Matt Bomer for GQ Italia

Posted on March 29, 2012

Darlings, here’s some mid-day pretty for you.


Matt Bomer featured in the latest issue of GQ Italia.

And it don’t get much prettier than that.

He kind of looks like Jon Hamm’s younger, bratty brother, doesn’t he? Unfortunately, He’s dressed like Jerry Lewis in 75% of the pictures. Although we do like the red tuxedo shot.

Pft. Look at us, talking about clothes as if any of you are going to read this. Have at him, girls. Just remember: he’s playing for our team so … neener neener.


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  • Laura

    He looks uncomfortable in the studded jacket, but otherwise, YYYYYUMMMM. 

    • crush on you

      Very Italian, all of these. Seem to be about US icons. I love that there’s a sign saying ‘Eat’ and an arrow that points at him there. Totally staged but still love it. 

    • Sapphire2309

      I wouldn’t say uncomfortable so much as that jacket was a little big for him. And that man? Is amazingly hot anyway.

  • TheLaurenJean

    Good God he is GORGEOUS! I almost have a problem when I see him. Too much yummy in one package.

    • AMELIA

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    • FashionShowAtLunch

      Yes – it’s almost uncomfortable how ridiculously attractive he is.

      • accidental housewife

         It almost hurts to look at him. I can handle the pain though.

        • MissAnnieRN

          It’s hilarious how all of us ladies are just drooling over him.  Just such a perfect physical specimen.  No fun to fantasize about him anymore.  Sigh…..

          • FashionShowAtLunch

            Oh, I’ve known he was gay for a while.  His sexual orientation has nothing to do with my own, so I am undeterred from swooning.  It’s not like any of us would have a chance even if he were straight, so it doesn’t make a difference which way he swings.

          • Nora Mulllin

            Exactly! Knowing that doesn’t negate the “Goddamn is he hot!” response.

          • Carrie Bradshaw


  • Frank_821

    He seems a lot more natural in front of the camera than the typical male celeb. He’s got a skinnier waist than I thought-the bastard :)

    • BazoDee

      And he’s so buff at the same time – I’ve seen the shots from Magic Mike and I cannot wrap my mind around his tiny waist and yet super buff bod. How does he do that?? 

      • Kiltdntiltd

         Genetics, mostly.

      • RebeccaKW

         I don’t know, but I would like to study that process in-depth. 

  • Judy_J

    Don’t know who he is, but he is very cute.

  • Clueless_Jock

    I think he was styled to look like Chet Baker.

    • Frank Butterfield

      Or Chris Isaak styled by Bruce Weber to look like Chet Baker in a way that Chet Baker would find completely ridiculous, if he ever thought about it at all.  Very Route 66.

      • Clueless_Jock

        Heh, if Bruce Weber had done this photoshoot there would have been a lot more skin….

    • Nancy Abrams

      I think TLo meant to say that he is dressed like Jerry Lee Lewis. I’ll take that or Chris Isaak.

      Love that Googie motel.

  • skadi1

    I have a great deal of affection for Matt Bomer, and I like his acting VERY MUCH, but he does not move my trousers, as the boys say. I bet he’d be delightful to know in real life, though. He seems delightful.
    As for these pictures, I’m actually a bit disappointed. He has many, many virtues, and the photographer doesn’t seem to know what any of them are. I think the best pic is the first one, with the red tux (artistically) second. He can give much better face than this.

    • BazoDee

      You are probably correct -but even at only 50% face he can make the room swoon. 

  • Sonja Brisson

    Woof! Who is he? Looks like he should be one of the vampire dudes that are on every 3rd movie or TV show. Amirite?

    • Catherine George

      No … he’s the lead on the show “White Collar” (about a con artist/art thief who is allowed out of jail in order to help the FBI’s White Collar Crime division). 

      • Bridget Smith

        And he’s really hilarious and charming on it. Usually I’m really put off by the guys who are all charm, as I don’t feel I can trust a word they say. Ironically, it’s the guy playing an actual con man who has the sweetness to ground the charm. He’s just great on the show.

        • accidental housewife

          Yes, that’s it. He has a genuine sweetness about him, as though he knows he could charm damn near anyone right into bed, but would never dream of doing it.

          He is really funny in White Collar, and I think he’s really talented. I love him and Tim DeKay together. They have such a great bromance.

          • BerlinerNYC

            OMG, absolutely. That show is the most homoerotic thing on television. Everything is about “their relationship” and if one can really “trust” the other. The slash fiction basically writes itself.

          • MinAgain

            They are fantastic together.  And while Matty may be the prettiest thing on television, Tim is the one who really tips my applecart.

          • accidental housewife

             Yes! Tim DeKay is totally my type. I love him.

    • BazoDee

      He’ll be on Glee for an episode -I’ve stopped watching Glee but it revisit it just for Matt! 

      • lovelyivy

        My coworker and Iw ill be doing the same. Matt Bomer is the only reason I’ve had to watch Glee in two years.

      • Kris

         Wait, what?  Really??  Oh, I need to investigate that!

      • littlemac8

        I just saw he’s going to be on Glee – does anybody know when.  I won’t watch otherwise.  I definitely got the Chris Isaak vibe.

        • Cautia

          April 10

    • kimmeister

      He also guest starred several times in the show Chuck, as a very important character.

  • Sara Munoz

    Look at him, playing pinball with his penis. Talented boy.

    • Kiltdntiltd

       Loving you right now, Sara.

    • JosephLamour

      Hahaha. That’s my favorite shot, & you just made it even more my favorite.

    • MissAnnieRN

      I KNOW!  That picture is so hilarious!  The way the light is shining and his hands up in the air it’s like “Check out how heavenly my schlong is!”

    • SarahLovesFabric

      I have never before been jealous of a pinball machine.

  • Paigealicious

    Chris Isaak realness.

  • Dog_Nerd

    He looks like a young Chris Isaak in these photos

    • Paigealicious


  • Anplica Fiore


  • snarkykitten

    the styling is so uninspired.

  • G

    Have no idea who he is, but he looks like a young Daniel Day Lewis.  He’s gay?  Why are you guys always so cute?

    • Ogden1990

      Yes! Young DDL.

  • AthenaJ

    Too pretty for me, I think I’m more attracted to that breakfast he’s eating in the first pic. Is that a bagel sandwich with homefries? Yum…

    • understateddiva

       and a sundae for dessert!! is he hungover?

    • fashionablylate

      LOL, I think he’s dreamy, but I admit the breakfast definitely caught my eye as well.

  • stephkornblum

    All I can say is thank you.

  • BazoDee

    OMG -the eyes over the cup of coffee in that first shot -swoon. Happy Thursday to me!!! 

  • Anna Daugherty

    This is the most perfect-looking human being in existence. 

    • emeazul

      apparently it translates to real life too. A friend of my brother had the pleasure of meeting him whilst he was here in Puerto Rico filming White Collar a couple of weeks ago…

      He is as sweet and hot in person. My friend called him a demi-god. and now I AM THE OWNER of a pic and a little piece of paper with his name, my name and lots of love in between…I did not obtain these myself as I was unable to step within 50 feet of his presence for fear of melting.

  • TheOriginalLulu

    He’s gorge.

  • Kiltdntiltd

    LOVE the double breasted cropped jacket, then again, I’m biased, I just finished making myself one. Does this mean I’m on trend at last?

    • formerlyAnon

      The correct attitude is that one is either on trend or, if not, leading trend. As the self-professed owner and wearer of more than one kilt, you obviously own that attitude.

      • Kiltdntiltd

         Thanks so much, formerly!   What a lovely compliment and affirmation.  Its true, I do chart my own course with regard to my sartorial choices.  Fortunately, at least from what I hear from others, that is serving me well.  And truth be told, I feel that way myself, apart from other people’s feelings on the matter.

  • fungstyle

    sweet fancy moses… *fans self*

  • ecallaw

    He’s channeling a young Ray Liotta in the first shot.

  • Rand Ortega

    If I were still 12, I would be running around the house screaming because these pictures of the love of my life are the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!!!

    Ah, f**k it–
    (now running around the house screaming)

    • accidental housewife

       I know right? I’d be screaming and jumping up and down like Sally Draper when she heard she was going to see the Beatles at Shea Stadium.

      I don’t even like pretty boys, but I think I’d run away with him if he asked me to. :-)

  • Jaspreet5

    LOVE him and his show White Collar.

    I’m even excited to see him on Glee! 

  • Sunshine16

    The second to the last pic, where he’s walking with the guitar case over his shoulder?  Walk towards me anytime!  Yowza

  • Sara__B

    Oh, dear. I’m worried there’s something wrong with me since these photos aren’t doing a thing for me. (Would it help if I’d seen him act?)

    • BazoDee

      Maybe watch the video -see if that helps -he sings at the end :). It certainly doesn’t hurt to watch while collar over and over again. 

      • Sara__B

         After watching the video, I’m beginning to understand. Much like runway clothes, he’s better in motion than in photos.

        • Cautia

          These pictures actually don’t do much for me either but it’s not a photo vs. in action thing. I just don’t like the way he’s styled here. Do a google image search, there are plenty of gorgeous photos of him.

    • Sara L.

      Oh, well, you see, he’s wearing entirely too many clothes. There’s your problem.

  • J D

    I saw him on the street yesterday in the Flatiron district.  He is even more attractive in person.  I hate him/want to be him/want to date him.  My feelings are mixed.

    • Matt Bailer

       LOL there’s a Flatiron district?  That’s too awesome for words.

      • kimmeister

        Are curly-haired people shunned there?

    • Bridget Smith

      AAHHH so jealous. I used to work there, so the handful of times they had scenes there I was thrilled. I never saw them filming, though, nor him just walking around.

      Also, I just miss having the office there! I think the Flatiron is one of my favorite buildings ever.

      • J D

        The Flatiron is a really beautiful building, and there’s always so much stuff going on around it.  Including Matthew Bomer walking past Shake Shack!  You could feel everyone’s head turn as he walked by.

  • siriuslover

    Jerry Lewis, or Jerry Lee Lewis? I love the one of him in front of the motel sign. For some reason, it reminds me of my childhood in Vegas.

  • Aaminah Khan

    He is a DREAM. I was so happy for him and his family when he came out publically, it was one of those “gives me hope” moments.

  • shirab

    Are all his shoes freakishly long (esp those red ones where he’s sitting on the counter) or does he have really big feet?

    • kimmeister

      I thought that too!

  • Joyce VG

    I’m so happy for your team!

  • AlexisPayne

    Oh, I do adore that man, so good looking and (seemingly) charming!

  • uprightcitizen

    Jerry Lewis? Or Jerry LEE Lewis? (I guess there is a spot in time where they kind of dressed the same). I can’t believe how many times this rockabilly, early Elvis look has come back in my lifetime. Four … five times? I guess it’s a classic, but people keep showing it like it’s innovative or new somehow. And that little double-breasted short jacket always looks so silly. The only guy who ever pulled that off with masculine success was Robert Conrad in “The Wild, Wild West.” Still, Bomer looks good. And that shot with him sitting on the counter makes those already big shoes look as long as his shins. To quote PeeWee Herman: “You know what they say about guys with big feet? Big shoes!” 

  • Aly Light

    I’m seeing Elvis Costello in at least a few of these pictures (red tux included)

  • Matt Bailer

    Total boner for Bomer.

  • JillSpill

    He is so handsome and charming on White Collar…I don’t even care if he’s on the other team!

  • CQAussie

    Damn you, Gays, you take all the best ones!!!!!  Oh the futility.
    Hot pics though =)  

  • formerlyAnon

    He doesn’t float my boat, though I see that he meets the criteria for aesthetically pleasing, in an abstract way.

    I think the pink jacket (worn with the jeans) is awesome.

    And you say they’ve got him dressing like Jerry Lee Lewis as if that’s a bad thing? Maybe if he were corporate drone in an ordinary city – but he’s an actor! Hangs out in LA! (and, from Texas I believe)

  • Emily Smith

    why is he humping the pinball machine?

  • MusingsFromManhattan

    Dear lord I thought the red tuxedo guy was Brad Goreski. I was thinking…”What is he doing here?”

  • emeazul

    I’ve actually told my boyfriend to SHUT UP! when he comes on the tv…Sure, he “plays for the other team” but I can still sit in the bleachers and think dirty thoughts! *n*

  • Emily Scott

    I’m not crazy about the clothes and styling here, but who cares? Matt Bomer is about the hottest thing in the world. I recently learned that he and Joe Manganiello are best buddies from way back. I don’t know how the building doesn’t spontaneously combust whenever they are in a room together.

  • girliecue

    It looks like they were going for Musicians of the 50s. The red suit is Jerry Lee Lewis and the last snap is pure Elvis. Really, it doesn’t matter what the theme is when Matt Bomer is the subject. Sigh….

  • Rebecca

    I was going to say Johnny Cash. And I love that little cropped tux jacket!

  • rkdgal

    In the red suit, he is serving up some Kurt Russell (or Kurt Russell as Elvis) realness.

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    This is so fun! Love the concept, like the clothes in the context. Can’t imagine anyone wearing it in real life (except maybe Prince), but the jacket in the pinball photo is pretty fab.

  • MilaXX

    Don’t care what team he plays for, gonna oogle him anyway. I like this photo shot since Matt’s personal style leans itself well to the Rat pack styling they did here. Should be interesting to see how he fits into the Glee!’verse

    • Ogden1990

      How are T & L going to resist Glee with this pretty addition? He’s playing Blaine’s brother–talk about a tilted world.

  • annieanne

    Love Matt. Hate what they’ve done with his hair.

  • YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName

    Once again, TLO features a gorgeous slab of Hot Yes Now Please.  Once again, I ask WHY IS HE WEARING CLOTHES?  Why doesn’t TLO understand this?  

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    My favorite HAS to be the one with the “EAT” sign above a neon arrow pointing right at his head.  Eat, indeed! 

  • terpsichory

    You have no idea how ridiculously happy this post made me. There’s a huge smile plastered to my face and I couldn’t get rid of it if I wanted to. Thanks TLo for making my day and thanks MB for being the closest thing to living, breathing perfection there is.

  • Athenrein

    Love him. Really not liking the hair in these pictures though.

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    doesnt ordinarily but here he looks like chris isaak.
    & i think it was shot near fletcher over in no mans land, so to speak, the edge of silver lake, echo park, everything.

    • Nancy Abrams

      I looked it up. The location is rented out for movies, photo shoots, etc. It’s in Sun Valley in the SFV.

  • Pants_are_a_must

    And he’s also married with kids, so all the rest of the gays also get to look but not touch…neener neener.

  • Pinup Ghoul

    More guys need to adopt the greaser, slightly rockabilly look. I might just be biased that way, though.

  • accidental housewife

     The pinball machine probably asked him to.

  • ccm800

    all that and a side of taters.
    Look really…side of taters!  

  • kat89

    Yum. Such a loss for us breeders. *sigh*

  • Pamela

    Yeah, I got the Chris Isaak reminder from these shots.  However, though he is gorge, he doesn’t bat for my team sooooo….I WANT that diner!!!

  • RedRaven617

    Love him and his blue eyes. Don’t see them that well in these photos. :-(

  • umeboshi

    i’m going to make my boyfriend do his hair like that.

  • altalinda

    Nice.  Though the arrow pointing straight at his head is akin to the photo mistake of making it look like your subject has a tree growing out of her head.

  • Esz

    Why HELLO.

  • librarygrrl64

    Sorry, but that outfit he has on at the pinball machine is hiddy. And he’s too much of a pretty boy for my tastes. He’s all yours, boys. :-)

  • AllForUSophia


  • allisankelly

    I feel like he’s a little bit River and Joaquin Phoenix with some Johnny Depp and a little Patrick Swayze and a splash of Matt Dillon. I mean, the man is delightful to look at. And AMEN to the red tuxedo shot.

    • turtleemily

      I thought he looked like a long lost Phoenix brother, too.

      The pinball photo looks like the suit is 3 sizes too small.

  • DrJulieAnn

    The Pink Motel!!  My sister would joke that she wanted to go there on her honeymoon when we were teenagers and it was known as a “per hour” kind of dive.  I love it as the backdrop for the photoshoot.

    I think he would be good in a Montgomery Cliff biopic.

    I was soooo relieved to find out that he’s gay.  My marriage was saved and all sorts of court appearances for violating various restraining orders were avoided once I found out.

    Not that I would have turned into a creepy stalker woman or anything…*cough*

  • Nikki

    I like the styling and the theme. I think the photography really fell apart.  Some of the lighting and focus- ahhh I can’t do it.  Some is so sharp, some is soft, there is a continuity problem that needs some attention.

  • SVLynn

    Utterly RIDICICULOUS how good looking he is, I guess I’m going to have to tune in to Glee one more time as I’m having White Colllar withdrawal. Goodness Gracious!

  • Emily

    thank you.

  • Nonnah

    That pink diner/hotel/whatever looks just like the set in Grease 2 when Stephanie Zinone and Michael Carrington meet to go over her English paper.  Awesome!
    He looks great too!

  • Emily

    OMG I had the SAME thought about Jon Hamm (specifically from the pic where he’s holding the guitar).  

  • Linderella

    I haven’t been this blindly, irrationally, and slavishly in love with someone in I don’t know how long.  A friend and I recently messaged back and forth about him for hours (not kidding!).  Love him.  What’s he wearing?  Do I care?

  • quiltrx

    Mmmm.  All that pretty, great bod, awesome hair…AND he appears to have some really big feet. :)

    Sometimes your team gets ALL the fun!

  • Victoria Sharoyan

    Anyone else think he’s channeling some serious Brad Goreski in the red suit shot?

  • boweryboy

    James Dean schtick once again.  Yawn.

    And enough already with no socks and dress shoes.  All I can think of is the sweatly gross petri dish of moist athelete’s feet fungus bacteria living between his toes.

  • fashionablylate

    “neener neener”, lmao! I so love this editorial, he looks amazing, but really, can he look any other way?

  • Ally Monge

    Love the studded shirt pic and the red tuxedo in the chair. J’adore him. Died a little inside when heard he favored the masculine side of life. *sigh* (also I wish my hair looked 1/2 as good as his ever)

  • DesertDweller79

    Wait, there were clothes in the pictures?  Sorry for the old line, but I am tired.  And he is pretty.  This one is a definitely a victory for your side.  Alas.  Of course, since this only changes my odds on being with him by about .00000000001% I will just continue to fantasize about him anyway.  Thanks!

  • MinAgain

    Matty has great hair.  And he’s never cuter than when he’s wearing those nerdy glasses.

  • filmcricket

    Hmmm. That singing was a bit pitchy, dawg. I predict a lot of auto-tuning for his Glee appearance. Doesn’t mean I won’t watch and drool, though. Man he is gorgeous, and he wears clothes really well. Love the idea of him playing Montgomery Clift.

  • cmb92191

    Yes, big difference between Jerry Lewis and Jerry Lee Lewis. 

    I did like the mirror and jeans shot.

  • cmb92191

    Yes, big difference between Jerry Lewis and Jerry Lee Lewis. 

    I did like the mirror and jeans shot.

  • hgtnteach82

     “Just remember: he’s playing for our team so … neener neener.” -TLo (aka Mean Girls)

    And this is why I LOVE TLo!!!

  • Shawn EH

    Gotta love that breakfast: eggs on a bagel, home fries, and a butterscotch sunday!

  • judybrowni

    What TLo said about John Hamm, I’ve felt about Matt — before I knew which team he played for. “I appreciate his physical self, but I tended to look at him more like a pretty picture hanging on a wall.  He’s a bauble to pick up and put back down, not something for me to hang my fantasies on.”

  • Hetha Innis

    I wonder if he was styled by Brad? That red tux certainly makes it seem so. He’s freaking adorable.

  • John Hodgins

    I don’t normally mourn the loss of my hair, but damn, I want his!!!!

  • Randy Noak

    Am I the only one to notice the ice cream sundae that he’s supposed to be eating with breakfast? Come on art director, I’ll buy a hot guy wearing a pink tuxedo for no reason in a diner in the middle of nowhere, but I won’t buy the fact that he’s eating a friggin’ ice cream sundae FOR BREAKFAST!

  • Patricia Gillett

    That there’s a beautiful man. The styling suits him. 

  • drdarke

    Bomer’s great as always – but the photographer and stylist should have their Artistic License suspended.

  • buildmeatower

    He does nothing for me, but by God do I love that waistcoat thing he’s got on in the second picture. I will gladly hold it for him while the rest of y’all are removing the rest of his clothing.

  • frankystein123