In or Out: Rose Byrne in Chanel

Posted on March 07, 2012

Rose Byrne makes us a little dizzy.


Rose Byrne attends the Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Men and Women of 2012 in NYC in a Chanel dress paired with H. Stern jewelry and Brian Atwood pumps.

Chanel Spring 2012 Collection

Because on the one hand, we can NOT with that mushroom head. And also, isn’t time we talked about the way she wears her eye makeup?  Isn’t it kind of … 1978?

But then on the other hand, she’s a pretty kickass dresser and seems to know, or employ people who know, how to pick and wear some chic little getups.

So it’s chic clothes and weirdly dowdy and old-fashioned looking hair and makeup, the combination of which strangely makes her look eerily like Anna Wintour.

So is this a case of a look being so retro that it’s chic? So incongruous that it works? Or should we stick with our instincts and urge her to get a less helmet-y hairstyle and ease up on the aggressive, Cosmo-cover blending and shading? She’s so pretty in the movies but it seems like whenever we see her in so-called “real life,” we’re always distracted by what she’s done to herself.

But it really is a great outfit. And see how confused we are? We didn’t even mention the Payless shoes!


Vote Now!


IN! This is one chic bitch!

OUT! You can wear all the Chanel you want, honey. You still have bowl head.


The voting on Dakota Fanning’s Little Red Riding getup came fast and furious, with both sides taking the lead at various points, but ultimately, the PUFs voted her IN.


[Photo Credit: Theo Wargo/Getty Images,]

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  • fungstyle

    meh. i think i could get behind it a bit more if she didn’t look so damn stiff. but as is, it’s an OUT. 

  • Caaro3

    IN  Deer in the headlights in.

  • SublimatedRage

    The snappy, strappy sandals on the model were a much better choice.  When will the silly putty trend end?

    • Aaaah, putty, AKA Government Office Filing Cabinet. Alternate AKA – Spin Art with Every Available Color.

      Rose Byrne is boring as all get-out in photos, but I thought she was really adorable and pretty at the Oscars. Even her hair looked OK.

      I love this dress so much in spite of how boring Rose makes it look. The model looks like she’s having a big time. I have to give Rose an IN for choosing it. But those shoes should be illegal.

  • In.

  • She used to be knock out gorgeous, in the Damages era when she had that long, amazing flowy hair. She looks too severe now. It’s a shame, because I think she is very pretty. But I like the dress, so I’d give a weak in.

  • Jasmine Moten

    This is a great dress to me since we are now going over DNA in my biology class.

  • this looks great on the model, i cant decide what i feel about this on her so INOUT

    • And the model looks like she is not suffering from anorexia for a change!

      • luciaphile

        I like the dress on Byrne, but my first reaction was “eat a cracker, for godsakes.” Hate her hair too. Marginal In.

  • I don’t know. I hate the hair and I see your point about the makeup, but I think that’s a great, chic early-spring outfit. I’m calling it IN.

  • AuntieAnonny


  • Clueless_Jock

    She wants to look slike Anna Wintour.

  • She rocks the 1970s look.  I think the retro hair and make-up is a conscious choice, and she is pretty enough to pull it off.  IN!

  • Joyce VG

    The dress is very pretty. IN.

  • twocee

    The dress was good enough to make me not notice the shoes, and ignore the hair/makeup.  So, In.

  • Rose Byrne will be a permanent OUT until she gets rid of that truly awful hair.

  • SatelliteAlice

    In.  The shoes aren’t the best choice but they aren’t as bad as they could be and the dress looks great on her.

  • Love the dress, but damn, she looks like a bobble-head doll.  Can’t give it an in when I can’t look at her face without wincing.  OUT.

    • Carleenml

       that’s always my cue for an underfed actress.  There’s thin and there’s insane. It’s like her body can’t hold her head up.

      • Jessi03

         My thoughts exactly.

      • out for a walk

        yeah I think she’d look like a bobble-head no matter the hairstyle, but the bobble is extra-amplified by the mushroom hair. gah.

        • Jennifer Rosen Heinz

          The hair might not look so bowl-tastic if it were a shorter bob.  It would also probably make her head look significantly smaller.  I am in agreement, however, that extra-large cranium is usually a sign that an actress isn’t eating.  🙁

          • kimmeister

            Unfortunately, the length of the bob is hitting her right where it makes her neck look huge compared to her body.

          • Denny Li

             Ah, geez, YES!! Now that you’ve pointed it out, she’s reminding me of the other Kardasians -the Cardassian aliens from Star Trek.

  • janetjb

    Pretty dress, but that’s it: OUT

  • Sobaika Mirza

    I’m no fan of her makeup, but I adore her hair. So pretty and perfect and shiny and chic and blunt and perfect. Call me dowdy (or Dorothy Hamill) but I love it.

    • blogless

      Me too! I love her hair as well. She has the perfect thick shiny hair to pull off those bangs and the rest. 

  • Anna Wintour 2.0 was my first thought as well! I actually really like the dress, but that hair (omg get rid of that hair) and makeup make it an OUT.

  • tired_mommy

    Not bad enough to be out. Doesn’t really seem to fit the Cosmo “fun-fearless-female” concept very well though.

  • No, she needs to ditch the neo-Cleopatra look. She’s a gorgeous woman and it’s doing her NO favors. Out.

  • EAV

    She looks like she can’t figure out how she got there.  “What am I doing here?  Who are all of you people?”  That adds to the “transported from another time and place” look…which I don’t think works.  Out.

  • VermillionSky

    She’s giving me a Salma Hayek vibe in the face.

    • dress_up_doll

      Thank you! Ever since seeing Bridesmaids I’ve been saying how much she looks like Salma Hayek — minus the horrific hairstyle and makeup. What happened to her that she decided to do that to herself? I mean, really?

  • Ceur

    I can’t give someone an in just by wearing a pretty Chanel dress when everything else is lacking, I could have done that.

  • Jecca2244

    i am more confused as to why the model had her hands like that!

  • LesYeuxHiboux

    The hair and makeup is really bad, so no matter how much I want a cheap acrylic knockoff of that bracelet and wish that dress would flatter my curves, she is OUT.

  • Dress: win. From the neck up: Oh, no, no. If she’d done ANYTHING to add to the dress — a great shoe? killer accessories? — I’d say in. But it’s just a pretty dress, and she takes it down a notch with the makeup and hair. OUT.

  • Ennovi_R

    Her face is forever sad. 🙁 Out. 

    • quiltwombat

      Absolutely – she looks as if she is about to burst into tears!  OUT!

  • I really hate her hair like that.  She needs to give up the bangs.  Just not her look. The dress appears to be trimmed in that shiny crinkely-sounding stuff that some of my dogs toys are made of.  On Chanel.  Coco is rolling in her grave hunny!

  • True, the hair is horrible, but come on, the shoes aren’t beige, they are chocolate beige ! Also, the dress is Chanel and it’s damn chic so IN.

  • AC

    I think I’m willing to overlook the hair/makeup situation because I love the dress so much. IN.

  • Stefanos Mantyla

    I think I will have to go with an OUT on this one. Her head is too distracting, and even if I subtract that, I am not sure if I like the dress that much. It looks like ribbons strewn down the middle, and sleeves and collar lined with cellophane wrap.

  • PhillipWilde

    I don’t particularly like the clothes, and on top of all the styling missteps, I have to vote OUT.

  • I don’t mind the length of the hair, it’s the shape of it. And I’m not seeing Anna Wintour so much as Patricia Heaton. 

    • sweet_potato

      Oh dear

  • RebeccaKW

    That dress is so great, I didn’t notice the shoes.  The hair is not for her.  I don’t hate that style, but it’s not right for her.  It’s giving her this giant bobble-head.

    Going with In, b/c I love the dress, and it really drew my attention more than anything else.  But girl-get a new makeup gay and find a new hair stylist. Oh, and smile!

  • Scarlet39


    That hairstyle makes her head look massive.  It’s not flattering to her at all.

  • Pants_are_a_must

    I’m not a fan of that outfit, but the hair and make up push it to a total OUT. Lady, fire your hair person.

  • piecesofconfetti

    IN. I even like the hair.

  • TSkot

    The model look chic and effortless.  Rose looks forced and matronly.  OUT

  • I have been seriously disturbed by that hair for months now, especially the length of the retro bangs.

  • LOVE it! IN!!

  • Jessi03

    IN.  I love that dress and I love her nails.  Fine with the makeup, but the hair and the shoes need help.  Also, I know we don’t bodysnark here and this is probably due to her hair more than most anything, but she’s looking a bit like a bobblehead.  Makes me think she needs to eat a bit more.  

  • kingderella

    IN. its borderline costumy but its on the right side of that line.
    (but then again, i tend to have a high tolerance for ‘costumy’)

  • The hair is awful.  It’s too thick with too much volume and her head is too big to wear it in that style.  I sympathize, as I have the same large head, and massive amounts of hair, but you need more length to keep it from going mushroom-y.

    Oh, and her bangs are crooked.  My guess is a cowlick, since I know she spends enough on a stylist that they were cut straight.  (Got that problem too:)

  • butterflysunita

    OUT.  The look overall is a little sad.  Maybe if she smiled it would help.

  • Anathema_Device

    You guys are so right in that it is hard to know what to make of this or her style in general. Her hair just seems to overwhelm her so often. Like she is wearing a wig made for a larger person. I kind of dig the dress, and the patent pumps are more taupe than nude, which I like. Hmm…

    I’m voting out, just because this isn’t coming together right.

  • Why does she constantly look like she’s on the verge of tears? Or like she’s in a slasher movie and she *just* found out that she’s next on the killer’s list? You’re thin, you’re gorgeous, and you’re at a fun event. Calm down, sister.

  • Sara__B

    That’s not the dress for her neck. I like the dress, and it fits her well, but it (and her haircut) are making her neck and head look oddly out of proportion. OUT.

  • DeborahLipp

    Deer in the headlights. Out.

  • fireontiger

    She looks like a fembot with that hair, but… the only thing I can muster for this is a “meh.” I guess that means out?

  • Eat a sandwich, Rose.

  • benjamin478

    i think she looks chic! in movies its like she tends to look more conventional, so I’m inclined to like her hair in other contexts. the dress looks great on her too! hate the shoes. IN

  • cleep1000

    It looks like her neck muscles are straining just to keep her head upright! She has a rockin’ little body and the dress looks great on it. But she’s got to learn how to wear her hair so it doesn’t emphasize her large head. The bracelet is gorgeous. It IS confusing. I think I have to say OUT because she could do so much better.

  • marilyn


  • I love the dress but MAN! She needs a sandwich.  Tepid in.

  • I liked that outfit until you did the close up of it. That + that hair = Out. I do like her eye makeup, however.

  • IN. And she has GREAT hair, very thick and heavy in a good way. I can forgive and forget her makeup when she’s smiling, even so slightly.

  • That outfit is realllly cute. But for whatever reason, Rose is doing the opposite of “working it”. Her hair, makeup, posture and facial expression are so awkward, that this can’t be anything but OUT.
    It’s almost like she wound up in a great outfit purely by accident, because everything else is so bad.

  • minnye

    Don’t mind the kooky hair & makeup, but am I just about alone in thinking that dress is ugly?  Oh well.  OUT.

  • CQAussie

    I had that same hair cut when I was 3 years old and believe me, it was the BOWL HAIRCUT to end all of bowl haircuts.  And yes, it did not do my sassy red dress any favours.

    In other words….OUT.  That dress is gorgeous, I hate the shoes but the hair just kills it dead.

  • jw_ny


    Her helmet head and the cut of the collar is doing some visually strange things to her neck, not to mention that her neck is oddly shaped and strained looking…looks like a STNG Cardassian.  And, yes, the eyeshadow is dated, and those shoes…ugh. 

  • I agree. The hair just isn’t flattering. It’s too structured. She should go for the Kate Beckinsale soft flowy hair thing. The dress is gorgeous though. IN but just barely.

  • MilaXX

    OUT! That Agent 99 hair is not the business and what could be an otherwise chic outfit is dragged down by DIY makeup and silly putty shoes.

  • PastryGoddess

    IN…only because I want her pretty shiny hair

  • RoxieRider

    Out. She just looks weird. She looks like a girl in, say, 8th grade who’s trying to experiment with a funky retro style but still only has her mom’s shoes to use for heels and still has her junior high haircut. In 2 or 3 years she’ll accumulate more pieces and get the hang of the makeup and grow out her hair, but now it looks amateurish and a little awkward. I picture someone like, say, Drew Barrymore embracing dated bits of an era and then wrapping them into her aesthetic and seeing them reborn as something modern and interesting. This just looks like a whole lot of not quites.

  • Love so hard – in!

  • giiiirrrr

    OK, I am so dazzled by that dress that she could be wearing a fright wig and Crocs with it and still be IN.

  • demidaemon

    I saw this outfit on E News last night (don’t judge!) and immediately cringed at the hair. The shoes being equally awful, and, now, seeing the dresses finer details (which makes me kind of neutral on it: hate some of it, like other parts), I say OUT.

  • I hate to OUT that fantastic dress, but the hair, shoes and makeup just kill it dead. 

  • Sophie Collier

    Those shoes were definitely an afterthought, and with such a cute outfit, she had a lot of options she could have gone with.  No idea what is going on with the Cleopatra bangs all over Hollywood.  But the clothes are so sweet and pretty that I’ll give her an “IN.” Can’t hold a crappy haircut against a girl.  We’ve all been there.  The makeup?  No excuse.

  • Christine Marie

    Awcute. I like it. IN

  • understateddiva

    Agreeing with the Anna Wintour comparisons. Out.

    • poggi

       Yes, and that alone earns you an out.

  • deliadee

    I love the dress even with the ugly shoes.  But her hair — honey, you’re a beautiful woman, change the hair.  She would look so much better with softer hair.  The makeup doesn’t bother me.  As another comment said, it’s a weak in.

  • She looks like a Pez dispenser with shoes.

  • OUT! I just can’t with the hair.

  • Love the dress, but the hair is HIDEOUS MAXIMUS!!  Out!

  • NasserShaheen

    Out. Its not her dress. Or maybe it’s just her hard hair. Out anyway. Also, please eat.

  • BazoDee

    In -but just barely. 

  • kentiesgirl

    In. I like the hair and make up (but she needs a brush), and the bracelet and nail color are a nice addition to the dress.  

    *crying in the corner now* that’s how I wear my hair and make up…TLo thinks I’m out. But I’m blond and mine’s to the shoulder, so I’ll just assume they would like it better on me.  *patting myself on the back for keeping up positive self esteem*

  • ChelseaNH

    Great dress but the mushroom head makes her even more of a lollipop.  I’m gonna say OUT because a dress by itself is not enough.

  • SewingSiren

    Retro eccentric chic. IN>

  • JDreesen

    i don’t understand *that* dress paired with *that* jewelry.  she looks like a present at a six-year-old’s birthday party.

    that another six-year-old WRAPPED.

  • NatalieD28

    OUT. I love the dress, but I just can’t deal with that hair, or the harsh eye for this particular look. These photos actually make me feel a little uneasy, like I can feel her apparent anxiety and the restraint from holding back the looming tears!

  • Vickiefantastico

    “She’s so pretty in the movies but it seems like whenever we see her in so-called “real life,” we’re always distracted by what she’s done to herself.” I think that every time I see her picture! However, in this case, the “real life” Rose looks as cute and chic as can be. Not as beautiful as she is in movies, but I say it’s an IN.

  • NCDFan

    IN, I think she looks adorable. I like the smooth hair and can tolerate the ‘unobtrusive’ shoes. After all it is NYC in March. My feet feel cold just looking at those sandals.

  • Mexxoo

    The dress is really cute, but she doesn’t look the least bit happy.  Her sadface makes me sadface.  OUT.

  • gubblebumm

    pez dispenser

  • Judy_J

    She always looks so tightly wound…wish she’d loosen up a bit.  She looks like she’s not having any fun at that Fun Fearless event.  I like the dress, hair and makeup, not so much.  I’m feeling bitter, so I say OUT. 

  • CarolynDarin

    she just looks way to thin – the overall effect is like a bobblehead doll. 

  • sweet_potato

    I can’t help thinking she looks like she’s going to burst into tears at any moment so therefore OUT! Rose, chill out honey.

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    Love the dress.  IN.  But, what exactly is wrong with a classic bob?  Is it the bangs?

    • DinahR

      I wonder the same…  I like her hair.   IN 

    • Anathema_Device

      I love bobs. I think in Rose’s case her hair just looks way too big for her face and head. And the bangs overwhelm her. They come down over her eyebrows, almost to the crease in her eyelid. So, for me anyway, it is more of an issue of proportions than the style itself.

  • Maya Laukaran


  • I’m afraid the hair ruins it.  Such a beautiful woman, and she looks as dowdy as K. Heigl out for lunch.  Bad hair! OUT!

  • Lilithcat

    Stick with your instincts.

  • Kayceed

    In, inlcuding the Toni Tenille ‘do.

  • Pannyx

    Yowsers, I don’t like this dress at all. Ick. from the translucent fabric around the neck and arms to the icky 80s ‘ribbons’ on the dress. I can’t get behind this look at all.

  • DesertDweller79

    Dress is cute, but I hate the hair.  tentative OUT.

  • Yikes, OUT! Her head is seriously freaking me out. And those eyes! Is she stoned, depressed or sleepy?

  • judybrowni

    Oh, for fuck’s sake: it’s February.

    In fucking NEW YORK, rarely a picnic winter-weatherwise.



    Yeah, I know you borrowed what was available from Chanel, apparently only their summer line was available. Ya gotta take what they give you, if it’s free, and right now Chanel wants to advertise their summer line. 


    TLO: Don’t dare complain about flip flops in Los Angeles — where it’s currently 75 degrees — and fail to point out a summer dress worn in fucking February in New York.

    • judybrowni

      Alright, already, it’s the beginning of March: which is also rarely picnic weather in New York.

      I lived in New York for ten years, only those tempting hypothermia wore sleeveless summer frocks in the beginning of March.

      • butterflysunita

        Weather is actually very nice in NYC now–spring is here early!  

        • judybrowni

          But a sleeveless white summer frock?

          It may be balmy but still: sleeveless in March?

    • SewingSiren

      It’s March.

  • HHHHHHHHHHATE the hair. Cannot. 

  • she looks like a rich resort mom, and not in a good way. OUT. that dress is hideous. 

  • Out. Only the dress works. Hate that bracelet (that matches her eyeshadow even more closely than the dress).

  • Beautiful dress, but she looks like she’s in terrible condition.

  • malvernite

    too long on her. out.

  • ccm800

    OUT –  Smile Bitch and lose the Anna Wintour drag. 

  • formerlyAnon

    Out. And I kind of like the retro. But it’s all too inoffensive and overly tastefully sweet.

    And she made me think of Julie the Cruise Director from Love Boat.

  • tvmovielover

    IN.  That is not an easy dress to look ok in but she does despite the bubble/bobble head.

  • guestela


  • StrandedFashionista

    I think she looks cute, and that Anna Wintour comment is spot on. IN. 

  • PeaceBang

    In, so cute, but she looks like she might break if someone jostles her.

  • I don’t know, I think she’s making the hair work. There’s something adorably retro about the whole look she has going from the neck up.

  • IN. except for the shoes.

  • Aly Light

    If she had at least combed her hair, that would have been something. On the other hand, that dress is super cute. I give it an IN because I think the dress is gorgeous and really suits her, but yeah, something needs to be done about that hair.

  • AudreysMom

    Out until the girl puts on a few and stops me from worrying about her.

  • OUT. Girlfriend is way too scary-skinny. I can’t even look at what she’s wearing.

  • Kyle Crawford

    The nicest dressed mother at PTA last night?

  • CatherineRhodes

    Helmet hair and silly putty pumps — OUT.

    She has the Julianne Moore syndrome, looks great in character on screen, terrible in person.

  • aristida_girl

    IN, but only because of the Chanel dress, I love it. Maybe the hair and makeup are an attempt to define a look for her, in which case, it needs a redux.

  • altalinda

    I thought you were dizzy because she is malnourished.  She’s even thinner than the model, for heaven’s sake.
    Otherwise, this is nice but boring, and the haircut’s fine, but time for a change.  Dull as dishwater shoes.  Out.

    • charlotte

      You are right…not often is the model the “bigger” person…

  • In – although a more fresh hair style & makeup would have helped!

  • I feel like giving her an OUT just because she seems stuck in the ‘FASHION NEVER SMILES’ mode.  Or maybe she’s not smiling because she knows her hair is redonkulous.

  • “Shelby was right.  It does look like a brown football helmet!”

  • sid123

    whoa that is some neck-stress going on. 

    Are we holding our breath while sucking in our size 0 stomach….if you are not careful, you will swallow yourself.

  • In. I’m ignoring her hair and her terrifying neck bones. 

  • TheOtherChristina

    The dress is gorgeous, and I don’t even mind the hair (although it is getting perilously close to Wintour territory, not that you mention it.) However, I don’t know what’s going on with the bracelet, nail color, and shoes. None of them belong together.

    Let us not speak of the makeup.

  • Haley Buchanan

    I don’t get it.  I’m not wild about that print on the dress and I HATE the fact that the print almost matches up between the bodice and the skirt – but not quite.  And the mushroom head is just awful.  OUT.

  • Eva Whitsett

    I can’t get past her neck, especially in the second picture of her. Why is it so ….. flexed? My neck doesn’t even look that flexed when I’m lifting weights. Maybe her arms weigh 50 pounds each.

  • amywinns

    Walking lollipop. Tragic. She has the blank, weak, wan look of the chronically underfed. When the runway model looks like a sturdy farmgirl in comparison, things are *bad*.

    (On its own, the outfit is cute and beautifully accessorized, save the pudding shoes. But as an overall look on this woman, OUT.)

  • In, with serious reservations about her hair.  She needs to stop wearing the heavy bangs, mushroom head immediately.  Wildly unflattering.

  • She looks so sad. Why does she look sad? Possibly because she looks like she’s about to host a Tupperware party for Ladies Who Lunch? Yes, that’s probably it. OUT

  • momato

    IN.  Because the dress looks like the ones I designed in my head while sitting through church services when I was much younger.  I agree about the hair, though.

  •  out, I just can’t support that wierd 70’s hair. This is what i see everytime i look at it,

  • I’ll give it an “in” only for the dress, which she is wearing very well. Her shoes are not good, but not horrible, so I’ll give those a pass. And yes, that hair has to go. It’s making her look more and more like a Nancy Reagan bobblehead. She is too thin and tiny for hair like that.

  • LittleKarnak

    I like the dress so I’ll say in but you are right: she does need a hair makeover.

  • I just love that dress. IN. 

  • j_anson

    IN. I have some lingering discomfort with everything above the neck to, but I honestly think it’s as much her uncomfortable expression as the actual hair (which I don’t mind, for her) and makeup (which granted is not ideal).

  • saanrio

    OUT.  Cut the fungus.

  • in.  love the dress.

  • In. I even like the helmet hair. The dress is supah cute.

  • Blech. Something about this look doesn’t sit right with me. I think it’s the hair, and the way it looks with her face. Sorry, Rose, but it’s a big ol’ OUT from me.

  • I love that dress (and covet the bracelet), but the hair makes her look like a news anchor.  

    I’d give her a less than enthusiastic IN, so long as I don’t look at the mushroom head and makeup.  

  • poketom

    nailed it with anna wintour! I think she needs to get rid of the hair, but I love this Chanel on her. I feel the taupe/nude (can’t tell) shoes were a dull choice for a sharp little dress like this. 

    Hair – out
    Dress – In (two points)
    Shoes – out
    Bracelet – in. 

    That’s 3-2  IN  

  • Elias Pineda


  • girliecue

    I can NOT take my eyes off her enormous bobblehead head! It’s as though the sheer size of her head generates its own gravitational pull. Must.Look.Away.

    Phew! Finally was able to look away, but boy are my eye muscles sore from the exertion! Out. Any look that causes me to focus on the most alarming part of it or causes eye strain for whatever reason is an automatic OUT. Geezo Pete, did you get a load of her head?!?

  • marywv

    OUT because I too am completely over-saturated by those 1980’s secretary bangs and the former soviet union gymnast way she styles her make-up. Eeks. Too bad because the dress is cute. Adorable, stylist, and impeccably fitted, but the details just fail in a big way. When I am too distracted by the eye shadow and Speed Racer helmet, you have failed in the style dept. 

  • kcarb1025

    The hair is soooooooo BAD but I have to give it an IN because the dress is great.

  • DominoEstella

    IN, but I don’t care for the Anna Wintour hair.

  • holdmewhileimnaked

    well, she looks a whole lot better than the model. i cant believe that model was actually allowed out onto the runway by KL, actually. i mean, the model looks like she has honest hips! wouldnt that remind KL of his own former self? the one he’s so disgusted by that he cant stop attacking anyone who brings back the reminiscence?

    anyway. i was trying to think if the makeup was 1978 or when, but i think you might have it exactly. 1978 was right around the time i was first finding cosmetics & i had a madeleine mono eye crayon in pretty much the same shade. i have a hard time dating the hair, maybe it’s cos i have a headache, maybe it’s cos the flip is late 60s, the bangs kind of skip around in decade, the whole thing’s confusing. but i do like the dress.

    • Lisa

      I think it’s hilarious that you brought up getting that same eyeshadow in 1978, because so did I! Same year, same shadow, same shade of blue – I got it in my Christmas stocking when I was 14.

  • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

    OUT.   She looks like a bobble head doll.  Mushroom head on a stick.  OUT OUT OUT.  

  • For me, dress is just OK (a bit boring), I quite like the hair and I do not like the makeup. I think she’s so skinny she looks like a bobblehead no matter what hairdo she’s working.

  • margaret meyers

    It is amazing how primly she wears that dress.  She looks good, but she never looks fun.

  • RedRaven617

    In. Hate the shoes, love the dress.

  • serenitynow02

    Out. Love the dress, hate the shroom and the shoes.

  • ri_dic

    I hate that Easter Egg dress. I’ve said it before…just because it has a designer name on it, doesn’t automatically mean it’s good.

  • bitterk

    I actually like the Dorothy Hamil hair better than the dress.

  • Qitkat

    This is the new version of paper doll. However, instead of playing with the clothes, you get to play with the HEAD.
    Buy it now before supplies run out. Over 100 celebrity heads included.

  • Matt Morris

    IN. Yes, I think she is touching down in a couple of historical references, but I don’t think the hair is nearly as offensive as you’re making it out to be (if Wintour + Rei Kawakubo sport versions of it, can’t we agree it’s iconic and semi-timeless?). The outfit is fizzy and fresh and smart.

  • sagecreek

    IN, but she is so channeling Susan Lucci.

  • VicksieDo

    She’s always scowling, probably because she’s hungry!  

    Love the dress!!

  • bellafigura1

    She gets a bunch of props from me for rejecting mermaid hair, keeping everything relatively quiet and elegant, and really knowing and staying true to her own style. Also, she’s got me liking Chanel for a change — this ensemble is so pretty (although I could live without the pockets, what the what?)


    Meh. OUT.

  • Alison Jimenez

    She has reminded me of Julianne Moore in Boogie Nights for as long as I can remember.

  • Dhammadina

    To quote you: pretty kickass dresser.  In. 

  • Violina23

    She looks so… old and unhappy. I feel sadness looking at her

  • CPK1

    i like everything but the make-up and shoes. I even dig the hair. It’s not the same flowy locks we see on everyone else. Also, I don’t get why it is OK to body snark on super thin people (and I am NOT one of them!).  Why is it we never hear anyone saying a heavier celeb should eat less cake or slow down on the  burgers. Instead, we say that perhaps a different dress would be a better look. I don’t see why, then, we can’t extend the same courtesy to the super skinny.

  • Stepford wive. Out.

  • OUT.

  • barbarienne

    I love a bob, and I think the hairstyle suits her; I just wish it weren’t so messy. A bob needs to be slick and smooth (which is why I no longer have one).

    In the negative column is her stiff pose, coupled with an expression that suggests she’s only seconds from exploding into tears and running away like a shy four-year-old being shoved forward by mommy to meet someone important.

    The shoes are Payless and I generally hate that color except it’s working here. [shrug] I love the dress and it looks great on her.

    A lukewarm IN.

  • AWStevens


  • Judi Townsend

    IN for good choice of dress, OUT for helmet hair, so-so make-up and terrible shoes. 

  • Out. Was she always this thin?

  • ChristySchiff

    I love it!  I love the early 80s vibe with the hair and makeup and colors.   Also, I don’t understand why, but the shoes are totally working here. 

  • Joey Melliza

    she’s not doing the Chanel any favors

  • In

  • RzYoung

    I really like her and I love her retro hair, it’s like that Bond Girl in Living Daylights who plays the cello! IN

  • Yup. It is Wintour in Payless shoes. OUT.

  • mozzer0906

    the hair is tragic.  Love the dress though.  I’m torn.

  • miwome

    I’ma say OUT. Her whole bearing always seems so stressed-out, it makes me want to sit her down with a big sweater and a sandwich.

  • MissAnnieRN

    Love the dress, love her bob.  Don’t love dress + Bob.

  • out, she looks like Betsy from Human Resources glammed up to go out after work for cocktails with the girls.

  • In, love the dress and she looks good in it.
    I hate the mushroom hairstyle, yes, but ever since 1972 that is what hairstylists have thought my hair wants to do so I am sympathetic (though maybe Rose Byrne can afford to be bossier with her hairstylists). Looks better on her than on me.

  • bluefish

    I can’t even because all I see is a huge head on a stick frame.  It’s alarming.  The dress looks very sweet sixteen.  That hairdo and make-up combo pretty much requires a Mary Quant look and this little dress ain’t it.  OUT — as in to lunch or dinner, please.

  • I can’t. Both the hair and outfit are my mother c.1987.

  • tsid2012

    I’m not a fan of the heavy hair on her, it’s sooooo Anna W.  I don’t mind her eye makeup, it is dramatic and interesting.  I HATE that Chanel skirt/top.  Ugh, that print looks like some printed cheap papertowels at the grocery store my Grandmother used to buy in an effort to make her kitchen “fun”.

  • Lola67


  • TheLaurenJean

    In! Looks great

  • EEKstl

    IN!  Love the outfit (minus the DISASTRE that is the shoes), and even love the hair – tho it is a bit of a Q-Tip Factor with her skinny body.

  • kolokOlchik

    I think she’s in just for the fact that the dress looks tons better on her than it does on the model

  • Louise Bryan

    I like it.  My first IN of the day.  I used to have that hair, and I wouldn’t mind her softening it up a bit, but there’s much more good here than bad.

  • Candigirl1968

    The outfit is fab.  The hair and makeup are an OUT.  I feel like she’s trying to pull a “Fetch” with her look – it’s just never going to happen.

  • maggiemaybe

    I say chic but I may be distracted by how damn pretty she is. Damn.

  • In. A breath of spring. 

  • In. A breath of spring. 

  • Beth G

    She’s so tiny, and that haircut adds such volume, she kind of looks like a person version of a Littlest Pet Shop animal.

  • Derek_anny

    It’s a sad outfit.  Not sad as in bad, but sad as in sorrowful.  Her makeup makes her look depressed and there should be tears streaming down her face and runs down her clothing after being transformed into ribbon.

  • kimberlini

    Girlfriend is definitely not having any fun.  The sourpuss is OUT.

  • In!DNA ribbons! She’s still being an X-man!

  • She just needs to eat some food! That look in her eye is extreme hunger.  It’s like someone behind the photographer is eating a donut.  But, the dress is beautiful. In.

  • frankystein123

    Her posture makes her look a bit like a fembot, and the dress is a bit long on her, but the rest I can get behind.