January Jones in NYC

Posted on March 20, 2012

Hi, January Jones!

Prada Pyramid Frame Bag

It’s nice to see that you’re still in character as Betty Hofstadt Draper Francis even though you’re only in New York to promote your show. At least we assume you’re still in character, because that is one Betty-worthy bratty pout you’re sporting there, girl. Of course, Betty Hofstadt Draper Francis would rather die than walk a New York City street looking like one of those hussies who live in the Village and seduce her husband. And Betty Hofstadt Draper Francis would absolutely never go into the city without getting her hair set first. But Betty Hofstadt Draper Francis would definitely love that Prada bag, so at least you got that part right.


[Photo Credit: WireImage, neimanmarcus.com]

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  • I can’t stand her character on the show.  Unfair, but it makes me can’t stand her in real life too. 

    • Jecca2244

      this is so true. I find her so vile on the show that it translates real life. We shot that Prada bag for the mag I work for and it is a truly gorgeous piece. 

    • I think TLo suggested once that she plays Betty so well because she and Betty are similar in personality.  It sure seems that way, she always comes off as gorgeous but cold.

      • JackieOBlue

        Saw her on Jimmy Fallon last night.  I was a bit surprised, she was pretty likable and also played a drinking game with him.

    • Blergh. I can’t tell if I hate Betty or hate JJ’s acting.

      But I like her hair here.

    • kcarb1025

      I think she’s such a bad actress that her real life bad attitude bleeds into Betty and Betty further bleeds into her. 

  • Ms_Flyover

    I’m actually amazed at how much I love that bag and LOATHE those boots. 

  • IAmJ

    Might be a highly unpopular opinion but I HATE this bag.

    • unbornfawn

      It reminds me of a bowling ball bag.

      • cluecat

        Looks like she’s going bowling but forgot her ball.

  • dress_up_doll

    I think she’s definitely sending mixed messages with this look. On one hand, she’s got that modern trendy urban chick who wants to blend it with the crowd, but like you said, that posh handbag speaks “don’t f— with me, I’m a big name Hollywood bitch.” 

    • Robyn Morelli

       I agree about the mixed messages. I can see why she wants to be edgy with her dress when everyone knows her as such a polished/perfection-obsessed character. For me, everything works except for the boots which are some sort of rainboot-motorcycle hybrid. A nice oxford flat would have served this look well…

    • Robyn Morelli

       I agree about the mixed messages. I can see why she wants to be edgy with her dress when everyone knows her as such a polished/perfection-obsessed character. For me, everything works except for the boots which are some sort of rainboot-motorcycle hybrid. A nice oxford flat would have served this look well…

  • Sobaika Mirza

    Discrepancy between outfit and bag, no?

  • NurseEllen

    The bag *does* give off a little bowling bag vibe, but the gold around the edges saves it.  I think BHDF/JJ looks pretty fab all around.  I would never have thought studded boots would work with a striped dress, but she’s making it happen.  Maybe the pout is the secret weapon.

  • Spicytomato1

    She looks cute, albeit a little contrived. That bag is to die for, and unless her dress (top?) is couture that I’m not familiar with, her outfit needs an upgrade to match it better. I couldn’t carry the bag without a complete overhaul of my entire wardrobe. (My income and lifestyle, too!)

    • MissMariRose

       You don’t have to wear all designer or couture pieces in order to wear just one. In fact, the best dressers know how to pair high and low fashion.

      • Spicytomato1

        I get the high/low concept in theory, absolutely, such as a Gap t-shirt paired with a Marni skirt. Unfortunately with my wardrobe, the Gap t-shirt would be the “high” item 🙂 

        And let’s face it, whether it’s editorial or real life, high/low works best when you have the luxury of deigning to include a low-priced item. When you have to stretch to include the high-priced items it’s just not as effective.

  • Bree The Vole

    Hey, some of just look sour all the time. It’s a woman right, back off from it!

    Love the bag, love that striped thing and the coat too. Everything except the boots look comfy in fact.

    • Agreed.  I give her perceived attitude in life a pass because so many people have told me that I come across initially as, how shall we say, not the most friendly?  And while I’ll admit that I have a bit of an edge at times, I’m reasonably friendly, just not gregarious…..I think she looks terrific.  I really need to get me a pair of low-heeled boots now that it’s the offseason for such things.

    • Sobaika Mirza

      I feel for her, because I am a long sufferer of BitchFace. Constantly people are asking why I’m so sad or mad, when I’m really quite content. In the end I just yell that MY FACE JUST IS THAT WAY.

  • FashionShowAtLunch

    Bitch is carrying my bag.

    • AuntieAnonny


  • I love everything except the stripes. Including the pout. 

  • Kristy Evans

    I think we should have a contest for who can come up with the best acronym for BHDF.

    My submission is “Bitch Has Definite Frowny-face.”

    • NurseEllen

      Beautiful Hateful Deadly Female.
      Blonde Haughty Devious Female.
      Been Had; Don’s Flown.

  • Amy

    Can I pleeeeeeeeease have that bag?!

  • Here in Philly, it’s been in the high 60s and low 70s for the past few days, so I can’t help but feel like she’s sweating her pretty little head off in her outfit.

  • Calinda_L

    I actually really like this outfit for a casual walk around NYC. She seems to miss a lot on the red carpet because she tries to go for tougher looks than she can necessarily pull off, but here it really works on her (though not loving the boots). It’s a lot better than Emmy Rossum’s overly matchy-matchy “look at me” outfit that was featured yesterday.

  • serenitynow02

    I do not understand why I love this outfit head to toe, but I do.

  • LOVE that bag!!

  • Pants_are_a_must

    What a mismatched outfit. The parts are greater than the sum.

  • Gimme the bag.  She can keep the rest.  

  • Proper utilization of leggings/tights. 
    This actually reminds me of how I dressed in high school. But obviously, this is a much, much more expensive version.

  • SewingSiren

    I don’t think she’s that into being a bag model. I wonder why she does it, she surely doesn’t need the free bags.

  • jw_ny

    She was on Jimmy Fallon show last night…looks much better here, cute and chic in fact. Her hair was a disaster on the show.   She seems to have a fun personality.

    I’m assuming the stripe of this dress is navy, so the blue tights make sense. 

  • She’s perfect.

  • cmb92191

    If I could carry that gorgeous bag around ($2,950!) I would  have the don’t F*** with me look as well.  I think it is a fairly cute outfit.  She is properly wearing leggings and blousy top. The bedazzlement on the boots is driving me crazy though.  

  • kat89

    How did anyone even recognize her? Seriously, she looks like every other blonde on the street. Did someone call the paparazzi and tell them that this was her? I would have walked right by her. She looks very generic.

  • Eva_baby

    I don’t think the bag goes with the outfit.  The bag needs to be dressed up a bit.  That being said, I like the outfit.  

  • discordany

    As someone who’s jumped on the Mad Men bandwagon a bit late (as of last night, I’ve watched three episodes), it’s interesting to see all the Betty Draper hate. I find myself wondering if I will come to feel the same way.

    • Oh hunny you ain’t seen nothing yet. 

    • I went back and watched from the beginning not too long ago and was shocked by how different she’s become. It’s a great job by the writers because as much shit as she takes she still manages to come off as almost completely unsympathetic.

    • Bree The Vole

      Well, you’ll react to her the way you’ll react to her, but here are a few things you could keep in mind if you feel like it:

      1. Don makes a good comparison point for her, being the character she’s most strongly connected to. Compare and contrast him and his actions with Betty and hers. Would you let Don get away with actions that you condemn Betty for and why? Would you let Don get away with something worse and yet hate Betty more? What makes him more sympathetic? Some questions to ask.

      2. Betty is no feminist heroine. She was raised to be the pretty princess girl who lets others take care of uncomfortable things and she doesn’t expect herself to be more. She does what her time and society expect her to do. It’s possible to empathize and sympathize with her (I do both) but there is no idealizing her.

      3. #2 makes Joan another good comparison point for her. Joan has edgier, more aggressive and more outgoing personality than Betty does, but like Betty she’s still very much a product of her time. Compare and contrast her with Betty, and both of them with Peggy.

      4. Betty is a passive character portrayed by an introvert actress. She doesn’t naturally react, move her face or show her emotions a lot.

      These tips probably seem rather ridiculous and I apologize for that. Championing for unpopular characters is this thing I happen to do a lot. I do however feel that if people in general are willing to sympathize and empathize with guys from Sopranos and Oz then it shouldn’t be a mission impossible to try to do the same with a female character who is unlikable in real life human way. Like I said, if you dislike Betty then you dislike her, but as unlikable as she is, she has worth as a character and deserves to be on TV just as much as Dexter the Wacky Serial Killer and other morally unideal male characters do.

      ~end of the overly serious comment~

      • jblaked

        Very well said!

  • And girlfriend kept tugging at her pants on Fallon last night.  And she was wearing a helmet, sipping beer from a red Solo cup.

  • God, I fucking love that leather jacket. Those boots are a disaster, though.

  • I love the outfit. Probalby ’cause she’s wearing my winter uniform (albeit hers is a more expensive version; much).
    But I think she looks cute.

    I never get the vibe that she seems like Betty at all. That is so funny that some of you do. In jeans and smiling she looks like a perky southern-CA gal. I think it’s rather amazing on Mad Men how she is able to manage to really convey that insecure ‘little girl playing dress up’ type of thing that so many women of that time did. Betty knows no other role than to be her mother and she has been pushed into that mold and all her rage just bubbles up. That doesn’t mean I like Betty, but I do sympathize with women of that era.

    Am I getting too deep? I’ll stop now and say I like her sunglasses. How’s that for shallow?

    • Adriana_Paula

      That was the perfect amount of deep.

  • As a female whose normal face frequently elicits the “Why so sour?” comments, I sympathize with her plight.


    At first glance those boots remind me of the patterned rain boots that Target sells. Specifically, the navy blue ones with the whale print. Not fabulous.

    I’d skip a mortgage payment for that jacket, though.

    • mountainFashionista

      It wasn’t until I started reading the comments that I realized she *wasn’t* wearing my Target wellies!

  • She looks like a pretty girl who doesn’t worry too much about how she looks (and in fact does not want to attract any whistles) but takes very good care of her bowling ball.

  • Judy_J

    Chic and casual.  Love it.  And I’m counting the minutes till MM Season 5!

  • mjude

    i want those boots

  • kingderella

    shes looking pretty great, methinks.
    the only thing off are the dark stockings, which makes it look a little like the dreaded dress-over-jeans at first sight.
    otherwise its great!

  • The bag is fab, but the rest of the outfit is meh.  I’m not big fan of that shade of blue and black together.   Calls to mind a beating.

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    Her mouth turns down at the corners! She isn’t pouting! As a fellow non-pouter with a downturned mouth I have devoted an entire Pinterest board to actresses with similar mouthshapes.
    She looks cute and comfy, but the boots look more like rainboots than normal footwear.

  • theblondette

     She is giving good bitchface, but I think if I were followed around by photographers as much as she is, smiling at them would grow old quite quickly. 

    I like this look – I think I finally get why she tries to do the tough look on the red carpet, because maybe that DOES reflect her inner personality! But it comes across way better here. (Though I think the boots would be better if they were plain, and a bag that structured looks strange with a slouchy tunic, somehow…) So January: soft-rock-princess your everyday life for sure, and then tidy yourself up for the red carpet.

  • suzq

    I love the bag, but I don’t $2,900 love it, alas…

  • Sara__B

    The combination of soccer mom and edgy, and look-at-me and don’t-look-at-me, annoys me. (And whoever put studs on those boots committed a crime against that style of boot!)

  • Ugh, is it wrong that I can’t stand her if I’ve never met her? She is so pretty, it’s a shame she always walks around, like my mother says, like she has a turd under her nose.

  • YolandaHawkins

    Her character is such a vile creature, and because she plays Betty so well, it really spills over into real life.  I definitely know how to separate a character from the actress playing the character, but this chick just rubs me the wrong way no matter what she does.  Love, love, LOVE the bag. 

  • marilyn

    The dress does not go with anything.  It is a summer dress.  This is definitely thrown together.

  • oohsparkley!

    Love this look!

  • librarygrrl64

    Want. That. Bag!

  • MilaXX

    Like the look, covet the bag.

  • Lisa

    Ehhh, I don’t know. It just always looks like she’s trying too hard when she decides to go “edgy” like this.  I admire her for trying it, but she just never seems to pull it off.  It’s all looks very, “Edie Sedgwick Is Dead, and January Jones Wants Her Job” to me.

  • Susan Crawford

    The bag is fabulous. The boots are over-the-top amazing. Love the jacket and sunnies. Girl, you werq it!

  • fwooper

    She’s actually not pouting at all, you realize? This woman can’t do anything without being bashed by Mad Men fans.
    She looks great and I love her jacket and bag. I want both of them. 

  • butterflysunita

    Forget the bag, love the jacket and love those tights!  

  • ccm800

    She is one pedestrian looking person. 

  • aristida_girl

    I am unfamiliar with her show but love this outfit…, maybe a belt for the dress would have tidied things up a bit though

  • CatherineRhodes

    Kind of a wacky outfit…

  • I think she just has a perpetual bitch-look; not that I’m calling her a bitch, just that she constantly has that face when she’s actually just relaxed. I had a roommate in college with that problem; she’d be perfectly content, but unless she was smiling (and she had a gorgeous smile) people thought she was pissed off. Poor thing!

  • amywinns

    I can see the bag, boots and jacket as part of one outfit, and the dress/leggings as part of another, but I’m not fond of the mashup of the two.
    That said, BHDF would love that bag just a little bit less than me… j’addoooooooore. It’s basically all my favorite things in a bag: moderate size, structured shape, hand/forearm carry handles, neutrals plus a flash of color plus bit of shiny. Lover, come to mama.

  • fadedblonde

    Count me as one who is pretty flabbergasted by this post, and by some of the comments… and, like some of the other commenters, it’s personal.  My mouth has always had a slight downturn; as I age, the region beside my lips is accelerating downward at mudslide-after-monsoon rate.  I’ve heard the “smile!” “Smile!” “SMILE!!!!!!!!” marching orders my whole life, from relatives with cameras to complete strangers.  Even when I’m smiling.  Invariably, while I may have been in fine mien before such (usually loud) prodding, I’m rarely in one after.  Especially– IMHO– I don’t notice men being subjected to the same facial fascism quite so much.  (And, so that it’s clear I mean no offence to the hosts of my present commentary– except for my first sentence, I’m not talking about TLo posts at all!) 

    I looked at these pics of Ms. Jones before I read the text.  To me– with the exception of the big-bucks accessories, of course– she just looks like a normal woman on the street.  Lost in thought, perhaps; remembering her mental grocery list, or where she might’ve put her dang cell phone, or whether she should call client Bob or customer Mary first when she gets to work.  She looks normal. Sure, I know celebs are probably aware of the paps.  But the paps are so ever-present, I bet it can get to be like security cameras in buildings and on the street:  eventually we forget they’re there, much of the time.

    Betty is nasssty, and her portrayer is neither Meryl Streep nor a Mensa member.  She seems to have a fun, goofy side in interviews.  Smiling is a good idea on the red carpet.  On the street?  I don’t care, and I’m not gonna ding this lady for that, not one bit.

    • We didn’t “ding” her for it either.

      And unless your name is January Jones, this post isn’t about you – or about any other woman who doesn’t smile when she walks down the street.

  • I’d be bratty too if I’d had to keep my hair the same length for 6 years. Urgh. (It suits her though, but… annoying.)