Jon Hamm for Esquire UK

Posted on March 30, 2012

The other day, we were, discussing The Hamm’s attractiveness, which is not surprising, since we’ve written and posted about eight thousand words on Mad Men this week alone. Essentially, the consensus Chez T Lo is that while he’s physically very good-looking, neither of us really get weak in the knees for him.

Calm yourselves.

What we mean is, we appreciate his physical self, but he’s so gosh-darn straight that we tend to look at him more like a pretty picture hanging on a wall. It’s not that we can’t or don’t exclaim “Ohmigod, he’s HOT” at the occasional male celebrity of presumably heterosexual leanings, just that if he’s straight, he’s a bauble to pick up and put back down, not something for us to hang our fantasies on.

However, that all goes right out the window when he lets his goofy flag fly.

 Mad Men’s Jon Hamm featured in the May 2012 issue of Esquire UK photographed by Peggy Sirota.

Ridiculous. If we had ovaries, they’d be exploding right now.

There’s just something about a devastatingly good-looking man who’d rather be full of personality than spend his time catching the light correctly. We’ll fight you bitches for him.


[Photo Credit: Peggy Sirota for]

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  • hac51

    Thank you for this.

    • LuisaNL

       my feelings exactly. thank you, TLo.

      • Dixie Murphy Ross

         double ditto! He’s such a fun, quirky guy that he goes from good-looking to hot in a nanosecond.

    • Patricia Biswanger

      It’s like his role in “30 Rock.”  He’s even more gorgeous when he’s a goof.

  • hac51

    Thank you for this.

  • Mo Mo

    Oh my lolz, the cover hair.  Dying.

    • Cathy S

      Oh yes.

    • accidental housewife

       That photo is hilarious. It looks like they tried to make him as nerdy as PeeWee Herman, but cute and goofy was as far as it was possible to take it.

    • suzq

      It’s MONDO HAIR!

  • nancylee61

    He looks like he never takes himself so seriously, which makes him very attractive.

    • Ginger

      Exactly…which also makes me love how he plays the character of Don even more, if that makes sense. 

      • Melissa Brogan

         Me too. He’s really not playing himself, which is pretty refreshing.

        • sweatpantalternative

          Yeah, my favorite MM episodes are when he plays Don’s younger self. He’s transformative as a bright-eyed, less cynical, happy Don. Then the next scenes the show transitions back to the Don Draper we know. It’s almost instructive to see what good acting really is.

      • CozyCat

        I always feel that he doesn’t even look like Don Draper but somehow he DOES look like Dick Whitman. 

    • WordyDoodles

      YES!!! I first got a glimmer of that with Jon Hamm’s john’s ham. Sometimes SNL will do us a solid. And he rocked that one. So good!!

      • MK03

        Don’t forget Hamm and Buble! 

      • miwome

         I’m wicked late, but just wanted to chime in to say that the “Sergio” short is still one of the funniest things I think I’ve ever seen from SNL.

        • WordyDoodles

           JOE.MY.GOD. I had never seen that. I have no words.

    • Glammie

      Came to post just that–but I’ll just add to your like roster. instead.  He seems like someone you actually want to know.

      • Ginger

        Whoa…I totally read that last sentence wrong.  I read it as “someone you actually want to blow.”  tee hee hee

    • MK03

      Gorgeous AND goofy. My winning combination.

  • cmb92191

    I want to know what happened to his shoe.  That is bothering me!   Funny silly pictures– and very cute.  I like the laying on the car one the best.   And speaking of car, I think my sister had a similar car but different color.  The interior looks pretty familiar.

    • Shawn EH

      He doesn’t know what happened to his shoe, is the thing …

      • Amy Ellinger

        i’m holding it hostage.  he has to come and get it if he wants it back alive.

      • asympt

         He’s holding the shoe, in his hand that’s in the car.

  • Cindi Williams

    Filing away the undershirt pic (#2) for later today.

    I have an undershirt fetish (see also Don Draper building things in his undershirt & khakis in Season 1). Soft, cottony, and they smell oh, so good.

    • Malice Grant

      I have a similar fetish. Amazing how much quality, clean cotton ticks all the right boxes for me.

    • miagain

      Have you ever tried Clean’s Warm Cotton, or Fresh Laundry?  Simply divine!!
      I love washing my husband’s nice white cotton t shirts… they always smell so good!!

    • Alba

      I’m right there with ya! I remember that scene vividly and often force my boyfriend to wear a similar outfit.

  • Jasmaree

    I don’t like the cover, but everything else is just gorgeous.

  • Tadiana Jones

    Now THAT”s self-confidence!  I’m not sure how many of us regular people, let alone celebrities, would have the confidence to do something like this, and pull it off.

  • TAGinMO

    I’m about 95% with TLo on this. The Hamm does make me a tad weak in the knees even when he’s playing it straight (so to speak), but I’m not sure I’ve ever found him more attractive than when he did the “Jon Hamm’s John Ham” commercial on SNL.

    It’s not fair for one man to be that hot and that funny. 

  • lydiabear


  • Jen Hughes

    Yes, please!

  • Wilhelmina Frame

    Never thought he looked like Michael Fassbender before.

  • serenitynow02

    My entire uterus just exploded, never mind the ovaries.

    • accidental housewife

       Goodness. I hope you have some major pain killers.

      • serenitynow02

        Alas, it is a love there is no cure for….

  • Liz de Jager

    I’ve not yet commented on your awesome site but this…this is just perfect.  You both are my gurus.  And you know, even as a straight girl, I’d let you have Mr. Hamm.  Because how will I ever compare to your combined awesomeness?

  • EditKitten

    Between him and Jennifer, I would *kill* to get Thanksgiving reservations at their house.

  • Jill_3

    Hear that sound? That fiery crashy boom? Those were my ovaries, indeed exploding.

    • miagain

      call 911…

  • drdirection

    After getting to know him as Don Draper, I am always pleasantly surprised at how well he does comedy. 

  • Kiltdntiltd

    I, uh, um, erm,…..Wiping sweaty palms on kilt,……..yeah.

  • Ashleh

    Eyebrow arch kills me every time! He needs a cig in a couple of these photos. Other than that the man is gorgeous!

  • Heather

    Hot. Hate the sweater/shirt combo on the cover, though. And agree w/above posters re: undershirts. 

  • Pennymac

    Lack of conscious vanity in a man is so sexy, these pics are hyperventilating worthy. There is such a thing as too straight, and too concerned with appearances. Peggy Sirota has done genius work with these!!

  • Alli

    Oh my goodness. I wish I was a burger.

    • WordyDoodles

       I’ll be that bottle of hot sauce…

  • Fashion Critic

    I would take him either way…LOL
    Great post

  • piecesofconfetti

    Suuuper hot!

  • siriuslover

    I’ve never been much of a Jon Hamm fan (sorry!), but I just love that picture of him with one shoe on in the car.  As I said on FB, I also kinda dig that burger pic.

  • jennyv

    There is nothing better than Jon Hamm being the blisteringly hot goofball that he is. What a great way to start the day!

  • Colleen

    explosion all over my office. sorry cleaning crew!

  • mjude

    i have to say i really like these photos, most of the time i think he looks so stiff? 

    • algaechick

      I think a stiff Jon Hamm would not be a complaint for most of us. 😉

  • vanjar

    He’s a bauble to pick up and put back down, not something for me to hang my fantasies on.
    Yep, couldn’t have said it better myself. :)

  • SIxGablesBags

    He shows up on a lot of the comedy podcasts I listen to.  He’s even good-looking when you can’t LOOK at him.  Sigh.

    • Laura

      oooh, which ones? 

  • ammjam

    Oh, love. Love.  Love. 

  • Anne

    I knew I liked him when he played a total parody of himself on 30 Rock. :)

  • Kayceed

    This guy is from the Midwest. Self-deprecating humor – especailly from such a good-looking guy – goes down very well in these parts. 

  • Evan Hart

    It’s that glorious combination… you know he’d make himself look like a complete fool to make you laugh when you were down, and when you got home he’d know just the right way to rock your metaphorical socks off. And, of course, he says lovely feminist things and seems to really respect his SO Jennifer Westfeldt. The Win is just so strong in this one….

    Oops. My knees were so weak I’ve fallen to the floor.

  • sweetlilvoice

    The photo of him in the light blue jacket with the car door open….so hot. Yum.

  • Sarah Michele Ford

    From the thumbnail, I thought the cover was Paul Rudd, who kills me with the goofy. I’d never gotten goofy from him before, but I do love these.

  • Violina23

    I don’t get the one of him with one-shoe on, hanging out the door.  There’s goofy/adorable, but that one just comes across lame/creepy “just got caught masturbating by his mother” to me. 

    The hamburger one is back to funny/cute though :)

  • guestela

    OMG, marvelous. Yes, exploding ovaries.

    Anyone else think he looks slimmer here than in other pics/on TV? Photoshop?

    • Sobaika Mirza

      I don’t know, I think he’s been looking slimmer in general lately. There was random talk that he cut down on his drinking, maybe that’s it?

      • ChiliP

        Yes, he said he stopped drinking several months ago. He also stopped smoking in his mid 20s…it must be such a change for him to play the constantly boozing/smoking Don Draper.

    • miagain

      I think he looks a lot slimmer in these pictures… especially in the chest area.

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    What I love about John Hamm is that he has a sense of humor and doesn’t appear to take himself or the whole celebrity business seriously….and of course, he’s gorgeous!

  • rivula

    Add the way he’s so totally into his girlfriend, Jennifer Westfeldt?  Like, genuinely loves, admires, cares for her, and is proud of her, and you can just tell by the way he looks at her?  And he used to teach, giving us students like Ellie Kemper?  Total package, in my book. 

  • DeborahLipp

    I have a picture of myself being touched by that man. It makes me flutter just to think of it.

  • mommyca

    oh my god….. the one at the table with the bottle of hot sauce, and the one with the goofy face wearing one shoe….. i don’t know what to say….. he is just too much!

  • angela rose

    I have stopped watching Mad Men because I am too distracted by how much I’d like to be naked with this guy.  I couldn’t follow the plot.

  • Tessa Bartz

    OMG.  I love a man with a sense of humor and who doesn’t take himself too seriously?  THIS man being like that?  My uterus cries… 

  • missinmass

    It looks like he’s on a bender, chugging hot sauce, passing out in uncomfortable positions, loosing his shoe then finally eating something…but looks good the whole time.
    I had a date like this back in the 80s I think….not quite sure I remember.

  • aimee_parrott

    LOVE HIM!  I agree, the fact that he’s not self-important and is able to laugh at himself?   Makes him blazing hot.

  • lalahartma

    Why must there always be shots in/with cars?

    • miagain

      ’cause this is a man’s magazine, and man likes cars… grunt grunt!!

  • Dorothy & Michael n/a

    Thanks for the new desktop background picture(s)!!!!

  • ballerinawithagun

    Carl’s Jr., get rid of the 1/2 naked women, we want Jon Hamm!

  • Judy_J

    There is absolutely nothing sexier that a devestatingly handsome man who does not take his looks seriously and has a delicious sense of humor.  Jon Hamm, George Clooney, Robert Downey Jr, Johnny Depp all do this for me.  Cary Grant, too, but unfortunately he’s no longer with us.

    • RebeccaKW

      Paul Rudd is on that list for me, too.

  • jw_ny

    Goofiness is often a very sexy quality in a guy…add his good looks to the mix…killer!  

    wtf is up with his hair in that cover shot though…O_o

    • Browsery

      Yes, the hair, and his head looks enormous.  Nonetheless, I’m a big a fan of his.

  • giiiirrrr

    Hamm hamming it up.  Me like.

  • Sara Munoz

    He’s a funny guy. IN.
    Oh wait, there’s no voting on this one…

  • Wellworn

    Sigh…thank you for taking my mind off my ex-husband and his new girlfriend and their happy life.  Now I can pretend there are far better men for me out there.  I have a chance, right?

    • CozyCat

      Just tell yourself:  the witch is looking at these pictures, and then looking at the schmuck she’s stuck with, and then back at the pictures….

      And you betcha there’s better out there!  All of ’em waiting for you!

  • hgtnteach82

    Eh, here he looks like a big goof.  I suppose it’s done to make him look more like “everyman” but it just makes him look like a self-centered dork to me.  

    Here’s my cup o’ tea:

  • RebeccaKW

    I love a sense of humor and when you find a good-looking man who’d rather goof around than show his blue steel, I get weak-kneed.  I’ve now added Jon Hamm (who, I always thought was handsome but didn’t ‘make my pants move’) to that list, already occupied with Paul Rudd and Robert Downey, Jr.  

    • Laura

      good list. agreed. 

    • accidental housewife

       I love that Paul Rudd has been mentioned more than once. I adore that guy. I was jealous of Phoebe when she got to marry him on Friends.

      I started to imagine a  movie starring Paul Rudd, Jon Hamm, and Robert Downey, Jr. but it turned into too much awesomeness, and I almost passed out.

      • RebeccaKW

        I’d camp out to be first in line for that.  That movie would be my Twilight. 

      • formerlyAnon

        An adventure/caper comedy with an ensemble cast, like the Oceans 11, 12, 13 series.  I’m there.

      • dress_up_doll

        I, too, just adore Paul Rudd. And I must share that about a year or so ago he was in my city working on a film and I met him. Nicest, most handsome guy you’ve ever met. He actually is as gorgeous in person as he is in film.

    • jw_ny

      oh Rebecca…I was all set to give you a like on your comment and then you had to go and ruin it by mentioning RD jr.  ugh…  XD

      Love me some Paul Rudd too, and now Jon with this shoot…pants movers. :)

  • tallgirl1204

    He is someone who so totally has a post-Mad Men career in the bag, if he wants it– witness his turns on SNL, and this spread, I would love to see him as a goofball comic heartthrob a la Carey Grant in Arsenic and Old Lace.  Not a one-trick pony, I”m thinking.

    • sherrietee

       He would be AWESOME in a remake of Arsenic and Old Lace.  And I love that movie and adore Cary Grant, so that is a statement I do not make lightly. 

    • Laura

      have you seen him on 30 Rock? Also, his bit with Betty White on the opening for the Emmys with Jimmy Fallon was hysterical…..

  • up with pod people

    Oh! Yes. I love when both male and female celebrities goof. He’s a master.

  • Clueless_Jock

    Do you guys think Jon Hamm is hotter than Joe Manganiello (the other TLo fave as far as I can tell)?

  • Kimmu

    Wow, he’s actually sort of attractive to me in these shots. It’s gotta be the sense of humour so clearly in evidence that I have never seen before. Generally, I just don’t see his appeal but he’s quite charming in these.

  • miagain

    I like him so much for the mere fact that he’s NOT Don Draper.  Never taking himself too seriously … and seeing the utter ridiculousness of his situation.  He seems to be having the time of his life.
    He looks smaller in a lot of these pictures…

  • Paula Pertile

    He’s about as close to perfect as you can get. I’d love to see him in a Mr. Darcy outfit one day.

  • pattyw

    Funny, I was just saying to my husband that Jon Hamm looks like the kind of guy who eats burgers. Who knew he did it so fantastically.

  • Nancy Skaggs

    Serving up some major 80’s Kevin Kline here.

  • Lucía Valencia

    Oh my lord, I think I’m ovulating right now.

  • Beverly Nash

    Yes, yes, he’s gorgeous and all that, but since seeing him doing a comedic turn in Bridesmaids and in this spread, I have a hard time accepting him as dour Don Draper. I think comedy is where he belongs.

  • BarniClaw

    I wish there were more spreads like these with women who were playing “serious” roles.  You know: goofin it up. Like, what if this was..[I don’t know, help me out with an example, UBF’s…]

    It seems like they only let women playing funny women do stuff like this (if they’re lucky). Although, now that I think about it, maybe that’s true for the men, too? 

  • lalagigi

    Yeah, I’ll take some of that…anywhere, anytime, any way….

  • Jessi03

    Ahhh!  I love it!

  • Laura

    A-dor-a-ble! LUV. I keep telling people who haven’t seen him on 30 Rock or elsewhere that the guy is a comedian and a goofball. hard to imagine from his dark and dour Don Draper that he does so well. I’ll bet this guy is a real gas to hang out with. 

    • MilaXX

       I think seeing him be all goofy humanizes him, whereas when he’s perfectly coiffed in full on Don Draper wear, he just seems too perfect.

    • Anathema_Device

       I second this (and wrote something similar before reading this). He was a pretty great self-involved d-bag in Bridesmaids, too.

  • Liz Fox

    I’m squeeing. Oh Jon Hamm <3

  • portlandmermaid

    I like the “c’mon over here,” vibe in the second pic. He has something to show us and knows we’ll like it!

  • CatherineRhodes

    Not feeling the appeal of the goofy. However, the top car picture is pretty hot. 

  • TheOriginalLulu


  • MilaXX

    He doesn’t really move my ovaries either, but I do find him hysterical when he does comedy.

  • Nicole Chubb

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned his appearances on 30 Rock yet!! If you’ve only seen him in Mad Men check it out. That’s when I actually fell in love with him – he’s an adorable idiot!

    • sashaychante

      Wasn’t he the absolute BEST as Liz’s boyfriend.  Favorite episode…”the bubble” that attractive people live in.  He was great at being completely clueless.

  • Sara__B

    “There’s just something about a devastatingly good-looking man who’d rather be full of personality than spend his time catching the light correctly.” Excactly. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, and that’s sooooo attractive!
    (edited for wonky line breaks)

  • Anathema_Device

    He’s sexy, cute, and endearing all in one. That is a tough combo to roll into one handsome package. Hee…I said package.

    I loved him so much on 30 Rock, it is ridiculous. He and John Slattery were both great in their bits on that show.

  • Bozhi

    Reservoir Dogs – the musical?

    Jon Hamm looks great.  I have found him really sexy from the first episode.

  • Ditty Nicolaides

    You can’t have him. He’s mine. Also, too: Eric Northman.

  • Andrea Weymouth

    Jesus H Christ he’s hot!!!!

  • GorgeousThings

    He’s such a big loveable goofball, which is why (and I know this sounds sacrilegious) I never really dug his Don Draper. I’d love to see him do more comedy.

  • CQAussie

    Adorable….handsome…..with a sense of humour.  SIGH.  

  • sashaychante

    LUV these!  Hamm is so funny.  Loved him as Liz’s boyfriend on 30 Rock….he was ridiculous.

  • UrsNY


  • Emily Smith

    favorite thing i’ve ever seen him do: lindsay lohan’s snl episode when he drops in to the weekly update sketch with “snooki” to pretend to be her baby daddy and cries “why won’t you let me love you”  i about died.

  • littlemac8

    It’s fun to compare/contrast this with the Matt Bonner post from yesterday.  These are arguably the two most handsome men on TV today.  Well, brunette men (can you call men brunettes?)  Because I can’t forget that devastating silver fox, John Slattery, yum!  Anyway both shoots are fun but sense of humor is one of my top three attractive traits and both men have that ability to laugh at themselves.  Lovely and charming!

  • granddelusion

    I do have ovaries, and he looks like his usually skeevy self.

  • ccm800

    well. I am in complete agreement none for me thanks, until now…

  • Pants_are_a_must

    Welcome to how women feel about Matt Bomer. 

  • Rebecca


  • PeggyOC

    Haven’t had an opinion on him really, but this editorial makes me want to invite him over for a backyard bbq and a beer. Seems like he’d be fun to hang around with, which is more than you can say for a lot of celebrity types.

  • NurseEllen

    Get in line.  In back of me.

  • Jacqueline Wessel

    The way you speak about Jon Hamm’s attractiveness in your opening paragraphs is how I feel about Matt Bomer.

  • JackieOBlue

    This ought to keep me going for the weekend.  Nothing is more attractive than someone not taking themselves too seriously. 

  • crash1212

    And THAT’S why I love the Hamm-ster. He’s a goof ball at heart. A smart, funny, goof-ball who happens to be devastatingly handsome and hot. He really is the whole package. 

  • Kathryn

    “There’s just something about a devastatingly good-looking man who’d rather be full of personality than spend his time catching the light correctly.”  That is such a great way to describe him.  He doesn’t seem to take himself or the fame over his looks seriously.  He always makes me smile because of it.

  • allj

    If my knowledge of Jon Hamm were based only on Mad Men I wouldn’t be that into him, but seeing him on SNL and 30 Rock cemented a lifelong delusional fantasy for me. Oh, how I love him…

  • Kendra Lynn

    I’m not even that into Hamm and I’d totally do him based on this shoot. 

  • kat89

    Hey, You’ve got Matt Bomer. Don’t be greedy….

  • Elena

    I agree with you guys. This is probably the most I’ve found him attractive.

  • Trevor Burroughs

    I appreciate his willingness to do a quirky cover, but am I a bad gay to say he doesn’t do much for me?

  • ryaddictive

    omg.  that last pic is what gerard butler looks like ALL THE TIME.  lol.


    I’m sorry, he just doesn’t do it for me. I think he looks like a million middle aged men across America…that drink hot sauce out of the bottle?

  • Rain Jezek

    Did they photoshop his head on the cover? It looks huge compared to his body. 

    I definitely agree about him being more attractive when he’s goofing around. I just saw the episode of 30 Rock where he’s in Liz Lemon’s dentist office fantasy. Fantastic.

  • prettybigkitty

    I’m putting vaseline on my face and taking my earrings out for this fight.

  • FashionShowAtLunch

    I don’t know if he’s ever looked this good.  For real.  And I ALWAYS find him attractive.

  • formerlyAnon

    Still only aesthetically pleasing in the abstract, here.

    But there *is* no male beautifier of greater power than a mobile face & the ability to make me laugh, so I guess I might change my mind if I ever saw him in person. A theory unlikely to ever be tested.

  • formerlyAnon

    Still only aesthetically pleasing in the abstract, here.

    But there *is* no male beautifier of greater power than a mobile face & the ability to make me laugh, so I guess I might change my mind if I ever saw him in person. A theory unlikely to ever be tested.

  • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

    This is finally representational of what i love about him.  He’s no Don Draper in real life. 

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    He isn’t so much gorgeous, IMHO, as he is interesting, funny and self-deprecating.  I would pick a guy with a personality ANY day over a gorgeous guy who can’t engage my mind. 

  • joe_tey83

    “It’s not that we can’t or don’t exclaim “Ohmigod, he’s HOT” at the
    occasional male celebrity of presumably heterosexual leanings, just that
    if he’s straight, he’s a bauble to pick up and put back down, not
    something for us to hang our fantasies on.”

    Hahaha, that’s kind of a ridiculous thing to say. It’s FANTASY. Matt Bomer’s gay but there’s no chance in hell anything will happen between us. These people are sooooo way out of reach that they being gay or straight is just the tiniest most insignificant negligible factor when it comes to “getting knees weak.”

    • Tom and Lorenzo

      Hahaha, it’s kind of ridiculous to think there’s a right way and wrong way to fantasize.

      • joe_tey83

         Whoa, my very first direct reply from TLO!!!

  • Stevie Lo

    My sentiments about men exactly! Good looks are only half the battle, having a personality – thats the important stuff…

    oh and looking at Mr. Hamm never hurt 😉 

  • Larkin21

    “However, that all goes right out the window when he lets his goofy flag fly.”


  • Seth22431

     Talent, lying in the understanding, is often
    inherited; genius, being the action of reason or imagination, rarely or

  • Presumptuous Insect

    I am still tingling with joy over his Kardashian scoff.

  • dress_up_doll

    Thank you, TLo! When I saw the image on Facebook, I truly flipped. These pics have made my weekend.

  • another_laura

    Love you, TLo, mwah!

  • Shannon Stewart

    ITA — brains and comedy goes way farther with me than looks;  I find most people with a pleasing personality have at least some physically attractive quality to hang the chemistry on.

    And I also agree with the straight guy thing… Being straight and female, I can’t really get all that hot and bothered for a man I know is gay.  I can find them attractive and love their personality (ex: Neil Patrick Harris), but there’s something about knowing that I’m not his preferred gender that just kills a sexual response. 

  • Kel of the Pop Tarts

    Jon Hamm is not always my favorite on the hot scale, but that spread is delicious!

  • altalinda

    Well….  The first 2 are cute.  I find his goofy one shoe on, one shoe off shot off-putting.  The rest – meh.

  • Thom

    “Sorry I smell like frosting, I just… love to bake.”


  • aliesunny

    that hot sauce picture. DAMN.

  • janiemary

    Does anybody else think Jon Hamm’s head looks too big for the rest of his body in the cover shot??  Like maybe he’s been photoshopped?? Or is it just the angle of the photo?

  • charlotte

     That man!

  • UltimaEsperenza

    Mmmmmm.   Hamm. 

    • margaret meyers

      Hamm with Tapatio sauce! 

  • NDC_IPCentral

    I’m playing the pity card here and putting my dibs on John Hamm because my ol’ ovaries are exploding for other reasons (chemo appt 3 today), but boy, would I feel I’d done better than the Mega-Millions if I had John Hamm be my chemosabe at one of my infusion appointments for the day.  Talk about alternative medicine…..

    Not too much to ask, is it?

    I’m with the cohort who find the humorous approach he brought to this shoot as being the element that ramps the attractiveness quotient into the mesmerizing territory.  Well done, Mr. Hamm!

    • Lisa

      How are you feeling, NDC?  We’ve all been thinking about you and pulling for you!

      • NDC_IPCentral

        Lisa, thanks for asking – I so appreciate your kind remarks.  I’m tolerating chemo well and managing the queasiness and belly pain.  Goes with the territory.  I’m going to post the remarks I put up on Saturday on a website that I have devoted to sending updates to my family and friends (Tom and Lorenzo are subscribers, too!):

        I am not alone

        I’ve been thinking about this fight for my life and the
        role I play in it.  Since I’m a Type A gal who likes to be in charge, I
        think, somehow, that I should be doing more to initiate some sort of
        action against these alien tumors.  But, of course, that’s not my job. 
        That’s the role that my doctors and their staffs are fulfilling with
        expert professionalism, efficiency and genuine care.   What I am is a
        vessel into which powerful anti-cancer drugs are being poured on a
        weekly basis to kill off or shrink the tumors in my abdomen.  I present
        my arm, the IV goes in and then so do the meds.  By being a compliant
        patient, trying to keep my weight up, being prudently physically active,
        avoiding stress but still contributing at work, and trying to get
        enough sleep (the most vexing challenge right now) I’m doing what I can and
        must do to enable the drugs and my doctors to achieve the best results
        for me.

        On Thursday, March 22 I received an information packet from the
        American Cancer Society, and the phrase on the mailing envelope and the
        booklet enclosed made me cry.  When I told my sister about it last Friday night, she
        lost it, too.

        It reads: “YOU ARE NOT ALONE.”

        I know I certainly am not alone in my battle against
        uterine/ovarian/endometrial cancer, these four words just knocked me
        out.  My family and friends, my chemosabes, my office family, even my
        hairdresser, the gals at my nail salon, the gang at the Japanese restaurant down the street, and
        the Bitter Kitten community at Tom and Lorenzo’s (TLo) website – your
        encouragement and support tell me daily that I AM NOT ALONE.

        guestbook messages make me smile and give me a dose of happiness that
        is healing medicine, too.  To my most recent guestbook posters – I loved your

        To everyone, I AM NOT ALONE because of you, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

        So, all you bitter kittens, poodles, unborn fawns and minions, thanks for pulling for me.  I feel it and it feels GOOD.


        • Lisa

          That’s lovely, and it’s very true – you are NOT alone!  Hugs, sweetie!

        • dress_up_doll

          It’s good to hear from you, NDC. I can imagine welling up at those words. It’s a powerful statement, but so true. We’re all here for you and please know you’re in my thoughts and prayers.

  • skadi1

    This is the best photoshoot of all time. Win win win win!

  • Lisa

    “There’s just something about a devastatingly good-looking man who’d rather be full of personality than spend his time catching the light correctly.”

    In the words of our beloved Casanova, “Exaaaaaccctly!”  For at least the past 20 years or so, I’ve realized that there’s nothing I love more than a really attractive person who’s funny as hell. They could coast on their good looks – many many pretty people do.  But a gorgeous person who’s funny?  YES!  That’s someone who’s smart enough to realize that looks fade, but character and personality are forever.

    And yes, there’s NOTHING hotter than a handsome man who’s funny.  You go ahead and watch some of his hosting gigs on SNL and tell me if you don’t get all warm and twitchy.

  • PeaceBang

    Never had a thing for him based on “Mad Men,” then saw him in “Bridesmaids” and developed instant insane crush because he was so hot and funny. This is the BEST. Thanks, boys!

  • Susan Walker

    Have you seen the blog Emotions with Jon Hamm?  Much more of his cute mug. I suspect these photos will make an appearance there.

  • Nonnah


    Very William Holden-esque!

  • bluefish

    He’s very likable and gives the impression of not being in love with himself.  I’ve heard and read many people say that Don Draper is the one who turns them on — and that Hamm as Hamm doesn’t quite do it for them.  I’d certainly have loved to see him knocking on my door on a Saturday night, ready to take me out to dinner and a movie.  There’s something really kind of old-school about him.  Breath of fresh air.

  • JoannaOC

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  • margaret meyers

    That scene in Bridesmaids where he’s naming all the sex positions… we all want good-looking, but we also want a man who makes us laugh.  So, you keep drinking the Tapatio.  It looks good on  y o u!

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  • stacey avelar

    Me first!

  • stacey avelar

    Me first!

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    Hetero female here and he does nothing for me.  Especially when he opens his mouth.  With each interview I read, I just wish he would shut up and play his bastard part.

    He’s trying too hard here, and not succeeding.

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    I don’t get it. I don’t find him sexy *at all*. Neither in Mad Man nor in this editorial. What’s wrong with me?

  • MinAgain

    Following hard on the heels of the Vogue Italia post, this whole thing is like an anti-Matt Bomer spread.

  • MinAgain

    Following hard on the heels of the GQ Italia post, this whole things reads like the Bizarro World version of the Matt Bomer spread.  I kinda like it.

  • guest2visits

    He’s always a pleasure to see. Especially when he’s smiling. Hope he always has a sense of humor about it all.

  • Sweetbetty

    Remember the scene where Don took the kids (and his secretary, Megan) to California with him and he joined them at the swimming pool?  When he got into the pool with the kids and started splashing them and then threw Sally into the water the whole Don Draper persona fell away and the goofy Jon Hamm took over and it was like night and day and my love for him firmly took hold.  However, when he played Tina Fay’s boyfriend on “30 Rock” I never found him attractive.  Not sure what it was, maybe his messy hair since I had fallen in love with him with Brylcreamed hair, but that persona just didn’t do it for me.  And sometimes when he smiles really hard his chin causes him to take on a Stan Laurel look.  But it will take a lot more for me to stop loving him.

  • janetjb

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    I don’t find him remotely attractive at all… it’s a cute photoshoot though! :)

  • 4LeafClover

    My ovaries are indeed exploding. I love Hamm because he can make fun of himself and for me, he’s the perfect perfect guy. Funny, not arrogant and ridiculously good-looking.

  • TieDye64

    I love how awkward this guy is on the RC. That may sound like an odd thing to say, but for someone who’s so suave, cynical, controlling and uptight onscreen to appear the polar opposite of that elsewhere makes him endearing to me. Goofballs are lots more fun, no?

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