PR All Stars: Best Adapted Screenplay

Posted on March 09, 2012

We thought this was a pretty great challenge because it was far closer to the real world of fashion design than the fantasy challenges Project Runway normally deals out. Startup or struggling designers will have to jump through hoops to satisfy a boutique owner’s wishes and demands, taking into account everything from hanger appeal to manufacturing costs.

Although we had to laugh a little because reality television can never be reality, so their version of this process basically boiled down to:

“That’s your sketch? Okay.”

*waves fingers authoritatively over a calculator*

“You can only spend 30 dollars! Good luck!”

And Mr. Whiney-Boo gets yet another whiney-boo moment in a season that seems to have been all about How Difficult Everything Is for Mr. Whiney-Boo. We would have had our heads ripped off if we said this eighteen months ago, but we suspect a few minds have been changed in the interim: he’s a pain in the ass. And he’s pretty snotty, to boot.

But this is Project Runway: Coronation, so congratulations once again, Mondo! Your dress looks exactly like a table runner in a Mexican restaurant!

No matter what lingering frustrations we may have with the Michael/Nina/Heidi three-headed Hydra of judging, we have never been more embarrassed on behalf of a bunch of judges than last night, as they all dutifully read their script pages about what a fresh and exciting design this shapeless party-colored sack is.

Okay, maybe that’s a bit harsh, because we don’t hate the dress completely. It’s kind of cute, actually. But it’s ridiculous to pretend that this is some sort of exciting design. The dress is on sale at Nanette Lepore now and you can see it here. We’re impressed with how little was changed, but not at all surprised that a tieback was added to give it some shape. In other words, in order for this winning dress to be sold, they added a minor change that altered the silhouette completely. But it’s a great design! Winner!

And it’s Schmauf Wiedersehen to Kenley. Such is the topsy-turvy world of Project Runway: Coronation that we actually found ourselves yelling at the TV on her behalf. In the past, we were yelling at the TV to get her off it.

Yes, this would have looked better if it had been more fitted; and yes, she should have matched up the print (although the judges go back and forth on that principle depending upon the challenge). We think all the obsessing over a keyhole was just a way for them to come up with a justification for Schmaufing her.

We’ve been to several Nanette Lepore runway shows and this dress, while very cute and probably among the most salable of the garments offered last night, isn’t really in the house style (although that was true of more than her entry). We can understand it not winning, but once again the vagaries of this competition and its various twists, turns, and flaming hoops have sent home someone who produced a really cute garment that would sell, while they praised other designers for making garments that were, quite frankly, hideous and would NEVER sell to anyone but a size 2.

This is the problem with PR in the Bunim/Murray age. All reality shows follow scripts, and the tightness of those scripts could be anything from a short, vague preparation before the scene, to a producer actually telling people what to say and when to say it. But Project Runway, for the last 4 seasons, has been one of the most clumsily scripted reality shows we’ve ever seen. The bare minimum of an attempt is made to explain the judges decisions but for the most part, the thinking behind the scenes seems to be “Fuck explaining it. Just give the win to X because that’s who we want to win it.”

Time to be declarative about it: Bunim/Murray has destroyed the Project Runway brand in exactly the way we feared they would when they were announced as the new producers. We’ll be curious to see how PR does for its upcoming 10th regular season, but if it’s anything like the last two or three, it may be time to set this show out to pasture. You can’t keep insulting your audience and expect them to love you for it.


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  • I stopped watching early on because it was blatantly obvious that the whole point of the All-Stars exercise was to give Mondo a win to make up for the loss on his season.  And in no way was Austin not going to make top 3.  I was hoping for Kenley to make the finale since she was getting a redemption edit, but apparently they really love Michael for some reason.

    •  Or their lawyers/psychological consultants said the risk of him slitting his wrists in the bathroom after being eliminated right before finals for the 2nd time was too high and they couldn’t take the liability.

      • SRQkitten


        Thanks for that explanation, that makes as much sense as ANYTHING I’ve heard in explaining Michael’s continued existence on PR.

        I’m curious if TLo or any of the Bitter Kittens have met Mondo and can speak to the edit he’s getting this go round – is it reality based or more BM BS?

        I have to say while I get the comments about Kenley not lining up her print and the resulting wonkiness, it almost works in the back view where the feathers blend into one another on the back seam.

        And, finally, thanks Tom & Lorenzo for speaking truth on the impact of BM on the PR franchise. Painfully killed off a creative engaging show and this next season may be the final one for me if the continued nonsense goes unabated. Color me a disgusted bitter kitten.


        • MilaXX

          I’m not sure what you mean as to the edit Mondo is getting, but the outcome of the season has been Spoiler since Sept. 11 . I also read another one that was reportedy based on a conversation with Michael, but I can’t find that. I will say if the fix is indeed in that perhaps part of Mondo’s pissiness may be because he’s sold his soul to the devil so to speak, in return for a win.

        •  I met Mondo, chatting up with Model Boys on Grindr at Omaha Fashion Week last fall. (I wasn’t one of the boys, I hastily add, he was hitting up a friend. I was too busy – in his words – “being the fiercest thing on the runway” [I really like that part of the story.])

          And you wouldn’t think it but he is freakishly tall.

          • Scott Isaacs

            Freakishly tall? You jest. He’s maybe 5’7. I see him in person on a regular basis out on the town in Denver.

          • Maybe he’s “freakishly tall” compared to how they show him on the show – which is pocket-sized? They made him look tiny next to everyone else.

          • Megan Patterson

             I think Austin might actually be freakishly tall?

          • BerlinerNYC

            Nope, I used to run into him all the time in the Village (same time of day, same place [north side of Washington Square Park, around 5:15]), and he’s not especially tall or short. Instantly recognizable, though. A friend of mine works at Neue Galerie and said that even though bona fide stars will come there, the only time she saw people losing their shit and start taking pictures was when Austin dropped by. I found that story so charming. The power of reality TV!

        • I think the print works beautifully in the back (well, as beautifully as it can, considering I don’t like it one bit). The “confuses the eye” criticism Kenley got last night has been pulled out numerous times this season. Maybe I have to see the clothes up close and in person, but I have yet to figure out what it means. I might have old lady eyes, but they haven’t been confused even once by an unlined-up pattern.

          • It means that the eye isn’t seeing what it expects to see.  A great deal of what you “see” isn’t coming from your eye or optic nerve at all — it’s coming from your brain, which takes the isolated things you see and fills in the rest.  It’s not different enough to excite you, but it’s not expected enough to make your brain happy that it can predict what it’s going to see/fill in the image, which produces a spike in the pleasure center of your brain.  (Though I’m fairly positive that the judges or producers don’t know most of that)

            This has been today’s Fun with Neuroscience and Psychology.  Have a nice day:) 

        • Erin Wilkins

          Mondo has been hosting every new episode premiere here in Denver. I went to the first one, but he diplomatically did not comment on the editing (or much of anything, really). 

        • Cathy S

           I agree about the back seam on Kenley’s dress. I like the way the feather sort of flow together there. But I think they were right about the keyhole. She fell in love with a fabric that didn’t match her design. It was clear from the sketch that Lepore loved that keyhole.

          • Derek_anny

             She was so adamant that you couldn’t cut a keyhole in that pattern, that it felt discordant with the not-lining-up with the rest of the seams.  I can’t say “if she kept the keyhole she’d have stayed” because, hello BM, but their argument would have been even weaker.

    • I really wish someone would explain the appeal of Michael. I’ve never been impressed or wowed by anything he’s done and thought he was lucky to get fourth on his season.

      • oh_dear_oh_dear

        I think that was the general attitude amongst viewers during his season — that he was being kept around just to provoke Gretchen. Coming into this season I definitely thought he was one of the least ‘All-Star’ and should be a quick auf. He did better than I anticipated but I still think Mila or Kenley would have been much more deserving of his spot.

        • I agree, I thought he was just in there for cannon folder.

      • Pinup Ghoul

         And didn’t he create the EXACT SAME GARMENT for the Ice Cream challenge? How was he not called out on that?

        • annieanne

          Isaac loved his print? I really think it came down to which print the judges liked more – Michael’s vs Kenley’s. Michaels print worked with his design and Kenley’s fought her design. Which is really as good a reason as any for an auf.
          I think overall Kenley is a better designer than Michael but I can’t disagree with her auf last night.

          • I wonder if the judges felt hampered by the fact that all the fabric came from Nanette Lepore’s own stock, and therefore they couldn’t really criticize the prints, even if they hated them?

        • Thathoodwink

          Sadly, he wasn’t called out for duplicating a previous garment, because a designer is only called out for something if the producers WANT them called out for it. The judging has nothing to do with genuine criticism unless the producers agree with the criticism, it seems.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            Word. Viewers of PR season 8 as well as AllStars have seen this dress before-over and over and over.
            I can understand that there is a market for it among Michael’s clientele, but on a design competition, even as degraded as PR now is, you would think that he would get called out for recycling the same old shite.

          • DaveinAlamitosBeach

            Michael doesn’t repeat his designs any more than Kenley, in fact I’d say less.  And between the prints, I guess Michael wins as well because Kenley’s is just downright fug.  Can’t believe I’m defending Michael’s continued existence on the show since I think he is really weak.  

          • Helen C

            Exactly.  Kenley’s first 5 or 6 works are exactly the same dress, with variations of pink and dots.  

            I think she made a good product last week that everyone all the sudden forgot just how duplicative she is in general.

          • drdarke

            Yeah – I liked Michael C a bit better than most people here, but his designs were “okay but nothing special”. OTOH, Kenley kept making her “Fifties Little Dot Meets Bettie Paige” outfits – and the judges kept loving her sending the same damned dress down the runway each week!

            I’d have given her the auf weeks ago.

        • tignor

          If someone told me that Michael’s dress was Anya’s, I would have believed them.

          I’m sure Michael watched last season’s PR and noticed the love being thrown at her feet (for whatever reason, we are all still perplexed).

    • marywv

      Michaels schmatta was a mess. Horribly rendered, unflattering, and a joke. Joanna Coles is the best part of this show because she doesn’t bow down and makes her annoyances known.  I didn’t like Kenley’s dress. It was ugly and sloppily done (and I don’t think would be a hot seller), but at least it had SOME shape, unlike Michael’s.

    • Looking at Michael’s caftan last night, I wondered if the producers were at least in part trying to avoid a little “egg on the face” backlash, right after I thought “gosh, did Anya send in a runway entry?”  Michael has struck me this season as Anya Part Deux; to auf him based on his design of last night would be to somewhat diminish the credibility of Anya’s design style and, therefore, the credibility of the B/M influenced judging process as a whole.

  • afabulous50

    I can’t believe the kept Michael…

  • MissAnnieRN

    yes!!!  TLo finally says it.  It’s sad though, isn’t it?  The end of an era?  The show that launched this fabulous blog.  Oh well, you have discovered you have opinions about many other things!

  • B

    Wish I could have a blouse in that peacock print. That is all.

    • Would love a flowy summer maxidress in the print. 

  • Paigealicious

    Kenley’s gone! *dance of joy*

    • rainwood1

      And Michael’s still here.  Dance of sorrow.

  • oh_dear_oh_dear

    Well, I’ll just say I disagree about Mondo’s dress and the general turn against Mondo. This week he’s too whiny and insecure, last week he was too overconfident and full of bravado. Frankly, I think people expected a saint and are disappointed Saint Mondo didn’t show up. I think his dress was very fun, had hanger appeal, under-budget, and I actually prefer it in his silhouette (but then, I tend to dress for fashion and not for sex appeal — I will agree that this dress has absolutely none). It was probably the weakest thing he’s made this season, but I still thought it was the obvious winner that night.

    • jessieroset

      I prefer Mondo’s original silhouette as well.  If I had $300 to spend on his dress, I’d most likely see about taking the tie off. 

      • julnyes

         For my shape, the tie would be useful so that I could cinch it in at the waist … but this is all conjecture because that dress is gone 🙁

        • Old Navy had a similar dress for sale not too long ago!

      • ballerinawithagun

        My main complaint about Mondo’s cute dress is that it is not a $300 dress!

        •  As someone who does small-scale fashion design, I can attest for the fact that it is a $300 dress.  Most consumers are used to mass-produced overseas sweatshop prices; this is an absolutely reasonable price for a dress of this style for small-scale production.  I was hoping the little scene this episode about labor/price breakdown would help consumers see how small-scale fashion pricing works, but I guess not. 

          Yes, you could buy a version of this dress for $20 at Forever 21 – but it would be made out of bulk-price poly blends and shoddily sewn together in 5 minutes at a sweatshop.  This dress is made of high quality fabrics at New York prices and constructed by workers who are paid real wages (not to mention serious overhead – New York rent, etc.)  $300 is a great price.

          American sweatshops that skirt minimum wage with ‘paid by the garment’ contracting exist, but given the ‘save the garment district’ charity aspect of the dress, I doubt they are utilizing those.

          If I were commissioning this dress for someone, I would charge at least $200-$250, and I’m located out of a zero-overhead home studio in Michigan.  $300 sounds right on target for New York.

          • kentiesgirl

            I thought $298 was reasonable. I haven’t read all 500 comments yet, so maybe a lot of people agree. A forever 21 dress is adorable, but it won’t last-that’s why I buy those for my daughter, who’s still growing, and go to other stores for myself. I have pieces that date back *mumble* years and still look new…it’s all about construction and fabric quality.

        • jessieroset

          It may not look like a $300 dress and if it were made with a cotton-blend and sold at Target, it wouldn’t be. But it’s made with (I’m assuming, high-quality) silk, under a designer label, and made in the US with higher production costs than overseas. And since it’s sold-out already, it seems as though $300 was the right price-point.

        • drdarke

           I think @CommentsByKate:disqus has the right of it, @ballerinawithagun:disqus – it’d be $50 if you bought it at WalMart done with Chinese Slave Labor and made out of cheap fabrics, which is exactly what Save the Garment Center ( ) is fighting against. They’re less a “charity” per se (as was pointed out in the AV Club comments on this episode) than a Trade Association/Political Action Committee trying to keep NYC Mayor Bloomberg from zoning the Garment District out of existence for his Real Estate Cronies.

          You want to keep jobs in America? Buy American – and not from some megastore driving every other store out of business, either.

    • I agree with you re: Mondo and the dress. It wasn’t spectacular, but no one made anything spectacular this week. This was probably the best of the lot. (I did love Austin’s coat, though) I think the dress is really cute. As usual, he did a great job with blending the colors and patterns. I wouldn’t spend $300 on it, but I wouldn’t spend $300 on anything that went down the runway last night.

      As for Mondo himself, well, he’s a real, live actual person with faults and eccentricities. I’m not going to stop liking him because the editing monkeys thought it would be fun to make his fans uncomfortable by showing his less-than-saintly side. I’m fully aware they can’t put words in his mouth, and I’m not going to claim he hasn’t been prickly this time around. But we saw some of that prickliness in season 8 too. We also saw him being a drama queen early on, when he said in the first or second episode that he was all alone in the world because no one understood his genius. So, as others have already said in previous weeks, this is not new. Mondo’s not a cuddly, gay HIV+ toy. He’s a struggling, very talented designer who also happens to be a highly emotional, over sensitive man.

      • Qitkat

        Your second paragraph. WORD, girl!

        I’ve read all the comments on here (so far) and in your second paragraph you have expressed the best how I feel about Mondo. On one of last week’s posts of the PRAS episode I defended Mondo and felt a little like a voice crying in the wilderness. That’s even more so this week.

        Way back when we were all so excited before All Stars began and were guessing which designers would appear on the show, most folks wanted to see Mondo. I didn’t, and said so. My reasoning was that it was too soon after his season, that he had not had the time needed to calm down and reflect on the outcome and put it into real life perspective as opposed to reality life perspective. I can see now that I was correct. Indeed the *editing monkeys* (love that) and the producing monkeys have manipulated so badly everything we’ve seen [and I will fully admit that I have been naive about this process, having not watched nearly as many reality shows as many on here, so my education has been slower]; the plan for Mondo winning is supposed to be a redemptive arc, instead this has been botched so badly and obviously that the audience is largely soured on the outcome.

        • melizer

          Thanks for coming out of the woodwork, everybody, I’m soothed 🙂

      • bluefish

        Preach it, sister!  I hang out with a fair number of painters — They are talented, prickly, often impossible people.  And totally worth it.

        • CozyCat

          The problem is that fashion is not art, it is a business.  Jay was arguably the best designer to appear on the show, but he’s had problems since.  Christian, on the other hand, is very sucessfully building a line because he is good at the “artistic” side and exceptional on the business side. 

          Of course, how someone behaves on a reality TV show, where they’re stressed and tired and sick of it may not reflect their behavior elsewhere.  But “sketchgate” suggests that he needs to develop some additional skills and attitudes if he’s going to make it as a professional designer.

          • bluefish

            That’s a really good point, CozyCay, and of course all too true.  But there really is no substitute for sheer talent.  The two men you mention are two of my favorites and you rightly point out their issues and strengths.  I don’t think that Mondo is beyond hope in developing better people skills and I also don’t believe that he can’t sketch out a dress.  I didn’t buy that at all. 

            And this will sound absurd because the comparison is in fact ridiculous but YSL wouldn’t have made it as far as he did as long as he did without his partner and lover.  He simply didn’t have the temperament to withstand the industry on his own.  Not saying that Mondo is in that league but I think that given rest, a chance to think and breath and get himself together, he’d do just fine. I think he basically has come to hate this show and, as a viewer for over a decade now, I’m right behind him.  

          • CozyCat

            I agree completely.  I just wanted to point out that fasion is different from other artistic endeavors and therefore some additional skills are needed, whether from the designer or from a business partner (and I think Jay would have had trouble finding and keeping a good business oriented partner as well.)

            Mondo certainly shouldn’t be written off just on the basis of his behavior on this show (especially under the new regime).  I just think his future success may depend on how well he acknowledges the importance of the business side and gets help there if he needs it.

          • Glammie

            I do, actually.  Not beyond all hope, but I don’t see a big design career for him.  I think the comparison between YSL and Mondo’s an interesting one–similarly high-strung and highly creative, but YSL had a better feel for fabric, more innovative construction and a better sense of how to make women look good.  

            I’m skeptical, in part, because when Mondo got all that good will and publicity after losing Season 8, he didn’t really capitalize on it.  He had a show, but the clothes weren’t good.  

            And, you know something, he *does* have to watch his health.  He really shouldn’t burn the candle at both ends.  I guess for Mondo, I think he’d be happiest with a niche studio, like Chris March, but with, say, a couple of tee-shirt/tunic lines for Target,  where his eye for color and design would balance out the low-cost materials  and his lack of interest in flattering proportions is a nonissue.

          • Glammie

            Yep.  I think it was the non-business side that work against Mondo in his season–when he wasn’t willing to pull off a couple of hats at Nina’s request–he broadcast an unwillingness work with other people–and in fashion you work with other people.  You compromise your vision all the time.  

            Also, it’s a slow business–even designers, like Alexander McQueen, who pop out when very young go through major ups and downs.  It takes a real endurance.

            And, yes, Jay McCarroll was fabulous.  Wish his funding hadn’t been screwed up.  And more power to Christian (and I was rooting for Jillian) for his really making it work.  He’s really hunkered down as a designer instead of taking the easy way out and floating about as a reality celeb.  

          • paulmkane2001

            Wait.  Are you really claiming that all successful designers bow and scrape anytime someone with a bit of power tells them to do something?  Mondo stood up to Nina and good for him (though the hats should have gone – Nina was right about that).

          • Glammie

            OH, no, of course not!  Only if he wanted to win.

            Seriously, if someone gives you specific feedback and that person will be judging you–you play the game.  Particularly since she didn’t ask him to change the clothes–but the *styling* on a couple of outfits to make them less costumey in feel.  

            In fashion, if a buyer for Macy’s tells you they don’t want microminis in their bridge line, you offer them a longer length unless you don’t want their money.

            The reality in fashion has been for a *long* time is that the over-the-top fashion shows are for publicizing the brand, while the stuff that actually goes to stores is toned-down and a bit more wearable (lined, for example.)  

            It’s a business.

          • bluefish

            I’ve been trying since early this morning to make a lamb stew and am like a crack whore because of this show and the wonderful world of TLo.   May never give it up, alas, much as I want to kick it.

            CozyCat — You made great points that were like catnip and I responded but did forget to say that in the world of professional painters — those who are not full time, famous and really living off their work — Project Runway, design fashion world etc = a walk in the park.  The brutality of the fine arts world is as Gladiator to Young Hercules.  I’m failing to make some crucial distinction but that’s because my lamb stew brain is calling me and begging me to step away for the junk, the crack, the you know.

          • paulmkane2001

            I don’t get it.  Sure Jay has had problems, but he’s struggling to make it work.  That’s what people do in the real world.  As for Siriano, he’s a  made man.

      • Zippypie

         WORD for sure! I didn’t find Mondo particularly prickly in this ep at all, actually.  I thought he seemed calm and honest about his difficulties being inspired by the challenge and frankly, his comments on the other designers are pretty much spot on what I think about them – Austin tends to design frumpy or out-of-date, Kenley makes the same 3 patterns over and over and Michael drapes the same dress to people-please.  I don’t watch the pathetic after-show, so if there was drama, so be it.  Mondo’s human and that’s nice to see.

        • I haven’t watched the after show either, although I’ll watch it this evening.

          “Mondo’s human and that’s nice to see.”

          I agree. Early this season, I was thinking he’s still bitter about losing to Gretchen, and was trying hard to hide it. I believe that going through another round of hoop-jumping etc. got the best of him, and he just couldn’t suck it up anymore. Can’t get more human than that.

      • Catiline

        I agree with you about Mondo.  To me, his big saving grace is that he demonstrates self-awareness.  He admits he got into a negative place.  He appears aware that the dress he made for this challenge wasn’t his strongest (I don’t think it was false modesty when he said he was truly shocked to win).  Back in Season 8, he was able to admit “I was kind of a dick” about Michael C. In fact, I remember reading an interview with him before PRAS aired, in
        which he kind of hinted at the negativity going on.  It made me think he
        had at least some realizations about his own behavior.  I can forgive a lot of someone who’s capable of saying “yeah, that wasn’t my best.”

        • His self-awareness, and willingness to admit to a mistake/bad behavior/whatever are a couple of the things I love about it. Publicly stating he was wrong about Michael, and offering him an apology, have always stayed in my mind. I think it says a lot about a person. It shows integrity, IMO.

          • drdarke

            The interesting thing is that this season, Mondo seems to be using Michael C as his “stabilizer”….

            Yes – I really said that Michael Costello is a stabilizing influence. Out loud. On a reality television/fashion blog.

          • Heh. Anything’s possible.

            Michael seems to be a good friend to Mondo. And maybe Mondo sees the emotional mess Michael is and thanks God he (Mondo) isn’t that bad.

      • blondie65

        Absolutely agree.  Nothing to add but my thanks for saying it so well. 

      • drdarke

        ::waves to my AV Club compadre @accidentalhousewife:disqus :: I also think nobody’s taken into account that Mondo is HIV+ – and tossed into the pressure-cooker that is a reality show…again. That can’t be good for his equilibrium under the best of circumstances – and worse, he knows the pressure’s on for him to win this time. That would make me cranky, certainly!

        I look forward to seeing what he does as the Final Challenge – I’m sure with some more time and less pressure not to go too far Over-the-Top, he’ll turn out something spectacular.

        • ::Waves back at @drdarke:disqus :: Agreed. Despite his announcing his HIV+ status on the show, I think it’s easy for us to forget about it. And I know I’d be cranky as hell too if I were under that kind of pressure.

          I have to assume he’s put himself under that pressure, and that he really wants vindication. I’m also looking forward to his final collection. I’m hoping the designers are given a reasonable amount of time to do good work, but I’m not counting on TPTB to do anything rational at this point.

    • annieanne

      Didn’t Nanette call his original “sketch” a box with ties? So it seems the production version is more true to his original idea than what he sent down the runway.

      • turtleemily

        A tin can. And the look on her face when dealing with him was like, “I can’t believe this guy might have something in my shop.”

    • BrooklynBomber

      I thought Mondo’s dress had potential to be fun and chic, but the ruffle destroyed it. If he had continued with another panel at the bottom (instead of the ruffle) and tapered the silhouette (at the bottom, not at the waist) it might have been sophisticated and playful, both. The ruffle was such a mis-step.

      • Call me Bee

        Esssssaaaaatly!  Without the ruffle, I could see women of all ages wearing this.  I love the bright colors and patterns and I could wear it on a summer day with flats.  With the ruffle–I would not.  I am a firm believer that once a woman reaches a certain age, she may wear ruffles at her neckline, but never at the hem.  It would look too desperate for youth, I think.  Too pre-schooler. 

        • I actually feel the exact opposite — I don’t always mind a ruffle on a hem (though I abhor this one and those like it) but I really hate a ruffle at the neck.

      • Sally Brownson

         I totally agree. If he had put another panel of just color at the bottom instead of that ruffle, which looks like it belongs on some hippie teenager’s bed, then I’d like this dress. Total scroll-down fug.

      • Sweetbetty

         I said it in the Lounge and I’ll say it again; that ruffle made the dress look cheap and sloppily made.  One more horizontal panel would have been fine.

      • oh_dear_oh_dear

        I agree completely, without the ruffle it would have looked five years older and $100 more expensive. I still think it was the best thing on the runway.

    • melizer

      If you give me a choice of hanging out with Mondo or hanging out with Kenley, it will be Mondo every time.  By an enormous margin.  In that, I would go to any length to avoid spending time even in the same room with Kenley.  I can’t emphasize enough how much I do NOT find him to be a PITA!   I love him as he is.

      And his garment may not be groundbreaking, but isn’t that a classic Chanel silhouette?   Why would you want to cinch that in? 

  • It seems to me they feel sorry for Micheal after his breakdown last time he was auf’ed so they don’t want to damage his fragile ego……but honestly, who wants to see a collection of plunging caftans? Not I said the woman who owns more good bras than jeans lol  Love Joanna “Give me something I can wear a bra with” 😉

    • Paigealicious

       Apparently Heidi/Nina/Michael want a collection of plunging caftans…see last year’s winner.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        A collection of plunging caftans with very ineptly mismatched patterns…..I’m waitin for Nina and Heidi to appear on episode one of next season of PR wearing Anya schmattas, since they swooned over them so. Yes, I AM a Bitter Kitten.  I loathe what B/M has done with my favorite guilty pleasure!

    • Maybe – or perhaps someone somewhere has a Michael spin off that is being promoted.  Kenley was the last serious competition for Mondo and even at that she has pretty limited vision.  Austin is hardly a threat – hey wait! Doesn’t he have a show with Santino?  It all goes together.  Very disappointing.  Color me a sad bitten kitten as well. 

      • MilaXX

         Didn’t Michael imply as much in one of his post season interviews?

        • GenXcellent

          Michael DOES seem to do great impressions.  If he’d get over the innocent-underdog-gosh-golly-gee character he tries so hard to sell and go for humor, he could be much more entertaining.

    • ballerinawithagun

      Michael and Anya could start a caftan company. It starts out young with slits down to here and up to there. Then as their “client” matures…it becomes Omar the Tent Maker.

    • marywv

      Joanna is the only redeeming benefit of this show – particularly since they sapped Tim Gunn’s soul completely.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        Somewhere deep in a warehouse the real Tim Gunn sits, silently screaming while the Timbot 3000 roams the world in his place….at least, that’s what I want to believe (sniff, sob)

        • Sweetbetty

           So that explains the “Tim Gunn” I saw doing commentary on the red carpet at the Oscars.  I haven’t even been able to bring myself to watch that daytime show he’s on.  I was watching a re-run of S1 of PR recently and was so startled to see how he’s changed both physically and, I don’t know, spiritually?  In one episode he was even wearing a pullover sweater instead of his jacket, and he seemed like such a *real* person; the person we all came to love and trust.  Now we barely see him on the show and when we do it’s so obvious he doesn’t have his heart in it.  (sniffing and sobbing right along with you)

    • BrooklynBomber

      Or maybe they don’t want damage to their walls.

  • so glad I’m not watching this, and have no plans to tune in to season 10.  “I come not to praise PR, but to bury it.”  Auf Wedersehen.

  • drdirection

    I think they gave it to those three because all of them got auffed before the finales of their seasons.  Kenley actually showed a collection in her season.  I think it could go either way with Austin and Mondo.  Michael doesn’t stand a chance with those two.  Mike just had to make it to the final three.

    • Paigealicious

       Mondo made it to the finals of his season, but for some reason Wretchen won.

    • siriuslover

      Good point, but Mondo was #2 to Gretchen, remember.

    • mondo was in the finals-he lost to gretchan.

      • drdirection

        aaahh, right!  I must have blocked that atrocity

    •  Kenley made it to the finals on her season as well.  She beat out Jerell for the number 3 spot.

    • Gianni_Rubino

      Mondo (#2 s8) and Kenley (#3 s5) showed collections in their seasons while still in the game.

      Austin (#4 s1) and Michael (#4 s8) showed decoy collections.

      So, I’m disagreeing with your statement that “I think they gave it to those three because all of them got auffed before the finales of their seasons.”   11 of the 13 PRAS contestants had showed at fashion week through Project Runway in their respective seasons, the exceptions being Elisa (#10 s4) and Gordana (#4 s6.)

      Sorry if I’m being a prick.  I am upset at B/M again.  I’ll reign in the anger soon, I swear.

  • Joe J

    I’ve found that very few reality show contestants who come back for an “all-star” season ever come off looking better than they did in their original season.  Actually, I find the reverse is sadly much, much, MUCH more common.  I think that even though she didn’t win, Kenley did at least get the consolation prize of actually walking away from this whole thing seeming far more likeable than I ever would have guessed going into this season.  Although I still would like to give her a swift kick in the box for the cat incident.

    • Austin and Michael are coming off the same. I think the only ones that have come off worse are Kara, Mondo and maybe Mila. Mila just isn’t made for reality tv – I’m surprised she did it once, let alone twice.

      • CozyCat has been running interviews with the aufed designers.  In hers, Mila said she did the show to get PR for her design line.  So she always tried to stay true to her vision and fulfill the challenge while staying within it.

    • Girl_With_a_Pearl

      I think that you’re right, with the exceptions being Rami who came off as a nice guy with more muscles and Anthony, who had a pissy moment at his reunion show, but has come of as lovable and wise this time around.  BTW, does anyone know if everyone comes back for a reunion in the After the Runway show after next week’s episode, or just the people BM thinks will be “interesting”?  

      • Yes, Anthony is very wise. I loved what he told Mondo on After the Runway: It’s OK to go to a dark place. What matters is how long you stay there. Mondo seems to visit his dark place just long enough to get his inspiration and get a garment done before the deadline.

  • siriuslover

    Wow, I must either be too entranced by Mondo or too full of Kenley hate, or indoctrinated by Bunim / Murray, because my reaction wasn’t that harsh at all. In fact, I felt that Kenley’s inability to work with her client was the deciding factor (though the same could be said of Michael who was asked to put in two buttons and who still refused).  I don’t think Mondo comes off as too snotty. Maybe it’s because I go through dark periods where I get to my creative best so I could relate. I was pretty shocked on ATR when Kenley and Austin ganged up on Mondo. I would expect loud Kenley to be like that, but was a bit surprised at Austin. It was like hate Mondo hour or something.  I guess I just saw things a bit differently (and I’m fully aware that what we see in the work room is a very small glimpse of their everyday lives in the pressure cooker).

    As for the dresses, none of them were that great for the challenge really. Was Kenley’s cute and sellable? Yeah, I guess.  In fact, I’m not small, and I believe that I could pull off that dress. But I also thought Mondo’s was quite cute despite the loudness of the combined prints. These sorts of bold stripe combos seem to be making a comeback in the younger sections of the retail market (I only know because I have bought my daughter such dresses and shirts).  Choosing the final three when you’re down to four is always tough, and last night was no exception.

    • ASK26

       “a bit surprised at Austin.”    i am not.   i keep thinking people project   who they want people to be.      In Michael and Mondo’s season they wanted Michael to be an ass and Mondo to be a saint.    Therefore that is what they are (forever in some people’s minds.)

      Austin season it was Wendy (to become permanently the bitch – after all she is was a white female from an upscale rich area of VA) vs Austin the funny flamboyant princess (who did win many over – for life with his corn husk dress).    So She is B for life and he is Saint?

      • Kimmu

        I think Wendy Pepper deservedly earned her title as PR Pyscho Hosebeast Extraordinaire and it had nothing to do with the fact that she is from an upscale Virginia neighborhood and more to do with the fact that she acted like a horrible person repeatedly and then refused to take responsibility for it.

        • ASK26

           Wendy played the game (but did not CHEAT) and took a ton of SH-T for doing so.   And as was evidenced by the last two episode where the sainted Jay finally woke up – Kara Saun (again “sainted” because she “fit” in) was the CHEAT, ENTITLED and honestly a totally un-self-aware joke.

          • Kimmu

            I don’t think Kara Saun is a saint. I still think she should have been disqualified and I felt that way when I first watched the season.

          • Kara Saun gets an all out “Ugh” from me. In the end, she was as bad as Wendy, just in a different way. Because, yes, she cheated. She was given a pass when her ass should have been immediately kicked off the show. And she also wouldn’t admit she was wrong.

            Those two deserve each other. Maybe they should have a show together.

          • And I’m sorry, but her models should have had to walk barefoot.  Jeffery didn’t have the option of using his wigs and just telling the judges to “disregard” them — when you’re judging the damn clothes, the shoes shouldn’t get you points anyway!  And it can’t be totally disregarded, no matter what they say, because it’s going to weigh in subconsciously if nothing else!

          • Sweetbetty

             I’ve heard/read repeatedly over the years about Wendy playing some sort of game and even though I watched S1 over several times I still don’t understand what is meant by this.  I’m not defending her; she does come across as unlikeable and I wasn’t crazy about her designs.  I just don’t see where she had some master plan that was going to help her win the grand prize.

        • Agreed. I’ll qualify that by saying that I feel a little sorry for Wendy sometimes. She seems kind of clueless about why her behavior offended so many people. But, overall, yes, she behaved horribly, and didn’t think anything of it. Only a crazy person (or, as you so eloquently put it “PR Pyscho Hosebeast Extraordinaire”) could watch herself act that way on TV and not realize it was wrong.

        • Call me Bee

          Maybe because I’m in the same demographic as Wendy and maybe understand her thinking a little bit better, but I didn’t think she was a psycho-bitch at all.  In watching PRS1 reruns lately, all she really did was speak the truth–perhaps without any tact at times–but she told the truth about the leadership of both Austin and Kevin in their group challenges.   At her age, she had the balls to say out loud what everyone else was thinking, and said about them behind their backs, but would not say to their faces or to the judges.  And for that they didn’t like her and she gets this reputation.  It was terribly unfair.   

          • Have you forgotten that she went into the competition with a plan to undermine her opponents? She took on the role of “group mother” to gain their confidence all the while using her own form of psychological warfare. She said as much more than once but finally realized that perhaps she should concentrate instead on actually designing clothes in order to win.

          • rainwood1

            I think Wendy believed PR was going to be like Survivor which was still a pretty new and popular phenomenon back then.  She was going to be the Richard Hatch of PR Season 1 but it didn’t turn out quite as she hoped.

          • I agree. At least she kept her clothes on.

    • Violina23

      I feel like Mondo came across more immature than anything — kinda like “Ugh, but I don’t WANNA sketch! I don’t WANNA do this challenge! I’ll just sit here and pout”

    • Frank_821

      It should be noted that Mondo himself admitted being in a dark place in general during the filming of the show. Considering he came off a few months from his season, it is understandable. Austin and Kenley were not the only ones to comment on Mondo’s moodiness. Joanna commented on it too and it was touched upon last week. I am willing cut them some slack since they had to work around him. Just like people have commented about Kenley’s annoying habits and voice

    • MilaXX

      on ATR I didn’t see it as Kenley/Austin ganging up on Mondo at all. They made a simple comment and Mondo got all huffy and insulted. Much like he has all season. 

  • In_Stitches

    Kenley’s reminded me of a hospital dressing gown and yet, still, it’s better than Michael’s dress for the fanciest porn star at the adult video awards.  

    • Yes! Kenley’s reminded me of the housecoats that my grandma used to wear, but same difference.

    • homespunner

      I want to go to that hospital!

    • SheWhoMustBeObeyed

       Thank you! When it came down the runway, I thought “That’s a hospital gown.” I think it was the piping solely around the top that made me think that. It was just very odd. I agreed with the judges when they said it just needed one more “Wow” factor. A belt in the piping color would’ve been great, but I don’t think she had the material to do it.

  • Ok, while I agree with you guys on Mondo’s dress and whiney ass, I have to say Kenley’s dress sucked. It was too simple, but this time her seams and not pattern matching wrecked that very simple, perfectly acceptable dress. If you some one wearing that on the street you would assume it was homemade by a novice seamstress. The other issue is matching that pattern would probably add material and cost to the dress. It was not a great offer.

    Other then that, I also agree it is another produced and scripted PR and that is just damn sad. But they have a mission and a prize “they” want give to the right designer, it was always going to be scripted, but with bad designing, from good designers, it has been a bit easier to hide, then the Anya crap.

    • Sweetbetty

       I wonder at what point the producers decide who the winner is going to be?  Do they decide at the beginning of the filming or after a few episodes have been filmed?  It seemed that Anya was the Chosen One from that season’s very first episode.

  • andcoh

    Wow, Mondo’s is really, really ugly.  Like, honestly I don’t have words.  Except Mexican table runner.  Because we had that exact thing at a restaurant I worked at.

    And honestly guys, I love this site to death.  If you drop PR I won’t be the least bit upset.  You’ve come into your own and sadly (for PR) have become more relevant to fashion than the show.

    • Kristinoten

       Agree.  TLo has so much to offer that you shouldn’t feel obligated to keep blogging as the show takes a turn for the worst.  Love this site!

    • piperkitty

      I too love this site. And yes PR is my addiction and I’ll keep watching no matter how frustrating it is. If TLo drops PR where will I go to vent my feelings? I will so miss the bitter kittens and their commentary.

  • megohd

    Kenley’s dress was a snooze, and the 60s ponytail was so out of place. That said, I still think Michael should have gone home. How could a dress with so much skin showing be so decidedly unsexy? It didn’t hug her curves in a flattering way, and the model could barely walk or turn around in it. Fail, fail, fail.

    I thought Austin’s was the clear, clear winner. 

    Mondo’s—eh. Cute, but I’m pretty sure I had that dress when I was 8.

    • Violina23

      I agree — Austin’s coat, flaws and all, was wearable, marketable, and IMO was a somewhat unique kind of shape compared to what you usually see in a retail store. 

      Michael’s though?  Eyyuch….  I’ll say it again — WHO could wear that?  Epic Fail.   Even more EPIC fail to the judges for liking it.

      • cluecat

        I would wear Michael’s caftan – though not with the horrible hem or cut-to-navel top.

        I have neuropathic pain which makes most pants, esp. skinny jeans, or even tight tshirts really uncomfortable.  It’s hard to find loose yet not shapeless clothes for my size (2), as a result I have way too many of the same things- loose but belted cardigans, maxi dresses, etc.  

        Caftans are great but they’re usually made with plus size ladies shape in mind, even in the smaller sizes they are often voluminous.  I would love to be able to buy one with an actual slim figure silhouette and a spring-y print like Michael’s.  

        • Violina23

          So, it sounds like you like the print, and the breezy/summer feel of the dress (I do too actually), but everything else is a mess, right?  😉  I still retain my cynicism that this would look good on ANYONE, big figure or small — and that makes it a HORRIBLE choice for a challenge geared towards mass-production & mass-appeal. 

    • oh_dear_oh_dear

      Something to keep in mind — Austin’s dress was much more labor-intensive than the others, and still wasn’t ready to be sold. In order for it to look showroom-ready it would have gone over budget. I think the judges liked his as much or more than Mondo’s, but when you factor in the actual manufacturing, it’s pretty easy to see why they gave Mondo’s dress the win.

    • Sally Brownson

       Yeah, Michael’s caftan made me think about some poor girl wearing this on a subway or something. If she moved the wrong way, I guarantee that someone would get a good look at her tits or underwear from the back. I hate his whole “plunge in front AND back” thing, it always looks slutty to me.

      • piperkitty

        and insanley impractical

        • I know, right? I’m not automatically against a caftan. They have their place, and they can be fun and cool. Despite what Michael made, they can also be comfortable and practical. The only thing you could use this for is a beach/poolside cover-up. You’d get arrested if you wore it as is in public, and/or end up in the hospital because you broke your left from tripping over the hem.

           In Michael’s defense, however, he did say he imagined the wearer putting this on over a bathing suit, and that it was a vacation piece. I don’t think he expected anyone to wear it on a normal day without something underneath it.

          Eh. I still hate the fabric and I think he should have been booted.

  • Floyd Thirsby

    If your theory of Mondo is true tell me what challenge he should have been eliminated.  He’s consistently made one of the best and most interesting looks challenge after challenge.   You don’t like Mondo.  I don’t like Austin.  I really don’t like Kenley. I think you’ve bought the B/M “story” from their editing and post show 100%.  You were conscious of bitch edits in the past why not now.  

    • We’ve been pointing out the scripted nature of this show for YEARS. And every time, someone comes along and says “You’re just noticing this NOW?”

      • drdirection


    • Violina23

      I don’t have anything against Mondo — I like his style and eye for color/prints, but he has NOT been in top form this competition.  Whenever he’s gotten something out of his comfort zone, he’s essentially shut down.  I’ve been less than impressed several times over.  

      But don’t forget — this is still a reality show / competition.  As TLO have pointed out on many occasions, many of these designers have futures in the fashion world, even if they don’t win Project Runway.  Even when Mondo [inevitably] wins, it isn’t going to be the deciding factor in whether or not he is a success long-term.

  • I didn’t pay attention at all last night. I only found out what the chanellege was just now. I was all “Oh, cool for Mondo. Bye Kenley. I don’t know what Mondo or Austin made but yours was really cute!” And then I saw what Mondo made…really? Who would buy that for $300? I can make that for you for half that!

    This morning Style was running a PR Season 1 marathon and I caught the worst episode of that season – the swimsuit one. Still miles ahead of any episode from the past three seasons.

    • asympt

      Well, it’s sold out on the website, so enough people would buy it, apparently.

      • I’m going to open an Etsy store full of Mexican runner dresses right now!

      • TropiCarla

        I would, at TJ Maxx, for $20, to wear on a vacation to the Caribbean. That’s all.

        I was horrified at both Michael’s and Austin’s. Kenley’s badly lined up print would set off my OCD so bad I’d be catatonic.

  • bluefish

    The show does feel scripted — it certainly did last night.  I would imagine that the producers are heavily involved in every damn aspect of this once great show — I don’t think that our friend Mondo has the patience or constitution to deal with that kind of BS and attribute much of his attitude to being exhausted, pissed off (do NOT blame him for that at all), and just generally fed up.  He’s an artist, the best of this crop by a country mile — Give the man what he should have received on his original season and close up shop!

    I really like his dress — it doesn’t need a tieback — It needs a young, confident young person inside it complete with a fun attitude and an appreciation for his style.  By far the best of the four and I’m glad he took it.  I watched 30 seconds of the dreaded after show before switching it off.  Joana has been an effective mentor to them in the workroom but on After the Runway she’s really really annoying — blatantly trying to stir up trouble and acting as though they’re members of some breathlessly urgent League of Nations.  I applaud Mondo for his obstinate  pain-in-the-ass qualities.  I fear I would go ballistic.

    I felt bad for Kenley — she’s done consistently good work this season.  Cautionary note:  peacock motifs look good on peacocks and peacocks only, period.  The fabric she picked is hiddy and did her no favors.  I wondered if the producers paid her off handsomely under the table, made her sign a confidentiality agreement, and told her to flunk out because they didn’t want her in the final three.

    I love Austin but that coat was just a giant no — hated it.  Michael and his jersey (jersey!) caftan was a puzzlement. And what the hell with the length of that thing?

    Team Pissy, Whiney, Impossible, Entitled Mondo all the way!

    PS — I like Nanette Lepore’s perfume very much so it was a treat to see her.

    • Kimbolina

      I agree with your assessment of Mondo.  Also, I think All Stars was filmed pretty soon after his season?  Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s just burnt out/annoyed with the whole PR deal.

  • Mondo’s not winning my vote for fan favorite this time around. One does wonder how much the dreaded editing is at work: is he being punished for backlash over Gretchen’s win? Just paranoid speculation, I guess. I will say that Mondo, more consistently than the rest of them, seems to be doing something creative and interesting – though not always successfully. This outfit was just ugly and shapeless. And maybe he’s just lucky (when it comes to my opinion, at least) because his basic aesthetic is a little more unusual to begin with than, say, Kenly (omigod that voice – I won’t miss that). But for me, as a designer, I think Mondo is fundamentally more interesting even when he fails (of course, he won here, so I’m not sure what that does to my thesis in this post).

    In other news, I found Lepore refreshing as a judge because she seemed to bring a businessperson’s perspective to the whole thing.

  • LongTall_Sally

    I haven’t seen this episode yet, but the irony of this whole season is that the producers are obviously trying to correct some past injustices (perceived, anyway), but have only generated new injustices in the process.   I was rooting for Mondo and Austin from the beginning, but it is not so satisfying when their designs are over-praised by the judges.   And Rami and Mila never should have been schmaufed before Jerrel or even Michael.  The producers are incapable of fixing any past mistakes without making a whole slew of new ones.

    • I agree on Mila but Rami’s auf outfit was awful. I can’t image who else should of gone in that chanellege.

      • LongTall_Sally

         Rami’s schmauf outfit really was awful, but I’d have to go back and see what others did.  There were plenty of times when the designer with the worst outfit stayed, though, which I think is fine if the judges are taking into account past performance.  Its not fine if the reason is to serve a script that can’t be supported by reality.

      • Girl_With_a_Pearl

        Rami made a beautiful jacket with a weirdly seemed blouse underneath.  The sort of unfair thing was that the judges asked Rami have the model open her jacket.  If they didn’t do that, no one would have known about the badly seemed blouse.  They did not do that with any of the other designers, which seemed unfair.  However, the color on Rami’s outfit was not good.  But it was the first time Rami ended up in the bottom and he was auffed, unlike Kara, who was at the bottom for most of this season.  (Disappointing because I like Kara.)  I really liked most of Rami’s  other designs and was disappointed that they auffed him when they did.  

        • ballerinawithagun

          One of my favorite designers is Rick Owens. If Rami’s draped top and jacket would have been in shades of gray I would have thought it was one Rick Owens fabulous ensembles.

        • B

          I saw an entire rack of blouses with the same titscrepancy to Rami’s at JC Penney two nights ago. Yes I was in there. But wow. Scary boobs on purpose. In retail.

      • Exhibit A: Granny twinset
        Exhibit B: High-waisted ballooning khacki slacks

        • Yep. I wasn’t entirely sure, but I thought that was the episode in which Austin made those horrible pants. He should have been booted, but he wasn’t going anywhere.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      The entire season was apparently built around the desire to give Austin and Mondo the chance to win it all after being screwed during their first time around, and as you said, that script led to a new set of problems, with talented designers (who lack the drama queen qualities B/M demands) being eliminated while less talented contestants were allowed to remain.
      A pox on Lifetime and B/M

  • SignLadyB

    Ooh my goodness, yes! Haven’t seen all the designs but between winner and loser I have to say Kenley definitely got shafted. That print was absolutely stunning and while not all the seams matched she did a very interesting job of matching on the back.
    My God!!!! Mondo, did you take a page from your previous opponent? Even I could have sewed strips of cloth together to make a shapeless coverup, but would I wear it? Puhleeeese. Yeah, he has been more whiney and perhaps gives off an air of entitlement but this is truly a non-designed garment in all but perhaps the mix of patterns. Will head for Lifetime Rate the Runway to see the rest, rerun tonight.

  • ASK26

    despite the Austin love – I still think that he should not have been there.  That coat was too voluminous and wrinkly and cheap looking – to  me and it looked huge imagine if the woman wearing it were a 12 or God forbid 16?  (Oh wait never mind on that last part – according to most designers, no women exist over a 12-14. 

    • bluefish

      So agree.  I thought the coat was a miss in every respect and I dearly love Austin–and the attention and care he puts into styling himself.  He’s always so chic in the way he presents himself and I end up surprised when at least half of what he makes for women doesn’t appeal to me at all.  Go figure.

    • I don’t know, I’m a 10-12 and I thought the coat was cute.  I could definitely see that in my wardrobe.

      • Pinup Ghoul

         I liked it, too. I would only wear it with the tie at the waist, but really, a fab coat is a fab coat, and Austin made a fab coat.

      • SheWhoMustBeObeyed

         I’m an 18 and I’d love to have that coat in m closet. I’d use the belt to tie it rather than wear it swingy, but it was a great color and I love the giant pretty skirt on it.

  • Eclectic Mayhem

    I’ve not watched the last three episodes.  I’m still here reading you guys but I think I can say that I’m definitely done with watching PR.  Sad to see the best show on TV go out with just a crass, manipulated whimper.

    If you guys hear from NDC can you send some Bitter Kitten love her way please?  Many thanks


    • serenitynow02

      And from me too. I’ve been thinking about her all this week….

      • DinaSews

        Me too.  Due to technical difficulties, I was never able to offer my well wishes at the time.

  • lilibetp

    I really like certain aspects of Kenley’s dress.  And I would never in a million years be caught dead in Mondo’s.  Why’s he being such a little s**t this season?

  • Kenley’s dress is FUGLY. I can’t imagine how bad the others had to be for you to think she should have stayed. Eagerly awaiting the next post. 😀

    • Okay wow. Just saw the other post. Boy, Kenley was robbed.

  • I have to say I love Joanna for the bra question! I mean that is the real world for most women, and will cost you to lose a sale to everyone over a B cup (and often those under as well). I hate how offended by real womens body proportations some of these designers are.

    • cheesebomb

      I am well over a B cup. If I can’t wear a bra with it, I won’t buy it. Period. 

    • Olivierierie was just speaking out loud what most of them are doing in their designs.

  • bittersweet73

    I couldn’t agree more with the last paragraph.  Thank you for saying it.  I didn’t enjoy this episode at all, because I just hated Nanette Lepore.  Her personality was sour and made me cringe.

  • Violina23

    I wasn’t crazy about ANY Of the designs I saw last night.  But, of course, the judges pretty much loved all of them.  As awful as Mondo’s execution was, the worst offender to me was MIchael’s because this is a RETAIL design — even the MODEL didn’t look very good, how would a normal woman, bra or no bra, pull that off? 
    *shakes head and sighs*

    • MilaXX

       I HATED Micheal’s Anay-esque dress. He makes a caftan that you can’t wear a bra with, that’s too long and then say you can add a hook closure to the front and back to make it less plunging. Yet on the runway he doesn’t demonstrate that and covers the deep plunge with a necklace in front and a ponytail in back, but Kenley get auf’d for not keeping the keyhole? Really show? *SIGH*

      • DinaSews

        You think that caftan was long now?  Just wait until you wear it for 3 or 4 hours.  That knit is going to stretch like silly putty.

  • I used to love Mondo, but like you guys said, he’s not very likable this season. I’m kind of sick of the whole “I’m so lost; I don’t know what to design” schtick from him every episode.

    At this point, I don’t really feel invested in the outcome of this show. Probably because I accidentally came across the spoilers for who wins the season. Sigh.

  • Last night’s episode felt so seriously lacking an drive.  It was very matter of fact and lusterless, regardless of the amount of drama they attempted to create with the edit. Plus, the designer chosen by them for the challenge, Nannette Lepore, came across as a sensible, savvy businesswoman, who was pretty much divorced from the whole drama thing, and saw right through everyone’s attempts at grandstanding, or ducking the work to hand. (talking to YOU kenley)  That said, giving the schmauf to Kenley over Michael C, was ridiculous.  His garment, if it can even be granted that name, was a draping 101 project for a first year design student, not an All Star.  Who the hell is going to wear that thing?  I could at least see the intention in Kenley’s, misfires aside.

    • ballerinawithagun

      This episode began with so much promise! Really enjoyed the coster, but alas, not very entertaining. Did Michael even hem that thing?

      • Considering how little work that thing required, I sure as hell hope so. It was a shapeless schmata. And also considering how little work it really was, not hemming it to the correct length was unforgivable. When Joanna and Nannette came into the work room, he was very nearly done with it.

      • I agree about the premise of the episode. It was interesting to get just the tiniest glimpse into the business of getting a dress to market. During the usual challenges, when the designers might get as much as $200 to spend for their outfit, you tend to forget about how much labor and other overhead costs would increase the final price of the garment. 

        • Sweetbetty

           I found that interesting too.  I used to work in purchasing at a sewing factory and knew just a bit about how they costed out an item but these were small, inexpensive items. 

          If a PR designer was only allowed around $60 for fabric (and I’m assuming that was wholesale pricing) for a garment that would be sold at $300 what must be allowed for a dress that sells for $50?  It boggles the mind. 

  • Kristinoten

    Completely agree, boys. In this episode, my opinions of Mondo and Kenley completely changed.  I miss the wobegone days of the Magical Elves.

    • ballerinawithagun

      The Magical Elves were wonderful in person as well.

  • Apocalipstick Now Redux

    Seriously  Kenley’s dress was a freaking disaster in that print.  It was hideous.  The dress in a different pattern, smaller pattern would have been charming.  She should have been offed simply for the horrible seaming.

    • She should have been aufed simply for the horrible fabric.

      I kid. I really hate the dress she made, but I still think Michael should have gone instead.

    • Sweetbetty

       I’ve been trying to closely examine the pictures of Kenley’s dress both at this site and the Lifetime site and for the life of me it looks like there are two waistline darts on the left side of the dress front but only one on the right.  There’s no way Kenley or anyone who made it to any PR show would have done that so I’m asking for others’ impressions of that area.

  • Frank_821

    I am glad someone else mentioned about the the fact she match up the back very nicely. While Kenley’s was a little too boring she was more successful at the brief than Michael. I cannot believe how much they praised his caftan. That item was the least sellable of all 4 garments.

    and as far as the issue of the seams. It might have come down to she didn’t have enough fabric to allow her to properly match it up on the side. Personally though she should have done some kind of a cut-out on the neck line to replace the keyhole.

    oh well at least they look like they will have some kind of real mini-collection runway

  • MilaXX

    Just read this at TWoP, about sums up how I feel at this point;
    “Oh season. You started out so well, with less fuckery than I have been
    suffering through the least two seasons. But it seems it was all a sham,
    and we’re on the death march to Mondo’s winning (to make up for his
    actual at-the-time undeserved loss). “

    • Violina23

      Heh, I feel bad “liking” this, but it rings oh so true…

    • CarolinLA

      Don’t crown Mondo too soon.  A lot of people feel Austin was robbed nearly as much as Mondo (sorry, I give the edge to Mondo in the robbery category).

  • EsmeraldaV

     I thought they were gonna ping Kenley for making the same dress again. For her to stay, if this weren’t scripted, she would have had to put in the keyhole or match the pattern up. Also, I am going to smoke a little of PR crack, and say that someone who is spending $350-$400 for a dress is much more likely to buy Michael’s dress than Kenley’s dress.

    Side note: I totally laughed when they all commented on the fact that Kenley doesn’t follow direction well.

    The only element of Mondo’s dress I didn’t like was the lime green. When it came down the runway I figured Mondo was getting the win.

    • I laughed during the after show when Kenley was surprised that Mondo could hear her across the room.  I wonder if she has a hearing problem and is not aware that she speaks so loudly.

  • serenitynow02

    My feelings can be summed up in the fact that I decided to watch a Polish movie on Netflix instead.

    I like Kenley’s dress and could see a grown-up woman wearing it, whereas Mondo’s strikes me as toddler-wear.  

    Really, after Anyagate, I don’t care if I never watch another episode of BM runway tripe. When I do watch, it’s only to have fun with TLo and the minions.

  • Nevermind the dress on Mondo’s model; what about that hair? 

  • emily mcginnis

    Mondo has become quite the unlikeable character. i heard he was in a “dark place” during filming. well, fine. but what was his excuse on the “After the Runway” or whatever it’s called. he was a spoiled brat on that too. his dress belongs in the childrens’ department. i honestly don’t see it being a big seller if it were just a random dress. it may sell well because it’s Mondo. otherwise, no. 

    Kenley was robbed here. she made a sale-able dress. yes, she had some issues with the print lining up, but at least a normally-shaped woman could wear this. 

    • GenXcellent

      Oh yeah… After the Runway was just awkward.  His response when neither Kenly nor Anthony named him as who they thought should win…just wow. So graceless.

      That being said, Isaac’s point about it being about the clothing rather than the designer’s personality this is the most important thing to people buying the clothing was a good one.

      • Sweetbetty

         Did you catch Mondo and Michael glancing morosely at each other when Kenley and Anthony both named Austin as their pick.  I doubt that was scripted but it couldn’t have been any better if it had been.

  • jeeves22

    Eh, I feel that Kenley has been in damage control mode this time around; some of her cheerful demeanor seemed like playing to the cameras. She threw a cat at someone and she’s not really a great designer, so I’m fine with her leaving.

  • fringebenefit

    Wow, TLo, you have once again articulated my thoughts about an episode down to the very last word. Amazing. 100% in agreement.

  • Melanie Harrison

    I haven’t been invested in this show for two years, but keep coming back hoping it will return to it’s former glory days. I only half watch the show these days, with one eye on my laptop and the other on PR. All Starts started off great, but quickly went the way of past seasons with too much producer manipulation insulting the audience’s intelligence.

  • Snailstsichr

    I loved everything you said!

  • Louise Bryan

    OK, I hated Michael’s … thing, caftan.  I can see why he can whip out clothes so fast, if they have no more structure than that … thing he showed last night.  Even I could probably sew it up, and, trust me, that’s saying something.  But the front of Kenley’s dress looked goofy.  It looked a little like she caught some extra fabric in the needle when she was doing the seam, which is a particular knack of my sewing.  I did love the tulip sleeves.

    I really liked Mondo’s dress.  A lot.  So did my daughter.  I did not think it looked like a table runner.  It looked wearable, as opposed to Michael’s, which looked like he had whipped the tablecloth off the table, cut it in half, put in a few staples, and, Voila!  We also liked Austin’s coat.  We were in complete agreement with the win.

    • Sweetbetty

       Yes, yes, on Kenley’s dress front!  I’m glad someone else noticed it too.  But I just can’t believe she would have let the dress go down the runway like that and certainly one of the judges would have called her out on such a blatant screw-up.

  • Not a bad challenge. I appreciated the highly quantitative, rigorous, and pragmatic aspect of it. It’s a challenge that demands problem solving; it’s not the standard get-inspired-by-a-flower-and-show-us-your-point-of-view sort of challenge we see prior to the finale. I did not care for Mondo’s dress. It’s boxy and shapeless and droopy. I did NOT want to see those pockets on that yellow panel. They scream stick your hands here and bulge your hip area. All the undulation he created to meet the border of said yellow panel struck me as incongruent to the linearity of the garment. The color mixing did not seem as deliberate and confident and imaginative as Mondo’s color mixing tends to be.

    I didn’t want to see Kenley go. She’s been producing consistently strong work. Was hers a great dress? No. The judges were right to point out that she needed to work on matching up the print. The purple-trimmed tulip-like sleeves were nice. I’m shocked they chose Michael instead of Kenley. The judges don’t recognize– or don’t want to recognize– Michael’s very limited knowledge base. For fuck’s sake, he made a commitment not to use tape for this garment. Please! Seriously, they really don’t see that Michael needs to work on sewing and construction. His range of technical skills is quite narrow. Yes, yes, he knows how to cut and drape. Can he do much more than that?

    • yetanotherLaura

       I’m about 99% sure that the judges had absolutely *nothing* to do with deciding to keep Michael and schmauf Kenley.  It was the producers driving the whole thing.  It was painfully obvious, even moreso than it’s been for a while now.  I really don’t know why B-M insist on insulting our intelligence to SUCH a degree, but I for one will never watch another show produced by them again if I can help it. 

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        Bunim/Murray just sucked the life and joy out of this series, but I blame Heidi, Nina and the other regular cast members as well.  They’ve gone along with the changes that B/M made.

  • SignLadyB

    Whoa! I just looked at rate the runway and I’m even more confused and disappointed. Mondo’s design was definitely the worst in terms of execution. As I said in my earlier post, I could have sewed strips of fabric together.
    Even Michael’s while a rerun of former designs had some work put into it, and Austin’s while a monotone was at least a well sewn monotone.
    Yep, I’ve gotta agree, seems B/M is paying ransom for the Gretchen-Mondo fiasco and is following the path of choosing a winner based on nothing but sentiment a la A….. my God I’ve even forgotten her name. 

  • Stefanos Mantyla

    As much as I am disappointed Kenley went home, I have to say that her dress looks like hospital gown for a patient. I think lining the collar and sleeves with NOT the same colour as what is predominant in the print might have mitigated that effect. It also looks like she tried to do something interesting with the sleeves, but it just did not quite work.

    Until I see the other two pieces, Mondo clearly won, but I agree; it is not a terribly exciting garment.


    If Kenley had actually made the dress she designed, she probably would have won the challenge.  The moment she chose that giant print, it was over.  That became the whole dress.  It was so out of scale that it obliterated all the style lines.  If she had cut it symetrically it would have helped, but it would never be the simple, tailored keyhole dress she sketched.  Also, I want to love Mondo, but he is wearing me out.  If he can’t sketch at all- and he adamently refuses to learn- I wonder how he plans to communicate with the people who will be building his designs in the future.  Hire a sketch artist, I suppose.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      While I wasn’t happy to see Kenley schmaufed, the judges’ comments about her decision to use that fabric were legitimate criticisms.  By using a pattern that didn’t accomodate her original sketch she gave the judges an out for aufing her.

      • Sweetbetty

         And how many times has she chosen fabric with a print that didn’t suit her design?  This ain’t the first time.  People want to excuse her for not matching her prints because of her seams and darts but that’s all part of being a good designer; you have to chose the right fabric.

  • Um, yeah!  Ruined it indeed.  How could they not send Michael home for that part Golden Girls, part hoochie mama caftan?  Frankly, I’m still pissed about Rami going home before Palm Springs Mikey.

    • introspective

      Girl if i could i would have liked this a million times!! Rami was robbed. Period. So was mila. They definitely had lots left in them to give and would have certainly rocked many of they challenges they missed out on. Including this one.

      • CarolinLA

        But Rami was the clear loser that week he was sent home.  Sometimes it happens to good designers, especially in an All-Star round.

        • Actually, I thought Austin deserved to go for his granny Easter luncheon ensemble. Wretched.

  • AlieMichelle

    I’m not really all that distraught about the way the show played out last night, honestly. While I find Kenley annoying, I will admit that I love her designs (repetitive though they may be) and wouldn’t have minded her in the finale… but that dress last night was such a snooze. Isaac was on point when he said it was frumpy. Had it been more fitted in the bust or had something more interesting than tulip sleeves to kick it up a notch I might feel differently, but as it was I saw a blah dress that relied way too heavily on pattern.

    I also seem to be in the huge minority by liking Michael’s dress. I know he’s made it before, but this design looked so much fresher than his old-lady gelato nightgown. I would actually wear that caftan (albeit with a bandeau top). Still, he deserved to be called out on repeating his design, and I’m glad he was in the bottom two for that.

    Austin’s raincoat looked terrible, in my opinion. The wrinkliness and musty color really threw me. I loved the silhouette and his concept, but the result was so frowsy-looking. When she took the belt off it was just hideous.

    Mondo’s… eh. I can get behind Mondo’s for the win. I don’t particularly like it, but it’s the most original-looking thing on the runway (though that depended mostly on the prints, and I hate that stupid ruffle at the bottom – I thought it was a fringe at first and I think that’d be more fun). Could they really give the win to a wrinkly raincoat, a rehashed dress, or a nurse’s smock from 1942? Mondo was basically their only option. Plus, they were never going to get rid of him and we knew it, regardless of his bad attitude.

  • Logo Girl

    Could it be argued that not knowing how to sketch is almost as limiting as not knowing how to sew? 

    • SewingSiren

      He mentioned that he does technical sketches, which are what is actually used in production of garments. I don’t know why he didn’t make a technical sketch of his idea. It is not necessary to be an illustrator to be a good designer.

      • Logo Girl

        Good point. I just know that, as a *graphic* designer, I am sometimes limited by not having the best drawing skills. 

  • Shoelover1512

    I agree with this post completely. And I don’t think that Mondo is undeserving of the top 3 but he was certainly praised for outfits that did not deserve it. And quite frankly so were Michael and Austin. And I love coats, if I was hot 99% of the time I would wear coats all day long but Austin’s coat was not good. Good idea in theory but baaaad in execution.

    And that dress needed some shape. The commented to Kenley early in the episode that women like more form fitting dresses but gave the win to a dress that was essentially shapeless? Um, what? And the tie back was need to really enhance the silhouette but the tie back makes it look cheap in my opinion. Especially on a $300 little dress. Yikes!

    I believe that this final 3 was predetermined and the story was going to tell that regardless of whether the clothes justified it or not.

  • Judy_J

    I can’t for the life of me figure out why Kenly was so taken with that awful print.  She could have knocked it out of the park with this challenge.  Mondo’s dress as done for the LePore boutiques is cute, but not $300 worth of cute.

    • BethR52

      I think they would have found a way to knock her out of the final three no matter what she did.

      • I agree. I mean, they made a point of saying that she was stubborn and designers shouldn’t be stubborn, so she’d have to go. Because you can’t really be stubborn and succeed. Unless the reason you are stubborn is because you have a “vision,” of course, in which case it shows how strong you are as a designer.

  • amywinns

    A disappointing showing all around. Four very different designers, just before finals, and I am not enthusiastic about a single garment. I liked Austin’s the most, but that’s not really the same as saying I liked it.

  • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

    I hated Mondo’s dress so much. Hated.

  • tsid2012

    I’m not watching the show so i cannot comment on the personas or drama but I do think this is a very cute little dress mondo turned out and i could see amny of my girlfriends wanting to wear this many places.  I don’t think the styling is so great, the hair is a little too retro 20’s for my taste and the shoes are just plain.  Do some fun sexy hair and add strappy sandals, chunky bracelet and this is a much better look.

  • NatalieD28

    I thought I’d never say this, but I’m quite disappointed Kenley went home. Granted, I missed the episode so I’m just now seeing these two entries, but I really started to root for her. During her season I, too, screamed at my tv for her to go away, but she really, really changed my feelings about her this time around. I pretty much can’t stand Mondo or Michael, and although I do agree Austin may have been a bit disappointing this season, I can’t help but pull for him to win.

  • I knew Kenley was a goner when Nanette called her haughty and said she wouldn’t listen to anyone.  You DON”T diss the designer/guest/judge!

    • siriuslover

      I knew Kenley was a goner when Nanette went into the workroom, listened to Kenley’s reasoning for not following through with the approved design and said “We’ll see.”  That look, those words, I was like, yeah, she’s gone.

    • BethR52

      At least not if you’re female, it seems.

      • amywinns

        I blame the patriarchy whenever possible, but this is a female designer-contestant, female designer-boss, a female designer-judge, a female host, and a gay male designer-judge. I don’t think we can call sexism on this one. Nanette and Joanna clearly found Kenley arrogant and stubborn and didn’t want to reward that. Full stop.

    • deathandthestrawberry

      Yeah, I can see that. And as someone who frequently works with younger freelance designers (graphic, not clothing), it really yanks my chain when I don’t get what I signed off on. Perhaps, that will be a teachable moment for Kenley. She kept saying, over and over, “I’ve done this before. I know what I’m doing.” But obviously she didn’t.

      • Zippypie

         Bottom line, if you’re in business designing anything – from a dress to a website to a brochure – and show the client one thing yet come out with a finished product that isn’t that original design, be prepared to be fired, especially if you’re going to mouth off to the client about how you know what you’re doing.  Kenley showed her true self in her interactions with Nanette and Joanna, a self she’s been hiding most of the competition.  She was doing damage control the past weeks and then lost it.  This is what I’ll remember about her – again – arrogant, stubborn, defensive and unable to work with others.

        Michael may not have put the hook and eye closures in his dress that he discussed with Nanette and Joanna, but he was open to discussion.  If Kenley had discussed the changes to her design and been open to the feedback she was given, even if she didn’t change her garment, maybe she’d still be in it.  Nanette was pissed.

      • 3boysful

         And that was when I knew she was a goner.

      • 3boysful

         And that was when I knew she was a goner.

    • amywinns

      Definitely. I’ve had job interviews where I could tell the person on the other side of the desk bristled at something I said, and it was like “so …I should just leave right now? or do you want to continue with 10 more minutes of playacting?” Reminded me of that.

    • rainwood1

      I knew Kenley was a goner when Austin said something like “I don’t know what I’d do if Kenley was gone.”  Bunim-Murray is as subtle as a blow to the head.  

  • BuffaloBarbara

    While I don’t argue with the idea that the judging was obviously, erm, pre-judged, I have to wonder… on what grounds, and were they talking to the editors?  I mean, the point of giving the win to Mondo was to try and make up for a perceived slight, so why edit him to be such a pain in the ass?  Presumably, the point of the scripting is to give the audience and enjoyable show.  The arc for that would be, “Here’s this nice guy who got screwed by the other judges.  See him make cool clothes!  Watch us redeem the franchise by giving the win to the one who should have had it in his season!” (Personally, in Mondo’s season, I was rooting for Andy.  Mondo seemed okay, but a little too focused on personal stuff, and I liked Andy’s clothes better.)  Instead, they gave him an edit where he’s a snot and didn’t design challenges that he ought to have won.  Meanwhile, they gave Kenley a much better edit.  Austin, too, and made challenges more in their bailiwicks.  MIchael’s presence baffled me in his season and continues to baffle here.  It’s not just scripting.  It’s very, very weird scripting choices.

    • Sally Brownson

       I think it’s the little “I am an artiste” attitude. Notice how many people on here say things like “Oh, but creative types are usually difficult, it’s because they’re geniuses, we love them anyway!” I don’t get it, but enough people seem to be defending him as having been in a “dark place” or whatever that I can see them going for that on purpose.

      • You know, that boggles me.  I’m a fairly creative person, and I all but live in a dark place.  But I never get a pass for that — where does one sign up for the Crazy-person-get-out-of-jail-free card?

      • Peeve

         I don’t get it, either. Creativity doesn’t give you a pass for being a decent human being. I’m a musician, and I know plenty of wonderful musicians who are true artists AND truly nice people. I also know plenty of musicians who are out-and-out shits. I know who I’d rather hang with. I’m not saying Mondo is an out-and-out shit–who knows how his health and medications are affecting him. What I am saying is that the entitled attitudes of many artists (who may or may not be geniuses) are because people let them get away with it, just to be in proximity to the ‘artist’. You can see that with the Roman Polanski crap awhile back. A bunch of Hollywood types (who should know better) were more than willing to escort him right back in because he’s a ‘genius’, and therefore should have a pass to being a decent human being.

  • Dear TLo – what you said.

  • Dlou 212

     Am I the only one who liked Mondo’s dress?  I thought it was fantastic–and so useful for the right person because it could do the flats/heels thing.  Great colors, great little cap sleeves.  That being said: I am a size 2 and I couldn’t wear it.  But oh, I wish I could!  Kenley lost it through sheer bitchery, and that dress she made looked like something the Queen Mum would’ve worn after a couple of gin and tonics. Just way too staid and dumpy for normal humans to walk around in unless they’re determined to look unfuckable.  Michael’s dress looked pure J-lo in ’99 to me–crap, derivative, and profoundly unappealing.  All in all, I’m surprised by your take.  Kenley should’ve gone–and I’m so glad not to hear that foghorn voice.

    • sleah_in_norcal

      that’s it!  kenley got that voice from competing with the foghorn while out on the tugboat.

    • bluefish

      You are not — I liked it too. 

    • Sally Brownson

       I almost liked Mondo’s dress. If he hadn’t tacked on that ruffle, I would see it, but the ruffle just looks stupid to me. I’m 20 and I think that someone my age would look stupid wearing the ruffle.

      I totally agree with your assessment of Michael’s though. I thought he should’ve gone over Kenley. Basically, I imagined myself in the two garments, and in Kenley’s I look a bit of a priss but kind of cute, and in Michael’s I look like a hooker.

      • MagsRagsVintage

        You have to think of it as a dropped waist mini skirt instead of a ruffle – it helps a lot. He’s working a 1920s silhouette here, which is why he went with the bobbed hairstyle and the loose fit. I thought he was in deep trouble when I looked at what was on his worktable, but he pulled it out for the most part. I would have liked to see it fitted a little closer in the hips and the skirt just a touch longer.

  • Judih1

    IMO the finalists should have been Mondo, Kenley and Mila – but then again I don’t watch the show, just read the recaps here. But these three seemed to have the most talent AND sewing skills. (But then again with Anya’s win last year, sewing skills aren’t really needed are they?)

    Interesting that both Kenley and Mila had strong opinions and I think women with strong opinions are punished – whereas Santino made it to finals and he was downright confrontational with the judges.

    It has been sad watching Project Runway die a slow death, getting worse each season. Not only with the type of challenges offered, but with the judging. Best thing about Project Runway has been TLO

  • I like Mondo. He has always been that kind of inverted moper. Confessing that he is HIV+ on screen helps explain some of it, but that is not going to get rid of the problems. But from the beginning of his previous season I felt that this was one time the show actually found a real designer–someone with an exciting esthetic and the ability to realize it. I guess this season we have found out more than we wanted to know about his creative process. But I still enjoy watching it, and I liked his dress. It is bizarre that he can’t sketch, though.
    I like Kenley, too. I’ve always liked her, but I feel her esthetic is more limited. On the other hand, compared to Michael’s….

    TLo, your comments make me sad. Do B/M realize that if you stop blogging PR the show’s audience will plummet? I enjoy the show but it’s about the only TV show I am currently watching faithfully, and that’s because of the community you generate around it.

    • Monabel

      Word, Judy. Listen up, B/M. I, too, now only watch PR for TLo.

    • GenXcellent

      I can’t say I’d intentionally stop watcing PR if TLo stopped blogging it.  But my guess is, I’d get bored fast, and it’d be one of many shows that I simply kind of forget about once they jump their sharks.  I’ve never been someone to decide that I am just not going to watch something…more often things those stop interesting me just slip from my radar.  I suspect that will/would be exactly the case with PR.  Especially since it’s on Lifetime, a network that already slipped from my radar circa 1993.

  • VicksieDo

    I agree that Mondo is annoying these days, but I see it as his being deeply insecure, which leads to him being defensive and he cannot deal with criticism.  It will make success in the field of fashion very difficult, because scads of people will always hate your designs at any given moment.  I still think he’s the most original voice there, and I still hope he wins.

    Michael is so full of himself, while we’re talking about divas.  He thinks he’s a great designer, which makes me laugh…the only dress I found awesome was the black gown with the funky shoulder/collar treatment.  The rest have been flat out vulgar.

    Kenley did NOT deserve this auf, although you have to wonder why she didn’t take the time to match up the print.  That alone would have saved her I think.

    I liked Austin’s coat, but my 20 yr old daughter said it was frumpy. 

    • SewingSiren

      It’s not a matter of time. It’s a matter of the amount of fabric you have to work with. Large prints in particular take an enormous amount of fabric to match. it would never be done in production.

      • VicksieDo

        Oh thanks, I didn’t know that.

  • The Glamorous Housewife

    Mondo’s big sack of ugly won for only one reason: Nanette Lepore needed to get rid of all that fabric and this was the perfect opportunity. I used to work for Nanette and the only way to get rid of that fabric is to wait a few years and then sell it at a huge discount to a fabric buyer. This was a fantastic opportunity to get rid of at least 5 different unusable fabrics. Well played naneatte, well played.

    • Erica_D

      I have a shirt from Nanette Lepore from 2006 that is in the exact same fabric that was used on the dress Michelle Williams had on for most of the movie Shutter Island.  Do you know how that happened?  Was it Nanette Lepore’s fabric design that the movie got hold of, or did they just happen to use the same fabric?

    • I’m very curious about the peacock fabric and how it was utilized by Nanette Lepore. 

  • nancymae

    I missed last night’s episode so I’m looking at these with fresh eyes so I have to ask: was the challenge to make a loose a dress that you can that offers pops of color but doesn’t veer off into Duggar family proportions?

    That said, i like Mondo’s dress. Not cutting edge but perfect for my niece to wear with some gladiator sandals on her way to the beach. I take it’s retailing for like $20 at Forever 21 right??

    • ballerinawithagun

      Forever 21. Exactly!

  • I feel like they already eliminated Mondo’s main competition in Rami, so it really will be a no-brainer to give it to Mondo in the end.  

  • BethR52

    I’m starting to remember that Mondo was not particularly likeable throughout of his season.  It took the whole season to get to like him.  His not winning just gave him an extra halo. 

  • julnyes

    At the end of the episode I was surprised by how sad I felt for Kenley considering the mere mention of her name during her season made me grind my teeth in rage. She may not have won the season, but she definitely did an excellent PR job on the public perception of her which will be good for her brand in the long run.

    Michael made a hiddy unwearable caftan – I continue to NOT GET his presence on this show.

    Austin made a lovely coat that could pass as a dress and I look forward to seeing his final collection.

    Mondo’s dress is a fun youthful summer dress that I would totally attempt  to rock (if it wasn’t sold out and I wasn’t pear shaped!) It is definitely more a sandals dress than a high heel dress. He has been quite whiny and moody most of the season. However I don’t need him to be a beacon of light and sunshine to appreciate his abilities – I still think he deserves the win.

    • sleah_in_norcal

      i would so love to own mondo’s dress, but it would probably look ridiculous at my age (64 this month).  but that’s never stopped me before…..cultivating that crazy old lady look, here.

      • julnyes

        I am compensating by wearing my Mondo skull t-shirt today 🙂 Same as the one he was wearing on the runway!

      • I’m also cultivating that look. Think of what we could do if we collaborated.

        I’d wear Mondo’s dress now (I’ll be 56 in a few days). I mean, why not? I’d want it longer, of course, but I think it’s a great little dress.

  • jw_ny

    Kenley should never have fallen in love with that print and comprised on her keyhole.  Wrong fabric…right original design.  I don’t disagree with a lot of the comments the judges made about her dress…I only disagree with her schmaufing.  Michael, with his resort wear kaftan, should have gone.  I expected a turbin 😉 Really…how many women buy that kind of stuff, and we’ve seen it over and over again by him and other designers.  I did like his choice of fabric though.

    Mondo’s…eh…cute I guess.  It’s definitely a sandals type dress, but for $300!?  I don’t think so… 

    I thought Austin’s rumbled mess and Micheal’s diva resort kaftan should have been btm 2…with a Michael schmauf.

  • Kate McCain

    I had both praise and criticism for Kenley’s dress-
    Praise: It looks like a dress from a department store.
    Criticism: It looks like a dress from a department store. 

    It’s the print that makes it special, if she didn’t choose such a gorgeous print it’d be nothing. I think that’s why they kept going on about the keyhole. 
    All that said, I still want to buy her dress. 

    I didn’t like Mondo’s dress. Tlo said it better than I could with their comment about the Mexican restaurant table runner!

    • Sweetbetty

       There seems to be a real division on the feeling for Kenley’s fabric’s print;  people seem to either love it or hate it.  I thought it was very pretty as she pulled it off the roll but it’s really too large of a print to do anything fitted with.  If she could have scored enough to do a bias-cut dress where the darts wouldn’t be required it may have work better but obviously that didn’t fit within her budget.

  • introspective

    I actually thought Mondos dress was cute. I can see many different women wearing it of various sizes. (although I think proportion wise whether a 2 or a 12 the straighter the frame the better as a boxy dress like this wouldnt work well with pronounced bust or hips) I believe that the print mix was clever and was definitely in line with the kind of stuff Lepore sells.

    That said kenleys was definitely sellable too and not outside of the Lepore realm. Print matching aside it fit the girl’s shape well. If they even tossed her out for saying that her dress looked too similar to her usual silhouette I would have (maybe) bought it. But as it stands Michael is putting out the same palm springs boca raton 70s shit hes been known to do on too many occasions His not being aufed for that familiar piece of non designed shittery is definitely producer manipulation and a sign that this show has seen better days.

  • nannypoo

    I actually sort of liked Kenley’s dress, but I could not have listened to that voice or that laugh one more week. I wonder if Mondo’s behavior is different during this show than it was in his season and it’s just a matter of editing, or if he has undergone some major life change that has turned him from charming to a pain in the ass. Either way, I’ve had enough of him too. 

    • julnyes

       If I remember his season correctly (and the Gretchen rage has blocked out a lot of it) Mondo was always kinda moody, it just seems to be exacerbated this season.

      • Kimbolina

        I think you’re right.  In his season he was pretty moody, and also really quiet in the beginning of the season.  I feel like most people didn’t even start to take notice of him/start rooting for him until whatever challenge when he was partnered with Michael and bitched about it and then Mondo apologized and they became best friends.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          In Mondo’s season as I remember it the episode in which the designers created a fabric was a big turning point for Mondo.  He created the fabric incorporating the positive sign, and it led to that moment on the runway when he talked about being HIV+-it seemed to be a genuine emotional turning point. 

  • JustJenn142

    I actually liked Mondo’s dress, I thought it was cute and fun.  Do I agree he has turned, or another side of him has been shown, and he is a big whiney boo boo bag. Oh yes.  Drives me nutso.  Michael….honestly I think the show has bound their hands because of Anja.  They can’t call Michael to the curb too harshly because they awarded the win last season to a girl who produced the same maxi dress producing items over and over and over again. Calling a beach wear dresses (that have been around for years) and Caftans (again been around for years…Mrs. Roper anyone?) refreshing, young and exciting.  So they can’t make themselves look bad by turning around and bashing another designer for doing the same thing.  Sorry but hated Michaels dress last night. Hated it. Austin’s I liked the idea of it, and I think with a better fabric and more time to execute, he would have won it.  Kenley. Sigh.  I liked the idea of the dress, I liked the print even…but they didn’t go together. Kenley got all the bashing that they couldn’t give Michael.

  • bluefish

    I have been trying to recall the visit to Mondo’s cool home studio back in his season and seem to remember that he had framed pieces of his various illustrations on the walls.  I may be remembering this incorrectly because after all these years some bits of supposed info have merged and blurred — I could be totally off.  I didn’t really believe in watching last night that he doesn’t know how to sketch at all and never does so.  My producer manipulation alarms started sounding and didn’t stop for the duration.   That whole schtick felt completely fake.

    I’ve come to believe, conspiracy theorist that I am on an off-week, that he’s been told to behave in a certain way, say certain things, and generally buckle under to the will of BM.  I don’t think he likes it, obviously — And think that he’s tired of being yanked around and manipulated for the purposes of the show.  He seems to be a loner by nature.  All this fakery would be hard to take with any measure of grace.

    And I do strongly suspect that Kenley was encouraged to blow it and probably was paid off to do so.  She’s made beautifully constructed clothes all season long–and has always had a great eye for prints and fabrics.  Her peacock dress in the back was very well executed, even though I didn’t care for it — Suddenly in the front it’s a hot mess and she can’t handle a keyhole?  Don’t buy it.

    And this is how the show will lose more and more of its viewers.

    • cheesebomb

      I’d like to know why, if he can’t sketch, he’s judging a sketching context:

      • Just ’cause you can’t do it yourself doesn’t mean that you don’t know what’s good. I can’t sew, but I know when a dress is poorly made.

    • bittersweet73

      I felt like there was something going on with Kenley too.  She had been fitting clothes perfectly all season.  Why did she all of a sudden insist that this dress should be loose fitting?  I also expected her to freak out when she was kicked off, and she didn’t seem all that bothered by it.

  • judybrowni

    What TLo said.

  • pepper76

    I disagree. Kenley’s dress was super basic and pretty much the same silhouette she’s been churning out all season, which she was specifically warned not to do anymore. The keyhole was the only special thing about her original design, and she took it out because she fell in love with that print. And the thing that probably really did her in was her attitude during her critique. “The dress is gorgeous the way it is.” What kind of response is that to someone who, for the purposes of this challenge, is her boss? I think that Kenley makes really cute clothes, but in the end, she just didn’t earn her spot in the finale. Whether or not Michael deserved it may be a different story, but I don’t think they were wrong not to give it Kenley.

    • sleah_in_norcal

      really.  when kenley eliminated that keyhole, she took out the one thing that the client liked, and it was the focus of her design pitch.  what she ended up with is a plain, skimpy, cheap-looking dress that you could buy at j.c.penney’s in downtown burbank.

      • rainwood1

        Which would put it right next to Michael’s Mrs. Roper caftan.

  • SewingSiren

    Mondo- I don’t really have much to say on his personality, except that I think it is the same as his season. He was always a little prickly.  Funny that he brought up Kenley’s print matching, because the seams on his dress are not straight. And since the seams are the whole design, that’s kind of important. This dress is basically a longer version of the blouse he did for the Cynthia Rowley challenge. It’s odd that they complained that Kenley’s wasn’t fitted enough isn’t it? and they give this tree trunk of a dress the win.
    I don’t hate it, but under normal circumstances I would not see it selling in  a Nanette Lepore shop. It looks Fashion Bug to me. OSFM.

    Kenley – Picked beautiful fabric. Impossible to have enough fabric to match the CB seam with the budget they have and on a print that large it is usually not matched . The why it is mitered at the cb is a good solution in my opinion. The fitting darts never have the print matched ( it is not possible.) I do think she made a mistake by eliminating the keyhole, but it did not cost her the win.
    They have complained about her repeating silhouettes and she goes off of the basic bodice sloper one time and she’s out. This was my favorite garment. It fits the bill perfectly. 

    Fashion jab of the week-What a crock. Mondo dissing his friend for repeating the gelato challenge dress was far bitcher as was Michael bitching about Mondo’s blue moods.

    • Sweetbetty

       I don’t think that the seams on Mondo’s dress were not straight; I think that is was the weight of the very drapey crepe fabric hanging on the model’s body that pulled them out of line.  If nothing else, Mondo can sew a straight seam.

      • SewingSiren

        Look at the top and bottom edge of the zig-zag panel.

    • rainwood1

      SS – I always love the additional info you give about the technical side of making a garment.  I don’t sew and I wouldn’t know any of this kind of thing without you.  Thanks!  

  • I’m thinking, for me, all the spark has gone out of this show. At this point I could take it or leave it. It’s like the economy, it’s just not getting better for me. I’m like an addict searching out the high of the 1st season. It never shows up.
    When Michael told the hairdresser what he wanted for his model, did anyone else feel like Anya was reaching back from last season with her grabby little mitts? What is it with these caftan’s and mohawk hair?! I NEVER see anyone dressed like that out here in the real world.

    I hope Austin wins. He’s a gentleman, he has an artist sensibility, and I feel sorry for his mom losing her house. Those are good enough reasons at this point.

  • granddelusion

    I wasnt crazy about mondo’s dress, but I have no problem with mondo. I would have been happy with either kenley or michael leaving. Austin had the most interesting design, execution problems.

  • Deb

    PR has spent years now chiding the designers for letting the client dictate to them, now they send Kenley home for not listening to the client. As you say, they decide ahead of time who is going and it wouldn’t matter if that designer came up with the most perfect design in the history of clothing. Apparently the reality of reality tv is that nothing is real.

    • There’s a big difference between not listening to someone’s mother and challenging a clothing manufacturer who actually is in a position to hire you in the future. Not only will she not be designing for Nanette Lapore any time soon, but her stubbornness could also cost her jobs with other firms.

      • rainwood1

        But other designers this season have not listened either.  How many times did Michael not listen to Joanna this season, including this episode, about being able to wear a bra?  I think they decided to pile the criticism on Kenley because surprisingly she did not give them enough other footage to edit her as the villain they needed her to be. 

  • marilyn

    Where is Michael’s sale rack caftan with the back cut out?  I never got him as a designer,and he is the one who should not be in the finals.  It is a shame that Kenley dropped the ball with her dress.  The fabric was right, and it worked well with that same dress she keeps making.  But the print was not matched, and the dress was too loose.  Kenley always makes the same dress and does not match the prints.  Isn’t matching prints over seams a basic in clothing design technique?  However, this dress with all of its flaws was much better than the jello-green sale rack caftan that Michael made. 


    At the beginning of this All Star season of the show, I didn’t expect Kenley to make it through to the end, despite her considerable talent.  I feared the residual animosity that clung to her as a result of the character she presented on Season Five (with the help of some extremely slanted editing and the smear perpetrated by an eerily popular though clearly prejudiced mentor) might keep her from advancing far.    As it moved along, episode by episode, it seemed she might get a fair shake after all, this time out.   The editing for persona’s sake didn’t present Kenley in as harsh a light as some others and her work was consistently admired (as it should have been, though perhaps a bit more,) so I thought she had a chance to make it to the final.   Now I’m beginning to suspect that this all male final was designed to counter criticism of Project Runway’s having only female winners since its move to The Lifetime Channel.   (Not only will the final be an all boy affair, not a single challenge was won by a woman in this seemingly rigged season.)   Of course it was also designed to correct past judging errors which kept Austin from the first final and Mondo from winning it all in Season Eight, but that doesn’t explain Michael Costello’s squeaking by with his amazingly slinky resort wear for the elderly alcoholic.   Not that Kenley was entirely blameless for her being sent off.   She had to be note perfect to make it through to the end and she wasn’t here.   My heart kind of sank when she chose that peacock print, which brought to mind her Coleus inspired gown from the last challenge of PRS5.   She executed this better than that, but she needed to do something amazing in order to continue and she didn’t.   The dress turned out better than I expected, but was really just basic Kenley.   It was nice enough and better than Michael’s monstrosity, and as good as Mondo’s equally tired effort, but I repeat, she had to be better than all the boys to get by this time.   Too bad she didn’t.

    • BethR52

      I like your description of Michael’s client.

    • introspective

      his amazingly slinky resort wear for the elderly alcoholic”
      This needs to be in the press packet for whatever line Michael C puts out in the near future.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      his amazingly slinky resort wear for the elderly alcoholic -OMG, you’ve done it-the perfect description of the Michael Costello client base!

    • “his amazingly slinky resort wear for the elderly alcoholic”

      OMG, I don’t even hate Michael, and I like some of what he’s designed, but that is hilarious and right on target. You win the internets.

    • spititout

       …”his amazingly REVERSIBLE slinky resort wear for the elderly alcoholic”  Michael said something like he thought it was his best work.

      • Sweetbetty

         Oh yeah, and in the after show Kenley brought that up to him, he reiterated it, and she just gave a nod and a smile as if to say, “If you think this is your best work what must your worst look like”.

  • Adella Thompson

    Wow, I will say I am amazed at how much that tie-back made Mondo’s dress work. I *hated* it on the runway and was thinking he really might go home for it. And like you, I don’t like Kenley and don’t connect with her aesthetic necessarily, but I seriously thought she had a shot at winning. I was confused and disappointed that she was aufed. As for Mondo’s likability. I don’t think he’s changed much and I still relate on some levels – he’s an introvert with an incredible amount of pressure on him to win (and maybe they didn’t memo him that he’s been scripted to have a shot at it) and shot this with very little rest between his season and this. He’s being a whiny grumpy bear, but he was that way on his season too. I was hoping all of the designers would have more time to create final looks so that he could get his head back in the game and wow us again. I’m worried with that “you have four days” thing that this might not be the case.

  • shopgirl716

    I don’t really like Kenley’s dress.  I have a big chest and I don’t really want eyes on my boobs.  

    • 3boysful

       That was what I thought, too.  (That I don’t want eyes on MY boobs!)

  • ballerinawithagun

    I see that Mondo’s dress is sold out. For most people, as much as I like Mondo’s designs, this was NOT a $300 dress and does not fit with Nanette Lapore’s typical look. Austin’s coat required some tweaking but would fit the aesthetics of her normal customer. Unless it has drastically changed her customer is glamorous but girly and somewhat conservative so Austin’s elegant coat would be perfect. 

    • cheesebomb

      It says sold out, but I wonder how many they made to begin with. 

      • nancylee61

        12. I bet. 🙂

      • alyce1213

        Sold out, but available for back order.  They want to raise money for the garment center cause, so they’ll make more.

      • Sam

         I wonder if it’s been marked as sold out to create more interest in it. Kind of like a, “people like it so much they bought it out on the first day, I have to own it too!” mentality. I wonder how many they’ve actually SOLD so far.

  • ShivaDiva

    I have to agree for the most part, though I’m legitimately surprised that the blatant producer intervention didn’t include sending a Lifetime Woman to the finale.  I thought all the designs were a big yawn, but we’ve reached that part of the competition where everyone’s so thrashed that they’re lucky to finish something and get it out on the runway.  

    All Stars was really the only way to bring me back into the fold after the severe burnout of last season, but even that’s run out of steam.  I can’t even think about watching a new season at this point.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      The only entertaining thing about another season of PR for me is considering what group of drama queen and trainwrecks that will be cast, and that’s a pretty sick form of entertainment, I have to admit.

  • I thought what did Kenley in was not listening to the client in the workroom in front of Joanna and not be willing to make changes.  Remember the winner will be working with Joanna for a year as a guest editor so I bet she has a lot of input into who gets offed.

    • sleah_in_norcal

      yes!  and her attitude is what did her in on her season as well.  she’s just stuck in that rebellious stage where she just has to do it HER WAY.  she better get over it if she expects to be successful.  good point about the guest editor position.  i wonder how joanna will like working with moody mondo for a year.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        If Kenley wants to grow her business she needs to actually hear and listen to someone such as Joanna Coles or Joe Zee.  Can anyone who watched “All on the Line” imagine what Joe Zee would say to Kenley?

        • I can’t imagine what he’d say to her, but I’d buy a ticket.

      • Sweetbetty

         Maybe he won’t be so moody if (when) he’s named the winner.  There’s no way I can see her tolerating Michael working in the same building as her for a year but I can see her and Austin hitting it off famously.  They might even be able to share each others clothes.

    • nancylee61

      I forgot about this, also! Since this is the case, I bet you Austin wins, as he would be the most pleasant to work with, I think.

      • nosniveling

        that thought crossed my mind as well.  I think it had a lot to do with the Anya win.

    • rainwood1

      Kenley didn’t listen, but that doesn’t distinguish her from a lot of other designers this season who didn’t listen to Joanna either.  And Georgina even said about one of the other designers how she liked that he always stuck with what was him (was it Austin she was talking about?).  I wasn’t a Kenley fan before, but I think she got criticized for things that others seemed to get a free pass on this season.  This episode Nanette said that her dress needed to be more fitted because fitted is what sells, but none of the others were fitted.  Mondo’s was a sack, Michael’s was a caftan, Austin’s was a swing coat.  

  • Girl_With_a_Pearl

    When I saw Mondo’s dress on television, I thought that it had fringe on the bottom.  I was wondering how the model was able to walk and not still stay covered up.  Looking at the still, now it makes sense.  He’s made so many lovely dresses and outfits in the past that it’s too bad that it’s this schmatta that was being sold on the internet and not one of his past creations.

  • I am a Kenley fan, one of the few on this site, but that dress deserved the auf, unfortunately. The fabric choice was interesting but the silhouette didn’t serve the fabric at all. If Kenley had gone for some eastern references, like a mandarin collar or more close fitting like a cheongsam, it might have worked.

    • dress_up_doll

      I’m always been intrigued by Kenley’s designs and actually looked forward to seeing what she would produce based on her original sketch. I agree, the fabric choice most certainly did not serve the design at all. Perhaps in a finer print, but it did her design no favors. I like your idea of a mandarin collar and a closer fit to the body. If only she were’nt so committed to her own aesthetic and willing to accept input and constructive criticism.

  • nosniveling

    Although I am a Mondo fan, this week exposed a major weakness.
    If you’re going to actually head a design studio, you need to be able to communicate to the people who work for you (namely, sketch and not spend 15 minutes explaining why you can’t/won’t).
    And not have hissy fits every half hour.
    @google-d79f1d48f96179d19abb553eb4cbd02c:disqus ……HAHAHA agree with every word!

    • SewingSiren

      He said later in the episode that he could do technical sketches, which is exactly what you really would show someone who was costing out your garment . Why he didn’t make a technical sketch and be done with it, is beyond me.

      • I seem to recall seeing scetches that he’s done — I think his sudden inability to scetch was a producer manipulation.

  • i don’t think this season has been scripted any more than the allstars challenge thing they had a few years ago when they were desperate to give daniel v. the win. i will always and forever maintain that korto was robbed. that season they had decided before it even began that daniel was going get the win (at least that’s how it seemed to me, i liked daniel during his season, but i hated almost everything he produced during the allstar challenge). although i will admit that i have no recollection of the project runway timeline, and i don’t know if bm produced the allstar challenge or not.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      I completely agree with you about the first PR Allstar show. That was totally a make-up win for Daniel Vosovich.  I suspect after that show Korto was done with the PR franchise.

    • CozyCat

      I agree that the fix was in for Daniel that season.  Although I thought that it was Uli that was robbed (though Korto was better than Daniel as well)

  • TxMom2011

    Did anyone else find it odd on ATR when Mondo said Austin was too “fluttery” for his taste?  I just stared at the TV dumbfounded thinking… “and this from a grown man in an array of colors, cutoffs and bright yellow duck booties?” 

  • CarolinLA

    Have you noticed Schmeidi doesn’t blink?  I think it’s what’s making her seem a little creepy.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      This is what comes of having a fembot host the show.

    • Oh my. I didn’t notice that. Now I’m afraid I won’t be able to un-notice it.

      I think she took an acting class between challenges, because she particularly animated and over the top in her delivery this week. Or maybe she had too many espressos. 

  • BobStPaul

    Let’s face it – all of the designs on this episode were less than great.  Personally, I would have given the win to Austin as at least his looked like it might conceivably cost as much as the projected price and it actually had the most design potential.  I liked Mondo’s except for the frilly bottom layer.  I actually think over the course of the season that Michael’s designs have been better than Kenley’s (even though I thought she should have won last week), but last night it mattered very little to me whether Kenley or Michael went since both designs were severely deficient (IMHO).   I was surprised last night when I actually considered not watching this episode.  This season, to which I had been looking forward so much, has simply failed to live up to my expectations.

  • Kyle Crawford

    I did not know who Nanette Lepore was. But, if I had seen this website yesterday, I would have said KENELY had a hand in designing these… some are right out of her sketch book. Odd.

  • CarolinLA

    Kenley has grown so much since last we saw her and she did a lot to rehabilitate her image.  But sadly, she chose to be stubborn instead of choosing to win.  It’s her Achilles Heel.  She can’t see the forest for the trees.  

  • I saw four losing dresses last night. Man, I was so excited by this season earlier on. Sure, I expected Mondo to win, but not like this. At least for this challenge, three out of four dresses could conceal a bra.

  • I didn’t get to see much of the show last night, so I missed the final pieces.  But I like Kenley’s.  I would wear Kenley’s — and that’s very unusual for me to type, since normal her stuff just runs up against a mental block for me because I can’t fathom a world in which I would even try it on. 

    Mondo’s dress is ugly.  I like odd prints, and I don’t mind loose unfitted silhouettes.  But this combo of prints is ugly, and the silhouette doesn’t even seem comfortable.  The way it’s hanging and the ruffle at the bottom make it look like it’d feel very awkward.  I don’t care that it only appeals to a size 2 — I grew up in the 90’s with Calvin Klein and his shapeless slipdresses, so I expect such items to exist — but I don’t know many size 2’s it would appeal to either.

  • BrooklynBomber

    “Fuck explaining it. Just give the win to X because that’s who we want to win it.”

    Exactly. Actually, I didn’t really like any of the garments last night, but the decisions seem so arbitrary.

    I might have liked Mondo’s if he hadn’t put that damn ruffle on it.  There is something potentially fresh (or at least not run o the mill) about mixing the fabrics, but the ruffle made it juniors, whereas sans ruffle it had some potential to be sophisticated. But the ruffle — the fabric, the color, the pattern, its very existence — is criminal.

  • marywv

    T Lo, I love your blog something awful. You guys are amazing. I must admit I only watch PR for your recaps as it has become such crap and such horrible dreck. I totally support you guys throwing this show out of your line-up. And I fully want to see the analytics of how much the viewership suffers if you stop blogging it.

    Really, it doesn’t deserve your wit, insight, or well well thought-out opinions. Thanks for suffering for the masses of bitter kittens, but know most of us only watch because you guys write. Happy Friday!

  • Laylalola

    Mondo’s first talking heads during his original season featured him borderline weepy and alienated from the circle of men in the living quarters, then there was the interlude where he worked with Michael C. for the first time and made that Angry Birds face and nastily tossed the scissors across the table before warming to Costello. Of course, the storyline turned about halfway through the season with the reveal of his HIV+ status, his growing momentum in really starting to put forth some eye-catching designs or print mixing, and of course the almost unbearable Gretchen-Ivy group politics/drama and inexplicable judging decisions that at the time nearly overwhelmed and overshadowed whatever else might be happening on the show for viewers to notice but not really register as anything other than background developments.
    Wow, what I mean to say is this season I was caught off guard with so many viewers’ reactions to Mondo early on being that he seems more moody this year, or depressed is a common word –- and I wonder if the bright, happy, joyful-looking colors and prints he works with maybe helped leave a bouncier/peppier impression on people about his personality after his own season? I actually quite adore Mondo, but it took time for his personality to grow on me that first season (for many of the reasons folks seem to now be noticing —  

    • I became a Mondo fan early in season 8 (dude, I loved him before it was cool 😉  ), but I agree with everything else you said.

  • Mondo being cranky doesn’t bother me at all. What artist worth his or her salt isn’t? Although I do wonder about him not sketching, and then (if he wins) getting $100,000 (or whatever it is) worth of HP design equipment, with the tablet to draw on and all. 

    Since Kenley didn’t bother to match up the fabric at the seams, how much awful-er would it have been to cut it to make a keyhole? Then in the review when she was asked if there was something missing that was in the sketch, she took a moment to fake remember that oh yes, she’d originally sketched in a keyhole. She’s a good actress.

    Michael is so in love with himself and his aesthetic, he’ll do fine. You have to have that kind of blind confidence in yourself to succeed. He’ll find his followers, all bra-less.

    Last night? I did like Mondo’s the best, even though I certainly could never wear it. He has a good eye for putting colors and patterns together, and balancing the whole. I’m not sure its my favorite thing he’s ever made, but given what he was up against? I think they chose the right one for the win. Austin’s coat had a lot of potential, if he’d just had time to tweak it. 

    I’m sure (and hope for their sakes) that they’ll be all successful, however the show turns out. I think they all deserve that.

  • Micheal is the wendy pepper of this season. Even back in season one they put someone inthe finals who made country craft clothes just so people would watch and we have to remember that no matter what…this is a reality television show and every season keeps that in mind. But since going to lifetime it sucks

  • Thathoodwink

    Those last two paragraphs were brilliant. I wish the new producers would listen to Tom and Lorenzo. They have ruined Project Runway. Anya’s win last season proved how scripted the show is.

  • BrooklynBomber

    There was something blah about Kenley’s, despite that print.  But it could just as easily have won as any of the entries, and been fixed up a little before being sold.

    But I thought what the host said (I can’t remember her name – the model who isn’t Heidi) was right on the money: Kenley should have a shop where she can sell HER clothes and do custom work for clients. I can just see her with a boutique in the East Village or Williamsburg. It’d be perfect for her.

  • When I clicked this link:  the print dress there looks quite similar to Kenley’s from last night, just more fitted and different print.  Ms. Lepore commented that Kenley didn’t take criticism so that might have been a factor in her auffing.  Mondo is not getting a sympathetic edit this season.  I didn’t care for any of the dresses much.

    • BrooklynBomber

      Geez, I LOVE a lot of those clothes. Thanks for the link.

      • Sweetbetty

         About half of them look like they could have been made by Kenley, and that is not meant as a put-down.

    • CarolinLA

      And the dress on the left is eerily reminiscent of Austin’s design.

  • minnye

    I have a dress from Anthropologie, very similar to Kenley’s first design except it has a small button placket instead of a keyhole.  Very cute, sold out right away.  Too bad she didn’t follow through with her sketch.  Nannette Lepore seemed to like that one the best.  I was really hoping for Austin to win this one.  His coat could have been altered for less volume and obviously the construction issues would have been resolved in production.  Didn’t care for Mondo’s – again, he’s in the juniors department.  It fits with the other frocks in Nannette’s collection, though.

  • dramadraping

    Clearly the best part of last night’s episode was the flashback to Michael’s auf, because I forgot how freaking hilarious that was. The sad sack walk, building up to the tears and the wall-punching…what fantastic drama! That’s Lifetime movie-worthy. Seriously. This guy could have a promising future on the network. So really, for the judges, it was auf Crybaby Costello or the fierce, sassy bitch who knows exactly who she is and won’t cry over it. Also, since we’re now watching Drama Runway, next season they should do All Stars with the second place finisher from every season so they can all complain about how they were SO CLOSE TO WINNING BUT LOST IT AT THE LAST SECOND and how that means they deserve it. Imagine the drama!

  • dickylarue

    I honestly believe they got Rami off the show when they did because they knew they couldn’t risk letting him walk a collection vs. Mondo. Rami, out of everyone, could easily have cleaned Mondo’s clock in a final challenge and sent the fans of this show into a tizzy over this being handed to Mondo. 

    I didn’t like Mondo’s dress last night, but out of the 4 it showed the most something. Don’t know what, but at least it felt original although poorly fitted. Kenley’s dress was horrible. Trying to find positives in that dress is just an attempt to prop up a personality you like more than another. Michael’s “Dynasty” inspired fashion wasn’t any better and Austin’s raincoat was a boring mess. 

    I really have no one to root for because I could smell early on that this was Mondo’s consolation prize for Lifetime handing Wretchen a win and her doing nothing with it other than paying her bills. That was an outrage. What’s gone on this season is also outrageous.

    Rami would have wiped the floor with the final 4 of this All Stars edition. I also think Mila would’ve given a more coherent interesting collection than what’s left. 

    As for Mondo’s personality, I think this season was psychologically a chore for him because he knew he was the favorite. It’s hard to be the front runner and know you’re supposed to destroy your competition each week. That’s no excuse for the ‘tude, but I think for a guy with self esteem issues, being the favored son fits him as well as Spanx over a Snuggie.

    • nancylee61

      I don’t think Rami would beat Mondo. Rami has his aesthetic – draping, and dressing Hollywood starlets aesthetic. He is terrible terrible terrible with color, those colors he picked for his show in his season, that blue – ah, my eyes weep from that!! And remember that horrible pink from the wrestling challenge?? He should have been auf’ed his season for that disaster. Compare that to Chris March, or Austin or Mondo, who like color and use it well. He is not good with fabrics, often picking the shiny and  ugly and when he went out of his draping box, his clothes were ugly. I think he is somewhat taltented, but not a real talent as some of the others.

  • Scarlet39

    I can understand Kenley being drawn to that print.  It’s totally her aesthetic.  But the misalignment is startling, and quite frankly, ugly.  Being that the print is so large and the budget was limited, so would have (obviously) been better off choosing something else.  There was no way this dress was ever going to manufactured.  So it comes down to a final three of past PR wrongs being righted.  Mondo lost to Gretchen, Austin missed the Final 3 to Wendy Pepper, and Michael was tortured (milage will vary on this).  I quite honestly thought Jerell would make it because he got totally screwed in S5.  I guess there had to be at least one surpirse in this horrible season.

  • Bozhi

    If I had to choose a dress to wear, I would choose Mondo’s over Kenley’s.  Of the four designs, I would have gone for Austin’s.  I would love to have that coat.  Michael would have been my second choice.  Like he said, it was made to throw on after you get out of the pool/beach.  Perfect for that.   After sunbathing/swimming in Laguna/Palm Springs/Vegas, it’s perfect to wear to the beach bar for lunch or drinks.

  • Lattis

    You can’t keep insulting your audience and expect them to love you for it.
    So, the only one still watching Project Runway with me is my 12yo son. Last night when it was over he said, “I think I have to let Project Runway go.”

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    I liked the challenge, but the results just smack of bad scripting.  I”m just relieved that Michael’s V-neck schmatta didn’t get the win.

    Bunim/Murray has royally f#*ked the PR brand-no great surprise, given their other trashy shows, but PR in the pre-B/M days offered some genuinely good fashion moments, and was a few cuts above the reality genre. Quoth the Raven, nevermore….

  • from the second Mondo was down in the dumps, i knew he would win. and man did it piss me off. that dress IS a sack. it’s ridiculous and ugly. and the more he whined, the more i knew he’d get it, because he’s mondo. yeah, this season has changed my opinion of him as well. maybe because he is “new PR” talent, and when compared to “old PR” talent, he’s just okay. take it home, austin. take it home.

  • Joyce VG

    Mondo’s dress is a cute summer dress.  That’s about it. But alas, Mondo is so not cute anymore.  *sigh*  I’ll hang onto Project Runway because I like the idea of it overall. I usually mute out the judging and bitching and look at the clothes anyway. 

  • umeboshi

    kenley deserved the shmauf. i can walk into any forever 21 and find a dress similar to the one above, peacock feathers, mismatched seams, and all. peacocks have also been on everything from scarves to earrings to leggings for the past five years or so, and although i own plenty, i am frankly quite sick of them. this isn’t even an abstract peacock print. it is loud and exaggerated, and therefore something you could only wear once or twice before getting sick of it. same with mondo’s, really. i think austin deserved the win. with a little tweaking and steaming, it would be a really great piece. worn either as a jacket or a dress, open or closed, it is so much more versatile than anything else that showed on the runway. 
    i don’t have a problem with kenley going. and not just because she is a cat thrower. she has barfed up the same silhouette pretty much every week, and they all look like 1950s patterns. nothing wrong with that – in fact,  i love her style and silhouettes for the most part, but i do not think she is versatile enough for the finale. she would go a long way if she could just learn to accept criticism.

  • Call me Bee

    I am acrimonius!!  AGAIN!!  I’ve been this way since the Gretchen Season,a nd I had such high hopes at the beginning of All Stars….new judges, new montor (of whom I was very wary in the beginning but turned out to be knowledgable and helpful) and what seemed to be a new attitude. 

    But no.  Hopes dashed against the rocks once again.  Save us!  Won’t somebody save us??!?

  • Thathoodwink

    I had no idea who Bunim Murray were until just now when I went to their website and saw the crap-tastic list of past and present reality shows that they have produced. No wonder Project Runway has become a joke.

    • sweatpantalternative

      Wow are you ever so right. What a craptastic dossier of work.

  • rab01

    I really hope that TLo continue writing about PR because I love their commentary – much more than the show itself and, to be honest, a little bit more than their commentary on other shows. They have such a long-standing attachment to the show that the posts about it have a special oomph. Sure, you guys have outgrown PR (and are most definitely too good for this cheap Bunim-Murray knock-off) but I’d miss it if you left it in the metaphorical dumpster.

  • TLO, I wish I was watching last night’s episode with you. The second Mondo picked those fabrics I declared them fugly. When I saw his complete outfit I declared it fugly once more. I fought and fought with my mother about how it resembled a young girl’s pillow case and that I didn’t know a single young woman who would wear it.  Considering that I’m the exact age range demographically who would potentially wear that dress (21) and I couldn’t think of a single person I’ve ever met who wouldn’t find it horribly unflattering and ridiculous, I was pretty pissed. We all agreed that this episode was Kenley’s to lose. I felt like her garment was acceptable, but not great, and she could have done so much better.

    Overall I agree with your assesment of Mondo. Out of the three finalists I think he’s probably the best from a design perspective, but man he has not come across charming or engaging like he did in the latter half of his season (once he got over his anti-social weirdness, that is.)

    Don’t get me started on Michael Costello. Just don’t. Do the producers think we actually like him or something?

  • BrooklynBomber

    I missed the first 10 or 15 minutes of the show; can someone ‘splain it for me? They had to sketch for NL, then were given a budget based on the sketch, and then chose fabric from NL’s stash of fabrics?

    • Qitkat

      The challenge was to give the designers a true to life business opportunity, creating a garment that could be mass-produced ready-to-wear, under the restrictions of a budget determined by the Coster, an employee at Nanette Lepore. She based the amount the designers were allowed to spend on the sketch. It appeared that a dress which would sell for about $300 retail would cost $31 wholesale in fabric, trim and notions [example, Mondo]. Austin’s would have sold for more than $500, therefore his budget was just over $60. You got it on the rest.

      • BrooklynBomber


      • Not quite.  It depended heavily on your design, because they had to look at labor — more complicated means more labor and more factory overhead, so less could be spent on fabric. 

        • Sweetbetty

           And Austin’s was much more labor intensive, plus used a lot more in the way of fabric and notions, than any of the others so he was a sure loser from the start.

  • Qitkat

    True comment just now made in my house:

    Husband asks: How’s all the little purry friends?

    Me: BITTER!

  • I liked Mondo’s dress but I do prefer it with the additions made by Lepore… It isn’t the most exciting nor original dress ever made, but it does fit the brief. He is acting like a whiny bitch but I am still rooting for him! Mostly because I don’t like Michael C (never have, never will) and Austin has yet to impress me during this season. 

    • Sweetbetty

       Additions made by Lepore?  You mean that pathetic black shoelace that ties in the back?  Granted, it helps give the dress some shape but I didn’t see anything else added?

      • Yes, that pathetic shoelace! It gives the dress that extra shape which makes it so much more flattering even if it is a cheap piece of string. I mean, that is a dress that practically screams for a belt. Not many people could rock such a shapeless tunic/shift dress hybrid without looking completely shapeless. So taking that into consideration, the pathetic shoelace is practically a stroke of genius. 

  • sleah_in_norcal

    i looked in the dictionary under “pot calling the kettle black” and there was mondo, calling austin a diva.

  • Cathy S

    I couldn’t agree more about Kenley. It wasn’t her best effort but  my god, she actually made something, unlike Michael. I kept thinking that his was a dress Anya would make. Just drape some fabric, through a few stitches here and there and you’re done. And it was sooooooooo low cut in back and front. I thought it looked slutty. I like Mondo’s dress though, even though it was a bit boxy. Hell, I’m boxy. Too bad “large” to Lepore is size 12. Sigh.

  • If you look at Kenley, Costello and Austin, could you find three more theatrical personalities?  Mondo isn’t as given to manifesting an outsized personality or manipulativeness, so his theatrics are alternate whining and arrogance.   It has to be why Mila and Rami were booted, they just aren’t theatrical enough, and it is simply not about clothing anymore — Gretchen’s and Anya’s regular season wins should be proof alone of that.   I could also see BM gleefully giving Mondo a bitch edit to tweak all the viewers who loved him so much his first season. They will give him the win, but they will make fans dislike him in the process. (I think BM is just that evil.)

    It also struck me last night how much Austin looks like a young Yves St. Laurent  — in a prettier, 21st century sort of way.  (This has probably been mentioned repeatedly and I’ve just missed it.)

    • bluefish

      I don’t recall anyone ever mentioning it before–the YSL thing–but I’ve definitely thought it for years and I’m sure many many others have too.  And the attention he puts into his appearance, his persona, his whole vibe is very very YSL and one of many reasons I always pull for him not matter how mediocre the stuff is he may put out at any given moment.  I kind of wish he would give the designing a rest and go into full time stylist mode–televised of course.  I can’t help but love him.

      • Austin’s completely lovable. I watched season 1 just a few years ago, and didn’t know what to expect from most of the designers. With Austin, it was instant love. I still love him. And, although I thought he should have been eliminated at least once this season, I’m happy he’s still around.

  • gubblebumm

     it was almost as if mondo said, im gonna make the most awful dress possible with the most awful fit and most awful colors and see if I still win!!!
    I would so wear most of kenley’s garments…I would wear this in a heartbeat

  • CozyCat

    The worst thing was that stern lecture they gave her about being stubborn and not listening.  She deserved it the first time, but this time she was really well behaved, a little annoying perhaps, but very cooperative and cheerful.  All she did in the last challenge was use the line most of the desigers used when critized in the work room:  “don’t worry, it’ll be great!” 

    And the dress she made is so saleable that I’m actively wishing I could buy it!  That print is really great, and the cut would be very flattering on a lot of non size 2 folks.  Between the successful image repair and what she produced this week, I think Kenley could get some pretty good job offers (which would NOT have been the case after her first season)

    Mondo, on the other hand, was a royal pain in the behind.  And that dress!  His work always straddles the line between pretty and ugly, usually very successfully,  This time he fell over on the ugly side.  (And Kenley’s right:  if you want to survive as a “real” designer, learn to sketch!)

  • NCDFan

    It’s hard to remember sometimes that while we are seeing the show over 11 weeks, it was filmed over a much smaller time period. So while we are seeing week after week of moodiness, the designers have only gone a couple of days between episodes. Considering that smaller time frame and the pressures of the competition, it’s hard to believe that anyone who started out the season in somewhat depressed state would be able to be bright-eyed in subsequent episodes. And if anything, I don’t think that any of the designers is coming off as sweetness and light. As for the sketching, it seems clear to me that Mondo can draw a blueprint but a design sketch with lots of freehand isnt something he does well enough to want to show it off – and it’s not necessarily something that can be learned.

  • Helen C

    Well, Kenly has been making the same bubble Princess dot dress that have been praised to death. Outside a few good works, she’s among the designers that can either go or stay.  

    And this dress is dated.  

  • nobody is going to pay $300 for that dress.

    • Qitkat

      Several someones apparently DID. It’s already sold out.

  • I was hoping that they’d boot Michael. I have no idea what they see in him, he makes the same dresses over and over. Last night I was thinking he just cut a neck hole in some cloth and got away with it.

    Mondo… I still love Mondo. I know he’s whiny and pissy, but I just want him to do well. Wish he didn’t let shit get to him so much. The dress he made was almost great. 

  • Austin was wearing an “Austin and Santino” t-shirt! Cute!

    I liked how Kenley matched up the print on the seam in the back. Also, her model always looks so nice, always happy. I love it.

    Mondo… ehhhhhhh. Looks like something for small children, like five year olds.

  • The more I read this thread, the more I think that BM has succeeded very nicely turning Mondo fans into Mondo haters.  I’m not sure that wasn’t their intent all along.  You can say that he didn’t behave correctly, but who knows what really goes on with the stupid scripted game show?  That’s all it is to me anymore, and I’m not sure it’s really fair to criticize anyone for their behavior at this point, as it would be like me holding something against an actor for the way their character acted on a scripted TV show.

    • Qitkat

      This Bitter Kitten is too smart to fall for this. Mondo fan then, Mondo fan now.

      • blondie65

        Ditto.  I will proudly wear my pink Mondo T this weekend.  But I think wonderdiva Etsy is  on to something.  They’ll give him the win, but in the process highlight every whiny/cranky moment and show none of his humor or lighter side.  

        • bluefish

          Move over.  I love Mondo, love his style, love his clothes, and love him.  I bought one of his sugar skull Day of the Dead t-shirts a couple of years ago.  Great soft cotton, deep scoop neckline (love), fabulous big print on the front, and cute simple sleeves.  And that is just Mondo crap wear.  I’d LOVE to have a real piece from him even at my advanced age and think that BM suck.  It pains me to see him upset, unhappy, and maligned.  They totally robbed him the first time.  WTF do I care about whiny and cranky, when I am whiny and cranky myself muck of the time, if the man delights the eye and makes me feel good in what he makes?

          • Probably because I live closer to Denver, I know that Mondo has spent a lot of time and used his celebrity to promote HIV awareness and support programs for gay-lesbian-bisexual teenagers.  I don’t care how cranky or whiny he is on the show, I think he’s a good soul.

          • blondie65

            **Like*** x1000!  Producers can manipulate all they want but I am firmly staying on Team Mondo.  

    • “The more I read this thread, the more I think that BM has succeeded very
      nicely turning Mondo fans into Mondo haters.  I’m not sure that wasn’t
      their intent all along.”

      Yep. I said something similar upthread. I’m convinced their goal was to screw with his fans, in a “shut the hell up already” way. (I am one of his fans, so I don’t think we needed to shut the hell up) I can imagine them cackling in the editing room, pointing a metaphorical finger and yelling “ha-ha” like that kid on the Simpsons.

  • dorothea_brooke

    I rather like this iteration of Mondo. Well not like, but recognize as every truly creative person I’ve ever known, a real pain in the behind.  This Mondo seems a lot more real than that victim/saint person of the season we shall not speak of.   All four of the entries this week sucked, let’s be honest.  His sucked the least (I guess?) and won by default.  Kenley made the same damn dress after they told her not to make the same damn dress.  I knew when Ms. Lepore brought up the keyhole she was a goner.  Michael made the same damn dress but apparently they like it – see Anya.  Did Klum, Kors and Garcia send them a memo or something?  Is it because all these rich folks hang out together is Bora Bora or something and want to recreate the caftan moments? 

    Re the after the show show, Kenley, in cannabis veritas? 

  • mrspeel2

    And Mr. Whiney-Boo gets yet another whiney-boo moment in a season that seems to have been all about How Difficult Everything Is for Mr. Whiney-Boo. We would have had our heads ripped off if we said this eighteen months ago, but we suspect a few minds have been changed in the interim: he’s a pain in the ass. And he’s pretty snotty, to boot. You’re absolutely right boys! I was actually wishing Mondo would get eliminated last night so we don’t have to listen to his pissing and moaning ever again!

    Another thing that kind of shocked me about Mondo is the fact that he’s gotten as far as he has without ever doing a design sketch! How does a person convey to his staff what he wants his design to look like without this basic mechanism? I’m not a designer but how would he ever be able to have a successful house of design if he is only capable of seeing his ideas in his mind’s eye? Stunning revelation!

    Time to be declarative about it: Bunim/Murray has destroyed the Project Runway brand in exactly the way we feared they would when they were announced as the new producers. We’ll be curious to see how PR does for its upcoming 10th regular season, but if it’s anything like the last two or three, it may be time to set this show out to pasture. You can’t keep
    insulting your audience and expect them to love you for it.
    BRAVO!!You’re preaching to the choir fershure!!

    • Qitkat

      It’s been said that Paul McCartney could not read music at the time when the Beatles were the most popular. Learned much later. Don’t know if it’s an urban legend.

      I don’t remember from his season whether Mondo sketched. It’s not an issue with me. SewingSiren posted that he can do technical sketches, which are apparently what are needed to give to someone else to create a garment. He just doesn’t do well sketching off the top of his head creatively. And contrary to what someone else posted, I do think that can be taught and learned. Chris March is not much of a sketcher either, but he can convey his ideas to others.

      • mrspeel2

        Oh, I have no doubt that Mondo can eventually learn to sketch. (and I think Kenley was right when she suggested Michael should help him out.) I’m just flabbergasted that we didn’t know about this until now and even if he can do technical sketches, he’d be well-served to take a couple of art courses.

        You’re right about Paul McCartney, btw.  

    • SewingSiren

      If you work for yourself, as Mondo does, there is no reason to sketch out your ideas. If he were to be able to hire employees after winning this show, he could train them to do business as he sees fit. In other words he may still want to make the first drape for the pattern maker and proceed with technical sketches and spec sheets from there. 
      Now if he were to go to work as a designer for someone else he would most certainly need to do things as they ask him too. However high skill at illustration is not usually required. To convey your idea clearly to a pattern maker technical sketches are usually used.

      • Off topic, but since I have you here, SewingSiren (or anyone else who sews) – I don’t understand why the fabric made it impossible for Kenley to put a keyhole in her dress. Can you explain? I know nothing about sewing.

        • If you were to put in a keyhole on that print as it’s currently made, it would cut into the print very oddly and wouldn’t look good.  But there were ways to do it that she didn’t consider.

        • If you were to put in a keyhole on that print as it’s currently made, it would cut into the print very oddly and wouldn’t look good.  But there were ways to do it that she didn’t consider.

  • This may be a bit left field, but can anyone explain to me the proceeds from the dress going to “Save the Fashion District”?  How does that work?  Does it pay someone’s shop’s rent?  Does it buy publicity for the fashion district…to what end?  I don’t get it.  I think it kind of stinks that the designer doesn’t get the money. At least if it’s going to charity, make it a good one.

    • They run incubators for young designers, to help them get started and keep them here in NYC.

      It is a good idea to save the Garment Center – it only should have been done years ago. Fashion is one of NYC’s major industries and it has been decimated by companies taking everything overseas.–GothamTomato

  • Caaro3

    Hate to use a cliche, but you are preternaturally insightful, TLo.  That’s why I read and admire you.  

  • KaileeM

    I like Mondo’s dress. It’s just the type of thing I love to throw on, dress it up for a date night, dress it down for story time at the library with my kids. Nanette was smart to choose Mondo’s design. Seeing as how his PR collection sold out so quickly, it’s no surprise his dress is already sold out on her website too. I don’t think Michael or Kenley’s dresses would have done as well.

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    Mondo’s dress is hideous and unflattering, the fix was indeed in and Lifetime couldn’t even intervene to save the last possessor of two X-chromosomes. I laughed to think Michael made the K-Mart version of an Anya look (down to the hair), and met with exuberant praise. I would pay for Austin or Kenley’s looks (and how much did I love Austin dropping Watteau as a reference? More than words can say, my Mustachioed Rococo Angel’s Food Cake).

    • I thought Anya made the K-Mart version of an Anya look.

      • LesYeuxHiboux

         Verily I say SNAP, Madame! I loathe Anya and her scheming pageant queen ways, but I would grant that her patterns are nice enough for Target.

        • Heh. I actually liked some of those dresses she made. I will happily grant her work being nice enough for Target.

  • leave_Blake_alone

    And the thing is, I would still be totally ok with this just being a coronation and an excuse to give Mondo the win. Because more than any other past finalist (except *maybe* Viktor, but he was too recent), Mondo deserved to win. Gretchen’s collection sucked ass. But the inexplicable overpraise of Michael – who really should have been eliminated for his ice cream challenge dress (which I think he actually won for…) and the “let’s make Mondo unsympathetic” editing (which Mondo himself shares blame for) have really thrown me off.

    I’m still excited to see the finale collections, mainly for Mondo and Austin, but then I kind of want to give up on this show. (And I selfishly hope you two recap it for a little longer so I can at least keep up with the designs each week!)

  • bittersweet73

    I felt like there was something going on with Kenley too.  She had been fitting clothes perfectly all season.  Why did she all of a sudden insist that this dress should be loose fitting?  I also expected her to freak out when she was kicked off, and she didn’t seem all that bothered by it.

    • At the beginning of this season, I remember Mondo saying he doesn’t sketch. He uses the time to plan what notions he needs to buy, stuff that’s easy to forget in the panic at Mood. He doesn’t decide on the fabric until he gets there and sees what’s available. It’s a very clever approach. 

      Half the time, the final garments  on the show don’t resemble the sketches anyway.

  • Zippypie

    I know I’m in the minority, but I do like Mondo’s dress – not for $300.  I’ll take it for the $32 budget he had (and didn’t this ep kind of spotlight how OVERPRICED designer name clothing is?!).  I like the original better than the one with the tie on the website.  I thought that if the dress had to be altered, giving it a contoured waist in the seaming and cut with a zip up the back or side would have taken this to a semi-fitted, very good level.  I mean, Mondo was under budget by $3 – he could have gotten a zipper with that!  As a creative person, I can understand his moodiness when he gets stuck or is uninspired.  I’ve been there and with the time constraints, living in this pressure cooker and having to deal with B/M bullshit, I’m not going to fault him too much.  Pissy, yes, but so what?

    Kenley effed up.  That print was much too large for the design of her dress.  In fact, I couldn’t see the design in the body of the dress – all her seaming details were completely lost in a sea of mismatching giant feather eyes.  If that print had been small feathers in a denser scattering, it would have worked and she could have kept the keyhole element, which is the thing Nanette LOVED about her design, and it would’ve been able to be more fitted without looking wonky (if she fit the giant pattern dress closer to the body, she would have lost more of the print, which is why I think she didn’t do it).  Why would you shoot yourself by removing the one unique element?  Why, because you’re Kenley Collins and know EVERYTHING already, that’s why.  She did the same thing to herself in her season.  Idiotic.

    The hospital gown comments are spot on.  Without the keyhole, it looks like a housecoat.  All it needs is a zipper up the front.

    • Sweetbetty

       I was examining the photos of Mondo’s dress on Nanette’s website and it looked like it had a zipper in the side seam.  I couldn’t figure out why it needed one but it sure looked like one had been inserted.

  • Emily Scott

    In defense of Mondo (but not his design): I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle. I don’t think he is quite the saint that he came off as in the first go-round, and I don’t think he is as awful as he looks this time. I did appreciate that he finally seemed to be able to articulate what was bothering him in this episode, that this thing that he dearly loves and is so passionate about has been stripped of all fun and enjoyment. I can completely understand if that left him feeling disillusioned and therefore grumpy. His genuine surprise and gratitude for the win this week said a lot about who he really is.

    Granted, he did choose to be on a reality game show yet again so he has to reap what he sowed, but I’m still willing to cut him some slack. I suppose it’s fitting that this episode, in which the judges made a spectacularly odd choice for the win, was the first time I actually noticed the earpieces that the judges wear.

  • shiftercars

    Michael has only made it this far because they know Mondo would fall apart completely if were separated. The back of Michaels dress horrified me, that deep v was so loose and ill fitting it was obvious that you could see down her entire ass crack without even trying.

    • Sweetbetty

       That was what I hated about his Greek flag dress too.  A low back is one thing but please make the dress close-fitting enough so that the person standing behind you doesn’t get the crack view.

  • mjude

    i have to admit i was pulling for kenley.  i dont get the michael love.  and tlo you are right on the money.  sad.

  • Glammie

    Thanks TLo,

    I dropped out midway because the current season’s so *unfair* to the contestants who really are working their asses off.  I think B-M damaged PR the first couple of its seasons and then totally destroyed it last season when they gave personable Anya the win because they didn’t like the fall-out that came from giving unlikeable Gretchen the win–that *happened*, I think, because of a desire to come up with a winner who made mainstream clothes–in response to Seth-Aaron’s whack-a-doodle post-PR work.  Sigh, but at least with Gretchen, it always felt like Michael Kors truly preferred a sportswear designer.  

    I actually can’t think of an episode where the winning garment was so unwearable and the losing garment so much more wearable–Kenley’s isn’t perfect–it needs something on the neckline and, yes, care about the pattern matching, but it’s exactly the fresh little easy-to-wear type of dress one looks for.  But even in my young, skinny days (5’8″/118 pounds), I wouldn’t have worn Mondo’s.  Mondo seems to veer between really body hugging and totally boxy.  Neither look is that easy to wear.  

    I’m not surprised that Mondo’s come out as a bit pricklier than he did in his original season.  When he was unwilling to compromise his *styling* in his season, I knew that the big concern on the part of the judges wasn’t Mondo’s lack of talent, but his willingness to compromise and work with the give-and-take that a real career in fashion entails.  He’s a bit of a loner–but that’s not a natural personality type for the industry.  

    I also think he *is* strongest as a costumer–his opera gown was an interesting *costume*.  His *Godspell* costume was miles ahead of everyone else’s.  I think he’s someone with a strong, artistic vision–but turning out wearable clothes year after year, not so much.  

    It’s true that there are theatrical designers–McQueen, Issei Miyake–but they are/were innovative in a way that I don’t think Mondo is.  Both Rami and Mila strike me as more innovative than Mondo when it comes to structuring garments.

    Sigh.  I’m going to have to wait for another *Work of Art* to get my creative-competitor fix.  

  • In. Their. DREAMS. Would I pay $300 for Mondo’s dress.

    A lazy sherbet toned color block with a dust ruffle and a string tie?  You must be joking.  This is one of the few Mondo garments I’ve actively disliked, but even if I liked it I could maybe, MAYBE, see given them $150.

  • greyhoundgirl

    Hated Kenley’s dress–frumpy.  Great print, bad dress in a less chic version of most of the others she made.  I actually liked Mondo’s and thought that at least it was fun.  And I agree with those who say that he had nowhere to go but down this season–he was on such a pedestal.  I admire that he’s honest about his struggles and his process.  he knows his demons and he doesn’t blame them on anyone else.  yes, I’d like him to grow up a little, but, then, I’m a mom.

  • Emily Scott

    Eh, I can’t get on the Kenley bandwagon here. She made the same dress she always does, this time in an eye-gouging print. I would love to have many dresses like that (in a different fabric of course), but I was tired of seeing her send them down the runway week after week.

    I think she was desperately trying to rehab her image this season and was on her best behavior for most of the time. I don’t know if it was editing tricks or if she suddenly resorted back to her former bad behavior out of the blue (I think it’s a little of column A and a little of column B), but I truly believe that she took herself out this week. Well, mostly. As soon as it came down to Michael or Kenley for the schmauf, I know she was a goner since she was already in a Top 3 and he was axed right before the finals last time.

  • kentiesgirl

    My problem with Kenley’s dress is the lack of trim around the bottom, it seems unfinished. I also think that was the worst fabric for that design, it seems flimsy and the seaming really throws off the pattern, but if it was mass produced, I suppose they would line it, fix the pattern issue, and IF the trim was added to the bottom, I would buy it-but not for $500, more like $300. I don’t love the pattern,but I like the silhouette-if it fit better- and the sleeves, so…but I thought she would be safe; right before she said it (like 3 seconds, it totally made me laugh), I said this is a Kenley challenge. 

  • I’m a Mondo fan though that last entry was pretty bad…what woman over a size 0 could wear it as designed and not look both shapeless and fat?  He shouldn’t have gone home over it, but they could have read him a bit more (this was one of those moments when you wish the old judges were there).  Kenley made yet the same dress again and even then, not very well.  It was dull, not fitted enough, and too safe.  (It seemed Angela was pulling for her and was pissed she was out, haha.)  HOWEVER…

    I am starting to see why the other designers hated on Michael his season: while his designs aren’t bad, they aren’t terribly original and it’s hard to see exactly what his aesthetic is.  In what reality does he outlast Rami and Mila?  Should’ve been out some eps ago. At least with Austin, we know he’s designing for the Blanche DuBois/Sylvia Miles in Midnight Cowboy set.  To quote Clinique/Josh C from Season 9: “Your demographic is 40 to Death!”  His (Austin) aesthetic always feels decades too old and contrary to what some others think, I feel it’s he who is being set up for the win, further proof that this show is more interested in personalities than actual (forward thinking) designers.

    • Pennymac

      Wow. Neverthought anyone would ever write “Ah Josh, how I miss your brows and painting” LOL

  • Mexxoo

    I don’t know – Kenley gets bashed for not matching patterns on seams, but Mondo can’t even sew a straight line on that zig-zag panel?  I can’t believe Mondo’s dress won.  Mexican table runner is a great description.  It’s shapeless, but if it hangs that funny on a model with barely any curves at all, what’s it going to look like on a “real” woman.

    I guess it gets down to this – it’ll be cheap and easy to manufacture – no zippers, mostly straight seams, all fabric cuts are based on rectangles, so very little wasted fabric.  feh.  Anyone who pays $300.00 (yeah, yeah, $298.00) for that dress *deserves* to be stuck wearing it!

  • sockandaphone

    I have mixed feelings about Kenley. I agree in the sentiment that she has a style and you can always spot a Kenley dress on the runway. But that’s also an issue- dresses is all she does. Cute dresses, but it feels like she has no range. This would be good for a line of clothes but not for this show. Also tbh, I didn’t like any of the dresses yesterday so I was whatever as to who won. 

  • sleah_in_norcal

    someone needs to inform not-heidi that when she holds her eyebrows up like that (as she does 99% of the time) it makes big wrinkles in her forehead.  she’s giving ramona (from the housewives of ny) a run for her money in the googley eyes department.

  • You tell it, TLo!

  • JMansm

    Kenley is the ONE PERSON whose final collection I wanted to see. So upsetting. 

  • kentiesgirl

    I disagree about Mondo’s, I think it’s cute, and am considering buying it. I really thought it was a clear winner in this challenge. Personally, I couldn’t care less how Mondo was acting (unless it was hateful, it seems just more pouty), I just like it.

    Before they added the tie back, I was thinking about which belt I could pair with it, cause it is boxy as all heck. I really like the colors, the different fabrics, which to me, as a consumer, make it look more expensive than Kenley’s, thus more easily parted with my money. I love day dresses, and this one really caught my eye. So, that’s just me.

    I actually though it would work on me having an hour glass shape better than Kenley’s cause I could buy a bigger size and belt it down, therefore the lack of seaming makes it more likely to fit me without having to alter it, which is a plus. Since they added the tie back (I can’t believe I didn’t think of that, half my dresses have one, they work so well for my body) I am totally in love with it. That’s my favorite neckline (can’t remember what it’s called…like boat, maybe?) too.

    BTW, the silly putty platforms all over the runway, ick.

    • I was also thinking about how the belt Mondo’s dress. I also have an hourglass shape, and I agree the dress would work really well on women who are built like we are. And I like the colors/fabrics he used.

      I’m not a fan of dresses with a tie back. A belt works better for me. But that’s just a difference in personal preference.

      • kentiesgirl

         See, that’s what I didn’t get about the judging, didn’t someone say that Mondo’s wouldn’t work on a variety of women? Maybe I’m wrong but I remember one of the criticisms made me question my sanity. Not like they don’t on a regular basis, lol.

        • I can’t remember who said it, but, yes, someone said Mondo’s wouldn’t work on lots of different women. I have a few dresses that are cut like that – it’s just a shift, really – and they work really well on me. It didn’t make any sense to me either, but as you said, that happens pretty regularly.

    • The neckline is a boatneck.

      • kentiesgirl

        Thanks, I was *thisclose* to getting there, hate it when something’s on the tip of your tongue and you just can’t spit it out.  🙂

      • Sweetbetty

         Or a ” bateau neckline” as is stated at the site it is for sale.  Which is French for boat.

  • dschubba

    I’ve never liked Kenley and have only occasionally liked her work, but she really did deserve to go home, even for a reason as simple as not making the garment she was (essentially) contracted to make. As a hundred different people have already pointed out, buying that print caused a chain reaction of fail that culminated in the loss of that keyhole, which was the one somewhat “adult” element that kept her design from looking like a blown up kids’ dress.

    On top of that, it was the same old simple silhouette. The keyhole was also the only element that I felt I probably couldn’t knock-off. When that was taken away, all bets were off.

  • Mondo’s dress was not great, but trying to say Kenley’s was any better is just wrong — her’s wasn’t some great innovative design either & is, quite frankly, less sellable than Mondo’s, although truthfully I see Mondo’s selling to teens not Nanette Lapore’s customers. But nonetheless, Mondo’s *is* sellable — Kenley’s isn’t sellable to anyone as it was completely frumpy.

    And yes, her constant failure to line up her patterns was definitely worthy of her being schmaufed as she has failed to do it ever.single.challenge. It is irksome & while the judges have seemed to overlook it in the past (probably because of the time constraints) in this case it was so noticeable & hideous that it changed the design that she was so crazy about.  I mean, she didn’t want to do the keyhole for the sake of “honoring” the pattern, yet she doesn’t line up the seams such that she, in effect, completely changed the pattern. I don’t understand that rationale at all.

    • “Mondo’s dress was not great, but trying to say Kenley’s was any better is just wrong”

      Which is why we didn’t say anything remotely like that.

      • Actually, you kind of did: this dress, while very cute and probably among the most salable of the garments offered last night,
        Characterizing Kenley’s dress as the “most salable” of all the garments up there is implying it was better than the rest, including Mondo’s, especially given the parameters of this challenge to make a ready-to-wear dress to be sold at Nanette Lapore. And that isn’t “remotely” saying it, it is flat out saying Kenley’s was better. My comment specifically pointed out that I was addressing your line that I quote here, so context clues should have helped. And, in fact, as I pointed out, Kenley’s is LESS salable than Mondo’s because it isn’t even cute, it is frumpy and at least Mondo’s might appeal to teen customers.

        • There’s no “kind of” about it. Saying a dress is “AMONG the most salable” is not remotely the same as saying it is the best dress in the lot, no matter how hard you try to argue otherwise.

  • Srw27

    Mondo’s dress was hiddy and Kenley’s print, while pretty, made my eye twitch b/c the pattern didn’t match up.  And those darts in the front are just wrong.

  • bluefish

    Well, thank heavens for lamb stew, TLo, and all the writers here.  I think all four of them, at least, if not all 13 of them, went into this gig knowing full well what they had to do, who they needed to be, and how it was going to pan out.  It can take awhile, even a decade or more, to see what is right in front of one’s nose.

    I think they all threw the fight — but no one more than Kenley who took on the “I coulda been a contendah” role.  I think this bums some of them out more than others — Austin has experienced this from the start and has the nerves and longterm skills to handle it — Michael came in quite a bit later but ditto and is a consummate actor — Kenley is tough as nails and has other interests and talents that will continue after this show — Mondo, the real artist here, will I hope be given the prize for  putting up with this crap, being brought to the brink of a nervous breakdown on camera because of it — and be able to digest the bile of having had to go there and do that.

    I realized yesterday that I hadn’t watched a few shows in a row because I kind of don’t care anymore, beyond this site, I’m getting old enough to forget, and there are things I’d maybe like to read instead. So I caught the mini-marathon in advance of the latest epi, turned on the mute, read until the end, and then turned off the finale because I knew Kenley was gone.

    Quiz Show and eventually BM will hit a wall. 

    I’m super happy Tom and Lorenzo made their mark. 

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    mondo’s dress is, almost rather unbelievably, sold out.

    kenley has no ability to pick fabric. pink peacock infiltrating hospital gown has gotta be one of the out & out ugliest fabric numbers i have ever seen. however, the cut–particularly the sleeves–is nice.

    whatever, the whole thing’s fixed anyway.
    not worth anyone’s time any more.

    i figure that is why we saw the worst in some people [mondo], the best in some people [kenley], & the most efficient, i guess, in some people [austin]. & why we saw lackluster, demoralized design, bien sûr. also why i stopped watching it episodes ago, but that hardly matters.

    • Stubenville

      That’s so funny – I kept getting “hospital gown” from Kenley’s too. Must be the mint colored background to the print.

      • Pennymac

        Yes! I was wondering why I had such a dislike. I think its that rather awful bruise colored edging plus the high neckline. I can easily see it being tied behind the neck.

  • rainwood1

    I love you, T Lo, for speaking the truth.  Project Mondo is nothing but crass pandering to what they think the audience wants.  People thought Mondo was robbed in Season 8?  Let’s give it to him now.  The problem is that Mondo is a morose, trash-talking little buzz kill who’s really hard to root for.  PITA indeed.  Michael has his army of true believers?  He’s in the final too despite being a whiny shit-stirrer whose design this week is straight from the Anya for Mrs. Roper collection.  And Austin is a beloved favorite from the first season so let’s put him through even though it’s now clear he designs for a bygone era of ladyhood that never actually existed.  Kenley was one of the most despised designers ever so let’s keep her around, encourage everyone to shit-talk about her, and then insult her endlessly before schmaufing her right before the finale.  The problem is that Kenley turned out to be the only one who didn’t shit talk everyone else, designed cute things week after week, and a lot of us quite improbably started to root for her.  

    Add in that awful After the Runway show that I refuse to watch but for which the previews make me dislike this pretty much dislikeable bunch even more.  Schmeidi hasn’t improved one iota from first episode to this.  Isaac has become the pissy queen we all knew he could be and Joanna Coles did a call-out of Kenley in the workroom that seemed totally gratuitous.  Georgina Chapman is the only one who comes off halfway decently but she’s one of the script-reading judges and is married to Harvey Weinstein who is responsible for the money grab that flushed PR down the toilet.  

    This is the fourth finale I’m not interested in watching.  My relationship with PR is irretrievably broken.  I’m going to move on with my first love,”Selling New York.” 

  • Amen

  • ElitheMonkey

    I’ve never seen a runner in a Mexican restaurant that ugly before. Maybe that’s because there aren’t a lot of Mexican restaurants around here. At this point, I’m watching only because Austin is still in it, and I’ll watch anything with him in the cast.

  • Yup. The only way I know anything about PR is by reading what TLo says about it.

    I don’t know how you two still have the patience, frankly.

  • Also, you could totally put the keyhole into that design, simply by positioning the fabric well.  I’d have put one of the feathers centered under the neck and done the keyhole through the middle of it, cutting out the eye.  Then it’s surrounded by the feather effect and looks like it was deliberately emphasized.

  • butter nut

    the greatest travesty is that they actually got me to route for kenley.  if that’s not a crime against all that is sacred in PR lore, then i don’t know what is.  

  • vmcdanie

    I don’t know what to add except: Goddamn it, Bunim-Murray and Lifetime killed this show and then continue to bug by pissing on its grave twice a year. I just check your blog now to see if there are any designs I would like. This is coming from someone who owns the first five seasons on DVD so, not a casual viewer.

    I would wear the shit out of Kenley’s dress, btw (full confession: I don’t always dig Kenley but I do almost always like her designs.)

  • Martha Deutsch

    Kenley’s fabric was pretty awful and her design, which wasn’t amazing to begin with, was ruined by it. What was the stink about her not following direction though, or whatever Ms. Lepore’s complaint was during judging? I either missed it during the workroom visit or didn’t think it was as big a deal as she made of it during judging.
    I am done with PR but am watching this season because I like so many of the designers. Last season was my last and I didn’t even make it to the finale because it was obvious what a joke it was from the middle of the season. Clearly BM are still making tons of money from PR and as lovers of fashion (TLo et al.) drop it, more mainstream viewers are picking it up. That’s probably an OK (even beneficial) trade-off for BM in terms of making money.  

  • paulmkane2001

    I get the cynicism about Project Runway.  But these judges are way better than Nina and Michael.  They actually have valid and interesting criticisms to offer.

    And what the hell is with all the hatred for Mondo now?   What on earth were you expecting?  A teddy bear?  He’s an actual human being and that is what you folks hate.  Austin is a cheesecake and you LURVE him.  Mondo says what he actually thinks, and is quite thoughtful, human, articulate, and not necessarily saintly.

    This week’s designs were kind of lousy.  Austin gave us little red riding hood.  Mondo gave us a pinata.  Michael gave us a nice robe. Kenlee gave us a rather nice dress that needed some work.  I understood Mondo being the winner, because he really did do something very nice with color and pattern, nice and fun.  Austin’s piece didn’t really fit the brief, but it was very nice.  I would have kept Kenlee, because I think she has come a long way as a designer, whereas Michael has never done anything well other than simple draping.

    • alyce1213

      Agree with you up to the last sentence.  Michael has done A LOT of things well — look back.  Kenley is the one stuck in the same silhouette, look, etc,  She’s being true to herself, but her self is so limited — no one over 28 can wear anything she’s made.

  • Elizabido

    I usually like Mondo’s designs, but this one looked like one of those Christmas crackers that you pull on each end and a prize pops out. I was sorry that Kenley got the boot, because now we’ll be stuck with another line of Michael’s Palm Springs old-lady loungewear. Or will they show lines for the All-Stars finale? I’ve always liked Kenley’s work and would buy a lot of it if I had the means. It’s too bad she couldn’t have done more with the print, which I actually liked, even though I was put off by the idea of a peacock print. I don’t see how she could have used the beloved keyhole, though. That woman seemed so crestfallen over the lack of it, but I doubt it would have made all that much difference.

  • formerlyAnon

    “You can’t keep insulting your audience and expect them to love you for it.”
    You guys don’t disappoint.

  • Penny Less

    I respectfully disagree. I loved Mondo’s dress, and I think he has more vision than most of the designers.  I find him honest and endearing.  

    • alyce1213

      I like him too, and if he wants to be cranky it’s ok (although I think it’s mostly in the editing), they’re all under great stress. 

      I liked his dress a lot too — a bright, modern take on a flapper-style shift, not right for EVERYONE, but then again what is??

  • Presumptuous Insect

    Mr. Whiney-Boo–you got that right!  And BM can piss off, indeed!  I like Austin now better than I did in his own season. He seems like a decent person.  Hated Mondo’s dress and didn’t think Kenley should have been aufed.  Damn.

  • hgtnteach82

    I didn’t care for any of the designs last night.   Looked at them all and said “meh.”

  • EverybodysStarling

    Kenley has been constantly told two things: 1. Line up your prints and 2. Stop making the same dress all the time. Michael got mostly praise for his garments, wether earned or not. So it is kind of logical for me, that she got the schmauf. Even though I think Michael should have been gone.

    I also don`t seem to get all the Mondo-Bashing now. Yes, I do think he is less creative and less “into it” than last time – but if you think about it: he must be under huge pressure fulfilling all the expactations. Cause people tend to see his designs from season 8 in a very glorified way, transfering the rage about him beeing robbed last time on his designs. He isn`t much better or worse than last time, but people have in mind, that he was “spectacular” in a way that he wasn`t. Hope I could explain myself clearly. I do love Mondo and his designs, but I see him cracking under the pressure. 

    Edited for spelling reasons. Even though there might (must) be more 🙂

  • Cathleen Francis

    Kenley’s dress reminds me of a hospital gown.  

  • rorschach1992

    Mondo yeah this season he wasn’t my favorite. He carried himself with great maturity in S8, but that maturity was gone this season, from how he dressed, to his attitude. I found him grating more times than I found him likable.
    Wasn’t a fan of this dress, his rail thin model looks like a pillow there’s no hope for anyone else. It looks better with the tie, at least now there’s some shape. But I find it funny that they nitpick the lack of Keyhole on Kenley’s dress, but didn’t with Mondo, yet they edited his to give it shape. They could have easily added the keyhole detail to Kenley’s also.
    Kenley didn’t deserve the boot. Her dress was cute and salable. Unfortunately I have a feeling this whole thing was rigged to ensure Michael and Mondo make it to the finale, so far that’s happened. I think at this point Austin is an extreme underdog to win, but I hope he pulls it off. If either of the other two win, then it’d be clear this charade was planned from conception.

  • miatamam

    Truthfully, I’m still not over the Anya fiasco of PR; the bad taste still lingers.  I’m planning to be Standard PR-free this year.

  • ” we actually found ourselves yelling at the TV on her behalf. In the past, we were yelling at the TV to get her off it.”

    Well I hope you returned to yelling at her if you watched the after show. She’s so damn loud that she was shouting over everyone – it’s no wonder that Mondo could hear her from across the room. I wanted to bitch-slap her so hard.

  • guest2visits

    Completely agree with your final assessment of the show; I feel better about constantly griping about the editing, the
    challenges, the judges, the everything.

  • BrightsideSusan

    I wonder who the producers think want drama and not fashion? Because if they are going for the lowbrow types, they should get a bunch of wackadoos on there and get it over with. 

  • spooki C

    Everything was so ugly last night. Kenley’s looks like a hospital gown, Mondo’s was a shapeless sack with a weird dust ruffle, Michael’s was a dress I’ve seen 5000 times before and almost exposed his model’s ass, and Austins was a boring wrinkled coat.

  • Tom & Lorenzo seem to cast off Mondo in a way strikingly similar to the way Mondo expresses himself on the show sometimes. It’s almost like the pot calling the kettle black. BTW going to more than one Nanette Lepore runway show is nothing to write home about, guys. Something about the ‘tude just rubs me the wrong way.

  • mousetomato

    As soon as Kenley’s dress hit the runway, the song “No Scrubs” started going through my head. And I usually adore Mondo’s work, but the hem on this screamed dust ruffle to me.

  • leilah

    I find Kenley extremely grating and have wanted her auf’d for some time, and I do like Michael and was hoping he’d make it to the finals.  HOWEVER, between the two, Michael’s design should’ve gotten him the heave-go (in fact, wanted to heave when I heard him say he was making a kaftan), so I was STUNNED when I heard the praise for his garb(age).

    But let’s not cry for Kenley — her line will be coming soon to a Target near you….

    • pdquick

       And it will sell like crazy.

  • JMansm

    I commented earlier about how I really wanted to see a final collection from Kenley, but additionally I have to say that I like how in this look (and in the polka dot one) the print was mix-matchy. It seems unconventional but intentional and is a point of interest. 

  • ccm800

    agreed. They had me for most of this season – but this was just a more subtle BM treatment. I actually thin Kenley is the best of the bunch over all. Michael makes dresses that Anya made – and she admittedly could not sew. Austin is not retro he is OLD. Mondo has big limits in silhouette and should prolly be a a textile designer. Kenley is fresh and feminine and I totally agree with Hostess CrazyEyes that I can completely visualize her boutique full of very commercial product. 

    • alyce1213

      Having a boutique to sell her designs is perfect for Kenley — a business on a SMALL scale, for her very limited clientele.
      PR is looking for a designer who can go big, who says something new and unique, not a small boutique owner giving us her take on the 1950s.

  • ccm800

    And yes Mondo has lost all charm this edit around. 

  • Bozhi

    Kenley fell in love with a fabric that did not work with her design.  The way she cut up the print and it did not match at the seams really was ugly.  She should have picked a different fabric that would have worked with her design.

    The design of her dress was the best for the line, she blew it with the fabric.

  • hearkentoit

     Yeah, I’ve been enjoying All-Stars because these are people I’m already invested in, but you couldn’t pay me to watch Season 10 of PR at this point.

  • StephenTrask

    Yeah, this is Project Runway: Coronation.  So what.  Everybody was happy when “Curb Your Enthusiasm” presented a new ending to the Seinfeld series.  No single contestant was ever so robbed as was Mondo.  It’s as simple as that.  And, yeah, he’s absolutely been Mr. Whiney-Boo this season.  And he kind of has every right to be.  Not only was he robbed of a much deserved win because Michael Kors was pissy about not having his advice taken but he is the one designer since this show has started who would have been able to take that win and turn it into an immensely successful clothing company.  as someone who owns an original piece of his clothing, I can tell you that people want to buy his stuff.  People try to get it from me.  And they get overcome when they see it.  Why he didn’t find a way to capitalize on that name recognition and popularity and has instead found himself back on a rigged reality show sewing for the cameras is a bit puzzling but it’s certainly another good reason to be Mr. Whiney-Boo.  Mondo should already be a millionaire many times over.
    As far as this dress is concerned, I personally think it’s great.  It looks like something that fashion aware high school and college girls or young 20-somethings would buy a ton of.  And does it matter that the silhouette had to be changed?  The alteration was dramatic but small and if Mondo were a designer working for Nanette Lepore it’s just the sort of change that would have been suggested after he first presented the piece. Or just the sort of change he himself would have made if he’d had time to look at the dress for, I don’t know, a half a day, and then make some edits.  You certainly cut that kind of slack for Austin Starlett.  Personally, I would have preferred a loop and a button or two in the back to create that effect.  
    Shouldn’t Mondo also be praised for coming up with the most stylish dress that cost the least to make and to sell?  

    • Melvis Velour

      Yeah, and it’s also sold out and so far on back order that they won’t be able to ship until mid-May…  I read the comments about Mondo being whinney but come on, it’s a pressure cooker and the guy is HIV+, that’s a double whammy for anyone.

    • NasserShaheen

      Totally agree. Also this week Mondo made the best dress. It looks great online (any dress this week would need to be fine tuned before sale) and so what if he is whiney? As a creative I think he’s pretty average! He gave us a chic dress that I’d wear in a second if I was a woman. And it had the lowest price point. For someone labelled as ‘difficult’ he steps up when he needs to. I don’t feel the ‘coronation’ thing the others do. If anyone is annointed it’s Austin who should have gone home weeks ago and who this week effectively made a very expensive dress (no one thought it was a coat and I can’t imagine it would work with anything under it).

      At least he can take feedback. Kenley’s attitude and unwillingness to adapt and her inability to stay on track sent her home. Her attitude in the workroom to feedback literally shocked me. She’s the only one who altered her agreed design. Her dress looked like a mess. And come on, it is the same fucking dress she always makes! Yes it’s a pretty style but it’s all she does!

      • blondie65

        This:  “If anyone is annointed it’s Austin who should have gone home weeks ago and who this week effectively made a very expensive dress (no one thought it was a coat and I can’t imagine it would work with anything under it).” 

        Absofuckinlutely (sorry, but no other word works). I like Austin, but I knew the fix was in the moment he stayed and Rami went. 

    • holdmewhileimnaked

      i am not sure the issue is mondo. i am certain the issue is not mondo w/ me.
      i like him, i want him to win. i think that–other than rami–he is by far the best designer that was on PRAS. & i cannot say even rami is a better designer than him.
      for me the issue is that the show is fixed. he didnt need it to be rigged to win. i doubt he even wanted to win a rigged show. the problem is the production team’s insistence that neither he nor the others could compete properly. this is not only demeaning to the participants it is demoralizing & its ability to demoralize showed up in the designs. it makes me angry but not at mondo himself. &, i assume, if he’s coming across as annoying [i stopped watching this as soon as i realized nothing real was going on in this reality competition] the whole damned program is rigged towards presenting him that way. just the way it’s rigged towards presenting, say, kenley as horrible the first time & credible this time. it’s not the people on the dance floor that are the problem. it’s the club owner. etc & ect.

    • Wat

      I absolutely disagree. Austin was robbed hard in his season, however, I guess you could argue that Mondo was robbbed more because Austin was disqualified before the final and Mondo had to go through the final only to have the judges switch gears and decide they wanted clothes with retail appeal and not clothes that were fresh and cutting edge.

      • StephenTrask

        I didn’t mean to imply that Mondo was the only person who was robbed but the Mondo vs. Gretchen decision was very obviously the most blatant injustice this show has delivered.  On one hand, you had a guy who delivered gorgeous, inventive, meticulously well made fashion that worked as a show but also could easily be sold as separates and on the other hand you had a fairly drab and ugly collection of schmatas that no one would want to wear.  And they gave the prize to the latter because the contestant added sunglasses and lipstick, while denying the prize to Mondo because he didn’t ditch the head dresses.  It was a surreal example of Michael Kors throwing a little hissy fit because his advice wasn’t taken.  and by the way, every item of Michael Kors clothing that I have ever tried on looks great on the hanger and then turns out to have some kind of weird design defect, like a color that hangs in an unattractive way, or a zipper that buckles when it’s zipped up.  And I’m talking about sweaters costing hundreds of dollars, not a lower end line pumped out to take advantage of his celebrity.  His men’s wear looks gorgeous right up until you put it on.  

  • SewingSiren

     In regards to Kenley matching the print on the seams of her garment.  There is only one place on the garment where that could have been done, the center back seam.  And you can clearly see that the print is lined up- but not matched. It is far to expensive to do this on garments that are being produced on any kind of scale. It  would be a nightmare for the marker and extremely wasteful. here is a garment from Nanette’s own line  (which she wore to the screening of this episode) in a large print. The cb seam of the dress is not matched. Also in the lower right hand  corner you can see the matching blouse where the placket and the right and left of the blouse are not matched. It is possible to match patterns on straight seams such as plackets when making one custom blouse, but it is  simply not to do it in production. 

    • pdquick

      I agree that this dress could not be produced commercially at a profit with the seams matched. But the difference between Kenley’s design and the Nanette Lapore skirt you linked, is that in the latter, the print reads as large areas of different color, so it creates a color-blocked look, while Kenley’s print reads as a repeating pattern of large, colorful shapes (almost like, um, big polka dots) on a light background, at any distance. The Lapore skirt looks like a color-blocked skirt, while Kenley’s just reads as mismatched.

    • minnye

      This makes me wonder about Mondo’s potential for large-scale production.  His great strength is precise print placement, but I wonder if it’s feasible only on a meticulously crafted one-off garment unless the fabric pieces are simply blocked like this dress. 

      • SewingSiren

        I don’t think Mondo would have a problem at all in production. Most of his designs  have patterns mixed with solids. So there is no matching required. He also tends to use smaller prints or patterns which are not as evident when the prints aren’t matched, which frequently his aren’t, and thirdly as I pointed out in the post above large scale prints are not commonly matched at this price point. I would go as far to say never on the side seams and sometimes they will eliminate a center back seam and put the closure on the side seam, which of course uses more fabric and costs more to do.   There are exceptions such as woven patterns like stripes and plaids, which are different from large printed patterns anyway.

        • minnye

           Good to hear.  I was remembering mitered stripes, matched plaids, those big polka dots on the dress Heidi wore.  It’s possible I’m misremembering a bit though, haven’t looked at his work from his season recently.

  • turtleemily

    Mondo had the ties in his initial sketch, and giving it shape does greatly improve it. I think him not including it may have been him thumbing his nose at the whole thing since he knows he’d still win with a striped potato sack.

    Kenley still did polka dots. And I’m not understanding why she couldn’t have done the damn keyhole. Her initial sketch made me think of a cheongsam. I figured she was going with the forced drama of her comment on Mondo’s sketching.

  • Megan Patterson

    I can’t believe Mondo won a COMMERCIAL CHALLENGE with a drop waist dress! I don’t care if they added a tie, anyone bigger than a 6 (and even then) can’t wear it. Plus, ugliest design he’s done on the show. Personally, I think Michael should have gone home. 

    • Megan Patterson

       Also, I think I am one of the few people who likes Kenley and her design (but it is my aesthetic), and doesn’t find her at all annoying.

  • sterlingrose

    I always wonder what happens when they have a judge on who is going to either wear the dress or sell it and he/she doesn’t like any of the designs.  I can’t find fault with adding a tie to Mondo’s, I figure any design needs editing, especially one that is made as quickly and under such pressure.   I still favor Mondo, don’t think he is all that whiny, I think it just must be exhausting.  As a designer you need space once in a while to view, to not look at fabric, rethink what you are doing and that is something you don’t get on PR, which is why you don’t get a designer’s best work. 

  • The problem with the challenge was the speed – it kept us from seeing anything fantastic once again.  The last few challenges were fine but when I think back to the beginning of the season, I was exctied that we might be able to see some really great stuff. The four dresses last night? yawn…I liked Mondo’s best, but that’s not saying much. Kenley’s was hideous and I can’t listen to her talk anymore.  WHY DOES SHE TALK LIKE THAT???? Oy, like nails on the chalkboard. So glad she is gone. But agree that Mondo is whiny as all get out this season.

  • Anathema_Device

    Even though you made your blogging bones with Project Runway, I wouldn’t blame you one bit if you gave up covering it. You’re right that B/M has destroyed it. I also feel that shows like this have a bit of a shelf life anyway. The more the producers work to prevent repetition (in contestant types, challenges, etc.), the more ridiculous and further away from the initial objective they take the show.

    As for these two designs: I like Mondo’s more than you seem to. I think Kenley’s looks rather sad despite the colorful fabric.

  • Nibbles42

    They were all pretty mediocre this week.  Kenley’s was a complete snooze.  Gee, another patterned retro silhouette dress with little sleeves and a flouncy skirt?  Yeah, not shedding any tears of her schmauf over here (though it was just a tossup between her and Mr Drapey Caftan). 

    I gotta say, I laughed my ass off during After The Runway, when Kenley was practically screaming “HOW COULD YOU HEAR ME WHEN YOU WERE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROOM?!?!”  Kenley, honey, people 500 miles away can hear you. 

  • LambeeBaby

    I think Kenley’s dress was average and blah. Definitely needed to line up the print. Mondo’s look like there was an ugly dust ruffle attached to the bottom. After Rami was prematurely booted the show went down the toilet in a swirling woosh. I am not in the slightest bit obsessed this season. That is “bad but true”.

  • Please let Michael crash and burn…if he wins this show I will never watch Project Runway again.  

  • Trisha26

    Mondo’s dress was cute, pretty, fun, glamorous! I hate the tie they added for retail sale. Not every woman has a waist to show off – how refreshing to have a lovely, colorful dress suitable for almost any body type – including those women who need to wear a bra! He deserved this win hands down (and every win he’s received since losing his season to bland, beige whatshername). The judges (as poor as they are, I’m not defending them) didn’t rave over his design, frankly I thought Austin would be the winner. I am not denying that Mondo has turned on the water-works this season – but if you’re going to call someone a whiny-boo, stick with Michael. Ugh. And that caftan…shades of Anya. Ugh. Kenley’s dress looked like an ill-made maid/hostess outfit for some upscale hotel. And her attitude. Ugh. Totally agree with your assessment of the judges – both Regular and All Star – it’s like watching American Idol with praise and criticism handed out arbitrarily.

  • HelenNPN

    Everybody choked.

    The Potato Sack Pinata was the saddest jokedress I’ve ever seen, much less seen win. 
    The Peacock Frump Frock was disappointingly boring.
    The Anya Housedress Redux was disturbing and yet predictable.
    Even Holly Go Lightly’s Housecoat was just barely ok.

    Judge’s praising that vomitous pocketed-wake me up before you go-go Mexican-tablecloth as “masterful” was the low point of this show so far.   But I have a feeling we are in for more of the same for the finale.

    I really think they don’t give the designers enough time for the challenges and the whole show suffers for it.

  • You know, TLo, I thoroughly enjoyed this episode of PR, and I’m just a little tired of you guys repeatedly griping about how PR is awful now and how you see through all the producer’s gimicks, etc. etc.  Maybe you guys have just done this too long and need to move on?  I can say I read your blog because I watch PR, and not the other way around.  Go back to your roots, find something to still like about the show(s), and make us like ourselves for liking this show again. 

    • Maybe you’ve been reading us too long and need to move on?

      We’re not being flippant here. Anyone who thinks we’re supposed to “make” our readers “like [themselves] for liking Project Runway” has a fundamental misunderstanding of the point behind our Project Runway posts and this blog generally. If you think that’s our job, we can’t imagine anything we do here would make you happy.

      • Well, I’m just a reader … although it seems not a very appreciated one.  And while I don’t have any standing or desire to tell you what your jobs are, I can certainly tell you why I read what you write.  And increasingly I’m finding the complaining about the fundamental nature of the show no longer entertaining, and just repetitive and annoying.  Particularly with All Stars, where I think they have taken to heart some of the criticisms you’ve leveled (fairly) against recent seasons of “regular” PR.   Frankly, I’ll continue to read your blog as long as I want to and find it entertaining, whether you want to listen to my opinion or not.  But, I can tell you that for me, I come to read about PR and other similar shows, and your other content is just whatever I throw into the cart on my way through the checkout.  And, when I no longer find your commentary on PR to be fresh or insightful or funny, I’ll not be back.  And I can’t imagine I’ll be alone in that.

        • And we’re telling you, as nicely as possible: if you think we’re here to make anyone feel better about liking Project Runway, you are never going to be happy with what we write because not only is that not a goal of ours, it’s not even a goal we’ve ever considered before.

          We appreciate all our readers but we’re trying to be honest here. You want something out of us that we’re never going to give you. And since you’re already threatening to leave and never come back, and have already informed us that you view 95% of our content as junk, we see no reason to be insincerely polite about it. The internet is a big place and there are plenty of places you can go where people speak uncritically of Project Runway. Since they’re all as free to use as this site is, we suggest you go and find those places rather than spending your time here threatening to leave and insulting the majority of the work we do here as unworthy of your time.

          • You’ve said you’re not being flippant, but I don’t see that (to my mind you’re exaggerating the criticism I’ve voiced… I didn’t write or imply that 95% of your content is junk, and I find that both a flippant and simply incorrect summary of what I’ve said).  And just as you’re dealing out honesty as you say, you might reciprocate and suck it up when it’s offered up back to you.  And what I’ve taken from some of your past PR material is exactly what you say you can never provide… a good feeling about liking PR and enjoying reading about and discussing it.  If you don’t think that’s something readers take away from here, then maybe you’re not as in touch with what you’re providing to those same readers as you think you are.  I’m not certain you could possibly have the insight to tell me what I couldn’t possibly take away from what you write – I mean, how could you know that?  And while I appreciate to a certain extent your sincere impoliteness, I’m not certain how you reconcile that with appreciating all your readers, since I’m certainly one.  So, you have my feedback.  I would like to see more thoughtful criticism of the show.  Less long sighs and knowing moans about the format, and more humor and funny parodies of what you don’t like.  Less “oh we’ve all been here before, how dreadful and boring”, and more biting criticism or insightful comparison.  But my (flippant?) interpretation of your last comment here is that you don’t really care what I have to say, and would rather I just go away.  It just seems a big change from how you guys used to be to me.  

          • We will never understand the idea that listening to and responding to people’s complaints = not caring about them.

            We’re not getting any further into this. You are not happy with what we’re providing; we have made it perfectly clear that we have no intention of changing that. It’s entirely up to you if you want to stay or not. It always has been.

            And characterizing the vast majority of our output as “just whatever I throw into the cart on my way through the checkout” is an insult, no matter whether you want to believe so or not; no matter whether you think we’re being “flippant” in pointing that out or not.

            In other words, we treated your comments with respect and you turned around and insulted us.

          • To me … not caring = having no intention of changing anything when someone voices a dissatisfaction.  That’s different than considering what’s said, and then deciding to not change anything.  But, how you phrased it isn’t an artifact … you have no intention of changing anything regardless of what’s said.  I guess you could argue you and PR now have that in common?

            What I said about throwing your non-PR material “into the cart” on my way through the checkout is a reflection of my interests, not the quality of the material.  I liked reading about Pan Am or the runway shows or what the stars are wearing on the red carpet, but not enough to visit a blog for that.  But, I come to read about PR.  If you have something on the end isle that catches my eye, I might read that too, and it might be great.  But, it’s not the reason I came.  I bet a lot of other folks do the same.

            And if holding your hands over your ears, and repeating neener-neener-neener while telling the person talking to you that if they’re not liking it here they can pick up their marbles and go home is treating comments with respect, then I respectfully say you’ve lost touch with what that might be.

          • The sheer entitlement is astounding. If we didn’t care about your complaint, we would have ignored it completely. We cared enough about your complaint to address it. That you didn’t get exactly what you asked for doesn’t mean we don’t care. It means we disagree.

            We do this for a living, you know. Despite your attempts to tell us that we don’t know our readership and what they want, we spend every working day figuring out what works for our readership and what doesn’t. We not only know quite well what works for our readership; we know it better than anyone else does.  The bottom line: People read us because they want to hear our opinions and because we provide them a place to express their own. If we start worrying about not expressing the appropriate opinions, the whole endeavor falls apart. We will always be honest about our opinions, whether or not they’re the opinions certain readers think we should have.

            Millions of people visit this blog every month, so no, we’re not likely to change the way we do things because one person (or even a dozen) complains in the comments section.

            Final word from us: This is not a Project Runway fanblog and hasn’t been one for at least 4 years now. Some of our Project Runway readers are having a very difficult time coming to terms with that but we knew that would happen when we decided to expand.

          • I am entitled!  I am so because I’m your customer – whether you choose to realize that or not.  Your fanbase as well as PR’s.  The same folks who called their friends when you guys showed up on the air.  The same ones who repeat your one-liners to their friends.  Hell yes, I’m entitled!  We all are.  

            I want to hear your opinions.  But, there’s a difference between interesting opinions about the content of the show presented as if you still care about it, and reading what seems almost to be a chore for you to write anymore.  I think you’ve lost your PR passion.  And I miss that.  I liked Old Coke, thank you very much, and as long as you’re stocking that, then more power to all the other offerings you’re piggy-backing on the success of that.  

            And this is my final word :  PR rules, it still rules, and for many of us it’s the most interesting thing you write about, and still the reason we come to sit around your feet at story-time.  Criticize it, express your options, dive in and around and through, great, but if you think what seems to be your lack of passion for it these days isn’t noticed, you’re wrong there.

          •  Stunned.

            Seriously, no-bullshit stunned. It’s kind of refreshing for someone to just put it all out there like that, we have to say.

            You don’t own us and we don’t work for you.

          • And you, like it or not, owe your success here to us … PR fans.

          •  NO. WE. DON’T.

            We owe our success to the hard work we put into this site, over 90% of which has nothing to do with Project Runway.

          • You’re kidding yourselves.  There are lots of sites putting in just as much hard work without your breakout success.  And if you started your site today with just all the non-PR coverage, you’d be one new fish in a very big sea.  You’re building off a base, and that’s great.  But, you started with PR, and you leave us to languish at your own risk.

            If you truly believe this, announce on your site that you’re not covering PR anymore.  Done with it.  No more PR anything.  I, for one, bet your respect for we PR fans will fall more inversely in line with the declining traffic.

            We PR fans should not be the ugly child kept in the closet.  We are the center of where you came from and what you’ve come to be. 

          • SewingSiren

            Speak for yourself.

          • I’m going to kindly assume that my account was blocked from posting new comments for the last few minutes in error.  

          • SewingSiren

            I want to come to your house for Christmas Diner. I but I might come on the 26th if I get a better offer. I don’t like leftovers so make it fresh. I want Turkey because I heard you served Turkey three years ago and that’s what we’er supposed to have. I don’t like white wine , so we all have to drink red. I won’t be bringing anything. Be sure to vacuum be for  I get there because I’m allergic to cats and I know you have some. I’ll be real offended if you don’t invite me back too.

  • Jase37206

    Again, I disagree with you my dear TLo. I have wanted Michael gone for weeks, but he def was better than Kenley this week. I actually like Austin’s look the least. Kenley, has a cute design. But with her terrible lining up of the pattern, she ruined it.  Mondo was the clear winner. And adding a belt, pulling in the waist…could easily been done as a styling and not a design aspect. I thought it was a cute dress and I love the fabric choices. Not everyone has to be the monochromatic colors and sparkly colors. Sometimes just fun, bright colors work. 

  • I thought maybe they could put on a decent “All-Stars” season but I see I was wrong.  Anything PR-related is now out of my viewing lineup. 

  • bitterk

    Amen.  I feel like the producers wanted it to come down to a “battle” between Austin and Mondo from the start.  To get there, they stretched many judging sessions to ensure that Austin and Mondo both stayed in the competition and won several challenges.  They are both talented but several of their wins were questionable.    

    Although I never thought he was the most talented designer in the bunch, there really is no other choice for the guest editor position than Austin.  Maybe Mila would have been my second choice.  I think the two of them understand the fashion industry better than any other designers and I think they would both add value to the magazine.  I could not for the life of me see Mondo as a magazine fashion editor.  His view of the world is way too narrow.  Plus, there is room for one bitch at Marie Clare and I am pretty sure JC is not giving up the title any time soon, her role as nurturing-yet-stern-mentor notwithstanding.

  • mhleta

    Well, Mondo’s dress cost $300 and sold out, so there you go TLo.