Katherine Heigl has a Lunch Date

Posted on March 07, 2012

We feel an observation about Katherine Heigl coming on. Stand back.

Katherine Heigl on her way to lunch in LA.

Valentino Rockstud Leather Tote

Actually, two observations.

1) She really, really likes showy outerwear (and to be fair, has pretty good taste in it).

2) She never quite mastered what to wear with her outerwear.

For instance: this is a super-sassy little jacket and there’s not a thing we don’t love about it (except maybe that it’s not her color). But man, she really wanted to add about 20 years to her age this morning, didn’t she? Button earrings, big sunglasses, and a silk scarf around the neck does not a modern or youthful look make. Tasteful maybe, but not at all stylish.

And what sort of freakish weather patterns are happening on the west coast that would cause her to be apparently very cold from the waist up, but sweating from the ankles down? Flip-flops with a jacket and scarf? Is it us?

And yes, honey. We see it. We see your bag. You can put it down now.


[Photo Credit: Getty, nordstrom.com]

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  • SewingSiren

    Who is this girl and where is she going? Is it cold or is it hot? Casual or business?  Or is she a spokes model trying to sell us the Valentino bag? Does not compute.

  • Typical LA a**holes… it’s like summer scarve with t-shirts and shorts… really??

    • i HATE summer scarves with an absolute passion i can’t quite explain.

      • SapphoPoet

        I dunno–a light silk scarf can be really pretty.

    • Summer scarf seems to be an oxymoron.

      • GenXcellent

        It’s so windy in Boston, that summer scarves are a must.

    • Little_Olive

      I don’t mind it- when it is only a little chilly my neck is the first thing I want to cover. 

      Shorts and Uggs on the other hand, don’t get me started.  

      Anyway, celebs don’t seem to be weather-sensitive. I rarely see them dressed according to the temperature/season. 

    • Jill_3

       HEY. Don’t be rude. Just because people are from L.A. doesn’t make them a**holes. And it was WAY cold here yesterday (by our standards and we can’t help it, we’re calibrated differently) and I was dressed in warm layers, though I will say I was wearing boots. I don’t know how her toes didn’t fall off.

      • aimee_parrott

        Ditto here in San Diego — it was not nice out yesterday, and it was pretty chilly this morning too.  I grew up in Boston, so I know from cold.  But I’ve been here over 8 years and it’s true, your body chemistry just changes when you get used to warmer weather.

        That said, Heigl’s outfit is ridiculous.  I guess she doesn’t like her toes very much, because they had to be freezing.

  • ASK26

    I like the jacket and the color – it does look kind of bunchy at the neck/shoulders.

    i have been known to wear sandals way too long at the end of the season – but usually won’t start them quite so early. 


    • Celandine1

      I know lots of women here in the Cal central valley who wear sandals or open toe shoes all year round, unless it’s raining. So yeah I see lots of people wearing sweaters or jackets with summer shoes. I say wear your sandals as long as your feet can take it! 

      I like the jacket but they way it’s styled and her hair make me think youngish looking 50 something who has recently been refreshed.

      • Rebecca Hatcher

         I live in SoCal and that’s me – I wear sandals unless it’s raining. Period. (On occasion, I have been known to wear boots when it’s not raining, but it has to be below 40).

  • kaycem

    i think she looks tasteful and classic.  the toned down accessories allow the jacket itself to shine, and i can’t crap on that.  as for the sandals-with-coat look, well…  i’m from the south and we’re used to seeing stuff like this as winter turns to spring and summer turns to fall.  so i can’t comment on the oddness of it, necessarily lol.

    • LondonMarriott

       Same!  It’s a cute look and I love the colors.  I’m a sucker for a good coat.

      Slightly different, but I’m from Chicago and we jump at the chance to wear warm-weather stuff, even if it means pairing it with cold-weather items to compensate.  It’s like opening the sunroof in your car but blasting the heat on your feet!

      • kaycem

        i totally turn the heat on and open windows, lol!  the southern version of heigel’s look (a hoodie with flip flops) is like having the car heater on your body and the a/c on your feet.  same concept, different region.  but i think it has to do with air temperature versus wind chill.  sometimes the air is warm enough to warrant sandals or even shorts, but the wind is cool enough to require a little cover up.  *shrugs*  as odd as it may seem to others, it’s perfectly normal to me — and i’m glad i’m not the only one who thinks so.  😉

      • Whever

        I’m from Chicago,too, and have to admit I’ve done the summer-dress-with-a-parka-and-snow-boots thing. Sometimes you just want to feel like spring, even if it’s not.

      • crackineggs

         I’m also from a ridiculously cold climate and the longer I can avoid the sock drawer, the happier I am.

    • sockandaphone

      yeah this doesnt strike me as odd, and im from so cal!

    • I like the coat and scarf. I live in the South, and right now, the weather is very variable–some days flip flops, some days boots–and I see lots of sundresses paired with boots among the college students.

  • serenitynow02

    What a schizo look: top half, society matron; bottom half, teenager at the mall. And a handbag that doesn’t go with either half. 

    And boy, that is so not her color.

  • She looks a little like Ellyn Burstyn in “The Exorcist”

  • Scarlet39

    Both the sandals and bag are totally incongruous with the rest of the outfit. 

  • RzYoung

    I can live with the flip flops but those sunnies just look awful on her. I’ve noticed before that she likes these massive glasses which just don’t suit her face.

    • emeazul

      I think it’s more a thing of not placing them where they should…if she just shooshes/scooches them a little down maybe.

      Or massive glasses don’t suit her. :/

      btw, right now I’m wearing a light sweater and fancy-ish flip flops. It’s kind of windy today here in Puerto Rico and I don’t know what to do. This does not compute with my year-round-summer.

    • She just insists on choosing styles that don’t suit her because of her really big, or high cheekbones. They legitimately look HORRID. 

  • schadenfreudelicious

    aside from the rather unflattering jeans, she looks totally appropriate for her bridge match over at the rec centre  🙂

  • Little_Olive

    I agree, like the outfit idea but the details are off. 
    Especially, it’s THOSE SUNGLASSES again. No gold star for you. 

  • rketeckt

    Screams “Mommie Dearest”….and not in a good way.

  • Kimmu

    I live in Delaware, which has crazy seasonal changes, and have been known to wear my flip flops and sandals well into snowy winter months while being bundled into a coat and scarf. I find them comfortable and don’t feel the cold down below like I do up top.

    • I wish! My feet get cold in November and don’t warm up until June. And I live in North Carolina. It was even worse when I lived in PA.

      Back in the early 90s, I  would wear biker boots with cut-offs until August, when the PA humidity would finally catch up with me.

      • Kimmu

        lol! you are my total opposite. I will complain endlessly about my poor freezing boobs but be fine with my bare feet in winter.

  • capecodcoop

    I think Jane Meadows looks great!

    •  Snert!   Thanks for my first out loud laugh of the morning!

    • Rand Ortega

       Thank You! I just wrote Audrey Meadows, but the same vibe to be sure!

  • I’ve been known to wear flip flops when it’s cold out after I’ve had a pedicure.  I’m choosing to believe that she just had a pedicure and doesn’t want to mess it up.  There is no ryhme or reason for those Golden Girl sunglasses, though.

    • megohd

      I walked home from a pedi in flip-flops just as the unexpected snowfall of October began to come down. Weird, uncomfortable experience!

  • WritingWonder

    You know, having lived in San Diego for 20+ years, I have to say that people in So Cal really do wear sandals EVERYWHERE and ALL YEAR LONG.  That’s so SoCal I can’t begin to tell you. Looks weird for those in other parts of the country, but very typical of LA and SD.  

    • tsid2012

      I see plenty of fools here in the midwest wearing flip flops in Feb this year.  Yes, it has been unseasonably mild but not that mild……. 

    • I work at a University 3000 feet up a mountain in North Carolina and some of the students here wear flip-flops year round. And this is a ski-resort, so we get some serious snow.

    • ballerinawithagun

      Yes, it is either flip flops or Uggs with shorts in SoCal. So weird!

    • Heather Sheridan

       Not just SoCal, us NorCal yahoos do it too. 😀

    • Geno Boggiatto

      Agreed – when I lived in LA I ended up with very strange outfit combinations like that. Most of the time the heavy jacket and/or scarf was simply to carry me into the evening when it chills down considerably. 

  • I often wonder if the “here is my bag pose” was either preceded or followed by rummaging through the bag to find something and maybe it wasn’t as posed (or shoved front and center on purpose) as it appears to have been.

    • tsid2012

      Agreed.  The fact the handles are parted defintely suggests she just retrieved something form the inside.  That was an unfair shot at her, IMO.

    • Aren’t you sweet.

      • MissMariRose

         Or, as we say in the South …

        Bless your heart.

    • Pannyx

      I immediately thought the same thing. Especially since it is only one shot where the bag is front and center. If she really was trying to highlight the bag she was doing an awfully bad job at it.

  • IAmJ

    Why exactly does she get to be rich and famous? Like this outfit, she is just so meh. Can we be done with her?

  • tsid2012

    This entire outfit, sunglasses & earrings & scarf included, would have been so great for me if only she wearing wearing a great pair of stilletto boots.  Opportunity missed….

    • Adriana_Paula

      Or even ballet flats, which would feel more seasonally neutral…maybe her feet are hot, as other posters have suggested, but the sandals just look odd with the jacket and scarf.

      • tsid2012

        I would nix ballet flats for this.  IMO, a high heel would lengthen her legs and add a much needed dose of “sexy” to counter the top half of the outfit.  I see your point of comfort but I’m not sure it would really do anything for amping up the look.  Tall boots with heels are needed…..

        • Adriana_Paula

          I completely agree that boots would be better than ballet flats here; I was more responding to several posters positing that she may just be out casually to meet friends and not up for getting herself totally dolled up…I just think that the sandals are a huge mistake and drag the whole look down, whereas ballet flats could accomplish the same thing (cool feet, comfy, easy to walk in, not crazy dressed-up) without looking awful.

  • AuntieAnonny

    You know, I love her style. She’s like a very fun 90 year old that has a few hundred thousand hidden under her mattress.

  • What a mess. Those jeans could be a lot more flattering if she had worn some sort of heel with them. As it is, they make her legs look stumpy and puffy. 

    • Those jeans are at least a size too small. A heel would help, but the next size up would help a hell of a lot more.

  • Kayceed

    I am ok with everything but the sandals. However, she is clearly checking for smudges in the last pic, so will assume she has just had a pedi. (Please leave me my illusions.) And the matching mani/pedi/lips in coral make my retro heart sing.

  • SheWhoMustBeObeyed

    This is one of my biggest pet peeves: parkas and flip flops. I see it a lot here in Chicago during the fall and spring.  If it’s cold enough to wear wool or down, it’s cold enough to put on some *&^%$#@! closed-toe shoes.

  • Maybe she just got a pedicure? (I had to do something similar the other day in NYC – got some very strange looks – but then again, I’m no Katherine Heigl.)

  • I know that my mom wears sandals in the winter because she’s going through “the Pause” and it helps with the hot flashes. Something tells me Ms. Heigl does not suffer from the same problem. Though she dresses like she wants to be that old.

    • Qitkat

      the Pause
      lol. Now this is a nickname that I like. Usually I hate slang [ JLo, ScarJo, boytoy, galpal] 🙁

  • janetjb

    Accessories sure make or break an outfit don’t they?


  • bluefish

    I have never known her to be able to dress herself in a way that’s flattering.  I mean, in fotos obviously as she’s not my pal.  And the Valentino brand notwithstanding that is one tacky looking purse.

  • sherrietee

    Since my son wears flip flops when there is snow on the ground, I have no room to judge.

    • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

      OMG what is it with boys?  My 12 year old left my car to go into seventh grade WEARING A TEE SHIRT.  This would be ok except that there were, I kid you not, SIX INCHES OF SNOW ON MY CAR THIS MORNING.

      • Qitkat

        Kids! I see this in Denver all.the.time.

  • Larkin21

    I like the scarf but I agree about the earrings and the big sunglasses. I generally like big sunglasses but those I’m not a fan of.

  • Stephanie Tavares-Buhler

    Wind. That’s why SoCal girls wear flip flops with light coats and silk scarves.

    •  Exactly. I’m from So Cal, and when it’s windy I’ll wear long sleeves or a coat, but throw on sandals. The wind makes my top half cold, but doesn’t bother my feet. Some of us also find sandals more comfortable than closed toe shoes or stilettos. Because we don’t walk a lot of places (you can’t in LA), it’s not a big deal to walk 200 yards from your car to a store in sandals if it’s a little chillier.

  • kelsita421

    T Lo — when you say you’d style things differently, you always leave me wanting to know HOW! for example, painting a picture of the “stylish” (rather than tasteful) way to don this jacket would be a great help to us ladies who want to better our own personal style (paupers though we may be, comparatively speaking). getting rid of the flip-flops are the obvious must, but what else? where does “classic” get swallowed up in “tasteful, not stylish?”

    • kinziesays

       Yes! Same thing when T Lo says a celebrity’s shoes are wrong. I always find myself thinking, “Well, which ones would be better?”

  • Judy_J

    Cute jacket, nice bag.

  • Jessica O’Connell

    THANK YOU for commenting on the sandals with a jacket and scarf. That was the first thing I noticed about this look. Then that chartreuse color, which I will never be a fan of, but whatever.

  • SapphoPoet

    Such a fussy look. And sandals when she’s all wrapped up in a coat and scarf? It just looks silly. 

    Also, if she eats lunch, she’s gonna bust out of those jeans. They look super-tight.

  • Anathema_Device

    You are so right about the accessorizing. The jacket and jeans are a total Anathema look. But I’d be wearing either cute flats, booties, or oxfords; a funkier (or no) scarf); and much better earrings and sunglasses. Seriously Katherine, if a 47 yo mom of 2 can do it, so can you.

    I can say, it was weirdly cold yesterday, at least at my end of the state. Sunny but heavy COLD winds.

  • the earrings are the worst part of this look for me. straight from my 55-year-old mother’s closet – as a hand-me-down from HER mother. 

  • MissMariRose

    Trying too hard. 

  • Rand Ortega

    Who’s her lunch date? (w/ all due respect) Audrey Meadows? In 1975?

  • TonyGo

    Ms. Heigl would like to remind you that shopping carts ARE NOT permitted off the parking lot. Thank you for your cooperation.

  • kolokOlchik

    She looks like a moron

  • Bozhi

    She couldn’t find a more unflattering pair of pants if she tried. 

    Flip flops?  Really?

  • CozyCat

    I think what really ages her (and looking at the pictures before reading the text, that was my first thought as well) is the way she has her hair pulled back combined with the glasses, earrings and the scarf.  It looks a bit like she goes to get it “set” every week.  If she had her haird down, long and flowing, she would look much younger (althought the glasses are still a problem.)

    Pictures like this humanize celebrities a bit.  On an average day, when they just pull some stuff from their closet and don’t have a stylist at the ready, they make the same mistakes as the rest of us (just with a much bigger clothing budget)

  • cam_lo

    Pssh people wear jackets with flip flops and scarves all the time in the spring. Have you never stepped into jcrew? Well maybe not but most of America has.

    • Adriana_Paula

      But most people don’t know for a fact that they’re going to be photographed by paparazzi when they step outside. 

  • Beardslee

    I’d wear everything she has on from the ankles up. I love scarves and I love jackets and I love them together.  And that jacket is MY color, so she should just do the decent thing and give it to me.

  • Pants_are_a_must

    That bag is fugly. And that is one hell of a jacket to be pairing with jeans and flip flops, designer as they probably are.

    I just don’t get her.

  • Call me Bee

    Flip-flops??!?!  Confusing and confused.  Great jacket, though…

  • AlexisPayne

    The weather here in LA has been confusing so I understand (and also wear) the sandals with scarves and a jacket. However, that jacket requires something with a little more effort.

  • Jennifer Coleman

    There is simply too much congestion around her neck area: scarf, pleats, puffy sleeves, buttons. Losing that scarf and wearing a simple scoop neck tee would’ve done fer worlds of good. Frankly, I would’ve switched up the bag with a leopard pattern similar to the scarf if she insisted upon wearing a print somewhere.

    But let’s focus on those sunglasses, because she seems to like that shape. They suck. They are the main thing that adds decades onto her age. A previous poster mentioned she looks like Ellen Burstyn – she gave up that style in 1986.How much more chic would she look with a truer Jackie O shape or even the ubiquitous Wayfarer? Time to throw the Foster Grants in the dumpster.

  • marilyn

    I am laughing about the sandals with jacket.  I live in California and have been guilty of that on occasion. 

    I use a different standard for this type of picture, than when an entertainer is ‘on display’ for her career-you know, Red Carpet, etc.  These people have private lives.  I think that they are entitled to relax the standard of perfection when they are going about their private business.  She is not on the Red Carpet, or any other formal event for her career in this picture.  She may be going out to lunch with friends, etc.  So, I do not get worried about everything being perfect and current.  When these people are ‘working’, they are probably wearing items borrowed from designers and are being put together by stylists.  The clothing goes back to the designer after the event and the stylist goes home. 

    So, when they go out personally, they wear their own stuff.  No one is styling them, and they are not on inspection on the Red Carpet.   Heidi Klum should be able to take her children to school without worrying about cameras.  I think Katherine looks fine for a woman of her age in that situation.  She may feel that the glasses and scarf are classic, and she probably paid a small fortune for them.  Besides, the lenses on the glasses are large, which protect her eyes better than smaller lensed glasses.  We might be making bitchy comments about her if she was trying to dress like a teenager.  She is obviously going for a classical, timeless look. 

    I also believe that people in the public eye, not in the world of entertainment, should not be judged the same way as entertainers are judged.  For expample-wife of a politician, person representing a corporation, or winning an honor of some kind.  These are people who are in the public eye for some reason other than their looks, are not being loaned designer clothes, they may not have perfect bodies to start with, and do not have a stylist at their sides.  No one should make snide comments about their looks, because that is not why they are in the media.  

  • BuffaloBarbara

    They’re not QUITE flip-flops–they do have a tiny little backstrap–but the observation stands.   If it’s cold enough to put on a jacket, it’s cold enough to wear shoes which actually cover your feet.  Even here in Albuquerque, where flip-flops are part of the official uniform, most people ditch them in the actual winter.  (Though  I expect to start seeing them again any minute now… but not with a coat.)  Maybe the lunch appointment was sudden, and she grabbed whatever was sitting beside the back door?

  • Susan Crawford

    Well, to be honest, California weather ends up making fools of a lot of us, T and Lo. It’s chilly and windy and foggy in the morning; by noon, your jacket has to come off, because the sun is coming out and the wind has died down; by mid-afternoon, you’re down to the tee and those sandals that looked ridonkulous in the morning now look perfect; then the fog banks start rolling down and the sun sunks lower, so the sweater has to go back on.

    After sunset, the wind picks up again, and the coat is on again . . . and maybe those fold-up ballet slippers you stowed in your bag replace the sandals, because there’s a bit of a drizzle (read: mudslide-inducing torrent) and your toes have been numb for an hour.

    Ahhhh – California: I love you!

    Heigl’s jacket is not my tasse of tea because of those puffy shoulders. Unless you are in a costume drama, or unless you’re Helena Bonham Carter – my advice is don’t go there. Lovelovelove the Valentino bag, and from what I can see of them, the sandals are pretty cute. The styling? Well, OK, but she’s just going to hang with her gal-pals for a bite to eat; so she gets a pass.

  • terekirkland

    I… can’t with her. Or her acting. You, madame, are NO Stephanie Plum.

    To be fair, my feet can handle cooler temps than my arms and neck. Just an observation. I am in no way endorsing the aforementioned outfit.

  • That is one ugly and pointless pair of shoes.

  • Qitkat

    I realize scarves are the *accessory du jour*, but I could do without seeing them on every other celeb and teevee show.

    What I really dislike here is the bag. Too chunky, filled to the nines with what? pray tell? And it clashes with the color of the jacket. It’s a neutral and it shouldn’t, but it does.
    You know, on second thought, I don’t really like the jacket either. Maybe it’s the color of the jacket that clashes with Katherine?

  • judybrowni

    I live in Los Angeles, and yes, flip flops with winter wear is the local fashion among the masses. As are Uggs with shorts.

    Perhaps because winter temperatures can swing from 75 during the day to 50s at night. Or sunny 60s days to 40s nights. 

    It’s damn confusing, but lord knows a rich bitch with stylists who expects to be photographed, should have better sense.

  • Oh, she looks cute, leave her alone. We’ve seen worse. Maybe she’s going for a pedicure. 

  • Sara__B

    She does matronly very well.

  • I think she looks pretty great.

    And honestly, I may not be fashion forward – but I wear flipflops in the middle of winter all the time, including with my wool coat, long sleeves, etc…it’s pretty common out here in the Californias, though I’m sure to New Yorkers and other east coasters it must be quite the jarring thing…

  • Kyle Crawford

    I live in all but the arctic – way way upstate New York, and I see women/girls ALL THE TIME in big down coats and flip flops….. what is up with that ?!?!? and love love love this coat/jacket! hate everything else….

  • Looking good for 55, Katherine! But be a dear and make a doctor appointment because your choice of footwear is a sure sign of something Alzheimer’s.

  • Cheri Lee

    She seriously knows how to ruin clothes. That takes talent.

  • Sally Brownson

    I think she looks adorable. She looks uncannily like my mother in the late 70s/early 80s, and I personally think that’s a cute look. Also, I’m from Oakland, and I wear flip flops year-round, even with jackets- sometimes it’s too cold to go out with just a shirt or dress but not cold enough to warrant real shoes.

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    As a lifelong California girl I can tell you that the jacket-and-flip-flops look is extremely common. Sometimes it is foggy in the morning with a chill but by afternoon the sun is blazing and your feet sweat like crazy, if you aren’t going home it makes sense to have a jacket to throw on or take off, it’s our version of “layering”. It’s a bridge too far to wear a scarf and not change into real shoes. I love the shape of that jacket, not a fan of the color. We have similar body types so I always like to see her looking good, I just wish it happened more often. 

  • kimmeister

    I don’t mind the scarf or earrings at all, it’s the glasses and sandals that bug.

  • PeaceBang

    Button earrings don’t belong on anyone stylish. They belong on my mom, who has a very cute 1950’s classy 70+ year old broad thing going. 

  • sockandaphone

    funny thing, i was wearing a similar outfit monday (like jacket, jeans…and sandals!) because the weather’s been all over the place this week. It was 85F on Sunday but it was pouring raining my Tuesday. So all of us southern california people are dressing accordingly – totally confused.

    Well after that cool story, bro – LOVE the jacket.

  • Heather Sheridan

    Feel free to judge me, but I often wear sweaters/scarves/jackets and flip flops. Maybe its a California thing? Generally though for me its cause its cold enough for the former and I can’t drive in my work heels so the latter are my commute/after work errands shoes.

  • shiftercars

    As someone who worked in an optical boutique for five years the only thing I can see is how ill fitting and horrible those sunglasses look on her. Whoever sold them to her and said they looked good should be fired. They are sitting way too high and eating up her eyebrows and throwing the entire balance of her face off.

  • MilaXX

    Cute outfit accessorized completely wrong. The glasses/earrings and lord help me, the sandals do not go with this look at all.

  • Adriana_Paula

    Isn’t this why the good Lord made ballet flats?

  • DesertDweller79

    Those are the total wrong sunglasses.  And I don’t understand why she is wearing a jacket and scarf plus sandals.  Unless she just got a pedicure this makes no sense.

  • If we didn’t dress like that in California, we’d never get to wear our sassy outerwear!

  • Cathy S

    It all looks good except the sunglasses and the shoes. Or the not-shoes. I got cold as soon as I saw her feet.

  • She could have been going for a pedicure. You can’t leave in real shoes.

    • alyce1213

      A real possibility.  Makes pedis in winter very difficult, in the northeast, anyway.

      • bellafigura1

        Requires major manning up, but it can be done, it can be done. I’ve walked home 3 blocks in the snow in Havianas.

    • TheOtherChristina

      That was my thought, too.

    • Lisa

      That’s true.

  • Its a Southern California thing. We’re always bundled up like its freezing, but wearing sandals. I do it all the time. 

  • gubblebumm

    In San Francisco, where the temperature can change 20 degrees from one neighborhood to the next, scarves are necessary.

    When the wind picks up, like today, a scarf can make a big difference

    Love the coat, pants fit oddly, don’t mind the scarf, hate the shoes

  • ccm800

    I think shes just nuts. 

  • It is not just you. A jacket and scarf and then…flip-flops!?!?  Oy vay. Ridiculous.

  • turtleemily

    It makes me think of when my aunt had foot surgery and had to wear sandals even though it was winter.

  • Gener1c

    I wear flip flops with outerwear all the time.  Perhaps she lived in Virginia once?

  • kim i

    iono, i live in socal, and it’s like … layers.  you layer.  because it can be absolutely chilly when you go out, but then … it gets hot as hell.  so you take off your jacket and your scarf and you’re all good with your sandals and jeans and tanktop.  *shrugs* 

  • ErmengardeGreen

    I want this girl to get a makeover so darn badly. Regardless of what comes out of her mouth, a more casual and coherent look would do wonders for her catastrophic image problem, I think. With a 60/40 Theron/Aniston street style, she’d be giving us less to talk about, but she’d also seem far less dressed and directed by someone 25 years her senior (i.e. her mom). 

  • LittleKarnak

    LOL! My thoughts exactly about the bag!

  • Olive Tree

    Actually, we have been having freakishly hot/cold weather out. We’ve gone from 91 to 56 in two days. But, not all at the same time, as this look would suggest.

  • Seriously.

  • Lisa

    LOVE the jacket, but hate the color.  Plus, leaving the jacket unbuttoned halfway down and stuffing the open part with a big bulky scarf really throws off the whole shape of it.  It’s a lovely, unique shape if you don’t stuff it like a comforter cover.

    Plus, the shade of lipstick she’s wearing completely clashes with the color of the jacket – they just fight each other.

    As for the flip flops – whaaaa???  The skinny jeans are fine, but that jacket needs to be paired up with a cute pair of knee-high boots that hug the leg, if it were cold enough out there.

  • Scrolling up to take in the outfit again, I realized it would be pretty cute with a decent pair of shoes. But those SUNGLASSES. Somebody please accost her, steal them, and burn them.

    • judybrowni

      She got the sunglasses from the Bea Arthur garage sale.

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    oh, moviestars are so ordinary these days.

  • Talia Fittante

    I would just like to say that the weather patterns on the West Coast right now are, in fact, totally freakish. As in 85 degrees one days, 55 by afternoon so while I don’t agree with this look, AT ALL, I unfortunately understand what would lead one to wear a jacket and flip flops. Sigh.

  • bellafigura1

    This young woman is only 33! She brings out my worst mom-cliche instincts.  Don’t let the clothes wear you. Remove one accessory before you leave the house. Natural polish on the nail unless it’s an event. Beware of statement sunglasses. Jacket should fall above or below the exact spot where the thigh meets the torso (otherwise known as saddlebag region) and finally, young lady, don’t be in such a rush to grow up!

  • What is with that super long tie belt?

  • calimon

    Southern californians are commonly seen parading in flip-flops/sandals in any season/weather, with no relation to the rest of their outfit.

  • The coat and scarf are chic. Paired with the jeans and sandals, let’s just say it’s “Four seasons in one look.”

  • Judi Townsend

    No freakish weather on the west coast, just a freakish actress. From the waist up she looks like a “matron lady going to lunch at the country club” from the bottom down she looks like she is strolling on the beach.

  • K

    the jacket is so loud and has so much volume, i think it would have looked so much cuter with a pair of black booties. Her exposed feet clash with the color of the jacket. Also the jacket needs really clean lines to pair with, and the skinny jeans are bunching up everywhere. Its almost there, but not quite. 
    Also just because you live in california doesn’t mean you need to wear flip-flops all the time. This is coming from a recovering flip-flop addict and native californian. 

  • sweetlilvoice

    I think she looks good here, head to toe. I like the jacket color too….

  • mozzer0906

    Heigl’s hair is an epic tragedy.  Epic.  Her mom jeans make me weep.  The purse is TDF as is the coat, but that is about it.  She needs an intervention stat.

  • Louise Bryan

    My hubby wears sandals year round, even in the snow.  I think it’s just a thing with some people.

  • lucasuk82

    Huh.  You’ve come a long way, baby.

    If she lost the earrings and added some real shoes, this would be a solid casual look for her.

  • BrightsideSusan

    Maybe she had a mani-pedi on the way to lunch?

  • I used to be so jealous of people with cheekbones like hers, but she has no idea what kind of sunglasses suit her face. Those look horrid and don’t even fit!
    And she’s wearing a lot of lovely pieces, but together she makes them look cheap. I’m so annoyed.

  • She looks just like Chad Michaels in that first picture…  compliment or insult.