  • PhillipWilde

     I think the thing about Jerell’s look that sent it over the edge into ick territory was the light in her mouth.  That just seemed vulgar to me.  Not really sure why.

    Austin’s look I could very easily see on Gaga in a romantic mood, or possibly Kylie Minogue.

    • formerlyAnon

      Interesting. I thought the light in the mouth was one of his better styling decisions – for me it created a little cupid’s bow mouth with light – incorporating the light into the model’s “makeup.”

      It always strikes me that it must be frustrating for designers that the viewer brings their own interpretations to what the designer has worked so hard to put together.

  • Catiline

    Speaking of editing, it bothered me that the runway show did not include a long enough full shot of Austin’s dress.  I liked it when I saw the episode, but I sort of inarticulately gasped looking at that first still of it here.  The trail of “stars” is just beautiful.

  • Catiline

    Austin’s Wikipedia page says he was born 1/1/1983, but his IMDB page just says 1981.  This causes great consternation in the part of my mind that never completely gave up astrology…

  • hgtnteach82

    Someone on the production squad must have watched that episode of My Big Fat Gypsy wedding where dressmaker to the Travelers Thelma made that wedding dress with all the LED lights and butterflies.  (Yea, I watched it.  I couldn’t help myself.  The damn dress was HUGE.)

    •  There was an episode of Modern Family where the whole wedding party wore lights.

  • DeborahLipp

    Jerrell’s “dress” looked like a pinata. I wanted to hit her with a stick the whole time.

  • DeborahLipp

    Jerrell’s “dress” looked like a pinata. I wanted to hit her with a stick the whole time.

  • CarolinLA

    What exactly was the challenge?  I either missed the full explanation or it was very vague.  And where was it going to appear?

  • CarolinLA

    What exactly was the challenge?  I either missed the full explanation or it was very vague.  And where was it going to appear?

  • ziarah

    I wonder what Diana Eng thought of this challenge? I kind of wish she’d been there for it. 

    • I thought the same, Diana has worked with lights before

  • Lilithcat

    Not a terribly innovative challenge.  Mrs. Cornelius Vanderbilt did this back in 1863.

    • Qitkat

      Maybe you’re trying to be funny, but if not, explain please.

      •  She meant that the basic idea of wearing lights in clothing goes back a long way. As soon as small electric lights and batteries became practical in the early 20th C. they were work in novelty clothes, such as women’s hats and corsages which lit up.

        • Qitkat

          Thanks. See above to Lilithcat.

      • Lilithcat

        Mrs. Vanderbilt famously appeared as “electric light” at a ball thrown by her sister-in-law, Mrs. W.K. Vanderbilt.

        And she wasn’t the only one.  Check out this book excerpt, Electrically lighting the female costume, for some interesting history of the subject.

        • SewingSiren
          • Qitkat

            That beautiful dress must have stunned the viewers. Thanks, see above to Lilithcat.

          •  It’s stunning (then and now) but it seems that the only light was the one she held in her hand.

          • SewingSiren

            Eric, according to the text under the black and white photo, there was a battery concealed inside the bodice of the dress off of which miniature lamps that were
            actually set into the material of the garment were run.

          • Nice! Thanks for the clarification.

        •  I found a Ca. 1914 magazine where a woman’s hat contained glass fruit lit by electricity. They commented that, if nothing else, she’d be able to cross the street at night in safety.

    • Qitkat

      Fascinating! I had no idea [once again :)]. Bitter Kittens always come through with esoteric information.
      Thanks Lilithcat, SewingSiren and Eric Scheirer Stott

      This little story showed the dangers:
      Mrs Gordon, one of the first to wear electric jewels, described the perils in 1891 in her book Decorative Electricity:
      the battery heated, and leaked, and once I well remember, the old lamps
      having worn out, I had some new ones given to me that were a wrong
      resistance for the battery. It heated, and we barely had time to cast
      the battery into the bath before the gutta-percha sides gave way, and
      the acids poured out, taking off all the paint. So having spoilt a
      dress, a carpet, and a bath, I abandoned personal electric light

  • Sweetpea176

    When I saw the start of Jerrell’s in the dark room, I thought, well shoot, he’s going to make something good and NOT get schmauf’ed.  I think he had an idea there with that peplum, but that OOT neckpiece and THEN everything else.  I was actually a little relieved.  I’ve been finding him to be too cocky and affected for the parade of fug he’s been putting out.

  • Susan Crawford

    Austin’s look was really the only one that interpreted “avant garde” in a way that would actually be appealing to a fairly broad spectrum of buyers, and that criteria seems to be the one the judges return to every week on PRAS. And even though the critiques were spot on that the design would have been greatly improved if the lughting elements had been integrated more subtly into the garment, Austin still was clearly headed FTW.

    I am still perplexed by the Mysterious Disappearing/Reappearing Moustache, but what with the family’s financial situation, it’s clear that there are larger issues than the errant lip hair to consider here. The closer we get to the finale, the more back-stories will start up. Who knows what secrets will be revealed next week?

    Jerrell’s design actually didn’t look bad under black light until the model started walking and looked as though she was wearing a hobble skirt. A simple body stocking would have been SO much more effective. And I could see someone like Nicky Minaj going for this – although the addition of the glo-tape on the shoes only made them resemble Shetland pony hooves, assuming Shetland ponies attend Burning Man. So again: buh-bye Jerrell.

    Totally looking forward to the TLo recap of Kenley, Michael and Mondo . . . what got all up in Mondo’s little knickers this episode?? He seemed SO cranky and detached. And in the After the Runway episode, will someone tell me why he was wearing that adorable little Victorian-style smoking cap/fez? And the Karl Lagerfeld mini-fingerless gloves? The combination turned him into a character from Aubrey Beardsley . . . a little faun with a country house from hell attitude.

  • paulmkane2001

    The funniest moment came when Pharrell said that Austin was a ‘silent killer’, or some such thing.   Isaac gave Pharrell a well-deserved look of incredulity.  I don’t find Austin fabulous or glittery.  I think he is very contrived.  The moment where he was spraying some ghastly canned aroma all over the lights store, and incidentally in everyone else’s air space and face, was the perfect Austin moment to me.  Canned freshness.

    And I notice that folks here are complaining about Mondo not being the little teddy bear they expected.  Well, Mondo can be snarky, for sure, but he’s actually the only person on the show who comments intelligently and thoughtfully about things, particularly about his own work.  There is a genuine artistic thought process going on with Mondo that the others just don’t have.  And when it comes to unpleasant snark, I think Austin has gone well beyond Mondo there.

    As for the judging, I thought Pharrell threw it off.  He just seemed to have a thing for Austin.  Austin’s piece was pretty much like something one sees on people’s lawns every holiday season.  The only person who did something really imaginative was Kenlee.  I find it amazing that she did not win.  Mondo’s piece had the most presence, and seemed to be making a statement in a way that went beyond what the others did, but it was not as suprising as what Kenlee did.  Mondo was celebrating Madonna as fifties car.  Kenlee was taking plaid into the twentysecond century.

    I was disappointed that no one drew from rave culture at all.  I guess Jerrell was said to have done so.   I think that was really because there was a friendly attempt to classify what really was another mess from Jarrell.  I think Jerrell has been the most disappointing contestant.  I thought he started off with an elegant vibe,  but then veered towards a kind of thrift shop tribal vibe that was never as interesting as that sounds.   Michael’s piece was poorly put together, but it was a real departure for him.

    •  This challenge at least got the designers (except Austin) out of their comfort zones. I agree with the comment thsat while Michael’s piece was not good fashion it would be great at comicon- it’s clumsy but effective.

    • malvernite

      “Mondo can be snarky, for sure, but he’s actually the only person on the show who comments intelligently and thoughtfully about things, particularly about his own work.  There is a genuine artistic thought process going on with Mondo that the others just don’t have.”
      agree totally with this. i think that’s why he feels it so terribly when the judges tear apart his creations – he puts so much of himself into his works that it cuts him to the core when others don’t perceive them the way he does.

      also agree about Kenley’s piece – i actually thought she’d win. 

      pharrel – meh – not sure that its any big whoop to have him use your design.

      • Really? Pharrell is a big deal. Maybe you’re just not familiar with how much so? Kenley made a very cute outfit, but it was 100% Nicki Minaj, in fact, I’ve seen her in an outfit strikingly similar, pretty much like how Kenley ripped off designers continuously during her season. Anyway, it was cute, futuristic in a mod 60s way, but not avant guarde. Mondo hasn’t produced his work on a level we all know he can. I hated Cynthia Rowley’s comments in that horrible episode she wason, she’s the worst, but he needs to take criticism better. All judges can’t be like Heidi/Orange Crush/Nina. Some will be downright nasty. And I loved his shorts from that episode.

        • malvernite

          oh, i’m aware of pharrell’s activities in music and otherwise. i just find him pretentious. 

  • siriuslover

    I liked Austin’s and thought it was the winner.  And I liked Isaac’s definition of avante garde on After the Runway.  That it doesn’t have to be weird proportion-playing clothes.
    Honestly, as much as I’ve been waiting for Jerrell to go home for his lack of editing skills, I really thought it was going to be Mondo or Michael.

  • enchanted216

    I think Jerell’s looked like a Muppet.

  • My 2c on people’s comments regarding Mondo: I agree that he’s thoughtful and pensive and channels so much into his work. Also, I think the strain of the competition takes it out of EVERYone. Maybe he’s not able to get as much rest as he needs or is simply not feeling well physically sometimes-if I were in a competition of this type, I would be exhausted. (not that I can sew-just any marathon of probably not sleeping well, sleeping enough, eating the same way I do at home, etc). It catches up to everyone and manifests itself differently. And he has been subjected to some harshness on the runway-some weeks, quite undeservedly. (the Cynthia -drunk- Rowley episode comes to my mind). I could be wrong, this is just the feeling I get. And as much as he likes Michael, that’s probably draining as well (I have no beef w/Michael, but I know people like that and it can be tiring to be around them with no break). Mondo may also need more time to himself to decompress, and I doubt he’s getting that in the competition either. I’m not claiming to know him, just my amateur analysis. 

    • alyce1213

      Astute and compassionate.

  • Austin was channeling Erte this week. Way to go, Miss Scarlett!

  • jw_ny

    Can’t disagree with judges and TLo comments on this challenge.  It was a fun and creative challenge for a change…clearly the win could only have gone to either Austin or Kenley.  I’m surprised that Mondo seemed creatively stifled and not surprised that Michael and Jerell missed the mark. 

    I am glad to see that the Austin flare has returned …a few of his previous challenges were disappointments.  The mom foreclosure story though…ugh.  Sure…I feel bad for anyone going through such a hardship, but I dislike having those sob stories brought in and now assume  production will milking this sympathy storyline into the finals.  That ploy worked for Gretchen.  (rolleyes)

    Not sorry to see Jerell eliminated.  He was overdue.  I’m still a bit miffed in the Mila elimination…realize it’s not Jerell’s fault too, but would not have liked to have seen a more deserving contestant be eliminated again while he stayed.  (gosh…that sounds a bit harsh…apologies to Jarell for my bluntness.) 

  • geeeque

    i think at this point the real competition ended and we are seeing the producers’ engineering from here (ok really mila’s auffing) on out. it’s going to be mondo vs. austin at the end with michael going down than kenley. mondo wins, kinda like when the oscars blow it and give best actor to the guy who should’ve won last year.

    • formerlyAnon

      If I had to make a prediction at this point, yours is in exactly the order I’d put mine.

    • adnama79

       Agree w/ you

  • Zippypie

    Did anyone else notice when the guest judge was announced at the beginning that it looked like Kenley mouthed to Michael C. “I don’t know who that is”? I started laughing thinking this is Hip Hop Part Deux, but Kenley actually pulled it out with that jacket/top.

    I like Austin’s – it’s pretty, fanciful, but the fact that the lights are just laid on top of the dress really really bothers me.  It seemed his process was using all the time making the dress and the lights were a last minute add to meet the challenge.  I’m not disagreeing with his win – because frankly there wasn’t much on the runway that was good – but I think he lucked out.

    Jerrel was so overdue to go.  I liked the peplum but the ridiculousness of the styling and that long skirt killed it and not in a good way.

    I kept thinking, looking at these five….seriously – no RAMI? No MILA?  WTF????

    • Lilithcat

      it looked like Kenley mouthed to Michael C. “I don’t know who that is”?

      I didn’t know who he was, either.   I was really hoping the guest judge would be someone like Ingo Maurer.

      • Qitkat

        You done it again! Introducing me to someone new. Love Ingo Maurer’s work from the detour I just took to learn about it and him. Maybe I will have finally found that very special chandelier I’ve been wanting.

        • Lilithcat

          I discovered his work a few years ago when I went to the Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum to see something else.  I have been coveting that smashed crockery chandelier ever since.  Too bad my bank account won’t run to it!

          • Qitkat

            I feel a girl has got to have an awesome wish list; even if one’s bank account is screaming *no, no, don’t you dare!*

  • GeekChicSuperfreak

    Terribly ironic…unless the conspiracy whisperers are correct, and it was written in the All Stars to auf Mila, along with April and Rami, well before this challenge.

  • I guess I’m in the minority here but I thought it looked like someone vomited lights on what was a pretty conventional ballroom gown ala Gone With The Wind.  Has any other contestant been as overpraised as him?  In terms of meeting the brief the best, Ms. 1950 (Kenley) came the closest for me, making what looked like an outfit for Nicki Minaj or some Japanese fashionista.  (To qualify that, the shape of the dress was very much a part of what she’s been doing all along.)  Still, it was nice to see the show give them a real design challenge as opposed to a gimmick challenge (though you can argue this was one too).

    Jerrell should’ve gone home about five episodes ago imho.  Mondo isn’t coming off as cute this season but I suspect some editing shenanigans here…based on edits so far, I suspect they are setting up Austin for the (inexplicable) win.

  • ElitheMonkey

    I haven’t seen the episode yet (just the after show) and it’s nice to see that Austin finally found a solution to his model’s gaping fish face– tying her mouth shut!

  • HelenNPN

    Kenley actually should have won, but I’m glad Austin did because he’s so darn lovable and sincere.  His dress was not avant guard in any way, and that was the brief after all.   I kind of feel bad for Kenley because she keeps coming in 2nd and the camera never follows her to reveal her feelings.  They are making her sort of removed and emotionless.  Mondo’s sucked this time, just an 80s rehash although I liked the hat.  He should have been down with Jerrel but not auffed.   I liked Michael’s and could see that translating as a coat into fashion or a stage outfit with no problem.  I think in person it suffered in ways that didn’t translate onto the camera.

  • DeTrop

    I think I’ve figured out the mustache vs the non-mustache.   Austin was wearing a khaki shirt for most of this episode and had a mustache.  He was wearing a glittery silver shirt when he had no mustache, and was describing his aesthetic when it came to fantasy designing.  This sit-down was probably done at another time either before or after he shaved.  Just a possibility for your consideration. 

  • Dhammadina

    The whole challenge: Chris March territory, no? 

  • cam_lo

    Austin’s dress was one of my favorite looks ever in the history of Project Runway, I think.

  • So, how come Austin’s mom has a working fashion designer son and has to foreclose her home???? 

  • bitterk

    Jerrell Jerrell Jerrell.  Those shoes! That skirt!  Those sunglasses!  Worse than the fugliest fakest new wave knock off of the 1980s.  Loved Austin’s dress.  

  • Megan Patterson

    I’m really surprised Kenley didn’t get the win, based on who the guest judge was. I have no idea what artist he’s going to put Austin’s on (not that it wasn’t great). And how old is he!? Because his mother is so young-looking!

  • ccm800

    Jerrel = bye – overdue. I would have loved to see what Mila would have done with this challenge.