PR All Stars: Lite-Brite

Posted on March 05, 2012


Clear and obvious winner. In our living room, at least.

Austin’s was nice enough, but it wasn’t particularly avant garde – and isn’t it odd how often “avant garde” is realized on this show by giving the garment a huge collar or neck treatment? Siriano and March have a lot to answer for.

To us, this was the best, in terms of doing something odd and still making it beautiful and stylish. It kept coming up but it’s really true: this has Nicki Minaj written all over it and that’s the kind of thing the judging panel – and the fashion industry in general – loves;  something that’s fashion forward and still has a chance winding up on a celebrity and in pictures.

Sure, the dress is basic, but that oversized top really makes it and she styled her model to perfection. It’s a fully realized look, from head to toe. Easily the best thing she’s ever done on the show. Kind of a shame for her that the judges’ Austin love won out in the end.



This isn’t great, but considering how much he was foundering and how far outside his comfort zone this whole challenge is, it’s not a bad effort.

We think he could have taken the techno-ninja/superhero stuff a little bit further but we also think he needed to find a more artful way of utilizing the light elements. All that flashing and blinking was a little porn-palace tacky. Basically, he appears to have stumbled onto a decent concept, but couldn’t realize it in a way that looked chic.



We’re not sure why the judges loved this so much or why Mondo felt like he had it locked up. Except, of course, because the judges are primed to like everything Mondo does and he’s become just a little full of himself because of it.

Don’t get us wrong; it’s good. It’s just not great. It’s a Mugler/Gaultier redux with a slightly Mondo twist. He didn’t even use the light element in a very interesting way. And that quilted back is just bizarre. It looks like the bedspread in a little girl’s room. We would have thought he’d be the one to beat in a challenge like this (and he clearly thought so), but this was disappointingly bland.



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  • understateddiva

    Agreed on most points!  Kenley’s looked modern.  I keep waiting for Austin to make something modern…waiting….waiting…

    • Sue_Asponte

      It’s been a while, but isn’t that why Austin was auf’d in the first season? He kept making drapey, flowy dress after drapey. flowy dress. Beautiful, but just the one trick. I did love the fairy dress though. 

      • BerlinerNYC

        Yes, that was the joke in the first SNL parody of PR, back in season 1. Ausin kept making gowns, no matter what. “They asked for shorts and you made gown-shorts; they asked for overalls
        and you made gown-overalls; they asked for a coin purse and you made a
        gown filled with coins.” The sight gags were hilarious, as were Rachel Dratch playing Wendy Pepper and Horatio Sanz playing Jay. One of those sketches that is frustratingly not available on Hulu.

        • Qitkat

          Oh I wish I could see this 🙂

          • Sue_Asponte

            Me too!

        • CPK1

           I must see this!!!! There must be a way!

        • bondsinseconds

          Netflix has it! 2005 Season 30 Episode 12 with Hilary Swank as the host. It’s the last sketch.

          • BerlinerNYC

            I’m not on Netflix, but I believe it’s episode 13 (unless they left one out on Netflix for some reason). I’m in the process of, um, acquiring it right now. 🙂

        • Brody Letson

          The clip is not on hulu, but the episode is! I found out that the clip is in season 30, episode 13 towards the very end! Hulu has episode, so all you have to do is search within it!

          • BerlinerNYC

            Thanks! After I got it the hard way… So strange that they will put entire episodes on yet not let you access individual sketches. I never would have thought of checking to see, since I assumed they edited it down (like when they used to edit the 90 minutes down for a 60-minute re-run on Comedy Central).

  • Lilithcat

    Y’know what’s scary?  I’m starting to hope that Kenley wins the whole shebang.  Never thought I’d say that.

    • lilibetp

      Me, neither!

    • Agreed!

    •  It’s going to be between Mondo and Kenley, because the prize that “matters” in the big scheme is the year being a guest fashion editor. And let’s be honest… no one is going to make it through a years worth  of cinderella-meets-the-queen (Austin) or Quinceañera-for-the-greek-goddesses (Micheal) spreads. 

    •  Kenley has definitely won me over this season. I was kinda bummed when I found out she was on the show, but I’m glad now.

      I loved Kenley’s look this week.

      • As much as I couldn’t stand her in season 5 (which was a lot. All I needed was to see her and I cringed), that’s how much I love her now. And with just a few exceptions, I like everything she’s made. The music genre disaster is the exception that comes to mind.

        I’m just not sure she deserves to be in the finale, because I don’t think she designs fashion as much as she makes really great dresses. But assuming there will be 3 final collections, and two of them will be Mondo’s and Austin’s (and that’s only an assumption), I don’t think Michael deserves it either. Rami or Mila should be in the 3rd spot, IMO. I would say Kara too, except she just completely bombed out.

    • blixtme

      Agreed! I loved hers – I also thought Nicky Minaj or Katy Perry right away – and that plaid turned out better than I thought. Loved the way she fed the green stripe through the pink ones, very thoughtful. I wasn’t looking forward to seeing her on All Stars but, while she makes the same type of dress over and over, she does have a great sense of style and a youthfulness that is matched only by Mondo among the remaining designers.

      • RebeccaKW

         Agreed.  She didn’t just stick the tape on the dress, she thought about how to weave it together.

    • deathandthestrawberry

      Yep. She’s really impressed me this season. Her voice is still grates, but she can really sew and has shown some good design instincts too.  I think she has a solid career ahead of her if she can keep the momentum up. It also looks like she has worked on some of her personality problems she had during her first season. Remember when Leanne and Korto could barely stomach her enough to congratulate her being with them in the finals? Whereas now, Kenley actually seems well liked among All Star peers. Well, Mila disliked her, but Mila seemed to dislike everyone.

    • oh_dear_oh_dear

      I was still doubting her until this challenge, because she never really answered the question, “Can the Kenley aesthetic be high-fashion?” This week, she fucking did. She shut me the hell up, and I definitely consider her a contender now.

    • rainwood1

      I know!  II’m starting to root for Kenley too!  I wasn’t a Kenley fan before, couldn’t stand her, but she’s done a lot of cute looks.  Plus, she hasn’t trash talked or created drama compared to the others even though she’s been on the receiving end a lot.  Kenley is the only one who seems to have learned from her previous appearance and shown herself in a better light rather than a worse light.  She was the definite winner for me this week.  You go, Kenley!

    • angryparsnip

      Me Too !
      I thought she show have won this one and like most of what she has done so far.  I don’t know if someone told her to step back but I rather like her this season.
      Never thought I would say that !

  • This whole challenge I had “A View to a Kill” stuck in my head, especially when Mondo’s quilting popped up.

  • Paigealicious

    Kenley’s *was* the best, but because I dislike her so much I can’t say I was sad she didn’t win.

  • Voice-over guy: FINISH HIM!
    (Michael’s model rips off Jerell’s head with spine attached and dangling.)
    Voice-over guy: FATALITY!

    • I kinda digged the Mortal Kombat thing from Michael’s piece.  :/

      • kentiesgirl

        You’re in plenty of good company…even TLo agreed he shoulda ran with it more. Their review popped my jaw open, cause I was so sure they’d shred it (although ‘not bad’ isn’t exactly a glowing review, heehee), but, heck I remembered MC’s but not Mondo’s, so that sez something.

  • I so very much agree with you guys.  For the first time ever, Kenley stepped away from the cutie pie pin up thing and gave us something truly current looking and innovative.  I’m kinda surprised no one asked what the coat was made of. Chair webbing?  Great use of unusual materials.

    • Kayceed

      Someone did – perhaps it was Joanna in the work room? I know I heard her say at some point that she found it in the upholstery section of Mood. I thought it was a terrific look.

  • Kenley’s was probably my favorite look of this entire season, and I generally dislike Kenley and feel she should have been schmaufed a while ago. The look was straight up anime dream girl, and I loved it a lot. Austin’s was a snooze-fest IMO.

  • During the show I kept staring at Michael’s and trying to figure out what it reminded me of. Then it struck me – it’s the glow in the dark tape on a fire fighter’s outfit. Maybe he should have gotten credit for dual functionality. Go clubbing then fight a fire. 

    • VanessaDK

       I wish that they had not included the neon tape in teh challenge and made them all use lights alone. Too many of them defaulted to the use of tape for patterns and outlining.  I thought that kind of sidestepped the challenge.

  • Frank_821

    Actually they said the coat was made form upholstery support. I thought she deserved the win more than Austin. It’s nice to know it was a close decision. It seemed like perhaps the guest judge tipped the scales to Austin.

    It was funny in the after show how Michael mentions Kenley’s weakness is not stretching herself and then said the same thing could be said about him. I admit being to never being a Kenley fan but will say she seems much more improved in her conduct during All Stars. So perhaps mission accomplished for her reason being on the show

  • Kenley’s design was by far the best.  I actually think that the usual judges (Georgina, Isaak, and Schmeidi) liked her look the best, too, and would have given her the win.  But part of the prize was that Pharell would use the winning designer’s look for one of his shows, and Pharell didn’t like Kenley’s design.  It’s a shame, because she deserved to win this one and I think the usual judges were ready to give it to her.

    • TropiCarla

      I think you are right about Pharell. Also, Kenley’s is so obviously perfectly suited Nicki Minaj, that Pharell probably would not want to put one of his artists in that – for fear of her looking like she’s trying to bite Nicki’s style.

  • tired_mommy

    I saw the dress photos without the designers names prior to seeing the show and I thought Kenley’s was Mondo’s.

    •  I can easily see that you would think so.  The play of texture, volume and color is very much his thing.

      • tired_mommy

        I’m disappointed Kenley’s wasn’t Mondo’s too…

      • Chantelle James

        Also, the plaid Kenley made was in a very similar colourway to the fabric that Mondo made back in his season (the “plus” textile design). Of course Mondo wouldn’t have made a basic bodice and circle skirt under that top… and he probably would have found a better way to embed the fairy lights into the jacket.

        •  All very true. Mondo would have worked a much more sophisticated and current method of using the materials to hand. He is, by orders of magnitude, regardless of any personality issues, a far better and more innovative designer than Kenley.

  • nancylee61

    I do not like Kenley at all. I think she has been one note until now. I do not want her to win, God help us all!! I think she should have been auf’ed a while back. But this was great. Really, really innovative and cool and if not for the guest judge, she would have won. Surprised she didn’t bitch more. 🙂

  • Hetha Innis

    I have always LOVED Mondo, but his ego is making it hard to like him lately. Hard to tell if he’s really as full of himself as he seems with the masterful editing going on, but no one is forcing that stuff out of his mouth. 

  • NasserShaheen

    Whu-what? The plaid was a good idea but she made the same dress she always makes. And that top was good but the lights were literally an afterthought?

    I hated every look this week I would have offed them all and brought back Rami, without his shirt. Because if I was in control that’s the show I’d make.

    • I’d watch that show.

      • Who wouldn’t? 🙂 Rami is a lovely, lovely man.

        • butterflysunita

          I agree, and also always loved seeing what he would create for each challenge.  Talentwise, he’s one of my favorite designers from Project Runway.  

        • Gianni_Rubino

          Rami, shirtless, pulling fabric from up high, at Mood.   Thank you.   I think I will contemplate that for a while.

    • Cathy S

       This is kind of how I felt about it. I really like the plaid she made with the tape–great colors, cool pattern–but the dress is the same one she always makes. The top was really cool but she should have done something better with the lights; that was Pharrell’s problem with it too. He mentioned that he wished she’d done some kind of weaving with the lights. Still, it was her best effort so far.

    •  This week on Rami Sans Chemise:   Our plucky designer must make a full collection of draped clothes in one week!  Will he make it?  Will he break a sweat?

      • butterflysunita

        Rami Sans Chemise, required to drape for every challenge and also obligated to visit the Greek and Roman sculpture at the Met every day for fresh inspiration.  It would be worth watching just to see the look of bliss on shirtless Rami’s face.  

      • “Rami Sans Chemise”

        /sighs quietly/

        •  I know, I know.   What makes him really attractive though, is that he comes across as just plain nice, like he’s just a good guy, with a good heart.

          • oh_dear_oh_dear


            …I think it’s his pecs.

          •  Don’t get me wrong, the whole rest of the package is hard to resist. Pecs, shoulders, boyish smile, devilish twinkle in the eyes.  Yep, the whole megilla.

          •  Don’t get me wrong, the whole rest of the package is hard to resist. Pecs, shoulders, boyish smile, devilish twinkle in the eyes.  Yep, the whole megilla.

      • formerlyAnon

        While acknowledging that Rami is, undeniably, ‘aesthetically pleasing,’ the true genius of this proposed show is the name. “Rami Sans Chemise” just has a ring to it.

        •  Merci!  Merci beaucoup!  Think of the challenges we could come up with.   Rami must create a line of men’s swimwear. to be modeled by himself, of course.

          • formerlyAnon

            I see an absolutely killer opening montage: Rami Sans Chemise drives an open-topped car past scenic ruins & fountains in Rome, Rami Sans Chemise shares a sparkling smile and an orange with an adorable child among the groves of an Israeli kibbutz, Rami Sans Chemise examines the colorful textiles in an open air market, Rami Sans Chemise lolls in a deckchair on a well appointed boat (yacht? why not?), framed against azure waters as he raises a glass of champagne with his similarly elegant companions . . . Really, the possibilities are endless.

          •  It all works for me. as long as me and thee get to be guest stars!!

    • RebeccaKW

       Oooh, and make him work out in the sunshine so he gets sweaty. 

    • Thank you.  And yes, I thought the same about the dress under the “jacket” in Kenley’s entry that night.  Seeing the stills show how right I was/you are!  I’m not a fan of her aesthetic, and find her solidly retro designs yawn-worthy.

      I DID like Austin’s entry.  But I still believe there are fairies at the bottom of my garden! 

  • malvernite

    Yup. Kenley’s was the best of the lot. So disappointed she didnt get it. This outfit makes me want her to be in the finals.

    One thing I will say, is that Kenley’s secret weapon is her model, who works the good gatdam out of anything Kenley puts on her back. Well done.

  • hughman

    They kept going on about the lights on Kenley’s needed to be more integrated but when it first came out, I thought the wires looked like some kind of shaggy fur effect and it was one thing I loved – the contrast of textures. I was shocked Pharrell Williams, as a “performer” didn’t see how effective her dress was. 

  • ChaquitaPhilly

    I liked Kenley’s the best, too. It really all worked together for me and it was unusual but still very attractive.
    The open-woven upholstery stuff she used for a “jacket” looked sensational! This was the fIrst thing of hers’ that I’ve really loved.

  • I am really , REALLY creeped out by Kenley’s models eyelid only glowing on one side.  I can’t look at the frock for it!

  • My daughter and I both said “Nicki Minaj” also when Kenley’s look came out, and not just because of the pink bob. I don’t care for Kenley, like so many also feel, but I (grudgingly) thought she did the best. I do think Terrell was correct though, that if the lights had been incorporated into the fabric (maybe poking through) instead of woven around, it would have been better. But that’s time constraints.

  • The Mortal Kombat label for Michael’s was right on the money.  My husband and I said exactly that when it was on the runway before the judging started.

    How is Michael still there?  How did he get to be an all-star in the first place?!

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    Kenley really got robbed on this one. Not only did she use the neon tape and lights in a way that looked both tasteful and well-crafted, she was the most successful in really utilizing the color change in her fabric produced by black light. That white grid glowed a vibrant purple-blue on the runway, to great effect with the little pink fairy lights breaking up its surface. I love Austin, but it should have been Kenley.

    • I was torn between who I wanted to win – Austin or Kenley – but I was as sure as I could possibly be that Kenley would take it. I still can’t decide on who I think deserved it. I liked them both a lot. I’m pretending she created stripes instead of the plaid. If I look at it in just the right way for just the right amount of time, that’s how it appears. 😉

  • ShivaDiva

    I liked Kenley’s as well.  I would have been OK with her winning.  

    Michael’s actually looks quite interesting in the dark, but turns into a hot mess with the lights on.  Mortal Kombat was exactly what was going on there.  It’s impressive that he can change his mind several times and turn out 3 or 4 looks in a day, but that method definitely shows in the sloppy, shoddy execution.

    Mondo’s is OK, but is the least “avant garde” at all.  I think PR should be banned from throwing around the term any more.  Besides, no one is going to come up with a truly inspired avant garde look in less than 24 hours.  

    • Qitkat

      I have to respectfully disagree somewhat with you about Michael. I don’t think it’s impressive AT ALL that he turns out several looks and then chooses among them, given the time restraints. I think it shows a severe lack of focus, lack of vision and planning, lack of self knowledge, extreme overconfidence in his abilities and extreme lack of confidence in his choices. He is constantly second guessing himself, looking at what others are creating, and whining about everything that goes wrong. And things are always going wrong, no wonder he whips out something sloppy and shoddy for the runway.

      • ShivaDiva

        I wouldn’t call it a disagreement, even.  Contestants all have their own strategy — some deliberate and rigid, some experimenting until the last minute.  But clearly Michael’s lack of planning is leaving him with some lousy garments because he’s throwing them together at the last minute.  They almost can’t help but look slap-dash under the circumstances.

    • Having never played Mortal Kombat or seen the movie, I can’t make the comparison. But I have the feeling it’s mostly been made derisively, here and during judging. If that’s the case, can you or someone explain why that is? I mean, why not go that route? I checked out some photos from the movie, and I saw some pretty kick-ass clothes.

      I agree it’s a hot mess, though. It’s crooked, the belt is wonky and appears to be 3 sizes too big, and Michael could have used a better color than the neon green. But referencing Mortal Kombat seems like a pretty cool idea to me.

      • Well, it’s not a particularly current reference — Mortal Kombat has been around for quite some time and it was never high fashion to begin with.  If the best your mind can come up with is a decades old video game, that’s kind of a problem.  And it’s not even “inspired by” look, it’s a flat out rip off.

      • Sally Brownson

        Because Mortal Kombat was never avant-garde or fashionable as a video game. It was always just straight up video game ninja-wear or incredibly slutty outfits for the girls. Dressing a girl as a ninja so literally is not a good thing. If it were Mortal Kombat inspired but not so literal, then it would be fine, but she actually looks like one of the characters with glow tape stuck to her. It’s like a Halloween costume, not fashion.

      • The Mortal Kombat remarks are being made derisively because Michael’s outfit is so poorly made and unsexy. The quality of that outfit would be on the low end of costumes you’d see at even the tiniest costume convention. And if you look at the female characters of MK, you’ll see they look powerful and sexy/scantily clad. With those proportions, Michael’s made a costume for Scorpion’s grandmother, maybe the senile or deranged one.

  • Clifford Chiu

    i was so sad kenley didn’t win 🙁 I haven’t liked her stuff (and thought she should have gone last week) but this to me was the best garment on the runway: very confidently made, unlike Austin’s which was very flimsy looking.

  • muzan-e

    Michael’s irritates me – because it borders on Genuinely Good.

    That hair. Alright? That godawful ponytail. If you’re working with blacklight, you can create gorgeous effects through contrast; conversely, a giant chunk of glow ends up looking like just that: a giant chunk of glow. At best, a lazy afterthought. 

    On the other hand, I thought the shoulders were genius. Flashing internal lights, large enough that it pushed past delicate or ethereal and all the way into biohazard emergency zone. *g* The sleeves are fantastic under the blacklight; he’s wrapped them in a way that produces texture

    If the skirt were higher and he’d given it some interesting shape – if he’d gone for leggings instead of boots, drawing the thin lines all the way down – if the belt weren’t strobing – if he’d told her to pull the silly facemask down when the regular lights came on and defended it to the judges as an accessory for effect rather than part of the core garment – 

    Aurgh. So frustrating.

    As for Mondo – eh.  But I’ll give him great credit for precisely one thing: using the track lights beneath fabric in just the way he did. The effect is lovely. I’ll take that credit right back for outlining the whole lot in exposed globes, although if he was doing it purely to underlight her face like that then I am duly impressed. Combined with the mask, it’s very effective. From the breastbone up.

    • VanessaDK

       Agree about Mondo–he was the only one to really incorporate the lights effectively with the fabric–OK the cone-sisters were a little ’80’s but I am more inpressed in photos than I was on the runway.

  • belfebe

    I love Mondo, but this little number looked to me like “Dial M for Monkey.”  Pretty, but not his best effort.

  • BobStPaul

    Can’t disagree with a single word of this post.  Actually, I was sort of expecting there to be a top two (Kenley and Austin) and a bottom three.


    You guys, Mondo is BORING. Look at his first look from this season, and look at this–same basic look. He’s only done two truly praise worthy things this season–his Broadway look, and that clothes off your back denim jacket–and the fact that this was considered in the top was insulting.  Clearly closer in score to the bottom two.

    Again, this show was created to give Mondo a champion title, just like the previous All-Star season was generated for Danny V to get his, but this is just hurting me at this point.  Just give the kid a hundred grand for being cute TWO YEARS AGO and get over your blatantly transparent selves, Lifetime.  WE GET IT, so why don’t they?

  • I think the only reaseon Kenley didn’t win is because Pharrel had problems with her design

  • Kenley’s skirt/top/wig silhouette has a triangle snowman shape. I thought she was the winner too. I wasn’t in love with the fairy lights woven through the latticework top—a little too Stoner Back Porch and/or Yuppie Al Fresco Dining for my tastes—but the effect was the best.

    I thought Michael’s was so space clownish with the blinking blue lights on the underside of those shoulder loop elements. Who is this woman and where is she going? She is a carnival ride heading to the next town.

    Mondo’s was overpraised. He incorporated the elements OK, but the silhouette was not good. It’s a fine first attempt.

  • JumpinJJ

    Curious – as I read about Mondo here, I had this sense that the whole purpose of All Stars is to make up for his erroneous loss to Gretchen, which in many ways affected the credibility of the show. I doubt it is as conspiratorial as that, but then again, I used to believe Idol wasn’t being rigged in any way either.

    •  IAWTC. In fact just said almost verbatim the same thing.

    • Gianni_Rubino

      I guess we’ll know for sure if Gretchen Jones brings out the oversized check for $100,000.    

      I’m starting to think it will be between Mondo & Kenley for the win.   Now I’m imagining Leanne bringing out the check to Kenley.   THAT ain’t happening, LOL.

  • I didn’ get why the main complaint from the judges about Kenley’s was that the wires weren’t hidden well enough when Austin essentially just draped some sting lights onto his design. I did like Austin’s idea overall, but I thought it was more lacking in thought and construction than Kenley’s.

    • RebeccaKW

       Yes.  At least she weaved it in and out of the squares.  She didn’t just lay it on the top, as Austin’s seemed to be.

  • Mariah J

    I agree that in the context of this challenge Kenley should have won. However…I think she should have been auf’d on a couple of other episodes, so meh.
    Michael’s and Mondo’s were TERRIBLE

  • Ennovi_R

    I thought Kenley’s was the best. Mondo’s was such a big disappointment.

  • jw_ny

    I also thought that Kenley’s was the best of the bunch, but I’m not going to dispute Austin’s win, which was quite nice.   Modern quirky vs. pretty ethereal…apples and oranges. I love how the face went black with just the lip and twinkle in the eye showed…especially in combo with the pink wig.  Lighting at the mesh needed refinement…as with Austin’s lighting did.  I’m glad that Kenley has been getting recognition as of late…wish she’d finally get that win though.  She’s always been a favorite character of mine, and I’ve generally liked her design and overall aesthetic.

    I do also like Mondo’s…well done, but a bit on the safe side.  The back of his was a disappointment…as if he only thought of her being viewed from the front.  It is an interesting shape/pattern on the front but definitely needed to be amped up as the cone boobs were not enough to say ‘avant garde.’

    Michael’s…typical of him to design numerous looks and not fully develop it in the end.  I do like this concept but feel a lot of refinement was needed…especially the tape and lighting, which were key to the challenge.  Love the mask, eyes and hair.

  • girliecue

    If Pharrell Williams hadn’t disliked the threaded through lights and if he wasn’t putting it on a performer to wear onstage, I think Kenley would have won. He all but said he would have picked her if it weren’t for the lights. I liked it best too (even though she still bugs) and all the judges responded most to this dress, even Pharrell. Given how Austin’s outfit highlighted the model’s head and showed off her shape, though, it was pretty obvious Pharrell would have to pick it.

    • Catiline

      The lights seem like such a trivial objection, though.  Given how Mondo’s winning outfit for the Godspell challenge was changed completely for its appearance onstage, would it be hard to take the lights off Kenley’s top?  Or make the change that needs to be made?

      I’m not disagreeing with you, just generally scratching my head.

      • No, it wouldn’t have been hard — for one thing, she almost certainly would have to remake the design from scratch anyway because of sizes.  Most performers aren’t runway model size or shape, and there’s not going to be enough allowance to expand it to the correct size.

      • guest2visits

        I agree; – Pharrell’s comment about the little lites-wires was pretty weak. I liked the way the wires reflected
        the lites like some kind of funky mohair.
        Even though I loved Kenley’s; – it seems Austin’s allows the wearer to shine through; Kenley’s would certainly ‘own’
        the wearer. I don’t know. One look is more romantic, the other is electric hop-pop,? I guess it’s up to whatever

        Pharrell was looking for. The other three didn’t even come close. Oh Mondo. Sad again.

  • Zippypie

    Kenley would have won if she had stitched the lights underneath and poking out of the webbing – I actually agree with Pharrell that seeing the wires all over the place ruined the effect of the jacket.  The dress, however, is a variation of the same 50s silhouette she always makes and that annoyed me, no matter how cool the jacket was.

    Mondo looks like he’s tired and ready to be done.  Though made well, this was just okay.

    Michael’s looked like a ComicCon costume, which is fine for ComicCon but isn’t particularly avant garde.  I would have rather seen his funky pink coat he had worked on first.

  • Yay! Agree that Kenley’s was the clear winner. I’ve been disappointed that she’s been in the top three – or the top two – so often but the judges refuse to hand her a win. She’ll be hard-pressed to make it to the finals, let alone win, at this point because of that…although the judges have been careful to consider things episode-by-episode (aside from the ongoing Mondo / Austin lovefest) as opposed to season-long.

    Mondo is being an arrogant prig this season, and having Michael Costello as his jolly henchman is not making things any better. I feel like this entire concept was created as an apology to giving Gretchen the win in S8. At this point can anyone but Mondo win? 

  • Call me Bee

    I loved Austin’s dress and I am very happy that he won this one, since he was circling the drainfor a couple of weeks before this…but I find myself agreeing with you about Kenley.  The construction for these pieces was innovative, and, while the dress itself is a “Kenley dress,”  the jacket is new and different. 
    I thought Michael’s is plain ugly.  He jsut over did it with winding the flouecent tape around the sleeves, and the boots are awkward looking a well.  Nothing remotely avant garde.  The only thing I liked about this look was the blue pony tail.  That was awesome. 
    Mondo–what happened?  Is that a cockatoo sitting on your model’s head? 

    • Call_me_Annie

      My thoughts exactly!!  That looks just like a parrot sitting on top of his model’s head – I kept waiting for someone to offer up ‘Polly want a cracker’.

  • Dagney

    Yeah, Kenley has the Anya problem, but her dress should have won.

  • jennmarie19

    Agree re: Kenley and Mondo. I was very surprised Kenley didn’t win in a landslide.

  • Catiline

    Mondo’s look seems phoned-in.  I get that it’s late in the competition and maybe his batteries are running low, but it’s hard not to wistfully imagine what he could’ve done with this challenge if he’d brought his A game.  Having said that, I thought he had the howler of the night when he described Michael C’s outfit as a “samurai.”  Once that mental image was in my head, I could not unsee it.

    While I wouldn’t have objected to a Kenley win, I had to agree with the criticism that this is the same dress she makes every week.  It was an especially good variation on her usual style, and the jacket is cool as hell, but still.  And I found the Nicki Minaj styling was too obvious and derivative.  I get why Kenley did that – in fact I think it was smart of her to consider the client, given that part of the prize was the outfit being worn by one of Pharrell’s artists (I love how incredibly vague that is, btw).  But it gave me a little bit of an “okay, seen it” reaction when it came down the runway.

    • alyce1213

      I agree.   However, I’d give Mondo a bit more credit, as the judges did, for his workmanship incorporating (sewing) the lights into the fabric.  Not a surprising or innovative dress, but well made, as usual.
      I loved Kenley’s, but calling it “avant garde” and identifying it as a Nicki Minaj-type outfit is contradictory.  

  • RebeccaKW

    I just knew Kenley was going to win-not that I didn’t like Austin’s, but I thought this idea was completely realized.  I loved it, and I too thought Nicki Minaj would be all over this.  I also think she put so much more effort into hers by making her own print.  I know it’s not a sewing competition or an effort competition, but I think if you like 2 looks equally, as the judges seemed to by the editing we saw, then this should have pushed her’s over the edge.

    I actually didn’t hate Michael’s, and I usually dislike what he makes, but I agree.  He needed to push the concept further.  Didn’t like one thing about Mondo’s.

  • Scarlet39

    I just can’t agree that Kenley should have been the winner.  The jacket was innovative, but underneath, it was still the same damn dress. 

    • SewingSiren

      What was innovative about the basic shape of any of the designs?

      • Scarlet39

        Nothing in particular; however, Kenley IMO is a one note. And she had just been warned by Isaac not to do the same dress again.  And she did 

        • But she didn’t.  Yes, the dress silhouette is very much a normal Kenley look.  But the jacket changed the profile significantly.  That’s the difference between having a signature and being repetitive. 

        • Did you watch the after show? Isaac loved her dress, and that she proved to him that she can do something other than what she usually does. He thought she should have won. (Said that right in front of Austin. That was an uncomfortable moment)

          I’m not arguing with you. There’s a lot of standard Kenley in that dress. But Isaac viewed it as Kenley pushing herself out of the flouncy, pretty little box she usually works in.

          • Scarlet39

            Oh, I understand. No argument!     I haven’t watched any of the aftershows.   If they are on the Lifetime site, I’ll check them out.  Now I”m very interested in what Isaac said, and what his reasoning is.  To my eye, it didn’t veer too far from what Kenley usually does  (although the fabric for the jacket was an inspired choice), and IMO it’s not original or memorable enough to call a “signature” style.  

          • I think Isaac went a little overboard with his Kenley praise on the aftershow. While I really like what she did, I agree it’s quite similar to her usual silhouette.

            “IMO it’s not original or memorable enough to call a “signature” style.”

            That’s such a fine line, isn’t it. And pretty subjective, e.g., I think Mila has a signature style, but other people say she just makes the same thing over and over. I definitely think Kenley needs to branch out, but I’m not sure she has it in her.

  • siriuslover

    I liked Kenley’s but wasn’t all that impressed with it. Both my son and I looked at each other and said, “manga” (anime) as soon as it came out. Anyone with any interest in Japanese cartoon culture can see this as an old look. A great look, but clearly drawing on that culture. It would’ve been nice had she given a nod to it in the way that Michael at least pointed out his ninja stuff.  I thought Michael’s could’ve been aufed (along with Mondo), but looking at it again, I think it’s a bit better than Mondo’s really, because there’s actually a concept there. I just didn’t get Mondo’s race stripe thing.

    • demidaemon

      Yes, but other than some Japanese fashion movements, it really hasn’t had a lot of Western exposure. It isn’t quite mainstream (and is actually becoming more underground again, mostly do to problems with the publishing industry and localization costs). Also, I don’t think Kenley was referencing that necessarily, as it seems a bit out of her wheelhouse and her usual set of cultural influences.

      • siriuslover

        Good points, but Kenley has had a history of claiming as her own inventions designs from other areas. This was a notable problem with her during her season. Perhaps she’s had some exposure to it.

  • cclaussen3

    I hated the bust shape in Mondo’s dress. So unnatural. The thing on top of the head looks like a neon green parrot. Awrk!

    • Dhammadina

      It IS a parrot, right? 

  • Qitkat

    Finally someone who has said exactly how I felt about Mondo’s look. He is increasingly stumbling his way to the finale, and I’m not quite sure that being tired this late in the game is the entire explanation.

    Uggggghhhhh Michael. I wanted him to go home so much for this piece of crooked glow tape unimaginative poorly constructed ****. I will scream at the teevee (and maybe even throw something) if he is in the final three, no matter what schmatta anyone else sends down the runway in the next challenge. Whew! glad I got that off my chest.

    Kenley’s really grabbed my attention. She ought to have won. How sad is it that no women won any challenges this season? It’s safe to say that by this point. If this couldn’t win, nothing she does will. She must have felt robbed. I was not sure of the top dimensions, but once again seeing it in the stills allows for a study of the look, and a confirmation about how on point it was. Great proportions. Love how the hair and makeup look in the black light. 

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      I don’t have a problem with the fact that a woman designer hasn’t won an individual challenge this season.  Given the fact that since Bunim/Murray took over production of PR, three out of the four season winners have been female. 

      I do agree that this week Kenley’s design was a strong contender for the win. She’ll probably be one of the three finalists, too. I don’t see a gender bias.

      • Qitkat

        You make a good point about the female winners. I just think it’s odd that assuming a level playing field [which can be successfully argued], and starting AS with an equal number of women as men, there were no female winners of any challenge.

    • Wellworn

      I also can’t believe that Michael didn’t go home, or that he has gone this far, for that matter.  He is clearly not All Star material in my opinion.  Him winning PR All Stars or even placing in the top 3 makes me feel the same way I feel if a Republican wins the presidency in the next election.  I might have to cancel my cable or leave the country.  Ok, maybe not the same, but almost.

  • Kenley’s looked made out of duct tape. 

  • marilyn

    What’s the deal with the boobs on Michael and Mondo’s creations?  Normal women do not have boobs pointing to the sky, while coming out of their shoulders. Michael’s model looked like she had a neon parrot sitting on her head. Neither outfit was flattering or interesting in any way.  Kenley’s made the model look fat (like the other 2 in this post).  And on Keley’s,  the top had nothing to do with the bottom.  However, I liked the wig on the model.

     These 3 were duds.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Perhaps all three designers were trying to push the avant garde angle in the way  in which they styled their models as well as the designs of the dresses themselves.

  • First time I thought Kenley should have won.  I miss the Mondo from season 8.  He’s a sort of a grump and yeah…kinda full of himself.  

  • I thought Kenley’s was the best too. I thought Austin’s was one of the worst, I wouldn’t have been surprised if he’d gone home.

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    If the judges had chosen Kenley’s look for the win this week I would have understood their decision, and yet at the same time I found the look to be, for want of a better word, clunky looking.

  • AuntieAnonny

    Oh my god, Michael ripped off Mortal Kombat.

  • SewingSiren

     I  thought Kenley should win. But I wasn’t surprised that she didn’t . The basic shape of her dress is not innovative but the use of materials was. And the combination of the two silhouettes was as well. I could see an performer wearing this . It’s so Kenley and also out of her comfort zone. She would do well to court Katy Perry, Nicki Manaj , Janelle Monae, and Zooey Deschanel, as future customers. Sad to say I think she’s probably out this week. I would much rather see a collection by her than Michael C.

    With so few competitors left, maybe they should have called Mondo “safe” instead of top three. His is okay. It has huge black holes in it though, and the dayglo red is kind of eating the black light. Overall it’s a strapless princess sheath . We’ve seen it and better.
    Michael’s looks like a Halloween costume. I liked Jerrel’s better as far as stage wear for a performer goes. My pick for the  auf’.

  • Kathleen Tripodi

    The references to the Tron movie really made me wish even more that Mila hadn’t been eliminated last week, because she did the costumes.

    • Margo Anderson

      Mila didn’t design the costumes for Tron.  She was a key costumer.  A key costumer works on set, dressing the artists and organizing and maintaining the wardrobe. So, basically, she was a zipper-upper, mender, and hanger-upper.

  • I honestly thought Michael deserved to be kicked off for that. It was lazy and cheap looking and that tape was a disaster. I figured out what bugged me about Jerell getting kicked off this week, and it’s that he really and truly should have been eliminated for last week’s Indian Cliche Explosion, clearing the way for Michael to go this week. Because Michael irritates the shit out of me, even moreso than Mila who I’ve always loathed.

  • I liked Mondo’s look. He chose to illuminate the contour of the garment as well as the internal detail. He managed to integrate the lights into the fabric as opposed to simply using some tape. I love how the pearl-like lights define the silhouette. The configuration of the bust, while admittedly odd, was refreshing. Pointy boobs. Why not? I’m afraid the treatment of the bust constituted the only attempt at avant-garde. That’s my one issue with his dress. Everything else looks good. I like that the back of the dress is not a continuation of the front. The styling– the hairpiece, the masked eyes, and the headphones– is awesome.

    Kenley– It was smart of her to use glow-tape to create plaid. The dress is sculptural as is the grid-like upholstery fabric she used. I liked the barbed-wire effect.

    Michael should have gone home. He had no idea how to approach this challenge. He designed a coat and trimmed the hell out of it. Let’s trim the hem. Let’s trim as much of the front as possible. Let’s trim the sleeves. Wrap tape all around the arms. Set off shoulder-alarms. Introduce a waist-alert. Poor execution aside, what’s the point of all this trim? To mask his lack of imagination? He should have been more judicious with the trim. Highlight the important design elements. Then illuminate.

  • MilaXX

    Perhaps there were too many elements to this challenge, but in terms of being used by Pharrell, I thought Austin was the clear winner and Kenley was a close second. I do agree Kenley was closer to avant garde and if Nicki was sitting in the judges chair instead of Pharrell, I would have definitely said the win should go to Kenley.
    Michael had a good idea, but his execution was a bit off. The lines  all over the place are distracting and the bow in the back needs to go. However I knew he wasn’t a winner when Pharrell said it looked liked something you’d see at ComicCon.
    Mondo’s model looked like the batmobile. It felt phoned in and I was disappointed at how little effort he put in other that folding the fabric to make the stripes down the front. Have I mentioned how disappointed I am in Mondo this season? Being robbed the first time around doesn’t give you queen bee rights the second go round.

    • Lisa

      I agree – I thought Austin was the obvious winner, and this a very, very close second. 

      I also wholeheartedly agree that I kind of tire of the whole “Mondo was robbed” argument.  Yes, he sure was – in his season. In THIS season, they should all be on a level playing field.   There shouldn’t be an all star season with the sole purpose of giving it to someone who everyone felt should have won last time.  

  • sunny617

    Am I the only one who thought the face covering on Michael’s looked more like a burqa than a ninja? Maybe it’s just me…

  • EliseC

    I loved Kenley’s dress.  Also, I love how well she seems able to laugh at herself… 

  • CarolinLA

    Has Kenley won a challenge this season?  She was robbed this week.

    • Has a woman won a challenge this season? I don’t think so. I would have liked to see her win (given that hers was certainly comparable in quality to Austin’s, and more polished really) just for that. 

      • CarolinLA

        Is that TRUE??!  That’s appalling.  

        • Girl_With_a_Pearl

          I agree that they could have given the win to Kenley this time since Austin’s and Kenley’s were so close.  But, I think overall, a few of the men this season (Mondo, Austin and Rami until Rami’s last look) have been out designing the women overall.  Maybe Milla could have gotten the win for the cape and this time Kenley.   So, yes…a woman should have given the win at least once this season, but the guys have just been better overall. Too bad Jillian wasn’t there this season, because I loved her designs.  

  • CarolinLA

    When Kenley mentioned her boyfriend, all I could think of was “where’s the cat and the laptop?”.

  • CarolinLA

    Mondo was on ABC here in LA providing style comments right after the Oscars with the local commentators.  FYI.

  • Filing_and_giving_things_names

    Glowing in the dark is not a good look for a ninja.  Kinda defeats the point of being a ninja.

    • kimmeister

      Ha, so true!

  • formerlyAnon

    Kenley: Closer to avant garde than Austin, fer sure.  If keeping to the stated criteria were the done thing, you’d think she would have won.

    Michael: I have the “what a difference a day makes” ditty running through my head. If he’d had another day, his might have been far more striking than Kenley’s. Or, maybe not, maybe he’d have ruined it.

    Mondo: Most like Austin’s in my opinion, in that they both used lights to ramp up a pretty predictable, even unambitious, dress that’s well within their comfort zone.

  • kimmeister

    Can I just say that I’m kind of wowed by the glow-in-the-dark makeup?

  • granddelusion

    Oh, no! Are you going to make me re-evaluate Kenley? I’m with you on the Mondo critique, for sure. I was so disappointed.

  • kenley’s look was strong, but i don’t get the comments stating she “should have won.”  unless you were there in the room, you’d have to take it as fact that pharrell had a strong hand in who won this challenge as he’s the one choosing a look for one of his artists.  i loved austin’s creation and think it will look breathtaking on the right person in the right setting.  but both designers did a great job and that’s why they were neck and neck.  let’s not make this about girl power or anything else.

  • Yeah, Mondo is full of himself, but look who has won the last two regular seasons — two people who were utterly full of themselves.  I don’t know if it’s the edit, he’s being directed to act that way (by either BM or his agent,) or he’s cagey enough to know that it’s what they want on Lifetime.  Unless this is just another big-ass BM/Lifetime set-up to bring down the snotty little Mexican by giving the win to Kenley.  Whatever.  All of this has become just another dumb game show to me.  I do hope Mondo keeps using his celebrity to do fundraising for HIV awareness and programs for gay-lesbian-bi teenagers.

  •  I liked Kenley’s a lot, but I liked Mondo’s too and disliked Michael’s less than usual. I guess Mondo’s was too evocative of eras best not evoked, but the strange shape of the bust seemed to me to be a genuine function of the challenge (the lighting).  I liked his use of the lights and the sense of polish he always brings–even the parrot just belongs where it is.
    For Michael–they should do a featurette on all the dresses Michael does not send down the runway. I was curious about that hot pink jacket thing he was working on.

  • DinahR

    I do like Austin’s better but I also like Kenley’s.  Weird though that I really don’t like the jacket thing here in the stills, the white of it really bothers me…   But on tv it didn’t really bother me at all.  

    I would have put Mondo’s on the bottom.  It just didn’t do anything for me.  Glad he didn’t go home though, it was Jerrell’s time. 

  • nannypoo

    Kenley is so annoying that I hate to admit I loved this outfit. It’s fabulous in every way and obviously beautifully made. And didn’t she say something about it being her favorite thing she ever made on the show? You could tell. Now if she would just get laryngitis for a few weeks….

  • On Mondo’s the upwardly-pointy boobies are even more bizarre than the quilted back. (look at the top edge of the bustier, mondo-strange if you’ll pardon the pun).  I like Kenley’s and I can see Jessie J wearing it or something similar in the very near future.  It’s too “mainstream” for Gaga, methinks.

  • SVLynn

    I thought that Kenley was going to win it also, was suprised Pharrell didn’t love it and maybe that’s why it didn’t win. I’m still not over Rami being out, I thought it was going to be he and Mondo at the end.

  • greyhoundgirl

    Kenley’s is very unique.  She made a Kenley dress and bumped it into the stratosphere with that wild and wonderful jacket.  Mondo:  He used the lights in the most unique and “designed” way–sewn into channels so they are really part of the garment.  That thing on his models head is bugging me.  It looks like a tiny monkey wearing a green suit.
    I wonder if Austin won partly because he didn’t at all rely on neon tape.

  • EverybodysStarling

    I`m usually not a big fan of Kenley (though she isn`t bothering me either) – but how cool is it, to have a certain style of dress named after you? The Kenley Dress – out now! I think, she should consider that into her marketing after PR. 

  • Dlou 212

    I liked Kenley’s, too.  But then I thought, “Can you imagine having to work at Marie Claire with Kenley?–that VOICE coming down the hall, like a foghorn wrapped in plaid covered in crazy?”  Oh no.  Joanna’s not going to be having that.  She’ll get lovely Austin or prickly Mondo as the winner instead.  Much easier on the ears.  I have to mute my tv every time Kenley opens that MAC mouth of hers.

  • Stubenville

    All three are a snooze. PRAS is starting to make Dance Moms look like a good TV viewing alternative.

    • Yeah cause Abby Lee is batshit crazy. 

  • jessieroset

    I’m trying to not let my opinions on Kenley herself sway my thoughts on the dress but I really see why she wasn’t the winner this week.  Pharrell’s criticism was spot-on about the lights on the top.  They look like an afterthought that she just stuck on (and can barely even see).  Very Christmas lights on a fence.  Her making of the plaid was great but not a full use of the technology that I thought was the purpose of the challenge. 

  • Girl_With_a_Pearl

    I really liked Kenley’s outfit this week.  As far as her personality this season, maybe Kenley is a little more mature and/or like just about everyone else, is much more aware of how she came across last time and is behaving herself. The other possibility is that she is getting the winner edit.  

  • mhleta

    Woulda, coulda, Prada, but I really would have liked to have seen what Mila would have designed for this challenge. Top three still should have been Mila, Remi and Mondo. 

  • CPK1

    Loved Kenley’s!!!!!!!!!!! I almost never like anything she makes but I thought this was great and fit the requirements of the challenge perfectly

  • I don’t get the impression that Mondo is full of himself. He’s confident and has a well defined POV as a designer. He’s very dry in his humor and takes his work seriously which perhaps doesn’t show well next to Kenley’s endless giggling.

    Kenley made my favorite look this week with Mondo a close second. I didn’t love Austin’s look. Overall I’m hoping for a Mondo win.

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    i havent watched this in awhile, i’m sure it’s fixed, that’s kept me away. but this one’s outfits seem to need to be seen moving so i will probably turn it on this evening. the only thing i have to say before that is mondo’s model looks like she has a cockatoo on her head.

  • ThaliaMenninger

    I really liked Austin’s the week, but I agree, it’s only avant garde if Blanche DuBois is avant garde. There’s an Ayckbourn play called Comic Potential that’s set in the future, where a comedy writer and an android TV star fall in love, and Austin’s dress would be perfect in that. It would be the big Night Out on the Town dress in that futuristic romantic comedy. I liked Kendall’s and it is more avant garde, plus you’re absolutely right that Nicki Minaj would be all over it, but… The blockiness of it bugs me. It’s just too square for me. I think I would like the jacket to be a lot shorter. Maybe.

    Mondo’s would be tied for third with Michael this week, for me. It was ok, but only ok. And I love Mondo. But, yeah, he’s getting a little full of himself. The quilted back looks like he ran out of the fabric and materials he used on the front, so he threw in somebody’s bedspread to fill in the back. I don’t like the bodice horns, either. Just… Not great. I like the shape of Michael’s skirt, but otherwise it looks like Happy Hands at Home or however it was that Tim characterized craft projects so long ago.

  • bitterk

    It pains me to say two things.  1) Kenley’s design was brilliant  2) Mondo’s design was horrid and horribly overpraised.  I thought Mondo and Jerrell would be the bottom two.  There is nothing and I mean nothing avant garde about that outfit. 


    Since Kenley was so overdue for a win, I was rather sad to see her stuck in the runner-up position once again; but I can’t say that I was much surprised at this point.   Pharrell had some strong objection to it, though he said it was one of his favorites.   I doubt that it was the reason he gave concerning the way in which the lights were placed, and more likely that it clearly looked like it belonged on Nicki Menaj.   This was a wonderfully paradoxical design on Kenley’s part: one that made the model look both bulky and slender simultaneously, due to her brilliant use of the chair webbing material.   Whether or not she gets to show a final collection this time, she unquestionably deserves to.   Mondo’s dress was terrific head-on, bizarre from the side, and bland from the back.   I rather liked it because it looked sculpted out of neon.   Michael deserved to go home for his shoddy piece of adolescent playwear.   It looked slapped together at the last minute, which I believe it was.

  • geeeque

    kenley is odious but she got completely robbed. austin’s was a pretty yawn. mondo phoned it in and michael just copied mortal kombat in glowstix. yup the fix is in folks.

  • ccm800

    agreed across the board. LOVE Kenleys.

  • BrightsideSusan

    Michaels’s looked especially bad with the lights on – if he hadn’t gone so wild with sticking that tape on everything it would have been better, though the back-up lights made us laugh.

    I think the fact that Kenley didn’t sew the lights onto the garment was the deciding issue. I think she and Mondo did a great job with the lights.

  • PantherontheRunway

    So I’ve said it once already, The judges doted on Kenley’s look, when it was an cut-out sweater/top over the exact thing Issac even called her out on last week, thus making me feel that they could be fooled by hannah montana disguise if miley cyrus waved a glowstick over her head :/ 

    Having said that, I think the styling carried it over wayyy more than the actual outfit of clothes. The admittedly modern and brilliant pink wig and red lip, helped it otherwise, its the same damn thing with a few more bells and whistles.

    Say what you will, but I wasn’t impressed by it.  

  • berkeleygirl

    Kenley was robbed!  Say what you will about sticking to her aesthetic, but she knows how to work with it, and her workmanship is impeccable.  Sure, she did plaid, but compare what she did next to Costello’s. Even on the show, I caught both how she managed the woven look, and the lines are perfect.  

  • fiestyfashionfem

    Wait- what the hell is on top of Mondo’s model’s head?  Is it some kind of light up parrot? Looks like an electric green parrot – see the beak?  Again – avant garde and all – but, really? Really?  Sheesh.  

  • I am not a big Kenley fan this season, but OMG I absolutely LOVED her dress. The neon plaid! The cool top! And, I too, though it was SO Nicki Minaj … definitely in a good way. She should have won. Sorry, Austin.

  • marco5ny

    Kenley’s was the obvious winner.

    He seems like a sweet (but slightly annoying) guy every every week, Michael “appears to have stumbled onto a decent concept, but couldn’t realize it in a way that looked chic.”

  • rorschach1992

    Kenley’s dress I think is actually quite wearable. The plaid she made is impeccable. The jacket just gave it that runway kick. And yes Nicki Minaj styling. Might be my favorite garment out of all of Project Runway All-Stars.

    M&M blah, both of them. But hey seeing as how this whole show was preconceived to have them in the finals, by my way of thinking anyway, no surprise Michael stayed in and Mondo got top 3 marks. I’m hoping the final 3 are Austin, Kenley and Mondo, but I have a feeling Kenley and Austin will have to dogfight for the final spot, and that won’t matter because it’ll all come down to M&M.

  • bluefish

    Kenley’s was my clear favorite also — including the styling which was spot on.  The judges seem determined not to give her a win — ever.    Here’s to hoping she gets one soon.  She’s done consistently good work this season and has managed to keep her **** together in the process.

    Michael’s looks like a lot of work to no good purpose.

    And Mondo got some good advice from Georgina when she told him that the placement of the stripes, too up and down, created a problem for the dress.  I did like the weird breasts though as well as the headpiece.

  • Scarlet39


  • anyone else think Mondo’s getting a less than favourable edit because he’s been ‘robbed’ of the grand prize once again and the producers don’t want another uproar a la Gretchengate?

  • xmixiex

    I loved Austin’s because I love fantastical, spacey things of all kinds, but Kenley ABSOLUTELY deserved the win.  This piece was incredible, and I agree, the best thing she’s ever sent down the runway. 

  • PhillipWilde

    Kenley’s was brilliant.  I, like everyone else, can definitely see it on Nicki Minaj, and based on the styling, that’s what Kenley was going for, so brava.

    Michael’s I could see on Fergie, with the rest of the Black Eyed Peas similarly decked out in ninja-inspired looks.

    Mondo’s I could see on Gaga, but yeah, it fell short of expectations.

  • Susan Crawford

    I believe Austin’s design won because it met some criteria that the judges of PRAS seem to focus on MUCH more than our regular panel of judges on PR: the idea of MARKETABILITY and SALES APPEAL. Let’s face it, if Nieman’s has made a commitment to set up a few PRAS winner boutiques, they definitely want to sell the garments.

    There is a real skew toward the designers whose overall work will look “right” in NM, and will not be too cray-cray. Austin created a lovely, dreamy, swirly dress that – sans the lights and instead embroidered with delicate silver thread and beading – would definitely appeal to the upscale party set.

    But overall, in terms of actually fulfilling the TWO elements of this challenge (incorporate lighting elements AND make it avant garde) it really was Kenley’s design that stood out. What impressed me most was that she FINALLY went beyond the 50’s pin-up, high-school Homecoming Queen look and with that jacket, she was clearly in the lead for an avant garde yet wearable look. The proportioning was superb. I was, I admit, a bit worried when she started, because I thought she was headed down the pretty, flirty little dress route, but she nailed it!

    Moving on to Michael, this episode showed him in classic form: dithering, whining, puckering his brow in consternation, and making all kinds of things and ultimately throwing a little of everything together. I liked his overall concept, but once again, because of all the drama and dithering, it wasn’t fully realized, nor did he fully commit to it. It looked costumey and kinda silly.
    Michael, get a couple of books and study up on Rei Kawakubo and Junya Watanabe if you want to go this route.

    Mondo, Mondo, Mondo. What has happened to my adorable Mondo? Someone check the basement of the Flatotel, because I believe there may be a Mondo-shaped Pod down there, and what we are seeing on PRAS in the Alien Mondo, who can be self-important and snippy. The overall design of his dress was OK, but clearly not as avant garde as we would expect from Mondo.

    I did LOVE his color combinations, and the quilted material on the back was a little touch of real Mondo fun. WTF those earmuff things were all about, I have NO idea, but OK – we know how Mondo loves to design those quirky headpieces. But the conical breasts? Come on, Mondo, you knew this was derivative, and so did we. Get on it, man, because I definitely want to see you win this thing!

    Kenley, you need to be in touch with Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry – they would ROCK this look, and Perry would wear the HELL out of those adorable frocks if you also sex them up a little more! And down the line – get busy on a line of dresses for adorable little Upper East Side toddlers, because you would own that marketplace in a nanosecond.

  • did anyone else think Mondo’s entry this episode was screaming JOSH C. from season 9?

  • kentiesgirl

    I’m late, so if this has been said…Kenley’s plaid did not impress me. I mean, it worked, and looked good, but, It was more tape than lights (so was Micheal’s but those were some lights-porn palace…bwahaha) and the technique to make plaid patterns is not exactly earth shattering. It’s just how you do it. Like on pies, or baskets, or pot holder makers. I agree about her being the winner, kinda. More like lack of better designs from everyone. I was expecting a LOT more lighting…and a lot less tape. Austin was the only one who used all lights, therefore the winner, imo. Not like I was in love with it.
    Actually..was that tape on Mondo’s? Whatever. I didn’t even remember it come Tuesday so-not good.

  • adnama79

    I agree with everything in this post.

  • leave_Blake_alone

    I agree on basically all these points. I love Mondo’s work but this time I thought he was definitely overpraised. Michael’s look got worse the more I looked at it – by the time the judging was over, I  was sure he should have been sent home. That outfit was tacky as hell. Jerrell’s was actually probably his best work this season, the only major flaw being the black skirt.

    I love the pure magic that Austin’s look evoked, but agree that Kenley deserved the win more than he did. Austin just made an Austin dress, with perfectly placed lights.

  • Meelah

    I thought all of their designs looked bad to be honest.  I could understand if their dress had to be created 100% from items at the lighting store.  They were allowed to purchase fabrique so I’m not really sure why most of their dresses looked like they were made 100% from things bought at a hardware store.

  • Nibbles42

    TBH, I thought this challenge went in a weird direction.  I liked the idea, but “avant garde look incorporating lights” isn’t quite the same in my mind as “avant garde in blacklight look”, which I think gave most of the entries this week had a little bit of same-ness to them.  I don’t think it is a challenge well-suited to television.