Josh Hutcherson for Teen Vogue

Posted on March 12, 2012

Hey, teen girls who are really into The Hunger Games! Wee little Josh Hutherson wants to take you to the prom!


Dolce & Gabbana jacket, and shirt, $375. Dior Homme pants. Thomas Pink bow tie, $60.

Josh Hutcherson featured in the March 2012 issue of Teen Vogue Photographed by Sebastian Kim and styled by Lawren Howell.


Dior Homme shirt, pants, and bow tie, $180. Brooks Brothers vest, $175.


 Thom Browne New York jacket. Dior Homme shirt, and pants. Band of Outsiders bow tie, $110.


Thom Browne New York shirt, $450, pants, and shoes. Band of Outsiders bow tie, $110. Alexander Olch suspenders, $140.

Cute spread. We’re sure teen boys all over America are running out right now to buy a $450 shirt for prom.

Which brings us to our next question, because we’re always fascinated by the answers. What’s prom looking like in your neck of the woods? We ask this every year because it seems there is no such thing as a coast-to-coast prom style. Some areas still trade in the very traditionally poofy ballgowns; some are all about the sophisticated and sexy cocktail dresses; some are very sex and body-oriented, with lots of cutouts and skin; some are very trendy, looking more like a red carpet at the Oscars than a banquet hall near the interstate. So tell us, minions: What are the young ladies wearing to prom this year in your neck of the woods? What are the young men wearing?

[Photo Credit: Sebastian Kim for More pictures here.]

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  • Michelle Hassell-Prahl

    I make custom dresses for girls at my church (they buy the fabric, I donate the labor), and most of them still want the big cupcake dresses. Every year I get one (sometimes two), that want something a bit more fashion forward, but even then it’s usually a cocktail dress of some sort. But definitely cupcake dresses are the most popular. 

    • Rachel M

      You are awesome! What a nice thing to do. :)

    • Shannon Stewart

      There’s a local fashion show every year here that is entirely donated dresses for anywhere between $1 and $100, so we don’t have a lot of changes from year to year.

    • skadi1

      That’s awesome. I made my sister’s dress a couple of times, but I never thought to offer to make anyone else’s. Good for you!

    • Elaine Lang

       On Promgoers, I prefer the cupcake dresses to the ones I saw in my husbands rural hometown…those looked like a “professional” would wear.    And, I don’t mean a lawyer or doctor.   

      Teenagers looking like kids is always a happy thing for me.   But I’m an old lady and a mom of girls myself, so I’m biased.

  • Me Again

    I hate the last picture – highwater  pants and no socks?  Ew.  The others are cute, and I’m definitely psyched for the movie.  Why, oh why, couldn’t they let him stay brown-haired for the movie?

    • Olivia Vigrabs

      His character is blonde in the books, if they left him brunette tthe fangirls would have gone crazy.

      • Jaclyn Murphy

        Now that’s just silly. Think of the other two major teen series that were made into movies (HP and Twilight). None of the fangirls really complained that DanRad’s eyes aren’t the right color (or that they made the asinine decision to put his scar off-center). No one complained that Hermione wasn’t bushy-haired and buck-teethed. And really, no one complained that Kirsten Stewart as Bella Swann…no, wait, she actually fit all of the qualifications. No personality needed for that role.

        • Lily

          I think you have a very poor knowledge of the HP fandom. I grew up in it and the rage over the not-green eyes was just about the greatest moment of fan rage I have ever seen. I have friends who refuse to watch the movies just because of it. It was a HUGE deal.

          • Jaclyn Murphy

            I think that I have perfectly adequate knowledge of the HP fandom, thanks. As someone who refuses to see the movies because they mutilated some of my favorite books, I quite understand the rage directed at the movies. But perhaps my point is that the use of the term “fangirl” to me implies some screaming teenager who doesn’t care about the integrity of the works themselves. And clearly HP’s “artistic” interpretations of the books did not stop them from being huge blockbusters. So my point was more that artistic integrity has not in the past – and I doubt it would with Hunger Games – stopped a movie from being hugely successful with the “fangirls”.

        • Donna

          Yes, and no one on the internet posts pictures of cats, either.

      • JM Z

         Oh, there’s been plenty hue and cry over him not being a natural blond. They might as well have left the dye out.

      • Me Again

        I know that he’s blond in the books.  I read the books, too, and loved them.  I just don’t think it’s critical for the role that he be blond.  It’s not like his blond hair was a critical fact that the plot turned on.  It just seems silly to take someone like Josh H. (who is cute with brown hair) and dye his hair blond (which almost makes him not cute, but certainly less cute).  If the producers care that much about the character having blond hair, they should have cast a natural blond.  OR if they decide – as I think they should – to just cast the best actor for the part, then just let the actor keep his natural hair if that is the hair color that looks best.  (They could have cast a Latino, Asian, or African-American to play the role if he gave the best screen test for the part, in my mind.)

        • theblondette

          Oooh, big can of worms there – race in terms of Hunger Games casting has been a HUGE DEAL, esp with the casting of Katniss.

    • Cheri Lee

       I am excited to see him portray Peeta but my one criticism is that his dye job look horrendous!

  • Jasmine Moten

    The prom style here is full on cutouts showing post-pregnancy stretchmarks and scars, cheap tattoos, big hair that would Dolly to shame, and guys with canes and top hats. We’re a classy bunch. The prom theme is usually a rotation of “Night in Paris”, Mardi Gras, Rock Star, and Vegas.

  • kittenwithaquip

    I live in Arkansas, but I “ain’t from around here”. I fear this area’s prom style looks something like this:

    • Jaeda Laurez

      *Shudders* makes my skin crawl.

    • Anathema_Device

       Oh thank god. I thought that was going to be a link to the pregnant girl with the hole cut out of the dress for her pregnant belly.

      • Tadiana Walton Jones

        Aaaaaggghhh!  My eyes!

        • Anathema_Device

          Yeah, sorry. I now realize I thanked someone for not posting that, then I posted it in the next sentence!

          • homespunner

            Don’t apologize – biggest laugh I’ve had all day.

      • Stefanos Mantyla

         Don’t tell me she had a prom to attend!

    • Cheri Lee

      I will never get that image out of my brain.

    • Dawn Grimes Stough

       what, no camo??  :)  i know a girl from my hometown (small town in southeastern alabama) who, for her wedding, had the little girls dressed in pillowcase dresses that were camo with hunters orange trim, and the little boys and all the adults wore jeans with camo shirts.  she wore a traditional wedding dress, though, with fall flowers :)  i know this is supposed to be about prom, but i really had to share.

      • yetanotherLaura

         At least she wasn’t wearing a camo wedding dress.  Yes, there is such a thing.  I saw an entire website recently full of partial or complete camo wedding dresses.  Truly one of the most horrifying sights I have *ever* seen.

  • JosephLamour

    I live in DC so we all looked like we were going to a society fundraiser. I’m not kidding. We even ate at Sequoia, that restaurant in Georgetown where all the lobbyists used to go to schmoose lawmakers. All the women looked like Laura Bush at a ball.

    • Elaine Lang

       LOL, I lived in DC/NOVA for 13 years and I can picture it now.   Don’t forget the Lynne Cheney Laquered hair!   

  • cmb92191

    It’s not quite prom season yet, it gets full swing in about two to three weeks.  At the stores, there are all types of dresses from day glo orange skank, to subdued but beautiful pictures.   The local stores tend to swing slightly to the urban style for the young people.  For the bar/bat mitzvah set- it tends to be on the pouf side.

    I do like the flapper style dress in the spread.

  • Anathema_Device

    I live in the Bay Area. My son is taking his girlfriend to the junior prom. He has no idea whether he is supposed to rent a tux or just wear a suit/sportcoat. Most girls around here go for cocktail party attire, rather than full-blown ballgown. It can get a little slut-tastic, truth be told. 8th grade graduation was ASTOUNDING a few years back. Many of the girls wore very short and tight dresses with stripper heels. They couldn’t even walk in the heels. That particular class caused the school to invoke a dress code for future graduations.

    • Amelia Logan

      I went to freshman home coming in 2001, 50% of the girls wore dresses that were actually corsets with matching skirts. 

    • MissJack

      I’m from the Bay Area, too, and most girls did go more for cocktail than full-length at my prom a few years back. Actually, most went with the sheath-style, just-clearing-the-cooch cut, and ridiculous heels. I guess it doesn’t matter that you can barely walk if all the dancing you’re doing is grinding up against your date, but the girls who actually wanted to move around just left their shoes at the table. I didn’t pay much attention to what the boys were wearing, but I think most seemed to be wearing tuxes. I think tuxes are more fun, at any rate.

  • Emily D.

    My upper middle class district in upstate New York has a mix of everything described. Prom is not uniform. I personally prefer to go the trendy red carpet way, my best friend went the cupcake dress route, and I’ve seen pretty much everything else.

  • Patrick Bower

    Live right outside of DC, in Maryland, and the typical prom uniform is a BCBG dress and steve madden heels. If it’s not your prom you don’t wear a full length dress. 

  • MK03

    My junior prom gown was pale blue. The top was satin and the skirt had some kind of glittery flower overlay. And it was about a size too small. My senior gown was a huge improvement, golden yellow with little AB crystals along the bodice, a cut-out back and trails of organza. It was a lot prettier than it sounds, so here’s some pictures:

  • natalia h

    I’m not a teen girl anymore but I like him so much. Such a nice guy. I guess. WE DON’T REALLY DO PROM HERE, OK? I’M BITTER. hahaha.

  • Jill_3

    Well, I graduated from a private school in L.A. a couple years ago, and it was definitely NOT poofy ball gowns. Most girls wore Fashion with a capital F- basically anything that wasn’t traditionally prom-y was in (no shiny pink satin, no hairspray curls). Still did the whole corsage-boutonniere thing, though.

    • Jill_3

      The gamut ran from moderately wealthy to uber wealthy, so you saw anything from basic cocktail dresses to, I shit you not, Herve Leger gowns and Jimmy Choo heels. My high school kind of sucked/rocked in that way.

  • Sara__B

    My husband and I enjoy going out to eat on prom night just to see the kids at dinner before the dance. The girls wear short, tight, and shiny cocktail dresses with lots of skin showing and high heels so tall they can literally barely walk. They have fancy hair, lots of makeup, manicures and pedicures, and big earrings. Their dates mostly wear clothes that are indistinguishable from their school clothes. It’s not pretty.

    • Jennifer Peters-Ahnberg

      Oh my gosh, I thought my husband and I were the only ones who did that! I love how awesomely tacky it can get.

  • lonepear

    I didn’t go to my prom–it conflicted with the state academic bowl championships. (I know: NERRRRRRRRRD.) My high school was in Florida and drew from two areas, one wealthy and one poor. The rich girls looked like they were at a formal event at a beach resort–showy, brightly-colored, a little bit sexy. The poorer ones got whatever was on the racks at the JCPenney juniors section, mostly slightly tacky gowns and cocktail dresses.

    • LesYeuxHiboux

       I skipped my Senior Ball because it conflicted with the biggest Sea Scout Regatta of the year, but I went to one the following year with my friends from that graduating class. It was also a small protest, since our class officers didn’t like the theme song the whole class voted on (“Here’s to the Night” by Eve 6) and decided to change it to “Let’s Get it On” by Marvin Gaye. I shit you not.

      • Fifi LaRoux

        After the DJ played what was supposed to be the final slow dance at my senior prom, he put on Lets Get It On, and you have never seen chaperones move so fast the throw on light switches in your life.

        • LesYeuxHiboux

           That’s the kind of reaction I would expect! Somehow “Let’s Get It On” was printed on hundreds of embossed invitations that were sent out to our senior class without any protest from the faculty or administration.

          • Sara L.

            The mind, she boggles. That is truly incredible!

  • gdougs

    The people in my school manage to find the tackiest things. Seriously, it’s horrifying. And I just sit on my computer scrolling through Oscar de la Renta dresses wistfully hahah. 

  • Jen Freeman

    My high school trended towards rented tuxes and Barbie dresses. Lots of hairspray curls, “professional” make up/hair/nails, strappy heels.  Big cupcake dresses appeared, though most leaned towards more form fitted gowns.  You DID NOT wear a cocktail length dress to prom. Floor length only. Anything else was tacky and slutastic. We had a semi-formal Homecoming Dance that was cocktail dresses.

  • Inspirit

    It’s a pretty mixed bag in my area. I’ve currently got a pretty fashion-y dress picked out, as does the rest of my group, seeing as we’re mostly juniors, but the senior gals tend to go for really muted, safe, classy formal wear. Gala wear, basically. Navy seems to be the color of choice this year, from the picks I’ve seen so far. Once in a while a girl will pop up in a cupcake gown, but people will tend to make  snide remarks about it so it doesn’t happen often. Oh, and I go to a rich-kid public school in the Houston area.

  • BayTampaBay

    In Tampa, Florida it is still ball gowns or Oscar type Red Carpet Dresses.

  • gdougs

    Can you guys do a post on styling for prom?! PLEASE, I am in desperate need lol

  • Emily Smith

    I grew up in New Jersey, northern NJ, affluent suburbs.  All the girls there were after classy cocktail dresses and gowns that were sleek and sexy but not over the top.  Subdued color choices, kind of classic elegance.  I now live in Ohio.  Oh.  My.  God.  The taste here is BRIGHT neon colors, cut outs, super short dresses or full length, cleavage from here to next week, beading, etc.  They have a very different taste.  I would also say they lack taste.  But in this state they also think that the Vera Wang dresses at David’s Bridal are real Vera Wang dresses.  SO yeah.

    • Amelia Logan

      I am from an upper middle class suberb in Ohio, I can vouch that all these things are true.

  • Allison Green

    Prom in our area is horribly trashy. It involves lots of rhinestones, cut-outs, obnoxiously bright colors, and poof. It is near impossible to find just a normal dress. All the girls wear extremely heavy makeup and they look like brightly dressed street walkers. It is a rather sad affair

  • AlieMichelle

    I’m a teacher, and at my school it’s all about how much you can get away with. Boys show up in basketball jerseys under their tux jackets and girls tend to try for VERY sexy. Lately (as in, this year) there’s been a push toward classic elegant stuff, though – tuxes and bowties on boys, sleek evening gowns on the girls. I am a fan of the latter, naturally.

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    When I was in high school here (East San Francisco Bay Area, semi-agrarian) it was lots of Jessica McClintock iridescent gowns in bold colors, lots of rhinestones and always floor-length. Anything short, cut to the navel, or midriff-baring was considered totally skanky and usually only one or two girls would try it.

    These days floor-length is still the standard, but there is a lot more skin on display elsewhere: lower necklines, high slits with gaudy garters, more sheer fabrics and low-backed styles. The girls have yet to give up the rhinestones.

  • Diane

    Just went down this road last May with my daughter. Styles were all over the place, but most popular were the princess-style poofy ball gowns. Hers was pastel pink and her date wore a black tux with matching pink vest and tie. I liked her look — not a fan of the skin-tight ones with the cutouts!

  • Kerry McCombs

    I’m in Las Vegas and when my 16 year old niece and her girlfriends went to Homecoming last fall they all wore strapless dresses with skirts either at the knee or just above. Some of the dresses had straight skirts, some had poofy ones, most had sashes, almost all of them in black. The boys mainly wore dress pants, dress shirts, and ties. No jackets. But this was only Homecoming. Prom might be fancier.

  • JMansm

    Remember Victorya’s winning prom design for PR4? That is much more in line with what girls are wearing around here for prom (West Coast of Canada). Cocktail length but not too sexy of a silhouette. For guys it’s pretty much the standard rent-a-tux usually with a strong colour somewhere. 

  • sockandaphone

    i had my prom in 2009… it was very slinky, long dresses. puffy dressed just looked out of place. Im from southern california.

  • Den Milano

    I don’t know if you want to know what are kids wearing in Europe (eastern Europe, I must add) for their prom, but here in Serbia (have you ever heard of it?) we have pretty modern proms. Nowadays, girls are wearing more stylish and chic clothes (shorter dresses and tailored suits). You still can see a lot of girls in long, matronly, more-is-more type of dresses, of course, but less than before. Serbian boys are going modern too – there’s less academy-awards suits, and more youthful, colorful, fashionable clothes (jeans, jackets, sneakers).

  • SewingSiren

    I don’t even know what the girls were wearing when The Prom was held at my school , so I sure don’t know now. 

  • Anna Merhan

    It is not a teen fad.

  • Molly Harrington

    I live on the Gulf Coast and prom here is a somewhat mixed affair. Most of the girls wear full length gowns, but some go for shorter cocktail style dresses. It’s pretty basic stuff, nothing too special. Some cut-outs here and there, rhinestones. Last year there were a lot of florals/watercolor type prints, and this neckline was pretty popular (,r:5,s:0). 

    Most girls go for the same sort of a-line silhouette, but some deviate. The guys are completely split, especially at my school. There’s the requisite “ghetto”/wannabe gangster guys whose rented suits are way too baggy, and then there’s the classy, Polo/Southern Tide/Vineyard Vines-sporting bunch who go for sports coats and blazers, silk ties, bow ties occasionally and dress pants. The rest of them (most of them) just wear plain rented tuxes/old suits that don’t exactly fit right.

  • skadi1

    I am pretty excited about Hunger Games, but I am SERIOUSLY underwhelmed by Hutcherson’s casting. I realize I’m not a teenage girl, but I just don’t think he’s in the same league as Jennifer Lawrence.  And he’s such a Baxter compared to Gale.  Harumph.

    I never went to prom, but I love seeing the groups of satin-clad girls swishing around the mall with their dates (especially when the dates have been forced to dress in coordinating ties and cummerbunds). It’s so adorable, although given the amount of money these kids are expected shell out, alarming might be a better word.

    • Denny Li

      Thank you! I am a huge fan of Peeta in books, but I didn’t think the movie version would turn it into a cute boy v. not-cute boy.

  • turtleemily

    I think these look douchey until I cover his head with my thumb. I don’t think he’ll ever redeem himself after the “manly man” comment.

  • MilaXX

    It varies. I’ve seen very cute tea length dresses, a few mullet dresses and lots of wilmas. On the other side of the spectrum, in which I channel my mother, I’ve seen a few dresses that look like dancing with the Stars costumes and I’m horrified they were let out of the house.

  • Ethan Barclay-Ennew

    I personally was the exception to our podunk town rules where rented ill fitted tuxes reign supreme, with white and powder blue still being hugely popular (thank you douchey hockey players). The girls here either go giant cupcake or Jersey shore style (colour and hair included). My group of friends and I though for ours wore for the boys custom fitted suits and bright shirts that matched our ladies and the girls for the most part wore vintage looks from the 50’s and 60’s

  • dreamingdaises

    Pretty much anything goes here. My prom dress looks like this and I’m super excited:

    It’s probably not up to TLo style standards or anything, but I look amazing in it and feel awesome : ) 
    P.S. The slit doesn’t go anywhere near that high on me. Haha

    • Peter


      • dreamingdaises

        Don’t worry, I only plan on posing that way once as a joke to send to my aunt but I don’t plan on doing that any other time. It’s just so awkward.

  • Emily Wilkerson

    1. As a 19 year-old girl, I love it when you post things directed specifically at teens. It doesn’t really seem like your “thing,” but it’s always cool, it makes me feel like you guys are the gay uncles that I’ve always wanted (not in a creepy way).
    2. I really love this editorial in particular, and not just because I’m into the Hunger Games/Josh Hutcherson. It would be awesome if prom actually looked like this.3. It’s been a few years since I went to prom (ew, that makes me sound old), but at my high school, junior prom usually involves a mix of cupcakey dresses, some simpler, more subdued dresses, and some lacy, cut-out affairs. Nearly everyone wears floor-length dresses and there are far too many ugly prints, rhinestones, and sparkles for my taste – kind of tacky in my opinion. We also have a senior gala, which is less formal, people typically wear cocktail dresses

  • Natalie

    I live in Singapore— our prom style (I graduated from HS last year) is the super trendy cocktail dress thing. About half to most wear cocktail length dresses with all the trendy lengths and styles of the year (last year it was one shoulder) and some wear full length gowns like they’re going to an awards show. Honestly I think the girls spend as much as the guys— the girls’ dresses are cheaper (yes!) but buying shoes, and getting their hair and make up done plus accessories adds up. The boys get suits and it usually costs them close to $400-$500 and then there’s shoes (and most people spend wayyy more on shoes, I know guys in my school buying $2000 Prada shoes) and most of them do buy the suits. But most of the kids that went to my school were upper middle-class to wealthy so…

  • Claire

    At my high school, it’s something from Nordstrom’s, BCBG or Neiman’s with Steve Madden shoes. However, for my senior prom I actually wore the short blue dress that Gwyneth Paltrow wore in Country Strong. 

  • MMR13

    I go to an all-girl private Catholic high school, so no cut outs here. Lots of simple, loose dresses in solid colors for the girls (a lot of ivory and jewel tones) and well-tailored suits for the guys. Prom here is at a country club so everyone dresses appropriately. In the words of our ex-nun principal, “If you can’t wear underwear with it, don’t even bother trying to pass the receiving line.”

    • Amelia Logan

      lol I remember my friend had a hard time finding a dress that fulfilled the modesty requirement of her bf’s christian high school. No cleavage, knee length, not too tight… she got a brown jersey wrap dress from anne taylor.

  • Alyson Lamble

    The clothes sure look cute, but WTF did they do to his hair?  He looks like he stepped out of a 40s-era Superman comic.  Blue-black isn’t a real hair color, stylists.

  • Emily Wilkerson

    The guys wear basic black tuxes to prom, usually with white shirts and colored vests and/or ties to match the girl’s dress. At my prom however, some of my friends wore: a white tux with tails and a blue vest; an ivory tux with a green vest; and black pants a purple jacket with a black collar, a black shirt, a white vest, and a purple tie – that’s what I get for hanging out with the choir and theater kids.

  • Lenny Moses Breda

    Most girls are wearing 

  • Beth Reed

    Hi. I’m a female teenage fan of the Hunger Games. And I would love nothing more than prom with J-Hutch.

    As far as my school goes, it’s mainly long dresses. They’re usually the empire-waist kind with a body-conscious top and a billowing skirt. Some girls do wear shorter dresses but considering I have rabid deans at my school who literally measure your dress, people tend to not do that as it’s difficult to find a dress that reaches the knees. Considering I live in south Orange County, designer labels and fashion-forward dresses are abound.

    As far as guys go, thank God that the rabid deans frown on sneakers with suits, because they usually look pretty good. If you ignore the hem issues and occasional douchebag who thinks it’d be funny to wear a neon vest/white suit.

  • lucasuk82

    I was visiting a friend in the suburbs (of Chicago) and we saw a prom group when we were at dinner.  I was surprised by how, well, trashy the dresses were:  micro-minis, low cut, backless, sparkly, neon-colored.  I blame Lea Michele.

    • Sara__B

      The girls around here were dressing like that long before Lea Michele became famous. If it’s WORSE this year, I’ll blame Lea.

      • kentiesgirl

         The girls around here have been dressing that way since before Lea was born, LOL.

  • boweryboy

    No dress shoes without socks!

    Stinky feet! Stinky feet!

  • Katrina Mayr

    I’m a stylist in a nicer Minneapolis suburb — it’s all bright colors (to make them look tan!), very slim floor-length sleeveless gowns with some sort of beading, guys wear tuxedos, about 20% in white, the girls bring in pics of Carrie Underwood for hair, Kim Kardashian for makeup, and have a spray tan and nails done.  It’s probably $750-1000 per couple after all is said and done!

  • merciblahblah

    Back in MY day, I wore a tea-length pink satin dress with black lace trim, and black lace fingerless gloves to go with. Don’t hate the playa. Oh, and flats (dyed to match, of course), cuz my date was SHORT. Give it up for 1987, ya’ll!! These days anytime we see prommers out and about, they are in flashy pageant looking gowns. We can’t ALL be as fashion forward as black lace fingerless gloves.

    • JMB_edits

      ’87 represent! 😉  I’m sure you were the height of fashion and 1987 me covets your fingerless gloves.  I am ashamed by the crazy fluff of a dress I wore.

      • merciblahblah

        HOLLA!!! The dress that I VIVIDLY remember coveting from prom? The blond with PERFECTLY feathered hair who wore a Scarlett O’Hara strapless dress (complete with structured contraption under the skirt to make it appropriately poofy), IN ELECTRIC BLUE SHINEY LAME (minus accent over the “E”) AND WHITE LACE TRIM. So bad it was good (in 1987, that is).

  • tripletmom96

    I’m in so cal, although in conservative orange county and every prom the kids all line up by the fountain near our house for pics, so we get a good look at the fashions — no pouffy stuff here… usually fitted and slinky, either long or short or short cocktail-type dresses.  guys are usually in tuxes… it’s pretty common to see them color co-ordinate – if the girl is in red, the guy will have red bow-tie, etc.   thank god the horrid ruffled colored shirts and the pastel colored tuxes that were the style back in my day (1970’s) are long gone.  i pray they never come back….

  • Amy Ellinger

    My little sister is going in a super-adorable pinky-gold cocktail dress. Its her junior year. Most of her friends are doing the same- I don’t think any of them are going full-length dresses, most are either cocktail or tea-length.

  • fiestyfashionfem

    I don’t give a damn where you live, you’re not wearing that Gucci flapper dress the prom.  Geeez.

  • MightyMarshal

    I went to a private school in Knoxville TN, and prom at that school was a formal dinner party at a penthouse country club downtown. So we wore complete formal wear. Tuxes for the guys, gowns for the girls. We actually had to have our attire approved weeks before the actual night of the banquet to make sure it was appropriate. We’ve since moved back to Maryland, and my sister went to JR and SR prom. Jr prom she wore a green ball gown with a sequined and swarovskied bodice and a layered tool skirt. Sr prom, she wore a dark red draped Grecian gown with crystal accents at the neck. We actually cut the skirt of the tulle gown and my other sister used it for a middle school dance the next year, and then as a tinker bell costume that same year and had the red gown’s floor length skirt turned into a bubble skirt for a homecoming dance. So we got double duty put of both.

  • ccm800

    lastime someone asked me to prom was like 1994 and even THEN it wasnt age appropriate for me to accept LOL 

  • bookish

    I’m from Utah and based on family photos from the last couple years poofy ballgowns in bright colors are still the trend here. The guys rent a tux for the evening with vests that match their dates’ dress (think lots of shiny pink and purple vests). Some of the schools around here have very strict dress codes requiring the girls to wear sleeves or cover up with a shawl, and of course the strict Mormon girls do this no matter what the dress code says.

  • Alexis Keller

    At my school junior prom was all about short sweet dresses and some seniors wore more formal long gowns.  I wore a cute short strapless dress from h&m junior year and a long purple one shouldered chiffon dress for senior.  It really depended on the girl but my school was way more fashion forward, there were many more herve leger bandage dresses than slutty macy’s numbers.  Many girls used the site “rent the runway”, so I guess it was more trendy.

  • poketom

    Josh Hutcherson and his $450 shirt make the perfect date for the Teeny Bopper wearing a $3,000 Gucci dress. And seriously who styled these girls? They look more like 8 year olds dressing from their mothers’ closets. 

    • Farthingale

      “They look more like 8 year olds dressing from their mothers’ closets.”

      Or, from Lady Mary Crawley’s.

  • Peter

    I don’t think I realized until I scrolled through all these comments that my high school’s proms were pretty damn classy. Everyone always seemed to be in agreement that prom was the night to pull your shit together and act like a goddamn grown-up, even if you were a total jackass. It made for a really nice night.

    I actually went to three of my high school’s senior proms (because I’m an enormous whore for formal occasions, apparently), and it was always pretty much the same fare — girls in full-length gowns, almost always sleeveless (but with a wide range of silhouettes — some body-hugging, a handful of ballgowns, etc.). At my own prom in 2006, I remember there were a lot of jewel tones and a lot of shimmer. (No rhinestones, though. Well played, ladies.) Guys wore black tuxes (some wore white or ivory), usually with accessories that matched their dates’ gowns. You could always count on a handful of toolboxes to show up wearing a top hat or carrying a cane. Bros will be bros.

  • Comus

    Was Josh photoshopped into the pictures with the models, maybe in place of a taller guy? – looks slightly off, but not as much as feet would be if you hit prom without socks …

  • Sarah Harris

    I was just staying at a hotel in MN, and had the joy of having a throng of prom couples over-running the place. It was all mini, satin,strapless, bandage dresses, largely in blue and purple shades. It was eight degrees outside and most of the girls didn’t want to wear their coats.

  • Diane_G

    I went to high school in Louisville, Ky and it’s kind of a mixed bag. Junior prom I bought my dress at JC Penney but I was happy and I looked great (pink, a-line, 1-shoulder, nothing too frilly) and bought it with MY OWN MONEY ($82)–that was very important to me. 😉
    Anyway, the girls ranged from huge cupcake dresses to what I had, to the cutouts, and some girls were pretty artsy and either bought or designed these dresses that had huge, gorgeous flowers painted on them. And then there was one who wore a blue, a-line shiny dress with Spongebob Squarepants on it. I kid you not, she was the ballsy Macy Gray of Prom . Ten years later and it’s still as embedded in my mind as my own dress.
    The boys classed it up and were fancy.  I didn’t see a single one in jeans. Some brought canes and top hats, some wore colorful suits, some were simple in their black tux. But all were dressed up.

  • miwome

    I was struck by how much the obvious, extreme youth of the models doesn’t bother me at all in this spread. It’s just wholesome (relatively speaking) and cute, as opposed to super creepy. So that’s good.

    I think these are pretty good shots of him. He can sometimes photograph reeeeeaaaaaaally badly, so well done him.

  • Reneesance

    Judging by the dresses I saw at the prom event at my workplace last year the trend in Northern Delaware and Upper Chesapeake Maryland leans towards hoochy pageant dresses with cutouts *facepalm*  And don’t get me started on the grinding on the dance floor. 

  • Eric Scheirer Stott

    None of his clothes appear to fit properly…..and No Socks????

  • Jennifer Peters-Ahnberg

    We live in a pretty rural area, so I was surprised to see sleek, simple dresses were the predominate style. Mostly long, with a few cocktail dresses thrown into the mix. One girl even wore a beautiful pair of cowboy boots with her short sequined dress. Classic CMA, but it worked. There are a LOT of jeans/tuxedo jacket/boots combos for the boys. My favorites are the group of boys that come in full-on 70’s vintage every year. It’s done for a joke and they have a great time in their ruffly shirts and wide velvet lapels.

  • kentiesgirl

    Young men are wearing rental tuxes with a lot of color and bowties (clip on, natch), gals are riding high in short and tight jewel tones with big ass hair that has overwhelmed our one salon with practice appointments.

    Guys are seriously outgunning the gals in the style dept. out here, rental or not. Location…cornfield west of Chicago. But not Iowa. Can’t speak for them. :)

  • DinaSews

    I’m from an eastern suburb of Cleveland, slightly upper-middle class.  At my kids’ school, the dresses are widely varied but very few short.  Mostly, cut-outs and as much skin showing as the school will allow without kicking them out for indecency!  Only one or two cupcake dresses but that makes up the majority at a neighboring school.  The styles from the cheapest to the most expensive look practically the same. 

  • Kimbolina

    I graduated high school 5 years ago, don’t think things have changed too much since then in terms of prom-wear for my area (suburbs outside of Boston).  Almost everyone wears long dresses.  There were some cupcake princessy dresses.  A lot of floor length satin A-line sleeveless/strapless gowns, sort of upscale bridesmaid-ish, I guess.  A few went with the pageant slutwear with the cutouts.  The super skanky short dresses were usually deployed at the senior semi-formal dance during first semester.  Guys wear tuxes with vests/cummerbunds/ties that match their dates dresses.  If they’re a punk/skater boy, they’ll wear Converse Chuck Taylors instead of dress shoes.

    Of course, I totally threw all this out the window and one of my best friends and I went with a 1950s rockabilly theme.  My dress was a short, white with black polkadot, button down halter shirt-dress with a pink satin collar and pink buttons.  Hers was a short pencil skirt leopard print dress.  And another friend’s dress was a sort of Roy Liechenstein/comic-book print.  We were the weirdos who made our own dresses :)

  • Christopher Wood

    I have a daughter going to prom in the Midwest (central IL, the part that’s NOT Chicago.)  We live in a small, rural town (pop. 1600) and the style is still very Southern Belle.  The dresses are big and pouf-fy.  Thankfully, the hair is not. 

    This year the mermaid-style dresses are “in” for the first time in awhile.

    Of course, there are usually a couple of senior girls who look very Vanna White.  

  • Christopher Wood

     Dammit, I didn’t notice until I hit submit that my husband is signed in to Google.
    -Jennifer Jacobsen-Wood

  • Catherine

    Oh my god, my town’s prom is kind of hilarious. We have two high schools, and this is one of only TWO events they do together. It takes place downtown, and everyone tries to show up in either a really nice car they borrowed from their parents’ friends or something outrageous (semis, boats on trailers, delivery vans, etc.). Then everyone in town lines up along the main street hours before it starts and WATCHES everyone walk in like it’s a big Hollywood event. I actually had my picture taken by random strangers when I went. It’s all kinds of awesome.

    Fashion-wise, judging by the dresses sold at the local bridal salon, the more color, sparkles and cut-outs, the better. Some of those dresses are SO inappropriate, and this is coming from a girl who wore a turquoise and purple iridescent ballgown with a teal and pink striped tulle underskirt.

  • KathKo

    there’s no prom in France.
    I still can’t decided if it’s a pity or a given.

  • Chloe Stabler

    I went to high school in Fort Worth, Texas, and prom dresses were all about sex, sex, sex.  Cutouts absolutely everywhere, and not all of them were that flattering.

  • Louise Bryan

    No clue.  My son doesn’t want to do prom.  :(

  • margaret meyers

    If he just had a bit of a scruffy beard he could substitute on What Is james Wearing?

  • theblondette

    Prom seems to be really picking up in the UK, though from what limited exposure I have to it the traditional prom dress style does not seem to have made much of a splash. Any Brits here with prom-age kids?

    I left school in 2000, and we had a “Leavers’ Ball”. I wore an ankle length lilac evening dress. I remember how stressful it was finding that, because even back then I had big boobs!

  • M Hermey

    I wore a cupcake dress with a really low laced back for junior year and a sleek black sheath for senior year.. my sister wore a silver empire-waist dress that hit at mid-thigh for her junior and this year for her senior prom she wore a pink cocktail dress. a BRIGHT pink cocktail dress with silver accents.

    it hurt to look at.

  • Nora Halcyonov Lynnenko Naught

    Oh my god why are the pants SO short!  ACK!